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Extra information: “Grandson Di Caprio” C11-21145 – original Bucher-Bühler Comes out the coupling “Di Caprio Junior“ x “Dromer 964” “Di Caprio Junior” B10-6197386 – original Dirk Van Dijck Is a son of “Di Caprio” – Leo Heremans – now owned by Van Dijck “Di Caprio” B05-6045015 – won 1 1 1 3 3 8 12 10 12 41 46 53

Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quiverain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain Quievrain

1,928b. 1,580b. 1,278b. 1,267b. 655b. 2,622b. 1,583b. 881b. 1,583b. 1,698b. 1,532b. 1,158b.

Is a grandson of “Olympiade” – Gust Janssen Is father of “Late Di Caprio” 29 32 51 56 72 93

Etampes Dourdan Quievrain Etampes Etampes Etampes

1,717b. 1,289b. 899b. 1,767b. 2,273b. 2,843b.

Is father of “Favori Di Caprio” 1 8 38 64 72 107

Noyon Noyon Noyon Noyon Noyon Noyon

409b. 737b. 602b. 790b. 1,013b. 1,595b.

“Domer 964” – B08-4133964 - original Frans Sablon Out “Son Dromer” x “Daughter Dromer”

“Dromer” B99-4393519 – original De Rauw-Sablon won:

15 73 84

Argenton Chateauroux Bourges

7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b.

is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan” – Koopman 1 nat. St. Vincent 25,870b. “Cornelis” - Koopman 1 internat. Limoges ‘10 2 national ace Fond KBDB ’07 - by Erik Limbourg The cock of the world famous “Bak 17” – Aelbrecht Marcel. “Son Dromer” B01-4178925 – original Frans Sablon Son of “De Dromer” x “Daughter Dream Couple” – “Albert x Paola”

“Daughter Dromer” B03-4038442 – original Frans Sablon Daughter of “De Dromer” x “Goudklompje” “Goudklompje” is mother of 5th nat. ace Fond KBDB 2002 3rd National La Souterraine 8th National Beziers

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