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Extra information: “46-Grandson Kleine Dirk” DV07237-12-1546 – original Werner Stellermann Comes out the coupling “Kleine Dirk Junior” x “Might Man Lady” “Kleine Dirk Junior” NL05-1936510 – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Kleine Dirk” x “Adara” “Kleine Dirk” (NL98-5821416) Won: 1 NPO Troyes 1 NPO Bourges 1 Maaseik 2 Lommel 3 Hasselt 4 Boxtel and so on….

17,884b. 7,165b. 3,522b. 3,612b. 2,668b. 10,093b.

Became father of a lot of top breeders like: “Geralda” (Comb. Verbree) “Dirky” (Pieter Veenstra) “Aladin” (Marijke Vink) “Charley” (Marcel Sangers) “Amoré’s Dirk” (Cor Leytens), “Dirky” (Jan Hooymans), “Wondere Dirk” (Anton Ruitenberg), enz…. Comes out the coupling “Gentil” x “Golden Lady” (daughter “Kannibaal” – Dirk Van Dijck) “Adara” NL03-5343054 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 7 18

Wijchen Ablis Sourdun

12,046b. 10,609b. 13,425b.

Is mother of “Cherie”: 2nd NPO National Ablis 10,171b. Comes out the coupling “Mister Ermerveen” x “Young Dream” “Mister Ermerveen” NL98-5821470 – original Koopman

Won: 1 national ace middle distance NPO Olympiad bird Capetown – South-Afrika 1 Chimay 10,001b. 1 Reims 768b. 3 Hasselt 4,422b. 3 Hasselt 1,983b. 3 Chimay 1,826b. 7 St Ghislain 1,390b. 8 Hasselt 3,762b. 10 Chimay 4,122b. “Young Dream” NL00-5063909 – original Gerard Koopman Daughter “Kleine Dirk” “Mighty Man Lady” NL05-1936957 – original Gerard Koopman Is a full sister of: “Matulin”:


National NPO Chantilly




National NPO Chantilly




National NPO Chantilly



9 83 94

Haasrode Duffel Haasrode

15,360b. 16,281b. 9,070b.

Comes out the coupling “Mighty Man” x “Shiva” “Mighty Man” NL98-1933559 – original Gerard Koopman Full brother of “Kleine Dirk” Is father of “Emira”:

1 National NPO Orleans

“Matulin” – “Mabilis” and “Maliski” “Shiva” B02-6121685 – original Jos and Jules Engels Is mother of “Matulin” – “Mabilis” en “Maliski” Is a daughter of “B95-6508036” x “B99-6151851” “B95-6508036” won:


1 1 4

Chateauroux Toury Limoges

Is a granddaughter of base bird “178”

1,275b. 716b. 3,343b.