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VIP babas, babies love English



Majority of Goa’s Ministers and MLAs’ children have chosen English at primary level

Truck terminus through the back door!

SURAJ NANDREKAR Panjim, March 25: Goa’s Ministers and MLAs have long settled the medium of instruction debate by taking a


Teething trouble in tourist country

firm decision at home. They have and continue to send their kids to schools where the medium of instruction is.... hold your breath...pucca English. (See Edit pg 6)

Marathi comes second and Konkani, the language purists are trying to preserve by castigating the English pushers, comes a distant >Continued on pg 10

Pratapsing Rane Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in English medium schools.

Oppn ‘tank’ attack floors Churchill

Mauvin Godinho Children: 3 Primary Education: All in English at Sharada Mandir.

TEAM HERALD Panjim, March 25: Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Churchill Alemao was forced to withdraw the notification for distribution of water tanks and re-issue it with modification by the Opposition on Friday. At the end of half an hour debate, Alemao assured the House that he would withdraw the existing notification and re-notify the scheme to include suggestions given by the Opposition. “I assure you that we will redraft the scheme”, Alemao who was cornered by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar and Fatorda MLA Damodar Naik at the fag end of the session said. Coming to his rescue, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat said, “Churchill is soft at heart. He cannot see the suffering of people. He does >Continued on pg 10

YEt AgAiN: South Africa’s captain Graeme Smith reacts as he comes out to meet cricketers from New Zealand who won the World Cup quarterfinal match in Dhaka, on Friday. South Africa one of the title aspirants crashed out yet again.

Bill seeks ban on entry, casino-related ads TEAM HERALD Panjim, March 25: Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar today introduced a Bill in the House which calls for a ban on entry of locals in casinos for gambling purpose and also ban on any kind of casino advertisements. The Goa Public Gambling (Amendment) Bill, 2011, which was introduced, imposes restriction on entry of

locals in casinos. “Only non-residents of the State shall be allowed to enter the casinos for purpose of gambling”, the Bill reads. “Advertisements of casinos

anywhere in the State in the print media, electronic media or by any other audio and visual means shall not be allowed”, the bill adds further. Raising the statement of object and reasons for the Bill, Parrikar said, “it is found that number of residents of Goa including those below the age of 21 are frequently visiting casinos. This in turn is destroying the social fabric of the State by ruining fami-

lies”. “Further, casino advertisements allure locals specially the youth to visit such places”, the Bill reads. The statement further reads that the present amendment seeks to prevent the above occurrences and achieve the desired objectives of preventing locals specially youth from getting involved in gambling activities.

Goa joins Indiaah, Indiaah at World Cup TEAM HERALD Panjim, March 25: The defin-

High Tide: 0247; 1652 Low Tide: 0938; 2238

Ravi Naik Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in English at Almeida High School, Ponda.

Babush Monserrate Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in English at Sharada Mandir, Miramar.

Churchill Alemao Children: 6 Primary Education: Daughters Konkani, son at Sharada Mandir, Miramar.

Vishwajeet Rane Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in English at Sharada Mandir, Miramar.

Alexio Sequeira Children: 4 Primary Education: All in Konkani at Loyola’s and Fatima, Margao.

Joaquim Alemao Children: 4 Primary Education: 3 in Konkani, 1 in English at Manovikas, Margao.

R. Dhavlikar Children: 2 Primary Education: 1 in Marathi, 1 in English at Almeida, Ponda.

Filipe Neri Children: 3 Primary Education: All in English at Manovikas, Margao.

Babu Azgaonkar Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in English medium schools.

Jose Philip Children: 3 Primary Education: All in English at Deepvihar, Vasco.

Nilkanth Children: 3 Primary Education: All in English medium schools.

Parrikar rolls dice against locals



Digambar Kamat Children: 2 Primary Education: Both in vernacular languages in Govtaided schools.

ing moment of this World Cup has probably arrived and will be there for keeps. Yuvraj Singh, the victorious gladiator, on his knees after hitting the winning runs against Australia, letting lose a heart lifting roar, which left moist eyes and proud hearts. And not to forget, galloping TRPs and more and more converts to a tournament which every Indian cricketer considers the most important. The World Cup has also now finally come to Goa. A land where little village boys wear Manchester United and Chelsea shirts is waking up to glory days ahead - a possible World Cup final. And from

sarpanch to Chief Minister, everybody will be watching. A benevolent Speaker adjourned the House on Thursday to enable members to watch the Men in Blue. Some MLAs are hoping to try and find some way to follow the India-Pakistan semifinal on a “working” day with the Budget session on. Perhaps they will hope for Speaker Rane’s benevolence and support to the team’s cause once again. Goa’s resident God, football has paused and given way to India’s permanent Godcricket. Manchester United’s plush new café in Calangute will show the boys in blue and not the red devils in action on Wednesday. Other resorts, cafés and pubs will

No Cola, says Baba TEAM HERALD Panjim, March 25: With the Cricket World Cup 2011 fever escalating every passing day and India set to play semi-final against arch-rival Pakistan on March 30, Swami Ramdev Baba has a piece of advise for cricketers >Continued on pg 10 be open for only one business — cricket.

The fireworks have already begun. At Arpora after the Indian victory over Australia, waiters of a restaurant left everything and rushed the beach to burst crackers, their orders waiting. A band paused as the music of crowds at Ahmedabad chanting “Indiah Indiah” took over. On Wednesday this frenzy will reach a crescendo. Deepak Luthariya of Sun City Resorts at Baga says “It’ll be a huge party. My friends, my guests and all lovers of cricket will be here to watch India beat Pakistan”. Well, even if we shall wait till Wednesday to find out, Goa’s love affair with cricket is going steady. Very steady.




Though the government had scrapped the Truck Terminus, the PDA has now proposed in the Outline Development Plan, public, semi-public, government, institutional and religious institutions in the low-lying fields admeasuring 1.35 lakh sq mts

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

Raheja’s sudden decision to withdraw the construction file comes against the backdrop of the decision by the TCP Board to relax the mandatory provision of 10-meter access road to benefit the real estate developer.

Truck terminus through the back door! Scrapped by the then government following a long-drawn struggle by the residents of Madel, and farmers, the ghost of Truck Terminus has come back – this time on the Outline Development Plan (ODP) for the city. Guilherme Almeida investigates Mickky United Former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco appears moving ahead with his plans to float a new regional party. One of his ardent supporter is even seen going around with an open car painted in green, with a message “United Goans; Mickky will rule Goa”. But, Pacheco in private, admits that he is all set to revive the United Goans party which helped to protect Goa’s distinct identity. Take note, Pacheco’s list of leaders in the new outfit, not just includes politicos from the Congress, but he says members of the Jack Sequeira’s family will be part of the new outfit. But where will that leave a certain Anacleto Viegas and his United Goans Democratic Party. Watch this space.

Panjim’s waste collector in Margao’s backyard We have all heard of the NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) factor when it comes to disposing garbage. But people in Margao were wondering if the same principle should apply to garbage collectors after this incident. The contractor who collects hotel waste in Panjim was spotted during the experimental drive undertaken by the Margao Municipal Council to collect door-to-door garbage collection from the city hotels. Caught on the wrong foot since this contractor had once bagged the Panjim hotel waste contractor without codal formalities, Civic officials were quick to clarify that the contractor’s presence in Margao was only to help the Civic body to fix waste collection rates for city hotels. But why was an obviously interested party involved in this exercise? Hmm... that’s an answer best kept under the lid. Or better still, a garbage lid.

Show me the ticket In Goa, there are two things that talk. Money or party tickets. This lesson was well learnt by the hapless national Youth Congress leader, J Saravanan, who was supposedly dispatched by AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s team to boost the membership of the youth Congress in Goa. First stop Benaulim, now Valanka land. Saravanan was treated to the Alemao brand of politics as speaker after speaker went on eulogizing their “leader” and “social worker” Valanka Alemao stating that the Benaulim ticket has to be given to her. The next stop was the opposite camp. The residence of Luchel Camino de Monte – the Borda residence former chief minister Luizinho Faleiro. Block congress members of Navelim from where Luizinho is an obvious ticket aspirant, met Saravanan and asked him if their leader was going to get the ticket A poor Saravanan – whose brief was only to oversee the Y C membership – had to wriggle out of the situation at both the places by conveying a polite message to the aspirants that his mission was not to decide on the tickets. Saravanan then left with a time tested message. Rahul baba will not let down anyone who lends a helping hand to the organization. With individual elders in every taluka, one may well ask - Which organization?


After Naik who? Who will succeed South Goa Collector G P Naik after his retirement on May 31. The names of an OSD to the Chief Minister, besides Managing Directors of two Corporations are currently doing the rounds. The battle for the coveted post will only intensify amongst the bureaucrats in the coming one month. Meanwhile, Naik’s blue eyed boys in the district Collectorate are believed to be already feeling the heat. After literally throwing their weight around in the Collectorate during Naik’s tenure, they feel suddenly lost in the forthcoming scheme of things. It’s no secret though that the new collector will be Diggubab’s handpicked man.

opment Minister, Digambar Kamat. Questioned Savio Dias, a resident of Madel: “How can the government or PDA bring the Truck Terminus back to Madel through the back door? The project was scrapped as the residents apprehended a slum in the locality, besides inundation of the low lying fields during monsoons”. The residents have taken up the issue with Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who has promised to look into their grievances after the Assembly session. When contacted, SGPDA member Secretary Sandeep Surlekar sought to allay fears raised by the local residents. “The PDA has only showed the Truck Terminus-cum-Transportation Centre in the plan. There is no concrete proposal to construct the project or acquire

The Margao ODP showing the proposed truck terminus, besides marking the 1.35 lakh sq mts of acquired fields for government and semi government. the land in question. As a planning body, it is our responsibility to suggest these public utility projects”, he said. The PDA member secre-

tary pointed out that the location of the government, semi-government and other institutions in the acquired land at Madel is again just a suggestion.

“Nothing is final. It is for the government to take a final call. The PDA has made the suggestions”, he reiterated. Incidentally, the land ac-

quired by the government for the proposed truck terminus was earlier shown as commercial, but is now proposed to be utilized for government offices. “Just imagine a situation at Madel when the acquired area admeasuring 1.37 lakh square meters and additional land for the truck terminus is filled up. This land adjoining the River Sal was acting as a water basin, keeping a check on floods in the locality”, remarked Dias, and questioned whether it is prudent to have a Truck Terminus – just meters away from a district Hospital and a Collectorate building. Questions are raised whether the land near the wholesale fish market would be an ideal location for the truck terminus – location meters away from the district hospital or the Collectorate building.

5538… is that all? That is the total number of registered business establishments registered in Margao. The actual is many times higher but the cash starved MMC has not cracked down on unregistered establishments which do not pay trade license or advertising fees. Team Herald chances upon this huge irregularity


ive thousand and five hundred thirty eight! That’s the approximate number of registered business establishments in Margao – notwithstanding its status as the State’s Commercial Capital. Though the city is bustling with trade and commerce unlike other towns and villages, the activity is not reflected in the cash-starved Margao Municipality by way of trade license and advertising fees. Inquiries with the Margao Civic

Savio Dias

A birds view of the Commercial Capital.

body revealed that the number of business establishments registered on the tax books is less than 6000 – around 5538 to be precise. The total annual revenue from trade license and advertising fees taken together have never crossed the Rs 20-lakh mark, except in 200910 when a conscious effort was made to tax the revenue. Against this backdrop, thousands of shops and business establishments operate in the

Commercial Capital without the mandatory trade license or pay the advertising tax. In fact, officials say the Civic body can raise revenue to the tune of Rs one crore from these two heads if officials put a system in place to tap this rich source of revenue. “Many amongst the establishments appear to have shied away from obtaining trade licenses because of the cumbersome procedure of seeking NOCs from fire and

health, and other bodies,” remarked a Civic staffer. Successive Municipal Chief Officers have only paid lip service to the burning issue, though revenue generated from these two heads has potential to fund development projects. Admits MMC Chief Officer, Prasanna Acharya: “It is indeed true that there’s a leakage of tax revenue, including on these two heads, trade license and advertising tax. The Civic body needs

to put a system in place with required manpower to meet the requirements”. Civic officials say only a concerted drive with adequate manpower can help the Civic body bring the thousands of establishments under the tax net. “I agree that a dedicated team of officials need to go on the site and assess the situation. On the spot assessment needs to be done to bring such establishments under the tax net”, he added.

Another twist in the Raheja saga…

Arthur mantra - Bill payment first, ticket later Remember, how the Congress lost the Fatorda seat in the 2007 Assembly polls. Well, it was former Margao Municipal Chairperson and contractor Piedade Norohna who spoilt GPCC general secretary Vijay Sardessai’s plans to make it to the Legislative Assembly. Four years down the line and Piedade appears lying low for the moment following her defeat in the Civic polls. But, another contractor, Arthur D’Silva, who made it to the Margao Civic body in style, is planning to throw his hat in the ring this time round as an Independent. But, this flamboyant contractor is playing his political cards close to his chest. For, he is well aware of Sardessai’s links with the Alemao brothers and is overtly apprehensive that the government might block his outstanding payments by the PWD if he kick starts his campaign

Savio Dias

glance at the notified ODP reveals that the PDA has shown the portion of land on the northern side of the Wholesale fish market for the Truck terminus and allied activities such as warehousing and communication. A close look at the plan shows that the piece of land proposed by the PDA for the Truck terminus falls between the River Sal and land admeasuring 1.35 lakh square already acquired by the government for the proposed Truck terminus. That’s not all. Though the government had scrapped the Truck Terminus, the PDA has now proposed in the Outline Development Plan, public, semi-public, government, institutional and religious institutions in the low-lying fields admeasuring 1.35 lakh sq mts acquired by SUDA during the tenure of then Urban Devel-

Builder moves TCP for withdrawal of construction file The Raheja housing project is never out of the news. The latest, following widespread and successful agitations against the project by locals, is that the builder has moved the Town and Country Planning Office for the withdrawal of the construction file of the project. Guilherme Almeida reports


he Raheja saga continues in the village of Carmona. Apparently caught on the wrong foot for pushing its construction proposal without the mandatory 10 meter wide approach road, Mumbai-based Ms K Raheja Universal Ltd has moved the Town and Country Planning office for withdrawal of the construction file. Officials of the Margao Town and Country Planning department were tightlipped over the matter and were not willing to throw light on the sudden development. Sources in the know, however, told Herald that the TCP office is in receipt of an application from Raheja for withdrawal of the construction file, “The construction file is being processed by the

department”, an official informed, while confirming having received an application from Raheha for withdrawal of the file. This is perhaps the second time in the last three years that the construction file mooted by the developer is either withdrawn or recalled from the Town and Country Planning department. The real estate developer had initially proposed to construction 617-odd apartments on the sprawling property admeasuring 80,000 square meters. The proposal, however, had to be withdrawn following strong objections from the villagers agitating against the mega housing project. Raheja’s sudden decision to withdraw the construction file comes against the back-

Santosh Mirajkar

The Raheja property at Carmona which had kicked up a row after the laying of the pipeline connecting the property to River Sal. drop of the decision by the Town and Country Planning Board to relax the mandatory provision of 10-meter access road to benefit the real estate developer. In fact, Chief Minister Digambar, who is the chairman of the TCP Board,

had gone on record that the Board had agreed to approve Raheja’s construction sans the road on grounds that the road should be in place at the time of granting occupancy for the housing project. But, the agitating villagers,

including two Carmona Panch members Orlando Da Silva and Jerson Figueiredo refused to buy the argument. They put their foot down and opposed approval for the construction file by holding a dharna at the residence of the Chief Minister.

Coincidentally, agitating villagers, who had knocked the doors of the South Goa district Court vis-à-vis the controversial, has got temporary relief when their petition stands admitted in the court. In their petition, the villagers had submitted that the approach road to the property is presently only four meters in width, adding that to maintain a 10-meter road, it will require to demolish the boundary and compound walls also reduce the setbacks to the residences of the residents along the route. They further submitted that if such a development is permitted, it will affect the demography of the place and put pressure on the depleting basic infrastructure of water and electricity.



Panjim crematorium will get incinerator, says Joaquim HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao on Friday assured the State Legislative Assembly to install incinerator at Hindu crematorium in Panjim, soon after they receive the feasibility report. Alemao told assembly that tender for expression of interest has been already floated by the department and feasibility report is awaited. “Once we receive the re-

port, the incinerator would be constructed,” he assured. Alemao was responding to the private members resolution tabled by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar, who demanded con-

struction of incinerator at Hindu crematorium in the capital city. The resolution was later withdrawn. Parrikar urged the State government to have a visit to Chandanwadi, in Mumbai to study the functioning of the eclectic crematorium. The government last week had assured to introduce a bill during the ongoing assembly session on the public crematorium for each and every community across the state.

The tender for expression of interest has already been floated and feasibility report is awaited. Once we receive the report, the incinerator will be constructed. -- Joaquim

Multi-dwelling units having 100 flats in case of residential and commercial areas will have to have independent sewage treatment plant of approved technology by Goa State Pollution Control Board.

Sewerage plant must for big apartments HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: A Bill making independent sewerage treatment plant mandatory for the multidwelling units having 100 flats was introduced in the State Legislative Assembly session on Friday. The Goa Town and Country Planning (Amendment) bill, 2011 introduced by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar, directed the planning and development authority not to grant any development permission until the applicant provided independent sewerage treat-

Brittona will not be used as scrap yard: Nilkant HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: "Brittona will not be used as a scrap yard but for the limited purpose of weighing the scrap and disposing it to the identified dealer immediately," Tourism Minister Nilkant Halarnkar, informed the House on Friday. He was replying to Calling Attention Motion moved by Aldona MLA Dayanand Narvekar saying people of Brittona are agitated with the government decision to dump the scrap of River Princess despite opposition by the locals. If allowed to dump scrap of River Princess at Brittona it will destroy fragile reverine of the area, warned Aldona MLA even as he claimed that he is happy that finally, after ten years the grounded vessel River Princess is being removed. The Brittona Jetty has been identified as Customs Point, as the grounded vessel is a foreign vessel. The government has to also pay customs duty on the value of the scrap. The tourism minister also clarified that the scrap needs to be moved in a notified customs area and could be disposed only after the inspection

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

by the Customs and Central Excise authorities. However, he further informed the House Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) official will conduct inspection to ensure that no damage is done to the environment during entire operation. Meanwhile, the tourism department is also considering another jetty to expedite the completion of work. M/s Arihant Ship Breaker, a Mumbai company has been engaged by the government for removing the vessel for an amount of Rs 99 crore. As per the tender the scrap must be taken seawards and disposed off by the contractor. The tourism minister also said that that all hazardous waste would be taken care of. Tourism Minister also assured the House that they would consider as suggested by Aldona MLA, to engage a transhipper to facilitate Customs to weigh it.

ment plant as well as garbage management system. “Multi-dwelling units having 100 flats in case of residential area and commercial areas shall have independent sewage treatment plant of approved technology by Goa State Pollution Control Board,” the Bill reads. “The garbage management system including composting facilities and disposal of municipal waste shall be provided,” it further adds.

The Bill has also stressed on making supply of suitable power and water supply in the area proposed for construction mandatory. “Minimum one car parking space in case of a single unit and sufficient parking area as notified from time to time in case of multidwelling unit for residents and visitors shall be provided,” the Bill stated. According to the bill, the existence of infrastructure facilities including a road of

minimum six meters for single dwelling and 10 meters for multi dwelling unit shall be provided for. “It is observed that multidwelling units on getting permission fail to provide infrastructure facilities and basic amenities to the people,” the statement of Object and Reasons, reads. It further says that there is lot of parking problems in the residential areas where commercial activities are permitted.



State government’s recently announced hike in minimum support price of milk to Rs 2.5 per litre upto 100 litres a day will reduce the milk prices in the State. -- Ravi Naik

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

The cost of regular treatment of diabetes is quite high. I’ m suffering from diabetes and spend nearly Rs 5000-6000 on medicine -- Parrikar every month.

Anti-English convention on April 6; Ramdev weighs in HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: When lot of parents are struggling to send their children to the best English medium schools they can afford, some myopic ‘educationists’ are hell bent on depriving the poor parents of an opportunity to send their wards to government funded English medium schools. The campaign to deprive the parents of their right to choose the best medium of instruction suited for their children (the one which would ensure their bright future), is being spearheaded by a myopic group called Bharatiya Bhasha

Suraksha Manch (BBSM) which has decided to come out and fight for regional language. Towards this end, the BBMS organised a public meeting in Panjim, on Friday which was attended by some 500 people. Taking a cue from the massive rally-cum-public meeting organised by many schools and a visionary organisation on Monday, the BBSM will orgnise a convention at Azad Maidan on April 6. The organisation is also planning to hold meetings at Mapusa, Porvorim, Mandrem, Margao, Mormugao and Canacona on March 28. While on March 29, meet-

Baba smells ‘conspiracy’ in language row HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: As Goa is debating over the medium of instruction in the elementary schools, Yogarishi Swami Ramdev Baba has offered full-support to State’s mother tongue Konkani, and Marathi. Briefing the media on Friday, Ramdev smelt a “conspiracy” to destroy regional languages in Goa. “We should give priority to Konkani and Marathi. Our trust - Bharat Swamibham Trust supports Konkani and Marathi. We are no enemies of English language, but, first

preference should be our mother language,” he said. The yoga guru further said that Hindi can very well replace English as the link language. “Can’t higher studies and professional studies be done in regional languages? Replying to a question, Ramdev explained that knowledge is much more important than English. “No other nation has encouraged Indian languages. But Indians in the name of secularism are destroying their richness. This is nothing but a conspiracy to abolish our culture,” he said.

ings would be held at Panjim, Bicholim, Valpoi, Ponda, Curchorim and Sanguem. Similarly, on March 30, meetings will take place at Cuncolim, Shiroda, Dharbandoda, Pernem and Quepem. Meanwhile, addressing Friday’s gathering, Nagesh Karmali (freedom fighter) said that denationalisation has been going on in Goa for years now, which is sponsored by the State government. “What Portuguese failed to do in 450 years, we, liberated Goans will do it by encouraging English language in each household,” Karmali quipped.

Supporting him, an alleged educationist Arvind Bhatikar lamented that the regional languages would be extinct. Though there isn’t any invariable concomitance between studying in English and loss of culture and land, Bhatikar said “We need to protect our regional languages, if we lose it we lose our culture and in turn lose our land,” he rued. “English language as medium of instruction will destroy our statehood,” he said without explaining the big question ‘How?’ He also baselessly argued that “If you learn your own languages, your ability to learn other languages im-

PANJIM, MARCH 25: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Minister Ravi Naik has said that the milk prices in the State will be reduced due to the revised subsidy paid to the milk producers by the State government. Responding to the Cut Motions tabled by the opposition, Ravi said that the State government’s recently announced hike in minimum support price of milk to Rs 2.5 per litre upto 100 litres a day will reduce the milk prices in the State. He said that Goa Dairy will have to

HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba, a force behind the anti-corruption movement, on Friday said the entire administration is made of corrupt politicians as such Land Acquisition Act is being used to harass common man. During an interaction hosted by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ramdev Baba alleged that 99 per cent of the people in the government do not want to change the Act, for, they are corrupt. The interaction began with classes on breathing techniques by Ramdev who advised self discipline, self confidence and hard work to around 50 businessmen who attended the session. “These are the biggest enemies and we have to win over it. The

challenges before the nation are not less dangerous but we should have self-discipline, self confidence and work hard to flush out negatives from the country,” said the Yoga Guru. Raising concern over the grim land-grab scenario in Uttar Pradesh, he said that one-third of the land has been acquired by the State government in that State, which would eventually affect 40 per cent of the food production there. He advised that affected people could join Bharat Swamibham Trust’s (BST) nationwide campaign against three enemies - corruption, black money and illegal mining. He was down in Goa to address a public meeting, which is third in a row of his tirade against the ‘three enemies’. He admitted that money is needed for every human being

increase their rate to the farmers considering the increase in the milk sale price. Naik claimed that there was no drop in the milk production and in fact the farmers were selling milk in the open market to fetch better price. “There is no drop in milk production in Goa, in fact the farmers are selling milk in the open market where they fetch a better price for their produce,” he claimed. “The department is confident that the scheme ‘incentive to milk producers’ will further benefit the farmers and encourage them to pour their milk into dairy societies,” Ravi said. “Goa Dairy also will have to in-

crease it rate to the farmers considering the increase in the milk sale price. The government is of the firm opinion that the benefit of the scheme should go only to bona fide milk producers in the State,” the minister said. Earlier, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar had claimed that the collection by the milk union has dropped from 60,000 litres per day last five years back to 39,000 litres per day at present. He stated that the milk requirement of the state was 4.5 lakh litres per day while Goa produces only 1.5 lakh litres a day, while rest is imported.

Parsekar calls for self sufficiency in poultry HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Mandrem MLA Laxmikant Parsekar today alleged that Goa is over dependent on Maharashtra and Karnataka for poultry products due to lack of proper policies by animal husbandry department. He said that in the last few years the poultry business has gone down.

“We have to be dependent on the neighbouring states for supply as the local production is going down,” Parsekar said. He was speaking during the cut motion on the demands of grants for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services department. The BJP legislator said that it is difficult for the farmers to procure buffalo

Ramdev addressing a public meeting at the Campal Gymkhana ground, on Friday.

Ramdev brands govt as corrupt without discrimination

Ravi assures to bring down milk prices HERALD REPORTER

proves automatically.” Fr Mousinho de Ataide called English language supporters as ‘anti-nationals’ without explaining how one becomes an anti-national if one chooses what is best for one’s future. Fr Mousinho also made a completely illogical claim that “They (supporters of English) are anti-democratic sources. The children belong not only to the parents but also to the country, in which they are born.” The gathering was addressed by former Goa chief Minister Shashikala Kakodkar, Pundalik Naik, Bhiku Pai Angle, Subhash Velingnkar, Madhav Kamat and others.

with the amount of money paid by the department under the scheme. “The poultry farming is important in terms of eradication of unemployment. But there are hardly any farmers left in this sector now,” he commented. Parsekar said that only formation of schemes won’t work. “Government should ensure that they

reach the beneficiaries,” he suggested. The legislator questioned Goa’s need to procure meat from outside when the State has its own abattoir. “Why do you need to procure meat from outside the State? It is risky and dangerous. The meat can of the animal which is about to die or dead animal,” he warned.

“but it should not dominate one’s life.” The administration is full of corrupt politicians who have so eluded punishment, he said, adding “In a democratic political system, the corrupt go scot-free, but the innocent are punished,” he said replying to a query by a Pernem resident. Ramdev Baba applauded the Supreme Court for acting as a deterrent to corruption. He urged people to perform yoga meditation to abolish health ailments (including drug addiction and boozing) and violence in the world. In an hour-long interaction, he appealed to the businessmen in Goa to adopt Swadeshi in their personal and business lives, so as to save crores of rupees from being flushed out of Goa. “Numerous local materials are available in the State, which can be

Bicholim house damaged in tree collapse MAYEM: Property worth Rs 5 lakh was damaged, after a huge pipal tree came crashing down on a house at Sal-Bicholim early Friday morning. According to Bicholim fire brigade officials, the old pipal tree collapsed on the house belonging to one Govind Arjun Parab, damaging household property, including a car. Household property including TV set, refrigerator, washing machine, etc and a Matiz car were totally damaged in the incident.

used extensively by businessmen in their work. This way, a lot of money will be saved from going outside the State. There is no need to chase international products,” he said. Addressing a press conference soon after the interaction, Swami Ramdev said that casinos in Goa should be banned except for the ‘passport holders.’ “Tourists travelling to countries like Singapore and Russia have to abide by certain rules, which can very well be implemented in Goa as well, and as such, only passport holders should be permitted in Casinos. This will save our future generation from disregarding our culture,” he said. Quoting an official data, he said that illegal mining to the tune of around Rs 15,000 crore is exported from Goa. “Goa is being looted by our politi-

Vishwajeet sounds conciliatory on PPP for Mapusa Hospital HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Has Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane, who strongly supported PPP mode for new Mapusa district Hospital, until recently, softened his stand? The health minister on Friday told Goa Assembly that he would take into confidence the members of the House who have doubts about the functioning of the hospital. He made the statement while responding to a ques-

PANJIM, MARCH 25: The Goa State Horticulture Corporation Ltd, (GSHCL) which has not audited its accounts for the last three years - will have special audit conducted within two weeks, specifically covering Price Intervention Scheme (PIS), which the Opposition alleged has become source of corruption. The Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) has been asked to assign an auditor to carry out the special

audit of PIS and the report will be placed on the table of the House, Agriculture Minister Vishwajit Rane said during "Question Hour" on Friday as Opposition once again highlighted irregularities in GSHC. Fatorda MLA Damu Naik alleged fraud of Rs 5.55 crore with regards to purchase and sale of vegetables under PIS. Acknowledging the fact that statutory audit has not been conducted for last three years and it has been not been functioning

properly Agriculture Minister further told the House and it should able to stand on its own. He further said action will be taken against those involved and need be, we will dissolve the Board. Probably to pacify the agitated Opposition who this session have thoroughly exposed corruption in GSHC, Agriculture Minister today also declared managing director will be shifted and charge will be given to director of agriculture. The Opposition Leader

tion posed by Mayem MLA Anant Shet in respect of PPP model proposed for new Mapusa district hospital. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat once again reiterated his stand that no hospital in the State will be privatised as Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar said the conditions mentioned in Request for Proposal (RFP) are in contravention to assurance given by the Chief Minister. "The RFP has been cancelled. And I have no intension of going ahead without

clearance from Law Department,” he said while responding positively to a request made by Aldona MLA that MLAs should be consulted when the Minister decides on issues of larger importance. The Health Minister told him that he would be called for a meeting as also any other member who wants to give suggestion. As the per High Court directive the health Deparment should fully commission Mapusa Hospital by March 31.

Oppn wants health insurance for diabetes HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: The Opposition MLAs have demanded that diseases such as diabetes and hyper tension also be covered under Swarnajayanti Arogya Bima Yojna (SABY), the health insurance scheme which was recently approved by the Cabinet. The scheme offers health insurance to cover the primary and secondary health

care upto Rs 60000 per family of five. The Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar claimed that nearly 15 per cent of the population of the state is diabetic. "The cost of regular treatment of diabetes is quite high. I' m suffering from diabetes and spend nearly Rs 5000-6000 on medicine every month," stated Parrikar. Siolim MLA Dayanand Mandrekar, Canacona MLAVijay Pai Khot too de-

Horticulture Corporation to have special audit HERALD REPORTER

cians and in turn what Goans get is pollution, poverty and foreign waste,” he rued. The yoga guru stated that his trust would prepare a master plan to pressurise the government to stop incessant illegal mining operations in the State. “Politicians are hand-in-gloves with the mining mafias and are looting Goa. We will demand the government to stop mining and impose royalty of about 25-50 per cent on mining operations,” he remarked. At the public meeting held at Campal Gymkhana ground, later in the evening, civic activists, businessmen and locals joined the chorus for a corrupt free government. A planned rally to Miramar was cancelled as the Goa police objected to the same fearing unwarranted traffic congestion.

Manohar Parrikar also charged that there has been misappropriation with sale and purchase of other vegetables that are not covered under PIS and demanded to know if the minister will look into the matter. The Agriculture Minister reiterated that no one involved will be spared but urged the Opposition Leader to wait for two week until audit is done. Parrikar also pointed out that grant received by the Corporation

from the government under various heads is not utilised satisfactorily. "They deposit grant into fixed deposits and earn interest instead of using for operating schemes," he said. He said, the Corporation earned Rs 40 lakh as interest on its deposits indicate it is keeping grants idle. "They should use that fund for development," stated Parrikar seeking intervention of the Agriculture Minister for proper utilisation of grants.

manded that the government cover diabetics under the scheme. The Opposition Leader also suggested the government should increase its from provision from Rs 20 crore to 60-70 crore. The scheme is extended to all residents of Goa and all government hospitals and selected private sector hospitals who are empanelled under proposed scheme.

Big scam, claims Damu HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Stating that his efforts to stop illegality in the water tanks distribution scheme has not gone in vain, Fatorda MLA Damodar Naik said that he is glad to have exposed the illegality in the scheme. “The scheme was totally wrong and a big scam”, Damu told Herald reacting to the PWD Minister Churchill Alemao’s statement in Assembly to with-

draw the scheme. He said when a scheme is notified it has to be authentic as you notify it in the name of the Governor. “The scheme should be vetted by Law Department with all appropriate permissions like consent and financial sanctions by keeping budgetary provisions”, he said. This has exposed the illegalities in the PWD and I am glad my efforts over the last six months have not gone in vain, he stated.



Agitated members demanded that the Administrator of Communidades exercise the right to act against encroachments and decried the circular issued by the Administrator to the Communidades to file FIR with the police against the encroachments.

Govt urged to evict encroachers on Communidade land HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MARCH 25: Stating that the Supreme Court has directed all states to evict encroachers on government and land belonging to the Community, the Standing Committee of the South Goa Communidades has urged the Goa government to implement the Apex court order in letter and spirit by clearing all encroachments on Communidade land across state. Members of the Standing Committee also cried foul over the directions issued by the authorities to keep on hold financial matters of Communidades, which have failed to pay the derama to the Administration. Agitated members further demanded that the Administrator of Communidades exercise the right to act against encroachments and decried the circular issued by the Administrator to the Commu-

nidades to file FIR with the police against the encroachments. “This circular issued by the South Goa Administrator of Communidades, Mr Barad is totally unacceptable. The circular asking the Communidades to file FIR is nothing but abdicating his responsibility under the code of Communidades, which empowers the Administrator to evict the encroachers”, asserted John Philip Pereira. He further said the Supreme Court has directed all state governments to evict the encroachers on community land by drawing up a scheme for evictions. “The Judgment was pronounced by the Apex Court in January this year, with directions to the State Chief Secretaries to initiate necessary action and comply with the directions. In Goa, we don’t see any action from the Chief Secretary”, Pereira said, and warned that the representatives of Communidades will

Health dept to inspect massage parlours

be compelled to approach the Apex Court against the Chief Secretary for failure to initiate action against the encroachers. Agust Monteiro hit out at the authorities for the circular to keep on hold financial matters of Communidades, which have defaulted in the payment of derama. “The direction will come in the way of the functioning of the Communidades, especially in respect of legal matters, as the directions has stopped the Communidades from making payment to lawyers representing the bodies in the courts”, he said. Monteiro said the government cannot pull up the Communidades for the non payment of derama, especially when the government is supposed to get approval from the Communidades even in respect of purchases such as computers, vehicles. Moreover, he said that the government has not con-

Agriculture office at Sanguem to soon be a reality HERALD REPORTER

HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: The Health Department will conduct inspection of massage parlours operating in the State and allow them month’s time to register with the department. The list will be then forwarded to the Police Department. The Health Minister Vishwajit Rane made the statement after Siolim MLA Dayanand Mandrekar told the House that many parlours operating in the coastal belt are indulging in unlawful activities. The MLAs also sought to know why the health department which has issued notification making it mandatory for parlours to register with the department, has not done enough.

Siolim MLA also told the House that massage parlours are running sex rackets while police collect haftas from them. He further pointed out that the government should collect higher fees from registered massage parlours. As informed to the House so far just seven parlours have registered with the department. The Health Minister replied that his department doesn’t have mechanism to check but he will issue direction to directorate of health services to ensure that all parlours are registered with the department. The Health Minister said the Central Bill which will be introduced in the House this session, will bring under its purview all aspects of health -- gyms, healtth spas et, al.

Minister assures to take up football ground at Saligao on priority HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Sports Minister Manohar Azgaonkar today assured State Legislative Assembly to construct a football ground at Saligao on priority basis. “The football ground at Saligao is must. I would direct my officials to expedite the process,” Azgaonkar said. The minister was replying to the private members resolution tabled by Saligao MLA Dilip Parulekar requesting the start government to take up the construction of football ground at the Saligao on priority as per the settlement zone shown in the Regional Plan. Parulekar stated, it been almost three years since the file pertaining to the proposal is pending with the government. “It seems there is heavy political pressure,” he stated assuring to give area worth 20,000 sq meters for the ground. The MLA said that the ground is important as the state could be hosting national Games 2014. “The games cannot be restricted to

only the main cities. It needs to be moved,” he said. Responding to the query raised by the MLA, Azgaonkar clarified that the National Games would be held in selective 13 places, as per the Central guidelines. The Minister also urged all the MLAs to come out with specific sites in their respective constituencies, where football grounds can be taken up. The Bill was later withdrawn after Minister’s assurance on the floor of the House.

Security in place for Shigmotsav HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 25: Elaborate security arrangements have been put in place for the Shigmotsav festival in Panjim on Saturday. Goa police are on their toes to ensure that the parade passes off peacefully. 200-odd policemen drawn from different police stations in North Goa will be deployed at various parade points.

PANJIM, MARCH 25: A new building for agriculture office at Sanguem would be a reality now with Chief Minister Digamber Kamat’s assurance on the floor of the House. Kamat told State Legislative Assembly that the government is already planning to come up with a new office building at Sanguem, as the present situation of the building is pathetic. “Let the respective MLA guide us whether to construct the building at the same site by demolish the existing or to look for an alternate site,” Kamat said. Chief Minister was replying to the private members resolution tabled by Sanguem MLA Vasudev Gaonkar demanding construction of new building for agriculture office at Sanguem. “The building needs to be at a place which would be convenient for the public as the present building being in dilapidated condition and also there is no space for various activities,” the resolution, which was later withdrawn, reads.

ducted any audit since 1983, adding “when we question the Administrator on the issue, he says the records have been damaged by mites”. Philip Pereira further said that the Communidades have decided to take the government to the court on the question of the translation of the Communidade Code from Portuguese into English. “The code has been translated illegally and unofficially. The government has appointed the Administrator to destroy the age old institution”, he added.

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

The Health Minister said that his department doesn’t have mechanism to check but he will issue direction to directorate of health services to ensure that all parlours are registered with the department.


“ opinion


Sashikala tai, you’re respectfully rejected


he pathetic attempt by Sashikala Kakodkar to politicise the Medium of Instruction debate and actually divide society through her Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Mandal, will be soundly rejected by the people of Goa for what it is – delayed political gimmickry by a politician who is desperate for any entry in to electoral politics, back door or front door. Kakodkar and her new found friends on this opportunistic path, Father Mousinho de Ataide, Father Jaime Couto and Nagesh Karmali, the desecration man and signboard puller, will have to contend with a force they have clearly underestimated – the will of right-thinking parents who want their children of today to join hands with a new tomorrow. Let Sashikala Kakodkar and her friends know this once and for all. The movement for English as a medium of instruction is not communal. It can never be. It is not even, as Kakodkar or the respected Fathers Ataide and Couto’s flight of imagination suggests, an attempt to bring in Konkani in the Roman script through the backdoor. What does Sashikala Kakodkar gain from this? A few moments of public attention and some media space. It was her move to polarize Goan society by alienating English and Konkani in the Roman script which actually saw the rich admitting their children to expensive English schools at the entry level stage or doing the next best thing – educate their children out of Goa. But times have changed, Sashikala tai. Chose the language you want to hear this in, but you will get the same message from Goa’s parents – Hindu, Christian, Sikh or Muslim, “keep your politics off the path of our children’s future.” What are the parents and teachers association asking for? The simple choice to decide the language of instruction for their children rather than force it down their throats by this not-so-subtle decision to give grants to schools teaching Konkani or Marathi, but not to those which teach English. Thankfully, for the sake of Goa’s sanity and good sense, the Diocesan Society of Education that had earlier opposed English as a medium of instruction is fully backing it. So are, Sashikala Kakodkar and Nagesh Karmali please note, Hindu fathers and mothers, who have no time and inclination for your politics. The leading voice of last Monday’s mammoth rally, consisting mainly of parents, was incidentally Premanand Naik. Hindus have reacted angrily to reports of Father Ataide and Couto writing to the Archbishop that the movement for English will divide society. One of them, a common man called Sushant Chopdekar, who Kakokdar and Karmali will never know wrote “I belong to the so-called majority community. I was there for the rally because I believed in the cause. Never even once did I feel that the rally was on communal lines. Dear Fathers, do not put fire in Goa and divide society. Let the parents or PTAs decide which language they want their children to be taught in. ” Any civilized society listens to the voice of its people. Chopdekar is the quintessential common man. He is not a rally leader or an organization head. He is not the son of a Chief Minister or even a former Chief Minister. He is not interested in any backdoor resurrection. He is in your face and is telling you where you stand Sashikala tai. Listen to him and not your new friends or sycophants. It’s actually surprising that you still have a few. As a newspaper, we have and always will maintain one clear stand. Take this issue out of the realm of community and politics. We owe this to ourselves. The preservation of the mother tongue may be done by learning Konkani or Marathi in class one, or it may be better preserved by learning the mother tongue from the person who knows it best – the mother at home. But let that choice be given to the parent and allow the parent to exercise that choice by offering institutions that can teach that particular language by giving it the same support and help that other languages get. This is a call for parity of languages, not a call for dominance. And you know what, it doesn’t matter what Sashikala Kakodkar thinks. The people of Goa have thought and delivered that thought with amazing clarity.

The preservation of the mother tongue may be done by learning Konkani or Marathi in class one, or it may be better preserved by learning the mother tongue from the person who knows it best – the mother at home. – Edit

Vol. No CXI No. 084 I Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

If companies come first and there is no trained manpower, outsiders will take the jobs. The pharmaceutical sector is a good example. – Blaise CostaBir


In plain English – it’s English


t the outset Sir, I was very much involved in the last two years on the demand of the public at large in Goa that medium of instruction at the Primary School should be the choice of the parents and I would like to draw the attention of the House to what happened in the year 1990. Sir at that time the Government was being conducted by the Progressive Democratic Front and the present Congressman was sitting in the opposition. At that time Sir, when the people of Goa rose in revolt and demanded that English should also be the medium of instruction, the Hon Members, now sitting in the treasury benches were fully part of the demand. They organized a Jail Bharo Andolan in Margao which was headed by such men as Hon Minister for Law, Luizinho Faleiro, Hon Minister for Agriculture Sardinha, Hon Minister for Health Dr Wilfred de Souza, Hon Member Dominic Fernandes, these are the Hon Members who addressed the meeting of the so called ‘jailbharo’ at Rajendra Prasad Stadium and, Sir, what has happened, is now the position in the House has been reversed. Today, we find the Congressmen sitting in the treasury benches and, unfortunately, Sir, we today have a policy where English is denied grants as a medium of instruction. The factual position as we can see in the House, today, the language of admin-

radharao GraCias istration is English, our entire proceedings are conducted in English and we can see every day, Sir, here in this House that those ministers who have not studied in English, those ministers who have had their studies in the vernacular, except, the Hon Minister for Education, are unable to even read a page in English. We are witnesses to this. We can see that every Minister is faltering. We, who have studied in English, can read or most of us can read a page in one minute. Hon Ministers take ten minutes and the net result, Sir, is, these Ministers who do not understand English are forced to conduct business in a language, which is English and that is where the officers play a role. These officers make all the policies and the ministers do not understand. They blindly sign. That is why if the language of the house is English, I do not understand why English should be discriminated when it comes to grants. .” The above is an extract of my speech on demand No 20 (education) on the floor of the Legislative Assembly 22.7.1992. No further elaboration is necessary.

Over the last twenty years there has been one substantial change. The Diocesan Society of Education which had earlier vehemently opposed my point of view has now come around and has fully endorsed it. The possible reason for that is the change in the Secretary of the Diocesan Society of Education who at that time was Fr Avinash Rebello who has similar background as Fr Jaime Couto and Fr Mousinho de Ataide, two priests currently not in sync with the Diocesan Society of Education. The support extended to de-link medium of instruction from grants is perhaps in no little measure due to the fact that the current Secretary for Education Fr Zeferino D’Souza hails from Cansaulim and his background enables him to understand the needs of Goans better than the previous incumbents. Historically, Sanskrit has been the language of the Gods in India. The Holy Books of the Hindus are in that language. And yet only the Brahmins had the sanction to learn the language and study the Vedas. Those of us who know Goa well are aware of Mustifund High School, in Panaji and Bhatikar Model English High School in Margao. The Brahmins are demonstrably the most intelligent and most successful community in Goa (and perhaps the most cunning too!). They are not fools to start English medium primary schools if it is not in interest of their community.

Development is not a bad word


ne man’s meat is another man’s poison,’ becomes relevant in the context of any topic on development in Goa. Balancing this is the key. We must first address the basic aspirations, availability of water, electricity and housing at one level and economic activity at another level. Most of the opposition to any activity today, is the lack of one or the other of these essentials that is at the root cause of the dissatisfaction. This is not easy to define. A panchayat rejected the expansion plans of an MNC because only 11 locals were employed. Local, here, means the panchayat area and not Goa. Are jobs the only criteria? Has the panchayat studied the manpower requirements of the company? Have they tried to motivate youngsters to acquire qualifications over the many years the plant has been operating so that they can be employed? A company will not set up a unit if they have to employ only locals, qualified or not. In the absence of this local availability others will fill the gap, from around Goa or outside. This brings up the first and foremost requirement for sustainable develop-

Blaise CostaBir ment. First - education. Under, Panchayati Raj, there is a lot of money earmarked for education, how much is used? If this aspect is addressed, the panchayat can say, “we have these youth; trained as per your basic requirements and you have not employed them.” If companies come first and there is no trained manpower, outsiders will take the jobs. The pharmaceutical sector is a good example. One cannot educate youth in all types of trades, so the government must pick a few key sectors which are suitable to Goan youth and invite those educational institutes to set up in Goa. Examples would be pharmacy, engineering, medicine, management, accountancy and banking. Simultaneously, the government must woo only the defined sectors to Goa. Second - the government must facilitate entrepreneurial transformation,

which holds the key. If a youngster wishes to start a venture he will have to buy land, build a shed etc. What the government can do is build small sheds (galas in Mumbai speak and the backbone of entrepreneurship) so that it is easy to start. The Micro Industrial Zones in each panchayat proposed to be set up under RP2021 is a step in the right direction. Third - this must be backed with investment in infrastructure. Why should water be an issue for a state which receives abundant rainfall and has two major rivers? Simple, no application of mind.The government must work on generating its own power and cannot depend on the supplies from upcountry sources. Antwerp has a coal based power plant and is a model for Goa, alternatively gas based plants can be consider and now is the time, since the GAIL pipeline is in progress. We need to think and act today to ensure a better tomorrow. Basically Goans have to reinvent themselves. We need a set of leaders who understand this reality and have a sense of community development, not self development.


Medium of Instruction: A mother’s view smitha Bhandare Kamat


very day the pangs of parents to get their wards into an English-medium school are mounting. As a lay person and mother of two primary school-going kids, I exercise my right to pen my thoughts. Konkani was introduced in schools two decades ago with good intent and good faith. But in time, nobody – children, parents, teachers or employers – are happy about the outcome. For children, who actually face the situation, the mother tongue ‘Konkani’ spoken at home seems vastly dissimilar to the one in the text books. It’s neither Saxtti nor Antruzi, nor the Pernem dialect. In a desire to please all, no one is pleased. In the college where I teach, I have students who cannot differentiate between ‘plane, plain and plan’. I don’t blame them. And, when they graduate, their employers – government or private –find ‘n’ reasons to complain. The fact is that all dealings and transactions later in life and at work take place in English. So either the medium of instruction should be changed from Konkani to English, or the medium of transactions should change from English to Konkani. As for the belief that forcing students to embrace the mother tongue in school will ensure its survival, the result is the contrary. Ever since this step was undertaken, more parents converse with their kids in English and encourage them to watch English programmes on TV, so that they do not lag in mastering the ‘foreign tongue’. I am neither anti-Konkani or proEnglish. I love Konkani in all her varied hues; in Lorna’s cantars and in Pundalik Naik’s novels. I love the Saxttikar’s irresistible drawl. And there’s no better language in which to give someone a piece of my mind. So how did this love grow, in spite of the fact that I schooled in the English medium? Everyone in my family spoke in the mai-bhaas. There was neither apology nor shame in embracing her, in private or public. Konkani music, Konkani plays, Mando competitions, abounded. Konkani can’t wither away, unless the elders want it to. Instead of imposing Konkani, cultivate and cherish her. Language should be a means of communication, not a bone of contention. Let us not retard the growth of our children. Let’s make them capable and globally competitive, by giving them the wings of English. In the same breath, let them be rooted, indebted and, above all, in love with their motherland and mother tongue.


Save electricity

The recent CCP elections saw a very large turnout of close to 80 per cent which was much larger than the earlier elections. Thus, it seems that inspite of the vociferous claims of the other group famously supported by Manohar Parrikar that they would bring in a cleaner administration, the people voted for more of the same and for continuity. With this, all our corrupt, unqualified and irresponsible politicians will take heart that if it can happen in Panaji, it should hold true for the whole of Goa. And what happens to Parrikar? Will he stand as the MLA from Panjim? Will he change after taking a lesson from the results of the CCP elections? Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell. S Kamat, Alto-Betim

Today March 26, billions citizens from more than 130 countries are expected to turn off their lights today from 8 to 9 pm for ‘Earth Hour 2011’ to highlight the need to conserve energy and reduce air pollution. In Goa, many a times, we see street-lights along the roads being kept on during the daytime. During the festival time and special occasions, we use a lot of decorative lights to illuminate our homes. It would be in the fitness of things to illuminate our homes with candles and lamps, instead of electric bulbs. As a fitting gesture, cinema halls across the country should stop screening movies during the Earth Hour. The evening show could even be cancelled to show solidarity to the cause. Besides the lights and the fans, we need to put off all

appliances, including air-conditioners, television-sets, etc during Earth Hour. Even if it is just for one hour, a substantial amount of energy can be saved when billions of homes across the globe shut off the lights and all electrical appliances. It only goes to show how much energy can be saved if we make a conscious effort to save electricity everyday. Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Aam admi victimised It is but unfair that the general public should be victimised. So many working days are lost and work delayed, causing inconvenience. Even though some of the staff is seen present in the offices, it does not deliver service in spite of begging. Are we human? I would advise the striking staff to let the work go on in the in-

terest of the innocent public, but pressurize the government in some other way to redress your grievance. The aam admi is not responsible to withhold your benefits. Ayres Sequeira, Salvador do Mundo

Sack Subodh Kantak Subodh Kantak has lost all moral authority to continue as Advocate General of Goa more so now after having lost his battle against Right to Information Act. It is an irony that Subodh Kantak did not even understand the basics of law in claiming that the Advocate General’s office was not a ‘Public authority’. With almost every decision taken by the Goa government being challenged in the Courts, it is very evident that the legal advice being tendered by the Ad-

vocate General was flawed. India’s highest paid Advocate General Subodh Kantak, who has been paid over five crores over the last five years, is an unnecessary financial liability to the State exchequer. Subodh Kantak has tarnished the image and sanctity of the Advocate General’s post by running it like a private office with his family and friends aboard. One fails to understand why Chief Minister Digambar Kamat is shielding him. If Subodh Kantak does not quit, the Goa Governor should, in public interest, sack him. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Corrupt officials Alemao said that the resurvey of alignment reduced the numbers of affected structures on NH17 and NH4A to nearly

230 and 136 numbers respectively. It is amazing that Alemao knows exactly as how many structures are going to be saved after resurvey of alignment, but Alemao failed to give the numbers of structures going to be axed. As per my knowledge, not a single mega project is going for an axe as the PWD officials and local MLAs have taken crores of rupees from the builders to save their project. The real niz goenkars will lose their houses and the mega project will make way for the migrants. Alemao’ power will come to an end very soon and after the election he’ll run amok. The Goans should unite together and fight these evil congress leaders before they destroy our houses and our unique identity. Judtin Fernandes,Panjim

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goa Assam man found murdered

CALANGUTE: A 30-year-old man hailing from Assam was found murdered at a bungalow under renovation at Orda-Candolim on Friday morning. According to Calangute Police, one Topeshwar Das alias Tapan, employed as a caretaker of the bungalow for over a year and residing at the same place, was found murdered on a mattress with a deep wound on his neck. Police further informed that the carpenters who had gone to the bungalow for work as usual found the caretaker missing from his usual chair. As there was no response from him, they checked if he was in his room, where they found him murdered on the mattress. The carpenters immediately informed the Calangute Police about the incident. Police rushed to the site and conducted the panchanama.Police also informed that on Thursday, a couple had visited the caretaker, who were considered his friends. PI Manjunath Dessai is investigating the case.

Dharwad man held for thefts

PONDA: Ponda Police on Friday arrested a 25-yearold native of Dharwad-Karnataka in connection with various house-breaking incidents in the State. According to Ponda Police, Imtiaz Shaikh alias Venkatesh Reddy was nabbed at Karwar while he was planning to return to Goa. Police said that Imtiaz is an associate of Suleiman Sheikh, who was arrested by Ponda Police in February. Police further informed that Imtiaz confessed that he and Suleiman were involved in theft cases at Sai Baba Temple at Durbhat-Ponda and Sateri Mandir at Sanvordem. It may be recalled that the accused had assaulted one elderly person at Sai Baba Mandir and had decamped with cash and other articles. Police said the duo was also involved in house breaking cases in Sanvordem, Ponda and Quepem. Ponda PSI Sachin Lokre along with a police team with the help of Karwar Police nabbed Imtiaz at Karwar.

SGZP to agitate over govt’s failure to devolve powers HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MARCH 25 : Training its guns at Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for not announcing any financial package for the Zilla Panchayats in the 2011-12 budget, South Goa Zilla Panchayat has resolved to go on an indefinite hunger strike after consulting its North Goa counterparts. At the meeting held on Friday, members, cutting across political affiliations, lambasted the Digambar Kamat government for ignoring the genuine demands for powers and funds in the budget estimates. Agitated members called for launching a non-cooperation movement, by boycotting government functions and functionaries in protest against the neglect of the district Panchayat bodies.

Favours status quo on medium of instruction HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MARCH 25: The Medium of Instruction controversy echoed at the meeting of the South Goa Zilla Panchayat on Friday, with members demanding status quo in the policy, with English as the medium of instruction from Std V. ZP Chairperson Maria Rebello set the ball rolling by tabling a resolution demanding the medium of instruction of English with Konkani or Marathi as compulsory subjects. There was confusion in the proposal mooted by the Chairperson, with some members demanding to know whether the resolution call for introduction of English as the Even Zilla Chairperson Maria Rebello said the ruling Ministers and MLAs are quick to say that the South Goa Zilla Panchayat is ruled by the Congress, but have no

RTI workshop PANJIM: Asha Family Responsibilities & Rights Association will conduct a ‘Right to Information’ workshop on March 27, from 9.15 am to 11 am, at St Andrews Church Hall, Vasco. The workshop will be conducted in Konkani and English. For details contact 2256445, 9822166876, email:

Bakers’ meet PANJIM: All Goa Association of Bakers has convened its general body meeting on March 27 at its office at Models Residency, opposite St Inez Church, Panjim, at 11 am, to discuss the working of the Association, the increasing prices of the raw materials, labour problems, firewood and others. Executive committee members will also be nominated at the meet.

By JOSE LOuRENCO March 28 is going to be a golden day for Konkani Cinema and all Goans. The latest Konkani film ‘O Maria’ completes 100 days of continuous screening on this day in Margao and Panjim. This is for first time in history of Goa, a film is celebrating 100 days of screening. The film is produced by MB Creations and directed by Rajendra Talak with dialogues by Damodar Mauzo. This film features lively songs composed by Saish Panandikar, set to exuberant music by Remo Fernandes. The song ‘Goa Goa’ gets the

film off to a rocking start. The melodies of the songs in the film cross over from traditional Konkani beats to western pop and rock. The subject of the film is the lust for land development in Goa, which leaves a broken family in its wake. Strong performances by Shernaz Patel, American actor Cory Goldberg, Meenakshi Martins, Sulbha Arya, Aryan Khedekar, Kevin D’Mello, tiatro veteran Roseferns and John D’Silva make the film a pleasure to watch. Shot in idyllic settings on a beach and the Goan countryside, the viewer is led to yearn

Kerala family has lucky escape HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, MARCH 25: A tourist couple and their oneyear-old daughter had a lucky escape when a huge tree came crashing down at Calangute due to cyclonic winds that hit coastal Calangute on Friday evening. According to reports, the cyclonic wind that hit coastal villages of Calangute, NagoaArpora and Candolim had its impact on property in the

area. A mango tree got uprooted at Hotel Palmarinha Calangute, damaging the compound wall and a car. The mango tree came crashing down on the vehicle of the Keralite couple, as they were travelling along with their daughter. In the process, the car driver rammed against another oncoming Maruti vehicle, which was also damaged in the incident.

‘Earthen Hands’ inaugurated HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, MARCH 25: Goa Handicrafts Rural and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation’s (GHRSSIDC) first-of-its-kind sourcing show Earthen Hands was inaugurated by GHRSSIDC chairman Sameer Salgaocar on Thursday at Don Bosco Oratory Hall, Panjim. The show will be open to public till March 31 from 4 pm to 8 pm. The eight-day event will provide handicraft buyers and exporters an opportunity to directly interact with artisans from Goa and all over the country. Sponsored by

GHRSSIDC chairman Samir Salgaoncar inaugurates the Earthern Hands sourcing show at the Don Bosco Oratory, Panjim. Also present are managing director Nikhil Desai and other directors. the office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, GoI, the show is a business to busi-

medium of instruction at the primary level. Vice-Chairperson Kushali Velip said there ought to be no change in the existing medium of instruction policy, and asserted the Right to Education Act does not contain any provision proposing mother tongue as medium of instruction right upto Std VIII. “Some vested interests are deliberately trying to confuse the people saying that mother tongue will be the medium of instruction right upto std VIII. This is not true”, he added. Nelly Rodrigues, who made her presence felt midway through the meeting, said the decision on the medium of instruction should be left for the parents to decide.

plans to provide funds and powers to the ZPs. Discussion on the issue of powers was set in motion by member Pradeep Desai, tabling a resolution to con-

‘O Maria’ marches into history

Four tourists saved from drowning CALANGUTE: Four tourists were saved from drowning at Candolim beach. According to reports, a group of five tourists were swimming in a no-swim zone at Candolim beach. The lifeguards warned the group to stay close and at the same time requested them to move in the safer swim zone. However, the group did not pay heed to their request and continued swimming in the noswim zone. The five tourists caught in a rip current and were dragged into the sea. One tourist, Anand, managed to swim ashore and raised an alarm. Another tourist, Anshul, tried to help his friends but ended up struggling in the sea. Lifeguards Vivek Gaonkar, Shailesh Narse, Siddhartha Sawant and Alberto Fernandes rushed to their rescue. They pulled out Nitesh Kumar (21) from Uttarakhand, Vipin Varma (21) Delhi, Gulzar Singh (21) Ludhiana and Anshul Nasa (21) Gurgaon. Nitesh was rushed to the Candolim Primary Health Centre for medical attention, but was later shifted to GMC Hospital in Bambolim for further treatment.

Konkani film ‘O Maria’ completes 100 days of continuous screening on March 28 in Margao and Panjim. This is for first time in history of Goa, a film is celebrating 100 days of screening.

ness cum retail exhibition. Other activities such as seminars and workshops have also been organised.

A B2B conclave will be held on March 27. It will include seminars and interactive discussions on various topics by the President of Sankat Mochan Foundation, Professor Veer Bahdra Mishra; former Chairman of National Institute of Fashion Technology DP Singh; Development Initiatives of Artisans Communities and Policy Planning by Prof Navdeep Mathur, IIM, Ahmedabad; and Branding Goa Crafts by Prof Udaya Kumar, IIT, Guwhati. The other topics such as micro finance, revolving funds, artisan’s identity card and artisan’s credit cards will also

for an unspoilt Goa of the past. The unfolding of the plot is predictable at times, we are immersed in such real life happenings all over Goa after all, and the activism of the villagers in the film is the echo of the fury of Goa in recent times. The relationship between the two main protagonists could have been better developed in the film. Though some scenes do appear a bit contrived, overall the film feels like a comfortable piece of home that one slides back and watches. Whether it attains the immortal status of films like ‘Amchem Noxib’ and ‘Nirmon’ remains to be seen, but it certainly has endeared itself to the Konkani film public with a hundred days of successful screening, a feat not easily achieved in these days of indifference. It sets the tone for even better Konkani films to come and well deserves a place in the ranks of New Konkani Cinema.

This prompted member Pradeep Desai to suggest that the members go on an indefinite hunger strike, to force the government to reconsider its apathy to the Zilla Panchayats. In this respect, member Nelly Rodrigues expressed her reservations on the question of resorting to hunger strike, but suggested a joint meeting of both the Zilla Panchayats to take a final decision. At this junction, Chairperson Maria Rebello suggested filing of a contempt petition

in the high court against the government for the delay in the devolution of powers, while member Domnic Gauncar suggested that ZP member should take on the MLAs in the coming Assembly polls. Opposition ZP members led by Nelly Rodrigues and Domnic Gauncar demanded that ZP Chairperson distribute the funds equally in all the 20 ZP constituencies and stop discriminating against the opposition ruled constituencies.

demn the government for bringing the members on the roads. “Some of the ZP members are close to the Ministers, but it is really sad that the Chief Minister made no budgetary provision for the Zilla panchayats in the budget estimates”, rued another member, while criticizing both the ruling and opposition MLAs for not taking up the issue of devolution of powers and functions to the ZPs.


March 26 to April 01, 2011


Perspective Monday to Friday, 10 am Insight Monday to Friday, 1.30 pm Lok Manch Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 7 pm Public Forum Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 7 pm

Gender Discourse Thursday, March 31, 4 pm

Topic: Portrayal of Women on TV OTHER PROGRAMMES

Insight Weekend Saturday, March 26, 1.30 pm

On the eve of World Theatre Day Kumar Veer Bhushan looks at theatre in India


Saturday, March 26, 8 pm

In Transit

Sunday, March 27, 6 pm

Sohaila Kapur chats with Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry, theatre director

State Capitals of India Sunday, March 27, 6.30 pm

Episode: Kolkata (Part-4)

Vishesh Sunday, March 27, 7 pm

Topic: The Future of Water

Weekend Classic Film

Saturday, March 26, 9 pm Sunday, March 27, 2 pm

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Some of the ZP members are close to the Ministers, but it is really sad that the Chief Minister made no budgetary provision for the Zilla panchayats in the budget estimates ---ZP member Pradeep Desai

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

TRAFFIC SIGNAL Director: Madhur Bhandarkar 2006/ 140 minutes / Colour / Hindi Cast: Konkana Sen Sharma, Kunal Khemu, Neetu Chandra & others National Award for the Best Director, 2007 Uninterrupted Viewing Film Courtesy NFDC

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“ biznews


Shourie told NDTV today that the deal he allowed for the sale of VSNL included stringent conditions that prohibited the sale of surplus land by whichever company won the bid to buy controlling stake in the company.

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

What is needed are some policy initiatives and a sustained follow through. Let me suggest a few measures which I believe could soon create the environment in which UK industry can flourish once more. Lord Paul


essar may sell 11% in voda essar

MUMBAI: The Essar Group appears to be gearing up to sell its 10.97% stake in telecom joint venture Vodafone Essar after it prepaid non-convertible debentures (NCDs) worth Rs 4,320 crore raised on the same shares. This means the equity stake held by ETHL Communications Holdings will now be free from all encumbrances, the group said. The bonds were raised more than a year ago in two tranches of Rs 2,115 crore each with maturity dates of July 22, 2011, and December 7, 2011. "Essar has decided to foreclose both the bond series with settlement date of March 29, and has deposited the entire outstanding amount in escrow with the account bank for onward payment to bond holders on March 29, 2011," the statement added. Essar has a put option with JV partner Vodafone-expiring on May 8-under which it has the option to sell its 33% stake back to the British telecom giant for a fixed $5 billion or go for a part sale at a fair market value determined by investment bankers.

Dell India eyes revenue $2 bn

NEW DELHI: Dell Inc. will focus on three areas to grow its India operations, which are close to fetching $2 billion in revenue, the Texas-based company's chief executive said Tuesday. Michael Dell said the company is expanding its hardware business, developing products and services for education and healthcare sectors and that the personal computer manufacturer will place a third emphasis on managing and servicing its offerings in India. "India today offers a fantastic opportunity to use technology for a wide range of applications. We see a tremendous opportunity for growth of the personal computer segment in this country, as the penetration level hovers around just 20-30 PCs per 1,000 people," Mr Dell said at a technology industry event. According to technology research body IDC, Dell Inc. fell to second position by the end of 2010 in India's overall personal computer sales after two quarters of taking top place.

cairn energy announces profits DELHI: Edinburgh oil firm Cairn Energy has announced profits are up 20-fold since oil started flowing from its field in Rajasthan. The company made US$1.1bn (£674m) in pre-tax profits last year, before extensive exceptionals, compared with US$53m (£32m) in 2009. Production from the Mangala field began in August 2009, and has risen to 125,000 barrels per day. The company is awaiting permission to increase that to up to 240,000 barrels. A more significant obstacle for the oil company is the need for Indian government approval of a sale of its majority stake in its Cairn India subsidiary. Chief executive Sir Bill Gammell told BBC Scotland that the company is funded to continue its drilling programme off the coast of Greenland, even if it does not release capital on schedule from the sale of its controlling stake to India-based Vedanta Resources for at least US$6bn (£3.8bn).

The man with the midas touch Assavri Kulkarni

In less than a few years he has taken Vasco by storm. From coming up with the state’s most successful business hotel –The HQ – to beautifying Vasco. From leading Goa Mineral Ore Exports Association as Vice President to living amongst the villagers of Sirigao, home to his mining operations, Narayan R Bandekar, Chairman and Managing Director, NRB group is an icon here to stay and inspire. Ajay Thakur meets the business stalwart n Vasco is known more for the Salgaocars and Chowgules, how did you define NRB Group’s place under the sun? No comparisons. NRB Group is the off-shoot of the original house of Rajaram Bandekar, even before Salgaocar and Chowgule in this port town. NRB Group is committed to contribute its humble pie to the development of Vasco as a responsible resident citizen house. n You have been known more as a mine owner and exporter. With mining increasingly facing flak from the environmentalists and the locals, aren’t we heading to a huge backlash on the lines of anti-RP2011 or antiSEZ? Your views on these changing times for Goa’s traditional profit earner – mining? Yes, mining and exports have been a tradition flowing from the previous generation which NRB Group continues with great dedication and responsibility of shouldering livelihood of several thousand families more than a traditional profit earner. The group is committed to sustainable mining and exports, paying a great deal of attention to adopt and implement measures to protect the environment and ecology. My Group believes that industrial development is as essen-

tial to the nation’s economy and all round improvement of life style of the citizens as is the need to protect environment and ecology. There should be a great will with every corporate to devise technology and implement with sincerity and dedication to protect the environment and ecology by architecting sustainable development of mining projects. n From mining to specialty valves to boutique and business hotels. There is no common strand yet you are comfortable clocking profits in each, what drives a businessman to venture into such diverse and new territories? I would say it is easier for a person who has business acumen, discipline, organizing capability and a well carved business project. One can venture into any business sector and be successful and make profits. As for me, business is hereditary and with the basic financial potential inherited from my father contributed to the inspirations for expansion and diversification. In recent times, I have the strength from my two sons, both engineering graduates, backed with a formidable team of managers that propels me and the group to venture aggressively in new areas and territories. n You virtually disappeared from Vasco’s social

circle before making a strong comeback a couple of years back. Any reasons for the self exile? Your question reminds me of Lord Ram, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad, who during their lives went on a self exile. Can you tell me reasons for their doing so? Anyway, there are ups and downs in business. Social contributions are closely linked with one’s business progress. If one knows to effectively tackle and take care, particularly of downs, then ups will follow. n In Vasco, NRB Group is making its presence felt in quite a few ways. What are its corporate social responsibility targets? I believe every corporate has to shoulder CSR. My main area for CSR is in Sirigao Village where I do mining. Where our mining business was born and where the whole family is residing. Whatever I contribute is in response to the appeals and requests for the good in the segment of education, health, sports, art and culture, employment and entertainment and while I have no specific targets of my own as such, I am driven with urge for overall beautification of Vasco which is my family home town. n It’s well known that you are the architect of Mormugao Municipal Council’s sta-

The quIeT InDusTrIalIsT: Narayan Bandekar catching up on some daily reading bility and the ruling group is tight knit because of you. From business ventures to CSR to civic politics, in Vasco, isn’t this a logical step forward into state politics? Mormugao is not only one of the oldest and largest Municipal Council of Goa, but was the most beautiful municipal town then during erstwhile regime. In the past, no one really came forward to extend a helping hand despite the port town boasting large corporates. I believe stability is a basic requirement for a successful and effective ruling. It

is my principal and my obligation to help those who seek my assistance whether Municipal Councilors or MLAs. I have been doing this all along in the past. I took interest for development of Vasco and Mormugao being its native. I feel the MMC can be made rich and effectively functionable which is one of my goals. I have no desire, nor ambition or any plan to enter politics whether civic or state at this point of time. I will decide about entering politics when time comes. n What is the blueprint of the future for NRB Group

Buffett for higher FDI in insurance sector UK should have effective industrial policy: Paul


New Delhi, March 25: Keen to enter growing insurance sector, US billionaire Warren Buffett, who is here mainly to promote philanthropy, today wondered if India would raise the FDI limit in the sector to 49 per cent. The US based company is

keenly watching the developments regarding further opening of the sector to foreign investment. Legendary investor Buffett, whose group recently entered Indian insurance market, called on Irda Chairman J Harinarayan here and wanted to know if the FDI cap would be raised to 49 per

cent. Irda is the insurance regulator. “Buffett wondered whether the foreign direct investment limit for foreign insurers could go up to 49 per cent (from the present 26 per cent),” Harinarayan told PTI after meeting chairman of conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

“The discussions were very general and was good,” he said. Buffett, known for his business acumen and choice of investments, said that India is an “an exciting market”. The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2008 is pending in Parliament.

Sensex shoots up 465 pts MUMBAI, MARCH 25 : The BSE Sensex shot up 465 points today to close at a 2-month high of 18,815.64, in line with strong show by global markets, as funds bought blue-chips led by software companies on overall positive indicators. Increased buying by foreign funds and short-coverings by operators ahead of expiry of derivatives contract on March 31 kept the sentiment strong. FIIs have pumped in over 1,014 crore in last three sessions since March 22. The Bombay Stock Exchange 30-share index, Sensex, opened sharply up at 18,480.69. It closed the day at 18,815.64, a net rise of 464.90 points or 2.53 per cent. Aban Offshor, 572, 602, 572, 600.2 Abb Ltd., 769, 785.45, 758, 777.05 Abg Shipyard, 361.9, 365, 357.2, 362.25 Acc Limited, 1040.6, 1042.8, 1030, 1033.4 Adani Enterp, 595.35, 602.75, 595.35, 599.8 Aditya Birla, 773.35, 787.45, 773.35, 782.7 Allahabad Ba, 212, 216.5, 212, 213.4 Alstom Proje, 538, 549.7, 533.1, 546.1 Ambuja Cemen, 132.65, 137.9, 132.65, 136.25 Andhra Bank, 142, 143.4, 141, 141.45 Ashok Leylan, 53.55, 56.4, 53.55, 56.25 Asian Paints, 2540, 2558.15, 2500, 2502.85 Axis Bank Li, 1318.2, 1334.4, 1307.55, 1319.45 Bajaj Hindus, 72, 72.9, 71.15, 71.95 Bank Of Baro, 891, 912, 890.75, 903.3 Bank Of Indi, 450.1, 455, 450.1, 452.3 Beml Limited, 680, 704.95, 675, 685.9 Bharat Elect, 1679.95, 1727.9, 1669, 1695.7 Bharat Forge, 336.7, 346.05, 328.55, 343.9 Bharat Petro, 572.3, 581.5, 567.2, 577.25 Bharti Airte, 331.8, 334.4, 326.6, 333.25 Bhel, 2001.7, 2052, 2001.7, 2048.3 Bhushan Stee, 440, 444.4, 435.2, 438.6 Biocon Limit, 332.45, 336.4, 330, 334.85 Bombay Dyein, 361.95, 377.8, 361.05, 368.65 Bosch Limite, 5970.25, 6155, 5970.25, 6148 Brigade Ente, 89.6, 92.9, 88.35, 91.4 Cairn India, 354.9, 354.9, 349.5, 350.8 Canara Bank, 608, 610.5, 606.6, 609.85 Central Bank, 133, 135.35, 132.1, 133.45 Century Text, 325.25, 334.15, 325.25, 331.4 Cesc Ltd, 309, 311.7, 305.5, 308.15 Chambal Fert, 69.75, 72.55, 69.75, 72.3 Chennai Petr, 203.55, 205.85, 202, 203.9 Cipla Ltd, 304.85, 306.5, 302.4, 305.95

Colgate Palm, 824.7, 830, 808, 817.65 Container Co, 1168.5, 1215.95, 1156, 1202.35 Crompton Gre, 266.95, 271.25, 264.25, 265.2 Cummins Indi, 653.05, 660, 646.05, 648.15 Dabur India, 97, 97.4, 95.35, 95.55 Deccan Chron, 79.3, 83.5, 77.15, 80.55 Dish Tv Indi, 64, 66.7, 63.65, 66 Divi’s Labor, 638, 638, 625.1, 629.7 Dlf Limited, 236.65, 238.6, 231.55, 234.2 Dr. reddy’s, 1561, 1569, 1539.3, 1542.1 Edelweiss Ca, 38.6, 39.1, 37.45, 38.35 Educomp Solu, 419, 424.5, 415.5, 422 Eih Limited, 81.9, 84, 81.6, 82.5 Engineers In, 307.2, 308.9, 294.2, 295.15 Essar Oil Lt, 121.5, 122.7, 119.7, 120.8 Essar Shippi, 87.95, 87.95, 86.85, 87.15 Exide Indust, 134.8, 135, 132.8, 134.55 Federal Bank, 386, 386.85, 378.5, 380.35 Financial Te, 761, 777.4, 760, 769.75 Gail (india), 467.55, 470, 455.8, 459.15 Gammon India, 111.55, 112.7, 110.1, 111.35 Glaxosmithkl, 2020, 2105, 2020, 2096.2 Glenmark Pha, 281, 284.95, 275.5, 279.75 Gmr Infrastr, 37.65, 37.7, 36.75, 37.15 Godrej Indus, 172.9, 177.25, 172.55, 176.25 Grasim Indus, 2470, 2476.8, 2412.5, 2434.75 Great Offsho, 244, 249.95, 243, 244.8 Gtl Infra.Lt, 36.95, 37.1, 36.35, 36.9 Gujarat Mine, 137.05, 139, 135.05, 137.6 Gujarat N R, 52.5, 52.9, 51.7, 52 Gujarat Stat, 102, 102.7, 100, 100.4 Gvk Pow. & I, 24.6, 25.2, 24.2, 25.05 Hcl Technolo, 455.75, 461.9, 455.6, 460.4 Hdfc Bank Lt, 2179, 2198.9, 2168.5, 2192.8 Hdfc Ltd, 644.95, 646.8, 637.1, 644.1

Hero Honda M, 1450.35, 1482, 1450.35, 1475.6 Hindalco in, 197.9, 205.35, 197.3, 204.8 Hindustan Co, 36.45, 36.75, 36.05, 36.45 Hindustan Ma, 60.1, 60.75, 60, 60.15 Hindustan Pe, 335.05, 336.9, 330.9, 334.5 Hindustan Un, 269.9, 270.7, 268, 269.1 Hindustan Zi, 131, 134.5, 129.95, 133.15 Housing Dev, 159, 162.45, 157.75, 161.9 Icici Bank L, 1046.45, 1064.95, 1046.45, 1053.1 Idea Cellula, 62, 62.55, 59.55, 62 Ifci Ltd, 53, 53.5, 52.55, 53.25 India Cement, 92.1, 94.35, 92.1, 93.3 India Infoli, 70.95, 71.5, 68.9, 70.65 Indiabulls F, 149.05, 154.7, 149.05, 152.75 Indiabulls R, 116, 119.7, 115.05, 118.7 Indian Bank, 218.3, 220.4, 216.6, 217.75 Indian Hotel, 79.7, 81.55, 79.05, 81.25 Indian Oil C, 299.05, 305.8, 299.05, 305.05 Indian Overs, 143.6, 145.6, 142.35, 144.75 Indus Dev Ba, 135.25, 138.2, 134.8, 137.8 Indusind Ban, 255.8, 259.95, 254.6, 257.7 Infosys Tech, 2992.95, 3012.2, 2978.75, 3002.8 Infra. dev., 149.95, 154.65, 148.25, 154.2 Ispat Indust, 22.5, 23, 22.2, 22.45 Itc Ltd, 173, 173.6, 171.9, 173 Ivrcl Infras, 74.7, 76.8, 74.3, 76.1 Jai Corp Lim, 158, 163.25, 156.55, 160.6 Jaiprakash A, 88, 89.8, 87.25, 89.4 Jet Airways, 441.7, 447.7, 429.05, 435.15 Jindal Saw L, 186.8, 192.3, 186.1, 191.15 Jindal Steel, 656.1, 663.5, 656, 660.3 Jsw Steel Li, 906.9, 915, 895.9, 898.85 Kotak Mahind, 434, 449.35, 434, 446.2 Lakshmi Mach, 2150, 2325, 2146, 2224.85 Lanco Infrat, 38.5, 38.5, 37.75, 38

Larsen & Tou, 1542, 1556.5, 1540, 1549.75 Lic Housing, 197.1, 200.35, 197.1, 197.8 Lupin Limite, 417.95, 423.7, 402.9, 405.75 Mahanagar Te, 44.85, 46.8, 44.85, 45.95 Mahindra & M, 650, 668.45, 648.5, 665.5 Maruti Suzuk, 1170, 1184, 1157.8, 1167.15 Max India Lt, 142.65, 144.45, 142.45, 143.8 Moser-baer (, 40.75, 42.45, 40.75, 41.8 Mrpl, 62, 62.6, 61.3, 61.7 Nagarjuna Fe, 26.5, 27.35, 26.5, 27.25 National Alu, 104, 104.45, 100.8, 101.3 Neyveli Lign, 102.6, 103.95, 102, 102.75 Ntpc Ltd, 176, 176.6, 174.9, 175.9 Oil And Natu, 273.75, 274.15, 272, 272.95 Omaxe Limite, 130.55, 136.2, 128.85, 134.95 Oriental Ban, 363.5, 369, 363.5, 365.45 Pantaloon Re, 262.4, 274.9, 255.1, 273.85 Parsvnath De, 38.1, 40.35, 38, 40.1 Petronet Lng, 122.5, 123.15, 120.55, 121.75 Power Fin Co, 228.5, 234.4, 228.4, 233.6 Power Grid C, 98, 98.2, 97.15, 97.95 Praj Industr, 71, 71.6, 70.55, 71.15 Punj Lloyd L, 62.3, 63.6, 62.3, 63.15 Punjab Natio, 1116, 1134, 1106.8, 1123.2 Rajesh Expor, 111.6, 112.15, 103.95, 109.55 Ranbaxy Labs, 445.05, 446.45, 440.6, 443.85 Rashtriya Ch, 76.9, 79.8, 76.7, 79.35 Reliance Cap, 575.05, 576.5, 566.1, 571.7 Reliance Com, 105.7, 106.05, 103.8, 104.75 Reliance Ene, 1062, 1065.01, 1062, 1065.01 Reliance Ind, 627, 639.95, 626, 627.85 Reliance Ind, 1015.9, 1021.95, 1003.85, 1010.3 Reliance Pow, 123, 124.25, 121.8, 122.7 Rolta India, 136, 137.9, 135.35, 136.65 Satyam Compu, 67.2, 67.75, 66.35, 66.85

Sesa Goa Ltd, 276.8, 279.7, 271.8, 273.75 Shipping Cor, 107, 107.95, 106.35, 106.8 Siemens Ltd, 876, 880, 873, 876.65 Sintex Indus, 143.25, 144.8, 140, 141.2 Sobha Develo, 265.25, 277, 265, 275.25 State Bank O, 2648, 2665.7, 2632.1, 2650.75 Steel Author, 163.75, 165.9, 163.6, 164.85 Sterlite Ind, 166.2, 168.75, 165.75, 168.15 Sun Pharmace, 455.5, 461, 453.05, 455.1 Sun Tv Netwo, 446.05, 451, 437, 439.55 Suzlon Energ, 45.85, 46, 45.1, 45.55 Tata Communi, 246, 249.85, 235.75, 239.55 Tata Consult, 1071, 1095.55, 1070, 1093.4 Tata Motors, 1146.1, 1161.9, 1145.2, 1157.3 Tata Power C, 1251, 1275.3, 1250, 1272.6 Tata Steel L, 615, 616.4, 605.65, 609.75 Tata Teleser, 15.1, 15.5, 15.1, 15.2 Tech Mahindr, 715.05, 739, 713, 735.7 The Ge Shpg., 258, 261.45, 251.75, 255.15 Thermax Ltd, 585, 589.8, 581, 584.8 Titan Indust, 3477.95, 3508.8, 3471.15, 3494.35 Torrent Powe, 245.8, 249.5, 240, 247.4 Triveni Engg, 98.45, 98.5, 97.1, 97.35 Tv18 India L, 71.7, 73.8, 71.7, 73.3 Uco Bank, 102.95, 104.4, 102.75, 103.25 Ultratech Ce, 1016.1, 1039.5, 1016.1, 1032.85 Union Bank O, 329, 334.95, 324.8, 334.3 Unitech Ltd, 37.3, 40.75, 37.25, 40.55 United Phosp, 143.6, 143.85, 139.3, 141.15 Videocon Ind, 184.7, 193.25, 183.75, 191.6 Vijaya Bank, 73.75, 74.3, 73.4, 73.95 Voltas Ltd, 162, 167.15, 162, 165.8 Wipro Ltd, 437.6, 445.65, 437.6, 439.65 Yes Bank Lim, 286.95, 296.6, 286.95, 294.8 Zee Entertai, 120, 120.4, 118.2, 119.45

PTI LONDON, MARCH 25: NRI Industrialist Lord Swraj Paul has said the British government should immediately put into practice an effective industrial policy and take initiatives to give a push to the manufacturing sector. "What is needed are some policy initiatives and a sustained follow through. Let me suggest a few measures which I believe could soon create the environment in which UK industry can flourish once more," Lord Paul said while participating in a debate in the House of Lords on the Manufacturing sector. He said that other countries like China, India and Brazil have seized opportunities by focussing on manufacturing sector. "Look at the numerous visits that Western leaders now make to these emerging economies. Statesmanship is now salesmanship. This is surely the Grand Paradox of our age - leaders who pay obeisance to manufacturing abroad while tending to neglect it at home."

revIvIng economy Paul said even the United States - the citadel of free enterprise - is talking about setting up a state sponsored Infrastructure Bank because it is evident that this is one of the most effective ways to mobilize capital for national purposes. In an effort to revive the manufacturing sector, he suggested a series of measures including a reduction in the administrative burden on industry. He said the present taxation arrangements, pension structures and human resources regulations are needlessly complicated. Secondly, he wanted a tax distinction between financial services businesses and industrial companies. “Manufacturing cash flow requires large outlays over long periods before any money can be recovered, which surely deserves tax recognition. We also need to revise R&D tax credits to encourage investment in practical production processes.” Third, the Government should stimulate small enterprises, which are among the most innovative businesses, by giving special capital al-

lowances and lowering their tax thresholds. He said initiatives like the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme are supposed to put cash into the economy with the government providing guarantees to the lending banks. In reality, banks are still asking small business owners to provide personal guarantees against borrowings. “That is why, speaking in this House on December 8, 2008, I suggested creating a state-sponsored national Industrial Development Bank. We need one even more today,” he said. Paul said even the United States - the citadel of free enterprise - is talking about setting up a state sponsored Infrastructure Bank because it is evident that this is one of the most effective ways to mobilize capital for national purposes.

as a corporate in diversification, in growth? And for NRB Group’s CMD in terms of professional and personal goals? I believe for any growing corporate, expansion and diversification is a normal process. I have no personal goals other than to support and guide my two sons and my group being it’s CMD, to a progressive path and comply with the obligations in fulfilling corporate social responsibility to the extent possible. Achieving success and goals is a consequence of collective inputs of the group.

‘No irregularity, deviation in sub-leasing ’ PTI JAMSHEDPUR, MARCH 25: Tata Steel today clarified that there has been no "irregularities or deviation" from the process of subleasing, as laid down in the lease document signed between the Jharkhand Government and Tata Steel on 20th August, 2005. "We would like to place on record that there has been no irregularity or deviation from the process of sub-leasing, as laid down in the Lease document signed between the Government of Jharkhand and Tata Steel on 20 August 2005," a Tata Steel press statement said here. "Land lease was a statutory and perpetual lease, to be renewed every 30 years," the statement said adding "that Clause 8 of this lease provided for sub-leasing with a view for further development of town, in interest of the public as well as industries." The process of subleasing was through an 'Appropriate Machinery Committee' (AMC) which has been set-up vide Clause 8.


Goa I Saturday March 26, 2011


I want these oldies to run on the roads. Each one is a beauty queen in herself. — Raees Khan

Teething trouble in tourist country

Foreigners, mainly Britishers have long turned their faces away from expensive dental health care at home and faced dentists on hurriedly set up dental chairs in clinics in Goa. But shoddy treatment by some fly by bight operators has resulted in fewer patients. Bharati Pawaskar gets to the root of the problem


f you arrive in the main square in Calangute or Candolim and walk in any direction, you will invariably be hit by an assembly line of dental clinics, jutting out from buildings, shopping arcades and even residential complexes. This cheek by jowl proliferation had a simple logic. And dentists and the tourism department quickly sank their teeth into a huge money making potential. For people in Britain, it cost an arm and a leg to fix their teeth or reset their facial looks. A countenance uplift costs as much as a house would in rupee terms and a recession hit Britain without its liberal national health service support could not longer afford cheap dental care for its citizens. Hence in the first wave of ‘dental tourism’, between 2002 -2004, the Brits rediscovered Goa. The sun and sand destination had a new value add on its shores – dentists. Armed with feedback from other tourists who made Goa their second home, they made a beeline to fix their teeth and faces. For instance, Dr Rohit Nevrekar, caters mostly to the locals but has few regulars like Donald Douglas from UK, who has recommended the doctor to friends back home. Dr Varun Carvalho, who is also a musician, has 7 dental clinics along the beach belt and one at Great Yarmouth in UK. Dr Varun had treated 1500 foreigners in 2008. “I get patients through a network in the UK by advance bookings. Our target age group is 45

sachin ambadoskar

TO PULL OR NOT TO PULL: A dentist checks up on a troublesome tooth to 70 years,” he says. Seeing the potential demand, almost 50 clinics set up shop in this belt. The get rich quick formula applied by dentists, many of whom needed to fix their medical skills before they could fix teeth, ran its course and ended. Many tourists went back to find their restored gums and teeth did not hold, root canal treatments fell apart and filled cavities had gaping holes. Disgusted and disgruntled, they did not return and told others about this. Goa’s teeth story lost its shine. “Foreigners now rely only on the feedback from friends who have no after-complaints. Advertisements can no longer woo them. My practice suffered 10 per cent but some are badly hit and had even 60 per cent slash in the business,” says Prof (Dr) Aquaviva S Fernandes of Cosmetic Dental Centre at Candolim. The government’s tourist policy has also hit dental tourism, accord-

They are GMs with a difference. All three are expats, born, bred and worked in a different country, now here to bring their brand of management to the fore. Kurt Bento meets the three suave gentlemen that now call Goa home and finds out what makes them tick.

ing to Dr Carvalho, “The government is lagging behind. Visas are issued for just three months and you can’t come back to India for at least two months after you return to your home country.” But business is certainly not shut. And that’s mainly because of the huge price difference (see box beastly charges to buy beauty). At Vrundavan Hospital, 600 foreigners came to Goa for dental treatment from September 2009 to April 2010. Most of these were from Europe and Russia.

Smile makeovers like ceramic crowns, root canals, bleaching, tooth whitening, emergency extractions or gum surgeries are common, while full mouth rehabilitation and implants as considered as high end dental treatments – all of these are done at prices three times lower than in Europe. So the bottom line is that foreigners will still come to get these treatments, but all they are looking for is an honest fix and affordable prices. Only then will dental tourism have a shining future.

Beastly Charges To Buy Beauty Consultation Charges - UK: 40 Pounds. Goa: 0 Missed Appointments – UK: 12 Pounds. Goa: 0 Full Mouth Rehabilitation – UK: approx 13,000 Pounds. Goa: approx 2,00,000 Rs Dental Implants – UK: approx 2000 Pounds. Goa: approx 40,000 Rs

Losing teeth The drop in dentistry clients 2008 – 5 per cent 2009 – 10 to 15 per cent 2010 – 30 per cent



magine walking into an old mansion, creaking at the edges, with a huge archway and a driveway cluttered with dry leaves. Inside the mansion, there’s old furniture most of it broken but with clear remnants of its past glory. There are sepia tinged but beautifully framed photographs which are fading. Then in a series of rapidly changing images going forward in time and space the driveway has fresh grass, the arches are painted, the mansion is restored and coloured, the paintings are polished and the furniture mended or changed but keeping the same old look. People who do this are not in love with the new, they are so much in love with the old that they enliven it for posterity rather than let it fade. Homes, furniture, paintings… and yes, cars! There are people who are old and knowledgeable car restorers in India. Some of them are in Goa but they are connected to the larger world of oldie car lovers across the country and abroad. Shripata, from Bangalore is like an encyclopaedia in vintage cars and is connected with restorations and maintenance of all the cars collection at Dharmasthal in Karnataka and is a full-time restorer of vintage and classic cars. There are websites, forums and clubs who share their experiences, exchange information and help each other in putting the junk pieces together to make a car. The cost of restoration differs from car to car and from restorer to restorer and can vary between one lakh or more depending on the state of the old car and the quality of the restoration. An enthusiastic collector like Dr Ravi Prakash has a collection of more than 250 cars and 100 bikes, some of them rare and unique. Goa has Raees Khan and Pradeep Naik who love vintage cars and bikes and wish to exhibit them for public view at car museums in Goa. Khan gave a serious thought to vintage cars seven years ago. “I want these oldies to run on the roads. Each one is a beauty queen in herself. I have actually picked up vintage cars in pieces and like junk in bags, and my expert team turns it into a priceless car, often for the original owner.” There are rare cars in India, but many lie in neglected conditions. Some lie below trees, garages some on roadsides half

buried in mud, untouched and totally neglected. Restorers search for the owner, and make arrangements to put them in shape, providing a team of mechanics with data, technical know-how, drawings, design, motor mechanism, spares and colours. While it is a passion turned profession for Pradeep Naik of Ashvek Vintage World, who owns more than 15 Mercedes Benz oldies from 1938 to a brand new model from 2010. “People own vintage cars but do not exhibit them. I hope open a Mercedes Benz museum soon,” he says. The community of folks who restore cars are actually car lovers, not businessmen. They go to any extent to see that nothing comes in the way of converting these once beauties to their old grandeur with new sheen and polish. If a crucial part of a car is missing the club is activated to source it either from their cities or from anywhere else. It’s likely that someone has the part and arrangements are made to send to the person who needs it. Another good source to source spares is online. And ebay is the preferred portal since many of those who want to sell car parts list them on e bay. Once the car is restored, it is hardly registered afresh. “Why would I want a beautifully restored car to have a GA registration instead of its ancient registration number?” asks Raees. So if the old RC book is available then the original registration is maintained. If not, it is kept unregistered since most of them are collector’s items and are not driven. These are some of the stories of life renewed, a breath of fresh air into a piece of art that would’ve rusted and died if it weren’t for these magicians.


mongst the hundreds of employees at an average five-star hotel, it’s always the GMs that stand out, most often at the breakfast table. In many ways, they are the ultimate point of contact, not just because they have the final say but because the mark of the hotel and the attitudes of the staff, is almost always reflected

in the attitude of the General Manager. For Pavithran Nambiar, Pascal Dupuis and Marc von Arnim, Goa’s a different ball game. Whether they’re at work or play not only do they have a standard to live up to, but they also have to assimilate into high society at times. Apart from the crazy hours at work, they have families

at home and take quite the effort to settle down into a different lifestyle and sometimes, a different time zone, every few years. For Australian-born Pavithran Nambiar at the Goa Marriott Resort in Panjim, Goa and India is not exactly a new experience, given that he spent the last few years before coming

Herald Pics

Dupuis gets a SON: Pascal s staff members R E P LE P O E P from one of hi status report

Foreigners now rely only on the feedback from friends who have no after-complaints. Advertisements can no longer woo them — Dr Aquaviva Fernandes

THE CLEAN UP: Marc vo picks up used cutlery n Arnim on his walk

TAKIN G enjoys A BREATH ER a glass of red : Pavithran N by the poolsid ambiar e

here at Hyderabad. Pascal Dupuis at the Leela Kempinski and Marc von Arnim at the Park Hyatt Goa, this country is a new experience altogether. But the trio has taken it in their stride, settling down, getting their kids into school, adding their own personal touch to their respective hotels and juggling all that with work and spending time with their families. “Goa’s a fantastic place and business is booming,” says Pascal, king of his Cavelossim castle. Pavithran agrees, adding, “Goa has got a great brand image.” For Marc, Goa is embodied at the Park Hyatt, with the basic design based on a palatial Goan mansion – the look, the feel and even the constant breeze that wafts in across the lawns from the seaside and into the elegantly rustic lobby. For these enigmatic gentlemen, their life revolves around the hotel and their families and Sunday is religiously spent with their loved

ones. Even when it comes to Pascal, who only gets to see his family once in two weeks, because his child goes to school in Bangalore, family is the only release after work. While Pavithran has breakfast with his wife and kids and then takes them out to explore Goa, as does Pascal when his family comes down, Marc makes sure he gets home at 6 pm every day, “to give his son and daughter a bath. On Sundays, its breakfast and the beach in the morning and then cooking lunch with my son.” Dinner is usually with friends, if not with family – Barbeques, art shows and a cocktail party or two. After that, they get back to the grind. While Pascal gets busy organizing and setting up his waste treatment plant, the same

Some call it restoration. But the work they do is nothing short of resurrection. But tags don’t matter as these guys look under trees, in backyards or even in dumps of junk for pieces of glory and vintage cars, either in full or in parts.

Bharti Pawaskar

discovers the process of converting junk into beautiful cars

Herald Pics

A CLASSIC REBORN : (above) A 1928 Oxford Morris Cowley when it was first found and (below) the restored car stands in all its splendor

with Pavithran, who also works on better garbage disposal methods, Marc, on his work related walks, picks up cigarette butts and other assorted items along his way, being a stickler for cleanliness. Then it’s the budget meetings, staff issues, dealing with vendors and their immediate juniors and troubleshooting that takes up most of their time, as is going around the entire hotel, making sure that systems are in place. It seems then, for these GMs, their lifestyles aren’t about working in the day and partying at night. The family men that they are, they move between their close family at home, to, what they call their extended family, at work. And that’s their lifestyle. After all, they do call their hotels home…

Suggestions for the Goa Government n Improve the facilities at the airport. n A golf course. n Garbage disposal n Goa needs to move beyond the party and beach destination status – trade shows and conventions n Transport infrastructure needs to be improved drastically n Have international schools for the expat community



Saturday, 26 Mar 2011








Information Technology




GOA’S HEARTBEAT Following the Creative Route to Goa

Nitt tem uloilear dusmankai zata, rinn maglear zhoddim zata -Anonymous



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Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience - Masaru Ibuka

Apart from its natural scenic beauty and the warm nature of the people, Goa also attracts tourists with creative inclinations. We have tourists coming in and utilising their time in bringing out their creations. Some have even stayed back in Goa to involve Goans in their trade. Herald speaks to a few artists from different countries Yahel Chrinian BY DOLCY D’CRUZ HERALD FEATURES s you enter Monsoon Studio, a refreshing sight catches your eye. Mirrors that reflect the light and brighten one’s day are artistically incorporated in items everywhere. From the gigantic skull made out of mirrors that greets you at the door to a huge portrait of Audrey Hepburn staring into Tiffany decorated with mirrors as a frame, artist Yahel Chrinian has let her imagination run wild in Goa. Yahel Chrinian, originally from Avignon, France, works on her breathtaking installation works at her studio nestled in the peaceful village of Sangolda. Known worldwide for her sculptures with countless mirrors pixels, Yahel Chrinian first visited India at the age of 16 and soon found happiness in the people and the beauty of the land. “I learnt Sanskrit at Banaras Hindu University and I started making friends in India. I visited Goa and made a few good friends who are still my close friends, just like family. I began working on installations about 13 years ago. Goa is a land of creativity with many craftsmen and the place offers freedom to do what you want artistically. Goa is a beautiful window open to the worlds. My installation works and sculptures covered with multitudes of mirror pixels are choreographers of lights. Goa has the most magical, the natural energies and the wonderful diversity of the eco-systems; I want to reflect this life through mirrors. My work is homage to environment, to Goa and India, to the beauty and generosity of this land.” Using carving with mixed media as her base, Yahel adds her own touch to the installations adorning it with mirrors. “One must be humble and the best image is a reflection itself. I am inspired by space and that is the reason why many of my installations are hung in the studio, so that they can wander freely in space,” says Yahel who studied Moshe Inbar art in Paris, Rome and Los Angeles and Architecture in Paris. “Here in Goa, if you want to buy a good magazine on interior designs, one has to travel all the way to Mumbai or Delhi. I don’t have the time for that so I let my thoughts flow freely and I come out with beautiful pieces which magazines want to feature. I am not a very social person and I very rarely interact with people. Artists are the same, they prefer to be together and then apart to bring out creativity. I believe that when you try to stop to seduce, you really touch. I flow my art, my ideas and I touch people with my art. I truly believe that respect, love and honesty are very important in life. When my works are exhibited abroad in palaces or big venues, I click photographs to show my team of five craftsmen in Goa to make them happy,” she adds. Yahel has her works displayed in India, New York, London, Tokyo, Miami, LA, Paris, and Rome. Moshe Inbar from Israel visited Goa ten years back just like any other tourist. “The first time I came to Goa as a tourist, I


found it very familiar to my place in Israel which is also a tourist spot. I saw the creativity of people on display on the coastal area and soon started experimenting with my talent, creating works with leather. I started out with small bracelets and once they started gaining demand, I moved to bags, belts, pouches and rucksacks.” Speaking of challenges to create a bag out of a piece of leather, Moshe who now lives in Anjuna, says, “The more complicated a bag is, the more challenging it is to work with leather; I consider this a boost to grow. The most challenging one so far was a rucksack I just completed. Now I add precious stones and gems and lots of pockets to a single bag. Each bag is custom made for the client as each person has their own design based on their personality, something that fits daily in their life as leatherworks last forever. I have my website and most of the clients contact me through it but I always prefer speaking to them in person to understand them better and work accordingly. Once the leather is cut, there is no looking back. I travel to different parts of India to buy my ware like precious gems from Jaipur, leather from New Delhi; I also have contacts with a few goldsmiths for gold chains and locks.” Moshe has now started his art gallery ‘Artjuna’ which features Miriam Strehlau several artists, Indian as well as foreign. “I remember how I was struggling to make it here so I wanted to give emerging artists a platform in Goa. The business has grown as there are more options here and regular tourism has taken over with chartered flights.” Miriam Strehlau owns Mermaid’s Boutique in Anjuna and was recently featured in the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in the Gen Next category of designers. Living in Goa for the past five years, Miriam has adapted Indian colours and fabrics to her collection yet retaining her spunky personality in each outfit. Featured in several fashion magazines in India, Miriam’s jackets are a huge craze in the metros. “I’m from Germany where I studied fashion designing from the Stuttgart University and I used to design outfits for theatre personalities there. In Goa, I loved the Indian fabrics and colours and the different styles that I saw like the sequined blouses that Rajasthani people wear and the vintage saris. I investigated about LFW three years ago, but that time I couldn’t participate because of certain reasons. This year they called me and asked me if I was still interested and I told them my problem so they suggested I apply for the Gen Next programme and I got selected. I had a fashion show with eight outfits,” says Miriam, a mother of one. “I display my collections at the flea markets and Saturday Night markets where tourists from different walks of life purchase my outfits and keep coming back for more. I show my personality through my designs and don’t copy anyone’s style. It will be shocking to know that I don’t follow fashion and I don’t even have a TV to keep up with the trends. I met a few designers from India at LFW and was impressed with their designs, especially those of Sabyasachi Mukherjee.” When asked on how people contact her, she says, “I have my website and boutique with designs, so people discover me as the outfits are mainly for the young at affordable prices. I work with three Indian tailors and create one-of-a-kind pieces.”

The Season in all its Forms

Tucked away in Library, a Slice of Freedom Struggle


o relive the era of India’s freedom struggle and hail the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh, a library in Chandigarh has developed a ‘freedom-special’ section that also contains books once issued to him when he was in jail. With over 500 books, this section at the Dwarka Dass Library in Lajpat Bhavan has original copies of the court proceedings of the Lahore conspiracy case (1928-29) – which led to the trial of freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. “A number of such books and documents which were compiled during the freedom struggle have been available in the library since it was established in 1921 in Lahore,” said librarian G S Thakkar. “We have put them in the special section to give our readers a real feel of the freedom struggle, as they enter it,” he added. The library, which was named by freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai in memory of his friend Dwarka Dass, was relocated from Lahore to Chandigarh in 1966. It is housed in Sector 15. The freedom section has more than ten books read by Bhagat Singh in the Central Jail in Lahore, where he was lodged and later hanged along with Rajguru and Sukhdev on March 23, 1931, for hatching a conspiracy against the British government. Records of the library tell about the books, mostly revolutionary literature, that were issued to Bhagat Singh and that he had read in Lahore.

Some of the books he took included ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky, ‘God and the State’ by Michael Bakunin, ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo and ‘Career of a Nihilist’ by S Stepniak. He also got a pamphlet, ‘Civil War in France’ by Karl Marx, issued. Original copies of the reports on each of the Indian National Congress (INC) sessions held since the party’s establishment in 1885 till 1931 (when Bhagat Singh was hanged) are also available in the section. George Allen’s ‘Jalianwalah Bagh massacre at Amritsar’ and Surendra Nath’s ‘India’s Struggle for Independence’ are among the “most-referred” in the library till date, Thakkar said. While the former carries real pictures of the massacre spot, the latter is known to be the first book written by an Indian author on freedom struggle. The library was established by veteran freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai in 1921. He had established the Servants of the People Society in 1921 at Lahore, which was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. In 1928, he led a silent, nonviolent protest against the Simon Commission in Lahore (now in Pakistan). In the police cane charge, he was seriously injured and later succumbed to his injuries. Bhagat Singh, an eyewitness to the event, was very upset and vowed to take revenge from the British. (Courtesy: IANS)

Along with being the season of sweltering sunshine, we are also in the solemn season of repentance and abstinence. Here’s a quick take on the latter and a thought on trying local fashion for the former


BY CLARON MAZARELLO he season of Lent is on. Many of us have taken a break from alcohol amongst other substances. Incidentally, according to a study conducted by Aldina Gomes from the field of psychology, a large number of social drinkers do not know or will not admit to their addiction to alcohol. Alcohol aside, an interesting fact to be noted is that the most popular legal drug used worldwide is caffeine. Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, it all comes down to the point of giving something up for forty days. “Ultimately, when we see many Indian tourists coming here and getting carried away with the cheap alcohol and then not knowing what to do with their high, a question does come to mind. Can we teach anyone how to have fun?” says a gentleman from the tourism business. He makes a valid point to ponder about. When persons head out for functions, they are partly discriminated against if they do not have a drink in their hands. In certain cases, they give in to the pressure and blindly follow the social drinking trend. “If bars were more liberal and served mocktails and juices or even milk shakes for that matter, people, especially women who are coaxed to drinking alcohol would be pretty content,” opines a social drinker. What also does need to be in fashion, now that many are not ashamed of speaking in Konkani instead of English, are Kunbi cloth outfits. Not only is this material and colour naturally cool, but now with designers finally realising that fashion is

not all about modernity, it is finally transg re s s i n g t o wards the lower classes as well. It was simply about time – as here is where practicality, the look and comfort are more deservingly rated as against a corporate brand name. It is indeed high time that designers came down from their horses and catered to the masses and just not the classes. This would bridge gaps between people, in the name of fashion. It would be cool, wouldn’t it? As of now, music is doing the binding trick for us all.











Information Technology


info ‘nf’un zone

Saturday, 26 Mar 2011

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? ‘Preventive aspects of diseases related to old-age’, is the topic of the interactive session, organised by the International Centre Goa and Manipal Hospital, to be held on March 25 from 5.30pm to 7pm at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. E-mail Call 9765404391 or 2452805-10. ‘Sensitising Stakeholders on Prevention of Suicides by the Goan Youth’, is the topic of the workshop/interactive session/panel discussion, organised by the International Centre to be held on March 26 from 9.30 to 12.30 at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. E-mail Call 9765404391 or 2452805-10. Class Act 2011, a workshop for primary school teachers to promote learning and behaviour in the classroom, organised by Sethu Centre will be held from April 12 to 15 at a venue in Panjim. Registration closes on April 5. Call 6513749. A Summer Camp for kids between 6 and 12 years, organised by Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts will be held from April 26 to May 5. Call 2421311 or 9923664163. Shigmotsav will be held on March 26 at Panjim. A Deliverance and Healing Retreat, conducted by Brother Micheal, Awake Ministries, will be held on March 26 from 10am to 4pm at Caritas Hall, St Inez. Call 9922220334 or 9922539838. A healing service will be held on March 27 at A Lua Hotel, Merces from 9am to 11am. Call 9922220334 or 9922539838. A 5-day workshop in shell craft jewellery, organised Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts will be held from April 4 to 8 from 3pm to 6 pm at Sunaparanta, AltinhoPanjim. Registration






email us at:

 H O R O S C O P E closes on March 28. Call 2421311. Workshop on the Benefits of Special Category Status organised by Asha Family Responsibilities and Rights Association will be held on March 26 from 4pm to 6pm at Asha Centre Hall, Sweet Home Building, Mapusa, Goa. Email: Call 2256445 or 9822166876 ‘...Son?’ a story by Heta Pandit will be presented to commemorate World Theatre Day, on March 27 at 7 pm at Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panjim. Call 2421311. Media and Human Development will be the topic of discussion at the seminar, organised by the International Centre Goa on March 26 and 27 from 9:30am to 5pm at the International C e n t r e G o a , Do n a Pa u l a . Ca l l 9765404391 or 2452805-10. Right to Information workshop organised by Asha Family Responsibilities & Rights Association will be held on March 27 from 9:15am to 11am, at St. Andrews Church Hall, Vasco, Goa. Call 2256445, 9822166876 or email: A One Day State Level Research Scholars Meet organised by the research and consultancy cell of Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College, Assagao will be held on March 31 in the college campus. E-mail Call 9420979228. ‘Indradhanush’, a 3-day cultural festival, organised by the Ganga-Zuari Academy will be held from April 22 to 24. There will be competitions in the areas of dance, singing, essay and drawing. Registration closes on March 31. Call 9822486204 or 9404434878. Manthan 2011, organised by the Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna will be held from March 31 to April 1 at the college c a m p u s , Ve r n a . C a l l 2791266/67.

Yo u m i g h t need to mitigate your ambitious zeal with 21 Mar - 19 Apr a bit of etiquette and tact. Your work life -- or attempts to get a new job -- may take top priority today, and that could mean that you find yourself in the doghouse at home. You need to push through this, though!

Taurus Follow any urge to start in on some early spring cleaning -- it will 20 Apr - 20 May r e w a r d y o u . Someone has some great advice for you, and you should be sure to listen up. Their enlightened attitude should match your positive energy in a way that yields great results for both of you!

Past mistakes Gemini or missteps are all water under the bridge. Think of the future. 21 May - 20 Jun You might not have the faintest idea what's going on with that one coworker or family member, but they sure do seem upset. Now is not the time to ask for clarity -- that can only come later.

Someone close to you is going through some major mood swings right 22 Jun - 23 Jul now, so beware. You may feel a huge disconnect between your internal emotional state and what is expected of you at home or at work. You may not want to play the game, but you are sure to find that you can deal.

Use your ears today -- listen for new clues, compliments and juicy con24 Jul - 23 Aug versations! You need to step up and help that friend or customer in need, even if it's not your turn or you feel tapped out. One act of kindness can unlock a door you've been battering at for weeks or years.

Today, push things into a decidedly more romantic realm. 23 Aug - 22 Sep It's up to you. You should expand your search if you're single -- take it offline and scope out the workplace, or try somewhere new. If you're happily partnered, you may want to merge social circles.

Try to cheer up a depressed f r i e n d t o d a y. Your efforts will 23 Sept - 22 Oct be appreciated. Your emotions are deep -- but not entirely positive! You may be stuck in a loop or pining for a lost love, but you need to do something to bring yourself back into the present in order to move forward.

Scorpio D i s p l a y t h e confidence you feel and you won't upset 23 Oct - 22 Nov people, you'll inspire them. Someone you depend on is in a good mood today, so make the most of it! You should be able to squeeze an extra favor out of them, or just slack off for a while without catching any heat for it.

Sagittarius Prioritize your

Capricorn Tap into the wistful, romantic side of your personal22 Dec - 20 Jan ity to keep a sunny outlook. Your long hours and intense dedication pay off today in some way. Maybe the boss shows appreciation, maybe your sweetie takes things to a new level or maybe you rack up a new high score.

Aquarius Are you lagging in the discipline department? Put order back into 21 Jan - 19 Feb your world. You may not understand what is going on today - but don't bother trying. Sometimes life is too chaotic to comprehend, and as long as you can take care of the basics, you should do just fine.

Don't grumble about an inept leader -- assume some of 20 Feb - 20 Mar his or her responsibilities. It's time for you to deal with your group of friends and their bad choices -- things are getting out of hand! That doesn't mean you get to lecture them, just guide them toward something better.



expenses -- are you putting your resources into 23 Nov - 20 Dec the right places? It's okay if people think you're cheap -- now is the time to get as frugal as you can get. That could mean packing your own lunch or it could mean a stay-cation instead of some big luxury trip.






DID YOU KNOW? The dangling punching bag in your mouth

bequeath Pronunciation bih-kweeth Function Verb Meaning 1: to dispose of (personal property, especially money) by last will 2: to hand down; pass on Example Sentence Philip visited his uncle’s lawyer to find out what his uncle had bequeathed him.


The uvula is the conic projection from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft palate, composed of connective tissue containing a number of racemose glands, and some muscular fibres (musculus uvulae). The uvula plays a key role in the articulation of the sound of the human voice to form the sounds of speech. It functions in tandem with the back of the throat, the palate, and air coming up from the lungs to create a number of guttural and other sounds. Uvular consonants are not found in most dialects of English, though they are found in many Semitic, Caucasian, and Turkic languages, as well as several languages of Western Europe such as German, French, Portuguese, and a few Celtic languages. Certain African languages such as the Khoisan languages use the uvula to produce click consonants as well, though other than that, uvular consonants are fairly uncommon in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Funny Quote

“I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing.” – Johnny Carson DAILY GROOK CRAZE PHASE by Francis Rodrigues just as six-shooters for speed got praise, super-fast computers are the newest crays!




Tongue Twister Black background, brown background Saturday 33° C | 23° C Dawn 06:14

Sunrise 06:35

Moon rise


Riddle Me This

Sunset Dark 18:47 19:08

00:35 Moon set

Though it is not an ox, it has horns; though it is not an ass, it has a pack-saddle; and wherever it goes it leaves silver behind. What is it?


TIDES High Low High Low High 02:38 09:35 17:04 22:27 — Last Quarter D Tide timings are for Mormugao Harbour. For Panjim/Calangute add 20 mins. For Colva add 30 mins

21:00 Wanted

09:10 11:20 13:45 16:25 19:05 21:00 23:05

11:00 12:00 14:30 16:15 18:45 21:00 23:15

Hudson Hawk Prince of Persia The World Is Not Enough Die Another Day Commando Bolt Ghost Rider

Spartacus Orphan Universal Soldier Jackie Chan's Who Am I? Imagine That Cirque du Freak Spartacus

08:30 11:30 15:00 19:00 22:30

10:00 13:00 15:30 16:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30

10:30 12:00 15:30 20:00 22:00

Sasural Genda Phool Maayke Se Bandhi Dor Gulaal Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Love U Zindagi Chaand Chupa Badal Mein Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla Pyar Mein Twist Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla

Jubilee Comedy Circus Golmaal: Fun Unlimited C.I.D Adaalat C.I.D

10:30 Dance India Dance Doubles

Last ‘Riddle Me This’ Answer: Echo

18:50 The Fifth Commandment 21:00 Did You Hear About the Morgans?

White Fang Dil Maange More Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Sssshhh... Mission to Mars 08:00 Don No. 1 16:00 Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta 20:00 Meri Jung: One Man Army 23:45 Heyy Babyy

11:55 Celine: Through the Eyes of the World 14:25 A Perfect Getaway 16:25 Until Death

10:00 Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 13:45 Biwi No. 1 17:30 Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar

08:00 12:00 16:00 20:00

12:00 14:30 16:30 20:30 21:30 23:30

Choti Bahu Sanskaar Laxmi Hindi Feature Film Maha Episode Dance India Dance Doubles Kahani Ab Tak

10:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 15:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 15:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 17:30 Mrs. Tendulkar 18:00 Gili Gili Gappa 19:00 Papad Pol 19:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta 20:00 Malegoan Ka Chintoo 20:30 Gutar Gu 21:00 Jaankhilavan Jasoos 22:00 Ring Wrong Ring

12:00 Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani


One Two Three Viewers Choice Maa Tujhhe Salaam Maine Pyar Kiya

21:00 Guinness World Records 22:00 Wanted High Alert 23:00 Anhoniyon Ka Andhera

11:00 11:30 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 14:45 15:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00

Zoom Box Let'z Go! Zoom Holi Party 2011 Follywood Red Hot Countdown Garama Garam Guthy Renker Let'z Go! Let'z Go! Follywood Planet Bollywood Page 3 Link'D Main Miss India Club Mix

10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00

House House Top Chef Most Daring Masters of Illusion Wipeout

IDIOT BOX 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30

Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein Rang Badalti Odhni Geet Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Yeh Ishq Haaye!! Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein Rang Badalti Odhni Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Yeh Ishq Haaye!! Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein Geet Yeh Ishq Haaye!! Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein Geet Yeh Ishq Haaye!! Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein Geet Rang Badalti Odhni Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

20:30 Dekh Video Dekh

16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00

Most Daring Top Chef Wipeout Most Daring Masters of Illusion Top Chef Stardust

10:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 14:30 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30

American Idol Community The Simpsons Friends Friends Koffee With Karan Dexter Dexter Dexter Koffee With Karan Detroit 187 The Good Guys Mr. Sunshine Raising Hope

10:00 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 13:30 Kumbh Karan Marathon 19:00 The New Adventures of Hanuman 20:00 Mr. Bean The Animated Series Marathon 22:00 Takeshi's Castle 23:00 FAQ

10:00 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 H/ls 11:00 Inside Grand Prix 11:20 FIA F1 World Championship Qualifying 2011 13:00 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 22:15 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

10:30 Indonesian PGA Championship 14:30 Sec Women's Gymnastics 16:00 Sportscenter Weekend 16:02 2011 US Figure Skating Championships 18:00 Uca/uda College Cheerleading Championships 18:28 Sportscenter Weekend 18:30 Sportscenter Week In Review 19:00 Barclays Premier League 2010/11 21:00 Indonesian PGA Championship H/ls 22:00 Premier League Highlights 10:00 NBA 2010/11 12:00 FIM X Trial World Championship 2010/11 13:00 UEFA Champions League Magazine Show 13:30 Great Centuries 14:00 ICC Cricket World 14:30 UAE National Race Day Series 2010/2011 15:30 WWE: Superstars 16:30 WWE: Smackdown 18:30 European Tour 2011 22:30 Italian Serie A 2010/11

10:00 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 H/ls 11:00 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 H/ls 12:00 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 H/ls 13:00 Cricket Extra - ICC Cwc 14:30 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 10:15 Cricket Extra - ICC Cwc 23:15 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Express H/ls

10:00 A Traveller's Guide to the Planets 11:00 I Didn't Know That 12:00 Lion Ranger 13:00 Nat Geo Amazing! 14:00 Great Migrations 15:00 True Stories 16:00 Mega Builds 17:00 Nat Geo Wild 18:00 Mission Army 19:00 The Decade 20:00 Megastructures 21:00 Nat Geo Wild

07:00 Angos Musical Show 07:30Kids Club 08:00 English News 09:00 Science Festival 09:30Bharat Amcho Des 10:00 English News 11:00 Konkani Palkachim Noketram 11:30 Village Wise 12:00 Flavors 12:30 In search of feathered friends 13:00 English News 14:00 Success Mantra 14:30Khadi Fashion Show 15:00 Chris Perry’s Musical Show 15:30Career Guidance 16:00 English News 17:00 Art of living 17:30Kids Club 18:00 English News 19:00 Grace Abounds 19:30Pilar Care for Mother Earth 20:00English News 21:00Way of the Cross 21:30Angos Musical Show Note: Subject to change

Instructions for Sudoku 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes


HERALD CROSSWORD - 817 Across 1- Ridge over the eye; 5- Mum's mate; 10- Fragments; 14- Actress Downey; 15- Without ___ in the world; 16- Again; 17- On ___ with; 18- Capital of Jordan; 19- California wine region; 20Worldly; 22- Very small fish; 24Dread; 26- Followed; 27- Plan; 30- That is, in Latin; 32- Delight; 33- ___ impasse; 34- Room in a casa; 38- Hi-___ monitor; 39Pours off leaving sediment; 42Chat room chuckle; 43- Draft classification; 45- Pealed; 46Love, Italian-style; 48- Riyadh resident; 50- Lets up; 51- Perhaps; 54- Pole thrown by Scotish athletes; 56- Dig up; 58- Quest; 62- Former name of Thailand; Circular band; 59- Caspian Sea feeder; 60- ___ 63- Little bits; 65- Commedia dell'___; 66boy!; 61- Actress Harper; 64- Bind; French 101 verb; 67- Communication medium; 68- Miss; 69- Quartz grains; 70- Sporting blades; 71- Exclamation to express sorrow; SOLUTION - 816 Down 1- German sausage; 2- Thick cord; 3- Actor Epps; 4- Sanction; 5- Monetary unit of Tonga; 6- High points; 7- Skye cap; 8- Part of Q.E.D.; 9- Recalcitrant; 10- Outlaws; 11- Total; 12- Conical native American tent; 13- Stretch of turf; 21Broke off; 23- ___ Kapital; 25- Of great size; 27- Dynamic beginning; 28- Secluded spot; 29Alleviate; 31- "Consarnit!"; 33- Mil. school; 35Bunches; 36- Knowledge; 37- Some are pale; 40- Bursting forth; 41- Cavalry sword; 44Sorry; 47- Sweet fortified wine of Sicily; 49Swiss river; 50- Mistreats; 51- Meditates; 52Writer Loos; 53- Long; 55- Expeditiously; 57-












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Saturday, 26 Mar 2011



A Trip to the World of Mangoes


HERALD FEATURES ave you ever wondered where the fruits or the vegetables you eat came from? And what type of life the farmers live and how these produces are grown? Well, helping you answer these questions is the Chorao Farmers’ Club which has scheduled a trip to Chorao Island on Sunday, March 27, 2011. “We have always tried to encourage the spread of organic farms and produce. Last year we had the facility where the people living in the vicinity of Panjim could call us and we would deliver a box of mangoes at their doorstep for a pre-determined price,” says Yogita of the Chorao Farmers’ Club. And with the season of the King of fruits around the corner, the club has decided to take some people to the mango orchards to enable the city dwellers to experience the life of a farmer for a day. “The trip will begin from 3:30pm from the Ribander Ferry and the group will be back by about 7:30pm. Our aim is to make the people aware of where the food they eat comes from and the work that a farmer does to grow the various food items. We also aim at promoting the use of organic foods,” explains Yogita. The sight of the mangoes in various stages of the ripening process will sure give the people a yearning to eat the fruit this season, and the visitors will also get the chance to see a 100-yr old mango tree in Mahambare’s Orchard. The Chorao Farmers’ Club has programmes for the promotion of organic farming and the propagation of the better farming techniques. “We try to make people aware that for a better crop we don’t necessarily have to depend on chemicals; we can do it organically too. We also help the farmers in marketing their produce, helping them to achieve a reasonable earning for the produce,” adds Yogita.

2nd Popular Tiatr Festival 2010 cum Competition - Day IX

Sound Check begins with a Bang

R E Bhurgim Tim Bavlim Nhoi V D I E W

Ehsaas’ Madhumita & Rajiv Singba singing a Duet Embers of the Perfect World HERALD FEATURES he first day of Radio Mirchi’s Sound Check, held at the Hotel Fidalgo’s courtyard, saw the coming together of various genres of music and was a treat to all the music lovers. From Hindi to English to Konkani, songs of different kinds entertained the crowds gathered to cheer the competing bands as well as the guest performers. The guest performances of the day began with the Vasco based band Ehsaas belting out Hindi golden oldies, and some Konkani songs too. Olavo Rodrigues and Varun and The Two Timers too entertained the crowds with their musical offerings. The two competing bands brought a different touch to the evening with their rock music. The bands POW’s Sceptre and Embers of the Perfect World, presented some good rock cover songs as well as their original compositions.


POW's Sceptre

BY RON FIDELIS omestic corporal punishment has a lot to do with upbringing. Children get conditioned and moulded into personalities as they grow and the main factors that determine this growth is how the people who matter to them react when they commit an unhealthy act. ‘’If I was reprimanded for lying and cheating when I was small, I would not have turned out like this,” mentions child artist Cameron while playing a spoilt child. The plot is about not paying enough attention to these small but very important moments of truth. The play of karma has been beautifully shown with this boy who is once shown back-answering his principal but then shown defending this very priest for his actions towards the end. What transpires in the plot is how the upbringing of three different kinds, effects these three kids. And guess what? The son who has it all vis-àvis the other two children, is the one who turns out extremely boisterous and mischievous. Caught red handed by the other child played by Shanaya whilst pushing drugs for fast money, Cameron goes to the extent of pushing this little girl over the cliff when she threatens him with dire consequences. While the case is looked at as a suicide, the corporal punishment once meted out by the principal comes to light and he becomes the scapegoat to the mysterious death of Shanaya. Bhurgim Tim Bavlim Nhoi plays devil’s advocate and brings out the side of the innocent priest. In one particular scene, Cameron, the naughty one steals a pen from the principal’s table for which Shanaya takes the blame. So she gets three whacks on her hand with the ruler. And since no one really sees Cameron responsible for ending the girl’s life, the blame comes on the priest. As NGOs are in vogue for seeking publicity through such issues, the tiatr shows one such woman activist takes out a morcha against this principal. Ironically, this woman happens to be the mother of Cameron (played by Antonette de Maina). The priest played by Tari as well as the Maharashtrian Gangubai interspersing the beau-

tiful sister languages of Konkani and Marathi in her dialogues while supporting the comedians in the comic relief parts were well done. The rib-tickling comedy side show was played by comedians Sally, the energetic as ever Marcus and Costy. With such parallel stories showcasing a variety of emotions, Roseferns plays with the minds Photo by Rozario Estibeiro

of the audience as well as this complex topic of how to reprimand a child in an age when domestic corporal punishment is a banned thing. The point of confusion now for the parents and especially the teaching community who are suddenly left lost and looking for ways to control the kids other than the use of force, was very well mirrored in the minds of the audiences by ace playwright Roseferns. With assistance from his wife Succuferns and daughter Ageema backstage, what clearly came across in this play was the effort in the lights and stage setting as well as the costumes. Then there was Anthony de Velim whose band had some well composed and arranged music for the kantarams they backed apart from assisting the background music as well. Use of different instruments and sounds like for instance a sad tune played on a mouth organ for the scene when Roseferns scolds the father of Shanaya who turns up on the funeral day added much intensity to the dialogues and performances. Then the brass playing the firsts and lower seconds performing Lord I’m Coming Home at the beginning of this funeral scene was also very touching. Rosefern’s last summation about parenting on the final ‘still pose’ of the characters hits the bull’seye of this issue.

Olav jams up with Varun & the Two Timers Varun & the Two Timers

MOVIE REVIEW Cast: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter Director: Tom Hooper Rating:


here’s not much to say about this film – other than so far, this is the best screenplay, with the best performances in the best film of the year. That’s all! The best piece of advice to be given here is to go and see this film as soon as you possibly can. This film is the whole package and deserves every Oscar it got, every part of it from the tiny details about driving through fog to the grand speeches given by a King declaring WWII to the necessary comedic swearing that helps the King overcome his stutter – everything in this film is perfectly executed. The King’s Speech tells the story of the man who became King George VI after his brother for the first time in history abdicated the thrown. Though his journey was not easy, he was a king unable to speak to his people due to a severe speech defect. In order to overcome his problem and deal with the matters at hand he calls upon the help of a rather unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue. Through a set of unexpected techniques, and as a result of an unlikely friendship, the two are able to boldly lead the country through war. As for the actor, not only does Colin Firth have a stutter, a lisp, an accent different from his, he also has to sound like the real King himself who has a very distinct voice. Not only does he give an incredibly compelling emotional performance, but the way he physically transforms himself is beyond impressive. It’s extremely complex and since his character is a stoic King he has very little room to express himself. A slight grimace or a tonal shift in his voice has to speak volumes and luckily, due to his grasp of the character, it does. Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter both give stellar performances that help to add to the film’s chemistry. Rush’s great timing and Carter’s endearing demeanour both help to round who King George VI is and more importantly the people who helped make him the great king he was. Overall, one of the best films ever. Go see it!

Black Swan

Cast: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder Director: Darren Aronofsky Rating:


Photos by Rozario Es-

The King’s Speech

he psychological thriller set in the seemingly elegant world of the New York City Ballet stars Natalie Portman in a career defining Oscar winning performance. Black Swan follows Nina (Portman), a featured ballerina at the New York City Ballet, whose life is utterly consumed with dance. When the company’s artistic director, Leroy (Vincent Cassel), announces that he’ll be replacing prima ballerina Beth Macintyre (Ryder) for their production of Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice. However, Swan Lake requires a dancer who can play both the White Swan (with innocence) and the Black Swan (with cunning and sensuality). Nina fits the White Swan perfectly, but newly signed dancer Lily (Kunis) is more suited for the Black Swan. A rivalry commences and Nina, desperate to keep her spot, recklessly checks in with her dark side. Ballet is perceived by most as a graceful activity for delicate, feminine creatures hungry to prance around in pink. Aronofsky takes the liberty of shaking those girlish delusions. Black Swan exposes the world of ballet in an unmercifully honest and realistic light: a world of battered self-image, incessant self-deprecation, and unrelenting criticism from directors and fellow company members Portman as Nina is introduced as your quintessential obsessive-compulsive ballerina. Her every mood is contingent on her daily performance and her self-worth is measured solely by her director’s evaluation of her work. While most of her peers struggle with the same set of standards, Nina, too unstable to weather the pressure, develops severe paranoia, anxiety, delusions, etc. The character itself is beautifully written and Portman’s aptitude for tackling emotional depth makes her an excellent fit. For what didn’t quiet work, despite that fact that Nina’s condition is clearly a dramatic one, there are moments that arguably appear overly dramatised. But the sheer excellence of the picture on the whole overshadows this. Courtesy:










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Saturday, 26 Mar 2011



Nuclear problem at heart of Agent Vinod: Saif Ali Khan Amrita Puri eyeing Longer Innings in Bollywood


asking in the glory of the critical acclaim she received in her debut film Aisha, actress Amrita Puri is looking forward to a longer innings in Bollywood. “As of now, it is acting that I want to do. It makes me happy. I am looking for a longer innings in Bollywood. Hope things go well,” said the actress. “I don’t have any preconceived notions in my head about what kind of roles I want to do. I am looking forward to do ‘meaty’ roles. By that I mean that like in case of Aisha my character took the story forward and I had a very significant part to play. So if it’s like a supporting role, I don’t mind,” the dimpled lass said. Amrita essayed the role of Shefali in Aisha, a chick flick based on Jane Austen’s Emma, directed by Rajshree Ojha and starring Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol in lead roles. Though the film did not fare too well at the box-office, it brought Amrita recognition, besides the honour of the best breakthrough performance at the Stardust awards last year. She was also nominated for Best Actress in a supporting role and the Best Debutant categories at various film awards.


t has guns, trains, cars, bikes, helicopters and Kareena Kapoor but Saif Ali Khan says his upcoming spy thriller Agent Vinod is no James Bond. Saif, who is filming the climax of the movie in Delhi, says his character is very desi and battles a problem which is central to India and Asian subcontinent. His Agent Vinod, directed by Sriram Raghavan, is out to solve a nuclear problem, an issue which is in news following the situation in Japan. “Raghavan and I were trying to find a proper story for this film and we picked up the nuclear issue. It is quite relevant today but at the same time a very engaging adventure. We also searched about the repercussions of a nuclear crisis. A film like Agent Vinod needs a problem like that,” said Saif. The 40-year-old actor, however, is quick to brush aside comparison to 007 movies. “Agent Vinod is no James Bond. 007 is very British and there was a psychology behind the character. He was the representative of capitalism against communist Russia but it is no longer relevant where as Agent Vinod is a special forces kind of guy and very Indian.”

Brown sorry for Outburst, Album heads to Top


&B singer Chris Brown apologised for throwing a tantrum over renewed questions about his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but said he felt exploited and “wanted to release the anger inside me.” Brown, promoting his new album, smashed a window in a dressing room after an appearance on ABC television’s Good Morning America where he was pressed about his relationship with Rihanna since the 2009 assault. The widely publicised outburst divided fans but may have helped boost record sales. After two years of struggle to rebuild his image and career, Brown’s well-reviewed F.A.M.E is heading for the top spot on the Billboard 200 charts. If sales hold up, it would give the 21 year-old singer his first No 1 album when the music magazine’s widely followed charts are published next week, Billboard said. In a statement, Brown said that he wanted “to apologize to anybody who was startled in the (TV studio) office, anybody who was offended or really disappointed in my actions, because I was disappointed in the way I acted.” He claimed that he and ABC had settled on “talking points” for the interview that focused exclusively on his new album. ABC denied this, and Good Morning America interviewer Robin Roberts has said she told Brown ahead of time that she would ask him about his conviction.

Kate Winslet to author Book for Autism


ctress Kate Winslet will author a book of celebrity self-portrait photos to support autism. Publisher Simon and Schuster said that the actress would author a book of celebrity self-portrait photos by Ben Stiller, Jude Law and Meryl Streep. The book will be released later this year. Winslet organised the collection of selfportrait photos for the book, titled, The Golden Hat after becoming inspired by an HBO documentary she narrated called A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back To Autism that aired last year. The film shows Keli Ericsdottir, an Icelandic boy who suffered from severe non-verbal autism, eventually being able to communicate. He now composes poems, including one describing a magical hat that enables an autistic boy to communicate. The documentary derives its name from Ericsdottir’s work. Winslet asked more than two dozen celebrities to take a self-portrait photo wearing one special hat that was passed along. Other wellknown figures in the book include comedian Ricky Gervais, tennis player Maria Sharapova, singer Christina Aguilera and actresses Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore. Proceeds from the book’s profits will benefit Winslet’s autism charity, The Golden Hat Foundation.

F A Camera that can airbrush your Picture!

ixing people’s faces in photos using photo editing software is nothing new. But you can now give a quick boost to your appearance during that photo-taking moment with the help of a camera that comes with airbrush function to whiten teeth and add makeup. Electronics firm Panasonic has released its new Lumin DMC-FX77 that includes a built-in ‘Beauty Retouch’ mode, which aims to whiten teeth, put colour on your cheeks and reduce wrinkles. The airbrushing software on the camera, which includes a 16 megapixel sensor and 3.5in TFT Touch Screen LCD display will even add makeup and smooth skin, according to the makers. Different modes aim to do different things to portraits and pictures of your face. Make-up mode is perhaps the most interesting. Here, you are presented with a choice of colours and tones to apply foundation, blush and even lipstick with the selection of colours range from subtle light brown eye shadow to a more shocking pink. However, without yet fully testing the product, it is hard to say whether the end results can truly be seen as a real improvement. Best results are apparently achieved using Esthetic mode, which at between 60 or 80 per cent with ‘head to shine removal’ applied is said to gently glam up one’s face. The camera is essentially the European version of the Japanese Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7.

Here’s how Optimism can make you Overweight


ew evidence has emerged to suggest that certain characteristics may influence one’s health, for example, optimists are more likely to be overweight. Dr Martin Hagger, a health psychologist at the University of Nottingham and Curtin University, Australia, said personalities are a result of both genes and the environment. “Knowing you fall into one specific camp doesn’t immediately mean you’re going to develop heart disease, for instance, but it should wake you up to the risk and, as a result, give you the opportunity to recognise and target the less healthy aspects of your character – such as smoking or drinking.” He said. Researchers from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, and other centres, assessed obese men and women undergoing a sixmonth weight loss programme involving counselling, nutrition and exercise. The researchers found that those who were most positive lost the least weight. It’s thought that looking on the bright side led to patients not caring about their weight problem and always giving into temptation. A major University of California study found their confidence about their ability to defeat life’s difficulties and willingness, therefore, to take more risks might explain why happy types are also more likely to die young.

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When a Couple, Men, Women don’t think differently


en and women do not think, react and behave differently in a relationship, an Australian study has found. The study by Deakin University of Melbourne among 75 couples aged 19-63 and together for an average of 15 years, has found no evidence of gender differences. A team headed by researcher Gery Karantzas asked the couples about their relationship satisfaction, attachment style, trust, level of support, modes of communication, conflict and intimacy. The 150 men and women said they were secure, and had low levels of destructive, conflict-centred communication. They had high levels of partner support, trust and intimacy. The researchers said the couples had been attracted in the first place because of similarities. John Gray, author of the 1992 book ‘Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus’, had earlier suggested that men and women had vast differences. Men valued power, competence and achievement while women valued feelings and the quality of relationships.

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We want to voice our demand for Gorkhaland inside the Assembly and that is why we are participating in the election. GJM leader

Goa, Saturday 26, March 2011

It was a hard decision to decide to amend the constitution and separate His Holiness from Tibetan politics but he is doing it for the benefit of Tibetans in the long run. Karma Yeshi

Dalai Lama’s retirement from politics accepted AFP DHARAMSHALA, MARCH 25: The Tibetan parliament-in-exile agreed on Friday to accept the Dalai Lama's resignation from politics, paving the way for a new leadership structure within the movement. The Dalai Lama will continue to lead the Tibetan cause in his more important role as its spiritual figurehead, but two weeks ago he announced he wanted to step down as head of Tibet's government-in-exile. "It was a hard decision to decide to amend the constitution and separate His Holiness from Tibetan politics but he is doing it for the benefit of Tibetans in the long run," Karma Yeshi, a member of parliament, told AFP. "Keeping that in view, we have taken this decision." The parliament unanimously passed four resolutions to oversee the handover process, afterpreviouslytryingtoblockthe Dalai Lama's request. The incoming prime minister of the parliament, who will be decided by results of an election last Sunday, will take over the Dalai Lama's

political responsibilities. Final election results will be known around the end of April. The parliament, which sits in the northern Indian hill town of Dharamshala, said it would hold an extra session in the coming months to implement the necessary changes to its constitution. The Dalai Lama, 75, has said that his decision will help the movement to pursue its campaign against Chinese oppression in Tibet after his death. Many Tibetans pleaded with him to change his mind. "No (I will not reconsider). I gave serious consideration for many years... my decision for the long run is best," he told AFP during an interview last week in Dharamshala. It is unclear, however, whether any new leader will have the power or global influence to match the charismatic and popular Nobel prize winner, who has travelled the world for decades promoting the Tibetan cause. Beijing continues to brand him a "splittist" and subjects him to virulent public attacks. His pacifist "Middle Path" policy of seeking autonomy --

not independence -- for Tibet within China has made no headway, and many young Tibetans are keen to take a more radical stance against Beijing. The latest major uprising by Tibetans in 2008 was brutally suppressed by Chinese security forces. The front-runner for the prime minister's job is 43year-old Harvard scholar and international law expert Lobsang Sangay, who was born in a tea-growing area of northeast India. He has never visited Tibet. The victor's legitimacy might itself be questioned by Tibetans in Tibet who did not take part in the election. Their loyalty remains with the Dalai Lama, who must convince them to accept the changes. Samdhong Rinpoche, the current prime minister, has admitted the transfer of power has led to a feeling of "helplessness" in the 43-member parliament, where some members broke down in tears during debates on the issue. The Tibetan exile movement has been based in India since 1959 when the Dalai Lama fled across the Himalayas after a failed uprising against Chinese rule.

Wife’s plea lets man out of jail PTI NEW DELHI, MARCH 25 : A Delhi court has set free a man sentenced to 10-day imprisonment for drunken driving on the day of Holi after his wife pleaded that the "homely atmosphere" was missing in his absence. The accused, who was in jail for more than two days, was ordered to be set free on March 23. "Life in jail even for 2-3 days may have its same effect and impact as it would have if accused remained in jail for 10 days. He has already been imposed fines which is the maximum prescribed for the offence," Additional Sessions Judge J R Aryan said. The court set aside the decision of the Metropolitan Magistrate awarding ten days jail term but upheld the

monetary penalty imposed on the accused. Anil Mahajan was convicted on March 21 after he was challaned by traffic police for driving a scooter in Connaught Place on March 20 under the influence of alcohol and without statutory vehicle insurance. "In a proceeding under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, the accused has already been disqualified from holding driving licence for all types of vehicle for one year. That also will have deterrence upon him. "In the given set of facts and circumstances substantive sentence of 10 days Simple Imprisonment under section 185 of the Act (drunken driving) to accused Anil Mahajan is reduced to period already undergone," the court said.

Resident doctors in Maharashtra on strike PTI MUMBAI, MARCH 25 : More than 3,500 resident doctors in Maharashtra are on a 24-hour strike, till tomorrow morning, to press demands such as enhanced security, slashing of medical courses fees, etc. "We want the state government to take positive action and not force us to go on an indefinite strike in the near future," Dr Madhav Swami,

spokesperson of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD), told PTI. The strike will continue till 8 am tomorrow, Swami said. "Our demands are to enhance security in all the hospitals for doctors as well as for patients, not to implement the sudden hike in fees in the coming academic year, not to increase the bond-money as high as three-to-five times the existing amount," he said.

Japan Self Defense Force members in protective clothing prepare to transfer to another hospital workers who were exposed to radiation at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, at a hospital in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan on Friday. About 300 engineers have been working around the clock to stabilise the six-reactor Fukushima complex since an earthquake and tsunami struck two weeks ago.

Jawan shot dead by colleague PTI JAMMU, MARCH 25: In a case of fratricide, an army jawan allegedly shot dead his colleague at a forward post along the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said today. The incident took place yesterday when Rifleman Romesh Bahadur of Nepal posted with 2/5 Gorkha Rifle shot dead his colleague, identified as Havaldar Chittar Bahadur of the same regiment, with his service rifle in Balnoi area of Mendhar in the district, they said. The accused had an argument with his colleague at the forward post following which he shot him dead with his official weapon and immediately surrendered before the seniors, they said. After hearing the gun shot, the other jawans rushed to the spot and found the victim bleeding profusely, they said, adding, he was rushed to the Unit hospital where doctors declared him as brought dead. Police also rushed to the spot and shifted the body to Sub-district hospital of Mendhar for postmortem which was later handed over to the army authorities, they said.

Commanders' meet at Port Blair PTI PORT BLAIR, MARCH 25: The Commanders of the three Armed Forces from the South-Eastern theatre today resolved that the tri-Service conference here was the ideal platform for professional exchange of ideas and resolving joint issues mutually. The conference focussed on areas of cooperation and integration among the participating commands for achieving operational harmony and agreed that joint study groups on various aspects of inter-operability would go a long way in streamlining future joint operations, according to a commander. The conference was chaired by Lieutenant General NC Marwah, AVSM, Commander-in-Chief, Andaman and Nicobar Command (CINCAN). Lt Gen Marwah observed that inter-services operation require maximum focus in terms of common infrastructure and integration of procedures.

FROM PAGE 1 VIP babas love English third as a language of choice for mantra and MLA kids. Double standards or just plain practical sense? A bit of both actually. Or how else do you explain Sudin Dhavlikar, Babu Azgaonkar, Vijaypai Khot, silent or vocal opponents of English as a medium of instruction, educating at least one of their children if not all in English at the primary level? All the children of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Home Minister, Health Minister and Education Minister have been taught in English at the primary level. Many of them prefer one of Goa’s most upmarket private schools offering quality education — Sharada Mandir, including the son of PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, Savio. Alemao’s daughters - Sara, Sharon, Anna, Valanka and Wanda, however, learnt their primary school lessons in Konkani. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat though is an exception as his son Yogesh and daughter Deepali went to Governmentaided schools in Margao and learnt in the vernacular. For the BJP, English and Marathi were the favourites. Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar, Lakshmikant Parsekar and Damu Naik among others have educated their children in Marathi while both the children of Canacona MLA Vijaypai Khot studied in English in the primary level. The detailed report which is published today is a true reflection of what all parents want for their children. A good education and mostly in English. As parents, they have given a clearer decision than they can ever do as politicians.

Oppn ‘tank’ attack not even go to think whether the scheme is proper or not, but he goes to help the poor”. Earlier, the Fatorda MLA analysed the notification issued by PWD in regards to the distribution of water tanks pointing out several loopholes. Naik questioned whether the scheme was legally vetted and sought to know if there was financial approval for the scheme. He claimed that the notification was wrong and Alemao should withdraw it. Responding to the allegations, Alemao said that there was no anomaly in the rates while procuring the tanks. “The allegation that water tanks were procured with inflated prices is absolutely wrong”, he said claiming that there was typographical error in the replies tabled on the floor of the House which showed the rate differences. Alemao said that the scheme was formed to benefit the poor who did not have water storage facilities. To this, Parrikar questioned as to how the Department would know the beneficiaries of the scheme were actually poor without taking an income certificate from them.

No Cola, says Baba acting in commercials. Wishing success for the Indian cricket team, Ramdev Baba on Friday said that the team should win but refrain themselves from promoting aerated drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi. “The aerated soft drink which several top Indian cricketers endorse should be destroyed from the world”, the yoga guru said replying to a question during a press conference. Ramdev said that the cricketers should not forget that they were raised from childhood and climbed the success steps on a diet of ‘dal’, ‘chawal’ and ‘roti’ and not Coke (Coca Cola) and Pepsi. “I want the Indian team to win the ICC World Cup and I wish them good luck. But the cricketers should not sell themselves for little bit of money. They should not endorse aerated beverages and products manufactured by multi-national companies, as they are inspiration to several crore youngsters”, he stated. Several top national and international cricketers including Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, opening batsman Virendra Sehwag, off spinner Harbhajan Singh, all rounder Yuvraj Singh and others are a part of a string of television commercials including Pepsi telecast in the run up and during the one day international World Cup matches.



maoists blast school building AURANGABAD (Bihar): Armed Maoists blasted a state-run school at a village in Bihar's Aurangabad district, police said. Over 50 ultras surrounded the school building in Tetrain village under Deo police station area and triggered a dynamite blast to blow it up late last night. Three rooms were destroyed in the blast, sources said adding police also recovered a powerful bomb from adjoining Yadupur village where the Naxalites had blown up a school building last year. Raids are on in the area to apprehend the ultras.

Husband kills woman for dowry BIJNOR (UP): A 25-year-old newly-wed woman was allegedly tortured and beaten to death by her husband and in-laws over dowry in the Kamuruddin Nagar village, police said. Afsana was killed yesterday by her husband Zahid and in-laws, who beat her with sticks and later strangulated her, they said. A case has been lodged by victim's father, Zameer Ahmad, who alleged that his daughter was killed as he failed to meet dowry demand of Rs 1 lakh.

Woman kidnapped, gang raped FARIDABAD: A woman was allegedly kidnapped and gang raped by four people in the Shivaji Nagar here in the district, police said. The incident occurred Thursday when the woman was gang raped by Navin, a resident of Shiv colony, and his three aides after they kidnapped the woman in his car and abandoned her in an unconscious state, they said. A case under the section 328, 365 and 376 of the IPC has been lodged against the accused, they said, adding the further investigation is on into the matter.

Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (JVM) legislators Pradeep Yadav, Phoochand Mandal and Nirbhay Singh Shahabadi arriving at the Vidan Sabha on cycle to attend the last day of the Budget Session in Ranchi on Friday, as a mark of protest on the government’s proposed hike in petrol/diesel prices.

Hasan Ali alleges threat from Tapuria, industrialist PTI mUmBAI, mARCH 25: Pune stud farm owner Hasan Ali Khan, accused of stashing away billions of dollars in foreign banks, on Friday sought to give a new twist to the case alleging that he was getting threats from his arrested associate Kashinath Tapuria and industrialist R P Goenka. Outside a local court after he was remanded in judicial custody by till April 8, Khan told reporters “I am facing

Jat community continues stir, rail movement affected





Notwithstanding the Punjab and Haryana High Court order directing Jats not to disrupt movement of trains, activists of All India Jat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti on Friday continued to squat on various rail tracks in Haryana. The ongoing three-weeklong stir by Jats has badly affected rail traffic in northern India, forcing the Northern Railways to cancel several trains, divert routes of some others. Train services on 14 mainlines in Haryana, including Mumbai-Delhi-Rewari, Bhiwani-Delhi-Rohtak, DelhiLudhiana- Jind, Narwana-Kurukshetra, Rohtak-Panipat, Rewari-Loharu, Loharu-Jaipur, Hisar-Jaipur, Bhiwani-Hisar, Hisar-Bathinda, and DelhiJind-Ludhiana continue to remain disrupted due to the blockade of rail tracks by the Jat activists. Jat protestors have been demanding inclusion of their community in the OBC list so as to avail the benefit of reservation in government jobs. The Jat community had already threatened to cut off the national capital from the rest of the north India in the next phase of their stir if the demand was not fulfilled by March 28.

India, Pakistan to set up second international gate PTI ATTARI (AmRITsAR), mARCH 25: With a view to improving movement of people and goods across the international border, India and Pakistan today discussed issues relating to border infrastructure in a meeting on the Indian side of the Indo-Pak border at Attari, on Friday. Pakistan delegation was led by Shabbir Ahmad Joint Secretary to the Ministry of Interior, while the Indian side was headed by Sada Kant Joint Secretary (Border Management), Ministry of Home Affairs. According to Deputy Commissioner Amritsar Kahan Singh Pannu who attended

the meeting, the interaction was held in a cordial and constructive atmosphere. The two sides discussed issues relating to the development of the infrastructure, including construction of the Integrated Check Post (ICPs), at the Attari-Wagah border for travel and trade facilitation, he said. It was unanimously resolved between India and Pakistan that the location of the second gate at the zero line as proposed by Pakistan shall be adhered to. It was further agreed that the road coming from ICP on Indian side will be constructed to meet the alignment of road from Pakistan through the second gate. Adding further Pannu said

The first two licences, Swan Telecom and Unitech Wireless, soon after the allocation of 2G spectrum to them sold their controlling shares respectively to Etisalat DB and Telenor. - Subramanian Swamy

that the exact location of the second gate and the proposed alignment of the road on both sides were approved on the ground after the field visit of the joint delegation team. “To construct the approach roads from the second gate towards respective ICPs/border crossing facilities and further to connect to the Amritsar-Lahore Highway on the respective sides within a suggested time period of six months from here onwards. To sanitise the area around the second gate, the Adding further, Pannu said, “The next meeting of the joint technical group between India and Pakistan is proposed to be held by midJune 2011 to review the progress in this regard.”

threat from Kashinath Tapuri and R P Goenka. Tapuria has framed me in this case.” However, Khan’s claim was strongly rejected by Goenka, who said he has had no no relations with Ali or Tapuria.

“He (Goenka) no relations with Tapuria, not to speak of business relations with him. He has never known or seen Hasan Ali Khan “a spokesman of the RPG group said in Kolkata reacting to the allegation by Ali and his lawyer in Mumbai. Khan later filed an application in the court seeking protection saying he has got threat to his life. The court directed Superintendent of Arthur Road jail to make necessary arrangements for protection and security to Khan.


Goa I Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Shunglu Committee was set up by the government through an Executive Order and its report was yet to be looked into by the government. - Pawan Kumar Bansal




NATO has now decided to enforce the nofly zone over Libya. We are taking action as part of the broad international effort to protect the civilians against the attacks by the Gaddafi regime. - Andres Fogh Rasmussen

Goa I Saturday, 26 March 2011

We are hoping to engage India in a new dialogue... and we’re hoping that India will respond as largest democracy of the world to youngest democracy. - Asif Ali Zardari

NATO to head command of Libyan operation Gaddafi forces pushed PTI WASHINGTON, MARCH 25: Overcoming deep differences among its 28-member nations, the North Atlantic

Treaty Organisation (NATO) has agreed to take the lead role in enforcing the ‘no-fly’ zone over Libya as per the mandate of the UN Security Council resolution.

“NATO has now decided to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya. We are taking action as part of the broad international effort to protect the civilians against the attacks by the Gaddafi regime. We will cooperate closely with our partners in the region and we welcome their contributions,” said NATO Secretary General, Andres Fogh Rasmussen. He said all NATO allies are committed to fulfill their commitments under the UN Resolution, and that’s why

“we have decided to assume responsibility for the no-fly zone”. However, no decision has been made whether NATO should take on broader responsibility, Rasmussen said in an interview to CNN soon after an announcement in this regard was made at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. “What we have decided today is to take responsibility for the no-fly zone with the aim to protect civilians by closing the air space for all flights, except aid flights, all

with the aim to protect civilians. Of course, we can act in self defence. We have not decided yet whether we will take on the broader responsibility,” he said. This means that right at this moment you will have two operations. We have taken on responsibility for the no-fly zone, while the coalition still continues its activities. We are considering whether we should take on that broader responsibility. However, that decision has not been made yet, he added.

The necessary change in the current command and control over the Libyan military operation will be done over the next couple of days, Rasmussen said, adding that it will use the already established NATO chain of command for this. “We will use the already established NATO framework, which means that it is a NATO supreme commander who will be the overall responsible,” he said. The current NATO commander is an American.

African nations discuss Libya conflict AFP ADDIS ABABA, MARCH 25: A high-level delegation sent by embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi joined African Union talks on the Libya crisis here Friday which also included EU, UN and Arab League representatives. The five-member team from Tripoli turned up for the talks following an invitation from AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping, but an invitation to the Libyan opposition to attend had not

been taken up by early afternoon. “The aim is to foster an exchange of views in order to take action on the situation in Libya and to seek the ways and means towards a swift solution to the crisis,” Ping said at the start of the meeting. “The situation in Libya is extremely serious, both for Libya itself and for the region as a whole,” Ping said, before the meeting was closed to the press. Ping returned early Friday from Europe after meeting with French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe and an envoy sent by the European Union’s chief diplomat Catherine Ashton.

“The situation in Libya was top of the agenda at both meetings,” Ping’s spokesman Noureddine Mezni told AFP. Gaddafi’s delegation is headed by Mohammed alZwai, the secretary general of the General People’s Congress. Friday’s gathering follows a meeting of a high-level AU ad-hoc committee on Libya in the Mauritanian capital last week.

Nick Westcott, Africa advisor to Ashton, is attending and the UN is represented by the Secretary-General’s special representative for Libya Abdul Illah Alkhatib. The countries whose presidents sit on the AU adhoc committee -- South Africa, Congo Republic, Mauritania, Mali and Uganda -- are represented by their respective foreign affairs ministers.

back, but remain a threat: Clinton

PTI WASHINGTON, MARCH 25: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that considerable progress has been made in enforcing the ‘no-fly’ zone over Libya but forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi remain a threat to people of the country. “Gaddafi’s troops have been pushed back, but they remain a serious threat to the safety of the people,” Clinton said in her remarks to the press late Thursday evening. “After only five days, sig-

nificant progress has been made. A massacre in Benghazi was prevented. Gaddafi’s air force and air defences have been rendered largely ineffective. And the coalition is in control of the skies above Libya,” she said. Referring to the statement by US President Barack Obama that the role of the US military would be limited in time and scope, Clinton said the US mission has been to use America’s unique capabilities to create conditions for the ‘no-fly’ zone, and to assist in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. “As expected, we’re already seeing a significant reduction in the number of US planes involved in operations as the number of planes from other countries increase in numbers,” she said. Clinton said the US-led coalition has taken this step only at the appeal made by the Libyan people.

Quake strikes Myanmar, 75 killed AFP YANGON, MARCH 25: At least 75 people were killed and hundreds left homeless Friday after a strong earthquake hit Myanmar, with fears that the death toll could rise significantly. Buildings were flattened close to the epicentre while terrified residents fled their homes as tremors were felt as far away as Bangkok, Hanoi and parts of China when the magnitude 6.8 quake hit late on Thursday. Myanmar state television confirmed a toll of 75 dead and 111 injured. Nearly 400 homes collapsed in four villages and towns close to the epicentre, the broadcaster said, with nine government offices also destroyed in badly-hit Tarlay town.

A Buddhist monk looks at a damaged pagoda after an earthquake at Wat Chedi Laung in Chiang Rai province, north of Bangkok on Friday.

Reactor fear at Japan plant as toll tops 10,000 AFP SENDAI, MARCH 25: The operator of a disaster-struck Japanese nuclear plant on Friday reported possible damage to a reactor vessel – casting a new shadow over efforts to control a steady radiation leak. Two weeks after a giant quake struck and sent a

massive tsunami crashing into the Pacific coast, the death toll from Japan's worst post-war disaster topped 10,000 and there was scant hope for 17,500 others still missing. The tsunami obliterated entire towns and some 250,000 homeless in almost 2,000 shelters are still braving privations and a winter

chill, with a degree of discipline and dignity that has impressed the world. In a televised news conference a fortnight after the calamity, Prime Minister Naoto Kan urged people living in tsunami-stricken areas to "move with full courage towards reconstruction." The focus of Japan's im-

Dialogue essential to resolve Indo-Pak problems: Zardari

mediate fears remained the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was still emitting radioactive vapour that at one point this week made the capital's drinking water unsafe for infants. Kan said that the situation at the ageing facility, located 250 kilometres (155 miles) northeast of Tokyo, was still "very unpredictable".

13 killed as gunmen target Shias in Pak PTI

PTI ISLAMABAD, MARCH 25: Ahead of the Indo-Pak Home Secretary-level talks, President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday said that dialogue is essential to resolve the problems between the two countries. “We are hoping to engage India in a new dialogue... and

we are hoping that India will respond as the largest democracy of the world to the youngest democracy,” Zardari said. “Dialogue is always the right direction. Whether it starts late or early, small or big, dialogue is always the right direction,” he said in an interview to Al-Arabiya news channel.

Asked if he would visit India to give a push to the peace process, he said: “Let them (the talks) come up to a certain level. And even then, if the President goes, it won’t make a difference because it’s the Prime Minister and the Parliament that have to (decide). It’s a Parliamentary form of democracy here in Pakistan.”

PESHAWAR, MARCH 25: Thirteen people were killed and 16 others kidnapped in separate attacks by pro-Taliban militants on two convoys of vehicles carrying members of the minority Shia community in the tribal belt of northwest Pakistan on Friday, officials said.



German giants Bayern Munich said Friday that they have appointed Jupp Heynckes as coach from July 1, replacing Louis van Gaal who is leaving at the end of the season. Heynckes, 65, won two league titles with Bayern between 1987 and 1991, then took over again for five games at the end of the 2009 season.

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

The risk of match-fixing is huge and I call on governments to help stamp out illegal betting which is threatening sport -- FIFA President Sepp Blatter

GFA members stage walkout at EC meet Confusion over proposed appointment of Colaco as Secretary, decision yet to be finalised


stated simply, appointment of the executive secretary. It was when the name of Alberto Colaco was proposed by Schubert Furtado that the meeting witnessed an uproar, with some members questioning the logic of even nominating him when Alberto had not applied for the job, first of all, was never even selected to attend the interview by the committee and much less was never even selected as per the procedure now being thought of. “There was a virtual pandemonium,” alleged a member. Aa per the interviews held, it was Kennedy D’Silva who stood head and shoulders above the rest and ought to have been the first choice. But he has not been appointed as plans were there to get the person in March

and it looks he was being sidelined now, no reasons being assigned. A senior member felt that given Alberto’s experience, he ought to be invited for the meetings or associated as a senior advisor. “Alberto needs to be given a very senior position and not treated as a mere employee after his services with AIFF,” stressed a member. The discussion lasted nearly 45 minutes over the matter of appointment, and thereafter the members began staging a walk out. They stated that they had walked out over the ticklish issue, solely on the question of flouting the procedure over the selection of the candidate for the post of secretary, after having already conducted the interviews.

The discussions took a pretty long time, with some members alleging that the proposal of the name was like providing a backdoor entry. Some members reiterated that Kennedy D’Silva was in the forefront of selection. “Since Kennedy was found to be a suitable candidate among those who applied for and was as such called for the interview, it stood to reason that Kennedy ought to have been given the offer of appointment,” a member expressed. “When a candidate has never applied for the job, how can he be considered in the first place,?” a member queried. “Follow the procedure and that’s all. If one is not happy with the list of applicants, then call for another fresh list. In any case, it was

stated that the post would even be advertised in allIndia newspapers should there be no competent candidates, “the member stressed and added that if such an appointment is made, it would not be sporting and fair, vis-à-vis the procedural aspect. “It looks like the interviews held thus far have been rendered as mere eyewash. The whole process allegedly gives an impression that it was being stagemanaged, even raising the doubt that even the constitution was amended for such a purpose,” stated a member, though it could be just a figment of imagination although the member pointed out that the AIFF constitution, when amended, did have a provision for a paid secretary.

Panjim, March 25: The GFA Executive Committee meeting chaired by its president, Shrinivas Dempo, ended somewhat abruptly without arriving at a final decision towards the end, as the members debated over the appointment of executive secretary at its headquarters here on Friday. As correctly and factually reported in Herald in Friday’s edition, the name of exGFA and ex-AIFF secretary and currently SAFF secretary Alberto Colaco as its full time, paid secretary was mentioned at the meeting, and it only generated a heated debate, reminding one of the Opposition in the Assembly, with some members flaying the alleged flouting of the procedure and

staging a walk out. It was for the first time in the annals of the history of the association (51 years) that there was a walkout by the members at the GFA committee meeting. In the past there have been heated debates and arguments but never a walkout. Those who walked out of the meeting were senior vice-president Elvis Gomes, members Savio Messias (former secretary), Bishut Themudo followed later on by Wolwyn Menezes, Anju Albuquerque, Anthony Pango, Alirio Lobo. Vicepresident, Lavinio Rebello, who normally makes it a point to attend all meetings, did not attend today’s meeting. Some members’ objection was solely on the procedure being adopted as the agenda

Margao CC oust Mashem, in finals

Margao declared First Division champs


Cavelossim lose three points as Signals’ protest upheld SPORTS REPORTER

Canacona, March 25: Margao CC beat Mashem CC by 4 wickets in a semi-final match in Nanda J Lolyekar 30th rolling trophy at Nirakar Maidan Dapot Mashem on Thursday. Mashem were 114 all out in 23.4 overs. Rahul Borkar (24), Hrishikesh Naik took 4 wickets in 2 runs and Badal Singh 3 for 18. Margao CC were 117 for 6 in 24 overs. Sohail Chandok (34).

Saligao fined

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Panjim, March 25: Saligao Sporting were fined Rs 5000 and their match against Benny XI in the Second Division League which had to be abandoned as the GFA officials reported late at Duler stadium, Mapusa was declared “no points” to the teams by the GFA Executive Committee here on Friday. The GFA decided to appoint Savio Medeira as the Goa coach for the Santosh Trophy football team. In case Savio is not in a position to accept the offer, it will be Peter Valles.

Panjim, March 25: Finally, Margao Sports Club became the First Division League champions as the GFA Executive Committee docked three points of Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim here on Friday. The committee upheld the protest lodged by Corps of Signals against Cavelossim in their First Division League match.

Cavelossim had beaten Signals but the last named had lodged a protest stating that Cavelossim had fielded an ineligible player who had received two yellow cards in the previous matches and according to the rules was ineligible to play in the third match. Cavelossim thus lost three points and now have a tally of 28 points from the 31 they thought they had tallied with the victory over Signals. Margao finished with 29

points and thus pipped Cavelossim to the second spot. Luis Alex Cardoso, president of Margao Sports Club, congratulated the players, the entire coaching staff, fans and supporters, members of the club for qualifying for next year’s prestigious Goa Professional League. “The hard work has paid off. The players did an exceptional job on the playfield and so did the coach and the sup-

port staff,” he commented. GFA’s senior vice-president, Elvis Gomes, who represents South Goa, hailed Margao Sports Club for topping the League. No doubt, Cavelossim also did well and came very close to annexing the title, but there can be just one winner, Elvis said. Anthony Pango, Bishut Themudo, Salcete members, also complimented Margao for their wonderful performance and appealed to them

PM invites Pak President, PM for Mohali semi-final FROM OUR DELHI BUREAU New Dehi, March 25: The India-Pakistan clash at the Mohali cricket stadium on Wednesday to fight for a berth at World Cup Cricket finals has raised the hope for the revival of a peace process between the two countries. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Friday invited Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani t watch the India-Pakistan cricket encounter. Dr. Singh is flying to watch the match touted as super-final before the actually final, which will be played at the Wankede Stadium in Mumbai on April 2. In identical letters sent to Pakistani leaders soon after he headed a Cabinet meet-

ing, Dr. Sigh said he proposed to watch the Indo-Pak World Cup semi-final and, "it gives me a great pleasure to invite you to watch the match." "There is huge excitement over the match and we are all looking forward to a great game of cricket that will be a victory for sport. It gives me great pleasure to invite you to visit Mohali and join me and the millions of fans from our two countries to watch the match," he said in the letters to both the leaders. Singh's cricket diplomacy will be the first major bilateral event at the summit level between the two sides either in India or Pakistan since the 26/11 attacks when relations between the two countries plunged to a new low. It is also first time, when

The winners of 1st State karate championship organised by All-Goa Karate-do Association. Kefas Figueredo (silver, kata), Karish Verlikar (3rd place kumite), Karen Estrocio (gold kata and bronze place kumite), Niketa Lawande (bronze kumite) and Manish Chubey (bronze kumite and kata) alongwith Sensei Uday Zamaulikar (3rd Dan black belt).

India took lead at the cricket diplomacy. Earlier in 1987 the late President Zia-ul-Haq almost forced invitation from Indian government to blunt rancour caused by Operation Brasstacks War Games launched by Indian Army in Rajasthan deserts. Similarly former President Pervez Musharraf also came to Delhi to watch the cricket match, that helped in setting a stage for a back-channel process that had nearly sought solution and an agreement to most skewed issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Zia-ul-Haq, a former alumini of St Stephen's in Delhi, had come to watch a Test match in Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur in February 1987. He met then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Delhi. In the last over two years, Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan have met in third country locations on the margins of NAM conferences in Bhutan and Egypt. The Foreign Ministers of the two countries have also met in between but the last meeting between them in July last year turned out to be a fiasco. However, the two countries had recently decided to resume official level contacts and a meeting between Home Secretaries of the two countries is slated on Monday and Tuesday here. Meanwhile, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Friday assured that government was taking every pre-

caution and security measures were in place to prevent any untoward incident during cricket matches in India. "Every precaution is being taken. No one need (to) have any worry on that score," he told reporters Outside Parliament House. Chidambaram said in Mohali as also at other venues, adequate measures have been taken by the State governments concerned. He said central forces were also available to the States. In Islamabad, Interpol chef Ronald Noble said a "terrorist" suspected of planning to attack the cricket World Cup was arrested after help from authorities across South Asia including in Pakistan. "Just last week, through the cooperation from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, we were able to identify, locate and arrest a terrorist, who had left Karachi on his way to the Maldives with criminal intentions," Noble said. Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik also said "there was a serious attempt of act of terrorism," being planned during the World Cup now underway in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

to also work hard in the future, where the competition will be hard. “I salute the players, coach, staff and above all, president Luis Cardoso and other club officials for their exemplary dedication and commitment for football,” stated Pango.

But all that’s as per the AFC guidelines. Some members pointed out that Goa’s representative at AIFF was openly pleading that Alberto should be brought in as paid secretary but the allegation that the candidate himself had shown keenness in the post could not be verified. The matter of appointment was left inconclusive and no matter under AOB taken up.

Rush for India-Pak tickets


Chandigarh, March 25: With arch-rivals India and Pakistan set to clash in a highvoltage semi-final at Punjab Cricket Association stadium on March 30, politicians, corporates and fans, including those from across the border are jostling for tickets that are already sold out. Among the corporates Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani - will be one of the high profile industrialists, who is expected to be at Mohali to catch the action, PCA sources said.


sports SNAPSHOT Tennis coaching camp at panjim-

PANJIM – The Goa State Tennis Association will organise their summer lawn tennis coaching camp for two months from April 1 onwards at Panjim Gymkhana, Campal, Panjim in the sub-junior, junior and seniors categories. There will be two batches from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Details may be obtained from Sanjay Kaisare on 9822125890.

India top group in AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers

PANJIM – Wizards of Mugalli Sports Club will organise their 1st All-Goa 2-a-side football tie-breaker tournament on March 27 at Mugalli ground, near Royal Paradise dance floor, Sao Jose de Areal at 9 a.m. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 7,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively. Spot entries will be accepted. Details may be obtained on 9850117448. MARGAO: Curtorim Gymkhana will organise their Curtorim Panchayat Cup inter-village football tournament on April 3 at Curtorim ground. The winners will walk away with Rs 25,000 while the runnersp-up will have to be content with Rs 15,000. Details may be obtained from Sebastiao Barretto, president on 9822381173 or Alex Dias, sports secretary on 9657961612.

Fatorda dBo elections MARGAO: The annual general body meeting-cumelections of Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda will be held on March 27 at Don Bosco Oratory hall at 11a.m.

Soccer camp at merces PANJIM: Amigos Boys of Merces will organise their soccer summer camp sponsored by Rudolf Fernandes for 7 to 14 year-olds from April 4 to May 15 at A Lua ground, Merces. Details may be obtained from Allan on 8806724647 or Mayur on 9767807243.

Nat bodybuilding team MARGAO: The Goa bodybuilding team will participate in 2nd Federation Cup National bodybuilding championship to be held in Gurgaon, Haryana from March 31 to April 1. Suresh Shirodkar, Subash Andrade, Naresh Kunkolkar (all from Pitbull Gymkhana, Santa Cruz) and Joel Gonsalves of Body Opus, Margao. Musclemen’s Bodybuilding Association, general secretary Vinayak Naik and Pascoal Noronha, organising secretary of IBBF will accompany as officials.

don Bosco oratory summer camps PANJIM -- The Don Bosco Oratory will organise their annual summer club camp from April 5 to May 7. It will focus on sports (21), music (4), hobbies (10), dance (2) and education (4). The new additions this year have been a few different martial arts such as wushu (a Chinese martial art and an Olympic event), hapkido (a Korean martial art used in military and police force), yoga, archery besides the regular football, basketball, table tennis, skating, etc. There will also be coaching in fencing and weightlifting by two Army coaches from Pune, assisted by two international coaches for a couple of days. The talent, music, dance and education fields will impart instruction in a fun-way, so that children can acquire some skills and hobbies in the vacations. After a month of learning and fun, May 9 to 18 the Oratory will organise a 10-day summer festival with tournaments and competitions at All-Goa level, to give children an exposure to play the sport or exhibit the skill. The festival will also include treks, hikes, cycling treks, and other such wild life adventures. The registration to the summer club will entitle the child to use the Oratory facilities for the months of April and May and participate in all the activities. Registration is open and forms are available at the Oratory office, Don Bosco, Panjim.

Nagoa Sporting in semis HERALD CORRESPONDENT Calangute, March 25: Nagoa Sporting Club scored a solitary goal victory over PVC Association, Parra to move into the semi-finals of Novino Gold Cup inter-village football tournament organised by Candolim Sports Club at Dr Gustavo Monteiro Stadium, Candolim on Friday. Dominating the proceed-

ings, Nagoa failed to score on a couple of occasions with Gaurish Naik and Pramod Mardolkar working overtime. PVC goalkeeper Clifford Fernandes also came to his side's rescue saving a couple of tries from the Nagoa forwards. Stanley Coutinho however scored the all-important goal in the last few minutes to seal a semi-finals slot for Nagoa.

YMCA Knights basketball PANJIM: The Goa YMCA will organise 1st allGoa YMCA Knights Open basketball tournament from April 14-17 at Porvorim court. Teams may obtain

registration forms at Goa YMCA, Campal, Panjim or Don Bosco Oratory, Panjim. Details may be obtained from Terence on 9822182190 or Brendon on 9421346240.

It was very nice to win matches with youngsters. The boys once again showed a fighting spirit and India drew with Turkmenistan 1-1. -- Bob Houghton India coach

Jeje nets equaliser against Turkmenistan

2-a-side soccer at Sao Jose de areal

Curtorim panchayat soccer

I would love to star in tiatr, because a stage actor has to perform at a high level in front of a live audience on a daily basis, just like a footballer. -- Terry Phelan Former Chelsea and Manchester City left-back

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

AGENCIES Kuala Lumpur, March 25: India played out a 1-1 draw with Turkmenistan in their

final group match in AFC Challenge Cup at MBPJ Stadium, Petaling Jaya, here on Friday The draw was enough for the Bob Houghton-coached side to finish top of the table with seven points, while Turkmenistan who also drew seven points from their three matches finished second. India enjoy the top spot on a better goal difference. India made seven changes from the team that played against Pakistan and the youngsters were up for the task as the first half scoreline read 0-0.

Peddem Bomm close to play-offs HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, March 25 A first half brace from Domnic Fernandes pushed Peddem Bomm Sports Club closer to a play-off spot, as they eased their way past St Savio Sports Club, Calangute 3-1 in GFA’s Second Division at Duler Stadium here on Friday. Bomm led 2-0 at the lemon break. St Savio were reduced to 10-men in the 87th minute when Raj Kumar Naik was

Kingfisher Pro-League: Sporting Clube de Goa v. Salgaocar SC, Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, 4 p.m. GFA Second Division: Milagres SC v. Penha de Franca SC, Duler Stadium, Mapusa, 4 p.m. Villagers of Goa Velha Super soccer: Mount Mary, Verna v. Carmona Boys, Goa Velha, 4.30 p.m. Novino Gold Cup soccer quarter-finals: Calangute Association v. Sangolda Lightning, Dr Gustavo Monteiro Stadium, Candolim, 4.30 p.m. SWC Cup soccer: Cuncolim Union v. Chicalim Youth Club, Zaino, Velim, 4.45 p.m. All-Goa inter-Municipality one-day cricket: SAG sports complex, Fatorda, 9 a.m.

shown a straight red card for a deliberate handball. Bomm enjoyed better ball possession then their opponents. Midfielder Rupesh Kotkar stood out for Bomm with his final passes, creating two goals. St Savio did not create enough clear cut chances. At half time former India international, Bruno Coutinho was brought on to see if he could conjure up some old magic. In the 26th minute, Rupesh played the ball delightfully through for Domnic to convert, to give Bomm the lead. Six minutes before the breather, Rupesh dribbled through the St Savio defence before giving another sublime pass for Domnic to score. Bruno made an immediate impact after coming on after the breather. His free kick was headed onto the crossbar by Denzil Rogtao. In the 54th, Bomm’s Cliff Fernandes picked up the ball thirty yards from goal and let fly a rocket which dipped in amazingly over the St Savio keeper for the third. St Savio continued to pile on pressure and they were rewarded nineteen minutes from time when Sayer Bathkande punted past the Bomm custodian. St Savio’s misery continued when Raj Kumar was given his marching orders for a handball. Peddem Bomm moves to four points from three matches, while St Savio stay on one point from the same number of games.

man of the moment, Jeje who brought his side back to level terms in the 60th minute. Jewel essayed to Joaquim Abranches, who passed to Jeje just outside the box to do the rest. It was his fourth goal in three matches for Jeje, who surely has won lots of hearts back home with his goal scoring form this season especially in the AFC Challenge Cup 2012 qualifiers. In the 85th minute, Jeje once again came close to score, but his right footer was just over the woodwork. Indian team coach, Bob Houghton was quite content

after the end of match and said, “It was a good tournament for us. I am very much pleased with the performance of the team.” “It was very nice to win the matches with youngsters in the side. Down by a goal, the boys once again showed a fighting spirit and came back in the match,” the Englishman added. India starting line-up: Subrata Paul (c); Denzil Franco, Anwar Ali, Raju Gaekwad, N. Mohanraj; Joaquim Abranches, Jewel Raja, Shilton D’Silva, Syed Rahim Nabi; C S Sabeeth and Jeje Lalpekhlua.

India started with Subrata Pal in the goal, who also had the privilege to captain the side today, with Denzil Franco, Raju Gaekwad, Anwar and Mohanraj as the back four. Joaquim Abranches, Shilton D’Silva, Jewel Raja and Syed Rahim Nabi took the charge of the midfield, while C S Sabeeth and Jeje Lalpekhlua partnered up front. The teams started on a cautious note. However, it was Turkmenistan who came close to break the deadlock twice. Begi Annageldiyev’s shot in the 15th

minute was off-target, while Subrata Pal pulled off a great save in the 25th minute denying Gurbani Amir in one-to-one situation. Syed Nabi’s shot from 30 yard was just over the woodwork. After the break, it was Turkmenistan who broke the deadlock through a spotkick. Begi was brought down inside the box by Raju Gaekwad and off the resultant penalty, he himself stood up to put his team in front in the 50th minute. The Indians once again showed a great character and it was once again the

St Anthony's pip Barretto Boys

Churchill Bros top group, enter IFA shield semis


HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Panjim, March 25: St Anthony’s SC, Marna-Siolim beat Barretto Boys, Cortalim 4-1 in Villagers of Goa Velha Super soccer at Goa Velha ground on Thursday. A brace each from Agnelo Quadros and Alu sealed Cortalim’s fate who shot into the lead through Joy. Former sarpanch of St Andre, Jagdish Bobe was the chief guest. Alu of Siolim was the man-of-the-match.

Panjim, March 25: Churchill Bros moved into the semi-finals of IFA shield football tournament getting the better of Southern Samity 1-0 in Kolkata on Friday. There was no score at half time. Churchill Bros finished the league engagements and topped Group B. Southern Samity took the second spot in the group and also qualified for the last

four stage. Churchill netted the all-important goal through Jerry Karpe Bohima. In the earlier matches, Churchill beat Mohammedan Sporting 3-1, lost to China’s S Landong Lueng FC 0-2 and beat East Bengal 1-0. Pune FC need a point to make it to their first-ever semi-final when they lock horns with Shillong Lajong FC in a crucial encounter at Yuba Bharati Krirangan on

Saturday. Both are in line for a berth in the last four, thus making it a do-or-die encounter. A victory for Pune FC, who are second in Group B with six points, will help them top the group - above Mohun Bagan (8 points), while a loss will squash their hopes. Comparatively, Lajong (5 points) need to win at any cost to qualify. So far, Lajong have had an undefeated run in Kolkata.

The group medal winners of 32nd National Master Athletic Championship in Chandigarh alongwith V M Prabhudesai (executive director, SAG), Navin Acharya (assistant secretary, programme) and Anita Rodrigues (secretary, Master Athletic Association).

Sports science key to success, says coach Terry

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, March 25: Former Chelsea and Manchester City leftback Terry Phelan joined Sesa Football Academy this week as a mentor to the players and a coach educator on a three-year contract. He has had stints at coaching in the US and New Zealand. Herald caught up with the 44year-old after a high intensity train-

ing session at Duler Stadium, Mapusa. Following are the excerpts of the interview with Herald Sports Reporter, Aldrid Da Costa. Q: What have been the most memorable moments of your playing career? Terry: Winning the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988 was great. Making my debut for the Republic of Ireland was something that I will never forget and also playing in the 1994 World Cup because it is every youngster’s dream to be there. Q: Does psychology play a part in youth football? Terry: Psychology plays a big part, because you have to remember that every young player has different characteristics and as a coach you have to sit down and motivate them to reach their full potential. You also have to encourage them to take ownership for their

performance and work hard for the team. Q: Which coaches inspired you to take up to coaching? Terry: I never planned to move into coaching while I was still playing, but I learned a lot from Bobby Gould, Don Howe, Peter Reid, Jack Charlton, Eddie Gray and Terry Yorath. Keith Michen played a big part in my early development. I also consider my mother to be my greatest coach because she supported me from the very start. Family backing is very important in reaching the top. Q: Can smaller players make it to European football? Terry: I am only 5 foot 7 and I made it in Europe. Today, sports science is the key to success and that is exactly what I plan to bring to the academy. Sports science consists of a long term plan which

analyses elements such as speed and strength. Change in growth spurts, managing food and water intake are also monitored. Q: Which grassroots coaching method or manual do you recommend? Terry: The four corner best practice model for development consists of evaluating a training session based on technical, tactical, physical and social aspects with 7 to 12 being the golden age for learning. To become a professional you would need to practice for 10,000 hours. That means three hours training a day - supervised and unsupervised. Q: Who is the most difficult opponent you have had to mark? Terry: Manchester United’s Eric Cantona was very tricky but to be honest the list could easily fill your entire notebook. I never feared

playing against anybody and that is something I try to pass on to the players. Q: Would you prefer to star in a Bollywood movie or a tiatr? (After explaining to Terry, what a tiatr is!) Terry: I think Bollywood is very glamorous, but on second thoughts I would have to say tiatr, because a stage actor has to perform at a high level in front of a live audience on a daily basis, just like a footballer. (On leaving the venue, Terry explains that he is going back to the academy gym for a work out. “A coach has to stay in shape to keep up and inspire his players.Terry is handed a cup of milk to drink. He is puzzled as to why there is sugar in the milk. This looks like one of the first changes he will be recommending.)



Jenson Button led a McLaren one-two in Friday's second practice session ahead of this weekend's seasonopening Australian F1 Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was second while Fernando Alonso was third. Indian Karun Chandhok's first drive in the Team Lotus F1 car lasted less than a minute before he crashed into a barrier.

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

Ricky Ponting has been overburdened as Australian captain and let down by people in leadership roles -- Former coach John Buchanan

Lanka look for spin to beat injury-hit England PTI Colombo, March 25: Injuryravaged but battle-hardened after playing a string of humdingers, England will aim for another upset when they take on strong contenders and co-hosts Sri Lanka in the last quarterfinal match of the cricket World Cup here tomorrow. England endured a tumultuous campaign in the league stage besides dealing with one injury crisis after another but they have proved themselves a resurgent team and would look to carry forward that spirit against the title-favourites. Sri Lanka, in contrast, have had a smooth ride into the quarters and would be contemplating whether to reverse back to a threestrong spin attack for the match at R Premadasa Stadium. The Sri Lankans tried that formula against Australia in

a Group 'A' match, but couldn't see how successful it would be as the game was abandoned halfway through due to rain. The ploy could return when they take on England but leaving out seam bowler Nuwan Kulasekara would prove to be a tough decision. But for England, it would be about keeping their minds focussed given the tough road to the last-eight stage. Before arriving in Sri Lanka they had three players, Kevin Pietersen, Ajmal Shahzad and Stuart Broad withdrawn due to injury while on Thursday, allrounder Michael Yardy returned to the UK due to depression. "It's not by choice that we've had a few injuries. Broad and KP would always be in your first XI. But Tredders has come straight in having not played for a long time and got man of the

match. Myself against South Africa coming in and getting Man of the Match," England all-rounder Ravi Bopara told reporters. "Those sort of things give management belief and the rest of the team who have been playing together for a long time in Australia - it gives them belief that the new guys coming in are good enough to do a job," he added. England have had a rollercoaster first round. While they tied a high scoring game against cohosts India, they were stunned by Ireland a few days later. They recovered with another tight win against South Africa, but lost to Bangladesh in the penultimate Group 'B' game. Sri Lanka vice-captain Mahela Jayawardene, said the fact that England have done well against stronger teams in this competition made them intimidating.


Sri Lanka v. England 2.30 p.m.

Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara (2nd right) and teammates warm up during a team training session at The R. Premadasa Cricket Stadium in Colombo on Friday.

India will win the World Cup: Ponting Murali 100 p.c. fit: Sangakkara

PTI Ahmedabad, March 25: Handed a comprehensive defeat by India, Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has predicted that there is no stopping Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men now and they will beat Pakistan before lifting the World Cup after a gap of 28 years. "India played well as a team and deserved victory. We were not good enough (to win). Going forward they will be pretty hard to beat. They will beat Pakistan in the semifinal and go on to win the World Cup now," Ponting said at the post-match press conference after Australia were knocked out of the World Cup by India here last

night. "India have a very good batting line up. We played very competitive cricket tonight but I'm disappointed with the two successive losses (against Pakistan in their last league game and today against India)," he said after his side's five-wicket loss in a high-octane World Cup quarterfinal. Devastated to finish on the losing side in what was probably his last World Cup game but defiant nonetheless, Ponting insisted that the loss should not be construed as the end of an era in his country's cricket. "It's a bit premature to say it was the end of an era for Australian cricket, it was a pretty good game

tonight. I do not think we were far away from winning the game against a very good Indian team on their home soil. I think it's a bit too early to say it's the end of an era," said Ponting. He said he would not be playing in the next World Cup but ruled out quitting one-day cricket. "I am not quitting one-day cricket but this is probably my last World Cup game. I will be happy to look back after retirement that I made a century in my last innings in the World Cup," Ponting said. Ponting said his side had chances to win the game and they were devastated by the loss. "We had great expectations from the game. We were a well organized

Strauss blasts Boycott for Yardy comments AFP

PTI Colombo, March 25: Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara today said spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan has recovered from his hamstring injury and would be playing the World Cup quarterfinal against England here tomorrow. Muralitharan had strained his hamstring during their 112-run victory over New Zealand in a group A match

last week but Sangakkara said the off-spinner is fit and would be an important part of the side tomorrow. "Murali is fine, he is 100 per cent which is great for us," Sangakkara told reporters here. "He's a guy who rises to occasion and does really well in big games," he added. The winners of tomorrow's match will clash with New Zealand on March 29.

New Delhi, March 25: England skipper Andrew Strauss on Friday hit out at former Test star Geoffrey Boycott for his stinging criticism over Michael Yardy's exit because of depression. Strauss said his side were ‘very disappointed’ by Boycott's comments and that the squad sympathised with their

teammate's situation. "I don't think your cricketing ability or what you have achieved has anything to do with it whatsoever," Strauss said. "There are significant pressures, and as you get older a lot of us have kids and what not, which makes touring harder. "As I said, it's important to draw attention to the fact that it's different from having a hard time being away from

home and actually suffering from depression. Two very different things." Strauss said Boycott had shown little understanding in what was a complex situation. "I think they (Boycott's comments) showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue. So in that sense to link it in any way to how he has performed in the WC is a long way wide of the mark.

Mirza caught in Indo-Pak ‘war’ with husband

Anand gets the better of Giri, finishes third AGENCIES Monaco, March 25: World Champion Viswanathan Anand crashed through the defenses of Dutch youngster Anish Giri and finished third in the combined standings of the 20th and final Amber blindfold and rapid chess tournament here today. For the first time in the tournament, Anand won both the blindfold and rapid games making it impossible for his nearest rivals to breach his second spot in the blindfold and third in combined standings. Levon Aronian of Arme-

nia expectantly won the event, settling for two draws against Russian Sergey Karjakin in the final round. Aronian, who enjoyed a full point lead coming into the final round, had it easy and after Magnus Carlsen went down in the blindfold game against Boris Gelfand of Israel, the Armenian was set to win his third Amber title. Aronian scored 15.5 points and remained a full point ahead of Carlsen in the overall standings. Anand finished third on 13 points in the 12players double round robin event.

AFP New Delhi, March 25:A minibattle of loyalty is simmering between star couple Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik as India gear to take on Pakistan in a high-voltage World Cup semi-final clash next week. Mirza, India's top-ranked women's tennis player, will be rooting for her country despite her marriage to former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik. "I support India and Shoaib will support Pakistan as usual! The war is on," Mirza wrote on her Twitter account

from Miami where she is taking part in a WTA event. India booked a last-four World Cup berth against their arch-rivals after beating defending champions Australia by five wickets in the quarter-final in Ahmedabad on Thursday. Pakistan made the semi-finals with a 10-wicket mauling on West Indies the day before. Mirza, 24, married Malik in Hyderabad in April last year amid a lot of hype surrounding the love-struck cross-border sport stars. Mirza said she would have

group. We are devastated. We found it difficult to get momentum. Not performing at critical moments cost us the game. We did not grab our opportunities," he said. "We were 15 to 20 runs short with the bat. 250-260 was a good total but we lost wickets at bad time and never got the momentum going. We did not execute the plans properly," said the 36-year-old Tasmanian who scored a superb 104 after having struggled in the earlier part of the tournament. The Australian captain felt the schedule of the tournament could have been spread out better but said that that cannot be an excuse for his side's crashing out in the quarterfinals.

loved to catch the semi-final action in Mohali next Wednesday but for her professional commitments. "The last time they played in Mohali I watched the match live. What a semi-final on the line. Wish I could be there," read another tweet from the tennis star. Malik and Mirza's sporting marriage is unprecedented in the perennial rivalry between the South Asian nations, and some right-wing Hindu groups in India had denounced the union, accusing Mirza of betraying her country.



Riding high on her Swiss Open triumph, ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal regained the number three place in the latest world ranking. Saina now has 69721.2637 points in her kitty and is currently behind Shixian Wang (83506.4) and Yihan Wang (73988.9106) at one and two respectively.

Goa I Saturday 26, March 2011

India’s bowling is still a concern and Dhoni will have to add some sting to their attack ahead of semi-final clash against Pakistan. -- Sunil Gavaskar

India-Pak semis a dream match: Yuvi PTI

playing for a very special person: yuvraj

Ahmedabad, March 25: His dream of guiding India to a win over Australia in the World Cup realised, star batsman Yuvraj Singh is now focussing on the semifinal clash against arch-rivals Pakistan, saying the much-anticipated game would be a battle of equals. Yuvraj struck an unbeaten half century after claiming two wickets last night to collect his fourth man of the match trophy in the ongoing World Cup. Looking ahead to the semifinal clash against Pakistan at Mohali on March 30, Yuvraj said it would be another dream game. "The India-Pakistan game is going to be another dream game after India-Australia. It's a great victory for India today. We would be playing our best cricket against Pakistan. They know our game we know theirs both teams are equal. They have had a very good tournament and have beaten West Indies and Australia," Yuvraj told reporters here after India's five-wicket win over the defending champions. "We don't want to think about the Pakistan game now. It has been a high-pressure game for us (against Australia) and lot of our system has been drained. We would like to relax

Yuvraj Singh, who has had a dream run in the World Cup, says that he is playing the tournament for a mysterious ‘someone special’ whose name he did not disclose. "I am playing for a very special person that comes in my mind and whenever things are not going well I think of that person and things work out," man-of-the-match Yuvraj said after India's fivewicket win over Australia in the quarterfinals in which he made an unbeaten half-century and grabbed a couple of wickets. for a couple of days and then make plans about Pakistan game," he added. Yuvraj it was very difficult to keep his emotions in check in the high-octane quarterfinal match here. "Over the last one year I have been dreaming of staying till the end and taking the team to victory against Australia in the World Cup and the moment has come. This is the moment I have lived for as a cricketer," he said. He admitted that it was a tough situation with enormous pressure on him and any small mistake on his part could have thrown India out of the World Cup. "It was very hard to control emotions. It was difficult to control oneself in such a situation as one mistake and you will be out of the World Cup. I tried to just watch the ball, play down the ground and not lift the ball in the air," said the left-handed batsman.

Yuvraj said he was playing in the tournament with the thought of someone special in his life, though he did not specify the person. "I am playing for a very special person that comes in my mind and whenever things are not going well I think of that person and things work out," he remarked. Yuvraj conceded that the dismissal of Gautam Gambhir, who was run out due to a misunderstanding with him, and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in quick succession had put the team under pressure but Suresh Raina lived up to the challenge in crucial stages. "When Gambhir got out I thought I will get a good partnership going with MS (Dhoni) but when MS got out I knew I was in trouble. When Raina came in I told him to take his time and let's get 20-30 run partnership. He has shown nerves in a crucial stage and this will boost his confidence also," he said.

He said he had already apologised to Gambhir for the mix-up that resulted in his partner getting run out today. "I have apologies to Gautam for the miscommunication on the field. We have not played together much. I think it was probably my fault," said Yuvraj. Though he got his fourth man-ofthe-match award in the tournament, Yuvraj sounded modest and said the team effort was crucial. "I feel good to have contributed to the team but the victory cannot be achieved by one person, it's a team effort," he said. He said though he cherished the centuries he had scored in his career, even scores like his 52 not out last night were special as they resulted in the team winning a crucial tie. "Though centuries are very special for a player, when you are able to contribute 20 or 30 runs which help the team win crucial matches they also become special," he said. Looking back at the past one year which had seen him being axed from both the ODI and Test teams, Yuvraj said he was very happy that things have turned around for him. "Last year everything I touched turned into mud. This year it has been a good year," he said.

Over the last one year I have been dreaming of staying till the end and taking the team to victory against Australia in the World Cup and the moment has come. This is the moment I have lived for as a cricketer

Kiwis dump SA to enter semis AFP

New Zealand cricketers greet bowler Jacob Oram (left) as they celebrate the dismissal of Graeme Smith at The Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka on Friday.

Dhaka, March 25: South Africa's reputation as cricket's perennial chokers returned to haunt them as New Zealand pulled off a dramatic 49-run win on Friday to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals. The Black Caps, restricted to 221-8 after taking first strike, bundled out South Africa for 172 in an exciting finish in front of 23,000 fans at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium. Jacob Oram was New Zealand's man of the match with four wickets and two catches, while offspinner Nathan McCullum sealed the Proteas' fate with three for 24 from 10 overs. Skipper Graeme Smith (28) and Jacques Kallis (47) put on 61 as South Africa moved to 108-2 by the 24th over, before the last eight wickets crashed for 64 runs. It will be New Zealand's sixth appearance in the semi-finals, where they await the winners of Saturday's match between Sri Lanka and England in Colombo.

South Africa, often regarded as the best team never to have the World Cup, have now lost in three semifinals, two quarter-finals and once in the first round. "There are no words to describe how I feel," said Smith, who has now played

his last one-day international. "We just have to take it on the chin. It was a very disappointing evening. I thought we bowled pretty well and at 100 for 2, we were sitting well, and then we lost too many wickets."

Newspaper apologises for match-fix claim AFP

scoreboArd New Zealand: M Guptill c Botha b Steyn 1, B McCullum c and b Peterson 4, J Ryder c sub (Ingram) b Tahir 83, R Taylor c Kallis b Tahir 43, S Styris b Morkel 16, K Williamson not out 38, N McCullum c Duminy b Steyn 6, J Oram b Morkel 7, D Vettori b Morkel 6, L Woodcock not out 3. Extras: 14. Total: 221 for 8. Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-16, 3-130, 4-153, 5-156, 6-188, 7-204, 8-210. Bowling: Peterson 9-0-49-1, Steyn 10-042-2, Botha 9-0-29-0, Morkel 8-0-46-3, Tahir 9-0-32-2, Kallis 3-1-6-0, Duminy 2-0-9-0. South Africa: H Amla c Vettori b N. McCullum 7, G Smith c sub (How) b Oram 28, J Kallis c Oram b Southee 47, AB de Villiers run out 35, JP Duminy b N McCullum 3, F du Plessis c Southee b Oram 36, J Botha b Oram 2, R Peterson c B. McCullum b Oram 0, D Steyn c Oram b N McCullum 8, M Morkel c sub (How) b Woodcock 3, Imran Tahir not out 0. Extras: 3. Total: 172 all out. Fall of wickets: 1-8, 2-69, 3-108, 4-121, 5121, 6-128, 7-132, 8-146, 9-172, 10-172. Bowling: N McCullum 101-24-3, Vettori 10-0-39-0, Southee 9-0-44-1, Oram 9-1-39-4, Woodcock 5-2-0-24-1. Man-of-the-match: J Oram

Vettori praises team PTI

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Mirpur, March 25: Skipper Daniel Vettori today attributed New Zealand's stunning 49-run win over South Africa in their World Cup quarterfinal to the team's allround performance. "Every single bowler stepped up today, and probably it was the fielding that got us through. Martin Guptill was exceptional," Vettori said after the match. "We knew it was a tricky wicket, and knew it was going to be an old-school one-day game. That's the sort of game we like to play. Once we got de Villiers and Kallis, we were back in it. The run out of de Villiers was an amazing piece of work.

New Delhi, March 25: An Indian newspaper apologised on Thursday for suggesting that a WC match between Australia and Zimbabwe was under investigation for match-fixing. The Times of India had claimed that the February 21 game in Ahmedabad was being probed by the ICC's anti-corruption body. "We apologise to Australia, Cricket Australia and the ICC for any embarrassment caused by this," the newspaper posted on its website. "We also accept that at no stage has the ICC ever con-

firmed or suggested the match was fixed." ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat, who had been furious at the allegations, said he welcomed the apology. "The story was not only fictional but was also damaging to the image of cricket. I am pleased that the newspaper, took a responsible step and corrected the facts at its earliest opportunity," he said.



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