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Extra information “Blauw 855” NL12-5210855 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Grandson Noble Blue” x “NL11-1185481” “Grandson Noble Blue” CH11-21185 – original Bucher en Bühler Is a grandson of “Noble Blue” – Gerard Koopman Is a grandson of “Daughter Kannibaal” – Dirk Van Dijck “NL11-1185481” – original Gerard Koopman Is a granddaughter of “Mighty Man” – Gerard Koopman “Mighty Man” NL98-1933559 is a full brother of “Kleine Dirk” is father of: “Matulin”: 1 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. “Emira”: 1 NPO Orleans 10,825b. “Mabilis”: 2 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. “Maliski”: 4 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. Is a granddaughter of “Hebberecht 941” Line “Pancho” en “Jelle” of Hebberecht Chris

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