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CONTINUING COVERAGE THE COUP IN THE LAKE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE Leadville and Lake County have always been Democratic, something that likely goes back to the days when most residents were involved in mining. There has always been a strong Democratic Central Committee, although some infighting is not unique. This past year, the long-standing Democrats started taking sides when Ken Olsen, a former county commissioner who had been term limited, decided he was going to run for commissioner again, but from a different district. He planned to do this by claiming his office as his residence. This caused an uproar with some committee members backing him and others crying foul, as did the Herald Democrat. This series of stories tells how the young Democrats in town (the newcomers who got involved initially to support Bernie Sanders) managed to take over the Democratic Central Committee, putting the oldtimers out in the cold, at least for now.

Continuing democrats  
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