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The Voice of Goa — Since 1900 panjim, thursday, august 26, 2010

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LS passes nuke bill PTI NEW DELHI, AUG 25

The first step, my son, which one makes in the world, is the one on which depends the rest of our days. — Voltaire

After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had “begged” to it to unanimously pass the controversial nuclear liability bill, the Lok Sabha tonight gave its approval to the measure with 18 amendments that will now enable the Government to do nuclear commerce with the world. Ending months of wrangling between Treasury Benches and the Opposition, the House today passed the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages Bill after Government dropped the contentious provision of “intent” in case of accidents, adopting a BJP amendment. “I beg of this House to pass this bill with unanimity”, the Prime Minister said in a brief but spirited intervention appealing to the House for a bipartisan approach. The bill was adopted by the House by a voice vote after it rejected a CPI(M) amendment that sought to fix the liability cap on operators in case of accidents at Rs.10,000 crore instead of the Rs.1,500 crore proposed in the measure. The House nod came not before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a spirited intervention in the four-hour debate re-

jecting allegations that the bill was brought to advance the interests of the United States and its corporations. He described the measure as a completion of journey to end apartheid against India in the field of atomic power. The CPI(M) amendment was negatived in a division pressed by its Parliamentary Party leader Basudeb Acharya with 252 voting against and 25 voting for it. A total of 18 official amendments were adopted by the House including the one the rephrased clause 17(b) which read “the nuclear incident has resulted as a consequence of an act of supplier or his employee, which includes supply of equipment of material with patent or latent defects or sub-standard services”. The BJP’s support, which was articulated by senior member Jaswant Singh, came after the official amendment reflected the formulation of the amendment proposed by him. The original version of the amendment had come under sharp attack from the BJP and Left parties as it provided for proving the “intent” of a supplier of causing an accident if an operator were to claim compensation.

Highway land acquisition put on hold HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

Based on the assurance given by the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in the Assembly, the Government today put on hold the land acquisition for the expansion of NH17 and NH4A. A letter to the Project Director of the National Highway’s Authority of India, by the under secretary (Rev – I) Pandharinath Naik says that the land acquisition is temporarily put on hold. “I am directed to convey the Government decision that the land acquisition proceedings of NH-17 and NH4A shall be temporarily kept on hold till the issue of alignment is sorted out”, says the letter. The chief minister had recently announced setting up of a committee which will look into the grievances of the people. The committee, which has representatives of NHAI, PWD, land survey, revenue department as members, is expected to submit its report by August 31. The report would then be submitted to the Union Minister for necessary changes, the chief minister had said.


Chinchinim locals demand bypass

How do you expect hike in the milk output? Our cows are so used to these modern junk food of noodles, veg burgers, pizzas, coke...

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Sports: Saina enters third round Pg 18

All-party meet to decide on CBI probe: Ravi HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

Stating that the he would hand over the drug nexus case to CBI only if there is consensus among all parties, Home Minister Ravi Naik today said the case is nothing but a hype created by media and political parties are trying to gain free publicity out of it. Addressing a press conference Naik, whose son has been linked to drug trade, said the Govern-

ment will hold an all-party meet on the issue. “We will discuss this at an allparty meeting and only if need be we will hand over the case to CBI”, he said. He further questioned the CBI’s credibility in solving the cases. “Four years ago we handed over a case of misappropriation funds for IFFI 2004 and gave them total evidence but still

they are unable to solve it”, he said. Naik also said that the drugs case was of no consequence and only a result of media hype. He also said the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are raising the drug nexus case only because it gave them publicity in the media. “What’s there in the drug


nexus case? I don’t think there is anything great”, the home minister said. “The political parties are raising the issue to gain free publicity. It costs (them) money to give advertisements in the media. By talking about drugs, they get free publicity”, Naik said adding “also as elections are closing in the parties have to show their high command (Continued on page 2)


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State Wildlife Board objects to NH4A expansion, seek details

John refused bail again

tal impact of road expansion on the sanctuary. “The forest department has not yet given NOC to the NHAI to carry out expansion,” he confirmed. NH4A of 11 kilometers length is passing through the Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuary on left hand side while National Park at the left hand. “Approximately, it will cover 13.8 ha of sanctuary and 7.9 ha area of national park,” he said. Kumar said that the land for the expansion has been demarcated by the authority; however the final decision would be taken only by the National Wildlife Board. The special meeting was chaired by Minister for Forest and vice chairman of SWB Filip Nery Rodrigues as the chairman Chief Minister Digamber Kamat could not make it. The meeting also decided that the protection of Window

The Bombay High Court at Goa today rejected bail plea of John Fernandes, a South Goa based politician arrested for allegedly raping a Russian girl at Colva. Justice Nelson Britto rejecting the bail stated that the court cannot grant bail to the accused as the victim is yet to be examined by the lower court. 25-year-old Russian girl will depose before the South Goa Session Court in December, 2010. Justice Britto during the hearing had also pointed out that there are chances that the accused will threaten the victim if the bail is granted. At the time of hearing, Public Prosecutor had brought to the Court notice that the victim friend, who is the key witness in the case, was manipulated by the accused.


Already jinxed National Highway–NH4A expansion has faced another setback with State Wildlife Board (SWB) rising queries on the road passing through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. The special meeting of SWB, called today raised objection to the expansion of road and demanded that a detail report of the project to be submitted to the committee. “The members of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had attended the meeting with their presentation. However, the members of board did not allow the presentation and asked for the detail project report,” Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Dr Shashi Kumar told Herald. Kumar said that the board wants to study the environmen-

Now, curbs on television cameramen? HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

After issuing an order intending to crack a whip against unregistered channels, it now appears that cameramen of TV channels will have to first obtain “Baba’s” (Chief Minister’s) permission before covering meetings or events. This impression given by a Personal security Officer (PSO) of Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat when newsmen converged at his Malbhat residence on Wednesday morning to cover the joint meeting the chief minister had with Margao traders, MMC Chairperson and the organisers of the exhibition-cumsales. A TV cameraman, who entered the office of the chief minister to cover the deliberations, was told by Kamat’s PSO Jeetu that he cannot cover the meeting without prior permission. “Have you sought permission from “Baba” to record the meeting? I cannot allow you to continue the recordings without Baba’s permission”, the PSO point blank told the TV channel cameraman. Taken aback by the PSO’s stern message, the cameraman switched off his camera, only to switch on to take the byte of the chief minister when he was about to leave his residence in his official car to Panjim.

Pan Oisters to Chicalim bay will continue in a way that it should not affect the livelihood of the locals. “The board decided to extend the protection to this area without disturbing the normal life,” Dr Kumar said. The forest department’s recommendation to have more number of tourist vehicles at Dudsagar was also approved by the board on a condition to have full proof criteria while giving more permits. Currently, there are 98 local tourist vehicles registered with the forest department. “They want to include seven more,” APCCF cleared. This is the fifth special meeting called by SWB. The report of the meeting will be soon forwarded to Kamat asking to have yet another special meeting on immediate bases.


Are off-shore casinos beyond State ambit? HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

What is holding back the Home Department (HD) from taking action against off-shore casinos that are operating illegally which were asked to shift from their present location to outer anchorage at Aguada Bay about year and half ago. The Captain of Ports (CoP) has not renewed NOCs granted to off-shore casinos for plying in the Mandovi River and has put the ball in the court of HD. In a written communiqué to the HD the CoP has made it clear that it is for HD to initiate action against illegal off-shore casinos which is a licensing authority. “Since off-shore casinos are operational only on validity of NOC from the CoP, it is incumbent

on HD to act,” says officer from CoP who did not want to be named. Under Secretary (Home II) Sidhivinayak Naik, was not contactable. Except for casino M V Boe Sorte, NOCs of other five off shore casinos have expired and it means they cannot operate although presently only two casinos are actually into business. Casino, M V Caravella has stopped its operation while others are closed for repairs. The issue was raked up in the assembly earlier this month when Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar questioned the State Government as to why no action was taken even though there was no court order restraining it. The casinos operators are be-

fore High Court wherein they have challenged the government’s decision asking them to shift from their present location. By order dated March 12, 2009 the High Court had recorded the statement made by the advocate general to the effect that in the meanwhile no action would be taken pursuant to impugned communication. However, Parrikar had pointed out that the AG’s statement was valid for a limited period and the government was now free to take action. Upon which Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had assured the House to “study the issue in totality.” But it seems the government is yet to make any move on this count.

No sign of Medical practitioners Bill


The State Government has done little or nothing to implement the Medical Practitioners Bill 2004 – one of the aims of which was to curb quackery. Sadly, rules for its implementation were never framed. Painting a grim picture of the law Dr Gladstone D’Costa of Vol-

More oBITUArIeS oN pAge 10

untary Health Association of Goa, which is seized of the issue, says as per procedure the bill should’ve come for ratification after which rules are framed. As this was not done six months after the bill was passed it has automatically become obsolete allowing quacks to flourish in the State, he adds ruefully. Sources in the know disclosed medical ethics and disciplinary committee of the Goa Medical Council had taken a firm stand against the issue by taking some firm steps in 2006. The committee did an extensive survey of quacks starting from Valpoi and then followed it up with Honda, Sanquelim, Mulgaon, Assonora and fell short of Mapusa, they recall. Raids were carried out at Valpoi and some of these places, they mention. The sources add further, “However, the stand taken by the then chairman of the disciplinary committee of the council didn’t go well with a minister from Sattari who was responsible for sacking him from the position in 2007. However, the doctor had managed to identify some 41 quacks. Summons were issued and some of these were

made to give undertakings.” Dr Gladstone says nothing much has been happening since then and the quacks continue to make merry in the State. VHAG in a report on quackery mention attempts by authorities to catch the quack have been in vain because these have political clout. The doctor further adds that another major issue that remain to be looked into is cross practise. “I mention this to attract attention to ayurvedic doctors prescribing homoeopathic medicines. These are also quacks,” he mentions. VHAG has asked people to ensure that ayurvedic doctors prescribe only ayurvedic medicines and the homoeopath recommends only homeo remedies. It states that the State Government was also party to the crime because the Goa State Aids Control Society had trained a few ayurvedic and homoeopathic doctors to prescribe allopathic medicines for those in high risk group of acquiring HIV to treat sexually transmitted diseases and opportunistic infections.

Communidade staff withdraw strike after govt intervention HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

Employees of the South Goa Administrator of Communidades on Wednesday resorted to an indefinite pen down strike in protest against the non-payment of salaries for the last four months. Later in the evening, the aggrieved employees withdrew their strike following directions from the government and assurance that their matter is under consideration. A fax message from Under Secretary, Revenue was sent to the employees to call of the strike immediately. This morning, the employees began their strike demanding that the government absorb them in government service having worked in the organization for many years. The employees had threatened to continue their strike till the government clear their

nThe aggrieved employees withdrew their strike following directions from the government and assurance that their matter is under consideration.

salaries dues of the last four months. “We were forced to resort to the pen down strike to get our demands for absorption in government service and payment of salaries for the last four months. The government should clear our salary before Ganesh festival’, he said. The employees initially maintained that the strike will continue till their demands are met and appealed to Revenue Minister to solve their long-pending grievances.

Campaigning for SMC slows down after seat reservation HERALD CORRESPONDENT SANGUEM, AUG 25

While councillors and aspirants in Sanguem were in full campaign mode for the forthcoming municipal polls barely a fortnight ago, the situation is changed drastically now following the government's proposal for compulsory reservation of seats to SC, ST and OBC. The campaigning has almost come to a grinding halt except by some overenthusiastic candidates, who continue with their campaigning work with the same zeal. The sole reason for taking a foot back is the failure of Director of Municipal Administration to declare the wards, which will be reserved for SC/ST or OBC candidates. While most aspiring candidates have an idea as to which wards will be reser ved for women candidates, nothing con-

crete is come about over the reservation criteria to be followed in selecting the wards to be reserved for SC/ST and OBC candidates. However, some candidates here feel that reservation policy for SC/ST and OBC candidates will depend on the number of such voters residing in the respective wards, while some are of the opinion that wards for SC/ST and OBC candidates will be reserved on rotation basis as is otherwise done for women candidates. From the situation presently prevailing in Sanguem, most sitting councillors, which includes Sanjay Raikar, Suryadatt Naik, Romualdo Fernandes, Agnelo D’Costa and John D’Costa are all set to contest the elections all over again. Prominent among those who are likely to be fray in the ensuing elections and who are al-

ready on the campaigning trail are Sanguem Block GPCC President Dr Revansiddh Naik, former Sanguem Block GPCC president Caitano Martins Fernandes, Shrikant A Naik and Deepak Marathe. Fo r m e r S M C m a y o r Minguelinho D’Costa is also likely to be in fray in the ensuing elections. Wife of ruling vice chairperson Bonifacio Fernandes is also scheduled to contest from Taripanto and Ambdoi ward which is likely to be reserved for women candidates this time around. With the reservation policy of the government still in dark, eyebrows are raised over the fate of a couple of candidates who have their vote banks in their respective wards, while things will be made difficult for Sanjay Raikar if his ward is reserved for SC/ST or OBC candidates.

ex-Shiroda MLA is dead


Former MLA and city Businessman, Krishnanath Baburao Naik passed away on Wednesday noon after a brief illness. He was 80 and is survived by his wife Vrunda and children. Popularly known as K B Naik, he was elected as Member of the Legislative Assembly in 1968 in the by-elections held for the Shiroda constituency. He was the vice-president of the MGP and headed various political and socio-cultural organizations in the state. His mortal remains will be consigned to flames at the Pajifond crematorium on Thursday at 11 am.

MMC rejects sale at BPS Club after CM backs traders HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Wednesday came out to strongly bat for Margao’s New Market Traders over the demand to ban exhibitions-cum-sales at the BPS club grounds. Following Chief Minister’s strong and overt support to the traders, the Margao Municipal Council this evening rejected the application for the exhibition-cum-sale scheduled at the BPS ground on August 27. The Chief Minister today had a joint meeting with a delegation of the market traders, Margao Municipal Council and the organizers of the exhibition over the question of banning exhibitions-cum-sales in the city. The traders told the Chief Minister during the meeting that the exhibition-cum-sales at the BPS club has badly hit their business and demanded a ban on the activity. Led by president of New market Traders Association, Vinod Shirodkar, the traders said the sale at the BPS club premises causes acute traffic congestion in the locality and recalled that the district Collector, south G P Naik had directed the Civic body not to grant permission to the BPS club to hold exhibitions unless they make parking arrangements at the venue. “We have no objection to exhibitions, but the traders are

The New market traders led by President Vinod Shirodkar after the meeting with the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat.. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

opposed to sales as the activity has adversely hit our business”, he said and warned that the traders would be forced to take the law in their hands if the Civic body fails to stop the exhibitions-cum-sales. The organizers submitted to the Chief Minister that they have already made arrangements for the August 27 exhibition-cum-

sale at the BPS club venue and sought the goa-ehad nod from the Civic body. After the meeting, the Chief Minister later categorically told newsmen that it is his responsibility to protect the interests of the local traders. “Since the new market traders have opposed the exhibitions-cum-sales at the BPS, it is my responsibility

to protect the interest of the local traders”, he asserted. When contacted, Margao Municipal Chairperson Savio Coutinho said the CM at the meeting spoke about the law and order situation if permission is granted to the exhibition-cumsale, and asked newsmen to contact the Chief Officer Y B Tawde for more details.

education dept to take up repairs of Bhati school HERALD NEWS BUREAU PANJIM, AUG 25

The education department has stated that urgent maintenance and repairs will be carried out at the Government Primary School at Bhati-Sanguem. Responding to a Herald report highlighting the condition at the Government Middle School at Bhati, the Education Department clarified that Std VI students were not attending classes in a bathroom, but admitted that they were studying in a storeroom. In a press note released through the Department of Information and Publicity, the education department stated that "the estimate of Rs 6,24,830 for the work of urgent maintenance and repairs of GPS Bhati, Sanguem is received from the Executive Engineer Div XIV (Bldgs). The administrative approval and expenditure sanction order is issued for the same on August 9." "The GMS Bhati has two school buildings and the school is functioning in two shifts. Dur-

nResponding to a Herald report highlighting the condition at the Government Middle School at Bhati, the Education Department clarified that Std VI students were not attending classes in a bathroom, but admitted that they were studying in a storeroom. ing the morning session, Stds V, VI & VII are attending the classes and in afternoon session students of Stds I, II, III & IV are attending the classes." "One of the school building which is 30 years old needs major repairs. The school is included in the list submitted to

froM pAge 1 All-party meet

they are doing some work”. Atala, was arrested in March for his links with police-politiciandrug mafia. Seven policemen have already been arrested in the case, in which Ravi Naik’s son Roy has been linked by Lucky Farmhouse, a Swedish model and Atala’s ex-girlfriend. Both Roy and Ravi have denied the charges. Naik further asked why the Opposition was mum on the crucial issues of petrol pilferage at Zuari and the bomb blast at Margao. “There are several such issues but the Opposition does not talk on it”, he said. Asked about his statement in the Assembly that the politicians were raising the issue only because their haftas were stopped, he said, “we have received a complaint from Pernem against some politicians and will inform the media on the issue soon”. “We have stopped the illegal business in the northern coastal belt which has stopped the money making business of the politicians who are now raising the issue of drugs”, he said.

the GSIDC for construction of new building," stated the press note. The department stated that PWD engineers had visited the school premises and after inspection, had instructed the headmaster of the school not to conduct the classes in the building which needs urgent repairs. "As per instructions, the headmaster of the school called the meeting of PTA members, which decided to house Std VI students in the room which was used as a storeroom." "The storeroom has half-fitted walls tiles, but there is no tap connection in that room and hence, it is not a bathroom," the press note added. The education department also denied claims that students of different classes were made to sit in the same place. "The students are made to study in the second building

which is partitioned by using cupboards. Hence, it is not correct to state that they sit together jointly. They attend the classes in a classroom which is partitioned," the press note stated. Acting on a report from the ADEI on February 19 that the other school building is not in good condition and needs minor repairs, the education department had requested the Executive Engineer PWD Div. XVI to visit the school and prepare the estimate. "The estimate of Rs 6,24,830 for the work of urgent maintenance and repairs of GPS Bhati, Sanguem is received from the Executive Engineer Div XIV (Bldgs) and the administrative approval and expenditure sanction order is issued for the same on August 9, 2010," the education department said.


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Goa police ‘slept’ for 45 days to issue LOC against Atala HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

Goa Police on Wednesday admitted a delay of almost 45 days to issue Look Out Circular (LOC) against Israeli drug peddler Yaniv alias Atala Benaim ever since he was missing on July 7. Police spokesperson Superintendent of Police Atmaram Deshpande admitted that Atala’s disappearance is not good for the case (police-drug nexus) probe. “Atala was called on August 7 at Crime Branch for clarification relating to investigation. By then he had already checked out from the Angels Resort at Porvorim, address which he provided to the police after his conditional release…We have moved for cancellation of his bail at Narcotics and Drugs Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Court…” the officer informed reporters today evening. The missing drug peddler had checked in the hotel on June 26 and stayed there for a period of 20 days to exit on July 13 by paying Rs 30,000 as hotel charges. After initial refusal, the PRO admitted that Atala has jumped the bail, which is a serious offense. The revelation comes close on the heels of criticisms against police department over Atala’s sudden disappearance. To a question on delay in

seeking LOC against the drug peddler, the officer tried concealing the reason by stating ‘they (Crime Branch) may be trying to trace him.’ He replied, “It is quite possible that Investigating Agency (Crime Branch) was making efforts to trace him (Atala) and hence there was a delay in seeking LOC.” Even as strong apprehensions floating that Atala probably escaped the state soon after he checked out of ‘Angels Resort’ at Porvorim, the department has launched a massive manhunt and teams have been sent to n e i g h b o u r i n g p l a c e s l i ke Gokarna, Sindhudurg, etc to trace him. “We have launched a massive search operation to trace him… His associates, surety, etc who were in touch with him are being questioned. Foreigners Registration Office has issued LOC to seal his exits at airports and sea ports,” he said. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday alleged that police officers including Director General of Police Bhim Sain Bassi let Atala jump off the bail. The drug peddler was arrested on March 11 from a shack at Pernem following the spy cam expose wherein he confessed links with Goa police. He was thereafter released on conditional bail after over two months in June 21 by NDPS Court.


Atala has been earlier convicted of possessing narcotics and over staying, both in 2006. The tattooed drug peddler was first netted with 50 grams of Charas and two grams of ganja in his possession by the Anti Narcotics police. In an immediate trial that followed, Atala pleaded guilty. Judicial Magistrate First Class ‘F’ Court at Mapusa thereafter convicted him under section 20(b) (ii) (A) of Narcotics and Drugs Psychotropic Substances Act 2001 in May 16, 2006. He was sentenced for five days simple imprisonment with a fine of Rs 5000. Six months later, on December 16, 2006 Atala was again arrested by Anjuna police for overstaying his visa. Mapusa JMFC ‘C’ Court convicted him of overstaying and sentenced him a minimal punishment of five days simple imprisonment in an order on December 21, 2006. The period of detention was however set off to the Israeli accused as he was in custody since his arrest.

Present ‘overstaying’ trial

In the present trial in yet another case of overstaying, a ‘warrant’ against him is outstanding after he failed to appear before the JMFC Mapusa on August 5. The history sheeter was found without a valid passport and visa resulting in his arrest on July 20, 2007 from Arpora house. Sources inform that JMFC earlier issued a warrant against Atala on August 5 for failing to remain present but it was withdrawn after the alleged accused emerged before the Magistrate at advanced stage. The next hearing is slated on August 31 wherein the Court has asked Atala’s presence.

nDPs case

Before he attained conditional bail on June 21, 2010 Atala had applied for bail on four occasions which were rejected by concerned Courts earlier. The first denial was on March 11, a day after his arrest, followed by March 11, 22 and 26. He remained in police custody for 14 days after his arrest on March 10, 2010 and thereafter was lodged in judicial custody on March 23, 2010.

No need of probe into Atala’s disappearance: Ravi HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

Although the Goa police have moved the court for issuing look out notices against the alleged drug dealer Yaniv Benahim alias Atala, who has been missing since last two months, the Home Ministry feels there was no need for a formal inquiry required in his disappearance. Home Minister Ravi Naik while addressing a press conference here stated that the police have moved the court for issuing look out notice against the alleged drug dealer. “We have alerted all the airports, Foreigner’s Registration

Offices (FROs) against Atala,” the home minister said. However, Naik denied reports that he had ordered an

One sentenced for sexually abusing minor HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

Goa Children’s Court today sentenced 27-year old labourer for one year imprisonment and sought fine of Rs one lakh for sexually abusing five year girl, in February 2009. The accused Mahubali Harnali and the victim both are from Taleigao. Accused is been booked

under Section 354 of Indian Panel Code (IPC) and Section 8 of Goa children’s act. The Court has asked accused to deposit Rs 25,000 in the name of the victim in a nationalized bank, which would be given to her when she becomes a major. In case he fails to do so the accused will have to undergo six months more imprisonment.

inquiry into the disappearance of the Israeli, who was released on bail on June 23 by the NDPS court. “We have approached the NDPS court for cancellation of his bail. But…I don’t think there is any requirement for an inquiry into his disappearance,” he stated. Naik, whose son has been linked to drug trade, said that he was misquoted by media and he never said he would order an inquiry. “When reporters spoke to me I said I will inquire into it but they misquoted me saying I ordered an inquiry,” he said.

He also questioned need for an inquiry saying, “It’s not a failure of the police as we had not kept him under security. There are so many cases and so many accused on bail, we cannot go on keeping watch on everyone”. When asked whether the Atala’s disappearance is not serious, he replied “no”. “Atala was not arrested for possessing drugs but only under suspicion,” he said adding “in the two and half months of his custody we have recorded his statement and as such he missing does not make much of a difference.”

White Water Rifting project ‘held back’ HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

The adventure lovers will have to hold back their zeal to have state’s first ever White Water rifting project in Mhadei for some more time now. The State Wildlife Board (SWB) meeting held today failed to clear this ambitious adventure project on Kodal tributary of Mhadei River. “This was special meeting fixed by the SWB chairman Digamber Kamat on request of Goa Forest Development Corporation (GFDC) to decided to White Water Rifting project,” Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Dr Shashi Kumar told Herald. However, he said, that the project could not be approved as the chairman was busy elsewhere. The project is an initiative of Goa Forest Development Corporation, which is looking out for forest department approval. Goa Forest Development Corporation with the help of Southern River Adventure and Sports Pvt Ltd (SRAS) has come-out with a plan of water sports in the state.


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s H o RT TA K e s

Chinchinim locals demand bypass Want NH-17 restricted to 30 mts HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

The huge gathering at the annual general body meeting at Curtorim.

Curtorim school PTA meet held

PANJIM (HND): The annual general body meeting of Our Lady of Carmel School, Curtorim was held in the School Hall recently. Keynote speaker Fr Alfred Vaz – Catechetical Director of Archdiocese of Goa speaking on the topic “The Aim Of Education” advised the parents to inculcate in their children selfesteem, self confidence to participate in school activities. Manager and Principal Fr Anthony Rodrigues urged the parents to be proactive in activities of the school and thanked local MLA Reginaldo Lourenco for lending a helping hand in the development of the school. Earlier, Headmaster Quintilao Faleiro welcomed. Miquelina Dias presented the PTA report, which was followed by a drama. Meritorious students of last year’s SSC batch – Miss Lianne Moniz who secured 100/100 in Science and 99/100 in Maths overall 92% and three others were felicitated. The programme was compered by Navnath Shirodkar and while PTA Chairman Angelo Dias proposed the Vote of thanks.

Vasco Mahila Cong chief named

VASCO (HR): Rehana Ismail Bepari was appointed president of Vasco Block Mahila Congress Committee by Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress President Monica Noronha Dias. In the recently held Kranti Din commemoration function at Janta Vachanalay Hall, Vasco, St. Cruz MLA Victoria Fernandes handed over the appointment letter to Bepari. Dias asked Bepari to submit the names of other office bearers of Mahila Congress members and members should be selected from various section of the society. However, Bepari pledged that she would work to strengthen the organization in Vasco and mobilise more women workers in the party. She expressed her gratitude for Dias for appointing her as president and giving her an opportunity to work for the party.

Valpoi school wins singing contest

VALPOI (HC): Gulafshan Haji Sab Pitliwale of National High School, Valpoi, won the first prize at the inter-school taluka level singing competition, organised by Ganesh Utsav Mandal, Valpoi. Anisa Maqbul Mulla, a student of the same school, won the third place at the taluka-level skipping competition, organised by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs. These students were trained by PE teacher Imran Inamdar, Assistant Teacher Swaleha Kausar and Headmaster Shabbir A Khan.

Medical camp held at Baga

CALANGUTE (HC): The Lions Club of Nagoa-Arpora-Parra in collaboration with Royal Goan Beach Club and Vrundavan Hospital & Research Centre organised a medical camp for residents of Nagoa-Arpora-Baga. Over 300 residents underwent various tests including, eyetest, blood pressure, sugar levels for diabetics, at the Community Hall of Holy Trinity Church, Nagoa-Arpora-Baga. Dr Digambar Naik who led the Vrundavan team explained to the residents various means to take care of their health, especially a control on their sugar levels. Lions Club members attending the camp included Agostinho D'Souza, Salim Sayyed, Diago and Lily Rose Fernandes, Angelo and Vendatta Remedious, Ashley D'Souza, Sebastiao Pinto and Mildred Cordeiro, while the Royal Goan Beach Club team was led by their Public Relations and Liaison Officer George D'Souza.

Kashinath appointed Notary

VALPOI (HC): Adv Kashinath Mhalshekar of Keri-Sattari was appointed Notary for Sattari taluka. Adv Mhalshekar will be available to the public in his office at Rane Building, near Government High School, Valpoi-Sattari.

PTA meet held at Parra

PANJIM (HND): The General Body meeting of the PTA of Sacred Heart High School, Parra, was held on Saturday 21 August at 9.00 a.m. The Headmaster and chairman of the PTA Anand Desai welcomed the parents and the chief guest of the day Vilash Ramnath Satarkar, Headmaster of Dr. K.B. Hedgewar H/S Panjim Shripad Kundaikar introduced the chief guest. The student securing distinction and 1st class at the Secondary school certificate examination March 2010 were honoured at the hands of the chief guest. The chief guest emphasised the need to culminate the good habits in children. They should not be stressed for high scoring. The newly elected committee for the year 2010 to 2012 is as follows. Ex-Officio chairman & president Anand Desai, Vice president Gajanan Salgaonkar, Secretary Vasudev Bicholkar, Treasurer Joe D'Souza, Members Deepali Tulaskar, Nirmala Mashelkar, Kasturi Gadekar, Marilyn Vaz, Zinia Lobo, Atmaram Salgaonkar. Jose D'Souza proposed the vote of thanks. Maria Helena compered the meeting.

Curti resident blames VP for incomplete works HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, AUG 25

A resident of Curti-Khandepar, Ponda, has accused the panchayat of failing to undertake developmental activities in the locality. In a press note, Salim Mullah, who had contested the South Goa ZP polls, has requested the district authorities to look into the functioning of the panchayat. “Whatever works the panchayat undertakes are left incomplete. I don’t understand why this is happening in our panchayat. Whenever I go to inquire about the pending works or the works that are to be undertaken, only promises are made by the panchayat,” said Mullah. “The panchayat has failed in maintaining sanitation in the locality. Roadside gutters are lying open, luckily some are closed. The open gutters pose danger to pedestrians and motorists. I have been requesting the panchayat about it since the last many days, but to no use,” stated Mullah in the press note. “The panchayat had acquired land for kabrastan a few years ago, however till date nothing has been done. I will inquire through RTI as to why it is pending. We will also take up the issue during the gram sabha on August 29,” he added.

Water Resources Minister, Filipe Neri Rodrigues led the villagers of Chinchinim to the Land Acquisition Office of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) here to demand construction of a bypass or flyover to avoid the proposed fourlane highway from passing through densely populated areas of the village. The delegation also demanded that the NH17 passing through the village be restricted to 30 metres. After giving a patient hearing to the delegation, Land Acquisition Officer, Agnelo Fernandes has suggested a joint inspection of the village along with NHAI and PWD officials. Fernandes also asked the villagers to submit the maps, if any, of the proposed bypass. In a memorandum submitted to the Land Acquisition Officer on Wednesday morning, the delegation said the proposed bypass and the path suggested to meet the Cuncolim bypass at Sarzora is reasonable and fair, adding that the proposal is cost effected in terms of acquisition, feasibility etc. The residents pointed out that the government had acquired land for the widening of the existing highway way back in 1989, resulting in the demolition of affected houses. The acquired land of 30 metres has not been put to use. The trees

Ensure ZIOTL pipeline is free from tapping, SDPO told HERALD REPORTER VASCO, AUG 25

Mormugao Deputy Collector Levinson Martins has asked the Mormugao Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) to investigate the 14-km fuel pipeline of Zuari Indian Oil Tanking Ltd (ZIOTL), to ensure that it is free from further illegal tapping connections. In a letter on Wednesday, Martins has asked Mormugao SDPO Mahesh Gaonkar to investigate the pipeline, which supplies petrol, diesel, kerosene and naphtha, to ensure that it is free from any tapping connections to pilfer petroleum products. Martins is of the opinion that Monday’s incident has exposed the pilferage racket in which the accused had made a tapping connection to the pipeline with meticulous planning to siphon off fuel along the NH-17B at Alto-Dabolim. The 14-km odd pipeline passes through densely populated areas, while it also passes through isolated places via NH17B to reach the oil depot at Zuarinagar-Sancoale. The office of Joint Chief Controller of Explosive along with ZIOTL should inspect the ZIOTL installation and the entire 14km pipeline. “This is necessary as in 2008, wells and rivulets, which were at a close distance of ZIOTL installations, were contaminated with petroleum products. Hence, inspection should be taken up on top priority,” said Martins.

n The residents pointed out that the government had acquired land for the widening of the existing highway way back in 1989, resulting in the demolition of affected houses. The acquired land of 30 metres has not been put to use. The trees have not been cleared”, the delegation said, adding that the decision to go for acquisition of additional land is causing trauma and agony for the residents. have not been cleared”, the delegation said, adding that the decision to go for acquisition of additional land is causing trauma and agony for the residents. Incidentally, the delegation drew attention of the Land Acquisition Officer to the resolutions adopted by the village panchayat and the gram sabha as well demanding a bypass to save the residential structures from demolition.

Pg 4 Weeping Cross Chapel to get facelift HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

The Chapel of the Weeping Cross at the Convent of St Monica, Old Goa, a 400-year-old protected heritage structure, is set to get a facelift with the Museum of Christian Art inviting tender bids for carrying out repair and restoration works on the edifice. The works, estimated to cost approximately Rs 38 lakh involving a mix of civil, carpentry and fabrication will be funded by the State Government through the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology. The bids will be opened on September 6, 2010. The Convent of St Monica situated opposite the St Augustine Church has a rich history dating back to 1627 as it was once called ‘Royal Monastery’. It was burned down in 1636 but was rebuilt completely the following year. Situated next to the convent is the church dedicated to St Monica, which has the famous Chapel of the Weeping Cross. The cross is believed to be miraculous and it is said that in 1636 Christ opened his eyes and blood oozed from his crown of thorns.

This mud house is unoccupied, unsafe!

Satyanarayan Mahapooja

PANJIM (HND): UCO Bank, Panjim will hold its annual Shree Satyanarayan Mahapooja on August 28 from 3 pm at its premises at Govinda building, Panjim. This will be followed by Tirthaprasad and Bhajan between 5:30 pm and 7 pm.

Dr Ernest Borges Fellowship

PANJIM (HND): To commemorate Dr Ernest Borges’ 100th birth anniversary, the Borges family will institute Dr Ernest Borges Fellowship on September 27 at a function to be held in the GMC Library Auditorium, Bambolim at 3 pm. This annual fellowship will enable a young doctor who is committed to the cancer effort in Goa to undergo short-term intensive training in cancer or cancer-related disciplines at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. GMC Dean Dr V N Jindal and eminent Cancer Surgeon Dr Luzito D Souza will grace the occasion. Dr Ernest Borges (1909-1969) was a distinguished cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai , and also Superintendent of the Hospital.

Junior orator contest

MARGAO (HR): Lions Club of Loutolim will organise its Junior Orator Contest for the late Avertano Furtado rolling trophy on September 4 at the municipal hall, Margao. The competition is open to students of all schools in Goa. The students have to select any three topics from the following – Grading system – what are the benefits for the students; Tourism – How can we make it good for us; Indian First -- how to fight forces of regional parochialism and Time Management – Why is it necessary. The winner will be award a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and the late Avertano Furtado rolling trophy, while the runners-up will pocket Rs 5,000. For further details, contact Ln Jeevandas Borkar (9552002878) or Ln Celso Dias (9860606994) or Ln Antonio Quadros (9923029197) or any member of the club.

Legal Literacy Camp

Felicitation function at Margao

A partly damaged house at Tixem-Borim in Shiroda. HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, AUG 25

Delay in demolition of old mud house could have proved costly to residents in the neighbouring house at Tixem-Borim in Shiroda. On Tuesday at about 10.30 pm, one of the walls of the old mud house collapsed, slightly damaging the neighbouring house belonging to one Shashikant Naik. Luckily, when the incident occurred, the occupants of the house were not

near the damaged portion of the house. The old unoccupied mud house is in a dilapidated condition and during the monsoon most of mud walls have collapsed. The residents had approached the panchayat and district administration, but to no use. There is also other part of the house which needs to be razed or else the neighbouring house would suffer. A temporar y arrangement was made by the

Photo by Amresh Parab

residents to stop mud wall from falling, but with continuous rains, the wall gave way. Shashikant Naik has demanded for immediate action. “I hope at least now some action will be taken by the authorities. I have been requesting to demolish this mud house since the last two months but nothing has been done,” said Naik. “We were indeed lucky last night. There are two more walls and can anytime fall on our house,” added Naik.

Man fished out at Khariwado

Bardez Mamlatdar Gaurish Shankhwalker said if all the documents are in order, mutation cases can be finalized within one day as per the latest amendment to the Act. “Since I had to attend to other works like elections, etc, I could not devote enough time for mutation cases during the last one year,” stated Shankhwalker. Jose Philip D’Souza said he is aware of the difficulties being faced by the offices of the Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector. He assured to request Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to open a separate cell for election and allied works so that the mamlatdar and deputy collector can concentrate on their legal matters. Former ZP member Freddy Fernandes demanded that the Talathi and head surveyor in the Mamlatdar’s office should be transferred immediately as they demand bribe from the poor people to do their work. “Revenue Minister D’Souza should visit Mapusa every two months to hear the grievances of the public,” suggested Fernandes. A resident of Moira complained to the revenue minister that she has not received the sugar against the BPL ration card for the last 6 months.


Residents of Bardez confronted Revenue and Civil Supplies Minister Jose Philip D’Souza with many complaints over the delay in finalizing mutation cases in the offices of the mamlatdar and deputy collector. The minister visited Mapusa on Wednesday to hear the grievances of the people. Mapusa MLA Francis D’Souza, Siolim MLA Dayanand Mandrekar and North Goa Collector Mihir Vardhan, Deputy Collector Dashrath Redkar and Bardez Mamlatdar Gaurish Shankhwalker were present on the occasion. A resident of Nerul complained to the revenue minister that her mutation case is pending in the office of Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector for the last two years. She said for the two years, she is frequenting the office of Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector, but the order has not been passed. Another aggrieved person alleged that genuine cases are kept pending for years together, but the forged cases of mutations are cleared immediately. “One mutation case has been finalized without even issuing notices to the concerned parties,” claimed the aggrieved person.

School foundation to be laid

VALPOI (HC): The laying of foundation stone for the new school building of National High School Valpoi will be held near Gausiya Madrasa,Thane road, Valpoi, on August 26 at 9.30 am. Speaker Pratapsing Rane will lay the foundation stone in the presence of the health minister. National High School was established in 1970 by late Adv Ashraf Aga and since the last 40 years, the school is imparting education through Urdu Medium in Valpoi. However, to improve its infrastructure and provide better facilities to the students, the school management has decided to construct the new building. Progressive Education Society Chairman Adv Iftikhar Aga and Headmaster Shabbir A Khan have invited the people to join hands for educational cause, states the press note.

PANJIM (HND): Bardez Taluka Legal Services Committee in association with V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar-Panjim will organise a Micro Legal Literacy Camp on August 28 at Sangolda Panchayat Hall, Sangolda at 4 pm with a view to spread consciousness about the legal rights. The session will be presided over by Advocate Dilesh Ashvekar who will speak on “Women’s Rights” while Adv P Banaulikar will speak on “Free Legal Aid and Rights to Information”. All the citizens of Bardez taluka in general, advocates, social workers, women citizens and litigants are requested to attend the camp.

Bardezkars confront minister over delay in finalising mutation cases HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, AUG 25

uPComiNg eVeNTs

“The fair price owner stated that he has not received sugar quota from the government during the last six months, due to which he could not supply sugar to BPL cardholders,” she said. Some people demanded that the rice quota for the people of ‘Above Poverty Line’ should be increased to at least 5 kg per person. The revenue minister replied that there are about 3.4 lakh APL cards in the State and since the government receives limited quantity of rice and wheat, it is not possible to increase the ration quota to APL cardholders. “I had requested the Central Government to increase the quantity of rice, wheat and sugar during festivals so that Goa Government can supply more quantity to the APL cardholders during the festival season,” said D’Souza. Mapusa MLA Francis D’Souza stated that the government should monitor the functioning of talathis in various panchayats. "If the talathis start working honestly and efficiently, there will be drastic reduction in the complaints from the people,” said D'Souza. Siolim MLA Dayanand Mandrekar thanked the revenue minister for visiting Mapusa and for attending to the grievances of the public.

Vasco Police on Wednesday morning fished out a male body from the sea off Khariwado. According to Vasco Police, a passport was found in the pockets of the deceased. The passport belonged to one Menin Visant Rodricks (36) of St Anthony Church, Dandeli-Karwar, but the photo on the passport had been discoloured. Some people at Khariwado noticed the body floating near Khariwado jetty at about 7.30 am and informed the police. Police further informed that the deceased was wearing orange-coloured checked shirt and dark blue trouser, while the body was medium built and it appears that the deceased was in the waters for nearly two days. The deceased is suspected to be about 36 years of age. Vasco Police has registered a case of unnatural death and the body has been preserved at Hospicio in Margao.

Python rescued

OLD GOA, AUG 25(HC) -Corlim locals rescued a ninefoot python at PDA Colony in Corlim, on Monday night. The python was noticed moving along the road by the locals. After seeing the reptile, the locals caught the python and put it in a sack and later informed the forest officials.

PANJIM (HND): The Centre for Portuguese Language and Culture (CPLC) of Smt Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao, will be felicitating successful candidates completing Portuguese language courses during the Academic Year 2009-10 on August 28 at 4 pm at College Auditorium. Dr Delfim Correia da Silva, Director, CLP/Instituto Camões will be the chief guest while Dr. R V Gaonkar, Principal will be the guest of honour.

Vailankanni novenas

PANJIM (HND): The novenas in preparation for the feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni at the chapel at Sotrant-Cortalim will commence from August 30 with rosary at 5.30 pm followed by novena mass. The feast will be celebrated on September 8 with the high Mass at 5 pm.

At Bogmalo

PANJIM (HND): The novenas in preparation for the feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni at St Cosme and St Damiao Church, Bogmalo will commence from August 30 with Rosary at 5:30 pm followed by offering of flowers and mass. During novenas, Fr Frank Pinto will deliver his homily. On the feast day (September 8) the celebration will begin with Rosary at 5:30pm followed by offering of flowers. Fr Antonio Fernandes will be the main celebrant for the solemn mass, which will be followed by candle procession.

National Nutrition Week

PANJIM (HND): National Nutrition week (NNW) will be celebrated from September 1 to 7. The theme for this year is ‘Nutrition promotion for a stronger nation’. On the occasion, one day State Level workshop is organized for State officers and NGO representatives who are involved in Health and Nutrition programme, which will be held on September 1, from 9.30 am to 4 pm at Conference Hall, Hotel Manoshanti, Panjim. The workshop will involve 50 senior officers like CDPOs, Mukhya Sevikas from Department of W&CD, Medical Officer from Health Services, officers from Agriculture, Education etc. and active representatives from NGOs.

Salcete mishaps claim pedestrian, cyclist HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

A pedestrian and a cyclist were killed in Salcete in two separate road accidents on Wednesday. In the first accident that occurred near Raia Church, a 62-year old pedestrian Inacio Gomes was killed after he was knocked down by a speeding Tata Truck. Maina Curtorim police said the deceased succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. A case of rash and negligent driving has been registered against the vehicle driver. Meanwhile, a cyclist Shabir was killed in a road accident at Panzorcone late Wednesday evening. Police said the cyclist was knocked down by a car. The Cuncolim police are investigating. Meanwhile in another accident reported near the Rajendra Prasad stadium last night, a youth sustained serious injuries while he was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road. The Margao police are investigating.

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Pg 7 DM transfers Orlim road case to Mormugao dy collector HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, AUG 25

The South Goa District Magistrate has ordered the transfer of the case relating to the right to use the road at Orlim from the court of deputy collector, Margao to deputy collector, Mormugao. The order was passed by District Magistrate G P Naik following a petition filed by the Attorney of the Fabrica De Igreja Da Orlim, St Micheal’s Church to transfer the case from deputy Collector, Margao to the court of any other deputy collector in the interest of justice and fair play. The Fabrica Attorney had alleged that the deputy collector, Margao had passed an order in terms of Section 147 of the Cr P C by denying and suppressing natural justice though the proceedings were initiated under section 145 of the Code. Deputy Collector, Margao Johnson Fernandes had on June 24 last had passed an order under Section 147 of the Cr P C giving a builder the right to use the road. The Fabrica later went in appeal to the High Court, which later set aside

the order with directions to the deputy Collector to hear both the parties and pass appropriate orders, whether the proceedings are required to be converted from Section 145 to Section 147 of the Code. Incidentally, the respondents Anand Ashok Batra of Ms Meenakshi Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd and Satwick Dwellings Pvt, Orlim denied the allegations that the deputy collector’s order dated June 24 was in total breach of the Principle of natural justice. Contending that the application moved for transfer of the case is nothing but an after thought to delay the matter, the respondents prayed for the dismissal of the application for transfer of the case to another deputy collector. In his order, the district magistrate said “I am of the opinion that in order to give a fair and reasonable opportunity and natural justice in the present case, it is ordered that the case is transferred from the court of deputy collector, Margao to the court of deputy Collector, Mormugao”.






Is Kashmir burning?

Vol No CX No: 216 Goa, Thursday 26 August, 2010


Cops and peddlers

mazing, is it not, that our police find it so easy to catch 19year-old students from Andhra Pradesh carrying just 10 grams of Ganja, but are so hard put to hold on to largescale drug peddlers who have strong connections to tainted policemen and powerful politicians? On Monday 23 August, the day when Goa Police arrested a 19-year-old smoking a joint on Colva Beach with just 10 grams of Ganja (Marijuana) in his pocket, they also let it be known that Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benahim alias Atala – out on bail in the celebrated Drug Mafia-Cop-Politician Nexus case – was ‘missing’. Atala was arrested after his former girlfriend, Lucky Amori alias Farmhouse, posted a video on YouTube of the drug dealer boasting about his connections with the police. Seven policemen, including an Inspector were also arrested in the case. All were released on bail. Significantly, the bail given to Atala and his cop accomplices has not been challenged in a higher court. Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar and the ruling Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have asked that the case be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). They suspect that Roy Naik, the son of Home Minister Ravi Naik, is involved in the case. The politics behind these demands is of no interest to us, nor is it material to the case. But is it not curious that the police have not challenged the bail given to their fellow cops and Atala? In every other high profile case in recent times, police have gone in appeal when bail has been granted. Why not in this case? Curiouser still is the fact that they did not keep an eye on Atala. The Israeli drug dealer was required to report to the Investigating Officer as and when required for investigations. But it seems, since his release, he was called to the Crime Branch just once, on 7 July. The next time they called him was 7 August, when he failed to turn up. Police investigations have shown that he checked out of his hotel on 13 July, and disappeared. Police now say they have posted a look-out notice for him, so he will not be able to leave the country. But that was done only on 25 August, more than a month after he went missing. What are the chances that he is still in this country? Most curious of all are the circumstances in which Atala was released on bail. The bail order sets down three principal reasons for letting him go. One is that ‘nothing incriminating’ was found in a search of his house. Another was that the policemen involved, including prime accused Ashish Shirodkar and Shaish Pokle had already been released on bail, and he deserved to get bail on grounds of parity. But the third and most important reason was that though the basis of the case was the video clippings made by his former girlfriend Lucky Amori alias Farmhouse, no statement of Lucky had been recorded by the police. In its order granting bail to the policemen, the Bombay High Court at Goa had observed that the Police Department could easily have sent a responsible IPS officer to record her statement. Despite this, the police didn’t do it. Consequently, they did not have a strong enough prima facie case to warrant Atala’s continued detention. Atala seems very dear to the police. Even after it has become amply evident that he has fled, the Crime Branch DySP Chandrakant Salgaonkar took the trouble to clarify that he is “not an absconder”, and that “he may emerge tomorrow”. Of course he may. It cannot be ruled out. Neither for that matter can it be ruled out that pigs can fly. But for those with any commonsense, Atala is gone. Most likely, he will not return. Neither, for that matter, will the credibility of the Crime Branch.

Panchayati Raj misused Ayres Sequeira, Salvador do Mundo In the colonial days, the village was governed by one man – the Regidor – who looked after the villagers’ welfare. Our ancestors cultivated the fields and took the cattle for grazing. There was self-sufficiency, with locally grown produce. People were honest, sincere and simple. The village scenario changed post-Liberation with the Panchayati Raj replacing the old system. Panchayats came under the influence of politics and became breeding grounds for corruption. Today, our villages are on the brink of extinction. ‘Village Self Rule; Our Right’, a concept promoted by the Council for Social Justice and Peace, attempts to create awareness

100 Years Ago


26 August 1910 TB discoverer cremated

The mortal remains of the acclaimed Nobel Prize winner Prof Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch, who isolated the bacteria that cause TB and Cholera, were consigned to flames at Baden-Baden in the presence of his widow.

Condemned to death

The War Council in Vienna condemned Lieut Adolf Hofrichter to be hanged to death for sending tablets containing Prussic Acid to poison 10 Army Officers of the General Staff.

Akbary discussed

The question of the Akbary, whose fresh fashioning was recommended by Counselor Horta e Costa, is under discussion.

Bidding fee raised

It is reported that at the session of Municipal Council of Ilhas, the bidding fee for a parcel of land in the district was raised to Rs260.

We need a fresh new approach to solve vital issues like Kashmir and the Maoist problem, says erVeLL e MeneZeS


ashmir is so much in the news that we seem to take little notice of it. It is a regular item on Page 1 of the dailies though, quite often, it is relegated to a filler, like the blasts in Paris in the 1970s. Whether the security forces are ‘exercising restraint’ or are ‘trigger-happy’ depends on which side one sympathises with. The stone-throwing mobs, too, are quite active in their bid at ‘jihad’. And, don’t we know that when religious fervour is invoked, there is no stopping the route to martyrdom? For too long we have kept the ‘K’ question on the back burner. It’s time we addressed it with a whole new approach. In fact, this writer grew up on Indian UN delegate V K Krishna Menon’s fiery marathon speeches in the United Nations during the Nehru era (clips of which would appear on the ‘Indian News Review’ shown in cinemas before the main film in those days). They were as striking as they were erudite. He even questioned the very “utility of the Security Council” during an unprecedented eight-hour speech to the UN Security Council on 23 January 1957, defending India’s stand on Kashmir. Menon took breaks only to drink from a glass of water and, at one point, came near to fainting during that historic speech. We know the “part and parcel of India” rhetoric often quoted by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and other Indian leaders. But we also know that Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit (they are known for their craftiness) and had a vested interest in his own motherland. Why retain Section 370 of the Constitution, which prevents non-Kashmiris from owning land in the Valley? We do not have that Section anywhere else in the country. Years later, Section 620 B was imposed, which allows Armed Forces in Jammu and Kashmir to have special powers. If this isn’t a bias, what is? The fact that Kashmir had a Hindu king, Hari Singh, with a majority Muslim population is a little incongruous to say the least. French novelist Patrick French, in his recent essay in ‘Outlook’ magazine, has this to say: “Few national politicians would dare to take a creative position in many areas where change is obviously needed – for example in regard to Kashmir, where it is apparent the representative status quo has been leading

Minding our BuSineSS to disaster for a decade.” On a separate note, he refers to the growing Maoist presence: “The fruits of recent economic growth have bypassed large sections of the population in central India, and so it is assumed that armed rebellion in those areas must be more ‘authentic’ or visible than in any other response.” Being an outsider, French’s observations cannot be ignored. They are surely more objective than ours. But the writer also refers to the all-party dialogues that took place between Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar, Rajendra Prasad and Maulana Azad during the forming of the Constituent Assembly. It is these dialogues that helped us draft a Constitution quite unlike our neighbours, Pakistan. French further says: “There was nothing inevitable about India becoming a democracy. At Independence, even before the Partition massacres took place, the nation was falling apart. The ‘Quit India’ movement had left large parts of the north ungovernable, and civil power was breaking down

Mother Teresa’s light shines

Facts of Life


n a train to Darjeeling in 1946, Jesus called a nun to “Come, be my light”. That woman became Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and spread that light throughout the world, caring for the poorest of the poor, opening hundreds of orphanages, hospices, health clinics and soup kitchens. Mother Teresa hasn’t any children of her own, but she is the world’s most famous Mother. Her name itself conjures the image of a woman who was compassion incarnate for the destitute, sick, abandoned and dying. Everywhere she looked, she saw sadness. There was so much to do. She started with a small home at Kalighat, Kolkata, on 22 August 1952. When she died at the age of 87, there were 3,917 sisters serving in 594 missions in 123 countries. Walk into a ‘Mother Teresa’ centre and a visitor receives a sincere welcome, no matter how small the apartment or how drab their rooms. A visit to Asilo at Panjim is not only an eye-opener, but also a heart-n-soul opener. As humanity at large lives in hope, the inmates too do so, irrespective of all the real yet artificial barriers. One can see it in their smiles, in their lighted eyes, in their little talks, in the handshakes. Children will be children. They come to you with open arms and shining eyes. The nuns’ love for them is obvious. They must be

among villagers to rebuild the old system and protect our villages from unplanned development. It requires unity and unanimity of mind. Are we willing to revert to the old system?

Waning agriculture Jonas Correia, Aldona The news report ‘Agriculture on the wane’ (Herald, 22 Aug) makes disturbing reading. The reasons attributed are fictitious and have no logic. The real cause is faulty agricultural policies and the draconian ‘Land to the Tiller’ legislation. Prior to Liberation, farmers produced two to three crops with little technology and no help from the government. PostLiberation, the government introduced highyielding seeds. However, the Agriculture Department has stopped buying excess produce from the farmers on flimsy grounds and, instead, supports import of third-grade raw rice. The Tenancy Act is another hurdle. The land owner’s share of 50 per cent of the produce was first reduced to one-sixth, and then to nothing. Politicians also encouraged the farmers’ children to go for government jobs, to build a vote bank. If the government is really interested in seeing green fields, it must revert uncultivated fields to the original land owners and ban construction in fields.

Beware of BJP Jose Maria Miranda, Margao There are reports that the BJP is wooing the minorities. It would not be difficult, as the ruling coalition, by its lack of governance, corruption and infighting, seems to be handing over the next government to them on a platter. But let us not forget that while giving us a fairly efficient administration, the BJP also gave a communal, despotic and aggressive governance, with attempts by its leader to even gag the Press. While people are surely frustrated with the present government, not only the minorities but even broad-minded people from the majority community will certainly not see the BJP as an option. Once bitten…

across the country. “The armed forces were about to be divided between India and Pakistan and the most senior Indian officer, Gen K M Cariappa, told Viceroy Lord Mountbatten that it might be a good idea to have a short spell of military rule. Fortunately, this idea was rejected, and India did not go the way of some of our neighbours, where politicians share power uneasily with the armed forces.” Aren’t we happy to be far more stable and to have a functioning democracy than Pakistan? For this, we have to thank the foresight of our Constituent Assembly, our founding fathers. Referring to the Maoist problem, French speaks of the need to take a fresh look at the issue. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), he says, is composed almost exclusively of ageing men with upper caste backgrounds, mostly from landed families in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, whose ideas were formed in the1970s. The Adivasis, in whose name the battle is taking place, are foot soldiers of a

dated philosophy that, French feels, has no chance of succeeding in a country as large as India. Still, these old men are presumed to speak for the poor. It is time we have a new all-party meet on vital issues like Kashmir and the Maoist problem, which is fast-spreading owing to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s (also an upper caste Hindu) unbending postures. Open debate is absolutely necessary. The need for a dialogue is irrefutable. We scarcely resort to this measure, instead of expending most of our energies fighting each other. St Augustine said: “The importance of a dialogue is not winning it, but finding the truth.” It is the only possible solution. After decades of straitjacketed thinking, why not take a fresh new approach to this long-stagnant problem? Nearer home, in a Goa that is verdant green with the bountiful monsoon, the predictable onestep-forward-two-steps-backward functioning of the Digambar Kamat government goes on. Recently, there was news that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was awaiting the government nod to prosecute 11 persons (nine from Customs and Central Excise, one from MPT, one from Customs) in two cases in June 2009 and 2010. Maybe Digambar-bab is not even aware of it… Then there is the old issue of the new Asilo Hospital in Mapusa, ready and waiting for nearly two years. The Court’s decision is awaited, reminding one of times – about a decade ago – when the High Court ruled, not the sleepy Congress government. This time, the Bombay High Court observed that the state government should immediately shift the facilities of the Asilo Hospital from the existing premises to the new building, without waiting for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement to be reached. Justices A S Oka and F M Reis asked the government get the hospital functioning, as there is ample availability of staff and medical facilities. Start the initial work and then go ahead with the PPP, it said. But Advocate-General Subodh Kantak’s defence was: “If we go ahead with the hospital without a proper facelift, several questions will be asked.” Well, several questions are already being asked about the inordinate delay in opening the hospital. Why not address those questions first? It’s elementary, Mr Kantak.

missing so many things, but they have a shelter. I found them full of fun, so much larger than life, bouncing with boundless energy. They come to you inviting affection, tugging at your clothes, holding your hand, asking for piggy-back rides, to be tossed into the air or swung round. Some have sores, some shaven heads; some are very thin, others mentally retarded. But tiny as they are, they have lots to give. And, it’s a pity sometimes that there is no hand stretched to receive it. I saw a woman. At first, I was afraid to get closer to her. My heart sank. But, when very near to despair, something inside commanded me firmly to touch her, sit by her side and tell her she is not forgotten. For a hanging second, she rolled her eyes towards Heaven and unconsciously made the sign of the cross. Her mouth opened as if to say: “Is it true?” Her eyes shone like the stars of a summer night. Their bodies may be debilitated, yet they are so cheerful. I never cease to be amazed at the joy they radiate and the sense of victory, of belonging, which clings to them. The main thing is that they want and need someone to talk to. They don’t want to be treated as deadbeats any more than the rest of us. The Missionaries of Charity solely depends on the generosity of

its supporters. “God sends whatever the people need,” says Sister Bernadette. The sisters belonging to this congregation wear white saris with a blue trim and sandals. Said one ageing man who painfully hobbled to greet the nuns with a carton of fruits, tipping his hat: “Why, they are angels incarnate!” Mother Teresa was born of Albanian parents. A tiny stooping figure less than five feet tall, she had a huge heart filled with love and compassion for everyone, irrespective of colour, nationality, creed and gender. She carried everything she owned in a wee cloth bag, including the Rosary beads, which made many simplify their own lives. The work of Blessed Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity earned accolades from Catholics and non-Catholics alike, including awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In honour of the 100th anniversary of this holy woman’s birth – 26 August – the day will be marked all over the world. In all probability, the tower lights of New York’s Empire State Building will shine blue and white – the colours of the Missionaries of Charity.

Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Day

What is Peace and Justice? Luis Fernandes, Aldona Peace and Justice Sunday was solemnly celebrated in St Thomas Church at Aldona. People from all around came with gusto to listen to the talk, which was to be given by Fr Maverick Fernandes, to learn about their rights and how to defend them. Unfortunately, the talk was delivered by Soter D’Souza and it was on Panchayati Raj. We were waiting for someone to speak on injustice and rampant corruption that plague the society, and to know what can be done peacefully. But we were given a cup of tea and, later, a book by Averthanus D’Souza was launched at the hands of parish priest, which we were requested to buy for Rs50. All we were told in the talk was to cultivate fields and grow vegetables, following the age-old comunidade system. I appreciate their philanthropy, but tell me if Fr Maverick, Mr Soter, our parish priests or the other speakers would ever themselves work in the fields? In the old days, food was grown only in our fields, and we were obliged to earn a living by working in them. Now, people work in offices and can buy their food. During Portuguese, rule the ‘mundkars’ slogged and the ‘bhatkars’ filled their tummy. Now all people are educated and the Portuguese have also left Goa, so the ‘bhatkars’ feel deprived. They cannot bear to see others rising, and think of all knavish tricks. The Church tells all goody-goody things to the ‘mundkars’ while the subtle ‘bhatkars’ watch silently. Anyway, Goa is already a failed state, thanks to all such crooks. What is peace and what is justice? I leave it only in the hands of my loving God.

BJP and minorities

lotus from blossoming in Goa.

Samir Khan, Mapusa

Wake up call

The news item ‘BJP to tap minority vote to boost base’ (Herald, 23 August) says that BJP Goa desk-in-charge Arti Mehra will interact with the minorities to remove the tag of the BJP being a communal party. Can a leopard change its spots? Can the Sangh Parivar give up Hindutva? The BJP is running short of ideas after it realised that it cannot, any more, use the Ram Mandir plank for votes. The hands of BJP and the Sangh Parivar are drenched in the blood of Muslims, Christians and Dalits. The demolition of the Babri Masjid, the Gujarat genocide, the burning alive of missionary Graham Staines and his two little sons by Bajrang Dal activists, Orissa’s anti-Christian Kandhamal riots; all are still fresh in the mind. Manohar Parrikar and his brigade have left no stone unturned to pollute the peaceful atmosphere of Goa. If the BJP is voted back to power, its first and immediate target will be the minorities. Minorities and secular forces should come together to stop the

By Marc de Souza

Croydon Medeira, Margao The tiatr ‘Kednam Utt’ttolo’ is a must for every true Goan. It has real situations of how Goans are taken for a ride and Goan youth exploited by politicians. Congratulations to Prince Jacob and his team. The sting of this tiatr is literally in its tail. It is an eye-opener for all Goans, and a wake-up call too. It is a warning for politicians not to take Goans for granted anymore, as their days of loot, plunder, corruption and taking the public for granted are numbered.

True patriotism Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata Kudos to Caetano de Abreu for his article ‘Patriotism be damned’ (Herald, 23 August). Indians believe that parroting ‘My India is Great’ (in the so-called Rashtrabhasa) and waving the tricolour in cricket stadiums are patriotism. But the very same ‘patriots’ do not regard

corruption, casteism and communalism as a betrayal of the country. Red-tapism, waste of stationery, water and electricity, misuse of telephones, computers and vehicles are acts against the country. What about rampant pollution of air and water by industries? As many as 75 per cent of our brothers and sisters have to subsist on less than Rs20 per day, but the middle and upper classes feel no qualms about squandering money on luxuries! When will Indians realise that it is love, care and respect for our national resources, maintenance of harmony among people, honest and sincere work for the nation and society, and compassion for the downtrodden are true patriotism?

Call in the army Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar As if the spurt in thefts and house breaking is not enough, Home Minister Ravi Naik has cautioned Goans to lock their houses properly if they plan to travel home during the Ganesh holidays. He has also advised them to carry their valuables, if possible. How can he expect people to travel in comfort while carting around their valuables? Thankfully, the Home Minister did not advise people to leave their valuables in the safe custody of the nearest police station. Those nasty ‘white ants’ that eat confiscated drugs stored at police headquarters, or maybe ‘rats’ or ‘vultures’ could eat gold and valuables. Have the police abdicated their duty of patrolling our streets? Then maybe the armed forces should be called in to make our streets safe!

Learn to discern lies Juliet DeSouza, Bastora I echo Agnelo Furtado’s plea in ‘The Godses of Goanet’ (Herald, 18 August) to Dr Oscar Rebello and Patricia Pinto to withdraw their resignations. Strong, straight and selfless leaders like these (and there are many, many more) are our only hope to save Goa. We need to realise that the rumour mongers’ only motive is to divide us. They are fearful of these leaders’ successes. If we truly love Goa, we will turn up for GBA rallies in huge numbers to demonstrate our support of these stalwarts.

Paths of Wisdom Peace of mind Once, Buddha was travelling with a few of his followers. While they were passing a lake, Buddha told one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from the lake.” The disciple walked up to the lake. At that moment, a bullock cart started crossing through the lake. As a result, the water became very muddy and turbid. The disciple thought, “How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink?” So he came back and told Buddha, “The water in there is very muddy. I don’t think it is fit to drink.” After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back to the lake. The disciple went back, and found that the water was still muddy. He returned and informed Buddha about the same. After sometime, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back. This time, the disciple found the mud had settled down, and the water was clean and clear. So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha. Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,” See what you did to make the water clean. You let it be, and the mud settled down on its own-and you have clear water. Your mind is like that too! When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down. It will happen. It is effortless.” Attaining ‘Peace of Mind’ is not a strenuous job; it is an effortless process! Treat everyone with politeness Even those who are rude to you Not because they are not nice But because you are nice.

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Saffron terrorism emerging as new phenomenon: PC PTI NEW DELHI, AUG 25

Warning that there has been no let up in attempts to radicalise the youth, Home Minister P Chidambaram today said a new phenomenon of “saffron terrorism” involved in many bomb blasts has been uncovered. Inaugurating a conference of chiefs of police forces of the country, Chidambaram also expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir valley and hoped that in the next few days, a “starting point” would be found to reach out to the protestors and restart the process of a dialogue. “There is no let up in the attempts to radicalize young men and women in India. Besides, there is recently uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism that has been implicated in many bomb blasts of the past,” he said.

Chidambaram said beginning 2005 and with the exception of 2008, the law and order situation in J&K has been extremely benign with few incidents and fewer casualties. Unfortunately since June this year, there has been an unexpected turn of events, he said. “I am afraid J&K is now caught in a vicious cycle of stone pelting, lathicharge, teargassing and firing, leading to casualties and resulting in more stone pelting,” he said. The home minister said the security forces have been instructed to act with great restraint and the situation has not yet returned to normal. Chidambaram said the Central government has acknowledged that a political solution must be found to the problems of J&K and the Central government has offered a dialogue with all sections of the people and political parties and groups of the State.

“We are concerned that we have not been able to stop the vicious cycle in which the State is caught. However, it is my hope that, in the next few days, we would be able to find that elusive 'starting point' from where we could reach out to the protestors, reassure them of their rights and dignity, restore peace and order, redeem the promises made, and re-start the process of a dialogue that will lead to a solution,” he said



Kareena gets Rampal hooked to yoga PTI


She is known to be a stickler for fitness and actress Kareena Kapoor also gets her co-stars hooked on to yoga. Her latest convert is her 'We Are family' co-star Arjun Rampal. The actor said that the 29year-old actress is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to working out. “You can't work with Kareena and not do yoga. It is a given that you will have to include it in your fitness regime. She makes sure that you work out and keep fit,” said Rampal. The 37-year-old actor was in the capital on Tuesday with the actress, who plays his girlfriend in the film. The stars, who have been paired together for the first time, have also developed a bond off-screen. “We were stuck in a convertible for 16 hours together, while the crew were taking shots from choppers. Had it been with anybody else, we would have probably killed ourselves, but Kareena was very entertaining,” said Rampal. “Kareena has been a complete revelation after this film. We have a lot of things in common. She is also a foodie like me,” he added.




Teacher tasks students to plan a terror attack in Oz PTI MELBOURNE, AUG 25

A high school teacher in Australia created ripples when she assigned her class to plan a terrorist attack using chemical or biological warfare. The Year 10 students at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School in Western Australia were set a task by their environment teacher last week to pretend they were terrorists planning to make a political statement by releasing a chemical or biological agent on "an unsuspecting Australian community." "Your goal is to kill the MOST innocent civilians to get your message across," she told the students in a written assignment form, 'The West Australian' newspaper reported. Students were told that as terrorists they could choose the best time to attack and decide where to release their weapons and what effects it would have on the human body. And they were told marks would be allocated on their ability to analyse information they had learnt on terrorism and apply it to real life scenario.

Most of the students were "horrified" at the exercise they had been given and refused to hand in their assignments. As the word spread, Principal of the school Terry Martino intervened to get the assignment withdrawn. "The teacher is relatively inexperienced, made a well-intentioned but misguided attempt to engage the students in an assignment on contemporary conflict," Martino said in comments forwarded to the State Education Department. The Principal said he highly regarded teacher and felt she was not promoting terrorism, but had just made a mistake. "She understood the topic was inappropriate. She is remorseful," the Principal said, defending the teacher. The incident created a furore countrywide, but the school declined to identify the teacher, citing her privacy. The newspaper said that they too were not given the name. But the shackles are up in the State Education Department which has asked the school for a full report.

41 killed as car bombs target Iraqi police

Security members gather at the site of a bomb attack in Basra, 420 km (261 miles) southeast of Baghdad, on Wednesday. AFP BAGHDAD, AUG 25

A series of apparently co-ordinated car bombs targeting police across Iraq on Wednesday killed 41 people, including women and children, one day after the US military confirmed a major troop reduction. In Baghdad, a suicide car attacker blew up his vehicle at a police station in the northeastern suburb of Qahira, killing 15 people, including two women, two children and two police, and wounding dozens, security and medical officials said. The attack in the mixed Sunni and Shiite neighbourhood took

place around 8 am, according to an interior ministry official who gave the toll. "The victims include policemen and civilians," he said. A doctor at Medical City Hospital said they had received the bodies of two women, two children and two police officers, and that 44 other people were receiving treatment. In an equally lethal attack, a car bomb at a passport office in Kut, 160 kilometres southeast of Baghdad, killed 15 people, including at least 10 police, and wounded 45 people, most of them police, Lieutenant Ali Hussein told AFP.

Scientists create smell detector using frog eggs Reuters HONG KONG, AUG 25

Researchers in Japan have created a highly accurate sensor that can detect smells and gases using genetically engineered frog eggs. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences yesterday, they said they hoped to use the invention to design better machines to detect polluting gases such as carbon dioxide. "It's very important for the enviro n m e n t , " s a i d lead author Shoji Takeuchi of the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo. Takeuchi and colleagues injected parts of the DNA of three insects – the silkmoth, diamondback moth and fruit fly – into eggs extracted from the African clawed frog. He likened the eggs to "platforms" and said studies in the past found that certain segments of DNA from the three insects were responsible for detecting odours and gases. "We inject DNA into the frog eggs and then we can make some very useful and inexpensive sensors," said Takeuchi.

These genetically engineered eggs were later placed in a specially designed cartridge where they were exposed to different smells and chemicals. "We used three kinds of pheromones and one odourant (all four were chem-

ically very similar) and they (the eggs) could clearly separate and detect the different types of smells and chemicals," Takeuchi said by telephone. The team hopes to use the same method to detect gases such as carbon dioxide in the future. "When you think about the mosquito, it is able to find people because of carbon dioxide from the human. So the mosquito has CO2 receptors. When we can (extract) DNA (from the mosquito) we can put this DNA into the frog eggs to detect CO2," Takeuchi said.

Indian jailed for 13 years in Australia PTI MELBOURNE, AUG 25

An Australian court on Wednesday jailed an Indian national for 13 years for raping a young university student here last year. 27-year-old Harjot Hundal Singh dragged the woman into his van, tied her hands and told her to stop shouting or he would kill her, according to AAP report on Wednesday. Singh also punched the 19year-old girl who had been walking home from Springvale station in Melbourne's east in June last year, and grabbed her around the throat before pulling her pants and underwear off. He drove the van for a few minutes before stopping and raping the student. Singh was arrested at Melbourne Airport a few days later with a one-way ticket to Dubai with a connecting ticket to India. Victorian County Court Judge Marilyn Harbison jailed Singh for 13 years and ordered he serve nine years before being eligible for parole. "You abducted your victim, a soft target, on a suburban street. You ignored your victim's pleas," she said, adding, "In my view your offending makes it plain that unless rehabilitated, you are a danger to the sexual safety of women".

A series of car bomb attacks in five other towns and cities raised the nationwide toll to 41, and almost 200 wounded. A spike in unrest over the past two months has triggered concern that Iraqi forces are not yet ready to handle security on their own, and with no new government formed in Baghdad since a March 7 general election. A US Army statement yesterday said troop levels were below 50,000 in line with President Barack Obama's direction as part of a "responsible drawdown" of troops, seven years on from the invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein.

Lindsay Lohan released early from rehab Reuters LOS ANGELES, AUG 25

Actress Lindsay Lohan is a free woman after being released early from a rehabilitation centre just 22 days into a court-ordered three-month programme. Lohan's early discharge following media reports that doctors treating the ''Freaky Friday'' actress do not believe the 24year-old suffers from drug or psychiatric problems that were previously diagnosed. Celebrity news website said the actress was escorted out of the Los Angeles hospital unit's back door into a waiting limousine last afternoon, while said Lohan was to receive outpatient care from now on. A court hearing was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, but Lohan was not expected to attend. Lohan was also released early from jail earlier this month after serving 13 days of a 90-day sentence for violating her probation in a 2007 drunk driving and cocaine possession charge. She was released on the grounds of good behaviour and also to help alleviate overcrowding. She immediately entered a residential rehab programme in Los Angeles for a 90-day stint ordered by the court as part of her sentence. But the prosecutor in her case said two weeks ago that health care professionals were likely to recommend an early release for Lohan, with follow-up treatment as an outpatient.


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Panel mulls industrial land bank PTI MUMBAI, AUG 25

Creation of land bank to boost industrial investment will be one of the major issues of deliberations of a high-powered Committee set up by the Centre to recommend state-specific investment promotion strategy, Maharashtra Industries Minister Rajendra Darda has said. "The meeting will take place in Mumbai on August 27 to deliberate on preparations of guidelines for creation of an industrial land bank consisting of available waste and fallow land (land locked in industrial units/areas that are sick/defunct and lying unutilised). Productive agriculture and fertile land will be left out," Darda, who is the convenor of the seven-member committee told PTI here. He said the first meeting of the Committee took place in June this year in Delhi. Apart from Darda, the Committee comprises industry ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. Darda said after recession,

investors throughout the world are looking for investing their funds in safer places and they find India and China as safe bets. "The Centre feels that there should be state-specific investment promotion strategy," Darda said. The Minister said the committee was set up to make recommendations for state specific investment promotions to bring in more industries and investment in the country. "We plan to submit our report in this connection in about four months," he added. The minister said the Committee will also plan the design of a single window mechanism to simplify and rationalise the licensing and clearance procedures required to start and run a business. It is also in the process of drawing up an outline for preparation of state level skill development plan based on skill mapping exercise in terms of demand and supply of skill sets within a state to facilitate the achievement of

the objectives of state specific industrial strategy, he said. "There are 28 lakh unemployed persons in Maharashtra. But the industrial houses say they can't find the right people for the jobs available with them. There is a demographic mismatch and the reason for this is that the educated candidates have not developed voca-

tional training. Prime Minister's Task Force is insisting that every state has skill development programmes," Darda informed. Hence, the idea for formulation of a framework for preparation of state specific investment promotion strategies based on each state's natural endowments and potential, came up, he said.

SpiceJet now to Madurai MUMBAI: Low-fare airline, SpiceJet announced the addition of Madurai as its 20th destination, thereby increasing its presence in the southern region. The first flight between Madurai and Chennai will begin on September 27, connecting onwards to Delhi and Mumbai. Bookings from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai to/from Madurai are now open.


IDBI Fortis Life is now IDBI Federal Life Insurance PANJIM (HBD) -- IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Co Ltd, in association with Federal Bank, has changed its name to IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd, in association with Ageas. The company has completed all legal formalities for change of name and has already obtained the approval of the Registrar of Companies and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). IDBI Fortis is a joint venture of IDBI Bank, Federal Bank and Fortis Insurance International with shareholding of 48%, 26% and 26% respectively. There will be no change in the shareholding pattern of the company. The name change follows Fortis's decision to globally change its name to Ageas in April 2010. At the same time, as IDBI Bank and Federal Bank are joint venture shareholders and bancassurance partners of the company, it was felt that including both their names in the insurance company name would establish a better brand connect with the over ten million customers of both banks. The shareholders thus unanimously decided to change the name of the joint venture company to IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Ltd. To emphasise the parentage of Ageas (formerly Fortis) and the global insurance expertise they bring to the business, the company's logo will incorporate the line "in association with Ageas". The logo unit of the company remains the same with only exchange of places between Federal and Ageas. Visit for more information.

Leader of Opposition, Manohar Parrikar inaugurating Nurvi Holidays Tours and Travels in Panjim. Also presnt was ex Mayor of Panjim, Ashok Naik.

Sensex down 132 pts on fears of RBI rate hike,weak global cues PTI MUMBAI, AUG 25

Extending its losses for the second successive session, the BSE benchmark Sensex today plunged by 132 points as weak global cues and worries of another rate hike by the Reserve Bank weighed on the investor sentiment. Tracking weak Asian markets, the 30-share barometer of the Bombay Stock Exchange opened on a weak note and a lower opening on European bourses further dragged it down. The Sensex closed the day at 18,179.64, down by 131.95 points, or 0.72 per cent.

Yahoo search migrates to Microsoft AGENCY SAN FRANCISCO, AUG 25


Yahoo has completed the migration of its web and mobile search functions to Microsoft's Bing search engine as the two companies hope that their combined market power may prove a more significant threat to the dominance of Google. The integration comes more than a year after Yahoo and Microsoft announced their 10-year search deal under which Microsoft will power Yahoo's search site, while Yahoo manages sales for both companies' premium search advertisers. 'This is a great milestone for Bing and Yahoo and our customers, and we are happy to report the transition has gone smoothly,' wrote Satya Nadella, senior VP of Microsoft's online services. According to recently published data, Yahoo and Microsoft have a combined 28% share of the US search market, while Google has a roughly 66 percent share. Aban Offshor, 814.35, 814.35, 791.55, 796.55 Abb Ltd., 774, 774, 754.15, 757.15 Abg Shipyard, 242, 242.4, 237, 238.25 Acc Limited, 865, 878, 860.55, 868.9 Adani Enterp, 673, 674.8, 643.7, 650.65 Aditya Birla, 856, 862.8, 813.1, 817.85 Allahabad Ba, 215.5, 218, 212.5, 214.8 Alstom Proje, 733, 742.95, 720.05, 735.2 Ambuja Cemen, 120, 124.25, 119.3, 121.35 Andhra Bank, 156.15, 160.3, 152.9, 157.35 Ashok Leylan, 60, 71, 60, 69.75 Asian Paints, 2765, 2822.9, 2738, 2750.3 Axis Bank Li, 1364, 1381, 1357.9, 1361.7 Bajaj Hindus, 122.4, 124.9, 119, 120.25 Bank Of Baro, 806, 824.85, 806, 816.65 Bank Of Indi, 460.75, 465, 452.65, 459 Beml Limited, 1010, 1027.7, 1010, 1022.1 Bharat Elect, 1705, 1729.2, 1667, 1674.95 Bharat Forge, 357, 361.6, 349.1, 355.75 Bharat Petro, 760, 774.95, 747.95, 751.75 Bharti Airte, 321.8, 324.55, 314, 316.95 Bhel, 2489.95, 2503.7, 2460.25, 2467.15

BlackBerry buys Cellmania With even its updated App World platform offering just 9,500 apps as compared to Apple's 225,000 and Android store's 65,000, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has acquired Californiabased Cellmania which delivers back-end infrastructure for application stores. Based at Mountain View, Cellmania drives mobile ecosystems for the world's largest mobile operators, infrastructure providers and content owners. It has the world's largest repository of mobile content comprising over 200,000 items available in 55 languages on handsets in more than 100 countries. Cellmania, which delivers content in the form of ringtones, java content, browseable content and video files, has Airtel, AT&T, Telstra and Virgin Mobile as its major customers. It offers its mFinder 3Gready platform to operators to

Bhushan Stee, 1843.65, 1848, 1815.2, 1822.15 Biocon Limit, 346, 348.3, 331.55, 333.15 Bombay Dyein, 617.6, 625.7, 594.15, 597 Bosch Limite, 6048, 6048, 5940.1, 5963.2 Brigade Ente, 143.5, 152.4, 136.35, 146.3 Cairn India, 351.5, 356, 341, 344.3 Canara Bank, 509, 517.4, 501.25, 510.75 Central Bank, 176, 182.25, 174.1, 175.95 Century Text, 510, 510, 492.9, 494.85 Cesc Ltd, 397.5, 399.5, 388.05, 389.8 Chambal Fert, 71.4, 71.7, 68.45, 68.8 Chennai Petr, 257.25, 258.95, 250.5, 253.7 Cipla Ltd, 317, 319.9, 305, 308.8 Colgate Palm, 837, 837.5, 824, 832.15 Container Co, 1315, 1341, 1311, 1315.7 Crompton Gre, 285.7, 291.05, 284.1, 289.05 Cummins Indi, 690.2, 711.4, 662.6, 697.7 Dabur India, 211.95, 213.4, 207, 207.9 Deccan Chron, 137, 137, 133.2, 133.65 Dish Tv Indi, 49.65, 50.1, 48.75, 48.95 Divi’s Labor, 746.05, 757.75, 744.35, 747 Dlf Limited, 321, 321.6, 310.25, 311.55

accept applications from developers and sell them to users. Application developers can have their content included in mFinder to be distributed to the mobile operators worldwide. The company shares revenue with application developers as well as handles digital rights and the billing for them. Though RIM, which is based at Waterloo near Toronto, made no statement to confirm the takeover, Cellmania said on its website that it 'is excited to announce that our company is now part of Research In Motion (RIM). 'Our team has joined RIM's global organisation and will continue to bring our expertise in Application Storefront development to the BlackBerry platform.' Facing onslaught from Apple's iPhone 4 and Google Android devices, the BlackBerry maker opened its newly updated applications store App World 2.0 to all its users last week.

Dr. reddy’s, 1329.9, 1342.15, 1320.05, 1323.6 Edelweiss Ca, 55.25, 56.2, 52.55, 53.4 Educomp Solu, 574, 577.8, 565, 567.45 Eih Limited, 146.95, 146.95, 135, 135.9 Engineers In, 324.1, 329.7, 323.05, 324.85 Essar Oil Lt, 130.1, 132, 127.7, 128.25 Essar Shippi, 95.15, 96.9, 92.7, 94.65 Exide Indust, 152.9, 153.25, 147.5, 148.8 Federal Bank, 364, 364, 336.2, 343.65 Financial Te, 1381.5, 1391.9, 1333.15, 1351.9 Gail (india), 451.5, 457.95, 445.55, 448.2 Gammon India, 216, 217.9, 209.15, 213.5 Glaxosmithkl, 1943, 1945, 1881, 1889.8 Glenmark Pha, 295.4, 295.4, 280.65, 285.15 Gmr Infrastr, 60.45, 60.65, 58.6, 58.95 Godrej Indus, 208, 209.05, 201.25, 203.8 Grasim Indus, 2075, 2127.85, 2057, 2063.7 Great Offsho, 392, 395.85, 384.25, 386.65 Gtl Infra.Lt, 45, 45.95, 44.95, 45.4 Gujarat Mine, 124.7, 124.7, 121.25, 121.75 Gujarat N R, 58.15, 58.3, 57.05, 57.15

Gujarat Stat, 115, 115.75, 112.7, 113.65 Gvk Pow. & I, 47.8, 47.95, 46.05, 46.9 Hcl Technolo, 409, 414.75, 403.25, 409.55 Hdfc Bank Lt, 2201, 2215, 2178.55, 2192.25 Hdfc Ltd, 621, 628.8, 615, 620.05 Hero Honda M, 1889, 1889, 1832, 1838.2 Hindalco in, 168, 168, 162.1, 163.65 Hindustan Co, 63.7, 63.7, 61.05, 61.35 Hindustan Ma, 75.8, 75.8, 72.65, 73.05 Hindustan Pe, 519, 528.5, 512, 517.1 Hindustan Un, 270, 272.5, 267.1, 268 Hindustan Zi, 1080, 1081.95, 1040, 1070 Housing Dev, 284, 285.3, 273.7, 275.9 Icici Bank L, 993.25, 1003.85, 981.65, 984.3 Idea Cellula, 68.05, 71.25, 67.55, 70.55 Ifci Ltd, 61.5, 61.8, 60.1, 60.45 India Cement, 107.7, 109.9, 107.4, 108.1 India Infoli, 100.55, 100.7, 96.6, 97.1 Indiabulls F, 142.95, 144, 136.4, 137.25 Indiabulls R, 186, 187, 177.1, 179.2 Indian Bank, 250.4, 255, 248.25, 252.15 Indian Hotel, 106, 107.5, 104.55, 105.65 Indian Oil C, 408.45, 412.65, 399.6, 401.15

Iron ore demand not growing as fast as prices AGENCY PANJIM, AUG 25

Mining groups and metal makers got themselves in a pickle a year-and-a-half ago when commodity prices collapsed across the board. But the experience proved particularly hurtful for the Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto since just ahead of the world slipping into a crippling recession it bought the Canadian aluminium maker Alcan at top dollar of $38 billion. That left it with a debt mountain of $39 billion. As it started living with the draining takeover experience – Rio’s acquisition was soon to coincide with the world resting over 5 million tonnes aluminium capacity in the face of rapidly falling price – it itself faced will-they-won’t-they nerve raking kind of bid from the mightier industry peer BHP Billiton. This became a story of many twists and turns with Rio first seeing in Chinalco the white knight and then turning away from China’s leading resources group to form an alliance with BHP in mining of iron ore in Australia’s Pilbara region. Rio’s relationship with China got further soured when last year four of its employees were arrested suspected of espionage. Rio and Chalco, a Chinalco subsidiary which with nine per cent is the single largest equity owner of Rio, have entered into a joint venture agreement to develop Africa’s largest integrated iron ore mine and infrastructure project at Simandou in Guinea. Let’s consider their compulsions to start working together. In the words of Rio chairman Jan du Plessis, “Developing our relationship and business links with China are key priority. This agreement takes our relationship with China to a new level.” As for China, Chinalco is state owned,

M&M inks MoU with Shriram PTI NEW DELHI, AUG 25

Mahindra & Mahindra said it has entered into a strategic alliance with Shriram Automall to facilitate M&M customers to exchange their old commercial vehicles with new ones. "A MoU was signed by both the parties, to facilitate an exchange programme which will enable M&M customers to exchange their old commercial vehicles with new commercial vehicles, from the company's stable," M&M said. Shriram Automall, a part of Mumbai-based Shriram Transport Finance Company, will work closely with M&M to evaluate and procure the old vehicles of M&M customers, under exchange, it added. Indian Overs, 130, 130.5, 126.6, 128.95 Indus Dev Ba, 127, 127.3, 124, 125.95 Indusind Ban, 225, 225, 214.95, 217.8

Infosys Tech, 2762, 2793.95, 2755.95, 2770.9

Infra. dev., 186, 189.75, 185.65, 186.65 Ispat Indust, 18.35, 18.35, 17.8, 18 Itc Ltd, 159.9, 161.25, 159.85, 160.5 Ivrcl Infras, 155.55, 162.3, 155.55, 158.8 Jai Corp Lim, 275.9, 275.9, 261.4, 263.3 Jaiprakash A, 118.4, 118.5, 115, 115.25 Jet Airways, 787, 808.85, 761, 787.75 Jindal Saw L, 208, 211.9, 202.1, 203.25 Jindal Steel, 697.9, 708.7, 686.1, 699.1 Jsw Steel Li, 1160, 1163.5, 1138.5, 1148.6 Kotak Mahind, 858, 862, 835.6, 838.85 Lakshmi Mach, 2181.4, 2280, 2151.1, 2162.45 Lanco Infrat, 72, 72.95, 70.3, 70.6 Larsen & Tou, 1862, 1872.6, 1841, 1851.15 Lic Housing, 1228, 1244.5, 1212.1, 1219 Lupin Limite, 1920.1, 1929.7, 1875, 1896.25 Mahanagar Te, 65.5, 65.7, 63.9, 64.15 Mahindra & M, 618, 619.75, 607.3, 615.15 Maruti Suzuk, 1236.4, 1242, 1216.1,

the ownership of 44.65% of Simandou venture with capacity to raise 95 million tonnes of ore will give a sense of security in supply of steel industry’s principal raw material as it also hopefully lays the ground for further such collaborations. It is principally on the back of iron ore making a resounding break from last year’s slump that Rio and the Brazilian Vale, the world’s biggest ore producer, are seeing renaissance in their fortunes. Indian exporters of the 63.5% grade ore saw the price going up rapidly in the last few weeks to now over $150 a tonne. Unfortunately, however, Goa-based exporters are badly stuck because of Beijing fiat on traders not to import ore below 60% iron content if they haven’t got back to back sale contracts with steel mills. This explains why Sesa Goa, a Vedanta group unit, is easily able to sell low grade ore in China and could, therefore, report a more than three-fold jump in its net profit in the June ended quarter to Rs1,302 crore. Vale CEO Roger Agnelli said his company was in a very strong position. “I should say that we are in the best moment of our history. The scenario is very positive.” Similarly, Rio’s half yearly net more than tripling to $5.8 billion compared with $1.6 billion for the corresponding period of 2009 is 70% on account of iron ore where the spot price now is more than double last year’s. The ore division of Rio, which also has significant presence in aluminium and copper, is enjoying as high a profit margin as 68 per cent. Because of the sheer size of its steel industry and volume of its ore imports, China should normally be bearing upon heavily on the mineral prices. In the first seven months of 2010, Chinese imports of ore

totalled 361.2 million tonnes. See this against leading shipbroker Clarkson’s forecast that global shipments of ore this year will advance six per cent to 961 million tonnes. Ore price movements are not necessarily in sync with the steel industry’s ground level reality. Like, ore pries have remained strong even while the Chinese July production of crude steel of 51.7 million tonnes was 3.9% down on June output. Production may not rise this month and also in September as Beijing is pushing for phasing out 35 million tonnes of old, inefficient and polluting steel capacity. Last year, China shut 21.1 million tonnes capacity. As against this, ore producers will argue that Chinese production rising 21.8% to 323 million tonnes in the first half was enough justification for advancement in mineral prices. But why is not China’s near record inventory of 80 million tonnes of ore at different ports reining in the mineral prices? The big inventory will suggest that the actual iron ore demand is not growing as fast as prices. What is also not factored in is the prospect of property prices in China falling further and the country not easing growth curbing measures soon. Construction accounts for 70 per cent of China’s steel consumption. Any further slide in the property sector could wipe away recent gains in Chinese steel prices.

BOARD MEETINGS Ace India STC Bajaj Corp Suraj Diamond Surya Fun City Medicaps Vardhaman Lab Viceroy Hotels Scope Ind Source:

MF FUNDA KOTAK MUTUAL FUND has announced the conversion of Kotak Global Emerging Market Fund, a three year close ended equity scheme into an open ended equity scheme, with effect from Sept. 28, 2010. Post conversion into open ended scheme, the following changes will be effective to the scheme: Exit Load Structure: The scheme will charge an exit load of 1% if exited within 1 year from the date of allotment of units and nil if exited after 1 year from the date of allotment of units. Unitholders of the scheme who are not in agreement with the conversion may redeem their units at applicable NAV or switch to other open ended schemes of Kotak Mutual Fund without payment of exit load between Aug.26, 2010 and Sep.27, 2010 (both days inclusive). The AMC also has approved August 30, 2010 as the record date for declaration of dividend under dividend option of Kotak Equity FOF Scheme. The face value of per unit is Rs 10. The quantum of dividend will be Re. 1 per unit, subject to the availability and adequacy of distributable surplus on the record date. HDFC MUTUAL FUND has approved August 30, 2010 as the record date for declaration of dividend under dividend option of HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund. The face value of per unit is Rs 10. The quantum of dividend will be Rs 0.0368 per unit for Individuals and HUF and Rs 0.0343 per unit for others, subject to availability of distributable surplus as on the record date.

1220.05 Max India Lt, 157.55, 159, 154.1, 154.95 Maytas Infr., 233.3, 233.3, 206, 208.95 Moser-baer (, 65.4, 65.55, 62.85, 63.8 Mrpl, 79.5, 81, 77.5, 77.9 Nagarjuna Co, 159, 159.75, 154.05, 154.9 Nagarjuna Fe, 31.75, 31.75, 30.85, 31 National Alu, 400, 434.35, 393.35, 420.75 Neyveli Lign, 170, 170, 164.05, 165 Ntpc Ltd, 193.55, 195.55, 193.3, 193.8 Oil And Natu, 1275, 1289, 1265.35, 1276.6 Omaxe Limite, 129.05, 131.5, 124, 128.8 Oriental Ban, 418, 442.5, 417.2, 435.3 Pantaloon Re, 473.9, 475, 461.05, 465.75 Parsvnath De, 139.8, 140.9, 137.6, 139.05 Petronet Lng, 115, 115, 110.3, 112.3 Power Fin Co, 333.55, 343, 333.55, 337.05 Power Grid C, 102.5, 104, 102.35, 103.05 Praj Industr, 80.15, 80.15, 76.75, 77.2 Punj Lloyd L, 115, 115, 112.5, 113.5 Punjab Natio, 1150, 1206.7, 1150, 1196.1 Rajesh Expor, 100.8, 102.6, 100.15, 100.75 Ranbaxy Labs, 495, 500, 481.1, 483.6

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Tata Motors, 1007.5, 1013.45, 983.1, 992.3 Tata Power C, 1271, 1279.85, 1248, 1255.35 Tata Steel L, 511, 513, 493, 497 Tata Teleser, 24, 24.1, 23.2, 23.45 Tech Mahindr, 704, 709, 693.4, 695.45 The Ge Shpg., 302, 304.6, 300, 300.8 The Phoenix, 249, 249.5, 241.35, 242.2 Thermax Ltd, 748.55, 768.9, 747.1, 753.45 Titan Indust, 3030, 3074.9, 2984, 3006.15 Torrent Powe, 341.7, 341.7, 331.8, 334.25 Triveni Engg, 103, 104.6, 100.75, 101 Tv18 India L, 90.65, 91.3, 86.65, 88.35 Uco Bank, 111, 112.4, 108.45, 110.45 Ultratech Ce, 949, 949, 916.5, 920.55 Union Bank O, 340, 345.3, 336.45, 342.05 Unitech Ltd, 83.9, 83.9, 79.95, 80.35 United Phosp, 194.8, 195.3, 191.15, 193.4 Videocon Ind, 268.1, 269.6, 261.25, 262.55 Vijaya Bank, 81, 82.25, 79.3, 81.25 Voltas Ltd, 205.45, 208.9, 202, 203.95 Wipro Ltd, 408, 408, 397.45, 399.55 Yes Bank Lim, 327.95, 333.3, 322.6, 327.75 Zee Entertai, 328.65, 328.65, 290, 290.75





India to speed up trade with EU, Japan, Malaysia AGENCY NEW DELHI, AUG 25

India is taking proactive measures to conclude bilateral trade agreements with the European Union, Japan and Malaysia, as the future of the Doha round of multilateral trade talks look uncertain because of the protectionist stance of the developed countries. 'We are making efforts to conclude the talks as soon as possible. I will meet my counterparts from the EU, Asean countries, Japan and Malaysia to speed up the process,' Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has said. Sharma is scheduled to meet key ministers of Asean countries in Vietnam on Aug 26 and 27. India signed trade in goods agreement with the Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) last year. The agreement that came into force from the January 1, 2010, covers tariff liberalisation between the sides.

SBI not to up rates: Bhatt PTI MUMBAI, AUG 25

State Bank of India (SBI), today said it does not plan any hike in its lending or deposit rates in the near-term as the liquidity situation was evolving in the right direction. "Till September, there will be no increase in our deposit rates," SBI chairman, O P Bhatt, said. There were no plans to hike its newly-introduced base rate or its lending rates as well in the "near-term", Bhatt said. "The liquidity in the system is not as much as it used to be...but that is not to say that funds are not available to banks--they are available," Bhatt said.

However, out of 10 nations that form Asean, only four Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia - have operationalised the agreement so far. Sharma is hopeful that remaining six countries would also operationalise the pact soon. Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Philippines are other members of the association that have not operationalised the agreement yet. India targets to increase its trade with Asean countries to $70 billion by 2012 from $43.5 billion in 2009-10. Sharma said India would continue to look for new trading partners in a bid to reduce dependence on the conventional partners like the US and European countries. 'Diversification of trade is essential. This has drawn more attention because of the developed countries,' he added. During his Vietnam visit, Sharma is also scheduled to meet Japanese trade minister

Masayuki Naoshima, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gutch and Malaysian Minister for International Trade and Investment Mustapa Mohamed to review the progress made towards India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), India-EU Trade and Investment Agreement and India-Malaysia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) negotiations respectively, an official statement said Wednesday. 'Commerce and industry minister will look forward to reiterating high commitment of India for an early and balanced outcome of these FTA negotiations,' it added. Sharma will be heading an official delegation to Vietnam to review progress on IndiaAsean Services and Investment negotiations. The ministeriallevel meeting is aimed to prepare a roadmap for the ensuing Asean-India summit at Hanoi in October 2010.

Co Secretaries results declared PANJIM (HBD) -- The results of company secretaries examination held in June 2010 have been declared at New Delhi and released to all the regional and chapter offices of the institute throughout the country. The results along with breakup of subject-wise marks are also available on the Internet at the institutes website – The results are sent through email by the institute to those students who had registered their requests along with their email IDs on the institute’s website. The next examinations of company secretaries for foundation programme, executive, programme and professional programme (under new syllabus) and also final course (old syllabus) examinations will be held simultaneously from December 26, 2010 to January 3, 2011 for which the last date for receipt of enrolment applications together with requisite examination fee is September 27.


The allure of gold as an investment instrument is expected to stay strong in India and elsewhere in the world this year, the World Gold Council said Wednesday. Gold jewellery demand in India, the world's largest jewellery market, slipped only a modest 2 percent at 123 tonnes despite the precious metal touching record-high prices, translating into Rs.216 billion in sales during the quarter ended June. However, gold's attractiveness as an investment instrument did not dampen with net retail investment off-take rising by 7 percent to 41.5 tonnes in the April-June quarter, compared to 38.9 tonnes in the like

quarter of 2009. This translated into a rise of 30 percent in the value of investment demand, rising from Rs.56 billion to Rs.73 billion. 'The increase in demand for investment products was primarily driven by positive price expectations among Indian retail consumers,' said the Gold Demand Trends report of the Council. Gold, with its low volatility and lack of correlation with other assets, provides confidence to investors in terms of ensuring a sure and steady return in their portfolios. The Akshaya Trithiya festival in the first week of May helped to buoy jewellery demand, as this is considered a highly auspicious time for buying gold. However, the high price took its toll


The Planning Commission today said that Rs 50,000-crore Infra Debt Fund for financing infrastructure projects will become operational by beginning of next fiscal. A panel constituted by the Commission to look into the changes required in the regulatory framework for facilitating the setting of the Infra Debt Fund (IDF) is expected to give its report by next week. "If everything goes well, the Infra Debt Fund would be reality by the beginning of the next fiscal," Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia told reporters here. He said, "The committee headed by SBI Chairman O P Bhatt which is looking into the changes required in the regulatory framework for creating IDF would submit its report by next week. "Earlier in June this year, an expert panel headed by HDFC chief Deepak Parekh had recommended setting up of the IDF of Rs 50,000 crore for financing projects in this crucial sector. In its recommendations submitted to the Plan panel,

Vedanta row: focus on environment India's decision to reject UKbased Vedanta's plans to mine bauxite points to tighter enforcement of environment laws, a commitment to playing by the rules rather than a political campaign against megacorporations. In a landmark decision on Tuesday, the environment ministry blocked Vedanta's mining project in Orissa because the forest-hills it would have destroyed are intertwined with the lives and livelihoods of local primitive tribes. It was a stunning victory for a four-year-long global campaign for the Dongria Kondh tribe against a giant mining firm that has been pitchforked into India's debate over environmental laws. It also infused life into the


State-run energy firms Oil and Natural Gas Corp, GAIL India and Oil India will not make a counter-bid for Vedanta Resources' $9.6 billion stake purchase in Cairn India, a senior official in India's oil ministry told Reuters. "There is no chance for a counter bid by Indian firms as the valuation done by Vedanta for Cairn India is already very high," the official said on Wednesday. He declined to be named as he was not authorized to speak publicly. Last week, India-focused miner Vedanta said it agreed to spend up to $9.6 billion to buy a majority stake in Cairn India from its UK-based parent Cairn Energy. Previously, an oil ministry source had said all options were open for Indian state-run firms on Cairn India and domestic media reported the firms had held informal talks

Gold demand to continue in 2010 in June and demand tailed off as consumers preferred to wait for less volatile price moves. 'When considered in light of the record highs in the local gold price reached during the quarter, the 2 percent tonnage decline suggests that jewellery demand was surprisingly robust,' the council said. The high prices, however led to a 20% increase in the value of gold sold at Rs.216 billion. India's total demand for gold stood at 164.5 tonnes for the quarter ended June, compared to 164.2 tonnes in the quarter ended June 2009. 'With the exception of exchange activity (exchange of old jewellery for new, which is not captured in the demand and supply numbers), Indian consumers ap-

Rs 50k cr infra fund soon: Montek


State Cos not to bid further on Cairn

environment ministry with its maverick minister, Jairam Ramesh, whose tussle with his cabinet colleagues on clearing forests for mining and roads underlines India's struggle for sustainable growth. "What Jairam Ramesh is doing is saying if you have to do business here play it by the rule, no sidetracking environment, no backdoor, which is a good thing," said R.K. Gupta, managing director of Taurus Mutual Fund. "The clear signal to overseas investors is that you can not take environmental clearance for granted. Things will not be done as they used to be in the past. This is course correction." Commentators point out that thousands of factories get built in India every year and the government has clearly encour-

aged industrial projects - evidence analysts say that the ruling Congress party is not anti-development. HERO OR VILLAIN? Ramesh's stand in a country focused on development and raring to take the global high table has meant he is also scoffed at by some as an inflexible "green fundamentalist". For years, the environmental ministry was seen as rubber-stamping projects. But Ramesh has scrapped or delayed clearance for some 100 mining projects, including those backed by South Korea's POSCO, drawing protests that he is hurting development in a nation short of power and raw materials. A second airport in Mumbai is caught in the environment debate as are dozens of road and dam projects.

the committee had asked the government to change rules to allow funding by pension and insurance companies. It had urged the sectoral regulators -- Reserve Bank, market regulator Sebi, insurance watchdog Irda, and pension fund regulator PFRDA -to tweak their existing laws to enable market players to use the large amount of untapped insurance and pension funds. In its report submitted to the Commission, the Parekh committee had also suggested that the proposed infrastructure fund with an initial corpus of Rs 50,000 crore be set up as venture capital fund (VCFs) to be managed and regulated by Sebi.

peared to be targeting even higher prices as a trigger for selling back their holdings of old gold,' it added.

on a joint bid. ONGC, Oil India and GAIL declined comment on Wednesday. The deal needs Indian government approval because Cairn India has productionsharing contracts (PSCs) with

the government for oil and gas exploration blocks and the agreement says any ownership change would need federal approval. Cairn India shares ended 2.8 percent lower on the Bombay Stock Exchange after rising more than 3 percent on Tuesday on market chatter of a likely counter offer by the state firms.









Information Technology


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Still on the Springboard Among the many aqua sports in Goa, swimming is one that can rest on many of its laurels. As the weeklong 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships held at Eindhoven, The Netherlands concluded on August 21, Herald takes a dive at the status of swimming in the state

BY NOMRATHA FERNANDES HERALD FEATURES flip to the last page of any local daily of late and it is likely you will read a Talasha Prabhu swimming achievement. Swimming stories featuring local achievements have a considerable amount of splash on the newspapers. Yes, the sport has brought home plenty of national and international winning moments and young, swimming stars. That said, we learn that the sport is having difficulties. One cannot ignore that swimming has its moments of victory but when compared to the last ten years, they are getting lesser, say sources from the Goa Olympic Association. “The sport has witnessed a drop in the number of fresh swimmers and even the current don’t entirely plan on continuing to make a career out of it,” says Anil Madgaonkar, Goa Olympic Association. The reason behind this, he cites, is a general lack of interest in sports. As the television and the internet are more accessible to the present generation, sports have taken a back seat. It is sometimes not even considered. Academic pressure continuously piled on to the student by their parents and teachers and the system, either disillusion a student’s focus on sports or make them give it up entirely. The few that do excel have their parent’s continuous support. Madgaonkar affirms that this situation applies to swimming. The status of swimming is stagnant. Achievements have lessened because participation has and it is not pursued as a career. The reason behind the discontinuation of swimming for academic or jobrelated purposes is simply because there is little to no money in swimming. “There surely is fame and glory for those brining in the gold, silver and the bronze and the participant at the international level, but that seems to be all,” Madgaonkar states rather glumly. He is right. Goa’s popular sports of cricket and football, with their strong league status and equally strong international teams, (though football still has a long way to go), not to mention their elephantine fan following and sponsors, give their players hope of a career. The general thought is, if one works hard enough in either, someday it could get them to the national or international level and monetary gain will follow. This is lacking with swimming, for obvious reasons. “The prospects of swimming as a career is doubted by the parent and in some cases even the swimmer. This is the reason behind


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Shift your life balance heavily toward fun today. Make more time to go and play! You're no (23 Oct – 21 Nov) stranger to creative energy or projects, so today's big burst of good energy is perfectly welcome. You should immediately get started on something new and bold and splashy!

Get ready for big career changes! People and places may be changing dramatically. You don't (21 May – 21 Jun) always deal well with misunderstandings -- you may wonder just how anyone could be so dense! Drop that attitude today, as someone quite important needs a quick correction from you.

Now that things are settling down, it's a good time to expand your career horizons. New proj(22 Nov – 21 Dec) ects are harder than usual to tackle today, thanks to some weird energy that keeps you from making serious progress. It's okay, as long as you can make up for it later on.

Like a perky pop song, you're in tune with others and inspiring good vibrations. Big ideas are com(22 Jun – 22 Jul) ing your way, and you are certainly feeling good about what you're seeing. Try to get a friend or colleague to help you jot down notes toward new plans or projects -they're golden!

Tell a stressed friend that you're only too glad to help -- they need your support. Surprise people (22 Dec – 19 Jan) today -- you've got more going on than anyone realizes, and if you make a few creative moves, it's a safe bet that you can take everyone by surprise. Make a play and win big!

Listen to your instinct when making decisions today -- ignore everyone's campaigns. Do you (23 Jul – 22 Aug) know everything yet? Of course not -- so fire up your computer and do some research. Trust your gut for what you need, and you should soon find that you're fully informed - as much as you need, anyway.

You can't be forced to be compassionate -- you must decide to be compassionate. Even if you're (20 Jan – 18 Feb) constantly in touch with your bank info, you may not know everything. Try not to extend yourself too far today, or you may have to deal with the consequences for quite some time to come.

Everyone has relationship issues now and then -- you're not doing anything wrong. Your rela(23 Aug – 22 Sep) tionship needs a bit of tinkering, but nothing too major. In fact, you may need to help your partner figure out what they really want from you or from the union. Get them to open up.

Master the art of indulgence today. Treat yourself well as an example for others. Turn inward (19 Feb – 20 Mar) just a bit and see if you can get yourself to make the most of your positive emotional energy. It's a good time to learn about your deeper needs or to start on a personal project.



Chetan Bhagat: A Modern Revolutionist After giving India four blockbuster novels, Chetan Bhagat is now given the title of a motivational speaker. Here is something more of the man who revolutionised the Indian reading habit BY JANICE RODRIGUES HERALD FEATURES n amazing writer with an undying sense of humour, Chetan Bagat is probably become a household name, especially in urban India with his books ‘Five Point Someone’, ‘One Night @ the Call Center’, ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ and the latest ‘2 States’ all being best sellers. Bhagat, apart from sharing a name with one of India’s foremost revolutionist, is himself a true revolutionist in the modern day sense of the word. A youth icon, he has revolutionised the reading habit in India, and has also been invited by institutions to share his views on subjects he is passionate about, motivating people to do better. But Bhagat wasn’t always a writer. An IIT graduate, he then went on to do his management at IIM, secured a job in a financial firm which ‘shut down just six months after he joined’, following which he got into investment banking till 2009 until he quit to concentrate on his writing career. He believes that it is this journey that has shaped him into the person he now is.


His books, which made millions laugh, also hit on target when it came to the theme of the stories. His views on the bringing about of change in the system of education and politics alike were very well expressed in his motivational talk and the press interaction that followed. “Why don’t you stop the obsession with IIT and other competitive exams,” was his plea when asked about the inclusion of the IIT portion into the school curriculum. He further aired his opinion about the education system, stating, “The education system should encourage students and not create narrow-minded people who are not aware of what is happening around the world.” When asked about broaching topics like drugs in his future works, he replied, “I wouldn’t want to go to that area as young children of ages 15 are reading my books, hence I am very careful of what I write.”

its current status,” Madgaonkar informs. The question of infrastructure has to be asked. Could it be among the factors that turn a swimmer off? “Swimming and diving infrastructure is excellent,” Madgaonkar says confidently. Four major towns of Mapusa, Panjim, Margao and Ponda have professional, wellequipped, Olympic pools for coaching and practice. He goes on to inform that Goa will have two more swimming centres, one in Vasco and the other in Sanquelim in the near future. With minor complaints with infrastructure it can almost be ruled out of the grievance list. On the coaching front, Sudesh Nagvenkar, Goa Swimming Association states that Goa has a sufficient amount of diving coaches and lacks in swimming coaches. He highlights an important reason behind the lack of inclination towards swimming as a sport. “Football or cricket are more accessible than the sport of swimming. One can initiate more easily into these sports than with swimming,” he says. This basicaly implies that it is easier to gather an interest in most other popular sports than swimming due to the nature of the sport. With the new entries, the ratio of boys to girls is similar, but as mentioned before, lessening. The interest in swimming is diminishing confirms sources associated with sports in Goa. Inspite of this, Nagvenkar states that the sport is catching up with youngsters and will definately produce good results in the near future. Amidst its present state, the sports policy is the ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Its clauses state grace marks anywhere from 5 to 40 for sportspersons who excel at the taluka, state, national and international level and reserved seats for sportspersons in colleges, besides other benefits. The sports policy, by its very nature should be utilised by students and especially students from economically lower backgrounds and those living in rural areas. Just like with any skill, to attract youngsters to the sport, interest has to be generated at the school level. “Awareness hasn’t reached the grass root,” laments Madgaonkar, exactly where it should be. Once it does, interest will automatically be created. He suggests to schools to expose their students to swimming competitions held in the state and conduct coaching camps and competitions. “It will also change the perception around swimming,” says Madgaonakar, which, to a large majority, is currently that of drowning or aversion to water.



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Thursday, 26 Aug, 2010

Swimming in Goa


How has your journey been from IIT to now? It’s not what I set out to do. I brought this book out because I just wanted to be a writer, but because of my background, I get to do these motivational talks too. The journey also definitely gave me a story to write about. It’s really nice to touch people and come out here and tell the thousands of them ‘don’t be stressed’ and to be able to touch lives in one way or the other. The language in your books is very simple. Do you intentionally write that way? The language is simple, yes; the way I talk is the way I write. But I do try, now, to make it simpler, for a wider readership. The English in the interiors (of India) is not very vibrant. Have you ever read any books by Goan authors? No, I haven’t read any Goan authors, but I have read authors who have now settled in Goa, so they are kind of Goan now. I’ve always been tempted to move to Goa, but because of all the involvement with the media and issues like columns, I have to be there where it’s happening. I do come quite often; I love Remo’s music and the places around here and the journey by the Konkan Kanya. …and the Bollywood controversy? Let’s not talk about it. But if they want good writers, they have to acknowledge them.

Beyonce accused of stealing Design


inger Beyonce Knowles' studded leggings that she flaunts in the new campaign for her fashion label, Dereon, has created a controversy. A fashion house has accused her of copying their design! The fashion house E-label claimed that Beyonce purchased an almost identical pair from their store in London's Topshop in November last year. Helba Hallgrimsdottir, who co-owns the brand, said: “I didn't twig straight away that this was her own label. I just thought she was wearing our leggings. It is practically just copy-paste.” E-label has not decided about taking legal action. “No decision has yet been taken. We need to inspect her brand's trousers closer because, according to law, it is not copied if a certain number of things have been

Katrina finally admits… She’s Single!


ollywood actress Katrina Kaif, who had always refrained from speaking about her relationship with actor Salman Khan, has finally confirmed that she was sin-

gle. “I am single. But beyond that I don’t think I need to give too much of details,” Katrina told reporters at an event where she was named the international brand ambassador of Etihad Airways, the national airlines of the UAE. The actress who garnered rave reviews for her role in director Prakash Jha’s political drama ‘Raajneeti’ said that sometimes it becomes very difficult to take a personal decision and more so if it has to be taken publicly.

“Sometimes it’s hard enough to take decisions, professional but mostly personal. It is also very difficult to take them in front of everybody, whether it is the media, or the public or the world, I think that’s a little bit more than what I can handle. That’s why for six years, I have never commented who I am with, if I had a break up or if there is an argument,” Katrina said. The actress said she thinks commitment changes with situation. “If you commit to something, you must stand by it. But if you commit to something and the situation changes, then perhaps the commitment also changes,” she said.

changed from the original design,” said Hallgrimsdottir. She added that though E-label's design was not copyrighted, the media coverage of the singer's shopping trip was likely to be adequate evidence to prove the design had been plagiarised. The Dereon label, designed by Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles, was launched in 2006. It is a low-priced sister line for House of Dereon, the original collection created by them in 2004. Both labels take their name from the singer's maternal grandmother, Agnez Dereon.









GOA’S HEARTBEAT Thursday, 26 Aug, 2010

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? Matoli and Dekhava Comeptitions, organised by the Department of Art and Culture are being held at the district level. The Matoli competition is open to individual participations, while the Dekhava competitions are open only to Sarvojanik Ganeshotsav Mandals. Call 2438103. Unison 2010 presented by Jason and Sylvia Dance Academy will be staged at National Institute of Oceanography, AC Auditorium, Dona Paula, on August 28 from 5:45pm onwards. A trek to Hirvem-Valpoi, organised by the Youth Forum of YMCA, Panjim will be held on August 29. E-mail Call 2227112. ‘Sound, Music and Lyrics’, will be the topic of discussion at the sixth session of the film appreciation course ‘Imago: The Language of Film’ to be held on August 27 at 5.30pm at Gallery Gitanjali, Fontainhas, Panjim. Visit Call 9823572035 or 9423316395. Interactive Session on Psychological Health with Dr Vasumath Prabhu is organised by the International Centre Goa in association with the Manipal Hospital on August 27 at 6 pm. The session is open to all ‘Evolving a neighbourhood citizen’s response to Crime in Goa,’ will be the topic of discussion for Friday Balcao on August 27 from 4pm to 6pm. at Goa Desc Resource Centre No.11, Liberty Apartments, Feira Alta, Mapusa. Workshop for Children on Tales Canvas, a monthly workshop by The Pageturners – children’s book club will be conducted by Jugneeta Sudan. Organised by The International Centre Goa and Broadway Book Centre, the workshop will be conducted on August 29. ‘Into the Diaspora Wilderness’ a book by Selma Carvalho will be




Funny Quote

Pronunciation kwah-fyoor Function Noun Meaning 1 : a style of arranging or combing the hair 2 : a head covering; headdress Example Sentence The secret to a well-arranged coiffure is managable, combedout hair.


launched by Goa 1556 on August 29 at 11am at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. ‘Save the Girl Child’ will be the theme for the state level inter-college street play competition organised by the Directorate of Health as part of the implementation of the Pre-conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique Act on September 21 and 22 at the Maquinez Palace, Panjim. Workshop on Khell-Tiatr organised by Kala Academy Goa in collaboration with Tiatr Academy of Goa will be held on August 29 from 10am to 1pm at the Kala Academy, Panjim. Registration closes on August 27. Call 2230738 or 2230739. All-Goa Inter School Quiz organised by the Loyola Ex-Students Association will be held on August 29 at Loyola School Hall. Call Colin: 92336121136 or submit registrations at Loyola School Panijm. Climbing and Bouldering Classes will be held from October 5 to November 25 every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 6pm. Registration closes on September 15. Call 9422438186 or 8975841178. Samriddhi ’10, the 2-day national conference organised by the Goa Institute of Managament will be held on August 28 and 29 at Fortune Regina, Candolim. The topic this year is ‘Social Media and Business’. Call 9923172088. Preliminary rounds for ‘Vem Cantar – The Portuguese Song Contest 2010’, organised by the Heritage Cell of the Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim and the Fundacao Oriente will be held on September 11 from 5pm onwards at the Clube Harmonia de Margao, Margao and on September 12 at 5pm at Clube Vasco de Gama, Panjim. Call 2736864, 2701584, 2701564 or 2714546.

“Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug.” – John Lithgow DAILY GROOK HOLY HALO by Francis Rodrigues telephone operators are angelic fellows, surrounded by auras of constant hellos!



Information Technology




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‘Unison 2010’ readies to mesmerise with an Evening of Dance




Amar Chitra Katha pays Tribute to Mother Teresa


HERALD FEATURES hildren with loads of exciting talents will unleash their potential on stage at Unison 2010 at the AC Auditorium of the National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, on August 28, 2010, 5:45pm onwards. The music, dance and fashion extravaganza by students from all over Goa, titled ‘Unison 2010’ now in its 5th year, has been conceptualised and brought on stage by Jason and Sylvia Viegas of Jason and Sylvia Dance Academy. The show intends on harmonising the performances of differently-abled children with other children. This year’s performances will showcase the talents of kids from the Academy, from Daddy’s Home Margao and the School for Appropriate Learning, Care of Peoples Educational Trust, Mala – Panjim, all trained for the event by Jason and Sylvia. Different styles of dance will come alive in performances of Goan folk dances such as Dhekni, Indian dances such as Bhangra, Western ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz-Ballet and a special dedication of the Jason and Sylvia Dance Academy to the King of Pop – Michael Jackson interspersed with kids Fashion and Singing. There will also be a special dance presentation by the Airport Authority of India, Western Region, Goa which won the 14th AAI Annual Dance Competition held in Delhi which was specially choreographed by Jason and Sylvia. Dignitaries like Governor of Goa Dr Shivender Singh Sidhu, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Speaker, Pratapsingh Rane will be present at the event. HERALD FEATURES idn’t we all love Amar Chitra Katha comics? They didn’t only entertainment us and tell us stories but also educated us. August 26, 2010 will witness the birth centenary celebrations of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa. Born on August 26, 1910 this Albanian nun founded a Catholic congregation Missionaries of Charity and devoted herself to the cause of the poor, infirm and the dying worldwide from her base in Kolkata. Amar Chitra Katha, with the release of ‘Mother Teresa Little Acts of Love’ is paying tribute to the great Mother


Patoios and More at the Patoieanchem Fest HERALD FEATURES he road to Salvador do Mundo was crowded with revellers in the festive spirit to celebrate the Patoieanchem Fest. The feast which was celebrated in a bid to preserve the culture and traditions was organised by the residents of the village and saw a huge participation from the visitors too. “There was a really good response and people had come forward to voluntarily work together,” said Mario Fernandes, one of the organisers. The multi cultural festival, which received


Instructions for Sudoku SUDOKU SOL 638 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes

On a Motivating Note with Chetan Bhagat wide participation, was also an eco friendly festival with no use of plastic materials, even the food being served on ‘patraios’ and banana leaves. The food cooked by the community members tickled the palates of those who tasted it; from the chicken xacuti to the ‘Patioios’ and the ‘Puddis’ everything was cooked in the community kitchen. The entertainment provided by the various performers was well accepted by the audience. Ashley and His Amigos entertained the crowd with all the mandos and other Konkani songs, along with the mandolin played by Dexter Fernandes. The other forms of entertainment were the revival of the age old games like ‘katodio’, ‘godde’, ‘gonthani’, ‘gulli-danda’ and the coconut breaking.

HERALD FEATURES he Cultural Foundation of Smt Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao celebrated its Founders Day on August 25, 2010 to commemorate the birth anniversary of their founder, Vishwasrao Chowgule. The college also felicitated some of the staff members for their contribution to the college on that day. On the occasion, renowned writer of a number of bestselling novels of recent times, Chetan Bhagat, delivered a talk on motivation and managing failure. The event was attended by the students of the various colleges. Bhagat, known for his impeccable sense of humour, started on a lighter note with a presentation about his latest book, ‘2 States – The Story of My Marriage’ which is loosely based on his own marriage. His explanation on why he chose to marry a nonPunjabi girl left the crowds chuckling with laughter. From this, he moved on to a more serious topic and spoke about how failure and success are a part of life. He said, “If life slaps you, your ability to stand up and pull yourself through those ups and downs is what shapes you as a person.” The talk was followed by a question and answer session between him and the students where he was asked about his books and talks. The interaction wound up with a book signing session.



21:30 Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 22:30 Aahat 23:00 CID Special Bureau

10:30 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 11:00 Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 12:00 Aahat 13:00 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 13:30 Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 14:30 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 15:00 C.I.D 19:30 Godh Bharaai 20:00 Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah 20:30 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 21:00 Comedy Ka Daily Soap




10:00 Tere Liye 10:30 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11:00 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 11:30 Behenein 12:00 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 12:30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13:00 Tere Mere Sapne 13:30 Hamari Devrani 14:00 Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat 14:30 Chhote Ustaad 15:00 Chaand Chupa Badal Mein 15:30 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 16:00 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16:30 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 17:00 Sasural Genda Phool 17:30 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18:00 Tere Liye 18:30 Sabki Laadli Bebo 19:00 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19:30 Sasural Genda Phool 20:00 Chaand Chupa Badal Mein 20:30 Behenein 21:00 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 21:30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22:00 Tere Liye 22:30 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya


10:30 Sanjog Se Bani Sangini 11:00 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 11:30 Pavitra Rishta 12:00 Mera Naam Karegi Roshan 12:30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 13:00 Jhansi Ki Rani 13:30 Pavitra Rishta 14:00 Sanjog Se Bani Sangini 14:30 Mera Naam Karegi Roshan 15:00 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 15:30 Choti Bahu 16:00 Pavitra Rishta 16:30 Jhansi Ki Rani 17:00 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 17:30 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 18:00 Sanjog Se Bani Sangini 18:30 Mera Naam Karegi Roshan 19:00 12/24 Karol Bagh 19:30 Choti Bahu 20:00 Jhansi Ki Rani 20:30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 21:00 Pavitra Rishta 21:30 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 22:00 Sanjog Se Bani Sangini 22:30 Mera Naam Karegi Roshan

11:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 12:00 Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 12:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 13:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 13:30 Papad Pol 14:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta .. 14:30 Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 15:00 Lapataganj

08:35 Snow Dogs 10:35 Scary Movie 12:20 The Silence of the Lambs 14:40 Step Up 2: The Streets 16:45 Blank Slate 18:40 Blown Away 21:00 Marley & Me 23:15 Braveheart

08:15 Undercover Brother 10:00 Double Impact 12:00 Tarzan's Three Challenges 14:00 Fool's Gold 16:15 Stop-Loss 18:30 TMZ 19:00 Mr. Troop Mom 21:00 The Glass House 23:15 American Ninja 3

12:05 Baghban 16:50 Mast 20:00 Golmaal Returns 23:45 An American Werewolf in Paris

12:00 A Chinese Tall Story 14:10 We Own The Night 16:30 An Unfinished Life 18:45 Finding Neverland 21:00 Kill Bill Vol. 1 23:20 The Aviator

09:30 Film Star 12:30 Chhoti Bahoo 16:00 Main Hoon Rakhwala 20:00 Indra: The Tiger

08:30 Marte Dum Tak 12:30 Naksha: Unlock the Mystery 16:00 Yaadon Ki Baaraat 20:00 Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta

08:10 My Beautiful Laundrette 10:10 Ultraviolet

12:00 Fashion 16:00 Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! 20:00 Magic Robot

E N T E R TA I N M E N T 15:30 Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai 16:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 16:30 Papad Pol 17:00 Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 17:30 Gutar Gu 18:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 18:30 Papad Pol 19:00 Lapataganj 19:30 Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 20:00 Papad Pol 20:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta.. 21:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 21:30 Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 22:00 Lapataganj 22:30 Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai

11:00 Geet 11:30 India's Magic Star 13:00 Rang Badalti Odhni 13:30 Geet 14:00 Dill Mill Gayye 14:30 Mile Jab Hum Tum 15:00 Geet 15:30 Rang Badalti Odhni 16:00 Dill Mill Gayye 16:30 Mile Jab Hum Tum 17:00 Geet 17:30 Rang Badalti Odhni 18:00 Dill Mill Gayye 18:30 Mile Jab Hum Tum

19:00 Geet 19:30 Rang Badalti Odhni 20:00 Dill Mill Gayye 21:30 Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh 21:00 Mile Jab Hum Tum 21:30 Geet 22:00 Rang Badalti Odhni 22:30 Dill Mill Gayye

12:00 Masters of Illusion 13:00 Whacked Out Sports 14:00 Wipeout 15:00 Guinness World Records 18:00 Charmed 19:00 Wipeout 20:00 Scare Tactics

21:00 Sports Crash 22:00 Destination Truth 23:00 24

11:00 MasterChef Australia 11:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? 12:00 Glee 13:00 Castle : Deep in Death 14:00 Criminal Minds 15:00 Ugly Betty 16:00 The Simpsons 16:30 Friends 17:00 Criminal Minds 18:00 Glee 19:00 Castle : The Double Down 20:00 The Simpsons 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 MasterChef Australia 22:00 Criminal Minds

10:30 Engine Block 2010 11:00 Golf Focus 2010 11:30 Thailand Open : Day 1 15:30 Nike Football Locker Room 16:00 Mercedes Benz Masters 17:00 TNA Impact 21:00 Score Tonight 21:30 TNA Ppv : Genesis

10:00 Winter X Games All Access 11:00 Global Football 11:30 Goals! 12:00 Barclays Premier League 2010/11 : Newcastle United vs. Aston Villa 14:00 WNBA Playoffs 2010 : Game 1 16:00 PGA Europro Tour 18:00 Bpl Express : West Ham United vs. Bolton Wanderers 19:00 Premier League World 19:30 World of Gymnastics

20:00 Sportscenter India 20:30 Sportscenter Asia 21:00 Champions League Twenty20 2009 H/ls : New South Wales Blues vs. Sussex Sharks 22:00 Sportscenter India 22:30 Sportscenter Asia

10:30 UEFA Champions League 2010/11 : Tottenham Hotspur FC vs. BSC Young Boys 12:30 UEFA Champions League 2010/11 : AFC Ajax vs. FC Dynamo Kyiv 14:30 FIFA: Futbol Mundial 15:00 Sri Lanka Triangular Series in 2010 H/ls : 6th ODI: New Zealand vs. India 17:00 WWE: Raw 19:00 Mobil 1 The Grid 19:30 European Tour Weekly 20:00 European Tour 2010

7:00 Kids Club 7:30 Health Watch 8:00 English News 9:00 Konkani News 10:00 Marathi News 11:00 Patoienchem Fest 11:30 Dudhsagar 12:00 Disha 1:00 English News 2:00 Dance Goa Dance 3:00 Divine Praises 3:30 Sangeet 4:00 Patoienchem Fest 4:30 HCN Smash Hits 5:00 Kids Club 5:30 Dudhsagar 6:00 Konkani News 7:00 Marathi News 8:00 English News 9:00 Straight Talk 10:00 English News 11:00 Fashion Show Note: Subject to Change

HERALD CROSSWORD - 639 Across 1- Play thing; 5- Entreaties; 10- ___ boy!; 14- Verdi opera; 15- Midway state; 16- Town; 17- Borodin's prince; 18- Conjunction; 19- Switch ending; 20- Metallica drummer Ulrich; 21- Strict; 23- Aurora's counterpart; 25- Wreath of flowers; 26- Rapid-fire; 31- Head lock; 35- Resistance unit; 36Godly love; 38- Fabric of jeans; 40- Make ___ for it; 42___ nous; 44- Serbian folk dance; 45- Difficult question; 47- From that time; 49- Alley ___; 50- Started; 52- Cave in; 54- Crackpot; 56- Eternity; 57Sporadic; 62- Writing table; 66- Bristles; 67- Main impact; 68- Hindu princess; 69Pitcher Hershiser; 70- Pong maker; 71- Bibliography abbr.; 72- Corm of the taro; 73Tending to a definite end; 74Starch used in puddings; Down 1- Bucket; 2- Baltic capital; 3Scent; 4- 3.26 light years; 5- Surplus amount; 6- Bits of thread; 7Chieftain, usually in Africa; 8Bubbling; 9- Poem of 14 lines; 10- Busy as ___; 11- Rotate; 12Horse's gait; 13- "…and seven years _____"; 22- Enclose; 24South American tuber; 26- Work up lather; 27- Palpitate; 28- Divert; 29- Makes brown; 30- Pertaining to the eye; 32- A mouse!; 33- Pry; 34- Grain stores; 37-

Cube creator Rubik; 39SOLUTION - 638 Brood; 41- Bit of film, to a photog; 43- Choosing from various sources; 46- Flows; 48- "Hold On Tight" band; 51- Ant-eating Australian marsupial; 53- Guitarist Segovia; 55- Rich cake; 57Reddish-brown gem; 58Splotchy; 59- He sang about Alice; 60- Double; 61Cross inscription; 63- I could ___ horse!; 64- Hangup; 65- Thousand: prefix; 66- Garden tool;


SPORTS GOA, Thursday, 26 August, 2010


St Anthony, Monte de Guirim defeated SFX, Siolim in Subroto U-14 football tournament at Peddem complex on Wednesday. Francis Rodrigues netted in the first half, while teammate Axel Crasto secured the win after the breather. This win for Guirim was their second in 24 hours, seeing off St Britto’s Mapusa 65 on penalties. Chubby Cheeks, Povorim ousted St Ann’s Tivim 5-4 on penalties after the match ended goalless. Latesh Mandre, Paul Fernandes, Dion Pinto, Gajanan

Mandraker and Dravin M u n d u l ka r c o n v e r t e d f o r Chubby Cheeks. Anson Fernandes, Deepal Gawande, Daniel Pereira and Shanu Dharwadkar had scored for St Ann’s. In an under -17 Subroto fixture, SFX, Siolim registered a 51 win over St Xavier’s HSS, Moira.

Holy Family win

MAPUSA (HSR) --Holy Family HS, Porvorim defeated St Brito’s HS, Mapusa to win the U-17 boys taluka badminton. Saraswat Vidhalya were 3rd while Shree Shanta Durga, Pirna 4th. Ashish Narvrekar, Dylan Fernandes, Chavan Sawant Malcolm Fernandes and Yakob Philip were part of Holy Family. Saraswat Vidhalya were the winners of the girls event as they defeated Holy Family, Porvorim in the finals. Krupa Shirodkar, Riyita Parrulekar and Veushali kittlekar made up the Saraswat squad.

Sondesh excels for Adarsh YS HERALD SPORTS REPORTER MAPUSA, AUG 25

A second half brace from Sondesh Chopdekar enabled Adarsh Yuvak Sangh to grab full three points as they overcame Sai Avtar Sports Club 3-2 at Anjuna Gymkhana ground on Wednesday. The score was 1-1 at the break. Adarsh attacked through the wings and the performance was a much needed morale booster as they saw their first match against Holiday SC on Saturday washed out after 45 minutes. They will have to come back from 0-2 deficit in that re-

arranged second half to be played soon. Sai Avtar passed the ball well with good build up play. However, the defence did not look strong as they did not win the ball cleanly enough. Adarsh were handed a gift in the 22nd when Sai Avtar’s Sujeet Korgaonkar headed over his own goalkeeper to give the opposition the lead. Three minutes before the breather Sai Avtar got their equaliser through Sadanand Jadhav. After receiving a low cross from the right, his shot escaped from the clutches of Adarsh goal-

keeper Bhavesh Sawant to end up in the back of the net. In the 58th, Sandosh Chopdekar shot into the near post beating Sai Avtar custodian Sandeep Parwar, who should have had his near post covered. In the 72nd, Adarsh striker Manohar Dhargalkar had his shirt pulled by his marker clearly obstructing his run. From the resulting free kick taken by Lasie Fernandes, Sondesh Chopdekar headed the ball away from the goalkeeper for his second. Five minutes later, Sai Avtar’s S u j e e t Ko rg a o n ka r m a d e amends for his early blunder

scoring at the other end with a fierce drive. The goal was on the cards as Avtar had just had a goal ruled off- side. The last 13 minutes were played at a furious pace with both teams finding a new source of energy. For Adarsh it was a case of attack being the best form of defence. Sai Avtar had two late good goal attempts to neutralise the result but Ashok Bandekar and Sujeet Korgoankar missed narrowly. The match between Portais and Bhagwati at St Cruz was postponed.

Infant Jesus, Bethany, Manovikas advance HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, AUG 25

Infant Jesus High School, Colva, Bethany Convent High School, Sao Jose de Areal and Manovikas English Medium School, Margao

romped into the quarter-finals of Salcete Taluka under-14 Subroto Mukherjee inter-school football tournament organised by DSYA at Government ground, Manora, Raia on Wednesday. Infant Jesus walopped Marina English High School, Verna 4-0. The highlight was a splendid brace by Marino Pereira. Infant Jesus dominated the proceedings

right from the word go and never allowed their rivals to struck rhythm. Sneeden Rodrigues and Dylon Lawrence were the other scorers for Infant Jesus. Bethany Convent High School, Sao Jose de Areal swamped Auxilium High School, Benaulim 5-0. Bethany Convent outplayed their opponents in all the department of the game with

Vishal Diwale single-handedly demolishing the rival defence as he struck thrice. Richard Coutinho and Alvito Moura were the other goal getters. Manovikas English Medium School, Margao registered a narrow 1-0 win of Our Lady of Snows High School, Raia. Mitchel Pimemta struck the match-winner.

Dramapur Boys enter semis HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, AUG 25

Dramapur Boys booked their place in the semi-final of Catherine Viegas memorial football tournament organised by Union of Chinchinim Villagers as they registered a fluent 2-0 win over Palmar Grande Sports Club at church ground, Chinchinim on Wednesday. There was no score

at half time. Palmar Grande were the favourites to go through but Dramapur Boys surprised the crowd with their enterprising display. It was only after resumption that the game came alive when striker Cedrick came up with a beautiful goal with a right footed strike off a through pass from

Vicky. Palmar Grande suffered a blow when their promising defender Valdney Baretto suffered a leg injury and had to be replaced. Dramapur Boys doubled the lead when Cedrick punished the rival goalkeeper with a deft placement after he picked up a pass from Franky D’Costa.


Parish Youth, Nuvem made their way into the finals of All-Goa Joao Francisco Pacheco memorial inter-village football tournament organised by Betalbatim Sporting Club after they edged

past St Anthony’s Sporting Club, Colva 1-0 at Betalbatim Sports Complex on Wednesday. After much probing, Parish Youth broke the deadlock and scored the lone goal when Neves Noronha unleashed a powerful shot which beat the rival goalkeeper all ends up in

the 10th minute. Stung by that setback, St Anthony’s increased their pace and created some opportunities but Neville, under the Nuvem bar, was in his element as brought up a couple saves to keep his slate intact.

Saligao United down Nerul HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, AUG 25

Saligao United Sports Club moved into the semi-finals of 1st All- Goa 9-a-side Reis Magos Panchayat Cup soccer organised by Verem Boys with a 3-1 win over Nerul Sports Club, at Verem Panchayat ground on Tuesday. Saligao were leading 2-1 at the breather. An early 6th minute goal by Alfred Rodrigues off Joyston Dias cross was equalised by a blistering shot by Nerul’s Leroy

Manovikas, Vidya Vikas top

MARGAO (HC) -- Manovikas, Margao and Vidya Vikas Academy clinched the boys and girls titles respectively in Salcete Taluka U-14 inter-school TT at Fatorda on Wednesday. In boys section, Manovikas crushed Vidya Vikas 3-0. Vidya Vikas defeated Manovikas 3-1 sets to claim the girls crown. Boys - Manovikas bt.Vidhya Vikas (George Anthony bt. Vianney Furtado 11-5, 11-1, 11-9, Yashwardhan bt. Jaison Furtado 11-4, 12-10, 11-3, Muizz Jivany bt. Raunak Kare 11-0, 12-10, 13-11). G i r l s : V i d h y a V i ka s b t . Manovikas (Dilaila Furtado bt. Mariam Jivany 11-9, 6-11, 11-8, 6-11, 15-13, Eleanor do Rosario bt. Nupur Mtharwala 11-2, 112, Tanvi Raikar bt. Aakansha Gehlot 13-11, 4-11, 7-11, 10-12, Eleanor do Rosario bt. Mariam Jivany 11-2, 11-4, 11-2).

Third Division football: BAFF v. Football Club de Sanquelim, Tivim ground; St Sebastian SC, Mapusa v. Holiday SC, Mapusa Anjuna ground; Orlim SC v. St Sebastian SC, Benaulim Dando, Benaulim ground; United Club of Utorda v. St Rock Youth Club, Calata, Verna ground. Kick off 4.30 p.m. MahaBank Platinum Trophy soccer quarters: Verna Sports Club v. Candolim Sports Club, Calangute Association ground, 4.30 p.m. Catherine Viegas memorial soccer: St Anthony’s Deussua v. Mingfol, church ground, Chinchinim, 4.30 p.m. 1st All Goa 9-a-side Reis Magos Panchayat Cup soccer quarters: Curtorim Gymkhana v. Nuvem SC, Verem Panchayat ground, 4.45 p.m.

Almeida. In the 29th minute, Nerul’s Sidharth Shirodkar brought down Pravin Jadhav inside the danger

zone. Off the penalty spot, M. A. Francis made no mistake. Martinho Fernandes made it 3-1.

GOA DIARY New entrants referee’s course

PANJIM (HSD) - The Goa Football Association will conduct a new entrant referee’s course at North and South Goa. Clubs have been asked to register two candidates with the GFA offices in Panjim, Mapusa and Margao. Individuals interested in attending the course may register their names. The last date for registration is September 9. The date and venue for the courses will be announced soon.

Handball meeting at Fatorda

MARGAO (HSD) -- The annual general body meeting of Goa Handball Association will be held on September 5 at Nehru Stadium Conference Hall, Fatorda, at 3.30 p.m. The new executive committee and sub-committee will be elected. The programme for 2010-11 will be finalised and the audited statement for 2009-10 presented.

Chess classes at Caranzalem

PANJIM (HSD) -- Regular chess coaching classes will be held at Busy Bugs Hobby Centre Supreme, Near Kamat Classic, Caranzalem, for school students, in association with Chess Activity Centre. Class will be conducted by Shrikant Barve every Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. for beginners and from 4.15 to 5.15 p.m. for advance class. Details with Usha Keny on 9822144566/2461282.

Salgaocar TT at Cortalim

PANJIM (HSD) – The 27th major ranking Salgaocar TT organised by Cortalim Gymkhana will be held from August 30 to September 5 at Mangesh Maharudra Hall, near Datta Mandir, Thane, Cortalim. Entries may be given to Angleys (Panjim, Margao, Vasco), Ashok Mahambre on 9763817905, Satish Keni on 9422062892 upto August 28 (5 p.m.). Schedule – boys on Sept 1, girls on Sept 2, junior boys on Sept 3, finals on Sept 4. The tournament has been recognised by GTTA and has been sponsored by V M Salgaocar & Bros, Vasco. Matches will start at 4 p.m.

Chess selections at Canacona

PANJIM (HSD) – The Canacona Sports Academy under the auspices of Goa Chess Association will organise an all-Goa U– 17 State selection tournament for boys and girls on August 29, 30 and 31 at Shri Datta Mandir, Nagarcem, Canacona. Registered players of Goa Chess Association are eligible. Two players each from open and girls category will be selected to participate in the National tournament for boys and girls categories. Total prizes of Rs. 11,000 and trophies will be awarded to the first six winners in each category. Special prizes for first three winners at the taluka level will be awarded. Players may submit their entries to Anant Agni on 9422439903, Sanjay Kavlekar on 9823258711, Avinash Malvankar on 9850271759 or Swapnil Hoble on 9881776689 on or before August 28.

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GOA, Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Stars pull-out won’t affect CWG: Kalmadi


The increasing number of star pullouts may be taking the sheen off the Commonwealth Games but Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi is not too worried, saying there will be plenty of world champions in action and those who have withdrawn have done so because of injury. Kalmadi said that a clear picture of the list of athletes would emerge only on September 3 when the countries would have to submit the entries by name. The OC chairman is unfazed by the pullouts of crowd-pullers such as sprint stars Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, swimming sensation Stephanie Rice and tennis players Lleyton Hewitt and Samantha Stosur.

Asked whether the pullouts were a worrying factor, Kalmadi said, "No, not at all. Because many top world class stars are coming. A few are not coming because of injury." "Bolt has not gone in the last four five events because he was not well. Whether anybody will come or not will be known only on September 3 when the countries will give their entries by name. Entry by general category has been going on," Kalmadi told PTI in an interview. The Indian Olympic Association chief said in the absence of big names, new stars would be made at the Games. "Lots of world champions are coming. Few have backed out not because of any other reason but injury. Stephanie Rice has backed out because she was injured. Shelly Ann-Fraser was caught in a dope case. Chris Hoy's taking part in Olympics depends on that event (European Championships)," he pointed out. "Anyway if somebody is not coming a new champion, a new star will come up. Bolt is not coming but other athletes who are just 0.02 or 0.03 different (in timing) will come. So new champions will happen, I am happy with that. The 71 Chefs de Mission who have come here were happy with the Games so they have told us that most of their athletes are coming," he asserted. Asked whether he was upset about the corruption allegations that have come about in the last month or so, Kalmadi said he had all along maintained that nothing wrong was done and all the proposals were cleared through the executive board of the OC.

Nagoa Sporting in last four HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, AUG 25

A 10th minute strike by Saish Palyekar helped Nagoa Sporting Club beat crowd favourites Calangute Association by a solitary goal and book their place in the semi-finals of AllGoa Inter- Village Mahabank Platinum Jubilee Trophy soccer tournament sponsored by Bank of Maharashtra and org a n i s e d b y A d a r s h Yu v a k

Sangh at Calangute Association ground, here on Wednesday. Both teams began the proceedings on a positive note. In the 10th minute Stanley initiated a move for Nagoa and relayed the ball to Pradeep who crossed to Saish Palyekar to slot the ball home beating the Calangute keeper. Down by a goal, Calangute pulled up their socks and cre-

ated moves but were unable to find the net. Changing over, Calangute dominated the proceedings and went all- out in search of the equaliser but their forwards failed to find the net time and again. Bruno, Boney and Francisco worked overtime for Calangute while Sanjay, Venancio and Babloo kept the Nagoa fort intact.

Braga shock Sevilla cl qualifiers AGENCIES BERNE, AUG 25

Sevilla, who reached the last 16 of the Champions League last season, were handed a shock play-off defeat by unfashionable Braga on Tuesday while Werder Bremen pulled off a spectacular escape act to oust Sampdoria. Lima, a 27-year-old Brazilian forward who has until now enjoyed a journeyman career, came on to score a second-half hattrick to give Portuguese team Braga a 4-3 win in Spain and send them into the group stage for the first time 5-3 on aggregate. Werder, leading 3-1 from the first leg, went 3-0 down at Sampdoria before substitute Markus Rosenberg scored in the third minute of stoppage time to set up extra-time. Claudio Pizarro then netted as the Bundesliga team lost 32 on the night but qualified 54 on aggregate to leave Spain and Italy with only three teams in Europe's top club competition. There was further drama as Partizan Belgrade knocked out Anderlecht 3-2 on penalties after drawing 2-2 in Belgium after letting slip a two-goal lead in the last half hour. It is the second time Partizan have qualified for the group stage. The first time was in 2003 when they defeated Newcastle United. Swiss league champions Basel won 3-0 at Sheriff Tiraspol to complete a 4-0 aggregate win over the Moldovans while Hapoel Tel Aviv qualified with a 1-1 home draw against Salzburg, who lost 4-3 overall to fall at the playoff stage for the fourth time in five seasons.

England will win nothing with Capello: Mourinho AGENCIES LONDON, AUG 25

Jose Mourinho has insisted England will never win a major tournament while Fabio Capello is in charge of the national side. Italian manager Capello has been under fire since England's wretched campaign at this year's World Cup in South Africa, where they exited the tournament at the last 16 stage. "The problem is the manager," Mourinho told Wednesday's Daily Mirror. "Capello will not work for England," added Mourinho, who won two English Premier League titles while manager of Chelsea and last season guided Italian giants Inter Milan to a domestic and Champions League treble. Portuguese boss Mourinho is now in charge of Real Madrid, where Capello was once the

Botha keen to take over SA ODI captaincy AGENCIES CAPE TOWN, AUG 25

South Africa's new Twenty20 captain Johan Botha has his sights firmly set on taking over the ODI captaincy once Graeme Smith steps down after the World Cup next year. "I have three Twenty20 tournaments before the World Cup to prove myself and if all goes well, I will have an outstanding chance to take over then as well," Botha said. "I am looking forward very much to the challenge. It's a huge privilege to take over from Graeme," he was quoted as saying by Afrikaans daily Beeld.

Fencing coaching at Don Bosco PANJIM (HSD) - The Goa Fencing Association and Don Bosco Oratory Panjim, will organise its first fencing coaching camp for U-17 girls and boys from August 26 at Don Bosco Oratory from 4 to 5.30 p.m. Players born on or after 1-11994 are eligible. Coaching will be

conducted by an NIS qualified coach and will be coordinated by Aditya Shirgaonkar, executive member of Goa Fencing Association (9370643076). Details may be obtained from Yogesh Thakur, president on 9823129718 or Fr Ralin De Souza, DBO director on 2421116.

manager. And according to Mourinho, Capello's deficiencies are well remembered in the Spanish capital. "He has a one-track relationship with players," Mourinho said. "Ask anyone here at Real Madrid. He can't change. You cannot go around just shouting at players. They need to feel special. "It is clear. Capello will not work for England. He does not know the players. They are frightened of him and they can't play for him. "For me, it is a mess for England. Players need clear tactics. "They cannot be confused about what they have to do," added Mourinho,

known to remain close to several of the Chelsea players in the England squad, including John Terry and Frank Lampard. "It is the manager's fault. And it is a big shame."

FIFA dismisses North Korea witch-hunt claims REUTERS ZURICH, AUG 25

FIFA has dismissed allegations that North Korea's coach and players were punished for losing all three of their games at this year's World Cup. Asian media reported the side had been publicly shamed after returning from South Africa having conceded 12 goals in the first round. Soccer's governing body FIFA insisted it was business as usual for North Korea and that no such witchhunt had taken place. ''The (North Korean) FA assures FIFA that Mr Kim Jonghun, head coach of the national team, and all the other members of the national team are training as usual,'' FIFA said in a statement. ''The association also indicates

that there were no sanctions to the coach and that the reports on this matter were baseless. ''With all of the information at hand, and having checked all of its sources, FIFA has decided to close the matter.'' North Korea lost 2-1 to Brazil, were humiliated 7-0 by Portugal and easily beaten 3-0 by Ivory Coast at the World Cup. Radio Free Asia and South Korean media claimed Kim and his team were forced onto a stage at the People's Palace of Culture in front of 400 government officials, students and journalists. Reports said the players were subjected to six hours of criticism for their performance at the World Cup, their first appearance since 1966.

Complaint filed against GCA l GCA pays ‘ 10 lakh interest to SAG


The Goa Cricket Association (GCA) effected the payment of Rs 10, 330,42 which was due to SAG as the interest amount on the financial assistance of Rs 50 lakh granted in 2000. GCA secretar y, Prasad Phaterpekar stated the amount was paid on August 23. It was also confirmed by SAG’ Executive Director, V M Prabhudesai. The payment comes in the wake of the information sought by Advocate Aires Rodrigues which was provided by the SAG under the RTI. “The interest amount was not paid by GCA despite constant reminders by SAG and it needed my applica-

tion for making the payment,” Aires remarked. Meanwhile, Aires disclosed that a complaint was filed today before the Goa State Information Commission against the GCA for its refusal to furnish information sought by him under the RTI Act. The GCA had claimed that it does not come under the purview of the RIT Act as it had not received any financial assistance from the Goa Government or SAG. In his complaint Aires has sought directions to GCA to furnish the information sought. He also pleaded that the GCA be penalized for not furnishing the information.

Aires maintained that the “GCA is a public authority as defined in the Act as it has been substantially financed directly and indirectly by the Goa Government.” He placed before the Commission the necessary evidence. Aires has submitted that the GCA is also recognized by SAG and is designated as a State Sports Association, and that it is a member of the General Body of SAG and also a member of Governing Council of SAG. Aires felt that the GCA was bound to furnish the information sought by him under the Act and that the refusal to furnish the information sought was unreasonable and malafide.

The Goa Athletic Association team medal winners at 22nd West Zone Athletic Championship in Bhopal alongwith GAA president, Francisco Sardinha, MP, SAG’s ED, V.M. Prabhudesai, asst secretary (programmes) Navin Acharya, vice-president, Gurudas Natekar and manager Julieta Abraham.

Ivana beats Thipsay, Sampada wins Bodybuilding HERALD SPORT DESK PANJIM, AUG 25

Dempo Brand Ambassador, Ivana Maria Furtado beat WIM Bhagyashree Thipsay 2166 of Maharashtra at the 37th National Women Challengers Chess Championship in Guwahati, today. She is now on 5.5 points after the 8th round.

Earlier, Ivana beat Smaraki Mohanty 1644 of Orissa in the 7th round and lost to Pratusha Bodda 2073 of AP in the 6th. Yesterday she drew with WFM Nisha Mohata 2112 of West Bengal. Other results: Sampada Barve beat Radhika Devi Chavali of LIC and is now on 4.5 points. Riya Savant remains on 3.5 points.

Sakshi Naik Gaonkar is on 2 points while Richa Savant stands on 1 point after 7 rounds. Earlier, Sampada drew with Siddhali Shetye 1825 in the 6th and lost to Visalatchi R. of Tamil Nadu in 7th. Riya drew with Hinduja Reddy 1857 of AP and Mahasweta Kumar 1800 of Assam in the 6th and 7th rounds respectively.

GFA needs change in right direction: Peter HERALD SPORTS REPORTER PANJIM, AUG 25

“Change brings about refreshing thoughts, ideas and with a changed constitution, there arises the need to inject new dynamism in GFA which will be club friendly,” disclosed Peter Vaz, president of Sporting Club de Goa, who has tossed the hat in the ring for the election for the coveted post of president on October 24. “People, clubs, footballer lovers, fans and the stakeholders have first-hand knowledge about the work undetrtaken by me during the past seven years that I was directly involved with GFA and the last 30 years when I was deeply buried in football,” remarked Peter, who observed that it was not proper for him to sermonise about his commitment for Goan football. Football, after all, is his first love, nay a passion. No doubts on that score. Under the new constitution, you need to have a president who will have to devote time, energy and most importantly, establish new relationships and strategies. Undoubtedly, Peter fits the bill perfectly, having proved his mettle in no small measure during the years when he was in the Executive Com-

mittee. Most importantly, he has attended almost all the meetings and was available whenever his help was needed, for he strongly believes in team work. “Whatever jobs I was entrusted with, I have delivered 100 per cent,” Peter observed and added that he was always available whenever the need arose. “The GFA clubs need a change. We also need young blood under the guidance of stalwarts. We need to put the basics in place, we need to decentralize the structure as envisaged in the new set of regulations,” Peter reasoned out. “With the volume of work increasing day-by-day, we need to have an administrative set up in Margao to cater to the needs of Salcete-based clubs. Actually, it should be the South District headquarters, where the clubs could get their cards and other work done in Margao itself, thereby eliminating the travel all the way to Panjim,” explained the Sporting top honcho. Overall, the administration must be made club friendly for which the clubs must be empowered to take on certain responsibilities, remarked Peter, who strongly believes that its efficiency needs to be raised.

Peter, who was responsible in bringing fiscal discipline, felt that GFA assets need to grow. “The Duler stadium work needs to be completed, the work on Caranzalem ground needs to be launched, the venues of Third Division and youth development programmes must be equipped with medical kits which are not very expensive,” he pointed out. In today’s world, liasoning is critical to establish new strategies and to promote proper marketing. “We need to strengthen our relations with the Govt, AIFF, SAG, DSYA, the Australian Project, etc. Most importantly, we need to relaunch our marketing

strategies,” said Peter. Having been a footballer himself during his days of youth, it was 12 years ago that Peter launched the Sporting Clube de Goa, affectionately nicknamed as Goa’s Flaming Oranje when he was just 30. It has been a one-man venture through and through, having made a mark at the National scene. When asked if he had his own panel which will contest the elections for the posts of two vice-presidents and 14 members (16 in all), smart and sharp was Peter’s reply: “The electorate (clubs) is very knowledgeable. Whosoever they elect, will be

working in my panel, for unity, team work, team spirit will be the cornerstones of my working. We all need to be united for the greater glory of Goan football,” Peter stressed. “I don’t like the system of panels to fight the elections. It’s not good because one should exercise their rights in a democratic manner. The clubs know what is best, so leave it at that,” stated Peter. “Lot of efforts have been put by those who worked in the past 50 years. The time now has come to steadfastly take the GFA forward, without any bickerings. So, we need to move forward as a new, progressive team so that we make the best use of our resources, time, knowledge and reform the administrative set up. Our collective dream should be also to have our own `GFA House’ in the future since the present set up is congested. The GFA is growing and so we need to have new projects to cope up with the development, especially at the youth and grassroot level,” the present vice-president told. Peter conceded that his opponent could be the present GFA general secretary, Savio Messias, in which case it will be

a straight fight since both Shivanand Salgaocar and Shrinivas V Dempo are learnt to have declined to contest at least as per what one heard from PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao, patron of Churchill Bros at a get together of Bardez Clubs recently. As of now, the names of Peter Vaz, Savio Messias, Lavinio Rebello, Arnaldo Costa, Dionisio Sardinha, Anthony Pango, Jaju Fernandes, Schubert Furtado, Lawrence Gomes stand almost confirmed. Raj Gomes confirmed that he would file his nomination for the post of vicepresident (South Goa). Several clubs from South Goa have impressed upon Elvis Gomes, present GFA vice-president, and CCP Commissioner to carry on with his excellent work done in the past four years and contest the elections for the post of vice-president. When contacted, Elvis said that he was yet to take the final decision. Rumor mills have been working overtime of late, with names being brandied about freely. The best is to wait upto 12 noon of September 14, when the official list will be known, as it is the last date for filing the nominations.

trials at Balli

PANJIM (HSD) - The Goa State Bodybuilding Association will conduct selection trials on August 29 at Plus Point Gym, Balli at 10.30 a.m. to select bodybuilders for All-India Inter-State Bodybuilding 11th Federation Cup Championship in Jaipur from Sept 26 to 28 organised by Rajasthan State Bodybuilding Association alongwith Indian Bodybuilding Federation (IBBF) and for the final selection trial of Indian team in Kanpur from Sept 21 to 23 to select Indian team for the World Bodybuilding in Varanasi from Oct 27 to Nov 1. Details may be obtained from Sandesh Narvekar on 9422439391, Girish Kakode on 9423828888, Meghashyam Shirodkar on 9623966505 and Ramchandra Azgaonkar on 8007276820.

Capello also slammed Inter successor Rafael Benitez, saying the Spaniard's stewardship of Liverpool had seen the north-west club become a progressively weaker force in the English game. "It is very difficult for Roy (Hodgson, the new Liverpool manager) to do it with Liverpool as, over the last few years, they have been getting worse, worse and worse," Mourinho said in the Daily Telegraph. "The Liverpool of 2004 was better than the Liverpool of 2005, 2005 was better than 2006 and 2006 better than 2007. "And they arrive at a situation now where, but for Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Pepe Reina, Fernando Torres, if his head is there, it is very difficult for Roy to make Liverpool champions.

Sethi wins Challenge Cup PTI


Geet Sethi won both of his encounters as the Indian cueists came from behind to edge past Rest of the World 3-2 to lift the Manisha Billiards Challenge Cup here today. The friendly tie was played in the 100-up format on the sidelines of the IBSF World Billiards Championship at the PYC Hindu Gymkahana. Indian team had Geet, Pankaj Advani, Devendra Joshi and Ashok Shandilya while ROW team was represented by Mike Russell (England), Peter Gilchrist (Singapore), Praput Chaithanasakun (Thailand) and Kyaw Oo (Myanmar). The first game saw newly crowned IBSF Point-format champion Russell thrashing Advani with a clearance of 101-02. Russell had defeated Advani in the final of the Point-format on Monday.

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GFA needs change in right direction: Peter Pg 17

Sondesh excels for Adarsh YS Pg 16


In BrIef Sania cruises into US Open qualifiers India's Sania Mirza eased into the second round of the US Open qualifiers after defeating Russian Ksenia Lykina in the opening round in New York. Sania, who is ranked 160th in the world, got past Ksenia, who is ranked 76 places below her, 6-2 6-2 to advance in the qualifying event. The Indian would next take on another Russian Elena Bovina, who ousted 15th seed German Tatjana Malek in her first round encounter. In the match, Bovina rallied from a set down to beat Malek 6-7(3), 6-2, 6-1 in the opener.

India beat Sertanense FC Striker Sunil Chhetri struck twice as the Indian national football team scored a narrow 3-2 victory over Portuguese Second Division side Sertanense FC in a practice match at Santarem, around 60kms from Lisbon. Chhetri scored in the 14th and 22nd minutes to give his side a 2-0 lead. The Portuguese side came back strongly and restored parity by the hour mark before N P Pradeep scored the winner in the 77th minute at the Almeirim Stadium.

Hold Indo-Pak flood relief fund match: Kapil Expressing his deep grief and sorrow over the loss of lives and property in the devastating floods in Pakistan, former captain Kapil Dev has endorsed the idea of having a Indo-Pak match to raise funds for the victims. ''I would like to see an Indo-Pak match for the purpose of raising funds for the flood victims. ''It's a huge calamity and to help the affectees, Pakistan and India should ideally play either in Pakistan or India, but if it is not possible then a neutral venue is also an option for both boards,'' Kapil told a television channel.

Pak players donate win bonus to flood victims The Pakistan cricket team, that won the third Test against England at the Oval on Saturday, has donated win bonuses worth 4,625,000 rupees ($54,400) to the floods relief effort in the country. The Pakistan Cricket Board said on Tuesday that all players and officials had agreed to pledge half of their personal bonuses from that victory over England last week. PCB chairman Ijaz Butt had already announced that players would be awarded 500,000 rupees ($5,900) for beating England at The Oval, in London, and non-playing members and officials would receive 250,000 rupees ($2,950).

Men in Blue tame Kiwis India face Lanka in final

Call back Dravid to Team India: Akram Senior batsman Rahul Dravid should be called back to India's ODI team as he still has lot to offer to the country in the 50-over format, feels former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram. "Dravid still has a lot to offer in ODIs. I believe that Dravid should be brought back into the (one-day) team. In the sub-continent, the current batsmen can do well, but on the overseas tours, India need a solid and experienced batsman like Dravid," Akram said. Akram also was not happy with the current bowling line-up of the Indian team.

India innings: KD Karthik c Hopkins b Mills 0, V Sehwag c Watling b McCullum 110 V Kohli c †Hopkins b Southee 8, Yuvraj Singh c Hopkins b McKay 6, SK Raina c Williamson b Southee 1, MS Dhoni* c Hopkins b McCullum 38, RA Jadeja c Taylor b Southee 17, P Kumar c Mills b Southee 6, A Nehra c & b McCullum 0, I Sharma not out 8, MM Patel c McKay b Mills 7. Extras: 22. Total: 223 all out. Overs: 46.3. Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-27, 3-61, 4-66, 5-173, 6-199, 7-199, 8-207, 9-207, 10-223. Bowling: KD Mills 8.3-1-42-2, Tim Southee 10-2-494, AJ McKay 8-1-31-1, SB Styris 6-0-37-0, Nathan McCullum 10-035-3, KS Williamson 4-0-23-0. New Zealand innings: BJ Watling b Nehra 2, Martin Guptill lbw b Kumar 0, Ross Taylor c Dhoni b Kumar 8, Grant Elliott lbw b Patel 11, Scott Styris b Kumar 1, Kane Williamson b Sharma 13, Gareth Hopkins lbw b Patel 0, Nathan McCullum c Karthik b Patel 5, Kyle Mills c Kumar b Nehra 52, Tim Southee c Kumar b Jadeja 10, Andy McKay not out 3. Extras: 13. Total: 118 all out. Overs: 30.1. Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-6, 3-14, 4-22, 541, 6-42, 7-52, 8-53, 9-80, 10-118. Bowling: Kumar 8-2-34-3, Nehra 6.1-1-10-2, Patel 7-1-21-3, Sharma 6-1-27-1, Jadeja 3-0-21-1. Man-ofthe-Match: Virender Sehwag


India relied on Virender Sehwag's swashbuckling century and an inspired show of swing bowling to spank New Zealand by 105 runs and cruise into the final of the cricket tri-series here today. While the flamboyant Sehwag (110) notched up his 13th ODI century to steer India to a competitive 223 after four early jolts, the pace bowlers than came up with fine exhibition of swing and control to skittle out the Kiwis for 118 in 30.1 overs. Tailender Kyle Mills provided some late entertainment with a rollicking 52 but none of the other New Zealand batsman could provide much resistance as the Indians exploited the bowling-friendly conditions to the hilt to set up a summit showdown with Sri Lanka on Saturday. The Indians, who desperately needed to win the floodlit contest to stay afloat, owed their victory to the brilliance of Sehwag who gave them enough runs on the board to push for a win on a tricky pitch at the Rangiri international stadium. Chasing 224 for win, The Kiwis found the going tough under lights as the Indian speedsters extracted a lot of swing to virtually rip through the top-order. Praveen Kumar struck the first blow for the Indians by dismissing opener Martin Guptill for a first ball duck, trapping him leg before with a gem of a delivery. Ashish Nehra then removed the other opener Bradley-John Watling with a big inswinger. Watling plays it onto the stumps as he looked to steer clear of the delivery. The Kiwis suffered a big jolt when their captain Ross Taylor was dismissed by Kumar, who really looked impressive as he troubled all the batsmen with swing. Taylor fell prey to a lovely outswinger as he hung his bat out and edged the ball to Dhoni behind the stumps, leaving New Zealand tottering at 14 for three. Kumar added another wicket to his kitty soon when he bowled Scot Styris while Ishant Sharma evicted Kane Williamson to com-

The Indians are delighted after Praveen Kumar dismisses Ross Taylor.

pound the misery for the Kiwis. Reduced to a precarious 42 for six by the 17th over, it was only a matter of time before the innings folded up, though Mills hit some lusty shots in the fag end to reduce the margin of defeat. Earlier, barring Sehwag, none of the other Indian batsmen could really get going though captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (38) played a good supporting role. Tim Southee (4/49) was the pick of the Kiwis bowlers though he was a trifle expensive. Spinner Nathan McCullum (3/35) and Kyle Mills (2/42) were the other wicket-taking bowlers.

The Indian innings began on a disastrous note with Dinesh Karthik, who has been in woeful form right through the series, returning to the pavilion in the very first over off Kyle Mills. It was a horrendous shot from the Indian opener as he poked at a length delivery outside the off stump, edging it to wicketkeeper Gareth Hopkins behind the stump. He paid the price for fishing out even without getting his eye in. Virat Kohli, who replaced Rohit Sharma in the team, joined the action after Karthik's dismissal but could not survive

long, being at the receiving end of a dubious decision. Kohli (8) looked stunned when Sri Lankan umpire Ashoka de Silva gave him out when he edged an outgoing delivery off Tim Southee to wicketkeeper Hopkins. Television replays picked up some noise and the snickometer showed there was a slight nick. Despite the early losses, Sehwag showed his customary flamboyance as he unleashed a flurry of strokes and scored the runs at a brisk pace. Sehwag was particularly severe on Mills as he clobbered him for two consecutive boundaries and

then hammered Southee for a couple of boundaries. During the course of the innings, Sehwag became the seventh batsmen in ODIs to hit 1000 boundaries. The record of hitting the most number of boundaries in ODIs is held by Sachin Tendulkar who has 1927 boundaries. The Indians suffered a big jolt when Yuvraj Singh (6) also perished in the 12th over to a poor shot with Andy McKay being the wicket-taker. Yuvraj attempted a pull shot but his balance was all awry and he only managed to top edge

the ball for the wicketkeeper to latch on to a superb catch. The ball climbed just below chest high and Yuvraj tried to pull it from well outside off stump which accounted for his wicket. It was then Suresh Raina's turn to return to the pavilion and the Indians found themselves in the doldrums at a precarious 66 for four by the 13th over. Raina, who has always been vulnerable to shirt pitched deliveries, paid the price for a faulty pull to a ball that was not too short. Raina was quick to get on to the back foot but pulled it to short midwicket fielder Kane

Williamson who dived to his right to take a good catch. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sehwag tried to steady the innings by playing cautiously and punishing only the loose deliveries. Both gradually accelerated the pace of scoring after getting a feel of the conditions and the measure of the rather spongy track at the Rangiri International stadium. Sehwag took a single off spinner Williamson to complete his 13th ODI century which came off just 87 balls. Spinner Nathan McCullum brought an end to the 107-run fifth wicket partnership by evicting the dangerous Sehwag soon after he completed his century, much to the relief of his teammates. Sehwag holed out at deep midwicket as a tried to pick McCullum's flighted delivery from outside off and swung it straight to the fielder. His knock of 110 came off just 93 ball and was laced with 16 boundaries and a six. Ravindra Jadeja (17) fell immediately after Dhoni's departure and Ashish Nehra did not survive long either, hastening the end of the Indian innings.

Save for Sehwag, our batsmen are struggling: Dhoni PTI DAMBULLA, AUG 25

Saina enters third round

Robinho turns down Turkish move Robinho has turned down a formal offer from Fenerbahce hoping to leave Manchester City for a Spanish or Italian club before the August 31 transfer deadline. The 26-year-old Brazil forward has remained out of City manager Roberto Mancini's side in the opening games of the Premier League season since returning from his six-month loan spell at Santos. ''With all due respect to Turkish football, I'm not going to play there at the moment,'' Robinho said.

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Saina Nehwal plays a shot against Hsiao Huan Chen of Taipei during the World Badminton Championships in Paris, on Wednesday.


women pairs storm into pre-quarters

worldbadminton PTI PARIS, AUG 25

Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal survived a scare before prevailing over unseeded Chinese Taipei's Hsian Huan Chen in a thrilling three-game match to reach the pre-quarterfinals of World Championship here today. The second seed Indian, one of the hot favourites to win the World title, beat Chen 20-22, 21-15, 21-8 in the second round of the women's singles here. Saina was clearly not in her elements in the first game as she blew a 20-18 lead while Chen, playing controlled shots

at the nets, won her way through to 22-20. In the second game, Saina didn't take too many risks and cut down on the unforced errors. Her long shots were more controlled and she began dominating the mid court, an area where Chen was cutting the Indian down. Saina Nehwal will now meet the winner of the match between Malaysia's Mew Choo Wong and Russia's 13th seed Ella Diehl tomorrow. Meanwhile, Indian men's and women's doubles pairs steamrolled over their respective opponents to sail into the pre-quarterfinals of the World Badminton Championships.

The women's doubles pair of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa, seeded 16th in the prestigious tournament, needed just 18 minutes to thrash Ukrainians Maria Ulitina and Natalya Voytsekh 21-8 21-10 in their second round match. The Indian duo, who got a walkover in their opening round, will now take on six seeded Korean pair of Jung Eun Ha and Min Jung Kim in the pre-quarterfinals. The Korean duo had thrashed unseeded Swiss pair of Marion Gruber and Sabrina Jaquet 21-2 21-5 in another second round match. Jwala had also made it to the pre-quarterfinals of the mixed

doubles event. Jwala and V Diju have beaten Malaysian pair of Peng Soon Chan and Liu Ying Goh 21-19, 21-8 in the second round. In the men's doubles second round, the 15th seeded Indian duo of Rupesh Kumar and Sanave Thomas also scored a comfortable 21-14 21-16 win over South Africans Dorian Lance James and Willem Viljoen in just 23 minutes. In the pre-quarterfinals, they play eighth seeded Danish pair Lars Passke and Jonas Rasmussen who defeated Austrian duo of Daniel Grassmuck and Roman Zirnwald.

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni today said barring Virender Sehwag his batting department was having a tough time in the ongoing cricket tri-series in Sri Lanka. The Indians might have booked their place in Saturday's final against Sri Lanka, but Dhoni seemed concerned about his side's batting line-up, which yet again failed. On Sehwag, Dhoni said apart from the dashing opener none of his batsman have got their footing right in the lively Rangagiri Dambulla wicket. "He (Sehwag) is the only batsman who seems to be middling the ball. But besides him, the whole team is struggling," Dhoni told reporters. "It was really good to bat with him (Sehwag). Sehwag has always done well in crucial situation. In the previous game too he scored 99 and this century was big too," he said. Besides Sehwag, Dhoni (38) and Ravindra Jadeja (17) were the only two batsmen to reach double figures as the Indian middle order comprising Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli struggled once again, accumulating only 15 runs between them. Dhoni praised his bowlers for

Boxer Shiv wins silver in Youth Olympics PTI SINGAPORE, AUG 25

Boxer Shiv Thapa settled for a silver as he went down fighting to Cuban world champion Ramirez Robeisy Aloy in the bantam weight final on the penultimate of the Youth Olympic Games here today. It was Thapa's second loss to the same opponent in three months as he was beaten by

Ramirez in the 54kg final of the World Youth Championships in May in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Indian was in the backfoot early into the bout and he trailed 0-2 after the first round. He recovered a bit in the second round which saw both the pugilists taking two points each which left the Cuban ahead on 4-2. Once he had taken the lead, the Cuban employed backpad-

dling and counter attacking tactics. Thapa tried hard to come back into the bout by going all out but to no avail as the Cuban took one more point in the final round to the Indian's none to win the bout. With the silver won by Thapa today, India's medal tally swelled to eight -- six silver and two bronze. The other five Indian silver winners are Pooja Dhanda (women's

60kg freestyle wrestling), Durgesh Kumar Pal (boys 400m Hurdles), H S Prannoy (badminton) and Arjun (discus throw) and Yuki Bhambri (tennis). Kadian Satyawart (men's 100kg freestyle wrestling) and Vikas Krishnan (60kg boxing) had won a bronze each. Meanwhile, Neha Milind Sapte finished fifth in the women's 10m Air Rifle final with

a score of 495.7 (392+103.7). In table tennis, India beat New Zealand 2-1 in a second stage B round mixed team tie. Mallika Bhandarkar beat Wu Julia 11-4 11-9 11-8 before Avik Das lost to Wu Kevin 12-10 7-11 3-11 11-5 811. Bhandarkar and Das, however, sealed the tie by defeating Julia-Kevin pair in the doubles 11-3 3-11 11-4 11-8.

their continued impressive display in the series. "The bowlers did a good job for us. Praveen (Kumar) is a swing bowler and so we give him the new ball. He has good control over his swing. Ashish (Nehra) is usually good. Munaf also did a good job today," Dhoni said. Sehwag, however, did not blame the youngsters and said even he took some innings to settle down early in his career. "We can't blame the young batsman for fishing outside the off stump. Everybody is tempted to play shots. Even I took a few innings to settle down in my career," he said. Electing to bat, India were all out for 223 and the bowlers backed them superbly as they shot out the Kiwis for 118 in 30.1 overs to take the Dhoni's men to the finals. Man-of-the-match Sehwag, said he was disappointed to get out after doing all the hard work. "Today was a much better wicket to bat on. I felt really disappointed when I got out because I could have taken us through to 270 or more. It is pleasing if centuries lead to victories," he said. "I was feeling pain in my back and wanted to take the help of

the phsyio. The umpires asked me if I can wait for an over but I got out," he added. Sehwag said Saturday's final would be a good match and hoped India would do well. "India always does well in do or die situation. We performed badly against Sri Lanka and it is now our turn to do well in the finals. I'm looking forward to the Sri Lanka match," he said.