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Summer 2011

Peach Ice Cream 4 small peaches, pitted and quartered 24 ice cubes

Summer is a time for weddings, bbq’s and camping. These events conjure up feelings of joy and excitement however they can also add unwanted weight without careful planning. Your personal coach can help you through your summer eating woes by offering tips to help you plan for your summer adventures

4 tbsp. skim milk 2 tsp lemon juice Vanilla extract, almond extract, artificial sweetener and cinnamon to taste. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until mixture doubles in volume and is smooth. Sprinkle with Cinnamon.

Summer Survival Kit

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1 bottle of Formula F/B 1 bottle of Formula S/B 1 bottle of PB5s

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‘ Tis the season to have a fun, healthy family barbecue! Cooking outdoors is always an enjoyable event. It brings people outside for some fresh air, fun activities and quality time with family and friends. Along with fun, bbqs are often associated with unhealthy eating. Replace the typical bbq foods (fatty meats, cream-based salads and white flour based breads) with some delicious, healthy options (grilled lean meats, fresh salads and whole wheat wraps). Seasonal veggies are great on the grill and add a lot of bright colours to festive meals! Choose healthier meats for grilling

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Fist Course Premium Chocolate Bars

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Losers of the Month Germain L. – 17 1/2 lbs Debbie H. – 15 lbs Robby S. & Helen R. – 14 lbs Bob L. – 13. ¾ lbs Alice LS. – 13 lbs Tania C. – 11 ¾ lbs Jackie T. – 11 lbs Moe A. – 10 ½ lbs Tina A. – 10 ¼ lbs Samantha S & Tana C. – 9 ¾ lbs Victor T. – 9 ½ lbs Melanie G. – 9 lbs Wanda H. – 8 ¾ lbs Sylvie L. & Melissa D. – 8 ½ lbs

*grill chicken with no skin *select lean red meats like top sirloin *select pork tenderloin for leaner pork options *trim visible fat from meats prior to cooking Grill Vegetables *marinate vegetables with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, flavo magic and garlic *cut vegetables into shapes that will make it easier to grill *vegetables are usually done in 8-10 minutes, thicker vegetables may take longer

Flavo Magic Is a food seasoning that provides elemental potassium along with a blend of numerous savory organic herbs as a delicious alternative to salt. Enjoy this seasoning on meats, salads, pastas or eggs for a tasty alternative.

TIME FOR DESSERT Grilling fruit is a very tasty and healthy dish for any barbecue. Fruits will actually taste sweeter and release more of their delicious juices when grilled. Fruits contain natural sugars and water. When heated, the flavors are concentrated. As the water evaporates, natural sugars get caramelized. They can make for a great dessert at your grilling event. Be creative and have fun!!!! Grilled Fruit Ideas *grill apple and pear wedges for about 5 minutes each side *wrap a peeled banana with peanut butter and foil and grill for about 5 minutes *slice mangos and place directly on grill for three to five minutes, turning often Dessert Ideas *cut apples and sprinkle with cinnamon and heat in microwave for a minute *mix 3 oz of fat free vanilla yogurt with 1 cup of strawberries *brush a 6 inch whole wheat tortilla with legal margarine and sprinkle with brown sugar Splenda and cinnamon, bake in the oven at 400 for 10-15 minutes, eat with 1 cup berry mix

Flavo Magic Natural salt replacement and flavor enhancer

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Happy 12th Anniversary—North Bay History

Herbal Magic was founded in 1996 by Dieter Decker, who opened his first weight loss and nutrition center in London, Ontario. After growing the business to 228 centers nationwide (220 in Canada, and 8 under the name Nutri Magic in Michigan), Decker sold the company in December 2003 to Trivest, a Miami, Florida based private investment firm. Trivest appointed Tom McNeely of Tim Hortons as CEO, and the number of units grew by nearly 45%, to 300 stores. In the summer of 2006, Trivest hired CIBC World Markets to launch an auction of Herbal Magic. According to one source, the company was sold earlier than normal because the investment had "already exceeded all of Trivest's expectations." In October 2006, Herbal Magic was sold to TorQuest Partners. Then in 2009, Cameron Capital, a Toronto based firm whose investments include Hair Club for Men and Beauty First, invested in the business. On February 18, 2009, the company announced a change in ownership with both TorQuest Partners and Cameron Capital making new investments in Herbal Magic Inc., including a personal investment from incoming Chairman Steve Hudson. The principles of Cameron Capital became managing partners of Herbal Magic, overseeing both strategic and daily operations.

Like all of you I struggled with my weight. Once I hit my 30’s I started to gain more and more each year. I tried many things to lose weight.. A lot of fad diets, diet pills, a personal trainer ..then one day my friend told me about this place called, Herbal Magic. I was living in Toronto at the time and joined my local centre. I couldn’t believe what an under eater I was and how much food I actually got to eat every day. My goal was to get back to the size I was in my 20’s and before I knew it I had dropped from a size 12 to a size 6. I was in the zone and was ready to change my life. I loved my results so much I told everyone about how great it was. Within the year I brought my first centre in Toronto. The next year my home town centre of North Bay was up for sale and I thought what a great opportunity to spend more time at home. Well before I knew it North Bay was growing by leaps and bounds so I sold Toronto and moved home. I can’t believe that was 9 years ago…where does the time go.. I got into this business because I wanted to help people change their lives. It has been more rewarding then I ever thought possible. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement and for wanting to improve your lives, get healthy and lose weight. You are all BiG LOSERS to me !!!! Adale

Summer Newsletter  
Summer Newsletter  

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