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Extra information “Granddaughter Peter” NL11-5012816 – original Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Stan” x “Naomi” “Stan” NL08-5821738 – original Jan Lotterman Son of “Peter” x “Dochter No Limit” “Peter” HU2002-05-33639 – original Peter Marton Won: 1e National ace Middle distance Hungary 2005 1 Afgalran 5,227b. – 332km 4 Brno 2,854b. – 415km 15 Brno 2,581b. 19 Brno 2,727b. 100% Gaby Vandenabeele Out “Son Turbo Junior” x “Granddaughter Kolonel” “Daughter No Limit” NL07-1199151 – original Harm Vredeveld Is mother of 8th ace federation 2009 Comes out the coupling “No Limit” x “Lady Queen” “No Limit” NL04-1634970 – Harm Vredeveld Won – without doubles 1st ace national Wie Heeft Ze Beter Olympiad bird Ostend 2007 1 Peronne 6,470b. 1 Duffel 3,152b. 1 Breuil 1,649b. 1 Chantilly 928b. 2 St. Quentin 2,141b. 2 Chantilly 1,350b. 5 Boxtel 9,551b. 5 Pommereoul 2,092b. 10 Haasrode 6,927b. 10 Strombeek 2,748b. 11 Peronne 960b. 17 Strepy 2,540b. 20 Peronne 2,124b. 25 Boxtel 1,953b. 25 Harchies 1,536b. 34 Harchies 2,836b.

45 60 63 65

Peronne Strombeek Lommel Haasrode

1,768b. 2,871b. 3,433b. 2,825b.

“Lady Queen” NL03-1723199 – original Harm Vredeveld Daughter of base couple “Boy” x “Queen” “Naomi” NL09-5916492 – original Jan Lotterman Won: 3 28 43 87 102

Duffel La Ferte Etampes Arras Peronne

15,876b. 5,687b. 6,258b. 4,258b. 4,873b.

Is a full sister of “Kajan”: 1 National Chateauroux Comes out the coupling “Son Ringlose” x “Hungarian Queen” “Son Ringlose” DV02098-05-523 – original Gunter Prange Is father of “Blauwe 251” and “Kajan” “Blauwe 251”: 2 ace Northern union 2008 “Kajan”: 1 National Chateauroux 2009 “Hungarian Queen” NL05-1937929 – original Jan Lotterman Won: 1 Official Worldchampion FCI 2005 Is mother of “Kajan” “Kajan”: 1 National Chateauroux 2009

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