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Herald Democrat

Leadville, Colorado

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vol. 137, No. 10 • 75 cents

Younger voters make their presence known

Photo by Ryan Fitzmaurice

Rohan Roy reads the rule sheet to the caucus voters in his precinct.

by Ryan Fitzmaurice Herald Staff Writer A younger and more diverse group of delegates elected at the Lake County Democratic Central Committee Caucus established a new status quo in Lake County’s Democratic party last week. On March 1, 226 local voters turned out in what was record-breaking turnout. The group also was a transformative force, not only changing the makeup of the delegates elected, but also forcing a change in the location of the caucus and altering the way Lake County’s Democratic caucus was run. “This is unprecedented,” Joe Swyers, candidate for county commissioner, told caucus voters. The event was originally planned to be held at the Elks Lodge at 7 p.m. With the large turnout, which made it hard to even fit through the front door, the event was moved in a last-

second decision to the high school and began at 7:30 p.m. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders heavily carried the vote of Lake County Democrats, leading the vote over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 164 to 53. Upon being tasked with nominating delegates, caucus members were initially told by precinct organizers that the nomination was a blind process in which nominated delegates could not share their voting preferences. Many caucus members questioned the rule, resulting in five out of six precincts having nominees state whom they were likely to vote for if they were nominated. The Colorado Caucus rules state that delegates cannot be told who to vote for. But in the section on delegate selection the rules state: “Delegates and Continued on page 3

Skijoring weekend brings both spectacle and sadness by Ryan Fitzmaurice Herald Staff Writer Leadville’s 2016 Crystal Carnival and Skijoring event came and went with its usual sense of excitement and celebration. The death of a horse on Saturday, however, left a note of sadness that stayed with participants and spectators throughout the weekend. Hometown favorite Greg Dahl became the 2016 champion of the skijoring circuit. Dahl didn’t place first in any of the Leadville skijoring events, but his third-place finish in Sunday’s Open Division catapulted him to the top of the skijoring rankings. Dahl is a veteran in the sport starting in 1995. He said the reason he began in the sport was as simple as a phone call, when Paul Copper, lead organizer for the event, called him. “He said, ‘You have horses, bring them down. We’re going skijoring,’” Dahl recalled. Since then, Dahl has been

hooked. It always goes the same way: He’s nervous before the race, but as soon as he knows his horse is OK, he’s ready to go. “Once he drops his head, I know it’s all good,” Dahl said. This year’s event saw a record turnout, according to event organizer Jason Dahl. Forty-four teams participated in the Sport Division and 18 teams in the Open Division. Rider Savannah McCarthy, her horse Tank and skier Jason Dahl finished first overall in the Open Division with a time of 15.15 seconds. This is McCarthy’s fourth year in a row winning the division. Rider Richard Weber III, his horse Derby and skier Tug Birk took home first place in the Sport Division. Ryan Rivera, the winner of the Legends Division with his horse Twister and skier Jesse Biggins, said it was only natural for him to be out on the course; skijoring runs in his family. “I grew up here and watched everyone else do it, and my stepmom did it one year,” Ri-

vera said. “So, I did it, and I won.” Dana Stiles tackled the event with a new horse, something that made her more than a little nervous. Unlike

veteran skijoring horses, you never know how a new one will react. “It changes things a lot. You have the “oh crap” moment because you don’t know

how they’re going to do,” Stiles said. “I ran him in Minturn last week, and he swerved Continued on page 2

Photo by Ryan Fitzmaurice

Mario Giarratano, sweeping fast to his right, snatches up the rings while being pulled by Jorge’ Calzadillas and his horse Martin.

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