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“Daughter Wondere Dirk” Duivin – Hen


DIRECT DAUGHTER OF ONE OF THE BEST SONS OF “KLEINE DIRK”- GERARD KOOPMAN DAUGHTER “WONDERE DIRK”  “WONDERE DIRK” WON o 10 ST.GHISLAIN 13,574 BIRDS o 46 CHANTILLY 12,389 BIRDS o 66 HOUDENG 16,027BIRDS o 79 SOURDUN 13,426 BIRDS GRANDDAUGHTER “KLEINE DIRK” – GERARD KOOPMAN “Daughter Wondere Dirk” NL10-1164751 – original Anton Ruitenberg Comes out the coupling “De Wondere Dirk” x “NL02-6502402”  “De Wondere Dirk” - NL03-5343048 – original Gerard Koopman o Won:  10th St. Ghislain 13,574b.  46th Chantilly 12,389b.  66th Houdeng 16,027b.  79th Sourdun 13,426b.  114th Wijchen 14,691b. o

Is a son out of the world coupling “Kleine Dirk” x “Amira”  “Kleine Dirk” NL98-5821416 – original Gerard Koopman  Won: o 1st national ace 1999 o 5th Woldchampion young birds 1999 o 1st NPO Troyes 17,833b. o 1st NPO Bourges 7,155b. o 1st Maaseik 3,522b. o 1st Troyes 2,423b.  Famous children of “Kleine Dirk” are: o “Geralda”: base breeding hen by Combinatie Verbree o “Dirky”: base cock by Pieter Veenstra o “Aladin”: basisbreeder by Marijke Vink, now owned by Jurgen Jung o “Charley”: superb breeder by Marcel Sangers, now owned by Kenny Rhodes (USA) o “Amorés Dirk” : top breeder by Cor Leytens, father of 1st NPO and 1st national ace o “Dirkje”: top breeder by Jan Hooymans – mother super crack “Harry” o “Wondere Dirk”: top breeder by Anton Ruitenberg o “Wonder Van Haacht”: father/grandfather of 40 different 1st prize winners by Horst and Frank Sander.

“Amira” B98-6593456 – original Van Hove-Uytterhoeven  Is mother of “Bassira” o “Bassira” won:  1st Niergnies 10,159b.  1st Hannut 4,412b.  2nd Chinamy 4,149b.  Daughter out of “Golden Boy” x “Annabel”

B02-6502402 – original Hubert Schroyens o Daughter of “Zwarte 105” x “B00-6367165”  “Zwarte 105” B95-6294105 – grandson “De Sony” Houben  “B00-6367165”: great granddaughter “Kannibaal” Dirk Van Dijck