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What's Hot for 2014


A LOOK AT THE TRENDS SHAPING THE CAR INDUSTRY he 2014 model year is shaping up to be a great time for newcar shoppers.

As the economy improves, buyers are starting to pour into showrooms again after delaying the purchase of a new vehicle for too long. Today's vehicles have gotten better, safer and more refined. And financing terms remain favorable, with a combination of low interest rates, longer loan lengths and easier lending standards. If you're in the market for a new car, here are some trends to know about this year.


New cars are becoming more like consumer electronics with each passing year. Not only are they available

with more luxury add-ons — things like adaptive cruise control, ventilated seats, video cameras and blind-spot sensors — but they're also more customizable than ever before. In a lot of new models, for example, a digital display behind the steering wheel can show different information based on what the driver prefers to see there. It's a fancier, more powerful version of the old-fashioned trip computer. Perhaps the biggest trend for 2014 is the ability for cars and smartphones to work together. Most new cars today offer some kind of system for playing music, accessing apps and making

phone calls through your cell phone, and the differences between them can help push careful shoppers from one car to another. If you want to be blown away, make a visit to your local car dealer and ask them to demonstrate some of the infotainment features on their new cars. Even the most affordable, entry-level economy cars are typically available with the kinds of electronics that would have been considered extravagant luxuries just a few years ago.


Another big trend involves technology under the hood: getting the most mileage from every drop of gasoline. As federal gas mileage standards tighten and consumers look more closely at the fuel economy figures that can help

lower their gas budget, car makers are responding by making impressive mileage a key feature on their 2014 cars. Turbochargers, quiet diesel engines and direct fuel injection are just a few of the technologies that are becoming more common this year.


Closely related to the fuel-saving trend is the popularity of today's "premium compact" cars. Small, efficient commuter cars are available with more high-end options this year, letting buyers outfit them like luxury cars while still benefiting from their lower fuel consumption. Luxury brands are rolling out smaller, more efficient models, too, for people who want the status and comfort of driving a highend vehicle without the pain at the fuel pump.

BUYER BE AWARE Things to consider when shopping for a new car Buying a new car can be as fun and stressful as buying a home. While a home is the most significant investment many people will make in their lifetimes, new automobiles are considerable investments as well, and the financial commitments buyers must make when purchasing new cars can understandably add some stress to an otherwise enjoyable process. Buyers who want to eliminate some of the stress of buying a car can take a pragmatic approach before visiting the dealership and test driving any vehicles. Such an approach can help buyers find a car they can afford and one they will enjoy driving. The following are a few factors buyers should consider before they begin the car buying process.


Car buyers often struggle when considering what they need out of their next car versus

what they want. A fully loaded sports car might be what your heart desires, but such a vehicle is impractical for many car buyers. In recent years, the debate of need versus want has grown somewhat easier for many car buyers, as more and more vehicle manufacturers have begun to make standard certain features that were once considered luxuries. So in some instances, buyers don't need to wrestle with the decision to splurge on satellite radio or leather seats for their vehicles. But the need versus want debate extends beyond a vehicle's features. Determining the type of vehicle you need versus the type you want can be a difficult part of the decisionmaking process. Consider your daily commute, your typical number of passengers, where you do your driving and whether your car is solely a means of transportation or it doubles as a work vehicle. The answers to these questions should shed some light on the type of car you need, which may even prove to be the same car you want. But when buying a car, don't allow your wants to outweigh your needs. Otherwise you could end up regretting your decision.


Budget is another consideration for buyers before they start looking for a new car.

According to, new cars are now more expensive than ever before. So buyers shopping for a new car likely know their next vehicle is going to cost a substantial amount of money, and they should determine how much car they can afford before visiting a dealership. Many buyers finance their vehicles, which means they will have to make monthly payments to the lending institution that holds the title to the car until the loan is paid in full. When determining how much you can afford, jot down your monthly take-home pay and make a list of your monthly expenses. Many financial advisors warn car buyers that their car payment should not exceed 20 percent of their takehome pay. That figure might seem high, especially when buyers consider a car payment does not include fuel or the cost of insurance, which typically must be full coverage when financing a vehicle. After examining your take-home pay and monthly expenses, come up with a figure you feel comfortable with regarding your monthly vehicle expenses, and let that figure guide you as you begin the car buying process.


The decision to lease or buy a vehicle depends largely on the buyer. Many drivers swear by leasing, while others scoff at the

notion of making monthly payments on a vehicle they likely will never own. But each has its benefits, and each has its drawbacks. Proponents of leasing point to lower monthly payments that allow them to drive a nicer vehicle that they otherwise can't afford to buy. Drivers who lease also like knowing they will get a new car every few years and won't have to worry about trade-in or resale value after the car has been on the road for a few years. Those who prefer buying a vehicle often cite the freedom to drive their cars as much as possible (leasing typically comes with mileage restrictions) without fear of penalties come the end of their agreements. Buyers also can sell and/or modify their vehicles whenever they'd like. Both have their ups and downs, and buyers with no particular preference should examine their driving habits and vehicle preferences when determining whether leasing or buying is right for them. The car buying process should be an enjoyable experience. But it can be even more enjoyable when buyers take some time before they start shopping to determine what they want out of their next car and how much they're willing to pay for that vehicle.

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OCTOBER 2012 — 3



Rekindling Chevy’s heritage

Press Release



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s Chevrolet’s first V-8, rear-wheeldrive performance sedan since 1996, the new Chevrolet SS is designed to deliver performance on the street and on the track. It joins the allnew 2014 Corvette Stingray and revamped 2014 Camaro to broaden America’s favorite performance brand. The new SS benefits from the proven, race-tested, global rear-wheel drive architecture that is the foundation for the Camaro, Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle and Holden’s VF Commodore. It is powered by the LS3 Chevrolet V8, delivering an SAEcertified 415 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque, and is matched with a sixspeed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually using TAPshift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. With an aggressive 3.27 final-drive ratio, the Chevrolet SS accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about five seconds – making it one of the quickest

The 2014 Chevrolet SS is bringing a V8-powered performance sedan back into the Chevy fold. sedans on the market. And to ensure it turns and stops as well as it accelerates, the Chevrolet SS also features a sport-tuned chassis. Handling is also optimized with a nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity – attributes made possible in part by the aluminum hood and rear deck lid that are 30 percent lighter than traditional steel panels.


The SS’s good looks blend performance cues and premium details. Staggered front and rear wheels, which are pushed out to the

corners, enhance the sporting, muscular stance of the SS. Up front, the aluminum hood features a subtle “power bulge” hinting at the capability of the engine underneath. At the rear, the tapered, tear-drop shape contributes to improved aerodynamic performance. Premium cues include jewel-like chrome accents, standard high-intensity discharge headlamps and light-emitting diode daytime running lights. Along the vehicle’s sides, a character line extends from the hood to the trunk lid, helping create a classic wedge shape by further accentuating

the planted appearance and muscular sheet metal.


The spacious interior of the SS will comfortably accommodate five adults, with 42.3 inches of front legroom and 39.7 inches of rear legroom. Leather seating surfaces are standard, as are eight-way power adjustable front bucket seats with additional side bolstering that hug the driver and front passenger in tight-handling situations. The SS emblem is prominently stitched onto the soft-touch instrument panel which features two types of chrome fin-

ishes – a satin gloss and bright chrome. At night, the interior is illuminated by iceblue ambient lighting.


Chevrolet’s nextgeneration MyLink infotainment system is standard on the SS and is accessed via an eight-inch color touch screen. In addition to icons covering everything from navigation to phone to music apps such as Pandora, Chevrolet’s next-gen MyLink is designed to accommodate new features and enhancements and be highly customizable. It also represents Chevrolet’s first use of natural language

voice recognition that allows customers to safely place calls, enter destinations, browse media, play music and control other functions simply by telling the vehicle what to do. The system can store up to 60 favorites, including radio stations (AM/FM/XM), contacts, destinations, music and other media. This feature is convenient for those who travel to the same destination regularly and want to save locations such as hotels and restaurants.


The 6.2L LS3 small-block V-8 is the power behind the SS’s driving experience. It is SAE-certified at 415 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque and paired with the Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic with paddleshift control. The engine’s torque is channeled to the rear axle, which has a 3.27 ratio for a great feeling of performance. Engine oil and transmission coolers are standard.

4 — OCTOBER 2012



Alternative Transportation P


olaris® Industries Inc., has announced the availability of its 2014 line of Polaris® GEM® vehicles. The compact electric vehicles are ready for order through all 280 authorized GEM dealers in North America. Now in the 15th year of production, GEM vehicles provide premium electric performance for transporting passengers, moving cargo or performing essential tasks. The GEM lineup of transport vehicles – e2, e4, e6® – and lightutility vehicles – eS, eL, eL XD – feature zero-emissions and are street legal on most city streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less*. The low-speed electric vehicles are equipped to seat


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doors for all two- and four-person capacity vehicles. The lockable doors feature sliding windows, fully-functioning door handles and upgraded hinges and sealing. Other updates include simplified color choices and vehicle package contents based on the


EM vehicles are capable of handling any transport or light-utility task a business or individual may have,”

~ Tim Blinkhorn, GEM general manager.

two-to-six people and haul up to 1,450 pounds of payload. The 2014 updates focus on both performance and comfort, including a 7.0 horsepower motor, new rear drum brake system for enhanced vehicle performance and safety and improved ergonomic seating. Both transport and light-utility vehicles are fully customizable with available options and accessories to fit each customer’s unique needs. New options for 2014 include brand new hard

Starting at

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most popular items with customers. Additionally, a newly designed hood, mud guards and headlight bezel provide a quality fit and finish. GEM models reach a top speed of 25 mph, can be driven both indoors and outdoors and have a range of up to 40 miles per charge depending on temperature, grade, payload and driving style. An environmentallyfriendly option, the vehicles are ideal for use by cities, municipalities and government offices, college and business campuses, hotels and resorts, athletic and recreation venues, or for neighborhood commuting. *Consult your local and state laws for the street legality of vehicle

MODELS • Premium Polaris® quality ensures long-lasting, reliable performance. • Electric operation offers zero emissions and incredibly low cost of ownership. • Headlights, directionals and 3-point seat belts make GEM® safe and street-legal† . • Move more with available 6-passenger seating and 1,450 lb payload capacity.


217-348-5500 W Rt. 16 (Between Mattoon & Charleston) †

Polaris® LSVs comply with the NHTSA Low Speed Vehicles rules and regulations and can be operated on many streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. Check local laws regarding street use and vehicle equipment requirements. Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Driver and passengers should always wear seat belts. Published prices do not include freight charges, tax, title or license. All pricing, specifications, claims, and information contained in this advertisement are based on information available at the time of publication. Polaris® assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, opinions, or omissions in those publications. All pricing, specifications, and descriptions are subject to change without notice, and Polaris® assumes no responsibility for changes in pricing or specifications. Unless otherwise noted, all trademarks are the property of Polaris Industries, Inc. © 2013 Polaris Industries Inc.


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Warning: The Polaris RANGER® is not intended for onroad use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets or doors (as equipped). Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2013 Polaris Industries Inc.




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Shown with optional accessories.


(Between Mattoon & Charleston)


ne of the only things more fun than piloting a SxS is having the capability to bring along three other people to enjoy the experience. With the recent announcement of Honda's new 2014 Pioneer line of SxS's, this feat is now completely possible. Available in either a two seat or four seat version, the Pioneer is a substantial improvement over Honda's previous Big Red SxS. Both machines are built on the same chassis with the same dimensions, but the Pioneer-4 raises the bar with Honda's innovative stowable rear seats. Since it's priced at only $1,700 more than the two-seat Pioneer, there is little doubt this model will gain the attention of new buyers.


or 2014, all the benefits of the RANGER XP 900 now can be found on the all-new, multi-passenger RANGER CREW 900. The RANGER CREW 900 offers the hardest working features such as a 60 horsepower ProStar™ 900 engine, ability to tow a ton, new high capacity battery and stator, and integrated Lock & Ride™ PRO-FIT™ cab accessories and EPS. The completely redesigned cockpit fits five people more comfortably and offers classleading ergonomics, including a new center console with added storage and cup holders. The midsize RANGER and midsize multipassenger lines also have new members for 2014 with the introduction of the RANGER 570 EFI and RANGER CREW 570 EFI.

• Choose from gas engines ranging from 29 HP up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel • Choose from 2-and 4-seater mid-size vehicles or 3-, 5- and 6-seater full-size vehicles • All models feature on-demand true all-wheel drive to maximize traction • Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories

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OCTOBER 2012 — 5

New Trend: Going Electric



nother major trend for 2014 is automakers continuing to roll out new, innovative versions of electric-powered cars.

Hybrids have used electricity to save some gasoline consumption for years now, but that's just the beginning. The scope and breadth of today's electric-car market is wider than ever before, making it rather confusing to sort through the different types of power systems on the market. Here's a look at several broad categories of electrified cars.

gasoline power and electrical power at the same time. They may be able to drive very briefly in "EV" electric-vehicle mode, but most of the time your engine will be running like a normal car. The boost it gets from the electric power train just means it uses less gas.


A few cars are available as a special "plugin" hybrid car. They usually come with a beefier battery pack than traditional hybrids and can drive for several miles on purely electric power before the gasoline engine kicks in. As the name suggests, you can plug them into the wall to keep them charged up, maximizing the amount of time they can drive on purely electric power. For the most part, though, the electric power range is relatively short, so most drivers will end up relying on gas power at some point with plug-in hybrids.



The most widely available fuel-saving car today, a hybrid uses a combination of a gasoline engine and electric motor to improve fuel economy. The key thing to understand is that hybrids are designed, for the most part, to use both

Mild hybrids are designed to save some fuel, but they use smaller, less powerful, less expensive batteries and charging systems than traditional hybrid cars. While normal hybrid cars may be able to drive briefly under purely electric power, for example, mild hybrids cannot. They have electricity-based designs that save some fuel, but they typically don't get as dramatic a boost in miles per gallon. The upside is that there's less of a cost premium when buying one.


A purely electric-powered car doesn't have a gasoline engine. The upside is that, because they don't need that engine and all its related components, they're less expensive and lighter weight than comparable hybrid cars. That means they can drive a long way on electric power before the batteries run out of juice. The downside, though, is that their range is finite. Until a more extensive fast-charging network is rolled out, drivers won't be able to realistically take long trips in their pure electric cars and will still need something powered by gasoline as a second car.


General Motors is the main proponent behind the concept of an "extended range" electric car, referring to the Chevrolet Volt and the new-for-2014 Cadillac ELR. These cars are designed primarily to work as electric vehicles, running all the time on battery power. But unlike pure electric cars, they also carry a small gasoline engine that can work as a generator to keep the electric power flowing indefinitely on long trips. This best-of-both-worlds approach makes sense, but it comes at a cost. The engineering, added weight and production expense of building a gas-powered generator and an electric drivetrain make them considerably more expensive than many electric-only cars.

Make the most of road trips to enjoy fall foliage

Jaunts to view fall foliage are popular excursions come autumn. The vivid color on display in forests and parks is simply too much for many motorists to resist. . Though nature's beauty is often on display regardless of geography, some locales tend to boast more beauteous backdrops and picturesque landscapes than others. The key is to visit during peak viewing times. Leaves begin to change earlier in the northernmost latitudes. For example, much of Canada and portions of the northern United States begin to witness changes in foliage in late September, whereas regions further south must wait until October to see those changes. Mid-October is when peak times are most prevalent for the greatest portion of the United States. Travelers in North Dakota and Wyoming can view fall

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foliage at this time. Autumn coloring persists until late October and early November in certain areas, including the southeastern and central regions of the United States. When planning a road trip to see fall foliage, pay attention to local weather and foliage reports. Remember, road trips are quite popular this time of year, and municipal parks may be quite crowded on the weekends. If you can spare time off during the week, it may work to your advantage to cruise around when traffic is less congested. Bring along maps or a GPS system so that you can travel to multiple areas. Autumn leaves can be enjoyed from a car, but they are equally enjoyable when experienced on a hiking trip. Pack a bagged


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lunch and picnic in a quiet spot, and you're bound to spot squirrels and other wildlife gathering up food reserves in preparation for the winter weather. While the foliage is impressive enough on its own, the science behind this awesome display of color is something to behold as well. During the spring and summer, leaves produce most of the food necessary for the tree's growth. Cells inside of the leaves contain chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight, turning it into sugars and starch that the tree uses for food. In addition to green chlorophyll, other pigments specific to the types of trees are present. These pigments are generally masked by the large amount of chlorophyll present during warm weather. When autumn arrives, changes in the duration of sunlight result in the gradual decrease of chlorophyll and the breakdown of residual chlorophyll in the leaves as the trees prepare to stop food production for the cold hibernation. Other chemical changes take place as the leaves prepare for winter, and these mix with chlorophyll residue to produce various shades of colors. Weather, light and water supply will influence the shades of colors as well. Rainy weather makes them more vivid. While the colors are appearing, a special layer of cells develops, and this layer gradually severs the tissues of the leaf from the branches before the leaves fall to the ground. The best days to see leaves are those days that are cool and dry. Leaves that fall on roadways and are dampened by rain can be very slippery, so it is important to exercise caution while driving.

6 — OCTOBER 2012




Legendary Jeep gets better


Press Release

or the 2013 model year, engineers for the Jeep® Wrangler – the most capable and recognized vehicle in the world – focused their attention on interior ergonomics and 4x4 capability. The goal was the make Wrangler even more enjoyable and comfortable on a daily basis from the inside out while continuing to improve its off-road ability. With the introducThe Wrangler, Jeep’s iconic off-road vehicle, gets added refinement and tion of an all-new powertrain for 2012, equipment for the 2013 model year. 2013 is a revised soft Jeep Wrangler feaPassengers are sengers. An autotop on Unlimited tures dramatically now greeted by new dimming electro models that is easier improved on-road front and rear seats. chromatic mirror is to raise and lower, performance comRe-contoured and standard on all modespecially when opbined with even with larger bolsters, els and will feature erated by one permore off-road these seats are comLED map lights for son. prowess. Now, with fortable for long front passengers. Another highlight new features added drives while offering A new Alpine preis the addition of a to the interior, the more support for mium speaker syspremium soft top. 2013 Wrangler adds sporting off-road actem is available for improved comfort to tivities. Wrangler standard and naviga- Available on all models, the new, preits long list of beneUnlimited models tion-equipped audio mium soft top uses fits. get a new release systems, and an opan easier to clean, The result is an un- handle for the rear tional premium Tire upscale material. touched level of caseat fold-down funcPressure Monitor Consisting of three pability off-road, tion. This lever alsystem can give the layers, the new top combined with onlows the seats to be direct read-outs for also helps reduce inroad dynamics, fuel folded with one hand each individual tire. terior noise and is efficiency and intefor greater convenPREMIUM FEEL easier to fasten. rior comfort that ience. Jeep Wrangler ofBoth Wrangler Rumake Jeep Wrangler Interior courtesy the perfect vehicle lighting is now found fers many options for bicon and Sahara models receive new for fun daily driving, under the instrument top configurations from soft to bodywheel designs. Rubiweekend trail-runpanel as well as the color three-piece con models now have ning or extreme offcup holder areas for hard tops. New for an aggressive 17road wheeling. front and rear pas-

inch 10-hole alloy wheel with polished accents and a midgloss gray painted inner face running 255/75R17 BFG Mud Terrain tires; Sahara models feature an 18-inch five-hole alloy wheel with a polished lip and sparkle silver painted inner face and 255/70R18 Bridgestone Dueler tires. Dual windshield washer nozzles are now standard and help clear away mud and dirt from the windshield more thoroughly. One of Jeep Wrangler’s trademarks is its broad color palate, and this holds true for the 2013 model year. New exterior colors include True Blue Pearl, Billet Silver, Rock Lobster, Commando (green), and with late availability, Rugged Brown and Dune. Black, Bright White, Dozer, Deep Cherry Red, Gecko and Crush continue from 2012.


The 2013 Jeep Wrangler delivers unmatched off-road capability with legendary four-wheel drive and is pro-

duced with more than seven decades of 4x4 engineering experience. Wrangler continues to offer a body-on-frame design, front and rear five-link suspension system, live axles, electronic lockers, and is one of the few mid-size SUVs that offers a six-speed manual transmission – in addition to its fivespeed automatic transmission. The Jeep Wrangler is available with several axle gear ratios allowing customers to optimize fuel economy and/or vehicle capability. Wrangler is available with 3.21, 3.73 or 4.10 ratios depending on model. Also, Wrangler offers towing capability up to 3,500 lbs. A best-in-class approach angle of 44.3 degrees, breakover angle of 25.5 degrees and departure angle of 40.4 degrees, helps the Jeep Wrangler scale the toughest terrain. The capable driveline of the Sport and Sahara models include a Dana 30 front axle and Dana 44 rear axle.

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Safer Than Ever

TECHNOLOGY PLAYING BIGGER ROLE IN 2014 CARS afety is one of the biggest concerns of new-car buyers, especially those who regularly drive with children in the vehicle.



OCTOBER 2012 — 7

There's good news for 2014: today's latest cars are adopting more technologies than ever before to keep their occupants safe. Here's a look at a few of the features that are available this year:

s BACKUP CAMERAS This isn't a particularly new technology, but it is getting widespread use in 2014. n- Rear-view video cameras are now standard equipment on a wide range of vehicles, most commonly SUVs and - crossovers because of their size, but also some smaller sedans, too. a- These rear-view cameras can help drivers see what's below the bumper and behind their car when backing up, making them a must-have safety feature for many buyers.


This feature addresses a weakness of video cameras: their often narrow field of vision. When drivers rely too much on nt video cameras when backing up, as opposed to their own eyeballs, they can't always see cars driving toward them on the horizon.

Rear cross-path detection senses when cars are driving toward you when you're in reverse, even if those cars are outside the field of vision for your camera. It gives an audible warning to let the driver know there's an on-


coming vehicle nearby.



A nice feature for drivers who may be distracted or sleepy, lane departure warning will alert you if you veer outside of your lane. Video cameras in the front of the car will look for stripes in the road, and if the driver appears to be leaving their lane without signaling, the car will give a warning. On most cars, this is just an audible beep, but a few will also produce a vibration in the steering wheel or seat to get the driver's attention.


This feature addresses the nightmare of student drivers everywhere: the blind spot. Blind spot monitoring uses radar sensors to detect when a car is in your blind spot, the place a driver can't see in their rear-view mirrors. On most of these systems, a light will show up in your side mirror when there's a vehicle in your blind spot. And if you signal to change lanes while a car is there — making your car sense that a collision might be imminent — many of these systems will also issue an audible alert.


Unlike passive safety features like air bags and seat belts that protect you after a collision has occurred, active safety features are all about 2 Convenient Locations to Serve You: 501 S. 26th St. & 2612 Marshall Ave. taking steps before the - Guaranteed Credit Acceptance Financing - crash happens. Some luxury-car brands, like MercedesUY ELL RADE Benz, have been pio217-258-6023 neering this technolWWW.CEDARCITYMOTORSUSA.COM ogy for years, but it's filtering down to more affordable cars now. Many vehicles offer forward collision warning sensors that will set off an alarm — usually lights and sounds from the dash 2417 COMMERCIAL KEITH STIERWALT — if they detect you're MATTOON, IL 61938 CELL: (217) 259-3363 going to hit a car in front of you, with the goal of getting the driver's attention at the last second. Other cars will do things like lock the doors, pre-tension the seat belts, prime the brakes, or even apply You Will Never Have to Compromise Quality for Cost braking pressure automatically if it senses a 1607 Madison Street 2116 Lake Land Blvd. wreck is about to ocCharleston, IL 61920 Mattoon, IL 61938 cur. (217) 345-7832 (217) 234-8855 235-5421

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From the bag phones of the 1980s to the iPhones and Androids of today, cell phones are increasingly being integrated with the driving experience, and the ultimate expression of that in 2014 vehicles is the in-car app.

s long as cell phones have been around, people have been eager to adapt the new technology to cars.


For the most part, the most popular in-car apps mirror services offered directly on smartphones, only they do so through the car's digital display. It makes perfect sense. Most of today's new cars are available with some sort of digital screen, whether a large navigation display or a smaller screen behind the steering wheel. By linking your vehicle to your cell phone's digital data, you can access online services to stream digital music with Pandora, make dinner reservations with OpenTable or read reviews of local venues on Yelp.


Seeing an opportunity here, auto makers have been fast to roll out suites of apps that are designed to work via the car's

carry their music library around, it's logical to connect it to the car for use while driving. That way they can use those same familiar knobs and buttons to control their music from the phone and play it through the car's sound system.


digital display and interface. Some results are better than others. Many apps are easier to use on the phone itself than through the car, but others — especially music apps — are better and safer to use via the car's

own interface. Drivers are used to adjusting the volume and changing songs or stations using knobs on the dash, for example. Since many people use their smartphones or MP3 players to

As apps gain popularity, one of the problems that arises is the compatibility of new cars and new devices as they roll out. Most phones will either connect to the car using a USB cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth, but different versions of software and hardware don't always work well together. And software upgrades for both your phone and car could cause compatibility issues down the road. If connectivity is important to you, make sure you bring your phone on your test drive to see exactly how it connects and which features are available.

Winterizing vehicles an important step for drivers

As fall gradually gives way to winter, vehicle owners often sigh at the thought of driving in winter weather or spending weekday mornings clearing their vehicles of ice before heading to the office. But manning the wheel through another snowstorm or whittling away another night's worth of ice from a car's windshield are not the only rites of passage motorists must endure as cold weather returns. Winterizing a vehicle can improve vehicle performance during a time of year that, in many locales, can be especially harsh on automobiles. Low temperatures make for less than ideal conditions for engines to run, while potholes left behind by snow plows can damage a vehicle's wheels and may even result in flat tires and a damaged suspension system. In addition, salt used to improve traction on roadways can cause • 24 Hour Road Service & Towing • Complete Truck & Equipment Repair • Full Service Semi Tractor & Trailer Repair • Recovery & Vehicle Rescue • Heavy Trucks • R.V.s • Autos


Service Company • (217) 234-3933

e s lo n

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rust. Short of moving to a locale with mild winters, there's little drivers can do to protect their vehicles from harsh winter weather. But winterizing a vehicle can prevent some of the more common issues drivers may encounter when the temperatures dip below freezing. • Take time out for your tires. Winter weather can limit traction, putting the safety of drivers and their passengers in jeopardy. When possible, avoid driving in the snow, and steer clear of roads where ice and black ice are known to form. While such measures can greatly reduce your risk of being in an accident, you likely can't avoid driving entirely come the winter. Drivers who want improved traction from their tires throughout the winter can purchase winter tires for their vehicles. Such tires can more effectively handle roads that are covered in snow and ice than all-season tires. Another way to improve traction during the winter months is to constantly monitor tire pressure, which decreases more rapidly when the weather is cold. Properly inflated tires provide better traction and protect against damage that may occur when driving over potholes. • Consider a low-viscosity oil in the winter. The owner's manual of your vehicle may recommend you use a lower viscosity motor oil to counter the dip in temperature that's synonymous with winter. When the temperatures outside fall, the oil inside your vehicle thickens, and a thicker oil won't circulate through the engine as well. This can cause engine problems because the engine won't be adequately lubricated. A low-viscosity oil is naturally thinner, so Motorcycle & ATV it may improve Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories We service all makes & models lubrication including Harley Davidson throughout the winter. The vehicle owner's manual should recommend oils based on 1710 W. Polk Ave. • Charleston, IL 61920 climate. If not, talk 217-345-FUEL • Authorized Beta Dealer to your mechanic

about changing from the oil you use throughout the year to a low-viscosity alternative during the winter. • Inspect your vehicle before winter arrives. No one wants to be out on the road during the first snowstorm of the year only to discover certain components are not working properly. Belts and hoses, while durable, can be put through strenuous conditions during the winter months, so a close inspection of belts and hoses should be conducted in late fall. In addition, windshield wipers are especially important in winter, when snowfall can drastically impact visibility. You will want your wipers working at full capacity once the winter begins, so replace older wipers (shelf life for standard wipers is typically one year) and use a de-icing windshield washer fluid to maximize visibility. Another component that must be inspected is your car's battery. Many drivers have experienced a dead battery, which, in warm weather, is more of a nuisance than a health concern. In cold weather, a dead battery can threaten your health if you find yourself stranded in cold weather. Especially low temperatures can compromise a battery's power by as much as 50 percent, so have your battery inspected in late fall and replace it if need be. • Don't be caught off guard. Part of winterizing a vehicle is being prepared if the vehicle breaks down. Make sure you have extra washer fluid in your vehicle's trunk, and don't forget to include an ice scraper, snow brush or even a snow shovel in the trunk as well. A snow shovel may be necessary if you need to dig your car out if it's been buried somewhere other than your driveway. Other items to carry in your trunk include a blanket, a change of clothes, an extra hat, an extra pair of gloves, some nonperishable food, and a few bottles of water. Winter can be especially harsh on automobiles. But drivers can take several preventive steps to ensure their vehicle is safe and sound on the roads this winter.


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✓ ✓






More Sporty Fun This Year EXCITING CARS MAKE A COMEBACK WITH NEW INTRODUCTIONS fter the market crash of 2008, flashy cars fell out of style for a while. Sporty, aggressive, fun-to-drive cars are harder to sell in a recession, when it’s fashionable to be conservative and when more buyers are shoppings for bargains.

As the economy has slowly recovered, though, America's appetite for sporty cars has returned. Here's a look at four exciting cars that are allnew for 2014.



For many car lovers, the biggest news for 2014 is the introduction of a brand-new sports car that brings back an iconic name: the Stingray. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is expected to be in high demand this year thanks to a thorough redesign that makes it better looking and faster than before. It's the most powerful standard Corvette model ever sold, making an estimated 450 horsepower and accelerating from zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Cadillac's new entry-level model, the ATS, drew praise when it was introduced last year and offered performance and handling that matched the longtime leader in sports sedans, the BMW 3-Series. In 2014, Cadillac is unleashing its high-performance version of the ATS, called the ATS-V. It should be a good match for the BMW M3 and more proof of just how impressive General Motors engineers can be when given the opportunity to show off.


Another iconic name is being revived, in a way, with the Jaguar F-Type this year. The F-Type is the spiritual descendent of Jag's most legendary sports car — and perhaps the sexiest vehicle of all time — called the EType. It's a long-awaited true two-seater sports car from the storied British brand, offering hightech, all-aluminum construction in a gorgeous convertible body. Pricing starts at $69,000.

Self-driving cars could be the future of travel





The IS has long been Lexus' sportssedan alternative, but a redesign for 2014 has BMW squarely in its crosshairs. While its drivetrain carries over from 2013, the rest of the car has r been totally re-thought to make it sharper, more aggressive and faster than before. It feels more like a premium sports sedan than ever in its history. The 2014 IS is a much more exhilarating car than last year's model, especially in F-SPORT trim with a firmer suspension.


OCTOBER 2012 — 9

The electronics and computer-driven features of modern automobiles continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Until now, however, most of these features have been manually employed. But the self-driving car, once a concept reserved only for science fiction, may make driving even more passive in the near future, with some slated to hit showrooms as early as 2017. Google, as a pioneer of some of the more advanced self-driving automobile technologies, says that computer-navigated cars are safer than manually operated automobiles. But will the public embrace such vehicles? Autonomous cars are already being operated in California, Nevada, Florida and certain areas within the United Kingdom. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Toyota and Audi unveiled their prototypes to sell to

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regular car buyers, while Ford and Mercedes-Benz are working on their own self-driving technology. Legislation within the United States has already paved the way for autonomous cars to be tested on private roads. Once these cars are made available to the public, legislators will begin the task of revising driving laws and may need to reconsider how drivers earn their licenses. Although the technology differs depending on the manufacturer, in the Google autonomous vehicle, a number of components are working in concert to enable the vehicle to move safely. At the heart of the system is a laser range finder mounted on the roof of the car. This laser generates a detailed 3D map of the environment. The car then combines these laser measurements with established high-

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resolution maps of the world. The vehicle also employs other sensors in its technology. Radars mounted on the front and rear bumpers enable the car to detect

its surroundings. Cameras detect traffic lights, while GPS and inertial measurement units will help to keep track of the vehicle's location and various movements. Data is also programmed into the car so it can differentiate stationary objects like poles and mailboxes from factors in the environment, such as pedestrians or construction. The Google vehicles also are programmed to follow road rules and make assessments of changing situations, such as advancing at a four-way-stop if other drivers have not yet moved into the intersection. The goal of self-driving car manufacturers is to reduce congestion and accidents and keep traffic flowing more smoothly. Automakers will continue to conduct research to see how well self-driving cars and the people inside them work together.

10 — OCTOBER 2012


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Press Release

ord, the industry’s truck leader, enters 2014 with a bigger, bolder lineup of F-150 pickups. New for 2014 is the Sunset Metallic color, which joins last model year’s new hues Blue Jeans Metallic, Kodiak Brown Metallic and Ruby Red Clearcoat Metallic as part of an even wider array of color options for truck buyers. F-150 style also is enhanced with new 18and 20-inch wheels offered in various

2014 FORD F150

Ford expands F-150 lineup cessory and is available on the FX, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited.

Debbie Dick


Ford’s innovative connectivity technology SYNC with MyFord Touch improves the driving experience while allowing drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. This technology is optimized for truck owners with specialized buttons they can operate while wearing gloves, and a larger screen for improved readability. A conductive cell phone charging station is a standalone dealer-installed ac-


wheel. Alcantara

comes standard on

seat inserts add texture and style as well. “The new Tremor gives F-150 customers yet another option to drive a highly capable, distinctive performance truck with features typically found only in the aftermarket,” said Brian Bell, F150 product marketing manager. “Plus, the Built Ford Tough EcoBoost engine is available for the first time in a shortwheelbase F-150.” F-150 Tremor is powered exclusively by Ford’s groundbreaking 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. An electronic locking rear differential that’s standard for both two- and fourwheel-drive versions helps deliver the power to the pavement by improving traction during takeoff. Connectivity

F-150 Tremor with MyFord Touch powered by SYNC. Designers have optimized the physical interface for MyFord Touch to accommodate truck users who may be wearing work gloves by providing easy access to climate controls and audio presets on the center stack.


The short-wheelbase, regular-cab Tremor goes on sale for 2014 delivering distinctive looks and performance. The all-new truck couples the style of the FX Appearance Package with an EcoBoost engine and a launch-optimized 4.10 rear axle – the shortest final drive ratio offered in an EcoBoost F-150 – helping provide customers with fast acceleration. Tremor signals its sport truck capabilities with a custominspired FX Appearance Package featuring stealthy, flatblack accents that include unique 20-inch flat-black wheels, stylized bodyside graphics and black badges with red lettering. Tremor is the only regular-cab F-150 offering a flow-through center console and bucket seats. Interior touches include black leather seating surfaces with red piping, brushedmetal accents and a red-stitched steering


Ford is responding to record sales demand and is raising the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor bar again, continuing to offer industry-exclusive beadlock-capable wheels to help increase grip in lowtraction conditions for the 2014 model. The Raptor offers high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps for improved visibility, and SYNC with MyFord Touch for added connectivity. Sunset Metallic –

an all-new exterior color – is available for 2014. Raptor offerings build on internal triple-bypass FOX Racing Shox dampers, Torsen front differential and front-mounted camera technologies for even more high-performance off-road capability. Raptor’s available forged wheel combines the proven reliability of a conventional wheel with the capability to convert to a true beadlock wheel. Beadlock wheels secure the edges of a tire to the wheel between two surfaces so the tire is unlikely to roll off the rim if it’s aired down to very low pressure, providing extra grip on trails. Raptor’s wheels are unique, because converting from conventional rim to beadlock-only requires customers unbolt the standard outer decorative ring, dismount the tire from its conventional position, then remount it in the proper lockable position with the available beadlock ring kit from Ford Racing.


NEW F-150 XLT 5.0 LITER Power to Spare!

2013 Ford F-150 XLT 5.0L Crew Cab LOOK AT THE SAVINGS! Retail Customer Cash.................................$2,250 Ford Motor Credit Cash..............................$1,000 5.0 Liter Model Cash.....................................$500 XLT Bonus Cash............................................$500 XLT Customer Cash....................................$1,000 Trade Assistance ........................................$2,000 XLT Discount Pkg.......................................$1,750 Pilson Cash Discount .................................$1,000 *Total Savings based on the purchase of new 2013 F-50 XLT with 5.0L engine. Must finance through Ford Motor CrediT Tax, license, title and doc. fees additional. See dealer for details.

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vi co m it w te an In S S sp b ef cl p


R G P R th C m st ex q




OCTOBER 2012 — 11


The four-door muscle car


Press Release

he 2014 Dodge Charger provides the ultimate combination of dramatic Dodge heritage styling, awardwinning premium interiors, the reassurance of an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) “Top Safety Pick,” full-size spaciousness with best-in-class V-6 fuel efficiency and worldclass handling and performance.


Like the popular Rallye Appearance Group and Blacktop Package, the new Redline Package on the 2014 Dodge Charger delivers more performance, style and a segmentexclusive studioquality sound experi-

ence. Available on the rear-wheel drive (RWD) 2014 Dodge Charger SXT and SXT Plus models, the Redline Package includes 20-inch Black Chrome wheels with a Redline Red lip and inner backbone for a one-of-a-kind look. In addition to the 20inch five-spoke aluminum wheels, the package includes allseason performance tires, performancetuned suspension, sport seats, rear body-color spoiler and exclusive Beats by Dr. Dre audio system. Delivering more power and performance is a 300 horsepower 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, featuring a cold-air induction system and sport-tuned dual-ex-

haust system with an enthusiast-desired sound. In addition, the segment-exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission is upgraded with steering-wheelmounted paddle shifters and “Sport Mode.” With Sport Mode, gear changes are quicker and revs are held higher for even more performance-oriented acceleration and higher shift dynamics. For even more control, the driver can also use the die-cast steering-wheelmounted paddle shifters and view gear selection through the full-color Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) centered in the Dodge Charger’s instrument cluster.


As the first domestic sport sedan to feature an eight-speed automatic transmission – the 2014 Dodge Charger with the award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine delivers best-in-class fuel economy in rearwheel-drive – up to 31 miles per gallon (mpg) – and allwheel-drive (AWD)

models – up to 27 mpg. Once limited to premium import vehicles costing twice as much, the segment-exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission expands the worldclass power and fuel efficiency of the Dodge Charger SE (optional), Charger SXT and Charger SXT Plus. It delivers quicker acceleration, seamless shifts, improved performance and class-leading fuel efficiency.


From winding through twisty stretches of coastal road, to escaping away to a snow-covered ski resort, the 2014 Dodge Charger AWD models have a commanding design presence and the power and allweather capability to carve through some of the worst precipitation Mother Nature can dish out. With the aluminum 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine delivering best-in-class city and highway fuel economy (19/27 mpg), or legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine with 370 horsepower

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with four-cylinder mode Fuel Saver Technology, Dodge Charger’s intelligent AWD system features a segment-exclusive active transfer case and front-axle-disconnect system to improve real-world fuel economy. No other major automotive manufacturer offers the combination of these two independent technologies. Dodge Charger’s AWD system seamlessly transitions between RWD and AWD with no driver intervention.


The 2014 Dodge

2212 Lake Land Blvd Mattoon, IL 61938 Charger sedan’s Uconnect 8.4N system integrates award-winning Garmin navigation, voice recognition and SiriusXM Traffic with an intuitive user interface to make operating simple. With natural voice commands, the Uconnect 8.4N enables passengers to input street addresses and navigate to points of interest. And with the integrated SiriusXM Traffic, real-time traffic monitoring notifies the driver or enables the Garmin navigation to reroute due to congested throughways.



*Not everyone will qualify for 0%/72 month financing. Offer may apply to select models. See dealer for details. Vehicles featured may not be exactly as pictured.

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12 — OCTOBER 2012





his is going to be an interesting year for luxury-car sales. With many high-end brands reporting improving sales, carmakers are experimenting with new ideas in the luxury market in 2014.

Ram and Ford are both making updates to their trucks to keep them fresh amidst the increased competition. Here's an overview of changes for 2014 pickups.

fined, highly functional interior. One of Toyota's goals with the Tundra was to offer some of the best standard features in the class, so backup cameras and Bluetooth are now standard equipment on every single grade. The new Tundra is also available with a blind-spot monitor system and rear cross traffic alert. Toyota is also proud of the fact that the Tundra is all-American. It's engineered, designed and assembled in the United States.


GM's lineup of light-duty trucks gets a clean-slate redesign for 2014 — new "from hood to hitch," as GM likes to say — but they retain their same base prices from 2013. According to GM, the new trucks have the best V-8 fuel economy and the best available tow ratings of any light-duty pickup. They also include standard scheduled maintenance for two years or 24,000 miles. Three all-new EcoTec engines are available — a V-6 and two V-8s — along with a stronger, quieter and more comfortable cab. A refined new interior comes with features and connectivity tailored to the needs of truck customers, while the steering, suspension and brakes have all been revised for improved ride and handling. It also comes with some smart solutions for handling cargo in the bed, including steps built into the rear bumper corners.


Likewise, the Toyota Tundra is all-new for 2014, with a modern, chiseled look and re-

FORD F-150

Ford's big news for 2014 is the announcement of a new sport truck, the Tremor. The Tremor comes standard with the company’s powerful 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, offering V8 performance, V6 fuel economy and a launch-optimized 4.10 rear axle with electronic locking differential. The short-wheelbase, regular-cab Tremor offers a stylish FX Appearance Package and functional features that include a floor shifter, class-exclusive HID headlamps and standard SYNC with MyFord Touch connectivity system All-new truck’s distinctive looks are complemented by unique boxside Tremor graphics and custom-inspired interior.

in th co ve T co ex in S m af fa of RAM 1500 of A new, efficient diesel engine leads the list av of updates to the popular Ram for 2014. th Ram is the only brand to offer a small-dis- fi placement diesel for its half-ton line of h trucks. fo The 2014 Ram 1500 starts at $24,200, F plus $1,095 destination, while the EcoDiesel sp option is priced $2,850 higher than the simi- n larly equipped HEMI-powered Ram 1500. According to Ram, best-in-class fuel econ- q omy will be achieved with the new 3.0-liter am EcoDiesel engine, which features 240 horse- n power and a whopping 420 pound-feet of of torque. in Power will be routed through a Torquesu Flite eight-speed automatic transmission. p ke "2 p fi an ex g th ca

Reach top mileage on your car with it still going strong Many drivers may find the idea of keeping a vehicle that has surpassed the 100,000-mile mark preposterous. However, perhaps due to the rising cost of new vehicles, many drivers now recognize the benefits of keeping their vehicles for the long haul. According to Polk research, many of today's drivers are keeping their cars for longer periods of time, with the average age of all cars on the road being 11 years. In October of 2011, Joe LoCicero saw his 1990 Honda Accord crack the one million mile mark, a feat for which Honda awarded him a new Accord and a parade in his hometown. There are many benefits to keeping a car longer, including the financial impact of such a decision. In a recent survey and study from Consumer Reports, the savings of keeping a vehicle for 225,000 miles over 15 years versus purchasing and financing an identical model every five years equated to a savings of more than the original

purchase price of the car. A person can potentially save $20,000 or more on a properly maintained older car. Keeping a car running beyond 200,000 miles was once pure luck. Cars made 10 to 20 years ago might not have been up to the task. But improvements in rust prevention, lubricants and engine technology have made it easier for today's vehicles to last longer. But as durable and reliable as today's cars may be, AAA notes the importance of regular maintenance. Knowing your car is one of the first ways to make sure it gets the service it needs. Over time, many drivers start to identify warning signs, such as abnormal noises or if the vehicle simply feels off when out on the road. Finding a mechanic that can be trusted is an important step for drivers who want to keep their vehicles going strong for years to come. A driver is more likely to bring the car in for service if the price is right and he or she does not feel like any costly and

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an m li fo

unnecessary repairs are being recommended. Building a good relationship with a mechanic can keep a car working longer. Newer model year cars can be taken to dealership mechanics, who may have a better working knowledge of newer electronics and the subtleties of specific models of cars. The owner's manual should not be something that simply takes up space inside the glove compartment. It is worthy of a read. Understanding the recommended maintenance schedule and what other steps can be taken to prolong the life of the car can keep it on the road longer. Keeping the tires inflated to the proper pressure and using the right type of gasoline are the types of information that can be found in the manual. Drivers can save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs if they follow these guidelines. Many people are keeping their vehicles longer, reaching mile marks that were once unheard of. Investing in a car that has a good track record of longevity and then properly maintaining the vehicle are necessary to getting the most out of your vehicle investment.

TC 13 — OCTOBER 2013



Photo from Metro Creative Connection

Many families are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a new car, truck or van.

a new car and must look to other options, including previously owned vehicles or leasing a vehicle. Dealerships now offer warranties and certification on preowned vehicles that not only make them more affordable but also offer peace of mind to owners worried about buying a lemon. Furthermore, many preowned vehicles are lease turn-ins that are only three years old and have few miles on them thanks to mileage restrictions common to many leasing agreements.


Consumers looking for an affordable vehicle might want to downsize their next car or go without certain options. Cars rolling off of the assembly lines are packed with many features that some buyers can do without. If you desire all of the bells and whistles in your vehicle, you may want to consider a compact car that boasts the desired features instead of a midsize one. The smaller vehicle might have a lower sticker price, and you will still get the options on your list.


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Having a family, owning your own home and driving a new car is a common goal of many people. But at least one item on that list has now become much less affordable for the average person. Now that many of the auto-buying incentives instituted to help reinvigorate the auto industry have expired, the average consumer is being priced out of a new vehicle. According to data from, the average automobile -- at a cost of $30,500 in 2012 -- is now more expensive than ever before. Furthermore, information from a 2013 Car Affordability Study conducted by said that most households across America cannot afford a car payment on a new vehicle. In fact, it was determined that only residents of Washington, D.C., with an annual income of roughly $86,000, could afford the average sticker price of a new vehicle and the roughly $550 per month it would cost to finance that vehicle. When factoring in housing costs, insurance and the cost of food, only average citizens in San Francisco, Boston and Baltimore are within spitting distance of being able to afford a new car. The research used certain qualifiers in determining the maximum amount the average family could pay for a new car. Researchers calculated 10 percent of the monthly, median gross household income for each metropolitan city and subtracted the average monthly insurance premium. The site also considered three key factors, often referred to as the "20/4/10" rule, which involves a down payment of at least 20 percent, auto financing lasting no longer than four years and principal, interest and insurance not exceeding 10 percent of a household's gross income. Using that as a foundation, the study determined most households cannot afford the mean price of $30,000 for

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New car not in the budget for many families


d s





14 — OCTOBER 2013





LaCrosse has new look, tech

Press Release

uick’s new 2014 LaCrosse represents an evolution of the landmark luxury sedan that established the brand’s modern sedan lineup with design leadership and technological innovation. The full-size LaCrosse offers new interior and exterior design cues, advanced safety technologies and enhanced in-vehicle connectivity. New front and rear The Buick LaCrosse gets a revised look and dramatically updated cabin for styling, featuring the 2014 model year. available signature tive Cruise Control is POPULARITY wing-shape LED day- TECHNOLOGY also offered. It New radarand Globally, LaCrosse time running lamps and LED wraparound camera-based safety senses traffic in front sales have exceeded of the LaCrosse to features help sur500,000 since its taillamps, compleadjust vehicle speed, 2009 introduction round the new ments its sculpted including bringing LaCrosse with proand U.S. sales topped exterior design. The tection. They include the vehicle to a com57,000 in 2012, makinterior is more conplete stop and accelLane Change Alert, ing it more popular temporary, with new erating again. Side Blind Zone than many other fullseats, enhanced ma“We evolved the inAlert, Lane Deparsize luxury sedans, terials, redesigned terior and exterior ture Warning, Forincluding Lexus ES, central instrument design, increased ward Collision Alert, Acura TL and Lincoln panel and console – luxury amenities and MKZ. and an all-new, avail- Rear Cross Traffic materials, and enAlert and Automatic The 2014 LaCrosse able Ultra Luxury Inhanced the safety Collision Preparais offered in frontterior Package. The and personal techtion. GM’s patented wheel-drive and allcabin also incorponologies to give cusSafety Alert Seat wheel-drive models rates Buick’s nexttomers more reasons works with many of and offers two powgeneration Inthan ever to redisthese features, proertrains: a 2.4L entelliLink infotaincover Buick,” said viding seat vibration gine with eAssist ment system, with inpulses indicating the Tony DiSalle, U.S. light electrification tuitive controls and vice president of direction of a potentechnology (FWD natural voice recogBuick Marketing. tial crash threat. only) or a 3.6L directnition. Full Speed Adapinjected V-6 (FWD

117 S 19th Street Mattoon (217) 234-8863 2013 BUICK LACROSSE











LaCrosse’s flowing, sculpted styling helped redefine Buick’s design language at its introduction in 2009. The 2014 LaCrosse introduces a more expressive interpretation of that successful design, with elements and cues that enhance the car’s wellplanted, wide stance. The LaCrosse’s new appearance is instantly recognizable as a modern Buick and the LED lighting elements enhance its technologically advanced presence.


While the LaCrosse’s new interior brings more amenities and enhanced personal technology with

next-generation IntelliLink, it does so with greater simplicity. The new center stack radio controls, for example, have only seven buttons vs. the previous 17. The large, eight-inch color touch screen is designed to be easier to operate with intuitive controls and smartphone-influenced swipe recognition for easier navigation. Dual-zone climate controls also feature capacitivetouch operation and are framed in chrome.


The LaCrosse is equipped with a choice of two efficient engines: the standard 2.4L fourcylinder engine with e Assist light electrification technology, rated at 182 horsepower; and an available 3.6L V-6 rated at 304 horsepower. Both are mated to six-speed automatic transmissions. LaCrosse with eAssist uses a lithiumion battery system and electric motorgenerator to enable regenerative braking capability.


Total Allowance


and AWD). Each is paired with a sixspeed automatic transmission. All models feature Buick’s QuietTuning engineering process that reduces, blocks and absorbs unwanted noise from the LaCrosse’s cabin, making it one of the quietest in the segment.

Total Allowance









OR Total Allowance






Total Allowance

Not available with some other offers. Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1,000 you finance. Example down payment: 13.6% LaCrosse; 11.2% Verano; 13.7% Regal. Some customers will not qualify. Take delivery by 10/31/13.


to th g a st dy w su th

ex b D se C ce N te S C st se cl p p p si C ex cl b d si st th cu to tr fu





Corolla is all-new for 2014

Cindy Boyer

The Toyota

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h s r








Press Release

uilding on 47 years of success and close to 40 million sales in the world, the 11th generation Corolla is a dramatically styled, sleeker, more dynamic Corolla that will change consumer perceptions of this iconic compact. The new Corolla’s exterior design builds on the “Iconic Dynamism” theme seen on the athletic Corolla Furia Concept at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. The new Corolla builds on the styling momentum seen in Toyota vehicles launched in the past year, which has produced more expressive vehicle designs. With the new Corolla’s stronger exterior styling, it is clear that Toyota’s brand and product direction will emphasize more compelling styling executions that will appeal to current Toyota customers while also attracting more youthful buyers. The Corolla’s de-

OCTOBER 2013 — 15

sign theme dictates a more advanced, modern-looking vehicle with a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs, resulting in an athletic stance with greater presence. More pronounced flared wheel arches, and the impactful simplicity of cleanly sculpted surfaces, help lend the Corolla an exterior elegance. When viewing the profile, there is a sweeping character crease in the body’s sheet metal that spans the length of the sedan and accentuates the integrated door handle design. The 2014 Corolla’s exterior form tapers towards the front and rear of the vehicle to emphasize the wheel arches, with a longer, faster sloping roofline that blends into a shorter rear deck to lend the sedan a sportier image. The new Corolla’s athletic character is complemented by a broad range of styled alloy wheel and wheel cover options ranging from covered 15-inch steel

wheels to 17-inch alloy wheels. The new Corolla will also offer three new exterior colors.


The 2014 Corolla’s interior matches the visual impact of the exterior and adds a new level of refinement. The passenger cabin features a clean, horizontally oriented dash panel design that adds to the interior’s sense of spaciousness. The instrument panel and surrounding areas are finished in premium materials with piano black surfaces, metallic accents and decorative pin-striping to help elevate the compact car ex-

perience. Exquisite texture graining and soft touch material covers the top of the dash panel and key touch points in the cabin. Adding to the cabin’s elevated tone, Corolla offers a choice of seat-covering materials in premium fabric or available SofTex™ material. Attention to detail is demonstrated in the ornamental stitching spanning the length of the dash panel and the shift boot that adorns the center console’s shifter lever. Sound insulation has been strategically placed along the fenders, cowl, and behind the dash panel to reduce noise entering the

improved aerodynamics; and low rolling resistance tires. The Corolla Eco-badged models will achieve an estimated highway fuel economy rating of over 40 mpg thanks to the new Valvematic engine combined with a newly developed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The Corolla L, LE, and S grade models are all powered by a 1.8liter, four-cylinder engine with intelligent Variable Valve Timing (VVT-i) that produces 132 horsepower. While the new Corolla has taken the exterior and interior to new levels, the model remains committed to delivering world-class fuel economy in the compact segment. The Corolla LE and S offer a newly developed continuously variable transmission (CVT). This new advanced transmission, named CVTi-S, helps increase the Corolla’s fuel economy and provide its smooth and efficient power transfer.

cabin helping occupants enjoy Corolla’s available audio systems and connectivity features. The premium interior extends to the rear seat as well. The new Corolla’s longer 106.3-inch wheelbase creates a more spacious interior, with a rear seat area that is 2.95inches longer than the previous model, to offer outstanding rear leg room.


The 2014 Corolla will also offer a new LE Eco grade that is differentiated by a more efficient 140horsepower, 1.8-liter engine with Valvematic technology;

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New 2013 Toyota Prius


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New 2013 Toyota Camry

New 2013 Toyota Rav4

Complimentary Maintenance plan with Roadside Assistance**


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Offer ends 11/4/13, cannot be combined and is subject to availability. On approved credit from Toyota Financial Services. 0% APR financing for 60 months with $16.67 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% APR financing for 48 months with $20.83 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% APR financing for 36 months with $27.78 per $1,000 borrowed. 0.9% APR financing for 48 months with $21.22 per $1,000 borrowed. 0.9% APR financing for 36 months with $28.16 per $1,000 borrowed. Annual Percentage Rate available to buyers with approved Tier I+ through Tier 3 (excellent) credit through Toyota Financial. Down payment may be required. Bonus cash from Toyota Financial Services on TFS lease contracts only. Must be applied to transaction. No cash payment will be made to consumer. Cash back from Toyota Motor Sales,USA, Inc. Rebates do not include CDollege Grad or Military Rebate. **Toyota Care covers normal factory scheduled serveice for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The new vehicle cannot be part of a rental or commercial fleet, or a livery/taxi vehicle. Valid only in the continental U.S.and Alaska. Roadside Assistance does not include parts and fluids.


% up APR to


* Mo.OR



Toyota Bonus Cash

16 — OCTOBER 2013

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New Rogue adds style, space


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p p v fi b t n o E fu w g t a d m t

Press Release

irst introduced for the 2008 model year, the Nissan Rogue has become a key player in the highly competitive compact SUV market - addressing both the functional and emotional needs of buyers while offering great value. Now, with a complete redesign for the 2014 model year, Rogue challenges convention once again with bold emotive styling, a premium interior created with comfort and multi-tasking in mind, and an array of available affordable technologies. For the first time Rogue offers optional 3-row/7-passenger seating, thanks to its improved interior packaging efficiency. Among the many interior highlights are the exceptional passenger and cargo flexibility with its innovative EZ Flex seating System. The new Rogue also offers an innovative, class-exclusive* Divide ‘n Hide Cargo

System that provides 18 adjustable variations (two-row models) between the cargo and occupant areas - including outof-sight storage and a lower deck to handle taller items. “Like every Nissan, Rogue is designed to energize owners’ lives by not only meeting their expected needs, but by going beyond the norm with features such as the Around View Monitor that helps make parking less stressful,” said Fred Diaz, divisional vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc. “With Rogue, as we’ve done with the all-new Altima, Pathfinder, Sentra and Versa Note before it, we’re bringing a new level of affordable technologies and innovations to a segment looking for fresh ideas.” Now assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee, the 2014 Nissan Rogue is the first vehicle to utilize the new jointly developed Nis-

san/Renault Common Module Family (CMF) platform architecture. The added efficiencies provided by the joint development allow Nissan to deliver unprecedented value in


the segment. Rogue is one of a family of new Nissan global compact crossovers, along with the European version, called the Nissan X-TRAIL. As high-volume global growth prod-

ucts, Rogue and XTRAIL are projected to be available in 190 countries around the world. The 2014 Rogue’s completely redesigned exterior provides a premium, high-quality look and feel with no compromise of the functional aspects that are so important to owners in this class. Rogue’s comfortable, inviting interior offers a definite “wow” factor for occupants - unexpected roominess along with a marriage of refined

styling and premium comfort. The new Rogue’s front bucket seats are a special “zero gravity”-inspired design. Similar to the Nissan Altima’s front seats, the articulated seat shape provides continuous support from the pelvis to the chest, helping reduce fatigue over long periods behind the wheel. The 2014 Nissan Rogue comes in three well-equipped models, S, SV and SL, each in a choice of front-wheel or allwheel drive.

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Starting MSRP* Hwy MPG**

Tom Lawrence Sheila Monroe

Price is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). MSRP excludes destination and handling charges, tax, title, license and options. Dealer sets actual price. **2014 EPA fuel economy estimates, 27 city/38 highway for Altima 2.5S. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison only

Ali Young

2014 Nissan Versa

2013 Nissan Sentra

• AC • CD

$ $

MSRP - 12,780

Stock #: N2634

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• 19/25 MPG • Loaded! • 4 x 4 WD

• Crew Cab • 4 x 4 WD N2643

MSRP - $22,755


2013 Nissan Pathfinder SL

2013 NissanTitan SV


Sale Price Only

* *


Stock #: N2376


MSRP - 40,870

• Alloy Wheels • Power Options • Back-Up Cam

• King Cab • Air

• Driver Package • AC

Stock #: N2828

2013 Nissan Rogue S

2013 Nissan Frontier SV


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Stock #: N2529



MSRP - 19,945

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MSRP - $22,755



Drive the 2014 Nissan Altima Today! ** $ %APR

With Available


Up to





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** Subject to credit approval. Down payment may be required. Cash back when you purchase from new dealer stock. See dealer for details. Offers end 10/31/2013.

a n w la s v G “ a p p m fu lo p d o

n n S lo d fo p n




t d



OCTOBER 2013 — 17



New GMC is innovative, tough

Press Release

he all-new 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 full-size pickup is the most powerful, most advanced and most refined truck in the brand’s 110-year history. Sierra’s bold new exterior houses one of three all-new EcoTec3 engines, a fully updated cabin with available nextgeneration IntelliLink connectivity and other features designed for the most discerning truck owners. “Our engineers and designers left nothing on the table when developing this latest Sierra pickup,” said Tony DiSalle, vice president of GMC Marketing. “These trucks have all the power and capability that’s expected in today’s market, excellent fuel efficiency, plus a lot of unexpected, purposeful features developed with truck owners in mind.” In addition to allnew design and technology, the 2014 Sierra boasts the longest list of standard features ever for a full-size GMC pickup. From connectivity solutions, to

a standard tie-down system in the rear, to the segment’s only

seamlessly switch to run on four cylinders during light-load

2014 Sierra features four-wheel disc brakes with Duralife

information, a trip computer, and other information, like radio and navigation. Updates to Sierra’s body and chassis are designed to improve ride and handling, comfort and capability. The fully boxed frame uses highstrength steel and hydroforming to provide more strength and rigidity with less weight.

CARGO BOX standard projector beam headlamps, many premium features are found on each and every allnew Sierra.


Sierra’s engine portfolio is updated for 2014 with the goal of increased in power, torque and fuel efficiency across the board. There will be a 4.3L V-6, a 5.3L V-8 and a 6.2L V-8 offered, all from a shared EcoTec3 engine family. Each engine features standard direct injection, continuously variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management, which means they

driving to save fuel. The increased power and efficiency of the new engines are the result of more than 10 million hours of sophisticated computer modeling, more than half of which were used to make the best of the combustion process. The new 4.3L V-6 EcoTec3 engine will offer improved torque and towing capacity for the six in 10 truck owners who tow.


Strong brakes are important for stopping trucks, whether they’re full of people, payload or both. The

brake rotors, which feature a hardened and strengthened surface to reduce corrosion. Duralife rotors – a GM-exclusive technology – are expected to last twice as long as conventional rotors and provide quieter braking with less vibration.


Premium materials, attention to detail and purposeful technology define Sierra’s all-new cabin. New softtouch materials and available aluminum trim line an interior that’s focused on usable and productive space. “Truck owners want

117 S 19th Street Mattoon (217) 234-8863


The All New 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab

Up To

a well-crafted cabin, but also one that still feels like a truck,”


* Cashback

*Discount Includes $1,000 Customer Cash, $1,000 Trade-In Allowance and $500 Package Discount. To qualify for Trade-In Allowance driver Must be a current owner/lessee of a 1999 model year or newer GMC vehicle and trade in a 1999 model year or newer vehicle. Not available with leases and some other offers. Residency restrictions apply. Take delivery by 10/31/13.

said Helen Emsley, Sierra interior design director. “They want a purposeful interior, not one that’s flowing like you’d find in a car or crossover.” Sierra has an upright instrument panel designed for visibility and accessibility. Knobs and buttons are large, legible and within reach. All knobs are coated using a rubber-overmold technology, so they’re easy to grip even through gloves. A new instrument cluster on all models features six gauges with an available centrally located, 4.2-inch color Driver Information Center with vehicle status

Sierra’s rear bumper features standard corner steps that make climbing into the bed easy, regardless of whether the tailgate is up or down. The steps are paired with grips formed into the top of each bed side. Four movable upper tie downs are also standard. They can be placed in nine different locations and can bear a 250pound load. Available LED cargo lights integrated beneath the bed rails will illuminate the bed when a tonneau cover is in place. The available EZ Lift and Lower tailgate uses an integrated torsion bar and damper to ease lifting and lowering.

18 — OCTOBER 2013

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How to Extend the Life of Your Car or Truck

(StatePoint) Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, so taking care of your car or truck just makes good sense. While regular wear and tear cannot be avoided over time, there are some important steps you can take to keep your vehicle on the road longer:

b li b ca C


Regularly washing your car may keep you riding in style, but a clean vehicle is not just for appearances. Keeping your car or truck clean and free of debris and detrimental road salt will prevent rusting and costly repairs down the line.



To protect your engine, follow your manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals. Instead of conventional oil, consider using high performance synthetic motor oil designed to reduce wear, heat and fuel consumption. Just like motor oil, not all oil filters are of the same quality -- filters can be classified as “economy,” “better,” and “best. Since the oil filter prevents contaminants from circulating through the system and causing damage, opting for a premium oil filter will extend the life of your vehicle. For example, Royal Purple oil filters use micro-glass filter technology. Advanced micro-glass oil filters are designed to extend the life of vehicles and equipment. In addition to superior filtration media, the other internal and structural components are of higher quality materials, making for easier installation and removal as they are much less prone to crush while installing or removing.


More information on motor oil and filters can be found at


The way you drive can affect your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Take care to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Not only will you increase your fuel economy, but you’ll extend the life of your

H on an ce

brake pads. Avoid feel-good driving maneuvers like revving the engine and try not to drive on a n nearly empty gas tank. Neither of these d behaviors is good for your engine, and lu could result in costly repairs. fu By following a maintenance routine and ve practicing good driving habits, you can A extend the life of your vehicle well after driving it off the lot. sc p a g 5

Diagnosing a leaky car

Very often drivers find that the seats or the mats below their feet are damp or downright sopping wet. But unless a window or sunroof was left open during a rainstorm, drivers may find it difficult to decipher why their vehicles are suddenly soaked.

Unfortunately, when a vehicle's interior is wet, that could be a sign of a significant problem, one that can gradually worsen over time. Wetness can cause electrical components or metal structures in the car to rot, and a soggy interior may eventually be overcome by mold. It is best to find out what is causing the leak as soon as possible BASHAM’S REPAIR and have the problem fixed just as quickly. SERVICE Finding the source of a leak is not always Since1954 Randy Basham, Owner easy. Sometimes drivers can locate it themselves and then fix the problem on • Automatic Transmissions • Computer Diagnostics their own, while more serious problems • General Repair might need to be handled by a professional. But it is best to assess the situation before booking an appointment with your 2921 SHELBY AVE. - MATTOON, IL 61938 mechanic. (217) 235-5614 Cars can spring a leak for a variety of 3 J’S TRANSMISSION (PLUS) reasons. Leaks from systems under the COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR hood, as well as rainwater or water from washing the car, can infiltrate the interior if GUARANTEED TO BEAT ANY COMPETITOR’S PRICE BY 10% seals around doors and/or windows are 24 HOUR broken or gaskets are worn out. Figuring TOWING SERVICE FREE TOWING ON ALL MAJOR out which type of liquid is entering your REPAIR JOBS vehicle can help you determine what's *CUSTOMER MUST PROVIDE PROOF JESUS GARZA OF COMPETITOR PRICING. behind the leak. 24 E. MAIN ST. ARCOLA, IL 61910 OFF #(217)268-4840 • CELL #(217)621-6226 A clear, slippery liquid under the seats 12 YEARS OF TRANSMISSION EXPERIENCE - 15 YEARS OF WHOLE CAR may be indicative of a leak in the brake REPAIR EXPERIENCE fluid reservoir. Brake Pickup & Delivery in Mattoon fluid is a liquid used in the braking system to apply hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the calipers to the pads against the Got Shine? wheel drums. If you Deluxe Wash discover brake fluid, Hand Car Wash check the master Express Detail Ultimate Detail cylinder or the clutch Wax & Buff master cylinder to see if there is a leak $ $ or spillover of the $ OFF fluid. Deluxe Wash Basic Includes Tire Shine, ANY DETAIL Coolant also can Car Wash Light Vac & Windows Expires 11-8-13 leak under the Expires 11-8-13 Expires 11-8-13 dashboard and into the foot wells of a car.

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Coolant is a sticky, green and sweetsmelling fluid, and a coolant leak could mean that a heater core or hose in the cooling system is leaking. In such instances, hoses may need to be replaced. Some vehicles have water diverters on the sides of their windshields to make sure water flows off of the windshield when the wipers are in use. Also, the trough where the wipers rest should have a sealant that prevents water from entering at the base of the windshield. Over time, both can wear out and may need to be replaced and resealed. Try sitting in the car on a dry day and spraying a hose on the windshield. See if any water eventually makes it inside of the car. If it does, the windshield is likely the reason your vehicle's interior is getting wet. A clogged drain in a vehicle's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the more common causes of interior water damage. If the drain is clogged, condensation from the system cannot drain from the tube. In such instances, water backs up into the system and can actually blow out of the car vents or elsewhere in the vehicle, forming a pool on the floor of the car. Leaves or debris can cause a blockage. If excess water is left in the HVAC system, it can damage the blower motor. Also, a faulty seal that is located between the HVAC case and the firewall of the vehicle may cause water to leak into the passenger compartment under the carpet. In some cases, cleaning blocked drains in a vehicle's HVAC system may be as simple as blowing compressed air through the vents or using a wire to clear out leaves or dirt. Other times it may be hard to access the leaks, and such instances are often best left to a mechanic. The causes of leaks in a car are not always so easy to diagnose. But it is important to figure out where the water is coming from early on to minimize the damage water can do to your vehicle.

am ca al ye ra 2

A b R th an d 2 M sa ef


TC 19 — OCTOBER 2013




his is going to be an interesting year for luxury-car sales. With many high-end brands reporting improving sales, carmakers are experimenting with new ideas in the luxury market in 2014.

This year will see budget brands introducing luxury cars, like the Kia Cadenza, and luxury brands introducing new electric cars, like the Mercedes-Benz BClass. Here are some of the new upmarket cars for 2014:


Like its Korean cousin, Hyundai, the Kia brand has been on an upswing with better cars and good quality ratings in recent years. Now Kia is taking things to a a new level by introducing the Cadenza for 2014. It's a full-size luxury car that's the most powerful and technologically advanced vehicle that Kia has ever sold in America. It's also built for budget-conscious shoppers with a base price of $35,100, which includes a backup warning system, navigation system, leather seats and 550-watt sound system.


Starting at $37,605, the allnew Q50 replaces the G-Series sedan in Infiniti's lineup. It has a sexy, sleek body style and 328horsepower base engine. Even more impressive is the Q50 Hybrid, which makes more power — 356 horses — and still gets a 36-mpg highway rating. An all-wheel-drive Hybrid model will be priced around $49,000.

also 100 pounds lighter, befitting BMW's tradition of building cars for precise handling and performance. It will initially be available with two engines: a turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 240 horsepower, and a 300-horse turbocharged inline six. It's drawing the most attention, though, for its gorgeous new body design, which is a new, sleek take on the classic BMW shape.



What used to be called the 3Series Coupe gets a new name and a fresh design for 2014: the BMW 4-Series. This two-door car is not only substantially larger than the 3Series Coupe it replaces, but it's

Mercedes-Benz is reaching two milestones at once with the introduction of the electrified BClass in the United States. One is that a B-Class has never been offered here before. While the relatively affordable Merc is sold overseas with gasoline engines, it's only going to be available as an electric car here. And that's the other milestone. It's Mercedes' first test of how

the American market will respond to the idea of an all-electric car with a three-pointed star on the hood.


The 2014 model year is going to be huge for Cadillac. In addition to the high-performance ATS-V and CTS-V, Caddy will be rolling out new versions of its CTS sedan and coupe along with a new electric luxury car, the ELR. Perhaps the biggest news of all is that Cadillac is moving its volume seller, the CTS, upmarket with a fresh-slate redesign that has drawn plenty of praise for its body design, tech-filled cabin and bigger size that makes it more comparable to the BMW 5Series and Mercedes E-Class. The ELR, a sibling to Chevy's brilliant Volt extended-range electric car, also promises a luxury experience with low fuel consumption — or perhaps zero fuel consumption — depending on how you drive it.

Top-rated sedans for the new model year

Sedans have long been a popular option f among drivers. Sedans are popular family cars and are frequently seen as safer alternatives to compacts and coupes. Each year, Consumer Reports and Motor Trend rate the best vehicles in each class, and the 2014 list includes some surprising sedans. For the first time in 20 years, an American car has topped the list of the best-rated sedans, according to Consumer Reports. The Chevrolet Impala has seized the top-rated spot away from the Japanese and European manufacturers who have dominated the list for two decades. The n 2014 Impala scored a 95 on a scale of 100. Many car enthusiasts and trend forecasters say this rating is telling of General Motors' efforts to improve consumers' perception of

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the brand. In one year, the Impala went from one of the worst vehicles in the category to the best. The Consumer Reports ratings include road test results as well as safety information. Reliability and owner satisfaction ratings provided on older cars are based on surveys from millions of subscribers. When rating sedans, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, accident avoidance, overall MPG, and other qualities each factor into a vehicle's overall score. Sedans are categorized based on size, with vehicles broken down into small, midsize and large categories. Sedans also are classified by their styles, such as upscale, luxury, sports, and even fuelefficient. Overall, sedans remain a popular choice because they can provide a good balance of cost, comfort and efficiency. Many sedans are roomy, quiet and comfortable, making them ideal family vehicles for those who do not want the girth or potentially bumpy ride of a truck. In addition to the Chevy Impala,

Consumer Reports list the following vehicles among their most highly-rated sedans: • Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE • Toyota Camry XLE (V6) • Honda Accord LX (4-cyl.) • Honda Accord EX-L (V6) • Hyundai Sonata Limited (2.0T) • Hyundai Sonata GLS (2.4T) • Chevrolet Malibu 2LTZ (2.0T) • Subaru Legacy 3.6R • Toyota Camry LE (4-cyl.)

20 — OCTOBER 2013





Cadillac elevates CTS Sedan fied at 420 horsepower and 430 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerdense six-cylinder engine in the segment. A pair of smaller turbochargers helps provide more immediate power on demand, with approximately 90 percent of peak torque available from 2,500 rpm to 5,500 rpm.

Press Release

adillac’s allnew 2014 CTS sedan ascends into the heart of the midsize luxury market with expanded performance, elevated luxury and sophisticated technology. The third-generation CTS sedan is based on the highperforming reardrive architecture of the award-winning ATS sport sedan, moving Cadillac into the prestigious class of midsize luxury sedans. It will be the segment’s lightest car, enabling the most agile driving dynamics in the class. A range of power-dense powertrains underpin its performance, including the all-new Cadillac Twin-Turbo engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. “The all-new 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan delivers crafted design, thrilling performance and sophisticated technology,” said Bob Ferguson, vice president, Global Cadillac. “The car that has always been Cadillac’s centerpiece stretches figuratively and liter-

ally to challenge the world’s best.”


A longer, lower and more athletic-looking proportion is introduced on Cadillac’s landmark sedan and evolves the brand’s Art & Science design philosophy. While growing five inches in length, including a 1.2-inch longer wheelbase, the roofline and cowl – the base of the windshield – are about an inch lower, dimensions that complement the longer exterior to accentuate the car’s lean aesthetic. “With Cadillac growing globally, driven by rising product credibility, the new CTS ele-

vates the brand to a new level,” said Ferguson. While stretched in overall length and wheelbase, the allnew CTS sedan has a lower curb weight than the preceding model and weighs about 200 pounds less than the BMW 528i. Lightweight features, including Cadillac’s first aluminum door structures, contribute to the lower weight and a nearly 50/50 weight balance. And for the first time on CTS, Magnetic Ride Control, Cadillac’s real-time damping system, is available on base models. Cadillac’s shield grille and signature vertical lighting elements – including LED front signature

lighting detail – evolve on the CTS. The grille is wider, with a more detailed texture, while the headlamps flow up with the hood line, incorporating crystalline LED light guides for a technologically advanced appearance with more uniform illumination. Active grille shutters are included on some models, improving aerodynamic performance on the highway to enhance fuel efficiency. Inside, a roomier, driver-centric cockpit interior with integrated technology and hand-crafted appointments complements the exterior and supports the CTS sedan’s driving experience. Eight

available interior environments are offered, each trimmed with authentic wood, carbon fiber or aluminum. Leather seating is available, including available full semi-aniline leather, with hand-crafted, cut-and-sewn executions.


The new Cadillac Twin-Turbo V-6 and eight-speed automatic transmission combination leads the CTS sedan’s powertrain lineup in the new CTS Vsport. It is the first twinturbocharged engine ever offered by Cadillac and is the brand’s first eightspeed automatic. The Cadillac TwinTurbo is SAE-certi-


The CTS sedan seamlessly blends comfort, convenience and safety technologies with the interior’s hand-crafted appointments and flowing design. Active safety features provide alerts and intervene when necessary to help avoid crashes. At the core of the car’s intuitive technologies is CUE, Cadillac’s infotainment system that uses smartphoneand tablet-influenced controls and commands to access information and entertainment data. An eight-inch, high-resolution color touch screen with haptic feedback allows users to swipe and drag preferences.

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