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Extra information “Grandson Marseille King” – NL11-1124898 – origineel Wierstra Is a superb cock born out of 2 original Brockamp birds Comes out the coupling “Son Marseille King” x “Inbred Euro Diamond” “Son Marseille King” DV06720-06-447 – original Peter + Hans Peter Brockamp Is a late bred 2006 and went immediately to the stock loft. Is a son of “Marseille King” x “Venus”’ “Marseille King” DV06720-02-535 – original Brockamp Won: 1 4 102 195

International Marseille National Cahors National Pau National Perpignan

13,930b. 1,578b. 1,238b. 2,210b.

Is a half-brother of “Ace Cock 13” “Ace Cock 13” won 3 40 73

National Perpignan International Perpignan International Pau

1,810b. 17,624b. 6,894b.

Is a half-brother of “Pau 550” “Pau 550” won 42 51 548

National Pau National Marseille International Marseille

938b. 1,696b. 10,333b.

Is a son of “Blaue Budapest II” “Blaue Budapest II” won 2 4 4 5 8

National St Pölten National Nickelsdorf National Wenen National Budapest National Pölten


“Venus” DV06720-00-245 – original Brockamp Peter + Hans Peter Won

3 31

Zonal Marseille National Marseille


Is mother of “Perpignan 2006” “Perpignan 2006” won: 1st National Perpignan – 2006 2nd international Perpignan 14,900b. – 2006 “Inbred Euro Diamond” DV06720-10-231 – original Peter + Hans Peter Brockamp Comes out the coupling “Son Euro Diamond” x “Daughter Euro Diamond” “Euro Diamond” 06720-02-537 – original Brockamp Best marathon bird ever ! Won

1 2 3 5 4 5 5 12 9 21 23

National Carcasonne International Carcasonne National Perpignan International Perpignan National Bergerac International Bergerac National Perpignan International Perpignan National Marseille International Marseille National Perpignan

2,719b. 10,323b. 1,452b. 14,900b. 1,320b. 3,180b. 2,020b. 17,654b. 3,575b. 13,930b. 2,210b.

Is a half-brother of “Mistral” “Mistral” won: 2 2 5 8 31 12 42 61 67

Olympiad bird Marathon Ostend National ace Fond 2006 National Perpignan 1,452b. International Perpignan 14,812b. International Carcasonne 10,448b. National Bergerac 1,320b. International Bergerac 3,180b. National Perpignan 2,019b. National Marseille 3,575b.

Is a half-brother of “Hannah”:


National Marseille


Is a half-brother of “Sister Mistral” “Sister Mistral” is mother of “Golden Barcelona” “Golden Barcelona” won

Olympiad bird Marathon Poznan 1 internat. Ace international races ‘10 3 National Barcelona 1,959b. – 2010 39 International Barcelona 25,750b. – 2010 31 International Marseille 10,333b. – 2010

Is father of “640” “640” won:

21 59

National Perpignan National Bordeaux

1,354b. 1.451b.

Is grandfather of “Bordeaux 358” “Bordeaux 358” won 16 17

National Bordeaux Interprov. Bordeaux

1,923b. 2,458b.

Is great grandfather of 1 international Perpignan 15,857b. by Wilfried Bruyneel (Mater – B) Is great grandfather of “Perpignan Girl 90”: 45 internat. Perpignan 15,756b. by Ad Fortuin (Strijen – NL) Comes out the coupling “George” x “Daughter Super Mario” “George” B99-4528985 – original Georges Carteus “Daughter Super Mario” B0-4524449 – original Carteus

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