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Extra information: “Rood 888” NL12-5210888 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “NL09-5916471” x “CH11-21124” “NL09-5916471” – original Jan Lotterman Won in 3 seasons 27 prizes whereby 3 23 38 72 168

Sens Pithiviers Orleans Troyes Heteren

99b. 7,749b. 7,270b. 6,871b. 11,510b.

Comes out the coupling “Son Amber” x “Daughter Hungarian Queen” “Son Amber” NL06-5621937 – original Jan Lotterman Won in 6 seasons 49 prizes whereby 8 60 148 357 386

Pommeroeul Orleans Duffel Boxtel Maaseik

469b. 9,670b. 16,736b. 25,147b. 19,913b.

“Amber” won: 2 x 9th National Berlijn “Daughter Hungarian Queen” NL07-1209255 – original Jan Lotterman Daughter base breeder “Branco Junior” Daughter “Hungarian Queen”: 1 official worldchampion FCI “CH11-21124” – original Bucher-Büchler Won

98 225 526

Lommel Peronne Morlincourt

10,152b. 5,282b. 5,146b.

Comes out the coupling “CH08-22124” x “B07-4378476” “CH08-22124” – original Bucher-Bühler Born out 2 original Koopman duiven Out “Son Noble Blue” x “Granddaughter Zitter” “B07-4378476” – original Frans Sablon

Out “Inbred Freddy”

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