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Extra information “Blauwke 880” NL12-5210880 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Grandson Wondere Dirk” x “Granddaughter Branco Junior” “Grandson Wondere Dirk” NL11-5012787 – original Jan Lotterman Won as a young bird 8 prizes of 11 races 77 137 451 516 607

St. Truiden Ravenstein Ravenstein Boxtel St. Truiden

6,888b. 2,606b. 9,158b. 12,123b. 9,103b.

Comes out the coupling “Son Wondere Dirk” x “Granddaughter Mighty Man” “Son Wondere Dirk” NL10-1164750 – original Anton Ruitenberg Son of “Wondere Dirk” Won

10 46

St. Ghislain Chantilly

13,574b. 12,389b.

“Granddaughter Mighty Man” NL07-1207510 – original Koopman Out “Son Mighty Man” x “Daughter Black Power” “Son Mighty Man” NL05-5533031 – Koopman Won: 6



“Daughter Black Power” NL04-5430782 – Koopman Won: 18 31

Isnes Boxtel

“Granddaughter Branco Junior” NL10-5012358 – original Lotterman Won in 2 seasons 20 prizes of 24 races 97 109 117 128 223

Troyes Pithiviers St. Truiden Duffel St. Truiden

8,721b. 6,452b. 8,722b. 16,545b. 10,145b.

Comes out the coupling “NL08-2049163” x “NL06-2174051” “NL08-2049163” – original Gerard Koopman

29,828b. 15,431b.

Grandson “Jorn” and grandson “Ermerveen’s Hope” “Sherly” NL06-2174051 – original Lotterman Is mother of “Blauwe 251” : 2nd ace Northern Union 2008 (650 members)