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<!-- Fixedsys is a family of raster monospaced fonts for Windows/ The name means fixed system although it is often pronounced "fixed size" because its glyphs are mono space or fixed-width {although bolded characters are wider than non-bolded, unlike other monospace fonts such as Courier}/ It is the oldest font in Windows, and was the system font in Windows 1.0 and 2.0/ For Windows 3.x, the system font was changed to a sans-serif font named System {used in menu bars, for instance}. However, many applications used MS Sans Serif {previously "Helv"} for their windows and dialogs --!> <!-- Fixedsys fonts family contains fonts encoded in several Windows code pages, with multiple resolutions of the font for each code page/ Fixedsys fonts of different code pages have different point sizes --!> <!-- The glyphs for the upper areas of each one appear to be drawn separately, not taken from a single master set, as there are visible differences in the appearance of various characters that are shared between the code pages/ As of 2009, none of the Fixedsys fonts have been updated to support the Euro sign --!> <!-- Fixedsys attempts to emulate the ASCII system font shown during the boot prOcess on most PCs {often Terminal}, and all older ones --!> <!-- In Windows 95, 98, and Windows Me, Fixedsys is used as the default font for Notepad/ This font was superseded by Lucida Console in Notepad for lat er versions of Windows/ In Windows 95, this default font cannot be changed/ Fixedsys of other code pages can be selected by specifying script setings in font selection dialogue, but not font of all code pages can be chosen --!> <!-- Due to its clean style and easy readability, it has enjoyed some poPularity with the programming community, even giving rise to an imitation font // Fixedsys Excelsior // which, based on the original Fixedsys typeface, also includes a large number of Unicode script ranges --!>

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