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Extra information “Blauw 832” NL12-5210832 – original Lotterman Comes out the coupling “DV02432-10-390” x “Granddaughter Branco Junior” 

“DV02432-10-390” – original Telmer- Wittenbrink o Son out “DV2432-08-1167” x “Giulia”  “DV2432-08-1167” – son wins in 2010 11 prizes – Reverman x Louis van Hove  “Giulia” NL04-1391472 – original Lotterman  Daughter “Branco Junior” x “Half-sister Branco” “Granddaughter Branco Junior” NL06-1617170 – original Lotterman o Daughter out “Branco 54” x “Precious Lady”  “Branco 54” NL00-1212154 - Lotterman  Father of: o “Pieter”: 1 NPO ABlis 10,030b. o “Brother Pieter”: 3 NPO Etampes  “Precious Lady” NL00-1122152 – original Pieter Veenstra  Mother of: o “Pieter”: 1 NPO Ablis 10,030b. o “Brother Pieter”: 3 NPO Etampes  Daughter of “Terminator” x “Diamond Lady” o “Terminator”: 1 fond ace WHZB o “Diamond Lady”: daughter “Kannibaal” x “Sister Rambo” – Dirk Van Dijck

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