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Goa’s Heartbeat: Ranbir is better than Imran — Aamir Pg 4 Mubarak refuses to quit


Goa: Calangute isn’t den of prostitutes — PI Pg 3


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Ravi takes drug war to BJP’s door but party man Mauvin brings it back to him

‘Drug dealers prospered during Parrikar’s rule’ TEAM HERALD PANJIM, JAN 29

Faced with the clear prospect of an opposition onslaught, with generous help from some of his own MLAs, in the assembly sessions starting next Monday, Home Minister Ravi Naik decided to take the drug lobby, government, police nexus allegations to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) door by accusing Manohar Parrikar of blessing drug dealers during his tenure. Armed with an unsigned four page press note, the home minister said that local BJP leader Sandeep Chimulkar was in custody while “drug peddlers wee freely doing business in the coastal belts with blessings of him and his MLAs.” The “Roy” factor too found detailed mention. On the backfoot with allegations of his son Roy Naik being involved with the drug lobby, the home minister basically said to Parrikar “Not my Roy, but yours”. “I have enough evidence to show that one Roy Fernandes was in the drugs business with the blessings of Mr Parrikar which I shall disclose at the right time.” Then, the home minister who in his infamous remark, had said “There are no drugs in Goa” today said “The number of drug dealers and peddlers have come

Photo by Sachin Ambadoskar

down”. He said that a high number of 71 cases were booked in 2010 and in the first month of 2011. The home minister also named one Vaigankar from Arambol, who he said is involved in many drug cases — was protected and supported by BJP leaders. “Even Mr Parrikar conducted meetings at his residence and projected him as office bearer of a BJP local committee,” charged Naik. However, on re-


Cutting across party lines, politic ians from the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Saturday attacked the State government on its decision to privatise the district hospital at Mapusa. Aldona legislator and senior Congress leader Dayanand Narvekar even went to the extent of suggesting that a police FIR (first information report) be filed against the Congress-led government for the “criminal waste of people’s money”. Addressing a largely attended public meeting organized by the Goa Democratic Front (GDF) at Mapusa, Narvekar strongly op-

posed the government’s decision to privatise the district hospital at Mapusa. “If the government does not change its decision, the GDF will intensify the agitation by holding meetings in other talukas also,” warned Narvekar. Providing details of the district hospital, Narvekar said the hospital had been conceptualized to provide medical facilities free of cost to the people of North Goa. “The foundation stone was laid in 2002 when Manohar Parriker was the chief minister and the machinery required for the project was purchased when I was the health minister in 2005.” (Continued on page 8)

peated questioning, he failed to give the first name of Vaigankar. Turning his attention to scams of the opposition, he said that politicians accusing him are involved in the IFFI scam (regarding financial irregularities in the first international film festival in Goa, during Parrikar’s tenure) and illegal mining. However when he was made to cut from the past to the present, he went on the backfoot.

The hesitancy started. (Please read “This is how Ravi Naik ducked tough questions on page 3) Asked why it took three months, from November 11, 2010, for drug related investigations to be recommended to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), he said “You must ask the chief secretary.” Asked why he asked for the CBI’s intervention if his local police team did a good job he said “Some politicians and anti-social people were creating hurdles in the investigation by demoralizing the investigating officers, so I gave it to the CBI.” And yet again, while he gave himself a pat on the back by saying “Main drug dealers like Atala and Dudu were arrested during my tenure as home minister”, he ignored the reporter when asked why suspended Police Sub Inspector Sunil Gudlar, who was caught on video selling drugs to two foreign women, has not been arrested yet. All in all, this was a political shadow boxing on assembly eve, which left more questions unanswered.


How Ravi ducked tough questions

Are ‘other reasons’ preventing Ravi from acting against drug lobby TEAM HERALD PANJIM, JAN 29

Mauvin Godinho, the deputy speaker of the assembly, also happens to be the spokesperson of the Congress legislature party (CLP). But he is far less of a party mouthpiece or for that matter a fence-sitting neutral “Honourable Deputy Speaker”. In a pre-assembly session interview with TEAM HERALD, Godinho is clear about the issues he will raise. His target- quite clearly the home minister. Herald: You, as a party man have been very vocal about the functioning of the Home Department and the home minister. Mauvin: I agree I have been vocal. I have said this before and say it now. Why is the same Ravi Naik who was so strong and powerful as chief minister and home minister, not acting decisively against the drug lobby or cleaning up his police. He is capable of doing it, so why is he not. Are other reasons making him keep quiet? Herald: Are you referring to allegations of his son Roy Naik involved with the powerful drug lobby? Mauvin: Allegations, if false, need to be refuted strongly. And the best way to refute allegations is to take strong action against any such drug lobby.


A SIP OF FASHION: Models walking the ramp at the fashion show organised by Monty Sally at Grape Escapede at Inox courtyard on Saturday. Photo by Rozario Estibeiro

Over a thousand join the Justice for Cipriano group on Facebook

Messages and posts, offering support and a few with opinions and frustrated rants, at the justice system in Goa, were quick to follow. Now, with over 100 members signed on for the fight for justice, for Cipriano first and then to others who need help, the movement is on for a better tomorrow. And Grenville seems positive that something will come of it. “I think its time for us to stand up and tell these law-breakers that we will have none of it. The Goan government should stand up and take notice of this. We vote them into office and now we want them to see that we the people are taken care of. This madness has to stop,” he says.


If you are a regular Facebook user then simply search for ‘Justice for Cypriano’ and you fill find over a thousand Goans online who have signed up for a cause, a movement started by Kenneth Silveira and Grenville Dias. Tired of hearing about police brutality and the constant talk of how crime in Goa is scaling new heights, the two friends decided to support the movement by giving it an online entity. So why are they doing this? Check Kenneth’s post “I dont even know Cipriano, so why am I doing this? To make this a better place to live.” —Kenneth Silveira minate. Grenville Dias, who was actually just accompanying Kenneth to the police station had this to say, “It was a twist of fate I guess. Would we have been this involved if we weren’t there when he was left there on the floor? Perhaps not. But, I’m happy that we were, because it gave us the momentum to start a movement for a better Goa.” Kenneth and Grenville created

Herald: Have Congress MLAs asked for Ravi Naik’s ouster or a change in portfolio. Mauvin: Congress MLA’s have felt that a reshuffle of the cabinet is healthy. Even Manmohan Singh did the same, after the A Raja (former Union Telecom Minister A Raja who had to quit in the wake of the spectrum scam) episode. Herald: But should Ravi Naik be dropped from the cabinet?


Fight for justice goes online

But their story doesn’t start there. The two friends were dragged into the whole mess that has been on since the first week of January when they happened to be summoned to the Panjim police station on an unrelated case. It was there that they saw the seemingly lifeless body of Cipriano lying in a corner. Interviews with the media and a press conference followed and it was then that the idea of taking this protest forward began to ger-

RULERS IN OPPOSITION - 2 Mauvin: In our party, reports of the functioning of all ministers go to the high command from time to time. The party is confident that right decisions will be taken at the right time. Herald: We believe that the last CLP meeting in the presence of All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Hari Prasad was stormy. What did you say at that meeting? (Continued on page 8)

Chavan named in CBI report on Adarsh scam

Two cops suspended Two head constables attached to the Crime Branch were today suspended from duty for their alleged links with the prostitution mafia. Sources confirmed that Ulhas Malnekar and Pandu Gawas were suspended in an order by the Superintendent of Police (Crime Branch) Mangaldas Desai. There was, however, no official confirmation on the development till late Saturday night. Sources said that the head constables would strike a deal with those running prostitution rings across the State and outside. The departmental inquiry will look into whether they demanded or accepted bribes from those in the prostitution market or they themselves were involved in running the illicit business.

Photo by Sachin Ambadoskar

the Facebook group exactly a week ago and by the end of the first day there were already a few hundred members signing on to the Justice For Cipriano group.

It’s such a sad state of affairs. I thought incidents happened in other parts of India and would never reach Goa. I remember of Goa being the safest place in India I could live in and want to live in. Not anymore! —Sunita Mascarenhas

A custodial death means an enquiry should follow and the guilty should be punished. Each time something like this happens they go free and a new monster emerges… -Martha Rebello

The fight for justice has begun. Today 1000, tomorrow who knows. What we do know, is that the people have spoken – the first word of protest has been spoken. What happens next, is up to you…

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan was among the 13 people figuring as accused in the FIR (first information report) filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today in connection with the Adarsh housing society scam which also names some retired senior army officials. The FIR, which was filed before a designated court here this afternoon, names retired Lt General (retired) P K Rampal, major generals A R Kumar and T K Kaul, the then general officer commanding in chief, the then Principal Secretar y (urban development) Ramanand Tiwari, who was recently suspended by the Maharashtra government as information commissioner, of-

ficial sources said. The FIR, which was registered in the designated court of CBI today, was handed over to Special Judge M R Aglawe in a sealed envelope here this afternoon. The FIR, which has been filed under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) including criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery and showing forged documents as genuine besides sections pertaining to the Prevention of Corruption Act, named Subash Lala, the then principal secretary to the chief minister and Brig (retired) R C Sharma as accused, the sources said. In a sketchy press note, CBI said the agency registered a case related to Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society. “After completion of preliminary enquiry, case (Continued on page 8)



Panjim, Velim, Margao, Cuncolim: Police torture venues …..and this is only a sample This is a history lesson, your children musn’t know. A history of innocent lives snatched away by men in uniform in Goa. In Police stations across Goa, there are tales of people being killed in custody. TEAM HERALD, with deep sadness, puts together a sample of these cases. Because this is one lesson we adults must learn to help us fight for a future safe from murderous policemen date: january 3, 1984 ment which took 11 years, Thrashed, killed, hung to a tree behind and within the life imprisonment in the Aguada over to the Central Bureau of Victim : dattu Naik desai place: cuncolim date: june 27, 2001 torture diary: 30-year-old Dattu was picked up from Quitola village by the Cuncolim police on a complaint by Shobhawati Desai of assault. On instructions by the then assistant sub-inspector Shripati Desai- the duty officer, head constable Sham Dessai and Constable Nilu Shet picked up Dattu on the motorbike and brought him to the cop station. When the lady and her daughter Prashilla came to the police station at about 12:15am, Dattu began abusing the policemen after which he was detained in ‘female police-lock up’. However, at about 1:40am, Constable Shet informed the duty officer that Dattu was not in the police station. A day later on June 29, 2001, the police station received information about a man hanging

compound of the police station premises. The cause of death however did not support the police claims. The Hospicio forensic doctors opined cause of death as ‘due to extensive internal bruising for both lower limbs as a result of blunt force impact by object or surface, which were ante-mortem and fresh at the time of death…’. SDM Sanjit Rodrugues who investigated the case came to the conclusion that Dessai died due to excessive police torture while in custody Policemen -Shripati Dessai, Madhu Dessai, Jitendra Fal Dessai and Narendra Fal Dessai, were tried by the Margao Sessions Court. The six year trial concluded on November 26, 2008 convicting and sentencing Shripati and Madhu, from Kolhapur and Salcette respectively to life imprisonment for murder and wrongful confinement. Both are presently serving


Brought, tortured, murdered with 150 injuries Victim: abdul Gaffar Khan date: May 16, 1994 place: Margao torture dairy: Khan, a known

Investigation for a ‘fair probe’ in September 1994. The CBI filed a charge sheeted against police inspector Sebastian Caiero, Constables Savlo Naik alias MRF, Jerry Fernandes and Pequeno, PSI Gundu Naik (currently DySP) and ASI Narayan Yetale on charges of murder. All were suspended but later re-instated. The conviction order by

TORTURE UNLIMITED criminal returned to Goa to give up a life of crime. He got married and was settling down when the police picked him up in connection with old petty cases and took him to the police station. In the lock-up he was brutally beaten. So badly was he thrashed that his cries for mercy were heard from the road outside the Margao police station. The post-mortem revealed 150 injuries on his body. The case was immediately handed

the Sessions Court was challenged before the Bombay High Court which acquitted the policemen.

Charged with triple murder, acquitted after 11 years Victims: Sabino Fernandes (25) and two sisters Martha (50) and Hilda (45). place Velim

torture diary: Going back to nearly three-decades, when media presence was limited, five policemen apart from nine others involved in the sensational Girgirem triple murder at Velim in 1984 were acquitted. PI V Varik, PSIs Vaman Tari and Tony Fernandes (both SPs now) and PSI Lourdes Carvalho were held responsible for the death of Sabino Fernandes (25) and two sisters Martha (50) and Hilda (45). The killing happened when an age old rivalry between the Silva and Fernandes families erupted. While Sabina Fernandes was killed on the spot, two sisters Martha and Hilda were dragged out of the house, where the two families had accidently met. The policemen allegedly played a role in the murder of the two sisters and charged. The case was handed over to the CBI and in a trail and judg-

the district a n d s e ssions court acquitted the accused for failing to effectively prosecute.

Crime: Stealing utensils, Punishment : Death Victim anthony Braz cardinho place panjim date oct 6, 1979 torture diary: Cardinho, a store keeper in the mental hospital for nine years was arrested for misappropriating hospital utensils worth Rs 1500. He was arrested, handcuffed and dragged through the streets of panjim and beaten badly. He died four days later . The High Court ruled that the victim died due to third degree torture given by the police men. However the punishment was a mere fine of Rs 2 lakhs.

In a slight break from our practice of taking two separate wards, 9 and 10 are two wards and yet one. With homes in the same building belonging to two different wards, the situation is certainly piquant. But with both corporators-husband and wife Surendra and Ruth Furtado staying in the same house, wards 9 and 10 are all in the family

Furtado Home Front is like the Bengal Left Front: Ruling for 25 years


estled within Panjim are quite a few lovely picturesque areas, no wonder this lovely city wins critical acclaim. Towards one end of this beautiful city, stands wards 9 and 10 - quiet, serene and close-knit - a cluster of colonies, starting from the Campal parade grounds and ending up at Miramar beach. Take a walk through the lanes of these colonies and you will definitely see a lot of developmental work being undertaken by the sitting councilors Ruth and Surendra Furtado, representing ward nos 9 and 10, respectively. There’s no doubt that a lot of the work, undertaken by the respective councilors, are aimed at beautifying the surrounding areas and curbing not just encroachments but the dumping of garbage as well. “Almost all the funds for developing these constituencies have some from the PWD,” says Surendra Furtado, further adding that the CCP hardly allotted any funds to put into each ward. The political history of these wards is somewhat one-sided, considering the current sitting Corporator has been around for the last 25 years when it was all one ward, stretching from Miramar right up to the Old Secretariat. Since then, it has been split into

WatcH your Ward areas covered and place of interest: lakeview colony, la campala colony, St Mary’s colony, caculo colony, Nina pinto colony. No of voters: approx 900 Sitting Corporator and party/panel affiliation: Ruth Furtado, ward 9 (independent) Surendra Furtado, ward 10 (independent) I dId tHIS : rutH & SureNdra Furtado n n



Photo by Sachin Ambadoskar

there is a bit of confusion in these wards. In many cases, certain areas in the middle of

BATTLE FOR PANJIM: WARD 9, 10 4 wards, narrowing down the vote bank to about 900 voters in each. But what is interesting to note is that

ward no 10 have been slotted into ward no 9, in some cases certain flats in buildings have been separated amongst the two wards. How confusing would it be when Mr D’Souza on

the first floor wonders how an issue concerning the building can be addressed when Mr Naik on the second votes in a different ward altogether. Today, the sitting corporators are husband and wife and hopefully can solve a situation like this amicably. After the forthcoming elections, who knows what can happen. Standing up to the Furtados now are quite impressive candidates in Dominic Rodrigues in ward 9 and Dr Tosha Kurade in ward 10 and it will remain to be seen how it all plays out, after all, politics is a never ending game.



n n

Hot-mixing of roads Beautification of open spaces into small gardens Ongoing development the lake at Lakeview colony Ongoing development open space at La Campala into a joggers park and tennis courts Construction of post office at St Mary’s colony Construction of composting units and segregation stations Underground pipelines Installation of transformers Ward MatHeMatIcS


n n

Around 16 crores worth of work has been undertaken by the wards 10 lakhs were provided by the CCP Over 15 crores were provided by the PWD and the Ministry of Urban Development



Why don’t we call them murderers?


Sujay Gupta

hen it comes to brutal illegal acts committed by those supposed to protect us by law, there is a strange coyness in calling a spade a spade. The English language has wonderful words to soften blows and make them appear less brutal or pathetic. Phrases like “died in police custody”, for instance. When policemen kill people, often completely innocent under their capture (and not custody), why should we not call the acts murders? How are policemen on duty or in supervisory capacity, any different from Mahanand Naik, booked for murder in sixteen cases? Naik is only an auto rickshaw driver whose duty as a citizen is to obey the law like everyone else. But policemen are supposed to be the protectors of law. The shamed team of policemen from the Panjim police station, from the deposition of the SDM and the view of the forensic expert, are to the people of Goa, ruthless murderers. And let not the use of clever phrases in the English language, used by all including us in the media, make anyone believe any less. However the SDM who we did have doubts about, has, it appears, done his honest job. That is all that is expected of him. But this is only the beginning of his journey. As the inquiry officer, he has to do what Sanjit Rodrigues, the then SDM in Margao did in the Dattu Dessai case. He submitted his inquiry in 2001 and then argued the case personally and strongly to ensure that at least two policemen were convicted and are currently serving life sentences. The trial and final judgment took seven years. Shetye too must not give up. This will not be over in a hurry. The accused policemen when charged will fight a legal battle to save their careers and if they are either arrested and released on bail or not arrested at all, will be free to influence witnesses or tamper with evidence, Cipriano’s fight for Justice will now have to be tougher. What if Gerogina Nunes the original complainant changes a statement in court? What if the prosecution cannot legally give conclusive evidence of torture having taken place?. The battle for Justice for Cipriano, has been severely fought by thousands of right thinking people of Goa. We cannot let that fight go waste by allowing a weak prosecution case. Shetye has begun well. He must end well. Several people have called, phoned and praised Shetye for not buckling down to severe pressure and honestly relying on the forensic reports and evidence to take the case further. The next step. Fight to get the guilty policemen charged and arrested. Since culpable homicide is a cognisable offence, arrest can happen immediately. So let an FIR be lodged immediately paving the way for arrest of those charged. There is a silver lining though in all this. As people who live in and love Goa, we do have inquiry officers conducting honest inquiries, forensic experts giving clear decisions and the state suspending and taking action against guilty officers and policemen. But this silver lining can easily turn into a dark cloud if the suspended and the guilty get reinstated, promoted and posted. It’s a long path but we have started traversing it.

Tax rebate for conservation zone homes: Rudresh Herald reporter

Panjim: CCP corporator from ward 23, Rudresh Chodankar has said that ensuring a tax rebate tax rebate to those houses in the conservation zone would be his priority, if he gets elected. Reacting to Herald’s battle for Panjim, coverage of his ward, Chodankar said that he was available to all his voters. “I have given corruption free governance. I also realised that to do effective work, you need to be in the ruling panel. Hence I moved from the BJP to Babush Monserrate’s panel. It’s difficult to carry out development when you are in opposition,” he said Chodankar, added that he had executed work worth 1 crore for the constituency during his

five year long tenure. “I have fulfilled all the promises. My ward is most developed one, It is famous all over the globe. People come here to see the architecture,” Chodankar says. The corporator has forced the film shootings to be banned in this area. He says that shootings were disturbing the privacy of people and resulted in a lot of garbage being generated. Ward 23, hosted fountainhas festival annually till two years back. During the festival, CCP used to paint people’s houses free of cost. “Since last two years there has been no festival so the houses haven’t got a paint job.. I will insist that the CCP paints the houses annually even without the festival,” he said.

THE “REAL” IDEA AND ITS HONOURABLE “SIRJI’S” The star cast of legendary thought leaders coming to Goa for the DD Kosambi festival of ideas from February 5 to 10, is much more than a tribute to the mathematician and peace activist. It is an acknowledgement that greatness bridges generations and time spans. Each of the living legends, cutting across their fields and generations have inspired thought, thinking and imagination. In fact, Dr APJ Abdul Kalams lecture is called “ Imagination Leads to Creativity”. Herald looks at the Feast of ideas.

leader: dr raghunath Mashelkar -- eminent scientist lecture on Feb 5 -- (5 pm to 7.30 pm) Subject “Making Impossible, possible.” Born on January 1, 1943 in a serene village of Mashel which lies to the north of Ponda taluka, Dr Mashelkar lived a difficult childhood. Still he managed to be a rank holder in the matriculation examination. He went study at the University of Bombay where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1966, later on a Ph D degree in 1969. Before becoming a leading architect of India's science and technology policies, Mashelkar did pioneering work in polymer science and engineering, which earned him many international laurels. He served as director general of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR), a chain of 38 publicly funded industrial research and development institutions in India for eleven years. He is deeply committed to championing the cause of the developing world. In the post-liberalized India, he played a critical role in shaping India's S&T policies and was appointed a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. He is presently

the president of Global Research Alliance, a network of publicly funded R&D institutes from AsiaPacific, Europe and USA with over 60,000 scientists. leader dr a p j abdul Kalam – Former president of India and eminent scientist. lecture Feb 6 -- (4 pm to 5 pm) Subject “ Imagination leads to creativity” Dr A P J Abdul Kalam became the 11 President of India serving from 2002 to 2007. During his term as president, he was popularly known as the people’s president. Before his term as India's president, he worked as an aeronautical engineer with DRDO and ISRO. He is called “Missile Man of India” for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology. He played a pivotal organizational, technical and political role in India's Pokhran – II nuclear test in 1998. leader: His Holiness dalai lama -- Spiritual leader, peace crusader lecture Feb 7 -- (2.30 pm to 4.30 pm) Subject: ethics for the new millennium. Dalai Lama is both the head of state and the spiritual leader of Tibet.

He was born on July 6, 1935 in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Amdo, northeastern Tibet. At the age of two, the child, who was named Lhamo Dhondup at that time was recognized as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso. He is also well known for his political activities relating to the Tibetan Independence Movement, although he has recently moderated his stance. Tibetans traditionally believe him to be the reincarnation of his predecessors and a manifestation of the Buddha of compassion. In 1998 he awarded Nobel Peace prize for struggle of the liberation of Tibet and the efforts for peaceful revolution.

of capitalism and the death of Statist Socialism which states that globalization would tend toward the revival of socialism.

leader: lord Meghnad desai -- Indian-born British economist and acclaimed intellect lecture Feb 8 (5 pm to 7 pm) Subject Kosambi, modernity and the question of social inclusion

Lord Meghnad Desai is an Indianborn British economist and Labor politician. He has written extensively on a wide range of subjects and published over 200 articles in academic journals and many more articles in newspapers. He was made a life peer as Baron Desai, of St Clement Danes in the city of Westminister, in April 1991. In 2002, Desai wrote a book Max’s Revenge: The Resurgence

leader: justice albie Sachs -- Former judge on the constitutional court of South africa and active human right activist lecture Feb 9 - ( 5 pm to 7 pm) Subject: light on a Hill Albie Sachs was a judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa. He was appointed to the court by Nelson Mandela in 1994 and retired in October 2009. Justice Sachs gained international attention in 2005 as the author of the Court's holding in the case of Minister of Home Affairs v Fourie, , in which the Court overthrew South Africa’s statue defining marriage to be between one man and one woman as a violation of the Constitution's general mandate for equal protection for all and its specific mandate against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Justice Sachs is also recognized for the development of the differentiation between constitutional rights in three different degrees or generations of rights. leader: dr Karan Singh rajya Sabha Mp and president

of Iccr. lecture Feb 10 (5 pm to 7 pm ) Subject the relevance of Vedanta in today’s context. Dr Karan Singh was born into the ruling family of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, one of the largest of the hundreds of Indian States within the British empire. He is an active member of several boards, organizations, and foundations, including the Author's Guild of India, the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the Auroville Foundation, the Indian Board of Wildlife, and several others. Presently, Karan Singh is Chairman of the AICC Foreign Department. Initiated by the State Government in 2008 “D D Kosambi Festival of Ideas” to commemorate the birth centenary of the legendary Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi has reached new heights. This legendary Goan was a mathematician, statistician, historian and polymath who contributed to genetics by introducing Kosambi's map function. He is also known for his work in numismatics and for compiling critical editions of ancient texts. He was an enthusiast of Chinese revolution and its ideals, in addition, a leading activists in the world peace movement.




2 panch witnesses depose; say found no injuries on Cipriano HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 29

Two panch witnesses in the Cipriano Fernandes custodial death testified before the Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Panjim on Saturday wherein they claimed that there were no injuries on the deceased’s body. In their separate depositions, Gajanan Salgaonkar and Lorenco Rego Fernandes, both working at Block Divisional Office as Gram Sevaks said that they did not see any injury marks on Cipriano’s body or head. “Sub Divisional Magistrate called to observe Cipriano’s body in the Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) morgue. The tee-shirt which he was

wearing was torn off to see his bare body for injuries but there were no injuries except that his ring finger had a cut,” Salgaonkar said in his statement before Magistrate Shabnam Sheikh. Fernandes also made similar observations except the finger injury. He said that Cipriano’s second-tall finger had injury which contradicted the earlier panch witness’s observation that claimed Cipriano’s ring finger had injury. Both were taken for inquest panchanama on January 10, 2011, a day after he died in GMC hospital. Cipriano’s paternal cousin Cosme also de-

posed before the Magistrate. JMFC under section 176 (1) (A) of the Criminal Procedure Code had taken

JUSTICE FOR CIPRIANO cognizance of the case after a human rights activist Jowett D’Souza approached it after the Agassaim police refused to register his complaint on January 15, 2011 as First Information Report that alleged Panjim police responsible for the death.

The Court initiated criminal proceedings on Friday. Till the second day of the trial on Saturday, it recorded statements of Sub Divisional Magistrate Shabaji Shetye who claimed that “Cipriano’s death occurred in custody,” GMC head of forensic department Dr Silvano Sapeco who stated that Cipriano suffered two fatal head injuries, two panch witnesses and Cosme. The Court will record statement of suspended police inspector Sandesh Chodankar in the next hearing on Monday. The 38-year-old seafarer was on his

two-month long vacation in Goa when he was picked by the Panjim police on January 7 evening. He was arrested under ‘preventive measure’ after his woman friend complained against him of threatening her with a knife at her Caranzalem house. The Non-Resident Goan who was employed as second cook in European Cruise died on January 9 morning at GMC with family members holding Panjim police responsible for his killing. Three policemen including PI Chodankar, police sub-inspector Radesh Ramnathkar and head constable Sandip Shirvaikar are suspended for procedural lapses.

Calangute isn’t den of prostitutes: PI Police issued notice HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, JAN 29

Reacting sharply to comments by Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes, Anjuna Police Inspector Manjunath Dessai and former Calangute sarpanch Joseph Sequeira have claimed that his statements are baseless. While PI Dessai refuted Fernandes' allegations against the police, Sequeira has hit out at Fernandes claiming that the MLA is "only interested in giving a bad name to Calangute." Speaking to Herald, PI Dessai, who is presently holding additional charge of Calangute Police Station said: "I was surprised to read the contents in Herald, whereby the Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes has made base-

Since the day I took over the additional charge of the Calangute police station, the Calangute MLA has never asked me to raid any parlour or den and I am not aware of any such conversation. The allegations by Agnelo Fernandes are totally baseless. --PI Manjunath Dessai less charges against the police and the Calangute Police Inspector."

"Since the day I took over the a d d i t i o n a l c h a rg e o f t h e Calangute police station, the Calangute MLA has never asked me to raid any parlour or den and I am not aware of any such conversation. The allegations by Agnelo Fernandes are totally baseless," said PI Dessai. Sequeira has refuted allegations that Calangute has become a den for prostitutes with several bars and restaurants serving as fronts for prostitution. "There are many Disco Pubs in Candolim where prostitution, etc are taking place in the open, but the Calangute MLA only brings a bad name to Calangute," alleged Sequeira. "Aradi in Candolim is a drug den besides other illegal activ-

This is how Ravi Naik ducked tough questions Says I have never heard of Ayla and Zarina Till the home minister stuck to his prepared press statement, he was fine, but as reporters began probing further, the Home Minister started dodging. Here’s a sample put together by the team of Herald reporters on the spot. Q: Why is Manohar Parrikar not quizzed as yet if you claim that there are evidences against him of being involved in drugs trade? (This question was asked at least three times) A: Kept dodging the question. Q: Why did you announce that the police-drug mafia nexus probe was being handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) much after a delay of three months? A: Dodged the question. (Said ask the “Chief Secretary”, who incidentally is the Home Secretary) (When the same question was asked again, there was change of reply) Q: Why there was a delay of three months to hand over the case to the CBI? A: There is a procedure to be followed. Opposition parties should understand that referring the case to the CBI takes time and we cannot avoid procedures. Q: Roy Naik’s name is constantly figuring in the drugs case? A: There are so many Roy’s. I have evidence to show that Manohar Parrikar was linked to

A: After dodging the question for a while, he replied, ‘Who are they? I never heard their names. Never met them! I have no tapes with me.’ Q: Which is the international media agency which reportedly had a contract with Zarina and Ayala to do a sting operation on the cops? A: CBI will probe into this angle.

Roy Fernandes in drug dealing. Q: What is the full name of Vaigankar? (A person he mentioned was involved with the drug trade and was close to the BJP) A: Dodges the question Q: Who is Roy Fernandes? A: I will disclose at the right time. Q: When did drug lord David Driham alias Dudu’s kin Ayala and Zarina (Drug lord Dudu’s sister and girlfriend) hand over the sting tapes to you showing police sub-inspector Sunil Gudlar negotiating over sale of drugs? (He was asked this question at least 10 times by this reporter)

Q: Why is Gudlar not arrested? A: Investigation is on. I will ask Director General of Police Bhim Sain Bassi to personally monitor the case being probed by Special Investigation Team. Q: Why has no First Information Report been registered in the Cipriano Fernandes custodial death even after the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) has confirmed that it was death in custody? A: Dodged. Q: Why have arrests not been made in the case? A: Three policemen are suspended. Their arrests will be decided after DySP Bossuet D’Silva and SDM Shabaji Shetye submit their respective reports.

ities, but when Calangute Police or other police raid the pubs or discotheques in Candolim, there is political interference." Commenting on Fernandes' allegations of the police, Sequeira said no Officer wants to take up any posting at the Calangute police station due to political interference. "The police at the Calangute Station have also been unnecessarily harassed and shunted out due to political interference. As a result, there is a law and order problem in the coastal belt of Calangute," said Sequeira. "The Calangute MLA is only interested in giving a bad name to Calangute for illegal activities and is giving a clean chit to Candolim,” Sequeira added.

Bus owners group heading for split? HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 29

Is the Association of All Goa Private Bus Operators hit by deep divisions, with a section planning to float a new South Goa association of private owners? The All Goa Bus Owners Association led by President Vishal Desai and Sudip Tamankar on Saturday held a meeting at Margao to discuss the problems facing bus owners from South Goa. Herald, however, understands that another meeting of the bus owners has been convened in the city on February 5 to form a parallel association of bus owners from South Goa. If bus owner from Sanvordem, Manuel Rodrigues is to be believed, bus owners from South Goa are meeting next week to form a separate association.

for not registering case against CM HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 29

North Goa Sessions Judge today issued notices on four senior police officers seeking a response as to why the police did not register a case against Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and eight other members of a high-level committee for illegally creating eco-tourism zones in concert with land sharks. The court issued notices after nearly 50 petitioners moved the Court against the North Goa police for not registering a case against the chief minister in the land scam. While, Economic Offence Cell police inspector (PI) and Superintendent of Police (SP) are served notices in response to a petition by Ketan Govekar & others, notices on Panjim PI and North Goa SP are served on a petition filed by NGO Pilerne Citizens Forum. The officers are asked to submit their reply by February 17 failing which the matter will be decided in their absence. On January 21, the activists had lodged a police complaint against the chief minister, architect Charles Correa, and others accusing them of cheating and criminal misconduct for introducing eco-tourism hubs or zones in the development plan. The ‘Village Groups of Goa’ filed the complaint against state level committee (SLC) headed by Kamat, which notified ‘Regional Plan 2021’ recently. Correa is a member of SLC. The plan creates eco-tourism zones, which the activists find objectionable. “The draft regional plan

framed by the government Task Force never spoke about these eco-tourism hubs. Suddenly, the SLC has included it in the notification,” Yatish Naik, legal adviser to Pilerne Citizens Forum had alleged.

Uttarkand native held with drugs HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, JAN 29

A native of Uttarkand has been arrested by Anjuna police on charges of possessing drugs worth Rs 62,000. According to reports, Anjuna police seized 27 gms of charas and 7 gms of cocaine from Vijay Siyaramnath Goswani (22) on Saturday evening at MajilwadaAnjuna. The accused has been arrested under the NDPS Act and PSI Videsh Pilgaonkar is investigating the case.

Seminar discusses police Bill HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 29

Ahead of State Legislative Assembly Session, Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) on Saturday organized a seminar on ‘Goa Police reforms Bill’ to ensure that a proper people friendly bill is passed in the assembly. Citizens have been raising their strong objections against the Goa Police Bill 2008 which was introduced at the Assembly Session in 2008. “It has been studied that if

the Bill in the present form is passed, Citizens’ Democratic Rights can be infringed upon without any channels of accountability or redressal. Citizens have time and again written to the Select Committee to conduct public consultations on the Bill,” CPJP convener Fr Mavrick Fernadnes said. It is reportedly learnt that the Bill is now going to be tabled at this forthcoming Assembly Session slated to begin on Monday.



S H O RT TA K E S Shopping fest’s last day

Government accused of neglecting dairy farmers HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, JAN 29

PANJIM (HND): It’s the last day at the Goa Shopping Festival exhibition, which is underway at SGPDA ground in Margao, from 10.30 am to 9 pm. People are making a beeline to shop for exclusive imported and local items on display at the large number of stalls and the organizer’s witness huge crowd. This is one of the biggest and major lifestyle shopping exhibition cum festival currently in the state of Goa Customers can choose from various brands of jewellery, home, office and children furniture, kitchenware, fitness equipments, exclusive crockery, Lotus furniture, electric toaster, cutworks, decorative wall hangings and paintings, HDFC, office and complete home furniture, range of home appliances and electronics, health and herbal products, artificial flowers, magnetic healthcare products with money back facilities if unsatisfied, frames, ladies fashion items, garments, ladies purses, men’s wear, kids wear, suits, foldable plastic tables, Korean ladies hand bags, doormats, toys, sports equipments, shoes, paintings, Punjabi Pulkaris, dress materials, Gujarat handicrafts, and lots of other indoor as well as outdoor lifestyle items.

The Akhil Goa Dudh Utpadak Utkarsh Sangatna (AGDUUS) has accused the State government of neglecting dairy farmers and giving them different treatment in comparison to agriculture farmers. AGDUUS President Babu Komarpant informed that the State government turns a Nelson’s eye to their legitimate demand to review the scheme and subsidies and bring it on par with government doles to agriculture farmers, especially paddy crop cultivators. Komarpant, who himself a progressive farmer in both variety of farming and also president of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh Goa division, is however all praise to the government for extending schemes and subsidies upto 90% (in some sections) for agriculture farming. However, he regretted that the government is not improving on schemes nor bringing up the meagre 25% subsidies extended to dairy-related products. Komarpant went on to explain how government support price of Rs 7 per kg to paddy has revived agriculture farming to a large extent in the State, but at the same time, dairy farming has become a dying business for many dairy farmers. According to Komarpant, the support price of Rs 7 per kg which gives Rs 1,500 per quintal

K’taka Bank hikes interest on deposits

and Rs 7,000 per ton has revived lot of farming in the State. “Even though Goa’s daily demand for milk is approximately over 3 lakh litres, self-production is around 90,000 litres and the balance is met by milk imports from neighbouring Maharastra and Karnataka,” said Komarpant. “On an average, 750 ml per head/per day milk is consumed by an average Goan resident and considering if this same trend of production is allowed to continue, days won’t be far when shortage of milk will be experienced and the cost will shoot up to as high as cost of petrol and it will have to be sold as ration quota in the future.” “To avoid such a stage, it is high time that government encourage more and more farmers to join the trade by enhancing subsidies and introducing new schemes, besides targeting new comers.” “What government is presently giving is a meaner 25% subsidy on purchase of milking machine, chop cutter (grass), etc, and 50% on purchase of milking cow,” he said. “However, under the Kamdhenu scheme, milking cow has to be purchased from the nearest location outside the State, where due to distance the cost of Rs 16,000 for a milking cow escalates to Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 when actually approached to purchase.” “But what government pays

is just Rs 8,000 and here too the benefit is not for Goan dairy farmer, but to an outsider.” He also informed that government should provide cattle feed upto 27 months age of cattle from the present 12 months practice, as a calf when grown to above 18-19 months can conceive and delivers after another 9 months. “Government should extend the cattle feed upto the first delivery of the cattle.” Komarpant informed that Minister for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Ravi Naik has remained non-responsive to their memorandum submitted by them last October. “We neither received a reply nor there is any new scheme or subsidies announced,” lamented Komarpant. Komarpant informed that dairy farmers in the State has decided to agitate in front of the Secretariat during the Assembly session, but are presently refraining from doing so as AHVS director has assured them of getting enhanced budget for the next financial year and deliver more benefits to dairy farmers. “We are eagerly looking forward to that.” “Milk like other agricultural farming is essential food of livelihood and government should treat it that way and should bring out more reforming schemes and subsidies to save dairy farming from extinction,” added Komarpant.

Dr Reddy conferred Padma Bhushan HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

The chairman of GVK Foundation Dr G V K Reddy has been conferred the Padma Bhushan in the ‘Trade and Industry’ category. Instituted in 1954, the Padma awards are the country’s foremost civilian awards given by the Centre to recognise persons for their exceptional and distinguished service to the country in their chosen fields. It is no surprise that after the Economic Times and the CNBC IBN India Business Leader awards, the government too has recognized his efforts as an entrepreneur who has painstakingly built our entire group in such diverse activities as power, airports, energy, infrastructure, hospitality, biosciences and manufacturing into a multi billion corporation. His largesse in sharing his wealth creation by supporting the life saving service through GVK EMRI and the various initiatives of GVK foundation also reflects his values of giving back to the society. An avid tennis player himself, he has also contributed to the field of sports by encouraging budding sports persons in the country specially in tennis.

Goa’s IAP branch adjudged best

Mala Lions President Barnabe Sapeco unfurls the National Flag at a programme held at Government Primary School Mala, Panjim to celebrate the Republic Day. Prominent lions were present including Women’s Commission Chairperson Ezilda Sapeco, Maruthi Kamu, Anand Jadhav, Jovito Lopes, Manuel Daniel, Ramesh Kunden, Shyamsunder Kerkar, Headmistress Sheila Kowalker and others.

Medical camp organised

COLLEM (HC): Curchorem Junior Chamber in association with Mata, Mamata and Sukhada Trust and Sanvordem MLA recently organised a free medical camp for the residents of Collem at Government Primary School Collem. Of the 80 residents who attended the camp, almost all the patients were taken for blood investigation, USG, ECG and Xray. All the tests and scanning were carried out at the site. Dr Sweta, Dr Ashwini, Dr Mithun Bondre examined the patients. A trainee doctor from Shiroda Ayurvedic College, members of Cudchade Sagar Naik, Akshay Kanekar, Melnersa Jeris, Kavita, Lokesh and employees of Madhuvan Farm Collem helped the doctors during the camp. Earlier, Collem Sarpanch Sandeep Dessai inaugurated the camp in the presence of Bhairu Shingadi (former Collem sarpanch) and Junior Chamber Chief Mithun Bondre.

Hearse van donated

QUEPEM (HC): Nav Yug Vikas Manch Quepem headed by Quepem MLA Chandrakant Kavlekar donated a Hearse Van to Quepem Municipal Council (QMC) at a special function organised in Municipal garden on Wednesday. Speaking after handing over the key of the hearse Van to QMC Chairperson Manuel Colaso, MLA Kavlekar stated that the van has been donated to QMC taking into consideration the need of the common man, as private vehicles hesitate to carry the body. He requested the council to make available the hearse van to all sections of the society irrespective of party affiliation. Kavlekar further said most of the assurances given by him in his election manifesto like hospital at Quepem, sports complex at Borimol are on the verge of completion, while the work of Quepem Market complex, Quepem Bridge, Quepem bus stand, mining by-pass road is in process. In his speech, QMC Chairperson Manuel Colaso said the Hearse Van will be beneficial to the villagers of Quepem. He appealed to the sarpanchas of adjoining villages to avail the benefit of the hearse van. Quepem SDM Agnelo Fernandes, Quepem Executive Magistrate Sudin Nato, BDO Manuel Barreto, QMC Chief Officer Prashant Shirodkar, all the councilors and others were present.

Gyles, Varun win contest

‘Women have helped govt devise schemes’ HERALD CORRESPONDENT MAYEM, JAN 29

Home Minister Ravi Naik has stated that women’s participation in social and self-help activities helped the State government in planning different schemes for the upliftment of women. He was addressing the gathering during the cheque distribution programme under Kanyadaan Yojna at Hirabai Zantye Memorial Hall, Bicholim, on Tuesday. Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar, Mayem MLA Anant Shet, Pale MLA Pratap Gawas, BMC Chairperson Anisha Verenekar, Deputy Chairperson Shashikant Halarnkar, Naresh Sawal, Deelip Dhargalkar, Sanjeev Gadkar and Bharati Pawaskar were present on the occasion. Speaking further, Naik said the government is utilising the funds for the welfare of the people. About 209 beneficiary women below the poverty line took the benefit of the scheme. The scheme to provide clothes was also started.

PANJIM (HND): Gyles Ferrao of Don Bosco School, Panjim won the category I while Varun Maneshinde of Naval Children School, Vasco won category II of the all Goa open painting competition for school children. The contest was organised to commemorate its 34th Raising Day by the Indian Coast Guard organised at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, in two separate categories for children of class V to VIII and of class IX to XII. The theme of the competition was ‘Indian coast guard in protection and preservation of marine environment and saving lives at sea’, aimed at encouraging painting skills and to spread awareness about marine life amongst school children. Over 150 children from different schools took part. Asha Kamat, wife of CM Digambar, was the chief guest and gave away the prizes along with certificate of merit to the participating students.

The Bharat Swabhiman along with other NGOs will organise a rally at Panjim on January 30 to create awareness among the public about corruption. The rally will start from Azad Maidan at 3.30 pm and proceed to Miramar and will come back to Azad Maidan, where a public meeting will be addressed by Kamlesh Bandekar of Bharat Swabhiman Patanjali Yog Samiti, Dr Venkates Hegde representing Goa unit of Art of Living, Dr Oscar Rebello, freedom fighter Nagesh Karmali and others. Addressing the media at Mapusa on Friday, Zillah President of Bharat Swabhiman Anil Salgaonker stated that corruption has become rampant in India and huge amount of India is

Our Lady of Grace feast

MARGAO (HR): The feast of our Lady of Grace will be celebrated on February 6. The novenas started from January 27 with Rosary and Mass at 5.20 pm. On the feast day, the masses will be at 6 am, 7 am, 8 am (English), 9.30 am (Feast mass) and 5.30 pm. At 7 pm a Konkani Tiatr ‘Novo Dis Udetanam’ written and directed by comedian John D’Silva with Luis Bachan will be staged at the church square in aid of the church.

Mahatma’s death anniversary

PANJIM (HND): Goa Pradesh Congress Committee will observe the 63rd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30 at Congress House, Panjim, at 8.45 am. GPCC President Subhash Shirodkar, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, MLAs, party office bearers and other party leaders will attend the function.

Thanksgiving Mass

PANJIM (HND): The annual Thanksgiving Mass offered by the management and Staff of Government Printing Press for the welfare of its employees will be celebrated on January 31 at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa, at 5 pm.

Saloon owners’ meet

MARGAO (HR): The Saloon Owners Association of South Goa will hold its general body meeting on January 31 at 4 pm behind Chandrakant Hair cutting salon, opposite Aquem post office, Vishant Cinema road, Margao. The meeting will discuss issues about the hair cutting saloon business. Saloon owners from South Goa have been requested to attend the meeting.

Borkar’s novel release

PANJIM (HND): ‘Ek Ankwar Diary’ a novel authored by eminent Konkani writer and Sahitya Akademy awardee Dilip Borkar, will be released on January 31 at the hands of Prof Arun Sakhardande, eminent poet and last year’s awardee of Sahitya Akademy. Adv Satish Sonak, convenor of Goa People’s Forum and exstudent leader will be the guest of honour. Eminent Konkani novelist N D Borkar will preside over the function and felicitate Prof Sakhardande on the occasion on behalf of BIMB Publication for his recent achievement i.e. recipient of Sahitya Akademy Award 2010.

PANJIM (HND): Bro Anil of Salvation Ministry will conduct retreat on February 5 at Emerald Lawns, Parra, from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. The service will stress on healing, deliverance, word of knowledge and prophecies. Free bus service will be available from Aldona bus stand to Parra via Nachinola and Moira and from Old Goa at Gandhi circle via Sao Pedro, Ribandar, Panjim and Porvorim. For further information on transport, call 9823055659. For other details call 9763553575.

Dhalo Ustav

Dr Virendra Gaonker, Dr Nelly de Sa and Dr Sushma receive award from National IAP President Dr Sukumaran. HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Goa State Branch was awarded the Best Branch Award in India for the year 2010 for the academic and social activities conducted in Goa and at the national level in the year 2010. This is the first time that Goa has won this

prestigious award which was presented at the inaugural ceremony of the 48th National Conference of Pediatricians held at Jaipur recently. The award was presented by the National President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics Dr T U Sukumaran to the secretary Dr Nelly de Sa, president Dr Virendra Gaonker and treasurer Dr Sushma Kirtani.

M/s Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers showcases new collection HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

M/s Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers has steadily built its reputation as a leading jeweller, honed over the firm’s century old history. The firm offers a wide selection of silver, gold and diamond jewellery. Its showroom in Panjim recently celebrated its first year anniversary, commemorated through a host of programs and new jewellery design offerings. Waman Hari Pethe also exhibited its jewellery pieces at Goa’s premier Food & Lifestyle Festival, “The Grape Escapade.” On display was an extensive range of jewellery that included stunning diamond, gold and silver decorative pieces. While the pricing is highly competitive, Waman Hari Pethe prides itself on the quality of craftsmanship. The jewellers have now announced the addi-

lying in Swiss banks. “To create awareness among the general public about these issues and to force the Central government to act, all the likeminded NGOs have organized this rally on January 30,” said Salgaonker. ‘India against corruption’ is a secular movement led by spiritual gurus such as Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Ramdev, Swami Agnivesh and Rev Vincent M Concessao, the Archbishop of Delhi, besides support from Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Aruna Rai, and Anna Hazare. ‘India against corruption – Goa Joins’ will submit a memorandum along with the suggestions to the Collector and Governor to be forwarded to the President and Prime Minister.

QUEPEM (HC): United Boys of Ambaulim-Quepem in coordination with the Directorate of Art and Culture will organise Dhalo Ustav at Ambaulim Volleyball ground on January 30 at 5 pm. Quepem Municipal Council (QMC) Chairperson Manuel Colaso will be the chief guest for the inaugural function, while Deputy Collector and Quepem SDM Agnel Fernandes will be the guest of honour. Councillor Milagrina Fernandes and Sr Leena D’Costa will be the special invitees. For the prize distribution function, Quepem MLA and GIDC Chairman Chandrakant Kavlekar will be chief guest, while artiste and writer Brenda Menezes will be the guest of honour. Councillor Camilo Simoes and social worker Remedio Rebelo will be the special invitees.


PANJIM (HND): The annual dine-n-dance of Don Bosco Past Pupils Association –Panjim unit will be held on January 31, at the Don Bosco premises – Panjim at 8.30 pm. The highlight of this year’s celebrations is the inauguration of the website of the Panjim unit. Besides, there will be the release of the newsletter, Bosco Link, in colour. The Purple Rain, will complete 25 years of playing for this event. Those desirous of attending the function may collect their coupons in advance to avoid disappointment.

Fado evening at Cidade

tion of many stunning new pieces of jewellery bearing in mind the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. A glamorous array of jewellery pieces combining gold with a mix of diamonds and

multi-coloured gems will be made available. The selection boasts of flawless craftsmanship combined with technical precision, blending the traditional with the contemporary to offer fabulous gift options.

PANJIM (HND): Alfama, the award winning Chef ’s specialty restaurant of Cidade de Goa will organise a live Fado evening on February 1 from 8 pm with well known Fado singers Sonia Shirsat, Miguel Cotta and Chantalle Cotta Viegas. Musicians accompanying them will be Franz Schubert Cotta on Portuguese guitar and Carlos Menezes on guitar (viola). Fado evening at Alfama will pay tribute to the music of Portugal with songs filled with passion, sorrow, jealousy, grief and satire. Guests can indulge in array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. To please the sweet tooth there will assorted desserts like peras caramelizadas, mousse de laranja com gelado de butterscotch (caramelized pears, orange mousse with butterscotch ice cream) and more. Fado evening will cost for Rs 700 per person including a glass of cheer. For more details please call 2454545.

Contacto Goa

Awareness rally in Panjim on corruption HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, JAN 29


Bro Anil’s retreat


Karnataka Bank Ltd have increased rate of interest on deposit with effect from January 21. Accordingly, one year deposit rate will be 9.25% for general public upto Rs 5 crore and 9.75% for senior citizens upto Rs 1 crore. Karnataka Bank Ltd recorded a net profit of Rs 113.79 crore in the first nine months of the financial year 2010-11. The deposit of the bank stood at Rs 25424 crore and advance at Rs 16282 crore. Net NPA decreased to 1.18%.


PANJIM (HND): The 68th episode of Contacto Goa on Quepem taluka will be broadcast on RTP international on February 1 at l.30 pm and 8.30 pm and on February 2 at 7.30 am. This episode was directed and edited by Prasheela Achrekar, photographed by Jude Fernandes and Nuno Oliveira and presented by Nalini Elvino de Sousa.


King of Centuries Roseferns releases Elvis-Carmen’s second VCD titled ‘Readymade Kazar’ at Kala Academy A/C auditorium.

JANUARY 30 ASSAGAO: From 9 am to 3 pm. Areas affected are Anjuna beach, Priazwaddo, Dando flee market, Gaonkarwada, Pedem, Tembi, Sorantto, Monterwado, Mazalwado, Ximwado and surrounding areas. ANJUNA: From 9 am to 3 pm. Areas affected are Vagator, Shapora, Zorwado, Chiwar, Kumbarwado, Sterling Resort, Badem and Assagao Panchayat areas. JANUARY 31 RIBANDAR: From 9 am to 6 pm. Areas affected are Heera Petrol Pump, Kadamba bus stand, Merces, Ribandar Patto, Hoble Garage, Ribandar Church, Chimbel, Vastu Hermitage, Milroc Retreat, Sequeira enclave, Water tank, Hotel Missel, Ribandar police station, Institute of Management-Ribandar, Diwar ferry, Ribandar residency and surrounding areas. SANQUELIM: From 9 am to 5 pm. Areas affected are Panchayat Parye, Keri, Morlem, Honda, Navelim Kudne, Amona and Sankhali Municipal Council area.





Centre sees Goa as platform for showcasing Indian food HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 29

The Union Food Processing Ministry has said that Goa can be a platform for showcasing Indian food worldwide considering the huge inflow of foreign tourists. “Goa is the ideal place to promote Indian food in general and Goan food in particular as large number of foreign tourists arrive here,” Ashok Sinha, Secretary, Union Ministry of Food Processing (MOFP) said. The secretary stated that cleanliness and food safety practices in Goa can help the country brand itself as a food destination. “Large number of foreigners who visit Goa can act as ambassadors of our food culture if there is cleanliness and safety concept in the food processing industry,” he said adding that the industry has a challenging job ahead on the cleanliness and safety front. Sinha was addressing a one day-long national conference on food processing organized by Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI) in association with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), directorate of industries, trade and commerce, Department of tourism and Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). Claiming that there is 25-30 percent growth in the wine industry annually, Sinha said that the State can be a focus for promoting Indian wines abroad. “Goa can be a platform to showcase wines as Indian wines rather than branding them in the name of various companies,” Sinha said.

Goa is the ideal place to promote Indian food in general and Goan food in particular as large number of foreign tourists arrive here.

-- Ashok Sinha

The conference, which was attended by more than 50 delegates from various fields, was inaugurated by Chief Minister Digamber Kamat. The secretary said that food processing is the key to the viability of agricultural sector. “It results in deduction of wastage of agricultural produce and also gives value addition to the same,” Sinha said adding that it can also be link to Industry and has a positive concern in health sector too. Pointing out to the Central government ‘Mega Food park’ scheme, Sinha said that small state like Goa can adopt a concept of cluster development, which can be food hubs. “I have learnt that Goa has already taken steps in this regards. My ministry will sit with the officials and fulfill the requirement if any,” he assured. He also stressed that Panjim is an ideal place for the implementation of such schemes, which would provide infrastructure to the food street creation. Sinha also urged Goa government to adopt integral cold chain development scheme, which provides pre cooling facility in form of coolers, refrig-

erators at the production site itself. As per central government estimate, there are 1.6 million people working in the food processing industries which accounts to 14 per cent of the total industrial workforce. During the conference, the Secretary informed commission of a high-level committee under Dr Nandkumar Kamat for food processing in Goa. The committee will give more thrust to sect o r s l i ke a g r i c u l t u re a n d horticulture. Speaking on the occasion, chief minister Kamat said that the state government in its last budget has given thrust to agriculture with the financial outlay by 147 percent for this sector. He said that the state has commissioned various subsidies for the farmers but they can be successful only if there is a proper food processing industry in place. Earlier, Dr Sangum Kurade, Chairman of food processing unit, GCCI pointed out that though the food processing industries in Goa are increasing at a rapid pace, the over dependency on other states for raw material and for marketing has been the biggest challenge for this sector. “The time has come when we need to promote Goan food in local market rather than promotion of wines,” he said. The conference was also attended by GCCI president Cesar Menezes, his dy Mangirish Pai Raikar, FDA director Salim Veljee, Secreatry of Food processing industry, Goa T Balakrishnana and director tourism Swapnil Naik.

Moti Dongor attack accused granted bail HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 29

The South Goa Sessions Court on Saturday released Bashir Shaik and three others accused in the Moti Dongor attack case on conditional bail. The four accused were released on a bail bond of Rs 10,000 each with a condition not to interfere or contact the witnesses in the case. They were further directed to report to the police as and when required for investigations. Additional Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa released the four accused after the defence lawyers argued that investigations into the case is over, with the accused already remanded to judicial custody.

Margao Gandhi Market garbage woes worsen

Labourer killed in slab collapse

ket along with ward Councilor, the locals bitterly complained of malaria menace and foul odour in the locality and appealed to the Municipal Chairperson to pay attention to the epidemic like situation prevailing in the market. The residents also complained that vendors are sitting right on the road, affecting smooth movement of vehicles to their place of residence. In fact, when the Chairperson visited the market, she had to alight from the car and walk to towards the residence as the vehicle could not move head in the congestion. During the visit, the residents complained that the water nullah stands choked and need urgent

A labourer died while another was injured when the slab at a construction site collapsed at DeulaiKhadola in Ponda taluka on Saturday. According to reports, the incident took place at about 3.30 pm, when two labourers were working on the construction of a house. The deceased has been identified as Anju, while the identity of the other worker is not known as yet. Ponda PSI Deepak Pednekar is investigating the case.


The situation seems to be going from bad to worse at the Gandhi market on the garbage collection front and illegalities. For the second time in less than a week, Margao Municipal Chairperson Sushila Naik visited the market on Saturday, only to be greeted by mounds of garbage in the market and stink. The inspection of the market by the Civic Chairperson comes against the backdrop of the complaints from the local residents of rise in malaria cases and repeated failure by the Municipality to lift the waste on a regular basis. When Sushila visited the mar-

Churchill victimising Rumdamol: P’yat HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 29

The Sarpanch and Panch members of Rumdamol Panchayat has accused PWD Minister Churchill Alemao for issuing instructions to the PWD engineers not to attend works proposed by BJP-supported pancha members. In a joint statement signed by Sarpanch Sharifa Bi Sheikh, Deputy Sarpanch Damodar B Naik and members Ulhas Tuenkar and Mohidin Badhas Jhari. They said the PWD minister is victimizing BJP panchayat members and BJP supporters in Rumdamol. They charged Alemao for distributing goodies to the villagers to get their support at the coming polls, adding that the people of the village Panchayat of Rumdamol-Davorlim cannot be fooled by such acts. Reminding Alemao that they had worked for his success in

the last Assembly polls, the foursome charged the PWD Minister for stabbing them and other supporters in the back by joining the Congress without taking the supporters into confidence. Saying that they had on several occasions asked the Minister to visit the Rumdamol panchayat to resolve the grievances of the villagers, they demanded to know from Alemao how many times he had visited the Panchayat to hear public grievances. Incidentally, they pointed out that Alemao has branded them as BJP whenever they had approached him to take up development works in the village. The Sarpanch and ruling Panchayat members apparently issued the statement after the PWD Minister accused the Panchayat of the failure to take up development in the village during his recent visit to the village.

Navelim locals stop building road divider demanding entry points HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 29

Work on the erections of road dividers on the Margao-Navelim four-lane road was stopped on Saturday after local residents demanded that GSIDC make provision for entry and exit points along the road. They pointed out that around 400 families stay in the housing societies lining on both sides of the road and the absence of any provision for entry and exit points along the road would result in traffic snarls near the Navelim church and the Margao flyover junction. Navelim deputy Sarpanch Ana Carneiro said the Navelim Church junction will not cope up with the traffic load if the residents are made to take a turn only at the Navelim Church junction to make to the other side of the road. “This is not a highway, but a city road. There should be adequate exit points. The situation at the Navelim Church turn is no better now and will only take a worse turn after the four lane is opened for traffic. The GSIDC officials should put up a table at the turn and seen for themselves whether it would take the traffic load”, she added. Former Chairperson Savio Coutinho said the residents had cooperated with the agency for the last three years despite a host of problems, and said the four lane road will only witness traffic chaos if no exit points

Youth rescued from drowning at Palolem HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, JAN 29

Lifeguards saved a youth from Rajasthan from drowning at Palolem on Saturday afternoon. According to a senior supervising officer of Dhristhi Rescues Services at Palolem, Amit Singh (20) along with another person were on a double board when he fell off and began to struggle for life. "One fell off the board while another whose legs were caught entangled on the board began to struggle and almost got dehydrated by the time life guards personnel rushed to his rescue and brought him to safety," the supervisor told Herald. Singh, who was pulled ashore and was given first aid, was reportedly part of a group of youngsters from Rajasthan who were enjoying a picnic at Palolem on Saturday.

are maintained along the 1.2 km four-lane road. He said the project consultant should come and see the ground reality before closing the entry and exit points for the people by erecting the dividers. “All along the residents were quite because the contractor had left some gaps in between. But, suddenly, they have closed the gaps, putting the residents to great hardships,” Coutinho added.

desilting. The attention of the Chairperson was also drawn to the extension of a structure on the water nullah and raised apprehension that the structure would come in the way of the nullah desilting. When contacted, the Chairperson admitted that the situation in the market is indeed pathetic and disclosed plans to call a meeting of the Municipal inspector and other officials to work out a plan of action.l She also said that a new structure has come up right near the entrance of the Gandhi market, adding that the issue would be placed before the Market committee to ascertain the status of the structure.




‘It’s a challenge to increase food production in state’

Suggestions, objections sought from coastal fishermen on rights HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 29

The central government has put to discussion the draft of the act which will recognize the rights of fishermen and fisherfolks who are into traditional fishing activities living in the coastal areas. The act envisages recognising and vesting the traditional rights and the occupation of fishing through traditional means in fisherfolk who have been residing in the coastal areas for generations and carry on regular fishing activities. The draft Traditional Coastal and Marine Fisherfolk (Protection of Rights) Act 2009 has been put for suggestion and objections by Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) on their website. The ministry says that there is a need to recognize and acknowledge the rights of the fisherfolk carrying out fishing activity through traditional means over the surrounding coastal areas. “There is a growing need to regulate the same to bring about responsible use of the resources keeping in mind sustainable use, conservation of bio diversity and maintenance of ecological balance,” the preamble for the act reads. It further states that the act aims to strength the conserva-

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat inaugurates Goa FoodPro, a national seminar on food processing industry organised by GCCI at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim, on Saturday, HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

Chairman of GCCI’s Food Processing Committee Dr Sangam Kurade said that today most of the raw material comes from outside Goa and it is a challenge to increase food production in the State and to add value to Goan products by processing them further. Dr Sangam was speaking at Goa FoodPro, a national seminar on food processing industry organised by Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim, on Saturday, in association with FDA, Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce, Department of Tourism and GTDC to promote food processing industry in the state. Secretary MOFPI Ashok Sinha said that Goa has excellent food products and that they should be packaged and marketed effectively. He said that he would love to see a ‘Goa Shelf ’ in each and every superstore all over the countr y and only Goa should produce enough variety and quantity to fill these shelves. He further appreciated interest taken by the Chief Minister in promoting the food industry in the state and explained various schemes formulated by the Centre for supporting food processing. Welcoming the delegates,

GCCI President Cesar Menezes said that Goa is known for its exceptional food processing skills and that it is time to take these further. CM Digambar Kamat said that there is ample scope for development of food industry in the state. He said that the government gives considerable importance to development of agriculture in the state and he has increased the outlay on agriculture by 147%. He said development of food processing results in value addition to agricultural and marine products, making them profitable. Kamat further said the State and the Centre offer a lot of help and incentives and this in-

dustry will not face any resistance by the people. He said that a large number of participants in the seminar indicates that there is interest amongst Goans in food processing. He exhorted young entrepreneurs to avail the benefits of various Government schemes. FDA Director Salim Veljee impressed on the need to monitor the entire food chain so that consumer gets unadulterated food products. At the main seminar Brand Expert Harish Bijoor explained the importance of proper branding and research. Consultant Dr Joe Lewis explained the intricacies of the Food Safety and Standards Act.

Transport Minister Sudin Dhavlikar has called upon people to fight for the cause of nation by forgetting differences based on caste, creed and politics. He was addressing the gathering during the Republic Day ceremony jointly organised by Bicholim Municipal Council (BMC) and the office of deputy collector Bicholim at Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Maidan, Bicholim.

“By not allowing people to hoist the national flag in Kashmir is a thing of concern,” said Dhavlikar. Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar, BMC Chairperson Anisha Vernekar, Deputy Chairperson Shashikant Halarnkar, Deputy Collector Narayan Gad, Mamlatdar Pramod Bhat, DySp Bossuet Silva, PI Harish Madkaikar, former and ruling councillors, freedom fighters and headmasters of school were present on the occasion.


Having enriched the faith of the laity for two days, renowned Catholic Apologist Stephen Ray touched and stirred the hearts of about a thousand priests and religious, at a special faith formation programme at Pilar. Exposing the chief tenets of catholic faith, Ray let the priests and the religious men and women understand the unique gift of priesthood in the church.


• • • • • •

You'll need:

Watermelon Baby carriage

Watermelons, turnips, pineapples and many other fruits and 1 large watermelon vegetables can be carved and combined into either elegantly sharp knife simple or elaborate toothpicks center pieces or orange slices accents for red grapes your picnic prepared fruit salad

Do it Yourself

Some of the more elaborate carvings can take hours to get just right, but practice makes it go faster and soon you'll find yourself designing your own patterns for watermelons, radishes, and any fruit or vegetable that can hold


table or indoor party decorations. The art of carving foods is an Eastern custom that has been adopted by creative food preparers around the world. In Thailand and Japan food carving is considered part of the presentation of the meal. The stunning designs are created make the food the center of attention.


Cut a thin slice from the bottom of the watermelon to provide a stable base. its form when carved. The one tool you will need when working on the project is a very sharp carving knife, so kids, make sure you have adult supervision!


Use a sharp knife to make vertical and horizontal cuts as shown.


Hollow out the bottom of the watermelon and reserve for fruit salad.


Make decorative Vcuts around the top

tion regime of the oceans while ensuring livelihood and security of the traditional fisherfolk. The ministry has said that the rights of these fisherfolks over their habitat and fishing areas were not adequately recognized in any manner whatsoever resulting in the exploitation on the rights of the fisherfolk, who have a vital role to play in the very survival and in maintaining the sustainability of ecosystem. The act also covers fishing in the waters like estuaries, creeks, bays and others including those involved in shell fish extraction. The MoEF in its draft has said that the panchayat shall be the authority to initiate the process for determining the nature and extent of individual or community rights or both that may be given to the traditional fisherfolk. The ministry has said that the state government shall constitute an executive committee to examine the resolution passed by the panchayat and prepare the record of rights accorded to the traditional fisherfolk for a final decision. Any person aggrieved by the decision of the executive committee may prefer a petition to the state or union territory’s fisheries department within 60 days from the date of decision.

The new priests of the Capuchin order (from left to right) Ivor Fernandes, Marcus Fernandes (Velim), Bryan Pinto (Velim), Rodney Rebello (Chinchinim), Bruno Leitao (Chinchinim) and Eldrige D’Souza (Parra) were ordained by Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao on January 26 at the Se Cathedral Old Goa. Affiliated to the St Anthony Capuchin Vice Province of Goa, the six new Capuchin priests will be serving in the Archdiocese of Goa, with different pastoral assignments.

Lifeguards keep watch at Agonda from makeshift ‘tower’

Stephen Ray touches priests, religious

Bury differences, fight for nation’s cause: Sudin HERALD CORRESPONDENT MAYEM, JAN 29


edges in a fan shape, as shown.


Cut out the handle from an unused piece of watermelon (scrape away any excess fruit.)

6 7

Attach the handle with toothpicks.

Create wheels from orange and grape slices, and attach with toothpicks.


Fill the carriage with fruit salad.

“It is by means of the Apostolic succession, that priesthood has continuous link with the apostles and Jesus Christ,” he asserted. “The practice of laying of hands of the Bishops, the men who wear the sandals of the Apostles that has been uninterruptedly practiced for the last two thousand years, directly brings priesthood in contact with Jesus Christ, who walked on this planet two thousand years ago,” Ray said. He further said that the call to religious life in the church sets apart men and women and lead them to be like Jesus Christ in full freedom and deep commitment to the Church and humanity. “Passion for Jesus Christ and passion for humanity is the foundation of religious life in the Church,” said Ray. He appealed to the priests and religious to remain faithful to the Church and their catholic faith and protect the lay faithful from straying away from the catholic fold often tempted by t h e g o s p e l o f p ro s p e r i t y preached by dubious faith healers in our days. He said that the gospel of prosperity is nothing but Cafeteria religiosity that propagates a consumerist ‘name it and claim it’ mentality that is based on a heretic theology, which equates health and wealth with divine blessings without any reference to the cross and the suffering. He said Jesus takes care of church through the ministry Bishops and the Pope in his church. Hence, the priests and the religious are to live their life and ministry in communion with their respective Bishop, who is the source of apostolic succession and communion with the universal church.

The thatched tower used by lifeguards at Agonda beach. Photo by Kathy Pereira HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, JAN 29

Lifeguards in the popular television serial ‘Baywatch’ may have modern towers, but their counterparts in Agonda have to make do with a makeshift thatched roof. A watch tower continues to evade lifeguards at Agonda beach, forcing Dhristi lifeguards at the beach to seek shelter from the scorching sun under the temporarily erected sheds. It may be recalled that after the last tourist season ended, Dristhi Rescue Services had deputed its personnel in that ensuing monsoon on the 3-km Agonda beach stretch and since then the personnel partly equipped with rescue boards, walkie-talkies, a jeep, etc, but without a watch tower main-

tains vigil on beach. Not only one, but at least two such sheds which lifeguard personnel themselves erected at two distant locations are occupied and used to keep a watch using binoculars. About 12 lifeguards are posted with a jeep at their disposal on Agonda beach, informed sources. Sources in panchayat claimed that the local body already issued necessary NOCs to enable erection of the lifeguard tower, but the government-appointed agency has failed to erect one so far. The lifeguard team at Agonda emphasize that their every move to erect a watch tower has been scuttled by a few disgruntled elements depriving them a proper location for their operation.

Handicrafts expo in Arambol HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

GHRSSIDC chairman Sameer Salgaokar, Parish Priest of Mount Carmel Church Fr Roque Da Costa, Ramkrishna Parab and John Sebastian view the exhibits at the Goa Handicrafts Exhibition at Arambol.

Welfare schemes designed to benefit common man: Ravi HERALD CORRESPONDENT VALPOI, JAN 29

Home Minister Ravi Naik has stated that welfare schemes have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the common man. He was speaking at a function organised to distribute cheques under Kanyadan scheme and dress material under Vastra Bhet scheme to the beneficiaries from Sattari taluka. Naik and Speaker Pratapsingh Rane distributed the cheques and dress material at a function held at Laxmibai Memorial Hall Valpoi on Tuesday. The programme was organised by the Directorate of Women and Child Development. Under Vastra Bhet scheme, 3,090 were benefited, while cheques worth Rs 10,35,000 were provided to 69 beneficiaries. “Women, especially from the less privileged classes, should come forward and educate

“At least four attempts were made to erect a tower, but some locals succeeded in averting the measures on one pretext or other. It seems every one wants to eat on tourism pie, but no one wants to accept or provide amenities required for its sustainability,” said one of the lifeguards. Personnel among the lifeguards also sought to blame the panchayat for not making any effort to get the lifeguard watch tower erected on the beach. The source further informed that considering the 3-km beach stretch, two lifeguard towers were planned, but subsequently one was cancelled and are facing difficulties to erect the other one. When contacted, Agonda Sarpanch Milagrinha Fernandes said: “Once the panchayat marked a site on the beach and issued necessary NOC. It is for M/s Dhristhi Rescue Services to erect the tower.” Fernandes replied in the negative when asked if any more correspondence has been received from the governmentappointed agency, who has been appointed to look after the safety of tourists visiting the beach. “However, through other sources we have learnt that the Dristhi team was trying to erect a tower at different spot, other than the spot marked and shown by the local body, situated right on the beach and not in anybody’s private land,” Fernandes informed when told about Dristhi personnel had reportedly faced opposition from some quarters when attempted to erect a watchtower.

Goa Handicrafts Rural and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Ltd (GHRSSIDC) organised a Goa handicrafts exhibition at Arambol Church grounds, which will end on January 30. The exhibition was inaugurated by Fr Roque Da Costa, Parish Priest of Mount Carmel Church, Arambol in the presence of GHRSSIDC Chairman Sameer Salgaonkar, Ramkrishna Parab and John Sebastian. It was the idea of Sameer to give an opportunity to the local artisans to promote their handicraft items to the rural areas and also considering the international and domestic tourist visitors.

Anjuna VP members undertake cleanliness HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, JAN 29

Speaker Pratapsingh Rane hands over a cheque to a beneficiary in Valpoi. Photo by Ashraf Khan

themselves then only the future generation will live a secure life,” said Naik. Naik briefly explained various schemes available with the Directorate of Women and Child Development and urged the women to avail maximum benefit of all the schemes. Speaker Pratapsing Rane,

while lauding the efforts of Home Minister Naik in implementing these schemes, urged the parents to educate their girl child. He also appealed the government to revise some outdated laws related to women that are in practice since the Portuguese regime.

It is one thing to organise a cleanliness drive and quite another to participate in it. In an unusual event that even took locals by surprise, members of the Anjuna-Caisua panchayat members took part in a cleanliness drive around the Anjuna panchayat office. Led by Anjuna-Caisua Sarpanch Lavino Rebello, the members cleared the heaps of garbage accumulated in close vicinity of the Panchayat premises. Impressed by the cleanliness drive being undertaken by the panchayat members, a number of locals also joined them in the drive. Members who took part in the cleanliness drive included Maria Fernandes, Surendra Govekar, Pratima Govekar, Dinesh Patil and Amit Audumber Narvekar.



Pg 7 GOA, SUNDAY, 30 JANUARY, 2011

Mother vessel of pirates intercepted PTI KOCHI, JAN 29

In a joint operation, the Indian Navy and Coast Guard intercepted and neutralised 'Prantalay' Thai fishing vessel, which was being used by Somali pirates as 'mother vessel' since April last year for piracy at various locations in the Arabian Sea, a Defence press release today said. There was an exchange of fire between INS Cankarso and the pirate vessel, following which fire was noticed in 'Prantalay' and some personnel were seen jumping into the waters. Twenty Thai and Myanmarese fishermen, the original crew of the vessel, who had been held hostage by the pirates and 15 pirates, were pulled out from the waters by INS Cankarso. INS Kalpeni, CGS Sankalp, Naval and Coast Guard ships and aircraft are presently in the are searching for any fishermen or pirates, the release said. This vessel had been a risk to international shipping for many months and has carried out several attacks, the release said. Yesterday, a Coast Guard Dornier while responding to a Mayday call from MV CMA CGM Verdi, a Bahama Flagged container ship, located two skiffs attempting a piracy attack. Seeing the aircraft, the skiffs immediately aborted their piracy attempt and dashed towards the mother vessel Prantalay which hurriedly hoisted the two skiffs onboard and set a Westerly course to escape from the area, the release said. This action cleared all doubts

No arms recovered from camps: CRPF PTI KOLKATA, JAN 29

The CRPF today said it has not been able to recover any arms from the camps allegedly run by the CPI(M) in Lalgarh and its adjoining districts of West Bengal. "A list was given to us by the court mentioning the location of armed camps in the three districts (Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia) and we distributed the list to the field officers so that they can conduct raids in their areas," IG(CRPF) T B Rao told PTI. "The raids are being conducted for a week or so but so far there has not been any positive result," Rao said, adding that by "positive result", he meant that no weapons have been recovered from the camps. When asked whether they had searched all the camps in the list provided by the court, he said, "No we have not been able to conduct search operations in all the camps but a considerable number has been searched and there has been no positive result." "More search operations will continue," Rao added. The state government had come under severe criticism when nine people were killed allegedly by armed CPI(M) cadres. The Left Front government has been accused of misusing the joint forces only to help the CPI(M) cadres to gather arms and gain ground in the three districts which was under the control of Maoists for a long time.

n Yesterday, a Coast Guard Dornier while responding to a Mayday call from MV CMA CGM Verdi, a Bahama Flagged container ship, located two skiffs attempting a piracy attack. Seeing the aircraft, the skiffs immediately aborted their piracy attempt and dashed towards the mother vessel Prantalay which hurriedly hoisted the two skiffs onboard and set a Westerly course to escape from the area. of 'Prantalay' being used by pirates as a mother vessel. While Coast Guard and Naval Dorniers continuously tracked 'Prantalay', Indian Naval Ship Cankarso (a recently commissioned Water Jet Fast Attack Craft) which was already deployed in the area for anti piracy patrol, was directed to intercept and investigate Prantalay. At about 1700hrs, INS Cankarso closed on to 'Prantalay' and made all efforts to establish communication on the international Mercantile Marine Band, but the vessel did not respond and continued to proceed westwards in the hope of escaping. In keeping with internationally accepted norms, Cankarso fired a warning shot well ahead of the bows of Prantalay to compel her to stop. 'Instead of stopp i n g , h o w e v e r, P r a n t a l a y suddenly opened fire on INS Cankarso. INS Cankarso returned limited fire in self defence out of necessity and as a proportionate measure only', the release said. Thereafter the fire broke out

on Prantalay (mother vessels are known to carry additional fuel drums to fuel the skiffs) and the 'personnel were seen jumping overboard. In addition to the anti-piracy patrols being sustained in the Gulf of Aden since Oct 2008, in view of the dangers from vessels such as Prantalay, the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard have been maintaining vigil west of the Lakshadweep Islands in the last two months. This has proved effective in keeping the international shipping lanes in this region safe from piracy attacks and piracy incidents in this area have seen a 75 per cent decline since December last year. South Eastern Arabian sea is a focal point of international traffic and the security of these sea lanes in the Arabian Sea is critical to the flow of global trade. It maybe recalled that recently Mr Hardeep Singh Puri, India's Ambassador to the UN, had presented a five point action plan to combat the menace of piracy, to the Security Council of the United Nations.


Noting that corruption needs to be dealt with integrity and firm conviction, Former BJP President, Rajnath Singh, today demanded that the Congress-led UPA Government should immediately sack CVC P J Thomas, from his post. 'He should be sacked under Rule 6(3) (e) of the CVC Act, Singh, who was here to participate in the 'Save Kerala Padyatra' led by BJP State President V Muraleedharan, told mediapersons today. The Act states that the President of India can remove the CVC if he 'has acquired such financial or other interests as is likely to affect prejudicially his functions as CVC', Singh said. The UPA Government's track record on action against corruption and the corrupt was 'shaddy, questionable and dismal', Singh alleged, adding 'it appointed Thomas as the CVC of the country who was chargesheeted in Palmoline scam'. The Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj had raised an objection when the issue of Thomas's appointment as the CVC was brought before the selection panel, he said. However, the Government decided to ignore her note of dissent and went ahead to appoint him as the CVC, he said, adding

Police today continued searches at the offices of a trust backed by 17th Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, who was questioned over the seizure of foreign currency valued at Rs 7 crore. Himachal DGP D S Minhas along with senior police officers inspected the Gyato monastery and the ashram at Sidhbari near here last evening and talked with the Karmapa. Karmapa was asked about the foreign currency seized and as expected he said it was received through offerings, Minhas told PTI today. He said the Karmapa was not under arrest or house arrest. Searches continued at the offices of the Karma Garchen Trust today and so far Rs seven crore in currencies of over two dozen countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the UK, the US, Australia, German, has been seized. Asked about the seizure, Karma Chunyappa, Deputy General Secretary of the Karmapa, asserted that the financial dealings of the monastery were transparent. "We have a rich history of public service made possible through financial dealings that are entirely transparent. We will certainly answer all the questions that the press and public have but for now we request you to allow us to concentrate and comply fully with the investigations that are underway," he said. The DGP said that some documents about land transactions had also been recovered and these were being scrutinised to find out whether there was a nexus between Tibetans and some local people indulging in benami land deals.

n The manner in which Thomas has been appointed by the UPA Government indicates that the Government had 'ulterior motives'. 'it even defended the indefensible by filing an affidavit in the Supreme court and declared Thomas 'a person of impeccable integrity'. Inspite of a sharp criticism from the civil society and judiciary, the Government has not removed Thomas from the post, he charged. The manner in which Thomas has been appointed by the UPA Government indicates that the Government had 'ulterior motives', he alleged. The Prime minister should explain to the people that what kind of message the Government wants to give by patronising people who have tainted credentials, Singh asked. Singh alleged that UPA Government was seen reluctant to take concrete action against corruption and the corrupt. 'An entire session of Parliament was washed away due to Government refusal to order a Joint Parliamentary (JPC) enquiry into the 2G spectrum allocation',


demanded that Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa should immediately order a CBI probe as "truth cannot be suppressed and a thief is a thief." "Just because a commission gave a report, truth cannot be buried, it should come out and the state government should make sincere efforts (towards it)," the former Karnataka chief minister said. Moily said the commission's final report should be read with the interim report and there were contradictions between the two. "Always any Commission's

final report should be taken into account along with the interim report. In this case, it was very clear in the interim report submitted in February 2010 where there was mention about involvement of Bajarang Dal and failure on the part of police and district administrations in discharging their duties," he claimed. In its report that came as a relief to BJP, the commission had cited circulation of derogatory literature with "insulting attitude" towards Hindus and issues of conversion as the main reasons for the attacks.




Sack CVC immediately: BJP

Moily flays BJP govt; seeks CBI probe into church attacks Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily today accused the BJP government of having "hijacked" the judicial commission that gave a clean chit to the party and Sangh parivar outfits for attacks on churches in Karnataka in 2008 and said a CBI probe should be ordered into the case. "Ruling BJP has hijacked the commission and had failed to protect minority Christians in the state," Moily said over the findings of B K Somashekara Commission of Inquiry. In its final report submitted yesterday, the commission had failed to name the organisations involved in the attacks and hence CBI should be entrusted with the probe, he said. The attacks on churches in seven districts across the state had caused a major embarrassment to the first-ever BJP government in the south barely four months after it assumed office following which the judicial inquiry was ordered. Speaking to reporters, Moily

Karmapa quizzed, search continues at offices of Trust

he said. BJP continue to stick with our demand for JPC and the Government continues to run the risk of putting the forthcoming Budget session in jeopardy, he said, adding 'it is the government's responsibility to ensure parliament's smooth functioning'. Government should institute a JPC enquiry into the 2G spectrum allocation before the commencement of budget session of parliament, he said. Pointing that BJP was ready to face the mid term polls, Singh alleged that 'the government seems to be under this false impression that the opposition parties are not ready for elections therefore it can function in an arbitrary and autocratic style'. Alleging that the Centre was trying to create a threat perception that if the opposition did not call off their demand, Centre was bound to go for the midterm poll, he said BJP was ready to face the mid term polls if the situation arises. Corruption not only presents a systemic risk to our economy but also risks the credibility of India as a country, he said.


EMCO requires for ABU DHABI Attend clients’ walk-in Interview on Wednesday 2nd Feb (9.00 am to 2.30 pm) HVAC - STAFF & TECHNICIANS 1 MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (4 Nos.) - BE in Mech. Engg with 10 years experience. Should follow up on operation & maintenance with schedules & plans. 2 MECHANICAL SUPERVISORS (14 Nos.) - DME with 5 years exp. in operations, maintenance, testing & repairing of AC, mechanical, plumbing systems. 3 SR. A/C TECHNICIANS (5 Nos.) - 2 year ITI with min. 10 years exp. in Operations, maintenance & testing of A/C System. 4 A/C TECHNICIANS (58 Nos.) - 2 year ITI with 3 to 5 years exp. in Operations, maintenance & testing of A/C Sytems. 5 AUTO DOOR TECHNICIAN (1 No.) - Automatic and Manual Pedestrian Door Technician with 3 years’ experience. Knowledge in mechanical, electrical, and/ or electronic backgrounds would be considered. ELECTRICAL STAFF & TECHNICIANS 6 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS - MAINTENANCE (2 Nos.) - BE in Elect. Engg. with 10 yrs exp. Should follow up on operation & maint. with schedules & plans. 7 ELECTRICAL SUPERVISORS - MAINTENANCE (5 Nos.) - DEE with 5 years exp. in operations, maintenance, testing & repairing of electrical, electronics and Fire & Alarm systems. 8 ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - PROJECTS (2 Nos.) - BE / DEE with min. 8 years experience in all electrical projects. 9 ESTIMATION ENGINEER - ELECTRICAL (1 No.) - BE in Elect Engg with 12 years’ exp. in development of Detailed Design Cost Estimates, Able to develop work breakdown structures, Tender evaluation and preparation of Reports. Exp. with cost estimation software. Outstanding written &verbal communication skills with ability to convey information and ideas in a clear and unambiguous manner. 10 PLANNING ENGINEER - ELECTRICAL (1 No.) - Engg Degree with 5 years’ exp. as planner in Elect Engg. Knowledge of Primavera and Microsoft Project is an advantage. Ability to handle multiple projects, simultaneously. Demonstrable ability to independently deal with consultants, clients, and subcontractors. Knowledge of utilizing AutoCAD. Good technical knowledge and thorough understanding of engineering standards. 11 ELECTRICAL TECHNICIANS - MAINTENANCE (12 Nos.) - ITI with 5 to 10 years experience in operations, maintenance & testing of Electrical systems. 12 ELECTRONICS & F/A TECHNICIAN (12 Nos.) - 2 years ITI with 5 years exp. in Operations, maintenance & testing of electronic and Fire & Alarm system.


(Lic.No. MAD/Com/ 1000+/3/2087/86)

C/o. HOTEL MANDOVI, BB Marg, Panjim, GOA - 403001 - Tel. (0832) 2224405 Candidates unable to attend may send CV by e-mail to:



Pg 8


Rahul for stringent Gadkari targets UPA on black money action against corruption PTI CHENNAI, JAN 29


Rahul Gandhi today demanded

stringent and speedy action against corruption and joined the debate on black money stashed abroad, saying Indian money lying outside the country should be brought back. "We have to look into this issue (corruption) in a collective way. Stringent action against corruption is needed. Punishment should be within six months, instead of 20 years," he said addressing a press conference on the third and last day of his visit to Maharashtra. He was replying to questions on the burning of an Additional Collector in Nashik by oil mafia earlier this week and that why action was not taken against the adulteration racket despite a 15-year-old official report on the issue.

BJP president Nitin Gadkari today said UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi should explain what prevented the government from disclosing names of Indians who had stashed money in Swiss banks. "I want to ask a million dollar question to the Congress party. Why are you not declaring the names of those who have deposited the black money in Swiss bank accounts?" Gadkari said at the rally marking the end of the BJP state unit's 40-day yatra ahead of the Assembly polls due in May. He demanded that the reasons for not revealing the names of Indian Swiss bank account holders be made public, stepping up his party's pressure over the issue that has come under the close scrutiny of the SC. The apex court had pulled up

the government for withholding information on black money stashed in foreign banks, saying it is not just limited to tax evasion but a "mind boggling crime" amounting to "theft" and "plunder" of national wealth having security ramifications. Gadkari said if the black money deposited in the Swiss Bank accounts was brought back to the country, it could be used for interlinking of rivers. "When NDA comes to power, we will bring all the black money back to India and spend it for the interlinking of rivers to help the water-starved southern states," he said. Urging the gathering to follow Ex- President Kalam who had advocated interlinking of rivers, he said, "It is time for Tamilians to decide whom they want to follow -- whether it is Abdul Kalam or Rahul Gandhi who is against interlinking of rivers."

From Page 1 Are ‘other reasons’... Mauvin: That’s an internal party matter. But I will say this much. I expressed concern about serious reports of the police-drug lobby nexus and stressed that the government cannot be silent. What has happened to us? If we do not repair this situation, people will lose faith in us. Herald: What has been the role of the chief minister in improving the situation? Mauvin: It is there for all to see. And for the party to introspect.

FIR if Asilo privatised “On November 30, 2008, the Goa State Industrial Development Corporation (GSIDC) handed over the hospital to the government and on May 27, 2009, the Directorate of the Health services took possession of the hospital. But till date, the district hospital has not gone on full stream and this is a matter of shame for the government, said Narvekar. He alleged that the government has been spending about Rs 2.7 lakh every month on maintenance of the hospital. “Besides, the warranty of the super-speciality machinery worth Rs 25 lakh installed in the hospital has lapsed, but the government has not bothered to renew the warranty as yet,” he noted. “The cost of this project including the cost of land works to around Rs 100 crores. An FIR can be filed against the government for this criminal waste of people’s money,” Narvekar observed. He also took a dig at Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane, claiming that Rane had a penchant for privatising government projects. “When Vishwajeet was chairman of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) some years back, he had given Mapusa Residency, Panjim Residency and Yatri Niwas at Miramar on a long lease for 21 years to private parties. Similarly, he may also have plans to give the Mapusa district hospital on lease for 21 years,” alleged Narvekar. “This is a hidden agenda under the garb of public-private partnership (PPP). But we will not allow this to happen. This is people’s money and hence under no circumstances will I allow privatisation of the district hospital at Mapusa. People must get medical facilities free of cost,” thundered Narvekar. The Aldona legislator also insisted that the government should introduce the Lokayukt Bill as early as possible to curb corrupt practices by politicians. “Mining activities has destroyed fields, water resources and ecology of the State. Drugs are being freely sold by the drug mafia while crimes are increasing day by day and there is no law and order in the State. It is high time the government introduces the Lokayukt Bill to curb corrupt practices by politicians,” he said. BJP leader and Siolim legislator Dayanand Mandrekar said he is totally against the PPP and assured that he would not allow privatization of the hospital at Mapusa at any cost. “Vishwajeet Rane has mismanaged both his portfolios of agriculture and health. I will demand a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) enquiry into the assets of the health minister at the forthcoming assembly session,” said Mandrekar. NCP General Secretary Avinash Bhonsle accused the Congress government of failing on all fronts and said development of the State had come to a standstill due to internal bickering of ministers. Mapusa Mayor Sudhir Khandolkar also spoke at the meeting. Earlier, GDF President Prof Edward D’Lima welcomed the gathering and Shashikant Kandolker compered the programme.

Adarsh scam

has been registered against 13 accused persons belonging to the army, DEO (Defence Estate Office), government of Maharashtra, public servants and unknown persons,” the CBI said in a statement. The CBI sources claimed that General Secretary of the society R C Thakur, former Brigadier M M Wanchoo and Congress leader K L Gidwani were allegedly the main conspirators in building the society illegally. Chavan, who had to quit as chief minister last year after it was found that among the members of the Adarsh society were his late mother in law and sister in law, was the revenue minister between 2001-2003 and he had dealt with files pertaining to ownership of the land. He is alleged to have recommended 40 per cent allotment of flats to civilians in the Adarsh Housing Society, which was meant for war widows and heroes of Kargil war, the sources said. The FIR also named Pradeep Vyas, the then collector of Mumbai between 2002-2005 who is alleged to have ratified 71 persons in the society of which several were ineligible members. His wife Seema is alleged to have a flat in the society. The allegation against Kaul was that he had allegedly dishonestly replied to a parliament question as the land was never under the occupation of the army. He himself became a member of the society later.





Mubarak refuses to quit, Cabinet resigns, death toll rises to 48 PTI CAIRO, JAN 29

Embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to bow to mounting pressure to quit but sacked his Cabinet which later resigned, as death toll rose to 48 in nationwide demonstrations and clashes with police which entered the fifth day today. As the situation in the world’s most populous Arab nation deteriorated, tens of thousands of protesters returned to the streets in several cities and dissatisfied with Mubarak’s promise in his midnight television address to the nation to usher in fresh reforms. The Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo— Egypt’s premier tourist site—were closed by the military to tourists as tanks guarded key government buildings in the Capital, a day after massive and violent confrontations in escalating crisis that threatened 82-yearold Mubarak’s 30-year rule. Three policemen were killed when Egyptian protesters attacked the state security headquarters in the border town of Rafah in fresh wave of violence today. An Egyptian Health Ministry official said 38 people died and 2,000 were wounded in virulent anti-government demonstrations yesterday after Friday prayers. Details of the deaths were announced today. Seven people had died in the first three days of protests. In yesterday’s anti-government riots, 12 people were killed in Cairo, 12 in Suez, eight in Alexandria, three in the canal city of Port Said, two in the Delta city of Mansura and one in Giza, the official said. The official said that 13 policemen were among the killed in five days of

unrest. Pro-democracy hero and top dissident Mohamed ElBaradei said Mubarak “must go”, vowing that protests against his rule would intensify. “The protests will continue with even more intensity until the Mubarak regime falls,” the Nobel Laureate and former IAEA chief told a TV channel, Egyptian state television said that the Mubarak Cabinet has officially resigned after days of protests; hours after the President fired his Cabinet promising democratic and economic reform. In his first response to the unrest against his iron fisted rule, Mubarak said he had fired the Cabinet. “I have asked the government to present its resignation and tomorrow there will be a new government,” he said in his television speech Dozens of military armoured personnel carriers and tanks as well as soldiers on foot deployed around a number of key government buildings in the capital, including state television and the Foreign Ministry after thousands of protesters besieged the two offices in Friday’s riots. The military was protecting important tourist and archaeological sites such as the Egyptian Museum, home to some of the country’s most treasured antiquities, as well as the Cabinet building. The Army warned the people to obey a curfew and to refrain from congregating in public places, according to a statement carried by the official MENA agency. The military extended a night curfew imposed Friday in the three major cities where the worst violence has been seen —Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

State television reported the curfew would now begin at 4 pm and last until 8 am, longer than the 6 pm to 7 am ban on Friday night. Mubarak, who defended riot police’s firing of tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons at protesters, promised democratic and economic reforms. “We will not backtrack on reforms. We will continue with new steps which will ensure the independence of the judiciary and its rulings, and more freedom for citizens,” he said in his first statement since the protests against his rule erupted. Mubarak vowed to take fresh measures “to contain unemployment, raise living standards, improve services and stand by the poor.” But he refused to step down, setting the stage for possible heavier protests by tens of thousands of activists demanding his resignation. Notwithstanding Mubarak’s announcement about sacking of the government, thousands of protesters continued to defy curfew in the capital Cairo and cities of Alexandria and Suez and poured on the streets, with many of them even asking patrolling soldiers to join them. There were reports of looting in several parts of Cairo, including in offices related to the government. Meanwhile, mobile phone services had been partially restored in the country after authorities ordered a communications ban in a bid to stop anti-government protests. But Internet remained down. Vodafone service was working this morning, about 24 hours after it was cut, media reports said. Other service providers were unable to operate.

US calls for immediate release of diplomat detained in Pak PTI ISLAMABAD, JAN 29

The US today demanded “immediate release” of its diplomat “unlawfully detained” by Pakistani authorities after he shot and killed two armed youths he claimed were trying to rob him in the eastern city of Lahore. “The United States embassy in Pakistan calls for the immediate release of a US diplomat unlawfully detained by authorities in Lahore,” said a statement issued by the American mission. The arrest and remanding into custody of the diplomat violated “international norms and the Vienna Convention,” the statement said. The US national — identified by media as Raymond Davis — has contended that he acted in self-defence after two youths allegedly tried to rob him in a congested area of Lahore on Thursday. A third Pakistani was killed when he was hit by a US consulate vehicle rushing to the aid of the American. Pakistani officials have said the American has been booked for murder and would be prosecuted according to domestic laws. Though an earlier statement issued by the US Embassy had described the American as a “staff member of the US Consulate General” in Lahore, today’s statement said he was a diplomat assigned to the mission in Islamabad. He has “a US diplomatic passport and Pakistani visa valid until June 2012,” the statement said. It further said that “the diplomat acted in selfdefence when confronted by two armed men on motorcycles” on Thursday. “The diplomat had every reason to believe

that the armed men meant him bodily harm. Minutes earlier, the two men, who had criminal backgrounds, had robbed money and valuables at gunpoint from a Pakistani citizen in the same area,” the statement said. After being detained, the US diplomat “identified himself to police as a diplomat and repeatedly requested immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” The statement said: “Local police and senior authorities failed to observe their legal obligation to verify his status with either the US Consulate General in Lahore or the US embassy in Islamabad. “Furthermore, the diplomat was formally arrested and remanded into custody, which is a violation of international norms and the Vienna Convention, to which Pakistan is a signatory.” The US embassy said it regretted that Thursday’s incident “resulted in loss of life.” It said: “We greatly value the cooperation and partnership between Pakistan and the United States, which is vital to the interests of both countries. “The US embassy is committed to working closely with the Pakistani government to secure the immediate release of the diplomat, as required under Pakistani and international law.” The US has launched a flurry of diplomatic activity in Washington and Islamabad to seek diplomatic immunity for the American. The US deputy chief of mission and another senior diplomat separately met officials of the Foreign Office’s protocol division, which handles issues related to diplomatic immunities and privileges.

Travel alerts issued for Egypt AGENCIES WASHINGTON, JAN 29

In the wake of deadly street demonstrations against Egyptian government, a number of countries have warned their citizens against travelling to the Middle Eastern country. Egypt plunged into chaos earlier this week when tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Cairo and other major cities to demand the resignation

of President Hosni Mubarak. Taking into account the volatile situation in Egypt, countries such as the US, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Australia, issued a travel alert. UNITED STATES:US citizens should postpone non-essential travel to Egypt and Americans who are in the country should stay inside amid violent street demonstrations, the State Department said on Friday.

In a travel alert, the department urged citizens in Egypt to exercise caution and to defer movement until the situation stabilizes. Noting that Egyptian security forces may block off the area around the US embassy, the State Department said citizens should not attempt to go to the embassy. AUSTRALIA: Australia has upgraded its security warning for Egypt, urging travellers to think twice before visiting the country.

Australia was amending its travel advisory for Egypt because of the “difficult security situation” that has resulted in ongoing large scale protests, including tanks in the streets, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said on Saturday. “That is because of our concerns about the security situation, not just in Cairo but in other cities,” Rudd told Sky News Australia.

Suicide bomber kills Kandahar dy governor AGENCIES KANDAHAR, JAN 29

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed the deputy governor of Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province and wounded at least five others on Saturday, officials said. Violence in Afghanistan is at its worst since US-backed Afghan forces overthrew the Taliban in late 2001 with casualties on all sides at record levels. Deputy Governor Abdul Latif Ashna was killed as he left his home in Kandahar city, capital of Kandahar province, to go to work, the Governor’s spokesman Zalmay Ayoubi said. The civilians wounded in the blast had been taken to hospital, he added. An official from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kandahar, who declined to be named, confirmed Ashna had been killed in a suicide attack. No further details were immediately available. US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, who was visiting Kandahar on Saturday, condemned the death but said it would not sap efforts to defeat the insurgency.

Indian students forced to wear radio collars After being duped by a California-based “sham” university, scores of Indian students in the US are now enduring the ignominy of being forced to wear radio collars around their ankles so that authorities can keep track of their movements. The students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh, may also be deported as authorities shut down Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, a major suburb in San Francisco Bay Area, on charges of a massive immigration fraud. A number of students were interrogated by authorities and also forced to wear radio collars fitted with GPS technology to track their movements. “They (the students) were tagged with some sort of monitoring system placed on their ankles,” Jayaram Komati of the Telugu Association of North America told a private Indian channel. “ is none of their (the students’) fault, but the university is at fault as it violated some rules and regulations because of which all the students are being victimised in this whole situation. “We heard that (External Affairs Minister) S M Krishna is trying to talk to the State Department. Hopefully this type of pressure will make this much easier (to resolve the issue),” he was quoted as saying. An unnamed Indian student, who was among those duped, said the university was shut down all of a sudden. “We don’t know what is happening with the university and the US government. We have been told that we are illegal immigrants,” he was quoted as saying by the channel, adding that 100 students of the university, which had a total of 4,400, have been affected. “We went to the local Senator and the Indian embassy. We also met the local attorney to help us but everyone is saying that this is the deportation process. People from immigration office came to my room and said they needed some information about our college. Before going, they put tags on our ankles and said this is the tracking system.” State Department spokesman P J Crowley yesterday said that any activity involving visa fraud would obviously be of great concern to the US. “The investigation of that is done by law enforcement, obviously with our cooperation, since we are the ones who issue visas.” According to a federal complaint filed in a California court last week, the University helped foreign nationals illegally acquire immigration status. The students are reported to have paid lakhs of rupees for obtaining a visa for their category and also for students work permit.

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GOA, Sunday, 30 January, 2011

Stay focussed, Karim to Salgaocar HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, JAN 29

Salgaocar Sports Club Moroccan coach Karim Bencherifa repeatedly kept asking his players to stay focused during their practice session at Kolhapur on Saturday, ahead opf their match against Mumbai FC. Speaking to Herald on Saturday evening, Bencherifa said the team spirit was good and the boys knew the importance of the match against Mumbai. “I told them what must be done, but most importantly they should go out and enjoy the game,” said Bencherifa. “We have to be ready as Mumbai are full of confidence. We also feel that we had a dream run this I-League with some good performance which gave us the confidence before going into the match. We feel that the best is yet to come from our team after a long wait. We now have all our players in full fitness barring midfielder Anthony Barbosa and striker Ekene Ikena.”

Vincent stars in Churchill’s draw with Bengal R E S U LT S East Bengal 2 Churchill Brothers 2 Man-of-the match: Kayne Vincent (Churchill Bros)

Air India 1 Mohun Bagan 1 Man-of-the match: Jayanta Sen (Bagan)

Viva Kerala 0 Indian Arrows 1 Man-of-the match: Subodh Kumar (Indian Arrows) PTI KOLKATA, JAN 29

Kayne Vincent struck twice to help Churchill Brothers hold East Bengal 2-2 in a thrilling Round 12 I-League match at Yuba Bharati Krirangan here Saturday. In the battle between two title contenders, East Bengal drew first blood through Sanju Pradhan in the 50th minute while Tolgay Ozbey struck the second in the 70th. Churchill Brothers rode on a double-effort by Vincent, who struck in the 67th and 90+1 minutes, to make a superb turnaround and return with one point. Vincent was adjudged man-of-the-match.

Unbeaten so far, table leaders East Bengal now have 30 points, while Churchill Brothers are on third place with 23 points. Leading goal scorer Odafa Okolie, down with a thigh muscle problem, did not play in the first half. Churchill Brothers, bolstered by their National players – Gouramangi Singh and Steven Dias, did not give any chance to the home side in the goalless first 45 minutes. East Bengal were unlucky in the ninth minute when referee P K Bose overlooked a handball inside the box leading to huge uproar from the home crowd. East Bengal players led by coach

2-a-side soccer at Assolda

QUEPEM (HC) -- Friend’s Circle of Assolda will organise their 1st All-Goa 2-a-side soccer tiebreaker tournament on January 30 near Government primary school, Assolda at 7.15 p.m. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 6,000 and Rs 4,000 respectively. Details may be obtained on 9764631020 or 9850066634.

Trevor James Morgan also protested. The Goan heavyweights, who went down to East Bengal in the Federation Cup semi-final, had their chance to go up in the 17th minute but Kayne Vincent and Boima Karpeh messed up a fine chance in the absence of Odafa. Karpeh fired in directly at East Bengal goalkeeper Sandip Nandy while from the rebound, Vincent could have scored easily but it turned out to be no different much to the relief of the home crowd. With Gouramangi manning the Churchill defence and Dias setting it up in the mid-field region, East Bengal struggled to get it going. Their strikers Tolgay Ozbey and Robin Singh struggled to get possession of the ball upfront. East Bengal missed a scoring chance in the 39th minute when

a Robin header from Penn Orji's free kick hit the crosspiece. Franco brought down Penn inside the box in the 49th minute and the referee did not have any hesitation in awarding a penalty in favour of East Bengal. A cool-headed Sanju Pradhan converted the penalty easily giving East Bengal the definite edge in the 50th minute. But Churchill Brothers did not give up as Vincent brought the Goans back into the game. In the 67th minute, Churchill Brothers equalised from a brilliant centre by Dias as Vincent found the target with a low header. East Bengal goalkeeper Nandi was out of place as Vincent brilliantly seized the opportunity nodding it in to make it even. It did not take long for East Bengal to snatch the lead in su-

perb turnaround with Ozbey once again scoring in a space of three minutes. The Australian recruit rose above the Churchill Brothers defenders as he brilliantly put it across Lalit Thapa to make it 21. Minutes later, East Bengal could have easily taken a 3-1 lead but their strikers were not

in sight in a defensive lapse by Churchill Brothers. Odafa, with his right-leg strapped, came in the 86th minute and the Nigerian goal machine immediately got a chance but only to be adjudged off-side. An injury time goal by Vincent denied East Bengal full points as the Goans returned on a smil-

The I-League is back again for the second time in this season in Bangalore. After travelling almost all the parts of the country in three weeks while playing four away matches, HAL will take on former champion Dempo on their home turf in Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore, tomorrow. Earlier, HAL had played their only home match (Round VII)


In an exciting encounter, Clube Athletico de Parra and BAFF drew 1-1 in GFA’s U-16 League at Duler Stadium here on Saturday. Nitesh Gaonkar netted to put BAFF ahead. Parra rallied and just before the breather, Glenn Fernandes equalised. In a U-16 match at Rosary ground, Colmorod Ratwaddo Sports Club and Dicarpale Sports Club drew 2-2. Denzil Negredo opened the scoring. Early in the second half, Stanley Miranda pulled a goal back for Dicarpale. Denzil scored his second shortly after, but yet again Stanley struck to equalise. In GFA’s Second Division at Dr Remigio Pinto ground, Taleigao, Dempo Sports Club Juniors hammered St Mathew Sports Club 7-2.

on January 3. Dempo are attempting to bounce back from a losing streak. The last one being a severe 4-0 thrashing from the hands of bottom rung Air India. HAL went down to East Bengal in their last match, but will be desperately looking to pick some points in their home game against the defending champions. Armando Colaco-coached

E Bengal 12 9-3-0 30 Churchill 12 6-5-1 23 M Bagan 12 5-3-4 18 I Arrows 12 3-4-5 13 Air India 12 1-6-5 9 V Kerala 12 1-5-6 8

points points points points points points

Indian Arrows pip Viva Kerala PTI KANNUR, JAN 29

Indian Arrows (AIFF XI) edged out a fighting Viva Kerala by a solitary goal in the I-league, at Nehru Municipal stadium here Saturday. Medio Subodhkumar scored the all-important goal in the 86th minute to fetch his side full points. Viva had to blame themselves

for the defeat as they missed a number of opportunities much to the dismay of the soccer fans. The goal for the youth team came when Subodh was fouled near the Viva penalty area and Subodh converted the resultant foul-kick with a booming shot, which beat Viva custodian Shemin Lal Meloli hands down. Viva were unlucky not to have

Dempo aim to bounce back AGENCIES BANGALORE, JAN 29

ing note. From a Steven Dias corner in the 90+1 minute, Vincent completed his brace to help Churchill get one point.

side is free from any injury and suspension and the return of National players, Subhasish Roychowdhury, Climax Lawrence, and Clifford Miranda have definitely bolstered-up his team. Armando hopes to come back to the winning path. The main problem of HAL lies in bench strength or rather lack of it. With the team busy finishing their away match commitments, injuries are bound to happen - medio James Singh Jr

has still not recovered and veteran RC Prakash is carrying niggles. They are yet to finalize any player on the 2nd transfer window. HAL coach Thyagaraj said, “Our team is perhaps one of the weakest team playing in this edition of I-League, but our strength is team spirit, and our boys understand that very well. We’ve caused few upsets and are hoping to do another one on Sunday.”

found the target in the 42nd minute of the first half as none of the Viva frontliners were there to latch on to a brilliant cross by O K Javid and on another occasion Javid's fierce drive missed the target by inches. On the other end, the youth team also earned a couple of good chances and once substitute Jatar Singh's shot flew over the cross-piece.

Air India hold Bagan AGENCIES KHOLAPUR, JAN 29

Dicarpale edge past Siolim, lift Reira Cup

Air India failed to consolidate on their one goal advantage at the half time against Kolkata giants Mohun Bagan as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw in Round 12 tie of I-league at Sahu Maharaj ground, Kolhapur on Saturday. The teams dished out entertaining fare trying to get the better off each other. If Air India dominated the first half, it was Mohun Bagan who dictated terms in the second half and bagged the equaliser. Air India created as many as three chances from defender Dhanachandra Singh and midfielder Manjit Singh early on in the game. But it was in the injury time of the first half which saw Manjit Singh score off the deflection of Dhanachandra. After resumption it was the Kolkata outfit, which started to attack and put pressure on the airmen defenders. In the 58th minute Mohun Bagan striker Jose Ramirez Barreto scored the equaliser after receiving a pass from a defender from the right flank. Mohun Bagan midfielder Jayanta Sen was adjudged the man-of-the match.

Elvis Gomes and Darryl Pereira giving away the winner’s trophy to the Dicarpale players in the presence of Tony Remedios at Saligao on Saturday. Photo: Thomas Fernandes

Sub-junior football camp


Dicarpale Sports Club prevailed over Siolim Sodiem Sports and Cultural Association 5-4 via the tie-breaker after both teams were involved in a 1-1 draw in the finals of 5th Reira trophy inter-village football tournament organised by Saligao Sporting Club at Sporting ground, Saligao on Saturday. After a goalless first half, Dicarpale shot into the lead in the 8th minute through Nevis Carvalho who shot past the Siolim keeper after he failed to make a neat collection. Down by a goal, Siolim went all out in search of the equaliser. C ro s s i n g o v e r, S i o l i m ’ s Babiyan Haldankar failed to level the score in the 63rd minute.

Hardly had cheers died down when Prestonio Fernandes scored for Siolim to level the score. Siolim exerted pressure on the Dicarpale defense and could settle the score but their forwards failed to find the net on a couple of occasions. In the tie-breaker, Dicarpale got the better of Siolim 4-3. Sidney Furtado, Charles Colaco, William Niasso and Braz Vales converted for Dicarpale while Ryan D'Sousa, Francis Fernandes and Dylan Noronha were on target for Siolim. Dicarpale keeper Melvin saved Prestonio Fernandes’ try. Dicarpale were richer by Rs 25,000 and the Reira trophy. Siolim had to be content with Rs 20,000 and the runners-up trophy.

I n d i v i d u a l p r i z e s w e re awarded to: Best goalkeeper Melvin Vales (Dicarpale). Best defender - Mukund Shirodkar. Best half - Raghuvir Shirodkar. Best forward - Ryan D'Sousa (all Siolim). First scorer of the finals - Nevis Carvalho. Elvis Gomes, Commissioner of Corporation of City of Panjim and senior vice-president of Goa Football Association was the chief guest and gave away the prizes in the presence of Darryl Pereira, managing director, Reira Group of Companies. Earlier, the chief guest and other guests were introduced to the players and officials by club president, Tony Remedios. Tony Remedios proposed the vote of thanks.


The following players who attended the camp for the State team for 33rd sub-junior National football championship at Duler Stadium, Mapusa have been asked to report to Seby Rodrigues and Gajanand Kambli on January 31 at 2.30 p.m. Aliston Fernandes, Austern Fernandes, Klins Mendes, Quan Gomes, John Pereira, Savio Vaz, Russel Vaz, Floyd Fernandes, Filburn Crasto, Sanito Colaco, Issac Negredo, Jesus D’Sousa, Shawn Fernandes, Jorge Rodrigues, Avristo Fernandes, Elis o n Pe re i r a , L e i c h o b a m Binaton Singh, Simon D’Mello, Akshay Mandrekar and Joel Fernandes.

Betalbatim thump Davorlim HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, JAN 29

Kingfisher Pro League: Faria Sports Management v. Goa Velha SC, Duler Stadium, Mapusa, 3.45 p.m. GFA U-14: Orlim SC v. Ave Maria Athletic Club, Orlim ground; Mandopa Sporting Club v. Verna SC, Mandopa ground; Rossman Cruz Nagoa SC v. Snow's Football Academy, Nagoa ground. Kick off 4 p.m. Telaulim YC Navelim interward soccer finals: Young Boys, Sirvodem v. Rosary YC, Nagmodem, Telaulim panchayat ground, 4.45 p.m. 3rd Wilred Leisure Cup soccer: Sao Jose de Areal SC v. Parish Youth, Nuvem, Curtorim ground, 4.30 p.m. Holy Cross soccer: Virabaht v. Ambaji, 3.45 p.m.; Murida v. Dongorvaddo, 4.45 p.m. Rosary ground, Fatorda. U-14 and U-16 soccer fest: Don Bosco, Odxel, 9 a.m.

Betalbatim Sporting Club downed Sporting Club of Davorlim 2-0 to enter the quarterfinals of 3rd Wilred Leisure Cup inter-village football tournament organised by Wilred Leisure Sports Club at Curtorim ground, on Saturday. Betalbatim led 1-0 at the breather.

Betalbatim shot into the lead in the 3rd minute when striker Denzil Rogtao punished the rival keeper with a solo effort. Crossing over, Davorlim continued to enjoy a lion share of exchanges but their players namely Rosebud Gomes, William Niasso and Paxton Gomes were the worst culprits as they squandered easy scoring chances.

Betalbatim doubled the lead midway when V Pacheco’s snap shot beat the rival keeper off a pass from Denzil Rogtao. Davorlim had to blame themselves for the defeat as they missed umpteen scoring chances. Joaquim Figuereido of Davorlim and Denzil Rogtao of Betalbatim were awarded the best player awards respectively.

7 (A) in the other. The semi-finals will begin on Sunday at 3.30 p.m. with the under-14 category followed by the others. The final matches with the prize distribution will begin at 6.30 p.m. Meanwhile, the DBO futsal clinic was held at Don Bosco Oratory conference hall. The workshop began with the viewing of international futsal matches, and a specially prepared training programme of the futsal game from Brasil. In an attempt to promote the sport

and proper style of playing the game, Beto of Dempo Sports Club and chief promoter of B r a s i l Fu t e b o l A c a d e m i a , spoke on the nature of the game and explained the basics of the game in a passionate manner. Anthony D’Costa, AFC instructor, spoke on the rules, regulations and referee’s signals. A question-answer session was held, wherein referees and representatives of teams clarified their doubts. The clinic was conducted in collaboration with Sporting Clube de Goa and Brasil Futebol Academia. Victor Fernandes (vice-president of Sporting Clube de Goa), Angelo Albuquerque (DBO organising committee/SCG), Roberto (manager BFA), Rodrigo (BFA coach), Avertano Barretto (B P Ed College), Fr Ralin De Sousa (DBO director) alongwith 40 other referees, representatives and B P Ed students were present.

DBO futsal festival finals HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, JAN 29

DBO (A) will meet Chubby Cheeks from Pilerne, while Portais Sporting Club B will face DBO (B) in the first and second semi-finals respectively in under14 DBO Futsal Festival at Don Bosco school ground here tomorrow. In the under-19 category, of the 16 teams that played the knock-out stage, M-7 (B) will play Agnelites of Pilar in the first half of the table, while Jesus Nazareth (Juniors) will meet M-

The participants at the DBO futsal clinic alongwith officials.

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Rosary rises to numero uno college structure and so also we can increase the cash incentives awarded to the students,” opined Francis. Besides Dr Francis, the students have also been trained by SAG coach Jane D’Silva, in handball and John Xavier, lecturer in economics, Rosary College in cricket. Savira Pires, sports secretary and Abhishek Lotlikar, power

lifting champ of Rosary expressed their views stating, “Our teachers have been very supportive with regards to our studies. We only hope and wish that in the near future the Sports Policy is implemented at the college level as well, so that students get the increase in their percentage and it will also attract more students to participate in sports.”

GOA DIARY 5-a-side soccer at Ponda

PANJIM (HSD) – Santa Cruz Boys will organise their 1st AllGoa 5-a-side soccer tournament on February 6 and 13 at Animal Husbandry ground, Curti, Ponda. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 10,000 and Rs 8,000 respectively. Details may be obtained from Jhonny on 9049396836.

Rosary College, Navelim with (inset) Savira Pires, Dr Francis Lobo, Abhishek Lotlikar, Anthony Pires.


Academics, cultural and sports activities are the three areas that keep the competitive spirit among students alive. In fact, if the competition is at the intercollege level or for that matter even inter-school or inter-HSS, students strive to excel and be the best and when they receive whole-hearted support from their principal, faculty and management, it calls for a great celebration. Rosary College, Navelim, an institution par excellence in sports today stands head and shoulders above the rest after winning the ‘best college in sports’ award with 44 points for the year 2009-10, at the closing ceremony of Silver Jubilee celebration of Goa University, ascertaining their supremacy in no uncertain terms. Rosary participated in 16 various inter-college sports championships in 2009-10, of which they were successful in 11 disciplines. The college clinched six winner’s titles, four runners-up and two third spots. They emerged winners in cross country (men and women), cycling (men), tennikoit (women), handball (women) and judo (men). Runners-up positions were grabbed in athletics and handball (men), hockey and judo (women) while in power lifting and body building (men) they secured the bronze. Seventeen students of Rosary participated in various inter-uni-

versity and Goa State championships in the last academic year. Besides, participating and winning the inter-college championships organised by Goa University, Rosary’s have even secured the first (girls) and third place (boys) at the inter-college cross country championship organised by Fr Agnel College, Pilar. They also emerged winners at all-Goa inter-college powerlifting and body-building championship organised by Goa College of Engineering, Farmagudi. The college has also organised National Seminar on ‘mod-

Agima Rodrigues, Ayesha Alvares, Zenia Fernandes and Geeta Azgaonkar are currently in Gwalior (M.P.) participating at the inter-University football championship. “It feels great and I am elated because the hard work put in by our students and Francis (PE teacher) have borne fruits in such a form that we’ve been declared the best college in sports by the Goa University. I’m very proud of my students,” states Dr. (Fr) Simao Diniz, principal of Rosary College. Being a sportsman himself in his younger days Fr Simao shows interest in the sports welfare of

SPORTS BAROMETER ern trends in sports training methodology and yogic practices’ at the college premises. Besides, has even attended and participated in many such seminars and workshops. Well, this season too, the college is all geared up to record history as they already have 50 points in their kitty with seven winners and four runners-up titles. Just another two championships to go and then will be the result time once again. This year two boys from Rosary’s, Agnelo Fernandes and Jonathan Faleiro represented the victorious Goa University football team at the Inter-Universality football championship in Jabalpur while four girls,

his college. To give his college team the necessary encouragement or a little extra boost, Fr Simon accompanies the team whenever they reach the finals. “Commitment, discipline and team work is what one needs to be at the top,” said Fr Simao. The college gives special preference to sports students at the time of admissions. In fact, Rosary’s has even produced the likes of IPL cricketer Shadab Jakati and Sharnifa D’Costa, State, National and international level athlete, informs Dr Francis Lobo, the Sports Director. Sports students are given the required assistance to cope up in their studies: teachers upload the study material on the website and conduct extra classes.

n It feels great and I am elated because the hard work put in by our students and Francis (Sports Director) have borne fruits in such a form that we’ve been declared the best college in sports by the Goa University. I’m very proud of my students. -- Dr (Fr) Simao Diniz, principal of Rosary College

Photos: Mumtaz Y Shaikh

At the end of the year, the college felicitates outstanding sports students with certificates, medals, trophies and cash incentives. Besides, kits are also given away to the students when they emerge winners at intercollege championships. “A long awaited dream of being the number one college in sports has been accomplished. For many years, we’ve been on the 2nd spot, but finally our turn has come. So I’m very happy and hope this year too, we succeed in clinching the title.” expressed Dr Francis. “We plan our sports schedule well at the start of the year, analyse our strengths and weakness and try working on them. Students are provided with all the facilities and equipment needed. They are also given refreshments after two hours of practice we put in everyday. In order to bring out the hidden talents in the students, we organise annual sports meet, interclass and inter-house tournaments; so that no talent is ignored and the college team comprises best players,” informed Francis. Francis has completed 19 years of his service in the college and wishes to the take the college in terms of sports, miles ahead. He wants to maintain the consistency and improve the infrastructure in the future. When asked on his take on the semester system education, this is what Dr Francis says, “The semester system has its own advantages and disadvantages. No doubt there is plenty of talent, but the educational system is such that we can’t help it. Whenever the ISA’s are approaching we have to stop our practices so that the students concentrate on studies.” “I only wish and hope that colleges too are awarded cash prizes likewise the schools and HSS are awarded if they win the first place in any discipline at inter-school level. This financial support will help the college in the development of its infra-

GOA, Sunday, 30 January, 2011

Pg 12 GOA, Sunday, 30 January, 2011

Pg 13 GOA, Sunday, 30 January, 2011

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Vincent stars in Churchill’s draw with East Bengal Pg 10


Clijsters mesmerises

In BrIef S Korea finish third in Asian Cup South Korea survived a fightback from Uzbekistan to win the Asian Cup thirdplace playoff 3-2 on Friday and book a place at the next tournament in four years time. Korea led 3-0 after 40 minutes at the Al Sadd Stadium before Uzbek s scored twice to set up a nervy finale to an entertaining match.

Pace bowler Nathan retires Former Australia pace bowler Nathan Bracken announced his retirement from cricket on Saturday due to a persistent knee injury. The 33-year-old leftarmer announced his retirement on his Twitter page on Saturday before he addressed reporters in Sydney. Bracken, at one stage ranked the world's best One-day bowler, captured 174 wickets in 116 One-day Internationals at 24.36 and was a member of Australia's World Cup winning squad in 2007. He was less successful in Tests, playing just five games, taking 12 wickets at 42, with his last match against South Africa in Perth in late 2005.

Sachin yearns for elusive WC glory Over the last two decades, there is very little missing from Sachin Tendulkar's list of achievements as a batsman but the absence of a World Cup in his trophy cabinet continues to rankle the Indian run-machine. The 37-year old, with more than 32,000 runs and 97 centuries in international cricket, came closest to ending that quest when he was the highest scorer in the 2003 World Cup in South Africa, where Australia beat India in the final. The World Cup in the subcontinent represents, in all probability, Tendulkar's last chance to set the record straight and the batsman is all too aware of the event's importance. "I still want to achieve something and everyone knows that," a smiling Tendulkar said at an award ceremony on Friday.


Tadanari shines for land of Rising Sun Strikes in extra-time to lift 4th Asian Cup title AP DOHA, JAN 29

Japan won the Asian Cup for a record fourth time when substitute striker Tadanari Lee struck in extra-time for a 1-0 victory over Australia on Saturday. Lee slammed home a left-foot volley in the 109th when he was left completely unmarked 10 meters (yards) from Australia’s goal. Lee had all the time in the world to perfectly time his volley from a cross by defender Yuto Nagatoma and fire it past Australia goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. Lee then ran to the center circle and fired a symbolic arrow into the night sky over the Khalifa stadium as a row of small fireworks exploded across the structure arch to celebrate the goal.

Japan midfielder Keisuka Honda, one of the most enterprising players in the final, was voted the tournament’s most valuable player. Australia was in its first final since switching from Oceania to Asia in 2006 and also lost to Japan in the quarterfinals on penalties four years ago. It will now have the chance to go for the title when it hosts the tournament in 2015. Qatar has won the bid to stage the 2022 World Cup and the Asian Cup was the tiny but wealthy Gulf nation’s first rehearsal for the showcase tournament of world soccer. FIFA president Sepp Blatter attended the final and sat on one side of Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed bin

Hammam, a Qatari who may challenge Blatter for the presidency of the world football body. UEFA president Michael Platini sat on the other side of Bin Hammam. After mostly meager crowds during the three-week, 32-game tournament, the Khalifa stadium was nearly full at 37,174 spectators. But in a first glitch to what had been a generally smooth organization, there were reports of many ticket holders being locked out of the stadium, among them foreign fans. There was no immediate comment from the organizers but the frustrated and angry fans outside the stadium suspected that people without tickets were allowed in to fill the seats and avoid a potential embarrassment of empty rows.

India are hot favourites: Laxman Home conditions, crowd support and consistent performance of the past one and a half year make India the hot favourites in next month's cricket World Cup in the sub-continent, feels stylish Test batsman VVS Laxman. "India have the best chance to win the World Cup. I don't want to put undue pressure on the players by predicting the favourites. But I think the team can repeat the 1983 feat. They have the potential and talent to lift the trophy. The team has been performing consistently over the last year and a half," Laxman said. "The event is happening in India so we will have favourable conditions. With all the encouragement and crowd support, it will boost India's confidence," he added.

‘Batsmen’s form crucial for India’ With just average bowling and not so impressive fielding, the batsmen will have to shoulder the entire burden of steering India to the World Cup, feels former spinner Bishen Singh Bedi. Questioning the selection of players, Bedi said the selectors have included too many spinners in the squad, ignored right options in the fast bowling department and hardly given importance to fielding.

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l Wins first Australian Open title lMight be her last full year on tour

Park Ji-sung quits internationals South Korea captain Park Jisung, considered one of Asia's finest players of the last decade, has retired from international football after their third place finish at the Asian Cup, coach Cho Kwang-rae said. Park, 29, did not play in the 3-2 victory over Uzbekistan at the Al Sadd Stadium on Friday meaning he retires on 100 caps. The Manchester United midfielder, who became the first Asian to compete in a European Champions League final when United lost to Barcelona in 2009, joins experienced fullback Lee Young-pyo, who won his 127th cap on Friday, in stepping down from the national team.

Rosary rises to numero uno college Pg 11

Japanese players raise the 2011 Asian Cup trophy after winning the final football match against Australia at Khalifa Stadium in Doha on Saturday.

Eden’s fate as host today: ICC PTI KANPUR, JAN 29

International Cricket Council President Sharad Pawar today said a final decision on whether the Eden Gardens would get to host World Cup matches would only be taken tomorrow. The historic stadium in Kolkata lost the February 27 match between India and England after it failed to meet the completion deadline for renovation work. Three more matches are scheduled at the venue. The BCCI, at the behest of the Cricket Association of Bengal, appealed to the ICC to extend the completion deadline for the IndiaEngland tie to February 7 but that has been rejected by the ICC. Pawar said he would get a report on the stadium's preparedness from ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat today and a final decision would be taken only tomorrow. "I will get the report this evening. After that, an ICC Committee will deliberate on whether Eden will host the matches or not," Pawar said here. The India-England clash was to be the only match featuring the co-hosts at the venue and the other scheduled clashes mostly feature minnows.

Chelsea snatch draw in FA Cup AGENCIES LONDON, JAN 29

Defending champion Chelsea required a late goal by substitute Salomon Kalou to rescue a 1-1 draw at Everton in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Saturday. The Ivory Coast forward finished off a flowing counterattack in the 75th minute with a shot that squirmed into the far corner, earning Chelsea a replay at Stamford Bridge. Everton was in control for long periods at Goodison Park but only had one goal to show for its dominance, with France striker Louis Saha heading home powerfully from a corner by Leighton Baines in the 62nd for a seventh goal in his last eight games against the London club. In the two other all-Premier League matches on Saturday, Aston Villa defeated Blackburn 3-1 at Villa Park and Bolton was held 0-0 at home by Wigan. Ciaran Clark, veteran former France winger Robert Pires and Nathan Delfouneso scored Villa’s goals, all of them coming in the first half. Nikola Kalinic had equalized for Blackburn in the

18th, while Villa had to survive the last 28 minutes with 10 men following the sending-off of Nathan Baker for a dangerous tackle on David Hoilett. Birmingham, which reached the League Cup final in midweek, rallied to beat Midlands rival Coventry 3-2 thanks to secondhalf goals by fringe players Stuart Parnaby and Kevin Phillips. Coventry, which plays in the second-tier League Championship, went 2-0 up by the 26th minute but on-loan midfielder David Bentley scored in the 35th to begin Birmingham’s fightback. Crawley Town missed two penalties but still became the first non-league side to qualify for the competition’s fifth round since 1994 thanks to a 1-0 victory at 10-man Torquay. Matt Tubbs scored the winner for the Crawley, which is top of the Blue Square Premier League—England’s fifth highest league. In the day’s other surprises, League Championship sides Swansea and Watford lost home matches to Leyton Orient and Brighton, who both play in English football’s third division.

Kim Clijsters finally won her first Australian Open title and the fourth major of her career, wiping tears from her eyes after she beat Li Na 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 Saturday. The loss ended an outstanding run through the tournament by Li, who became the first Chinese player to reach a Grand Slam singles final. Li appeared to become upset with some of the Chinese spectators in the crowd in the third set and asked the chair umpire to intervene. She later complained about the flashes from photographers at center court. However, Clijsters kept her composure all night. The win for the reigning U.S. Open champion came in what could be her last appearance at Melbourne Park—she had said 2011 might be her last full year on the tour. After the match, though, she appeared to qualify that statement. She may go with a restricted schedule for 2012, when

Pakistan level series AGENCIES WELLINGTON, JAN 29

Mohammad Hafeez scored his first One-day century and Shahid Afridi blasted the equal-fastest half century in New Zealand as Pakistan levelled their One-day series against the hosts following a 43-run victory at Lancaster Park on Saturday. New Zealand never really challenged Pakistan's imposing 293 for seven, with Martin Guptill (39), Jamie How (24) Scott Styris (46) and Kane Williamson (42) all getting starts but leaving too many runs for the lower order to overhaul the total. Skipper Afridi also cleverly rotated his bowlers, who expertly changed their pace and angles, bowled to their fields and took wickets just as New Zealand's batsmen appeared set to push on. Tim Southee (13 not out) hit a six off the last ball to drag New Zealand to 250 for nine. Hamish Bennett was with Southee on four.

she wants to compete in the London Olympics. “Yes, I hope so,” she said when asked if she would be back to defend her title next year. Clijsters, who has three U.S. Open titles, lost the 2004 Australian Open final to Justine Henin and has reached the semifinals here four other times. “I finally feel like you guys can call me Aussie Kim because I won the title,” said Clijsters during the trophy presentations, referring to her popularity after dating Australian star Lleyton Hewitt. “Even when things weren’t going good, you guys were really supportive of me and I really appreciate it.” Looking at Li, Clijsters said: “I think we’ll have a lot more tough battles to come. Hopefully, a few more Grand Slam finals would be nice.” Andy Murray will try to become the first British man in almost 75 years to win a Grand Slam singles title when he plays 2008 champion Novak Djokovic in the men’s final on Sunday.

Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes pose with their runners-up shield.

Lee-Hesh fail to live Oz dream PTI MELBOURNE, JAN 29

The Australian Open trophy continued to elude Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi as the reunited 'Indian Express' could not stop Mike and Bob Bryan from scoring a hat-trick of titles at the Melbourne Park here today. The third seeded Indian pair, which united after nine years with an aim to complete their career Slam, lost 3-6 4-6 to the top seeded American twins in the summit clash of the men's doubles event which lasted a little over one hour. The Bryan brothers won their fifth Australian Open trophy but it slipped out of the hands of Paes and Bhupathi for the second time, having lost the title

clash back in 1999. However, it is a fabulous start for the Indian pair in the 2011 season as they had won the Chennai Open early this month. Paes and Bhupathi last played at a Grand Slam together in 2002 when they lost in the second round. Bhupathi said he would continue playing with Paes in the remaining season. "There is a reason why Mike and Bob are number one team. When they have a first serve percentage of 83, it is impossible to beat them. I thank my partner (Paes), it took the best team in the planet to stop this train. Looking forward to playing with you a lot more this year," Bhupathi said.

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Govt to regulate Pvt retail Paranoid about India, Pak chains to check food prices eyes N-arsenal expansion PTI THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JAN 29

The Centre now plans to regulate private retail chains to ensure they did not make undue profit, Union Minister of State for Food and Civil Supplies K V Thomas said today. "We are not against private retail chains, but will not allow them to make undue profit. State Governments had been advised on this," he told reporters here. He said studies on recent increase in the prices of onion had suggested that private retail chains were making "excess profits", as they had facilities to store perishable goods in large quantities. It was also planned to review the Essential Commodities Act

as suggested by many state governments, he said. Stressing that curbing escalation in foodgrains' price was one of the Central government's main aims, Thomas said the UPA Government was working out modalities to supply more essential commodities through the Public Distribution System (PDS). Four zonal-level meetings of state food ministers will be held to include the State Governments' suggestions on the matter, Thomas said. The first such meeting would be held here on February 3, followed by meetings in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai on February 7, February 14 and February 17 respectively, he said. Centre has also planned to

devise a system to supply even perishable items through PDS in metropolitan cities, Thomas said, adding that the first such system would be put in place in Delhi. He said another priority area was the implementation of National Food Security Act. It would be implemented once the schemes under the Act were approved by the National Advisory Council and Cabinet. It had also been decided to intervene in open market with the help of NAFED (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India) and NCCF (National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India Limited) whenever necessary to check price rise, he said.


The acceleration of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is being driven by its ‘paranoia’ about India, according to a newspaper analysis. Pakistan is desperate to increase its nuclear arsenal size as it eyes India's rapidly growing economy and population. Although the numbers of weapons held by either country are small in comparison, the result of the nuclear competition between the two countries is reminiscent of the Cold War arms race between the US and USSR, an analysis in The Telegraph said. While the perceived threat is China in India's case, for Pakistan, the presumed enemy is India, and paranoia is driving

Nepal mulls free visa for Chinese tourists PTI KATHMANDU, JAN 29

Nepal is mulling waiving visa fees for Chinese tourists to increase the arrival of visitors from the country, amid a major campaign to boost the tourism sector which is still reeling under the impact of a decade- long Maoist insurgency that ended in 2006. Tourism Minister Sharad Singh Bhandari today said the government was working to offer free visa entry facility to

Chinese tourists. Addressing the 18th national convention of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Bhandari said the government is working towards waiving the visa fee for Chinese tourists in order to promote tourism, as the country launched 'Nepal Tourism Year 2011' campaign on January 14. The campaign aims to attract one million tourists to the country, including 265,000 Indians

and 100,000 Chinese visitors. A record number of tourists flew to Nepal last year, with most of the growth coming from its two giant neighbours India and China, according to official figures. At the launch of the 'Nepal Tourism Year' campaign, Prime Minister Madhav Nepal had said the government will specially focus on the neighbouring markets of India and China. "We are focusing on the development of tourism to generate

more employment so that our youths need not go abroad for jobs," he said earlier this month. Presently, the government has been providing 30 days gratis visa to tourists for one time visit. It is applicable to tourists from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. No visa is required for visitors from India as the two close neighbours have an open border under the 1950 Indo-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty.

‘Thatcher secretly met Indian mystic’ AGENCIES LONDON, JAN 29

Margaret Thatcher was one of the strongest women leaders the world has ever seen, but what many do not know is that one of her sources of strength was an eccentric and controversial Indian mystic. Sri Chandraswamy, a self professed preacher and faith healer, sat in Thatcher’s office during a secret meeting soon after she became leader of the Tory Opposition in 1975. In a second meeting, impressed by his powers, she agreed to wear a red dress and a talisman on her wrist. It was here that the guru predicted that she would come to power within four years and remain there for more than a decade. All these secrets were revealed by former Indian foreign minister Shri Natwar Singh, who was present when they took place. He was India’s Deputy High Commissioner to the UK in 1975 when the mystic arrived in London and apparently demanded a meeting with Thatcher.

Brazilian kept wife in cellar for 16 yrs: cops AGENCIES RIO DE JANEIRO, JAN 29

A Brazilian man has been arrested on suspicion of keeping his wife locked in a squalid basement for 16 years while he lived with another woman in the same house. Acting on a tip, police on Wednesday found Sebastiana Aparecida Groppo, 64, in the cellar of the house in the city of Sorocaba in Sao Paulo state. The floor of the roughly 130square-foot (12-square-meter) cellar was littered with faeces and dead cockroaches, Sorocaba police inspector Ana Luiza Salomone said on Thursday. "She was found without clothes wrapped up in a blanket," said Salomone, adding that the windows had been shuttered and were covered in mold. Joao Batista Groppo and the woman who had been living with him both were arrested on charges of illegal imprisonment. The husband, also 64, told police that he had locked up his wife of 42 years because she was mentally ill and aggressive. Salomone said Groppo had apparently kept his wife imprisoned for two periods totalling 16 years, the second coming after 2003 when their son died in an accident. The wife showed signs of mental problems that could have been caused by her captivity, Salomone said, but showed no signs of being aggressive and had no serious health problems. Groppo and his companion could face up to eight years in prison, she said.

At the office, he gave Thatcher five slips of paper on which she was asked to write five questions, after which he went into a trance. When he emerged, he asked Thatcher to open the paper balls one by one, and correctly told her the question written on each. “Irritation gave way to subdued curiosity. By the fourth question, I thought, she began to consider Chandraswamy a holy man indeed. Chandraswamy was like a triumphant guru and took off his slippers and sat on the sofa in the lotus position,” the Daily Mail quoted Singh as saying. “I was appalled but Mrs Thatcher seemed to approve. She asked more questions and, in each case, Chandraswamy’s response overwhelmed her,” he added. He later asked her to come and meet him at Singh’s house. The former diplomat said, “She asked many questions that day, but the most important ones were related to the chances of her becoming the prime minister.”

the acceleration of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, it added. Unable to match India's defence expenditure, economy and population, Islamabad has relied on nuclear technology since the 1970s to provide a deterrent. The latest escalation in tensions - with Pakistan saying it wants to maintain parity of stocks with India, which recently unveiled a nuclear-powered submarine - will come as no surprise to analysts, the report said. Diplomatic cables released by whistle blower website WikiLeaks have provided snippets of information on Pakistan's nuclear programme. In a memo dated December 2008, Peter Lavoy, an intelligence officer briefing NATO’s

Permanent Representatives on Afghanistan and Pakistan, stated that despite looming economic meltdown, "Pakistan was producing nuclear weapons at a faster rate than any other country in the world". Earlier that year, India and US signed a civil nuclear accord, sending shock waves through Pakistan where the deal was seen as allowing New Delhi access to international supplies of uranium for civilian projects- freeing domestic reserves for military use. Other leaked cables also suggest that analysts believe Pakistan is concentrating on developing smaller, mobile nuclear devices to counter India's conventional battlefield forces, and so need more fissile material, the report said.



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Information Technology





Cruising into Lives of Sailors

Mathear savlli t o r, ke n ' n a i khorvot - Anonymous



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Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors - African Proverb

Embark on a yacht or circulate with sailors at a party and you discover that a passionate sailor can sail in every wind; not just on the seas but in life too

Photos by Christina Viegas

Leader of the Vasco da Gama Yachting Rally: Lo Brust BY CHRISTINA VIEGAS HERALD FEATURES here is an intriguing quality about men who sail the seas. The dangers encountered en route make their lives all the more fascinating. It was a good two years ago, when I was seated in a dinghy, whizzing towards the ‘Mistral’ a yacht belonging to Lodewijk Brust, a Dutch sailor who has been the leader of the Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally, over the years. It was during that interesting encounter with Lo, as he loves to be called, that I learned a whale of a lot about sailors. For one, that the yachts are not just small pretty tubs bobbing on the seas, like we see them when anchored on the Mandovi or this time at the Sinquerim waters. Instead, these boats have sleeping facilities for anywhere between five to seven persons, a living room, a study, a kitchen with a lovely cooking range, bathrooms and toilets, et all.


And yes, Lo surely lives luxuriously, or shall we say is equipped with modern day necessities such as a microwave, a refrigerator, a laptop etc. His boat measures 44 feet and is made of fiberglass. It seems like a full fledged mini house, absolutely cosy with its wooden interiors. The navigation section has a built in diesel engine and a diesel generator. It houses 500 litres of fuel and 500 litres of water. Mr Brust informs, “This fuel lasts for approximately 750 miles, and the water for three weeks.” The cockpit on the deck comprises of an auto pilot, manual steering wheel and equipment and machinery to handle the sails which are the hat, stay and mail sails and altogether measure 350 square feet. Peek into his master bedroom with its attached bathroom or into any of the bunker bed rooms and you will want to dive into the cosy warmth and sink into a long, peaceful snooze. But then, who needs sleep when there are so many adventurous activities to indulge in as you simultaneously watch the world go by. This year, I got to meet Lo and his troupe of sailors from the rally at a party thrown by Lo’s good friend Basil Fernandez and Cesar Menezes, president of Goa Yachting Association at Clube Vasco da Gama. The party was thoroughly enjoyed by the sailors and they loved the Goan food served to them; something Basil and Cesar ensured the sailors need to indulge in before sailing out of Goa. Cedric Vaz, director of Madame Rosa distillery gifted a bottle of Goan wine to each team leader. Lo is leading a rally of 12 boats with around 30 sailors, kids included. He mentions, “This year, majority from the group are French followed by British.” Quiz him if the government has provided them with birthing facilities this year and he replies, “Still, nothing has been done. I really fail to understand why you don’t have a marina. Here you do not even have facilities of just temporary platoons. How can we manage? Kerala has an adequate marina.” Then getting emotional, he emphasises, “But Kerala is not Goa. I love Goa. That is why I keep coming back year after year.” While the government continues to turn a blind eye to the problems faced by these enthusiastic sailors and lovers of Goa, the fact remains that the sailors spend a minimum of two crores with refueling, eating out, local travel laundry services, shopping etc. Some prominent people of Goa opine, “They are a very responsible and principled community, unlike the ones who frequent the casinos or the ones we get through our beach tourism. And they are open to having workshops, camps, etc for youngsters and adults to enlighten them about sailing and to attract the yachting enthusiasts.” Inexorably, I get to the topic of pirates and Lo enlightens, “With the rise of the pirate menace in the recent past, there has been a lot of pressure on me to stop the rally. But no government has the right to tell me what to do,” and then continues with, “But yes, they have all extended their support to me.” It gets interesting to meet another Dutch sailor, Sietse Hof who joined the rally in Goa. His long-braided hair, extremely fit body and casual but confident mannerisms make him look like a hero. But he

Are Tiatrists being taken Forgranted?

Dalai Lama goes Hi-tech to reach Ordinary Chinese


he Dalai Lama is now relying on tools like videoconferencing and Twitter to bypass the Chinese establishment and reach out to the ordinary Chinese. Interacting with Chinese rights activists for the first time through videoconferencing this month, the Tibetan spiritual leader said: "Even though our consistent stand of middle way policy based on the foundation of nonviolence has not yielded tangible result through dialogue with the Chinese government, it has helped us in getting strong support from the Chinese." The 75-year-old Nobel Laureate interacted with civil rights activist Teng Biao and human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong from his residence in this northern Indian hill station from where he heads the Tibetan government-in-exile. "It is difficult to deal with the Chinese, but I think despite our inability to maintain extensive contacts with Chinese intellectuals and the public, our stand will win their support and it will continue to grow," the Dalai Lama said. Thubten Samphel, a spokesperson for the Tibetan government-in-exile, told IANS that this was the first time that the Dalai Lama had interacted with the Chinese through videoconferencing. "Earlier, he tweeted his Chinese followers on (micro-blogging site) Twitter," he said. Political observers here say that using the cyber space to reach out to the ordinary Chinese was an attempt to counter China's adverse stand vis-a-vis the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan cause. Noted Chinese writer Wang Lixong, who arranged the interaction said, "If interactions like these are deemed constructive for Sino-Tibetan relations and understanding each other further, then in the future I think and I hope that many Chinese scholars and concerned people will take part." In his interaction, the Dalai Lama touched upon various topics concerning Tibetan exiles. On losing grip over the behaviour of a few Tibetans in exile, the spiritual guru said: "There are over 150,000 Tibetans living in exile, of which perhaps 99 percent share a common concern. Of course, there will be difference of opinions and it should exist since here we are following the path of democracy. I tell my people that they have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of thought and they should express themselves freely. So there will be different opinions." Regarding the stand of pro-independence activists of the Tibetan Youth Congress, he said, "They struggle for independence and criticise our middle way policy. During my occasional meetings with them, I tell them the Chinese government expects that I should arrest some of you, but

doesn’t just look a hero, he is one in real life too. You gawk with open-mouthed wonder as he narrates his near-death experience when he encountered a raging storm in the Bay of Bengal on January 12, 2011. Caught in the midst of the storm on the ship ‘Baccus’, the winds were howling at 67 knots (80 miles per hour). He managed to establish contact at the rescue centre in England through his satellite phone. He narrates, “Four cargo ships responded but only after a while. We were three of us, the crew on our rescue ship threw ropes and we climbed on board their ship.” Laughing he says, “I was so quick in climbing, that I reached the other ship in just three minutes, though it was 313 metres long and really high. Such was the desperation to save my life. Lucky for me, I’ve done a lot of climbing in NZ.” But soon, getting emotional he says, “Though we Sietse Hof, rescued from the recent strom in the were saved, ‘Baccus’ disBay of Bengal appeared into the storm.” It was also a pleasure to meet other sailors like the English-Norwegian couple, Henry and Kikki Capleton who had set out from the East Coast of America to join this expedition. Radiating positive energy and happiness, they elucidate, “We love meeting people and sailing is the perfect means of doing that. We love going to places where sailors normally don’t go, as then the locals get more curious and want to interact with us.” Probe around on Lo’s boat and you will find an aesthetic tile with something in Dutch which translates into, “Who can steer, can sail in every wind.” Mr Brust pipes in, “This applies for life too.” As I bid goodbye, with a friendly wave, he concludes, “I believe in living rich to die poor.” ‘Ja Sir!’ It is clearly evident that you sailors do live a rich life! (Sailors party on page three)

we cannot do such things here in a free country and I would never do such a thing." The Dalai Lama, who believes in "greater autonomy" for the people of Tibet, is viewed by the Chinese as a hostile element bent on splitting Tibet from China. More than 50 years ago, the Dalai Lama fled into exile and established his government-in-exile here. The government is not recognised by any other country. Commenting on the issue of his reincarnation, he said: "The 400-year-old tradition of the Dalai Lama as both spiritual and temporal leader ended with the direct election of political leadership by the Tibetans in exile in 2001. In 1969, I made it well known in my official statement that whether the institution of the Dalai Lama should continue or not would be decided by the Tibetan people. In future, to decide whether to have the Dalai Lama's reincarnation and if there is a need, it is not necessary to always follow the past precedents, but we can act in accordance with the given circumstances," he said. Asked about the deep-seated anger the Chinese establishment displays towards him, he joked: "I am a demon. I have horns on my head. This (animosity) is understandable since the Chinese people have access only to one-sided and distorted information," he said while clarifying his stand on protests in several areas of western China in March 2008 prior to the Beijing Olympics. The Chinese government greatly publicised that we were creating obstacles for the Olympic Games. Because of such propaganda, the Chinese people are not aware of the entire situation and thus we cannot blame them." "Can you see my face clearly? Can see my grey eyebrows? See you later," the Dalai Lama said in his concluding remarks. (Courtesy: Agencies)


BY RON FIDELIS ecently, the partially communal and funds mis-appropriation tactics of the Goa Konkani Academy came to the fore. This happened when Agnelo de Borim who is known to never loose his cool ended up doing so involuntarily on the first day of the recently Tiatr Festival organized by the Goa Konkani Academy at Nuvem. “We were being forced into a situation by these organisers to perform our ‘tiatr’ without any curtains,” revealed Agnel when probed. Incidentally, the festival was organised by the GKA to showcase the talent possessed by the first four prize winners at the Tiatr Competition that just got over last November 2010. “But really, how can one insist that tiatrists perform without the basic infrastructure of curtains?” claimed a tiatrist from the Tiatr Academy of Goa, many of whom also had the view that funds were being pocketed or siphoned from the government in the name of organising a tiatr festival. “You see, just because there is an event on tiatr to be conducted for which they get alloted certain funds, we tiatrists cannot be taken for granted. And after all we are prize winners. How can we be treated like this?” “Absolutely ridiculous,” chips in Avito Fernandes, the first place winner at tiatr competitions held both in the north and in the south who also lamented about the improper stage on day two again. “We were categorically told via a letter that we would be provided with certain number of dimmers, spots and curtains. But when the time came to perform, only half the infrastructure was there,” exposes Avito. First time performers who have entered the realm of ‘tiatr’ and have proved themselves by winning acolades at ‘tiatr’ competitions among the best artistes of Goa do not deserve this treatment. Especially not when the TAG is doing its best to promote ‘tiatr’ culture and woo audiences and directors to get better with the quality of lights, setting, etc.

Interestingly, minister Alex Sequeira who was also present there was of the opinion that the tiatrists should 'adjust' and go ahead and not hamper the festival and awaiting people. “That was like the last straw,” says Agnelo. “I put my foot down and refused to be taken for granted,” he expresses himself. Pray please tell me, how can a ‘tiatr’ be performed without any curtains - without depicting the ‘rosto’, the garden, etc and how will the change from one scene to the next happen? Have these people totally lost it to have the audacity to ask us to adjust? We as entertainers have no self esteem at all?” The distressed minister had to back out and order the GKA organisers to have everything ready and in place by 5 pm. However, similar views like Agnelo's were also expressed by Avito the very next day when the curtains that finally turned up were absolutely haphazardly tied and resulted in no light effects being possible from the given angles. “Then during the interval, we tried to tie them tighter,” says Avito who categorically stated that his cast was absolutely disappointed. “When the organisers promised something, they should deliver and not try to make petty excuses and divert the point by trying to say that my troupe members were late which they were really not. And even if they did, what connection do late coming tiatrists have with infrastructure to be arranged by the organisers,” sums up Agnelo. It is a known fact that institutions like the Goa Konkani Academy have been earmarked funds for carrying out such activities. Clearly, this only exposes a scam within. “I have a good mind to find out exactly how much funds have been utilised via RTI act,” said a visibly upset Agnelo de Borim. Well, if he doesn't do it, someone certainly should as this is clearly a case of either deliberate discrimination by organising committee members like N Shivdas who are against Roman script patronisers or downright taking Goan tiatrists and ‘tiatr’ culture for granted. The last thing it clearly isn’t, is a lack of funds.











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Sunday, 30 Jan 2011

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? Mini Handicrafts Exhibition, organised by the Goa Handicrafts, Rural and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited (GHRSSIDC) will be held till January 30 at Our Lady Mount Carmel Church Ground, Arambol. Participation is open to artisans. Call 9822140583. A coconut craft design development workshop, organised by GHRSSIDC in collaboration with South Asia Foundation will be held from January 31 to February 14. Registration closes on January 28. Call 2228157, 2225328 or 09822140583. ‘A Journey through Multiple Roads’, a photography exhibition by the photographer Venkat Damara at the Alliance Française, Panjim will be open to public viewing till January 30. Call 2420049. Physical Theatre Workshop for Adults and Children, organised by Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panjim will be held from February 7 to 12 from 4 to 7 pm at Sunaparanta. Call 2421311. ‘Asturi’, an exhibition for woman by woman organised by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women’s Wing will be held from February 10 to 13 from 10amto 8pm at Azad Maidan, Panjim. Registration is open. E-mail Call 2424252. Bird watching special will be held on January 30 at the Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary and at Karmali Lake, organised by the Wildtrek Adventures, with pickup from Mapusa and Panjim at 7:30am. Limited seats available. Call: 9822123458/9822155805 Seminar on Falling Sex Ratio and the Girl Child will be held on February 2 at The International Centre, Goa. Call: 2452805-10 or email: Introductory Talk on Tai







email us at:

HOROSCOPE Chi workshop by Satyakam Gupta will be held on February 5 and February 7 at The International Centre, Goa. Tai Chi Sessions will also be held thrice a week in the evenings. Call: 245280510 or email: SEQC’s Twenty Paces – Solo Knock-Out Quiz Finals will be held on February 20. Call: 2452805-10 or email: Pottery Workshop for Adults and Children by Sylvia Kerkar will be held at Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, every Friday, starting February 4. Call: 2421311. The Monte Music Festival 2011 organised by Fundacao Oriente and Cidade de Goa will be held from February 4 to 6 at the Chapel of Our Lady of Mount, Old Goa. Each day’s programme will begin at 6 pm. ‘The Sound Of Silence’, a musical presentation of Austrian silent movies, organised by the Entertainment Society of Goa and the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum and India International Centre will be held on January 30 at 5:30pm at Auditorium I, Maquinez Palace, Panjim. There will be a screening of Austrian Silent Movies and live music with renowned pianist Gerhard Gruber. ‘Open Mic’, organised by Art Escape takes place every Thursday from 8pm onwards at Art Escape, Benaulim. Visit Call 9881568756 or 9323590051. ‘The Grape Escapade 2011’, a Food and Lifestyle Festival, organised by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation Limited in association with the Department of Tourism is underway till January 30 at Inox Courtyard, Panjim. ‘Multimedia and Career Opportunities’ will be the topic of discussion at the 45 minute seminar organised by Arena Animations Goa. It will be held on February 5 at 12 at Arena Animations, Panjim. Call 2225153, 9 8 2 3 0 1 3 4 8 4 , 9423885224 or 7709425857.

Store your resources and prepare for a dramatic return 21 Mar - 19 Apr to the center of the action. Have you been moving too quickly lately? It's entirely possible -- but even if you're frustrated with lack of progress, you still need to slow down today. A fast pace just ends up burning you out.

Taurus B e p r o u d o f your successes -- as well as the lessons you've 20 Apr - 20 May l e a r n e d f r o m your mistakes. Someone gets a little preachy today, but not so much that you feel put out. You should find that your energy is better for listening than for resistance, and you might actually feel somewhat swayed!

Today, put in Gemini the effort to experience the most fun you can pos21 May - 20 Jun sibly have. You're not feeling clear about your instructions -or what your mate is trying to get across to you. The worse news is that clarity doesn't always help anyway.

Explore your world with an open mind -every surprise you find will be 22 Jun - 23 Jul a happy one. Even your closest friends and relatives have a hard time reading you today, but that doesn't mean that you're out of luck entirely. Stick to those you know casually if you want to be understood.

Set a thing into motion and it will take care of itself. Let mo24 Jul - 23 Aug mentum do the work. You've got someone who needs your help in a big way -- so lend a hand. Even if you don't really have time or energy for it, you should find that it's well worth your while in the long run.

Keep at something and you will finish it. Major changes 23 Aug - 22 Sep happen in tiny increments. Your ambitious nature is highly motivated today. That could mean you're working your network to look for new gigs, polishing up your resume or dreaming up the ultimate business plan.

Cook up some plans with the people who are always up for 23 Sept - 22 Oct s o m e t h i n g nutty. Your soft side is fully engaged today, but it might be dragging you down into the muck. Try not to worry too much about whether or not you're doing what's right -- just do what makes you feel better for now.

Scorpio E n d a b a d habit -- pat yourself on the back as you 23 Oct - 22 Nov take a step in a new direction! You feel stable enough to make sense of almost any agreement today, so see if you can push ahead with that big signing or legal arrangement that has been hanging over your head for a while.

Sagittarius Tr y t o p a c e

Capricorn To d a y, y o u need to cut out whatever is holding you 22 Dec - 20 Jan back in your life -- clean house. It may be time for you to kick back a bit and rest on your accomplishments. Why not? You're close to where you want to be, and you're likely to work just as hard tomorrow as you would today.

Aquarius Take a stand today. Look out for the little guy who might 21 Jan - 19 Feb not be as confident. Cause and effect seem utterly disconnected right now, but that doesn't mean that life has become random -- merely unpredictable! Enjoy the ride, but don't worry too much about where you're heading.

When asked to give your opinion today, be very 20 Feb - 20 Mar t h o u g h t f u l about your reply. Leadership doesn't always feel natural to you, but on a day like today, it's easier than ever to wear the bossy pants. Your way with people and empathetic nature should guarantee good results.



your day to mix pockets of quiet with peri23 Nov - 20 Dec ods of action. Things are a little weird today, but not so much that you can't make them all work out right. Just try to take help when it's offered and ask for help when it's not -- things aren't so bad.






DID YOU KNOW? Who invented the digital watch?

somnambulism Pronunciation som-nam-byuh-liz-uhm Function Noun Meaning : the act or state of walking or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening; sleepwalking Example Sentence After almost getting hit by a truck last night, Cory finally accepted that he needed medical help for his somnambulism.


Peter Dimitroff Petroff, a NASA engineer, was the inventor of the Digital watch; he created the watch’s first prototype. Petroff was originally from Bulgaria and in 1968 started Care Electrics, developing wireless heart monitors for hospital use. Care Electrics evolved into Electro/Data which created the prototype digital watch. The watch was marketed by the Hamilton Watch Company as the Pulsar which sold for $2100.00 in 1971. Promotional Digital Watches are popular as ‘geek watches’ since they incorporate a large number of features other than displaying the time. Among Petroff’s many accomplishments, he developed the world’s first computerised pollution monitoring system and telemetry devices for the world’s first weather and communications satellites.


Funny Quote

“Look wise, say nothing, and grunt. Speech was given to conceal thought.” – Sir William Osler DAILY GROOK TRACKED ARTIFACT by Francis Rodrigues statue of apollo was found intact, and that u know is an arty’fact!




Tongue Twister Sunday 32° C | 19° C Dawn 06:42

Sunrise 07:05

Moon rise 03: 52 High —

Two tried and true tridents

Clear Sunset Dark 18:32 18:54

Riddle Me This Who builds stronger than a mason, a shipwright, or a carpenter?

Moon set 15:20

TIDES Low High Low High 02:05 07:07 14:17 21:46

D Tide timings are for Mormugao Harbour. For Panjim/Calangute add 20 mins. For Colva add 30 mins

17:00 The Hero 21:00 Wanted 11:20 Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events 14:10 Spider-Man 3 17:00 Drag Me to Hell 19:05 Bride Wars 21:00 When In Rome 23:10 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

09:00 Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins 10:45 Biker Boyz 13:00 Transformers 16:30 If Looks Could Kill 18:30 The Perfect Man 21:00 Hachiko: A Dog's Story 23:00 Star Trek

11:30 Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam 15:00 Family 19:00 Haseena Maan Jaayegi 22:30 Metro

Hint: The answer is in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ Last ‘Riddle Me This’ Answer: Silence

17:30 FA Cup 2010/11 21:00 Angel of Death 22:55 30 Days of Night

12:00 16:45 20:00 22:45

Karan Arjun Don No. 1 King No. 1 Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

10:55 The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo 12:50 The Book of Eli 15:15 Crash

19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 23:00

10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00

08:00 Garam Masala 11:30 Ganga Jamuna Saraswati 16:00 Ghar Ho To Aisa 20:00 Taarzan

13:00 Sivaji: The Boss

Planet Bollywood Bollywood This Week Ring a Star Gorbatschow Face off Club Mix Let'z Go!

Chuck Chuck Fear Factor Got to Dance Ultimate Guinness World Records India's Minute to Win It Got to Dance Fear Factor Ultimate Guinness World Records Top 20 Countdown India's Minute to Win It Got to Dance The Odd Couple II

10:00 Warehouse 13 11:00 American Idol 12:00 Two And A

IDIOT BOX 10:00 11:30 12:30 13:00 16:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30

10:30 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 20:00 21:30 23:00

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Wife Bina Life Superstar Buzz Indian Khichdi: The Movie Love U Zindagi Sasural Genda Phool Wife Bina Life Pyar Mein Twist Love U Zindagi

Jubilee Comedy Circus C.I.D C.I.D C.I.D C.I.D 3 Idiots Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa C.I.D

10:00 Jhansi Ki Rani 12:30 Dance India Dance Doubles 16:00 Kahani Ab Tak 16:30 Dance India Dance Doubles 19:30 Zee Cine Awards 2011

10:00 16:30 18:00 19:00 20:00

Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Ring Wrong Ring Gili Gili Gappa Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Dharam Kanta

10:30 Koffee with Karan


12:30 13:00 16:30 17:30 18:30

Superstar Buzz Tere Bin Laden Geet Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein 19:30 Tammanna 20:00 Raajneeti: Politics... and Beyond

10:00 10:21 10:50 11:30 11:55 12:00 13:00 14:00 14:30 15:00 16:00 16:30 17:00 18:00 18:30

Link'D Let'z Go! Zoom Box Let'z Go! Red Carpet Superstar Superlives Superstar Superlives Business of Bollywood Let'z Go! My Desi Top 20 Superstar Supersongs Shortcut Movies Let'z Go! Let'z Go! Business of Bollywood

12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00

Half Men Two And A Half Men The Simpsons The Simpsons Friends Friends Koffee With Karan Burn Notice Burn Notice The Bachelorette How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother Koffee With Karan Whose Line Is It Anyway?

10:00 Australian Open 2011 H/ls : Night 13 11:00 Australian Open 2011 : Mixed Doubles Final 13:30 Australian Open 2011 : Mens Singles Final 16:30 TNA Impact 18:30 TNA Badshah : Hulk Hogan

20:30 Hitz 21:00 Australian Open 2011 : Women's Singles & Men's Doubles Finals 23:00 Australian Open 2011 H/ls : Night 14

10:30 11:30 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:30 15:30 17:30 18:28 18:30 18:58 19:00 19:30 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30

Capturing The Cup : 1987 Capturing The Cup : 1992 Venue Talk : Mumbai Road to the Final Capturing The Cup : 1983 India Edition : Australia vs. India 2011 Winter X Games 15 Capturing The Cup : 1992 Sportscenter Weekend Road to the Final Sportscenter Weekend Road to the Final Capturing The Cup : 1983 Venue Talk : Mumbai Capturing The Cup : 1979 Road to the Final Capturing The Cup : 1983

10:30 Winning Post 11:00 NBA 2010/11 : Atlanta Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks 13:00 FIFA: Futbol Mundial 13:30 UEFA Europa League H/ls : Match: Day 6 14:30 UEFA Champions League H/ls : Match: Day 5 15:30 European Tour 2011 : Day 4: Volvo Golf Champions 19:30 WWE: NXT 20:30 2010 India tour of South Africa H/ls : 5th ODI 22:30 WWE: NXT 23:30 UEFA Champions League H/ls : Match: Day 6

08:00 Cricket Extra : Pre Show 08:48 2011 Commonwealth Bank Series : 5th ODI: Australia vs. England 16:30 Cricket Extra : Post Show 17:00 The Contenders (Cwc 2011) : Best of the Rest 17:30 The Fourth Estate 20:00 Versus : Australia vs. Pakistan 21:00 India Edition : Semi Final 1: England vs. India 22:00 2011 Commonwealth Bank

Series H/ls : Australia vs. England 23:00 Versus : India vs. Pakistan

10:00 A Traveller's Guide to the Planets 11:00 Mega Factories 12:00 Nat Geo Women's Hour 13:00 Nat Geo Amazing! 14:00 Lion Ranger 15:00 Undercover 16:00 Huge Moves 17:00 World's Deadliest Animals 18:00 Nat Geo Amazing! 19:00 Best of The Decade 20:00 A Traveller's Guide to the Planets 21:00 Jailed Abroad 22:00 Nat Geo Specials

06:30 Dudhsagar 07:00 Success Mantra (Inner Self) 07:30 Mando Santa Cruz III 08:00 English News 09:00 Vision 2035 09:30 Chris Perry’s Musical Show 10:00 English News 11:00 Fine Tunes 11:30 Clown Fiesta II 12:00 Flavors 12:30 Trend Setter III 13:00 English News 14:00 Geo Natal Fashion Show 14:30 Konkani Movie 15:30 Fairy Land II 16:00 Sunday Mass 17:00 Mando Santa Cruz III 17:30 Tiny Tots 18:00 English News 19:00 Prevent Child Abuse 19:30 Vision 2035 20:00 English News 21:00 Fine Tunes 21:30 Chris Perry’s Musical Show 22:00 English News 23:00 Amazing Fusion of Dance Beats 23:30 Sunday Mass Repeat 00:30 Trend Setter 01:00 Geo Natal Fashion Show 01:30 Success Mantra 02:00 Fairy Land II 02:30 Makar Sankranti 03:00 Mando Santa Cruz III Note: Subject to change

Instructions for Sudoku 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes


HERALD CROSSWORD - 771 Across 1- Franklin D.'s mother; 5- Failure; 9- Like Cheerios; 14Bedouin; 15- Sci-fi princess; 16Flood; 17- Republic in N South America; 19- Be silent, musically; 20- Short sock; 21- Facial expression used by Elvis Presley; 23- Abilities; 25- Day-___; 26Bumped into; 29- Compass pt.; 30- Make unstable; 33- Onward in time; 34- Handsome young man; 35- Pro ___; 38- Bro's counterpart; 40- Oops!; 41- Hindu incarnation; 44- Munch; 47- Prudery; 49- Actress Balin; 52- Brian of Roxy Music; 53- My ___, Vietnam; 54- Performer of gymnastic feats; 56- Simmons rival; 58- Fervent; 59- Contour feather; 62- Locomotive; 64- Neighborhoods; 65- Beige; 66- Nothing, in Nantes; 67- Bounded; 68- Counterfeit; 69- Quartz grains; Down 1- French form of kick boxing; 2- Places of contest; 3- Fester; 4- White poplar tree; 5- Flit; 6Bruce ___ was a famous kung-fu movie star; 7Lubricates; 8- Monetary unit of Tonga; 9- Bonelike; 10- On ___ with; 11- Tic ___ Dough; 12- Hot time in Paris; 13- After taxes; 18- Meditation room of a Zen monastery; 22- Exile isle; 24Grounded fleet; 26- Ho Chi ___; 27- Pinza of "South Pacific"; 28- New Age musician John; 31Dense; 32- Half-mask; 33- Solid oils; 35- Contest, ethnicity; 36- Mary Kay competitor; 37- ___ -shanter (Scottish cap); 39- Queens stadium; 42In any case; 43- Crowd sound; 45- Mystery; 46Incense gum; 48- Large towns; 49- Spain and Portugal; 50- Norwegian arctic explorer; 51- Be

present; 55- Smells; 56- Break, card game; 57Flatfoot's lack; 59- Amigo; 60- Afore; 61- PBS benefactor; 63- Man-mouse connector;













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Sunday, 30 Jan 2011

Classic Austrian Silent Movies to be held at ESG




Goa Opinion Poll Day celebrated with Musical Show


HERALD FEATURES he 44th anniversary of the Opinion Poll Day was held by paying glowing tributes to the Father of Opinion Poll, Joao Hugo Eduardo de Sequeira, the man popularly known as Dr Jack de Sequeira. The musical show was orgainsed by Tiswadi’s renowned cultural group ‘Goykaranchi Konkani Bhas, Songit Kala ani Sonskrutai Kendr’ (GKBSKSK), Merces. The Chief Guest for the evening, Fr Mavrick Fernandes, expressed his agony on the fact that most Goans were today meting out step-motherly treatment to Konkani – their mother tongue. This Convenor of the Council of Social Justice and Peace felt that Goans could still protect Goa by following the ideals of altruism and self sacrifice practised whole heartedly by the late leader of the UGP. The guest of honour of the show was Fr Jose Caetano D’Costa, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Merces Church, Merces. The musical extravaganza was conducted by singer Aniceto Lourenco. In addition, the audience was regaled by the harmonious vocal chords of singers like Sonia Sirsat, Anthony San and Clarissa, Socorro de St Cruz, Sonia Fernandes, Andrea Fernandes, Livia D’Silva, Alvito Araujo and Josiah Rebello. Aniceto in particular regaled the audience with memorable numbers of late Alfred Rose. The show was peppered with stunning humour by the comedian duo of Cyril and Caetano. The winners of the 2010 Konkani Essay Competition in roman script were also rewarded cash prizes during the occasion. Special invitee Dr Lily Sequeira, daughter of late Jack de Sequeira thanked GKBSKSK for organising the musical show in memory of her father. Advocate Antanasio Monteiro, a special invitee spoke on the life of great leader late Dr Jack de Sequeira.

HERALD FEATURES ovies are an incredible window to a wider world, offering escape and entertainment, and silent films encompassed some of the purest forms of expression. The actors emphasised on the body language and facial expression and for dialogue, onscreen intertitles were used to narrate story points. The musical performance and composition played a key role in silent cinema, complimenting the visual storytelling and theatrical acting starting with the pianist at the first public projection of movies by the Lumière Brothers on December 28, 1895 in Paris. Entertainment Society of Goa in collaboration with the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum and India International Centre throws open an evening of nostalgia, showcasing the golden era of cinematic genius with the screening of Austrian Silent Movies and live music with renowned pianist Gerhard Gruber at Maquinez Palace, Auditorium I on January 30, 2011, 5:30pm. The short films to be showcased are, two films from the series ‘Cocl and Seff ’ (1920), the Austrian version of ‘Laurel and Hardy’; ‘Longinus Länglich als Wunderknabe (1921); ‘Wiener Bilderbogen’ (1925); ‘Pierette's Bilderbuch’ (1922); ‘Amaranta’ (1921) and feature film ‘Café Elektric’ (1928).


Photos by Christina Viegas

Many tales to tell: The US sailors

Cesar Menezes and Basil Fernandez with the entire troupe of sailors


Siblings bond over good Goan food: Cedric Vaz and Nenette Fernandez

Time to savour great Goan food: Sailors make a beeline to satiate their bodies and souls

Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors: Experts Lo Brust and Cesar Menezes

Wines to cheer your way: Every captain was presented with a bottle of wine by Basil Fernandez and Cedric Vaz

Niddhi Fernandez gets a feel of being among souls who sail the seas

Photos by Rozario Estibeiro

Winning Models: Captured on Calendar Strutting in style: Models Nicole, Manasi and Neha will be the three models on the calendar for the entire year of 2011 (right and below) Beginning a trend: Miss India International 2010 Neha Hinge, Miss India World 2010 Manasvi Mamgai, Marc Robinson, creative director, Femina Miss India 2011 Calendar, Nicole Faria, Miss India Earth 2011 and Jitu Savlani, the calendar’s photographer, launch the first ever Femina Miss India calendar (above)

Striking a pose: Fashion designer Monty Sally and model Dawn Mortimer (above)










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Sunday, 30 Jan 2011



Mandy Moore rules out Romantic Comedies

You have to do roles that suit your age: Raveena


andy Moore has no plans to star in any more romantic comedies – because she’s convinced there is “nothing to learn” from making light-hearted movies. The singer-turned-movie star wants to seek out more challenging scripts and establish herself as a serious actress after turns in films including A Walk To Remember and License to Wed. She said, “I’ve had fun doing romantic comedies but I just can’t anymore. There’s nothing fulfilling creatively, there’s nowhere to grow, nothing to learn from it or for yourself. I’d rather just be home with my family or write music until that special project comes my way.” And Moore, who voiced Disney princess Rapunzel in the animated family film Tangled, would love to sign up for a live-action musical. She adds: “It was fun to dip my toe in the water (in Tangled), but I’d like to do the real thing on the big screen. That would be so much fun.”


aveena Tandon, who has been away from the big screen for nearly five years, promises to make a comeback soon but says she will only accept something that suits her age. “I am gradually going through scripts and you will soon see me back in movies. I am looking for something challenging and interesting,” says Raveena. “I would not like to fool myself doing what the actresses are doing today. Today, I can’t play the role of college student. If somebody even offers me one, I would probably ask them to get their brain examined. You have to do roles that suit your age,” she added. Raveena started her career in 1991 and has a number of successful films to her credit. Her powerful performance as a victim of marital violence in Daman even won her a National award. After 13 years in the industry, Raveena decided to settle down and tied the knot with distributor Anil Thadani in 2004. The couple have two children – daughter Rasha, six, and three-and-a-half-year-old son Ranbir. It is often said that an actress who gets married has fewer options but Raveena doesn’t agree. “‘It used to happen earlier when after marriage there used to be fewer options for actresses, not any more. With married heroes being cast in films, it has slowly opened doors for female actors as well. The industry has broadened its horizon, the whole perception has changed and Kajol is one of the prime examples of the same,” she says.

Zac and Vanessa’s Strange Love



Ranbir is a better actor than Imran: Aamir Khan

ollywood superstar Aamir Khan is one such actor, who has never maintained the diplomacy tag on him. He has never bothered to call a spade a spade. He has not been partial to anyone during his more than two decade long career in Bollywood. The seasoned actor has yet again proved that he is a thorough professional and does not spare family and friends too. This time, it was turn of his doting nephew Bollywood actor Imran Khan. In a recent interview, Aamir was asked to choose between Ranbir Kapoor and Imran as the better actor. Aamir could not be diplomatic here too and said that he loves Imran but as an actor Ranbir is the

better one. Well, it may hurt Imran but he should not forget the big compliment he received from his mamu. Aamir said that Imran is a lambi race ka ghoda, which is no doubt a big compliment for him. Aamir might have given a hint to Imran that he needs to work harder if he really wants to stay in competition in the industry. So, this is a genuine concern of his uncle for his betterment so he should take the positive side of it. On the other hand, we also cannot completely deny the fact that Ranbir has done much more versatile roles in these years compared to Imran so he deserves that compliment from Aamir.

Your iPhone could take the Place of your Credit Card!


here’s plenty you can do with them – play music, send pictures and what not – but soon, you could be using your iPhones for shopping. Barclaycard and UK’s mobile phone network, Everything Everywhere, which included Orange, have signed a partnership to bring the system to 40,000 tills. “This is the beginning of a revolution in how we pay for things. It’s a cultural shift that is as important as the launch of the personal credit card or cash machines,” said Chief development officer for Everything Everywhere, Gerry McQuade. He added, “We’re making something that has been talked about for many years a reality and, very soon, using your mobile to buy a sandwich, a cinema ticket or, in time, even something bigger like a computer will simply be the norm.” This is how it works: there’s a tiny chip and an antenna installed in the phone, which ties the handset to the owner and their credit card or bank account. The antennae sends a radio signal to a till scanner which recognises the handset, authorises the payment and then deducts the money from the owner’s account. Of course, there are drawbacks – the more frequent the transactions the more are the interest charges. People will also be suspicious about the security of the technology, given the recent history of bank innovations. Another worry is the phone getting lost. But Orange has insisted the system is secure. A spokesperson said customers would be able to use a single contact number to cancel their phone and ‘mobile wallet’, meaning no transactions could be carried out.

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he most talked about Hollywood couple, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are back together, but let’s not get too excited because the couple is not exactly in a relationship, seeing each other. According to sources, it is said that the two of them, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, are ‘just friends’ who have a lot of benefits. The two of them started dating when the famous movie, High School Musical was released in 2005 and ever since then they have been great friends. Zac and Vanessa’s mutual friends earlier stated that the two of them will get back together once they realise what they missed after their split. But as of now things have taken a great twist and the two are not in love but simply having great intimacy without any strings attached. According to Vanessa and Zac, they stated that they split in December last year due to work related issues and different careers, but it was later stated that Leonardo DiCaprio told Zac to move on and grow out of the High School Musical movie fever. To which Zac finally dumped Vanessa, his girlfriend of 5 years.

Smoking Habits are passed on from Father to Son, Mother to Daughter


new study has found that smoking habits are transmitted from mother to daughter and father to son. “However, if a mother smokes it does not seem to impact on the probability of her son smoking, and similarly a father that smokes does not affect his daughter,” said Loureiro, a researcher at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), in Spain. Loureiro carried out the study in homes where both parents were present as well as in single parent households, which were primarily headed by mothers. “The results obtained show that, in terms of smoking habits, after taking socio-economic variables into account, daughters tend to imitate their mothers, while sons imitate their fathers,” said Loureiro. If both parents smoke, the chances of a son smoking are 24 per cent but if neither does, this number falls to 12 per cent. For daughters, the probability of smoking if both parents smoke is 23 per cent, also falling to 12 per cent if neither of the parents smokes. But in single-parent households, the smoking habits are passed on regardless of the gender. In this case, a son’s likelihood of smoking if the mother smokes is 32 per cent and 28 per cent for a daughter. “These results have clear importance in terms of designing public policies to combat smoking. Policies that are successful in reducing smoking habits among parents will also affect their children. Anti-smoking policies for young people need to be put in place that will also include the family and social context in which they live,” concluded Loureiro.


ustralian researchers have announced that losing weight may not necessarily prevent diseases if the weight is not kept off. The research indicated that unless a person sticks to the strict diet which got the weight off, they will likely get the pounds back shortly. The researchers reported that they used computer simulations for the project. One of the simulations involved a model being fed on rich diet meals like green vegetables and cereals and the other was fed on low-fat diets. The models were also made to exercise 180 minutes every week. After the programme, it was revealed that the models lost an average of 8 to12 pounds when they were on the diet. They also kept the weight off for six months. However when the models were taken off the diet, they were back at where they began 6 years later. The study author, Lennert Veerman explained that, “Interventions that try to change the behaviour of individuals but do nothing about the environment in which these people live are likely to have modest and temporary effects at best.” Courtesy: Agencies

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