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Voters educated on caucus process Continued from page 1 alternates to all party assemblies and conventions are to be chosen in a manner which fairly reflects the division of candidate preference, expressed by those participating in the nominating process.” Nothing in the rules mandates a blind nominating process, but the rules do state that “participants in the caucus may adopt additional rules, provided they do not conflict with either state, county or national party rules, state election laws or other instructions to the caucus chair.” County commissioner candidate Sarah Mudge said that she and fellow county commissioner candidate Bud Elliott worked to educate new voters on the caucus process, even holding a pre-caucus training in February. “I made an effort to educate people on the process. Anyone who was interested asked me

questions about it,” Mudge said. “There was little to no one that really understood what it did and how it was supposed to work.” Mudge said part of the caucus procedure that allowed for delegates to state preferences was skipped over in past caucuses. Because of the events of this caucus, Mudge said she wouldn’t be surprised if those steps were added back in the near future. “It sounds like there’s going to be a new influx of people, and procedure might change,” Mudge said. “That might be on the (Democratic Central Committee’s) agenda tomorrow night.” Mudge said she does not just credit her own efforts for the change, but also enthusiasm caused by Sanders. Mudge also said Lake County voters as a whole are growing more passionate. “I talked to many folks at least three times about the

process,” Mudge said. County commissioner candidates share their visions The caucus was also where many Democratic voters were able to meet the county commissioner candidates for the first time. Mudge stressed continuing to improve education in Lake County, as well as supporting the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation and keeping housing available for new citizens. Mudge said it was her family that has caused her to be as committed as she is to Leadville. “With that added responsibility of a family, my expectations increased for what I wanted from this community,” Mudge said. “With those increased expectations, it only made sense to increase my part and my responsibility to

Photo by Ryan Fitzmaurice

Matt O’Brien votes for delegates in precinct 4 during the March 1 Democratic caucus.

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From left, Padraic Smith, Bob Vigil and Lilly Vigil huddle together to count the presidential straw poll votes.

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