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Instruction focused on needs

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Continued from page 2 said that the college has experienced an 18.5 percent increase in enrolling Latino/ Hispanic students this year; that percentage is 8.8 percent in Leadville. Hauser said the college is dedicated to providing the instruction that is needed in each community, pointing to the welding program recently publicized in the Herald, as well as programs designed to meet the needs of the Climax Mine. She pointed to local tax support for the college, saying CMC wants to be sure that taxpayers are getting a return on their investment.

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Carrie Besnette Hauser, president of Colorado Mountain College, gives the keynote address at the annual meeting of the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation.

Funding available for energy efficiency The Cloud City Conservation Center has been awarded $60,000 in funding to help Lake County homeowners and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Energy Outreach Colorado, a statewide organization, has selected a number of nonprofits in the mountain area to facilitate energy efficiency improvements for families and individuals who earn 80 percent or less of the local area median income. The funding allows an average of $2,500 per home for improvements to the

insulation levels, air sealing, refrigeration replacement and heating equipment replacement. No match will be required from the homeowner or tenant, but improvements are decided based on a priority list for the home. Energy Outreach Colorado funding in turn comes predominantly from Xcel Energy, which charges a small fee on every energy bill to pay for this type of program. “People in Lake County who are struggling with high energy bills will benefit from this program because energy

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A New Year and Healthy Outlook St. Vincent Hospital (719) 486-0230 822 W. 4th St., Leadville St. Vincent Leadville Medical Clinic (719) 486-1264 825 W. 6th St.

efficiency improvements reduce heating and electrical costs,” said Cameron Millard, energy programs director at C4. “This funding will help us better serve families in Lake County that need improvements to the efficiency of their homes but can’t afford the cost of the work or may not know where to begin.” The Cloud City Conservation Center has already begun work and is conducting community outreach to find qualified residents. The program does require proof of income but is relatively easy simple to access. C4 will help interested individuals with the two-page application form and provide a required energy audit. Local contractors will then make improvements to the home, and the program will cover the costs. Contact the Cloud City Conservation Center for more information about this program. The telephone number is 719-465-6164, and staff does speak Spanish.

St. Vincent Leadville Medical Clinic Primary Care 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Mon.- Fri. (719) 486-1264 825 W. 6th St. same-day or next-day appointments available

Laboratory (719) 486-7150 Routine Lab Tests

Radiology/Imaging (719) 486-7153 CT Scan, Digital Mammography, XRAY, Ultrasound, DEXA Scan, PAD-Net

Physical Therapy (719) 486-1264 (to make an appointment)

Swan Mountain Women’s Center OB/GYN Clinics at St. Vincent Hospital

Call (970) 423-8840 Ambulance and Emergency Room 24 hours per day / 7 days per week Call 911 in an emergency

An afliate of Centura Health, the region’s leading health network.

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tration is not an indicator of residency. “That’s the date he changed his residence on his voter registration. That is not the date he moved.” Berger said that if Elliott wants to challenge her ruling, it is entirely his responsibility. “If Bud wants to challenge, there is a process,” Berger said. “The burden of proof is on him to prove that he doesn’t live there.” Elliott said he has no intentions of challenging that Olsen does not live at 731 U.S. 24 S., but rather that he did not file it as his residence in his voter registration on time. “Dates and numbers of weeks and numbers of months are very precise, there is not a lot of room to play with,” Elliott said. Elliott said there’s a larger issue at stake than just someone opposing his run for commissioner. Olsen is taking advantage of the entire election process, Elliott said. “I’m concerned about the

integrity of the election process,” Elliott said. “I feel when we have different rules for different people and different rules from the law, we are undermining the integrity of the election.” Elliott said he plans to challenge Berger’s acceptance of Olsen’s candidacy by early May. “In this case, the county is ensuring that I would have to hire a lawyer,” Elliott said, “which probably doubles the expense of the campaign. That’s directly related to what people are concerned about.” Olsen said during last week’s Democratic Committee meeting that his “interpretation of the statute was correct.” “Although I can be viewed as an opportunist or a carpetbagger, I feel I am completely within the grounds of the statute,” Olsen said. The Herald Democrat asked the Colorado Secretary of State if a candidate is allowed to claim a business also as a residence. The SOS did not reply to the Herald’s inquiry.

CLOUD CITY MEDICAL WHEN YOU NEED HELP... • Wheelchairs • Walkers • Bathroom Equipment • Oxygen Convenient location, professional service RN on staff • Locally owned and operated



735 Hwy 24 South Suite A • Leadville

Full Circle of Lake County presents:

Embrace the Joy of parenting For parents of 5-12 year olds Six weeks to success: Active parenting will give ✓ Discipline that works ✓ Open up lines of communication ✓ Help dealing with problems

DATE: Tuesday nights for 6 weeks.

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 12

TIME: 6:30-8:30 p.m. LOCATION: The Intermediate School Child care provided

Classes are available in English and Spanish!

 Please call to register Phone: (719) 486-2400

Fax: (719) 486-2401 • Email:

Check out our website at 109 E. 5th St., downstairs

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