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two eyewitnesses present at the Panjim police station on January 8, and saw Cipriano in a ‘pitiable state’, speak to the HERaLD

I saw Cipriano lying on the floor, his body lifeless, with froth coming out from his mouth EyEwItNEss aCCouNt TEAM HERALD PANJIM, JAN 21

There we have it. From a very unlikely eyewitness, who was incidentally called to the Panjim police station on January 8, in another case, and happened to be in the same investigation room where the almost lifeless body of Cipriano Fernandes, was lying, with froth coming out of his mouth. The witness Kenneth Silveira - about 30 — spoke to the Herald, late Thursday night and this account adds to the shocking tale of how brutally Cipriano must have been treated. Silveira said that he was “motionless” and he thought he was dead. “There was froth oozing from his mouth and there was a very foul smell. His face was swollen, his clothes were torn and his trousers almost ripped off with his undergarments visible. There were white chalk marks on his clothes”. Silveira was at the Panjim police station from 10.45 am on-

IN BRIEF Sibal under fire from SC, PAC Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal came under attack from the SC and a Parliamentary Committee for rubbishing the CAG report on 2G scam, with both questioning whether his comments were responsible and as per the constitutional propriety. – (PTI)

SC rejects plea for death to Dara Singh Dara Singh, convicted for burning alive Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons in January 1999, escaped death penalty with the Supreme Court ruling that the crime was not “rarest of rare” and upheld the life sentence awarded to him. – (PTI) (Report on pg 7)

Police pervert truth to save colleagues: SC

Custody starts with police contact: HC

Should policemen be asked to conduct an inquiry against their very colleagues and if so can they be seen as completely fair? The Supreme Court does not think so. In the State of MP Vs Shamsunder Trivedi case reported in 1995, the apex court held “rarely in cases of police torture or custodial death, direct ocular evidence of the complicity of the police personnel would be available. Generally speaking, it would be police officials alone who can only explain the circumstances in which a person in their custody died. Bound as they are by the ties of brotherhood, it is not unknown that the police personnel prefer to remain silent and more often than not, even pervert the truth to save their colleagues.

All acts of the police from the time they picked up Cipriano, were committed “in custody” irrespective of when the formal arrest was shown according to a Orissa High Court observation. In the case of Paramhansa Jadab and another, appellants Vs the State, respondent, (reported in AIR 1964, Orissa), the Orissa HC observed “Police custody does not commence when the accused is formally arrested but from the moment when his movements are restricted and is kept in some sort of direct or indirect police surveillance. As soon as an accused or suspected person comes to the hand of the police officer, he is no longer at liberty and is therefore in custody within the meaning of Section 26 & 27 of the Evidence Act”.

wards on January 8, because of this. He was in the offshore Casino on the night of January 7. When coming out, he said,

he saw his parked car and others being hit by another vehicle. He then decided to lodge complaint the next day. Meanwhile, he

managed to get the names of those who hit his car and others and sent out strong messages on Facebook. It so happened that a lady friend of one of the boys (who hit Kenneth’s car) asked him to stop doing this and not take the case further. Then a series of strongly worded text messages were exchanged between Kenneth and the lady. The next morning - January 8 — Kenneth was surprised to get a call from the Panjim police station saying that there was a complaint of harassment against him. And he was wanted at the police station. That is how he happened to be there before the hawaldar, when he noticed the man (who he did not know

then) in a pitiable state, who he later learnt was Cipriano. Recounting what he saw and discussed that day, he said “I asked the policemen why was this man lying there dead and he sharply asked me to mind my own business”. Meanwhile, there was another witness who further confirmed this. Grenville Dias, Silveira’s friend arrived at the police station at 12.45 and saw Cipriano being carried on a stretcher into a waiting 108 ambulance. Dias further reiterated his friend’s version. “There was no movement. He was like a dead body, totally lifeless. Froth was still coming out of his (Continued on page 8)

Hariprasad plays ostrich

The bitter political war in Karnataka reached a crescendo tonight when Governor H R Bhardwaj sanctioned prosecution of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in alleged land scams. BJP hit back at the Governor calling the decision constitutionally improper and politically motivated. The sanction of the Governor for prosecuting Yeddyurappa in an appropriate Court of Law for various “grave” allegations of corruption and criminal misconduct came on a day when the two attacked each other. The Governor has been engaged in an open battle with the Chief Minister on charges of corruption against ministers, especially the Reddy brothers.


The AICC General Secretary in charge of Goa, B K Hariprasad did what he could do best. Pressed by journalists to respond to the serious developments of the Goa police’s involvement in the drug trade, Hariprasad said he had received no report from the Chief Minister on the drug issue. He compounded the issue further by saying that there were some newspaper reports “but we can’t rely on them”. Hariprasad, who was here to attend a general body meeting of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, however, found time to deliver a social lecture on drugs. “Drugs is a social menace and needs to be dealt with

SDM Sabaji Shetye – Learn how an inquiry is done from the Dattu Desai custodial death case SUJAY GUPTA PANJIM, JAN 21

Margao, Shirish Thorat informed Rodrigues that Dessai’s body was found within the fencing of the police station. Rodrigues took cognizance of this and completed

inquiry, the SDM rushed to the Hospicio morgue and Since any action against the sealed the body. The lock up policemen and others inregister, police station diary, volved in the Cipriano Fernannon-cognisable offence regdes death case now depends ister, wireless log book, duty on the all sheet and important the unnatuinquiry reral death port of register SDM Sabaji w e r e Shetye, seized. Cipriano’s T h e relatives SDM’s inand the peoquir y menple for Goa tioned that have a right Desai was to know as not taken for much about medical the manner check up in which though he SDM Shetye was in cusis conducttody. (refer to HERALD REPORTER GMC had reserved the ing this inbox with the PANJIM, JAN 21 cause of death pending visquiry as main stor y The Forensic Laboratory, cera report. about the reon a Orissa Surat today submitted its reAccording to family memport itself. and MP High port on the chemical analysis bers, Cipriano was picked up After all, his Court rulings of Cipriano Fernandes, who by the police on the night report will on the definidied on January 9 allegedly of January 7 under a prevenref l ec t his tion of police after being beaten up by the tive arrest provision. groundwork. custody). Panjim police. “He was beaten up in the So it’s imporCut to the The report submitted to vehicle and at the Panjim potant for all of present. Now the Sub-Divisional Magis- lice station before he was Goa to know some questrate (SDM) has been for- taken to the GMC and left if the process tions for our warded to the Forensic to die”, Cipriano’s paternal of inquir y respected Department of the Goa Med- cousin, Cosme had alleged. has been SDM Sabaji ical College to complete the A woman friend of Cipriano, thorough. Shetye autopsy report. (Continued on page 8) According — Did you to several rush to GMC senior officers and those in his inquiry within 14 days and to seal the body of Cipriano? the know, the best example handed over his report to the Have you even been to the of a thorough inquiry by an Chief Secretary, Collector GMC since you were asked to SDM in Goa, in a custodial South Goa and SP South Goa. inquire? death case, has been that of 9 policemen were indicted in — Have you seized the lock Sanjit Rodrigues who investi- his report. It is important to up register, police station gated the custodial death of note that a case of custodial diary and the non-cognizable Dattu Desai, who was found death was made out even offences register? Do the Panhanging on a cashew tree though the deceased was not jim police have a non-cognizwithin the barbed wire fenc- technically arrested but just able offence register? ing of the Cuncolim police detained. — Have you seized and /or station on June 29, 2001. This is how Rodrigues pro- studied the wireless log book Desai who was in the lock up ceeded. Statements of the on January 7, 8, 9 and the deof the station was brutally DySp, 2 PIs (Margao and Cun- tails of vehicle movement of beaten up and tortured by the colim) one PSI, 2 ASIs, 4 head the policemen on duty and then head constable Madhu constables and 5 constables the duty sheet? Desai and then hanged from were recorded. — Did it occur to you that a tree. The death was then Importantly Dr Silvano the mobile call records of all passed off as suicide. Sapeco and Dr Andre Victor policemen on duty and docThe then PI Lawrence D’- Fernandes who conducted the tors at GMC who treated and Souza first reported to SDM autopsy and Dr U G Nachi- conducted his Post Mortem Rodrigues at 8.05 pm on June nolkar of GMC who had report should also be stud29 that a body was found treated Desai earlier and had ied? hanging on a tree and was given him a disability certifiSabaji Shetye owes answers sent to the Hospicio hospital. cate, were also summoned to all these questions and canD’Souza mentioned that no a n d t h e i r s t a t e m e n t s not hide behind the curtain foul play was suspected. Later recorded. of secrecy. A conspiracy of siat 12.30 at night the DySp On commencement of the lence will not be allowed.


Gov gives nod to prosecute Yeddyurappa Says he has no report on Goa’s drug menace PTI BANGALORE, JAN 21

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GPCC wants to cut ties with NCP The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee today demanded an end to alliance with the Nationalist Congress Party for the next elections in the State.

Report on Page 3 an iron hand”, he said and added “it is not confined to Goa. It (the drug menace) is there in several States”. Shockingly, he continued. “There has been no specific complaint with regards to the drugs trade in Goa. Whenever there is a complaint with High

Command we will promptly act”, he said He probably was not briefed too that seven police officers have already been arrested and released on bail for their alleged involvement in drugs trade and the allegations have also been (Continued on page 8)

Viscera report sent to GMC




Truths from down under: Goan riverbeds losing sand In a two part weekend series SHWETA KAMAT, literally digs deep, to find how excessive sand extraction may lead to a depletion of sand from our river beds The land of sun and sand may be looking at a threat, albeit a long Later however, due to the ensuing beach erosion, contractors term one, of precious sand getting completely depleted from its turned towards river beds. “Earlier it was only Chapora and Tirakhol, river beds due to sand extraction. now the Mandovi River has become a bed of mining activity. But, 59 licences for sand extraction have been issued officially –the due to the high salt content, it was not suitable for construction,” bulk of them for extract ion from Mandovi (26 licences) and adds the contractor. Terekhol (28 licences). The other five are for the Chapora River. Local legislator and erstwhile sand extractor, Nilkanth Halarnkar, With 2 canoes per licence, there should be only 188 canoes on on the prevalent mining of riverbeds, states, “there is hardly the rivers of Goa, used to extract sand. anything left right now at Colvale for sand extraction.” Halarnkar, The picture is however different. More canoes than the number registered are on the rivers. Moreover, the River Sal where no lin 59 licences issued. 5 in Chapora, 26 in Mandovi and 28 in cences have been issued also has several canoes ferrying sand, Terekhol. loaded so much to the brim that more than half the boat is under n The licence fee is Rs 24,000 water. n Two canoes per licence are issued after prior permission from In the current financial year, 52,800 MT sand was extracted the Captain of Ports. 118 canoes are registered with COP. bringing in royalty of Rs 5.28 lakh for government. According to n 52,800 MT sand was extracted in the current financial year, rough estimates, industry sources bringing in royalty of Rs 5.28 lakh for government. point out in addition to the amount legally extracted, twenty n Each truck load pays Rs 60 for the government. percent of the amount is illegally extracted. n The fine for illegal transportation is a mere Rs 1600 rupees According to industry sources, n The Mines Department has no facility to store confiscated places like Colvale have been exploited to near saturation, forcing sand. sand extractors to look out for new locations. However, considn 20,000 people are indirectly and directly dependent on sand ering the pace of construction acextraction activity. tivity in Goa, sand will soon be a scarce commodity. A known contractor spoke to Herald about the fact that there is very little sand left who stopped extracting sand almost 8 years ago, said that only in rivers like Chapora and Terekhol. “For years, huge 25 per cent of sand extraction is still happening at Colvale. Goa’s quantities of sand have been extracted from these rivers. extraction woes that started in the sixties saw South Goa flooded The State Government has completely failed to exert con- with sand from Karwar and the subsequent construction boom trol over the growing demand and the excessive mining raised the demand even higher. of sand in Goa,” the contractor says. After 2004, the deHowever, the ban on transportation of sand from Karwar hit mand for sand in the state hit an all-time high and as a the construction industry. Karwar also catered to Goa’s demand result a larger number of people started getting into the because it has sweet water rivers. The cost of Karwar sand was Rs business of sand mining. 600 per cubic metre including transportation, which worked better Sand extraction in Goa has a history that dates back to pre-Lib- than the Rs 350 per cubic metre plus transportation costs, for eration with experts saying that sand was earlier extracted only Goan sand. The ban on transport from Karnataka has put the presfrom coastal sand dunes, with prior permission from the mamlatdar. sure back on Goa. (Part II tomorrow)


Draft agreement on Sonsodo plant gets councillors’ nod HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

Decks have been finally cleared for the inking of the Concession agreement between the Margao Municipal Council and Fomento to set up the Rs 7.31 crore waste treatment plant at Sonsodo, with Margao Councillors on Friday approving the draft to set up the plant with a one time payment of Rs 7.31 crore. The draft agreement got the stamp of approval from the City Fathers without much discussions. Barring Councilors Pratima Coutinho and Arthur D’Silva – who sought clarifications on a host of issues – the remaining councilors gave the go-ahead signal by raising their hands to the proposal to make one time payment of Rs 7.31 crore. That the ruling group owing allegiance to the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat was in a tearing hurry to approve the draft was evident by the fact that Chairperson Sushila Naik put the draft for voting when Councillor Arthur was on his feet seeking clarifications on the draft. It was Councillor Sadanand Naik who set the ball rolling in favour of the project when he tabled a resolution approving the draft agreement. He demanded that the civic body make one-time payment of Rs 7.31 crore and seek government funds to make the payments to Fomento. When the resolution was put for voting, Councillor Pratima Coutinho said she is not opposed to the waste treatment plant, but demanded to know whether the interests of the civic body are protected in the agreement.

Gandhi Market waste greets MMC chief

MMC faces uphill task of carting away rejects HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

The Margao Municipal Council has overcome the final hurdle in towards signing of the concession agreement with Fomento, but the civic body is facing an uphill task in carting away the rejects from Sonsodo to make room for Fomento to set up the waste treatment plant. While Chief Officer Prasanna Acharya said the civic body will try to sign the Concession agreement with Fomento by this month end so that the company can commence work at the site from February, officials in the know said that work on the site can get underway only if the civic body carts away rejects from the site. In fact, Fomento had been repeatedly insisting with the civic body over the last one year to identify suitable land for the disposal of rejects from Sonsodo. Fomento has already installed a Trommel at Sonsodo for screening of the waste, but the machinery is lying idle as the civic body is yet to identify suitable land for the disposal of the rejects. Sources in the know said Fomento would again insist with the civic body to identify land for the purpose since the company and the municipality is now set to sign the concession agreement. No doubt, the Margao municipality has put for acquisition comunidade land admeasuring 50,000 sq meters at Sonsodo for dumping of the waste, but sources admitted that it will take some time for the civic body to take possession of the land in question. (Related reports on Page 4) Saying that she is opposed to advance payments to Fomento when the project is to be implemented on DBOOT basis, Coutinho sought to know whether Fomento will give a performance guarantee for the next 25 years. Intervening in the discussions, the MMC chairperson appealed to the members not to oppose the project just for the sake of opposition, saying the plant is in the interest of the city. Sushila tried to allay apprehensions of the councillors by

saying that Fomento is a Goan company and will not run away by abandoning the project. Councilor Raju Naik said the waste treatment plant is the need of the hour as the city is facing problems in waste disposal. He also pointed out that smaller towns like Cuncolim and Bicholim have set up their own waste treatment plants. While supporting the resolution, former Chairperson Doris Texeira wondered why the issue was not resolved by the last Council.

Tendulkar seeks report on harvester complaint HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

Director of Agriculture, S S Tendulkar has said that he has sought a report from his subordinates over allegations that harvesters procured by the department are being used outside the state. Tendulkar told Herald that he has received a complaint from a farmer from Salcete alleging that harvesters purchased under the Agriculture mechanisation scheme under the State sectors are being used across the borders in Karnataka. “I have received a complaint from a farmer. And, I have asked one of the officers to look into the complaint”, Tendulkar said, while making it amply clear that the combine harvesters are to be used only within the state of Goa. In his complaint, the farmer pointed out that the harvester procured under the scheme is mostly used outside Goa and the same is not utilised in Goa. He demanded to know what purpose the harvester would serve if local farmers cannot use the machine in the state. Saying that the words “assisted under state sector scheme Agriculture mechanisation 201011, Directorate of Agriculture” is not mentioned on the harvester, the farmer wondered whether the authorities have permitted the use of harvester out of Goa. The farmer has demanded a thorough inquir y into the episode and initiate prompt and strict action against the guilty.

Department wants discipline on roads, asserts transport chief



Margao Municipal Council Chairperson Sushila Naik made her presence felt at the Gandhi Market on Friday noon after ward Councillor Rosy Pereira complained of waste problem in the market area. The Chairperson was greeted by mounds of waste in the Gandhi Market, with locals complaining of unsanitary and unhygienic conditions prevailing in the market for want of timely removal of the garbage. This is the first time that the Chairperson has paid a visit to the Gandhi Market after taking over the reigns of office in November.

Transport Department today rubbished the allegations of private bus operators that they are being selectively targeted. Transport Director Arun Desai said that the challans are being issued to only those buses which violate the laws. “The challans are issued every time they violate the laws. Keeping that in mind a bus can be challaned even twice a day,” he said. Threatening to go on a day long bus strike, All Goa Private Bus Owners Association (AGPBOA) on Thursday had alleged that the department was selectively targeting them. The association alleged that the second phase of the drive,

n “The challans are issued every time they violate the laws. Keeping that in mind a bus can be challaned even twice a day.” -- Arun Desai

which kicked off earlier this week, the department has been issuing challans to only private buses by targeting particular areas. Desai said that no one is picked up and chosen for harassment. “Department wants discipline on roads and laws to be followed,” he added. Talking about Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL)

buses, director said that being government owned buses they follow all the rules like issuing tickets, closing of door while plying, wearing uniform on duty and no overloading. The association on Monday will serve notice to the department to discontinue with the drive failing which a daylong strike will be called off next week. The association had also objected to the government decision of obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the KTCL before applying for permits. Director said that the private bus operators are asked to seek NOC from KTCL only to ensure that there is no clashing of routes and timings.

Sand extraction and loading operation in full swing at Keri.

Photo by Rozario Estibeiro

No men or mechanism to fight illegal sand extraction With illegal sand extraction at its peak in the state the mining department finds itself short staffed. The department issues challans to the contractors, who themselves fill the challans as per the number of trips. “There is no mechanism in place to cross check whether the contractor is cheating,” admits a mines department official. Enforcement has received a setback recently

even as mines officers, at times, try to catch the erring contractors. The sand is extracted without obtaining a lease from the mines department or without carrying a valid pass. Sand extraction in the night and the subsequent transportation of sand is done to avoid law enforcement agencies. “Many village locals are involved in illegal extraction. Since a particular river flows

through their village, they feel that they have the right to extract sand without permission,” says a contractor, who runs a website on sand extraction in Goa. You cannot quantify the amount of illegal sand extracted from the state but it roughly amounts to thousand metric tonnes. In the absence of proper mechanisms the illegality is on rise”.

South ZP members to file contempt plea against Govt HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

Accusing the government for its lack of commitment towards Panchayati Raj and rural development, South Goa Zilla Panchayat members resolved to file a contempt petition against the Goa Government for its failure to devolve funds and powers to the district panchayat body as per the assurance given to the High Court. The Zilla Panchayat has further adopted a resolution demanding that the government give 10 per cent of budgetary funds allocated to the PWD, RDA, Health, Education to the district panchayat body. Taking strong exception to the repeated failures by successive governments to arm the Zilla Panchayats with powers as per the Constitutional Amendment, the members resolved to hold a hunger strike in support of its long pending demand. The zilla members have decided to hold a joint meeting with their North Goa ZP counterparts in February before filing the contempt of court petition and chalk out the future course of action. “The government has not even given the Zilla Panchayat Rs three crore development grant in the current financial year. This shows its commitment to panchayat raj institutions and rural development. It’s time the Zilla Panchayats of North and South Goa jointly filed a contempt of court petition against the government”, demanded Colva ZP member Nelly Rodrigues. What left the Zilla member fuming was when South Goa ZP Chairperson Maria Rebello said the

body would soon tender developmental works amounting to Rs five lakh. “Is the Zilla Panchayat supposed to tender developmental works of Rs five lakh for the 20 constituencies when constituencies represented by the Ministers and MLAs tender works in crores of rupees”, Nelly demanded to know. She demanded that the Zilla Panchayat prepare the budget estimates for the coming financial year to the tune of Rs 30 crore so that the body receives at least Rs 10 crore development grant. “The Chief Minister has promised to prepare the state budget by taking everyone into confidence. Let the proposal from the ZP body also go to the Chief Minister”, she said. In a lighter vein, a Zilla member said that instead of tendering developmental works amounting to Rs five lakh, the amount should be spent on purchase of onions and potatoes for distribution to the constituents. ZP member Pradeep Naik suggested that the members resort to a hunger strike in support of the demands. When his proposal received support from the members, he hoped that the members would not back out on political considerations. The issue over powers and function came to the fore when ZP member Dayanand Pagi pointed out that Poinguinim constituency has been a neglected lot and demanded funds for developmental projects. Participating in the discussions, ZP Member Pradeep Desai said it is in deed a shame that Pagi, being an aam admi ka sipayi is crying for funds and is an indication of the state of affairs.

Now, a ‘cane bank’ for NE artisans HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

The artisans from North Eastern States will now have their ‘cane bank’ which will do away with their worries of raw material supply, a senior official said. North Eastern Handicraft and Handlooms Development Private Limited (NEHHDCL) Managing Director Jagdish Borah said that they have formed a cane bank considering the demand for raw material. Borah said that the inadequate availability and high prices of cane accompanied by high cost of transportation had forced the corporation to opt for ‘cane bank’. The corporation has also released design bank, based on the popularity of the designs. “The design bank has all the designs which have great demand. We have produced CDs and Booklets of these designs and distributed to the artisans,” Borah said. The corporation encourages the artisans to reproduce these designs, which are later purchased by them and sold in the market. NEHHDPL, which participate in around 100 expos in a year, is currently down in Goa. The Ministry of Development of North Easter Region, govern-

ment of India in association with NEHHDCL has organised ‘North East Trade Expo’ at Kala Academy, which was inaugurated today at the hands of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat. Around 80 crafts persons from North Eastern part of the country, who are engaged in handlooms and handicrafts have participate in the ten-day long expo with their artistic creations. Talking to reporters Borah informed that the sale of handicrafts from North Eastern States is witnessing almost 30 percent growth annually with the turnover of the last financial year touching Rs 18 crore. “The corporation which covers artisans from all the eight North Eastern States have witnessed 25 to 30 percent growth

annually,” he said adding that the scheme is commissioned giving proper training to artisans. Official said that the expo which had arrived in Goa last year had done a business of Rs 40-Rs 45 lakhs. Borah said that although the export of the handicraft products from this region is negligible, the corporation is trying to explore markets abroad. The corporation has already visited expos in the places like Cairo, Milan, Dubai and will be soon visiting Birmingham (England). “Products development and widening the marketing opportunities have given a new vision and hope to the practicing craft’s persons and weavers,” the MD said.

Mumbai man held for duping investors HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of Goa Police on Friday arrested one Prem Goyal in connection with fraud of Rs 30 lakh. A Mumbai-based investment company operating in the name of Forex Entertainment allegedly duped Goan investors to the tune of Rs 30 lakh, police said. A team of Goa EOW arrested Goyal from Chandivali in Mumbai after a Ponda-based investor S Dinesh filed a complaint of cheating with the police department. Goyal was brought to Goa from Mumbai on transit remand early Friday morning. Police sources said that Dinesh approached Goyal referring to an advertisement in a local daily wherein the investment company published a contact number belonging to Goyal. According to the complaint letter, the complainant was lured that he would be paid three times more than the amount he would invest in a scheme with the company. The transactions went on smoothly for some time till December 8, 2010. The investors were thereafter informed that due to restrictions from Reserve Bank of India, they would be paid money on weekly basis instead of daily payments. However, transactions completely stopped and neither Goyal was to be contacted. This prompted nearly 100 investors to file a complaint with the EOW following which action was taken.

Man creates panic in Margao HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

A person, believed to be mentally disturbed, gave some anxious moments to the residents of Junta quarters, Margao and the fire and police personnel after he threatened to jump down from the fourth floor of the building. The incident occurred early Friday morning when the middle aged man was spotted moving on the parapet of the building. When the residents tried to convince him to come down, he threatened to stone them, prompting them to intimate the police and the fire services. As pleas by the fire and police personnel to come down failed to evoke response from the angry man, who was armed with stones, he was finally caught by the fire and police personnel.




GPCC wants to cut ties with NCP HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee today demanded an end to alliance with the Nationalist Congress Party for the next elections in the State. However, a senior Congress leader feels the final decision in this regard will be taken by the High Command. The GPCC members contended that the Congress was strong enough in the State to go all alone in the next elections. Sources in the GPCC said that even Chief Minister Digambar Kamat is of the opinion that the Congress can go all alone. Interestingly, the AICC General Secretary B K Hariprasad, who was present for the meeting also announced to media that the Congress will start a Jan Jagran campaign in all 40 constituencies of the State. “The campaign is to make

(Filephoto) AICC General Secretary B K Hariprasad addressing Congress members.

people aware of the achievements of the UPA I and UPA II”, Hariprasad told reporters. But when asked whether this is an indication whether the party will go all alone in next polls, he replied, “that is for the party High Command to decide”. This was the first GPCC

meeting after the elections but surprisingly several ministers and legislators were missing. Ministers Vishwajit Rane, Babush Monserrate, Filipe Neri Rodrigues, Babu Azgaonkar, Alexio Sequeira besides legislators Agnelo Fernandes, and Francis Silveira were absent.

Goa has become transit point for drugs, says Narvekar HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, JAN 21

Coming down heavily on the Home Department, Aldona MLA Dayanand Narvekar has stated that the department has brought disgrace to the State, as it has failed to abolish drug trafficking and maintain law and order. He was speaking as the chief guest at a meeting of Goa Democratic Front at Porvorim. “Murders and thefts are increasing in Goa day-by-day and Goa has become a transit point for drugs in India,” said Narvekar. “While Home Department

claims that no drugs are sold in Goa, the police are being caught selling drugs. Recently, a local daily has brought to light that drugs are being openly sold on the costal belt in North Goa,” stated the former minister. “The police personnel who are arrested in connection with drugs are yet to be charge sheeted. The government should have declared war on drugs,” claimed Narvekar. Speaking further, Narvekar said mining in Goa has destroyed forests and severely damaged valuable water re-

sources. “Entire villages have seen their crops destroyed by mine slurry and land reduced to desert. The annual turnover of mine owners in the State is about Rs 10,000 crore, while the budget of the State hovers about Rs 6,000 crores,” added Narvekar. “Till 2007, the government used to get revenue to the tune of Rs 30 crore from the mining industry, but the State was spending about Rs 60 crore on maintenance of roads and infrastructure,” said Narvekar.

Goa was never terror destination for us: PULF kingpin’s daughter HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JAN 21

Were four alleged terror operatives of the outlawed People’s United Liberation Front (PULF) of Manipur merely using Goa as a safe haven to evade their political opponents? “Goa was never terror destination for us. We wanted to safeguard ourselves in Goa from the political rivals of my father in Keirao Mayai Leikai, Manipur. They were trying to kill us to ensure the smooth sailing in forthcoming assembly elections in Manipur,” said Rubani Khan, elder daughter of kingpin of terror outfit Samsat Khan alias Sauda (30). Samsat is the wife of Mohammed Islamuddin alias Ibrahim Kaji alias MI Khan (45), founder member of PULF. M I Khan is presently jailed in Tihar. Rubani said her mother had arrived in Goa along with her brother (Samir Khan) and two small sisters and brother. She claimed that her father was involved in certain activities, while he had contested election twice in Manipur. “Their political rival, also from the Muslim community, had reportedly planned a conspiracy to finish our family, especially our mother (Samsat), as they

Accused, family members flown to Delhi HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JAN 21

The four arrested members of ‘People United Liberation Front’ (PULF) along with their family members were flown to Delhi on Friday afternoon. Goa Police accompanied the four accused and their family members at the Dabolim airport, while Manipur Commando Police and Indian Army captain Sachin Kumar accompanied the accused. “The accused were flown to Delhi, from where they would be taken to Manipur,” informed Vasco DySP Mahesh Gaonkar. DySP Gaonkar said during interrogation, the militants had confessed that they were staying in Goa to operate their activities in Manipur. “They said they did not have any intention to create any terror activity in the State,” said DySP Gaonkar. presumed that she was also planning to contest elections in Manipur.” “Since our childhood we are staying at our aunt’s place in Assam, while all ten people who were staying in the flat in Goa are our relatives,” disclosed Rubani. “Due to fears that our father’s criminal past would lead to dire consequences, we had spent our entire childhood in Assam, while last month, our family had arrived in Goa during Christmas,” she said. “We had never used Goa for

terror activity. We had just taken shelter in Goa, while recently I and three more cousins had arrived in Goa for holiday,” added Rubani. Meanwhile, the security agencies in Goa said that PULF leaders operate from the bordering district of Bangladesh as most of them are involved in terror activity. “It has become a common feature that members of terror outfits seek entry in politics to safeguard their organisation’s interest,” said a source.

Moti Dongor violence accused denied bail

FIR against CM, SLC members over RP-21



The South Goa sessions court on Friday rejected the bail application s filed by accused Bashir Shaikh and three others in the Moti Dongor attack case. The four accused were later remanded to six day police custody. The Margao police had vehemently opposed the bail application filed by Bashir Shaikh on grounds that is a habitual offender and was the main accuse d in the swords seizure case. In fact, while opposing the bail plea, the Margao police had submitted that investigations into the attack case would suffer as the police are yet to recover the sword, iron rod and the spray used by the accused in the case. Margao Police Station incharge, PI Santosh Desai later informed Herald that the Judicial Magistrate First class on Friday has remanded the four accused persons to six days police custody. He said the Margao police would now interrogate the accused persons to recover the weapon of offense, including the sword, iron rod and the spray. Incidentally, the Margao police had contended before the Sessions court that witnesses are not forthcoming to give account of the assault case as the accused has spread terror in the locality.

Village groups of Goa on Friday filed an FIR at the Panjim Police Station against members of the State-Level Committee (SLC), including the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who heads the same, for cheating, mischief, misrepresentation and criminal conspiracy in finalisation and notification of Regional Plans of Canacona and Pernem. The FIR filed today after a press conference attended by nearly more than 25 civil society groups and concerned individuals contains the names of CM (SLC Chairman), Secretary TCP (Vice Chairman), Chief Town Planner (Member and Convenor), Director of Municipal Administration, Director of Panchayats, Senior Town Planner, Director of Industries, Charles Correia, Dean D’Cruz, Rahul Deshpande and Brian Soares (all members). Deputy Town Planner (TCP Department, Panjim) Vinod Kumar’s name too appears in the complaint for allegedly covering the lies and falsities of the SLC. At the press conference, Adviser to Pilerne Citizens Forum Adv Yatish Naik maintained ecotourism zones in the notified plans of Canacona and Pernem were neither recommended nor proposed and the same have been purchased by builders much in advance.

SLC has overruled the Task Force,” he asserted. Speaking on the subject of Micro-Industrial Zones, he said it wasn’t a bad idea, but a White Paper giving details on the kind of industries and other aspects is required. It is a god concept, but people are suspicious, he stated.

Adv Naik observed information sought under the Right to Information Act revealed no applications had been made to the Task Force by any individual suggesting making of eco-tourism zones in Querim-Tiracol and Loliem village panchayat areas. “How have these zones cropped up all of a sudden? It is clear

Bicholim man held in rape case HERALD CORRESPONDENT BICHOLIM, JAN 21

Bicholim police on Thursday arrested a 30-year-old man from Navelim-Bicholim in connection with the rape case. It may be recalled that in her complaint, the victim (23) had stated that one Nitin G Gawas had allegedly raped her after promising to marry her.





Benaulim hatchery facing a bleak future BY HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

Blame it on the white spot disease, Supreme Court order or the availability of brooders et al, two decades after it was set up with central funding, Goa’s pilot prawn hatchery at Benaulim is finally down and out. There’s been no production of in the hatchery – which was once known for quality seeds along the country’s west coast – since the last four years. And, the future appears bleak for the hatchery as well as the employees with no right direction coming from the government on the hatch set up with assistance from United Nations Development Program. Ask the hatchery Chief Executive Officer, Cedric Gomes on the status of the hatchery and he replies saying that a proposal is pending with the government to set up a marine park on the sprawling land, indicating that the Brackish Water Fish Farmers Development Agency (BFDA) has other plans than seed production. Gomes says the Agency has mooted a proposal to the Finance department to set up a marine park with private participation by inviting Expression of Interest. It is not yet known whether any party has evinced interest in setting up of a marine park at the area, or whether land shark has set its eyes on the land given its close proximity to the beach. That all was not well with the hatchery was evident by the fact that the unit did not produce any seeds between 2005-07 after the power transformer went out of order. The hatchery went without production even after the re-commissioning of the power transformer in January 2007, speaking about the sorry state of affairs. Take note that the hatchery was set up to produce quality seeds for shrimp farmers along the west coast, but the management once resorted to procuring Nauplii prawn seeds from others to sell the same for the local farmers. No doubt, the hatchery earned revenue to the tune of Rs 12.12 lakh by sale of the Nauplii, but officials in the know said this only went to show the pathetic state of affairs of the hatchery. That’s not all. Though the


Goa’s pilot prawn hatchery at Benaulim facing closure after two decades of existence.

CAG report indicts government The report from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has suggested to the Goa government to take early action on the deteriorating situation of the Pilot Prawn Hatchery to avoid any further in fructuous expenditure amounting to Rs 2.14 crore. Literally terming the hatchery as a white elephant, the CAG report indicted the Fisheries Department for the unfruitful expenditure on the hatchery and the underutilization of the department fishing vessel. The report pointed out that despite the non production of prawn seeds and negligible revenue, the government continued to finance the hatchery during 2004-09, thereby incurring in fructuous expenditure on salaries and office expenditure. hatchery went without production for the last four years, the government has to bear unfruitful expenditure on the employees’ salaries and office management.

There’s lull on the banks of River Sal at Sinquetim-Navelim – where work on PWD Minister Churchill Alemao’s dream Sinquetim-Benaulim bridge lie abandoned for want of environmental clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. But, the battle between local residents of Sinquetim on one side and the PWD Minister on the other seems to be far from over. While the PWD has engaged a consultant to meet the CRZ specifications as outlined by the Union Environment Ministry to obtain the much-awaited clearance, the villagers are also bracing up to further intensify the agitation in support of their demand for scrapping of the controversial project. Says PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao: “There’s now no going back on the bridge. It’s just a matter of time that work on the bridge will resume after receiving the nod from the Union Ministry”. One of the petitioner against the project and Alemao’s rival Avertano Furtado says the stay in the ongoing work clearly indicates that the PWD did not comply with the basic CRZ guidelines while undertaking the bridge work. “The residents are firmly opposed to the bridge. Apart from the CRZ violations, the proposed bridge would spell danger to the residential houses and structures along the route. The bridge will spoil the peace and tranquility in the locality”, he added. A visit to the bridge site reveals that work has come to a complete halt. While work on Alemao’s dream bridges over River Sal – Assolna-Cavelossim and Telaulim-Varca – have reached the half way mark, the abandoned site at Sinquetim is a testimony that work has come to a grinding halt. That the PWD was caught on the wrong foot became evident when the High Court pointed out that the agency undertook the work without the environ-

Length Project cost Date of Commencement Date of completion Time limit

The 30-odd employees of the prawn hatchery are facing an uncertain future, after having put in a decade and half years of service in the unit. With news doing the rounds that the government is toying with the idea of leasing out the hatchery, the employees had been knocking the doors of the all and sundry –right from the Chief Minister, Fisheries Minister to the Chief Secretary and other to protect their interests. They have petitioned to the government from time to time to utilize their services in other government departments, but are awaiting a favourable reply from the concerned authorities. Says a staffer: “Most of us have crossed 40 years of age and have school going children and family behind to look after. We are already facing difficulties as the payments come every two months under the pretext that we are not working. The staff who have completed 12 years in service and whose ACP is due and approved in 2006 is still not provided with the same”. Recently, the employees called on the Chief Minister and pleaded that they be absorbed in government departments before the hatchery is leased out to a private enterprise. The employees charged vested interests in the hatchery for misguiding the Fisheries Minister and senior officials. “Some of us had represented the Fisheries department for the Civil Service Tournament. We were even drafted for census duty in the past and will resume the work once again”, another employee remarked.

Need to protect interests of employees: Joaquim The Fisheries Minister emphatically said that the hatchery is down and out, but the government is yet to take a final decision on alternative project on the sprawling land facing the beach. “The hatchery is down and out. The Government has been incurring huge losses on salaries and office management. Even if the government decides to overhaul the entire hatchery with state of the art equipments, there’s no guarantee of returns from the unit”, Alemao said. On the alternative project on the prime land, Alemao said though the department has mooted a marine park, a final decision on the project would be taken after consultations with the Chief Minister, DIgambar Kamat. He was categorical in saying that the interests of the 30 employees would be first taken care of before brining a new project at the site. “The employees interests need to be protected. They cannot be thrown on the roads after having put in many years of work”, Alemao asserted, adding that there is no question of throwing any employee on the streets if the hatchery is leased out to private parties.

around 60 meters. Rs 9.55 crore. August 20, 2009 August 19, 2010. 365 days.

The abandoned site of the Sinquetim-Benaulim bridge. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

mental clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. In fact, the High Court made it amply clear to the PWD that it is mandatory to seen environmental clearance from the Union Environment Ministry for projects worth over Rs five crore under the CRZ notification. When the PWD defended the lacuna by pointing out that the permission was not obtained as the initial cost was expected to be less than Rs five crore, the high court pin pointed the fact that the tender itself was executed for a sum more than Rs

Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

Employees seek protection

Work on Sinquetim-Benaulim bridge comes to grinding halt BY HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JAN 21

Will the dream of clean, green Margao be a reality?

nine crore. Environmental issues raised by the bridge opponents includes felling of the mangroves and destruction of the eco-sensitive zone. In a letter to Union Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh, the opponents contended that the area around the river Sal banks is ecologically sensitive as it is rich in genetic diversity. “Avi-Fauna fill the banks of river. These birds thrive as the natural habitat is friendly and ideal for breeding. Only bird watchers will enjoy seeing the

Rego: PWD’s application for environmental clearance not rejected The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests has not rejected the PWD’s application for the environmental clearance for the Sinquetim-Benaulim bridge. He said the Ministry has sought certain specific details pertaining to the CRZ guidelines before granting the permission. Accordingly, the PWD has engaged a consultant to prepare the report which would comply with all the required guidelines, he said. “No sooner, the report is ready, the same would be forwarded to the Union Ministry for the permission”, Rego said, exuding confidence that work would resume at the site at the earliest. small green parrots, mynas. Egrets of different types frequently crouch on the banks, common kingfishers, Indian white throated etc”, they added. The opponents has asked the Union Environment Ministry to conduct a specific study to confirm the exact effect on the destruction of khazan land of 200 square meters, felling of more than 100 mangroves and halffilling of the river.

The Margao Municipal Council is slowly inching its way to ink an agreement with Fomento to tackle the waste disposal problem at the Sonsodo dumping site. But, will the waste disposal plant finally give relief to the C o m m e rc i a l C a p i t a l f ro m garbage when there’s absolutely no waste collection mechanism in place in the city? Well, even Municipal officials admit the pathetic situation on the waste collection front and have called for measures to streamline the system on solid waste management. In fact, officials have mooted a separate department for the management of the waste to deal exclusively with the implementation of the solid waste management rules. No doubt, the Civic body has placed orders for as many as four garbage compactors – thanks to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat – but officials in the know say that compactors alone would not solve the garbage collection problem. IN fact, a project report prepared by the sanitary section reveals a multi-pronged strategy, including introduction of doorto-door waste collection system to rid the city of the waste. But, with the city playing host to a whopping 40,000 households, the task before the Civic body isn’t going to be easy. The door-to-door waste collection system would require around 300-350 regular daily wage workers to collect waste from the households, besides a fleet of 18-20 trucks to transport the waste from the city to the dumping yard at Sonsodo. Rough estimates reveal that the Civic body would require huge funds to put the door-todoor garbage system in place. An estimated amount of Rs seven crore for the procurement of bins, vehicles, besides salary payments for the 300-350 daily wage workers is the bare minimum required to address the burning problem, says sources in the know.

Financial implications of door-to-door waste collection Cost of garbage compactors Cost of plastic bins Salary of workers Advertising campaign Cost of aprons and identity cards

– Rs 1.60 crore – Rs 4.40 crore – Rs 2.19 crore – Rs four lakh. – Rs 1.70 lakh.

Composting units lying idle Much water has flown down the River Sal in the last two years, but Margao Municipality’s ambitious plan to solve waste collection and disposal via composting units lie grounded. Set up with much fanfare following orders of the High court at a cost of around Rs 10 lakh, the composting units are lying idle for want of manpower and infrastructure to compost the waste. One such composting unit at Aquem has been literally converted by workers to dump implements, while another unit has come in handy for migrants to use the same for makeshift accommodation. That the composting unit has proved to be of no use to the city is amply clear if one takes a look at the unit installed at the SGPDA market complex. While the composting unit stands tall in the market complex, waste is regularly disposed off by burning close to the unit.

Door-to-door collection still a distant dream This may seem strange, but true. The Margao Municipal proposed a garbage collection fee of Rs one per household per day in its budget proposal of the last financial year. Just two months to go for the financial year, there’s no sign that the Civic body will levy the garbage collection fees on the households. For, the Civic body has once again failed to plan the project, leave alone implement the concept in the city. Incidentally, the Council at its meeting on November 26, 2007 had resolved to collect house to house garbage from all the Municipal wards by inviting open tenders. . The Civic body had also planned to collect waste from the hotels, restaurants and eateries on a no profit no loss basis, but all these proposals are yet to see light of the day. Says a Civic official: “This is not a big amount considering the benefits derived from door-to-door garbage collection. Part of the revenue can be recovered by imposing a garbage collection fee of one rupee per day per household”. With the government not averse to give a grant of Rs 7.31 crore to the Margao Municipality to make one time payment to Fomento to meet the cost of waste treatment plant at Sonsodo, officials says a similar gesture from the Chief Minister to put a waste collection system in place would go a long way to achieve the dream of a clean and green Margao.

Sulabh-owned public toilets craving for attention Sewage finds its way in storm drains


Come February 1, and Chief Minister Digambar Kamat’s Margao constituency will play host to Goa’s first Rs 20 lakh air-conditioned toilet in the Margao Municipal garden built by Sulabh International. Sadly, sanitation in the Commercial Capital has hit a low with most of the public toilets owned and maintained by Sulabh across the city craving for urgent attention. Around 20 public toilet blocks built by Sulabh dot the city’s landscape, but their condition is pathetic, to say the least. If the PTA members of Fatima Convent took Sulabh and other authorities to task for the rampant discharge of sewage waters from the old bus stand toilet into the storm water drain, this appears just the tip of the ice berg. Incidentally, the old bus stand toilet is only a few meters away from the air-conditioned toilet constructed in the Municipal garden. Thousands of people use the Sulabh toilets at the old bus stand, new market, Gandhi market and the old fish market, but that has not spurred Sulabh and the Margao Municipal Council to maintain sanitation in and around the blocks. Foul odour, broken tiles, water leakages welcome visitors to the toilets and is almost the order of the day. A visit to the toilet block in the Gandhi mar-

The dilapidated state of the Gandhi market Sulabh toilet.

Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

ket revealed the worst scenario. Garbage and waste strewn at the entrance of the toilet greet visitors, while the unsanitary conditions inside the structure has kept many a visitor away. Even Margao Municipal officials say that they have heard only promises from Sulabh, but the ground reality of these toilets remains unchanged. It is not uncommon to find soakpits and septic tanks overflowing, causing a health hazard to the neighbourhood.

let in the Margao garden – built with funds from the Margao Municipal Council and Sulabh – is one such toilet as part of the plan, but has no plan in place to repair and renovate the existing ones. What has made matters worse for Sulabh is the absence of a sewerage line in the densely populated southern part of the commercial Capital, with sewage finding its way in the storm water drains is the order of the day.

Though Sulabh owns a night soil tanker, that has not solved the problem of overflowing septic tanks. Believe it or not, Sulabh erected a roof over the open urinal at the old bus stand only to last – more than a decade after the agency constructed the toilet block at the bus stand. Incidentally, Sulabh has plans to build a chain of toilets in the city at strategic public points to meet the growing requirements. The air conditioned toi-

Matriz records still lie abandoned in Mamlatdar’s office BY HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, NOV 21

Is the government serious in protecting Salcete’s Matriz records housed in the taluka Mamlatdar’s office or will the records meet the same fate like that of the mutilated birth and death documents in the taluka Sub Registrar’s office. It’s now two years since the government told the Salcete Mamlatdar to dispatch the taluka Matriz documents to the Archives for its upkeep and protection. If Salcete Mamlatdar Paresh Faldessai is to be believed, his office immediately got back to the Archives with a request to take the records in their possession.

Two years down the line and the Matriz records still continue to lie in the Salcete Mamlatdar office. That should come as a welcome development for the citizens, who otherwise would have been forced to travel to Panjim to seek the documents, but the fact remains that nothing has been done to protect the documents from destruction till date. Though the Mamlatdar says that Matriz records are not that bad as in the case of birth and death records, officials, however, said these old revenue record would be

rendered mutilated after years of neglect and official apathy. “We have stopped allowing members of the public to scan the records as was the practice in the past. Only the officials employed in the office are allowed to go through the documents. This has helped to prevent further wear and tear of the documents”, Faldessai added. Senior revenue officials admitted in private that these records are not of much use since the present survey and revenue plans also constitute revenue documents, the documents need to be preserved and protected like any other documents.




Slaughter house raided, nine animals rescued HERALD CORRESPONDENT BICHOLIM, JAN 21

Barely a week after an abattoir was raided at PandavwadoChorao, the Animal Rescue Squad (ARS) along with Bharat Swabhiman Bicholim and Shiv Sena Mapusa raided a slaughter house at Duler-Mapusa and rescued nine animals on Friday. Mapusa Police arrested one Gavas alias Gani Mainuddhin Bepari in this connection. It may be stated that this is the second major crackdown by the organisations on the slaughter house since the last eight days. According to ARS Chief Amrut Singh, the organisations, which started its operation at about 4

mApuSA am, laid a trap and rescued three bullocks, one cow and five calf, which were to be slaughtered. “This time, we were able to rescue all the animals even though we recovered several horns and other equipments used for slaughter,” Singh told Herald. “ The animals were later handed over to the Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) at Taligao,” added Singh.

Animals which were to be slaughtered at the slaughter house at Duler-Mapusa. Photo by Samir Umarye

Kamlesh Bandekar of Bharat Swabhiman and Ramesh Naik of Shiv Sena were part of the team that raided the slaughter house. Based on the complaint by Singh, Mapusa Police later Bepari in this connection. It may be recalled that ARS along with other organisations had recently raided a slaughter house at Pandavwado-Chorao and had arrested six persons in this connection. MAPUSA CORRESPONDENT ADDS: Officials of the Animal Husbandry at Mapusa, Dr A D

Verlekar and Dr Greta Costa were also involved in the raid at the centre. During interrogations, Bepari confessed to the Mapusa police that he has been slaughtering cattle for many years and was selling the meat in Mapusa market. The fat collected from the slaughter was later being sold to soap factories. He claimed to have had the license to sell the meat in the shops at Mapusa. Further investigations are in progress.

400 agitating workers clash with Verna police HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JAN 21

An agitation by about 400 workers of five labour-oriented units at Verna Industrial Estate led to clashes with Verna Police on Friday morning. It may be recalled that about 400 workers of five units have been kept out of work with the decision of the managements to lockout all the five units since December 2010. Since then, all workers have stationed themselves outside all five units to ensure that units don’t commence the work by engaging contract workers. However, one of the units on Friday obtained interim relief of temporary injunction to shift and transport the finished goods of diagnostic reagents kits, biochemicals and medical device and other valuable items manufactured in the factory. Workers however complained that Verna Police wanted to shift the finished goods from other four units, which had not obtained the injunction order. Speaking to media, workers union leader Sushant Khandeparkar alleged that the management had secured an injunction to lift the goods from only one factory. According to workers, Verna PI Jivba Dalvi forcefully wanted to shift the finished goods from the other four units without any court order, which was not ac-

AITUC slogan for Jan 26: End drug trade, save youth HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

The State Committee of All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) has decided to observe 61st Anniversary of Indian Republic on January 26, 2011 as a day to demand “banish the drug and drugs trade from the world and save youth and the Republic.” The AITUC has appealed all the working people and progressive masses and the youth to join the demonstration on Republic Day at Kranti Circle, opposite KTC Bus Stand in Panjim. Addressing a press conference here on Friday Chrisopher Fonseca, General secretary, AITUC said its General Council Meeting has noted that the Government of Goa has utterly failed to tackle this problem due to serious breach in its administrative machinery at all levels including the concerned ministry. The General Council Meeting of AITUC held on January 16, 2011 viewed with serious concern growing menace of drugs and DRUGS TRADE and its rampant use and consumption at rave parties in Goa, particularly on various beaches along its coastal belt. The meeting also took note of ill effects and adverse impact on the Goan society as a whole, particularly social, cultural and moral degradation of its youth.

ceptable to the workers. When some workers questioned the police, two workers were reportedly detained by the police, informed sources. “As per the court order, all workers were standing 500 mtrs away from the factory. Their agitation was peaceful as management had agreed to hike their increment demand of Rs 4,200. But with Friday’s incident, the situation has aggravated further,” said Goa Kamgar Karmchari Sena President Sandeep

Vengurlekar, who been supporting the workers. “The Deputy Labour Commissioner is also pursuing the case. Peaceful negotiation with management had yielded fruits, but with today’s highhanded behaviour of the police, things have further deepened,” he said. PI Dalvi however refuted the allegation levelled by the workers and said police just obeyed the court order and they have not detained or manhandled any of the workers.


To ensure the punctuality of government staff on duty, two officers of Government Special Squad paid a surprise visit to 16 government departments in Vasco on Thursday. Former Margao Municipal Council chief officer N D Agarwal along with officer Y B Tawde visited 16 government offices in Vasco and its surrounding areas and checked the attendance book to examine the punctuality of staff. Speaking to media, the officers said most of the offices were punctual, while a few staff were found lethargic in the departments. “Few employees were entrusted with Census duty today, while others were assigned BLO duty for electoral process and few staff were absent,” said Tawade. “Some employees were reported late for duty on Thursday and we have prepared our report, which will be submitted to the concerned authority and memorandum will be issued to the erring staff,” said Tawade. He further said that the drive has been conducted to ensure punctuality and discipline among the staff and the drive

Public Info Campaign begins today HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

Press Information Bureau (PIB), the publicity wing of Government of India has organised a three-day long Bharat Nirman Public Information Campaign at Pernem and Korgao beginning from Saturday. The campaign which will pay more attention towards familiarising of Central Government scheme to the locals will be inaugurated at Pernem on January 22 at the hands of Member of Parliament Shantaram Naik. On January 23, Minister for Panchayati Raj Manohar Azgaonkar will inaugurate the campaign at Korgao. A cultural programme by Song and Drama division of Director of Film Publicity from Pune will be held on all the Workers of five different diagnostic and labour-oriented companies outside their units at Verna Industrial Estate. Photo by M Prabhav

Surprise checks on Govt depts at Vasco

days after the technical session, which will be delivered by various resource persons, particularly engaged in implementing Central government schemes. Meanwhile, a special programme on media orientation regarding Central government schemes was organised by PIB at Pernem today morning. The Pernem based journalists were briefed by Campaign coordinator Dilip Deshpande. Since last six years, PIB has been organizing this campaign in various parts of Goa. The first such campaign was held in 2006 in Panjim and Ponda followed by Margao, Quepem, Sanguem, Vasco (2007), Pernem (2008), Valpoi, Bicholim, Mayem (2009) and Molem, and Dharbandora (2010).


The two-day annual Zatra of Shree Kalnath Devasthan at Kalay-Sanguem will be held on January 22 and 23. The Zatra of Shree Kalnath Devasthan in the village plays an important role, as it is only after the celebration of Zatra at Shree Kalnath Devasthan, the Zatras of other temples in the village are held. During the two days of celebration, people from all walks

of life from Kalay and nearby village will flock to Kalnath Deva s t h a n Te m p l e , w h i c h i s renovated recently and given n new look. On the first day, the religious function will be followed by a Marathi drama ‘Singad’. On Sunday, auction will be held of the fruits and vegetables offered by the devotees during the Zatrotsav. The auction will be followed by Marathi drama presented by Taleshwar Sankrutik Mandal, Durgabhat-Ponda.

n Some employees were reported late for duty on Thursday and we have prepared our report, which will be submitted to the concerned authority and memorandum will be issued to the erring staff. would be continued. Meanwhile, few PWD employees complained that though they had worked on Thursday, they were marked absent as they did not sign the master roll. “Our superiors had asked us go out and repair the leakage of the pipeline and sign the master roll later,” they alleged.




Authority in the Church

Vol No CXI No: 022 Goa, Saturday, 22 January, 2011

Pathologists and custodial death



The Church has always upheld the dignity and rights of women, says AVerTHAnUs l d’soUZA

here has been a spate of articles of late, ill-treatment and sexual abuse meted out to by a few women religious, which manifest women religious in the Church has certainly a disturbing trend of denouncing the turned them into an ‘endangered species’”. Her Catholic Church for being “paternalistic” in the article gives readers the impression that the pejorative sense of the word, a questionable Church is a cesspool of sexual abuses of women, n the ancient Udana, Gautama Buddha tells the term imported from the radical feminist moveespecially religious women. parable of the ‘Six Blind Men of Hindustan and the ment in the USA. The Indian nuns who seem The article under consideration, mentions one Elephant’. A king summons the six wisest blind men to relish this term have obviously not applied or two incidents, which, if true, deserve to be of the capital to the palace. An elephant is brought in, their minds to examining the origin of the condemned in the strongest language. However, and they are asked to describe it. When each blind word or to its sociological and theological imto conclude from a few incidents that the Church man feels a part of the elephant, the king asks: “Tell plications. The tone of their articles can, at (in India) is by its very nature “patriarchal” (whatme, what sort of thing is an elephant?” The one who best, be described as being intemperate and ever that may mean) and abuses religious women, feels the elephant’s head says it is like a pot. The man inflammatory. Examples of such inflammatory is to defy both logic and common sense. It is like who feels the ear compares it to a winnowing basket. usage have appeared in a recent article by an proposing to amputate the entire leg, because a The third (tusk) says it is a plowshare, the fourth (side) Indian nun which states: “the Catholic Church toe has been injured. a wall, the fifth (foot) a pillar and the sixth (tail) a rope. can little afford to leave its women religious We cannot deny the reality that a few priests Over 2,000 years later, the 19th century British poet oppressed under the unjust structure of double and nuns, fail to live up to their chosen vocation. John Godfrey Saxe spun the moral of this ancient story patriarchy, all in the name of the mission of They often falter and even cause grave scandal. obedience, in its blind best…” The general into immortal verse: There is room in the Church for reprimand of tenor of this article, and the impression that “And so these men of Hindustan, disputed loud and long such priests and nuns, and, above all, for comit seeks to convey, is that the Catholic Church Each in his own opinion, exceeding stiff and strong passionate assistance. But to launch upon a genis characterised by its oppression of women, Though each was partly in the right, eral crusade against the Church, because some especially those who have taken the vows of and all were in the wrong.” of her members have sinned, is equivalent to demanding that marriage, as an institution, be abolThis is the precise situation that the good doctors of poverty, chastity and obedience; that it needs ished because there are many married persons the Pathology Department of the Goa Medical College to be radically changed not only in its attitude, who commit adultery. The “world” has already (GMC) Hospital find themselves in. Tasked with studying but also in its structure. orAl onsiderATions The article, in question, asserts that the mission slipped into the error of legitimising practices, the histopathology of the internal organs of alleged custodial death victim Cipriano Fernandes, they have grossly of the Church can be achieved “only when women we have to ask: which exact “core-team” of the ample testimony to the fact that the Church is because they have become widespread: prostiexceeded their brief to opine that the man died of “natural religious too, are included in the core-team of Church is she referring to? Is it the Standing Com- particularly and emphatically vociferous that tution, drug abuse, homosexual activities in public, the Church where decisions are made, policies and paedophilia are some examples. Some of our causes”. are formulated, strategies are chalked out and mittee of the Catholic Bishops Conference of women should be respected and honoured. It is religious women are unable to distinguish beThey apparently told a local newspaper on Tuesday the modus operandi of the implementations are India or is it the Roman Curia under the chair- the feminist movements that are responsible for tween the cultural corruption which has enveloped that their finding of “hypodensity with loss of grey-white manship of the Pope? She fails to make this clear the degradation of women. They are the voices drawn up.” the world, and the moral values for which the interface in both cerebellar hemispheres” in the brain Quite obviously, the author of this article is ig- in her article. One can also enquire whether she which preach that women can only be “equal”, if Catholic Church stands – against great odds, it was suggestive of infarct (stroke), and “could” be the norant of the nature of the Church. She is ignorant can cite any specific documents or instructions they are masculinised. They endorse the murder must be added. cause of the Cipriano’s death. They added that infarct There is no disputing the fact that the of the fact that the Church is not an “organisation” in which the Catholic Church has officially pro- of human babies in their mothers’ wombs. The “could” lead to convulsions (fits), which “could” have in the political sense, nor even in the sociological moted any discrimination against women. She feminist movement has pioneered partial birth Catholic Church is in constant need of reform caused the injuries on his body. sense of the word. To describe the “structure” of asserts, and rightly so, that “Respect for women abortion, and the “right” of women to abort their and renewal. The Church is constantly being The operative word is “could”, which puts it purely in the Church as being oppressive of women, nay is one of the non-negotiable demands of human babies at any time, during pregnancy. One has challenged to bear witness to a “counter culthe realm of possibility. But there were other equally of even thriving on the oppression of religious dignity.” However, contrary to her general con- only to read the writings of the high priestesses ture” which does not conform to the prevailing likely possibilities. Haemorrhage in the brain is not un- women, is to display colossal ignorance of what demnation of the Church as being structurally of the movement, who are the real threat to the culture of the times. As loyal members of this oppressive of women, her studies should have dignity of women. common in head injury. And one of the common causes the Church really is. Church we, and particularly the religious women It hurts when some of these Indian nuns con- and men who have been consecrated to the of head injury, as we all know, is assault. ‘Could’ it not The demand that women religious (sic) be in- shown her that the Catholic Church is the only one universal institution which has consistently demn the Church in such virulent language: “Be be that the alleged stroke was triggered by suspected cluded in the “core-team” (sic) of the Church, service of the people, should bear witness to beatings from the police? where decisions are made is simply preposterous upheld the dignity of the human person, irre- that as it may, what is important is that we own the values for which the Church stands. It ill No human is disease-free. And the possibility of Cipriano in its distortion of the understanding of the nature spective of sex, race, colour, language, ethnicity up the fact that the Church in India, heavily in- behoves religious women, and even priests, stitutionalised and highly patriarchal in structure, to subvert the Church for causes which they – who was known to be a heavy drinker and did not lead of the Church. This nun is under the misimpression or place of origin. The Church has been, and continues to be, in has descended deep into moral degradation.” think are desirable and true. a very healthy lifestyle – being free of disease is very that the Church is a highly centralised political small. But a 75 per cent occlusion (blockage) of the left organisation - something like the politburo of the forefront of the movement to uphold the dig- (sic). Such wholesale condemnation of the Church Heresy has dogged the life of the Church coronary artery, congestion in various organs and necrosis the communist party - and that unless women nity and the rights of women as human persons. by a woman religious, leads one to wonder throughout her history. We are not surprised of epithelial cells, etc, are hardly definite causes of death. are included in this politburo, the organisation The countless documents of the Popes, of the whether she can justify her continuation in the that it continues to do so even today. People who have them can easily continue to go about will continue to oppress women and deprive Synods of Bishops, statements of the Conferences religious order to which she belongs, or even But we should remember the warning of of Catholic Bishops, from all over the world, and whether she should continue to remain a member Jesus: woe to him (or her) from whom the scantheir daily routine, just as Cipriano did before the cops them of their fundamental rights… arrested him; they do not drop dead just like that. To analyse her arguments even more closely, the Pastoral letters of individual Bishops, bear of the Church. She asserts that “The horrendous dal comes. Did the histopathological examination show a conclusive cause of death? Did Cipriano, for instance, die of a Tongue in Cheek heart attack (seen as coronary infarct)? Did he succumb to a rupture of the liver or from a massive haemorrhage By Adelmo Fernandes in the digestive system or brain? Only if the organs themselves show a conclusive cause of death can a histopathonow the answer to this riddle? What goes up but never potatoes alone. Milk, which is so essential for the growth of bones bringing down the prices were around, they would probably get logical examination alone determine with some confidence comes down? Many would say it is the age of a person. of little children, may soon be out of reach of the poor man. The rotten eggs thrown at them. that someone has died a natural or unnatural death. Well, in today’s world, the more appropriate answer price of milk seems to be increasing every alternate month. If The other day while travelling by rickshaw, I was shocked to Making statements in the absence of any such conclusive would be the prices of essential commodities. Of late, the only we reared goats and buffaloes in our backyard, we would find that the driver had charged me a whole five rupees more evidence is simply pathological kite-flying. For, it is not price of vegetables has been going only one way, upwards. have been self-sufficient in the supply of milk. Egg is another es- than the actual fare. I asked him the reason for the increased fare. the job of the pathologist to determine the cause of The news of prices coming down has become a rarity. Every sential food item which could disappear from a poor man’s dining “Can’t help it sir, we are charging extra fare because the price of death. That is for a forensic surgeon to do. And, in this housewife will complain that her shopping bag does not get and breakfast table. From a modest Rs18 per dozen, just a few onions has gone up” he said matter-of-factly. Had this been an case, the Forensic Department has, perhaps wisely, chosen filled with vegetables, even after spending a five-hundred rupee weeks back, the price of the poultry product has shot up to Rs45 election year, the present government would probably be shown to reserve its verdict on the cause of Cipriano’s death till note in the market. Well, that is the modern day truth. The per dozen. This works out to Rs3.75 an egg. I sometimes wonder the door. As it is, the common man finds it difficult to make both it gets the histopathological report and the chemical size of a five-hundred rupee note may be the same, but its how can the price of eggs rise so drastically? The logical answer ends meet. Now with the increase in the price of food items, the analysis of the viscera. buying capacity has definitely shrunk tremendously. would be that most of the hens have stopped laying eggs. Another poor man may even find it difficult to have a square meal a day. Mind you, it is not just the price of onions which brings tears reason could be that the eggs tend to break in transit. So to make To top it all, the price of petrol has also gone up. In the past, travBut strangely, even as three official inquiries are going on into Cipriano’s death, it is the Pathology Department to the eyes. Now, buying almost every vegetable brings a lump in good the losses incurred, the traders have been increasing the elling in your own vehicle has never been an expensive proposition. – responsible for only one part of the post-mortem ex- the throat. The price of tomatoes is enough to make you see red. price. With the price of eggs and onions skyrocketing, one can Now all this has changed. Where do we go from here? For how ercise – that has jumped the gun to tell us the shape of The price of potatoes may have not have gone the way of the only imagine the price we have to pay (no pun intended) to make long are we going to bear this seemingly endless rise in price? the whole; much like those ‘wise’ blind men of Hindustan. price of onions and tomatoes. But then, one cannot survive on an omelette. If those politicians who have been incapable of Does anyone have an answer?




The only way is up


Letters to the Editor

Message to earthlings Allwyn George, Carmona Air pollution has been a major problem in our efforts to sustain our fragile atmosphere. While we burn tons of diesel oil and petrol in our automobiles and industries, on a daily basis, the harmful effects of the gases released, attacks our fragile ozone layer, which otherwise protects us from the sun’s harmful radiation effects. We have to realise that someday, the atmosphere will buckle severely under man’s advances in science and technology. The amount of automobiles on the roads needs to be controlled. The best way we can contribute is by having an efficient eco-friendly public transport system and


22 January 1911 Thieving housemaids

It is said that most of the house-maids are not to be trusted as can be seen with a person innocently employing a person from Vieira to find out that on the same day he was robbed of all the family heirlooms besides cash and gold.

Deft Japanese dentists

It seems that Jiu-jitsu is easily applicable to dentists from Japan as they extract teeth dexterously only with fingers without causing any pain.

Inhuman penal law

In the United States of America, a country which takes pride in maintaining the record of civilisation, the inhuman penal law is still existent.

Appeals rejected

It is reported that the Governor of the State of Goa, based on reports submitted by Superior Office of the Treasury, rejected the appeals of various government employees who were requesting for stopping the scandalous speculation over their salaries.

reduction in private mode of transport. We have to act swiftly to save Earth for the next generations to come!

Of rights and wrongs! David N Cleaver, Morjim How many times have you turned your car or bike left into a junction, only to find some clueless idiot coming straight at you on the wrong side of the road? It has happened to me more times than I can count. It seems to me that most of the riders and drivers of this state (including so-called “professional” bus drivers) are totally oblivious to the fact that they should be driving on the left side of the road at all times, even when they perform a right turn. It is about time the traffic police clamped down on such dangerous practices. “Traffic Safety Week” has passed and the focus was entirely on fining offenders for not wearing helmets or seatbelts. Traffic Police should be deployed in numbers to hand out heavy fines to the clueless morons. ‘Drive on the left and stay on the left.’ (even when turning right)

Goans: Don’t keep mum Errol D’Souza, Porvorim First and foremost, I would like offer my heartfelt and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Cipriano Fernandes. I am completely lost for words to read of the shocking incident of a Goan who died in police custody. The police personnel involved should be awarded life imprisonment. A solution, in order to avoid any similar incidents in future, would be to install tamper proof CCTVs in all police stations. While today it is the tragic death of Cipriano, tomorrow it could very well turn out to be our near and dear ones. I would also like to thank Herald for keeping the public updated on the latest issues concerning this heinous crime. May the departed soul of Cipriano rest in peace.

In complete cahoots Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim The government has erred by not disclosing

Letter of the Day

Contrasting policies

P L Naik, Ponda

Former PM V P Singh had warned industrialists of stringent action, if the prices of cement and sugar, which had risen steeply then, did not come down by the month end. He said that extortion was the cause of spiralling prices. He had accused the Congress party for extorting huge amounts from industrialists for electioneering, which led to the rise in prices of essential commodities. He said the industrialists and the NRIs were recovering the same from the public, by increasing prices. He had threatened to launch an agitation against price rise. V P Singh strongly vouched to curb corruption. In contrast, PM Manmohan Singh stated on 25 May 2010, that prices of various items can be brought down by December 2010. He said that price rise is the greatest threat to the common man, and his government will be able to bring down the economic price index to 5-6 per cent in December. It is now close to the end of January 2011 and prices of all essential commodities have skyrocketed. Sugar is now more than Rs32 per kg while onion is well beyond Rs50 a kilo. There is no sign of price control by the government. PM states that he is not an astrologer, but the time has now dawned for people to think and act. the names of 50 persons, in spite of the fact that they have stashed billions of rupees in foreign banks. The argument is that tax evasion and fraud are on a different level. Income tax is being collected and so they are allowed to go Scot free. Their names should be announced as people of India have a right to know. However, in spite of the directive by the Supreme Court to disclose the names, the government is dragging its feet to protect the corrupt. The refusal to oblige and respect the directive of the highest court in the country is unpardonable. The only conclusion is that they are possibly in complete collusion with the offenders and enjoy their confidence in these nefarious acts of draining our national wealth.

Law and order revamp Jonas Correia, Aldona There is no doubt that the Goa police needs a revamp. And why should we have all the top brass in the police force ranging from the Sharmas to the Vermas? While Goans occupy top posts, in several disciplines the world over, is it so difficult to get a local IGP or DGP?

Replace pipeline Babluis Pereira, Pomburpa This refers to the news item ‘Pipeline breakdown leaves Pomburpa, nearby areas thirsty’ (Herald, 14 Jan). It is an admitted fact that the pipeline was laid one metre below the riverbed. During an unforeseen leakage, it is difficult to carry out a repair in deep waters. The hindrance posed by the movement of barges, cannot be cited as the reason for the delay in repairing the leakage.The 400 mm HDPE pipeline which was laid in 1989 has corroded due to the passage of time and elements. This is a clear alarm signal that incidents of this nature can occur in future, and that a thorough introspection in the matter is necessary. The PWD infrastructure development runs into crores of rupees every month. Then why has the PWD waited for so long to replace the old system? There is a need to solve this long pending issue without causing further inconvenience.

Commemorative stamp Melson F M Louis, Margao Goans in general and Goa in particular,

can surely be proud of having Blessed Joseph Vaz, the first Goan beatified by Pope John Paul II on 21 January 1995, and is also the Patron of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. In homage of Goa’s noble son, Blessed Joseph Vaz, may I request the Catholic Association of Goa and others to send their proposal to the Philatelic Advisory Council of India, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 1, requesting them to issue a commemorative postage stamp on his 300th death anniversary on 16 Jan 2011.

Justice must be served Jerry Fernandes, Saligao This is with regard to Sujay Gupta’s article ‘If your son was beaten to death by the police, would you have kept quiet?’ (Herald, 15 Jan). Well, I fully agree with his views and do believe that it is time to say that ‘enough is enough’. It is now time to fight all the top notorious cops of the Goa police, who are practically turning out to be the real roadside ‘Goondas’ in uniform. Our police are actually meant to be the protectors/friends of the general public, but unfortunately, they have proved to be very close to politicians and collaborators of anti-social elements like drug peddlers/dealers, owners of gambling dens, prostitution centres, etc. A huge bribe is needed to secure a job in the police force. With the exception of a few efficient policemen, the rest are corrupt rogues. The ‘goondas in uniform’ deserve severe punishment, while justice is served to Cipriano Fernandes.

Deck of cards Robert Castellino, Mumbai PM Manmohan Singh has only succeeded in reshuffling the same old pack of cards. We can now expect the same number of ‘tricks’ or ‘hands’ as they are called — 13 in number — nothing more, nothing less. The four Aces are very much in the same hands. The PM has brought nothing new to the table. We will be dealt out the same old tricks — in new hands!

Paths of Wisdom The unforgiving servant

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, if my brother keeps on sinning against me, how many times do I have to forgive him? Seven times?” “No, not seven times,” answered Jesus, “but seventy times seven, because the Kingdom of heaven is like this. Once, there was a King who decided to check on his servants’ accounts. He had just begun to do so when one of them was brought in who owed him millions of pounds. The servant did not have enough to pay his debt, so the King ordered him to be sold as a slave, with his wife and his children and all that he had, in order to pay the debt. The servant fell on his knees before the King. “Be patient with me,” he begged, and I will pay you everything.” The King felt sorry for him, so he forgave him the debt and let him go. “Then the man went out and met one of his fellow-servants who owed him a few pounds. He grabbed him and started choking him. “Pay back what you owe me!” he said. His fellow-servant fell down and begged him, “Be patient with me, and I will pay you back!” But he refused; instead he had him thrown into jail until he should pay the debt. When the other servants saw what had happened, they were very upset and went to the King and told him everything! So, he called the servant in. “You worthless slave!” he said, “I forgave you the whole amount you owed me just because you asked me to. You should have had mercy on your fellow-servant, just as I had mercy on you.” The king was very angry and he sent the servant to jail to be punished until he should pay back the whole amount.” Jesus concluded, “That is how my Father in heaven will treat everyone of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.” (Matthew 18; 21-35)

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opinionated Sc upholds life term for changing façade of Goa and Goans

By Ashley Fernandes efore I begin, I would like to state emphatically that I am very much a ‘True Goan’ with very strong Goan roots, born and brought up in Mumbai, and not a ‘ghanti’ a term given to many Goans, especially those linked to private schools and the music fraternity in Goa. It is also very unfortunate that I have to generalise this and tag all Goans for the fault of a few that have contributed to the degradation of our state. Goa, as a state has changed, not for the better, but for the worst. We Goans seem to have lost all moral values and ethics, in the process of that drastic change. It’s even more shocking, to observe true Goenkars supporting glaring irregularities within the boundaries of this state, even to the extent of supporting corrupt and tainted ministers and MLAs. It can easily be called the most corrupt state and also the crime capital of India. Most of our ministers and the police have jumped on to this criminal band wagon. Those who try and set things right, are either targeted or termed as ‘ghantis’ or ‘outsiders.’ My following questions go out to every Goenkar. Have we done anything, in this respect: 1) Is Goa corruption free? The answer is no. We have, in fact, blindly supported the wrong and tried desperately to indict criminal minded ministers back into the government, via the back door. 2) Is Goa is free from crime? No. The entrusted law and order machinery have themselves indulged in a part of the crimes committed. They are, in short, criminals and corrupt to the core. 3) Is Goa drug free? Absolutely not. Our home minister had the guts and the audacity to say “Goa is free from drugs”, when his very own police force are drug peddlers. 4) Did we penalise our corrupt rulers? No, we haven’t. In fact, we are busy finding ways and means of shielding the wrong, done by them. 5) Have we done anything to set right an education policy, in order to ensure that every child gets his or her education, with ‘English’ as the medium of instruction and ‘Konkani’ as a compulsory second language? We have done nothing. Private institutions are thriving at our cost, supported by an irresponsible corrupt government. 6) Are corrupt officials in government offices penalised for wrongdoing? No. Anything can be approved, by providing money. Can anyone dispute this? 7) Can we consider ourselves as ‘Goans’ with an ethical and moral backing”? No. It’s pretty evident from the above, that we Goans don’t give a damn about what is happening in our own state as we are too busy trying to find out which profession, state or country we would prefer adopting, to make money. This comes at the cost of having the state being developed in a faulty manner, which after all, is led by a bunch of corrupt, uneducated and unethical bunch of rogues in the government. There are also some on the sidelines, waiting to be roped in. In our mad rush for success, we have lost all our ethics and morals and wouldn’t mind crossing all boundaries to see that our individual goal is met. Gone are the days when Goans cared for one another. Today, we own the best of cars and drive without any road sense. We park where we please. It is now me and I. The rest are forgotten. This is very unbecoming of Goans of today, as compared to those of yesteryear. Unfortunately, corruption has crept into the departments of ‘education’ and the ‘entertainment industry’. Another one of our Goan Catholic ministers has conveniently pressed for a change in the medium of instruction in government aided schools to Konkani, thereby subjecting the majority of the Goan population to education in Konkani. The support of these corrupt rogues in the government and of those on the sidelines, is very evident. Are ministers in the government qualified enough to take decisions, where education is concerned? The music industry is not very much different, with musicians old and new ever ready, to take a dig at one another while trying to pull the other down, by way of criticism. Resorts, all over the state, have capitalised on this divide, and musicians are now paid a pittance for their efforts. This is unbelievable. We, like true Goenkars, must stand up for the truth.


Dara in Staines murder PTI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

In a setback to CBI, the Supreme Court today dismissed its plea for death penalty to Dara Singh, convicted for burning alive Australian missionar y Graham Staines and his two minor sons in January 1999 while upholding life sentence given to him by the Orissa High Court. A bench comprising justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan, while dismissing the agency's plea for death penalty, said the punishment can be imposed only in the “rarest of rare” cases depending upon the facts and situation of each case. In the present case, the apex court said, the offence committed by the convicts, though highly condemnable, does not fall in the category of rarest of rare to warrant death sentence. Dara Singh and Mahendra Hem-

brom were found guilty of burning to death Staines and his sons, who were sleeping inside a van outside a church, at Manoharpur village in Koenjhar district of Orissa on January 22, 1999. The bench had on December 15 last year reserved its judgement after hearing at length the arguments of CBI's counsel and Additional Solicitor General Vivek Tankha and counsel for the convicts. Senior counsel K T S Tulsi and Ratnakar Dash, besides counsel Sibo Shankara Mishra, appeared for the 12 convicts. Appearing for CBI, Tankha had told the bench that Dara Singh deserves death sentence as the murders were committed in a most “diabolic and dastardly manner” which warranted exemplary punishment. Dara had filed an appeal chal-

lenging his conviction and the life sentence awarded to him. The appeals were admitted by the apex court in October 2005. On May 19, 2005, the Orissa High Court had commuted to life imprisonment the death penalty imposed by the Sessions Court on Dara Singh for the murder of Staines and his two minor sons -- Philip, 10, and Timothy, 6. Along with Dara, another person Mahendra Hembram was convicted in the case. However, the High Court had acquitted 11 others who were awarded life terms by the trial court in the case. The trial court in Khurda had in September 2003 convicted all the 13 accused. While Dara Singh was awarded death sentence, others were given life imprisonment.


A special CBI court here today dismissed an application of Rajesh Talwar seeking the annexures submitted by the probe agency along with the closure report in the murder case of his teenage daughter Aarushi. The court said it will hold further hearing in the case on January 25. The courtroom, earlier in the day, witnessed heated exchanges between the counsel for CBI and those appearing for the parents of Aarushi Talwar after the agency opposed their plea for copies of documents submitted by it along with the closure report. The court of special CBI Judge Preeti Singh then had adjourned the matter till postlunch. “These (documents) cannot

be supplied. Uttar Pradesh Police arrested him and hence technically or legally he is an accused till the court discharges or acquits him,” CBI counsel R K Saini said. He quoted a number of Supreme Court judgements besides those of the Allahabad High Court to buttress his argument. Saini said nothing beyond the closure report, which has already been given to Rajesh Talwar, should be provided. He also noted that an FIR was filed by Talwar against his servant Hemraj who was later found murdered. The Talwars had on January 11 moved an application seeking all documents submitted by the CBI in support of the closure report. Talwar's counsel Satish Tamta


India is staring at an explosion of cancer burden as the disease is likely to double or triple among its population in the next 20 years, oncologists said. The incidence of cancer for the last decade has been a straight line as there has been a rising trend in some cancers offset by a reduction in others. However, epidemiological findings of some unique cancers in North-east suggested the explosion of cancer burden in the next two decades, the scientists said. “It must be noted that in spite of the rising trend, the number of cancer cases are still about a third or fifth of what is seen in the developed world. However, India is at the beginning of an explosion of cancer burden due to several factors

V K Saxena yesterday after he took a lift in the school bus to travel to his home in Kandla, they said. The parents of the victim have filed a complaint against the school teacher, police said. The victim, walked 15 kms after the incident to reach his home in Kandla, they said.



A newborn baby girl, who was found abandoned in Rajasthan's Ganganagar district, died in a hospital, police said today. The unidentified baby, who was born prematurely, was found abandoned by police on January 19. The baby was found abandoned in some bushes by a woman working in a nearby area, Nisha Chauhan, who is working with an NGO in the district, said. The baby was taken to hospital by the police, she said. The baby could not survive as she was born prematurely and was suffering from the resultant complications, Dr Avinash Sardana said.

Tableau artists from Orissa participating at the Republic Day parade performing during the press preview in New Dehli on Thursday.


MlA’s judicial remand extended PTI BANDA, JAN 21

A local court today extended the judicial remand of BSP MLA Purshottam Naresh Dwivedi and three others, accused of raping a Dalit girl, by 14 days. Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Sanjiv Kumar Jaiswal extended the remand of Dwivedi, Rajendra Shukla, Surendra Neta and Ravan Garg, who were present in the court. The CB-CID probing the matter had filed chargesheet in the matter in the court yesterday. Dwivedi has been charged with Sections 376 (rape), 354

objected to his client being called an accused. “It is not right to call my client an accused at this stage. The court had observed last time that nobody is an accused at this stage. We are here in the capacity of first informant. To say that they have given wrong information is incorrect. We are not demanding copies of the case diary,” he said. “What we want is documents like CFSL reports so that I can help the court. It is such a big double murder, how can the case be closed. I don't want the case to be closed. I am asking for the documents in the interest of justice.” He accused the CBI of having an uncooperative attitude. Meanwhile, Fatehchand


and drastic steps need to be taken to prevent the explosion,” Tata Memorial Centre(TMC), Director, Dr R A Badwe said. “In general, the outlook for cancer appears bright due to low incidence in India and efforts to reduce mortality without much increase in the incidence are unique globally,” Badwe said at the 21st Indian Nuclear Society's annual conference here. But in future with factors like increasing population, increasing longevity, less of physical activity (obese cancer) and urbanisation of rural India, the burden of cancer is likely to double or triple by 2030, said Dr K M Mohandas, director, Centre for Cancer Epidemiology of TMC. TMC has also found some unique cancers in some parts of India - nasopharyngeal and esophageal (food pipe) cancer

Two persons including the husband of the 30-year-old woman who died of CrimeanCongo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) recently at a private hospital here, have tested positive for the fatal virus causing the disease, Gujarat health officials said today. “Rehman, husband of the woman who died due to CCHF has tested positive for the virus causing the disease. Also, one male staff nurse of the private hospital in the city where Amina was undergoing treatment, has tested positive,” Additional Director (Health), Dr Paresh Dave told PTI. Dave said their test reports were received today and the condition of the infected duo was stable. They are undergoing treatment under isolation at government hospitals, he said.

A student was seriously injured after he was allegedly beaten up by his school teacher when he took a lift in the school bus, police said here in Muzzafarnagar. Shubham Gulati, a class tenth student of Silver Bells Public School in Shamli, was allegedly beaten up by his school teacher


(assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) and other relevant sections of IPC in the charge sheet filed in Chief Judicial Magistrate Tripta Chaudhary's court. The other three co-accused have also been booked under the charges, except for rape. FIR against MLA Dwivedi was lodged on Jan 12 and he was arrested on Jan 13. The Dalit girl was allegedly raped on December 10-11 at the residence of 48-year-old Dwivedi, who represents Naraini seat in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

Sharma, counsel for the three servants who were earlier arrested in the case, supported the CBI and said Rajesh is an accused like them and hence should not be given any documents. “The court should order further investigation and direct the CBI to file a chargesheet,” Sharma said. The court after hearing the matter for nearly half an hour adjourned it till after lunch. Fourteen-year-old Aarushi was found murdered in her room with her throat slit at her residence on May 16, 2008. The body of Hemraj was found on the terrace the next day. In its closure report, CBI held Rajesh as the prime suspect but said it had insufficient evidence to file a chargesheet against him. The CBI conclusions were trashed by Rajesh and Nupur.

India staring at a cancer explosion: Expert PTI


Student beaten up in school bus

Abandoned baby dies in hospital

rajesh’s appeal for documents turned down PTI

Two persons infected with Congo virus

in Northeast and gall bladder cancer in Gangetic and Brahmaputra river belt, he said. “Few large epidemiological studies are underway to find out etiology of these cancers and a large screening study with barium swallow is also underway to see if early detection of esophageal cancer is possible,” Badwe said. Figures related to tobaccorelated cancer (smoking and non-smoking), which constitutes 50 per cent of the cancer cases in the county, may remain as it is, Badwe said. “Over, 65 per cent of cancer in India is contributed by tobacco related, breast and cervical cancer. Thirty per cent of cancers arise in head and neck region is caused due to nonsmoking tobacco used in India and this is amenable to prevention as well as early detection,"

he said. An alarming rise in breast cancer and ovarian cancer is very fortunately matched by a corresponding and welcome reduction in uterine cervical cancer, maintaining the overall incidence of cancer relatively unchanged in women, the TMC director said. Uterine cervical cancer is due to infection which is amenable to prevention and early detection, he said. In men, it is lung cancer which is on the rise and is a major killer, whereas two other forms of the disease -- stomach and penile cancers -- have shown a downward trend, he added. The data on screening for oral cancer is not robust enough to implement screening as service but it is suggestive of being beneficial in saving lives, the cancer expert added.

UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069 Website:

INDICATIVE ADVERTISEMENT Applications in the prescribed forms are invited for direct recruitment to the following posts by 10th February, 2011 (17th February, 2011 in respect of applications received only BY POST from the candidates residing in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, J&K, Lahaul & Spiti District and Pangi Sub-division of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, A & N Islands or Lakshadweep or abroad). The break-up of vacancies post-wise is as under:Vacancies Sl. No. Vacancy No. Name of post 1 2 3 4 5 6

11010201222 11010202322 11010203122 11010204622 11010205422 11010206122





Legal Officer(Grade-II), M/o External Affairs.






Assistant Professor(Psychology), IMA Dehradun, M/o Defence






Pathologist, Farakka Barrage Hospital, M/o Water Resources.






Senior Scientific Officer, Grade -II (Engg. discipline) M/o Defence






Senior Artist, DAVP /DPD, M/o Information & Broadcasting






Veterinary Asstt Surgeon, M/o Agriculture.






NOTE:- * Posts are also suitable for Physically Handicapped persons with disability of Hearing Handicapped(HH) or Orthopaedically Handicapped /Locomotor disability or Cerebral Palsy with OL(One Leg affected). # Post is also suitable for Physically Handicapped[Hearing Impairment(Hearing Handicapped)] candidates. The candidates willing to apply for the above posts are advised to visit Commission’s Website: http:/ / for further details regarding pay scale, eligibility criteria, age, application fee, application format, instructions etc. The detailed advertisement has also been published in Employment News/ Rozgar Samachar on 22.01.2011 vide advertisement No. 02 . The Application Form can be either downloaded from the detailed advertisement available on UPSC Website or the format given in Employment News can be used for filling up the application. The applications complete in all respect along with the required documents should be sent to Joint Secretary (Recruitment), UPSC, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi – 110 069. * Government strives to have work force which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply. * The Mobile Phones are banned in the campus of UPSC Examination Hall. 55102/14/0040/1011



Pak court dismisses petition seeking end of Taseer killer trial PTI ISLAMABAD, JAN 21

A Pakistani court has dismissed a petition seeking an end to the trial of the police guard who assassinated Governor Salmaan Taseer for criticising the blasphemy law, saying that no one is allowed to take the law into their own hands even if someone has committed blasphemy. Taseer, a confidant of President Asif Ali Zardari, was gunned down in Islamabad on January 4 by Mumtaz Qadri, a member

Salmaan TaSeer: vicTim of Terror

of his security detail. Qadri claimed that Taseer had committed blasphemy by opposing the controversial law.

Top Tory triggers backlash over Islamophobia AGENCIES LONDON, JAN 21

Conservative Party chairwoman Baroness Warsi faced a fierce backlash on Thursday night after claiming anti-Muslim bigotry was commonplace around British dinner tables. The peer, the first Muslim woman to be appointed to the cabinet, said Islamophobia had “seeped into our society”. She also suggested that followers of Islam should not be divided into “extremists” and “moderates”. H e r re m a r k s w e re c o n demned by the right of her party and church leaders, and Downing Street refused to endorse her views. In a speech, Lady Warsi said: “It’s not a big leap of imagination to predict where the talk of ‘moderate’ Muslims leads; in the factory, where they’ve just hired a Muslim worker, the boss says: “Not to worry, he’s only fairly Muslim’. In the school, the kids say: ‘The family next door are Muslim but they’re not too bad’. “It has seeped into our society in a way where it is acceptable around dinner to have conversations where anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry is openly discussed. “At various times, Britain has not been at ease with various religious minorities, whether that’s the Catholic community, eventually resulting in Catholic emancipation, or more recently

the British Jewish community. “I look at the way those challenges were dealt with and indeed are continuing to be dealt with and how we must bring some of those lessons to the rise of anti-Muslim hatred.” She added that perceptions of criminality among Muslims were of particular concern. “Sadly, one of the concerns that has been raised as I travel around the country is that somehow because there are a minority of people who commit criminal acts who come from the faith of Islam, that somehow means that it is fair game to have a go at the community as a whole,” she said. She also suggested that Muslim communities must do more to make clear to fundamentalists that their beliefs and actions are not acceptable. Downing Street is understood to have insisted on significant changes to the final version of Lady Warsi’s speech. One source said: “Her remarks do not represent Government policy.” Lady Warsi’s veteran predecessor Lord Tebbit said she should be more concerned about anti-Christian sentiments expressed by Muslims. “The Muslim faith was not discussed over the dinner tables of England, nor in the bars, before large numbers of Muslims came here to our country,” he said.


From Page 1 Cipriano lying on the floor

mouth”. While these versions further point to what treatment which could have been meted out to him at the police station, this also reveals another inconsistency in the police’s version of events. His cousin Cosme in his statement to the State Police Complaints Authority said that the police informed him that Cipriano had fits at about 11 am and was immediately removed to the GMC. The eyewitness accounts prove that he was lying there from before 11 o’clock to at least 12.45 or 1 o’clock in the afternoon i.e at least two hours after he supposedly had “fits”. These accounts are clearly significant and should be taken on record by the Sub Divisional Magistrate as well as by DySP Bousset D’Silva, looking into procedural lapses by the police.

Viscera report sent

upon whose complaint Cipriano was arrested, claims to have witnessed the beating. SDM Sabaji Shetye is holding a judicial inquiry into the death even as the State Government has already initiated a probe headed by gazetted officer DySP Bossuet Silva to look into the procedural lapses by the police. Police sources told Herald that Silva would submit his preliminary report to the North Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas on Monday. Statement of 15 witnesses, all of whom are from the Panjim police have been recorded so far. The report will be further submitted to the Deputy Inspector General of Police Ravindra Yadav and Director General of Police Bhim Sain Bassi to decide on whether action can be taken against the policemen or not. Cosme has demanded that police station head Sandesh Chodankar, Sub Inspectors Radesh Ramnathkar and Vijay Chodankar and constable Sandip Shirvaikar be suspended. “They may tamper with evidences linking them to the custodial death of my brother”, he was quoted saying.

Hariprasad plays ostrich

levelled against Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son. Moreover one PSI, Gudlar has been caught on camera trying to supply drugs to two women Further, Hariprasad said, he was overall happy with the performance of the Digambar Kamat-led Government. “I am happy with the overall performance of the State Government. It has successfully completed four years”, he stated. DON’T AIR GRIEVANCES IN PUBLIC: Hariprasad did not take kindly to statements by some Congress Legislative members demanding removal of Home Minister Ravi Naik. He said that it is not right on the part of the Congress leaders to make statements in public against their own colleague. “If they have any grievances they should have approached the party High Command and not make statements in public”, he asserted. The CLP members had yesterday demanded that the chief minister immediately remove Naik as Home Minister as the Home Department had brought disgrace to the State. The CLP members were pointing to the two cases of police officials being involved in drugs and the custodial death of NRI Cipriano Feranndes. Replying to questions on what action was being contemplated against Ravi Naik, for the present mess in the police department he said, “Home ministry is a sensitive department and whenever any specific complaint against anyone comes the Government will have no problem in acting”. “We do not have any complaint. The moment we have a complaint we will act”, Hariprasad said. NO PROOF AGAINST ROY: Hariprasad also maintained there was no truth in allegations against Home Minister Ravi Naik’s son Roy. “There is no proof of Roy being involved in the drugs trade. If you have proof bring it to me we will take action”, he said adding “…but for this a specific complaint is needed”. A Swedish model and a former girlfriend of Israeli drug dealer Atala, had accused Roy of being linked to the drug mafia. Naik, however, has denied the charges.

Suu Kyi plugs into cyber world AFP YANGON, JAN 21

Myanmar democracy icon, Aung San Suu Kyi has finally secured Internet access at home after her years of isolation were brought to an end two months ago, an aide said on Friday. Her security chief Win Htein told AFP that the opposition leader was "glad" to be able to go online at her lakeside mansion in Yangon and would use the technology to contact her network of supporters.


US, allies press Iran for action at talks AGENCIES ISTANBUL, JAN 21

The US and other world powers began a second round of negotiations with Iran here Friday, vowing to press Tehran to take concrete steps to ensure its nuclear activities are peaceful and to justify the continuation of an eight-year diplomatic track that has yielded few gains, American and European officials involved in the negotiations said. Iran came to Turkey offering no signs that it is willing to respect United Nations Security Council resolutions and suspend its production of nuclear fuel. "There is nothing to discuss" about Iran's nuclear program, an Iranian official said Thursday. "In Istanbul, we will speak about something else." The two days of negotiations are being held in an Ottoman-era palace overlooking Istanbul's Bosphorus strait. Washington and its European allies want to discuss with Iran the reworking of a year-old proposal that would see President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government ship out a substantial portion of Tehran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium in return for Western energy assistance, according to these officials. Western diplomats see such a "fuelswap" deal as limiting Iran's ability to quickly "break out" and produce the

weapons-grade fuel required to develop an nuclear bomb. Tehran says its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes. Representatives from the five permanent Security Council members—the US, China, Russia, France and the UK— plus Germany, will also seek to explore with Iran on Friday and Saturday new ways to allow UN inspectors greater access to Iran's expanding nuclear infrastructure. The UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has voiced growing concerns in recent months that Tehran is constricting its

site visits and access to documentation. "Prospects for exploring a fuel swap will depend on whether Iranians are ready to get serious," said a senior US official involved in the talks. "This is meant as a confidence-building measure to begin to demonstrate that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes." The grouping of world powers will be headed by the European Union's foreignpolicy chief, Catherine Ashton, while the Iranian side will be led by Tehran's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili. The State Department's No 3 diplomat, William

Burns, is leading the US delegation. This week's talks follow negotiations last month in Geneva between Tehran and the world powers that registered few gains, except for the agreement to hold a second round. But the US and its allies are coming to Turkey with increasing confidence that sanctions on Iran, as well as other overt and covert actions, are slowing Tehran's nuclear work. Israeli officials stunned the international community this month by announcing that they don't believe Tehran can build a nuclear weapon until 2015. Some senior Israeli officials had proclaimed that an Iranian bomb would be ready within months. Many Western officials credit a computer worm, known as Stuxnet, with attacking Iran's nuclear-enrichment facility at Natanz and making inoperable thousands of the facility's centrifuges. Neither the US nor Israel has confirmed or denied a role in the cyber attack. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Arab governments last week that Washington believed Tehran's nuclear program was facing mounting "technical" problems. This dynamic, said US and European officials, gives more time for diplomacy aimed at ending the nuclear program.

China not a threat to anyone: Hu PTI WASHINGTON, JAN 21

Amidst increasing apprehension among its Asian neighbours over its military buildup and assertiveness, China has insisted it does not engage in an arms race or pose a threat to any nation and vowed that it will never pursue an expansionist policy. "China stands for peaceful settlement of international disputes on hot-spot issues and follows a national defence policy that is defensive in nature," visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao said in his address to the US-China Business Council luncheon here. "We do not engage in an arms race or pose a military threat to any country. China will never seek hegemony or pursue an expansionist policy," Hu said in an apparent reference to the increasing fear among China's neighbours over its military buildup. On Sino-US ties, he said that advancing the sustained, strong and steady development of China-American relations would serve the fundamental interests of two peoples. "It is also conducive to world peace and development. Working together hand-in-hand, we will build and develop a ChinaUS cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit and deliver

greater benefits to the people of our two countries and the world over," he said before leaving for Chicago on the last leg of his four-day US visit. Hu said both China and the US are committed to the development and prosperity of AsiaPacific, the region where the two countries have the most overlapping interests. "Cooperation between our two countries in the region is crucial to the regional situation and the growth of our bilateral relations," he said. "China and the United States have maintained close communication and coordination on regional hot-spot issues such as the Korean nuclear issue, Afghanistan and South Asia and have played a constructive role in promoting peace," Hu said.

Iraqi blast toll 56

BAGHDAD: Iraqi police and hospital officials say the death toll in a spate of bombings on Shiite pilgrims has risen to 56. Iraqi soldiers lined main Baghdad roads Friday morning as thousands of pilgrims headed to attend annual religious rituals in the holy Shiite city of Karbala.

Hang Mushrraf, Pak lawyer appeals to Supreme Court PTI ISLAMABAD, JAN 21

Pakistan's fromer military ruler Pervez Musharraf should be "hanged" for committing high treason and other unconstitutional acts like imposition of emergency in the country, a lawyer has asked Supreme Court. The demand was made by Abdul Basit, a lawyer representing

two Lahore High Court judges, in a contempt of court case involving judges who endorsed Musharraf's emergency rule. Appearing before a four-judge bench yesterday, Basit said the Supreme Court had already held Musharraf responsible for the subversion of the Constitution and committing the offence of high treason in 2007. Asked by the bench as to what

should be the punishment for this offence, Basit said: "The punishment for the offence of high treason under Article 6 (of the Constitution) is capital punishment. Hang Musharraf." The apex court has initiated contempt of court proceedings against members of the superior judiciary who endorsed the emergency by swearing an oath of allegiance to Musharraf.


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Aisa Hi Hota Hai Sunday,January 23, 9:30 am Teaching Children the Wonders of Science Youth & Politics - I Wednesday, January 26, 8 pm Youth & Politics - II Thursday, January 27, 8 pm

A Republic Day Special documentary on the changing face of Politics in India

Climate Matters Friday, January 28, 8:30 pm Topic: Urban Transport and Climate Change Dr.Suman Sahai in conversation with Dilip Chenoy, D.G. , Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers and Prof. Dinesh Mohan, IIT-Delhi Weekend Classic Film

Saturday, January 22, 9 pm Sunday, January 23, 2 pm

NAGAMANDALA Director: T. S. Nagabharana 1997 / 132 minutes / Colour / Kannada / English Subtitles Cast: Prakash Rai, Vijayalakshmi, Mandya Ramesh & others Selected for Indian Panorama, 1997 National Award for the Best Actor, 1969 Uninterrupted Viewing Film Courtesy NFDC

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Biz10:Pg12 1/21/2011 10:41 PM Page 1


Pg 10 Vodafone wants control at artificially low value: Essar

Blue Star eyes residential segment

Ruias-led Essar Group today launched a scathing attack on Vodafone saying that the British company is trying to gain 100 per cent control of the telecom JV Vodafone-Essar at an "artificially depressed value". A day after Vodafone complained to market regulator Sebi to probe allegations of insider trading in India Securities Limited, a listed company of Essar group, Ruias said the British company's allegations are baseless. Essar has proposed to merge Essar Telecommications Holdings Private Limited (ETHPL), which has 11 per cent stake in Vodafone-Essar, with India Securities Limited in order to find out Fair Market Value of its stake in the joint venture. Vodafone-Essar is the third largest telecom operator in India with over 124 million mobile subscribers. Vodafone had bought nearly 67 per cent stake from Hutchison in 2007 while Essar holds the remaining stake. "The merger scheme between India Securities Ltd and ETHPL is fully compliant with all applicable Indian laws, capital and financial sector regulations," Essar said in a statement. Vodafone, which has sought to intervene in the proceedings governing the merger scheme in the Madras High Court, is

Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star, today announced its foray into the residential segment from the coming summer with a wide range of air-conditioners. "The residential air conditioning market has been on a fast-growth path. We are confident that with our credentials and expertise, we will be able to garner a significant market share in this segment," Blue Star's President, Air conditioning & Refrigeration Products Group, B Thiagarajan said. The room air conditioning segment is poised to grow to Rs 13,700-crore by FY 14 from the Rs 5,000-crore in FY 10, he said. An expanding middle-class with disposable incomes, a growing number of Tier II and III cities and with fears of recession over, the room air conditioning segment is set for a robust growth, he said.




neither a shareholder nor a creditor of any of these companies and has no legal capacity to challenge this merger, it said. Vodafone had objected to the merger saying it would distort the valuation of the joint venture. "It's (Vodafone’s) objections to the merger are motivated and factually incorrect. The purpose behind raising these objections is to prevent the discovery of the fair market value of Vodafone-Essar, as envisaged in the agreements between Vodafone and Essar," Essar said. Last year when the Essar group wanted to list Vodafone Essar by offering its shares through an Initial Public Offer, Vodafone ensured that the IPO did not go through and no market value could be established, Essar said. Vodafone, Ruias said, is attempting to force Essar out of JV and own 100 per cent of the Vodafone-Essar at an artificially depressed value. The court process is being sought to be abused through the attempt to intervene and file objections. The fair market value under agreements with Vodafone has to be determined by three international investment banks. If the market value being discovered by the merger were to be manipulated and artificial, as Vodafone claims, the investment banks would naturally ig-

Stanchart to add 2k staff in Singapore ReuteRs SINGAPORE, JAN 21

Standard Chartered, the British emerging markets-focused bank, plans to continue hiring aggressively in Asia despite rising costs and thinning margins, it said on Friday, as it believes growth in the region will outpace that of the rest of the world. "We are in an economic super-cycle," Chief Executive Peter Sands said at the opening of the bank's new Singapore office, which includes a three-level trading room for 790 people that it described as Asia's largest. Stanchart also reiterated its commitment to hire another 2,000 people in Singapore by the end of 2012, adding to its staff of over 6,000 in the city-state. "Our sense of optimism about the opportunities across Asia and our commitment to investing and building our businesses across Asia hasn't changed at all," Sands said.


Infotech Enterprises Rev crosses Rs 300 cr in Q3 PANJIM (HBD) – Infotech Enterprises Limited declared Q3 results for FY 2010-2011. The revenue for Q-3 crossed Rs 300 crore for the first time, a significant milestone in the history of the company. Revenue for the quarter was Rs 313.82 crore with a Year-onYear growth of 31.2% and a Quarter-on-Quarter growth of 6.2%. Operating margin stood at 15.1% for the quarter at Rs 47.5 crore, up by 3.8% over sequential quarter. The Profit before tax stood at Rs 45.01 crore, up 14.3% over sequential quarter. N&CE revenue for the quarter crossed Rs 100 crore for the first time. The company further strengthened leadership position in rail domain by entering into a long term agreement with a leading rail signaling company in UK.

Sensex down 39 points PtI MUMBAI, JAN 21

In a lacklustre trading today, the BSE bellwether Sensex ended about 39 points down on lower than expected Q3 results by software exporter Wipro, amid selling by foreign funds and weak Asian cues. However, the top heavyweight and petrochem giant RIL helped cushion the Sensex fall by rising 1.73 per cent, ahead of its third quarter results to be announced late today. Smart rise in SBI, ICICI Bank, BHEL and M&M too supported the market to some extent. Wipro tumbled 4.59 per cent, top loser from the Sensex pack on below expectations Q3 results. The company reported a 9.60 per cent jump in consolidated net profit.

nore that value when making their determination, Essar said. "The investment banks are under no obligation to use the listed value alone. If, on the other hand, as we believe, the market value being discovered is fair and reasonable then naturally the banks would take that into account," it added. Vodafone is trying to divert attention from crucial issues and has, therefore, levelled baseless allegations of insider trading and inadequate disclosure, Essar said. Under the agreements with Vodafone, Essar has two options – first, it can choose to sell its entire shareholding to Vodafone for USD 5 billion or second, it can choose to sell part of its shareholding at the fair market value. "All that Essar is interested in doing is to enable the discovery of the true market value of the company so it can make a proper choice as it is entitled to do under its agreements with Vodafone," it said.


RIL Q3 profit up 28% to Rs 5,136 cr PtI MUMBAI, JAN 21

Corporate giant Reliance Industries today reported a 28.14 per cent rise in its thirdquarter net profit at Rs 5,136 crore, helped by robust performance in its refining and petrochemicals businesses. The turnover rose by about six per cent to Rs 62,399 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2010, from Rs 58,848 crore in the year-ago period. Commenting on the results, RIL CMD Mukesh Ambani said: "Reliance had another record quarter as both refining and petrochemical margins continued to improve and certain products recorded historic levels." "Robust demand growth in home markets and highly competitive assets enabled Reliance to have industry leading operating rates and margins," he added. The company said in a statement that its turnover for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2010 rose by 31 per cent to Rs 183,368 crore, with higher sales volumes and increased prices each account-

ing over 15 per cent of revenue growth. Exports for the nine-month period rose by 29.2 per cent to Rs 100,995 crore. RIL shares today ended the day with a gain of 1.73 per cent at Rs 986.50 apiece on the Bombay Stock Exchange. While the results were announced after the market close, analysts said that the shares appreciated in expectations of a good set of results. Commenting on other businesses, RIL said that its subsidiary Reliance Retail continued to expand presence of its specialty formats, as well as its various joint ventures, during the quarter.

Reliance Retail is operating over 1,000 stores of various formats in 14 states and more than 85 cities in India serving over 2.5 million customers every week. About the telecom business, RIL said its subsidiary Infotel Broadband Services is in the process of finalising the arrangement with leading global technology players, service providers, infrastructure providers, application developers, device manufacturers and others to leapfrog India to the 4G revolution. Infotel has emerged as a successful bidder in all the 22 circles of the auction for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Spectrum conducted by the government. The robust profit growth came despite a significant increase in staff costs and overall expenditure. Total expenditure rose to Rs 53,603 crore in the latest quarter, from Rs 51,807 crore in the quarter ended December 31, 2009. The staff cost rose to Rs 661 crore in the quarter ended December 31, 2010, from Rs 576 crore in the year-ago pe-

FM meets regulators to seek Budget inputs PtI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee discussed the economic situation with financial sector regulators, including Reserve Bank of India Governor and SEBI chief, and sought their inputs for the 2011-12 budget that will be unveiled on February 28. This was the second meeting of the high-level Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) within a month. The first meeting was held on

Mahindra to fund tractor dealers in US PtI MUMBAI, JAN 21

Mahindra Finance, the financial services subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), today formed a joint venture with De Lage Landen Financial Services (DLLFS) to provide financing to US-based tractor dealers there. De Lage Landen, a fullyowned subsidiary of Rabobank Group, specialises in assetbased financing programs for equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors all over the world. DLLFS and Mahindra Finance will have 51 per cent and 49 per cent stake in the JV, respectively. Christened Mahindra Finance USA LLC, the JV will provide exclusive wholesale inventory financing to USbased tractor dealers and retail financing to end-user customers on Mahindra tractors and implements or used products. Aban Offshor, 704.15, 721.05, 704.15, 713.8 Abb Ltd., 743.4, 747, 733, 744.7 Abg Shipyard, 367.25, 374, 365.2, 368.4 Acc Limited, 1015, 1023.9, 992.15, 996.35 Adani Enterp, 629.4, 639.3, 628.25, 636.15 Aditya Birla, 742.05, 743, 729.25, 734.75 Allahabad Ba, 213.8, 215, 210.35, 211.85 Alstom Proje, 623, 630.4, 609, 612.5 Ambuja Cemen, 127.5, 128.6, 126.25, 126.55 Andhra Bank, 132.9, 136, 132.5, 135.2 Ashok Leylan, 58.55, 60.15, 58.15, 59.3 Asian Paints, 2636, 2689, 2636, 2663.5 Axis Bank Li, 1275, 1293.65, 1266, 1287.05 Bajaj Hindus, 97.4, 97.5, 95.1, 96.35 Bank Of Baro, 829, 843.8, 823.2, 836.8 Bank Of Indi, 434.8, 464.9, 433.5, 460.9 Beml Limited, 938, 963, 937.5, 949.15 Bharat Elect, 1705, 1744, 1700.2, 1737.4 Bharat Forge, 344.6, 352.5, 344.6, 348.1 Bharat Petro, 573.15, 593.8, 565.15, 590.9 Bharti Airte, 339.95, 339.95, 331, 336.05 Bhel, 2179, 2263.6, 2178.5, 2207.25

December 31, 2010. "The RBI policy is scheduled on January 25. As a standard practice I have come to review the macroeconomic situation with the Finance Minister", RBI Governor S Subbarao told reporters after the meeting. The Central Bank is scheduled to hold the quarterly review of its monetary policy later this month in which it is widely expected to raise the key rates by 25-50 basis points to tame inflation that has shot up to 8.43% in December, from

7.48 a month ago. Besides, Subbarao and officials of the Finance Ministry, the meeting was attended by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) chairman C B Bhave, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) chief J Hari Narayan and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) chairman Yogesh Agarwal. Mukherjee, sources said, also sought inputs of the regulators on the budget with a view to improving and

Cars become costlier PtI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

Cars have just got dearer with major automobile firms, including Maruti Suzuki India, Hyundai and General Motors, increasing prices this month in order to offset rising input costs. Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), the country's largest carmaker said it has increased prices by up to Rs 8,000 across models, except its newly launched compact car Alto K10. "Yes, we did increase the prices from January 17, ranging between 0.5 per cent and 2.2 per cent," Maruti Suzuki’s Mayank Pareek said. Except the new hatchback Alto-K10, the hike will translate into an increase of prices between Rs 1,000 and Rs 8,000 across different models made by the company. Similarly, an official of rival Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) said it has hiked prices

Bhushan Stee, 426.4, 433.4, 426.05, 427.5 Biocon Limit, 369.9, 376.75, 364.4, 367.3 Bombay Dyein, 440.05, 450.6, 434.1, 435.75 Bosch Limite, 6263.85, 6350, 6245, 6253.7 Brigade Ente, 101.1, 102.45, 100.4, 100.6 Cairn India, 343.55, 344, 333.45, 337.3 Canara Bank, 590, 617.45, 590, 607.05 Central Bank, 172.85, 177.8, 171.35, 173.55 Century Text, 356, 365.5, 353.45, 361.4 Cesc Ltd, 315.9, 324.45, 314.8, 318.1 Chambal Fert, 76.9, 77.95, 76.15, 76.85 Chennai Petr, 226.5, 228.3, 225, 226.5 Cipla Ltd, 347.15, 355, 345.25, 354 Colgate Palm, 840, 849.75, 838.1, 842.3 Container Co, 1211.25, 1239, 1205.9, 1215.8 Crompton Gre, 282, 287.95, 278.4, 283.8 Cummins Indi, 746.95, 749, 728.95, 731.6 Dabur India, 99.2, 100.25, 97.9, 98.25 Deccan Chron, 96.9, 99.65, 96.25, 99.1 Dish Tv Indi, 59.1, 61.7, 58.85, 61.05 Divi’s Labor, 627.95, 627.95, 621, 621.85 Dlf Limited, 254.95, 257, 250.55, 251.55 Dr. reddy’s, 1674, 1679.9, 1648.1,

by 1.5 per cent from this month for its models, Santro, i10, i20 and sedan Verna. General Motors India also said it has revised the prices upwards since the first week of this month ranging between 1 per cent and 1.5 per cent. "This would translate to an increase of price ranging between Rs 2,500 and Rs 15,000 across all models," General Motors India VP P Balendran said. Comments from Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra could not be obtained on whether they have hiked prices as well. On the New Year day, Tata Motors hiked the prices of some its passenger vehicles and all of its commercial vehicles by up to Rs 30,000. While the company increased prices of passenger cars between Rs 3,000 and Rs 15,000, for the commercial vehicles the hike ranged between Rs 1,500 and Rs 30,000.

1651.95 Edelweiss Ca, 41.6, 42.3, 41.4, 41.7 Educomp Solu, 490.8, 499.8, 490.8, 492.2 Eih Limited, 104.45, 105.5, 102.6, 103.5 Engineers In, 291.2, 297.5, 287, 289.2 Essar Oil Lt, 128.5, 129.35, 127.4, 128.2 Essar Shippi, 98.05, 103.5, 98.05, 102.55 Exide Indust, 138.2, 140.4, 135, 135.9 Federal Bank, 379.7, 383, 376.4, 379.15 Financial Te, 765, 768, 700.1, 710.9 Gail (india), 456.95, 458.7, 451, 453 Gammon India, 144.1, 147.4, 143.5, 143.7 Glaxosmithkl, 2266.05, 2286, 2246.05, 2280.6 Glenmark Pha, 318.7, 330.7, 315, 326.3 Gmr Infrastr, 41, 42, 40.8, 41.55 Godrej Indus, 182.5, 186.3, 182, 183.55 Grasim Indus, 2439, 2439.9, 2400.25, 2411.5 Great Offsho, 346.95, 349, 342, 342.85 Gtl Infra.Lt, 40.35, 40.9, 40.2, 40.7 Gujarat Mine, 128.6, 133.9, 128.05, 131.55 Gujarat N R, 65, 65.25, 62.2, 62.8 Gujarat Stat, 102.5, 103.5, 102.1, 102.65 Gvk Pow. & I, 34.5, 34.9, 34.1, 34.4

Hcl Technolo, 507, 510.7, 497.5, 499.55 Hdfc Bank Lt, 2104, 2124.7, 2076.1, 2094.15 Hdfc Ltd, 660, 661.45, 648.1, 651.2 Hero Honda M, 1760, 1781.9, 1742, 1753.25 Hindalco in, 233.1, 237, 233.1, 234.45 Hindustan Co, 40.9, 41.45, 39.7, 40.3 Hindustan Ma, 65.25, 72, 65.15, 69.1 Hindustan Pe, 350.05, 368.05, 348.9, 366.95 Hindustan Un, 300, 300.95, 297, 298.2 Hindustan Zi, 1340, 1350, 1332.45, 1338.25 Housing Dev, 156.2, 160.95, 155, 159.05 Icici Bank L, 1043.15, 1069.1, 1034.45, 1065.55 Idea Cellula, 68.75, 68.8, 67.8, 68.55 Ifci Ltd, 59.15, 59.8, 58.6, 58.9 India Cement, 98.05, 99.65, 97.3, 98.9 India Infoli, 73.5, 77.4, 72.9, 76.95 Indiabulls F, 165.7, 173.85, 164.25, 170.4 Indiabulls R, 126.55, 129.4, 126.15, 128.2 Indian Bank, 219.9, 221.9, 216.5, 220.35 Indian Hotel, 94.75, 96.6, 94.2, 96.05 Indian Oil C, 310.1, 329.9, 309.15, 327.8 Indian Overs, 130, 132.7, 126.3, 131.1

strengthening the financial sector and pushing the economy on the double-digit growth path. The proposal to set up FSDC to resolve the inter-regulatory issues was mooted by Mukherjee in his budget speech last year. The high-level body is expected to deal with issues concerning financial stability, financial sector development, financial literacy, financial inclusion and macro-prudential supervision of the economy, in-

cluding the functioning of large financial conglomerates. Besides, the Council will also coordinate the country's international interface with financial sector bodies such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and Financial Stability Board (FSB).

NIM under pressure: Corp Bank PtI MUMBAI, JAN 21

Corporation Bank, said it is expecting its net interest margin to remain under pressure on the back of recent rate hikes. "On account of the rate hikes and an increase in the cost of deposits, there is a likelihood of a pressure on our net interest margin (NIM)," Corporation Bank's CMD, Ramnath Pradeep, said. The bank is, however, confident of maintaining its margins. "We hope to maintain it (NIM) at that level, which is 2.7 per cent," Pradeep said. Earlier, the bank announced its Q3 results, posting a net profit growth of 25.4 per cent at Rs 382.42-crore as against Rs 305-crore in the same quarter a year-ago. During the quarter, its operating profit increased by 37.5 per cent at 736.96-crore as compared to 537.86-crore in Q3 of the last fiscal. Indus Dev Ba, 150, 152.9, 150, 151.05 Indusind Ban, 239, 240.5, 230.5, 232.05 Infosys Tech, 3271, 3278, 3231, 3243.85 Infra. dev., 159, 160.25, 157.35, 157.9 Ispat Indust, 25.25, 25.75, 25.1, 25.35 Itc Ltd, 171.2, 172.55, 168.4, 168.9 Ivrcl Infras, 97.2, 100.45, 97.2, 99.15 Jai Corp Lim, 192, 196.6, 192, 192.9 Jaiprakash A, 91, 92.75, 90.5, 91.75 Jet Airways, 595.3, 617, 587.1, 589.5 Jindal Saw L, 217.6, 219.85, 214.1, 216.7 Jindal Steel, 695.05, 705, 690.6, 699.85 Jsw Steel Li, 1040, 1048.2, 1006, 1012.95 Kotak Mahind, 418, 420.9, 411, 413.6 Lakshmi Mach, 2208.95, 2208.95, 2188.15, 2200.45 Lanco Infrat, 53.25, 54.5, 53.1, 54.15 Larsen & Tou, 1662, 1670, 1637, 1649.45 Lic Housing, 173, 195, 173, 194.05 Lupin Limite, 460.8, 464.6, 458.05, 459.85 Mahanagar Te, 51.15, 51.95, 51, 51.65 Mahindra & M, 752.45, 775.6, 752.45, 770.2 Maruti Suzuk, 1264, 1267.7, 1238.2, 1248.65 Max India Lt, 144.05, 147.95, 144.05, 145.9

riod. RIL attributed the higher expenses to increased benefits to employees, higher selling expenses on additional volumes, royalty on higher oil and gas production, higher shutdown expenses and foreign exchange difference. The company had an outstanding debt of Rs 70,209 crore as on December 31, 2010, up from Rs 62,495 crore a year ago. At the same time, it had cash and cash equivalents of Rs 31,829 crore, kept in fixed deposits, certificate of deposits with banks, mutual funds and the government securities/bonds. In oil and gas (exploration and production) business, higher oil, gas and condensate production from KG D6 block drove the segment revenue growth. However, this revenue growth was partly offset by lower production from PannaMukta and Tapti fields. As per the government's gas utilisation policy, RIL has executed and made operational agreements for KG-D6 gas with 57 customers in the fertilisers, power, city gas distribution, steel, LPG, refinery and petrochemical sectors. The company said that it was the best quarter ever for petrochemicals segment with respect to production, revenue and earnings.

BOARD MEETINGS Garware Poly Godrej Cons Royal Orchid Ahmedabad steel sBI Artson engg KBs Capital shanthi Gears Ashok Leyland somany Cerm Bharat Forge Kirloskar Ferro Chambal Fert Neptune expo triveni Glass Source:

MF FUNDA IDFC MutuAL FuND has approved January 25, 2011 as the record date for declaration of dividend under dividend option of IDFC Imperial equity Fund. The quantum of dividend will be Rs 2 per unit, subject to availability of distributable surplus. MIRAe Asset GLOBAL INVestMeNts (HONG KONG) (Mirae Asset - The asset management arm based in Hong Kong of Mirae Asset Global Investment Group, one of Asia`s leading asset-management companies 1) has announced the listing of the Mirae Asset tiger Kospi 200 etF (Tiger Kospi 200 ETF or the Fund) on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK). The Tiger Kospi 200 ETF is an investment fund from the Mirae Asset Tiger ETF Series and is the first ETF in Hong Kong to track South Korea`s KOSPI 200 index. It is also Mirae Asset`s first ETF listing in Hong Kong. The Kospi 200 is an index based on 200 blue chips listed in South Korea, and is widely used as a benchmark index for various index funds and equity linked securities. KOSPI 200 is also one of the most diversified indices among major markets in the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region3. Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) is the manager of the Tiger Kospi 200 ETF and Mirae Asset MAPS Global Investment Co., is the investment adviser. Cititrust is the trustee, while Mirae Asset Securities (HK) is the listing agent and Citigroup Global Markets Asia and Merrill Lynch Far East are the initial market makers.

Maytas Infr., 178.6, 182, 178.6, 181.25 Moser-baer (, 55.2, 56.45, 55, 55.9 Mrpl, 69.1, 70.3, 69, 70.05 Nagarjuna Co, 113.6, 116.75, 113.1, 115.4 Nagarjuna Fe, 29.5, 30.55, 29.5, 30.05 National Alu, 381.9, 382.95, 379.75, 380.1 Neyveli Lign, 117.1, 122, 117.1, 121.05 Ntpc Ltd, 189, 190.6, 188.85, 189.95 Oil And Natu, 1132, 1139, 1102.7, 1105.55 Omaxe Limite, 141, 145.6, 141, 143.9 Oriental Ban, 360, 372, 356.2, 359.5 Pantaloon Re, 303.9, 320.5, 303.05, 317.9 Parsvnath De, 51.8, 53, 51.25, 52 Petronet Lng, 128.6, 130, 128.15, 128.55 Power Fin Co, 288.1, 294.3, 284.25, 285.4 Power Grid C, 98.25, 99, 97.9, 98.85 Praj Industr, 83.5, 84, 79.8, 81.85 Punj Lloyd L, 99.6, 100.7, 98.75, 99.75 Punjab Natio, 1152, 1166.1, 1116, 1125.35 Rajesh Expor, 131.5, 132.95, 130.25, 131.25 Ranbaxy Labs, 558.5, 567, 555.9, 558.9 Rashtriya Ch, 83.5, 84.9, 82.65, 83.75

Reliance Cap, 585, 594.9, 582, 586.65 Reliance Com, 133.75, 136.95, 133, 136.4 Reliance Ene, 1050, 1062, 1033, 1040 Reliance Ind, 630, 642.5, 630, 633.6 Reliance Ind, 975, 992.5, 973, 986.8 Reliance Pow, 139, 143.3, 138.35, 142.2 Rolta India, 150.15, 152, 148.55, 150.5 Satyam Compu, 66.8, 67.85, 66.1, 66.4 Sesa Goa Ltd, 325, 338, 325, 336.6 Shipping Cor, 120.6, 122.35, 120.1, 121.25 Siemens Ltd, 731.15, 743.9, 721.35, 731.2 Sintex Indus, 154, 158.5, 152.5, 155 Sobha Develo, 275, 282.6, 274.3, 277 State Bank O, 2528.9, 2607, 2522, 2596.9 Steel Author, 168.35, 168.95, 166.8, 167.7 Sterlite Ind, 178.1, 179.8, 175, 177.4 Sun Pharmace, 483.5, 492, 482.15, 485.35 Sun Tv Netwo, 500, 505, 496.5, 498.3 Suzlon Energ, 51.9, 53.3, 51.7, 52.85 Tata Communi, 261.4, 261.4, 256.15, 258.1 Tata Consult, 1210, 1220, 1204, 1211.65

Tata Motors, 1190, 1204, 1172.35, 1187.4 Tata Power C, 1318, 1339, 1305, 1315.7 Tata Steel L, 630.25, 635, 627, 629.55 Tata Teleser, 18.35, 18.55, 18.2, 18.45 Tech Mahindr, 695, 704.75, 687.1, 690.45 The Ge Shpg., 316.15, 323, 316.15, 320.4 The Phoenix, 215, 215, 207, 210.2 Thermax Ltd, 698.5, 709.9, 691.15, 701.45 Titan Indust, 3485, 3529.5, 3465, 3506.35 Torrent Powe, 239.8, 241.45, 234.5, 235.7 Triveni Engg, 96.2, 97.55, 94.65, 95.85 Tv18 India L, 78, 79.4, 77.2, 78.8 Uco Bank, 108.3, 110, 107.15, 109.2 Ultratech Ce, 1031.9, 1044.5, 1015.8, 1024 Union Bank O, 321.45, 328, 318.35, 326.6 Unitech Ltd, 58.3, 58.95, 56.65, 57.15 United Phosp, 152.9, 153.8, 151.15, 152.3 Videocon Ind, 210.3, 213.4, 208, 211.45 Vijaya Bank, 94, 94, 91.6, 92.9 Voltas Ltd, 208, 214.8, 207.15, 211.15 Wipro Ltd, 466, 466, 454.5, 455.95 Yes Bank Lim, 274.2, 278.5, 268.3, 269.7 Zee Entertai, 111.55, 114.7, 110.1, 114.25


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Black money: India seeks Liechtenstein assistance PTI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

Under pressure to bring back the black money stashed abroad, India has sought Liechtenstein government's help in taking action against those alleged to have kept illicit wealth in a bank of the European country. A spokesperson for the Liechtenstein government confirmed that a request has been made by its Indian counterpart for administrative assistance in relation to some Indian clients of LGT Bank, based in the European country located near Switzerland. However, the Liechtenstein government is unlikely to entertain India's request in the absence of any bilateral tax treaty between the two countries. "But we are working towards the common goal of establishing a treaty that enables us to exchange information in the future, according to the international standards," the government spokesperson said in reply to emailed queries. The Indian government has been under tremendous pressure to take action against those with stashed illicit

wealth in foreign banks located mostly in Switzerland and some other European locations like Liechtenstein, where clients' details are kept highly secretive. Last year, Indian government is said to have got some information from German government about certain Indians having secret accounts in LGT Bank. The tax department here has reportedly also begun serving notices against these entities for evasion of taxes. India is currently seeking to sign treaties with a number of countries, including Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to enable exchange of information about tax evasion and other financial offences. Asked whether India has sought a tax treaty, Liechtenstein's government spokesperson said: "India has confirmed her interest in concluding a tax agreement with Liechtenstein. "Exploratory talks took place, with a view to enter into negotiations. On the basis of the Liechtenstein Declaration of March 12, 2009, where the Government committed to the global OECD standards on transparency and information

exchange in tax matters, the Government of Liechtenstein is prepared to negotiate a tax agreement with India. "It is the firm view of the Government that compliance with international standards is a key factor to grant stability, reputation, and credibility of Liechtenstein's financial centre," the spokesperson added. Asked about India's request for administrative action against LGT Bank's Indian clients, she said: "We cannot reply to the content of the request since there is no legal basis, i.e. no bilateral agreement, for this." The Indian government has even been rapped by the Supreme Court, which had expressed displeasure over the government's reluctance to disclose information about black money stashed by Indian in foreign banks. "It is a pure and simple theft of the national money. We are talking about mind-boggling crime. We are not on the niceties of various treaties," a bench comprising justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar had said on Wednesday.

...Confiscate it, says Left PTI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

The Left parties today asked the government to confiscate the black money allegedly stashed in Swiss Bank accounts and make the names of the account-holders public. "Government should not only obtain full details of these accounts, but also make the names of the account-holders public and bring the money back to the country for investment in social projects," party leader Sitaram Yechury told reporters here. In a statement, the CPI(M) Politburo said the "laxity" of the UPA Government in unearthing black money stashed in Swiss Bank accounts and other tax havens "has been exposed by

the recent observations of the Supreme Court". It said the "unaccounted and ill-gotten wealth, amassed through tax evasion, money laundering and other illegal means, parked in these Swiss Bank accounts should be directly confiscated by the Union Government from the Swiss Banks. "These monies should be brought back to India and the details of the account holders must be made public," it said, adding that any delay in undertaking these steps would be unacceptable. Earlier, CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan had said, "What is the secrecy about black money? Why are they not revealing the names? Why

are they keeping them (names) under sealed cover? We want to know who they are". He had said that those who had kept money stashed in Swiss bank accounts had done so to evade taxes. "They are tax evaders. They have committed a crime. The fund should be confiscated." The Left parties' demand came after the apex court pulled up the government for withholding information on black money stashed in foreign banks, saying it was not just limited to tax evasion but was a "mind boggling crime" amounting to "theft" and "plunder" of national wealth having security ramifications.

Agro to grow by 3.5% this fiscal: Pawar PTI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

The growth of agriculture and allied sector is expected to rise to 3.5 per cent this fiscal from 0.2 per cent in the previous year on account of higher foodgrains production, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said today. "The growth of agriculture and allied sector is expected to be 3.5 per cent this fiscal," Pawar told reporters here. The sector during the first and second quarter of FY'11 grew by 2.5 per cent and 4.4 per cent, respectively. The minister said the food situation was comfortable and production of wheat, rice, pulses and sugarcane would be higher than last year. "I don't see problem in wheat, rice, pulses and sugarcane crops. We are in a comfortable position. Oilseeds, we have to work more," he said. India's foodgrains output in 2009-10 crop year had declined to 218.2 million tonnes from the record production of 234.47 million tonnes in 200809 on account of severe drought conditions that hit almost half of the country. The Agriculture Ministry is estimating the foodgrains' production in 2010-11 would be between 230-234 million tonnes and might even beat the record production of 200809. Pawar noted that wheat crop is extremely good in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. "My observation is that wheat crop will be better than last year". The Agriculture Ministry is targeting wheat production of 82 million tonnes in 2010-11 crop year (July-June) as against record 80.71 million tonnes in the previous year. On paddy, he said: " By and large, the crop is good. The (paddy) crop was damaged because of unseasonal rains. The damage is in terms of discolour and spots but quantity wise, there is no problem".

Tata unleashes Aria in Goa


Tata Motors unveiled the country’s first four-wheel drive crossover, Aria, at a function held at Majorda, on Thursday. Addressing the media, Ravi Mishra, regional product manager said “The Aria is a cross between an SUV, a sedan and even an MPV. It combines ruggedness, luxury, finesses and space to offer the best of all worlds in one car. It also has a host of class-leading features in both comfort as well as safety.” The Aria will be available in three trim levels, all with 4x4. The top-end Aria Pride will be priced at Rs 15.57 lakh (exshowroom Goa); the mid-level Aria Prestige is priced at Rs 14.57 lakh and the base trim Aria Pleasure is priced at Rs 12.98 lakh (both ex-showroom Goa). Each of them will have eight colour options. The selectable 4x4 Aria is equipped with a Torque-on-Demand System which significantly enhances all-terrain capabilities. It is the first in its segment with an In-dash GPS-

ITC net profit jumps 21.4% PTI MUMBAI, JAN 21

Driven by robust performance in branded packaged foods, agri and cigarette businesses, ITC Ltd posted a 21.4 per cent increase in its net profit to Rs 1,389.08 crore in the quarterended December 31, 2010. The company, which had a net profit of Rs. 1,144.17 crore in the quarter ended December 31, 2009, said the growth was led by improved profitability in the branded packaged foods business. During the third quarter this fiscal, ITC had a net sales of Rs. 5,453.49 crore, up 18.56 per cent from Rs 4,599.56 crore over the corresponding quarter last fiscal. ITC said its overall performance has been impacted because of uncertainty around change in pictorial warnings on cigarette packaging. “Overall performance impacted by packaging inventory depletion due to uncertainty around the change in graphic statutory warnings on cigarette packaging,” the company said.

Ravi Mishra, regional product Manager (left) and Ashwin Naik, MD, Auto Industries Goa at the launch of the Tata Aria.

based navigation system. Aria also offers advanced safety features like the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP); Traction Control System (TCS); Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Breakforce Distribution (EBD) apart from six airbags

(driver, front passenger, side and curtain airbags). Additional features include Reverse Guide Camera, In-dash navigation System, Driver Information System, Cruise control and Automatic Climate Control apart from Darkness

sensing lights and rain sensing wipers. The aria is powered by a 2.2 litre Direct Injection Common Rail (DICOR) engine, with variable turbine technology and 32-bit ECU delivers 140 PS power and 320 Nm torque.

Wipro gets leadership change, Q3 net up 10% PTI BANGALORE, JAN 21

Wipro, announced a major leadership revamp today, shortly after posting lowerthan-expected growth in quarterly sales by just 10% to Rs 1,318.8 crore. Wipro has been posting much lower numbers than its peers -- Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys -- for the past few quarters, an indicator that the Indian software exporter has not been able to take advantage of the recovery in demand for IT services. "I don't think we should try making excuses about our performance. We have underperformed in Q3, relative to our competitors and relative to our potential as a company," Wipro Chairman Azim Premji said. He added that the company has not been able to take advantage of the recovery as much as its peers have, especially in the health and financial services sector.

In a move aimed at simplifying its organizational structure, the joint CEOs of Wipro's IT business – Girish Paranjpe and Suresh Vaswani -- have been replaced by T K Kurien. "The Joint CEO structure was one of the key factors that successfully helped us navigate the worst economic crisis of our times. With the change in environment, there is a need for a simpler organisation structure," Premji said. Vaswani and Paranjpe will step down from their responsibilities with effect from February 1, 2011. However, they will continue to work together till March 31, 2011, to ensure a smooth transition. "There is an uptick in IT spending and outsourcing... It was thought appropriate by the company that we need to have one CEO," Chief Financial Officer Suresh Senapaty said. Wipro's total revenue increased by 12 per cent to Rs 7,829 crore during Q3, FY'11, vis-à-vis

the same period last year. IT services revenue, which accounts for 76 per cent of the company's business, stood at Rs 5,949 crore, translating into 15 per cent growth year-onyear. The company expects revenue from its IT services business to be in the range of USD 1,384 million to USD 1,411 million in the fourth quarter, translating into an increase of 3 to 5 per cent vis-à-vis third quarter earnings. According to marketmen, Wipro's Q3 numbers failed to boost investors' confidence, as there was no "positive surprise". "The earnings by Wipro are below-market-expectations. Investors opted for profit-booking as the numbers failed to enthuse them. Moreover, all the three major software firms, including Infosys, grew in the range of 4-5 per cent," SMC Capitals Strategist and Head of Research Jagannadham Thunuguntla said.

Aryan Study Circle: Igniting super brains BHARATI PAWASKAR

A scientist by profession with 13 years of research experience, Vyankatesh Prabhudesai retired voluntarily from his service in 2004 to help shape the future of hundreds of young budding scientists in Goa. Should we list him as another cynic or was this an intelligent decision and a deliberate move? Why did he refuse politely the offer from his professors at Darmstadt University to send him to France for further

India and abroad. Having a base of Sanskrit while educating in India he found similarity in Sanskrit and German, Vyankatesh easily picked up German. His guide was a Canadian and spoke English well but Vyankatesh had to file his final report in German during his Fellowship in Flugversuch, Germany. Researching in Aviation and Aerospace while doing his MS for two years in Aircraft Design, Vyankatesh mastered the skill

Vyankatesh as he sees bright light at the end of the tunnel of hard work of his students combined with his proficiency in the subjects like maths and science. “This year in June my first batch of ‘10th Foundation’ is passing out and the results will give an idea where my students stand. These students had joined three years ago before answering SSC and they will pass out 12th this year. The 10th Foundation Crash Course

Turning Point Son of a teacher, Vyankatesh Prabhudesai, hails from Mashem, a remote place in Canacona. Till SSC he studied in Marathi medium. He stood 3rd in Goa in the Board Exams. Throughout the academic career he excelled in his class. When he was in class VIII Vyankatesh visited Mumbai with his uncle who took him to Powai IIT campus. Young Vyankatesh was impressed when uncle told him, “All super brains in the country learn here and it is extremely difficult to get admission in this institution.” Those words were challenging. Little Vyankatesh decided to accept the challenge to be IIT alumni some day. Returning to his small town school he narrated the episode to his favourite teacher Shambhu Prabhudesai who encouraged this little boy saying, “Yes, you can do it!” It is due to Shambhu Sir’s persistent reminders that Vyankatesh could propel himself in this direction and cherish his dream. Discussions with his study group in Dhempe College Hostel too helped him score academically. He stood 605 among first 2000 students that got admissions in IITs in 1987. In those days there were only 5 IITs with 1.5 lakh students appearing for 2,000 seats. Today India has15 IITs, over 4 lakh Vyankatesh Prabhudesai, an IIT and the mastermind that students appearing for 10,000 seats. grooms future scientists, engineers in Goa. research in Aeronautics? Why did he resign from his post as a Scientist on deputation in National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) Goa? All our answers are met with satisfaction, though they may surprise some of us, a bit. “This was pre planned. Years ago I had decided that I would start an institute to provide a base for students wishing to seek admission to IITs.” Vyankatesh was working for 10 years in National Aeronautic Laboratories (now National Aerospace Lab) Bangalore before he was sent on deputation as a scientist in NIO, Goa. He worked in NIO for a year before he put his papers. All this for his urge to teach those super brains in Goa who have dreams in their eyes but no formal base to put their foot before stepping the ladder to IITs. An IIT, a B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Powai Mumbai and also an alumni of IISc (The Indian Institute of Science), a research institution of higher learning located in Bangalore in India. Yes, Vyankatesh did ME in Aerospace Engineering through IISc. Established in 1909 IISc is considered as the premier institute for scientific research and study in India, and is typically ranked higher than any other Indian university in world university rankings. According to a UNO survey, it was ranked 18 in the world. Privileged to learn from this prestigious institute where great scientists like C V Raman had served as Director once (193337), Vyankatesh takes pride to share his rich experiences in

for flight testing and wind tunnel testing. Less than hundred persons in the world are skilled in this task and he was one of them. He had lucrative offer for further research in France but it required him to sign a bond

for 15 years to be with the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. So he refused the offer and returned to India. “My artist wife Aparna encouraged me to stick to my decision to serve my country. And I returned to India and to Goa for good,” says Vyankatesh. After saying goodbye to the career as a scientist he adopted and adapted to his role of a teacher, as he loves to trigger the logical thinking in young minds and can teach non-stop for hours. Focus combined with hard work is the password to success and Vyankatesh concentrates on such brilliant brains in Goa now. Till date his five batches (of 11th and 12th) are out with flying colours – 39 students made their way to IIT, 71 to BITS – SET, 100 to NIT and more than 100 have walked easily to other prestigious institutes like Vellore (VIT), Manipal Deemed University (MAHE), Karnataka CET, and COMED (Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka). “My efforts bore fruit,” exclaims

handles the in-depth Maths and Science from the school syllabus for SSC. It begins before stepping into SSC. In April and May we have full time classes while rest of the year we meet every Sunday for five hours in Panjim. 50 students from all over Goa selected. They remain attached for 3 years till they pass out their Std 12. After SSC the total syllabus is of 22 months for the preparation of various common entrance exams after answering Std 12. We have classes in Margao and Panjim.” Sharing with us his dream project Vyankatesh tells, “Aryan Study Circle has plans to expand into a separate educational institute with a full-fledged laboratory for my students to experiment, explore and work on various science projects. I want to give my students the best. They should not face the difficulties I faced in my times. With meagre resources at hand, I struggled my way to the IIT 24 years ago. But thanks to technology, times have changed. And I am eager to share my experience and expertise with genNext and be their torch on the path to knowledge. Let me be sincere – sharing knowledge is pure fun; let us enjoy studying together.” Sowing seeds of success on the soils of Goa and planting unlimited dreams in the eyes of young students Vyankatesh is marching ahead with vigour and confidence. Appreciating his zest and zeal let us spread out his mantra – Be focussed and work hard, success will automatically follow.

Delhi emerging as art destination PTI NEW DELHI, JAN 21

As the third edition of the Art Summit begins here, Delhi is increasingly being feted as an art destination by various galleries and museums from across the world who are looking to set shop in the capital. "The market for art in India is potentially huge and in the last 10 to 20 years the number of wealthy people in India who are buying art has increased," says a representative of the UKbased Robert Bowmen Modern gallery which is exhibiting the largest collection of sculptures at the Art Summit. The most expensive sculpture they have brought to the fair is a Rs 62,000,000 Auguste Rodin sculpture titled "Eternal Spring." "We have had two clients who have houses in the UK but bought sculptures from our London gallery for their homes in Delhi. That prompted us to come to India and exhibit at the art fair," he said. The Kiran Nadar Musuem of Art (KNMA), a contemporary art museum hosting the private art collection of Kiran Nadar opened a new exhibition space in a mall at the heart of the city a couple of days ago. Also, leading online auction house Saffronart that has physical gallery spaces in Mumbai and New York has also set up shop in a five star hotel here recently. "Delhi which has a good collector base has been growing as an art market in the last few years. With growth firmly back in the art market and with the Indian art market witnessing more momentum and growth as opposed to the world, we wanted to set up space in Delhi which along with Mumbai has been very important centre for art," Nish Bhutani, COO, Saffronart said. The KNMA, that had opened at the HCL campus in Noida in early 2010 decided to open in a mall this year to ensure more people engage with art. The Delhi centre, spread over 36,000 sq feet of area would put up for show famous works of India's modern masters and contemporaries including A Ramachandran, Anish Kapoor, Arpita Singh, F N Souza, Jamini Roy, M F Husain, Manjit Bawa, Ram Kumar, Subodh Gupta, Tyeb Mehta and V S Gaitonde among others. "We want more people to engage with art and looking for different ways to do that. We are planning to do some very big shows at our space in Delhi where we are expecting the walk ins to be much more," says Kiran Nadar, director KNMA. Unlike the Saffronart galley space which will be utilised to hold previews of art and jewellery auctions as well as exhibitions of select artistes and collaborative shows with other galleries, the KNMA will not be selling any works on display. Owners of both the display spaces say they have deliberately timed their opening to coincide with the ongoing art summit that is expected to attract a lot of visitors into the capital.

Pg 12 GOA, Saturday, 22 January, 2011


Sodiem Siolim Maina meet Saligao in finals enter semis HERALD CORRESPONDENT MERCES, JAN 21


Sodiem Siolim SCA entered the semi-finals def e a t i n g A d a r s h Yu v a k Sangh 1-0 in 5th Reira soccer at Saligao ground, on Friday. A goal in the 15th minute by

striker Basil Fernandes was enough for Siolim to secure victory. In the first half, Siolim enjoyed good ball possession while Adarsh dominated the second half. Siolim will now meet Nerul SC in the semi-finals on January 26.

Maina SC, Curtorim earned the right to face Saligao United in the finals of All-Goa Romeo memorial football tournament as they scored a hard fought 2-0 win over Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda, at Santa Cruz ground, on Friday. The first half saw equal exchanges between the two sides. However, DBO were the most adventurous of the two as they made deep forays into the rival territory. Wilson Dias was a livewire

for DBO on the right flank as he regularly sent dangerous floaters in the Maina’s penalty area. Off one such cross, Vicente Barbosa failed to find the target as he headed over the bar. Roger Azavedo had a chance to give DBO the lead just before the lemon break. However, his header off a corner kick was smartly saved by Maina’s custodian Brown Sequeira. Crossing over, Maina gave some anxious moments to DBO and Nelson Castanha should have scored when he was fed

by Agnelo D’Costa, but he failed to react quickly and allowed DBO’s defence to clear the ball to safety. Maina finally tasted success with Agnelo D’Costa finding the target. After struggling to get past a strong DBO defence, Agnelo sent a left footed volley into the right corner of the goal, which the DBO goalie could only watch in awe. Immediately, Wilson had a golden chance to equalise for DBO. However, he shot wide from close distance.

In the dying minutes, Maina’s Vicky Cardozo could have nearly put the final nail in DBO’s coffin, but his shot hit the post and rebound into play. Later, Joaquim Carvalho took the match away from DBO as he caught DBO’s goalie off guard and placed the ball into the open nets to make it 2-0. Referee Inacio Rodrigues cautioned DBO’s Roger Azavedo and Maina’s Vicky Cardozo. Maina SC will now meet Saligao United in the finals on January 23.

T20 cricket at Fatorda Riya, Nitish bag gold HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, JAN 21

Babu Brothers Sports Association, Balli, Quepem in association with SAG will organise their 2nd All-Goa T-20 cricket tournament from February 20 to 27 at SAG sports complex, Fatorda. Addressing a press conference, Quepem ML A, Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar, chairman of the club stated that the 7day tournament will feature top 16 teams in cricket. He said that three GPL and three outstations players will be eligible to participate with permission from the GCA. The winners and runners-up will walk away with Rs 70,000

and Rs 30,000 and trophies respectively. The man-of-thematch will claim Rs 1,000 while the man-of-the-series will ride home a Hero Honda motorcycle. Meanwhile, Kavlekar also unveiled the jerseys for the participating teams. Among those present were Prashant Naik, president, South Goa Journalist Association; Ashemdra Naik, president, Babu Brothers Association; Sushant Shirodkar and Rohit Dhamaskar. Details may be obtained from Ashendra Naik on 9881893349, Sushant Shirodkar on 9 7 6 4 9 2 4 5 5 4 o r Ro h i t Dhamasekar on 9765185075.


Babu Kavlekar addressing the media in Margao on Friday. Photo: Third Eye

Asian Youth silver medalist and Geno brand ambassador, Riya Savant alongwith world school chess champion and Commonwealth chess bronze medalist, Nitish Belurkar won gold medals in U-12 and U-10 chess championships at Kandy international rated chess championship organised by 64 Squares International Chess Academy

from January 15 to 19 in Sri Lanka. Suyan Belurkar participated in the U-15 category and narrowly missed his medal chances. Riya is a student of St Mary’s High School, Mapusa while Nitish is a student of Sharada Mandir High School, Mira Mar. All three are being coached by Prassana Swamy, Bambolim and Dronacharya awardee, Raghunandan Gokhale, Mumbai.

Dempo Juniors pip Vaddy Merces HERALD SPORTS REPORTER MAPUSA, JAN 21







A solitary goal from Welington Fernandes was enough to give Dempo Sports Club Juniors victory as they defeated Vaddy Sports Club, Merces 1-0 at Dr Remigio Pinto ground, Taleigao on Friday. Dempo led 1-0 at the lemon break. Vicky Shirodkar was booked for Vaddy at the end of the first half for a foul on Aaron Fernandes. In the second half, Dempo’s Bharat Thapa went into the referee’s book for a foul on Vaddy’s Milton Negredo. Dempo shifted defenders into midfield and midfielders into attack to try and open up their opponents. Although he did not score, Jorex Fernandes was particularly impressive with his movements in the forward line for Dempo.

Vaddy had a greater number of goal attempts in the first half and should have been ahead, but there was still an inability to turn that superiority into goals. In the second half, their attack started to fade. Young Welington Fernandes put Dempo on their way in the fourth minute, with a low shot that took the goalkeeper by surprise as it crept into the right hand post. In the 20th minute, Vaddy’s Francis Fernandes crossed from the right, but Ramesh Priolkar failed to find the target with a header from close range. A moment later, Mahesh Naik attempted to head ball goal bound from a corner, but the ball simply had no power and was easily gathered by the keeper.

Samrat - Ashok Talkie Town - Panjim


Seamen finals on Sunday

PANJIM (HSD) – The finals of Assolna Seamen Football Cup organized by Youth Welfare and Sports Club, Passagem will be played on Sunday, January 23 between St. Jose Areal Sports Club and Navelim Sporting Club at 4.30 p.m. at GPS ground, Assolna. Rs 33,333 will be awarded to the winners and Rs 22,222 to the runners-up. Prior to the finals there will be a girls exhibition match between Youth Welfare and Sports Club, Passagem Assolna and Zina Sports Club. The housie will carry Rs 15,555.

Leather ball cricket

MARGAO (HC) -- Union Club of Margao will organise their 1st AllGoa leather ball cricket tournament from February 1 to 16 at SAG sports complex. Top 16 teams will vie for the title. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 1,00000 and Rs 50,000 respectively. Details may be obtained from Kadar Gaji on 9881280586 or Abu Talib on 9623231888 PANJIM (HSD) -- St Braz Boys, Gaundalim, Old Goa will organise their 3rd 6-a-side football tournament on January 23 on Gaundalim ground at 9 a.m. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 10,000 and Rs 7,000 respectively. Details may be obtained from Anuj Naik on 9823699028.


YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA (U/A) : 10.20am, 1.20pm, 7.00pm SEASON OF THE WITCH (A) : 4.30pm, 10.00pm

Vishant Talkie Town - Margao

Exhibition soccer match

YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA (U/A) : 10.00am, 4.10pm, 10.30pm SEASON OF THE WITCH (A) : 1.00pm, 7.00pm

• Programming is subject to last minute change*

• Morning show starting @ Rs. 50/-

up their three substitutes, replacing a defender, midfielder and attacker in quick succession, but could still not find the breakthrough. In the end, Dempo held on to collect the three points. Dempo move on to six points from three matches, while Vaddy stay on three points from two matches.

6-a-side soccer at Old Goa


DHOBI GHAT (HINDI PARTLY ENGLISH) (A) : 10.00am, 12.15pm, 2.30pm, 5.45pm, 8.00pm, 10.30pm

Staff members required for Samrat - Ashok Talkie Town, Panjim

In yet another aerial attack, Francis headed towards Amol Vernelkar and he could not quite connect his head to the ball from a few yards out. Before the breather, Jorex neatly turned away from his marker and shot, but the Vaddy goalkeeper managed to make a save. In the second half, Vaddy used

V M Prabhudessai, executive director, SAG lighting the traditional lamp in the presence of Fr Ralin D’Sa, Steffi Cardozo, Avertano Barretto (Don Bosco’s B P Ed college director), Eugenio Cardozo and Navin Acharya (SAG) at the inaugural function of 1-day seminar for top Goan athletes organised by SAG at Don Bosco School hall, Panjim. Dr B R Bhandare, orthopaedic surgeon, Bernadette Pereira, nutritionist, Vrundavan Hospital, Eugenio Cardozo were the resource persons. SAG’s Steffi Cardozo welcomed. Atmanand Pednekar compered.

Siddharth triumphs HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, JAN 21

Siddharth Nunes beat Noah D’Silva 6-2, 6-2 in the U-19

GFA First Division: Calangute Association v. St Rock's SC, Poriat ground, Calangute, 4 p.m. GFA Second Division: St Sebastian, St Cruz v. Clube Sao Minguel de Taleigao, 4 p.m. Telaulim YC Navelim interward soccer: Rosary Youth Club, Nagmodem v. Cottoka Boys, panchayat ground, Telaulim, 4.45 p.m. Chandor Seamen soccer: Cuncolim Union v. W ilred Leisure SC, Curtorim, Chandor ground, 4.30 p.m.

singles finals of lawn tennis tournament organised by Goa Tennis Association on Friday. Results: U-10: Kyle Cummings beat Zoran Proenca 4-0, 4-0. U-14: Christian Cummings beat Joshua D’Silva 9-6. Veteran singles: Glen da Silva beat Pradeep K 9-4. Veteran doubles: Vaman Tari and Pradeep conceded to Sameer Kakodkar and Sadguru Dessai. Men singles: Bukky beat Rajendra Godinho 7-5, 7-5. Men doubles: Sachin Dukle and Kevin Rebello beat Rajendra Godinho and Steve Gomes 0-6, 6-2, 6-4. Dr Susana de Sousa was the chief guest and gave away the prizes. Earlier, Ramakant Angley, president, G TA w e l c o m e d . S a m e e r Kakodkar, vice-president, GTA proposed the vote of thanks.

MARGAO (HC) -- Fatorda Married XI will take on Fatorda Bachelor XI in an exhibition match organised by Friends Circle, Fatorda on January 23 at Don Bosco Oratory ground, Fatorda at 10 a.m.

4-a-side soccer at Odxel

PANJIM (HSD) – Don Bosco, Odxel will organise their 4-a-side soccer tournament on January 22 at Don Bosco Odxel ground, near Goa University at 6 p.m. Details may be obtained from Don Bosco house on 2451449.

U-21 soccer selections

PANJIM (HSD) – The following players have been selected to attend the State U-21 football selection trials. Diason Cardozo, Stephene Barretto, Pedro Gonsalves, Joyner Lourenco, Rowlin Borges (Sporting Clube de Goa), Sabino Fernandes, Brian Mascarenhas, Nicholas Fernandes, Melroy Fernandes (Churchill Brothers), Shallum Pires, Aaron Fernandes, Mandar Dessai, Tyson Fernandes (Dempo SC), Basilio Rego, Mariano Fernandes, Guendelon Vaz, Alvito Miranda (Vasco SC), Keenan Almeida (Salgaocar SC), Soma Korgaonkar, Alber Gonsalves, Blake Haldankar, Cliff Fernandes (Goa Velha SC), Leevan Pinto and Freddy Faria (Faria Sports Management). Those selected are requested to report at Duler Stadium, Mapusa on January 22 and 23 at 3.30 p.m. with full kit. Any other player born on or after 1/1/1991 may also attend the trials.

SAG swimming classes

PANJIM (HSD) – The Sports Authority of Goa will conduct learnto-swim classes from January 25 to February 13. Morning session: gents (7 a.m. to 8 a.m.), ladies (8 a.m. to 9 a.m.). Evening session: children (4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.), mixed batch ladies and gents (5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.). Details may be obtained from the reception counter of Sports Authority of Goa between 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on all days except Mondays and holidays.

Handball tourney at Fatorda

MARGAO (HC) -- The Goa Handball Association in Association with SAG will organise their 1st State junior championship at SAG sports complex, Fatorda on January 20 at 9 a.m. Players born on or after 1/1/1992 are eligible. Last date to submit entries is January 26. Details may be obtained from Vinay Sambari on 9822181919 or Selvino D’Costa on 9822069496.

Pg 13

SPORTS Anand jumps to sole lead PTI THE NETHERLANDS, JAN 21

World Champion Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand scored an impressive victory over Jan Smeets of Holland to jump to sole lead after the end of the fifth round of the 'A' group in the 73rd Tata Steel Chess tournament here. With his third victory from five games, Anand took his tally to four points and is now half a point ahead of nearest rival Hikaru Nakamura of United States who played out a draw with Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine. On a day that saw Magnus Carlsen coming back to form with a hard-earned victory over local hope Erwin L'Ami, Chinese Wang Hao also scored his first victory at the expense of Alexander Griscchuk of Russia. With eight rounds still to come in the 14-player round robin tournament, Anish Giri of Holland is in joint third spot with three points along with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France while Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik of Russia share the fifth spot on 2.5 points each.

Anand played the Brayer defense in the Ruy Lopez opening and after equalizing the Indian ace was simply superb on the board. When many believed to a be a drawn endgame, Anand continued to fight for a victory giving up a rook for a Bishop. The game could have been drawn with precise play but Smeets allowed Anand to march ahead with his pawn after a blunder on the 57th move. By the time the Dutchman, who had a fine start, gave back his extra material, Anand had knocked down three pawns and it was all over in quick time.

GOA, Saturday, 22 January, 2011

Marsh ton inspires Aussies win AFP HOBART, JAN 21

Shaun Marsh batted himself into contention for next month's World Cup with a match-winning solo effort in Australia's 46run win over England today at the Bellerive Oval. Marsh, left out of Australia's World Cup squad named on Tuesday and the only player not in that squad playing today, posted his second one-day international century as Australia made 230 from 48.2 overs after being sent in to bat by England. In reply, England never recovered from an early double-strike by paceman Doug Bollinger (428), who also contributed valuable tail-end runs with the bat. They were dismissed for just 184 in 45 overs as Australia took a 2-0 lead in the seven-match series. But the win came at considerable cost for Australia, with spinner Nathan Hauritz, in his first international of the season, appearing to dislocate his right shoulder in the field and place his World Cup hopes in jeopardy. All summer, Australia's best performances have relied on just one or two brilliant individual efforts. In game one of the series, it was Shane Watson's 161 not out, and this time it was the recalled Marsh.

Ronaldo targeted by laser during match AGENCIES MADRID, JAN 21

FIXTURES SATURDAY Wolves v. Liverpool Arsenal v. Wigan Athletic Blackpool v. Sunderland Everton v. West Ham Fulham v. Stoke City Man United v Birmingham Newcastle v. Tottenham Aston Villa v. Man City SUNDAY Blackburn v. West Bromwich MONDAY Bolton v. Chelsea

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted by a laser during the club's Spanish Cup win at cross-town rivals Atletico, in the latest in a string of similar incidents. The green laser was pointed at the 25-year-old's left eye as he was about to take a free kick, an AFP photographer at the match said. Real won the game at the Vicente Calderon stadium 1-0 to qualify for the semi-finals 4-1 on aggregate. Ronaldo has been targeted by lasers at other stadiums in the past as well.

The most recent reported case was last October at an away match against Murcia, also as he was about to take a free kick. In March 2008, European football's governing body UEFA fined Lyon 5,000 Swiss francs (3,834 euros) after the French club's supporters used a laser on Ronaldo during a Champions League clash with Manchester United, his club at the time. Television pictures showed Ronaldo being targeted by a green light both before and during the first knockout round tie at Lyon on February 20.

Murali to retire after World Cup AGENCIES LANKA, JAN 21

Sri L anka off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan will retire from internat i o n a l cricket after the Feb. 19April 2 World Cup in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Muralitharan, the world's leading wicket-taker in Tests and One-day internationals, had retired from the five-day format last July against India, after reaching exactly 800 test wickets. "This World Cup will be my last outing," Muralitharan told reporters on the sidelines of a training session in Colombo. "I am retiring totally from international cricket thereafter."

The Sri Lankan, who played for the Chennai Super Kings franchise in the first three editions of the Indian Premier League (IPL), will continue to play Twenty20 cricket. "My time is up. I have signed up to play for two years in the IPL. I am also looking at similar work in New Zealand and perhaps England," added Muralitharan, who has taken 517 wickets in 339 One-dayers. "This is my fourth World Cup. We won in 1996 and came close in 2007 by reaching the final. This would be a memorable one for me and for Sri Lankan fans." Muralitharan ruled out any plans of coaching stint in the near future. "There are plenty of coaches and lots of talented people out there," he said. "I will take things as they come. For the moment, no coaching stints."

Real enter semis king’s cup AGENCIES MADRID, JAN 21

Real Madrid knocked bitter city rivals Atletico out of the King's Cup on Thursday with a 1-0 win at a hostile Calderon to go through to the last four 4-1 on aggregate. Cristiano Ronaldo added to his phenomenal tally of goals this season with a 23rd minute strike to help set up a semi-final over two legs against holders Sevilla after the Andalusian club saw off Villarreal on Tuesday. Passions ran high on a chilly night at the heavily-policed stadium in the south west of the Spanish capital and the Atletico supporters aimed ugly chants at Real coach Jose Mourinho and some of his players. The visitors, who have not won Spain's domestic cup since 1993, had an early scare when Iker Casillas was caught in possession by Jose Antonio Reyes, who blocked the Spain goalkeeper's attempted clearance but could not make the most of the rebound.

The home side were then rocked by a double blow. Sergio Ramos was given too much space on the right and Ronaldo powered into the penalty area to smash a deflected cross high into the net. It was the Portuguese forward's 32nd goal of the season in all competitions and followed up on his strike in the 3-1 win in last week's first leg at the Bernabeu. Reyes then had to leave the pitch due to an ankle injury he had sustained in an earlier tangle with Alvaro Arbeloa and the former Arsenal winger, who also had a stint with Real, was replaced by Diego Costa. RARELY TROUBLED The Brazilian striker nearly created an equaliser with his first foray, cutting inside from the right and sending over a low cross that just evaded Diego Forlan. A toothless Atletico, missing injured Argentina forward Sergio Aguero, rarely troubled Casillas in the second half and their elimination effectively ends the Europa League champions' hopes of silverware this season.


Cricket World Cup calendar February 19 to April 2




Group stage February 19 20 20 21 22 23 24 25 25 26 27 28 28

India New Zealand Sri Lanka Australia England Pakistan South Africa Australia Bangladesh Pakistan India Zimbabwe West Indies

v v v v v v v v v v v v v

Bangladesh Kenya Canada Zimbabwe Netherlands Kenya West Indies New Zealand Ireland Sri Lanka England Canada Netherlands

Dhaka, Bangladesh Chennai, India Hambantota, Sri Lanka Ahmedabad, India Nagpur, India Hambantota, Sri Lanka New Delhi, India Nagpur, India Dhaka, Bangladesh Colombo, Sri Lanka Kolkata, India Nagpur, India New Delhi, India

March 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 12 13 13 14 14 15 16 17 18 18 19 19 20 20

Sri Lanka England South Africa Pakistan New Zealand Bangladesh Australia South Africa India Canada Pakistan India Sri Lanka West Indies Bangladesh India New Zealand Australia Bangladesh Pakistan South Africa Australia England Netherlands New Zealand Bangladesh Australia Zimbabwe India

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

Kenya Ireland Netherlands Canada Zimbabwe West Indies Sri Lanka England Ireland Kenya New Zealand Netherlands Zimbabwe Ireland England South Africa Canada Kenya Netherlands Zimbabwe Ireland Canada West Indies Ireland Sri Lanka South Africa Pakistan Kenya West Indies

Colombo, Sri Lanka Bangalore, India Mohali, India Colombo, Sri Lanka Ahmedabad, India Dhaka, Bangladesh Colombo, Sri Lanka Chennai, India Bangalore, India New Delhi, India Kandy, Sri Lanka New Delhi, India Kandy, Sri Lanka Mohali, India Chittagong, Bangladesh Nagpur, India Mumbai, India Bangalore, India Chittagong, Bangladesh Kandy, Sri Lanka Kolkata, India Bangalore, India Chennai, India Kolkata, India Mumbai, India Dhaka, Bangladesh Colombo, Sri Lanka Kolkata, India Chennai, India

A1 A2 A3 A4

v v v v

B4 B3 B2 B1

Dhaka, Bangladesh Ahmedabad, India Dhaka, Bangladesh Colombo, Sri Lanka

Winner C Winner D

v v

Winner E Winner F

Colombo, Sri Lanka Mohali, India

Winner A


Winner B

Mumbai, India

Quarterfinals 23 C 24 D 25 E 26 F

Semifinals 29 A 30 B

Finals April 2 Source: ICC World Cup Cricket

3 Goans clear FIDE Arbiter exam Kochi denies roping in Ganguly


Ashesh Keni, Kishor Bandekar and Pratap Prabhugaonkar are the three Goans who attended the FIDE Arbiters' Seminar organised by All India Chess Federation under the auspices of FIDE and passed the examination in New Delhi. The lecturers were conducted by Casto Abundo (PHI), Deputy President, Asian Chess Federation and FIDE lecturer. I A Rathi-


Ashesh Keni, International Arbiter Rathinam Anatharam, IA Casto Abundo (Phillipines), Pratap Prabhugaonkar and Kishor Bandekar.

nam Anatharam (India) was the assistant lecturer They will be awarded the

norm for the FIDE Arbiter title, after the approval at the FIDE Presidential Board.

Holy Rosary Convent HS, Nuvem U-17 football team winners of DSYA girls Salcete Taluka championship. Standing (l to r): Yeslinda, Agneta, Alfina, Steffi, Sophia, Lifa, Valinka, Jodina, Cruzita, Ravreena, Manisha and Shabnam. Sitting (l to r): Selvin (PE teacher), Sr Divya AC (principal), Sr Chrissie AC (manager). Squatting (l to r): Helicia, Alisha T, Alisha R, Vailanka, Sweezel, Nikita, Sameera and Raisa.

The King’s School, Sao Jose de Areal, Salcete girls bagged the State level judo championship organised by Goa Judo Association under the aegis of SAG at Farmagudi on january 8 and 9. Gold - Sonal (VI), Sofiet (VI). Silver - Tanishka (V), Sakshi (III). Bronze - Farheen (V), Eileen (V), Janvi (V). Other participants: Privi (VII), Tanvi (V), Yashmine (VII), Mithila (VII), Pooja (VI) and Megan (V). They also won the boys runners-up trophy. Gold - Vinit (VI). Bronze - Afran (VI), Leon (V), Saquib (VI) and Pio (VII). Sanket (VII) and Prakash (VI) also participated. They were trained by Bhavani Swami, school coach.

Salgaocar rope in three players St. Xavier’s Institute HS, Curtorim, winners of Don Bosco Trophy organised by Don Bosco Past Pupils Association, Vasco wing at Tilak Maidan and Don Bosco Academy at Loutulim alongwith Theresa Vaz (headmistress), Arnaldo Costa (chairman), Melroy Fernandes (manager) and Atmaanand Pednekar (PE teacher).


Salgaocar have signed three more players, including two

from the Indian side which participated in the Asian Cup in Doha. Defender Govin Singh and mid-

Ex-Special Olympics chief Sarge passes away HERALD SPORTS REPORTER PANJIM, JAN 21

Robert Sargent “Sarge” Shriver Jr, Chairman, Board Emeritus for Special Olympics, president, Special Olympics from 1984 to 96 and Chairman, Board of Directors from 1990 to 2003 passed away on Tuesday in United States. He was 96. The funeral will take place on Saturday. Shriver was the husband of founder of Special Olympics, late Eunice Kennedy Shriver. As an international advocate, Sargent Shriver compiled an unparalleled record of public service at every tier, from the local level to the world community. For Special Olympics, Sargent Shriver was a true, helping to establish and build programmes

in the far corners of the globe. He might be best known as an organiser of Peace Corps, its first leader under the then President, late John F Kennedy but to Special Olympics, he holds a cherished spot in the history of the movement and the hearts he has touched. Sargent Shriver was a man who saw the athletes of Special Olympics as ambassadors for peace, a man who was able to transform the roots of violence and discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities by promoting Special Olympics throughout the world. “We will continue his legacy by providing opportunities for people and communities to unite in harmony through sport.

His legacy continues in our new class of Sargent Shriver International Global Messengers. These Special Olympics ath-

letes from around the world will continue to share his message of peace and unity with the world,” stated Paige Okun, Director Communications and Development, Special Olympics Asia Pacific. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Tim, Linda and the extended Shriver family at this difficult time,” he added. Air Marshal (retd) Denzil Keeler, chairperson, Special Olympics Bharat, Victor Vaz, National Sports Director, Special Olympics Bharat, Luis Fernandes, sports director, Goa, have condoled the death of Sargent Shriver. The Special Olympics Bharat said: “He was a man of giant love, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. He lived to make

the world a more joyful, faithful and compassionate place. He centered everything on his faith and his family. He worked on stages both large and small but in the end, he will be best known for his love of others. No one ever came into his presence without feeling his passion and his enthusiasm for them. He loved God, he loved his wife Eunice, he loved the movement, he loved anyone who was a servant of peace, justice or joy. He loved life. We pray that his spirit and example will guide us as we accept the challenge of living as he did. We will miss him forever. May the angels and saints and all his family receive him with a party beyond all imagining.” “Special Olympics has made

a world of difference to special people especially in India. He uses sports as a doorway to dialogue about the human rights issues surrounding people with intellectual disabilities. He was passionate, optimistic, energetic, vigorous, and always joyful. On long international flights, he would reflect on what needed to be done to advance the cause of people with intellectual disabilities in some new corner of the globe. In many countries, he literally opened the door for athletes, families, and volunteers, breaking down barriers of language and cultures while offering a new vision of achievement, inclusion and love. The world was his stage and he loved making it a better place for all of us."

fielder Baldeep Singh, who were in the 23-member Indian squad in Doha, and James Singhare have been signed by Salgaocar. The trio could prove crucial for Salgaocar when the race for the I-League title hots up, coach Karim Bencherifa said.

The Kochi franchise has denied reports that it is in talks with the IPL discard Sourav Ganguly for a place in the team in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League. "It's not true at all. We are not in talks with Ganguly, so the question of his involvement with the side does not arise," coowner of the Kochi team Satyajit Gaekwad told PTI. Media reports had said that the Kochi IPL had contacted other teams to get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from them to rope in the former India captain, who did not find any takers in the IPL auction, held earlier this month. As per the IPL rule, Ganguly can again be part of the IPL through an open bidding process if all the 10 franchises have no objection to the move.

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Pg14 Rain interrupts India-SA match Riya, Nitish bag gold Pg 12


Anand jumps to sole lead Pg 13

South Africa: H Amla run out 64, G Smith c H Singh b A Nehra 18, M van Wyk c Kohli b Y Singh 15, AB de Villiers c Dhoni b Y Singh 3, JP Duminy not out 71, F du Plessis run out 1, J Botha st Dhoni b Y Singh 44, R Peterson run out 31, D Steyn not out 4. Extras: 14. Total: 265 for 7. Fall of wickets: 1-57, 2-106, 3-111, 4-115, 5-118, 6-188, 7-242. Bowling: Z Khan 9-1-550, M Patel 8-1-49-0, A Nehra 6-0-27-1, Harbhajan Singh 10-0-61-0, Yuvraj Singh 8-0-34-3, R Sharma 2-0-6-0m, S Raina 3-0-13-0, Y Pathan 4-0-18-0. India: Rohit Sharma c Duminy b Tsotsobe 1, Parthiv Patel lbw b Tsotsobe 11, V Kohli not out 87, Yuvraj Singh c Smith b Botha 12, S Raina st Villiers b Peterson 20, MS Dhoni c Plessis b Peterson 2, Y Pathan c Villiers b Morkel 2, Harbhajan not out 3. Extras: 4. Total: 142 for 6. Fall of wickets: 1-1, 32-2, 49-3, 112-4, 123-5, 128-6. Bowling: D Steyn 4-0-15-0, L Tsotsobe 5.3-1-24-2, M Morkel 6-1-13-1, J Botha 6-023-1, R Peterson 8-0-46-2, Faf du Plessis 1-0-5-0, JP Duminy 1-0-9-0.

South Africa's Robin Peterson safely reaches the wicket as Harbhajan Singh tries to run him out at St. George's Park, in Port Elizabeth on Friday. AGENCIES PORT ELIZABETH, JAN 21

Wickets of MS Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan put Indian run chase back to the wall as South Africa firmed their grip in the fourth ODI before rain stopped play for the second time with India reeling at 142/6 at Port Elizabeth on Friday. As per D/L method, India are 50 runs behind. Virat Kohli (83) and Harbhajan Singh (2) were at the crease for India, who are chasing their first ever series-win on South African soil. Chasing 266 to record their first ever ODI series win in South Africa, India were 32 for two

wickets in 11 overs. in the fourth One-dayer against the hosts at St George Park here today. Rohit Sharma (1) failed yet again as an opener and Parthiv Patel (11) departed after making an impressive start but talented youngster Virat Kohli (20) was still holding the fort for India. Both Patel, who was playing his first match of the series, and Kohli played some attacking shots at the start. Twice Patel sent ferocious Dale Steyn to the boundary ropes and Kohli took 10 runs from one Lonwabo Tsotobe over with two shots to the fence.

However, both the batsmen soon slowed down due to the slow nature of the track. Paceman Lonwabo Tsotsobe took both the wickets for South Africa as he first had Sharma caught at backward point and then trapped Patel, who came in the side in place of injured Sachin Tendulkar. Earlier, J P Duminy struck a defiant 71-run unbeaten knock to lead Proteas to a competitive 265 for seven. Duminy came up with the fighting knock when the chips were down for the hosts and combined well with the lowerorder batsmen to give the hosts

Fedex, Roddick roll on l Venus pulls out


Venus Williams lasted just seven points in her third-round match Friday at the Australian Open, forced to withdraw due to injury from a Grand Slam singles match for the first time in her career. After losing the first game to Andrea Petkovic of Germany and trailing in the second, Williams stretched to her right to return a serve, hit the ball and then cried out in pain, clutching toward her stomach on her right side. It was soon clear that she couldn’t continue. “Obviously I just couldn’t play,” Williams said. “I couldn’t move, it was too painful.” Henin, the 2010 finalist, was beaten by two-time Grand Slam winner Svetlana Kuznetsova 64, 7-6 (8) in a mild third-round upset, while Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova all ad-

vanced. Wozniacki provided as much fanfare in her postmatch media conference as she did during her 6-4, 6-3 win over Dominika Cibulkova. Sharapova, who won the 2008 Australian women’s title, struggled to a 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 win over Julia Goerges of Germany. Fr e n c h O p e n c h a m p i o n Francesca Schiavone of Italy also won, beating Monica Niculescu of Romania 6-0, 7-6 (2). No. 9 Li Na of China, who reached the semifinals last year before losing in two tiebreaker sets to eventual champion Serena Williams, advanced 6-2, 6-1 over Barbora Zahlavova Strycova. Federer was back to his vintage best, beating Xavier Malisse

Bopanna & Co in third round PTI MELBOURNE, JAN 21

India's Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan entered the third round of men's doubles in Australian Open after a hard-fought three-set victory over the Frenchmen Jeremy Chardy and Arnaud Clement 6-3 4-6 6-4, here today. Bopanna-Qureshi, runners-up of last year's US Open, will next play France's Michael Llodra and Nenad Zimmonjic of Serbia. Meanwhile, the Indian duo of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi will face Spain's Feliciano Lopez and Juan Monaco of Argentina in their second round match tomorrow.

6-3, 6-3, 6-1. Federer will play Tommy Robredo, who beat U k r a i n e ’ s S e rg i y Stakhovsky 5-7, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2. Roddick overcame a slow start before powering to victory with 32 aces to beat Robin Haase 2-6, 7-6 (2), 6-2, 6-2. The eighth-seeded Roddick is seeking to win his second Grand Slam nearly seven years after his first—the 2003 U.S. Open. Djokovic, the 2008 Australian Open champion, was leading Viktor Troicki 6-2 when his Serbian Davis Cup teammate retired due to a stomach muscle strain. Djokovic advanced to play No. 14 Nicolas Almagro, who beat No. 17 Ivan Ljubicic 6-4, 7-6 (8), 6-3. Ninth-seeded Fernando Verdasco advanced with a 6-2, 6-4, 6-3 win over Kei Nishikori of Japan, setting up a match against Tomas Berdych in the fourth round. The sixth-seeded Berdych beat Richard Gasquet of France 6-2, 7-6 (3), 6-2. S t a n i s l a s Wa w r i n k a o f Switzerland beat 12th-seeded Gael Monfils 7-6 (4), 6-2, 6-3, breaking the French player in the last game. Warwinka will play Roddick in the fourth round.

a competitive total to defend after winning the toss and opting to bat. Except for Hashim Amla (64), none of the top-order Proteas batsmen could convert good starts but it was not easy to score freely on the slow St George Park's track. The hard work done by Duminy and his partners ensured that South Africa have enough runs on the board in the end and that India will have to work hard to score their first ever series-win in this country. Apart from the good job done by India's part time bowlers, the three inexplicable run outs prevented South Africa from getting a better scorecard. India's spinners did a decent job in the middle overs by checking the run flow and Yuvraj Singh (3/34) was quite effective as he took three wickets. Duminy came on to bat in the mid of the South African innings and batted till the last over as he shared two crucial partner-

ships with Johan Botha (44) and Robin Petersen (31). Duminy's determination reflected in his 72-ball knock as he hit just two boundaries and a six, which came in the 50th over, and ran hard to anchor the hosts innings. South Africa had lost five wickets at the score of 118 but Duminy and Botha dug in and steadied the rocking ship with their 70-run partnership for the sixth wicket. Yuvraj broke the stand by having Botha stumped but Petersen

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supported Duminy well and the duo added another crucial 60 runs for the seventh wicket.

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