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Extra information “Blauwe 878” NL12-5210878 – born out of two good performing birds Comes out the coupling “CH11-0021145” x “CH11-0021129” “CH11-0021145” – original Bucher-Bühler Won

68 133 182 368 1.131

St. Quentin Pommeroeul Ravenstein Boxtel St. Truiden

7,567b. 2,156b. 2,606b. 12,123b. 6,888b.

Comes out the coupling “Di Caprio Junior” x “Dromer 964” “Di Caprio Junior” B10-6297386 – original Van Dijck Dirk Son of “Di Caprio” – Heremans Ceusters en top breeder by Dirk Van Dijck. “Dromer 964” B08-4133964 – original Frans Sablon Is a double granddaughter of “De Dromer” – De Rauw-Sablon “CH11-0021129” – Original Bucher-Bühler Won

4 145 288 312 1.122

Ravenstein Pommeroeul St. Truiden Morlincourt Boxtel

2,606b. 2,156b. 9,103b. 5,146b. 12,123b.

Comes out the coupling “Son Blauwe Bliksem” x “Cleopatra” “Son Blauwe Bliksem” B09-2231072 – original Vandenabeele Gaby Grandson of world famous “Bliksem” “Cleopatra” DV04900-09-1891 : Prange x Kipp