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Change in the wind? We’ve heard a number of accounts of the Democratic caucuses held last week, including from our own reporter. We were aware that efforts were underway to educate voters about the caucus process this year, and guess what? It seems to have been effective. The turnout was overwhelming; the Democrats had to change their location to accommodate the crowd. And we understand some of the old-time Democrats were somewhat taken aback on the way the sessions proceeded. These caucuses may turn out to be significant in many ways. Certainly they mark a change in procedures. We understand that there were questions when individuals revealed whom they supported while attempting to be named delegates to the county convention. This is not an unusual thing, although perhaps it is in Lake County. How are you going to pick your delegates if you don’t know whom they favor? We’re very familiar with this procedure in other parts of the state. In any case, the county assembly comes next. We said a few weeks back that a candidate can lose the position of county commissioner at the caucus level if he doesn’t get his ducks in order. The county assembly is the next opportunity for a candidate to lose the race before an actual election. The delegates have been selected and they will decide which candidate or candidates go on to appear on the ballot at the primary. These will be the candidates who get 30 percent or more of the delegate votes. Candidates getting between 10 and 29 percent of the votes will go no further in the process unless they petition onto the ballot. Some also could decide to run as independents. In in any case individuals can still declare their candidacies at the assembly, so we’ll have to wait and see. Once the candidates are established for the primary election, and assuming there is a contest, we will be asking them to answer a few questions for the edification of our readers; likely there will also be a meet the candidates event. We haven’t said much about the Republicans but are unaware at this point of any candidates for county commissioner. That can change any time up to the assembly, which is actually this Saturday, 10 a.m. at the Climax building at CMC. The Democratic Assembly is the next Saturday, same time, same place. The primary election is June 28, and we suspect at that time we will know who will be elected to the two county commissioner seats. Unless the Republicans catch fire in the next week. In this election year, it seems that just about anything can happen. Marcia Martinek Herald Editor

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Letters to the editor Marijuana odor is unpleasant at caucus I participated in the Lake County Democratic caucus on Tuesday, March 1. I have lived in my same precinct for over 39 years and participated in this event off and on for many years. I have overseen my district by appointment as precinct chair, and I have also been voted as a delegate before. It was amazing to see the tremendous turnout

of voters this year, most all of whom were there on behalf of a particular county commissioner candidate and a particular presidential candidate. The demographic of caucus attendees has changed here, noticed by myself, as I had pretty much never even seen most of the folks that were attending. This process of political caucus is a privilege that is allowed voters in a democracy and truly it is an honor to be part of this special event. With so many participants, many more than usual, the meeting had to be moved to a second and larger location. At the first location, things were becoming hectic, and people were becoming agitated and

grumpy. The committee staff was working hard and in what may have been an unprecedented event, called to move the event to the high school to accommodate the large crowds. The committee was able to get things back in line, and the meeting started late. Unfortunately, I did not stay due to the strong odor of marijuana. Although I was wanting to become a precinct delegate, by leaving early I could not be chosen. Now I would be far off if I said I had not done partying in my past, but thankfully I have way outgrown those things and I

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