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Bhardwaj said the Shettar Ministry enjoys majority but, would order a floor test if he felt it has been reduced to a minority 7

A US court has ruled that Obama violated the constitution by making “recess” appointments 11


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On page 3 CM’s lucky No 13

PERNEM: Claiming 13 as his lucky number, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar hinted that those involved in corruption will be taken to task this year. Mindful of the problems associated with drugs, Parrikar said beat police teams would be set up at every beach for better drug activity surveillance.

Fishing vessels dropped anchor at fishing jetties across the state to protest the hike in diesel rates 2

Azarenka won the Australian Open. The match was stopped twice when Li Na rolled her ankle 18

Vasco girl reveals accused met her four times in school before crime FATHER TELLS... l



VASCO: In a startling revelation, the father of the seven-year-old schoolgirl sexually assaulted in a Vasco school has disclosed that the accused had met his daughter on four previous occasions in the school campus, before committing the heinous crime. The accused was even accompanied by a friend during his fourth in-

teraction with the girl. This disclosure, which further exposes lapses in the school’s security, came to light when the girl, who is still traumatised over the incident, began opening up to her dad and revealed further details preceding the shocking incident. Speaking to Herald, the father said he had managed to get this information after taking his daughter into confidence. “Initially, she was unable to recol-

lect how she had met the accused. I then began asking her general questions, such as what subjects were taught to her and what she had done in the school during those days before January 14,” said the father. “My daughter then told me that the accused had first met her on the school ground on January 7 and had offered her a chocolate. On January 8, he met my girl near the volleyball court shortly after school and had offered

her another chocolate,” said the father. “On January 9, the accused met my daughter for the third time and offered her another chocolate near the volleyball court, again after the school hours,” he added. The father then mentioned that the accused was accompanied by a friend when he had gone to meet the girl for the fourth time on January 10 in the school campus. Continued on pg 4




My daughter told me the accused first met her on the school ground on January 7 and offered her a chocolate. On January 8, he again met her near the volleyball court and offered another chocolate. The next day, he yet again met her and offered her a chocolate. On the next occasion, the accused was accompanied by a friend (with a guitar and conversing in Hindi), in the school campus. On January 14, the accused met her in the school toilet and requested her to perform oral sex on him, to which she refused. He then sexually assaulted her. PTI

speCial status

Alina blows the bugle on R-Day at Navelim Francis, Reginaldo too join the chorus Santosh Mirajkar

Environment Minister, Alina Saldanha addressing a symposium on Special Status for Goa at Navelim on Saturday. TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: The bugle in support of Special Status for Goa was blown on Republic Day at Navelim on Saturday, with Environment Minister, Alina Saldanha making an impassioned plea to Goans to join the movement and rest not till the long-pending demand for Special Status is achieved. Deputy Chief Minister, Francis D’Souza and Congress MLA, Reginaldo Lourenco also spoke of taking the struggle for Special Status to its logical conclusion by mobilising people at the grass roots. At a symposium organised by the Movement for Special Status for Goa at Rosary hall, Navelim, speakers urged members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) to unanimously adopt a resolution in the upcoming Assembly session and strongly pursue the demand with the Centre. In her spirited address, Alina Saldanha said that migrant influx is changing Goa’s demographic, social, cultural and linguistic identity. “We demand Special Status for Goa on two counts: one, when the Constituent Assembly met in 1950 to discuss the needs of the states,

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and hence could not be represented. Secondly, Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru had promised Special Status to protect Goa’s special identity when Goa was liberated in 1961. The Centre must honour the promise made by the first Prime Minister”, she demanded. She lamented that Goa’s unique character is being destroyed by mega housing to house the rich, adding that locals cannot afford to buy land for housing. “Goa has the highest density of population and the migrant influx has put pressure on the infrastructure”, she added. In his address, Deputy Chief Minister, Francis D’Souza appealed to the people to leave aside their differences and work unitedly to achieve the demand. “Special Status should not be a political issue, but should be looked as an issue affecting Goa’s identity”, he said. Expressing Congress support for the Special Status movement, MLA Reginaldo Lourenco asserted that certain politicians have sold the issue to lobbies for their vested interests. “It is not too late to fight for this demand. Let us keep politics behind and fight to protect Goa for posterity”, he added. Fr Eremito Rebello appealed to both the BJP and the Congress to give Goans Special Status by amending the Constitution. “The Congress at the Centre should meet the Special Status demand before the Lok Sabha polls. I want to ask the BJP what they had done when they were in power”, Fr Rebello asked, while predicting that Goans would be reduced to slum dwellers if their land is not protected by Special Status. Historian Prajal Sakhardande told the gathering that Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has promised to pass the resolution in the coming Assembly session. “We have to continue our fight because Special Status for Goa may not be in the interest of the Centre. The elite from the country are coming to Goa to Continued on pg 4

Mechanised columns of India Army during 64th Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in New Delhi on Saturday.

Sexual assault bid on minor foiled Accused thrashed, handed over to police TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: In an incident that sent shock waves amongst the villagers of Velim and Betul, a 19-year-old native of Orissa, working as a khalashi on a fishing vessel, tried to sexually assault and outrage the modesty of a 14-year-old girl from Kerala after knocking down her mother at Cutbona on Saturday noon.

The girl was rescued from the lustful advances of the accused after local residents responded to the cries for help from the young girl. Agitated locals gave the accused a sound thrashing before handing him over to the Cuncolim police. The accused Ratu Chattu Kshatriya (19) was later arrested under the Goa Children’s Act and for outraging the modesty of the girl. The incident occurred at around 3 pm when the mother-daughter duo was

walking along the Cutbona-Betul road towards Margao to procure medicines. The mother had come with her daughter to Cutbona from Kerala on Friday to take her sister back to their native state. Since the trio was scheduled to return back to Kerala on Sunday, the mother-daughter duo was walking towards the bus stand when the accused came and pushed down the mother, before pulling the girl Continued on pg 4

Cong: Old versus new divide widens TEAM HERALD

PANJIM: In a case of the old versus the new, the old guard in the Congress and the young Turks perception on how the party should be run is causing run-ins and rumblings. This is underlined by the latest difference in opinion between the GPCC presi-

dent, veteran Congressman, and former minister, Subash Shirodkar and the young and outspoken Curtorim Congress MLA and CLP spokesman, Reginaldo Lourenco. The Congress has been in complete disarray and in an almost self-imposed sanyas since its complete rout in the March 2012 assembly elections and even though the

promised revamp has still not happened, the young guns are chaffing at the bit, upset over the perceived mistakes of the older generation who

they blame for the party losing ground so drastically. The old guard was into mining, had strong links with the establishment, and very much into maintaining the status quo, is a general feeling. Last time, the intra-party clash was on corruption, ticket distribution and the sidelining of loyal Congressmen. People Continued on pg 4

Govt not serious on handling, disposing e-waste: Report TEAM HERALD

PANJIM: Discarded relays and switches, printed circuit boards from electronic items in computers are sources of mercury. This toxic substance when discarded along with household garbage, poses a threat to both health and vital components of the ecosystem. Mercury intake can lead to respiratory and skin disorders due to bio-accumulation in fish ~ most Goans are habitual fish eaters ~ and cause damage to the brain. And this is just one item. Others like lead from soldering in printed circuit boards, glass panels and gaskets in computer monitors can cause damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, blood system, kidneys and can also affect brain development in children. The health impact of e-waste has not been taken into consideration even as the government embarks on a path towards e-governance, IT industrialisation and

computerisation in education. A report commissioned by the Goa State Pollution Control Board way back in September 2011 and reported in the media, has highlighted this. But the authorities have still not given serious thought to this. “Personal computer, monitor and laptop represent IT and telecom which is a main category of e-waste. E-waste components are metal, motor/compressor, plastic, insulation, glass, LCD, electrical wiring, transformer, circuit board, fluorescent lamp, BFR-containing plastic, batteries and external electric cables. Plastic, circuit board, wiring/electrical and external electric cables are present in all items,” the report says. The report further adds, “BFR containing plastic and fluorescent lamps are present in laptop. Metals found in PC base while motor and transformer are found in both PC base and laptop. CRT is found in PC while LCD and batteries are found in PC and laptop.”


Health effects Goa is a literate state and relatively computerised. It is also on a path towards IT-enabled industrialisation but, insiders admit that though many industries have begun a sort of electronic or e-waste programme, a majority of the public know nothing about handling e-waste and there’s no proper planning made on future e-waste projections besides giving this waste to scrap merchants to cannibalise. Goa is already sitting on a garbage and bio-medical waste time bomb. And e-waste, one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, is an add on given ~ according the M/S UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd report ~ increasing “market penetration” is happening in developing countries, “replacement market” in developed countries and “high obsolescence rate.” According to experts, e-waste has no limit for degradation even when compared to plastic. The e-waste inventory based on this obsolescence rate in India for the year 2005 was estimated at 1,46,189 tonnes and expected to exceed 8,00,000 tonnes by 2012. E-waste has already been covered for recycling/reprocessing under the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008. E-waste covered under these Rules is a component of waste electrical and electronic assembles comprising

accumulators and other batteries included on list A, mercury-switches, activated glass cullets from cathoderay tubes and other activated glass and PCB-capacitors, or any other component contaminated with schedule 2 constituents (e.g. cadmium, mercury, lead, polychlorinated biphenyl) to an extent that they exhibit hazard characteristics indicated in part C of this schedule. Separate Rules have recently been notified under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, called E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011. The Central Pollution Control Board has also brought out guidelines for environmentally sound management of ewaste in March 2008. However, it is the implementation that Continued on pg 4

l Following suggestions need to be implemented to manage e-waste in Goa: a) Awareness among all the stakeholders and people in e-waste chain. b) Active participation of various stakeholders of ewaste chain in Goa. c) Effective implementation of regulations and guidelines l Techniques for e-waste recycling should be based on 3R principle (Reduce, Recycle and Recover) which would minimise environment and health impacts and help save resources. l Need to create awareness among various stakeholders, general public and regulatory authorities through stakeholder participation. l Creating awareness through brochures, demonstration of pictures and ad-

vertisements in newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV. l Assist informal sectors like scrap dealers, with formal trainings and knowledge about e-waste handling and disposal options and also requirements under e-waste Rules. l Improve the existing informal collection system, as ewaste is collected by scrap dealers. A buy-back system needs to be implemented where customers are given knowledge about e-waste and encouraged to give back obsolete PCs. This system would collect large amount of obsolete PCs and improve existing informal collection system. l Looking into the existing and future e-waste trend, there is a need for authorized ewaste collection centres and recycling unit(s) for dismantling, segregating and recycling in Continued on pg 4

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


2 Gov calls for coordinated action against rapists

Avertano said the integrated building of Dabolim airport would be shortly opened which will help in the number of arrivals and departure of flights

REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS PHOTOS: Vincent Braganza and Santosh Mirajkar

We are considering stopping import of fish from TN and Andhra if our demands for roll back of diesel prices are not met, Patrick said


PANJIM: The governor of Goa reserved his choicest words for perpetrators of crimes against women, in his republic day speech, reflecting popular sentiment against rapists while also calling for coordinated efforts of government authorities and spirited citizens. “People with sick and neurotic minds are perpetrating heinous crimes on our innocent women and children in some parts of the country, including Goa. I feel concerned that the morbid mentality and brutal behaviour among some people, is assuming alarming proportions. This need to be arrested to save our national dignity and ensure the security of our

Governor of Goa, Bharat Vir Wanchoo reviewing the parade at the Republic Day celebration.

women and children,” the governor said adding that he hoped that “sanity would prevail and those who commit heinous crimes and brutality on innocent people, will be brought to book. Goa had it’s tragic ‘nirbhaya moment’ in the form of the rape on a seven year old schoolgirl within the school premises that saw protests in the port town of Vasco-da-

Gama including a spontaneous shutdown. The accused is still at large, with the police admitting that it is a ‘blind case.’ The governor in his speech also stressed the importance of the civil servants being participatory, responsive, transparent and sensitive. “Our civil servants, law enforcement agencies and others in the governance system should function in a participatory, responsive, transparent and sensitive manner. Our public Institutions should re-orient their approaches to become more development oriented and Citizen centric and not insular and inward looking in approach. We need to be conscious that the expectations of the people have increased and we need to respond to

these raised expectations,” he said. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, Speaker Rajendra Arlekar, Co-operation Minister Deepak Dhavlikar, Minister for Forests and Environment Alina Saldanha, Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane, Francisco Sardinha, MP, Shripad Naik, MP, Rohan Khaunte, MLA, former Chief Minister Shashikala Kakodkar, Vaidhehi Naik, Chairperson, CCP and Chief Secretary B. Vijayan were present on the occasion. The Governor and the Chief Minister distributed prizes to the winners of March Past on the occasion. The governor also boasted of the “innovative and welfare-oriented schemes introduced by the Government.”

‘Dabolim airport will continue for civilian use’ TEAM HERALD

Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado inspecting the guard of honour at Margao.

Students perform a pyramid during the Pole Mallakhamb exercise at Parade ground.

Vessels anchor over diesel price hike TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: Fishing vessels dropped anchor at the fishing jetties across the state on Saturday in response to the strike call to protest the hike in diesel rates by the Centre. While Goans may find fish in the markets on Sunday

idhar udhar

Moment we were provided with pepper spray for our self defence, molesters and rapists started using pepper resistance glasses for their self defence.

given that fishing vessels returned back to the jetties on Saturday with small quantities of fish, the markets may witness a fish shortage on Monday. Fishing vessels did not venture out for fishing from the Cutbona jetty today and vessels which were fishing in the sea returned back today and dropped anchor. President of Cutbona Boat Owners Union Patrick D’Silva said none of the fishing vessels from the Goan jetties will venture out into the sea on Sunday. He said the boat owners from across the state will meet on Sunday to chalk out the future course of action, including stopping fishing imported from Tamil Nadu and other states in the state. “We are considering stopping import of fish from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh from Monday if our demands for roll back of diesel prices are not met by then”, Patrick said. He said the boat owners will call on the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and Fisheries

Patrick D’Silva said none of the fishing vessels from the Goan jetties will venture out into the sea on Sunday. He said the boat owners from across the state will meet on Sunday to chalk out the future course of action, including stopping fishing imported from Tamil Nadu and other states in the state Minister, Avertano Furtado again before going ahead with their plan of action. “The Chief Minister has been very sympathetic to our demands for a roll back in the prices of diesel”, he said, adding that the Chief Minister himself has promised to join the agitation for a roll back in diesel prices.

MARGAO: The government used the Republic Day platform to reassure Goans on the continuance of Dabolim airport and its commitment to tackle corruption. Addressing the Republic Day function after unfurling the national flag at Margao, Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado said the government has proposed to modernize the Dabolim airport and make provision for parking

facility for 1500 cars. Asserting that the government will also retain Dabolim’s international status, the Fisheries Minister said the new integrated building of Dabolim airport would be shortly opened which will help in the number of arrivals and departure of flights. On corruption, Avertano said that corruption is the enemy of development and of good governance. “Instead of getting lost in this difficult situation, it is necessary to rise above it and seri-

ously look at brining systemic changes to deal more effectively with corruption”, he said. In this connection, he said the process to appoint Lokayukta has been completed and will be functional shortly. Saying that the upbringing of the youth with value added education is paramount in the development of their character, he disclosed government plans to start educational hub in the state, adding that stress is being laid for the promotion of quality education and upgrade the ed-

ucational infrastructure. He said government is committed to focus attention on the health of citizens. “The infrastructure facilities at the government hospitals and health centers are being upgraded. New hospitals were commissioned while one each at Bicholim and Valpo will be inaugurated shortly. Super Specialties treatments are being introduced at the Goa Medical College and hospital to treat life threatening ailments”, he added.

Govt assures protection to Goan trawlers TEAM HERALD

Santosh Mirajkar

MARGAO: The government would ask the Coast Guard and the coastal police to provide security for Goan fishing vessels in the Arabian Sea in the wake of the attack on a local fishing trawler by vessels from Karnataka. The Fisheries department will also take up the issue with their Karnataka counterparts if details of the accused vessels are made available by the local boat owners. Director of Fisheries Nandkishore Verlekar told Herald that the attack on the Goan trawler is a matter of concern and his office will officially ask the Coast Guard and the coastal police to provide security to the local boats within its territorial waters. “I have been intimated by the boat owners from Cubtona on the attack on the

Nuts and other missiles were found onboard the damaged fishing trawler during police panchanama on Saturday.

local fishing trawler off Colva coast. I am awaiting official complaint from the boat

owners to write letters to the Coast guard and the coastal police”, Verlekar told Herald.

Fisheries Minister, Avertano Furtado said that the attack on the Goan trawler

is a matter of concern, adding that the Directorate of Fisheries will take appropriate measures to secure the interests of local boat owners. Meanwhile, President of Cutbona Boat Owners Union Patrick D’Silva has said that the Union has taken up the issue with their Malpei counterparts and demanded action. He said the president of the Malpei Union has promised action from their end if details of the accused fishing vessel are made available to them. Meanwhile, the Colva police on Saturday noon conducted panchanama of the fishing vessel damaged in the attack by Karnataka vessels following a complaint lodged by trawlers owner Dilip Gauns on Friday. The vessel has suffered major damage and has caused a loss of Rs eight lakhs.

Whip on sale of tobacco products Car gutted outside Dabolim airport TEAM HERALD

M Prabhav

Salcete Executive Magistrate Madhu Narvekar carry out a raid on sale of tobacco products at a kiosk in the city. TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: The authorities on Saturday cracked a whip against sale of tobacoo products and smoking in public in Salcete taluka.

A team comprising of Salcete Executive Magistrate, Madhu Narvekar with the assistance of police and health officials conducted raids at kiosks near the old bus stand, Margao on Saturday noon.

Narvekar said the authorities have started the drive from today and will be intensified from Monday. “Today, we have booked around 10 persons, either for violating sale of tobacco norms or smoking in public

places”, he said, while collecting fines to the tune of Rs 1600. He said the team will inspect business establishments close to the educational institutions for sale of tobacco products.

VASCO: A car left behind by a passenger was charred in a fire outside the Dabolim airport on Saturday morning. According to eye-witnesses, the owner had parked the car (GA-06-D2377) in the open space and had left in a flight for Mumbai. Witnesses said they noticed some smoke in the car and within moments, the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Three fire tenders, one from the Navy and two from the Goa fire services, were dispatched to extinguish the flames. “The area is being used to park taxis and other private cars as there is no parking space available at the airport. Luckily, others had not used the space at the time to park their vehicles when the incident took place,” said a witness. Vasco PSI Nikhil Palekar, who was present at the site, suspected that a burning cigarette butt may have caused a fire on some dried grass and the flames then spread to the car.

Fire fighters at the site of the charred car opposite Dabolim airport.

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


Parrikar assured that his government would give special attention on the development of Pernem taluka

Wagh said that CCP should instead tried to find ways of streamlining this activity since Panjim is a favourite spot of film makers


decision to ban filming State Cong to use social CCP’s in city draws criticism media for public reach TEAM HERALD


People can share their views and opinion on the social media. It will also help us disseminate information to our workers and people all over, GPCC President Subhash Shirodkar said

PANJIM: To improve its reach to its workers and common people across the state, especially after its bitter March 2012 poll debacle, the Goa Congress has made its presence on the social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter. The party has also revived its website and is planning to make it interactive by connecting to all 40 blocks through video-conferencing. “People can share their views and opinion on the social media. It will also help us

disseminate information to our workers and people all over,” Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Subhash Shirodkar said at a press conference Saturday. Shirodkar has wel-

comed people to speak their grievances or problems through the social networking sites. “The party will take up the issues with the state government or concerned

authorities through our website and Facebook-Twitter,” he added. The party’s state Information Technology Cell will regularly update the website, upload contents related to party’s activities including important speeches of their leaders and issues will be aired to all congress legislators for taking it up in their respective forums. “As a political party, we cannot ignore the technological revolution... We are using the IT to reach to the masses,” he said.

Gov commends enrollment of youth in electoral rolls TEAM HERALD

Vincent Braganza

PANJIM: The Governor of Goa Bharat Vir Wanchoo said that Goa has dealt with one of its weakest links in the electoral rolls - under registration of the new eligible voters and commended an encouraging enrollment of youth aged 18-19 years. Speaking at the National Voters’ Day function held in the Institute of Menezes Braganza, Wanchoo said he is certain that the electoral base would grow manifold in the coming years with new initiatives initiated by the Election Commission of India. “It is encouraging that enrollment of the 18 to 19 age group in Goa is 66 percent which is much higher than the national average of 40 percent,” he said. During the 2013 summary revision, a total of 36, 219 electorates were enrolled in the electoral rolls out of which 12, 171 electorates are aged 18-19 years.

Governor Bharat Wanchoo handing over the EPIC card to a new voter in Panjim. “But for me this is just the beginning. We should not sit back until we have every eligible citizen of Goa on the electoral rolls,” Wanchoo said attending a large gathering of government officials and new electorates. In a fresh move by the ECI, the facility of registration of voters has been extended to the Non Resident Indians hence becoming a part of the demo-

cratic electoral process once they avail this facility. The focus of this year’s campaign has been ‘Youth Registration’ directed at addressing the gap n participation. Secretary, Social Welfare P Krishnamurthy appealed to use the weapon of voting rights in right purpose. The State Election Commissioner Dr M Modassir urged to create awareness among the people about the local bodies’ election. “Two areas bother me and the concerned authorities that upper branches are well fed but the lower strata dealing in Panchayats and other local bodies are in shambles. The elections of local bodies go unnoticed though this election is very difficult,” he said. The state election officer said good democratic and correct election practice should be followed and it should begin at the level of Panchayats which he said is the nursery training ground of politicians.

PANJIM: Urban Development Minister Francis e Souza said he did not agree with the Corporation of the City of Panjim’s resolution to ban filming within the city limits saying that it was not the right way forward. “I don’t know the exact reasons why they have gone ahead with this step, but there are ways and means of doing things. Ban is not the right way. There can be ways of adjusting and accommodating people and interests. Besides Panjim has its own glamour and charm, not only for Bollywood but also for Hollywood,” de Souza said. Vice Chairman of the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Vishnu Wagh today

flayed Panjim City Corporation’s decision to ban film shootings in the capital city. Reacting a day after the CCP took the decision in its meeting to prohibit film shootings in the city he said, “I don’t understand the logic behind the decision.” Wagh said that the CCP should have instead tried to find ways of streamlining this activity since Panjim is a favourite spot of film makers. He said that the ESG is the nodal agency for allowing film shootings in Panjim and the Panjim city corporation cannot take any decision to ban it. He said that last year film shootings in Panjim alone had brought in revenue of Rs 60 lakh and said, “More and more people want to produce films with


PANJIM: The man accused of molesting a 25-year-old by dragging her into the bushes, and getting thwarted in his attempt to disrobe her by a house in the neighborhood putting on its lights after hearing her screams was given bail almost immediately, raising the family to question the seriousness of the authorities to crack down on assaults against women despite all the lip service. It may be recalled that till date the man who sexually assaulted a seven year old is

2 arrested, 3 girls rescued at Calangute TEAM HERALD

CALANGUTE: Calangute Police arrested two persons and rescued three girls in connection with prostitution racket at Calangute late Thursday evening. Acting on a tip-off, Calangute Police conducted the raid and Vihar Upputhala and Rathnam Panvganti were caught red handed with the three girls while waiting for prospective customers near St Alex Church, Calangute. Calangute Police informed that the duo has confessed their involvement in the prostitution racket and was making a living on its earnings. Police are on lookout for the third accused. Upputhala and Panvganti have been arrested under Immoral Trafficking Act. The rescued girls who are in their early twenties have been lodged at Protective Home at Merces. Police Inspector Nolasco Raposo is investigating the case.

at large with the police refusing to answer any questions, forcing civil society to question the motive behind the iron curtain drawn over the case. In this case the family alleged that the lax police investigation and the bailable provisions used has resulted in the victim of being put under pressure from the accusers family besides the accused alleging that the victim she was drunk, apparently in a bid to malign the victim before the case goes to trial. The police, even though the women was dragged into the bushes, thrown to the

Need to enhance police force: CM PANJIM: Chief Minister, speaking to media recently said that the state was not able to have a separate investigative wing as it needed to enhance the number of police personnel. Blaming the previous govern for not carrying out proper recruitment for the past seven years he said that he was in the process of setting things right. He also questioned the caliber of the police recruited saying that all did not have clean records. ground, and the accused was in the process of disrobing her till he was interrupted, have booked the accused un-

der sections 354 (molestation) and 427 (mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees) of the Indian Pe-


give special attention on the development of Pernem taluka. Health Minister and local MLA Laxmikant Parsekar highlighted the various projects undertaken by the BJP government during their 10 months in power so far.

PERNEM: Claiming that 13 is his lucky number, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has hinted that a number of persons involved in corruption will be taken to task this year. Addressing a largely attended meeting as part of the Janasampark Abhiyan Yatra at Mandrem, Parrikar assured the people that the BJP government would complete the controversial Mopa airport, the Sports city in Pernem and the Tuyem-Camurlim Bridge. Mindful of various problems associated with drugs, Parrikar said beat police teams would be set up at every beach in the State, so that they could undertake better surveillance on drug activities in their re-

nal Code and defend themselves against the quick bail, saying that the sections booked are bailable. “He hid himself at his sister’s house after the incident. Their house is also located in the same vicinity. They blamed my wife of being drunk and threatened of consequences,” a close relative of the victim alleged. It may be recalled that a 24-year-old domestic help was dragged into the bushes, thrown to the ground by a 23-year-old youth who attempted to disrobe her till her screams alerted a good

Hydroclave commissioned at GMC TEAM HERALD

PANJIM: The Goa Medical College and Hospital which has been struggling with waste management over the years, may finally have a solution in sight with the commissioning of a new hydroclave. The machine is capable of treating around 100-150 kg of biomedical waste per 35 minute cycle, depending on the nature of the waste fed into the machine. The hydroclave first shreds the waste, then steam sterilises it at 140 degrees Celsius and further reduces the weight and volume of the waste by more than 80%. “There is no intermediate handling of waste during the entire process. All steps are fully automated and the process takes place inside a sealed container,” Director of Administration Swapnil Naik said. GMC has for long been grappling with a problem of disposing of its waste. Over the last two years waste has been dumped by unknown persons and GMC itself outside the Yatri Niwas in an abandoned quarry. The waste was either set on fire or caught fire by itself due to the methane gas that

Hospital to acquire 13 ventilators

PANJIM: The Goa Medical College is all set to acquire another 13 ventilators for the main hospital in addition to the already existing eight ventilators in the main ICU, taking the total ventilators to 21, GMC Dean V N Jindal announced. was generated. Director of Administration of GMC, pledged that with the quarry now being filled, they would soon start a garden there. “There may be people from outside who come and dump the garbage there. There is huge quantum of garbage that is already there. If you have noticed we have already begun filling up the quarry. We will close the gate and will develop a garden there, at least that should deter people from dumping garbage,” Naik said, adding that they would put pressure to get the shops outside the GMC compound to relocate to the market complex built in the road underpass by GSIDC.

Pradesh Youth Congress Committee President Pratima Coutinho has demanded that the ban on film shooting in the city be revoked. “Many youths are dependent on the shootings happening. It gives them an opportunity to earn a decent living even if it is Rs 1,500-2,000 per day. The CCP is taking away employment from the youths. Why are they not stopping casinos?” she said. She said if there are problems at specific places, the shooting should be banned there and not all over the city. “It also encourages tourism as tourists from across the country and world come down after seeing the locations on the big screens,” she added.

Persons involved in graft will be taken to task: Parrikar

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar addresses the Janasampark Abhiyan Yatra at Mandrem.

spective areas. Criticising Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardessai for opposing the proposed Mopa airport project, Parrikar also blamed the Congress leaders for their various allegations against the BJP government.

bail in sexual assault bid raises eyebrows

Panjim as the backdrop.” The old GMC building which is now the ESG headquarters, the Campal promenade, the Kala Academy and the heritage ambience that Panjim offers is drawing more producers to shoot films in Goa. Wagh says that the CCP’s ridiculous decision comes at a time when the ESG is also trying to provide more facilities for film producers such as on-line editing, lighting arrangements and others. He said that whenever permissions are given that instructions are also given that the activity should not obstruct traffic. The CCP cannot insulate Panjim from the rest of Goa. "I am going to speak to the chief minister on this issue," said Wagh. GPYC too hits out: Goa

Vincent Bra-

Samaritan who switched on his house lights, thwarting the sexual assault at a prominent, high profile area in Dona Paula on the evening of January 21. According to the relative, the victim was returning home after completing her work when the incident happened. “Before reaching home, she visited our friend’s place who stays closeby. While walking to our house, the man caught hold of her, dragged her and threw her on the ground,” he said, adding that his wife sustained bruises on the face.

Alina: Waste plant in both districts TEAM HERALD

The hydroclave installed at GMC.

PORVORIM: Stating that the State government will set up a garbage plant each for north and south Goa, Minister for Environment and Forest Alina Saldanha also highlighted the importance of segregating garbage at home. “One can see heaps of garbage in every nook and corner of the State and Goa is drowning in garbage,” remarked the minister after laying the foundation stone of Garbage Treatment Plant at Penha da Franca village. Emphasising the importance of segregating garbage at home, Saldanha said people should treat the State as their big home and should ensure that garbage is disposed off properly. “The need of the hour is to segregate garbage at home. Wet garbage can be disposed off within the compound wall of the building or house, while dry garbage can be collected by the panchayat,” she said. Aldona MLA Glen Ticlo commended the Penha-da-Franca panchayt for taking initiative to set up a garbage treatment plant and he said this would motivate other panchayats to follow in a similar manner.

Stating that the various populist schemes were not created to gain votes, Parrikar warned that those misusing the schemes would be penalised. He also assured that his government would

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


SNAPSHOTS mt Carmel feast at arambol today

PANJIM: Arambol parishioners will celebrate their annual feast of patroness Our Lady of Mount Carmel on January 27, at 10 am. The main celebrant will be Fr Manuel Dias, chancellor of Archdiocese of Goa and Daman and concelebrant parish priest Fr Pio Almeida. On the festive occasion, Tsunami tiatr will be staged at the church ground, at 10.30 p.m. A two-day fete is also being organised by the school students.

students clean shivaji Fort at Farmagudi

Students of Bhatikar Model High School, Margao, during cleanliness drive at Shree Ganapati Temple, Farmagudi-Ponda. PONDA: As part of the curriculum, about 140 students of Bhatikar Model High School, Margao, recently cleaned the surroundings of Shree Ganapati Temple and Shivaji Fort at Farmagudi. According to school teachers, the Std 8 students have social service as an optional subject and every year as part of the curriculum, students do social service in and around the camping area.

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Ponda Municipal Council resolved to keep the starting bid at Rs 51 lakh for the tender to collect Sopo fees in the municipality

Congress government constructed buildings and there are several projects which came up without proper planning, said Parrikar


accuses Cong of Mayem panel, legal advisor CM wasting public funds differ on Custodian issue TEAM HERALD


BICHOLIM: A difference of opinion has cropped up between the Mayem Bhuvimochan Nagrik Kruti Samiti (MBNKS) and its legal advisor over a solution to the vexed Custodian issue in Mayem village. Addressing a press conference at Mayem, the MBNKS, fighting for the liberation of Mayem, claimed that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had given them three options for the liberation of Mayem and they have accepted the third option. “The third option grants class 1 occupancy rights to the local sons of the soil to the extent of about 1,000 sq mtrs of land to each house-

Adv Ajitsingh Rane said even the third option given by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is unacceptable as Form I & XIV of Mayem land, there is the name of the government and I just wonder how can the government take the land possession from itself hold,” stated Samiti President Kashinath Mayekar. “The government will acquire all the custodian property and in turn hand it over to the villagers of Mayem,” added Mayekar. “The chief minister has also promised us to request the Governor to include the liberation of Mayem in his speech on January 26 to assure us of our freedom,” said Mayekar. Samiti Secretary Sakharam

Pednekar, Vice President Yeshwant Karbhatkar and members Harishchandra Chari, Kalidas Kavlekar, Deepak Mandrekar, Sandeep Mainkar and Narayan Malwankar were among others present for the press conference. Later, the legal advisor of the Samiti, Adv Ajitsingh Rane, through another press conference stated that he was not called for the press conference called by the Samiti

and alleged the “chief minister is trying to just eyewash the people of Mayem.” “Even the third option is unacceptable as Form I & XIV of Mayem land, there is the name of the government and I just wonder how can the government take the land possession from itself,” stated Rane. “Further as per the clause, even if people from Mayem would be given class 1 rights their land will be given on lease for about 99 years to the villagers,” added Rane. “As a legal advisor, I strongly oppose this move and demand with the chief minister to implement the Bill we had submitted on December 5, 2012, for the true liberation of Mayem,” Adv Rane demanded.

BICHOLIM: Stating that development did not mean mere construction of buildings, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday accused the Congress of faulty planning and wasting public funds. Speaking after inaugurating the Primary Health Centre at Sanquelim, Parrikar said: “The Congress government constructed buildings and there are several projects which came up without proper planning and without taking into consideration the need in the area,” stated Parrikar. Parrikar also came down heavily on former chief minister Digambar Kamat for the hospital project at Margao. “There were several things like the dome and pillars which were included in the plan worth crores of rupees,

but they were not required at all. Development does not merely mean buildings, but everything should be done in a proper manner,” he said. Asked if the 70-bedded hospital at Valpoi was really needed in the area, he said: “It’s three times bigger than what was actually required for Valpoi. We doubt if a specialist doctor from the city will be willing to stay in the hospital just because it has a big building.” “The government cannot waste money like this without considering the ground reality,” he added. He said the Ravindra Bhavan will be inaugurated by May 30 and all the other projects will be completed over a period of two years. Health Minister Laxmikant Parsekar; Sanquelim MLA Dr Pramod Sawant, Deputy Speaker Anant Shet and others were present on the occasion.

PMC resolves to keep sopo fees collection bid at Rs 51 lakh TEAM HERALD

PONDA: Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) resolved to

keep the starting bid at Rs 51 lakh for the tender to collect Sopo fees in the municipality. “The decision was unan-

imously passed by all the councillors during the meeting and it will be implemented for the finan-

from page 1

Alina blows the bugle occupy b u n g a l o w s o n the hills and fields”, he said. Convenor for the Movement for Special Status for Goa, Adv Antonio Lobo said if the Centre does not be-

stow Special Status for Goa based on the resolution adopted by the Goa Assembly, MSSG will contact Goan diaspora to take up the issue with the Centre via the government where they stay.

Amongst others who spoke were Sergio Carvalho, Anthony Alvares, Adv Andrea Pereira, Floriano Lobo, Adv Yogesh Gaitonde, Floriano Lobo and Rajendra Kakodkar.

Vasco girl reveals... “The friend had carried a guitar on his back and my daughter said both were conversing in Hindi,” the father said. The accused did not meet the girl for the next two days, but by then he had already become a familiar face to the unsuspecting child. “On January 14, the accused met my daughter in the school toilet and had requested her to perform oral sex on him. When she refused, the man then sexually assaulted her,” said the distraught father. “My girl ran out of the toilet with tears in her eyes and

proceeded to her classroom, where she reported the matter to her teacher. She, however, did not notice how or when the accused had fled from the site,” he said. This latest information was conveyed to Crime Branch sleuths, who are investigating the case. A Crime Branch official visited the residence of the family on Friday and recorded this latest piece of evidence. While the security agency has been denying any lapses in surveillance at the school gates, this latest revelation suggests that the accused had

gained easy access to the school on at least four occasions, enabling him to freely acquaint himself with the school building and its premises. What is also surprising is that the accused was allowed to enter and exit the school, virtually unnoticed by security, staff and ayahs on duty, on five different occasions and on five different days. These lapses by school authorities on four occasions could have given the accused sufficient confidence to commit the shocking crime during his fifth interaction with the victim in the school premises.

cial year 2013-14,” informed PMC Chairperson Rukmi Dangui. It may be recalled that last

year, PMC’s decision to collect Sopo fees by deploying its own staff backfired as the Sopo fees collected by PMC

Health effects is a problem, something that industry and Goa State Pollution Control Board officials admit. According to the report, an estimated 75% of electronic items are stored over uncertainty of how to manage it. “These electronic junks lie unattended in houses, offices, warehouses etc. and normally mixed with household wastes, which are finally disposed off at landfills,” it says. Various e-waste management practices in Goa are as follows:

1. Collection system: Scrap vendors collect e-waste from Government offices, residential areas, industries, private institutes, banks etc. Such e-waste is then stored at scrapyards. 2. Mixing of e-waste with MSW ~ some amount of wires and cables may get mixed with MSW and reach MSW dumping sites. 3. When considerable ewaste is collected at scrap yards, they are then packed and transported to recycling facilities in other cities.

REPORT RECOMMENDATIONS an environmentally sound manner.

l The most effective option to minimise e-waste, is the exten-

sion of product lifespan ie, to extend a computer's working life. l Manufacturers should adopt cleaner production technology and eliminate the use of hazardous substances such as cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and halogenated flame retardants from electronic products. Some are within the scope of the government, some with industry; but environmentalists say that a beginning has to be made and serious planning is necessary, given the way regular garbage is handled as these side effects are much worse.

workers was much below the target revenue, prompting the council to award the tender to a private party.

Musical show at Navelim TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: Navelkarancho Ekvott is organising a grand musical show on Sunday near the Rosary Church, Navelim. Briefing newsmen, Navelim MLA and Fisheries Minister, Avertano Furtado said the musical show will feature top artistes, including Rita Rose, Antonetta, Mil-Mel-Nel, C D’Silva, Jose Rod, besides a host of other Konkani artistes. He appealed to the people to attend the show which will give them a rare opportunity of listening to old Konkani songs. Rita Rose, who was present for the media briefing, said that she would continue the legacy of her husband, Melody King, Alfred Rose. She said the Alfred Rose family will come up with a musical show next year.

Sexual assault bid on minor foiled towards the river side. Women’s right activist, Auda Viegas said the young girl studying in fifth standard in Kerala, clinged to a coconut tree and shouted for help, attracting the attention

of the local residents. “He pushed down the girl’s mother and tore her saree. The girl has sustained injuries on her elbow and leg”, she said. Incidentally, Viegas said the

victim’s aunt’s daughter was gang-raped and murdered by a group of migrant labourers around nine years ago at Betul. The police are investigating into the incident.

Cong: Old versus new divide widens like the former chief minister, Digambar Kamat, who was the number two when Manohar Parrikar was the chief minister the first time, and Subash Shirodkar, who was the head of the party when the illegal mining and the ticket distribution twin issues hit the party with a sledge hammer force, creating a wave that removed many of the old-timers and represent the status quo. The ticket distribution saw young Congressmen like Vijai Sardessai leave the party and get elected, while veterans like the Alemao brothers, and Narvekar lost. This time, the clash is ostensibly over the mining NOC granted to a trading company owned by a top mining family as Reginaldo Lourenco, CLP spokesman’s response clearly defined the disconnect between the old and the new in the grand old party. “He has his own views, we have our own views. We come from different schools,” he said, before he became more politically correct saying, “Whatever I do is without any self-interest whatsoever. It is for the people, for the state and for my constituency.” The high command, admitting that a revamp is indeed on the cards and obliquely

admitting to the old versus new went on record to say that now Rahul Gandhi is the new vice president and the number two in the party. But, officially seeking to keep the discussion on the current topic, Sudhakar Reddy, Secretary, All India Congress Committee, argued that “The CEC is a high-powered committee of the apex court and we respect it. We will follow all the directionsofthecourt.Thematter is sub judice, so nobody should discuss it,” even while making a point that the Congress was for “legal mining and not for illegal mining.” The divide, getting more obvious and open now, was there even earlier with a lot of rancour against the oldtimers, and allegations of party workers that old-timers were not allowing the party to be built up in the constituencies that they were MLAs. And now, the talk of the revamp and names like Reginaldo, who has become the face of the Congress in the state along with an unlikely Congressman – Sudip Tamhankar ~ and are the only seen and heard opposition. The Leader of Opposition veteran Congressman, Pratapsing Rane was last heard ~ albeit briefly during the last Assembly session. “I have no link to mining

and so have a better chance to speak,” Lourenco said, arguing “I am neutral.” Shirodkar has interests in mining, a point highlighted by the present chief minister when he was leader of opposition. “We are all for mining activity in Goa. Activity has to start legally in Goa. Reginaldo should have consulted us,” was Shirodkar’s view, but denied saying that he would take disciplinary action against Lourenco. He has been quoted in sections of the media pushing for the NOC and literally following the government line. “Asked about his own view on whether ore from other states should be transported, Shirodkar said ‘If it is legal and it is a genuine economic activity, then why not?’ and ‘Let me examine his letter and then we will call him to come and explain. Disciplinary action will be considered after ascertaining all facts.’ He even goes on to say that (to that media): “The AICC has re-emphasised the need of party discipline and this no better time to stress that no party functionary can take actions without the party’s sanction. Every action of an MLA, elected from the party, cannot be independent of the party line.”

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


Chorao residents have heaved a sigh of relief with the announcement of the long-pending bridge by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar

Goan settlers from in and around Belgaum are now organizing themselves to reaffirm their rights as members of the communidades

Siddhesh Mayenkar



Dabolim airport won’t be affected: Sardinha

VASCO: Assuring the locals that the Dabolim airport won’t be affected after commissioning the Mopa airport, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha stated that if required, more funds will be sanctioned for the Dabolim airport for the benefit of south Goa. He was speaking after inaugurating the Chicalim Panchayat ground On Friday in the presence of Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho, Fr Miranda, Chicalim Sarpanch Marie Mascarenhas, Deputy Sarpanch Francisco Nunes and others. Complimenting the panchayat members for completing the ground, Sardinha said with grounds in every village, there will be better prospects for local talent to shine and represent the State and the nation. In his speech, Godinho said it was a big day in Chicalim for having a fully fresh refurnished ground which will enhance local talent. He thanked the South Goa MP and panchayat members for completing the ground under the MPLAD scheme. “The Joggers Park and the Panchayat Ghar will be constructed within two years,” informed Godinho.

Bengal native found dead

VASCO: A 49-year-old native of West Bengal, but residing at Birla, was found dead in his rented room at Zuari Nagar on Thursday. According to Verna Police, the body of Ksitish Mahanto was handed over to his relatives and police is investigating the case.

KTC bus rams into Mapusa Council building

PORVORIM: The driver and passengers had a lucky escape when a KTC bus rammed into the side wall of the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) building on Republic Day. According to Mapusa police, the incident took place at about 8.30 am when the bus (GA-03-T-8572) was proceeding from Ganeshpuri towards the KTC bus stand. The brakes failed while the bus was descending the slope and the driver swerved the bus in a bid to avert a major tragedy. MMC Chairperson Sudhir Kandolker later informed that the bus had damaged the ramp as well as two air conditioners, causing a loss of over Rs 1 lakh.

Assnora local held on charges of molestation

PONDA: Ponda Police on Friday arrested a 31-year-old man from Assnora on charges of molesting a 29-yearold co-passenger while commuting in a private bus from Margao to Ponda. According to Ponda Police, the victim complained that the bus had left from the Margao bus station at about 5.10 pm and the accused, Nilesh Halandankar, had also boarded the bus at Margao. The woman accused Halandankar of fondling her during the journey. Before reaching Ponda, the victim called up a relative and narrated the incident. When the bus reached the Ponda bus stand, the accused narrowly escaped getting thrashed by passengers. The relative of the victim, who was waiting at the bus stand later, handed over the accused to Ponda Police.

BJP protests Shinde’s statement

PANJIM: Goa unit of BJP held a protest in the capital city against Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s remarks that BJP and RSS were behind Hindu terror. Demanding Shinde’s resignation over his remarks, BJP state president Vinay Tendulkar said that Shinde should apologise to the nation and resign for his comment. “The public is angry with Shinde’s remarks. He has hurt the sentiments of the people. The party will continue its protest till Shinde resigns,” he said. Over 100 of people participated in the protest, held at ferry point where they burnt an effigy of Shinde. Addressing the crowd Member of Parliament Sripad Naik said the Union Minister’s act, sounds anti-Indian and hence he should step down from the post. Naik said that party will make sure that Congress looses power in the forthcoming 2014 election. Wilfred Mesquita, Subhash Phaldessai, Kiran Kandolkar, Narendra Sawaikar, Govind Parvatkar and others were part of the protest.

Cong will not succeed in toppling bid: Parsekar

MAYEM: Panchayat Minister Laxmikant Parsekar said the unsuccessful attempts by some Congressman to topple the BJP government will only be a dream which they will never succeed. Parsekar was speaking at a function to distribute cheques to 169 beneficiaries of Indira Aawaas Yojna (IAY) at Bicholim Municipal hall. “Congress leaders don’t have the courage to speak about the BJP as they have been thrown out by Goans in the last election,” he added.

PANJIM: The Tourism Ministry has decided to utilise its vacant properties adjoining tourist spots for pay parking for which tenders are being floated in a phased manner. According to an official in the ministry, the property at Calangute has already been tendered and would pool in revenue to the tune of Rs 51 lakh annually. The ministry has also floated tenders for pay parking at Mangueshi and Mardol. Officials say that pay parking is also proposed at Colva and would be taken up during the circuit development plan.

to our dearest LAZING LEISURELY: A foreigner lazes on the calm sea waves at Anjuna Beach.

Chorao residents ecstatic over proposed bridge TEAM HERALD

CHORAO: After frequent assurances from various politicians over a number of years, residents of Chorao have heaved a sigh of relief with the announcement that the long-pending bridge reducing the distance between the island and the capital city is merely a year away. The proposed bridge will not only be a boon to residents of Chorao Island, but it will provide shorter connectivity for residents in the three talukas of Tiswadi, Bardez and Bicholim. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s assurance that the foundation stone for the longpending bridge would be laid on April 11 (and not May 11 as was inadvertently mentioned in the Herald) was welcomed by residents, as it would also open the possibility of better infrastructure and development for the island and the rest of Mayem constituency. It may be recalled that former MLA Krishna Kuttikar, who then headed the EDC at the time, had asked a Delhibased company to conduct

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s assurance that the foundation stone for the long-pending bridge would be laid on April 11 was welcomed by residents, as it would also open the possibility of better infrastructure and development for the island and the rest of Mayem constituency soil-testing work on five possible sites. After a detailed survey, the company has shortlisted the Chorao-Salvador do Mundo and ChoraoPomburpa routes for the proposed bridge. The issue, however dragged on for nearly 10 years, as residents were merely left to rely on assurances by various politicians. In its manifesto for the 2012 assembly polls, the BJP had assured to accord top priority to the bridge and claimed that it would construct the bridge within two years of coming into power. When Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar visited Chorao Island to inaugurate the repair work of the Kator Khazan Bundh on October 24, 2012, the residents reminded the chief minister of the pending project and he

assured that the tender for the bridge would be floated by March. In a bid to finalise the Chorao-Salvador do Mundo route, local MLA Anant Shet convened a joint meeting at Porvorim on November 7, 2012 and the meeting was attended by Chorao Sarpanch Divya Usapkar, all panchayat members, prominent residents of Chorao and Infrastructure Development RCC Consultant Dilip Kamat. The consultant gave a detailed presentation on the proposed bridge and the Chorao-Salvador do Mundo route was later discussed and finalised in the village gramsabha. “This bridge is will be totally different from any other bridge constructed in Goa so far,” said Kamat. Providing details of the

Goa Dairy chief urges govt support for subsidy TEAM HERALD

PONDA: Claiming that Goa Dairy loses Rs 48 lakh every month on cattle-feed subsidy to milk farmers, Goa Dairy Chairman Shirkant Naik has urged the State government for added support to continue the subsidy. Naik was speaking to media after he was re-elected unopposed for the second consecutive term as the Goa Dairy chairman. “The price of the cattle feed supplied by the Goa Dairy to its milk farmers is lowest compared to other states,” informed Naik. “There won’t be any state in the country where the cattle feed is sold to the milk farmers at Rs 12 per kg, Rs 4 less than the actual purchase price. About 1,200 tonnes of cattle

No hike in milk price PONDA: Ruling out any hike in milk prices, Goa Diary Chairman Shirkant Naik said the Goa Dairy has not taken decision regarding any hike in milk as of now. “Over a year, the Goa Dairy has not hiked the price of the milk in the market and we haven’t decided to hike the selling price,” said Naik.

feed is sold monthly and the cost borne by the Goa Dairy towards cattle feed is cutting into the profits. We have written to the State government for some help,” said Naik. “Presently, the financial

condition of the Goa Dairy is stable, however it will be of some help if the government helps us in the subsidy on cattle feed,” said Naik without disclosing the profit figures. The election to elect chairman is held every year and the election to elect the Board of Directors is held every five years. All the 12 Board of Directors were present during the election process and Naik was the lone candidate to the chairman’s post. Naik said various government schemes including efforts from milk farmers have increased local milk production by 7,000 litres daily. “At present, on an average local production of milk has increased by 7,000 litres. The current demand for milk in the market is over 2 lakh litres and Goa Dairy sells about 70,000 litres.”

Goans in Belgaum to reaffirm Comunidade rights TEAM HERALD

BELGAUM: Goan settlers from in and around Belgaum may have left Goa due to the Inquisition and other reasons, but they are now organizing themselves to reaffirm their rights as members of the communidades in different parts of Goa. In one such case, a large number of Sirsaim Gaunkars settled in Mansapur, Khana-

Vacant ‘tourist’properties to be used for pay parking

pur, Tivoliwada and other areas are all set to take part in elections to the Sirsaim Communidade this Sunday. At the recently convened meeting at Mansapur under Fransalian priest, Fr Joe Fernandes, originally hailing from Sirsaim, the members condemned the attitude of certain vested interests in different comunidades in Goa who have deleted the names of Gaunkars who have settled in Khanapur, Chandgad, Ajara

talukas and neighbouring areas. “They say that we are outsiders and not Goans and hence our names from the comunidade records were deleted deliberately,” claimed Peter Fernandes, a retired senior railway employee originally a Sirsaim Gaunkar, now residing at Khanapur. “They also stopped giving us Zon from 2007. We went to the court to fight for the re-inclusion of the names of

Mansapur-KhanapurGaunkars as the previous committee of the Sirsaim Comunidade deleted our names,” added Fernandes. Speaking to Herald, Fr Joe Fernandes said: “We went to the court to fight for the reinclusion of the names of the Mansapur-Khanapur Gaunkars. The judicial process is still going on.” “In the meantime, we got our names included in the list of the Jonoeiro, the list of

Gaunkars eligible to vote through the executive process that is through the Administrator of Comunidades de Goa, the Collector of North Goa, etc,” Fr Fernandes said. “We will exercise our voting right in the elections for the Sirsaim Comunidade on January 27 as per the old list of 2007 including all the Gaunkars as it was before the deletion,” Fr Fernandes added.

proposed bridge, Kamat said the bridge for the 350-metre wide river would be of sufficient height to facilitate the movement of barges and other vessels. “Approval has already been obtained from the Captain of Ports,” Kamat said. The 12-metre wide bridge will permit two-way traffic as well as a 1-metre wide footpath on either side for pedestrians,” he added. The proposed bridge towards Salvador-do-Mundo will connect near the Church, where traffic will then proceed towards CharmanosBritona and near the Secretariat at Porvorim, before linking to the NH 17 highway. The bridge towards Chorao will connect near the Madel Church and a new approach road will be constructed by acquiring land to connect to the Tikhazan Bridge and a bypass road will be constructed for motorists to proceed towards Bicholim. According to Kamat, the estimated cost of the bridge is Rs 100 crore, while the cost for the approach and other link roads could be about Rs 200 crore.

Theft at Mapusa school TEAM HERALD

PONDA: Brass Samai worth Rs 3,500 was stolen from a school at Mapusa. According to Mapusa Police, Janata High School, Mapusa, Headmaster Ratnakant complained that some persons entered the school premises by breaking the lock and decamped with the brass Samai worth Rs 3,500 from the school office sometime between January 23 and 24. ASI R V Redkar is investigating the case.



Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


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UK pledges £21 m in aid to Syria AFP

FIRST DEATH ANNIVERSARY In ever-loving memory of

Pearl Maria Fernandes (Graceland, Porvorim – opposite Clergy Home)

It’s been a year since you left us in darkness. As our hearts still ache in sadness, $QGVHFUHWWHDUVVWLOOÀRZ What it meant to lose you, QRRQHZLOOHYHUNQRZ

There will be a Eucharistic celebration for the soul of our beloved PEARL on Monday, 28 January 2013, at 5pm at Clergy Home, Porvorim, followed by prayers and blessing of the grave offered by her sorrowful parents Peter and Rosalind (Bahrain), brothers Ryan and Simon, sisters Roshelle and Karen, and niece Rebekah. Relatives and family kindly accept this as the only intimation.

LONDON: Britain on Saturday pledged an extra £21 million ($33 million, 25 million euros) of humanitarian aid to help civilians caught up in the Syrian conflict. Some £10 million of the funding will help Jordan cope with the influx of thousands of refugees from across the border, International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced as she visited Jordan's main Zaatari refugee camp. Greening said the aid would buy lifesaving winter clothing and food, medical supplies to treat tens of thousands of injured people within Syria, and tents and blankets for refugees. The donation brings Britain's total humanitarian aid to Syria to £89.5 million, but Greening said other countries were failing to deliver the help needed to stop an escalating humanitarian crisis. "Warm words won't provide the shelter and support that Syrian refugees need. Money will," she said in Mafraq, the nearest town to the Zaatari camp.

Antarctic search finds Canada plane wreck AFP

WELLINGTON: Rescuers on Saturday found the wreckage of an aircraft that went missing in Antarctica with three Canadians aboard, with officials describing the crash on the steep mountainside as "not survivable". The Twin Otter disappeared in a remote mountain range on Wednesday while on a supply run from the South Pole to Italy's Antarctic base at Terra Nova Bay. After efforts to reach the plane were frustrated for four days due to bad weather, helicopters late on Saturday reached the crash site in the Queen Alexandra mountain range. "The site of the crash is at a height of 3,900 metres (13,000 feet) at the northern end of the Queen Alexandra Range," the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand said. "The aircraft wreckage is on a very steep slope, close to the summit of Mount Elizabeth. It appears to have made a direct impact that was not survivable." Centre coordinator Tracy Brickles said it was a sad end to the rescue effort. "It has been a difficult operation in challenging conditions but we remained hopeful of a positive result. Our thoughts are now with the families of the crewmen," Brickles said. The plane belonged to Canada's Kenn Borek Air, a firm based in Calgary that charters aircraft to the US Antarctic programme. It went missing in a rugged area midway between the South Pole and Terra Nova, which lie about 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) apart.

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


The Justice Department spoke of this. He's been tried, convicted and will serve in the United States, said State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, of David Headley

BJP Govt still in majority: Kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;taka Gov Will order floor test if he feels its reduced to a minority PTI

BANGALORE: In a relief to the ruling BJP that faced threats of instability, Karnataka Governor, H R Bhardwaj, today said the Jagadish Shettar Ministry still enjoyed majority after 13 party MLAs anounced their resignation but he would order a floor test if he felt it has been reduced to a minority. "On the day on which the government comes into minority even with one MLA less, I will issue notice. Now 13 MLAs have resigned but the government is still in majority," he told reporters, as Shettar stood next to him after the Republic Day function here. Bhardwaj said he would act according to the advice of Shet-

tar as long as he was the Chief Minister but wouldn't do so after his government had lost majority. "I will not do any unconstitutional work. I am watching," he said. Question marks over the Shettar government's survival were raised after 13 MLAs loyal to Karnataka Janata Party chief and former BJP strongman, B S Yeddyurappa, announced their decision to quit assembly membership. The MLA's bid to push the government into a corner however had been in vain as Assembly Speaker, K G Bopaiah, was not in station, an issue over which they cried foul and petitioned the Governor, to whom they submitted copies of their resignation letters.

The Governor's remarks come as a relief to the over sixmonth old Shettar Government as it has belied hopes, at least for the present, of Yeddyurappa to force the exit of the BJP Ministry ahead of assembly elections due in May. Bhardwaj said today that Shettar was the Leader of the BJP Legislature Party and it was left to him to take action on the issue of resignation by 13 MLAs. Noting that the Assembly has been convened to meet from February 4 for the Budget session, Bhardwaj said he was studying the situation. "I hope Karnataka continues to function as per the Constitution and we (I and Chief Minister) will not rush through," he said.

26/11 US victim recounts heroic efforts of hotel staff PTI

CHICAGO: Recounting the deadly Mumbai terror attack during the trial of Pakistani-American LeT terrorist, David Coleman Headley, an American survivor has lauded the heroic efforts of the Oberoi hotel staff to save her life. Appearing in a Chicago court, before David Coleman Headley was sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment for his "unquestionable role" in the Mumbai terrorist attack that claimed 166 lives, Linda Ragsdale told the judge how two kitchen employees of the Oberoi hotel defied the bullets of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists to save her and other survivors. Ragsdale recounted that at least two of the hotel staffers died in front of her eyes. "Three of us made it into the kitchen. In a moment of silence, I watched my blood pour out in a pool in front of me. In another breath, the attackers came back with grenades. The bombs shook the walls and floor," she said. A young man tried to help them out but her pants were now too heavy for her body to move, she said. "I told them to go ahead. I knew I was going to live. But this young man did not leave my side. He carefully removed the pants and led us to an exit. He kicked open the door and we escaped into a beautiful, silent, starlit night," Ragsdale said. "The next wave of heroes called out to us, taxi drivers who were waiting for survivors. That night our heroes wore the clothes of the everyday person. Each of these young heroes had egress but they chose to stay and help others. Together, we faced all of this, while you faced a TV screen," Ragsdale told Headley.

US virtually rules out Headley extradition IANS

WASHINGTON: The United States virtually ruled out the extradition of Pakistani American David Headley to India even as New Delhi expressed disappointment at the 35year sentence given to him by a Chicago court. India wants Headley aka Daood Gilani, a key plotter of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack to be extradited to so he can face a 'harsher' sentence than he received in the US. "The Justice Department spoke of this. He's been tried, convicted and will serve in the United States," State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, said on Friday when asked about a report that India wanted to keep up the effort to extradite Headley. Acting US Attorney, Gary S Shapiro, told reporters in Chicago on Thursday that in order to extradite Headley to India, Headley would have to violate his guilty plea by not co-operating with the US government or any foreign government in future investigations and by not being truthful. "Under the plea agreement, he cannot be extradited to India for the crimes he has been convicted of here. If the plea agreement was voided, then our agreement as to extradition is voided as well," he said.

Ragsdale, who is a children's book author and illustrator, witnessed several people being killed, including the father daughter duo of Alan and Naomi Scher who were travelling with her "I spent two weeks in the hospital in India and another week at home. It was almost four months before I could stand. For the rest of my life, I will have to work to keep mobile. To this day, the practitioners manipulate the scar and tissue to achieve this. Some days the pain increases to an almost unbearable stage but it does not hinder me," Ragsdale said. Ragsdale, who is a children's book author and illustrator, witnessed several people being killed, including the father daughter duo of Alan and Naomi Scher who were travelling with her. For her family, the horror began with her husband seeing the breaking news on the attack on the hotel. "His unanswered phone calls made him fear the worst," she said. Recounting the incidents of that eventful day, she said she was dining in the Tiffin Restaurant in the Oberoi Hotel with friends in her meditation group. "At my table that evening were Naomi (13) and Alan Scherr, father and daughter and three other friends. I distinctly remember the first two flashes of light that caught my eye. The first bullet's buzz singed past my ear. Naomi tried to dive for her father and we hurried to get her under the table," she said.


Four drown as house-boat sinks ALAPPUZHA: Four tourists from Chennai drowned as a houseboat tilted and partly sank at Punnamada in the Vembanad lake here today, police said. The deceased, three women and a child, were part of a 61-member group that came from Chennai.



Kiran Bedi, the then Assistant Superintendent of Police at the age of 26, became the first woman to lead a contingent during the Republic Day parade in 1975



Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


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Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


GRC bachelor 36 yrs 5.6” presentable graduate based in UK invites proposals from good looking, smart spinsters. GRC bachelor 5.7” well cultured working on Cruise Liner holding Portuguese Nationality. Call - 7709313745 Available on hire Mercedes Benz E220 new brand, White colour for wedding, parties, official use contact 2733207, 9867070545, 9763555547 Audi– Premium luxury wedding cars. Also available Toyota Camry. Perry’s Wedding Cars– Margao. Package deals on locations. With/without decoration 9890299255, 2767832 (CST) BMW 5-Series, Luxury Wedding Cars, special package BMW +Civic/ Cruze for Bridesmates. Hurry book now (We accept decorations). 08323222424 /9763133424 (CM) RC boy, 32 yrs good family background, 5’6’’ own house, working on ship, presently down till February. Alliance from RC spinster age 27/ 28 good looking medium fair & slim. 9503901382 (REB) 35yrs. GRC girl annulled, working, no issue, looking for GRC boy between 38-42yrs. to be suitable life partner. 9689531230. (CM) GRC Spinsters 25yrs,BSC, 5.6 also 26yrs,BHMS,5.4also 32yrs,BSC & MSC 5ft all looking for suitable partners for details contact 9850193047 Goan RC bachelor, 30 years, Govt job, decent character, well settled seeks RC spinster upto 29 years. Contact : 9923125024. (MCD) Goan RC Bachelor Chardo, 31 years, fair, 5’.11”, well settled, professional seek alliance from fair, slim, well educated, good character, spinsters upto 29years. Email details with Contact: 7875279466. GRC Spinster, 29yrs, 5.5ft, BE, Working, invites alliance from qualified bachelors. Contact 9158717604.

Paralysis can be cured. No need to go to Malvan, Belgaum, Karwar etc. Home Visit. Call – 8007094386, 9270887296. (Many Cured). Biswas Clinic (Margao) 100% Guarantee Treatment for *Piles, *Fistula, *Fissures, *Sexual diseases. permanent cure. Opp. Sitara Motors(Bajaj Showroom), Colmorod, Navelim Road, Margao. 7350019156. Timing: to - to (DA) Treatment without medicines, complete cure for joint pains, back pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, spondylitis, slipdisc, sciatica, nerve injuries, paralysis, frozen shoulder, heal pain etc. contact Dr. Nidhi Sinha, Dream center building Navelim junction 9561178853/ 9890665371 (CST) (Ayurvedic Dr. Palash) Secret Sexual Diseases: *Infertility, *Quick Discharge, *Impotency, *Nightfall, *Loose Penis, *Erection problem (Without operation *Piles, *fistula, *Fissure). Ponda Clinic, Below Café Bhosle, Ponda & Near Bar Corner, Malim– Betim, Panaji. Appointment– 9881889650, 9673094890 (SU) 100% Ayurvedic treatment for sexual problem: *importency, *erection problem, *small penis, *quick discharge, *infertility, *Nightfall, *piles, *fistula fissure. Contact: Ayurveda Clinic, Vaddem, Vasco. Mobile: 7798103591/ 9921252301. (SND) Permanent Ayurvedic Treatment for Sex weakness, Secret Sexual diseases, *Infertility, *Quick discharge, *impotency, *nightfall, *Loosepenis. Diabetes, Hydrocile, Piles, Fistula, Fissures. Jeewan Dweep Clinic. Dr. K.K. Mandal (B.I.ASM). Zuarinagar, Birla. 9767198402 (DA)

Used Singer sewing machine with motor 8 years old in excellent working condition for sale Call: 2413802, 2413803, 2262103

Place your advertisements on our Classified pages and get maximum returns for your money To Advertise in Classifieds, Call on 6518505 / 6518516

Antique notes, coins, First day covers, Panasonic Cordless Phone, Post cards Garrafao etc. Today from 10 to 3pm. 8805488187, 2777137 (RD)

Highly pedigred Doberman male pup direct import lineage for sale, also available Exotic parrots and persian cats. Contact Sean 9673440912.

1BHK Flat, 54m2, Rs.19Lakhs (Negotiable), near El-Monte Theater, Vasco. Immediate Sale. 9822158668/ 9049518530.

For sale, Epson Inkjet Printer with external ink tank. Ideal for xerox shops, cyber café, home/ office use etc. Contact: 9823022194 (Margao) (CM)

Lucky Kennels sells pure breeds to place your order for Dobermans, boxers, Alsatians, and all kind of breeds. Contact 9096711859 (BSN)

For sale Flat Double Bedroom, 77sqmtrs, Silva Nagar, Next to St.Ann’s Church Ponda-Goa. Contact (M) 9823135126. (MCD)

Clearance sale of Sofa cum beds, beds, sofas, wardrobes, storage beds, dressors, wall units, bars, Tv units, Computer tables, chest of drawers, dining tables, dining chairs, office chairs, lights, Chandeliers, paintings, artificial flowers and other decorative articles at Grandis. St.Inez, Panaji and Margao. Call: 9422440993, 9225900745 (EL45633)

Rare & Extinct Breed, Superb quality Mudhol Hound Pups for sale. Parents can be seen. Breeders price only. Contact9765451550 (AKS)

For sale 2BHK apartment at Saligao,98m2, lift & swimming pool, few mins drive from Calangute. Call 9923853813 (2% Brokerage applicable) (GA100048396)

Special offer high quality melamine finish scratch resistant bedroom set Rs.32900/- includes a queen bed, wardrobe, dressor also a bedroom set Rs.39900/includes a queen bed, wardrobe, dressor, and a spring mattress. Sofa cum bed starting at Rs.18000/- at Grandis Panaji and Margao. Contact 9422440993, 9225900745 (EL47871) Available Today only for immediate sale! Sparingly used electronics in new conditionHP Sleek laptop W/LED Display, Iphone 4, Dell Desktop W/22” Monitor, 2012 Assembled PC, IPhone 1, Blackberry Pearl, Scanner, Car speakers and Misc electronics. Mount Unique D/3, Above HDFC ATM, Altinho, Panaji9657932352. (GA100048637)

Wanted scrap airconditioner (A.C.) 2wheelers, 4wheelers (sold by owner only) Monitors, CPU, UPS, Invertor batteries. We pay good price. 8605049134 (EL48235) We buy all types of four wheelers, 2wheelers. Any condition for scrap from reg. Owner, payment on spot. Call 9673192143 (EL48236) Wanted Monitor, CPU, UPS. Scrap 2wheeler, 4wheeler scrap (A.C.)- Rs.2000/— Rs.7000/-. Also buy scrap batteries, fridge, Geysers. 8805495115 (EL48237) Wanted scrap (A.C) airconditioner 1Ton, 1.5Ton, 23Ton (Rs.2000/— Rs.7000/-) as per size. Monitor, CPU, UPS, scrap 2wheeler, 4wheeler. 9673175275 (EL48238) Wanted Computer Monitor, CPU, UPS, Inverter, Batteries in any condition. We collect any where in Goa. 8390962208 (EL48232) Wanted (Scrap 4-wheeler 6wheeler) Monitors– Rs. 650/UP’S –200/- CPU- 200/Scooters 2000/-. A.C 2 ton– 5000/-, 1.5 ton – 4500/Inverter batteries– 1500/-. 8390956275 (PR) Need old 5 lts Cake mixer. Call 9823254132. Wanted scrap material in lots Barge items. G.I., Copper or brass of 20 tons or above. Dismatling work, etc of factories for scrap undertaken in and around Goa. Call office 0832 2437211 Email: .in

Prayer Tower: For any of your prayer needs call/ SMS us at our 24 hours prayer lines @ 9422441389/ 9422441387 or email us your request at (ADT) Jesus Never Fails Ministries. Want to be truly free from sickness, curses, financial, family problems? For prayers 9822488082 /9881537402 /9822436791. (RB)

Pest Control Popular guaranteed /Economical Treatment for Termites (Whites– Ants) odourless Treatment (No Smell) free Estimate Call:- 0832-2251493 /9823071819 /8806342794 (MH)

Dog Training undertaken Basic, advanced, show training, Puppy selection and Aptitude testing. Contact James D’cruz. Dog Trainer/ Consultant. 9860998437/ 9767247457 (EL47491)

Beautiful Giant Size Rottweiler puppies available, 1 male, 2 females, only serious dog lovers may call: 7798922672 (ADT) Boxer pups for sale (pure breed) Fawn colour. Contact: 9689080539 (CM)

Visit Garca Branca Ayurvedic Botanical Gardens in Loutolim. Lose yourself amidst hundreds varieties of Flora in our Garden of Eden. Read about Health Medicine in Flora & Vegetable. Bring family on Picnic. Children enjoy Birds, Animals, Fish, Toys, Emu from Australia. Contact: Carlos 9822584861 /6481231 (CM)

Shop for sale with well running business of tailoring, tailoring materials, dresses, cloth with furniture, machines etc. 15m2, mezzanine floor, at Borda, Margao. 16Lakhs. SMS: 9545104836 (CM) 16m2 Shop, LG-7 at Gomes Catao Complex, near Cine Alankar, Mapusa. Call: 6521430 bteween 11-6pm (ADT) Available godown on rent area 23x3 (height) Opp. Kerkar Hospital, Aquem – Alto, Margao – Goa. Contact: 9890306656 (CM) Office /shop of 21.13m2 with double floor (mezzanine) in Margao close to SGPDA Market . Contact : 9823825488 (AA) Office premises available for long lease at bypass road, Khorlim- Mapusa. Area 145m2 on ground floor. Contact9561243939 (AKS) Available shop 15 sq.mts opp. Fatorda Stadium, Margao on lease and shop at Radha Estate, Taleigao 30 sqmts double height. Contact 9823055003 (EL48152) for sale shop area 32 sqmts double height at curchorem contact 9822184289. (EM) For Immediate Sale 20 sq. mts. Shop in calangute prime location Ph: 9730505655 (KK) Available double height shops 1bhk and 2 bhk flats at majestic enclave quepem with lift and stilt parking contact 9890693360 (EM) main road facing ready office at osia sgdpa complex, margao area 23.18 sqmts 9403960267. Double height shops for sale and rent at mandopa, navelim, salcete 9403960267.

Wanted at Mapusa and Margao for a MNC Company 40 to 60 sqm roadfacing shop for long lease. Owners contact IJ Realtors 9922385497 (MCD) Wanted ground floor shop with main road facing frontage in Porvorim on NH17/ Chogm Road, 50- 100 sqm for long term lease for a reputed premium brand. Ground+ First floor/ mezzanine of over 100 sqm also considered. 9623216736 (EL48329) Wanted space for fast food Restaurant on rent around Calangute, Baga. Contact: 9767733889, 8975488095. (ADT)

For Sale new studio Appt., 2nd floor, no lift, gated complex with pool ,5 mints walk to the beach. Benaulim, South- Goa. 25lacs. Contact Avenues properties. 9881725035 (INT)

Plot 365m2 Colva beach with sanad, compound wall / 1BHK flat 69m2 Majorda beach 25Lakhs. 9960577569 / 9860452299 (CM)

Developed Plot of 432 sq mtrs, at Sao Jose de Areal. price35 lacs. Contact Avenues properties 9881725035 (INT)

New hotel 52rooms fully furnished swimming pool land 1700m2 Carmona beach South Goa close to hotel Ramada. Owner going abroad selling at attractive price. Brokers don’t call 9011973443 (CST)

2 BHK at Nuvem, 120 sqmtrs, 1st floor, close to Margao -Panaji highway. 60 lacs. Contact Avenues properties 9881725035. (INT)

Bungalow for sale at Dabolim (Chicolna) plot area 350 sq. mts. 170 sq. mts. built up. 5 min drive from airport, bogmolla beach. Walking distant to resort. 4 carparking provision. Expected 85 lakhs. Contact:9766544110 only (PR)

Plot for sale at Old Goa, 304 sqmt. Contact 9552660452, 2287466 (EL48149) 508m2 Plot with Old house in Comba @30,000/-, 390m2 Plot with building in Agalli @1.25Cr. & Row Villa in Borda @80Lakhs. Brokers Excuse. 9767501757. (DA)

Going cheap- Mapusa Book your Flat in Mapusa & Get heavy discount. Project located 10 min from Mapusa Market with Swimming pool, Club House, Gym, Stilt Parking, 24 hour security, Gated complex, Generator back up Lift. Hurry Offer only on Limited Flats Call- Sudin :9890708660 (IND)

132m2 & 128 m2 Fully Furnished 03BHK Flat for urgent Sale Near Kesarval Garden Retreat, Cortalim. Contact-9922202129 (PR) Upcoming project (Chinchinim, Coddea Vaddo) flats, 35, 27, 15Lakhs, bungalows 70, 89Lakhs. Contact: 8390700702. Loan assistance available. Negotiable (CM) First floor flat 72m2 plus 48m2 covered terrace in central Margao. Good condition. Year 1991. Call: 9922288898 (CM) Flat for sale at Navelim, area 96m2, 2nd floor. Contact: 7798026909 (CM) Highway touch developed plots in Valpoi North Goa starting from 6,38,000 onwards Phase-I having 80 plots of 300m2. Phase-2 having bigger plots 8 & 6meter wide road access. Internal roads. Ideal for building bungalow or good for investment. Contact: 7276777746 (CM) 401m2 NA plot with 144m2 running bakery and 98m2 2BR flats at Khandepar Ponda for immediately sale Contact 9422446530/ 9923487380 (SU) Bastora, Bardez, near Highway, 7-year duplex bungalow, built: 200mts, land: 400mts, neighbour allowed well water, 135Lacs. Sequeira [Broker] : 9326115623. (AKS) Under Construction Spacious Office Spaces & 3 bhk Apartments in the heart of Margao. Possession end 2014. Contact: 8975768367. (DG) Sale, 2BHK, 105 mt, first floor, fully marble, both master bedrooms @ 42 lakhs, for Rent– Two attached double height furnished shops, with toilet, good for Bank, ATM, Office, 35 thousands per month, near VIP gate Fatorda stadium, Brokers excuse, not negotiable9421152252 /9921448110 (MA) Plot for sale in Sinquetim Navelim, 1200m2, beautiful views. Call: 9860400771. Brokers excused (CM) 2000 Sqmts. Plot available in Orlim-Benaulim. Contact: 8421097179 / 9545910908 (DA)

At Milro Ribandar for sale 135 sqmts spacious three bedroom flat. Also a large garage. Call: 9822684372

2BHK Flat, 86m²., 3rd floor, Close to Market, Busstand and Railway Station, Opp. K.T.C. Busstand, Margao. Contact Owner: 8421097179 /9545910908 (DA)

Calem 10,000 sqm. @ Rs. 600/per sqm road access, electricity, water, close to railway station. Verna Industrial Estate 11,000 sqm @ 4500/per sqm. Call 9890557167.

New 2BHK apartment plus stilt parking with big garden, play park, cycling track, security, lift with back-up generator in Sirvodem, Margao Municipal area. 9420219095 (CM)

2 Bhk fully furnished flat in Cansaulim (South Goa) for sale @ Rs. 40 lacs. (Neg) Contact 08802314568/ 09873353551 (BLN)

3 BHK fully furnished, 1st floor, well maintained, 135 sq mtrs,. Colva -Benaulim road. Contact Avenues properties 9881725035

(INT) 4 bhk Row villa at colva, 240 sqmtrs plot, 218 built up, 1.2 kms from colva beach. Price. Contact Avenues properties 9881725035

(INT) Office space is available for sale above Dominos Pizza, Margao, 40 Sq.Mtrs. Price 24L. Contact Avenues Properties 9623856735 (INT) 2BHK for Sale at Kurtarkar Gardens Gogol, Margao . Gated Complex. Contact Avenues Properties 9623856735 (INT) Plots under development in settlement zone, half k.m from the main road at Borim- Ponda are for sale. Contact: 9822183271 (CH) 1BHK, 65m2, 1st floor flat, Deepra Avenue, opp Assumta Chapel, near Bank of Baroda, Guirim. Call: 6521430 between 11-6pm (ADT) For immediate sale from direct owner plot 2625 sqmts with proper excess in a cool location for residential purpose at MayemBicholim, Settlement Plot. Interested and genuine buyers please contact 9822121753. Brokers excuse (BSN) 3BHK Row Villa in Gogol Margao @47lakhs, 275m2 Plot near Nusi Wockhard Hospital, Cuncolim @7200/-, & 1000m2 Plot in Colva @10,000/-. Brokers Excuse. Mob.: 9767501757 (DA) 2BHK first floor at Borda-30 lacs, 2BHK with parking slot at Fatorda for 43 lacs, 3BHK unused flat at Fatorda for 55 lacs. Contact: 9921883623 (DA) Flats for sale 2BHK semi furnished 98sqmtrs at Santosh Garage, Aquem Margao & 2BHK 90sqmtrs at Rundamol Housing Board Margao. Brokers excuse. Contact 9175556777 (CST) For sale row Bungalow 3Bhk near Chowgule College, Gogola Margao builtup 136m2, 18m2 open terrace parking, brand new 7385423807 (EL48480) Semifurnished 3 BHK 115 sqm for sale at Adwalpalkar’s Shelter, Caranzalem. Storeroom, modular kitchen, wardrobes, lofts, corner parking, swimming pool, children playarea, security, prime location. 72 lacs. 9623216736 (EL48328) 1/2 BHK Flats at Assagao, close to Mapusa /Anjuna for sale @ 45000/m2. (negotiable) Excellent location. Strictly no brokers. Call: 9422063320 /9637846286 (ADT)

Three bedroom duplex bungalow with compound wall, gate. Area 133m2 + 80m2 open space at Davorlim, Margao for sale with Occupancy Certificate. Located opposite Mahalaxmi saw-mill. Price 60Lacs, Loans arranged. Contact: Ambica Real Estates 9850132895. (CM)

Property 15590 sqmts for sale at Sanguem Bhati call David 9850481384 (DG) Donapaula Beach Front Row House with unobstructed seaview, 4Bhk, fully- Furnished, 288m2. Going cheap. Brokers excuse. Call: 9421555228. email:houseandmore@gmail. com (IND)

We help you to Buy/ Sell /Rent /Invest Flats, Shops, land, Restaurants etc. 2% Brokerage applicable. Call: 9766597120 /9822711382 (ANC)

For sale, row-villa 3BHK152m2 @ 70L, 2BHK flat - 64m2 @ 24L at Ambajim, 2BHK flat– 98m2 @ 42L, 3BHK Penthouse- 136m2 @ 62L at Khareband. Pl. call: 9421247632 (CM)

ACC Available / Wanted, Astro, Beauty & Care, Business & Finance / Offer, Consultancy, Matrimonial, Premises Available, Accomodation, Properties, Medical, Pets & LiveStock etc.

Siolim, 1BHK. Resort Style, Exclusive Finish, 2 kms from Mapusa. Possession– March 2013. All Amenities. Bank Approved. Also Bookings now open for 2BHK Rowhouses & Villas. Contact: 8888922333 (EL46879) 3bhk fully furnished villas with all modern ammenities, ready possesion, personal car park , at grande morode, Nagao saligao, north goa for Sale Call: 9029163269/ 9623502040 . Under construction duplex 130m2 3BHK, behind Rosary College Navelim possession within eight months call 9822086487. (CST) 236/ 334 sqmts plots at Loutolim @ 7,000/- 627 sqmt Colva beach facing plot @15,000/-, 356 sqmt Betalbatim 10,000/- with sanad not negotiable. Also available at Benaulim, Nuvem, Chinchinim & more. Romeo Estates 9657897654 (REB)

For sale luxury duplex villas at Taleigao 2 Bedrooms, 2 hall & 1 kichen. All 5 rooms with a/c amounting Rs. 80 lakhs negotiable. Contact direct owner: 9922401836. (Brokers Excuse) (PR) Nagoa Varna near church Row House 183 m2 built up OT 6.25 m2 Grd+ one fully furnished with s/ pool landscape garden gym. Common sit out 24hrs security gated complex 4 yrs old Price 85 lacs call Mahesh 7507650991 Property Paradise (PR) Verna 2 BHK 93 m2 grd 1st & 2nd floor with s/pool lift with power backup landscape garden health club gated complex with 24 hrs security call for more details Mahesh 7507650991 Property Paradise. (PR)

1 bhk and 2 bhk flats for sale under construction at mandopa, navelim, salcete 9403960267.

Plot for sale at Pontemol Curchorem. prime area of 500 sqmtrs. Contact: 9822388916. Brokers excuse (CH) Bookings open for 1, 2BHK and Studio in Margao city and on Kharebandh road with affordable installments. Contact: 9765499218. (GA100048638) Land for immediate sale near Oldgoa 2000- 3000sqmtrs with light and water connection. Contact: 9921099140. Brokers excuse (CP) 500sqft row house ground floor for sale in Candolim. Contact: 9545915588/ 9545615588. (CP) 1BHK flat for sale in CDWestwinds, Benaulim first floor, overlooking garden, 24hrs. security, swimmingpool, clubhouse, area 79m2. Contact: 7507442626. (CM) Under construction 2BHK flats in Colva. Close proximity to beach & market (within 1km.). Serious buyers Contact: 9822989438 / 9823979143. (CM) Shop premises for sale in the heart of margao city. Approx 27sq.mtrs with mezzanine. Contact 9923439755. (CST) 3BHK bungalow, 171m2 300mtrs from navelim Church, school. 2 master bedroom, garage, open terrace, big balcony brokers excuse 9011150935 (CST)

Mumbai Maritime Training institute conducting DG. Shipping (Govt. Of India) Approved STCW’95 Courses (PSSR, PST, EFA, FPFF) OTF, CTF, GTF, MFA, Medical Care Presea Training in, Maritime Catering (Saloon), GP Rating. Contact:- MMTI, Kiran travels, Below new era school, Malbhat, Margao. 2735024, 2735002, 9822179154. Always together with seafarers from past 12 years). (GA100046324) Good news for Goan.Now apply for CDC & get free wrist watch. Get panama CDC in 3 days(provisional), Bahamas CDC in 45days, Liberian CDC in 20days,Belize CDC in 5days.Marshall island CDC in 45days. Contact:JC Marine services, Kirantravels, below Newera school, Malbhat, Margao, Tel:2735024, 2735002, 9822179154. Beware of agents issuing duplicate CDC with low fees.(Always together with seafarers from past 12years) (GA100046324) Sea Scan Maritime Foundation conducts DG Shipping Govt. of India approved STCW’95 (FPFF, PST, PSSR, EFA & OTF courses). Pkg of five courses Rs.18000/- only Indos No’s issued after the completion of courses for booking contact:2423409/10, 9822132034 Margao 2732706 (WN)

Be Positive Investment Services, Margao requires Male/Female Office Assistant XII with Computers knowledge staying in around Margao. Contact: 9422064570.

Wanted 1000- 3000 m2 plot in Cansaulim, Majorda, Betalbatim, Colva Varca, Benaulim, for a residential bungalow contact: VB Properties & More... 8308840969 Wanted small plots at saligao - 400m2 , Mapsa or Guirim 350-400 m2, Porvorim or Sangolda main road - 500 m2 , Assagao 2oo m2 , calangute / candolim 300- 500 m2 owners only e m a i l mdkrealestate@rediffmail. com or call 6516958 (KK)

For Sale Row Bungalow,120m² 50lakhs in Colva, 3300m² Plot Rs.6000/m² in Navelim, 1000m² Rs.4000/m² in Divar Island. Contact: 8975116320. (DY) 830m² Plot with bungalow in Orlim-Varca @13000/-, 1000m² Plot in Colva @10,000/- & 1600m² Plot near Kesarwal Gardens, Verna @15000/-. Brokers Excuse. 9767501757. (DY)


Wanted house or settlement land with clear title, call or Sms 9637101140 Email (brokers please excuse)

Wanted Waiters, Kitchen Helpers, Tandoori, Goan Cook for a Reputed Restaurant in Vasco. Contact: 9890412725. Work on Cruise Ship /International Hotel /IT CompaniesLearn from us *Hotel Management, *Cruise Ship Computer Training, *Microsoft, Cisco Courses. BILSOFT, Behind Osia Multiplex Ticket Counter, Margao /Vasco 9822125728, 8983197119, 8806472547, 2712971 (CM)

Wanted plot/ house 300500m2 for a Goan family. Alongside Betalbatim, Majorda, Utorda, Velsao, Cansaulim main road. Contact # 9158184331 /9850480219 (CM) Wanted 5000 above agricultural land or orchard land urgently within 15km from Margao. Brokers welcome call 9011973443 (CST) Wanted 2 BHK flat in a posh locality with gated complex and security, close to beach. Preferred Location Colva, Benaulim, Betalbatim. Contact: 9822988787 (ANC)

Wanted an experienced cook with Goan touch and waiter for family restaurant & bar at Verna. Contact for a p p o i n t m e n t 9860785600/9503432347.

Required land on lease measuring approx. 400m2 to set-up an automobile workshop for small commercial vehicles in-around Panaji/ Guirim/ Mapusa area. Contact: 9823725479 /9226573013 (CM) Wanted Hotel for lease in North / South Goa Cont:9970445828. (MH) Wanted plot of area 500m2 & above or nearby within the Margao Municipal area in kind or joint development for good deal. Pl. call M/s Shanti Construction, Margao9421280976 (CM)

Urgently required boys /Girls for permanent job in office qualification 8-12th earn monthly 9000- 12000 Contact Goa:9545475732 /8857004778 food & Accommodation free (SU)

Wanted 300- 3000m2 clear title, old settlement plots, Villas/ House in North Goa (preferably from Bardez) Call: 9923853813. (GA100048397)

Wanted western, Indian, Eastern Cuisine, Allrounder Cooks, Pantry, Helpers, Dishwashers, Housekeepers, Roomboys, Supervisors, Managers, Barman, Stewards, Cashiers, Drivers.– only SMS07875862614 (MA)

Wanted 1500m2-3000m2 plot in old settlement with good surrounding and clear title in north or south goa. Call9860816333 .


Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


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I was, in fact, supporting the cause of those who are marginalised and those who are in minority and those who are oppressed, said Ashis Nandy of his controversial remark

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

$ , ; ? B

&, '' ( *+'& $!,1 )3- 7 #,&- ), , */. )'* (3 .) 1),% #( ) ; , ., #(#(! 7 !, ) # 1),% )**),./(#.3; .., .#0 - & ,3; / &# # .#)( O." .) HI." * --; /,,3 /*== #'#. *)-.-; )(. .: OKGOPILOLM8 OOGMKMOKNP A B &, '-*! * '1+ /!, .1) 1" & ,; ( # . - #( ,)/( ,! ) )(. .: PNMNOPINMN A B &,

+% *, % $ $- &, (!&#-" .) 1),% *.#)(#-. #( (. & &#(# . )&0 ; ( # . - #( ( ,)/( )&0 *, ,, ; (-. ,-. * ,-)(- *&4 )(. .: POIJGJPGGL? PNMNPNOJHJ ?INOPKPL A B #(

&, *# ,!& 0 -,!. + A ? B .) *,)'). &." , )( *.8 " ( -)' - & ,3; , -" ,- ( **&3; && PNMKGGKHIP8 POIIHIHGOG A B &, ' & ''# . 7&'& 0 ! ), ),% ,- (. ( . - ) -")/& &-) %()1 .) ' % ')- -; )(. .: POPGPPGGNK A HGGGKOMJPB

* !+ !$$ * +'*,4 & (!/. "8 ) , +/#, &)1 -. /,! (.&3< -% .. ( (. A B< (#), - /,#.3 / , -8 1 &%<#( #(. ,0# 1 AGOJIBIINMJLH? LI? LJ? LK; ' # & !'E* , #- 0#&& ! ; );#( ( ",E* , #- 0#&& ! ; );#( A B )-!* -* &,$1 '* # -")* #( ),." ) < -.,3 " ? % ), .), ( " &* ,; & ,3: HIGGG< HLGGG?<; )(. .< OOGLJGPGHM? GPNMPJILHIL A B )-!* ! < -$$ ,!% = '* ),." ) ; & ,3 ) , KGGG?<8 1#&& #( , - )( * , ),' ( ; )(. .< OOGLJGPGHM? GPNMPJILHIL A B * &,$1 * )-!* '-+ % ! ), ) ( '#&3 #( / #8 /& 2* ,# ( *, ,, ; ()1& ! ) (!&#-"; ! )0 JL3,-; )(. . PMNJLPOPIJ A KOKGHB &, (,!'&!+, ,' /'*# #( ) .),- &#(# #( ,! ) )(. .: POIIHIIHKN A B * &,$1 * )-!* $ 7 $$ * A ). ),*), . && (., 8 () - &&#(! , +/#, B - & ,3 HG8GGG #2 8 /&& .#' #( ), ,)/( -#)&#'8 , +/#, ' (.%()1& ! ) #( #8 (!&#-" 8 )'*/. ,- -")/& " 0 )1( & *.)*8 )." , . #&- /,#(! #(. ,0# 1 && PMJNJGPHMJ A B &,

-* &,$1 + $ + !*$ ), (- /&#'8 )(!#(#-; )(. . PMNJNKKNHJ A B &, $ + !*$ 8 1 '* !# . -")* . , -),. #( .), ; )(. .: POPGPKHGHP A B &, ' ! '14 /!, @ 1" & , ,#0#(! # ( ), *,#(.#(! /(#. #( 7 ,)/( ( $# )(. .:< NNPOLJKHIO A B &, 0( *! & ,#0 , 1#." 0 &# -# #(! #( ( ,! ); )(. . PPIJMLLMIO

, 0! . "; ,)/( $ -" A B

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

'&+,*- ,!'& & ! 0.; . : , +/#, & ? ' & ,)(. # /( ,!, / . ?!, / . ; )) %()1& ! ) )'*/. ,; & ,3 -;MGGG8 (. ,0# 1 )( IP." ( JG." ( P;JG @ HI ( I;JG @ L*' & , ( )/- 8 "#( 3/, /($ 8 */IILJKJP8 POIIGHLOKH A B &,

-* &,$1 A -+,'% * , 2 /.#0 - ), )&# 3 #,' #( & (!/. ; &/ ( 3 #( (!&#-" 7 #( # )(. .: PIILPGOJNK A B &, % $ ++!+, &, '* , 0 & ! ( 3 #( ($#'; )(. .:< OOGLMKONNI ? PNMKJMLGNI A B * " , 2* .)

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&, +% *, % $ !, / . ), /( ,!, / . ), , -"( , .) " ( & ) # 1),% )# /(#0 & /.)') #& &#(# A- & ( ,0# B . & .#' && ' ( ! , PJIMOHHNMJ A B

$ ++ *!&!,14 ', * ' ,* ./ & &* ( .; (.")(3; " (% )/ ), && & --#(!- -.)1 )( ' ( '3 '#&3 A &#( ( )(6 B A B

'* + $ 4 @>>A %' $ ,!. 4 )( KP8LGG%';8 -#(!& )1( ,8 2 && (. )( #.#)(; )(. .: IOMGJNG ? PMLNNHOJKI A B " " 7 ?>>6 $ # 8 /& * ,#0 (? *,#& IGGM ) & ), & ; . : : IIGGG?< !).# & ; )(. .: PPNGHNJMOL; A B *.'$ , (,* %' $ @>>C #( .)* )( #.#)(8 )(&3 JLGGG ',/(; )(. . /, $: POOHHJJPLP; A B

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

-$$1 %' ! ! %' $ IGGI8 . /') PN ') &8 1#." 8 1 && ' #(. #( ; )(. .: OLLKOOGGLL & ! ! + $ '* + $ ('/ * 1#( )18 *)1 , -. ,#(!8 ') & IGGG8 PG8GGG A( !).# & B8 #% - & HL8GGG A()(<( !).# & B; )(. .: PNMJOIKIOP A B *-,! & 0 & @>>C %' $ #( ,/((#(! )( #.#)( . ),0),#'; )(. . A , ( #- ) # #,)B IKHKKMJ ), POIIHNGIMI A KOJPOB

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

$ # %*1 @>>B %' $4 /.)' .# 8 )( OJ8GGG;GG %'-; ( !)) )( #.#)(; && POPGIHNNJP /,#(! ) # ")/,A B

'* ! +, ! + $ @>>F '$ #! LLOGO%' II%'?&.,; )( #.3 42 !2# IGGN ( 11 ,' -#&0 , A )& B LLGOO%' IG%'?&.,; *?-. ,#(!8 *?1#( )1-8 8 ?&) %#(! A 2 " (! (.,)8 (8 ,8 &.)B PJIMOHHNMJ ,! ) ; A B

'* + $ +!& $ & -+ @>>B ') & )( #.3 1#." &&)3, ( - ( 1 .3, -8 !)& ( )&)/,8 0 *& 3 , 1#." - , ( 2 && (. )( #.#)(; PHNLLLMNNN; ,)% ,- 2 /A B

1-& ! ,2 @>>E !, KIOOO%'8 * & #& IGGK "#. JOGGO%' *?-. ,#(!8 *?1#( )1-8 8 ?&) %#(! 8 ( 1, # & A 2 " (! (3 0 "# & )(-# ,B PJIMOHHNMJ ,! ) ; A B

! + $ 1(+14 ? ,'1', & !& 4 *)1 ,-. ,#(!8 ' !-8 ,) .3, - !3*-3 %#(! ,) 2 &-8 HO%''#& ! ( 1&3 * #(. 8 2 && (. )( #.#)(; NONLHGPJKM A KOKOIB

C *! & .0! @>>D $ # KKOOO%'8 ( 02# IGGI #0 , LKOGO%'8 ( 02 IGGH "#. LOGOO%'8 ( &2 IGGH "#. KMGGO%'8 (&2 IGGH #&0 , KJGGO%' /&&3 &) H3 , , - ,0# A 2 " (! )& (8 ,8 .#4B PJIMOHHNMJ ,! ); A B

'* $ 4 ' '* 9 * ' ,)/. -- (! , /-; ), '), . #&- )(. .: OKIHGPNHNP ? PLKLPHGPGO A B 1-& ! !?> ('*,2 *?1#( )1-8 *?-.,!;8 % (.,38 ; IGGP8 '# &/ 8 J;IL PMJNNIJGOH?OI8 ,! )

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Tableaux from 14 states and five from various ministries and departments showcased India's varied cultural diversity at the Republic Day parade


OBC, SC, ST most corrupt: Ashis Nandy; FIR filed PTI

JAIPUR / NEW DELHI: Noted author, Ashis Nandy, today kicked up a storm with comments that people from OBC, SC and ST communities were the "most corrupt", remarks that came under all round attack. Hours after Nandy made the remarks at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival, an FIR was lodged with the police against him in Jaipur under Section 506 IPC (criminal intimidation) and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The FIR was filed by Rajpal Meena, Chairperson of the SC/ST Rajasthan Manch and the matter will be investigated, police said. "It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from OBCs and Scheduled Castes and now increasingly the Scheduled Tribes," he said, participating in a session at the Festival. Going further, he said, "I will give an example. One of the states with the least amount of corruption is state of West Bengal when the CPI(M) was there. And I must draw attention to the fact that in the last 100 years, nobody from OBC, SC and ST has come anywhere near to power. It is an absolutely clean state."

"It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from OBCs and Scheduled Castes and now increasingly the Scheduled Tribes," he said, participating in a session at the festival He was immediately challenged by a panellist, Ashutosh, a TV journalist. "This is the most bizarre statement I have heard. The Brahmins and the upper caste can do away with all the corruption but when a low caste person emulates the same thing it becomes so wrong. Such a statement is not right," he said. Nandy's comments triggered a storm, with BSP chief, Mayawati and LJP leader, Ram Vilas, demanding registration of a case under SC/ST Act against Nandy. Mayawati wanted him to be jailed immediately. Congress, BJP, JD(U), CPI as also the SC Commission Chairman, P L Punia, also condemned the remarks.

Range of themes enthral spectators at R-Day parade PTI

NEW DELHI: The glory of one of the greatest saints of the 19th century, Swami Vivekananda, celebration of Indian cinema turning a century and replica of first cloned pashmina goat 'Noori' were among a range of themes that enthralled the audience at the Republic Day parade, here, today. Tableaux from 14 states and five from various ministries and departments showcased India's varied cultural diversity. Vivekananda was the flavour of the season as a tableaux on the celebrated Saint of India was displayed, coinciding with his 150th birth anniversary celebrations. Each state displayed little

known aspects of its art and culture, while the tableaux of ministries showcased the functioning of their departments. The high point of the tableaux was the cinema Mayur Pankhi celebrating Indian cinema's 100 years. The cinema Mayur Pankhi, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry's float, paid tributes to several landmark movies, legendary musicians, singers and actors, including Guru Dutt, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi. Actor Irrfan Khan gave the voice-over for the tableau. Artistes depicting landmark roles in films like Gabbar Singh (Sholay), Mogambo (Mr India), Shehanshah (Shehanshah) and Bhuvan (Lagaan) were also part of the tableau.

Special screening of 'Vishwaroopam' for HC Judge amid protests PTI

CHENNAI / BANGALORE: A single judge of the Madras High Court today watched Kamal Haasan's controversial film, 'Vishwaroopam', at a special screening ahead of passing an order on the actor-filmmaker's plea for a stay on the two-week ban imposed by the Tamil Nadu Government on its release in the state. The screening of the film in Karnataka was, meanwhile, disrupted in some parts of Mysore, Bangalore and Shimoga districts following protests, police said. One theatre in Mysore was vandalised by protesters, police added. The Telugu version of the spy thriller was screened in Hyderabad after its release was suspended yesterday on police's order while the film continued to run in theatres in Kerala for the second day, despite protests from a section of Muslim organisations. The special screening of the film that has raised the hackles of several Muslim

The Judge had ordered that the film's release be deferred till January 28 by which time he would view it groups was watched by Justice K Venkataraman along with stakeholders at a private studio in Chennai, court sources said. The Judge had on January 24 declined to grant the interim injunction sought by Haasan on a government ban which followed protests from various Muslim organisations over alleged depiction of their community in a negative light. Passing orders on Haasan's petition challenging the ban, the Judge had ordered that the film's release be deferred till January 28 by which time he would view it. Haasan has held a special screening of the film for the Muslim outfit leaders but failed to win their approval.

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


President Benigno Aquino has accused China of harassing two Philippine fishing boats in disputed South China Sea waters

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has entered the phase of "complementary treatment" following his cancer surgery in December in Cuba

11 AFP

Obama’s recess appointments unconstitutional: US court PTI

WASHINGTON: A US court has dealt a blow to US President Barack Obama early into his second term, ruling that he violated the American constitution by making "recess" appointments bypassing the Senate confirmation process. In its ruling the federal appeals court said Obama violated the US Constitution when he installed three officials on the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) a year ago. The court ruled that allowing the President to make such appointments as a way around Senate opposition "would wholly defeat the purpose of the Framers in the careful separation of powers structure" they created. The ruling by the federal appeals court on Friday is considered to be a blow to Obama, who started his second fouryear term just days ago.

The court ruled that allowing the President to make such appointments as a way around Senate opposition "would wholly defeat the purpose of the Framers in the careful separation of powers structure" they created The White House, however, said it disagrees with the decision of the court. "I would simply say we respectfully but strongly disagree with this decision. It counters 150 years of precedent. There are over 280 recess appointments made during intersession recess appointments by Democratic and Republican administrations alike," White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters.

"So I think our view on this in terms of the precedent here is buttressed by some significant facts," Carney said. "Again, our disagreement with this is respectful, but it's strong. And it applies to one case, one company," he said. "Its opinion is very sweeping, as I understand it. It contradicts 150 years of history," Carney said. The New York Times said the court went beyond the narrow dispute over pro forma sessions and issued a far more sweeping ruling than expected. "If this opinion stands, I think it will fundamentally alter the balance between the Senate and the President by limiting the President's ability to keep offices filled," John P Elwood, who handled recess appointment issues for the Justice Department during the administration of President George W Bush, told the daily. "This is certainly a red-letter day in presidential appointment power," he was quoted as saying.

Venezuela prison riot leaves 50 dead AFP

CARACAS: At least 50 people were killed and 90 others wounded Friday in clashes between prison gangs and security guards at a prison in northwest Venezuela, a hospital director said. Television images showed National Guard troops surrounding the penitentiary as inmates in bloody clothes were taken out of the building. Behind the barriers, relatives of the prisoners, most of them women, waited for news of their loved ones, many of them in tears. Most of those injured at Uribana prison in Lara state suffered gunshot wounds, said the hospital official, Ruy Medina. He called the death toll "alarming," saying it was based solely on bodies brought to the hospital. Medina said the inmates

TV images showed National Guard troops surrounding the penitentiary as inmates in bloody clothes were taken out of the building with most of those injured suffering from gunshots began arriving at the hospital shortly before midday, and that 14 of the injured had wounds severe enough to require surgery. Iris Varela, the government minister responsible for Venezuela's jails and prisons, said the riot was set off after inmates rebelled when prison authorities launched a sweep of the facility in search of illicit weapons. Varela had said earlier

in the day that there was an "undetermined number" of casualties from the melee. Attempts by AFP to get an update from the ministry later in the day were unsuccessful. Varela said the attempt to "completely disarm" the prisoners had been undertaken as a result of tips indicating that "internal prison gangs that fight for control of the penitentiary planned to settle scores with each other." Opposition parties did not wait long to attack the government, accusing it of exercising lax control over the prison system. "Who will they blame for this massacre this time around?" an opposition leader Henriques Capriles asked in his tweet. A former presidential candidate, Capriles lost last October's election to President Hugo Chavez.

this very tumultuous world that has no protection for people. I agree with other countries when they won't allow the kids to be photographed," Barrymore said during a US chat show, reports The actress believes there should be a limit to everything.

Actress Miriam Margolyes becomes an Australian

SYDNEY: British actress Miriam Margolyes, best known for her work in the Harry Potter films, became an Australian citizen on Saturday, saying she felt that the rest of her life would be "joyous". Margolyes was one of 100 people taking the pledge at a ceremony in Canberra attended by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and one of a record 17,059 people from 145 countries to become citizens on Australia Day. "This is your new country, and you'll never want another," Gillard, who was born in Wales and who came to Australia as a small child, told the gathering. "Welcome to citizenship. Welcome to Australia. Welcome home." Margolyes, 71, who won the BAFTA for best supporting actress for the 1993 Martin Scorsese film "The Age of Innocence" and played Professor Sprout in two Harry Potter movies, joked it had taken her years to take the plunge.

Barrymore struggles to keep baby from limelight

LOS ANGELES: Actress Drew Barrymore says she has been trying hard to keep her newborn daughter out of the limelight. The actress gave birth to daughter Olive in September last year with art consultant Will Kopelman and now understands why celebrities in other countries don't expose their children to limelight at an early age. "(I've been) crying for two months about having to take my daughter outside into

Styles turns love guru

LONDON: Singer Harry Styles has reportedly become an advisor for all love-related problems of his One Direction band members. The 18-year-old, who is going through an on and off relationship with singer Taylor Swift, helps his band mates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik on matters of the heart, reports “The 1D boys have always seen Harry as the expert when it comes to love, despite the fact he’s the youngest. And he was happy to listen to Liam pour his heart out," said a source. Of all the members, Payne seeks Styles' guidance the most as he misses his dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer and does not get to meet her due to work commitments.

No gifts, only charity for Kim's baby

LOS ANGELES: Socialite Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her first child, has reportedly requested all guests to make charity donations on her baby shower. Kim, 32, who is pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West's child, does not want anyone to spend money on gifts for the baby. “Kim’s banned all guests from bringing gifts. She wants charity donations instead," quoted a source as saying. The couple recently bought a house for themselves in Bel Air and close family members have already started pouring in. “Kanye’s flying in his family and putting them up at the super posh Bel Air Hotel," the source said.

Bahrain police fire tear gas at protesters AFP

ROYAL PRAYER: Cambodian Buddhist monks sit during a prayer ceremony in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh on Saturday. Tens of thousands of Cambodian Buddhist monks and people gathered to pray for the late former King Norodom Sihanouk who will be cremated on February 4.

Report: UK terror suspects went to Pak for training PTI

DUBAI: Bahraini riot police fired tear gas to disperse an unauthorised demonstration attended by hundreds of protesters in Manama on Friday, witnesses said. The protest, called by the main Shiite opposition bloc AlWefaq, chanted anti-regime slogans, including "Down (King) Hamad" -- in reference to the king of Bahrain. Riot police arrested several people after dispersing the demonstration using tear gas, according to witnesses. The interior ministry said it would not authorise any protests called for by Al-Wefaq and that security forces would use force to "maintain security." "Calls for unauthorised demonstrations show a lack of credibility from certain parties... in restarting dialogue for national reconciliation," government spokeswoman Samira Rajab said on Friday.

LONDON: Two terror suspects, who allegedly plotted suicide bombings in Britain, have been accused of travelling to Pakistan for terrorist training, making suicide videos and buying chemicals to make homemade bombs. Al Qaeda suspects Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid from Birmingham were under surveillance by MI5 for weeks before their arrest in September 2011 and were heard discussing their plans in bugged conversations, a jury was told during their ongoing trial at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday. It was only after their arrest that Ashik Ali, a co-defendant accused of being part of their plans, told police that they planned to kill soldiers. "This was, as Khalid put it, 'revenge for everything'

Al Qaeda suspects Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid were under surveillance by MI5 for weeks before their arrest in September 2011 and were heard discussing their plans in bugged conversations and 'another 9/11' that would be celebrated on its anniversary day," said prosecutor Brian Altman. "If Ali was telling the truth in interview then the plan was for him and the others to don suicide vests or jackets and rucksack bombs and to carry and use guns to kill British soldiers in April or May 2012," he added. Ali told police he had no-

N Korea renews N-test vow Says it is demand of the people AFP

SEOUL: North Korea Saturday renewed its threat to carry out a third nuclear test in the latest in a series of bellicose warnings sparked by a tightening of UN sanctions, saying it was the "demand of the people." It came a day after Pyongyang said the sanctions adopted earlier this week amounted to a "declaration of war", threatening the South with unspecified "physical counter-measures". "A nuclear test is the demand of the people," said the Rodong Sinmun, the official daily newspaper of the ruling communist party in a signed commentary titled "We have no other option". "The people's demand is that we must do something even greater than a nuclear test. The United Nations Security Council has left us with no other options. We have no other ways but to push forward to the final showdown", it said.

"The greatest threat to peace and security on the Korean peninsula comes from the hostile policy of evil forces led by the United States and the vast US nuclear arsenal backing them," it added. North Korean state media regularly use bombastic rhetoric and it was unclear what the Rodong Sinmun was referring to when it mentioned action "greater than a nuclear test". The current upsurge in tensions has its roots in Pyongyang's defiant decision to push ahead with a long-range rocket launch on December 12 -- insisting it was a peaceful mission to place a satellite in orbit. The rest of the world saw it as a banned ballistic missile test and on Tuesday the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that expanded the number of North Korean entities on an international blacklist.

Sundance film seeks to show real bin Laden ‘Manhunt’ AFP

PARK CITY: While Hollywoodstyle Osama bin Laden manhunt movie "Zero Dark Thirty" has garnered controversy and awards, a lower-profile film seeks to tell the real story of finding the Al Qaeda chief. "Manhunt," a documentary by US director Greg Barker, was presented at the Sundance Film Festival this week, days after Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow's dramatization won best actress Golden Globe for Jessica Chastain. In meticulous detail, including through interviews with ex CIA agents, it traces the two-decade hunt -- one before 9/11 and one after -- that led to the Abbottabad, Pakistan hideout where Bin Laden was killed on May 1, 2011.

The film, produced by American television channel HBO, is one of the most highly-anticipated at America's biggest independent movie festival in the snowy mountains of Utah. Barker began working on it shortly after the Abbottabad raid, and knew that Hollywood was already working on a dramatized version.

"I was aware they were doing the film, but there was no contact whatsoever. I kept this project very quiet, because of all the controversies around that movie going way back," he told a small group of journalists at Sundance. "IjustthoughtthelessIsayabout what we are doing, the better." "Zero Dark Thirty" -- which is up for five Oscars next month -- was accused before its release in December of being effectively a propaganda coup for President Barack Obama, who was facing reelection last year. No sooner had it hit the screens than it drew a barrage of criticism from the CIA, outraged at the graphic depiction of torture and its key role in providing the intelligence which led to Bin Laden.

ticed a change in the other two men when they returned from Pakistan in July 2011 but still did not believe they would go through with their plan, according to The Daily Telegraph. Naseer and Khalid have told the jury they were only boasting to Ali in order to scare off gangsters who were threatening them. Altman said their defences were "contradictory, contrived, perverse and deliberately dishonest". Jonathan Whitfeld, arguing for Naseer, said his client was an "overweight, lazy mummy's boy" obsessed with "food and farting" who would have been a "rubbish terrorist". Naseer, 31, Khalid 27, and Ali, 27, all unemployed, deny charges of terrorist fundraising, recruiting others and planning a terrorist bombing campaign.

Measles back in US WASHINGTON: Childhood diseases like measles are slowly making a comeback, due to an increasing number of Americans choosing not to get vaccinated.


This is to inform the public in general that I, Mr. Angelo Coelho, resident of C/o Mr. Joao Serrao, H. No. 63, Pomburpa, Bardez, Goa, has executed General Power of Attorney in favour of Mr. Norbet F. Serrao, son of Joseph Serrao, resident of H. No. 62, Pomburpa, Bardez, Goa, duly executed before Notary Public, Adv. D. P. Dabholkar dated 23.01.2013 registered under No. 471 at Mapusa, Bardez, Goa. I say that besides this General Power of Attorney, I have not executed any other Power of Attorney in favour of any other person and if any person enters into any kind of transaction based on other Power of Attorney, which shall not be binding upon me and the same transaction shall be null & void. Mapusa, dtd. 23.01.2013

Sd/- Angelo Coelho

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sacred Heart emerge champs

TRIUMPHANT: Sacred Heart, Secreamvaddo, winners of Union of Chinchinim Villagers Cup football tournament alongwith the dignitaries at church ground, Chinchinim, Saturday. TEAM HERALD

MARGAO Sacred Heart, Secreamvaddo carved out a fluent 3-1 win

over Youngsters of Sarzora to inscribe their name on the glittering Union of Chinchinim Villagers Cup organized by Union of Chinchinim Villagers at church ground, Chinchinim, Saturday.

Sacred Heart led 1-0 at the breather. Sacred Heart started on an aggressive note right from the word go and took the lead when Johnston Ribeiro beat the rival goalkeeper with a clinical finish. After taking the lead, Ribeiro brothers Johnston and Jollif created havoc for the rival defenders with well organized raids. Youngsters of Sarzora raised the tempo and created forays into the rival territory but failed to get past the rival defence. Jolan Pereira doubled the lead off an assist from Joliff Ribeiro. Stunned by the double blow, Youngsters of Sarzora went into an attacking mode and their efforts materialized when Jolex Fernandes reduced the deficit with a pile driver. Unfazed, Sacred heart put the issue beyond doubt when promising striker Tunard Fernandes punished the rival goalkeeper with a snap

shot. Sacred Heart received Rs 8,000 while Youngsters of Sarzora received Rs 6,000. Other prizes -- Highest goal scorer of the tournament: Jolliff Ribeiro (Sacred Heart). Man-ofthe-match: Johnston Ribeiro (Sacred Heart). Best goalkeeper: Shawn Fernandes (Sacred Heart). Best defender: Joyron Fernandes (Sarzora). Best forward: Jess Fernandes (Sarzora). Player-of-thetournament: Jolliff Ribeiro (Sacred Heart). Most valuable player: Steven Fernandes (Sarzora). Best disciplined team: Durga Sucaldem. Antonio Inacio Sequaira, Sarpanch was the chief guest and gave away the prizes in the presence of Olastic Rodrigues, Jasinto Fernandes and Sabrina Dias. Royen Viegas welcomed. Joe Furtado proposed the vote of thanks. Charltan Furtado compered.

Prayag face Bagan Can Dempo maintain tempo? KALYANI: A match between two local football adversaries – Prayag United Sports Club and Mohun Bagan – is expected to bring up all the flavour and fire generally associated with such duels. When the two teams renew their rivalry in the Round 18 I-League match at

Kalyani’s Municipal Stadium on Sunday, there will be all the scope for an absorbing contest. Both teams have different situation in the current league standing but would be having the same objective – that of a win to sustain their divergent aspirations. The kick-off is at 2 p.m.

Flavio Lopes

GOA DIARY Cricket trials at Priol PANJIM: The trials to select the Goa state team probables in men’s and women’s section for 21st Senior Federation Cup tennis ball cricket championship to be held in Mumbai will be held on February 2 at Kunkolim ground, Kunkolim, Priol, at 2.30 p.m. Those interested may report to Ajinkya Naik at the venue with their playing kit.

Badminton finals at Parra MAPUSA: Finals of third all-Goa badminton tournament organized by Sai Parra Sports and Cultural Association will be held at Lobo Vaddo, Parra on January 27 at 7.30 p.m. Men’s and ladies singles, men doubles and veterans above 45 years will be in action.

4-a-side football at Carali PANJIM: The 1st all-Goa 4-a-side football tournament organized by Young Boys of Carali, Paroda will be held on February 2 and 3 at Carali ground, from 10 a.m. The winners will receive Rs 12,000 plus a trophy while the runners-up will get Rs 8,000 and a trophy. Details may be obtained from Tomson on 8975492023 or Veliston on 9822028432.

Invitational cricket at Ponda PONDA: The 1st Ponda Taluka invitational knock-out cricket tournament organized by Antruz Patrakar Sangh, Ponda in collaboration with Goa Tennis Ball Cricket Association will be held on January 27 at Vaishya Samaj Trust ground, Ponda, at 9.30 a.m. Teams from Mamledar, Excise, Goa Fire and Emergency Services, Police, Ponda Advocates Association, Electricity Department, Ponda Physical Education Teachers Association and Ponda Journalist will vie for the top honours.

Badminton tourney at Porvorim PANJIM: The 2nd open badminton tournament organized by Alto Porvorim Sports and Cultural Club for the club members and the residents of Alto Porvorim in the doubles and mixed doubles categories will be held on February 3 and 4 at club badminton court, Porvorim. Entries may be submitted by January 31. Details may be obtained from Santan Fernandes, Prasad Faterpekar, Percy D'Mello and Gavin Dias.

Underarm cricket at Mira Mar PANJIM: The 7-a-side all-Goa under-19 underarm cricket tournament organized by Mary Immacualte Conception Boys will be held on January 27 at Loyola ground, Mira Mar, at 9 a.m. The winners will get Rs 1,500 while the runners-up will take home Rs 800. Details may be obtained from Ribeiro on 9764320637 / 9545581922.

Defiant Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert insisted that he will not quit despite seeing his side suffer a second cup humiliation

Newcastle confirmed the signing of France midfielder Moussa Sissoko from Toulouse on Friday

SIMPLE PLAN: Dempo head coach Armando Colaco speaks to his team after an early morning training session at Duler Stadium, Mapusa, Saturday as they prepare to take on ONGC in a Round 18 I-League football match, Sunday. TEAM HERALD

MAPUSA: A thumping 7-0 victory over United Sikkim in the previous round has come as a confidence booster for reigning champions Dempo, as they hosts a spirited ONGC in a Round 18 I-League football match at Duler Stadium, here, on Sunday, at 3.45 p.m. “We have nothing special planned for ONGC, it is the boys who will lead and deliver results on the ground,” said Dempo head coach Armando Colaco during their early morning training session at Duler Stadium, Saturday. Dempo captain Clifford Miranda did not train due to a hamstring injury which will keep him out against the Oilmen while new signing Prathamesh Maulingkar is likely to get a start in the absence of experienced de-

fender Mahesh Gawli who is ruled out for up to six weeks due to a knee injury. Peter Carvalho and Japanese striker Ryuji Sueoka are also on the injury list. “Our team is hit by injuries but we have a strong bench strength that have the capability to perform. The 42-day long break after the 20th round will help the teams to recover from injuries even though it will break the rhythm,” said the former national coach. Dempo are in third place with 33 points and a win will help them narrow the gap on league leaders Churchill Bros who drew in an away game with Mumbai FC on Thursday and are now on 38 points. On the other hand, ONGC will look forward to continue their winning streak (including four wins in the last five matches) under Santosh

Kashyap who took over from Subrata Bhattacharya in December. After defeating Salagaocar by a solitary goal at home and not conceding a goal in the last three matches in-a-row, Santosh Kashyap’s side will definitely look to go in for the kill against Dempo. “Three back-to-back wins has boosted our confidence and team morale. Our team is in great shape after a good two weeks of rest, except for midfielder Sandeep Sangha who will miss Sunday’s clash due to an injury,” said Kashyap whose side have already got the better of their rivals in a 3-1win in Delhi. ONGC are currently seventh in the standings with 20 points and it is left to their defence to keep a check on Dempo striker Koko Sakibo, who is in terrific form following a hat-trick in the last round.

Sirlim overcome CRSC MARGAO: Sirlim Sports Club blanked Colmorod Ratvaddo Sports Club (CRSC), Navelim 2-0 in a Salcete Zone GFA under-14 football tournament at Rosary ground, Navelim, Saturday. Sirlim led 1-0 at the breather. Sirlim dominated right from the word go and never allowed their opponents to strike rhythm. They created many chances but their for-

wards shot wide from ideal positions with only the rival goalkeeper at their mercy. Sirlim broke the deadlock in the 21st minute when Stanley Fernandes beat the rival goalkeeper with a snap shot. Crossing over, Sirlim continued to enjoy the lion’s share of exchanges but could not convert due to inept shooting by their forwards. On the other end, CRSC

struggled to contain the ramping rival attackers and were on the defensive throughout the second session. Joslon D’Costa put the issue beyond doubt when he slotted past the rival goalkeeper with a stiff grounder. Meanwhile, Salcete FC thrashed USC Seraulim 12-1 in a GFA under-14 football match at Seraluim ground.


21 sentenced to death for deadly Egypt football riots 28 killed in clashes following court ruling

GRIEF STRICKEN: A woman ululates as another is comforted following the verdict read in an Egyptian court room in Cairo on January 26, 2013 after it sentenced 21 people to death over the football riot that killed more than 70 people last year. PTI

CAIRO: Deadly clashes broke out in the Egyptian city of Port Said today, leaving at least 28 people dead after a court sentenced 21 local football fans to death for their role in a post-match riot in which 74 people were killed last year. Chaos broke out as soon as the verdict was pronounced as family members of those sentenced clashed with security forces, attacked police stations and tried to storm the prison holding the convicts. The violence came at a time when unrest is sweeping Egypt on the second anniversary of the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak. Clashes marking the revolution's second anniversary on Friday left at least nine people dead and 530 injured. Two police officers and 26 civilians have been killed and over 280 have been injured in the clashes since the verdict was read this morning, said a report in Al Ahram newspaper. Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowd trying to break into the prison, as family members of those sentenced screamed and wailed across the streets. The verdict was greeted by

Nativity, Nitisha triumph TEAM HERALD

MARGAO: Nativity Colaco and Nitisha Gaonkar of Shree Malkurjun College, Canacona bagged the top spots in men’s and women’s section of 37th Navelim Villagers Union Marathon race organized by Navelm Villagers Union at Navelim, Saturday. Nativity Colaco scraped past Serry D’Souza to grab the first place. Stephen Colaco bagged third place. Nativity received Rs 4,000 while Serry and Stephen received Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively. Nitisha Gaonkar was richer by Rs 2,000 while Kavina Gomes bagged Rs 1,500. Earlier, former PWD Minister Churchill Alemao flagged off the race. Cipru Cardozo, Navelim ZP was the chief guest and gave away the prizes. Bishuit Themudo president of Navelim Villagers Union welcomed.

cheers from relatives of the victims. All 21 defendants sentenced to death were fans of Port Said club al-Masry, who were accused of attacking and killing fans of the Cairo club al-Ahly during a match. A section of al-Ahly supporters, known as the "ultras", had played a prominent role in the protests against Mubarak, and many accused supporters of the former president of instigating the violence in the Port Said match. Taken aback by the level of violence, security officials said the military is being deployed to Port Said. This is the second such deployment in less than 24 hours. The army has already taken control of the Suez Canal out of fear that the violence might affect the Canal. Army was forced to deploy its forces in the Suez after the security affiliated with the Interior Ministry lost control there last night after eight died in clashes with security there. As news of the verdict spread, the families of the sentenced gathered in front of a prison in Port Said. Reports said unidentified assailants used automatic weapons against police. Two policemen were shot dead

outside the jail. Two policemen were among those killed, the Interior Ministry said in a statement, adding that there were "many critical injuries among police forces". A senior Army officer said that troops are being sent to Port Said. "It has been decided to deploy some units to work for calm and stability and the protection of public establishments," General Ahmed Wasfi said in a statement carried by the official MENA news agency. According to witnesses, shops have closed down and armoured personnel vehicles have been deployed. The verdict came as surprise for many as all experts expected acquittal. The judge said in his statement read live on state TV that he would announce the verdict for the remaining 52 defendants on March 9. Among those on trial are nine security officials. The soccer melee on February 1, 2012 between Port Said's Al-Masry fans and Cairo's Al-Ahly fans was the world's deadliest soccer violence in 15 years. As is customary in Egypt, the death sentences will be sent to a top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, for approval.

Betalbatim romp into quarters TEAM HERALD

PANJIM: Betalbatim Sports Club overcame Curtorim Gymkhana 4-3 via the tiebreaker in a thrilling encounter to enter the quarterfinals of Nagoa Panchayat Cup football organized by Pax of Nagoa Sports Club at Nagoa panchayat ground, Saturday. The score was 1-1 at full time. Curtorim took the lead in the 20th minute through a well directed 20-yard shoot from Sertorio Monteiro. Stunned by the deficit, Betalbatim regrouped and tried to score the equalizer but their forwards muffed many chances. In the second half, Betalbatim continued to attack and managed to neutralize the lead in the 50th minute when the referee awarded them di-

rect free kick which was brilliantly converted by Desmond Fernandes. In the tie-breaker, Klinsman Pexeito, Johnson D’Souza and Desmond Fernandes netted for Betalbatim while Joaquim Carvalho and Bruno Fernandes converted for Curtorim. On Friday, Sporting Club of Davorlim got the better of Margao Sports Club 1-0 to enter the quarter-finals of Nagoa Panchayat Cup football organized by Pax of Nagoa Sports Club at Nagoa panchayat ground. There was no score in the first half. Davorlim took the lead in the second half through Remet Colaco. Margao tried their best to restore parity but could not get past the Davorlim defenders. Sandy Colaco of Davorlim was flashed the red card by the referee for his second yellow of the match.

Guardiola’s journey from Barcelona to Bayern


ep Guardiola's switchover to the Bundesliga has come to be looked upon as the O Henry ending of a story which began when the lean, bright-eyed and rapidly balding manager said goodbye to his club at the end of the previous season of La Liga. Lots of people were taken aback that he had picked Bayern Munich after speaking, the day before or so, in glowing terms of English football. Given that he had previously been linked with Manchester City and Chelsea, London newspapers, having earlier peppered their readers with Guardiola-centric copy which had by then fallen flat, then began analysing why neither Roman Abramovich's riches nor Arabian petro-dollars had proved a big enough allurement for the man. The answer, or at least a hint at it, could be found on blogs and in stray outpourings of individual football fans on the net but the essence of the matter might not have been looked for by those more interested in the world champions' welfare. Last year, segments of Europe's football Press flying speculative kites about Guardiola's post-American holiday plans and inviting celebrities to hold the string for them, quoted

PULAKESH MUKHOPADHYAY Alex Ferguson as saying, some time earlier, that the Catalan mightn't turn out to be as big a hit elsewhere as he had been in Barcelona. But then, no quarrels. If the Manchester United manager had indeed said it, he knew what he was talking about. Central to Guardiola's success with Barcelona was the club's unwavering adherence to unbridled aggression sustained with ball-holding skills exhibited by a bunch of players who had polevaulted to superstardom by being groomed within a system committed to flair football aimed, even in defeat, at entertainment. The club espoused a cause which was

widely believed to have been dumped, virtually consensually, once Brazil's 1982 World Cup combination, with their art football, had come a cropper in the face of utilitarian ploys, adopted with the objective - romantics call it deliberately narrow and frequently cynical - of winning trophies. Guardiola, of course, had won 14 in his four years as Barcelona's manager by hitting a different path but Ferguson was talking of a system which could be impatient in failure and, thereafter, as punitive as to be a throwback to the queenly "Off-with-his-head" order in Lewis Carroll's story. It's also tethered to the ends-justify-means philosophy of life, buying, rather than building, talent with a devil-may-care abandon that has left football's treasury in tatters. Guardiola having found himself in an institution which bucked the trend in every possible way and made the most of the opportunity, risked a lot by moving away from it, exposing himself to a world whose mind and method were quite different from what he had been used to. Ferguson, therefore, was right. But that is hardly all. Guardiola, in picking Bayern Munich, may

again have shown the astuteness that has characterized his coruscating managerial career. Bayern are big but not as selfdestructive by being so as many of Europe's major clubs who spend money they don't really have in their wallets or bank accounts. They are what their members – rather than owners from exotic lands with mysterious objectives - make of them. Since so many people thinking and acting together can't really get it wrong too many times, they have long been one of Europe's major football powers. Very, very crucially, they have also had an academy supplying them with fresh talent since as far back as 1902. In 1995, it was modernised. They aim at the best youth development programme in football and have their talent scouts spread across the world. If Guardiola, who graduated from La Masia before playing and managing Barcelona, can capitalize on it to hoist Bayern to the level the club quite obviously aspire to, he will surely be called football's latest man with the Midas touch. Oh yes, Bayern will also have to entertain all of us, in the same way as Barcelona have. If it is Guardiola, that has to be the bottomline. His fame rests on it.

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Panjim I SUNDAY I Jan 27, 2013

Jai Hind


Photo by Siddesh Mayenkar

Children hail India’s Tricolour with balloons on Republic Day that was celebrated yesterday.


Standing the Ravages of Time

Shakira cried Tears of Joy

Photo by Siddesh Mayenkar


hakira “became very emotional and the tears flowed” the first time she held her baby, her mother at the clinic where the singer gave birth to son Milan who is a “beautiful boy” who “doesn’t cry a lot”, Nidia Ripoll, accompanied by husband William Mubarak, told the crowd of reporters camped outside the clinic in Barcelona. She also said Shakira was not in pain after the delivery, which took place by cesarean. Shakira’s mother was also unable to shed any light on when the singer would be leaving the clinic.

Katie criticizes Wedding Venue


odel Katie Price says she was asked if she was a “porn star” by staff at the hotel where she married. The 34-year-old married male stripper Kieran Hayler in a surprise ceremony at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort and spa earlier this month and has accused staff of almost ruining her big day. “It doesn’t affect my relationship with my new husband but our special day was close to being ruined by this shambles of a resort,” said Price. “I’ve done a few things in my time but porn isn’t one of them and it’s not the sort of thing a bride-to-be expects to be asked by a member of staff at a so-called classy hotel,” she added.

Grandfather’s Win motivates Daggubati


outhern actor Rana Daggubati, grandson of producer D Rama Naidu, is extremely happy about his grandfather being awarded the Padma Bhushan, saying it is a motivation for him too. “It is a great moment for all of us in the family. He has been a guiding force for all of us and such achievements make us proud and motivated,” said Rana. The veteran producer was named for the award on the eve of 64th Republic Day.

John understands His Audiences


have grown up in a middle-class family; so my value system and lifestyle are also very regular,” said John, who features in the just released ‘Race 2’. When it comes to choosing roles, he is very clear that he doesn’t “like being normal, romantic ‘pyaara sa gaata rehta hai’. The role has to have an edge.” “I have mastered the art of understanding what my audience wants... I know how to add that extra edge to a character,” he added. John, who turned producer with the super hit comedy ‘Vicky Donor’, doesn’t want to stick to “funny” films. His next film “could be a political thriller like ‘Madras Cafe’ and a human story like ‘Humara Bajaj’.” (Courtesy: Agencies)



mong the six public chapels existing under the jurisdiction of the Panjim Church, the St Tome Chapel is the first one built through private initiative, by a group of masons believed to have been residing, at that time, in the ward. ST TOMAS’ MISSION IN INDIA The patron saint of our chapel is believed to be the only apostle to have witnessed the assumption of Our Lady. It is said that he was initially reluctant to come to India but in a vision he was persuaded to change his mind and in his first mission, it is reported that he reached North West India, accompanied by an Indian merchant who was returning to his native place. In his second mission, St Tome landed in the year 52 AD, in one old port of an island near Cochin (Kerala). In that State there are at present over seven churches believed to have been constructed on his initiative. In some of those churches later on, in the sixth century, certain crosses known as ‘St Thomas Crosses’

The chapel of St Tome in Panjim is celebrating today the feast of St Tomas, its patron saint. On this occasion, it is also going to start the year-long celebrations of its second centenary for which an elaborate programme has been drawn up. E NORONHA RODRIGUES reports…

were discovered. Some of such crosses have even found in Agacaim on the banks of Zuari river, reportedly by the Pilar priest, the historian Dr Cosme Costa. This gives indication that Christianity may have came to Goa before the arrival of the Portuguese. From Kerala, S Tomas proceeded, by road, to Madras, where after a fruitful mission, he was put to death in the year 72 AD. It was in 232 AD that a great part of his remains were taken to Italy and now rest in the city called Ortona. DOUBLE CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS During this long period of 200 years, which corresponds to six or seven generations, this

Bhirant asa, punn loz na Anonymous

Chapel was fortunate to have priests and members who took keen interest to maintain their temple, without which we would not have been able to celebrate this double centenary. The St Tome chapel was maintained during two generations by masons without any initial support , later on with the enthusiasm of local residents, guided by their chaplains, fresh improvements have been introduced. After being reconstructed in 1849 in the present site, in 1902 it was rebuilt with a new frontispiece that has been maintained during subsequent improvements including when the major changes were made in 1958/59 This writer had the privilege of witnessing the contribution made by the chaplains and others from the time of Fr Amaro Pinto Lobo onwards. He was followed by Fr Cipriano Barreto, a very active priest. During their tenure, Mons Thomas Aquino Barreto, Chancellor/Vicar General, and uncle of Fr Cipriano, were also celebrating masses in the chapel. It is learnt that he used to donate substantial financial contributions to the Chapel. Among the other chaplains that followed, one cannot forget Fr Gilberto Ribeiro, known as eloquent preacher, who contributed immensely to collect funds for the chapel. He was helped by groups of various families and in particular, by the Cupertina sisters and D Palmira Noronha Ferreira who were arranging

fetes and other entertainments to raise funds. These funds were used for the maintenance of the chapel for several years. The priest that followed him, was Fr Martinho Fernandes who continued the same activities and introduced religious services in the chapel making it like a small church and these services are still followed. He was in charge of chapel for very long period. During the tenure of these two priests, the area around the chapel used to be, in the evenings, the place where the youth of the ward gathered. By coincidence, these two priests, after their deaths had their bodies kept in the night in the chapel before their burial on the next day. After their departure, Fr Oscar Quadros, present director of Clergy Home , was in charge of the chapel for a short period. He, besides attracting people to this Chapel with his short and instructive homilies, took the initiative to

Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures Cesar Chavez

provide the chapel with a nice altar. Now we have Fr Francisco Caldeira , who in spite of being attached to the Bishop’s house, does not spare any effort to see that all services are performed regularly and he has also contributed to introduce improvement in the structure of the chapel At present, the Committee entrusted with the year-long celebrations has included in their programme, special items remembering all those who worked for the Chapel. These celebrations are being organised by a group of enthusiastic persons of the ward.

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Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013



Mar 21 - Apr 19



Your terrific personal energy really helps you get things rolling today, and you should find that you are able to bounce from one situation to another without losing any momentum! Go for it. Apr 20 - May 20


Try to show a little more concern than you really feel today, especially for divergent views or ideas. You may find that you can compromise and leave everyone feeling like a winner. May 22 - Jun 20


You aren't taking life quite as seriously as those around you -- but try not to make them feel like chumps! Just show them your POV when they start to get too dark or worry a little too much. Jun 21 - Jul 22


You get news this morning that feels absolutely outrageous -- though that may not be such a bad thing! Just roll with it and try to avoid a quick reaction until you've thought it all through. Jul 23 - Aug 22


You can go right ahead and take the credit for that big success -- who's going to say otherwise? It's pretty clear how important you have been, and there's nothing wrong with saying so. Aug 23 - Sept 21


You just don't feel organized enough -which may make friends or coworkers laugh if you say it out loud. Just try to get a little extra mess under control while you take care of the bigger issues.

‘Sangria Sundays’ and super film screening on January 27, 2013 at Art Escape Resort. Call: 9323590051  Tiatr Academy Goa will organize its 2nd Group Dance Competition with choreography on Konkani songs on January 31, 2013 from 10 am onwards at the auditorium of Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim.The prescribed application forms are available at Tiatr Academy Goa office. The last date to submit the application is January 18, 2013. Call: 2230738.  ‘The Grape Escapade 2013’ is on at SAG Grounds, Campal till January 27, 2013.  Jazz Goa's concert in the park on January 30, 2013 at Garcia de Orta garden. Call 9657574480.  The finale of the Konkani Singing Competition will take place on February 17, 2013 at Hanuman theatre Mapusa from 10 am to 2 pm. Call: 9819653353.  Jason and Sylvia Dance Academy is conducting jazz, ballet and Latin dance classes for kids and ballroom dance classes for adults at B.P.S Sports Club, Margao and at Las Vegas Danca Studio, Taligao. Contact: 9822161652.


Painting exhibition by



Workshop on Godhadi-making at Goa State Museum on January 31, 2013. Call: 2438006  Zumba fitness classes on Tue/Thurs/Fri at Costa Fusion Restaurant. Call: 9823162234

Musical programme Gulzaar at Kala Academy on Jan 27. Call: 2420453  Gaia, a musical festival at Brittos, Goa till Jan 27. Call: 2276291

Shivaji Mhaske at Kala Academy on January 27, 2013. Call: 2420453.  ‘Arts Skills Mela’ from Feb 15-17 at Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts. Call: 2421311.  ‘Vibgyor’, drawing/ painting workshop by Nritya Sankul on January 26-27, 2013. Call: 9823936483  DKA is holding a novel writing competition in Konkani Romi script. The last date of submitting the script is February 15, 2013.The entries in triplicate are to be submitted at Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), Campal Trade Centre. Call: 2221688/ 9881810832.  ‘Chitrakathi –Storytelling through Art’ by Jayshree Patanakar from Jan 19-31, 2013 at Gallery Gitanjli.  ‘Beach’, a new series of paintings by Shireen Mody on December 21, 2012 to February 28, 2013, 10 am to 6 pm at her studio in Arpora. Call: 9890009117  An exhibition of works by Chandrakant Kerkar will be on display at Kerkar Art Complex, Calangute till 31, 2013. Call: 2276017.


Discover the art of relaxation at Quan Spa, Panjim. Call 2463333.  Ayurvedic and Herbal treatments at Devaaya Ayurveda Retreat. Call: 2280500  Various Spa treatments and packages available at Shamana Spa, Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim. Call 3011603.

 Learn SHY (Spiritual Human Yoga) technique on Jan 26-27. Call: 9545922771.

GET UP, GET GOING  ‘Bikers stop’ by Eduventures on January 27, 2013 at Naichai Voltar, Caranzol. Call: 9049400047.  ‘Harm Done By Self Hatred’, a discourse on the topic will be delivered by Fr Abraham, a Jesuit Priest and counselor, at Loyola High School Hall, Margao, on February 3, 2013 at 4.30 p.m. It is free and open to all. Call: 2733401  'Of Forts and Rivers' by Cholta Cholta on January 27, 2013 at 9 am. Call: 7709311929  Learn kitesurfing at Goa Kitesurfing School, Morjim. Call: 8806233706  ‘Gandhi Lives’, a documentary on January 30, 2013 at Literati, Bookshop and Café, Calangute. Call: 2277740.  Tailoring classes conducted at Porvorim, Near Holy Family School on Sundays from 3 to 6 pm. Call 9765731003.  Alliance Francaise, Panjim is conducting an intensive French course for beginners from February 4, 2013. Call:2420049.


Sunday night with Shuban at Casino

Carnival. Call: 8888864347.  'Insomania 06' with Phabi-D & Pawas at Soma Beach Club. Call: 0982264262.  Revion with Jolus at Fiplees Restaurant. Call: 9822153545.  'Digital Jukebox' with Henry at Cafe Mojo Pub & Bistro. Call: 2426666.  'Retro Night' with DJ Mauris at Cape Town Café. Call: 9923325638.  Sunday night with DJ Herry Terry at Club Margarita. Call: 9823259008.  Sundays with Mr Ee at Hippies Ocean Cafe. Call:

7507486444.  Karaoke time with KDJ Tony at Down The Road. Call: 8087649050.  'Smooth Sunday' with Kenni at Martins Corner. Call: 9822131676.  Sunday night with DJ Brandon at Tito's Retro Club. Call: 9822765002.  'Thank God Its Sunday' at Marbela Beach Resort. Call: 9158881180.  'Bollywood Night' with DJ Spike at White House Restaurant & Bar. Call: 2453839.

Sept 22 - Oct 23

You may get more calls for assistance than you are used to -- but you can't say that you mind, either! It's good to be needed, and you really deliver when it comes to advice or information. Oct 24 - Nov 21


Your home or workplace is embroiled in a power struggle that feels both ridiculous and all-important. Try your best to rise above, but don't be shy about letting others know where you stand when it comes down to it. Nov 22 - Dec 21


You're having tons of fun today, and you should find that gambling pays off -though not in a life-changing way! Just relax and have fun with it, and make sure you can afford what you bet. Dec 22 - Jan 19

CINEMA INOX, Panjim Akaashvani (Hindi) 9.05 am, 5.15 pm, 10.45 pm Race 2 (Hindi) 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 1 pm Main Krishna Hoon (Hindi) 12 pm Inkaar (Hindi) 2.40pm Life of Pi (English) 8.10 pm CINe eL MONte, Vasco


You should be torn today -- that's the appropriate response! You should find that at least two candidates are perfect for the position, or that you've got more people than seats. It does all work out in the end! Jan 20 - Feb 18


Your creative side is fully active now, though that could be pretty weird for outsiders or strangers to take in. Don't mind them -- you just need to take care of your own business until they come around. Feb 19 - Mar 20


There's a little too much going on around the home or workplace today - but you can still get stuff done. The best thing you can do is to focus on one task at a time and shut out all distractions.

Race 2 (Hindi) 12 pm, 3 pm 9.30 pm Ganduvallam (Telgu) 6.15 pm CINe ALANKAR, Mapusa Race 2 10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6.15 pm, 9 pm CINe NAtIONAL, Panjim Malayalam 10am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 8.15 pm Ganduvallam (Telgu) 6.15 pm


Jet Airways

SeCtOR(ex Goa) Bglr Bglr Chennai via Bglr Bglr Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai

FLIGHt NO 2352 7078 496 7078 2404 474 480 480 476 476

FLt NO AI994 AI984 AI976 AI517 AI865 AI661 AI975 AI993 AI659

DeP/ARR 22.40-3.30 5.20-6.20 00.05-6.35 9.50-13.05 10 -14.10 15.00-16.00 18.30-19.45 18.10-19.15 14.15-21.20


AI994 AI866 AI976 AI518 AI660 AI662 AI975 AI993 AI330

4.10-5.10 7-13.30 7.35-8.55 13.50-16.25 15.00-19.00 16.45-17.45 20.30-22.25 19.55-21.20 22.30-23.35


FLIGHt JetKonnect Jet Airways Jet Airways Jet Airways JetKonnect Jet Airways Jet Airways Jet Airways Jet Airways Jet Airways


FLt NO 6E 181 6E 161 6E 161 6E 329 6E 335 6E 417 6E 433

DeP/ARRI 9:30 -13:25 11:35-15:15 12:15-15:45 12:20-14:55 15:05 -17:40 15:40 -16:50 19:05 -20:05

FReQ Daily Ex-Sun Sun Daily Daily Daily Daily

6E 162 6E 162 6E 332 6E 162 6E 162 6E 192 6E 336 6E 418 6E 192 6E 472 6E 343

15:45-17:25 16:15-17:45 15:25-17:55 15:45 -19:25 16:15 -19:35 17:20 -21:40 18:10 -20:45 13:55 -15:05 17:20 -18:30 20:35 -21:40 14:40-19:40

Ex-Sun Sun Daily Ex-Sun Sun Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Ex-Tu


SG 137 SG 137 SG 1011 SG 253 SG 255 SG 1071 SG 1011 SG 137 SG 137 SG 803 SG 255 SG 803 SG 248

13.20-15.00 15.20-16.50 14.15-16.20 10.45-13.10 14.55- 17.20 12.25-13.55 12.40-16.20 11.25-15.00 13.30-16.50 8.05-13.00 12.00-17.20 12.00-13.00 15.15-16.20

Departure (from Madgaon) Train No. Train Name Konkan Kanya Express 10112 Mandovi Express 10104 Margao Diva Passenger 50108 Janshatabdi Express 12052 Mangalore J.-CSTM Exp 12134 Matsyagandha Express 12620 Mangala Exp 12617 Netravathi Exp. 16346 Rajdhani Express 12431(Wed, Fri, Sat) Goa Sampark Kranti 12449(Tue, Wed)

Destination CSTM CSTM Diva Dadar CSTM LTT H. Nizamuddin LTT H. Nizamuddin H. Nizamuddin

Time 18:00 09:30 06:15 14:30 18:50 20:40 01:15 05:10 10:20 11:20

Arrivals (at Madgaon) Train Name Konkan Kanya Exp. Mandovi Express Diva Passenger Janshatabdi Exp. Mangalore junction Matsyagandha Exp. Mangala Exp Netravathi Exp Rajdhani Express Goa Sampark Kranti

Train No. 10111 10103 50107 12051 12133 12619 12618 16345 12432(Mon,Wed,Thur) 12450(Sun,Tue)

Ex Sun Sun Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Ex Sun Sun Daily Daily Daily Daily

Sector CSTM-Madgaon CSTM-Madgaon Madgaon-Diva Dadar-Madgaon CSTM-Mangalore LTT-Mangalore H.NZM – Ernakulam LTT-Trivendrum H.NZM-Trivendrum H. NZM- Madgaon

Italian Consulate Vice Consolato Onorario d'Italia c/o Guala Closures (I) Pvt. Ltd. D-1, Sesa Ghor, 20 EDC Complex P.O. Box: 101 Patto, Panjim Phone : (+91) 0832-2438944 Fax : (+91) 0832-2438943 Austrian Consulate Salgaocar House Dr. Luis Gomes Road Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa Phone : (+91) 0834 2513811/16 tourism Helpline Goa Panjim, Goa, India Phone: 0832-2540829, 08322540031

Time 05:13 10:30 16:59 23:44

Value 1.01m 1.92m 0.04m 2.25m


Spice Jet ex Goa Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Chennai Delhi Delhi Hyderabad Hyd(via Chennai) Jaipur (via Amd) Jaipur (via Amd) Kolkota (via Mum) Kolkota(via Delhi) Mumbai Mumbai


Consulate General of Portugal Parvati, House No. 38 and 39 Father Angelo Road, Altinho Panaji-403001, Goa Phone : (+91) 832 2421524/5 Fax : (+91) 832 2421521/22

VIA Mumbai Ahmd Ahmd

TRAINS Railway Enquiry: PH. NO. 139/2712790

wizard of id

crossword 1365

DeP/ARR 1410-1550 1550-1650 1550-1830 1540-1640 1840-1945 0710-0810 0710-0810 1615-1725 1340-1445 1340-1445

SeCtOR Delhi- Goa Delhi- Goa Delhi- Goa Delhi-Goa Delhi- Goa Mum-Goa Mum- Goa ex Goa Ahmd Ahmd Delhi Delhi via Ahmd Delhi via Ahmd Delhi via Mum Delhi Mum Mum Mum Kolkata via Bglr

1) Vintage Hospital, Margao 6644401-04 2) Campal Health Centre, Panjim 2222111 4) Neha Chemist & Druggists, Panjim 2421313 6) GMC Pharmacy office, Bambolim 2495308 7) Jeevan Rekha Medical Stores, Panjim 9881746573

German Consulate CMM House Rua de Ourem, Panaji Phone: (+91) 0832 2235526




British Deputy High Commissioner Dempo Tower, EDC complex Patto, Panaji Phone : (+91) 0832 2438734




Time 10:40 18:45 20:10 14:10 07:00 01:25 19:15 23:00 13:15 13:15


sudoku 1365

across 1- Baseball glove; 5- Shaft shot from a bow; 10- Fast fliers; 14Get an ___ effort; 15- Hotelier Helmsley; 16- In a frenzy; 17Ump's call; 18- Place to research; 20- Stub; 22- ___ Rosenkavalier; 23- Fads; 24Public transports; 26- RR stop; 27- Scurry; 30- Revulsion; 34Collar; 35- June 6, 1944; 36Scot's refusal; 37- Nobleman; 38- Clan symbol; 40- Brick oven; 41- Brian of Roxy Music; 42- Lodge members; 43- On cloud nine; 45- Semper Fi sayers; 47- Serving no function; 48- ___ anglais (English horn); 49- Last letter of the Greek alphabet; 50- Artist's support; 53- Recipe abbr.; 54- Butler's love; 58- At first view; 61- Gardner and others; 62- Tailless rodent; 63- "The covers of this book are too far ____" — Bierce; 64- Tear apart; 65- Ollie's partner; 66- Ventured; 67- Think tank product;

down 1- Aggregate; 2- ___ first you don't...; 3- Beancurd; 4- Quivered; 5- Wholly; 6- Person with a paper, perhaps; 7- Judges' garments; 8- ___ about (approximately); 9- Armed conflict; 10Monetary unit of Thailand; 11Problem with L.A.; 12- Shredded; 13- The ___ the limit!; 19Bohemian; 21- Places; 25- Pioneer; 26- Like some cats; 27"The Crucible" setting; 28Basic monetary unit of Sweden; 29- Diamond flaw?; 30- HST's


Instructions for Sudoku 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes

Solution 1364 successor; 31- Join forces; 32Shops want to achieve high ones!; 33- Looks after; 35- Skid row woe; 39- Approves; 40Desert region in SW Africa; 42Name on a bomber; 44- Building block brand; 46- Person with a cool job?; 47- Arbitrate; 49- Academy award; 50- Actor Omar; 51- I smell ___!; 52- Director Vittorio De ___; 53- Spanish appetizer; 55- Eager; 56Pan's opposite; 57- Between ports; 59- Craze; 60- Airport abbr.;


solution 1364


Confidant 3292237

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013



Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


Venus Williams has pulled out of February's US Fed Cup quarters tie against Italy and next week's WTA Paris Open because of a back injury


St Anthony lift Loutolim Cup TEAM HERALD

PANJIM: St Anthony Sports Club, Assolda edged past Sao Jose de Areal 4-3 via the tiebreaker to emerge champions of Loutolim Panchayat Cup football organized by Socio Cultural Club of Loutolim in association with Village Panchayat of Loutolim at Montir ground, Loutolim. There was no score at full time. The teams tried their level best to break the deadlock but to no avail. St Anthony had the last laugh in the tie-

breaker. Other prizes -- Best disciplined team: Uguem Sports Club. Best defender of the finals: Mario (Sao Jose de Areal). Upcoming player of the tournament: Royce (Socio Cultural Club of Loutolim). Tony Antao, ex-footballer of Socio Cultural Club of Loutolim was felicitated by the club. Francisco Xavier Pacheco, MLA was the chief guest while Fr Boulais D'Costa was the guest of honour. Maria Monteiro, sarpanch was among those present.

Vasco lone Goan team in Second Division I-League

Thanks to PIEDADE (Aincao), Majorda.

PANJIM: Vasco Sports Club will be lone Goan team to feature in the Second Division League organized by All India Football Federation which is scheduled to begin this March. The top two clubs in the Second Division will get a ticket to play in next editionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s I-League. The clubs have been selected on basis of the licensing process which started on November 21when State Associations were asked to nominate clubs interested in participating in the Second Division League 2012-13.

I-League football: Dempo SC v. ONGC, Duler Stadium, Mapusa, 3.45 p.m. Second Division football: Vaddy SC v. Jawahar Club, Taleigao ground, 4 p.m. U-14 football: Betalbatim SC v. AA de Majorda, Betalbatim ground, 4 p.m. Nagoa Panchayat Cup football: Guardian Angel SC v. Dicarpale SC, Nagoa panchayat ground, 4.30 p.m. Vodafone soccer inaugural: CRC, Chinchinim v. Fr Agnelo SC, Paroda, Rosary ground, Navelim, 4.30 p.m. All-Goa Crown Club volleyball finals, Crown Club court, St Cruz, 8 p.m. Exhibition soccer match: Arambol United v. Diocesan Priests,Arambolground,4.30p.m.

7.00 P.M

CUT ABOVE THE REST: The players of St Anthony Sports Club, Assolda receiving the winnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trophy from Francisco Xavier Pacheco, MLA, Fr Boulais D'Costa, Maria Monteiro and others at Montir ground, Loutolim.

Goa I Sunday, January 27, 2013


The West Indies Cricket Board says Ottis Gibson will be offered a second contract as head coach of the Windies team

Oz Open queen Azarenka beats injured Li in dramatic final Delighted to shrug off boos, retains No. 1 spot

LIVING THE DREAM: Belarus's Victoria Azarenka poses with the winner's trophy after her victory over China's Li Na during the women's singles final at Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Saturday. AFP

MELBOURNE: Victoria Azarenka won an incidentpacked final against an injuryhit Li Na to successfully defend her Australian Open title and retain the world number one ranking on Saturday. After a scrappy match marked by boos for Azarenka, a break for Australia Day fireworks and two painful falls for China's Li, the Belarusian top seed dissolved in tears when she sealed the 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 win. Li required two medical

timeouts, when she twice twisted her left ankle and also banged her head on the court, in a match also interrupted for nine minutes at a crucial stage by the fireworks. Azarenka also overcame a pro-Li crowd that was clearly unimpressed by her controversial medical timeout in the semi-finals, which she took after blowing five match points. It was a gutsy effort from the 23-year-old as she came back from a set down and sealed it on her first match point in 2hr 40min to clinch

her second Grand Slam title. Azarenka said she was delighted with her response after shrugging off a gamesmanship controversy and a hostile crowd to retain her Australian Open title. The world number one suffered a stormy build-up over a controversial medical timeout she took in the semi-finals, and was castigated by Australian media and the Rod Laver Arena crowd. But Azarenka, who also maintained focus despite two injuries to her Chinese oppo-

nent, Li Na, and a nine-minute break for fireworks during the match, said she was pleased with her reaction. "It isn't easy, that's for sure," the Belarusian said. "But I knew what I had to do. I had to stay calm. I had to stay positive. I just had to deal with the things that came to me.â&#x20AC;? "I was actually really happy that I went through so many things, to know I can still produce the tennis." Azarenka drew criticism after her semi-final against Sloane Stephens, when she blew five match points and immediately called a medical timeout. When she returned, she broke the teenager's serve and won the match. She seemed shell-shocked by the outcry when she faced journalists afterwards, and organised a special briefing for Australian media on Friday to further explain herself. With fans siding with Li during the final, and jeering Azarenka and her distinctive shrieking, the Belarusian was up against it. "I was expecting way worse, to be honest," Azarenka said of the crowd. "What can you do? You just have to go out there and try to play tennis. It's a tennis match, tennis battle, the final of the Australian Open." She added: "The pressure was there, but I like the pressure. It's a very interesting thing. It pushes you to be better. You can take it as a negative, but I take it as a positive."

ranji trophy final

Kulkarni takes 4 wkts, Mumbai dismiss Saurashtra cheaply PTI

MUMBAI: Medium pacer Dhawal Kulkarni spearheaded the Mumbai attack superbly to snap up four wickets and help the hosts bundle out Saurashtra for a meagre first innings total of 142 on day one of the fiveday Ranji Trophy final at the Wankhede Stadium here today. The 24-year-old right-arm pace bowler used the conditions well to pick up 4 for 24 in 21.3 overs bowled in four spells after Saurashtra were asked to bat first on a seamfriendly track by Mumbai

captain Ajit Agarkar. Kulkarni, who grabbed five wickets in the semi-final against Services at Delhi, and rookie left-arm spinner Vishal Dabholkar had Saurashtra on the ropes at 51 for five before lunch with the medium pacer picking up three of those wickets. The visitors recovered a bit through a 64-run stand between top-scorer Arpit Vasavada, who made 55 with nine fours, and Kamlesh Makwana (26). But once these two batsmen fell to Abhishek Nayar in successive overs close to tea break, the Saurashtra innings

went into a slump once again before they were dismissed for 142 with Kulkarni dismissing the last man Sidharth Trivedi for his fourth wicket. Nayar and Dabholkar gave good support to Kulkarni by bagging two wickets apiece, Agarkar secured one while Jaydev Unadkat was run out foolishly. Apart from Vasavada, who batted for 210 minutes and faced 146 balls, Sitanshu Kotak (14), Makwana and Unadkat (22) reached double figures as the Saurashtra batsmen showed lack of application and skill on a bowler-friendly track.

In reply, 39-time title winners Mumbai scored 19 for no loss in 8 overs. Openers Wasim Jaffer (11 in 30 balls) and Kaustubh Pawar (4 in 20 balls) batted for 39-minutes and were at the crease with the hosts still 129 runs behind. Earlier in the morning session, Saurashtra batsmen struggled on a pitch that afforded seam movement and soon lost half their side cheaply. They recovered partially only to lose two wickets in quick succession, close to tea, that left them struggling at 115 for 7 with a tail that failed to wag.

Lanka win opening T20 clash AFP

SYDNEY: Sri Lanka downed Australia by five wickets to win the opening T20 international at the Sydney Olympic Stadium on Saturday. Two towering sixes on consecutive balls from Sri Lanka's Thisara Perera sealed a comfortable win for the visitors, who have now beaten Australia in their last four T20s. The win was set up by some superb bowling from Sri Lankan pair Lasith Malinga and Nuwan Kulasekara, who earlier restricted the Australians to 137-3 from their 20 overs. The Sri Lankans reached the target with seven balls to spare and are now guaranteed of retaining their number one ranking regardless of what happens in the second and final match in Melbourne on Monday. Australia earlier won the toss and chose to bat, but apart from big-hitting opener David Warner they found scoring difficult. The Sri Lankans always had the target well in hand, once openers Kushal Perera (33) and Tillakaratne Dilshan (16) put on 46 runs in 38 balls for the opening wicket.

UEFA confirmed that the 2020 European Championship will be staged in 13 different cities across the continent


India aim to finish with a flourish PTI

DHARAMSALA: A moraleboosting series win sealed, India would be aiming to finish with a flourish when they take on England in the inconsequential fifth and final cricket one-dayer at the picturesque HPCA stadium here on Sunday. A 4-1 victory might not heal the scars of a Test series loss against the same opponents but it will surely inject a fresh lease of life in MS Dhoni's men ahead of their next Test assignment against Michael Clarke's Australia. The skipper himself will certainly feel good as he is leading from the front and walking the talk of shouldering more responsibility upfront having successfully wielded his willow.

The fifth ODI between India and England, scheduled to be played at Dharamsala on Sunday, January 27, 2013, will start at 9:30 a.m, instead of 9:00 a.m, the BCCI said in a release. There is an old adage that 'revenge is a dish best served cold' and certainly the irony is not lost out when one considers the problems that the Englishmen faced whenever their caravan headed north â&#x20AC;&#x201C; be it Delhi or Mohali. Dhoni would certainly expect that the same script is followed when his side steps on to the field for the 43rd international venue in India. With the series already decided, the match is of academic

interest but for the team management and the national selectors, there are a few areas that they would like to check out. Cheteshwar Pujara has been eagerly waiting for his ODI debut and one would expect that that the talented Saurashtra batsman would finally get a chance considering that he has not been released for the high-profile Ranji Trophy final against Mumbai which started on Saturday. Knowing Dhoni's penchant for sticking to tried and tested combinations, it will be interesting to know if the likes of Pujara and Amit Mishra, who has so far only warmed the dug-out will get a chance to be in the thick of things.

Smith ton steers SA to nervy win AFP

POTCHEFSTROOM (South Africa): Former captain Graeme Smith hit a century to set up a consolation one-wicket win for South Africa in the third and final one-day international

against New Zealand at Senwes Park on Friday. Smith made 116 -- his 10th one-day century -- but it needed a six off the last ball by all-rounder Ryan McLaren to enable South Africa to chase down a New Zealand total of 260 for nine. Smith was

sixth man out when 32 were still needed off 26 balls. "I would like to have seen it through," said Smith, who was caught at wide long-on off the off-spinner Kane Williamson. "The shot was on but the execution wasn't right."

Anand held AGENCIES

WIJK AAN ZEE (The Netherlands): World champion Viswanathan Anand mishandled a winning endgame and drew with former women's world champion Yifan Hou of China in the 11th round of 75th Tata Steel Chess tournament here. Desperately needing a victory to bridge the gap with tournament leader Magnus Carlsen of Norway, Anand outplayed Yifan right from the opening but a shocking blunder in what appeared to be a winning position cost the Indian an important half point. Carlsen remained in sole lead after surviving some anxious moments against Wang Hao of China who

pressed for a victory against the world number one. The Norwegian took his tally to 8.5 points out of a possible eleven and he is now trailed by Levon Aronian of Armenia who defeated Hikaru Nakamura of United States. With Aronian on 7.5 points, Anand slipped to sole third spot with seven points in all and now the chances of world champion catching up with tournament leader are absolutely slim. In other games of the day, P Harikrishna enjoyed a superior endgame but could not convert it in to a full point against Erwin L'Ami of Holland. Another draw took Harikrishna to a respectable 5.5 points in the category-20 super tournament.

Sania out of Fed Cup AGENCIES

HYDERABAD: India's campaign at the Fed Cup has suffered a big jolt even before its start as country's top player Sania Mirza has pulled out of the tournament due to a hip strain sustained during the Australian Open. She has been advised two weeks off . The exact status of her injury will be known after some tests on Monday in Hyderabad. If the tests reveal a tear, she could be out for longer duration.


profile of awardee

NEW DELHI: Batting great Rahul Dravid tried to be perfect in everything he did, both on and off the field. The 16 years he played international cricket, he played with dignity and humility; a gentleman cricketer to the core. On Friday, he was named among the awardees of the Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian award, on the eve of Republic Day. Dravid formed the 'Fab Four' of Indian batting with Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and V.V.S. Laxman. Tendulkar described him as the perfectionist who showed patience and willingness to build big knocks. The 40-year-old Bangalorean ended his One-Day International (ODI) career in 2011 before retiring from all forms of international cricket after a not-so-great tour of Australia in 2012. Dravid is the only Indian cricketer to score a century in all Test playing nations. A team man to the core, Dravid also kept wickets when the team needed. He amassed 10,889 runs in 344 ODIs, scoring runs at an average of 39.16 with 12 cen-

turies. He went out of the Test arena as the second highest run-getter in the world (13,288 runs) after his legendary teammate Tendulkar. Dravid has 36 Test centuries and his runs came at an average of 52.31. He was India's saviour overseas and 21 of those 36 centuries were scored on foreign soil. But he couldn't repeat his magic in his last series against Australia. The former India captain realised that 194

runs in eight innings and getting bowled six times Down Under was hint enough for him retire, not wanting to remind the fickle cricket pundits and fans his performances in England, just before Australia. In the England series in 2011, a banner at The Oval read: "England vs The Wall" that pretty much summed up what the tour for the Indian team was. He was by far the best batsman, aggregating 461

runs at an average of 76.83, which accounted for 23 percent for the India's runs. In the first innings, he got 388 runs at an average of 184 that accounted for India's 35 percent runs. Dravid's three of the last four Test centuries came in a losing cause but they were all about immense pride and dignity. Two of them came as a stand-in opener, a role that he never relished. England always was a special place for Dravid, who made his Test debut there alongwith his former captain Ganguly in the summer of 1996 at Lord's. While Ganguly went on to score a memorable century on debut, Dravid, who came in to bat at No.7, fell short by five runs. It took another six months to score his maiden Test century (148) against South Africa at Johannesburg in Jan 1997 and since then there has been no looking back. Most of his big knocks either won the Tests or saved India. For example, his memorable 180 in a monumental partnership with Laxman (281) at the Eden Gardens that fashioned one of India's greatest wins against Australia in 2001. He also went on to become the highest run-getter in the 1999 World Cup in England with 461 runs.

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Not So Gay In London In denial, British-Goans who are gay are forced to live a double life

Under Threat The Centre’s Project Snow Leopard to protect the elusive cat has failed to take off

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Some 2300 gay men are registered with the NGO Humsaath in South Goa alone. But confronted by prejudice in a society that is still largely insular, myopic and unaccepting of a sexual orientation that is different from ‘the norm’, most gay men in Goa are forced to live on the fringes, meeting in the dark shadows of public parks. And for those who have not dared to come out, it is an existence trapped in the hypocrisy of a double life. NISHITHA NAIR SHRIVASTAVA & DIANA FERNANDES report

Siddesh May-

Gay Pride

And Prejudice Photo by Showkat Shafi/Al

Delhi Queer Pride Parade, Nov 25, 2012


n his address at the second inaugural on January 21, US President Barack Obama took many by surprise when he said, “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.” But the reality is far from this utopian vision, more so in India. In Goa, which enjoys the tag of being ‘liberal’, so many from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community are discriminated against and penalised everyday for their sexual preference. Driven to the shadows by abuse, fear, sadness and loneliness, many have gone to the extent of living dual lives. Ask Ahmed, and he chokes as he talks about his double life. Married and father of a child, he went through a traumatic couple of years after he realised he was gay. He was only 18 at the time. “I come from a poor family. As a bright student, it was left to me to look after my family, including a notorious brother, who was constantly getting into trouble,” he says. The responsibility, combined with the urge to be with men, was too much to deal with. The local bar was Ahmed’s only solace. “It was here that I found friends I could speak to about my worries and problems. I slowly began getting closer to them. In this way, I was able to deal with my situation,” says Ahmed. In the beginning, he thought he was alone. But once he began reaching out through the Darpan Trust in Calangute, he began to feel comfortable. “I found a friend and began to grow closer to him. Over time we began to have a serious relationship,” he says. But this was something Ahmed did not want his family know. He credits his partner with the decision to get married to a woman. “I know it is wrong, but I have no other choice. I have an unmarried sister. Who will accept her if I come clean?” he asks. Darpan Trust, formerly called Zindagi, was set up in 2000 to counsel and help MSMs (men who have sex with men). Darpan, meaning mirror, encourages its members to find their real identities by looking at their true reflections. Mahesh Govekar, counsellor at the trust says “many men are unaware of

their sexuality, and the organization helps them come to terms with who they really are.” Darpan also counsels them in the risks involved and provides psychosocial help and family assistance. Goa, in fact, is far less open and more conservative in acknowledging gays, and very few homosexuals are willing to come out of the closet, Govekar says. “They don’t openly show that they are gay. They take a long time to get used to the idea.” The majority he says do not open up about their sexual orientation for years on end. A common pattern that Govekar has seen repeat itself is the family pressure that begins to build up for a boy to marry, soon after he turns 25. This is the time, he says, when a gay man has to confront the truth and make a decision. There are those like Ahmed who choose to keep it under wraps, and there are those who run away and move to places like Mumbai, Delhi or Hyderabad. And then there are people like Anil and Sagar, who despite the social odds have been happily married for almost three years, after courting for 14 years. They met at a wedding and by evening Sagar knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Anil. A gay wedding was considered impure by most temple priests who refused to conduct the rituals. But one priest consented, and a fee of Rs 2000 he married the gay men. Flaunting his mangalsutra, Anil says that getting married was the best decision he has taken, especially since he had been a male sex worker from the time he was in the seventh standard. “When I was in the second standard, a boy from my neighbourhood kissed me. Though I didn’t understand it then, I started enjoying it. When I was in the seventh standard, I started getting paid Rs 50 to 100 for sex with men. In the ninth standard, I met another friend who told me I could make anywhere from Rs 150 to 500 regularly. Many felt what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t care. I was happy that I was making money.” There was no looking back for Anil after that. He would solicit men of different age groups, even the CISF (central industrial security force) quarters in South Goa. “I was young, so many men found me attractive.

They would invite me to sleep with them, and then share me with their friends,” says the 32-year-old. Several exhilarations and exploitations later, Anil was jolted back to reality when he met a volunteer from what was then Humsafar NGO. A scare of testing positive for HIV compelled him to review his high-risk life. Today, Anil and Sagar counsel other homosexuals about the importance of monogamy. For Dexter, being homosexual was not so much about being attracted to the same sex, but more his fascination with everything feminine. “Since I was 13 years, I liked the life of a girl, the way they walked, talked and dressed, but I had to hide these feelings,” says the transgender, adding that he tried telling his parents about

when I wish them, but make snide remarks after I pass. Even children jeer at the way I walk. Even those who accept you as you are, are afraid to be seen with you for fear of being branded gay.” He feels that social pressures curtail them from freely expressing themselves. “Many of us like to get a facial or bleach, manicure or pedicure. But if we do any of this, we are stared at. Whenever I enter a bus, people turn and keep looking at me. I had grown my hair, but had to cut it

for being gay. “It started with taunts from my brother, then I was verbally abused, this slowly led to them thrashing me trying to ‘cure’ me. Eventually my father put me in jail on some pretext,” says a tearful Freddy. But the LGBT community has come a long way in seeking freedom from the shackles of stigma. Thanks to several social service groups, this community has found a voice and identity. In Goa, several NGOs have been born with this intention. Like Humsaath, earlier Humsafar Trust.

local gay men, which they discovered was about 500. Thus was born the Goa chapter of Humsafar. Without any success in finding space for an office, they began operations in the office of another NGO, Rishta, in May 2002. “Initially, we could not even find any staff, because working for Humsafar meant coming out of the closet, which not many were ready to do. They were scared,” says Baig. Today, the NGO goes by the name Humsaath and has registered 2300 Goan MSM. However, they estimate that there are at least 5000 homosexual men in South Goa itself. Humsaath help MSMs in every possible way from counselling to rehabilitation. “We help them cope with problems such as discrimination, family disownment, fear of police,” says Baig, adding that they are very vulnerable to police thrashing and thefts because they are often caught in the act at public places, since they cannot take their partners home. “People still consider it a disease and something unnatural,” Baig says. The police, says Bobby, don’t help us. He recounts a tale of how a simple outing with his friends from college turned into a war of fists and punches. Police dressed in casual attire constantly lurk around parks. “Once when we were hanging out in the park, they forcefully broke our group apart and start hitting us with their lathis and fists,” recounts Bobby. “They began yelling profanities at us and proceeded to kick us until we gave in.” They did give in and ended up being charged with engaging in MSM activities in a public place. Bobby works in a private company but has still not come clean to his family. He says the need to tell them has never come up. He sometimes thinks of getting out of Goa, but rationalises that “my life is here. My family is here. Why should I leave?” Bobby also counsels at Darpan to help young men come to terms with their sexuality. For things to change in Goa, there has to be awareness, he says. For one, the general public isn’t even aware of the difference between gays and hijaras. Founder of Rishta, Sophia Caldeira, says that the biggest issue they face with the 1,100 gay, transgender and bisexual men registered with them is their unwillingness to get tested for HIV. “They are constantly annoyed that we insist they get checked every six months.” Though a large part of the gay community in Goa lives in the shadows, those who have outed try to live as normal a life as possible. Humsaath makes it a point to celebrate as many festivals as it can like Haldi Kumkum,


this internal conflict, but they discounted it as a joke. Till college, life was very awkward for Dexter, with verbal and physical torture meted out regularly. “My mother used to understand me, but she too caved under social pressures. I have been living separately from them over the last year and half, and keep in touch only with my older sister,” he says. Marriage is the biggest problem, says Dexter, with parents forcing homosexuals to marry women, which leads to divorce in three to four months. Dexter is in a relationship with a man who has not revealed to his family or social circles that he is homosexual. The case has not been very different for Mitesh, whose partner of ten years has not told anyone he is gay. “He is too scared,” says Mitesh, “it is not easy to live with it once you come out of the closet. Even if you are polite and respect everyone, many don’t reciprocate that. People smile at me

Two gay men perform the Haldi Kumkum organized by Humsaath in Baina, Vasco last week for this reason,” he says. But Mitesh is lucky to have a family that completely supported him. “I hear such sad stories from my friends. Why don’t people understand it is not our fault?” he says. Mitesh has been working with the NGO Humsaath for the last ten years and hopes to give the younger generation a less hostile environment. But the situation at home was far from peaceful for Freddy, whose family penalised him at every point

The need for an NGO to streamline and emancipate the homosexual community in south Goa was felt in 2002, when a staff member of the Mumbai-based Humsafar Trust visited a clandestine homosexual gathering with over 300 men, who were paying between Rs 200 to 300 as entry fee. With no concept of safe sex, it was a high-risk situation, says Lal Baig, a counsellor at Humsaath Trust Goa. The NGO then asked for a survey to be conducted to ascertain the number of

Vat Pournima, Diwali and Satyanarayan Puja. Gay couples dress in sarees and pray for the long life of their ‘husbands’. “These people express themselves freely, something they cannot do at home,” says Baig, which more or less sums up the situation for men born gay in conservative Goa. (Some of the names in this article have been changed to protect their identities) n Review Bureau


Even in liberal London, outside the safe zones of gay bars and cafes, life for a gay man is not easy


SUNDAY, january 27, 2013

Some Indian female students who travel to the West are pressurized to enter the call girl market to enhance their earnings



A Not So Gay Life in London Homosexuality is the silent secret of many Goan families in the UK and most Goan gay men are forced to lead a double life truthmonkey@en.wikipedia


London Post


n a dimly-lit hall in London, the young man dressed in flamboyant white, cheeks flushed a little pink with exertion, and a luxuriant beard which more than compensates for the receding hairline is hard to miss. He is an attractive Indian gay man. I walk over, not quite certain he’s gay, and impertinently clarify the matter, adding a worthless piece of information to the conversation by admitting I am from Goa. “I love Wendell,” he says quickly. “I know him,” I respond eager to break the ice. “You do?” his eyes widen in disbelief. “No, no, I mean I know of him,” I add. That Wendell Rodricks, a national celebrity can lead an openly gay life in India, is small comfort. These liberal triumphs are illusions in conservative India, because the truth is, Indians are still crudely homophobic (an intense hatred of homosexuals). The rampant gay bashing which takes place in Indian cyberspace is a fair indication of our societal values. Writhing in the squalor of misinformation, homosexuality is still considered the great evil, a horrific aberration of human sexuality and spiritual laws, which warrants the worst sort of verbal and physical abuse. Aba (not his real name), “came out of the closet” a term which means to be openly gay, only when he emigrated to London in 2004. He is still wary of being identified as gay. When he did reveal his sexuality to a few friends, he insisted he was bi-sexual rather than homosexual. But even in liberal London, outside the safe zones of gay bars and cafes, life for a gay man is not easy. I listen to him de-

scribe a life of intolerance and unexpected dangers. Of being questioned in alleyways and threatened on latenight buses, subject to hideous slurs like “butty boy” and “faggot,” lucky at times to be rescued by sympathetic strangers.


Homophobia cuts across race, religion and is common to almost all cultures. The West Indian community in London is particularly vicious in its attacks against gay men, Aba tells me, and the Bangladeshi Muslim-dominated area where he lives is not too pleased with him either. He admits he would never venture into a council estate (state housing areas) wearing flamboyant clothes and often changes his clothes to disguise the true nature of his sexuality. Aba, makes a startling revelation. Often homophobia is tied into racism. White men, who can’t be abusive elsewhere, give vent to their internal rage by being unduly aggressive towards Asian gay men. The legitimacy of gay rights is in the news in Europe as anti-gay marriage protests rock France. In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron, in a surprise move for the Conservative Party has backed gay marriage. While a poll showed public support, religious institutions continue to oppose such a radical change in the law. The Roman Catholic Church has been working overtime to block the bill and has called upon its parishioners

Unfurling the rainbow colour gay pride flag by the gay and lesbian community in London to write to the government to protest against it. The Roman Catholic Church’s staunch opposition to homosexuality, viewed still as an unpalatable deviancy, has made Catholic Goans fairly conservative in this respect. There is a denial of the very existence of homosexuality amongst British-Goans; single men who are quite clearly gay are constantly beset with marriage proposals, and their single status explained away as being unlucky in love. There is an unspoken pact to “fix-them”, make them more respectable by foisting a wife and a couple of children on them. Speaking to one Goan gay man,

homosexuality is seen as negating the fundamental values of Catholic Goanhood, which be it in Goa, London or the basement flats of Toronto, hinges around the Church, the family and an entirely frivolous social calendar. While the teachings of the Church produce a remarkably liberal and tolerant society, they also produce a parochial cosiness which stagnates us. We rarely engage in a robust debate about such matters. Hobbled by convention, Goan gay men are forced to lead lives which are a sham or they have to move away from the community. Some live with White partners. In the end, parents are perhaps


the greatest champions of reformation in this struggle. Speaking to the parent of a Goan gay man, I realise homosexuality is the silent secret of many Goan families. He says he first suspected his son was gay when he discovered newspaper clippings of men in his son’s room and noticed his insistence on certain type of clothing. No heterosexual father wants to believe his son is gay. He waited for more clues to come in, but even when they did, he refused to believe them. In his own school days, he had been very homophobic, but in college he got to know some gay men and the stereotypes of them as being aberrant began to dissolve.

Even then, every parent has dreams of their children getting married, and of becoming grandparents. When his son did reveal his sexuality, he could see these dreams fading away; a sort of mourning for the loss of one’s own dreams takes place. Today, he’s comfortable with the fact that his son is gay and thinks nothing of it but wouldn’t necessarily reveal or discuss his son’s sexuality amongst his Goan friends. “We accept our children, but does the world accept them?” he asks. Very often not. The recent gang-rape and death of a young woman in Delhi has rightly stirred debate and protest not just in India but elsewhere as well. But will this protest extend to violence against homosexuals, the transgendered and prostitutes? Sexual violence and hate crimes sadly are all too prevalent across the world, fuelled by a dominant male’s medieval or deviant sense of entitlement to plunder, pillage and take what he wants. What is appalling is that it took such a horrific incident to awaken the Indian consciousness, and we have not yet awakened to the injustice of violence endured by those that live on the fringes; the prostitute, the hijra, the homosexual. Our attitude towards sex is one of hypocrisy. When the most heinous acts occur in our society, we hold up our hands and pontificate on the bestial nature of man. We swear that we personally would never be party to such acts and yet, every day in small ways we support the culture that perpetrates such acts. We feed into a man’s sense of entitlement, into the myth that an all-powerful patriarch, the maker of rules, is the best guardian of our society. We cling to all the mould of conservatism; we justify values which are no longer relevant, mostly in the name of religion. Ultimately we create the dysfunctional society we inherit. AFP Photo

MANMOHAN LUTHRA examines the increasing commercialization of sex and sexual imagery and its repercussions

on the young, both in India and in the West


exual liberation took off in the West in the 1960s, post the Pill and Kinsey Reports. Surveys from around the world indicated an increase in sexual activities, the number and type of partners, and the quest for seeking varied sexual pleasures. This has been in many respects a healthy development, pulling Europe out of a deeply rooted sin and guilt syndrome, enabling women and people of all ages assisted by the second blue pill revolution to enjoy the joy of sex without the attendant sense of shame that plagued an older generation. It has also enhanced women’s increasing awareness of their sexual rights and has put the onus on men not to use sex as their own sleeping pill, as it were. But these developments in the bedroom also have a public dimension, which is what concerns us here. London now hosts an annual erotica fair, showcasing the new diversity of sexual lifestyles and tastes while Barcelona has an erotic museum displaying the history of sex and sexual toys. A “live and let live” philosophy now prevails from straight to gays. Nudity and the length of skirts have ceased to be an issue in the new western generation other than in the workplace. In a country like Britain which used to sneer at the hedonistic Germans and Dutch, Brits did not raise an eyebrow at the sexually charged West End show ‘Hair’ being shown in London, unlike the reaction to its counterpart ‘Oh Calcutta’ in the sixties. In the west, for the young, sexual experimentation is part of the courtship rites of passage involving multiple partners before settling down with one. The State in Europe provides security to let the young enjoy their youth and freedoms openly and without hypocrisy or moral policing. However, this is not to say that there are no issues about the abuse of such social freedoms as the case of young women being exploited by the powerful in the BBC or the sexual grooming of young white girls by British- Pakistani males, both equally repugnant. These are major issues being hotly debated in the British media and are being investigated seriously. Parents fear that the price for all this freedom is the early sexualisation of their children aided by the internet. Recently,

clothing retailer Marks & Spencer was accused of labeling young girls’ swimwear as ‘bras’ and padding them. Countries like Britain have a less successful sex education system, which means teenage pregnancies are higher than in other European countries. The hidden sex culture in sexually semi-repressive developing countries along with the emerging open urban culture has had the result in Iran, for example, of the MTV generation resorting to using traffic jams to court each other and to find other such innovative ways to subvert State control on sex. Paradoxically, research has shown that the full-body burqa is actually aiding undercover prostitution in nations such as Iran. The enjoyment of full-fledged personal/ social freedom, however, even in the Indian urban domain, remains elusive and is a major reason for well-heeled young Indians heading to the West (combined, of course, with the desire for a foreign degree). We see examples of police harassing courting youngsters and hoteliers asking people about the “relationship” between two people. At a five-star hotel in India , I recall an NRI mother of two waiting in the lobby being questioned about her “motive” for being there. The widely reported Shiv Sena attack on bars in Bangalore and the harassment by the Ram Sene of young people enjoying a night out tells its own story. While India’s folklore celebrates lovers from Krishna to Ranjha as has Indian cinema over the decades, choosing a partner across the socialreligious-caste-class divide in small towns or in rural areas can still cost young people their lives. The feudal order has shamelessly been able to crush young people’s life choices with impunity. Increasing exposure to the internet, to films and television and other forms of media accentuate the desire for such social freedoms as befriending members of the opposite sex , engaging in non-coercive sexual relationships and the freedom to choose one’s own partner. A negative manifestation is global sex tourism which is essentially a male pastime. In tourist cities live sex shows, warehousing of women for sale and pick-up bars do roaring business. Even in state-controlled moralist societies such as Dubai as well as in societies where folk religion

THE ENJOYMENT OF FULLFLEDGED PERSONAL/SOCIAL FREEDOM, HOWEVER, EVEN IN THE INDIAN URBAN DOMAIN, REMAINS ELUSIVE AND IS A MAJOR REASON FOR WELLHEELED YOUNG INDIANS HEADING TO THE WEST (COMBINED, OF COURSE, WITH THE DESIRE FOR A FOREIGN DEGREE). WE SEE EXAMPLES OF POLICE HARASSING COURTING YOUNGSTERS AND HOTELIERS ASKING PEOPLE ABOUT THE “RELATIONSHIP” BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. prevails as in Thailand, cities exude a sexual buzz which sometimes seems at odds with the professed and hypocritical moralist stance of the elite of these countries. In a study conducted in 1998 by D. Agnote ‘’The Sex Sector: The Economic and Social Bases of Prostitution in Southeast Asia’’, focusing on Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, it was estimated that between 0.25 per cent and 1.5 per cent of the total female population of the four countries was engaged in prostitution. The sex industry is estimated to have accounted for between 2 to 14 per cent of these countries’ GDP, providing higher earnings than any unskilled labour, aiding the formal tourism economy and government income through licensing fees and taxes and, illegally, through the informal, corrupt economy. The regulated but open Amsterdam model of selling one’s body which protects the consumer and the provider, using cooperatives combined with health check facilities, remains a refreshingly honest and effective, if controversial method.. Newly EU incorporated Eastern European countries have become sex havens for Western European youth, for “stag parties” as well “sex holidays”. In Dubai, the State gives a huge number of visas to girls ostensibly applying for admin jobs to come and work there except what they actually do has little resemblance to the reasons

given on the application form. Many women are exploited and trafficked, sometimes brutally and deceptively. Surveys in the West also suggest that some well-settled working girls may also regard this new sexual power as an advantage in the market place. A call girl’s earnings can exceed wages in nearly all the professions, despite working fewer hours albeit at a higher risk. Female students including some Indian students who travel to the West are also pressurized to enter the call girl or escort market to enhance their earnings, albeit on a temporary basis. Clearly these are a minority of the overall number of women trafficked but it is not a trend that should be ignored. The value of a woman’s sex appeal capital has been increasing over the last three decades in “liberated’’ countries   such as Erotica Fair in London Finland,  France, Germany and obese have earnings 10 to 15 per cent the less liberal UK. To a degree, women’s new sexual freedom tends below the average. Attractive people to be restricted to the under 30s, are 20 per cent more likely to achieve though recently the over 50s have also higher status in their firm because of found a new promiscuity driven by their pulling power with customers. disposable income. The new concept The gap can be as big as the gap beof sex buddies who meet to have sex tween having a degree or not. In Brazil, USA and now in Europe the with no strings attached and the onenight-stand culture increasingly now notion that investing in cosmetic surdissociates sex from emotion, com- gery is a sensible way of getting ahead mitment or intimacy in a dramatic in a culture where sexual attraction way. Hundreds of  women are putting counts is gaining ground. Breast augtheir bodies on such sites, suggesting mentations and body sculpting have that  sexual assets have become quite made medical consultants immensely important. Ex-beauty queens have rich. Even against the background of become parliamentarians in Europe, war in Iraq, scores of women waited despite their lack of intellectual, po- for a surgeon’s appointment to get rid litical or artistic talents. Attractive of their prominent Arab noses. The women are able to inculcate contacts inverted racism of beauty has made with powerful men and get plugged having light skin more important than good skin as the sale of skin lightening into the high worth network. The economic benefits of being products in India shows. All this adds up to a multibillion physically and socially attractive can be substantial, especially in market- cosmetic surgery industry tied up ing, public relations, television and increasingly with medical tourism the entertainment industry. Beauty where emerging markets such as Braand sex appeal are increasingly help- zil compete with the west. The Indian ing to sell ideas and products and cosmetic surgery sector, including in even oneself in the labour market. Goa, has been booming over the last Research indicates that attractive decade as the new middle class uses people are more likely to be employed its surplus money to look good. For in professional and private sector jobs instance, a cousin of mine spent Rs , can earn 10 to 15per cent more than five lakhs to get his daughter drastithe average. Tall people, in particular cally slimmed down surgically to get men, earn more than the short; the her remarried after a divorce.  The ap-

peal of a lighter complexion appears to have created a lucrative market for skin lightening products in many countries while white models still occupy the top slot. In Britain a 2009 survey of teenage girls found that one-quarter think it more important to be beautiful than clever. Like it or not, erotic capital is now as valued as economic and human capital. Sexual freedom is an essential component of social freedom in developed societies. But there are challenges on how to retain and encourage such freedoms with the state fighting against exploitation, coercion and ill health while enhancing mutual respect in personal, transactional or artistic domains. To this end an open debate about such freedoms and how it plays out on the personal and public domain, an enforceable legal framework to punish culprits who try to subvert these freedoms and the provision of sexual health education to the young are crucial components. In developing traditional societies there is an additional need to raise awareness about it being a fundamental right. And in a country like India some obsolete Victorian laws may need to be taken off the statute books. The writer is a public policy consultant based in the UK


Himachal Pradesh has however managed to get around the red tape. It has identified Upper Spiti landscape as the state’s first Project Snow Leopard site


SUNDAY, january 27, 2013



Mobile apps can flip off the living room lights, unlock your front door, or get a reading of your blood pressure

My Father’s Son In his search for a father he hardly knew, a young cinematographer turns his lens inwards to create A Picture of You. LISA ANN MONTEIRO speaks to Ajay Noronha whose film will show here early next week


tral house in Nagpur and also talks to other relatives in the family in Bombay, Goa and Canada. He knows memory can never be perfect and that with personal biases there can be no objective truth but he manages to lay his hands on more pictures and information. He learns how one crucial test changed the course of his father’s career. The most reluctant to speak is his mother who, but natural, has the most information about him. After much prodding she speaks of her better half and reveals details none of the family members knew. How he would help her with calculations after she corrected exam papers and how she missed him terribly. A strong woman, she speaks of

jay Noronha was being denied information about the one person he didn’t get a chance to fully know -- his father, Joseph Noronha -- and he didn’t appreciate it. The youngest of four siblings, he saw the least of his father and was only six years old when he succumbed to a cardiac arrest. While growing up, he was at logger heads with his mother, Marie Noronha, the one person who knew the most about his dad, but stonewalled questions when any mention was made of him. In a fit of grief she burnt the only album the family had and Ajay was left with just one picture on the wall to help him out.


When he turned cinematographer, he decided to use the only medium he knew and loved to construct an image of his dad. Turning his lens inwards, he took the once taboo and intrinsically private topic of his dad to the other extreme where his mother and siblings watched ‘A Picture of You’ together with a packed audience

Ajay Noronha and (inset) a poster of the documentary at the screening in Mumbai a few months ago. Now it was out there for everyone to see -- the story of his dad -- his strengths and flaws. Ajay believes there is a certain cathartic effect in communal viewing.

A bunch of people at a screening go through a certain journey together, yet each one is touched differently. In the film he takes his father’s brother back to the ances-

Dark Future For The Snow Phantom India has some 400-700 of the 7,400 snow leopards left in the world. But the Centre’s Project Snow Leopard meant to conserve the elusive cat has failed to take off



he grey ghost, snow phantom or the ghoul of mountains — the snow leopard has been given several names because of its elusive nature. The cat, found in few numbers in vast territories of the Himalaya, is rarely seen or heard. Government plans to conserve the endangered species have been just as obscure. The Project Snow Leopard, which should have been in the fourth year of implementation by now, is yet to effectively take off. About 7,400 snow leopards are left in the world; India is believed to have between 400 to 700 of them. They are found in the Himalayan high altitudes, covering Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. The Centre launched Project Snow Leopard in the five states in 2009 as threats of poaching, habitat destruction and human conflict loomed over high-altitude wildlife. The initiative aimed at conserving wildlife using the snow leopard as a flagship species. It recommended each state to identify landscapes of around 2,000 sq km with high wildlife value and prepare a conservation plan. To implement the project, committees had to be formed at the village, landscape and state levels, with the participation of communities, non-profit organisations and government officials. A steering committee, including officials from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), and representation from national non-profits and research institutions, was to be constituted to manage the overall project. Going by the project document, all these activities should have been completed and the implementation of the management plan should have started within two years of the project’s launch. But in the past four years, none of the states, excluding Himachal Pradesh, has even identified the sites. The steering com-

mittee has met only thrice; its last meeting in September 2012 was held after a gap of one-and-a-half years. Why the delay? Unlike other parts of the country where wildlife is confined to national parks and sanctuaries, high-altitude wildlife is found across the trans-Himalayan landscape. “The protected areas constitute


nine per cent of this region. It is, however, believed that 70 per cent of the snow leopard population may exist outside the protected areas,” says Yash Veer Bhatnagar, senior scientist at Nature Conservation Foundation and country director of the US-based Snow Leopard Trust. Bhatnagar has been involved with the project since its inception. “The project envisaged working with communities and other government departments in landscapes that included both protected and non-protected areas. So, while in Project Tiger or other national parks the wildlife habitat is secured by removing people, Project Snow Leopard recommended making communities stakeholder in conservation,” he says. It seems neither the Centre nor the States are interested in investing money and effort in non-protected areas. At the launch of the project, it was announced that MoEF would allocate three per cent of its budget for wildlife for saving the cat. Till September

2012, only Rs 3.5 crore has been released to the States which is less than a per cent of the annual wildlife budget. This despite the fact that MoEF has a separate component for funding conservation in non-protected areas under its flagship scheme, Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats (IDWH). A senior MoEF official said the ministry has other priorities. “Unless there are assured results like that from Project Tiger, the government will be reluctant to invest prominently in any other scheme,” he said, adding that with the fund crunch, the IDWH budget was “not enough for even the 600-plus protected areas.” Such an attitude has encouraged indifference on the part of the States. “MoEF has never been proactive about Project Snow Leopard. They should have sent the funds suo moto as they do in case of Project Tiger. We demanded funds a couple of times but the ministry refused. Now we have stopped asking,” says S S Sharma, Chief Wildlife Warden of Uttarakhand. States, too, seem to have made their share of mistakes. One of the reasons MoEF might have stopped funding is that the amount released under the project initially was not wisely spent. During the first two years of the project, Jammu and Kashmir received Rs 1.69 crore, Himachal Pradesh got Rs 93 lakh and Uttarakhand was handed Rs 86 lakh. J&K and Uttarakhand spent the money without identifying a landscape and a management plan. “Another issue could be the timing of the fund reaching the field managers. As summer is the working period in snow leopard landscapes, receipt of funds after the working season is over or at the end of the financial year may not leave any scope for effective implementation,” says S Sathyakumar, senior scientist at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), which has been involved with the project. Himachal Pradesh has however managed to get around the red tape. It has identified Upper Spiti landscape as the state’s first Project Snow Leopard site. With the help of Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), the State has implemented the management plan in the 3,944 sq km landscape. And the results are showing. While it is estimated that there is approximately one snow leopard in every 100 sq km of the landscape, the human-wildlife conflict has reduced in the region. Based on the Upper Spiti experience, NCF and WII have finalised guidelines for the States to effectively implement the project. “We have the operational guidelines. The States just have to implement them,” says Sathyakumar. Bhatnagar suggests larger consultations should be done in States where there is not much excitement about the project, the steering committee should meet at least twice a year, and an officer dedicated to the project should be appointed in MoEF. “It is time the project made a fresh start,” he adds. Down To Earth

ALL IN ALL IT IS THE STORY OF A MIDDLE CLASS GOAN CATHOLIC FAMILY, AND BY MAKING THIS PUBLIC HE HOPES OTHERS CAN FIND THEIR OWN RESONANCES IN HIS STORY. courting as it was then and how as a young couple they weren’t allowed the liberty of spending too much time together before marriage. Ajay also learns about the opposition from both families to their marriage. “The more I learnt about my dad, I learnt that much more about myself.” He discovered that it wasn’t a coincidence that he had chosen to have an intercultural marriage or get a degree in geology. His was surprised to know that his dad in fact had a stint in Sanvordem where he graded iron ore. In that sense the film touches upon many an issue -- marrying for love against families’ wishes, futile property disputes within the family, the strength of a single mother to bring up four children while coping with the loss among others. All in all it is the story of a middle class Goan Catholic family and by making this public he hopes others can find their own resonances in his story. A documentary film maker at heart, Ajay uses the time he can spare from the world of television and movies to pursue his hobby. He is director of photography on Kaun Banega

Crorepati, Koffee with Karan, and has worked on the sets of Slumdog Millionaire and Ferrari Ki Sawaari. “I earn my bread and butter from television and I have been able to make leaps in cinematography because of it. But my actual love lies in documentary films and I’m glad I have the luxury to maintain this balance.” In 2001 he made a ‘Bhaile’ a documentary on Goa as a hot destination for child sex tourism and was appalled when he came across people who told him they didn’t care, because the children weren’t theirs. The toughest part about making a documentary film is not so much in the making, he says, but in getting it shown and seen. He says he tried to maintain a distance between being the son and being a film maker in his latest documentary. Did the film help him grieve? Did he find closure? Did he find any solution he was looking for? “Nobody spoke about dad when I was growing up. Now this is off our chests. Life is not about finding solutions. It helped each family member in their own way. I needed something to hold on to in the absence of any pictures of him. Can a film resurrect my dad in a way that I may not lose him? This is what I wanted to find out.” A Picture of You will be screened at International Centre Goa on February 1 at 6 pm. n Review Bureau

Smartphones Can Run Our Lives



Graphic by Shamir Deniz

he smartphone is no longer just a portable computer in your pocket. It has become the remote control for your life. Want to flip off the living room lights, unlock your front door, or get a reading of your blood pressure? All of this can be done through mobile apps that work with accessories embedded with sensors or an Internet connection. For several years, technology companies have promised the dream of the connected home, the connected body and the connected car. Those connections have proved illusory. But in the last year app-powered accessories have provided the mechanism to actually make the connections. That is partly because smartphones have become the device people never put down. But it is also because wireless sensors have become smaller, cheaper and ubiquitous. Big companies with strong brands have been heavily promoting the new uses for these gadgets. General Motors advertises its Chevy Malibu Eco with a man showing his parents how he starts the car with a smartphone. A major selling point of the popular Nest thermostat is its ability to turn up the furnace from kilometers away with a cellphone. “Now that, increasingly, consumers have a device with them to monitor virtually anything they do with the Internet, why not offer that capability to monitor and remote control?” said Ross Rubin, an analyst at Reticle Research. The idea of turning off the lights with a smartphone may seem gimmicky, but consumers are warming to aperas, which can be controlled plications, said Bill Scheffler, FOR SEVERAL YEARS, and monitored through the director of business developTECHNOLOGY COMPANIES AT&T mobile app. ment for the Z-Wave Alliance, Products by several other a consortium of companies HAVE PROMISED THE DREAM companies take advantage that make connected appliOF THE CONNECTED HOME, of a smartphone’s sensors ances. The situation resemTHE CONNECTED BODY AND and connection to the Interbles the time when power net to monitor consumers’ windows started catching THE CONNECTED CAR. THOSE health. IHealth sells monion for automobiles, or when CONNECTIONS HAVE PROVED tors for people to track their television makers started offering remote controls, SchefILLUSORY. BUT IN THE LAST YEAR blood pressure with an app. At the electronics show, it fler said. APP-POWERED ACCESSORIES introduced a wireless glu“It used to be that people HAVE PROVIDED THE cose meter, called the Smart would say, why does anybody want a remote control MECHANISM TO ACTUALLY MAKE Glucometer, that lets people with diabetes determine for a TV if you can get up and THE CONNECTIONS. their blood sugar. A user puts change the channel?” he said. a blood sample on a test strip, “It’s just progress.” Companies like AT&T, Black and Decker and Honeywell pops it into an accessory attached to a smarthave started selling app-linked products, he phone, and an app gives a reading of the blood sugar level. said. A small startup, AliveCor, has created an At the International Consumer Electronics Show, which attracted more than 150,000 people iPhone case that when grasped records an achere, dozens of companies showed off connected curate electrocardiogram on the iPhone screen accessories users can hook up to their home ap- via its app. The company has attracted financing pliances to make them work with smartphones, from Khosla Ventures, a prominent Silicon Valand many are also displayed wearable devices ley venture capital firm. that can help people monitor their health on Nike, Jawbone and Fitbit sell wearable electheir phones. Some of these products are being tronic devices for people to track their moveprovided by large companies. AT&T, the wire- ments with smartphones. Fitbit, based in San less carrier, said that in March it will begin sell- Francisco, sells a pocket pedometer called the ing a wireless security system called Digital Life Fitbit One, which can track a user’s steps, floors that will allow people to use tablets or phones climbed and sleep. Its newest product is due in to monitor cameras, alarms and even coffeepots. spring, the Fitbit Flex, a step counter and sleep If a burglar trips a motion sensor in the house, tracker that is worn around the wrist. It synfor example, a user can receive a text message, chronizes with a smartphone app to give users then call the police. Customers can choose to ex- updates. pand AT&T’s wireless service to appliances like lights, door locks, thermostats and security cam© 2013 New York Times News Service


Horton seems to have started a trend among youngsters who are throwing away corporate jobs to pursue their passion


here are those who make music with their instruments and then there are those who make musical instruments. Chris Horton falls into both categories. When he is not teaching students to make their own guitars, you will find him humming and strumming; always looking for a creative vent. Originally from Hullbridge in England, Horton says his first trip to India was 22 years ago. “At the end of my trip, I could not wait to get back (to England). But five minutes after I was out, I wanted to return to India.” Horton kept coming back, and 16 years ago decided that he and his Israeli wife, Sari wanted to make Goa their home. “We would spend six months; go back for a few months. Slowly you realise you bring your whole life here, and spend less time there. That’s when we realised we would need to get some work here.” Today, they live with their two children in Anjuna and leave only to renew their visas and ties with family and friends in England and Israel. Their second child came in 2002 and along with it was born Jungle Guitars, an endeavour to teach people to make their own guitars. Why Jungle Guitars? “Isn’t it obvious?” he smiles in reply, pointing to his unpretentious workshop set in a quiet green corner of Baga. “When I decided to stay back, I knew I had to be involved with something creative. There were many people teaching Yoga, but that was not for me,” says the 47-year-old, who has dabbled with everything from candle-making to garment export to farming to carpentry. A chance meeting with a man who had built a small guitar-type instrument sparked a long-forgotten childhood dream to build a guitar himself. Horton asked a friend who was returning from the US to get him a book that would teach him to make a guitar. “It was an excellent book, that showed you didn’t need specialist equipment; it taught me to use basic tools and also how to make them if needed,” says the self-taught Briton, who says that since he had worked

The Luthier of Baga Selftaught guitar maker or luthier, Chris Horton from England passes on his intricate skills to a growing number of apprentices in Baga, discovers NISHITHA NAIR SHRIVASTAVA


SUNDAY, january 27, 2013


with wood, he only had to use common sense, and it was fairly simple learning the skill. His journey, however, has not been as simple. In the last 11 years, Horton has trained only 70 students, but that does not bother him at all. “In the first year, I had just one student, the next

year I had two. Last year was good, I had about five students,” he says, adding that he relies on his website and word-of-mouth for publicity. “A friend of mine recently uploaded an excellent video of a class in session on YouTube, which has worked for me too.” His strategy seems to have



sides. Now to do this, we have a middle pipe, we put the hot burner inside, heat the pipe and then we soak the wood for some time and then bend the wood to get the shape,” he says. The music maker loves the use of Rosewood for his instruments and travels to Karnataka to pick up quality wood. “Rosewood gives it a nice warm sound, because it is an oily wood, while Mahogany is a dry wood so the sound produced is bright and shiny.” For the top, he uses Sitka Spruce, which he imports from America. Horton seems to have started a trend among youngsters who are throwing away corporate jobs to pursue their passion. “I had a guy last year who came and built a Flamenco guitar with me; he was working with BSNL. After being here, he decided he no longer wanted to be a slave to the corporate world; gave up his job; came again this year to build another guitar. Now his dream is to build and sell his own guitars.” He is not the only one, another 24-year-old from Mumbai has already set up his studio, says the man who wants Jungle Guitars to be synonymous with a guitar making trend in India. n Review Bureau

Guitar man Chris Horton surrounded by guitars made in his green workshop in Baga, and (R) one of his students at work worked well considering he’s had students from not only different parts of India, but Singapore, Australia and America too. Spanning over 15 days, Horton teaches his students to build a guitar in 30 stages. “When you look at a guitar, it looks all complicated. So

What I Love About Panjim. . .

anjim is my dream city. It is my heritage city. In fact I appeal to the government to declare Panjim a heritage city. I just love this beautiful city laced by the silver foil of the Mandovi. We Ponjekars live in perfect communal harmony. I am a through and through Ponjekar, having spent most of my life in this well laid out heritage town. The capital city is my home. I may go to any part of the world but it’s only when I return to Panjim that I feel I have returned home.


I may go to any part of the world but it’s only when I return to Panjim that I feel I have returned home

the first thing is to break the course down. Every day I teach them to make two different parts of a guitar over five hours,” he says, adding that he customises his style of teaching according to the student. “I do not like to impose my views on a student, I let their creative thoughts lead. This may culminate into a different symmetry, but it’s okay, because that will set the tone of the guitar. It’s like your sculpture, an extension of your personality.” Since most of his students are guitar players, with little or no experience of handling wood, he sometimes stretches a course by a day to make them feel comfortable with what they are doing. “On day one we bend the


The history of the city dates back to the Kadamba era when Kadamba officials were administering this village then called Pahajani Khani, as 11th Century Kadamba inscriptions show. From a small fishermen’s cove to officially being declared the capital of the Portuguese empire in the East on March 22, 1843 Panaji’s history is truly colourful and exciting, with the Adilshah’s palace forming the crux of the story. Panaji has a well defined heritage character of its own and is charmingly laid on a grid pattern. I have grown in this city and the city

has grown on me. I cannot breathe without Panjim, and the city breathes in me. I have run through its streets and bylanes as a child in school shorts and socks, first blue and then brown, graduating later to trousers and finally to the kurta pajamas as a heritage activist. I believe Panjim offers you so much that time just runs here. When I went to school in 1975, Panjim was a quiet charming town with no traffic jams or congestions. The heritage garden opposite Menezes Braganza hall was our evening play garden where I went with my brothers and parents.

Every part of the city is beautiful and has historic heritage value. The little Campal beach and the view of the Reis Magos and Aguada forts, the sunset, the casuarina cover, the Miramar beach, the Altinho hill, the Panjim Church square, Fontainhas, the Campal rain tree avenue, the Mandovi river promenade, every part of Panjim is picturesque and kaleidoscopic. We need to preserve this beautiful city. I had made a proposal to put up signages detailing the history each monument and heritage site of Panjim which was accepted by the Corporation of the City of Panaji. The blue signages are put up in the city now. We have led campaigns to save our city, the old Goa Medical College (GMC) heritage building, the rain trees, the milestone pillar at Tonca and the Adilshah palace, and all the historical monuments and heritage gardens and the sites of Panaji. I recently met with chief town planner Puttaraju who asked me to identify 10 heritage public buildings in Panjim for a conservation plan. I have submitted my list which has among others the Massano de Amorim (that is run as the government primary school currently), the National theatre, Noossa Senhora de Sera, Sachdev memorial at Miramar, Progress High School. Like all my fellow Ponjekars I am eternally in love with Panjim and stand by her. Swami Vivekanand who had visited Panjim in October 1892 had found the town neat and clean. Let’s hope we can to some extent recover Panjim’s lost lustre by keeping it garbage and litter-free. The contributor is a heritage activist and lecturer in history

Starting this week, we introduce a new column on the unique relationship between a person and his/her city; town; village...

Clockwise from top: The stunning Mermaid Fountain recently restored; the heritage Goa Medical College building lit up for the recent film festival; the Abade de Faria statue; a Betim ferry comes in; the Church of the Immaculate Conception. (All photos by Vincent Braganza)

Editor –in-chief: R F Fernandes. Editor: Ishan Joshi (Responsible under PRB Act). Editor Herald Review: Devika Sequeira. Regd Office: St Tome Road, Panjim, Goa. Office: No. F/4 ‘A’ Wing, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim 403001Tel: (0832) 6518500, 2224202, 2228083. Fax: 2225622. Email:,

27 Jan 2013  


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