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Extra information: “Granddaughter Branco Junior” NL10-1113611 – bred by Rhode Lofts for Jan Lotterman Comes out the coupling “Son Branco Junior” x “Daughter Bertus” “Son Branco Junior” – original Jan Lotterman Out “Branco Junior” x “Daughter Ringlose” “Branco Junior” NL99-59713170 – original Gerard Koopman Base bird of the loft Lotterman “Daughter Ringlose” DV02098-99-1000 “Ringlose” became father of 1 National ace BRD 2001 2 National ace BRD 2003 “Daughter Bertus” NL06-5621928 – original Jan Lotterman Won: 6 73 193 366 485

Hasselt Maaseik Pommeroeul Boxtel Boxtel

260b. 19,913b. 15,791b. 25,147b. 11,039b.

Daughter of “Bertus” x “Hungarian Queen” “Bertus” NL 02-5252082 – original Jan Lotterman Won:

2 15 30 45 69

Maaseik Orleans Houdeng Houdeng Sourdun

4,390b. 10,039b. 16,027b. 16,689b. 8,302b.

“Hungarian Queen” NL05-1937929 – original Jan Lotterman 1 official world champion FCI 2005 Mother of “Kajan” “Kajan” won 1 National Chateauroux

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