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SPRING/SUMMER 2014 Holland Home Leisure

RETREAT, REFRESH, AND REDISCOVER Take a look at designing the best backyard escapes


Make everyone feel welcome as soon as they walk into your backyard oasis


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he ultimate experience in outdoor living! We think that being the Nova Scotia exclusive Lloyd Flanders dealer will complement our existing furniture lines. We are excited to see their versatile collections on our showroom floor, showcasing their style and function! Original designs, extreme comfort, high end materials and rich colour palettes are just a few of the reasons we are excited to bring Lloyd Flanders to Atlantic Canada!



ONE-STOP-SHOPPING FOR YOUR BACKYARD NEEDS With names like Ebel, OW Lee, Kettler, Designing Fire, Gensun, Seaside Casual and now Lloyd Flanders, we are sure to have the perfect addition to your backyard living space


or the last 30 plus years, Holland Home Leisure (HHL) has been giving you customized backyard makeovers. In 2007, our first year in the Lifestyles Plaza, HHL added quality outdoor furniture to its show room floor. The idea behind adding furniture unlike anything else available in the Annapolis Valley came from Mike vandenHof, Holland Home Leisure’s founder. Looking to complete the ultimate backyard living experience, we have grown from carrying two brands to now showcasing as many as 10 different manufactures. We look for style, unique designs, fabric selections, customizing options and most importantly, exceptional quality, when we consider adding a new line to the showroom. With names like Ebel, OW Lee, Kettler, Designing Fire, Gensun, Seaside Casual and now new in 2014 Lloyd Flanders, we are sure to have the perfect addition to your backyard living space. Every year we spend hours deciding the styles and fabrics we think will best suit our clients’ needs, and with the biggest selection of outdoor furniture in Atlantic Canada, we look forward to continuing to grow our category and help to design your perfect Backyard Escape. When shopping for quality outdoor furniture at Holland Home Leisure we take the time to make sure your final selection is exactly what you envisioned for your “Vacation at Home.” With the availability to customize your fabric, special order from various manufactures and receive assistance from our trained sales associates, we hope that we can make your shopping an enjoyable experience. If you are looking to make the most of your backyard this year, be sure to check out Holland Home Leisure’s endless outdoor furniture options to accompany your in-ground or above-ground pool, swim spa or hot tub! Your one stop for backyard shopping.

Liana vandenHof-Rhodenizer Holland Home Leisure Manager-Outdoor Furniture and Hot Tub Division

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here does the time go, it only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming Mark and Andrea into the business, but then you wake up and realize that a whole year has gone by. In our business the summer time is always the busiest time, and before you know it seems like it is over, and you will often wonder where did it go? Having said that, the memories we do have of last summer all involved enjoyment in the back yard. This past summer saw all of our grandkids spend hours in the swimming pool. It is amazing the progress that we saw in their ability in the water, and the hours of enjoyment they all had. It was not only the grandkids who enjoyed the pool, but the “Little Kid” in our children and their spouses also seems to come out when they are spending the day at the pool. Even though our summers are busy, we still gather many great memories each year of family and friends enjoying the time spent together in our backyard — be it a family barbecue, a day in the swimming pool, or if it is just a quiet evening at home enjoying the sunset sitting on our back deck, around our fire pit. Holland Home Leisure has spent the last 34 years helping our customers design and create their own backyard oasis, be it a backyard swimming pool, hot tub or backyard furniture, so that they also can start building lasting memories of time spent with family and friends.

Mike VandenHof

Photo: Liana Rhodenzier Photography


ow, what a year! For Andrea and me, starting our new careers at Holland Home Leisure in January was really the epitome of that so called honeymoon phase. Things were pretty slow, training was coming along, and really conflicting priorities and time demands didn’t exist. Then came May! We had heard about it from the staff as though the month itself was some type of overpowering legend, and in some respects, it really was. Being entirely honest though, for both of us it had a different feeling, one different then any of the staff had described. May was an adrenalin-filled month where our day started by talking about work, then work, then we were at home talking about work, and the following days would repeat like this until Sunday, when we would try to enjoy our own backyard. At times the month was challenging, but overall, it was fun! As we look back at the year, it is difficult or next to impossible to pinpoint exactly why we enjoyed it so much, but why doesn’t really matter. We are one year into a new journey that is set to last 20 to 25 years, and we are both thrilled with the decision we made to join the team at Holland Home Leisure. Our business partners Mike and Debby have been incredibly welcoming, and in one short season we now understand why they often referred to the company as their fifth child! It is a small, tight-knit growing family that we all work with each day, and our children (10 and 12) have already started to claim their roles for when they are old enough to start that first summer job. Finally, without our customers we would not be here. Thank you very much to every one of you that comes through our doors, and here’s to hoping for a warm, sunny 2014 pool season!

Mark Van Zoost

Photo: Liana Rhodenzier Photography




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New in 2014 - Ebel’s Fire Pits It’s all about memories for your family and friends

Entrepreneurs at a local campground





Take a look at OW Lee’s new porcelain table tops

It’s all about memories for your family and friends





HHL gives back to Cystic Fibrosis

A glimpse into the world at Holland Home Leisure





Do you know who these people are?

A look at the benefits of buying from your local pool store

47 HOLLAND HOME LEISURE’S DATES TO REMEMBER Cut this one out and put it on you fridge


A LEADER IN THE OUTDOOR FURNITURE MARKET New Ebel fire pits are sure to add another level of luxury to your outdoor living experience


ne of the primary and most popular lines of high quality outdoor furniture at Holland Home Leisure has always been Ebel. With the sleek designs, the broad range of options, not to mention the 15-year furniture guarantee, Ebel is a leader in the outdoor furniture market. Around the world, Ebel retailers and customers have been waiting for Ebel to add an outdoor gas fire pit to their line of products, and we are excited to announce that it is ready, and will be on the Holland Home Leisure showroom floor for 2014! If you have an Ebel furniture set at home, or at the cottage, the new Ebel fire pits are sure to add another level of luxury to your outdoor living experience. What are the choices with the Ebel fire pits? First would be the colour. Matching a number of the existing lines, the fire pits are available in a chestnut (rich cherry type of colour) or driftwood (light aged sea wood type of colour) finish. The next


Photos: Contributed

decision is if the table will be a 50” round, or a 54” square model. Finally, there are two patterns for the fire pit bases available. The primary option is a finished aluminum that has the look of wood and is gorgeous in both colours, and the second option

is a weaved finish which will only be available by special order for 2014. To complement the fire pits, a new line of Bellevue wingback chairs adds a new option to outdoor seating that hasn’t been available at Holland Home Leisure before. Whether it is four chairs around a fire pit, or maybe two chairs and a sofa, any of the combinations integrate the fire pit and seating in a way that will have you excited to show off your backyard. One of the exciting outdoor furniture combinations now available is to combine a fire pit with a new Portofino table, which is new this year. The fire pit and table are an exact match, and with the wingback chairs, your entire outdoor furniture collection provides a stunning combination of comfort and

luxury. More friends arrive for drinks in the evening? Simply move a few of the dining chairs to your fire pit area and your set is still matching. Next time that you are driving by, stop in and have a look. We’re certain you’ll be impressed. If you live elsewhere in the province, a day trip to the valley is worth the drive. Call ahead, and we’ll make sure one of our furniture specialists is waiting to great you when you arrive.


MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING AREA Fastest going trend in backyard living has been addition of a fire pit to the backyard


W Lee has been hand manufacturing some of the most amazing outdoor furniture pieces available for the past 65 years, with their products made from wrought iron, wrought aluminum, and finished with Italian porcelain table tops. Every piece shows quality and durability, with the frames backed by a 20year guarantee. When you buy OW Lee, you are buying a product that will last for decades. Over the past few years, the fastest going trend in backyard living has been the increased number of people that are looking to add a fire pit to their backyard. The increasing demand seems to be coming in part from more and more people sitting around a fire pit in a friend’s backyard, and realizing what a nice luxury they are. The warmth, the atmosphere, the simplicity, and the focal point that is created by a fire pit are all contributing to the demand. The next wave of demand for fire pits is surprisingly from condominium and apartment balconies that are looking to make the most out of their outdoor living area. Some of the newer developments are adding natural gas lines to the balconies, which will work perfectly with the OW Lee fire pits. For a balcony that doesn’t have a gas line, the fire pits are all designed to hold a full-size propane tank, so provided the building allows barbecues on the balconies, the fire pits should be permitted as well. The really neat use of limited space with an OW Lee fire pit is the dining height, with the matching lazy susan. During the day you have the perfect dining table, and then in the evening, by simply removing the lazy susan, your fire pit is ready for the

ambience to accompany drinks with family or friends. Unique to OW Lee is the number of customization options. There are a number of different sizes of bases and tops, and then your choice of centre fill (media). All engineered to withstand the heat, tumbled fire glass pieces, a ceramic rock or log kit, a total of 12 options exist. These fire pits really are spectacular — stop in at Holland Home Leisure to see for yourself.

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SUPPORTING A GOOD CAUSE Holland Home Leisure makes a Splash for Cystic Fibrosis

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and with the support of donations from othBY: egardless of how busy life may be, it is er small businesses as well, we were able to always important to take time to think Liana raise a considerable amount of money. Chef of others in need. Whether you make someone’s day with a random act of kindness, vandenHof-Rhodenizer Dave Smart of Front &Central worked closely with us to help design a culinary experience you volunteer at a local community support our guests would remember. He also made centre, or you participate in planning a charity a generous donation of his own towards our live auction. We were so event, we must always remember to make time to give back. blessed to have our auction supported by many local businesses, Holland Home Leisure became involved in 2011 with Splash for CF, artists and farmers. Without all of them our event would not have a national campaign for Cystic Fibrosis, after our staff heard a very been the success that it was. At last count, it was about $8,500 raised heart wrenching story from a local gentleman suffering from this horrible disease. We decided to develop a fundraising team and jumped in for Splash for CF that night! with both feet; we really wanted to do our best as we knew that a small GET INVOLVED team could make a big difference. We organized barbecues, yard sales, bake sales, sold raffle tickets and finished the year with a dinner and Holland Home Leisure encourages other local businesses to put auction, bringing our total dollars raised to more than $10,000. their creative minds together to make fundraising plans for 2014. During our 2013 summer season we again decided that we were Start small and see where it takes you. Pick a local charity or a nationgoing to make a Splash for CF. We held a charity barbecue where al one; they are all in support of a good cause. During our fundraising Holland Home Leisure paid for all the food, and 100 per cent of the campaigns we have had the chance to meet some wonderful families donations received went to Splash for CF. We sold water drops in impacted by cystic fibrosis. It is nice to know the money raised will both stores, where customers were kind enough to donate a dollar be helping them in their long journeys, and hopefully it will also or two at the time of check out, and then we focused one large event contribute to finding a cure! I am proud to announce that our two to finish the year. We held a five-course fine dining experience and years of fundraising has raised just shy of $20,000 — which has gone auction for 65 guests at Front & Central in Wolfville, N.S. on October 24, to the Splash for CF. 8 / SPRING/SUMMER 2014


pool water


as GOOD as it LOOKS!

Making your backyard the envy of the neighbourhood has never been easier. When you combine great BioGuard products and technologies with the service, support and expertise of the BioGuard Dealer, you have everything necessary to make owning a backyard family resort an absolute pleasure.

Proud sponsor of Splash for CF™ Visit





ith more than 33 years installing pools, that means 33 years of the Holland Home Leisure team going through some style changes. Founders Mike and Debby VandenHof, along with some others, are certainly no exception. Can you guess who these people are? Be kind, it was the 80s!

3. Andrea Van Zoost

4. Scott Saunders

5. Mark Van Zoost 6. Andrea Van Zoost & Scott Saunders




1. Mike and Debby VandenHof 2. Liana VandenHof- Rhodenizer




3*(- -



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) 0 . &  t "6 5 0  t  # 6 4 * / & 4 4 s Completely integrated with social media including

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Holland Home Leisure P O O L S



  B A C K YA R D


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Published for: LeisureScapes Uxbridge, Ontario Operations Manager: Sarah Acorn, LeisureScapes




We take a look at the best backyard escapes

Look to your tablet, smartphone for help

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XVIII DID YOU KNOW? Dealers answer your questions

Necessary and delightful add-ons




GET THE PARTY STARTED Make everyone feel welcome

The ideal backyard setup


PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Great ideas to help enjoy the summer

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Sunshine Pools & Spas Kelowna, British Columbia II / SPRING/SUMMER 2014


RETREAT, REFRESH, AND REDISCOVER From water treadmills and infinity edges to outdoor kitchens and pet-friendly pools, we take a look at designing the best backyard escapes BY

Heather Laura Clarke

Photos: Contributed / Jeff McNeill © McNeill Photography


andscape designers are always looking for new ways to give their clients a space that’s beautiful, functional, and unique to their lifestyle. It’s an industry that’s quickly expanding with innovative new products and techniques — giving homeowners more opportunities than ever to have a truly customized backyard escape.



hen Scott Cooper met with homeowners building on a steep hillside in West Kelowna, he immediately saw this wasn’t going to be a typical project. “The pool needed to be built into the side of a bedrock slope, and it also needed to be planned, located, and excavated before construction on the house even began — so it had to be absolutely perfect,” says Cooper, a project manager with Sunshine Pools & Spas in Kelowna, B.C. The homebuilders spent eight weeks blasting and hauling away more than 480 truckloads of rock. When the lot was prepped, Cooper and his team began to construct the pool — one of only a handful he’s recommended be located in a front yard. But there’s no chance of traffic cruising by and watching the homeowners while they swim. Cooper says the lot’s privacy is incredible, with the house itself — perched six storeys above the main road — tucked away at the end of a 300-foot driveway. He says one of the pool’s most interesting features is a set of swim jets — a jet-propulsion system that allows you to swim in a stationary position. “It’s like a water treadmill,” says Cooper. “You can swim as long as you’d like, without moving from that same spot.”



The Breakthrough In Pool Automation You’ve Been Asking For. Introducing the OmniLogic™ Elite Backyard Controller from HaywardÂŽ. The OmniLogic™ combines the best connectivity, versatility and energy-efďŹ cient functionality with an intuitive interface that makes the whole system easy to use and simple to customize.

4JNQMFBOEJOUVJUJWFQPPM automation like you’ve never experienced.

Photo: Contributed


To take a closer look at OmniLogic or other Hayward products, go to or call 1-888-238-7665 Hayward is a registered trademark and OmniLogic is a trademark of Hayward Industries, Inc.Š 2013 Hayward Industries, Inc.

Total System: Pumps I Filters I Heating | Cleaners I Sanitization I Automation I Lighting I Safety I White Goods SPRING/SUMMER 2014 / V


ill and Judy Brady were called in to help a couple who had bought an old farm just outside of Perth, Ontario. They had redone the entire farmhouse, and wanted to create a backyard escape that complemented their new rural environment. “It’s a beautiful setting. You’re surrounded by hay bales and an old barn, and so much wide open space,” says Bill Brady, owner of COBRA Pools & Spas Inc. “We went with a fibreglass pool, which are a bit more expensive because they go into the ground

in one piece, but they have a lot of advantages — especially down the road. “They’re great for families with dogs, because you don’t have to worry about their nail’s ripping a liner.” The pool is used April through October, so an automatic retractable solar cover was a must — keeping the water clean and warm whenever someone’s ready for a dip. “Putting the cover on and taking it off is as easy as using a TV remote,” says Brady.

COBRA Pools & Spas Inc. Perth, Ontario

Photo: Contributed

BonaVista Leisurescapes Toronto, Ontario


hen you’re designing a backyard escape for a family with young children, Jennifer Gannon — owner of BonaVista LeisureScapes in Toronto — says it’s always a matter of combining safety, function, and fun. BonaVista LeisureScapes was recently approached by a client with a tricky sloping lot — high in the back, sloping down towards the house — that provided some unique design opportunities. They wanted a freeform custom concrete pool


Photo: Contributed

and a natural landscape that worked with the elevations, instead of imposing a design onto an environment. “In order to avoid large, looming retaining walls, we created a three-tiered pool and patio design with a cascading negative edge — also called an ‘infinity’ edge — to fall into a wading pool below,” says Gannon. “This gave the family a shallower pool for their younger children to enjoy, a beautiful water feature to complement the backyard vistas, and a landscape that flows with the

surrounding elevations.” A swirling Cyclone slide was a must-have for the kids, and they also designed covered seating, lounging, and dining areas for entertaining. Gannon says an important element of the project was choosing the dark Marbelite finish — custom-mixed cement overlay — for the pool’s surface. “It creates a more vivid depth to the colour of the water,” explains Gannon. “It makes the concrete textured and beautiful, and also makes it slip-resistant.”

What works for one family won’t work for another, and that’s why it’s important for homeowners to talk to their designer about how they plan to use the space — and how they envision the finished product. Once everyone is on the same page about the look, feel, and functionality, that’s when the fun begins ...



TRENDS IN OUTDOOR LIVING Some elements of backyard pools and hot tubs are necessary and some are delightful add-ons BY

Debra Wells-Hopey


o you took the plunge and installed a pool or hot tub — congratulations! But before you can truly enjoy these lifestyle improvements, you need to consider what you will need to maximize your personal oasis. In recent years copious advancements have been made in terms of pool safety, privacy, lighting and entertainment additions; and who better to give an update on the latest trends and developments then the leisure experts themselves? “Working closely with your dealer those first few months of ownership is critical to ensuring your initial feelings of thrill and excitement stay,” says Ken Reid of Sunshine Pools in Kelowna, BC. “They can make recommendations on not only your water care needs, but also the latest styles and technology to take things to the next level.” Some elements of backyard pools and hot tubs are necessary and some are delightful add-ons. Some can be both. For example, most city bylaws require fencing, which is not only a safety feature but also provides privacy. But it need not be unappealing — and can in fact add to the enjoyment of the space. “The type of fencing you choose may depend on how much you want your neighbours to watch your swimming and tubbing activities,” jokes Reid. “Living walls or trellis systems laced with ivy and strategically placed shrubs or trees can help immensely in creating a private oasis while also assisting with soundproofing.”


“The latest privacy walls are being made of sling fabric, frosted glass, Sunbrella fabric or a variety of woods such as cedar and teak,” explains Jennifer Gannon, owner of Bona Vista Leisurescapes in Toronto. “Tall ceramic and moulded plastic planters that are up-lit offer another way to create privacy when lined up and planted with hardy plants. Water features

add not only soothing sound but privacy too. “Also,” continues Gannon, “Planters or privacy screens delineate the space to create the outdoor walls of different ‘rooms’ such as dining or lounging areas.” Where you seek advice about your pool or hot tub is important. Elie Chassion of Funtime Pools in Moncton, N.B. stresses

Photo: Elena Elisseeva/123RF

that pool and hot tub owners should seek out a professional dealer even for the additions to your purchase. “A professional pool dealer will participate in continuous learning in the swimming pool industry,” says Chaisson. “They can show you the latest projects they have done through a website, photos or by visiting the sites. If you like what someone else has done you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” While browsing through ideas, you may notice what’s available in outdoor entertainment. “Outdoor entertaining areas are often planned in a similar way to the main floor of a home,” explains Bona Vista Pool’s Gannon. “This means a lounge area for conversation, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area.” “A lot of hot tubs come with wireless sound systems that allow you to plug into a stereo or music player inside your home. You can even mount an outdoor television screen so you don’t miss the big game!” adds Sunshine Pool’s Reid. This new outdoor living area, as well as your pool or hot tub, will also need to be lit for security and enjoyment at all hours of the day. “There are many options these days for pool lighting, including using multiple multicoloured, extremely energy efficient LED lights,” says Reid. “How much evening entertaining you do may dictate your choices in this area. Yard lighting around the pool and patio area is also important to create the desired atmosphere.”


“Fire features are another growing segment, adding warmth, light and ambience,” suggests Gannon. “Many are made of metal or concrete and run on either propane or natural gas in round bowl shapes, squares or linear rectangles.” Additional possibilities are limitless. Fountains, torches, umbrellas, misters and outdoor heaters are all on trend right now. All-weather furniture is no longer the patio furniture of your parent’s generation — pieces are available in many price ranges and high fashion styles. Greg Butler of Bubba’s Pools in St. John’s, NL sums up the trends to add to your pool or hot tub. “A long time ago, I was advised by one of North America’s leading swimming pool experts that the backyard should be focussed on three things — fire, food and water,” says Butler. “As evolved and sophisticated as we all fancy ourselves, really we all still have a little of that cave man thing in us!” As in any vision for a backyard, the balance must be found between artistic design and practicality. “Your well lit and secured pool or hot tub, a barbecue and comfortable place to eat, and a fire feature such as torches or a concrete fire pot equals a perfect leisure space,” says Butler. “Add some music and you’re in heaven.”

Photo: zstockphotos/123RF

Photo: Robert Elias/123RF


BACKYARD SPAS ARE A COMPONENT OF HEALTHY LIVING The ideal backyard setup is a cool water pool combined with a hot tub


backyard pool or spa is a wonderful family gathering place, a place to escape the summer heat and have fun. It can also be your most effective fitness tool. Dr. Greg Gannon is a Toronto-based coach, trainer and a sports scientist. He says a backyard pool can provide the perfect workout apparatus, especially for older people or someone just starting out on an athletic regimen. Swimming laps is just one way to accomplish that. There are a whole list of aquatic exercises that can be carried out even in a small pool or spa, including running, stretching and resistance training. “To get the benefit from any training program, you have to follow the principle of physical overload,” says Gannon. “You need to place a load on your body and then steadily increase that load over time. Weights are one good way to provide that load. Water resistance is another. Because you increase the resistance on your body by moving faster, it’s very easy to control resistance exercises in a pool.” A former university kinesiology professor, Gannon worked for more than a decade training elite Olympic athletes and was involved in setting up sports institutes around the country before starting his own business, S2 Training Systems, in 2010. Today he works mainly with dedicated amateur athletes who are training for events such as marathons, triathlons, mountaineering expeditions and ultra-endurance races. He says water provides support for the body, making an exercise program more comfortable for people suffering from arthritis or joint problems. The lack of joint or muscle pain that often comes with dry land gym sessions can make the exercises more enjoyable too, increasing the chances that participants will stick with their exercise program. The ideal backyard setup is a cool water pool combined with a hot tub. “It gives you the benefits of going from a hot medium to a cold medium. Very therapeutic for your muscles after a workout,” says Gannon. For



Tom Mason those who don’t have the resources or the backyard space for that, a spa tub can also be an effective exercise tool for doing yoga, resistance exercises or stretches. There are other alternatives as well, including swim spas. Swim spas function as a kind of treadmill for swimmers. They contain resistance systems that create a strong current so that swimmers can swim in place. Their advantage lies in the fact that they are easy to install and affordable, says Kelly Devries, owner of Water and Wellness in Walkerton, Ontario. Devries’s company installs both in-ground and above-ground models. While in-ground swim spas often require elaborate installation, the above-ground models are usually easy to install. “You wire it up, set it in place and you’re good to go,” he says.

Devries says that anyone planning to invest in a swim spa should do their homework and buy a quality brand. “The top brands place a strong focus on creating a natural swim based on the design of the swim tank,” he says. “The ones we sell come with a sport version and a trainer version for more elite athletes. For about 85 per cent of the population, a good quality sport version will be enough.” Gannon says there’s a mental health component that is often overlooked when it comes to spas. The spa experience is meditative, the sound of running water is therapeutic, and some of his clients even go so far as to add aromatic scents to the water to add an aromatherapy component to the mix. “It’s well known in our industry that spas are a key element of an effective training system,” he says. “After all, most Olympic training facilities are now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hydrotherapy equipment. They wouldn’t be doing that if it didn’t work.”

Photo: Contributed



SOLID AND MESH SAFETY COVERS Protection every family can afford!

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We can!

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Floor seams are visible on standard liners.

No visible žSSVWIEQW.






PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Great ideas to make your pool or hot tub more enjoyable this season

PICSURE MEASURING SYSTEM The proper fit of a vinyl liner is imperative for its longevity and appearance . Highbury Pools innovative PicSure Measuring System is the most accurate way to measure for a pool liner installation. Only Highbury Pools can accurately 3D render your pool to design a liner. The best fit, appearance and longevity, insist on a Highbury Pools Liner measured with PicSure Measuring System.

SILKY SWIM “GOODBYE DRY!” Goodbye Dry! is a unique water treatment applied to the pool for the swimmer, not the pool. Add Goodbye Dry! to your pool to enjoy the benefits of not only silky feeling water, but how the water also makes your hair tangle-free and your skin softer and itch-free.

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THE OMNILOGIC ELITE BACKYARD CONTROLLER The Breakthrough In Pool Automation You’ve Been Asking For The OmniLogic Elite Backyard Controller from Hayward combines the best connectivity, versatility and energy-efficient functionality with an intuitive touch display interface that makes the whole system simple to use and easy to customize. Access pool control applications from any computer, remote or mobile device.

LATHAM ULTRA-SEAM® LINERS Tired of visible floor seams detracting from the look for your pool? Vinyl liners made with Latham Pool Products’ exclusive Ultra-Seam® process have floor seams that are stronger and virtually invisible. Whether you’re purchasing a new pool, or want to replace your current liner, visit lathampool. ca or call (800) 638-7422.


THERE REALLY IS AN APP FOR THAT Look to your tablet, smartphone for inspiring backyard help


Lindsey Bunin


n a world where there’s always an app for that, consider how your phone or tablet could be of assistance during your next project. There are many facets to a pool or hot tub project that need to be completed before you can dive in to your backyard oasis. Installation, decor and landscaping are all valuable parts of the finished product. Harnessing as much power as your drill, why not let your apps be your right-hand-man? Photo: Sorapong Chaipanya /123RF

Handy tools

Find your inspiration

While you can’t pop a screwdriver from the side of your phone, there are plenty of apps to help lighten your tool box.

Idea sharing is one of the quickest ways to spark your own creativity. Through online forums, users are borrowing each other’s inspirations more than ever.

iHandy Carpenter ($1.99):

Handy Man DIY ($1.99):

Houzz (free):

Pinterest (free):

Keep five tools in your pocket at all times. This app includes a plumb bob, surface level, bubble bar level, protractor and ruler.

This multi-functional app allows you to keep a running list of materials, manage the budget, store measurements and provides handy how-tos for a wide variety of DIYs.

Featuring a drool-worthy collection of design and decor options, Houzz allows you to search photos by style, create collections to piece together an overall look, and share your plans easily with others.

A mecca of idea sharing, Pinterest invites users to pin ideas, links and photos to virtual bulletin boards. Simple organization helps you map out what you like most and create your own ideal project.



Gardening and landscaping

Task management

Need a little advice on what to grow, or some inspirational images to help you image what your backyard can look like?

When taking on a large indoor or outdoor project, there’s plenty to keep track of, so why not keep your lists at your fingertips?

Grow Your Own (free):

iScape ($9.99):

Wunderlist (free):

Evernote (free):

Created by the Royal Horticultural Society, this app will help gardeners figure out what to grow and how to do it best, based on skill level. It also includes fruits and veggies if you want to supplement your landscaping.

While this app costs a bit more than most, it’s worth its weight in shrubs. With a library of more than 700 images and a variety of tools, it will tell you what to plant and where to plant it. Its photo and drawing features allows you to mock-up your space for the best results.

Make an account and use this app to make lists and manage your to-dos without missing a single detail. It’s also a great utility for multi-tasking business owners, and allows list sharing, too.

This multi-use tool allows you to sync your digital ‘notebook’ seamlessly between your phone or tablet and your computer to manage tasks and delegate and share lists with other users.

Before and after As with any home project, it’s beneficial to capture before and after photos — not just for bragging rights. Keep a running log of the home-improvement projects you’ve completed for your records. Don’t forget to upload the blooper videos, too.

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Camera+ ($1.99): This simple-to-use camera provides more editing options than the basic iOS or Android camera.

It’s the ‘little’ things we do that make a ‘big’ difference! 888.923.9813


TOP 10 REASONS why you should request that your pool dealer uses only Highbury Pools Ltd products for your dream backyard oasis. 9. Countless standard shapes and sizes - We can also assist in creating a custom design, giving 2. Invisiseal Vinyl Liners - Since 2008, we have been you an infinite number of choices and ensuring providing the strongest, most visually appealing you get the pool that you want. seams on both the floor AND wall seams. 1. WE ARE CANADIAN OWNED AND OPERATED.

3. We provide the best dealer support and fastest lead times in the industry standing firmly behind our Dealers. 4. Strongest steel panels - Our steel panels have STANDARD wall stiffeners at a maximum of 2’ apart and an encapsulated top rail making the sturdiest panel available in the industry.

10. We also carry a full range of distribution products, providing your dealer with a “onestop shop”. This means everything for your pool arrives at once, and there’s no holdups waiting on product.

5. PicSure Measuring System - Our exclusive Computer Aided Measuring software creates a virtual 3D model of your pool for the absolute most accurate fitting liner available. 6. Full line of Fibreglass and Luran stairs to help achieve the exact style you are looking for. 7. Versatility - Our Triumph On Ground Pools offer an alternative when an inground pool isn’t suited for your desired application. 8. Full line of coping including aluminum, PVC, and ProForm Cantilevered concrete forms.

visit us at



Saltwater pools are favoured for their simple approach, but they do have some unique maintenance needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools. Despite their popularity there is still some information that has not reached all Canadian salt pool owners. TRUTH 1 A salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine that diminishes rapidly when exposed to sunlight UV rays. A pool water stabilizer product shields against sunlight to extend the life of generated chlorine and minimize cell run time. Stabilizer levels need to be adjusted at spring opening and checked during the season. TRUTH 2 The process a cell uses to convert saltwater into chlorine contributes to higher water pH every time a cell runs. A pH reducer corrects high pH to protect surfaces and equipment and maintain bather comfort. Granular pH reducers are preferred for ease of handling and safer storage than liquid acids.

TRUTH 5 Saltwater pools need water balance levels tested on a regular basis just like traditional chlorine pools. Use test strips to ensure proper water balance for the best swimmer comfort, equipment «ÀœÌiV̈œ˜]>˜`Ã>˜ˆÌˆâiÀivwVˆi˜VÞ°-«Àˆ˜} start-up, monthly checkups and prior to closing tests at your professional dealer are recommended.

TRUTH 6 The amount of salt in a pool and the amount of chlorine being produced are independent of each other. Adding more salt (above what is recommended in the owner’s manual) does not improve ivwVˆi˜VÞ œÀ ˆ˜VÀi>Ãi ̅i }i˜iÀ>̈œ˜ œv chlorine. Test strips or dealer testing will Vœ˜wÀ“ Ã>Ì iÛiÃ° iÌ Ã>Ì iÛi ˆ˜ ̅i TRUTH 3 The environment within a correct range with a high quality pool salt cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale at the start of the season. deposits to form on a cell’s wall over time, decreasing the chlorine output and TRUTH 7 The process of generating ivwVˆi˜VÞ°1ÃiœvÃV>i«ÀiÛi˜Ìˆœ˜«Àœ`‡ chlorine within the cell will cause scale builducts will defend against damaging scale Õ«̅>ÌÀi`ÕViÃivwVˆi˜VÞ>˜`ŜÀÌi˜ÃVi vœÀivwVˆi˜Ì]œ˜}>Ã̈˜}Vi«iÀvœÀ“>˜Vi° life. Use of a cell cleaner removes built-up scale to restore cell to peak performance. TRUTH 4 Chlorine is effective at killing Starting each season with a properly cleaned bacteria and algae, but creates unpleasant cell is recommended. by-products when it reacts with contaminants like sweat or sunscreen. A shock treatment eliminates contaminants for clear, fresh water. Nothing is truly maintenance free, but with Shocking during the swimming season ensures some basic knowledge and the ongoing water quality and reduces stress on chlorine support of your professional dealer a salt generator. Chlorine or non-chlorine shocks can pool can be a backyard pleasure. be used.

SunShield Stabilizer ®

shields against sunlight to extend the life of generated chlorine and minimize cell run time.

pH Reducer corrects high pH to protect surfaces and equipment.

Scale Defender protects against damaging scale for efficient, long lasting cell performance

Cell Cleaner removes built-up scale to restore cell to peak performance. Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer eliminates contaminants for clear, fresh water.

For more information, contact your BioGuard Dealer.

DID YOU KNOW? Dealers answer your most frequently asked questions * BY

Lindsey Bunin


hen it comes to pool and hot tub sales, installation and service, who better to answer your frequently asked questions than the professionals? Ken Reid, of Sunshine Pools and Spas in Okanagan Valley, B.C., says his business prides itself in the ability to maximize customers’ leisure time by looking after all their swimming pool and hot tub needs, with a passion for making pool and hot tub ownership easy. They offer design and construction services for in ground pools and a full service and maintenance department all brands of pools, equipment and hot tubs, as well as a wide selection of backyard accessories.

Do I need a permit for an in-ground pool? Yes, a permit is required for all in-ground pools in our jurisdiction. Local cities or municipalities have certain restrictions that must be met when putting in a pool, and often will want a geotechnical engineer involved in the project to ensure the ground condition is sufficient or optimized to support the swimming pool.

Do I need a safety barrier around my above ground swimming pool? Yes, all pools require an approximate 4-ft. high safety barrier around them. If the above ground pool walls are 4-ft. or higher, they can be considered the safety barrier, as long as any ladder or entry system into the pool can also be blocked off.


How do I decide what size pool to select?

What is the lifespan of a pool?

There are many factors that go into selecting pool size and shape. Mainly, budget, size and shape of yard, and your desired use for the pool. The larger your pool, the more it will cost, so once you have determined a budget for your project, your dealer can price out a pool that fits. Yard size and shape are important to consider as you need to determine how much room you have available for the pool versus play area, patio area, landscaping, etc. With today’s smaller lot sizes, this becomes more of a deciding factor in how large a pool you can put in.

If well-constructed and maintained, pools should be a permanent aspect of your landscape design. Many of our clients still live in the home where we built their concrete pool back in the ’60s. They may require a new surface coating (paint or marbelite on a concrete pool, new liner on a vinyl pool) over the years and mechanical service on their filter, heater and pump. The benefits of maintaining proper water chemistry is that it protects the mechanical equipment and the pool surface. Taking your water sample to a LeisureScapes professional helps to preserve the life of your pool as they will share responsible and easy annual water care and maintenance tips.

——— A second-generation, family-run business, BonaVista LeisureScapes in Toronto is operated by siblings carrying on their father’s tradition of building custom, concrete pools, hot tubs and water features for the residential and commercial markets in Toronto with special projects all over Ontario.

How do I choose a pool dealer? Ask friends and family for a referral. If they’ve had a backyard project done, search the local market for a location to visit and on the Internet for reviews. After narrowing down the search to a minimum of three quality builders, interview or meet with each on site to see what they recommend for your space. Ask for references and email or call them to ask about their experience with the company. Price should not be the only factor that contributes to your decision. Rapport with the sales and construction crew, as well as scheduling will also be important when you undertake a backyard project so your expectations are met and the experience is a positive one.

——— With more than 18 years’ experience, family-owned Vantage Pools in Langley, BC, has two retail stores where manager of operations Rhett Bradshaw and his crew provide service work, parts, chemicals, water testing, hot tubs, toys, and specializing in building vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools.

What can I do to make my pool last longer? It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is absolutely true of swimming pools and related equipment. Weekly maintenance is a key to prolonging the life of your investment. One of the biggest factors is properly balancing your pool water. Unbalanced water can take a heavy toll on pumps, heaters, pool surfaces, stainless steel items and more. Being too low in mineral content results in acidic water that can eat away at plastics, metals


and even concrete. On the other hand, having high levels of alkalinity, pH or calcium can also cause issues such as staining, scale build up, inefficiency of equipment. By simply taking 15 to 30 minutes per week, you can protect your swimming pool and get the most out of your well-spent money.

What is the best kind of landscaping for around my pool?


Photo: HaveSeen /123RF

While big leafy plants and trees can provide needed shade during the heat of summer, they can also result in a lot of extra work. Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves) can be a pain when fall rolls around. The last thing you want is to be scooping leaves out of the pool or fishing out grass trimmings on a regular basis. Using river rock, lava rock, or other low maintenance ground coverings around the pool will ensure you can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning. Rockscapes are becoming increasingly popular for many pool owners. You may also consider evergreens as a way to add life to the backyard without adding work to your life.

Different regions of the country have different bylaws governing what you can and cannot do on your property. While these answers are meant to provide you with as much information as possible, the answers may be slightly different in your area of the country. For example, a safety barrier in B.C. may have a different height requirement than one in N.S. Please check with your local authorities as well as your knowledgeable LeisureScapes dealer before making any decisions. SPRING/SUMMER 2014 / XIX

GET THE PARTY STARTED Make everyone feel welcome as soon as they walk into your backyard oasis

Photo: Hanna Monika Cybulko /123RF


he food and drinks are fabulous. Your beef-filled appetizers in phyllo wrappers. BY guests feel right at home. And you’re the “For the main course you can take your baramazing host who also has a chance to becue to another level by grilling lamb with a haDiane Merlevede enjoy the party. It’s what backyard entertaining rissa spice blend,” says Filippou. “You can serve is all about — celebrating the summer with family couscous too. It all would work really well.” and friends. Serve food with ease on stylish outdoor dinGet the party started by making everyone feel welcome as soon nerware that combines the look of fine china with the durability of as they walk into your backyard oasis. melamine in summery colours and patterns. Offer drinks with class “We want our guests to experience a sense of ease and comfort, in the latest acrylic pitchers and stemware that reflect the elegance and we can help create that by having some food and drinks ready of crystal without the worry about broken glass. for them, some music and some ambience,” suggests Tom Filippou, The kids can have their own special treats, and maybe even their executive chef for President’s Choice. own activities under the careful supervision of an experienced sitter. “Set up small stations or areas where people can walk up, grab a “You could set up a sundae bar with all sorts of toppings and cones, drink and grab a bite. Put out pitchers with some great cocktails, such and let the kids make their own,” suggests Filippou. as sangria or cosmopolitans. Then your guests can chat and watch as Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Don’t be surprised if some of the you’re preparing the main course on the grill.” grown-ups want a sundae bar too! Perhaps plan your menu around a theme with international flair, Here’s to a summer full of good food, good company and such as a Moroccan-style barbecue, starting with Moroccan cigars — good fun.




Photo: Contributed


White Sangria LEARN MORE


At your next cocktail party, impress your guests with a pitcher of this beautifully coloured and citrus-studded sparkling sangria. With the addition of Red Sangria Cocktail Mixer, very few ingredients are required.

Ingredients: 1 bottle (750 mL) white wine or Prosecco 1½ cups (375 mL) PC Black Label Sangria 6 thin round lemon slices 6 thin round lime slices 6 thin round orange slices 3 cups (750 mL) ice cubes ½ cup (125 mL) raspberries Instructions: 1. In pitcher, stir together wine and sangria cocktail mixer; add lemon, lime and orange slices. 2. Add ice cubes and raspberries; stir gently to combine.

Chef’s Tip: Sangria can be made a couple of hours or up to a day in advance. Refrigerate pitcher after adding lemon, lime and orange slices. Just before serving, stir in ice cubes and raspberries.

Serves: 6 Per Serving: protein 1 g. Source: SPRING/SUMMER 2014 / XXI

“bloo” Juice Morning Power Smoothie Photo: Contributed

Smoothies are a very popular way to start the day. When building the ultimate healthy smoothie it is important to blend together four essential ingredients – a liquid base (preferably a high antioxidant juice like blueberry), a good protein (Greek yogurt or your favourite protein powder), a healthy fat (flax seeds, walnuts and avocado all contain omega 3 fatty acids) and a high fibre carbohydrate (highest fibre fruits are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, pears, apples and oranges). This smoothie is packed with all the right ingredients for that power boost first thing in the morning, or you can enjoy this smoothie any time of day when you feel like a delicious metabolism boost. XXII / SPRING/SUMMER 2014

Ingredients: 1 very ripe banana, frozen 1 fresh peach (with skin), cut into segments or 1 cup frozen mango segments 1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger 2 tbsp ground golden flax seeds (use whole flax seeds) ½ cup Greek or any unsweetened plain yogurt 1 cup “bloo” blueberry or “bloo” blueberry citrus juice

Method: Wash peach before cutting into segments, set aside. Place whole flax seeds in blender and pulse until fully ground. Add all other ingredients to blender or Magic Bullet. Blend for approx. 30 seconds to one minute on high or until smooth. If consistency is too thick, add more bloo juice to your liking.

For children: For a fun and nutritious treat for children, blend all ingredients except the ginger and flax seed in a blender. Fill a Popsicle mould with mixture and freeze for a healthy, tasty refreshing treat. Makes 6 to 8, depending on size of Popsicle tray. For another kid-friendly treat, you can freeze just the blueberry juice in Popsicle tray.

Serves: 2-4 Source: Photo: Contributed




Whether you already own a pool or just starting to think about owning a pool, you can find resources, ideas and tips to help you get the most from your backyard oasis.

Photo: Contributed

Harissa Lamb Chops A fiery blend of chillies, spices and oil, the harissa spice blend is a dry spice mix that makes an ideal rub. Naturally suited to one another, this delicious combination of harissa and lamb will impress discerning guests.

Ingredients: 12 large lamb loin chops, about 1.3 kg 3 tbsp (45 mL) olive oil 1/4 cup (50 mL) PC Black Label Harissa Spice Blend Instructions: 1. In bowl, combine lamb chops, oil and harissa spice blend, massaging spice blend into the meat. Cover. Place in fridge to marinate for at least 1 hour, or up to 4 hours. 2. Preheat gas barbecue to high heat. Remove lamb from fridge 10 minutes before grilling. 3. Turn barbecue to medium heat. Place chops on greased grill. Cook with lid up for 4 to 6 minutes, giving chops a quarter turn halfway. Turn chops over and repeat on other side.

Serves: 4 Per Serving: 680 calories, fat 54 g, sodium 1450 mg, carbohydrate 2 g, fibre 0 g, protein 47 g.


PACIFIC Tilestone Wall

7” (17.78 cm) galvanized steel top seat Resin seat cap Galvanized steel top track


8’, 12’, 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, 30’ and 33’ Oval


A-Brace 10’ x 16’ 10’ x 21’ 12’ x 18’ 12’ x 21’ 12’ x 24’ 16’ x 26’ 16’ x 32’ 18’ x 33’ 18’ x 38’ 18’ x 44’

6" (15.24 cm) galvanized steel upright 52" (1.32 m) corrugated steel wall Injected resin bottom connector / foot collar combination Galvanized steel bottom track Visible steel A-Brace System for oval pools NBS system for oval pools SPRING/SUMMER 2014 / XXIII


CLEANER. SAFER. EASIER-TO-MAINTAIN. Turn common salt into chlorine, right in your pool. And worry less about harmful chemicals and daily upkeep. Featuring an easy-toread display, the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator keeps you up to date on salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow. So, you’ll always have safer, sparkling clean water without all the worries. Find a dealer at ©2013 Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. All rights reserved.

s i s a O




Photo: Gennadiy Poznyakov/123RF


Debby vandenHof


hat does a campground have in common with a pool and hot tub company, and more specifically, what does Yogi Bear’s Jellystone™ Campground have in common with Holland Home Leisure? Surprisingly, a lot! If you are yet to visit Yogi Bear’s Jellystone™ Campground (Yogi’s), located where other than on Boo Boo Blvd in Kingston, N.S., then you are in for a treat! Only a few short years ago, the current owners Henk John and Mary Ann Kuipers travelled from their home in British Columbia to Nova Scotia in search of the perfect campground, and fell in love with Yogi’s. Seasoned campground operators just looking for a new location? Not at all. Driven, hardworking, honest, people that thrive on adding blessings and family fun to other people’s lives — now you have a small glimpse of Henk John and Mary Ann. The campground seems to have originated sometime in the mid-1970s, and the previous owners had spent decades building relationships with their customers, and also their service 38 / SPRING/SUMMER 2014


providers that helped to make everything work in the short four-month season. With a 200,000 litre pool at the campground, Yogi’s was a longtime customer at Holland Home Leisure (“HHL”), and where neither Henk John and Mary Ann had ever owned a pool or hot tub, they relied on HHL to help them ensure that the pool was ready for the hundreds of weekly swimmers. Seeing how service is what HHL is known for we are more than happy to help. With so many things that needed to be done at Yogi’s each day, and the number of things that there are to learn in a new business, it was crucial that the swimming pool was operational everyday of the season. Whenever Henk John or Mary Ann come into the store (our staff are fa-

miliar with Henk John and Mary Anne’s business) we do our best to answer their questions, gather their products and get them on their way quickly so they can get back to what they love to do! Finding great staff in any business is always a challenge, and in a seasonal business that becomes an even larger challenge. Henk John and Mary Ann were fortunate that Yogi’s had a great staff, and although not all return each year, that also brings opportunities for new hires excited to join the Yogi’s team. In a seasonal business it is even more important that every customer has the wow experience, as the first day of each camping season only has about 120 tomorrows, and that has to be enough for the business to survive for the year. Mary Ann works in the store as

much as she can, allowing her to interact with as many customers as possible, building new relationships that they look forward to continuing for years to come. It is hard to explain, but there really is a camaraderie and mutual respect among all small business owners, and when it comes to Henk John and Mary Ann, it goes a little bit deeper. Faced with some of the same seasonal business challenges as HHL, the close time proximity of their business transition to ours, and the similar story of taking on a company in an industry that they’ve, and our new business partners, have never worked in, just resonated with me. We value their business, we respect them as business owners, and we wish them continued success as they continue to make their mark at Yogi’s.


YOGI BEAR and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Hanna-Barbera (s14)

There really is a camaraderie and mutual respect among all small business owners

VACATION AT HOME An above ground pool: a tremendous way to add a whole new level of fun to your family summers

Photos: Contributed


ften times when people start to think about putting in a pool, the initial thought is that an in-ground pool is what they are looking for, and some do decide to go that way. The majority however, have realized the fun they were dreaming of can be had with an above ground pool, and also how affordable an above ground pool is. It is important to note that an above ground pool is a


steal walled, About BY semi-perseven years manent ago we Andrea Van Zoost pool, and bought our is very house, and different from what we refer to as that first summer the kids ran a Splasher-Pool. As a new owner through that famous — and very at Holland Home Leisure, and cold — sprinkler to try to beat an above ground pool customer, the heat! As we watched them, I would like to share a bit of our Mark started telling stories of story, and how we ended up with his childhood, swimming at his an above ground pool in our neighbour’s pool, and all the fun backyard. they had there. The traditions of

Grampy Don’s (neighbour with the pool) grandsons coming for Apple Blossom, and how that was the official start to every swim season … no matter how cold it was! I fondly replied with stories of my childhood swimming at Oma and Opa’s pool, and no matter how cold the water was there as well, it was always a race between my cousin Scott and me to see who the first one was.


Both of those were in-ground pools, and we knew that an inground pool wasn’t an immediate option for us, which left us kind of scratching our heads, and thinking about an above ground pool. Initially I couldn’t see how we would even get an above ground pool to fit in our backyard! After hours of measuring, sketching, dreaming and visualizing, we had plans for a 15’ x 30’ pool, plans for a renovated deck, and a spot for our someday hot tub. It is really neat how traditions can last through generations, and how the Apple Blossom swim is still a tradition in our family. Do you remember the 2013 Apple Blossom Saturday weather? It was HOT! Not a word of a lie, we counted 31 people in our pool at once that day. One of the really nice features of an above ground pool on days like that is the single depth, which allows the kids to play without worrying about accidentally going over their heads. Then when it went to a game of pool volleyball, the single depth

was again ideal, giving us a perfect pool volleyball court! Have you ever considered a pool for your family? A moderately handy do-it-yourself person can install an above ground pool with some guidance and tips from our staff, and once your site is level, a pool can normally go up in a day without too much trouble. If you prefer the idea of coming home from work and the pool being there ready, our installation team can install it for you. For virtually any budget, an above ground pool is a tremendous way to add a whole new level of fun to your family summers, and your kids will love you for it, we promise. Vacation at home, with a little help from Holland Home Leisure.

Check us out at www.hollandhomeleisure


MORE THAN JUST STAFF “Those who play together, stay together” It’s not everyday that you come across a staff that has so many long term employees. On our showroom floor we have staff whom have been here 12, 10, eight and five years, and some in our service department 25 years and up! What’s keeps us coming back for more?


The Holland Home Leisure Staff



Photos: Contributed


omething you may not know about us it that we can very easily be won over with food! An all time favourite is our organized barbecued lunches. These seem to happen when the bosses are away, and we all bring in our favourites, Craig fires up the Green Egg, and we all have a yummy lunch together. As staff we take turns bringing in cakes for the fellow staff member’s birthdays. Either homemade with love the night before, or the birthday person’s favourite from a local bakery, we make sure each staff member has a special moment on their big day! We surprise each other with favourite coffee shop treats to brighten a gloomy day, Anne always keeps our candy jar stocked with our favourites, and we always have holiday themed treats! We even had a pie bake off this fall! A really nice thing about working so closely with the same people is that we get to know what items can brighten their day, whether that is a surprise with their favourite type of chocolate bar, showing up with Mother’s Day flowers, or having cupcakes delivered mid-day. Another favourite is showing up early on Saturday mornings for coffee and muffins in “Café Anne” in the off season, to have time to catch up on things other than work. Our staff outings are also an appreciated time where staff from both stores come together for activities like movies nights,

diner out after a big sale or seminar, and always paid for by the company. The Christmas staff diner and staff summer party are always a blast. In 2013 we had a live band perform which added to the fun, and hopefully will become a tradition! We have even been known to go on a pub crawl or two, partake in Wednesday night wings, open the store to go in the swim spa on the weekends, or even to host a baby shower! We keep things light in the summer months with writing funny quotes and sayings on the white boards. When a staff member catches another staff saying something or doing something that didn’t quite make sense, you will be sure to find it written on the white board for all the staff to see. All in good fun of course! Sometimes all you need to brighten your day is the “buddy system” — doing a not so coveted task as a team can make it go by quicker, easier and maybe even make you laugh! As we sat down and went over what makes us “Us,” we realized how much we have all gotten to know each other, all of the simple things that we do everyday that makes us a team. We had a few good laughs about things that had happened in 2013 (Anne and Liana being upset that they weren’t invited to guys’ night, seeing the dancing skills of a few at the summer party, the white board comments and so much more), we realized we are more than just staff … we are a family. WWW.LEISURESCAPES COM

spa care



Making your spa the envy of the neighbourhood has never been easier. When you combine great SpaGuard® products and technologies with the service, support and expertise of the SpaGuard Dealer, you have everything necessary to make owning a spa an absolute pleasure.

Proud sponsor of Splash for CF™ Visit

ARE YOU BUYING GOODS, OR GOODS AND SERVICES? Customer service has always been the backbone of Holland Home Leisure

Illustration: Lorelyn Medina/123RF


s e-commerce continues to grow, us to walk them through what needs to be and more and more consumers done, and this type of customer service has BY are turning to online shopping, the always been the backbone of our company. question I ask is: when you shop online, are Opening and closing your pool each Debby vandenHof you buying goods or are you buying goods season are the two largest maintenance and services? tasks, and some people choose to have us As a specialty retailer in the pool indusdo this for them, and some choose to do try, put very simply, what we sell is fun. Fun it themselves. We are entirely supportive in your backyard with your kids, your family, your friends, your of both approaches, and for the past 20 years we have actually held neighbours, and fun with that inner child deep inside you that comes a free pool opening seminar in the spring, and a free pool closing out when you feel the thrill of getting in the water. You work hard all seminar in the fall. When our customers come through the door, we week long, and when it comes to a hot sunny weekend, your reward is believe that what they are buying is goods, and services, which is a some time to relax and enjoy your own little oasis. We strive to ensure different business model then e-commerce. that when you get there, we have done everything we can to help you Eventually, every pool or hot tub needs to have something remake sure it is pristine. placed or fixed. It may be a noisy pump, a leaking seal, a lost O-ring, The reality â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a pool is likely to be anywhere from 30,000 litres to or simply the filter being placed on a different setting to fix the issue. 140,000 litres, is normally outside exposed to the elements, consists Something as simple as a new gasket or O-ring is a pretty basic good, of the pool, the treated water, a pump, a filter, perhaps a chlorinator, but sometimes it takes a conversation with a professional to determaybe a heater, and believe it or not, a number of other little parts, mine which good it is. Often times, it may take us five to 10 minutes like seals, O-rings, and so on. All of these items I will call â&#x20AC;&#x153;goodsâ&#x20AC;? for to determine exactly which O-ring is required, and generally we have purpose of this article. These goods will have your pool running perthe part in stock and the customer is able to go straight home and fectly the first day, the second day, even the third, fourth, fifth. And make the repairs without delay. As that transaction is completed, the sometime around the sixth or seventh day, your pool will need more phone rings with someone looking for troubleshooting advice, and than just the goods, it will need services. Your pool will need some10 or 15 minutes later their problem is solved. There is no charge for one to do something(s) to it to keep it pristine. Our customers turn to this as it is a service we provide. 44 / SPRING/SUMMER 2014


Photo: Contributed

The next customer through the door is fundraising for a local charity, their child’s sports team, or any other number of worthwhile causes. As a family owned business, we try to support as many of these requests as we can, and are happy to support the communities that also support us. And then the final person to walk through the door that hour is someone looking for a job. They tried calling, emailing, texting, Facebooking, mailing, faxing, and even locating the e-commerce company for a job, but at best, they received an automated response with something to the effect of “shipping is done directly from the manufacturers, we are only a website. Thank you for your email.” Across all industries, I believe that it is becoming more and more important that consumers support goods and services providers that also support and employ people in the community, and that we are all mindful of the unintended consequences that come from losing any locally owned business to the competitive e-commerce world. Does it cost less online? Perhaps, but at what cost to our local economy? The real question is, does it really end up costing more online?

49 Ash Lake Court Halifax, NS B3S 1B7 902-835-0741

Come see us for all your Landscaping & Masonry ideas. We offer a large selection of Concrete Pavers, Pool Caping, Natural Stone & more..

Atlantic Canada’s Largest Selectiion of Natural Stone!


Rudy Burghardt and Sons is pleased to have provided Holland Home Leisure with clean, clear water for their pool installations for over 20 years. We also offer services such as: Top up water for swimming pools Hot tub fill ups We can deliver up to 6,000 gallons Bulk milk haulage of clean, clear water! Gravel 88 White Rock Rd, Kentville NS | phone: 902.678.2808 | fax: 902.678.3224 SPRING/SUMMER 2014 / 45





2014 DATES TO REMEMBER Clip and Save! April 29, 2014 - Pool School (Pool Opening Seminar)

— Review how to open your pool at this free BioGuard seminar, and receive a free gift. New Minas store at 7 p.m.

May 12th to 19th - Annual Victoria Week Sale

— Our largest sale of the year. Pick-up your chemicals for the season.

June 19th to 21st - Hot Tub Tent Sale

— Every Beachcomber model on display with the best prices of the year.

June 28th to July 5th - Splash into Summer Toy Sale

— Toys you will not see anywhere else on sale.

August 18th to 23rd - Late Season Chemical Sale

— Just to help you get through the rest of the pool season with perfect water.

September 9th - Pool School (Pool Closing Seminar)

— Review how to close your pool properly at this free BioGuard seminar, and receive a free gift. New Minas store at 7 p.m.

September 12th and 13th - Furniture Yard Sale

— All in-stock furniture on sale. Last of items heavily discounted. October 25th to November 1st Fall Hot Tub Sale

— Our second, and only other, hot tub sale just in time for Christmas.

December 5th and 6th Christmas Shopping Party

— A great time to pick up Christmas presents and stock up on hot tub chemicals for the winter.

December 1st to 24th - Put a Hot Tub or Above Ground Pool Under the Tree

— A deposit of $1,000 is all it takes and decide the rest in the

New Year. We have your gift box wrapped with goodies to go under the tree so your whole family will be excited.


Backyard Escapes - Spring/Summer 2014 - Holland Home Leisure  
Backyard Escapes - Spring/Summer 2014 - Holland Home Leisure