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Extra information “712- Koopman” NL05-1936712 – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “NL04-5430794” x “NL04-1389478” “NL04-5430794” – original Gerard Koopman Won

74 361

Ablis Wijchen

10,811b. 11,933b.

Comes out the coupling “B01-9054450” x “Miss Dynamite” “B01-9054450” – Casaert Maurice Is father of 3 National NPO Morlincourt 17,100b. Is a son of “Nasdaq” “Nasdaq” won 1 national Souillac 7,154b. “Miss Dynamite” NL00-1211111 – original Gerard Koopman Full sister of “Kleine Dirk” – Annelies – enz… “NL04-1389478” – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “NL97-5701380” x “Gerard’s Favourite” “NL97-5701380” – original Gerard Koopman Won

4 16 65

Mettet Mettet Lommel

1,603b. 7,041b. 12,375b.

“Gerard’s Favourite” NL03-5343028 – original Gerard Koopman Won

4 5 9 63

Ablis St. Ghislain Sourdun Orleans

10,609b. 13,574b. 13,426b. 10,039b.

Is a son of “De Lorris” x “Annelies” “De Lorris” NL02-5241328 – original Gerard and Piet Lindelauf Won: 1

NPO Lorris

Is a full brother of “Mirakel” “Mirakel” won:


1 National ace short distance 4 x 1st prize “Annelies” NL99-5971341 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 2 2 3 5

Chimay Troyes Chimay Rethel Hasselt

15,438b. 13,174b. 10,001b. 1,318b. 4,052b.

Is a full sister of worldfamous “Kleine Dirk” Is mother of “Magic Man”: 1 National Le Mans North 15,252b. “Zina”: 2 National ace NPO fond 2 Nat. NPO Chantilly 13.008b. 9 Nat. NPO Orleans 9.670b. 21 Nat. NPO Blois 5.277b. “Cassius” – vader van: “Daydream”: 1 Nat. NPO Ablis 8,519b. “820-04”: 9 Nat. NPO Ablis 10,171b. “524-05”: 3 Nat.NPO Orleans 8,626b.

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