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London, April 29: Prince William and his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton were married in a historic fairytale ceremony at the

majestic Westminster Abbey marked by pomp and pageantry as huge crowds and a global TV audience watched Britain’s biggest royal wedding in 30 years. William, the second in line

to throne, and Middleton, who have been romancing for the past 10 years, were pronounced man and wife as they exchanged wedding vows with two simple words “I will “ before Archbishop of

Canterbury Rowan Williams. Wearing a stunning ivory gown with lace appliqué floral detail with a long train and lace sleeves, 29-year-old Middleton and William, 28,


attired in the red tunic of an Irish Guards Colonel - his most senior honorary appointment — also recited a prayer written by them. Middleton is the first >Continued on pg 7


loyal saluTe: Britian unites in front of Buckingham Palace, to watch a kiss between Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, druring the Royal Wedding in London on Friday.

AI pilots ready for jail PTI New Delhi, April 29: Striking Air India pilots today said they are willing to go to jail

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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Recognised by the Government of India






MA PUSA : 6.30 PM. PA NJ IM : 7.30 PM. MA RGA O : 8.30 PM.

From April 10th 2011

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and refused to call off their agitation which further paralysed the services of the Stateowned airline leaving >Continued on pg 12

Herald exclusIve: THe InsIde sTory of How THe consulTanT for THe MoPa aIrPorT was selecTed

Selection of MOPA consultant highly suspicious Non-technical officers supervised technical presentation l Amman & Whitney/Louis Berger edge out EGIS l LBG, blacklisted from NHAI for project failures


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Estd. 1930

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Recognised by the Government of India

Complain C oINAUGURAL mplain OFFER Panjim, April 29: The GovernDistrict ttoo tthe hBRING eD istrTHIS ict AD & AVAIL ment of Goa, in a completely DISCOUNT UPTO 30% Collector, ollecD toA r, IiiffLyyou ou C non-transparent and almost Y octor ffind ind a ddoctor suspicious process has deddisclosing isclosing cided to formally select GOA TO ) he ssex ex ooff cchild hi(lKdO Z H I K O D EAmman tthe n Whitney and its partner LBG (Louis Berger before befTHALASSERY, birthKANNUR, .via KASARAGOD ore birth.


Group) as the consultant for


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Dep:. At 2:00 Pm. From Panjim The final bid scores of the Fromfinal 4 short-listed internaMA PUSA : 1.30 PM. l 14th consultants/consorPA NJ IM : 2.00 PM. Apri tional 2011

MA RGA O : 3.00 PM.

royal lIP servIce: Britain's Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, after the wedding service, in London on Friday.

tiums were Amman & Whitney/LBG 85.25, EGIS 83.59, RITES 77.74 and SNC Lavalin 72.17 (see box). Amman & Whitney/LBG’s financial proposal of Rs 19.37 crore was also substantially higher than SNC Lavlin’s 16.8 crore and RITES’ 12.0

crore. Perhaps unknown to the Government, the Louis Berger Group has been debarred from participating in

any tendering process of the National Highways Authority for violating consultancy obligations for widening of National highways in Assam

TECHNICAL BID SCORE Company Tech Marks Egis Amman & Whitney/LBG RITES SNC Lavalin

Final Tech Score 89.00 90.80 72.18 72.45

FINANCIAL BID SCORE Company Egis Amman & Whitney/LBG RITES SNC Lavalin

Final Financial Score 61.93 63.04 100.00 71.06

FINAL BID SCORE Company Egis Amman & Whitney/LBG RITES SNC Lavalin

Financial 19.30 Cr 19.03 Cr 12.00 Cr 16.80 Cr Final Score 83.59 85.25 77.74 72.17

MedIuM of InsTrucTIon

Hapless Digambar turns to madam

TeaM Herald

Margao, April 29: With the Forum for Rights of Children’s Education flexing its muscle over including English as the medium of instruction and a section of Congress heavyweights also supporting it, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has knocked the doors of the party High Command to help work out a solution to the medium imbroglio. In fact, Kamat told Herald on Friday that he has requested the Congress High Command to depute an emissary to the State in view of the

raging controversy. At the same time, the Chief Minister admitted that some officials are trying to work out a formula, but hastened to add that he has no role to play in the exercise. “Frankly speaking, I have nothing to do with any exercise to work out a compromise formula to break the deadlock. May be some officials are working at their level on the issue”, he said. The Chief Minister made the comment when asked to react to reports whether the Government is working out a >Continued on pg 12

and West Bengal. The NHAI’s letter, which tantamounts to blacklisting Louis Berger (in possession of the

Herald) was issued as recently as March 22, 2011. There are two concerns. The Louis Berger Group, un-

doubtedly a big player in various international projects, has been repeatedly finding >Continued on pg 12




it is mandatory under Article 214 of the Constitution of India for every state to have its own high court, barring exceptional circumstances. -- Adv Anacleto Viegas

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

I cannot say whether accommodating labour within the factory premises at night is legal or illegal. The Contract workers and migrant workers Acts are silent on this aspect. --Fatima Rodrigues (Labour Commissioner )

Industrial units risking workers’ lives while authorities look away Mickky plays ball at Nehru stadium Hazard a guess who was spotted at the VIP enclosure for the Dempo-Salgaocar I-League match at the Nehru stadium this weekend. Well, former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco returned to the Nehru stadium years after he disbanded his football team Fransa SC. Cynosure of all eyes as he occupied the sofa meant for the VIP guests. Mickky said he had stayed away from the stadium after he made a promise to his football fans that he will return only if people like Priyaranjan Das Munshi and Albert Colaco were not in control of the All India Football Federation. That’s not all, the flamboyant former Tourism Minister maintained that he would now re-dedicate himself towards the promotion of football and would be a regular visitor at the Nehru stadium. Mickky’s ball game created an unintentional foul by pushing PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao, who is often seen seated on the VIP sofa, to a chair in the VIP gallery, after he found Mickky firmly planted on the sofa.

Power dept runs out of fuel! The electricity department had a taste of its own medicine for non-payment of dues. It so happened earlier this week that the fuel tanks of many a electricity department vehicle ran empty and officials realized to their utter shock that the petrol pump owner declined to provide them fuel since the department had defaulted on clearing its whopping fuel bill. The situation put the electricity officials in a tizzy with even the mobile power vans stranded at the Power House Aquem, and unable to attend to customers’ calls, for want of fuel. It was only later in the day that the vehicle tanks were topped with fuel after the department drew a cheque in the name of the company, bringing relief to the officials and staff of the department.

Poll vault This isn’t exactly a war of banners in a real sense, one may say. But, Fatorda constituency – which has become a fertile grounds for the politicos – saw banners at almost every nook and corner this week. Reason: The main political players Congress ticket contender Vijay Sardessai and BJP MLA Damu Naik put up banners greeting the people of the constituency on the occasion of Easter. This is not the first time that Sardesai has tried to publicly convey his wishes to the people on religious festivities. What, however, has come a surprise to many is the decision by Damu to pole vault and follow in the footsteps of his Congress rival. The banner war appears to be just a trailer before the players launch a no holds barred battle in the run up to the polls?

Of spoon feeding and intercoms Urban Development Minister, Joaquim Alemao may boast of ushering in all round development of Cuncolim Town during his nearly decade long political stint. But, the Cuncolim MLA appears to be unaware of the fact that the Cuncolim Municipal Council lacks the basic intercom facility to allow people to communicate with the Chief Officer. In fact, the Cuncolim Chief Officer is never available on phone on any given day on the pretext that the intercom facility is down and out. That’s not all. Even Municipal staff hesitate to provide the Chief Officer’s mobile phone to the public for reasons best known to them. The situation has been persisting for months now and citizens wonder why an intercom, which would not cost the CMC a bomb, is not put in place. When Alemao’s attention was drawn to the situation by both citizens and the media, he said that he cannot always spoon feed the Civic body and that the Civic officials and elected representatives should take their own decisions.

Housing Industrial workers at factory premises has exposed the fact that employers are putting the lives of workers at risk and authorities are failing in their duty to monitor safety requirements says Guilherme Almeida.


hat was feared all along has finally been exposed. Sunday night’s ammonia leakage in a food processing factory in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate and resultant injuries to workers, should come as an eye opener to concerned authorities over the unauthorized accommodation of industrial workers within the factory premises. That the workers were left injured in the Amonia leakage raises serious questions over the presence of workers within the factory premises

at nights. The incident has only confirmed to fears that the workers are susceptible to hazardous accidents because of their accommodation inside the factory premises. In fact, residents of Cuncolim had been bitterly protesting over the years over the unauthorized presence of workers inside the Industrial estate, but in vain. Says Oscar Martins, who has been waging a battle against pollution and other irregularities in the Cuncolim Industrial estate: “Rough es-

timates put the total number of workers staying within the Cuncolim industrial estate to 2000-plus. This is totally illegal. How can workers be provided accommodation at the factory premises at night when they are supposed to be housed outside the estate limits”. If Martins is to be believed the recent incident should open the eyes of the Goa Industrial Development Corporation and other authorities to the illegalities at Cuncolim. Labour Commissioner Fatima Rodrigues, however,

said both the Contract labour and migrant labour Acts are silent on the issue of accommodating workers within the factory premises. “I cannot say whether accommodating labour within the factory premises at night is legal or illegal. The Contract workers and migrant workers Legislations are silent on this aspect”, she added. Ms Rodrigues elaborated that though the Acts are silent on accommodation of workers inside the factory premises, there’s a provision for

rest rooms or residential accommodation for the workers. Managing Director of Goa IDC, Ajit Naik, however, is categorical in saying that workers cannot be accommodated within the factory premises. “We can understand if accommodation is provided to employees working in shifts. But, I don’t think the Industrial estate can house large number of workers when their work scheduled does not require their presence at nights”, he added.

Naik promised to seek a status report on the situation at the Cuncolim Industrial estate from the local officer. “The IDC is open for an inquiry. I will immediately for a detailed report from the IDC officer posted at Cuncolim”, he added. Martins, however, was skeptical of the inquiry. “Agitating activists have been literally after the IDC to crack a whip against unauthorized accommodation in Cuncolim. The officials only turned a blind eye to the irregularities”, he added.

Salcete villages suffocate as local bodies struggle with waste disposal Anthony D’Silva.


ne would come across swaying coconut trees, barren paddy fields, traces of mangroves et al as one drives down the Chinchinim-Assolna-Ambelim-Velim road – a distance of 6-7 kilometers. Sadly, this road meandering through these villages is littered with all kinds of waste, all along the stretch – indicating the growing garbage and waste disposal problem staring in the face of the local bodies. Herald inquiries have revealed that measures to put an end to waste and plastic menace has not helped much to address the problem. Take the case of Chinchinim village. The Panchayat with the cooperation of the local NGOs and residents took off on a positive note its drive to put an end to plastic menace. Chinchinim was perhaps the first village to ban the use of plastic bags and made efforts to collect plastic waste from door-to-door. The situation, however, has come full circle now, with problems relating to use of paper or jute bags coming to the fore and the absence of collection and

Waste along the roadside on the Chinchinim-Velim road.

An overflowing plastic collection bin at Ambelim. waste disposal mechanism. Says Chinchinim Sarpanch Olwyn Antao: “The Panchayat did make efforts to get rid of the plastic menace. I can say our plan took off successfully, with cooperation from the public and establishments, before it

got grounded”. The Sucaldem-Assolna bridge stretch of the road and the Deussua-Orlim bridge road – both coming under the jurisdiction of Chinchinim village Panchayat – show the extent of plastic menace facing the village.

The situation in neighbouring Assolna village or Ambelim is no different either. Says social activist, Anthony D’Silva: “More than half the street and roads are littered with garbage due to the absence of garbage bins even for miles end. And, even

where there is a provision for bins, it has been proved to be worse because of the failure to clear the same and to empty the bins periodically”. D’Silva says the bins installed by the Ambelim Panchayat have been found overflowing or the waste set afire for want of its periodic disposal. “We had congratulated the Panchayat for installing the bins, but now the people regret having encouraged the Panchayat for having the bins since they are not cleared for days together”, he added. Sarpanch Cruz Silva says that though the bins were meant for plastic collection, even wet garbage is now find-

ing its way in the bins, posing menace for the contractor at the time of disposal. “The Panchayat is trying to streamline the system so that the disposal is done periodically and the waste is not disposed off by fire”, he added. The situation is no better in Assolna village either, with plastic and other waste finding its way by the roadside, right in the market area. Sadly, all these three villages have so far failed to identity suitable areas for waste disposal, with land identified by the Panchayats either finding no favour with the Goa Pollution Board or bogged down with local protests.

Goa should have its own high court: Adv Viegas Over the years, the South Goa Advocates Association has been in the forefront to demand an independent high court for Goa. The demand has been renewed and reiterated post-Judge Desmond D’Costa suspension episode. Guilherme Almeida finds out from Association President Adv Anacleto Viegas on the long-standing demands of the advocates panel from South. Herald: Why has the South Goa Advocates Association been rooting for an Independent High Court for Goa? Adv Viegas: An independent high court for Goa is the need of the time. We have a bench of the high court literally for the last 30 year. The Jurisdiction of the high court today has extended so much that the Judiciary has taken up various issues to make the government enforce the law, be it CRZ etc. Therefore, it is just and proper that Goa should get its own high court. Moreover, it is mandatory

under Article 214 of the Constitution of India for every state to have its own high court, barring exceptional circumstances. Herald: In what way would the litigants benefit from an Independent high court for the state. Adv Viegas: Litigation would certainly become cheaper as far as the litigants are concerned. Moreover, we would be having our own people decided our own fate if there is an independent high court. In Goa, we have the Uniform Civil Code and other laws such as the Mund-

cars and Tenancy, which cannot be easily understood by Judges from other parts of the country. Similar is the case with matters pertaining with Communidades, since the

code is unknown to people from outside the state. Herald: The Association has been approaching various authorities and fora, including the President of India and the Supreme Court in support of its demand. Is there any response to your petitions. Adv Viegas: Well, there has been no response to our petitions so far. But, everyone agrees that the Association needs to intensify our demand for an independent high court. We are right now planning a mega conference on lawyers, which would also deliberated,

amongst other things, the case for a high court for Goa. Herald: You launched a tirade against Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat on the issue, even calling him a hypocrite. Why. Adv Viegas: The Chief Minister appears to have turned blind and deaf to the demand made by the South Goa Advocates Association. Otherwise, how does one explain his stand that he is unaware of the demand for an independent high court when the agitation was going on right under his nose. We will continue our movement

in support of the demand for a high court for the state. Herald: Surprisingly, the demand for an independent high court for Goa has not evoked support in North Goa or from amongst the state’s legal fraternity. Adv Viegas: Yes, to some extent there was no response from North Goa based lawyers for an independent high court. But, things are changed now. Today, we have senior counsel demanding high court for the state. They have realized the importance of an independent high court for Goa.



Suitably compensate victims of trafficking: IPS officer HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 29: A senior police officer has mooted that substantial amount of compensation should be paid to victims of trafficking, so that they do not go back to the same ‘profession’. Speaking at the inaugural function of a two-day seminar on anti-human trafficking, Inspector General of Police (Crime BranchAndhra Pradesh) S Umapati, said that atleast Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 be paid per victim of human trafficking to ensure a proper rehabilitation process. Umapati said that the Andhra Pradesh government pays Rs 10,000 to the rescued children and women victims of trafficking. The IPS officer quoted a national survey that an estimate of 30 lakh women and children are trafficked for various forms of exploitation, of which children comprise nearly 25 percent.

Cases of Immoral TraffICkIng In goa

Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 (till date)

cases 26 10 15 24 16 02

He expressed dissatisfaction over the decline in conviction rate. “Many times police have to go beyond the call of duty to catch these people (traffickers) and convict them. In Andhra Pradesh, we could secure conviction of the traffickers to 7-10 years imprisonment because the judges were sensitised,” he said. He said that about 22 crores income is generated from trafficking everyday. Goa State Commission for Women (GSCW) in association with the International Organisation for Migration – Hyderabad has hosted a two day seminar on ‘Public Pri-

AITUC blames govt for poor condition of working class HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 29: The All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) has hit out at the government for what it terms as complete mismanagement and non-proactive approach leading to a complete deterioration in the condition of workers, not only in Goa but across the country. The AITUC will hold a protest march from the KTC bus-stand Panjim to Azad Maidan May Day celebrated as Workers Day on the first day of May all across the world, to highlight these issues. “Today, unless the workers come onto the streets their grievances are not addressed. We have seen it in the case of the KTC workers, the PWD workers and more recently the malaria workers and the BSNL employees, all of whom are contract labourers. The malaria workers had to go on strike three times before they got their grievances addressed,” General Secretary of the AITUC Christopher Fonseca said. “The government wakes up only when the workers come onto the streets,” he added. The main reasons for their continued battles, he said, was the abolition of contract labour and in some cases that basic benefits like Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance (ESI) Scheme and others be granted to the workers. This year is a special year for the Goa State Committee of the AITUC, which is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year. “This is our Golden Jubilee year and is a special occasion for all of us. We wish all AITUC workers on this occasion,” Fonseca said. ‘State Labour Ministry has come to a grinding halt’ General Secretary of the AITUC, Christopher Fonseca has hit out at the Labour Minister Joaquim

Alemao, who, he says, has allowed the Labour Ministry to come to a grinding halt. “The Goa Labour Welfare Board, besides other boards have not met for the last 6-7 years. What kind of governance is this,” he asked.

vate Partnership to combat human trafficking and prevention through skill building and employment opportunities.’ Speaking on the occasion, GSCW chairperson Ezilda Sapeco said that poverty is the main cause of trafficking. She remarked that despite various measures taken by governments the benefits of economic development have not trickled down to the marginalised sections of the society. “The poverty and the living conditions make children and women belonging to the poor sections of the society highly vulnerable to human trafficking,” Sapeco added. Goa has witnessed quite a number of human trafficking cases, which has been evident with series of raids by Goa police on massage parlours and other tourist locations. Most of these victims are brought from other states, especially neighbouring Karnataka and northeastern states, to Goa for this purpose.

Today, unless the workers come onto the streets their grievances are not addressed. We have seen it in the case of the KTC workers, PWD workers and more recently the malaria workers and the BSNL employees. --- AITUC General Secretary Christopher

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

The IPS officer quoted a national survey that an estimate of 30 lakh women and children are trafficked for various forms of exploitation, of which children comprise nearly 25 percent.



Warrant against ex-corporator

With the mushrooming construction, the water gets accumulated in the fields and it takes months together to absorb it. By that time the existing cultivation spoils and there is no way we can cultivate fresh vegetables — Taleigao farmer Caedo Dias

Double murder judgement on May 7

Mickky attends hearing in casino assault case MARGAO: Former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco made his presence felt in the court of Judicial Magistrate First Class, Margao on Friday, this time in connection with the hearing of the casino assault case. After the court adjourned hearing of the case to June 15, Mickky was huddled with his lawyer, Adv Srikant Nayak in the court corridor. The former Tourism Minister had made appearance in the court of Judicial Magistrate First Class at the last date of hearing. The crime branch had filed a chargesheet against the former Tourism Minister accusing him of an assault in the casino in a starred hotel.

Konkan fruit festival begins PANJIM: The annual Konkan Fruit Festival 2011 commenced on Friday with more than 150 varieties of fruits displayed on the promenade along the Mandovi River. Various organs of Goa government in association with the agro-NGOs have hosted the annual affair. Around 200 farmers from Goa and Konkan region are participating in the three-day festival. Miguel Braganza, Secretary, Botanical Society of Goa (BSG) told Herald that almost 60,000 footfalls are expected for the festival, wherein fruits like mango, jackfruit, kokum, chickoo and others are displayed. ‘Hurrak, the brewery produced from Cashew fruit and is produced by traditional ‘lawani’ method in Sattari taluka, is also displayed on a specialized stall. Farmers from Goa and Maharashtra’s Deogad, Kudal and Mutt areas of Konkan belt are participating in the festival. The event, which will have various competitions, aims to enhance farmers’ participation and educate people about the rich horticultural bio diversity in the Western Ghat region.

Varca house burgled MARGAO: Unknown miscreants burgled a close house at Varca, decamping with gold ornaments and a Kinetic scooter. Colva police informed that the theft took place when the house remained close for the last one year. The miscreants are believed to have affected entry into the house and decamped with the scooter, two gold chains and four pairs of earrings. A complaint to this effect was lodged by one Succorina Barretto. The police are investigating.

Amona sarpanch’s election termed ‘illegal’ BICHOLIM: Terming the election to the post of Amona sarpanch as “illegal”, Amona Panch Damodar Parab has called upon the Director of Panchayat to declare the election as null and void. Amona Panch Damodar Parab informed that the election to the posts of sarpanch and deputy sarpanch was held in the panchayat hall on Friday. Damodar Parab and Anushka Gawas filed nominations for the post of sarpanch, while Ujwala Ghadi filed nomination for the post of deputy sarpanch. “After the proceedings, Presiding Officer Kudnekar, instead of taking election to the post of sarpanch, announced that Anushka Gawas was elected as sarpanch, while Ujwala Ghadi was elected as deputy sarpanch,” stated Parab.

The crux of the agreement on River Princess removal is that the company will not be granted any extension in terms of time, if it fails to complete the work in 180 days.

Govt lethargy may deprive CCP of JNNURM funds

PANJIM: Former corporator Uday Madkaikar was today issued a non-bailable warrant for failing to appear before the North District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum despite repeated summons. Panjim police inspector Ramesh Gaonkar said that Madkaikar was escorted by a police team to ensure that he appears before the Consumer Forum Bench in connection with two cases. He was released shortly thereafter and directed by the Forum to re-appear on May 2 for further hearing. Details of the consumer cases booked against him were however not made available to reporters.

PANJIM: North Goa District and Sessions Court will on May 7 pronounce judgement on the 2008 double murder case of a Pilerne couple. Karnataka native Rajesab Mujawar (29) has been accused of murdering Shekappa Bandari (28) and his wife Shekawa (25) on April 21, 2008 over financial dispute. Their decomposed bodies were found in Porvorim jungles. According to the police, the accused on the pretext of having some work, called Shekapa to Savlem jungle and assaulted him with a stick (danda), resulting in his instant death. The accused thereafter allegedly took Shekawa to the same spot and strangulated her with her own saree. He then fled with her gold jewellery and mobile phone estimated to be more than one lakh rupees.

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, ARPIL 29: It will not be surprising if the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) does not get any funds

under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Development Mission (JNNURM), even as three of its proposals are pending with the Ministry of Urban Development

(MUD). The projects – E-governance amounting to Rs 15.5 crore, urban renewal, parks, gardens and open spaces amounting to Rs 18.77 crores

Arihant given a deadline on River Princess removal Failure will lead to termination of deal BINDIYA CHARI PANJIM, APRIL 29: Is the agreement signed by the State government with a Mumbai based ship breaking company M/s Arihant Ship Breakers water-tight? At least, on paper, it appears to be so. The clauses included in the agreement are meant to ensure that the ship breaking company is monitored to see that the government is not taken for another royal ride. The crux of the agreement is that the company will not be granted any extension in terms of time, if it fails to complete the work in 180 days. If it violates this condition the agreement would stand terminated. Also, the government would be entitled to appropriate the company’s bank guarantee of Rs 10 crore submitted. As per the agreement signed between the government and M/s Arihant Ship Breakers this week, the work

has to be completed within 180 clean weather days. The assigned work includes removing the wreckage via sea passage and even extricating wreckage or parts of the ship which have been buried in the sea bed. The company is required to remove the debris and to pump the sand deposited inside the vessel on to the shore, without causing any environmental damage. Moreover, it has to ensure that the vessel is completely demolished. The agreement says the services are rendered on a “No cure No Pay Basis” and the contractor is entitled to payment only upon certification by the monitoring committee appointed by the government. The contract mandates that every Monday, a Monitoring Committee would examine the ongoing work. The tender amount to Rs 99 crore as quoted by the company for the entire work. The scrap sold by the company will

however be deducted from this amount. The agreement also says the contractor is allowed to retain the scrap value of the vessel but upto or equivalent to an amount Rs 10 crore (equivalent to bank guarantee submitted by the company) whereas balance scrap value have to be deposited with the government. The company is also required to submit a daily progress report to the government in a specified format. It is exigent that the company has to inform the government in case it is not able to carry out the work on any particular day. As per the agreement, the government enjoys power to terminate this contract, when it opines that there has been a breach of any of the clauses of the agreement by the contractor. These breaches include failure to take any steps to prevent pollution, environmental damage, or any breaches by any acts of the contractor or by his sub-contractors.

and Heritage conservation amounting to Rs 10.53 crores were sent to the MUD, in Delhi, after they were cleared by the State Level Steering Committee (SLSC). These three proposals submitted to the Ministry on March 17, 2010, however have not been placed before Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee (CSMC) in Delhi. On the other hand the State government has not bothered to follow up the matter with MUD even as time is running out. The JNNURM scheme came into effect in 2005 and will end in December 2012. Surprisingly, the State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) has not met even though projects worth Rs 400 crore are awaiting its approval. These include Solid Wasted Management - Rs 33 crores, Water Supply -- Rs

173.96 crores, and sewerage Rs 156.15 crores and City Mobility Plan (CMP). The sub-committee headed by Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar had approved three projects in November last year. All the projects have to be approved by the SLSC before they can be sent to MUD in Delhi. When contacted CCP official, who did not want to be named, said Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUD) is a nodal agency and should follow up the matter. It should have had ensured that SLCC meeting is convened without any further delay. A project report of St Inez creek amounting to Rs 18.64 crore is also pending with GSUDA as JNNURM reports are routed through it. Daulat Hawaldar, Member

Secretary of GSUDA however was not available for comment. When asked about this dilemma, CCP officer was confident that they would get funds under JNNURM nevertheless. “Three projects which have been sent have been appraised and await final approval and we will get funds,” he said. However, important projects are yet to be sanctioned by the SLSC and nobody seems to know when it will meet to take stock of the situation. Speaking to Herald CCP Mayor Yatin Parekh said his priorities will be water supply and sanitation projects which are more important for the city and he would get these projects approved. The new Mayor is yet to draw a plan of action to push for pending projects.

FDA has eye on artificial ripening of mangoes HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 29: The Department of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is keeping a strict check on the artificial ripening of mangoes using banned chemical at the various markets yards in Goa, the Directorate of FDA has revealed. With the mango season nearing its peak, mango buyers are increasingly worried about the quality of the fruit available in the market. Director of FDA Salim Veljee yesterday sought to allay these fears. “For the past one and a half month, we have been keeping the tabs on them. We check the market yards everyday and till day our inspectors have checked a total of 35 market yards located in the major cities of Panjim, Margao, Vasco-da-Gama, Mapusa and Ponda including private ones,” Salim Veljee said. Unscrupulous traders have been using a dangerous but highly potent chemical calcium carbide as well as the less dangerous and less used erythrene. According to experts in the field, erythrene

is allowed to be used but only in limited concentrations and that it is unlikely that the officials of the FDA are even checking for it. “Our local varieties usually ripen on their own, but mangoes that come in from other states are very difficult to ripen and hence need to be aided,” an agriculture expert who did not wish to be quote said. Agreeing with him was the Veljee who said they face a big problem with non-seasonal mangoes. “During the season, most of the mangoes that come into the market are local varieties. Those ripen by themselves with a little straw. So we accordingly focus our efforts on the ‘suspicious’ mangoes,” Veljee said adding that the ‘Neelam’ variety of mango was a big culprit. Calcium carbide, the cheapest ripening agent, which is usually placed in the mango godowns, releases acetylene gas, which is known to have a similar effect as ethylene (natural and legal ripening agent). However, calcium carbide is known to have presence of heavy metals like arsenic and phosphorous. Besides Acetylene is also known to affect the central nervous system.

Save our land to save Taleigao brinjals, cry farmers Say ICAR move to register ‘Taleigao variety brinjal’ will be a meaningless exercise VIBHA VERMA

Rozario Estibeiro

PANJIM, APRIL 29: Farmers in Taleigao are not impressed with scientists’ move to register ‘Taleigao variety Brinjal’ as they feel that just ‘protecting it on paper’ won’t work. Taleigao Farmers Club (TFC) President Xavier Almeida said that only 4-5 acres of land are left for brinjal production, which earlier was more than 100 acres. The construction activity in Taleigao has literally ripped apart the traditional farming in this village. Almeida said that the ‘biggest challenge is to save these lands where brinjals are grown from the prowling eyes of the builders.’ Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) has initiated move to register two varieties of Brinjals – Agassaim and Taleigao, under Protection of Plants Variety and Farmers’ Right Act, 2001. Taleigao, formerly a pre-

Brinjal plantation at Taleigao. dominantly agrarian economy, has been cultivating brinjal along with other variety of vegetables that were sold through Panjim market. The farmers allege that their farms are gobbled by the huge demand of housing in this village, which has turned into Panjim’s sub urban locality. Huge bypasses crisscross-

ing this village and subsequent housing projects springing along these roads has changed the face of Taleigao. But alongside these bypasses one can also see several fields that are being abandoned for want of proper management. Taleigao’s plateau is also known for the vegetable cultivation.

The farmers say that the problems for their farms started almost a decade ago when pressure on development of Panjim started spilling over their village. Caedo Dias, a local farmer said that they would put the seeds in the month of August and cultivate in November month, and by January the plants would bear fruits. But

the scene is quite different now. Dias, who also cultivates vegetables like red cabbage, tomatoes, capsicum and others in his field, says that not only weather changes, but human activities have also vastly affected farming. “With the mushrooming construction around the area, the water gets accumulated in the fields and it takes months together to absorb it. By that time the existing cultivation spoils and there is no way we can cultivate fresh vegetables unless the ground is normal,” he rued. The farmers under the TFC are lucky enough to get government’s help under ICAR and NABARD schemes. They have recently procured a tractor under a subside scheme. But those farmers, who independently cultivate their fields without lobbying, have to fend for themselves. Vishanti Kundaikar, a lady farmer, whose brinjal planta-

tion is under threat every year due to pests and diseases, said that the scientists had collected soil samples for testing. “I am yet to hear back from them,” he stated. “The Old Goa scientists (ICAR) had collected mud samples to find out why the plants were suffering from diseases despite care being taken. But they have still not got back to us with a solution,” she said. Vishanti, who is also into other vegetables produce said that the brinjals are always affected by diseases and various grievances placed before the government authorities have not helped. “We had to pay for the fertilizers from the agriculture department. But it didn’t work out. When we asked the department, they said that there was problem with our soil. See the way they are looting the poor,” she quipped.



It may be Goa’s most frequented tourist belt and a location of swanky hotels, but the Calangute-Candolim is living in the 70s, when it comes to government provided health care.

Santosh Mirajkar

MARGAO, APRIL 29: An im-

Vehicle goes off road, 1 injured CANACONA: A driver was injured when a Mahindra Scorpio vehicle went off the road at TamnemPoinguinim . According to sources, the incident occurred after one tyre burst. The driver was the lone occupant of the vehicle (GA-08 F31) and suffered minor injuries as the SUV plummeted on its side some 4 mtrs down the NH-17 at Tamnem. The vehicle was proceeding towards Canacona.

Neura resident killed in mishap VASCO: A 43-year-old man from Neura died, while an elderly woman was injured after their car rammed into a compound wall near Gomantak Bakery, Sancoale, recently. According to Verna PI Jivba Dalvi, Anthony Fernandes and Eugieno Fernandes were proceeding towards the airport in their Maruti Omni van. PI Dalvi said Anthony, lost control of the car and the vehicle rammed into a compound wall. He was declared dead on the way to the hospital. Eugieno who sustained leg fracture is undergoing treatment at GMC Hospital in Bambolim. Verna Police have registered an accidental case and have sent the body for postmortem. PSI Sushant Gawas is investigating the case.

Case of unnatural death registered MARGAO: Cuncolim police have registered a case of unnatural death in connection with the death of former Assolna Sarpanch Optacio Almeida (64) at Cuncolim on Thursday morning. Police said that Optacio was found lying dead in road side bushes at Cuncolim with his Eterno scooter on his body. Post mortem examination revealed injuries on his chest and abdomen, besides minor injuries on his forehead. The body was later handed over to his relatives after the autopsy. Saying that the death occurred due to an accident, the police has registered a case of unnatural death.

Healing retreat at Panjim

PANJIM (HND): ‘You can be free!’ A deliverance and healing retreat will be conducted on April 30 by Bro Michael (Goa) of Awake Ministries at Caritas Hall, St Inez, Panjim, from 10 am to 5 pm and healing service on May 1 at Alua Hotel, Merces from 9 am to 11am. For details call 9922220334 / 9922539838.

Govt urged to formulate retirement plan for seamen HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, APRIL 29: Newlyformed Goan Seamen Association of India has urged the Goa government to work out a pension and retirement plan, besides medical scheme for seamen after their retirement. President of the Association, Dixon Vaz said the Association would soon call on the government and put forth their demand, adding that the seamen would not mind contributing to the retirement benefits. Outlining the aims and objectives behind the formation of the Goan Seamen Association of India, Vaz said the primary objective is to bring all seamen, retired or serving from all shipping companies regardless of any ranks under one banner. “This Association would work for the well being of the seamen. The seamen today are living in pitiable conditions after retirement. The Association intends to take

up the case of each and every seamen”, he said adding that the GSAI will offer full support to the retired seamen association in their battle for the enhancement of the ex-gratia monthly assistance. He said the office of the new association would be opened at Madel, Margao on May 1 at 10.30 am at the hands of Fr Maverick Fernandes in the presence of Fr Nelson Colaco and Fr Eremito Rebello. Association’s website www. will be opened on that day, he added. Engineer Gabriel Pinto said the seamen once organized can avail of the host of benefits available for them and their families. He said the Association has plans to appoint a marine lawyer to take up the cases of seamen with the shipping companies with their grievances. Replying to a question, Pinto said the Association would get involved into politics.

The government should create a special cell with adequate staff in the mines department to stop all illegal and semi-legal mines. -- GRA

GRA warns to bring a political Police make presence felt at Jama Masjid change if demands not met HERALD REPORTER

The Mahindra Scorpio that went off the road at Tamnem-Poinguinim.

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

pressive meeting of the Goemchea Rakhondarancho Avaz at the historic Lohia Maida has conveyed a message loud and clear to the government and opposition that the conglomerate of NGOs should bring about a movement for a political change if they fail or show signs of shirking away from their duties in addressing issues affecting the local people. The public meeting gave the go-ahead signal to the GRA to start mounting pressure on the government as well as the opposition to force the government and the Legislature to implement all issues raised by the NGOs. A significant resolution adopted at a meeting demanded immediate steps by the government to start a dialogue with civil society for the installation of Lokayukta in Goa for pinning down politicians and bureaucrats on their conduct and corrupt practices. The resolution demanded that the Bill should be passed in the Assembly and made a Law before December 19, 2011 to coincide with the Golden Jubilee of Goa’s Liberation. The meeting also demanded that the government enter into a dialogue

to avoid trouble


Wrest in Peace! Activists carry a coffin of the ‘40 chors’ at the GRA meeting at Lohia Maidan. A section of the crowd at the meeting. with civil society for a draft proposal for acquiring special status for Goa to maintain its unique natural, cultural and social characteristics and to preserve land for Goans. The resolutions read by activist Laurel Abranches and adopted unanimously by the people further demanded scrutiny of electoral rolls in all the 40 constituencies to ensure that only bonafide voters decide the Legislature. They further demanded that the Election Commission take stringent action on erring bureaucrats

who are aiding politicians resorting to vote bank politics. “The government should create a special cell with adequate staff in the mines department to stop all illegal and semi-legal mines”, another resolution said, while demanding capping the output keeping in view the logistical problems and mineral needs of the posterity. The GRA further demanded that the government enter into a dialogue with the civil society for the distribution of windfall gains from mining amongst vari-

ous sections of its population. On Regional Plan 2011, the meeting asked the government to make RP people centre, while demanding a stop to illegal and semi-legal constructions and alleviate infrastructure problems like garbage, parking etc. Interestingly, the meeting demanded that the Opposition in the Goa Legislative Assembly stop fixing the matches with ruling group and mount pressures to facilitate above issue instead of shadow-boxing in the Assembly.

Malaria In the second part of our series of Rural Health Cen- workers tres Gerard D’Souza visits Candolim and finds the resume duties

made their presence felt at the Jama Masjid, Margao on Friday anticipating trouble after Friday prayers between rival factions over the management of the Masjid Committee. During discussions amongst the members, the incumbent committee made it categorically clear that the general body meeting scheduled on May 29 would not discuss the election of a new committee or on the formation of Trust. Mohammed Iqbal later told newsmen that the Masjid committee has been elected for a tenure of five years, adding that the annual general body meeting cannot discuss the issue midway. “After the commotion in the Masjid last time around, some members said the general body meeting will decide on the Trust and a new

committee. We want to make it very clear that the proposed meeting will discuss the election issue. The incumbent committee has been duly elected for a period of five years. There’s no question of holding elections or forming a trust”, Iqbal asserted that the Committee will draft a Constitution for the Masjid to guide the members in the administration. Incidentally, Riyaz said all members of the Masjid committee should be treated as equal without any discrimination between Goans and outsiders. He told newsmen that there ought not to be any violence in the Masjid, and make an appeal to the members not to engage in politics. Margao PI Santosh Desai said the police presence was to maintain law and order, adding that the police was in no way concerned over the discussions between the members inside the Masjid.

Santosh Mirajkar


facilities lacking for a village that attracts hordes of tourists

Candolim PHC fails to keep up with changing times

GERARD D’SOUZA PANJIM, APRIL 29: It may be Goa’s most frequented tourist belt and a location of swanky hotels, but the Calangute-Candolim is living in the 70s, when it comes to government provided health care. A lone 12-bedded primary health centre built in 1972 caters to the much developed ‘belt’ and has had it share of notoriety as well as fame. In 2007, this health centre broke all records by recording as many as 5,200 cases of malaria and then bringing it down to 383 by the year 2009 through tough measures. “This health centre was not built keeping in mind the growth in population that these areas have witnessed. It was built for that population. Today we have a large floating population as well as

seasonal migrant labour population. We are trying our best, but our facilities are limited,” health officer Dr Sachin Govekar said. An emergency room set up at the hospital in collaboration with the GVK Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI) along with specialist paramedical staff and a ventilator to deal with emergencies is a saving grace for an area that actually would require a fullfledged government hospital. “We have the best equipment in the emergency room, which mainly deals with emergencies,” Dr Govekar explains. However, the fact that two cases of persons injured in drunken brawls -- one on the day India won the Cricket World Cup and another of a Russian -- and admitted to the Candolim PHC, earlier this year could not survive is testa-

ment to the fact that a health centre is just not enough. Long queues of patients awaiting an appointment with a doctor and insufficient waiting space often drives patients away, leaving only the migrant labourers, who have no other option, to seek the facilities available at the hospital. “This facility was not built for this population,” Dr Govekar reiterates explaining the reason for the queues. The Candolim PHC caters to the villages, of Candolim, Calangute, Saligao, Pilerne, Sangolda, Nerul and Reis Magos, each of which has a sub-health centre, staffed by two multi-purpose health workers and one ayah. Where the officials of the PHC deserve praise is the reigning in of the cases of vector borne diseases through effective policing of construction sites, migrant labour, as well as fining defaulters.

HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 29: Malaria workers, who, earlier this month were on an indefinite hunger strike have now resumed duties at various primary health centres courtesy the temporary contracts the government has given them pending their regularization. It may be recalled that after almost a 10-day long hunger strike, the workers relented after the Chief Minister gave them another verbal assurance that he will regularize them as full time workers besides also promising them to temporary contracts until they are regularized. One such worker is Premanath Naik at the Condolim Health Centre, who has resumed duty much to the delight of his boss Health Officer Dr Sachin Govekar. A total of 59 of the more than 80 contract malaria health workers had sat on their second hunger strike demanding regularization outside the office of the Directorate of Health Services. Their contracts ended in April 2009 and were not renewed and services terminated.

KTC’s non-stop luxury bus to Belgaum HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, APRIL 29: Come May 1 and commuters can look forward for traveling in a 35-seater luxury non-stop KTC bus on the MargaoBelgaum route. And, if KTCL Managing Director Venancio Furtado is to be believed, the Corpora-

tion has plans to deploy a total of six buses on the GoaBelgaum route to meet the growing requirements between the two points. “On the inaugural day, the bus will leave Margao at 8.30 pm. Otherwise, the bus will depart from Kargao at 7 am and will reach Belgaum by 10.30 am. Similarly, the bus from Bel-

gaum will leave everyday at 4 pm”, Furtado said. Since this is the first time the KTCL is starting a nonstop luxury bus to Belgaum, Furtado said passengers can avail of the introductory fare of Rs 150. This fare can be availed only for a week, after which the fare will be fixed to Rs 165 per seat”, he added.

What’s more, passengers have the option of booking the tickets on-line, he said. Taking note of the huge demand for buses on the Goa-Belgaum route during Ganesh Chaturthi, the KTCL plans to add 3-4 luxury non-stop buses on the route to cater to the heavy rush of passengers.

Muslims in a discussion over attempts made by certain section to take over the management of the Jama Masjid, Margao. Police maintain vigil outside the Masjid.

De-silting of drains by May 15: CCP HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 29: The Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP) has got working -de-silting of city drains is in full swing and work has been completed in two-three wards. Though de-silting of drains has been taken up rather late Mayor Yatin Parekh, said the de-silting of drains in all thirty wards will be completed by May 15. Desilting is being carried out in two shifts -- morning shift begins at 7 am and ends at 2 pm and second shift commence at 7.30 pm and goes

on till 2to 3 pm. De-silting of drains in interiors parts of the city is taken up during morning shift whereas work in the main city area which is exposed to disturbance is done in the evening shift, told Parekh. Currently, thirty-five forty workers work in each shift and the number will be doubled in the next. About sixty workers will work in each shift from the next week, stated Mayor. The expenditure involved is Rs 25 lakhs that include de-silting, cementing accesses and putting concretes.



Perhaps more than any other single event, the royal wedding is exposing the members of the British royal family for what they really are: the original global celebrities. - Washington Post

Goa i Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work and she worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress. - Officials at Buckingham Palace

A fAirytAle At the Abbey Will-Kate to be Duke, Duchess of Cambridge PTI LONDON,



Ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, Buckingham Palace Friday announced that the two will be known as the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge after the ceremonies are over. Queen Elizabeth conferred the Dukedom on Prince William of Wales. His titles will be Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus. Prince William, 28, thus becomes His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton, 29, on marriage will become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, the palace an-

nounced. The palace recounted the history of the dukedom of Cambridge, earldom of Strathearn and barony of Carrickfergus. In 1706, George Augustus (subsequently George II) the only son of George Ludwig, Elector of Hanover (subsequently George I of Great Britain) was created with other titles Duke of Cambridge. On the accession of his father to the throne in 1714 he also became Duke of Cornwall and was created Prince of Wales. On his own accession to the throne in 1727 the Dukedom of Cambridge merged with The Crown and ceased. Cambridge was previ-

From Page 1 Royally MaRRIED

A TRAIL OF hOPe: Prince William and his wife Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, leave Westminster Abbey after their royal wedding in central London on Friday.

“commoner” to marry a prince in close proximity to the throne in more than 350 years. After the couple said their vows, in which Kate did not promise to ‘obey’ William, the Archbishop, declared: “I pronounce that they be man and wife together, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”. After their marriage, the royal couple appeared on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace and kissed in front of an enormous and adoring crowd, ending the suspense whether the groom will follow the footsteps of his father Prince Charles, who started a tradition kissing his new bride Diana on July 29, 1981. The couple delighted the crowd by kissing a second time, just before the RAF flypast over the palace. A Who’s Who of Royalty, power and fame, David and Victoria Bekham, Elton John, Prime Minister David Cameron, the King of Norway and the cream of British Nobility were among the 1,900 strong congregation inside the Abbey watching the couple sail through their marriage ceremony with a polished, and regal performance. Kate walked up the red carpeted aisle a commoner but with her new husband at her side and a ring on her finger, the former Miss Middleton became HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. William was made the Duke of Cambridge by his grandmother Queen Elizabeth this morning — a wedding gift. The future king and his beautiful bride, who will now one day be queen, pledged their love for one another in the ancient surroundings. An estimated 2 billion people across the globe watched the royal wedding, the first in the British royal family in the 21st century. The most recent royal wedding was that of Prince Charles and Camilla ParkerBowles, on 9 April 2005. But unlike his marriage to Lady Diana, it was a low key event at the Windsor castle in keeping the public mood.

Planned and choreographed over the last few months to the last detail, the event was replete with royal pomp, pageantry and regalia that Britain’s royal family is known for. Millions across Britain watched the event on giant screens while reports of street parties poured in from various towns in the country, momentarily setting aside the effects of crippling public spending cuts and recession. William and Kate had written their own prayer: “God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage. In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy. Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen”.


ously a Royal Dukedom and four sons of James, Duke of York (afterwards James II) who died in infancy were all created Duke of Cambridge. As an Earldom Cambridge was a medieval Royal title. Edward IV was Duke of York and Earl of Cambridge till proclaimed King of England in 1461 when his titles merged with The Crown. His father and grandfather both Richard Plantagenet were both Earls of Cambridge and the latter was also Duke of York. Edmund of Langley, 5th son of Edward III and greatgrandfather of Edward IV, was created Earl of Cambridge in 1362 and Duke of York in 1385.

Sarah Burton designed Kate’s dress AFP LONDON, APRIL 29: Kate Middleton’s ivory and lace wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton, creative director at the fashion house Alexander McQueen, the palace announced Friday. As a smiling Kate entered Westminster Abbey to meet Prince William, officials confirmed long speculation that Burton had made her dress. They had previously refused to give even the slightest detail about it. “Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work,” officials said in a statement.



“ biznews

SNAPSHOT goa i-T dept collections up

PANJIM (HBD) -- The office of the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Panjim region, comprising of Commissionerates at Panjim, Mangalore and Belgaum have far exceeded the national average of increase in tax collections for the financial year 2010-11. As against the target Rs 3845.60 crore, the actual net collection of the Region is about 4988 crore which is up by 29.70%. In 54 surveys conducted during financial year 2010-11, the detection of additional income to the tune of Rs 41.29 crore with a tax effect of about Rs 12.41 crore was made. During the corresponding period of last year, a total number of 55 surveys were conducted with an additional income of Rs 27.64 crore and tax effect is Rs 8.29 crore.

EdC pays dividend for FY 2009-10 PANJIM (HBD) -- EDC Ltd a premier institution of the State Government has approved the payment of Dividend of one percent for the financial year 31 March 2010. The Cheque of 86.20 lakh was handed over by Agnelo Fernandes, chairman, EDC to Digamber Kamat, CM of Goa. This is the 3rd consecutive year EDC has announced and paid the Dividend to its shareholders. The total Dividend paid is `100.92 lakhs comprising of `86.20 lakhs to the Government of Goa, `11.53 lakhs to IDBI and `3.19 lakhs to Daman Administration. As per the Annual Accounts of EDC for the year ending 31st March, the Income was `4409.85 lakhs and Profit after Tax of `2571.87 lakhs. The entire Income and Profit generated during the year is mainly from its financial activities. EDC has also paid Income tax of `845 lakhs during the year under review. The payment of Dividend was earlier recommended by the Board of Directors subject to approval in its AGM. The Annual Account of EDC for the year ending March 31, 2010 was recently approved and adopted by the Shareholders in its AGM held on March 25, 2011, subsequent to the receipt of comments of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Vaswani ind iPo closes May 3 PANJIM (HBD) -- Vaswani Industries Limited (VIL) is entering the capital market with a Public Issue of 1,00,00,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each for cash in the price band of Rs 45 to Rs 49 per equity share. The 100% book built issue will constitute 42.57% of the post issue paid-up equity capital of the company. The public issue opened April 29, 2011 and closes on May 3, 2011. Vaswani Industries Ltd has been promoted by Ravi Vaswani, Pramod Vaswani and Yashwant Vaswani. The company belongs to Vaswani group which has interests in iron and steel since the past two decades. The company is presently engaged in the integrated business of manufacturing sponge iron, steel billets and ingots and power generation. The manufacturing facilities are located at Sondra Village, around 14 kms from Raipur Railway Station. The company has installed capacity of 3x100 TPD of sponge iron and 36000 MT of steel billets and ingots. The company also generates 11.5 MW of power. The surplus power is being sold to private power companies and the State Electricity Board.

Adani Realty Business plans a Rs 5000 cr township project in Ahmedabad spread over 600 acres. Around 1,000 apartments have already been sold. The mid and highend segments are priced from Rs 32 lakh to Rs 2.50 crore a unit.

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

Govt is going to issue a regulation for paint industry that restricts lead content below 90 parts per million (PPM) level as desired by the WHO. -- Jotiraditya Scindia


Towards systematic maritime management

Sachin Ambadoskar

Atul V Jadhav, the managing director of New Era Shipping and 15th president of the Goa Barge Owners Association, speaks at length to Bharati Pawaskar, on the issues pertaining to the port, barges and maritime activities in Goa, the present problems, future plans and the direction that the Goa government needs to take Panchwadi – Shiroda, Narvem, Bhoma, Amona and Savoi Verem, of which Bhoma would be the most suitable one, as the area would confirm to norms of Regional Plan. n Explain your idea of the ideal industrial precinct. The government can acquire approximate five hundred thousand square metres of land alongside the Cumbharjua Canal at Bhoma, close to Kundaim Industrial Estate. They will have to reserving one lakh square metres for infrastructural planning, like syncro lift systems and roads. The balance four lakh square metres could be divided into 100 plots of 4000 square metres each (100 metres by 40 metres) that could be leased out to entrepreneurs on the same basis as GIDC does in industrial es-

n The Goa Barge Owners Association is pressing for the need to formulate a Goa Maritime Board. What are the benefits of such a move? A maritime board would develop new facilities like jetties and terminals for handling of cargo. As an autonomous deciding authority, it can help solve problem in Goa. For example, facilities for discharge of general cargo, like cement and even foodgrain could be set up at Cortalim and also at Chapora, which would be in the Mopa vicinity of Mopa Airport. This would be a boon to Goa. n What has been the progress so far, with regards to the maritime board? National Maritime State Development Council advised the Goa Government to set up the Goa Maritime

Board. The Goa government has constituted a High Power Committee to look into the technical, administrative, financial, legal, environmental, political, employment, commercial and futuristic geographical aspects of setting up the Maritime Board. The government, in the 2010 budget, had promised us that the board would be formed so it now for us to wait and watch. n Your association has been demanding a Maritime Industrial Estate in Goa. Explain the need for this and any ideal locations. Maritime Industrial Estate would help to contain marine repair and shipbuilding activity in the industrial areas. The existing facilities would obviously continue, but all new establishments should come up within the Maritime Industrial Estate. The suggested sites are at

AI serves ‘ultimatum’ to striking pilots

Thousands of passengers stuck, AI operates only 50 flights

PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 29: With the Air India pilots' stir entering its third day today issued an "ultimatum" to its pilots asking them to resume work by this evening even as the Delhi HC refused to stay a management order derecognising their union. While Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) leaders said an "ultimatum" was issued by the HR department, company officials said, "We are following the court directions.”

PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 29: Thousands of passengers remained stranded with Air India operating only 50 of its regular 320 flights as the strike by the pilots entered its third day today amid no sign of reconciliation. "Under the contingency plan, we are operating 50 flights across the network today," an AI official said. From Delhi, the national carrier will be operating just 10 flights and almost an

equal number from Mumbai to metro cities. In Mumbai, the airline has decided to use three widebody Boeing 777 aircraft on the Mumbai-Delhi-Ahmedabad-Mumbai and MumbaiAhmedabad-Mumbai sector to accommodate more passengers. AI has decided to operate four special services using Air India Express from Mumbai flying Boeing 737 on Mumbai-Abu DhabiMumbai, Chennai-Singap o r e - C h e n n a i ,

Looking Forward: Atul Jadhav takes a break from work in Vasco tates. A PPP model would be best. n How can the state government help to promote your interests? A barge operating in Goa pays barge tax worth Rs 140 per deadweight tonnage (DWT) per year, goods tax of 40 paise per DWT of ore carried and a basic amount for annual licence fees and port dues. The total taxes collected are approximately Rs 15 crore per year on barges alone. We hope the government spends on dredging certain areas, like the

Cochin-Calicut-Cochin and Calicut-Dubai-Calicut routes. Additionally, a Boeing 747 jumbo service will operate between Mumbai-DubaiDelhi-Mumbai. With both pilots and management refusing to budge from their stated positions, thousands of passengers continued to bear the brunt of the agitation. Most of the flyers have cancelled their tickets on AI while some others were being accommodated on other airlines. According to the Air India

Aguada sand bar, San Pedro on the river Mandovi and at Xelvona on the river Zuari. Marking of the navigational channel with buoys is also a necessity. n What about the cry for shortage of crew on barges? With 350 barges in Goa, a total of 700 masters or drivers are required but there is a shortage of certified crew. The Maritime School at Britona has an outdated curriculum that has to be brought up to date. This school also has to be upgraded to attract more stu-

spokesperson, the cashstrapped national carrier is losing Rs four crore per day due to the strike. However, sources said, this figure might be more as the airline has liabilities towards payment of instalments of new and leased aircraft and the salary of its employees. Executive pilots also joined the agitation yesterday and started reporting sick. The management has terminated the services of seven pilots and suspended six others.

dents. n Goa has enough barges, but the exporters complain that they do not get them in time. What is the reason for this? There are 72 repair workshops that cater to hull repairs above waterline, and 16 dry-docks and slip ways to cater to bottom (below waterline) repairs. But these are not enough, there is a paucity of facilities for repairs and so barges do not get ready in time for the commencement of the export season.

...Total loss pegged at Rs 26.5 cr PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 29: Air India has incurred an approximate loss of Rs 26.5 crore in the past three days due to the pilots' strike. The airline, which normally operates 320 flights on a daily basis, cancelled 57 flights on April 27, 96 yesterday and at least 126 today. The estimated losses on these three days were Rs 4.5 crore, Rs ten crore and Rs 12 crore respectively, he added.

Value-based royalty boosts mineral revenue SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

Lynda Malavanya holds her new white iPhone 4 after buying it at the Apple store in Palo Alto, California. The long awaited white iPhone, first announced in June of 2010, went on sale worldwide for the first time today.

Sensex falls 156 points MUMBAI: The BSE Sensex fell for the fifth day in a row today, slipping another 156 points to 19,135 amid investor concerns that high inflation will lead to another round of hike in interest rates, hitting corporate margins. The Sensex has fallen nearly 450 points or 2.3 per cent in the last five sessions. Marketmen said interest rate sensitive banking and realty stocks took a beating as investors feared imminent rate hike by the RBI to rein in inflation.

PANJIM, APRIL 29: Gujarat’s royalty revenue from minerals has gone up from Rs 250 crore in 2009-10 to Rs 420 crore in 2010-11. According to the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), the increase in receipts is mainly due to the shift in the method of collection from a tonnage basis to an ad valorem basis – on the market value of the mineral. All states that collect royalAban Offshor, 654.7, 657.95, 626, 632.05 Abb Ltd., 876, 884.8, 844, 854.9 Abg Shipyard, 384.9, 386, 372.25, 375.05 Acc Limited, 1104.75, 1135, 1090.9, 1112.8 Adani Enterp, 644, 654.9, 620, 624.95 Aditya Birla, 874.7, 874.7, 856.4, 867.3 Allahabad Ba, 215.35, 216.4, 202.1, 205.1 Alstom Proje, 627, 634.9, 610, 615.6 Ambuja Cemen, 150.7, 160.8, 150.7, 158.2 Andhra Bank, 140.55, 143.55, 138.15, 138.95 Ashok Leylan, 54, 54.5, 52.1, 53 Asian Paints, 2690.85, 2780, 2690.4, 2774.6 Axis Bank Li, 1338, 1342.8, 1270.3, 1286.6 Bajaj Hindus, 76.9, 77, 74.55, 75 Bank Of Baro, 945, 947, 905.1, 911.9 Bank Of Indi, 480.1, 482.6, 452, 457.1 Beml Limited, 721.3, 721.3, 687.2, 694.85 Bharat Elect, 1880, 1886.7, 1792.05, 1831.15 Bharat Forge, 354.75, 354.75, 345.35, 347.5 Bharat Petro, 637, 637.9, 625.4, 629.55 Bharti Airte, 386.8, 389, 376.2, 380.05 Bhel, 2008, 2022.6, 1983.25, 2000.6 Bhushan Stee, 505.25, 512, 495, 498.65 Biocon Limit, 372, 372.95, 365, 368.55 Bombay Dyein, 402.8, 404.6, 390, 393.4

ties on ad valorem basis have seen a broad uptrend in royalty receipts, thanks to increasing prices. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa and Rajasthan exceeded or matched the royalty they collected in the previous year. But other key iron ore producers like Karnataka, Orissa and Jharkhand did not, going by the numbers they reported to the IBM. Karnataka suffered from

Bosch Limite, 6820, 6820, 6620, 6646.55 Brigade Ente, 93.15, 95.4, 91.55, 92.7 Cairn India, 346.1, 351.8, 345.8, 349.05 Canara Bank, 644, 647.8, 624.55, 631.85 Central Bank, 139, 139.7, 132.8, 134.65 Century Text, 373.25, 375.7, 354.15, 359.45 Cesc Ltd, 303.5, 313.25, 302.7, 308.2 Chambal Fert, 86.3, 86.85, 83.7, 85.35 Chennai Petr, 227, 227.6, 222.1, 223.85 Cipla Ltd, 311, 312.6, 305.55, 309.5 Colgate Palm, 884.45, 909, 880.25, 904.35 Container Co, 1170.05, 1175.8, 1130, 1145.15 Crompton Gre, 270, 270, 246, 252.2 Cummins Indi, 709, 722, 704, 707.35 Dabur India, 99.75, 102.75, 97.7, 101.15 Deccan Chron, 83.2, 83.4, 78.25, 79.95 Dish Tv Indi, 70.25, 70.5, 67.75, 68 Divi’s Labor, 715, 719.9, 704.3, 706.8 Dlf Limited, 228.9, 232, 221.1, 222.8 Dr. reddy’s, 1694, 1694, 1654, 1663.9 Edelweiss Ca, 36.5, 37.5, 35.75, 37 Educomp Solu, 469, 482, 465, 477.1 Eih Limited, 86.95, 86.95, 85.25, 86.25 Engineers In, 292, 293.5, 288.25, 289.45 Essar Oil Lt, 132.95, 134.35, 130.3, 132.05

the ban it imposed on iron ore exports out of the state for a major part of the year, to curb illegal mining. This badly impacted royalty accruals. The state’s Mid-Term Fiscal Plan for 2011-2015 admits that revenue mobilisation was impacted by the ban on iron ore exports. Monthly collections were nearly Rs 100 crore a month before the ban in July 2010, which reduced to Rs 75 crore after the ban. Similar tough

Essar Shippi, 103.25, 104, 98.3, 99 Exide Indust, 150, 154, 150, 152.8 Federal Bank, 432.35, 435.7, 414.75, 419.95 Financial Te, 862.1, 869, 855, 862.15 Gail (india), 475, 481.8, 473.2, 475.45 Gammon India, 115.6, 118, 111.1, 114.85 Glaxosmithkl, 2229.05, 2263, 2210, 2257.65 Glenmark Pha, 300, 303.9, 297.4, 299.3 Gmr Infrastr, 38.9, 39, 37.65, 37.75 Godrej Indus, 188.4, 191.25, 185.75, 189.95 Grasim Indus, 2446, 2480, 2390, 2452.45 Great Offsho, 275.7, 279.1, 271.5, 273.3 Gtl Infra.Lt, 36.5, 36.5, 35.25, 36.2 Gujarat Mine, 143.05, 143.4, 139, 139.75 Gujarat N R, 53.2, 53.5, 49.3, 50.3 Gujarat Stat, 98.9, 101.5, 97.05, 98.45 Gvk Pow. & I, 24.3, 24.9, 23.4, 24.2 Hcl Technolo, 512.5, 524.4, 512, 521.2 Hdfc Bank Lt, 2325, 2339.7, 2281, 2295.55 Hdfc Ltd, 715, 720.4, 695.8, 706.8 Hero Honda M, 1688.9, 1728.85, 1651.15, 1710 Hindalco in, 219.9, 219.9, 213.1, 216.05 Hindustan Co, 35.5, 36.4, 35.1, 35.3 Hindustan Ma, 62.8, 63.8, 61.75, 61.9 Hindustan Pe, 379.65, 379.65, 369.1, 372.7

measures taken by Orissa to curb illegal mining could have also impacted its royalty receipts. But states are not satisfied. Despite the increasing trend in royalty collections, they have demanded that the royalty rate needs to be made ad valorem for all minerals and raised to at least 20 per cent of the value. Toyota Kirloskar Motor plans temporary production adjustment

Hindustan Un, 280.75, 287, 279.65, 285.2 Hindustan Zi, 144.45, 146.9, 141.55, 142.4 Housing Dev, 174.2, 176, 157.8, 160.85 Icici Bank L, 1116, 1128, 1103.1, 1114.45 Idea Cellula, 67.9, 69.75, 67.9, 68.9 Ifci Ltd, 53, 53, 51.65, 51.95 India Cement, 100.05, 101.15, 98.1, 99.3 India Infoli, 73.5, 73.5, 71.2, 72 Indiabulls F, 175.9, 181.25, 174.5, 178 Indiabulls R, 127.4, 130.25, 122.8, 124.95 Indian Bank, 247, 248.35, 240.5, 241.1 Indian Hotel, 82.6, 84.5, 81.3, 82.5 Indian Oil C, 338.35, 344, 338.35, 339.85 Indian Overs, 157.25, 157.25, 151.55, 152.55 Indus Dev Ba, 146, 147.95, 142.2, 143.45 Indusind Ban, 267.8, 269.05, 258.95, 259.8 Infosys Tech, 2910, 2929, 2887.95, 2906.25 Infra. dev., 150, 151.25, 143.45, 145.3 Ispat Indust, 22.95, 23.3, 22.5, 22.7 Itc Ltd, 190.35, 194.8, 190.35, 192.35 Ivrcl Infras, 80, 85.4, 78.2, 79.15 Jai Corp Lim, 179.2, 179.95, 172.25, 173.95 Jaiprakash A, 95.7, 96.9, 91.55, 92.6 Jet Airways, 482.05, 488.95, 473.7, 477.85 Jindal Saw L, 205, 205, 198.8, 200.4

PANJIM (HBD) -- Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd (TKM) announced its plans of making temporary production adjustments. This decision has been taken in light of the supply difficulties, following the March 11, earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Production will be suspended on Mondays and Fridays between April 25 and June 4. TKM will operate at approx 30% of its normal ca-

Jindal Steel, 672, 681.05, 646.7, 654.75 Jsw Steel Li, 959.85, 963.95, 940.2, 948.15 Kotak Mahind, 443, 447.2, 421.1, 430.1 Lakshmi Mach, 2501, 2501, 2440, 2447.55 Lanco Infrat, 40.05, 40.9, 39.2, 39.8 Larsen & Tou, 1664.7, 1671.7, 1590, 1595.55 Lic Housing, 225.5, 226.95, 217.4, 219.25 Lupin Limite, 436.1, 446.4, 435, 440.85 Mahanagar Te, 48, 49.3, 47.75, 48.35 Mahindra & M, 766.1, 771, 744.25, 756.4 Maruti Suzuk, 1295.25, 1328.65, 1288.65, 1317.65 Max India Lt, 165.4, 168.9, 161.5, 167.6 Moser-baer (, 45, 45.35, 42.7, 44.35 Mrpl, 75.7, 76.4, 73.25, 73.65 Nagarjuna Fe, 32.5, 32.9, 31.35, 31.7 National Alu, 92.55, 93.2, 92, 92.75 Neyveli Lign, 113.75, 114.5, 111.6, 112.45 Ntpc Ltd, 183.95, 184.8, 181.3, 182.3 Oil And Natu, 317.4, 325.65, 304.6, 307.8 Omaxe Limite, 133.7, 133.95, 130.7, 131.6 Oriental Ban, 378, 378, 337.8, 345.55 Pantaloon Re, 271, 281, 267, 274.4 Parsvnath De, 44.25, 44.25, 43.15, 43.55 Petronet Lng, 131.5, 133.85, 130.05, 132.05 Power Fin Co, 226.1, 234.4, 225.95, 231.6

Power Grid C, 104.05, 105.5, 103.65, 104.55 Praj Industr, 83.85, 83.85, 79.6, 80.8 Punj Lloyd L, 69, 69, 66.1, 66.65 Punjab Natio, 1199.7, 1199.7, 1173, 1185.1 Rajesh Expor, 91.5, 91.5, 85.5, 85.85 Ranbaxy Labs, 457, 462.5, 452, 457.6 Rashtriya Ch, 87.8, 88.25, 85.2, 86.6 Reliance Cap, 569.9, 571.35, 557.5, 562.8 Reliance Com, 100, 101.95, 98.25, 100 Reliance Ene, 1139, 1139, 1095.3, 1097.85 Reliance Ind, 647, 651.8, 627, 633.7 Reliance Ind, 975, 988, 971.3, 983.75 Reliance Pow, 128.85, 131.45, 128.85, 130.7 Rolta India, 141.35, 142.4, 137.05, 137.9 Satyam Compu, 75, 76.8, 73.5, 75.45 Sesa Goa Ltd, 319.05, 322.7, 311.5, 313.9 Shipping Cor, 111.6, 112.9, 110.1, 111.3 Siemens Ltd, 855, 877.35, 855, 866.65 Sintex Indus, 176, 176.3, 172.2, 173.45 Sobha Develo, 295.05, 295.05, 280, 285.55 State Bank O, 2855.95, 2868.95, 2785, 2804.6 Steel Author, 160, 164.25, 158.4, 159.3 Sterlite Ind, 183.5, 184.45, 179.85, 181.75 Sun Pharmace, 449.55, 469.5, 449.55, 465.75 Sun Tv Netwo, 432.5, 434, 421.7, 426.6

pacity during this period. There will be no impact on TKM’s service and spare parts supply operations. Customer services at the dealership will be conducted as usual. TKM will continue to update all its customers through dealers as well as the website - The production schedule post June 4th will be decided upon in due course. Suzlon Energ, 55.65, 55.65, 52.75, 53.15 Tata Communi, 241.45, 246.5, 236.05, 237.25 Tata Consult, 1172, 1172, 1150.25, 1165.65 Tata Motors, 1229, 1296.65, 1214, 1236.85 Tata Power C, 1309, 1323.4, 1292.1, 1304.4 Tata Steel L, 614.1, 619.4, 610.5, 616.5 Tata Teleser, 18.6, 19.2, 18.35, 18.5 Tech Mahindr, 693.95, 698.9, 677.5, 686.4 The Ge Shpg., 281.6, 287.9, 280.1, 284.95 The Phoenix, 202.8, 226.3, 198, 204.95 Thermax Ltd, 665, 668.1, 638.4, 647.15 Titan Indust, 4148, 4158.75, 3986.7, 4029.6 Torrent Powe, 244.05, 248.5, 243.65, 247.2 Triveni Engg, 107, 107.9, 103.05, 103.9 Tv18 India L, 83.5, 84, 80.75, 81.2 Uco Bank, 111, 115, 103.55, 104.45 Ultratech Ce, 1070, 1094.5, 1070, 1089.15 Union Bank O, 338.5, 339.5, 317.1, 319.3 Unitech Ltd, 38.5, 38.5, 36.55, 36.95 United Phosp, 160.8, 160.8, 148.8, 151.3 Videocon Ind, 190.9, 200.65, 188.75, 197.85 Vijaya Bank, 85.35, 85.45, 82.35, 83.05 Voltas Ltd, 165.5, 167.75, 163, 165.3 Wipro Ltd, 446, 451.65, 444.15, 450.3 Yes Bank Lim, 320, 320, 302.4, 305.15


Goa I Saturday April 30, 2011

Now, AMCs are launching systematic investment plans (SIPs) in gold. It also allows an investor to invest a fixed amount rather than buying fixed quantity of units for — Arjun Rebelo variable price.




Except for personal satisfaction, making earthenware pots or sculptures hardly fetches enough to make a living in Goa. — Digambar Kuncolienkar

With Akshaya Tritiya just round the corner, it’s an appropriate time to buy gold. But, with the bullion glittering like never before believers and non believers don’t need an occasion to buy gold. Or with exchange traded funds, don’t even need the neighbourhood jeweler either. Kirth George tracks the glitter Distribution of available gold across different investment sectors Jewellery

52 per cent

Private Investors

19 per cent

Central Banks

16 per cent

Other Fabrications

11 per cent

Lost and Unaccounted

2 per cent

* Global Above Ground Stocks, end 2010


t’s finally worth its weight in gold. With the bullion glittering like never before and gold hitting an all time high of Rs 22,234 for 10 grams, everyone is queuing up to get their hands on the yellow metal. NSE data reveals that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of gold prices has been 22 per cent since April 2007. The price for 10 gm of gold has gone from Rs 9,357 in April 2007 to Rs 22,172 in April 2011. “India has traditionally been a voracious gold consumer. We, as Indians, are more comfortable with the concept

of gold as an investment option as opposed to stocks for example,” said Arjun Rebelo, partner at Milestone Financial Consultants. The popular misconception is that gold never falls and it is a safe investment. The stock market crash in 2008, fueled the misconception further, making gold even more popular. Ever since then there has been an increased investor interest in gold. (See Graph 1) The World Gold Council states that India’s demand of 963 tonnes is nearly 25 per cent of international demand. “Increasingly though, as the investor evolves, there

is a slow but sure shift towards investments in gold against jewellery purchases,” says Sachin Mahadik of Integrated Securities. But even gold in physical form has its problems. Storage issues, doubts over purity, depreciation in re-sale can diminish returns from gold. Even gold coins issued by banks are not repurchased by them. One is then forced to go to a local jeweler, who will only buy it at a price that is below market value. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in gold are the answer there. ETFs eliminate these problems because here, gold is in

demat form. Also, in the case of ETFs, the local jeweler does not come into the picture. “ETFs are getting very popular as a hassle free method of getting exposure to gold. The only drawback is that you need demat account to invest in ETFs,” said Mahadik. NSE data shows that assets under management (AUM) for gold ETFs was worth Rs 4,400 crores at the end of March 2011, a rise of 176 per cent over March 2010. ETFs also provide tax advantages, since anyone who has assets, including gold, worth more than Rs 30 lakh, has to pay a one

rather than buying fixed quantity of units for variable price. The biggest advantage to the retail investor is that he does not physically have to transact every month to increase his exposure to gold,” said Rebelo.


per cent wealth tax. On the other hand, if an investor buys units of gold ETFs, there is no wealth tax. Additionally, on physical gold, an investor


The pain of the clay man

They have been around for centuries in villages, making pots and vessels for every home. But, like so many traditional businesses, Goa’s potters haven’t managed that extra spin that ensures success- marketing and sales, a craft mastered by newer settlers. Bharati Pawaskar goes to the potterland of Bicholim to see why Sachin Ambadoskar

SPINNING THE WHEEL: Digambar Kuncolienkar (R) watches as one of the potters moulds clay into a work of art


he master craftsman stands at the altar of his craft looking for ways to give it that one push. A push that will make the wheel spin. His potter’s wheel. The swirl of the wheel, his hands caressing the forms and gently nudging them into shape, till the clay turned into beautiful forms. That was the life of Kumbhars- connoisseurs of clay. Traditional potters of Goa have seen that wheel stop. The wheel of clay. And the wheel of fortune. And if this metaphor needs a reality, go to the Pottery Training Center at Bicholim.

This is where you would expect potters right? You won’t find any though. For the last eight years, not a single trainee has registered at the center meant to train potters. Hardly surprising since the monthly stipend fixed for trainees by the government is Rs 250. A sweeper at the municipal council gets at least a thousand rupees. Out of the 20 odd potter families at Kumbharwada in Bicholim, except for a serious handful like Kudaskar, Patkar, Harmalkar, Shirgaokar and Kuncolienkar, most play with clay for part time as a past time.

“Except for personal satisfaction, making earthenware pots or sculptures hardly fetches enough to make a living in Goa,” laments Digambar Kuncolienkar. A traditional potter and a State Award winner artist in 2010, Digambar, is Master Craftsman at Pottery Training Centre in Bicholim. But the art is not obviously dying because the craftsmen have all gone or there is no market. A private player, Goa Potteries, owned by Kamaldev Pandit from Bihar sends his work to UK and Australia. Pandit who came to

Goa thirty years ago says “We started this factory in November 1986 and have participated in over 2000 exhibitions in India. Our major stress is on exports to UK and Australia. Our terracotta pieces have a high demand in London.” With a variety of over 5000 different works Goa Potteries does a business of over one lakh per month and their 12 employees earn a minimum of Rs 4500 a month. Major five-star hotels, luxury resorts and multinational companies place regular orders for decorative earthenware pieces. Goa Potteries’ fig-

urative sculptures have permanent locations at Panjim and the Cipla garden at Verna. These modern potters now get bookings online from international clients and display their finished products on their website to attract more clientele. The nextgen potters, Umesh Pandit of Goa Potteries and Zilu Harmalkar of Kumbhar Potters, are excellent examples of the modern potter. But cut to the sons of the soil, who work on soil. Their lives aren’t really on line. A lot of hard work is required to ready the soil for production. April and May are the only months when soil is extracted from farms in Goa. Transporting soil from Karnataka is costly, so now the kumbhars of Goa bring readymade products from Khanapur to sell here, as it eliminates the problem of labour. They are still at work though especially during the Ganesh festival, which is their best chance to make their craft worthwhile. But huge labour costs offset even this joy. But they still use their hands and hold on to their crafts. From Bicholim to Poingunim and other places, Goa’s potters could do with subsidies to buy their tools and a greater marketing effort to sell their wares. Maybe then, there will finally be a pot of gold waiting.

has to pay one per cent VAT, but there is no VAT on gold ETFs. “Now, AMCs are launching systematic investment plans (SIPs) in

gold. This development will eliminate the demat requirement hurdle and expand the market. It also allows an investor to invest a fixed amount

“How an ETF works is that one unit is equivalent to one gram of 24 carat gold. Every unit sold by an Asset Management Company (AMC) has to be backed by one gram of actual gold. The price of one unit is the same across all AMCs as all gold ETFs are passive funds. The only difference between ETFs of different AMCs is in the charges.


The queen of quick bites!

Sulaksha Hede’s job is to tantalise everyone’s taste buds in South Goa , except makers and distributors of branded chips and snacks. Her home made delicacies generate more yums than the packaged stuff. Bharati Pawaskar gives a tasty salute to this self made businesswoman, in the last of the series


here are parties with snacks and then there are parties with Sulaksha Hede’s snacks. She is now the undisputed champion of Margao when it comes to the little delicacies that explode with flavor and richness when you bite into any of her sweet or savoury offerings. Chakali, shev, chivda, churma, fenori, laddoos, nevri, tikhashe fov, lawang latika... these are just some of the little tidbits of delicious fun that she and team conjure up. She makes laddoos of cashew nuts, besan, shev, kha je, rava, til, rice flour, wheat flour and more. “I make some 15 varieties at home, with the help of four helpers, who over the years have become a part of my family. I pay them even if there are no orders at times,” says Sulaksha, a commerce graduate. Khajya ladoo, distributed at weddings and thread ceremonies are one of Sulaksha’s specialties, along with pedhas. Sulaksha Hede started experimenting in the kitchen to kill time and came up with a few innovative snacks. Friends and relatives not only relished them but made the obvious query about recipes, or a few to be

Sachin Ambadoskar

SPICE GIRL: Sulaksha Hede (L) chats with one of her

team members, while dicing red chillies

packed and taken home. When that happened, Sulaksha realised that she could start a business and make snacks to order. Almost 10 years later, she is the leading producer of homemade snacks. These items are sold by the kilo, and prices vary according to the price of raw material in the market. The approximate cost per kilo of cashew nut chivda is Rs 230, fenori Rs 210, chakli is Rs 140, churma Rs 140 and shev Rs 150. Of course, there’s also the matter of the different kinds of cooking materials and mediums, which play a part in the final costing. Snacks made from pure ghee snacks are a little more expensive than the others

that can be made using vanspati ghee,” explains Sulaksha. “While experimenting, I wasted lot of raw material initially, but the whole process of trial and error bore fruit eventually,” says Sulaksha. Her business is now a roaring one, she’s inundated with work. She’s always willing to learn about new snacks and other food items that can add value to her business, but Sulaksha doesn’t like to compromise on quality and taste. Another thing that is refuses to budge on are her secret recipes. “I don’t want to share my secret formulas. I can provide the readymade snack, but not part with the details of the process.”


Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011


Our enemies are hard at work and events in Rasht valley confirm this. Democracy is a process that cannot be forced. And things can get out of hand very quickly. --Emomalah Rakhmon.

Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli urged the Organization of American States on Friday to readmit Honduras, which was suspended in 2009 following a coup .The president visited Honduras two weeks ago and also committed to current President Porfirio Lobo his intent to push for readmission.

UN rights body split over probe on Syria AFP GENEVA, APRIL 29:Western nations pressed the UN Human Rights Council Friday to condemn a crackdown on protests in Syria and sought an international probe into the bloodshed but ran into strong opposition. Russia, China and African and Arab nations in the 47member body all resisted the US-led pressure, while Syria insisted that it had set up a committee to investigate civilian deaths and blamed violence on “saboteurs”. :To the Syrian government, we are sending a clear and unequivocal message that we will not turn a blind as you arbitrarily imprison, torture and kill your own citizens,” US Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donohoe told the council. A revised draft resolution tabled by the United States for endorsement by the Council on Friday sought to condemn “the use of lethal violence against peaceful protestors by the Syrian authorities.” It also urged an end to all human rights violations, watering down an earlier version. The new resolution also sought to "urgently dispatch a Fact Finding Mission" appointed by the council “to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law... and of the crimes perpetrated.” Human rights groups say the government crackdown

has led to at least 453 civilian deaths.However, Russia and China maintained their opposition to condemnation after they clashed with Washington in the UN Security Council this week, rejecting interference in Syria's internal affairs. China warned that the special session on Syria called by Washington and 15 mainly western nations “might further complicate the tensions,” and “split the council.” African and Arab nations urged dialogue in Syria while welcoming steps taken by Damascus to lift a state of emergency and heralding reforms. “It is regrettable that by convening this session we are sending the wrong message,” the group of Arab nations in the UN said in a statement. Syria acknowledged that it had experienced "peaceful demonstrations calling for reform" and insisted that security forces were acting against "groups of saboteurs". “Sixty officers and conscripts have been killed and 300 people have been injured very seriously,” the country's ambassador said. “A committee has been set up to investigate all these cases of civilians who have lost their lives in the violence,” he added. UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang said the UN rights office was still discussing a Syrian offer to allow a mission into the country.

Russia sends space supplies An unmanned Russian cargo vessel on Friday docked without a hitch at the International Space Station, bringing a fresh supply of oxygen and equipment to the crew The M-10M Progress completed the automatic docking at 1429 GMT. Russian Federal Space Agency said in a statement. The vessel was carrying 2.6 tonnes of supplies and scientific equipment for the international crew.


Goa I Saturday, 30 April 2011



Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

The order passed by the Judges Inquiry Committee allowing a biased member to continue to serve as a member of the committee is hit by the principles of natural justice. -- P D Dinakaran

BJP: PM, PC had direct complicity in 2G scam PTi nEW DElHi, aPril 29: BJP

today accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and then Finance Minister P Chidambaram of "direct complicity" in the 2G spectrum issue and maintained that the draft report of PAC on the scam should be submitted to the Lok Sabha Speaker to expose the UPA

"coalition of the corrupt". "I am charging the Prime Minister with direct complicity in this matter. I am charging the Finance Minister with direct complicity. They have not only not done their constitutional duty but willy-nilly they have become a party to this scam," PAC member and senior BJP leader

SC rejects PILs on Lokpal Bill panel PTi NEW DELHI, APRIL 29: The Supreme Court today refused to go into a batch of PILs challenging constitutional validity of the notification on composition of a committee to draft the Jan Lokpal bill, saying the petitions were "premature". A bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia posted the matter for hearing in July. The bench said, "The petitions are premature and can't be taken as the Lokpal Bill was yet to be passed." "It is still not the law," the bench, also comprising justices K S Radhakrishnan and Swatanter Kumar said. The bench dealt with the three petitions separately and passed identical orders for hearing them in July. While dealing with one of the petitions, the bench said, "Some of the averments in the petition are untenable in law." The petitioners including some public-spirited individuals and advocates had challenged the notification issued by the government relating to the constitution of the committee for drafting of the Lokpal Bill. "We will go strictly by the law," the bench said while adjourning the matter.

Yashwant Sinha told reporters. Sinha launched a strong attack on the Congress, DMK and "their new-found allies" SP and BSP members of the PAC for their behaviour in the parliamentary panel's meeting yesterday to discuss the draft report on 2G issue. "We are all hurt by the con-

duct of the members. This is perhaps the first time that a Parliamentary committee has behaved in this manner," he said. In a scathing attack on Singh, the BJP leader alleged, "There was complete abdication of responsibility by the Prime Minister. In India's history there is no precedent of this kind.

Purulia arms drop: Judicial probe demanded PTi nEW DElHi, aPril 29: The

CPI(M) on Friday demanded a judicial probe into Purulia arms drop case alleging "gross negligence" of the then Central Government in handling the same which was meant to destabilise the the Jyoti Basu government.

FROM PAGE 1 Selection of MOPA consultant highly suspicious favour with the Government. The consultancy for the Panjim-Vasco sea-link project which has been put on hold till there is a consensus, will go to Louis Berger. In addition, LBG is part of a consortium along with two Japanese firms and one Indian company Shah Technical, awarded the consultancy for the augmentation of water supply by 100 MLD at Selaulim. This award is of Rs 70 crore though the amount budgeted for consultancy in the project was Rs 54 crore. This is part of the overall grant of 1034 crore given by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Public Works. While, the credentials of Louis Berger in the light of the National Highways Authority “debarring them”, raises ethical concerns, Herald’s own investigations has indicated that the process of selecting a consultant was conducted in a ‘shoddy manner devoid of any seriousness’. Behind the scenes conversations with key players in the entire process, both from the Government side as well as the bidders have revealed that a key component of the technical bid was a formal presentation of the technical aspects to the high-level committee for the selection of the consultant. While 70 per cent weightage would be given for technical aspects which would be fixed, a crucial 30 per cent would be given according to the subjective assessment of the committee based on the presentation. The pre-bid meeting was on September 14, the submission of tender documents, on October 18 and the presentations of 12

bidders were scheduled on October 21 and 22. On the first day, the bidders — all of them international players who had their senior-most personnel fly down from all over the world — were made to wait the entire day. At 4 pm Anupam Kishore the PPP Direc-

begs the question. Why was such a critical component of the bidding process handled in such a casual manner? Said a senior Government source: “This can be viewed, especially by the unsuccessful bidders as a manipulation component”. This becomes even more

We will inquire if there is any apprehension: Director PPP Panjim, aPril 29: Director Public Private Partnership Anupam Kishore has said, “the high-powered committee appointed by the Government has zeroed in on Amman n Whitney but the final decision has to be taken by the Government. Kishore also said that they have sought some more documents from the company and they are yet to get back. On the company’s partnership with Louis Berger, which has a dubious background and blacklisted by NHAI, he replied, “Louis Berger is a minor partner in A&W”. Also, he continued, “we have no record of their background as Louis Berger has recently bagged the Rs 12,000 crore project at Hyderabad and the four-lanning contracts by NHAI”. “Besides they are also getting contracts from the US Government”, he said. However, he was quick to add, “if there is any apprehension we will inquire into the matter”.

tor and Joint Secretary Budget Anand Sherkhane arrived for the presentation. Each bidder got less than 30 minutes for a presentation which would decide a crucial 30 per cent of the technical bid. The Director MOPA Mihir Vardhan, the Chief Secretary, a representative from the AAI and the Joint Secretary Civil aviation whose presence was vital for a technical presentation were all absent. The same scenario was repeated on day 2 when only Kishore and Sherkhane turned up and rushed through presentations. This

significant if you notice that the point difference in the technical bid between Amman n Whitney/LBG and EGIS is a mere 1.8 (Amman Whitney/LBG 90.80, EGIS 89.00). This in addition to the fact that global bidders were given just a month to prepare their technical bids for the date from the pre-bid meeting and merely two days thereafter for their presentation, has a cast a shadow on the transparency of the bid process for one of India’s most ambitious green-field airport projects.

Hapless Digambar turns to madam formula to the satisfaction of both the pro and anti-English groups. There were reports doing the rounds that the Government might give some subject-specific relief to those demanding English as the medium of instruction. However, subject-specific relief has not found favour with the parents, who have been demanding nothing short including

English as the medium of instruction at the primary level. To another question, he said the Government just cannot decide to do away with a 20-year old policy decision, adding that the issue needs to be examined carefully. Sources in the know said PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao and other pro-Eng-

lish groups within the Congress are expected to meet the Chief Minister on May 2 to press their demand in favour of English. Congress heavyweights are increasingly coming under pressure from parents for not doing anything in support of their demands and have been accused of paying lip service to the burning issue.

AI pilots ready for jail hundreds of passengers stranded. With the strike entering the third day today, the Delhi High Court initiated contempt of court proceedings against the pilots for their “utter defiance” of its order on Wednesday to call off the agitation calling it as “brazen and smacking of sheer arrogance”. A lockout of the airline and invoking of Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) were also being mulled to crack down on the pilots. The AI management ordered the pilots to report for duty failing which it said the airline “is at liberty to take any action as deemed fit in-

cluding termination of services”. “This is without prejudice to any further action management may take under any other law of the land”, a notice by the management to the agitators said. The deadline for pilots to resume duty expired at 5 pm today. The management sacked two more pilots today taking to nine the number of pilots terminated. Six pilots have been already suspended. Tougher options of clamping ESMA and a lockout were also being mulled, official sources said, adding they were waiting for the High Court’s decision on the contempt petition.

In Mumbai, the representatives of the 850-plus agitating pilots said they will go ahead with the stir and are willing to go to jail. “We are more than willing to go to jail. Nearly 31,000 Air India employees will also be ready to court arrest because we are serious about saving the national carrier from ruin”, Rishabh Kapur, General Secretary of the de-recognised Indian Commercial Pilot Associations (ICPA) spearheading the stir told reporters. He demanded a CBI probe into the “massive corruption” in the airline under the leadership of CMD Arvind Jadhav.


Goa I Saturday, 30 April 2011


Man United star Wayne Rooney revealed that detectives probing Britain's phone hacking scandal had informed him he may have been targeted by journalists under investigation. Rooney wrote on Twitter that police officers had told him he could have been among the dozens of celebrities and public figures who are believed to have had their phones hacked into by the News of the World.

Himanshu leading Brasil FA hold Dempo HERALD SPORTS DESK Panjim, April 29: IM Himanshu Sharma (2393) of Haryana with eight points is

the sole leader in the 9th round of Goa Vidhyaprasarak Mandal AllIndia FIDE rating tournament at GVM Higher

Secondary School hall, Farmagudi, Ponda. Himanshu drew with IM Arghyadip Das (478) of West Bengal.

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, April 29: Defender Saddam Hussein headed in from a corner in the 34th minute to rescue a point as Brasil Futebol Academia drew 1-1 with Dempo Sports Club (Juniors) at Taleigao on Friday. Harsh Tiwary headed

Nerul ahead

HERALD CORRESPONDENT Calangute, April 29: Nerul Sports Club scored a comfortable 2-1 victory over St Sebastian SC, Fatorda to move into the quarter-finals of Salgaocar Trophy intervillage football tournament at Saligao ground on Friday. Nerul shot into the lead in the 3rd minute through Deepraj Sangelkar. Deepraj doubled the lead in the 20th minute. Anton Fernandes reduced the margin.

Dempo into the lead after just five minutes. In GFA’s U-18 Second Division, CDJ Ribandar and Paradise Sports Club played out a 4-4 draw. Vijay Dottori, Atish Madgaker and Atish Mendoca netted for Vasco Sports Club as they edged out Goa

Velha Sports Club 3-2 at Tilak Maidan. At Rosary ground, Alison D’Sousa scored a magnificent seven goals, as Ave Maria AWC trounced Salcete FC 121. Domnic Rodrigues, Vijay Moraskar, Kevin Borkar, Ummer and Milton Alphonso also scored for Ave Maria.



Salgaocar’s loss to Mumbai FC has opened the door for rivals East Bengal and Dempo and even Churchill Bros to overtake them in the I-League title race. Mumbai has dealt a huge blow to Salgaocar’s title hopes.

Goa I Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Sports Policy Review Committee has been set up to find lacunae, if any, in merit marks for students. It will be effective from 2011-12. -Chief Minister Digambar Kamat

CM to Board: Withdraw diluted marks circular

The CM was visibly annoyed that the Board had totally disregarded the decision of the Government, since it was a Cabinet decision, as well as the assurances given in the House, both by him as well as Sports Minister Babu Azgaonkar. JOVITO LOPES


hief Minister Digambar Kamat ordered the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHE), Porvorim on Friday to immediately withdraw its Circular No 6, dated April 11 which deprived sportspersons from getting the designated sports merit marks under the Goa Sports Policy. That the new circular issued by the Goa Board was only making a mockery of the merit marks policy and sidetracking the very authority of SAG was pinpointed by Herald on its edition dated April 27 in a special story entitled,

RESULTS Salgaocar 2 Mumbai 3 ONGC 2 Chirag 2 Salgaocar Churchill E Bengal Dempo Mumbai Pune Bagan Chirag

46 (22) 44 (23) 44 (21) 44 (21) 32 (22) 29 (22) 27 (22) 27 (23)

AIFF U-19 I-League: Churchill Brothers SC v. Sporting Clube de Goa, Tilak Maidan, Vasco; Dempo SC v. Salgaocar SC, Nehru Stadium, Fatorda. Kick off 4 p.m. Crown Boys soccer: Chicalim XI v. Michael’s, Azosim, Government School ground, Santa Cruz, 4.30 p.m. Romeo inter-ward soccer: Segun Bairro v. Ubo Dando, Government School ground, Santa Cruz, 5.30 p.m. 2nd All-Goa Youth Sports Club of Mankem soccer semi-finals: Majorda Boys v. Roniksha 8, Mankem ground, Shiroda, 4.30 p.m. Novino Gold Cup soccer finals: Sangolda Lightning v. Nagoa SC, Dr Gustavo Monteiro Stadium, Candolim, 4.30 p.m. 15th Holy Cross inter-village soccer: Ambelim SC v. Nuvem SC, Vodlemoll Kakoda ground, 4.30 p.m. 10th All-Goa Guirdolim Panchayat Cup soccer: St Sebastian SC, Fatorda v. Guirdolim Club, Chandor church ground, 4.30 p.m. St Anthony Festival soccer: Cocktail Palolem v. St Anthony, Assolda, Banto ground, Mapa Panchwadi, 4.30 p.m. Conceicao Colaco soccer: Goa Velha SC v. Parish Youth, Nuvem, Assolna ground, 4.45 p.m. 2nd All-Goa Floodlit volleyball: Saligao, 5 p.m.

“Sports Policy merit marks a farse?” Digambar was very forceful and categorical when he told both Board Chairman Merwyn De Sousa and its secretary D R Bhagat, who were summoned for a special meeting in Margao today morning, that the new circular was running totally contrary to the spirit of the Sports Policy. The CM was visibly annoyed that the Board had totally disregarded the decision of the Government, since it was a Cabinet decision, as well as the assurances given in the House, both by him as well as Sports Minister Babu Azgaonkar. He is learnt to have made it amply clear that whatever the Government decides, had to be implemented. It was the contention of both SAG as well as Goa Olympic Association (GOA) that the Board had invented their own explanations as reflected in the circular and had given an impression that the Board was supreme and final authority in deciding what marks to be given even if only the SAG had countersigned the students certificates. The Board authorities were told that it was not above the Government and that by issuing such a circular it had done lot of damage to the parents as well students participating in recognised sports activities. Those who attended the meeting felt that the circular had created a turmoil, creating anxiety and fear in the minds of stakeholders and especially students.


The timing of the circular was also criticised. Issuing a circular towards the

allotted to the first level of participation. This step was just to undermine the au-

Government final arbiter 2010 circular to continue Review panel set up SAG’s authority asserted 15 marks for State events end of the academic year only raised doubts and suspicions as to its objective. It was seen more as an ego problem, with someone wanting to settle scores with some students and sending the message that the heads of schools were supreme. The Chief Minister is learnt to have made it clear that there were no extraordinary circumstances for the Board which warranted a change in its circular No 06 which was issued on April 22, 2010. Consequently, the Board was told that the same rules as applied in the very first year (2010) should continue to be implemented, which implies that the SAG certificates are to be accepted as final and not left at the discretion of anyone else to say that in case that proper procedure is not followed by recognised State Associations, the marks would be

thority of SAG and at the same time convey that the Board was supreme, since it is an autonomous body. From the body language of the Chief Minister, it was clear who enjoyed absolute powers. It was refreshing and somewhat surprising to see Digubab acting as an effective, competent and dynamic head. He minced no words as he spoke his mind. He was lucid in his thoughts which were simple but packed with common sense and rationale. He was articulate in the subject matter. That could be attributed to the fact that he was closeted with the Secretary of Sports, T M Balakrishna, Secretary of Education, V P Rao, Director of Education, Dr Celsa Pinto, SAG’s Executive Director, V M Prabhudesai, DSYA’s Juliana Colaco, GOA president Subash Shirodkar, secretary Gurudatt Bhakta,

Mumbai’s huge blow to Salgaocar’s title hopes HERALD CORRESPONDENT Margao, April 29: Mumbai Football Club extracted sweet revenge as they downed leaders Salgaocar Sports Club 3-2 in 4th ILeague at Nehru Stadium, Fatorda on Friday. Mumbai led 2-0 at half time. ItwaspaybacktimeforMumbai as they had been upstaged in the first-leg in Kolhapur. After missing an open chance in the 10th minute, Mumbai went into top gear. Hardworking midfielder Malsawm Kima sped from his own half, and squared it to wing back Keegan Pereira, who with an unexpected turn unleashed a left footer from about 22 yards. Not expecting the sudden move, Salgaocar’s goalkeeper Karanjit Singh tried, but in vain as the ball slowly rolled in. Mumbai doubled their lead through man-of-the-match midfielder Noel Wilson. Following a swift pass from midfielder Ebi Sukore

MuMbai and SalgaoCar players fight for ball possesion at Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, Friday. Theophlius, Noel fired the ball from 20 yards only to beat advancing Salgoacar keeper Karanjit, bringing in a pindrop silence at the stadium. Salgaocar could have reduced the margin in the 39th minute when striker Ryuji Sueoka’s shot went goalbound, but Mumbai keeper Nidhin Lal stood up to the task to parry it away. Salgaocar put up a better

SNAPSHOT Soccer tie-breaker at Santa Cruz

PANJIM – Young Boys of Cujira, Santa Cruz will organise their All-Goa floodlit soccer tie-breaker on April 30 near Cujira chapel, Santa Cruz at 7.30 p.m. The winners will walk away with Rs 6,000 while the runners-up will have to be content with Rs 4,000. Spot entries will be accepted.

Federation Cup throwball team PANJIM– Sadic Beig, A Khan, Jalalodin Shaikh, Yogesh Gawas, Faizan Khan, Jamalodin Khan, Saif Beig, Ismail Beig, Mozam Khan, Aiyaz Aga, Harun Shaikh and Nuwa Shaikh have been selected by the Amateur Throwball Association of Goa to participate in Federation Cup to be held on June 1 and 2 at Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Prajwal Shetty, Shoib Khan, Saish Gaonkar and Azim Shaikh have been placed as reserves.

2-a-side soccer at Siolim CALANGUTE -- St Anthony Boys of Siolim will organise their All-Goa 2-a-side soccer tie-breaker at Modlem Bhat ground, Siolim on April 30 at 8 p.m. Details may be obtained on 9764683730 or 9923666930.

display after changing ends and their efforts bore fruit in the 64th minute as a cross from the right by substitute Milagres Gonsalves across the rival goal, was beautifully headed in by Ghanaian Yakubu

Yusif. Mumbai intensified their attack and Nicholas Rodrigues unleashed a stinging left footer which crashed into the net keeping Salgaocar’s keeper Karanjit dazed in the 69th minute. Salgaocar pulled one more back in the 89th minute when Milagres beat the rival defence and punished Mumbai’s keeper off

Panjim, April 29: A fine hat-trick by Paulwin D’Silva helped Cana Benaulim Sporting Association defeat Rossman Cruz Sports Club, Nagoa 4-0 in St Anthony Super Soccer at Colva on Friday. Benaulim led 2-0 at half time.

were responsible in formulating the Sports Policy after prolonged debates, discussions, interactions at various levels including , parents-teacher associations. It was sad and unfair that the Board, with just one stroke, was nullifying all the work done, they remarked. It was agreed that the Association tournaments would be considered as State level championships and as such students entitled for 15 marks and not 5 as the Board had decreed. The Board has convened a meeting of its Executive Committee on Monday to consider the issue of withdrawal of the circular and issuance of a fresh one in view of the deliberations held with the Chief Minister. Farrel Furtado, vice-chairperson of the Board, who is also an important official of a hockey association, denied that she was instrumental in formulating the new Board policy on merit marks or that she had influenced some members to adopt such a collision course. Several parents, officials of associations and clubs hailed SAG’s top honcho V M Prabhudesai, GOA officials Subash Shirodkar, Gurudatt Bhakta for taking up the genuine cause of sportspersons and for pursuing the matter to its logical conclusion. It was Prabhudesai who had taken up the matter suo moto, both with Sports Minister Babu Azgaonkar and the Chief Minister when he led a strong delegation of over 25 associations on Thursday.

Churchill player registered illegally by United Sikkim? Ryuji’s pass. Earlier, Mumbai had a charmed life when their defender Faizal Rehman affected a goal line save to deny striker Yakubu Yusif what could have been a sure goal. Mumbai’s manager Henry Picardo was glad that his team finally won a match in the second-leg. “We beat leaders Salgaocar and that too on their home ground. We played well to deserve the win,” Picardo stated. Salgaocar coach Karim Bencherifa was not too disappointed with the result. “It was a good match. We tried our best especially conceding two goals. The first two goals early on surprised us and altered our plans. We were better in the second half and had several chances but we couldn’t convert them into goals. Now it will be very difficult for us to make progress, provided the other teams in the contention choke,” Bencherifa concluded.

Cana Benaulim win HERALD SPORTS DESK

treasurer Anil Madganvkar, Raju Mangueshkar, Ramesh Desai. And, the best part was that both the Board top functionaries were also present and listened with rapt attention. Digambar displayed acumen when he expressed that there could be some lacunae in the Sports Policy, but that these could only be removed by the competent authority, the Government. For that, one needs to have detailed discussions and it cannot be done unilaterally, the CM opined. Consequently, the Chief Minister constituted an 8-member committee to revisit the policy. It will have the Secretary of Sports, Secretary of Education, Director of Education, Executive Director of SAG, Chairman of Goa Board, Registrar of Goa University, GOA secretary and GOA treasurer. They have been given a month’s time to seek the views of all stakeholders, including the Principals Forum, Goa Headmasters Association, Goa Physical Education Teachers Association, Teachers Association, Sports Associations, Sports Clubs. Changes, if any, thereafter would be made known right at the beginning of the new academic year (2011-12), the members of the committee which will be known as “Sports Policy Review Committee” were told. The fallout of the new Board circular left the sports associations and clubs shattered as they opined that the Board had shown scant respect or no respect towards them as they stressed that they

HERALD SPORTS REPOTER Panjim, April 29: Can a football player registered with one club with the Goa Football Association (GFA), having a legal contract as professional player, play for another club in Shillong in a rated official tournament under the All India Football Federation (AIFF)? The answer ought to have been a straight no, but since it is a direct yes, it makes funny but sad news. L Rinfela is contracted with I-League team, Churchill Bros, for a two-year term which expires in 2012. He is registered with the GFA as a professional player, Churchill Bros stated. However, it has been alleged that he was listed with United Sikkim of Baichung Bhutia among the 18 as recorded in the players registration sheet in the 2nd Division I-League match against Sporting Clube de Goa in Shillong recently and as such Churchill Bros feel

that it is illegal. Churchill Bros have dashed a complaint to the AIFF in New Delhi, submitting proofs that Rinfela, having a valid contract with them upto next year (2012) was listed in the players list of United Sikkim. Churchill Bros have charged the player with breach of contract, besides stating that it is illegal for one player to play for another club unless the player seeks inter-state transfer within the window period or is given on loan, which they say is not the case. There are apprehensions that the AIFF may not consider the complaint at all as the tournament rules stipulate that once the list of players is made available to the teams before the start of the event it is considered as agreed to by all the participating teams if there are no objections raised on the eligibility. There are two Goan teams, Vasco and Sporting,

in Shillong, and both did not raise any objection as none of them knew that the player in question was already registered in Goa. The problem, in this case, is different as under the FIFA regulations, which supersede all other rules, no professional player or player can have two registrations in the same year unless following proper transfer or availing of loan facility. Several football administrators, when contacted, expressed that the matter is very serious indeed, since it involves a legal issue. The violation of a registered professional contract is dealt with seriously, and it cannot be brushed aside, they added, since, if the allegation is true, it could mean that fraudulent means have been used for registration. Anyway, the matter will have to be investigated by the AIFF urgently, they opined.

Goa Velha up

Benaulim shot into the lead through Nelson in the 5th minute off Stephen’s pass. Paulwin netted his first goal in the 20th minute. Crossing over, Paulwin scored another two goals to complete his hat-trick. He was later adjudged the man-ofthe-match.

Infant Jesus bow out


Panjim: Government Sports School, Bangalore stormed into the finals of Mahindra Youth Football Challenge, winning their crucial final league encounter match against Infant Jesus High School, Colva 2-0 in Bangalore on Friday.

Panjim, April 29: Goa Velha Sports Club squeezed past St Savio Sports Club, Calangute 2-1 to enter the quarter-finals of 15th Holy Cross inter-village soccer tournament in memory of Albert J Fernandes organised by Holy Cross Sports Club, Vodlemoll, Kakoda at Vodlemoll,

Kakoda ground on Friday. St Savio led 1-0 at the break. St Savio shot into the lead in the 4th minute through Vijay Parsekar off a volley. Changing ends, Goa Velha opened their scoring in the 55th minute when Pravin Naik beat St Savio’s keeper hands down with a snapshot. Newton Gonsalves rounded off the tally.

Vasco led 2-0 at the breather. Man-of-the-match Joel Sequeira opened the scoring with a shot from outside the box on the half hour mark. Eleven minutes later, Basilio Rego hit a splendid volley from a distance to double

Vasco’s lead. In the 79th minute, Koko sealed victory, after he dribbled from the left flank, taking on two defenders before finishing with the ball in the back of the net. Vasco now have six points

from two matches and are top of the table, having scored one more goal then Shillong Lajong who also have six points. Sporting stay on one point after playing two matches. “I cannot explain how I

feel right now, it was an amazing game to witness, our opponents pushed us hard,” remarked Vasco coach, Gavin Araujo. Vasco’s Remus Gomes and Sporting’s Avelino Fernandes received yellow cards.

Vasco trounce Sporting Clube de Goa HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, April 29 : Vasco Sports Club went top of the I– League Second Division after defeating Sporting Clube de Goa 3-0 at J N sports complex, Shillong on Friday.



FIFA President Sepp Blatter is promising wide-ranging reforms if he is re-elected, including changes to how future World Cup hosts are picked. Blatter told a German newspaper he will set up a watchdog committee to supervise how FIFA works and “restore the credibility” of the governing body of world soccer.

Kohli, Gayle lift RC spirit PTI Bangalore, April 29: Royal Challengers Bangalore rode on Virat Kohli's whirlwind half century and Chris Gayle's blitzkrieg to notch up a comfortable 26-run win over Pune Warriors in the IPL here today. Put into bat, Kohli smashed 67 off 42 balls after Gayle laid the foundation with 49 off a mere 26 deliveries, to lead the home team's challenge at the Chinnaswamy stadium. In reply, Pune could not manage more than 155 for five in their stipulated 20 overs, despite a fighting 50 from Jesse Ryder and a quick-fire 23-ball 41 from skipper Yuvraj Singh. Ryder hit four fours and two sixes while Yuvraj's knock included two fours and three sixes. Earlier, Kohli smashed four boundaries and as many sixes during his

Sourabh, Datt lose; Indian challenge ends PTI New Delhi, April 29: It was curtains for India in the Indian Open Super Series after young shuttlers Sourabh Verma and RMV Gurusai Datt suffered straight-game defeats in the quarterfinals of the men's singles at the Siri Fort Complex here today. Giant killer Sourabh, who had beaten Athen Olympics bronze medallist Sony Kuncoro of Indonesia and seventh seed Kenichi Tago of Japan on his way to the quarter-finals, suffered a 7-21 8-21 defeat against World number one Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. While, Datt went down fighting to world number 20 Hu Yun of Hong Kong 10-21 16-21 in a 35-minute match. Datt had beaten fourth seed Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand and Yuhan Tan of Belgium in the first two rounds here.

TodAy’s FIxTures

Kochi Tuskers Kerala v. Delhi Daredevils 4 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders v. Kings XI Punjab 8 p.m.


SATURDAY Blackburn v. Bolton, Blackpool v. Stoke, Chelsea v. Tottenham, Sunderland v. Fulham, West Brom v. Aston Villa, Wigan v. Everton. SUNDAY Arsenal v. Man Utd, Birmingham v. Wolves, Liverpool v. Newcastle, Man City v. West Ham.

stay at the crease while Gayle found the ropes three times and cleared it the same number of times. After a quiet first over, Tillakaratne Dilshan scored the first boundary of the Bangalore innings, when he drove Jerome Taylor's short of length delivery through the covers. Thereafter, till the last ball of the ninth over, the show completely belonged to Gayle, who unleashed an array of

hefty blows, leaving the opposition bowlers hapless, and the home crowd delighted. On the receiving end of Gayle's furious onslaught was Kamran Khan who conceded 47 runs in his three overs. The big-hitting West Indies opener picked the leftarm seamer for 20 runs, including two massive sixes and two boundaries, in the innings' third over. After being welcomed with

scoreboArd Royal Challengers: Gayle lbw b R Sharma 49, Dilshan b R Sharma 15, Kohli c Harpreet Bhati b Thomas 67, De Villiers c R Sharma b Thomas 26, S Tiwary C harpreet Bhatia b taylor 14, Kaif not out 8, Mithun not out 0. Extras: 2. Total: 181 for 5. Fall of wickets: 1-57, 2-74, 3-140, 4169, 5-179. Bowling: Alfonso Thomas 4-0-23-2, Jerome Taylor 4-0-441, Kamran Khan 3-0-47-0, Rahul Sharma 4-0-27-2, Mithun Manhas 1-0-9-0, Yuvraj Singh 2-0-10-0, Jesse Ryder 2-0-20-0. Pune Warriors: Ryder c Kaif b Syed Mohammad 51, Paine c Vettori b Aravind 8, Pandey c Tiwary b vettori 19, Yuvraj c Syed Mohammad b Zaher 41, Uthappa not out 23, Manhas c Kaif b Gayle 3, Harpreet Singh not out 1. Extras: 9. Total: 155 for 5. Fall of wickets: 1-35, 2-79, 3-101, 4-131, 5-137. Bowling: Zaheer 4-0-33-1, Aravind 4-0-35-1, Mithun 4-026-0, Vettori 4-0-23-1, Gayle 2-0-8-1, Syed Mohammad 2-0-26-1. Manof-the-match: V Kohli.

Misbah guides Pak to series-clinching win AFP Ridgetown, April 29 : Misbah-ul-Haq dug deep and dragged Pakistan to a seriesclinching, three-wicket victory over West Indies in the third One-day International of the best of five match series here on Thursday. Misbah led the way with four fours and one six in an unbeaten 62 from 109 balls, Hammad Azam supported with 36, and Umar Akmal made 30, as the Pakistanis, chasing 172 for victory, reached their target with 29 balls remaining at Kensington Oval. The Pakistanis were left reeling on 12 for three, following an opening burst from Ravi Rampaul, who also had Akmal caught behind to leave the visitors on 49 for four in the 12th over,

finishing with four wickets for 32 runs from nine overs. Azam joined Misbah and put on 78 for the fifth wicket to put Pakistan back on track before Devendra Bishoo took three for 42 from nine overs to trigger a slide that left the visitors wobbling on 148 for seven in the 36th over. But Wahab Riaz joined Misbah to edge the Pakistanis over the finish line five overs later, when he swung a short ball from Dwayne Bravo over deep backward square leg for six. Earlier, Saeed Ajmal had captured three for 29 from 8.4 overs and Wahab took three for 38 from eight overs to enhance Pakistan's chance of victory, as they dismissed their opponents for 171 in 43.4 overs after choosing to field.

a four over extra cover, Kamran was sent over long-off for the maximum. He then bowled a short one, which was smashed over long-on by the marauding left-hander. More misery was in store for Kamran as he conceded two more sixes and a boundary in the sixth over and his second. The over-pitched one was sent soaring over the backward point, the short of length delivery was thumped over long-on while length balls were whacked through the midwicket region.

Goa I Saturday 30, April 2011

A picture is worth a thousands words and as there are so many pictures, I am not going to speak any more about what happened. -- Real coach Jose Mourinho



Brad Haddin's Indian Premier League campaign was cut short after a fracture was detected in the Kolkata Knight Riders' finger. An MRI in Delhi on Thursday revealed that the injury he sustained dur­ ing Australia's series in Bangladesh had not healed. He will return home and undergo surgery.

Goa I Saturday, 30 April 2011

We can still back ourselves from here on, and if we win two, three games, then it's possible for us to be in contention. -- Virender Sehwag

Lankan players fixing matches since ’92: Tillakaratne

MuMbai indians wicketkeeper Davy Jacobs watches as Rajasthan Royals batsman Johan Botha plays a reverse-sweep shot. PTI Jaipur, April 29 : Johan Botha produced an all-round show to enable Rajasthan Royals inflict a seven wicket scoreboard Mumbai Indians: Davy Jacobs b Amit Singh 15, Sachin Tendulkar st Yagnik b Menaria 7, Ambati Rayudu c & b Menaria 11, Rohit Sharma c Botha b Warne 13, Andrew Symonds b Botha 17, Kieron Pollard lbw b Botha 4, R Sathish st Yagnik b Botha 7, Harbhajan Singh not out 10, Lasith Malinga b Amit Singh 1, Ali Murtaza not out 2. Extras: 7. Total: 94 for 8. Fall of wickets: 1-22, 228, 3-46, 4-50, 5-68, 6-81, 7-82, 8-83. Bowling: Ashok Menaria 4-0-20-2, Amit Singh 4-0-14-2, Shane Watson 4-0-250, Shane Warne 4-0-13-1, Siddharth Trivedi 2-0-13-0, Johan Botha 2-0-6-3. Rajasthan Royals:Shane Watson c Jacobs b Malinga 26, Rahul Dravid c Tendulkar b Patel 5, Johan Botha b Patel 45, Ross Taylor not out 13, Ashok Menaria not out 4. Extras:2. Total: 95 for 3. Fall of wickets: 1-17, 2-56, 3-90. Bowling: Lasith Malinga 4-0-20-1, Munaf Patel 4-1-18-2, Ali Murtaza 40-15-0, Harbhajan Singh 3-0-20-0, R Sathish 1.1-0-5-0, Kieron Pollard 2-016-0. Man-of-the-match: J Botha.

defeat on table toppers Mumbai Indians here today. After spinning a web around the MI batsmen with impressive figures of three for six, Botha sparkled with the bat as well, scoring vital 44 runs off 39 balls, during which he struck two fours and a six, to set the platform for Rajasthan’s victory. Chasing a paltry 95-run target, Rajasthan batsmen played sensibly to overwhelm MI’s score with 11 balls to spare at the Sawai

Man Singh Stadium here. Apart from Botha, Shane Watson (26 off 32) and Ross Taylor (13 not out) made double digit scores while Munaf Patel (2/18) emerged as the best bowler for the visitors. Earlier, Rajasthan came up with an inspiring bowling display to restrict a formidable MI to a paltry 94 for eight.

PTI Colombo, April 29: The ghost of match-fixing has returned to haunt interna-

Lanka, claimed. Tillakaratne, who led the side in 10 Tests during his tenure as captain between 2003 and 2004, stopped short of calling the World Cup final

on April 2 a fixed match but had some reservations about selection. "I am not saying that this match (The World Cup final) was fixed. But anyway

match-fixing is something which has been in this country over a period of time. This has spread like a cancer today," he was quoted as saying by 'The Daily Mirror'.

CMZ / GOA / 09

Botha bothers MI

tional cricket with former Sri Lankan skipper Hashan Tillakaratne claiming that his country has been rigging matches since 1992 and questioned the selections made in the World Cup final loss to India. "I can tell this in agreement with my conscience. Match fixing is not something that started happening yesterday or today. According to my knowledge, it happened since 1992. I say this with great responsibility," Tillakaratne, who played 83 Tests and 200 ODIs for Sri

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