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Herald Democrat

Leadville, Colorado

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vol. 137, No. 12 • 75 cents

Springtime in our Rockies

Photo by Kelly Sweeney

Kelly Sweeney, of Twin Lakes, celebrates the first day of spring, Sunday, at the Forebay where the water is as smooth as glass.

Assembly selects Mudge and Elliott as candidates by Ryan Fitzmaurice Herald Staff Writer Sarah Mudge and Bud Elliott will be on the primary ballot for county commissioner in June. Both were voted onto the ballot at the Democratic Party County Assembly last Saturday. Democratic county commissioner candidates Joe Swyers and Tina Tekansik both announced they would seek to get on the ballot through petition and not through the

assembly in statements submitted to the Lake County Democratic Central Committee. If both Swyers and Tekansik collect the required signatures, Elliott would run against Tekansik in the primary, with the winner vying for the District 3 commissioner seat against Republican candidate Mark Glenn in November. Mudge would run against Swyers in the primary election for District 2.

The assembly also elected seven delegates to the state convention on Monday. They elected four delegates for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, two delegates for Hillary Clinton, and one alternate. Both Mudge and Elliott spoke to the assembly on Saturday. Both leaned on their previous experience in public Continued on page 2

Can this John Doe be identified? by Marcia Martinek Herald Editor Two young men walking east from the summit of Independence Pass on June 19, 1970, discovered the decomposed body of a white male lying in a ditch on the north side of the road about 2 miles from the top of the pass. It was partially covered with rocks that had fallen from the slope above.

There was no identification on the body, and to this day, the Independence Pass John Doe remains nameless. Yet it is more likely now than ever before that his family might be found, thanks to DNA. According to a story in the June 22, 1970, Herald Democrat, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the body appeared to be that of a person in his early 20s, 5’7” to 5’8” in height. The entire left arm and rib cage of the body was missing. At the time the body was

found, the Herald was told that perhaps the man was one armed. Current Lake County Sheriff Rod Fenske said that his uncle, Don Hansen, was working for the sheriff’s department at that time and remembers finding the body. Hansen told Fenske that the officers at the time thought the arm and rib cage had been torn from the body by a snowplow. And Coroner Shannon Kent verified that Continued on page 4

Photo by Marcia Martinek

District Attorney Bruce Brown addresses the Democratic County Assembly Saturday as Sarah Dallas, party chair, looks on.

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