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ORIGINAL JAN LOTTERMAN HALF-BROTHER “KAMAR”  “KAMAR” WON 1st NATIONAL MORLINCOURT 9,775 BIRDS – FASTEST OF 61,377 BIRDS GRANDSON “MISS MANIWAN”  “MISS MANIWAN” – ORIGINAL ADRI KORS o WON: NATIONAL ACE FOND 2007 “Half-brother Kamar” NL12-5210837 – original Jan Lotterman Is a half-brother of “Kamar”  “Kamar” won o 1 National Morlincourt 9,775b. – fastest of 61,377b. Comes out the coupling “Grandson Super 501” x “Daughter Miss Maniwan”  “Grandson Super 501” NL08-1125260 – original Bertus Camphuis  “Daughter Miss Maniwan” NL09-1714417 – original Adrie Kors o Comes out the coupling “Grandson Kannibaal” x “Miss Maniwan”  “Grandson Kannibaal” NL05-2033640 – Van Dijck Dirk  “Miss Maniwan” NL06-5624334 – original Adri Kors  National ace Fond 2007

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