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Manufactured by: Dr. Ynge Ljung AP Between Heaven and Earth Health Center 1915 N E 45 Street Ste 202 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 954-667-6637

Thank you for purchasing “The Allergy Kit.” “The Allergy Kit” is the culmination of more than 10 years of research and development to create an easy, practical way to treat allergies at home. We have developed this method by treating thousands of patients in our office. We’ve found what works and applied what we do in the office to a kit that will allow you to take control of your health, eliminate your allergies, and teach your body to respond in a better, healthier way. It is our most sincere goal for you to have a successful experience with “The Allergy Kit.” It will change your life. If you follow the instructions outlined in this manual, you’ll have a huge head start on removing the harmful effects of allergies and strengthen your immune system in the process. What can I expect? The first thing you will notice is an overall feeling of wellbeing. You’ll have more energy and be able to eat foods that you could not eat before. Your immune system will be stronger and you will experience fewer symptoms. Why we treat food sensitivities and allergens first. People with environmental allergies also have food allergies. Food allergies weaken and confuse the immune system. Nutrients that are normally absorbed are blocked from entering the system. The immune system also creates histamines to fight the allergen — not a good thing when it’s food. By treating basic foods first, your immune system will make better choices, your body will strengthen, and you will be able to ingest and absorb nutrients that will start the process of repair and healing, which will last weeks, months and sometimes years.


As your immune system strengthens, many of the allergies not specifically treated in the basic kit will diminish or go away. After you’ve have finished The Allergy Kit (basic kit), you should address any remaining allergies or sensitivities that you might still have. These are listed on the products page on the website. The Kit Includes 7 Vials Vial 1: Chicken and egg, milk, vitamin C and parasites. Vial 2: Vitamin B Complex and sugar mix. Vial 3: Iron, minerals, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, pesticide mix and petroleum mix. Vial 4: Vaccine and childhood vaccinations. Vial 5: Candida and sugar mix. Vial 6: Wheat mix, gluten and grain mix. Vial 7: A combination of all 6 Vials plus all organs and endocrines. Warning: The vials hold the energetic charge of the item being treated. Under no circumstances are you to open these vials. Keep them away from computers, microwaves and cell phones. If you are wearing any device that affects your biofield (a Q-link pendant, for example), do not wear that device while doing the treatment and for at least 25 hours afterward. The vials are not for human consumption.


Guarantee WE GUARANTEE THERE WILL BE MEASURABLE POSITIVE CHANGES IN YOUR HEALTH BY ELIMINATING YOUR ALLERGIES or your money back, no questions asked! For us to honor our guarantee, you MUST take the “Health Survey” before you start using The Allergy Kit (so we can get a snapshot of your health and wellbeing prior to treatment), and again a week after you’ve finished the process. How to use “The Allergy Kit” If you haven’t already filled out the “Health Survey”, do it now. Total up all sections and get a grand total to use as a baseline. Use column A for your initial results. Then after you have finished the treatments, fill out the survey again, using column B. The difference between these numbers is your improvement.

For complete instructions, including step by step videos, Enter the following address in your browser: Click on Login at the bottom of the list of links on the left Enter 124875 in the box labeled “Password.” Even though we’ve introduced a new laser process that makes the process much easier, we’ve been very successful using an energetic tapping approach stimulating acupuncture meridians and balancing the brain in the presence of the allergen. We ask you not to dismiss this powerful procedure. Sometimes this procedure works better than the laser. If you are not getting the results you desire, try the tapping method. Sometimes one works when the other one doesn’t. Experiment. Both are available online. 4

We are now ready to start the treatment protocol. 1. You will need a Q-tip or cotton ball (not supplied) to start the treatment. Wet the Q-tip or cotton ball with saliva and place it on or near your navel. Do not skip this step! It sounds a little gross but it’s very important to do this. The saliva has information about what is going on in the body right now. The navel or bellybutton was the first place where you received nutrition and energy, and acts as a lens to the energy pathways for to the rest of the body. 2. Now place Vial 1 (Chicken and egg, milk, vitamin C, and parasites) on or near your navel, next to the saliva sample that’s already in place. 3. Aim the laser through the vial so that the beam strikes the navel for 10 seconds. More is not necessarily better. Keep the vial on or near your navel until you completely finish the process. 4. Next, using a slow circular motion, laser the outside of your ear in a spiral motion, starting on the outside edge of the ear and stopping in the middle. Then laser the back of the ear and earlobe (10 seconds total). This balances the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen.

Warning: Do not aim the laser near or into your eyes. Can cause temporary blindness. Be extra careful treating small children and shield their eyes with your hand while using the laser.


5. Now, laser the top of the head in a circular spiral motion for 10 seconds. (This balances both hemispheres of the brain. Finish lasering the other ear, and then laser the vial again, as in Step 3. Wait 5 minutes. All done. Throw away the Q-tip. Put the vial away and avoid touching the vial for 25 hours. Wash your hands or rub your hands vigorously like you are washing them for about 10 seconds. If you are treating someone else in the family, treat yourself last. That way, you won’t have to touch the vial after the treatment. That’s it! IMPORTANT You must wait 2 days between treatments. Then repeat the process on the next vial in the kit. AVOIDANCE You must not EAT OR TOUCH foods that you are being treated for. This allows the new information to circulate through out the body. See list: Vial 1: Stay away from egg, chicken, milk and dairy for 25 hours. No calcium supplements. Vial 2: Stay away from sugars of all kind (including fruits) for 25 hours. Do not take Vitamin B supplements. Foods that contain Vitamin B are OK. Stevia or Xylitol is also OK. Vial 3: No restrictions. Vial 4: No restrictions. Vial 5: Stay away from sugars of all kind, including fruits, for 25 hours. Vial 6: Stay away from breads and grains of all kind, including cereals, flour and cakes, for 25 hours. Most pasta has gluten. Read labels. 6

Vial 7: No restrictions.

Diet Suggestions – What Can I Eat? Vial 1: You may not eat or touch chicken, egg, milk or cheese for 25 hours. Breakfast. Oatmeal or other hot cereals with water or rice milk, fruit smoothie, and coffee without milk or cream. Most breads have milk or egg or added calcium. Read the labels. Lunch and dinner- Meat, fish, veggies, salad, fruit, beans and rice are OK. Vial 2 and Vial 5: Stay away from all sugars including fruit, juice and soda. No toothpaste or mouthwash that contains sugar. You may substitute stevia or xylitol. Lunch and Dinner: Meat, fish, veggies, salad and rice are OK. Sweet potato is OK. Vial 6: No bread, pasta, wheat, rye, oats or any grains. No pizza or cereal. Lunch and Dinner: Meat, fish, veggies, salad, rice and sweet potato are OK. Vial 7: Eat whatever you want. Even though you may think that you are not allergic, do not skip any vials! Treat yourself for ALL the vials in the proper numeric order. Make sure to avoid the allergens that you are being treated for 25 hours. After that, you can try eating the substance that you were previously allergic to in very small quantities. If you feel a reaction, you will have to treat yourself again. Remember, you have been allergic for a long time. It may take multiple treatments to completely resolve the issue. If you notice no ill effects, then you can most likely eat it from now on and move to the next vial. Sometimes you can be cleared of the allergen by itself, 7

but when it is in combination with other foods, you might still react. If you feel any discomfort, treat yourself again. Repeat any vials that you feel didn’t work. Most of the time, there are no reactions. If you have any reactions after the treatment, they are usually minor and short-lived. If you are having a reaction while treating yourself that is too intense, you can try using the tapping method instead of the laser method. If you still experience an intense reaction while using the tapping method, remove the vial and continue to tap. Keep tapping until the symptoms subside. This will help your system to come into balance. For those who are very sensitive, the following can be experienced: Feelings of frustration or anger, fatigue, agitation, digestive problems (like loose stools or constipation), aches and pains, etc. These reactions are normal in very sensitive people. Remember, these are normal reactions. This shows that the treatment is working and the symptoms will subside before 25-hours have passed. If you are very allergic or have a tendency for anaphylactic shock or a severe reaction, do not hold the vial. Have a surrogate (another person) hold the vial and physically stay in contact with you. They will hold the vial 1 inch from your navel and you will laser through the vial striking your navel. Continue the treatment but do not touch the vial yourself. Now that you have finished The Allergy Kit (basics), wait a week and then take the Health Survey again. Add the numbers and compare the results. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this website is complete and accurate and is not intended to render professional advice or services to the individual reader. The ideas, procedures and suggestions contained here are not intended as a substitute for consulting your physician and obtaining medical supervision as to any activity, procedure or suggestion that might affect your health. Accordingly, individual readers must assume responsibility for their own actions, safety and health. Neither the authors nor the publisher shall be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion found herein. If you react violently to allergies or have ever had an anaphylactic reaction, proceed with caution and at your own risk.


The Allergy Kit Manual  

The Allergy Kit Manual with Laser

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