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Sit back and relax In this issue of the paper we have a story about the Independence Pass John Doe. It’s taken some time to update this story, considering that the Herald first wrote about it more than 45 years ago. But DNA now exists for this unidentified man, and this is an excellent time to try and identify him. Somewhere there is a family with a missing member. If John Doe was in his early 20s when he died, there’s some chance his parents could still be alive. Certainly there could be siblings or other family members. Some of the facts we know about this man don’t make sense. For example, why was he found with $7, a razor and no identification? We might never be able to answer that. The body was discovered in June, but it’s possible he died on the pass a month earlier or even more. We all know what Independence Pass is like in May. Usually CDOT is rushing to clear the road by Memorial Day. Speculation at the time that a snowplow struck the body and tore off the shoulder and arm could be pretty accurate. Again, we might not ever know. But we still have hope that he can be identified. We are running the story as a free story on our website so that we can link to it on our Facebook page. We are hoping our sister papers will do the same. Then we hope others will forward the information to their Facebook friends and the word can go as far as possible. Thanks in advance for your help. ••••• Congratulations to the newly configured Democratic Central Committee for putting on a very smoothly run county assembly on Saturday. After a series of what appeared to be contentious central committee meetings, not to mention the disputes over who was or wasn’t running for office, as well as who could or couldn’t run, it was nice to see things come together on Saturday. It appears that Joe Swyers and Tina Tekansik decided their chances were better to petition onto the ballot rather than go through the assembly process. Actually that makes some sense. If a candidate goes through the assembly, he has to get at least 10 percent of the vote to petition onto the ballot. With the “new regime” heading the assembly, the possibility always existed that the candidates wouldn’t make that 10 percent, so they wisely went directly to petitioning. Those petitions, incidentally, are due April 4, so after that time we will know who is actually on the primary ballot. And after the primary in June, we will also know whether the Democratic Central Committee and its delegates are an accurate representation of the Democrats in Lake County. There’s a quote: “80 percent of success in life is just showing up.” This quote came to mind Saturday morning at the assembly when we noticed which delegates were there and which ones failed to show. Marcia Martinek Herald Editor

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Letter to the editor Mayor takes exception to editorial Having read the Herald Democrat’s editorial, guest editorial and political cartoon from this recent March 17, 2016, edition, I would like to state that, on behalf of the mayor, this city council and our city government, we take exception to the tone of your editorial content. The editorial seemed to suggest that the public should have reason to be suspicious of city council dealings. While I understand that the editorial may not have been intended to apply directly to this city council, this is the Leadville Herald Democrat and there is only one city council in Leadville, so it would be reasonable for anyone to infer that we stand

accused of inappropriate dealings. Further, the political cartoon, even though not by a local artist, additionally suggests political malfeasance on city council’s part. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our meetings are all posted in advance and are held in completely open settings. We send our agendas out to 95 people right now and anyone wishing to be added to that list need only notify our city clerk. Moreover, we often err on the side of public discourse in city council meetings when members of the public in attendance want to speak. We welcome input at our meetings and will continue to do so. As the Herald Democrat’s editorial comments apply to executive sessions it should be stated that the currently seated city council has not held any executive sessions.

There are good reasons that the law not only allows, but requires such sessions be held and we will hold such sessions when the law clearly states that we should. Especially in difficult and confidential human resources discussions when city council must be involved, the rights of employees cannot and will not be abrogated. As the mayor of the city of Leadville, I proudly state that we will continue to serve our community in an open and fair manner. Anyone who would like to discuss this or any other matter with me will find my door open. Wide open. Greg Labbe City of Leadville, Mayor

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