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Extra information “Grandson Kamar” NL12-5210861 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Grandson Branco Junior” x “Daughter Kamar” “Grandson Branco Junior” NL11-5012829 – original Jan Lotterman Was only raced as a young bird and won 7 prizes of 11 races. 159 188 318 374 1.176

St. Truiden Ravenstein St. Quentin Boxtel Lommel

6,888b. 2,606b. 7,567b. 12,123b. 10,152b.

Is a son of “Inbred Branco” x “Daughter 523” “Inbred Branco” NL04-1391462 – very good breeder “Branco” NL94-2227820 – Olympiad bird by Koopman Gerard “Daughter 523” NL09-2088641 – original Lotterman Inbred to “Ringlose” – Gunter Prange “Ringlose” became father of 1 National ace BRD 2001 2 National ace BRD 2003 “Daughter Kamar” NL11-5012797 – original Jan Lotterman Won : 211 807 815 875 1.096

St. Truiden Pommeroeul Peronne St. Quentin Boxtel

6,888b. 8,056b. 5,282b. 7,567b. 12,123b.

Is a daughter of “Kamar” x “Daughter Branco Junior” “Kamar” NL09-5916520 – original Jan Lotterman “Kamar” won 1 National Morlincourt Fastest against 61,377b. 486 Pommeroeul

Strain: Lotterman x Camphuis

9,775b. 5,886b.

“Daughter Branco Junior” NL05-1938046 – original Jan Lotterman Is a granddaughter of “Branco” “Branco” NL94-2227820 – olympiad bird Koopman Is a daughter of “B02-6496791” “B02-6496791”: original Bart and Luc Geerinckx

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