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Extra information “Borker duivin” DV02716-07-794 – original Hubert Borker Comes out the coupling “Half-brother Ringlose” x “Daughter Ringlose” “Half-brother Ringlose” DV02098-04-1513 – original Gunter Prange Comes out the coupling “Son Beatrixdoffer” x “Half-sister Branco” “Son Beatrixdoffer” NL94-2227959 – original Gerard Koopman “Half-sister Branco” NL01-4743641 – original Gerard Koopman Daughter “Ons Louis” x “Daughter Noble Blue” “Branco”: Olympiad bird Bazel - Gerard Koopman “Daughter Ringlose” DV02098-00-1130 – original Gunter Prange Daughter of “Ringlose Nr 12” x “Van Loon duivin” “Ringlose Nr 12” DV02098-95-0000 Father of

1 National ace BRD 2001 2 National ace BRD 2003

Grandfather of: 1 National ace BRD “Van Loon duivin” B99-459 – original Louis Van Loon (Poppel) Out “540-91” x “347-95”

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