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Extra information “Blauwe 866” NL12-5210866 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Grandson Wondere Dirk” x “Half-sister Kamar” “Grandson Wondere Dirk” NL11-5012780 – original Jan Lotterman Won: 273 186 366 718

Boxtel St. Truiden Ravenstein St.Truiden

12,123b. 6,888b. 2,606b. 9,103b.

Comes out the coupling “Son Wondere Dirk” x “Granddaughter Ringlose” “Son Wondere Dirk” NL09-1728301 – Anton Ruitenberg Won

16 26 21 76

Boxtel Troyes Ravenstein St. Truiden

9,393b. 6,871b. 2,527b. 10,145b.

Is a son of “De Wondere Dirk” “De Wondere Dirk” won 10 46 66 79

St. Ghislain Chantilly Houdeng Sourdun

13,574b. 12,389b. 16,027b. 13,426b.

Is a grandson of the worldfamous “Kleine Dirk” – Koopman “Half-sister Kamar” NL11-5012832 – original Jan Lotterman Won

9 84 273 537 1.291

Pommeroeul St. Truiden St. Truiden Duiven Peronne

8,056b. 6,888b. 9,103b. 2,899b. 5,282b.

Is a half-sister of “Kamar” “Kamar” won 1 national Morlincourt 9,775b. – fastest of 61,377b. Daughter out the coupling “Brother Kajan” x “Daughter Macho Man” “Brother Kajan” NL08-2051438 – original Jan Lotterman Full brother “Kajan”: 1 national Chateauroux Son of “Hungarian Queen”: 1 official worldchampion FCI 2005

“Daughter Macho Man” NL08-2051401 Mother of “Kamar” Daughter of “Macho Man” “Macho Man”: best European young bird – youth competition