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Cutting Edge Treatments Conveniently Located Whether you're visiting or planning to make Madison County your home, you'll be pleased to know our unique faith based ministry has services that are generally only found in large metropolitan areas. St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital provides many innovative treatments which are unique in East Central Indiana. Among them are our latest technology to ďŹ ght cancer-- stereotactic radiosurgery; a new non-drug treatment to reduce asthma attacks; the most precise and bladeless cataract surgery; and our Center for Midlife Women, offering a personalized, natural approach to addressing hormone, thyroid and adrenal imbalances. We're well known for cardiovascular care, rehabilitation services, women's services, home care and treatment of addictions and mental health. And, we're a great place to work -- named one of the Top Workplaces in Indiana three years in a row. Find out why people say there's something special about our care. For Physician Referral, call 765-642-3301. To learn more, go to


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Put your work gloves on and start cultivating! e are economic gardeners. I recently read a religious passage that suggested one could not force spiritual things. The author proposed that such words as compel, coerce, constrain, pressure, and demand will not work with spiritual matters. So it is with business. We can no more force a business community to be successful than compelling a bean to sprout or an egg to hatch before its time. As economic gardeners in Madison County it is our job to cultivate a commercial climate that fosters, nourishes, and protects business growth — not a climate that constrains it. This means working with local and state officials to promote practices and programs that stimulate sustainable growth. It means connecting industry leaders to entrepreneurs, creating an arena of ideas, and proactively communicating value. It means making a joyful noise about our community. Economic gardening means cultivating the potential of Madison County and its region by serving the 5,000plus locally-owned businesses — as well as supporting the rising generation of business leaders — and assisting them in unleashing their potential ... one by one. Like all expert gardeners, we need to prepare our soil to bear the fruit of success. We have a plan. Want to hear it? Over the next three years we will sow the seeds of success with the following 10 objectives: ❙ Teach 72 high school students the process of establishing a business, social movement, or enterprise through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy with the goal of launching 10 new businesses. ❙ Formalize the public policy committee and publish six public policy statements supporting the voice of the Madison County business community. ❙ Provide Student2Pro complimentary membership to 1,000 college students from AU, Purdue, Ivy Tech and Harrison College. ❙ Improve business morale by


inspiring 5,000 bussiness owners and civic leaders with w a complimentary subscriptiion to the quarterly Opportun nity Times, complete with motivational and free-enterprisee messaging and investmentt opportunities. ❙ Improve Andersson and Madison County’s o online presence by telling 72 positive p stories from a businesss perspective using social media, blogging and video. b owners ❙ Interview 150 business in person to discovver obstacles and opportunities related to growth, workforce and heallth as part of our business retention and expansion (BRE) efforts.. ❙ Inspire excellen nce in our community through continual orecognition of inno vation, community contribution, economic growth, image building and d longevity. ❙ Identify and cultivate relationships with two key opinion leaders in each of the seven counties surrounding Madison County. ❙ Attract and maintain young professionals in Madison County g through mentoring and networking ini-tiatives. ❙ Connect 3,000 unique business executives through h 60 annual programs and events. We have three years of economic gardening ahead off us. Let’s put our business gloves on and cultivate! Kyle M Morey President & CEO

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Photo by John P. Cleary The Nestle USA production and distribution facility near the Flagship Enterprise park off Interstate 69 was opened in 2007. The facility has since been expanded twice.

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MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

CHAMBER BOARD MEMBERS Pictured at right g are members of the Madison County Chamber Board of Directors: Jack Harter, Chairman Michael Montgomery, AIA Chair Elect krM Architecture+ Marcy DeShong, Past Chair Midwest Luxury Baths, Inc. Mike Austin, Treasurer/Secretary Hulse, Lacey, Hardacre, Austin, Sims & Childers, P.C. Tammy Rimer, Vice Chair Element212 Michael Latchaw, Board Member E&B Paving, Inc. James Willey, Board Member Ivy Tech Community College Nancy Moneyhun, Board Member Moneyhun’s Fine Gifts & Furnishings Georgeann Whitworth, Board Member PNC Bank Amy Winter, Board Member The Herald Bulletin Brian Miller, Board Member West Electric, Inc. Gary Erskine, Board Member Star Financial Bank Sally DeVoe, Board Member Madison County Community Foundation Barbara Alder, Board Member Purdue University Irma Hampton (Nave) Stewart, Board Member Attorney-At-Law Charlene Stacy, Board Member Harrison College Lynn Fields, Board Member Collision Cure Body Werks Pete Bitar, Board Member Air Buoyant, LLC / XADS Patty Kuhn, Ex-Officio Anderson/Madison County Association of REALTORS Rob Sparks, Ex-Officio Corporation for Economic Development

CHAMBER EXECUTIVE TEAM Meet the Madison County Chamber executives: Kyle Morey President & CEO. Fearless Leader. Chief Enthusiasm Officer. Angela Barbosa Executive Vice President. Marketing Diva. Chief Innovations Officer. Dennis Ashley Director of Business Development. Photos courtesy of Dale Pickett Photography Story Teller. Chief Connections Officer. Madison County Chamber staff (left to right): Gerry Longenbaugh, Tina Mays, Kyle Morey, Betty Williams, Angela Barbosa, Dennis Ashley

CHAMBER CONTACT INFORMATION How to get in touch with the Madison County Chamber: 765.642.0264 phone 765.642.0266 fax

1106 Meridian St. Suite 109 Anderson, IN 46016

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

7 Anderson University's Jill Guion gives Jim Schneider of Salt Free Water Systems a card to fill out during the Get Linked Expo at Hoosier Park in October. Photo by Don Knight.

2013 Madison County Chamber Major Events February 28 MCC ANNUAL AWARDS GALA The Paramount Theatre Ballroom

The MCC calendar will continue to grow as additional events are scheduled in 2013. Current event information and registration links available at

March 8 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge June 20 WAKE UP! MADISON COUNTY AU Flagship Center

October 11 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge

July 12 FAB! SUMMER EVENT The Edge

November 8 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge

April 12 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge


November 21 WAKE UP! MADISON COUNTY AU Flagship Center

April 18 WAKE UP! MADISON COUNTY AU Flagship Center

August 9 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge

March 11 THIRD HOUSE SESSION Anderson Public Library April 8 THIRD HOUSE SESSION Anderson Public Library

December 2 THIRD HOUSE SESSION Anderson Public Library

May 10 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge

September 13 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge


June 14 FAB! LUNCHEON The Edge

September 19 WAKE UP! MADISON COUNTY AU Flagship Center


Solutions that work.... flexible services that adapt to your company’s changing needs. 6879 S State Road 67 Pendleton, IN 46064 Phone:

(765)778-2900 (317)462-8294

Paula Lawrence


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

2011 Small Business of the Year Award Winner

Good’s Candy Shop is a sweet success By Emma Bowen Meyer Randy Good is not simply enamored with chocolate and ice cream, he is captivated by every aspect of the business. He has invented recipes, fashioned confections, crafted business plans, packaged and marketed products and even constructed Good’s Candy Shop with his own two hands. “The only thing I don’t like about my job is that I can’t be here 24 hours a day,” said Good, sitting in his office as the smell of chocolate wafted through the air. “Every aspect of business is involved in this company — manufacturing a product from scratch to packaging to retail.” While Good had the fortune of growing up in the family business of tasty treats, he really took the idea to the next level when he purchased the company from his parents in 1992. Various family members had owned candy shops, but only as hobbies or second incomes. While they were only open half of each year, Good saw potential for a successful full-time venture. “All chocolate businesses are driven by the holidays, and there aren’t any holidays in the hot-weather months,” he explained. “The only thing more popular than chocolate is ice cream. When the holiday traffic lessens, the ice cream traffic picks up.” By building the ice cream parlor inside the store, Good has shored up the weak months and has been able to create a thriving business. “We sell a lot of chocolate online, but the lion’s share of our business walks in the front door,” he said. “People have a hard time grasping the fact that enough people pull into our front parking lot to support us. There is this

Photo by Emma Bowen Meyer Good's Candy Shop production manager Jason Good and Randy Good, owner, cut caramel pieces in the back room of the shop.

All chocolate businesses are driven by the holidays, and there aren’t any holidays in the hot-weather months. The only thing more popular than chocolate is ice cream. When the holiday traffic lessens, the ice cream traffic picks up.” Randy Good

idea that people in Anderson won’t support a local business. It’s not true. People have been very good to us for 30 years.” It’s still a family business. Randy’s son, Jason, is the production manager, and his oldest grandson, Mason Good, has been working in the shop since age 8. Teaching his descendants the lessons he’s learned, Good is quick to attribute all he has to simple hard work. Being recognized for his efforts with the Small Business of the Year Award from the

Chamber of Commerce was a touching moment for Good. “When you live and breathe and invest in something, and then your contemporaries notice and recognize you for it, it is very moving,” he said. “I’m not formally educated, I just worked hard. I am living proof that hard work pays off.” Hard work blurs into play as the community events at Good’s Candy Shop have become a monthly extravaganza. Crowds line up to taste the free samples and engage in lively conversa-

tion. One event drew 1,400 visitors. Good happily hustles with ice cream scoop in hand. “It’s been fantastic,” he said. “People love it. We love it. I live off the rule of reciprocity. All the events are free, and all of the samples are free. Because I do that, people reciprocate and support the business.” And, of course, the candy guru also lives by one more rule: “If you don’t eat good chocolate and ice cream, you won’t live any longer – it will just feel like it.”

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


2011 Emerging Business of the Year

Fathom Voice shaking up phone system industry By Emma Bowen Meyer A fluke led to the creation of a business — a business so successful that it was named Emerging Business of the Year for 2011 by the Madison County Chamber. A simple request to secure a new phone system for a building prompted Cameron Weeks and friend, Bracken Fields, to create one. “Buying the phone system was cumbersome and expensive,” said Weeks, CEO of Fathom Voice. “We started thinking that it should be easier than that, so we took a couple of weeks and built our own system.” The duo had not even graduated from Purdue University yet. Weeks was studying computer interface technology, and Fields was majoring in electrical engineering. The group that used their product agreed to continue to sell the system, and the designers went back to their studies. A few years later, Weeks noticed that the product was still selling. He and Fields decided to reapply themselves and completely rebuild the entire system. This time they had a product that would revolutionize the industry in both features and cost. “We were surprised to find that phone systems really haven’t changed that much since they were invented,” said Weeks, 24. “We started asking: ‘What if phone calls could be smart?’ It’s changing the marketplace.” One such feature is the ability to transcribe a phone call immediately and allow software to analyze the data. Results may find that salespeople with high closing rates use the same words and phrases while those with low closing rates omit these

Photo by John P. Cleary Weeks Communication founder Cameron Weeks talks about his app Fathom RB (Relationship Builder), a customer relationship management system.

We started asking: ‘What if phone calls could be smart?’ It’s changing the marketplace.” Cameron Weeks

special utterings. These findings could potentially add major value to the company. Being honored with the Emerging Business of the Year Award was a special time for Weeks and Fields. “It was really awesome,” said Weeks. “We don’t have a huge client footprint in Madison County, but it is where we are from. It meant a lot to us. The 2011 and 2012 years were very busy for us as we moved from a small-business space to a medium-enterprise space.” Having grown up in the small

town of Lapel, the teammates now have offices in Indianapolis and California — and are equipped to work internationally. “Fathom Voice is decades ahead of the market,” said Weeks. “I thought that as old as the industry was, it would be more grown up. But it is pretty much the same as when it started. We have some really interesting things planned for 2013. We are really shaking up the industry.” Finding new ways to use the old technology keeps their

excitement level high. While they started with an eye on lowering costs, they have turned their attention to adding features. Keeping costs low is no problem, thanks to the system they designed while in their dorm room. Competitors retain operation centers where people keep the wheels turning on the processes. They invented an artificial intelligence system (named Graham — after Alexander Graham Bell) to perform these tasks. Costs don’t build up — since Graham works without pay. “I am thankful for what we have been able to do,” Weeks said. “I have been thankful for the opportunities in front of me. I have had great people to work with — it’s a little me and a lot of them.”

The innovation continues Brain and Spine surgery

Neurosurgeons Francesca Tekula, M.D. and James Callahan, M.D. will be using this new technology to perform surgeries at Community Hospital Anderson.

Community Hospital Anderson is leading the way with continued innovation – da Vinci surgery, clinical research, cardiac interventions and now – neurosurgery. We are committed to bringing advanced technology to patients and have recently invested in the O-armŽ, a surgical imaging system which makes the placement of spine instrumentation safe and fast. The O-arm delivers access to real-time three-dimensional images, allowing the surgeon to obtain a higher level of precision in brain and spine procedures.

Walking Man on the move The Walking Man Project uses public art as a marketing tool to attract customers to area businesses and tourists for the region ››


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide By Rebecca R. Bibbs

As artist Levi Rinker approached local businesses, persuading them to buy into The Walking Man Project, many fell in stride with using public art as a marketing tool to attract customers for themselves and tourists for the region. Like many artists, Rinker admitted he tends to be more creative than business-minded. But he prepared for the hundreds of businesses he approached a prospectus containing risk assumpRinker tions and return on investment to the region, depending on how many businesses signed up. “A lot said no immediately. That’s just routine, I think, which is the sad thing,” he said. “You know they have the advertising dollars to participate, but they don’t have the patience or the will to understand.” But it was those who said yes — such as Mermaid Pool, Spa and Patio and Hoosier Park — who made The Walking Man Project a success. “You make 40 phone calls and get 39 no’s and one yes. But that one person gives you the motivation to make 40 more calls,” Rinker said. Once some of the sculptures were placed, many businesses that initially declined his invitation to participate called back and wanted to know whether it was too late to sign up. Similar in concept to highly successful projects like Chicago’s CowParade in which 300 Fiberglass cows were decorated in themes and exhibited throughout the city of five months, The Walking Man Project is based on a simple steel sculpture. Businesses paid to have local artists transform the sculptures according to a theme that usually was tied to their business. Describing himself as a parttime artist with a full-time passion, Rinker first placed the sculptures together in their purest, undecorated forms in front of vacant buildings to

Photo by Don Knight Makena Hunger, 5, plays Pop Art Tic Tac Toe during the Walking Manifestival held in downtown Anderson. attract attention to the loss of commerce in the area. The decorated Walking Man sculptures were intended to highlight successful businesses and the brightness of the region’s business future as it comes out of

the bleakness of the recession. “It looks good as art, but it’s based on the principle of getting customers to the stores,” he said. Though he didn’t expect to attract the two million visitors

Chicago reported, Rinker said Walking Man not only focused potential visitors on the region, it also drew attention to regional artists and got locals involved in their community. Blair Lynch, operations manager for Mermaid Pool, Spa and Patio, admitted that, though he understood the concept, his company had reservations about participating in The Walking Man Project. He was especially apprehensive with it being an out-of-the box sort of approach to marketing that required a broader mentality, at least in a community like Anderson. “We knew that it was a great project, but we had some fears it wouldn’t be accepted,” he said. “Arts can be a very hard sell with the business community.” As a public ar t initiative, the buy-in for The Walking Man Project was relatively inexpensive, the $1,800, $2,500 or $5,000 sponsorship price tag


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide also raised eyebrows, especially when weighed against tried and true methods of outreach. “It wasn’t something that we initially had budgeted into our marketing,” Lynch said. “Obviously, when it comes to doing any type of promotion for the business, you want to see a residual return on your investment.” Lynch said he didn’t rule out the possibility but remained on the sidelines to see whether others would embrace it. But as participation snowballed, he became increasingly interested. “The more and more we looked at what the project represented as a whole, we decided to become involved,” he said. “It’s so cool. In a town like Anderson, it’s such a cool thing to see these 10-foot structures. They’re so industrial, which makes sense for a town like Anderson.” Harkening back to a more innocent time to emphasize family values, Mermaid had its

Walking Man transformed into an old-fashioned swimmer, complete with full red-andwhite bathing suit and handlebar mustache. “Our vision is that it’s important to look forward but also remember to look at the past,” L ynch said. “It represented everything we wanted in it.” Though it’s difficult to quantify whether the Walking Man Project brought more business to Mermaid, Lynch said he was pleasantly surprised by the result as parents and grandparents brought their children in to have their passpor ts stamped. Passports were distributed as part of the project to encourage residents and visitors to visit the various Walking Man sites. “I personally took my kids to get the stamps,” the father of three said. “I can’t tell you as a parent how hard it is to find things for the kids to do aside of sit in front of the TV.” Though he was apprehensive



Photo by Don Knight Walking Man statues in downtown Anderson.


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide at first, Lynch said he’d be likely to participate in similar projects in the future. In addition, Mermaid was so pleased with the result, the company kept their Walking Man rather that offering him up for auction. “I never met one person who said, ‘This is silly; this is a waste of time,’” L ynch said. He added that Mermaid’s Walking Man has become an important part of the company’s image, and they will be looking for ways in the future to incorporate him in their marketing ef for ts. For instance, it’s been suggested the Walking Man hold a steel sign communicating the company’s special events and promotions. Grant Scharton, director of public relations at Hoosier Park, said he was all in as soon as The Walking Man Project was presented. “We really heard a ver y impassioned speech from Levi about the project,” he said. “As soon as Levi was done, we knew this was something Hoo-

Photo by Don Knight Above: Artist Tashana Preston works on a Walking Man sculpture. Preston said the figures painted on the sculpture represent how many individuals come together to form a community. At right: All the Walking Man figures were placed downtown along Meridian Street in preparation for the Walking Man festival held in the summer of 2012.

Photo by John P. Cleary

sier Park wanted to be involved in.” In fact, Hoosier Park was so committed to the project, it sponsored two Walking Man sculptures. One was the expected “Casino Man,” with the body of a slot machine, the face of a roulette wheel and legs of money. The other sculpture, a tribute to Indiana’s POWs and MIAs, in militar y tones of green, gray and black, featured the names of each individual lost in the Gulf War. The sculpture was important to honor the veterans who work at and visit the casino, Scharton explained. Perhaps surprisingly, it was “Casino Man” Hoosier Park parted with at auction while buying back the militar y tribute, which attracted visitors from throughout the state. “For us, the whole project fell right in line with Madison County becoming a tourism center. There are a lot of things to do here locally, and Hoosier Park is one of them,” Scharton said. ■

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Madison County’s Schools Madison County has a rich variety of academic institutions that offer a wide array of course offerings, degrees and classroom and extracurricular experiences.

Kindergarten students work on their projects in Mrs. Gay Scott's classroom at Lapel Elementary School.

K THROUGH 12 PUBLIC SCHOOLS Alexandria Community School Corporation 202 East Washington St. Alexandria, IN 46001 765-724-4496 Fax: 765-724-5049 Grades: K-12 Superintendent: Dr. Alice Johnson Schools: Alexandria-Monroe Junior-Senior High, Alexandria-Monroe Intermediate, Alexandria-Monroe Elementary Nestled in the heart of “Smalltown U.S.A.” — the designation given to Alexandria by the United States Department of Defense in 1943 — are the schools that serve the residents of Monroe Township. The small town of about 6,000 makes for a small school with attractive class sizes. Founded in 1836, Alexandria benefitted greatly from the gas boom, but is now a more rural community. Still, the town has a mix of light and heavy industry and commercial enterprise. It’s also a bedroom community for Anderson and other nearby cities. Anderson Community Schools 1600 Hillcrest Ave. Anderson, IN 46011 765-641-2000 Fax: 765-641-2080 Website: Grades: Preschool-12 Superintendent: Felix Chow Schools: Anderson High, Highland Middle, Anderson Elementary, Eastside Elementary, Edgewood Elementary, Erskine Elementary, 10th Street Elementary, Valley Grove Elementary Established in 1873, Anderson Community Schools has a long tradition of education within the community. While students first met in churches and homes, a building was constructed at Lincoln and Twelfth streets in 1898. During the baby boom years, two more high schools were constructed and operated within the corporation. Madison Heights High School was founded in 1956 and Highland High School was built in 1955 (although it operated independently

Photo by John P. Cleary until the 1970s). The Wigwam, one of the largest high-school gyms in the world at 62,160 square feet, was opened in 1961 and became the hallmark of not only the school, but the town as well. Declining student populations in the 1990s resulted in Madison Heights being renamed Anderson High while the central building was left as administration space only. Further decline caused Highland to become a middle school — leaving AHS, once again, the sole high school in the district. Elwood Community Schools 1306 North Anderson St. Elwood, IN 46036 765-552-9861 Fax: 765-552-8088 Grades: K-12 Superintendent: Glen Nelson Schools: Elwood High, Elwood Middle, Elwood Elementary From a small schoolhouse which opened in 1852 with wooden planks for desks to the large modern buildings of today, Elwood schools have seen a great deal of change. After many construction projects and growing pains, the middle and high schools are joined to allow sharing of art and music facilities, the swimming pool and the auditorium. With 1600 students, Elwood schools provide a small-town environment that many people find attractive.

Frankton-Lapel Community Schools 7916 W. 300 North Anderson, IN 46011 765-734-1261 Fax: 765-734-1129 Grades: Prekindergarten-12 Superintendent: Robert Fields Schools: Lapel High, Lapel Middle, Lapel Elementary, Frankton Junior/ Senior High, Frankton Elementary Originally meeting in a one-room schoolhouse, Lapel’s first students received a new building in 1874 on the Studley Farm. The new location came with a new name — the Studley School. It gave way to a tworoom school, which was replaced in 1899 by an eight-room building. As the number of students expanded, so did the schools. The Frankton and Lapel districts were consolidated in 1972, creating an even larger student base. The new Lapel High School, which opened in 2008, serves 400 students in grades 9-12. Frankton Junior/ Senior High, founded in 1989, serves 500 students in grades 7-12. South Madison Community School Corporation 203 S. Heritage Way Pendleton, IN 46064 765-778-2152 Fax: 765-778-8207 Grades: Prekindergarten-12

Superintendent: Joe Buck Schools: Pendleton Heights High, Pendleton Heights Middle, Pendleton Elementary, Maple Ridge Elementary, East Elementary Serving a population of about 20,000 residents, the South Madison Community School Corporation includes the towns of Pendleton, Markleville and Ingalls. The area is known for its historical heritage (Pendleton being listed on the National Register of Historic Places), arts and crafts shops and Falls Park. While Markleville once had its own high school, the construction of Pendleton Heights High School in 1969 was also a consolidation of the two districts. With a $25 million renovation to the high school in the late 1990s, the building was outfitted with 18 new classrooms, industrial technology areas, a practice gymnasium, a wrestling room and a 926-seat auditorium. As the newest elementary school in the district, Maple Ridge opened its doors in 2002. Most of the 850 students are residents of Green Township. East Elementary, which opened in 1979 as the consolidation of Markleville Elementary and Fall Creek Elementary, serves 650 students from Adams and Fall Creek townships.



MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide PRE-K THROUGH 12 PRIVATE SCHOOLS

Anderson Christian School 2625 Lindberg Road Anderson, IN 46012 765-649-0123 Fax: 765-649-3844 Grades: Preschool-12 Superintendent: Tom Snell Housed within Lindberg Road Church of Christ, Anderson Christian School strives to train “children to understand and live according to the principles taught by Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.” With an enrollment of 200 students, the school is accredited by AdvancED and the National Christian School Association. Although it is a small school, Anderson Christian School offers band, choir and sports programs. Also on site is a daycare facility that is available for care from infancy to school-aged children. Indiana Christian Academy 432 W 300 North Anderson, IN 46012 765-643-7884

Photo by Don Knight Preston McNeal, 12, works on his computer in his sixth-grade Science class at the Anderson Preparatory Academy. Fax: 765-683-4200 Grades: Preschool-12 Superintendent: Kevin Plew As a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, Indiana Christian Academy has been educating students for over 35 years. While subject matter is important, the school’s primary purpose is “to develop Christ-like character in the life of each student.” A newly remodeled music wing, church auditorium, full-size soccer

field, modern playground, and landscaped areas provide a backdrop for extracurricular activities. As a member of the Indiana Association of Christian Schools, Indiana Christian Academy has an award-winning music program. Liberty Christian School 2323 Columbus Ave Anderson, IN 46016 765-644-7774 Fax: 765-644-7779 Grades: Preschool-12 Superintendent: Lisa Huff Founded by a group of parents in 1976, Liberty Christian School is a non-demoninational “Christ-centered community where students receive an excellent education based on biblical truth.” The junior/senior high school is located in a 75-year-old building that was once Washington Elementary School. The old union hall was refitted to house the elementary school. Total enrollment is about 600 students. Liberty Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, by the State of Indiana under the Freeway Accreditation and by the National Christian Association. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Anderson University 1100 East 5th St. Anderson, IN 46012 1-800-428-6414 Fax: 765-641-3649


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide As a private Christian college founded in 1917 by the Church of God, Anderson University has progressed from a Bible training school to a university with over 60 undergraduate majors. The university has a student population of 2,600, with many states and nationalities are represented. Benefitting from a 12 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, students enjoy the small-school feel while reaping the benefits of a full-fledged university. One of the missions of the university is to “graduate people with a global perspective who are competent, caring, creative, generous individuals of character and potential.” Harrison College 140 East 53rd St. Anderson, IN 46013 765-644-7514 As a career-focused institution, Harrison College serves more than 6,000 students across its campuses. Offerings of associates and bachelor’s degrees are available in business, health sciences, information technology, criminal justice, veterinary technology and culinary arts.


Accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools, Harrison College offers online and traditional classroom settings. Originally founded in 1902 as Indiana Business College, it remains a family-owned educational institution. Ivy Tech Community College 104 W. 53rd St. Anderson, IN 46013 765-643-7133 ext. 2318 Fax: 765-648-2755 The East Central Region of Ivy Tech Community College, founded in 1968, includes a seven-county area. Students at the Anderson campus number 2,000 and study in 33 degree programs in business, health sciences, nursing, public and social services, education, liberal arts and sciences, technology and applied science and engineering technology. Named a state college in 1995, Ivy Tech Community College grants the following degrees: associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied science, technical certificate and DOE certificate. — Emma Bowen Meyer

Photo by John P. Cleary Anderson University senior finance major Federico Boscaini gives a short presentation before making the first stock purchase from the new STAR Trading Room education program at AU.


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

County Business Profiles While Anderson is the population and commercial center of Madison County, thriving businesses are located throughout the county. These range across many sectors and help

form the backbone of their communities. They reflect the ingenuity, energy and spirit of the people of Madison County. And they also demonstrate the ability of local enterprises

to grow and succeed, even in the throes of economic hardship brought on by the recession. Five of those businesses are profiled on the following pages.

INDEX Reflectix Inc...........................................18 POET ......................................................19 Recon.....................................................20 Kleenco..................................................21 Fredericks, Inc. ......................................22


Insulation company ‘reflects’ Madison County ingenuity By Emma Bowen Meyer A building that was once a small school in Markleville now houses Reflectix Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of reflective insulation. Steve Painter, a former student in that very school, developed the technology and methods to manufacture a shiny product with a myriad of uses. “When he (Painter) sold the business in 2000, we remained here due to the central location,” said Dale Tokarski, president. “There is a great talent base in Madison County. This has proved to be a great location.” Not only does Reflectix sell to big box stores — such as Home Depot, Lowes and Menards — it has also developed applications for the HVAC marketplace, automotive industry, food-packaging companies and builders of metal structures. “The only constant for us is change,” said Tokarski. “We are always developing new products and bringing them into the market.” With 90 employees, Reflectix has thrived during a time when many shut their doors. As people have learned more about the relatively new product, they have responded favorably. “We have come a long way,” Tokarski said. “I wish people had more knowledge of how it

Submitted photo Ninety employees work at Markleville’s Reflectix Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of reflective insulation. works. People often only think of the R value of insulation rather than understanding radiant heat in an application.” The company website compares mass insulation to a foam cup and reflective insulation to a thermos jug lining. By reflecting the heat (or cold) back in the

direction from which it emanated, a higher efficiency is achieved by the specially-designed material. “We are very proud to have a group of individuals at our organization with a passion to make the highest quality product for our customers,” Tokarski said.

The only constant for us is change. We are always developing new products and bringing them into the market.” Dale Tokarski

Reflectix Inc. 1 School St. Markleville, IN 46056 765-533-4332

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide



POET authors success story in Madison County By Emma Bowen Meyer Vast amounts of corn fields that blur the vision and train tracks that stall traffic a drew the eye of big business to a rural area of Madison County. POET Biorefining is an ethanol manufacturer in need of 20 million bushels of locally grown corn per year and access to the rails to transport 68 million gallons of ethanol to customers. “Our industr y is ver y dynamic,” said Dave Hudak, general manager. “It provides the opportunity for excitement and variety. I love the people I work with — they’re the best team I’ve ever had.” Ethanol has become a focus of attention in recent years as the price of gasoline has risen to disturbing heights. However, the production and use of the product dates back farther than many people realize.

POET Biorefinering 13179 N 100 East P.O. Box 717 Alexandria, IN 46001 765-724-4384

Photo by Emma Bowen Meyer Dave Hudak, general manager, stands in front of the POET Biorefining plant in Alexandria. Established in 1986, POET operates 27 plants in seven states. With a production of 1.6 billion gallons of ethanol, 9 billion pounds of high protein animal feed and thousands of pounds of bio-based oils and lubricants, this innovative company fills the needs of a

variety of customers. By blending ethanol with gasoline, consumers generaly save 30-40 cents per gallon at the pump. Alexandria was chosen as a per fect location in 2008 because of the proximity to raw materials and access to

utilities — including water, electricity and the train tracks. The 43 highly skilled employees mostly reside within the county. “POET not only creates jobs, but is also good for the community,” Hudak said. “We purchase locally grown corn and contract goods and ser vices from local companies. We create Hoosier jobs and pull down prices at the pump. We add quite a bit to the local economy.”


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Photo Emma Bowen Meyer Jeff Weldy, Amy Burns, Andy Hall, Shane Skinner, Josh Blake, Aaron Wheeler and Samantha Burns work in the Pendleton office of RenCon Services.

Wrong time the right time for RenCon It’s been a lot of fun. We attribute success to doing the right thing and being willing to do anything and everything for a client.” Shane Skinner

By Emma Bowen Meyer When Jeremy Bergunder, laid off in 2007 because of the economic downturn, asked longtime friend Shane Skinner about job opportunities in his company, Bergunder received a bizarre reply. Skinner offered to quit his own general contractor position so the two could begin their own business. “It was an odd time to get started but ended up being the right thing,” said Skinner. “He had a lot of contacts from being a construction project manager in the Starbucks world, and I had a lot of contacts from being a general contractor in Indianapolis.” RenCon Ser vices primarily offers contracting skills for new construction and renovations of restaurants and stores.

With a strong maintenance arm, the company is capable of repairing vir tually anything that could go wrong with commercial buildings. Starting with one job at the Indianapolis airport, the company has steadily grown to include work all over the United States. Via the opening of an office in Dallas to ser ve locations west of the Mississippi, the Pendleton office is able to concentrate on work east of the river. Cultivating relationship with clients has not only increased business volume, it has prompted the par tners to expand into areas they had not anticipated. “Recently our clients asked us to go into the heating-and-cooling field, which was not something we planned

RenCon Services 8504 S. State Road 9 Pendleton, IN 46064 317-644-1347 to do,” Skinner explained. “We kicked the idea around for a while and decided to jump in. Over the last six months, we’ve developed a new division.” While they may have chosen a difficult time to begin, Bergunder and Skinner’s success speaks for itself. “It’s been a lot of fun,” said Skinner. “We attribute success to doing the right thing and being willing to do anything and ever ything for a client.”

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Kleenco grows up in Small Town U.S.A. By Emma Bowen Meyer Beginning a big business in Small Town U.S.A., Kurt Tatman, Don Vanhooser and Jeff Miller have grown Kleenco to a company with 11 divisions and customers all over the country. Small-town values have proved successful in industry. “Kleenco began with three families that wanted to live and work and raise their families in the same community they grew up in,” said Human Resource Director Kristi Lemerick, referring to Alexandria. “The biggest thing in their mind was to do something in the community that they loved. They wanted their kids to experience small-town living and small-town values.”

Kleenco 111 W. Washington St. Alexandria, IN 46001 765-724-3022 A construction and maintenance company, y Kleenco’s divisions specialize in storm-water management, environmental compliance, grease-trap compliance, asphalt services, concrete services, construction, fence building, plumbing, landscaping, exterior cleaning and electrical work. Originally housed in one building off State Road 9, Kleenco now has offices in several

Photo by Emma Bowen Meyer Kristi Lemerick, HR director; Brad Justus, CFO; and Tiffany Jennings, HR assistant pose in the offices Kleenco has created by renovating a building in downtown Alexandria. locations, as far away as Maryland and Arizona, to serve customers. Vanhooser has moved to the new corporate headquarters in Arkansas. Mostly these offices house administration, as

Applecreek Apartments 1326 McIntosh Lane, Anderson, IN (765)640-0655 Applecreek is Anderson’s finest apartment community. The community offers six different floor plans. All apartments have hook-ups for full size laundry equipment and have either a covered patio or balcony. Each apartment has its own outside storage closet. Community amenities include: • a swimming pool • garages • a children’s pool • carports • a playground • additional outside • a shelter house - picnic area storage areas • a community building with a community room for the resident’s use and a coin operated laundry facility y for residents who do not have their own laundry equipment.

the bulk of the work is done on site. Recently, Kleenco purchased a large building in downtown Alexandria and has been refurbishing the property.


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Fredericks: Home grown and family based By Emma Bowen Meyer A family business in every sense of the word, Fredericks Inc. has grown exponentially since Wilbert Fredericks first purchased Markle Lumber in 1970. With the help of his eight children, he saw the corporation first branch out into farm construction and then commercial construction. “We have all worked in the company at some point,” said Janice Fredericks Stamper, project manager and business development head. “But just because you are family doesn’t mean you are entitled to a job. You have to bring something of value with you. In fact, family members are held to a higher standard than employees.” Bill Fredericks is the CEO; John Fredericks is CFO and President of Markleville Lumber; Steve Fredericks is the commercial roofing manager; and nephews Nick Fredericks and John Fredericks are project managers. Clients include hospitals, schools, universities, businesses, athletic facilities,

Fredericks, Inc P.O. Box 229 5448 West State Road 132 Pendleton, IN 46064 765-778-7588 Photo by Emma Bowen Meyer Nick Fredericks, Norm Filbrun, Karen Gentry, Janice Fredericks Stamper and John Fredericks stand behind Bill Fredericks and Steve Fredericks. Together they comprise the project management team. churches and municipal entities. By supplying one aspect of building (such as electrical work, roofing, or cabinetry manufacturing) or an entire turn-key project, Fredericks meets a variety of needs for a variety of customers.

“I believe the ideals of family business fit this rural community,” said Fredericks Stamper. “We care about each other and have built relationships with our clients.” A desire to meet clients’ needs has spurred business growth even in difficult times. “It is reflective of our work that during the recession we didn’t have to lay off any employees,” she continued. “We had to get creative in those times, but we focused on keeping them working and keeping our doors open by doing our best for our clients.”


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

Business Leaders to Get to Know Madison County is full of expert business people in a variety of fields. If you’re new to the community, or wanting to expand your connections, here are some to get to know. Information compiled by Rebecca Bibbs

HENRY BIRD Vice President, Midwest Division Community Newspaper Holdings Publisher The Herald Bulletin

PETE BITAR Founder and CEO XADS/Anderson Innovation Center

JIM BROWN President and COO Hoosier Park Racing & Casino

In an era when newspapers have had to make adjustments to rapid technological advancement, Bird has maintained The Herald Bulletin as a vibrant source of news for Madison County. Under Bird’s leadership, the newspaper boasts a 55 percent market penetration in comparison to 7 percent for The Indianapolis Star. Bird has served as president of the Hoosier State Press Association and recently received the HSPA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Starting in 1997 by launching a parachute painting company, Bitar took the risk of demonstrating that the development and sales of non-lethal systems for law enforcement and military could take place in Madison County. BItar’s commitment to community and the state includes involvement in the Indiana Aerospace and Defense Council, the Madison County Chamber and the State Chamber of Commerce board. Bitar was a finalist for the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award.

Brown helped open Indiana’s first gaming facility, Casino Aztar, in 1995 in Evansville. In total, he spent more than 20 years with Aztar Corporation, serving in senior management positions at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., and the Ramada Express Hotel & Casino in Laughlin, Nev. Brown has represented and promoted the interests of the state’s gaming industry by serving as chairman of the board for the Casino Association of Indiana.

DR. FELIX CHOW Superintendent Anderson Community School Corp.

JAMES EDWARDS President Anderson University

GARY ERSKINE President, Anderson STAR Financial Bank

MARY JAMERSON President and CEO Myers Autoworld and Ford Autoworld

Committed to ensuring that all Anderson youth have access to a quality education, Chow leads his staff in developing strategies that remove barriers for the district’s most at-risk students to curtail the dropout rate. Chow also relies on his many years of administrative experience in Michigan schools, making hard decisions regarding the budget and facilities to minimize the burden to taxpayers.

As the fourth person to serve as president in the 90-year history of Anderson University, Edwards has been a leader not only locally but also nationally. He has chaired the Independent Colleges of Indiana and Independent Colleges of Indiana Foundation. He also has served on the boards of Christian Colleges and Universities, the Madison County Community Foundation, and Madison Community Bank.

Though he was forced to give up his dream of playing major-league baseball like his father following a golf injury to the right eye that left him legally blind, Erskine has made a name for himself in financial services. A lifelong Anderson resident, Erskine has served on the boards of the Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Madison County.

A lifelong resident of Madison County, Jamerson has since 1988 expanded what once was a single-brand dealership to a multi-brand company specializing in new Buick, GMC and Ford vehicles, as well as domestic and foreign certified pre-owned vehicles. As a result, Autoworld has increased market share and has received national recognition for its outstanding service. Her commitment to community service earned Jamerson the honor of being named The Herald Bulletin’s 2012 Person of the Year.

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Business Leaders to Get to Know Madison County is full of expert business people in a variety of fields. If you’re new to the community, or wanting to expand your connections, here are some to get to know. Information compiled by Rebecca Bibbs

KIRK KLABUNDE Market President, North Central Region First Merchants Corporation A lifelong resident of Madison County and graduate of Anderson University, Klabunde worked his way up the ranks, serving as First Merchants’ chief credit officer and senior lender and senior vice president along the way. A member of Anderson’s Kiwanis, Klabunde’s commitment to the community also earned him the United Way of Madison County’s 2012 Volunteer of the Year award.

MIKE LATCHAW Area Manager E&B Paving, Inc.

JOHN PAUGH President and CEO Carter Logistics/JP Holdings

Since 1988, Latchaw has managed the Anderson area office and asphalt plant. He has put his prior experience in the Madison County Engineer’s Office and with the Madison County Highway Department to work in his relationships with the Indiana Department of Transportation, Hoosier Park and GDI.

As the leader of one of Anderson’s top 10 employers, Paugh steered his logistics company toward expansion in the throes of a recession. He’s managed to do that while being environmentally responsible and family friendly for his employees, most of whom are truck drivers. Since 2011, Paugh also has worked as a co-owner at turning around a local historic institution, the Anderson Country Club.

JAY RICKER President and CEO Ricker’s Oil Company

TOM SEAL President F.C. Tucker/O.C. Clark Realtors

TOM SNYDER President Ivy Tech Community College

CHUCK STALEY President and CEO Flagship Enterprise Center

After starting his business, which now includes 49 convenience stores and a couple of laundries, in Middletown, Ricker moved it to Anderson in 1989. Chairman of the board of the National Association of Convenience Stores, Ricker also has served as president of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he has taken on leadership roles in several Madison County organizations, including Community Hospital Anderson and the Community Foundation.

For nearly four decades, Tom Seal has helped Madison County residents find affordable places to call home. He has served twice as the Realtor association’s president. His commitment to the real estate profession earned Seal the Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Realtors.

Since 2007, Snyder has led the state’s largest and fastest-growing post-secondary institution through the final phase of a 10-year accreditation process. An award-winning leader who has been an expert panelist for CNN News, Snyder was named one of seven community college presidents making a difference by The Chronicle of Higher Education. In addition, he served on a roundtable examining Affordability and Productivity in Higher Education at the White House.

Staley’s mission is to ensure the economic health of the region by encouraging the development and viability of emerging businesses through a technology-based incubator and growth stage accelerator. Under the leadership of the former head of the city planning commission, Flagship last year attracted GTI Anderson, which is expected to employ 325 by 2016. Under Staley’s leadership, the center has committed to environmentally responsible building practices and is exploring the installation of infrastructure to support electric vehicles.


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

Business Leaders to Get to Know Madison County is full of expert business people in a variety of fields. If you’re new to the community, or wanting to expand your connections, here are some to get to know. Information compiled by Rebecca Bibbs

KURT TATMAN President Kleenco Maintenance

BETH THARP, RN President and CEO Community Hospital Anderson

Under Tatman’s leadership, Kleenco Maintenance, a janitorial company based in Alexandria, did what few other companies could: The company added jobs amid one of this nation’s deepest recessions. The business is committed to the community, too, donating labor to refurbish the Alexandria Animal Shelter.

Tharp, whose entire 33-year career has been spent at the hospital she now leads, was named president and CEO in 2012 after a nationwide search. A recipient of several awards, Tharp has used creativity and innovation to oversee the development of several patient-focused programs at the hospital, including the Center for Advanced Wound Healing and Clinical Research Center. Tharp also serves on

TOM VanOSDOL President St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital VanOsdol has served in several capacities, including speech pathologist and vice president of operations and president of St. John’s Foundation since joining the hospital’s staff in 1990. His civic commitments include serving on the board of Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana and endorsing a variety of public health initiatives in Madison County.

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Madison County Business Organizations The following organizations offer support and resources for local business people: Madison County Chamber 1106 Meridian St., Suite 109 Anderson, IN 46016 (765) 642-0264 Madison County Government 16 E. 9th Street Anderson, IN 46016 (765) 641-9480 Corporation for Economic Development 2701 Enterprise Dr., Suite 100 Anderson, IN, 46013 (765) 642-1860 Anderson/Madison County Visitors Bureau 6335 S. Scatterfield Road Anderson, IN 46013 (765) 643-5633 SCORE Anderson (765) 642-0264 City of Anderson 120 East 8th Street Anderson, IN 46016 (765) 648-6000

Town of Pendleton 100 West State St. P.O. Box 230 Pendleton, IN 46064 (765) 778-2173 Pendleton Business Association P.O. Box 308 Pendleton, IN 46064 East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center 1208 W White River Blvd, Ste 126 Muncie, IN 47303 (866) 596-7232 or (765) 282-9950 Better Business Bureau Headquarters 22 E. Washington Street, Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 488-2222

Photo by John P. Cleary Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith and former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels listen as William LaFramboise, executive vice president for Greenville Technology Inc., makes the official announcement of GTI building a 150,000 square-foot auto parts manufacturing plant in the Flagship Business Park. The announcement was made in July 2012.

M ke Ma k

White River Villa age Your New Hom ome 18 1801 801 N Mad adiis ison Ave e Pet Friendly

City of Alexandria 125 N Wayne Street Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 724-4633 Alexandria-Monroe Chamber of Commerce 125 N Wayne Street Alexandria, IN 46001 (765) 724-3144

1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Available

City of Elwood 1505 South B Street Elwood, IN 46036 (765) 552-5076 Elwood Indiana Chamber of Commerce 108 S Anderson Street Elwood, IN 46036 (765) 552-0180

Most Living Utilities Paid For



MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

Anderson/Madison County Demographic Information Conveniently located off Interstate 69 in Central Indiana, Anderson is the 10th-largest city in Indiana and the county seat of Madison County. The County is recognized as an emerging suburb of the growing Indianapolis Metropolitan Area with a diverse economic base in various industries from advanced technology and manufacturing to food processing. Madison County offers low cost of living, training and support of two top universities, an experienced workforce, and a rich multicultural quality of life. Here is some key demographic information (2011): Madison County Population: 131,235 City of Anderson Population: 56,129 City of Elwood Population: 8,614 Cityy of Alexandra Population: p 5,145 Tow of Pendleton Population: p 4,253 Countyy Households (2010): 51,927 Countyy Per-Capita p Income: $28,809 Countyy Median Household Income: $39,449 Countyy Median Age: g 39.4 Countyy Cost of Livingg Index: 82.5% of US average g

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino

Top business employers Madison County’s top employers in 2012, not including local government and school districts: St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital 1,460 employees Red Gold 1,375 employees Community Hospital Anderson 1,180 employees Pendleton Correctional facility 1,040 employees Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 1,200 employees Xerox/Affiliated Computer p Services 875 employees p y Nestle USA 680 employees Carter Logistics 600 employees

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide


Madison County: Community of evolving identities By Jim Bailey The bluff overlooked White River as it undulated through what is now Madison County. The Turkey Clan of the Delaware Indians, driven west from their Pennsylvania origin, located there as the chief they called Kik-tha-we-nund placed his wigwam about where the Madison County Detention Center now stands. That chief was William Anderson, the son of the daughter of Delaware Tribal Chief Netaawatwees and a Swedish trader. He was an influential leader who managed to suppress the liquor trade among the Delaware and kept the tribe out of war during the uprising of Tecumseh. But in 1818 he signed the Treaty of St. Mary’s for the Delaware and reluctantly moved on, eventually locating in Kansas and Missouri, where he died. It was one of what would be many identities for what was being called Anderson’s Town. Moravian missionaries already had come and gone from the central Indiana frontier. Chief Anderson’s daughter, Mekinges, married a white trader named William Conner, who stayed behind when Mekinges and their children left Indiana with her father. Conner became Anderson’s first white settler. Madison County’s histor y goes back much further, though. Not far up the river, the prehistoric Adena culture as early as 160 years B.C. had constructed the Great Mound and other ceremonial earthworks in what is now Mounds State Park. The mounds later were used by the Hopewell culture inhabitants. In the early 1840s Frederick Bronnenberg Jr. built his home near the mounds, mostly of materials taken from the area. The house has become a centerpiece at Mounds State Park. He

Submitted photos Above: The block between Tenth and Eleventh streets on Meridian Street was the busy part of downtown during the 1950s. At right: Punch presses and other equipment at the Remy Electric Company were belt driven. From one central power source, many machines could stamp out the parts needed for work on an assembly line.

was among the early settlers in Union Township, which most likely was named for the federal union of the states, according to historians. Pendleton was the original county seat of Madison County, which was formed in 1823 and named for the nation’s fourth



MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

Submitted photo In 1931 The Trumpet Home (Old Main) on the Anderson College campus, was given to the school. It was built in 1905 by 14 of the Gospel Trumpet workers for housing. The building was replaced in 1970 by Decker Hall. president, James Madison. But there were ambitious plans for Anderson. Conner had sold the land to John and Sarah Berry, who donated 32 acres to Madison County on condition that the county seat be moved from Pendleton, which happened in 1828. Anderson was first incorporated as a town in 1838 after the Mammoth Internal Improvement Act caused a population growth. The Central Canal was planned to come through Anderson, but economic conditions stopped the project. Completion of the Indianapolis Bellefontaine Railroad revived Anderson, which became a city in 1865. Industries began locating in the town, and with the natural gas boom industries such as glassmaking sprang up. A Cincinnati newspaper referred to the city as “The Pittsburgh on White River.” The Interurban Railroad was born in Anderson in 1897, operating between central Indiana cities until 1941. In 1906 the Gospel Trumpet Co. (later Warner Press) moved from Mounds-

Completion of the Indianapolis Bellefontaine Railroad revived Anderson, which became a city in 1865. Industries began locating in the town, and with the natural gas boom industries such as glassmaking sprang up.

ville, W.Va., and Anderson became headquarters for the Church of God. Then disaster hit. People hadn’t worried about the limits of the natural gas supply, running street lights day and night and even lighting a pocket of gas in the middle of White River as an attraction. But the gas ran out, and several factories left. Reinventing the city already was under way, however. Frank and Perry Remy had set up a home wiring business in 1896, and Remy Electric was incorporated in 1901. The Commercial Club, forerunner of the present Chamber of Commerce, per-

suaded the Remy brothers to stay in Anderson, and by 1910 the company was producing 50,000 magnetos a year. It was the start of an automobile accessories boom that would carry the city through its economic golden era. The Remy brothers sold their firm in 1911, and the product line was expanded to include cranking motors, generators and distributors. In 1916 the United Motor Co. purchased both Remy and its competitor, Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co. (Delco), and Delco Remy was born. It became part of General Motors in 1918.

Over the years, 17 types of automobiles were manufactured in Anderson, with the Lambert family among the city’s leaders in its development. Many other inventions were perfected in the city, as well. Another innovation, lighting, drove the second piece of Madison County's future. Three employees of Badger Brass Co. in Kenosha, Wis., which made acetylene gas lamps for night driving, went out on their own to Cleveland, Ohio, and formed the Guide Motor Lamp Co. They turned to electric lighting, and by 1928 General Motors had bought out the firm, forming the Guide Lamp Corp. and locating it in Anderson in 1929. Madison County was an integral part of the formation of the United Auto Workers, Guide Lamp being the site of widely publicized sit-down strikes in the 1930s. Several other industries were going strong in the mid-20th century, including Emge Packing, Nicholson File, National


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Tile, Anaconda Wire, Reynolds Gas Regulator, Howe Fire Apparatus, Lynch Corp. and Pierce Governor. The rest of Madison County prospered, as well. Several factories opened in Elwood and Alexandria. Elwood native Wendell Willkie ran for president in 1940 against Franklin D. Roosevelt. And during World War II the federal government designated Alexandria as Small Town USA. Brockway Glass Co. became Lapel’s business anchor. Elwood’s current leading industry is Red Gold Canning Co., while Alexandria has become world famous as the location of Gaither Music Co., founded by gospel singers Bill and Gloria Gaither. High school basketball drew widespread attention to Madison County. The 9,000-seat Anderson Wigwam was the second-largest high school gymnasium in the world when it was built in 1961, and it was filled with fans on weekends as the Anderson Indians and sister schools Madison Heights and Highland vied for statewide attention. Again, however, economic

conditions began to change as automotive belt-tightening occurred and the nation turned from railroad transportation to air and interstate highway travel. The industry tried to adapt, GM opening the Magnequench factory in Anderson to produce magnetic powder used in a number of products. GM streamlined its auto parts production under the Delphi umbrella. Eventually GM decided to spin off its suppliers into separate companies. Delco Remy America and Guide Corp. were formed, and Magnequench was sold to a Chinese firm. As economic conditions continued to change, all three moved manufacturing operations out of Anderson. And the city was at a new crossroads. As Anderson reinvents itself, the city’s southern corridor, along Interstate 69, is becoming a key component. The Flagship Enterprise Center is attracting businesses on the southwest, and nearby Nestlé has opened a major production plant. Hoosier Park and Casino anchors the center of business on the southeast side. ■


White River Valley Pizza Hut Anderson 2425 N Broadway 765-643-6909 Anderson 2607 Nichol Ave 765-641-2420 Anderson 1911 E 53rd St 765-643-7419 Anderson 1916 Mounds Rd 765-641-2400 Pendleton 7099 S State Road 67 765-778-7555

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Directory Listing The Madisson County Chamber offers twoo leveels of membership Get Linkeed BA ASIC and Brand BUILDER R for those companies and organizzations who prefer a higher levvel of interaction and brandingg. Braand BUILDERS are highligghted in a directory on the next severall pages, with enhanced listings in their respective business categories. Pages 34-442 * In Indicates Indi dica cate tess ad advertisers adve vert rtis iser erss in tthis hiss pu hi publication publ blic icat atio ion n


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide

Automotive Sales, Service & Repair Collision Cure, Inc. 1301 East 60th St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-3050 Dossett’s Garage, Inc. One Main St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-0411 Ed Martin Automotive Group 5400 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-8001 Hadsell Tire 1841 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-6991 McCrocklin Ford & Mobility, Inc. 683 North 8th Street, Middletown, 47356 (765) 354-2261 Myers Autoworld, Inc. 2603 Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 649-1253 Nick’s Auto Service 2815 S Madison Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-0182 Oak Motors, Inc. 2901 N Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 643-2911 Precision Transmission 1609 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-9281 Ralph’s Auto Service L.L.C. 1010 West 29th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 640-1007

PNC Bank 931 Meridian Plaza, Plaza Suite 100, 100 Anderson 46016 Anderson, (765) 646-5400

KeyBank 5457 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 646-6660;

STAR Financial Bank 735 Main St., Anderson,, 46016 60 6 (765) 622-4122

* Lampco Federal Credit Union 5411 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-9226;

Ameriana Bank 1724 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-1726 Ameriana Bank 2118 Bundy Ave., New Castle 47362 (800) 487-2118 Citizens State Bank 129 S Pendleton Ave., Stop 8, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-7762; First Merchants Bank 1011 Main St., Lapel, 46051 (765) 534-3181 First Merchants Bank 1526 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 648-4950 First Merchants Bank 2825 Nichol Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 640-4981 First Merchants Bank 416 East Hartman Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 608-3336 First Merchants Bank 100 East State St., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2132 First Merchants Bank 3055 West US Hwy 36, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-9793; (765) 778-9793

Riley & Sons Unibody & Collision Specialists 2394 E 400 S,, Anderson, 46017 (765) 649-4902

First Merchants Bank 1933 University Blvd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 640-4973

Toyota of Muncie 3311 N. Nebo Rd., Muncie, 47304 (765) 289-0201

Independent Federal Credit Union 3737 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-9271

Banking & Lending Institutions First Merchants Bank 33 West W t 10th St., St Suite S it 100, 100 Anderson, 46016 (765) 622 622-9773 9773 KeyBank y 800 Main St., Suite 101, Anderson 46016 Anderson, (765) 203-2350

Lampco Federal Credit Union 525 E Hartman Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 622-0007; * Madison County Federal Credit Union 621 East 8th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-3623;

PNC Bank 2909 Nichol Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 640-5260; PNC Bank 1913 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 646-5560; STAR Financial Bank 125 South Anderson, Elwood, 46036 (765) 552-4500 STAR Financial Bank 1523 E Cross St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 622-4185

MainSource Bank 202 N Harrison St., Alexandria, 46001 (765) 724-4494

STAR Financial Bank 7180 South State Rd. 67, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 622-4193

MainSource Bank 4304 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-1677

STAR Financial Bank 1503 E 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 622-4177

MainSource Bank 707 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 640-5250 MainSource Bank 204 Sigler St., Frankton, 46044 (765) 754-7506 Old National Bank 1908 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 640-0525

Building Products & Services American Elevator, Inc. 2067 E 600 S, Anderson, 46017 (765) 374-0429 Indiana Flooring Carpet One 313 East 14th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-6635 Kleenco Maintenance & Construction, Inc. 8239 N State Road 9, Alexandria 46001 (765) 724-3557;

Old National Bank 1501 Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 609-6300

Madison County Cabinets. Inc. 9592 W 650 S, Pendleton, 46064, (765) 778-4646

Old National Bank 219 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 609-6100

* Midwest Luxury Baths, Inc. 8575 S State Road 9, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-8471

PNC Bank 111 North Harrison St., Alexandria, 46001 (765) 724-4453;

Novakoski Floor Covering Service, Inc. 2612 Mounds Road, Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-3585

PNC Bank 113 East Sigler, Frankton, 46044 (765) 754-8825;

Surbers, Inc. 2323 Raible Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 642-0851; www.surbers

PNC Bank 1934 Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 646-5494;

KeyBank 101 N Harrison St., Alexandria, 46001 (765) 724-4447;

PNC Bank 2101 S. Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46016 (765) 646-5498;

KeyBank 2246 N Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 646-6670;

PNC Bank 221 Federal Dr., Chesterfield, 46017 (765) 378-1437;

KeyBank 3228 W Nichol Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 646-6630;

PNC Bank 228 S. Pendleton Ave., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2184;

Business & Professional Services Guardian Tracking, LLC PO Box 2291, Anderson, 46018 (765) 621-8424 Legal Shield 311 Elder St., Anderson, 46012, (765) 744-0437; hub/jerryramsey Collections Specialists, Inc. P.O. Box 1156, Anderson, 46015 (765) 649-4650

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Continental, Inc. 1524 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 778-9999 Davisson & Davisson, PC 1111 Meridian Plaza, Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-6657 Elwood Staffing 1906 Applewood Center Dr., Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-3000 Flagship Enterprise Center 2701 Enterprise Dr., Anderson, 46013 (765) 622-0100 Glenn Shepard Seminars, Inc. 113 Space Park South, Nashville, TN, 37211 (615) 366-7217 Hopewell Center 5325 S Main St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-5830 Hulse, Lacey, Hardacre, Austin, P.C. 911 Meridian Plaza, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-3434 Irma Hampton Nave Stewart 507 West 9th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-0204 John D. Ritchison, Patent Attorney 115 East 9th St., Suite A, Anderson, 46016 (765) 640-4134 krM Architecture+ 1020 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-8477 Labor Ready 919 East 8th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 683-1695 OmniSource Staffing Mounds Mall, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-9830 Rayl Surveying & Engineering, Inc. 1940 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-5614 Sales Artists 831 Deerfield Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 734-4313 Sansberry Dickmann Freeman & Builta 1001 Jackson St., Anderson, 46015 (765) 643-5441 Stewart & Irwin, PC 251 E. Ohio Street, Suite 1100, Indianapolis, 46204 (371) 639-4545; The Ferguson Group 1130 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20036 (202) 331-8500

VISION NOW PO Box 2665, Anderson, 46018 (765) 649-3712

Indiana Chamber of Commerce 115 W Washington St., Suite 8, Indianapolis, 46204 (317) 264-3110

Business Organizations & Government * City of Anderson 120 East 8th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 648-6000 648 6000

Indiana Department of Homeland Security 302 W Washington St., Room E 208, Indianapolis, 46204 (800) 669-7362;

Alexandria Monroe Chamber of Commerce 125 N Wayne St., Alexandria, 46001 (765) 724-3144

Indiana Department of Workforce Development 222 East 10th St., Suite B, Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-4981;

Anderson Aviation Corp. 282 Airport Rd., Anderson, 46017 (765) 648-6293

Kokomo/Howard County Chamber of Commerce 325 N Main St., Kokomo, 46901 (765) 457-5301

Anderson Housing Authority 528 West 11th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-2620; * Anderson/Madison County Association of REALTORS 205 West 11th St., Suite 1, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-8106 Anderson/Madison County Black Chamber of Commerce PO Box 2008, Anderson, 46018 (765) 642-2192 Better Business Bureau 151 N Delaware St., Suite 2020, Indianapolis, 46204 (866) 463-9222 City of Alexandria 125 N Wayne St., Alexandria, 46001 (765) 724-4733 City of Anderson - Board of Works 120 East 8th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 648-6014 City of Anderson Economic Development 120 East 8th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 648-6112; www.cityof City of Elwood 1505 South B St., Elwood, 46036 (765) 552-5076 East Central ISBDC 345 S High St., Muncie, 47305 (765) 282-9950; locations/east-central-isbdc/ Elwood Chamber of Commerce 108 S Anderson St., Elwood, 46036 (765) 552-0180; chamber-home Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Chase Tower, Indianapolis, 46013 (317) 464-2222;

* Madison County Chamber 1106 Meridian St., Suite 109 Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-0264 Madison County Government Center County Commissioners 16 East 9th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-9474 SCORE 2701 Enterprise Dr., Suite 202, Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-0903 Town of Markleville 8 South State St., Markleville, 46056 (765) 533-2467 Town of Pendleton 110 W. State St., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2173 U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Great Lakes Regional Office 311 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60606, (312) 983-7120 Community & Civic Organizations American Cancer Society, Inc. 5635 West 96th St., Ste 100, Indianapolis, 46278 (317)344-7800; Anderson Area Children’s Choir PO Box 547, Anderson, 46015, (765) 649-4763; Anderson Education Foundation 1600 Hillcrest Ave., Anderson, 46013 (765) 640-4303; php/partnerships/aef Anderson Madison County Visitors Bureau 6335 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-5633; www.Visit

35 Anderson Morning Rotary 1106 Meridian Plaza, Suite 325, Anderson, 46016 (765) 608-2366 Anderson Noon Lions Club, Inc. PO Box 53, Anderson, 46015, (765) 620-3119 Anderson Public Library 111 East 12th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-2451 Anderson Rotary Club PO Box 661, Anderson, 46015 (765) 641-4272 Anderson Symphony Orchestra, Inc. 1124 Meridian Plaza, Suite C, Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-2111 Anderson Young Ballet Theatre 29 Young Dr., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-2184 Anderson Zion Baptist Church 2008 Reverend J.T. Menifee St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-3888 Boy Scouts of America 1420 East 10th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-6687; Central Christian Church 923 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-6957 Church of God Ministries, Inc. 1201 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 648-2125; Corporation for Economic Development 2701 Enterprise Dr., Suite 100, Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-1860; Crime Stoppers-Greater Anderson Area 1040 Main St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 648-6757; www.anderson Dove Harbor 1400 N Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-1853 East Side Dolphin Club, Inc. 3003 Lindberg Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-8646 Exchange Club Family Resource Center 1102 West 14th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-8022 First United Methodist Church 1215 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-6977

36 Gateway Association, Inc. 1215 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-9233 Gruenewald Historic House 626 Main St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 648-6875 Indiana Blood Center 17215 Harger Court, Noblesville, 46060 (317) 773-2258 Intersect, Inc. 5 East 12th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 683-0452 Leadership Academy of Madison County 1100 East 5th St. Anderson 46016 (765) 641-3863 Lifestream Services, Inc. 1701 S Pilgrim Blvd., Yorktown, 47396 (765) 759-1121 * Madison County Community Foundation, Inc. 33 West 10th St., Suite 600, Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-0002;

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Madison County Fire Fighters Foundation 931 Meridian St., Suite 303, Anderson, 46016 (765) 425-1936

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana 6625 N Old SR 3, Muncie, 47303 (765) 287-8698

Madison County Historical Society 15 West 11th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 683-0052

Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries, Inc. 1201 E. 5th St., Ste. 11, Anderson, 46012 (765) 643-1040

Madison County Shrine Club Inc. 2401 White St., Anderson, 40612 (765) 643-2730

South Madison Community Foundation 233 South Main St., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-8444

Madison County Special Olympics 1100 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4489 Madison Park Church of God 2200 Madison Square, Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-2000 New Berean Missionary Baptist Church 2703 Broadway St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 393-0170 Operation Love Ministries, Inc. PO Box 917, Anderson, 46015 (765) 644-2121

The Anderson Center for the Arts. Inc. 32 W. 10th Street, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-1248 The Salvation Army 1615 Meridian St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-2538 The Walking Man Project (765) 610-6177 UAW-GM Community Health Initiatives 2840 S. Madison Ave. Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-7122

* United Way of Madison County, Inc. 1201 E 5th St Ste 1019, Anderson, 46012 (765) 608-3061 Construction Contractors, Equipment & Materials Anderson Rent-All 5105 South Madison Ave., Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-4556 Atlas Red-D-Mix Inc. 1601 North State Road 9, Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-0706 A-V Striping & Seal Coating 201 E. Water St., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2621; Bobcat of Anderson 2075 East County Road 67, Anderson, 46017 (765) 643-4222; * E & B Paving, Inc. 286 W 300 N,, Anderson,, 46012 (765) 643-5358; * Fredericks, Inc. Contractors 5448 West SR 132, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-7588

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide GDI Construction 129 Rosedale Ct., Noblesville, 46060 (317) 567-6100 Hallmark Homes, Inc. 433 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-6566 * Irving Materials, Inc. 8032 North State Road 9, Greenfield, 46140 (317) 326-3101; M.K. Betts Engineering & Contracting, Inc. 333 Sycamore St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-1294 Mustin Builders, Inc. 810 Central Ave., Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-8502 Nugent Electric, Inc. 2106 Ohio Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-8854 Owens-Illinois Brockway 2481 S Brookside Rd., Lapel, 46051 (765) 534-0632; Partners-N-Concrete, Inc. 2678 E Deerfield Run, Anderson, 46017 (765) 641-1812 Paul Shively Construction 1718 Bittersweet Dr., Anderson, 46011 (765) 643-2450 Perry Well Drilling, Inc. 4946 State Road 32 West, Anderson, 46011 (765) 642-7105 RenCon Sevices, Inc. 8504 S State Road 9, Pendleton, 46064 (317) 644-1347 * Specialties Company, LLC 9350 East 30th St., Indianapolis, 46229 (317) 594-0291 W.R. Dunkin & Son, Inc. 2911 Enterprise Drive, Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-3321

Education Anderson University 1100 00 East ast 5th 5t St., St , Anderson, de so , 46012 60 (765) 649-9071 Anderson Christian School 2625 Lindberg Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 649-0123 Anderson Community School Corporation 1600 Hillcrest Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 641-2028; Anderson Federation of Teachers 422 West 9th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-5432 Anderson University Auxiliary Services 1100 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4132 Anderson University Falls School of Business 1303 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4357 Anderson University Music Department 1100 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4458 * Anderson University School of Adult Learning 1303 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4251 Anderson University Flagship Center 2705 Enterprise Dr., Anderson, 46013 (765) 648-2889; Ball State University 2000 W University Ave., Muncie, 47306 (765) 285-9116; Harrison College 140 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-7514; Ivy Tech Community College 104 West 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-7133

Liberty Christian School 2323 Columbus Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-7774

37 * The Edge 519 Golf Club Road, Anderson, 46011 (765) 642-4979; Financial Services & Insurance

Purdue University College of Technology Anderson 2705 Enterprise Dr., Anderson, 46013 (765) 648-2902 The Salon Professional Academy 5335 S. Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 649-5555; www.thesalon Entertainment, Event Venues & Services Blu Falls Arts & Events Center 8820 South State Road 9, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 221-9226; * Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-7223 Anderson Country Club 602 North Shore Blvd., Anderson, 46011 (765) 642-0100 Anderson Speedway 1311 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-0206 Anderson University Reardon Auditorium 1100 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 641-4142 Big Joe’s Event Services 2440 S Madison Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-0549 Cooper’s Sport Bowl/ Shout’s Pub & Eatery 1920 East 53rd St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-4961 Glowing Events by Gloria P.O. Box 675 Anderson, 46015 (765) 623-1676

Thompson Insurance & Financial Services Nationwide Insurance 3414 Main Street, Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-6787; Affordable Accounting Service, LLC 2109 S. Scatterfield Rd., Box 24, Anderson, 46016 (765) 274-2814; AFLAC - Connie Kanable PO Box 74, Chesterfield, 46017 (765) 644-7247; Ameriprise Financial Services, 501 Pennsylvania Pkwy., Suite 200, Indianapolis, 46280 (317) 810-5350; Associated Agencies 2011 Bundy Ave., #4, New Castle, 47362 (765) 529-3030 Bret A. Overdorf, C.P.A., P.C. 5952 Alexandria Pike, Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-9997 Buckeye Planning Concepts 1812 University Blvd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-2781 Citizens Lutz Cooper 1800 East 19th St., Suite 3, Anderson, 46016 (765) 646-6800 Cornell Johnson Financial Group of Raymond James 2625 Enterprise Dr., Anderson, 46013, (765) 298-6900; www.raymondjames. com/cornell-johnson Dennis Sink Agency 819 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013, (765) 640-2900 IN/dennis-m-sink Edward Jones Investments Bruce Hardy 735 Meridian St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-2274 Edward Jones Investments Cody Hooker 1125 Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 649-8655

Ivy Tech Community College 4301 South Cowan Road, Muncie, 47302 (765) 289-2291;

Majestic Productions, Inc. 305 N Main St., Summitville, 46070 (765) 536-9054

Wilson Electric Company, Inc. 206 Cade Dr, Chesterfield, 46017 (765) 378-5656

Ivy Tech Community College Ebbert Education Center 325 West 38th St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-5745;

Meadowbrook Golf Course 3429 S Madison Ave., Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-9754

Farmers Insurance - Heather Hutton 8415 Allison Pointe Blvd., Indianapolis, 46250 (317) 558-7445

Vern Riggins, Inc. 2811 South Rangeline Road, Anderson, 46017 (765) 642-0468

* Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana 50 W Fall Creek Parkway, N. Drive, Indianapolis, 46208 (317) 917-5957;

Paramount Theatre Centre & Ballroom 1124 Meridian Plaza, Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-1234

Farmers Insurance Group 2901 Columbus Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-6161

West Electric, Inc. 1320 E. 60th Street, Anderson, 46013 (765) 643-6444

38 Financial Enhancement Group 429 East 14th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 640-1524 Financial Partners Group 621 East 8th St., Anderson, 46012 (317) 902-9335 * Financial Systems Plus 6879 South SR 67, Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2900 First Merchants Insurance Group 117 N Pendleton Ave., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-2525 H & R Block 1410 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (317) 813-1996; Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agency 3047 Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 649-0471 J. P. Kane & Co., LLC 7303 Quality Circle, Anderson, 46013 (765) 640-1211

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Stewart, Peck, Hueston & Thomas, LLP 931 Meridian Plaza, Ste 707, Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-8888

Bethany Point Health Campus 1707 Bethany Rd., Anderson, 46012 (765) 622-1211; campuses/bethany-pointehealth-campus

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated 33 W 10th St., Suite 900 Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-2339;

Cardon & Associates 205 Marine Dr., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-4558;

* J.C. Hoover & Associates 2102 Main St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 643-1842

Carey B. McLaughlin DDS, Inc. 3317 Nichol Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 644-8532

Madison County Cancer Care Center 1340 N Madison Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 622-7600;

Central Indiana Gastroenterology Group 2020 Meridian St., Suite 340, Anderson, 46016 (765) 646-8477;

Madison County Community Health Centers 1547 Ohio Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-0255;

Time Payroll & Employer Services 3711 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis, 46227 (765) 617-1302; Unified Group Services, Inc. 3131 East 67th St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 608-6680; Wells Fargo Advisors 1106 Meridian Plaza, Suite 101, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-5581 Winegardner & Associates, CPAs 7303 Quality Circle, Anderson, 46013 (765) 644-9248 Health Care

Lon Brown Insurance Agency 2009 East 10th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 643-5555 Mahoney & Heineman, P.C. 100 West 11th St., Suite 200, Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-9999; Mesha McCarty Insurance Agency, Inc. 1125 Broadway St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-9903 Nancy Carpenter, CPA 3403 Nichol Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 643-5117 Peck & Wood Insurance 217 East 10th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-2591 Richard Overdorf & Associates 5952 Alexandria Pike, Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-9997 Robinson & Company, PC 814 Central Ave., Anderson, 46012 (765) 649-0194; Sandlin & Co LLC 1119 Meridian Plaza, Suite 201, Anderson, 46016 (765) 608-2366; State Farm Insurance - Amy Turner 122 S Pendleton Ave., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-1525

Aspire Indiana 9615 East 148th St., Suite 1, Noblesville, 46060 (765) 641-8281 * Community Hospital Anderson 1515 N Madison Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 298-5125 HCR Manor Care 1345 N Madison Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 644-2888; www.hcr-manor * St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital 2015 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-2511; AndersonRegional/ * Advance Hearing Care 1827 N Madison Ave., Suite C, Anderson, 46011 (765) 608-3277 Advanced Physical Therapy 5949 West Raymond, Indianapolis, 46241 (765) 641-7605 At Home Assisted Living Services 800 Main St., Suite 206, Anderson, 46016 (765) 621-2992

* Central Indiana Orthopedics, P.C. 2610 Enterprise Dr., Anderson, 46013 (765) 683-4400; Community Northview Care Center 1235 W Cross St., Anderson, 46011 (765) 298-2540; Countryside Manor Health & Living Community 205 Marine Dr., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-1220 Craig A Light DDS, PC 1014 East 8th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 643-1524 Daybreak & Visiting Nurse Care, LLC 1304 Main St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 640-1065 Edgewater Woods 1809 N Madison Ave., Anderson, 46011 (765) 644-0903; www.asc Eye Surgeons of Indiana, PC 1603 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-2020l Fraundorfer Family Dentistry, LLC 2126 East 5th St., Anderson, 46012 (765) 644-8828

Hoosier Homecare Services LLC 1240 Meridian St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 622-1000

Med One Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine Center 4778 S. Scatterfield Rd., Anderson, 46013 (765) 646-6331; Saint-Johns/Medical-Services/ Urgent-Care.aspx Miller’s Merry Manor - Chesterfield 524 Anderson Road, Chesterfield, 46017 (765) 378-0213 Miller’s Merry Manor - Middletown 981 Beechwood Rd., Middletown, 47356 (765) 354-2278 Mina Swofford, M.D. 2101 Jackson St., Suite 118, Anderson, 46016 (765) 683-3160 Minority Health Coalition of Madison County, Inc. 1407 Arrow Ave., Anderson, 46016 (765) 641-8075 Monticello House Alzheimer’s Living 1015 Monticello Dr., Anderson, 46011 (765) 298-2520; Rawlins House Health & Living Community 300 J.H. Walker Dr., Pendleton, 46064 (765) 778-7501

Fresenius Medical Care Anderson 1815 Jackson St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 649-4792;

Robert L. Loudermilk, DDS 226 W 8th St., Anderson, 46016 (765) 642-2900

Gary Young Chiropractor 3728 S Main St., Anderson, 46013 (765) 642-7342

* Sizelove’s Hearing Aid Center 3084 N Broadway, Anderson, 46012 (765) 642-2626

Home Instead Senior Care 101 East Hartman Rd., Anderson, 46011 (765) 643-5200; www.

Summit Convalescent Center, Inc. 701 South Main, Summitville, 46070 (765) 536-2261;

Home Services Unlimited, Inc. 7750 N Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, 46268 (317) 471-0760;

Jeffrey M. Blake, M.D. FACOG 141 West 22nd St., Suite 309, Anderson, 46016 (765) 646-8569;

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Individual Members Terri Austin, State Representative 1030 W Riverview Dr., Anderson, 46011 (765) 643-2916 Timothy S. Lanane, State Senator 34 West 8th Street, Anderson, 46016 (765) 644-4415 Barbara Ann Riggs 608 Golf Club Road, Anderson 46011 (765) 642-0355 Dana Winn 306 S High St., Fairmount, IL 61846 (217) 443-6680 G. Eugene Yates 3636 Woodglen Way, Anderson 46011 (765) 642-8142 Hazel Nave 1002 Central Avenue, Anderson 46016 (765) 644-3341 Meredith M. Church 3711 Ironwood Way, Anderson 46011 Mr. Gerald E. Longenbaugh 7602 W 700 South, Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-4596 Mr. Jerry Porter 2420 Cedar Bend Drive, Anderson 46013 (765) 635-0415 Robert N. Anders 6048 West Hunter Court, Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-5337

Connecticut Electric. Inc. 1819 West 38th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 608-5032 Dovey Corporation 3220 West 25th St., Anderson (765) 649-2576; Greenville Technology, Inc. 3511 West 73rd St., Anderson 46013; (765) 221-7576; Mofab Inc. 1415 Fairview St., Anderson 46016 (765) 649-5577 * Nestle’ Beverage 4301 West 73rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 778-6015 Pepsi Cola 2901 N Walnut St., Muncie 47308 (765) 286-3515 Perfecto Tool & Engineering Company, Inc. 1124 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-2821 Poet Biorefining - Alexandria 13179 N 100 E, Alexandria 46001 (765) 724-4384; Prairie Farms Dairy - Anderson Division 722 Broadway St., Anderson 46012 (765) 649-1261

William A. Ehrlich 1906 Hillcrest Ave., Anderson 46011

Precision Strip, Inc. 3518 West 73rd St., Anderson 46011 (765) 778-4452

William H. Hardacre 216 Summerlake Circle, Anderson 46011 (765) 643-9073

Reflectix, Inc. #1 School Street , Markleville 46056 (765) 533-4332

Manufacturing & Industrial American Playground, Inc. 505 East 31st St., Anderson 46016 (765) 642-0288 C B Fabricating 425 Sycamore St., Anderson 46016 (765) 649-1336

Tetrasolv Filtration 1424 Abraham Dr., Anderson 46013 (765) 643-3941 Marketing, Communications & Media Connect! Madison County PO Box 161, Anderson 46017 (765) 203-1516

Carbide Grinding Company, Inc. 1136 Dilts St., Chesterfield 46017 (765) 378-3309

Dale Pickett Photography 707 Valley Drive, Anderson 46011 (765) 640-9481

Coca Cola Bottling Company of Anderson 3200 East 38th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-9951

GMACK Graphics 1113 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 356-4259

Star Bullets Banners & Signs 2701 Enterprise Dr., Dr Suite 300, 300 Anderson 46013 (765) 203-9111 The Story Shop 121 W State St, Pendleton 46064 (317) 669-9246 12 Stars Media Productions 14074 Trade Center Rd., #130, Fishers 46038 (317) 620-1212 Backyard Broadcasting 800 East 29th St., Muncie 47302 (765) 288-4403; (765) 288-4403 * Broadway Press 2112 Broadway St., Anderson 46012 (765) 644-8813 Burkhart 8283 North State Road 9, Alexandria 46001 (765) 233-4704 Comcast Spotlight 1002 E. Center Rd., Kokomo 46902 (765) 455-5891 Covenant Productions 1100 East 5th St., Anderson 46012 (765) 641-4348 Eckstein’s House of Awards 8 West 29th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-1907 Element 212, LLC 1106 Meridian St., Suite 212, Anderson 46016 (317) 296-7314; element212/.com Fathom Voice 7160 Graham Rd., Indianapolis 46250 (855) 249-3357 Four Star Promotions, Inc. 114 S Lansdown Way, Anderson 46012 (765) 641-0004 Great Deals Savings Magazine Publishing 6521 South SR 67, Pendleton 46064 (765) 649-3302

39 Indiana Public Radio Ball State University, Muncie 47306 (765) 285-5888 Kleinhenn Company, Inc. 1522 Main St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-9292 PIP Printing, Inc. 1200 Meridian Plaza, Anderson 46016 (765) 649-9292 ProXMedia 500 E National Hwy., Washington 47501 (812) 254-8980; Strictly Speaking 1516 Weslow Ct., Anderson 46011 (765) 393-3470 * The Herald Bulletin 1133 Jackson St., Anderson 46016 (765) 622-1212 Times-Post Newspaper 126 W. State St., Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-2324 Velocity Internet Consulting 3023 E County Road 67, Anderson 46017 (765) 274-2620 Warner Press 1201 East 5th St., Anderson 46012 (765) 644-7721; WQME 98.7 FM 1100 E. 5th Street, Anderson 46012 (765) 641-4349; Office Furniture & Equipment Business Furniture, LLC 6102 Victory Way, Indianapolis 46278 (317) 216-1600 Midwest POS Solutions, Inc. 2709 Enterprise Dr., Anderson 46013 (765) 778-4080 Miller Huggins, Inc. 1212 Meridian St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-4404

Hoosier Press 1027 Meridian Plaza, Anderson 46016 (765) 649-3716

Morgan Business Equipment 14520 West Main St., Daleville 47334 (765) 378-3301

Hudson Printing Company, Inc. 1201 East 5th St., Suite 1018, Anderson 46012 (765) 642-9988

Pinnacle Mailing Products 7701 W Kilgore Ave., Suite #5, Yorktown 47396 (765) 405-1194


MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Personal Care & Service

Open to Success 9465 Counselors Row, Row Suite 200, 200 Indianapolis 46240 (765) 298-9040 Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery/Vault Company 6805 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Anderson 46013 (765) 643-3211 Artisans Salon & Spa 2220 East 59th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 356-4161 Bestway Cleaners 706 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46012 (765) 649-8585 Bestway Cleaners 2716 Nichol Ave., Anderson 46011 (765) 643-8082 Bronze Bay Tanning Center 8575 South State Road 9, Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-3638 * Brown Butz Diedring Funeral Home 515 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-6658 * Clipzone Salon and Remedy Spa 1913 C Street, Anderson 46016 (765) 644-4101 L.C. May Funeral Services, Inc. 2024 Madison Ave., Anderson 46016 (765) 643-0744 LivRite Fitness Anderson 4018 Columbus Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-5564; Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat, LLC 1615 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-6028; * Maplewood Cemetery 200 College Dr., Anderson 46012 (765) 642-3714 Merle Norman Cosmetics 5213 Columbus Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-2021

Robert D. Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory 200 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-5255

Heartland Business Center 3010 W White River Blvd., Muncie 47304 (765) 378-1300

Rozelle-Johnson Funeral Service 229 S Rangeline Rd., Anderson 46012 (765) 643-7474

Howard Webb Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. 525 East 8th St., Anderson 46012 (765) 644-8847

Scott E. Hersberger Funeral Home 1010 N Main St., Lapel 46051 (765) 534-3131 Mary Kay Cosmetics | Jessica Van Deusen 8260 Shady Trail Dr., Pendleton 46064 (317) 727-6069 Real Estate, Housing, Moving & Storage Autumn Ridge Apartments 101 S Rangeline g Rd.,, Anderson 46012 (765) 622-7963 53rd Street Secure Storage 1823 E. 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 641-1144 * Applecreek Apartments 1326 McIntosh Lane, Anderson 46013 (765) 640-0655; Buckingham Court Condominium Association 501 N Buckingham Ct., Anderson 46013 (765) 641-0176 Community Storage 121 Scott St., Anderson 46012 (765) 760-3301 Contos Enterprises 755 Romine Rd., Anderson 46011 (765) 643-8273 * CrownPointe of Anderson 2727 Crown Pointe Circle, Anderson 46012 (765) 641-9995 F.C. Tucker/O.C. Clark Realtors 309 West 11th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 643-3391 Fairington Apartments of Anderson 1430 East 60th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-7366

Mister Penguin Tuxedo Rental 3028 State Hwy 32 East, Chesterfield 46017 (765) 378-7373

Fall Creek Retirement Village 625 E Water St., Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-2384

Pendleton Pens Pet Resort LLC 6516 S 800 W, Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-3353

Hart & Hart Properties 618 East 8th St., Anderson 46012 (765) 609-3466

Keystone Woods 2335 N Madison Ave., Anderson 46011 (765) 642-8020 www.keystonewoodsassistedliving. com Lamey Realty PO Box 1141, Anderson 46015 (765) 643-3395 Lawyers Title 1106 Meridian Plaza, Suite 100, Anderson 46016 (765) 643-7417; Mainview Apartments 2459 Main St., Anderson (765) 644-0888 Primrose Retirement Community 1118 W Cross St., Anderson 46011 (765) 643-5000 Prudential Indiana Realty Group 1002 Central Ave., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-3341 RE/MAX Real Estate Groups 1312 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 640-1900 Redbud Estates 1800 West 38th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-4479; Rowland Title Company, Inc. 1003 Jackson St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-8712 Southdale Tower 524 W 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-4917 The Marina Limited Partnership 11691 Fall Creek Rd., Indianapolis 46256 (317) 845-0270 U-Stor Anderson, Inc. 525 W. 53rd Street, Anderson 46013 (765) 641-9700 Villages on Madison Apartments 4325 S. Madison Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-5521 * White River Village 1801 N Madison Ave, Anderson 46011 (765)643-6760

Restaurants & Food Services Gene’s Root Beer Stand 640 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46012 (765) 642-5768 Golden Corral Corporation 6315 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (919) 881-4568; Homestretch Clubhouse at Hoosier Park 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 609-4527; Homestretch Steakhouse at Hoosier Park 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 609-4527; Johnny Rockets at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7223; Lone Star Steakhouse 1721 East 60th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 640-6550 McDonald’s Restaurant 2014 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46016 (765) 649-4707; us/en/restaurant_locator.html McDonald’s Restaurant 2830 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 643-1557; McDonald’s Restaurant 5233 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 640-9737; McDonald’s Restaurant Corporate Office 4707 North Wheeling Avenue, Muncie 47304 (765) 284-8708; Montana Mike’s Steakhouse 6370 Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-8000; www.stockade mmhome/ Naked Tchopstix at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7223; New Horizon Vending, Inc. 3200 Raible Ave., Unit 4 Anderson 46011 (765) 640-1405 Panera Bread 4730 S Scatterfield Rd. Anderson 46013 (765) 622-9115; Ponderosa Steak House 2006 S Scatterfield Rd. Anderson 46016 (765) 642-2720; ponderosa/

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide Prime Harvest Buffet at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7223;

Robin’s Carpet Cleaning 2509 Lake Dr., Anderson 46012 (765) 649-8384

Romo’s Pizza 2109 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46016 (765) 649-0018

Royal Flush Plumbing 5839 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7066

Sahm’s at Pendleton 1251 S Huntzinger Blvd., Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-1577; locations/sahms-pendleton/ Starbucks 4235 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-4953; Texas Roadhouse 2115 Scatterfield Rd, Anderson 46016 (765) 649-2637; www.texas indiana/anderson The Big Deli at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7223; Tony’s Pizza 2109 S. Scatterfield Road, Box 19, Anderson 46016 (765) 649-0018 Services Baxter Pest Doctors, Inc. 2691 Nichol Ave. Anderson 46011 (765) 644-2533 BI Incorporated 800 Main St., Anderson 46016 (765) 641-2496;

Sonitrol of Anderson, Inc. 120 W. 6th Street, Anderson 46016 (765) 649-4236; Stanley Agencies, Inc. 2103 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 649-1565 Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner 4301 S Ridgeview Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 643-7392 Vectren Energy Delivery 2001 Rev. JT Menifee Street, Anderson 46016 (765) 648-3207; * Aqua Systems 3316 South Madison Ave., Anderson 46016 (765) 642-2233 Shopping & Specialty Retail Gray’s Design G D i Studio St di 1331 Main St., Anderson 46016 (765) 393 393-0231 0231 Walmart 2321 Charles St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-5025

Culligan Water Conditioning Company 935 West 8th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 649-3391;

Allan’s Jewelry & Loan, Inc. 130 East 10th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 642-7978;

Donahue Gas, Inc. 5170 N State Road 9, Anderson 46012 (765) 642-4941;

* Battery Experts, Inc. 1420 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 643-6000

G.E.O. Maintenance Services, Inc. 4715 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-7600

Bella Ava Studio & Designs 301 N. Harrison, Alexandria 46001 (765) 233-4555

LMC Service Solutions 1023 West 38th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-4700 Manifold Refuse 5238 State Road 32 West, Anderson 46011 (765) 644-8289 * Nardco Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 2327 Delaware St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-3358 www.nardco

* Cowpokes Western Outfitters 1812 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-3911 * Fadely’s The Jeweler, Inc. 1802 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 644-0242 Gill Bros. Furniture 1406 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-5300 Good’s Candy Shop 1423 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7247


Gordon Food Service, Inc. 2110 East 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-6254;

Marsh Supermarkets 3015 W US 36, Pendleton 46064 (765) 221-7100;

Harvest Supermarkets 2330 Columbus Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 643-6415

Mermaid Pool, Spa & Patio 182 W 300 N, Anderson 46012 (765) 649-2229; www.mermaid

Harvest Supermarkets 19 West Cross St., Anderson 46012 (765) 644-4929

Moneyhun’s Fine Gifts & Furnishings 115 West 8th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 643-0028;

Harvest Supermarkets 3205 Columbus Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 642-9979 Harvest Supermarkets 806 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46012 (765) 643-8152 Keg N Bottle 1703 Meridian St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-8512; Keg N Bottle 2206 East 6th St., Anderson 46012 (765) 644-0589; Keg N Bottle 1 N Madison Ave., Anderson 46011 (765) 646-6058; Keg N Bottle 915 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-1611; Keg N Bottle 1406 Park Road, Anderson 46011 (765) 644-7335; Keg N Bottle, Inc. 2124 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 643-5800; K’s Blossom Shoppe, Inc. 3733 Madison Ave., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-0075 Lambert’s Music Center 1325 Meridian St., Anderson 46016 (765) 641-1200 Marsh Hometown Market 2812 Nichol Ave., Anderson 46011 (765) 642-5609; Marsh Hometown Market 831 E 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 643-0815; Marsh Hometown Market 2940 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 649-2018; Marsh Supermarkets 9800 Crosspoint Blvd., Indianapolis 46256 (317) 594-2101; Marsh Supermarkets 1515 S State Road 37, Elwood 46036 (765) 552-5644;

Mounds Mall of Anderson 2109 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46016 (765) 648-2245; Northgate True Value Hardware 2400 Broadway St. , Anderson 46012 (765) 642-2400; northgatetruevalue/Home.aspx Office Depot 3632 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-8471 Pay Less Super Markets, Inc. 1845 N Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46012 (765) 649-2276 Pay Less Super Markets, Inc. 1900 Applewood Centre Dr., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-3446;

42 Pay Less Super Markets, Inc. 3050 Meridian St., Anderson 46016 (765) 644-7702; Ricker Oil Company, Inc. 30 West 11th St., Anderson 46016 (765) 643-3016; Roses Variety Wholesalers Inc. 1804 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46016 (765) 683-0412; Sam’s Club - 96th Street 7235 E 96th St., Indianapolis 46250 (317) 585-1619; Seasons of The Heart 2115 E 67th Street, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-0502 Sell It Again Sam 5541 Martin Luther King Blvd., Anderson 46013 (765) 640-8991; Shelby’s Gifts at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson 46013 (765) 642-7223; Tastefully Simple - Kathi Meyer Independent Consultant 6160 Hunters Run, Pendleton 46064 (765) 610-1333 The Flower Cart & Tuxedo Shoppe 105 W State St., Pendleton 46064 (765) 778-2047

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide The UPS Store 4326 S. Scatterfield Road, Anderson 46013 (765) 644-1981 Zinszer’s Bakery & Cookies 2245 Broadway, Anderson 46012 (765) 644-0010; Technology & Telecommunications AT&T Inc. 240 North Meridian St., Room 1827, Indianapolis 46204 (317) 265-5965; Comcast Business Class 5330 East 65th St., Indianapolis 46220 (317) 275-6313 Air Buoyant, LLC/XADS 1735 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-7324; Coeus Technology, Inc. 3619 West 73rd St., Anderson 46011 (317) 340-9951 Revol Wireless 1406 Jackson St., Anderson 46016 (765) 810-2100; Solutions4ebiz 128 S. Pendleton Ave., Pendleton 4606 (877) 666-3249

Soveryn 2705 Enterprise Dr. Anderson 46013 (317) 640-1305; US Signal 201 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (616) 988-7000 Verizon Wireless 4718 S. Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 622-1370 Transportation & Logistics Carter Express, Inc. 4020 West 73rd St.,, Anderson S de so 46011 60 (765) 778-5050

Anderson Fairfield Inn 2205 East 59th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-4422; hotels/travel/indad-fairfield-inn-indianapolis-anderson Best Western Plus 2114 East 59th St., Anderson 46013 (765) 649-2500 Cambria Suites 13500 Tegler Dr., Noblesville 46060 (317) 773-4970 Enterprise Holdings 4131 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-5940

HeLP Logistics, Inc 2701 Enterprise Drive, Suite 232, Anderson 46013 (765) 274-0515

Hampton Inn 2312 Hampton Dr., Anderson 46013 (765) 622-0700; hi/anderson-indiana

Private Fleet Backhaul LLC 3300 Main St., Suite D, Anderson 46013 (765) 644-1550

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 6720 S Scatterfield Rd., Anderson 46013 (765) 779-0111; andersonin

Terrance A. Smith Distributing 2215 N Madison Ave., Anderson 46011 (765) 644-3396

Indy Park Ride & Fly 3875 Plainfield Rd., Indianapolis 46231 (317) 486-8000; www.parkrideflyusa. com/ind-indianapolis-airport-parking/

Travel, Lodging & RVs Hideaway RV Rental, LLC 3230 E CR 75 N, Anderson 46017 (765) 609-7634

Modern Trailer Sales, Inc. 2730 West 53rd St., Anderson 46013 (765) 644-4497

List of Advertisers Advertisers inn the Madison County Chamber Directory and Resource Guide Advanced Hearing Care ............................................................................Page 27 Anderson University School of Adult Learning ........................................Page 17 Anderson/Madison County Visitors and Convention Bureau...................Page 26 Applecreek Apartments ............................................................................Page 21 Aqua Systems ...........................................................................................Page 19 Battery Experts..........................................................................................Page 31 Broadway Press ........................................................................................Page 28 Brown Butz Diedring Funeral Home .........................................................Page 17 Central Indiana Orthopedics, PC and Sports Medicine............................Page 16 City of Anderson .......................................................................................Page 22 The ClipZone Salon and Spa ......................................................................Page 6 Community Hospital Anderson .................................................................Page 10 Cowpokes Western Outfitters ..................................................................Page 22 Crown Pointe of Anderson ........................................................................Page 28 E&B Paving/Irving Materials/Specialties Company.................................Page 36 The Edge Golf and Dining.........................................................................Page 12 Fadely’s The Jeweler ................................................................................Page 41 Financial Systems Plus ...............................................................................Page 9 Fredericks Inc. Contractors .........................................................................Page 2

The Herald Bulletin ...................................................................................Page 32 Hoosier Park Racing & Casino ..................................................................Page 44 Ivy Tech Community College.....................................................................Page 43 J.C. Hoover and Associates......................................................................Page 12 Lampco Federal Credit Union ...................................................................Page 12 Madison County Chamber ........................................................................Page 19 Madison County Community Foundation .................................................Page 26 Madison County Federal Credit Union .......................................................Page 5 Maplewood Cemetery ..............................................................................Page 14 Midwest Luxury Baths ..............................................................................Page 27 Nardco Heating.........................................................................................Page 36 Nestle USA Beverage Division .................................................................Page 13 St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital ....................................................Page 3 Sizelove’s Hearing.....................................................................................Page 19 United Way of Madison County ...............................................................Page 23 White River Valley Pizza Hut ....................................................................Page 31 White River Village ..................................................................................Page 27

Madison County Chamber Directory and Resource Guide  

Madison County Chamber Directory and Resource Guide

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