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QUAKE MAGNITUDE Japan’s most powerful earthquake of 8.9 magnitude in nearly a century triggered a massive tsunami.

Over a thousand feared killed l Ship carrying about 100 washed away l Passenger train with an unknown number of people missing l Fire breaks out in one of the nuclear facilities


200-300 BODIES FOUND Around 200-300 bodies were found in Wakabayashi area of Sendai city.

500 MISSING Over 500 people were reported missing.

50 ALERTS Australia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia also issued tsunami alerts.

2000 EVACUATED 2,000 residents living by a nuclear plant in Fukushima, evacuated after a reactor cooling system failed.

11 N-REACTORS SHUT A total of 11 nuclear reactors shut down automatically at the Onagawa plant, Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 plants and Tokai No. 2 plant.

LAND OF THE RAVAGING SEA: Light planes and vehicles sit among the debris after they were swept by a tsumani that struck Sendai airport in northern Japan on Friday. PTI TOKYO, MARCH 11: A massive tsunami triggered by Japan’s most powerful earthquake in nearly a century today wrought devastation in northeast coastal Japan, sweeping away houses, ships and cars and setting ablaze several buildings, killing over 360 people. Around 200-300 bodies were found in Wakabayashi area of Sendai city, close to the epicentre of the 8.9 magnitude quake as the tidal waves carried debris of buildings, overturned ships, cars and vehicles that came their

way deep into the mainland, Kyodo news agency said. At least 60 people were killed in Iwate prefecture and other places. A 67-year-old man was killed after being hit by a crumbling wall in Chiba prefecture, while a woman in her 50s died after a portion of a roof of a hall collapsed in Tokyo. The National Police Agency said 531 people were reported missing and 627 others were injured in the quake and the 33-foot tidal waves in the country’s northeast coast. The toll could go up significantly as reports of damage trickled in.

Television images showed fires raging in several building complexes as also a major petrochemical complex in Sendai. The tsunami also flooded the Sendai airport. A ship carrying about 100 people was washed away by the huge tidal waves in Japan’s northeast coast and its fate was not known, public broadcaster NHK reported, citing Miyagi prefecture police. A passenger train with an unknown number of people aboard, running near Nobiru station on the Senseki Line connecting Sendai to Ishinomaki, was unaccounted for,

the Japanese new agency said, quoting the police. A wall of water several kilometres wide triggered by the earthquake, the most powerful since the 1923 tremor in Great Kanto area in Tokyo and its vicinity which was 7.9 on Richter scale and had killed more than 140,000 people, carried all that it destroyed deep into the mainland. Buildings, even in far away Tokyo, shook vigorously and live footage by NHK showed a wide, muddy stream moving rapidly across a residential area near Natori River in Miyagi,




here comes a time, when we heed a certain call. It’s time for that call. When Panjim must come together as one. IF these lines are from that immortal “We are the world song”, it is because the circumstances are the same. If that song was about giving for the children of Africa, this call is also about giving for the future of Panjm This has been an arduous campaign for the CPP polls. At times it has been an unfair campaign. It has been a campaign of malpractices. It has been a campaign of trying to

grab Panjim because huge personal fortunes will be made. It has been a campaign with one possible disastrous fallout. No matter who comes first, the people of Panjim may not. Only you can change this course. Only you know if you want to vote for your town where you live and work and where your children are and will grow. You will know if the past grandeur of this town, its heritage, its values and its peace need to be preserved or surrendered at the altar of redevelopment, changing of zones and cutting of trees.

When you go out and vote, you will have clear choices. Vote for a corporation where promises will not be kept, corruption will rule, garbage will rot, streets will be choked, funds will reach private coffers but will be drained out of government ones and people with criminal cases will be your rulers. Or vote for your city where you are a stakeholder. The system of taking people into confidence has been eroded. The mask of development is an elixir for developers and builders. Has this >Continued on pg 10

levelling everything in its path. The quake struck at 2:46 pm local time (11:16 am IST) and alerts were issued across the Pacific, including areas as far away as South America, United States west coast, Canada and Alaska. Kyodo quoting the fire and disaster management agency said more than 80 fires were reported from Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Fukushima, Ibaradi, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures. Over 600 people, many of them students, were seen stranded atop a school rooftop >Continued on pg 10

No tsunami threat to India: NIO TEAM HERALD PANJIM: “There is no tsunami threat to India and the Goan and Konkan coastline from the earthquake in Japan as there are significant numbers of land mass above the sea that break these waves and do not allow it to propagate far” says Dr. Satish Shetye, Director, National Institute of Oceanography. Lifting the lid off the mys-

tery whether Goa’s coastline is well monitored against a possible tsunami eventuality. Dr. Shetye explains “Tsunamis are not monitored by satellites but by sealevel monitoring stations installed at each and every port in India as well as a few open sea locations. It is these stations that register the changing wave pattern – height, drift and speed to >Continued on pg 10



We people have been brainwashed, fed the same stories, told what to do. And we have blindly followed. I have supported Babush. When I went with 2000 supporters to him, he said I was late and he would field me next time. I did not want to wait. And I realised I can do this on my own. -- Chinawarr

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

I can definitely, say that people are frustrated with the erstwhile panel. The belief among non-BJP voters that Congress is secular hence they ”must” vote for it is slowly breaking. And that, I think, can change the entire arithmetic of politics in Panjim. -- Dr Oscar

Will PINC change colour of Panjim? Slum boy extraordinaire HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 10: Will Panajiites Initiative for Change (PINC) able to make a dent in the vote bank of Taleigao MLA Babush Monserrate? Whatever the results may be, but the entry of PINC has added a new dimension to CCP polls. It is too early to predict if the PINC has changed the dynamics of politics between Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar and Taleigao MLA Babush Monserrate but it has certainly altered the electoral battle which was forecasted as one-sided two months back. Dr Oscar Rebello, a front leader of PINC prefers to keep dignified silence on whether their efforts will yield dividend – in terms of electoral victories for the candidates they are supporting -- he is nonetheless confident that Babush will definitely find it tough to win “this CCP election.” The PINC is supporting twenty-nine candidates, of whom sixteen are from the BJP supported panel –

Panaji First, some from the NCP floated panel and some independent candidates. “We have done our best and have spoken to all the sections of people,” when questioned as to whether they would be successful in beating Babush who has been planning to turn Panjim into Taleigao. While many see the entry of PINC as “welcome change” some are skeptical about its initiative. “Yes, there is room for skepticism,” says Dr Rebello however pointed out that they do not have magic wand to change everything, instantly. “Nonetheless, we have taken the step because we want change in Panjim.” Also, the question raised is what happens after the elections? What if the PINC supported candidates change sides or do not live up to the expectations of the voters? The PINC has also assured that it would monitor performance of the corporators. A monitoring committee consisting active citizens of Panjim should be formed irrespective of which panel comes to power.

It’s a fight for Panjim to get better future

Dr Oscar Rebello

What’s the feedback you got from voters when you visited them? I can definitely, say that people are frustrated with the erstwhile panel. The belief among non-BJP voters that Congress is secular hence they ”must” vote for it, irrespective of the fact they take people on a jolly ride of corruption is slowly breaking. And that, I think, can change the entire arithmetic of politics in Panjim. For whom is this is a bigger fight Manohar Parrikar

or Babush Monserrate? It’s a fight for genuine people of Panjim to get a better future for their city Does that mean Babush will be booted out from Panjim? It will be tough for him, this time. Why do you think the marginalised sections of the society feel closer to Babush? I hate his brand of politics but the guy has to be given a credit. He has the ability to reach out to the lowest de-

nominator in the society. He has reached out where we intellectuals have failed to go. But we must also understand that he enslaves his voters with jobs and money. So let people ask if that is the way to go. What do make of this group, Friends of Panjim? They have got similar interest to keep Babush out. They appear to be completely BJP inclined whereas we believe, in no council or assembly or anywhere the BJP should have brute majority to indulge in saffron politics. The PINC has completely blacklisted Babush panel. Does that mean all his panel members are corrupt? There are many decent individuals but it is visibly evident that they have failed to challenge the person who calls the shots. I will name Regina Almeida, Prasad Amonkar, Mangaldas Naik, are good people but they do not have the guts to face-up Babush.

Babush’s plans to contest Panjim seat benefiting Parrikar A former mayor Ashok Naik is a simple and humble man. Even his opponents are in awe of him due to his simple mannerism and clean image. In an interview with Bindiya Chari, Naik speaks about the chances of his panel winning the polls. Why the BJP supported panel in 2006 could not benefit even as many developmental works were carried out in the city during your tenure as mayor? I think, we took that election very lightly. The panel did not put in hundred per cent efforts. Also, the rival panel had used “muscle and money” power to win. Money power has been used in these elections too, but you do not appear to be protesting strongly against the ill-practice? We have lodged a complaint but they need proof. In fact, we have had


lodged twothree complaints but all they are asking is for proof. Candidates from your panel are also accused of using money to woo voters. There is no truth in it -- we are not into buying votes. This CCP election appears to be a fight between the two politicians who are fighting for their own turf rather than for Panjim. Whatever the case may be, Babush’s declaration to contest from Panjim is actually benefiting Par-

rikar. The whole community is united to throw his panel out. Don’t you think certain sections are voicing their angst against Babush only because he wants to be an MLA of Panjim? I don’t think so. We have received support from all the quarters of society and if we win, it will be people’s victory and not just of our panel. The PINC is supporting some of our candidates and we would be more than happy to consider their

Parrikar calls Babush goonda HERALD REPORTER

Photo by Sachin Ambadoskar

PANJIM, MARCH 11: “This is the right opportunity for the people of Panjim to throw out land grabber, loan shark and a goonda politician,” said leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar. At a press conference ahead of CCP elections slated for Sunday, Parrikar, whose panel ‘Panaji First’ is fighting a bitter battle against Babush’s panel, charged that people have an opportunity now. “…And I know people of Panjim will take this opportunity,” he said. Asked who he was referring to in the above statement, Parrikar said “obviously Babush Monseratte.” “This is the best opportunity for Panjimites to throw out Babush and finish him politically with proper voting,” Parrikar said adding “People must come out (in large numbers) and vote without fears; and (obviously) a large turnout will be beneficial for Panaji First.” Parrikar said Babush claims to be a law abiding citizen and innocent in all cases registered against him. “He says he is not involved in Panaji police station stoning case, violent act at IT Habitat, attack on Youth Congress demonstrators; he says his men did not assault Aires Rodrigues; and he also says there was no rape of the

Parrikar addressing a press conference in the city, on Friday. German girl,” Parrikar said. The former chief minister also demanded immediate transfer of Panjim SDPO Deu Banaulikar. “Banaulikar is acting as a stooge of Babush Monseratte. We have demanded immediate transfer of the DySP. We have written to the State Election Commissioner in this regard,” he said. Asked about the chances of his panel, he said, the “people’s response is very encouraging”. He said that Panjimites are intelligent enough to decide what is best for them who cannot be won over by corrupt politicians. Consequently, “Our opponents are frustrated (at winning over the voters), hence are indulging in violent activities and luring voters with

money power and goodies.” He said “Sandeep Vaigankar against whom there are several criminal complaints including the assault on Aires Rodrigues case is trying to create a terror in the minds of people in St Inez.” On the Taleigao Development Front, he said “all those talks are crap.” “Babush talks of development in Panjim, but go and see for yourself in Ward 18 which is stinking of sewage waste and in ward 16 which is full of garbage heaps,” he said adding the internal roads are in bad shape. “Only making gardens, footpaths and railings is not development. Taleigao is facing acute water shortage, power, garbage and sewage are major issues,” he said.

views in bring about desired change in the city. In how many wards you see your panel candidates emerging victorious? We expect to win more than eighteen seats with two or three wards, in Taleigao. Why manifestos remain unfulfilled? I have done all the works assured in our manifesto. Works such as joggers park, market complex, road widening at Miramar, New Patto bridge were executed during our tenure.

If you haven’t heard of Tukaram Chinawarr, maybe it’s time you should

Photo by Sachin Ambadoskar

forward march: Tukaram Chinawarr on campaign trail in the St Inez area, on Friday. SHWETA KAMAT PANJIM, MARCH 11: Tukaram Chinawarr may not even show up in the hall of fame of the Panjim Corporation. But we hope he does! He may not walk the corridors of the House and take part in debates about the city where he migrated to. But we hope he does. He may just go back to slumming it at home in St Inez with his driver dad and municipal sweeper mom. But we hope he moves up in life. Who is Tukaram Chinawarr. And why do we have these hopes? Tukaraam Chinawarr is a slum boy millionaire who has emerged from the debris of blocked mindsets as beacon of hope. In spite of his, well, humble background, his folks still sent him to Don Bosco School and Dempe Collage and to Salgaocar College. And today he is an independent candidate in ward number 8 contesting against Babush Monserrate’s star candidate and former mayor

Tony Rodrigues. So how is he different? In a chat with Herald he says and when he talks you listen. “We people have been brainwashed, fed the same stories, told what to do. And we have blindly followed. I have supported Parrikar and I have supported Babush. When I went with 2000 supporters to him, he said I was late and he would field me next time. I did not want to wait. And I realised I can do this on my own. And I have walked my own path.” He has the swagger of youth, the confidence of crowd behind him and a hope for many who want to move out of a vote bank taken for granted and open their own treasure chest of hope Yes, he is a migrant. But he has a different mindset. “They will never dirty St Inez nullah if they are provided proper toilet blocks and basic amenities,” Tukaram, who is a sales executive, reacted. His father, Kamal though

is worried. “He is fighting against mighty people. We wish him luck though.” With no much money in his pocket to entice voters, this lad is already a popular figure in the ward. Panjimiites Initiative for Change (PINC) has supported Tukaram. PINC leader Oscar Rebello was seen canvassing for him in the St Inez area. “He is a guy with energy and commitment. There is huge support for him. We need such genuine corporators,” Rebello said. Another voter, Suresh Malgi said that for last 8 years people in this ward supported Babush and his candidate Tony Rodrigues. “Tony showed his colours soon after he got elected,” he said. He has managed to keep the bribes and goodies doled by the powerful. His victory will prove him to be a champion of the powerless. A tag that more fancied opponents have so far bought but never got.

CCP vote counting to be held on March 13 itself

Victory processions banned; closure of establishments ordered HERALD REPORTER

Election results likely by 8.30 pm



State Election Commission (SEC) today decided to hold election and counting for the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) on March 13 itself and has banned victory processions to ensure law and order remains under control. The district magistrate on Friday issued two separate notifications under section 144 of Criminal Procedures Code (CrPC) banning victory processions and bursting of firecrackers by candidates or supporters between 9 pm of March 13 and 6 am of March 14. In yet another notification, the magistrate has ordered the closure of commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, bars, grocery shops, recreation centers and others situated within the radius of 100 meters of each of the Polling Stations in the jurisdiction of CCP on the polling day. District Collector Mihir Vardhan said that these measures are initiated as police anticipate law and order problems due to polling and counting on the same day. “The apprehension raised by police was mainly due to victory processions that might take ugly turns,” he told a press conference.

results for all the 30 wards of the CCP are expected to be out within half an hour, officials said. District Magistrate Mihir Vardhan stated that the counting would begin at Goa College of Pharmacy at 8 pm and it is expected to be over by 8.30 pm on March 13. The victory procession and burning of firecrackers is already banned on that day. The Election Commission in association with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has set up a website

which will update the polling percentage and even counting results. Vardhan said throughout the day, the website will be updated every two hours while results will be instantly displayed on the website. The commission has also made arrangements at four different places including Miramar, ESG, bus stand and Azad Maidan to show the results live on giant screens. “We appeal to people not to crowd at the counting station and instead watch the results on screen,” Vardhan said. Local cable channels will also show the results live.

“It was brought to our notice that most of the commercial establishments within 100 meters of polling booths remain crowded with the supporters of different candidates, leading to problems,” Vardhan said in the notification. The State Election Commission officials on Friday held review meeting with the senior police officials to ensure that there is free and fair polling. Vardhan said police would begin preventive arrests in next 48 hours. He said the Commission

has received 14 complaints of violation of election code of conduct in the run up to the polls. “We are investigating all the cases,” he said adding, eight observers and 11 sector magistrates will keep vigil to prevent election related malpractices. “There are large number of officials who are available on the field to make sure that there is no luring of voters by illegal means,” Vardhan claimed. The 30 wards in CCP will have 68 polling booths where elections would be conducted on Electronic


17 anti-socials warned HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 11: Goa Police today issued notices to 17 anti-social elements in Panjim warning them against indulging in any criminal activities. Considering their past criminal records, the warning notices have been issued to 17 delinquents including notorious Babani Sheikh, his brother Imtiyaz Sheikh, Paulo D’Cruz, Adam Sheikh Usman, Azim Khan and Viraj Gaunekar. “We have received credible information that you are likely to indulge in criminal activities such as threatening people living in Panjim and that there are chances of committing cognizable offence,” the notice said. Voting Machines (EVMs). In order to ensure that EVM malfunctioning do not halt the process, 30 spare machines are kept in reserve. Of the total 32,090 voters, 86 are physically challenged to whom fifteen wheel chairs and attendants would be provided at the polling booths. The commission officials said that there are 378 voters

missing with family linkages while 16 are without family linkages. In all 86 voters from the list are dead while 36 are duplicate voters, which mean their names appear in two different wards. “This is basically because the names of the two persons with different spellings are been registered,” Vardhan said. Vardhan informed that there are 6656 senior citizen voters, who will be given priority for voting by the staff. “There is one voter who is a prisoner. But prisoners don’t have right to vote so his name is being monitored to ensure that there is no bogus voting,” the collector said. There are five blind voters, of whom four are bed ridden. The election commission has designated 450 polling staff that will set up booths on Saturday afternoon itself. The trials for voting will be conducted on Saturday. Vardhan informed that 222 security personnel would be deployed at various booths, while 120 security personnel will be patrolling the areas. He said that although there is no ‘sensitive polling booth’, but in case of clustered polling booth, a senior police officer of the rank of head constable or assistant sub inspector would be in charge.



This is the best opportunity for Panjimites to throw out Babush and finish him politically with proper voting. People must come out (in large numbers) and vote without fears; and (obviously) a large turnout will be beneficial for Panaji First. -- Parrikar

Nachinola Sarpanch arrested for forgery HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, MARCH 11: Mapusa Police on Friday arrested Nachinola Sarpanch Martina Fernandes in connection with a forgery case. According to Mapusa PSI T Dhavasker, contractor Dashrath Shirodkar in a complaint filed with Mapusa Police on February 5 stated that Nachinola Sarpanch Fernandes and the panchayat secretary had forged his signature and withdrew Rs 66,581 from the bank on November 18, 2005 by preparing bogus vouchers in his name in respect of construction work of Balwadi. Mapusa Police arrested Sarpanch Fernandes under

Sections 408, 465 and 420

read with 34 of IPC. She was

later released on bail.

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

Babush’s declaration to contest from Panjim is actually benefiting Parrikar. The whole community is united to throw his panel out. -- Ashok Naik




The Law is very clear that a party once recognized cannot claim to enjoy continuous recognition in perpetuity. It has to show minimum electoral support for recognition or continued recognition as per the Order. -- EC Order

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

Our stand that the party has not been merged into the Congress has been vindicated by the EC. No doubt, the Delhi High Court has stayed the EC order. - Antonio Gauncar

n The Congress has already gone into election gear, with Chief Minister Digambar Kamat’s constituency kicking off the party election campaign from Margao a month ago. Attempts are being made in certain quarters to revive the BJP-MGP alliance, this being the election year. But, all appears quiet in these two Salcete-based regional parties – United Goans Democratic Party and the Save Goa Front. The UGDP faces an uphill task in the coming Assembly polls to retain the sentimental Two Leaves symbol, Meanwhile, de-recognition is staring at the Save Goa Front ever since its two MLAs -- Churchill Alemao and Reginaldo Lourenco -- quit the party to embrace the Congress. Guilherme Almeida reports.

Rusty UGDP faces uphill task Congress in for surprise on Santosh Mirajkar MARGAO: In the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, the United Goans Democratic Party was denied the right to use the popular Two Leaves Symbols by the Election Commission. Result: For the first time in the 17-year old electoral history of this regional outfit, the party had to contest elections on the “Scissors” symbol. But, the problems facing the regional party seems to be far from over. The coming Assembly polls will provide a last opportunity for the UGDP to use the Two Leaves Symbol. Reason: The party had won just one seat out of the 40 seats in the 2007 Assembly polls and had managed to secure just 5.04 per cent of the total valid votes – indicating that the party has failed to satisfy the conditions laid down for the recognition of the political parties. Much water has flown down the River Sal since the last two years and nothing much has been heard of the regional outfit in Salcete’s countryside – its sphere of influence. A visit to the party headquarters behind the Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao reveals the state of affairs. A Two Leaves symbol on the staircase welcomes one to the second floor of the building. This office was bustling with activity during the Lok

Into Oblivion: The party board pointing to the office, which stands closed most part of the year.

The writing on the wall is clear for UGDP Though the Election Commission has allowed the party the facility of using the Two Leaves symbol at election for a period of six years – till the coming Assembly polls – the writing on the wall is clear for the UGDP. The Election Commission has made it amply clear that it is satisfied that the UGDP is not longer entitled to continue with the recognition as a state party in the state of Goa. “The Party shall hereafter cease to be recognized under the Election Symbol (Reserved & Allocation) order, 1968 as a state party in the state of Goa and shall not be entitled to the exclusive reservation of the symbol Two Leaves as its reserved symbol in Goa”, The EC ruled. The EC order had maintained that the party does not fulfill any of the condition for recognition as a state party as laid down under the 1968 Order. “The Law is very clear that a party once recognized cannot claim to enjoy continuous recognition in perpetuity. It has to show minimum electoral support for recognition or continued recognition as per the Order”, the order stated. Referring to the performance of the party in the 2004 Lok Sabha polls and the 2007 Assembly elections, the Election order observed: “It shows that the party does not satisfy any of the conditions laid down for the recognition of the political parties. The law laid down by the Supreme Court is very clear that a party once recognized cannot claim to enjoy recognition in perpetuity”.

Sabha polls, but since then is often found closed. Admits Party Secretary General, Adv Anacleto Viegas: “The party has not been active in recent times, but we will now gear up for the coming Assembly polls. The secretary general defended the less percentage of votes secured by the party’s decision to field candidates only in certain constituencies, but the big drop in the vote percentage is also attributed to the presence of the Churchill-led Save Goa Front in the fray, which pocketed the anti-Congress votes across Salcete’s countryside. But, Viegas knows for sure that party is indeed facing an uphill task, not only to strengthen the organization, but to retain the Two Leaves symbol by securing a certain percentage of valid votes in the coming polls. “Unlike other political parties, the UGDP is run by professionals and not by full time politicians,” he asserted. Incidentally, since the UGDP first made its entry in the state’s electoral politics by winning three Assembly seats in the 1994 polls under the leadership of then party supreme, Churchill Alemao, there’s been no looking back for this regional party. Alemao himself rose to become the MP from South on the Two Leaves Symbol.

eve of polls: Radharao Herald: Though this is an election year, all seems quite in the UGDP, why. Radharao: If one goes by the term of the current Assembly, there’s still one year and three months to go for the polls, though we expect the polls to be held within a year’s time. It’s not just the UGDP, but the mood of elections have not yet caught up with the political parties. I feel Goa will get into the election mood only after the election in Tamil Nadu. Herald: It appears the party is yet come out of the humiliating defeat in the Assembly polls followed by the Lok Sabha elections. Radharao: It’s true that the Party fared badly in the last Assembly polls, especially in Salcete because of the Churchill factor. The UGDP represented the anti-Congress forces in South Goa, but when Churchill came out of the Congress, he had a much better way of fooling the people. In the end, the UGDP was the looser because we did not get the votes in Salcete because the anti-Congress votes went with Churchill. This time round, however, there is lot of anti-congress sentiments prevailing amongst the people and this votes will not go to the BJP.But, at the same time,

Identity, leadership crisis plagues SGF MARGAO: Four years after it was launched with much fanfare, the Save Goa Front party is facing an uncertain future. After party supremo Churchill Alemao along with Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco and other party leaders embraced the Congress, the party had to contend with a fierce battle on the leadership issue between rival camps headed by Antonio Gauncar and Raul Pereira. And, the leadership issue continues to haunt the party till date. The leadership question is presently pending in the Delhi High Court after the court stayed the order of the Election Commission recognizing Gauncar as the SGF president. That’s not all. The Election Commission has asked the party to show cause why the party should not be derecognized as the state party on grounds that the party two MLAs are longer in the party fold. Formed under the leadership of Sidhanath Buyao on the eve of the 2007 Assembly polls, incumbent PWD Minister Churchill Alemao took over the reigns of the regional outfit, soon after he resigned from the Lok Sabha and the quit the Congress party to contest the Assembly polls. In the hustings, the party

Change of Fortune: Former SGF supremo Churchill Alemao at a public meeting of the party during the 2007 elections. tried to cash in on the antiCongress sentiments on a host of issues, including Dabolim airport et al and succeeded to some extent. The party managed to bag two seats, with Alemao emerging victorious in Navelim, and Reginaldo Lourenco in Curtorim defeating senior Congress leaders, Luizinho Faleiro and Francisco Sardinha respectively. Says Antonio Gauncar, who has kept the party flag flying high after the party MLAs embraced the Congress: “Our stand that the party has not been merged into the Congress has been vindicated by the Election Commission. No doubt, the

Disqualification petition pending with Speaker Even as the question over SGF’s leadership is pending in the High Court, petition filed by former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco for the disqualification of PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao and Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco is pending with Goa Legislative Assembly Speaker Pratapsing Rane. Hearing of the petition has not taken place for quite some time as the Speaker is apparently awaiting the decision of the Delhi High Court to decide the question on the Election Commission’s decision holding invalid merger of the SGF with the Congress. Both Alemao and Reginaldo had claimed that the SGF had merged with the Congress lock, stock and barrel – a claim disputed by Gauncar and his group.

Delhi High Court has stayed the EC order, but it is a matter of time that the case would go in our favour.” The silver lining for the Gauncar camp is that the Election Commission has held as invalid the merger of the party with the Congress – as claimed by Alemao and his group. In fact, the EC has been quite categorical, stating that the merger of the SGF with the Congress as claimed by a certain group cannot be held as valid merger as the said resolution was not approved by the requisite number of members of

the general body. That’s not all. The EC said the guidelines laid down by the Supreme court in Capt William Sangma was not followed vis-à-vis merger. Incidentally, it’s now nearly two years since the Delhi High court had stayed the Election Commission decision recognizing Gauncar as the SGF president and declaring SGF’s merger into the Congress as invalid. However, the petition filed by former SGF general secretary Kennedy Afonso is pending in the high court for nearly two long years.

for any political party to succeed, they need huge finances. It is a reality that without money, nothing works in Goa. Herald: But, the party is facing an uphill task in the coming polls to save the Two Leaves symbol. Radharao: I feel that in the present contest, the party symbols are not that relevant in the polls. People are no longer concerned with party symbols. Two Leaves symbol may not be charismatic for the voters. But, we would like to retain the symbol as the Two Leaves is associated with our identity. Herald: There are reports that Radharao is working overtime to rope in Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco into the UGDP. Radharao: I can definitely say that there are several leaders, who have set their eyes on a non-Congress political movement. These leaders are mostly from the

Congress but the Congress leadership doesn’t even know who these leaders are. This time, the Congress might have a bigger shock as many powerful politicians will come out of the party on the eve of polls. Herald: In that event, there may be possibilities that these leaders float a new regional outfit instead of embracing the UGDP. Radharao: No doubt, the UGDP has interests in Goa and Goans. I personally feel that a new political formation in the interest of Goans should be welcomed. Herald: There’s an allegation that the UGDP wakes up only on the eve polls to allot tickets to rebels from other parties for a consideration. Radharao: There is no question of any consideration involved while allotting tickets. If it was true, the party would have fielded candidates in almost all the 40 constituencies. But, the reality is that the party could not find candidates. We had to struggle to find the candidates. In such a scenario, who would pay to the leaders. No one would pay when there is no demand. We are not in a position to demand because we don’t have a strong organisation.

SGF will support regional forces, says Gauncar Herald: For months now, nothing has been heard of the Save Goa Front in the state. Antonio: I agree that the party has been keeping low for quite sometime. But, the reason behind is on account of the matter pending in the Delhi high court for the last two years. The rival faction has challenged the Election Commission’s decision recognizing me as the SGF president. The people are with the party. The moment the high court gives its verdict, the party will organize itself in a big way. Herald: What is the status of the stay granted by the High court on your recognition by the Election Commission as SGF President. Antonio: I am expecting the court verdict within the next one month or two. And, I am confident that the high court will uphold the decision of the Election Commission. Herald: The SGF has faced de-recognition by the Election Commission after the party two MLAs Churchill Alemao and Reginaldo Lourenco joined the Congress three years ago. Antonio: After the Election Commission proposed to derecognize the party, we have replied to the Commission stating our stand on the issue. The EC had proposed to de-recognize the party on grounds that the party

MLAs are no longer in the party. We have also mentioned in our reply that a disqualification petition is pending with the Speaker against Churchill and Reginaldo. Herald: What role do you foresee for the SGF in Goan politics in the absence of charismatic leaders in its ranks. Antonio: It is true that the SGF has no charismatic leader in its ranks. The organization too is weak and needs to be strengthened. The people too are fed up with Goan politics. They had reposed their faith in the politicians, but are left disappointed. We will try to revive the party after taking the views and opinion of the people. Herald: What is your stand on attempts to bring antiCongress forces under one banner. Antonio: My stand is very clear on this issue. If all the regional forces decide to come under one banner, we will fully support the move if it is in the interests of Goa and Goans.


Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011


“ opinion


Will Panjim be held hostage to Modassir’s ego? He and he alone will be solely responsible if there is any violence or untoward incident after the poll results are announced. – Edit

Vol. No CXI No. 070 I Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

The key to any kind of improvement is consistency. Anyone can do a certain thing for a couple of days or weeks. But working out through the year consistently, that’s what brings you results. – Swapnil Kamat


Will someone check the errant Modassir?


s there no checking the State Election Commissioner Mr Modassir – The man who is supposed to be the guardian of the election commission, who committed a major blunder by signing the poll notification on a date when he was on leave? He compounded the blunder by trying to defend himself saying that he had signed the poll schedule before going on leave. If that was so, he should have ethically put the date on which he signed with a clause so that the notification would come into effect from a later date. This act of his is as cheap as a school boy marking himself present on a day when he is not in school. The sad truth is that while school boys have time to learn their lessons, a retired officer who takes up a post retirement job to enjoy the comforts of Goa is past his active learning stage. This is a character trait which will stay. But why at Goa’s expense? Meanwhile, the Election Commissioner has committed another absurdity. He has insisted that the votes be counted after 8 pm on Sunday. Before even trying to understand his logic, the move itself is shocking to everyone. Any Election Commissioner worth his salt understands and knows the pulse of every election. This election will be close. This will be tense. There is every possibility of several complaints of malpractices being lodged and clashes between rival groups of supporters. Isn’t it easier to handle this in the light of day than in the dead of night? These ‘night rider’ tactics of Modassir has left everybody baffled, not in the least the beleaguered Panjim police. They made a fervent plea to the SEC to change his mind and postpone polling by a day so that the tired forces on poll duty could get a nights rest, regroup and be ready for counting. Modassir refused, and what was his reason? The police did not mention it during earlier meetings with him. Is that a good enough reason to reject a genuine plea? Will Panjim be held hostage to Modassir’s ego? He and he alone will be solely responsible if there is any violence or untoward incident after the poll results are announced. Will Modassir leave his office and hit the streets to be with policemen if there are clashes? Let’s get real. We are dealing with Babush Monserrate, whose supporters have attacked police stations and beaten up Youth Congress supporters. In addition there are people who have parted ways with him and are contesting against his candidates. There is sufficient ground for a flashpoint. All this begs the question. Is the Home Minister of this state non-existent? Or the Chief Minister? The Home Minister should have acted strongly and called on the Governor to impress upon him the foolhardiness of counting the votes late at night on Sunday and pushed for the postponement of polling. The two main political players, Manohar Parrikar and Babush Monseratte, have not taken a stand on this either. They should have. Of course, the people of Panjim will be faceless bystanders. On a Sunday evening, when families will be out on the beach, in restaurants or going for walks, they wouldn’t want the aftermath of victory processions or angry protests to hit them. Wouldn’t it have made a healthy difference if Panjimites got some peace by pushing counting till Monday morning? But the show won’t be over so soon. In a further addition to the theatre of the absurd the counting will be shown in the INOX multiplex, the heart of Panjim’s entertainment, especially on weekends. This spot will become another flash point when elections will be announced. Is this Modassir’s idea of an entertaining election? This isn’t really a T20 or a World Cup match. Seriously speaking, the coordination between the police and the SEC may leave a lot to be desired. But the SEC, who is the captain, should have had better control over this process, thought this out wisely and given room for last minute changes for the sake of a safe and secure election. His rigidity is not acceptable. If an IAS officer wanting to retire needs a post retirement job, placing him in charge of the state’s poll process isn’t the right chair for him. It is a measure of the seriousness with which this office is taken, when they make people like Modassir the state’s Election Commissioner.

Goa’s growth needs one clear logic – logistics


ast month, I had begun by outlining the foundations of Goa’s industry and the challenges it has faced and overcome. It is now time to look ahead and forecast Goa’s challenges and the roadmap to overcome them However, with the present extraction and production technologies, Goa will be out of iron ore in about 20 years. There is no new investment coming into the state and constant agitations and project disruptions and government apathy to encourage new industry is taking its toll on the state. For the first time now, Goa has to draw up a road map to chart out its future. While the roadmap will have many pathways which will lead to the main road, I would like to focus on one of the key paths – Logistics. Goa needs a Logistics Hub near Sancoale which can be integrated with the Mormugao Port, the Airport, Container Freight Station at Verna and the Railway Container Yard, all located within a radius of 10 km. Colombo (Sri Lanka) – a major international port could be used to serve as an international gateway for Goa. Minor ports coming up at Revas near Ratnagiri, Redi (in Maharashtra) can be tapped. Goa is also well connected by two national highways – NH4A and NH17. If the government integrates all this and links it to a logistic hub, in one to two years, we can have a world class facility and become an international destination, attracting the right industries.

nitin KunColieKar

In the absence of any job opportunities, nearly 90 per cent of the engineering graduates are going out of state to seek employment. The hub, in addition to providing employment for locals will increase revenue and boost infrastructure and tourism. It will also have other benefits namely: n Become a hub for coastal cargo shipping along the west coast of India. n Convert major portion of interstate cargo flow into coastal sea and rail mode making costs cheaper. n Logistics parks can be set up with specialized warehouses for specific industries like food, construction, pharma, textiles etc. n Reduce congestion of heavy vehicles in cities. n Improve potential for fish and meat exports from Goa, by creating a cold storage chain. Meanwhile, the following challenges need to be overcome. Goa also faces a

major issue of migrant labourers. Although the number of migrant labourers employed as security personnel, house maids etc. are much more than that in factories and construction, the visibility of such labourers is much higher in the latter. There is also a major problem of unemployment among Goan youth. There are around 2,00,000 youth in Goa for whom jobs will have to be created and they require employment or careers. And much more will be added every year. More than 2,50,000 students study in different schools and colleges in Goa from primary to the post graduate level and around 1,00,000 people are on the live register of the employment exchange. In the absence of any job opportunities, nearly 90 per cent of the engineering graduates are going out of state to seek employment. Today the job creation in the state is negligible. Jobs with the State Government have already reached a saturation stage. Moreover, the number of people who are going to enter the job market are much more than those who are due for retirement in years to come. Also the increase in staff salaries on account of sixth pay commission will definitely hamper government’s ability to undertake welfare programmes, infrastructural development activities and also to create jobs. So, the only option for jobs is from the private sector. This sector needs all the support and help that it rightfully deserves.


The gym issue


have a love hate relationship with the gym for almost 10 years now. Must say, it’s more hate than love. Truth be told, I don’t have much of a physique. At the risk of sounding disgusting – I’m all flab. Every once in a while, when I feel fat, I start working out. Tell myself this time it’s going to be forever. Buy those expensive shoes. Register at a gym; pay a six month membership at least, to tie me down to the cause. And then, on receiving a few compliments on losing weight, [mostly from my mother who always thinks I’m losing weight] I stop working out. Tell myself I don’t have the time. Work is more important. The excuses are countless. Then I start putting on weight again. And the cycle that’s been going on for the last 10 years continues, without any real improvement in my physical appearance. Actually, we do the same in all aspects of our life. At work, we start a certain project and abandon it half way through when the going gets tough or the initial euphoria dies down. Start on a fresh note with our colleagues and subordinates but after a while, go back to our original behavior. In terms of personal

Swapnil Kamat development, we get into the habit of reading and learning but then go back to our regular routine. The key to any kind of improvement is consistency. Anyone can do a certain thing for a couple of days or weeks. But working out through the year consistently, that’s what brings you results. The most successful professionals across the board share that one thing in common. Consistency in action towards the pursuit of goals. In life, we usually concentrate on the bigger decisions in life. Honestly, what’s more important are the small decisions you take every day. Those decisions, without us really realizing, become the ‘make or break’ decisions. At seven pm in the evening, when it is my designated time to work out, when I choose TV, that’s a part of me broken without me realizing the impact. So what will it take to do stuff consis-

tently? Simply put - going against the tide. Our mind will play games with us. Make up a thousand excuses for not doing the things that we have decided to. And we listen to that voice. Not because we really believe what that voice is saying. But it’s just the easier thing to do at that point. I don’t have a text book solution but here are a few things that have helped: 1. Be very conscious of your small decisions. Concentrate on a few big decisions and then follow them up rigorously with the smaller right decisions every day. 2. Power through the weaker moments. Every time your mind starts playing devil, don’t give yourself too much time to reason. Quickly get into action. Wear those shoes and start jogging. 3. Keep the right and relevant company. The kind of people who manage to motivate you. Who have a track record of success in the area you desire to improve. Most importantly, don’t give up on yourself. You may have gone back and forth in the past. But trust me; another shot at improving yourself never goes waste. Irrespective of past failures, pull up your socks, and get started. Today!


Psalms of the forlorn Caetano de abreu


hen I ponder about my earlier years spent in relative comfort and bliss, in the company of my loved ones life, was in full contentment. I do consider myself forlorn if I view in genuine perspective the malaises plaguing me and Goans, which in present circumstances we are paying for our mistakes with our mother tongue, which is Konkani, craftily sidelined to give rise to unknown derivatives. Rationally psalms are joyous canticles sung in praise of the Almighty; however in this context they are more like dirges lamenting the departed, in which case it is our cultural life and innocent deportment. The Goan mannerism, since about three decades ago, have undergone a sea of changes with successive governments playing lip avuncularism with no constructivism to alleviate the plight of its constituents, and to aggravate the matter the religion is playing a predominant role in ushering in the abhorring divisive politics. The matter in matrix is synergized with Manohar Parrikar, playing his flute to lead the unorganized pack. With Panjim remaining in total neglect it is relevant to ask, How we can ever repose faith on a man, after he is elected the fourth time, when as the elected member of Panjim constituency he has done nothing except to break coconuts when carpeting of roads was in progress, is he compatible to break coconuts only? It is to be regarded that Parrikar in his quest to become Montri is formulating coalitions for the control of CCP which in the long run he is making his presence felt to covet his fourth consecutive return to the assembly by tying up surreptitiously with the likes of Mickey Pacheco. Micky is playing the mickey with the Goan electorate, when for the Panjimites he is an obnoxious entity. To make the matter more obvious he is supported by Avinash Bhonsle to spew bile on Babush Monserrate. I am not expressing that Babush is a paragon of virtue. Quite to the contrary, however I must express what the present Goa Government is dishing us is foregone conclusion. Doomsday is in sight, where like-minded Goans are the forlorn and the depraved? We are goat-like people who deservedly merit wolf-like rulers, as it is dramatically expressed, as you sow, you shall reap. Nevertheless we can rally together and usher Goa to its old semblance. We can be forlorn but not totally lost in the slush of ignominy, although what is required is a bit of will and gumption – when the going gets though, the tough should be going.

WEEKEND INBOX Anti-urination act I went through the column “A Vision and a Mission” by Dr Joe D’Souza (Herald, 9 Mar) and would like to comment on the issue of public urination by people at various places in and around Panjim. I had been to the CCP office to meet the commissioner and to get the names of the inspectors who are responsible for implementation of the anti-urination act, but they were not available. It is a bit difficult to garner support, at this time. However, I can assure Dr Joe and on behalf of myself and the Panaji First Panel, that it will be our endeavour to implement the anti-urination act and take action against the violators. Manoj Patil, Caranzalem

Why stoop so low Parrikar? The history of Goa and the short BJP rule in the state riddled with the worst sins of omission and commission and communal indiscipline all point an accusing finger to the person who was at the helm of things – Manohar Parrikar who came to power from the back door as the BJP never ever got an overwhelming majority in the state of Goa. In the weekend edition of the Herald, while speaking to Sujay Gupta, Parrikar went on to explain how Babush is a monster (according to him). He also lied in the interview on the controversy wherein he wanted to strike off the Good Friday holiday. The people of Goa are no fools and do not live in a fools paradise like Par-

rikar. In fact the ruin of Panjim is for all to see and Panjim’s long standing MLA, Parrikar has presided over the ruin of the capital city over the years. Today, faced with almost defeat at the hands of the Babush panel, Parrikar is suddenly doing a volte face by calling the pot black. Parrikar should visit Taleigaon and see the development and progress made by Babush, accusations notwithstanding and then take a look at his own backyard and see how much development he and his panel has done in Panjim. Cedric da Costa, Margao

Recommendations for next budget As per the budget provisions and press

reports, the salaried tax payers whose salaries are Rs5 lakh per annum only shall not be required to file their income tax returns if the entire tax liability is discharged by the employer through deduction of tax at source. This is a welcome step. At present, income/loss from house property can be adjusted broadly for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) from salaries. Also, the limit from all such sources – salaries, plus interest, and other sources of income can be fixed at Rs10 lakh. It shall reduce income tax department work without loss of revenue and a good number of salaried persons having a total income up to Rs10 lakh will get relief and will be saved from the burden of filing returns. However, the real implications shall be known only when such a scheme is notified. Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

Guardians of law are Recommendations murderers welcome People need to know why PSI Vijay Chodankar is not suspended along with 4 other accused in the Cipriano murder case?Mere suspension is not enough. This is a murder case and the accused cops should be sentenced for murder. The lame excuses given that Cipriano suffered from fits and alcohol abuse are only a pack of lies. Television and newspapers should release photos of the accused cops so that the people are aware of who they are. Even Kasab and Mahanand Naik are given a fair trail, why did Cipriano have to die in custody at the hands of police? Now, they are being shielded. Is this a Jungle law? K K Swami, Panjim

I welcome the Law commission’s recommendation to bring strict laws to put erring builders behind bars. Builders with Municipal Council members have been looting Goans. Mapusa today resembles an overflowing garbage bin. Builders have built a huge building without leaving an inch of space and the Mapuca Municipal Council has been issuing occupancy certificate without even an inspection. The Law commission should hand down stringent punishment to its own advocates who have got their offices in residential areas, much against the prescribed rules laid down by government. Bosco Vaz, Mapusa

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Tsunami shock

Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan, particularly those who have lost loved ones in the earthquake and tsunamis. — Barrack Obama.


livelihood destroyed : Flames rise from houses and debris half submerged in tsunami in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture (state) after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its northeastern coast.

The worst so far AGENCIES TOKYO, March 11


he powerful 8.9-magnitude earthquake that sent Japan into chaos was the largest in the country’s recorded history and the fifth-largest to hit the world since 1900. It triggered a giant tsunami in the Pacific Ocean, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people. Here’s a look at the world’s most powerful earthquakes and tsunamis since 1950. October 2010, Indonesia: A volcanic eruption and tsunami kill more than 500 people hundreds of miles apart. Thousands are sent fleeing and scores of houses are destroyed by waves after the 7.7-magnitude quake. February 2010, Chile: A devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Chile, triggering a tsunami, which

threatens a quarter of the globe. It kills 524 people. September 2009, South Pacific: The 8.0-magnitude earthquake is the biggest of 2009, sending four killer waves rising up to 20 feet that hit American Somoa, Somoa and Tonga. It kills 194 people. September 2007, Indonesia: An earthquake with an 8.4 magnitude hits Sumatra, triggering a wave in Padang that kills at least 25 people. April 2007, Solomon Islands: Thirteen villages are completely wiped out when the 8.1-magnitude earthquake hits. The tsunami that follows kills 52 people. Thousands are left homeless. March 2005, Indonesia: An 8.6-magnitude quake in Sumatra kills about 1,300 people, mostly on the island of Nias. December 2004, Indian Ocean: An undersea earth-

quake triggers a series of devastating tsunamis. It kills more than 230,000 people in 14 countries, sending waves up to 100 feet high. It is one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand are the hardest hit. August 1976, Philippines: The 8.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami disaster is the worst in the history of the Philippines. It leaves at least 5,000 people dead. May 1960, Chile: A 9.5-magnitude earthquake is the largest ever recorded. Approximately 1,655 are killed, 3,000 are injured and 2 million are left homeless from the quake and ensuing tsunami. November 1952, Hawaii: A 9.0-magnitude earthquake in Kamchatka sets off 30-foothigh waves in Hawaii. There are no reported deaths.

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

I was saddened to hear of the tragic loss of life caused by the earthquake which has struck north east Japan today. — Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth


Goa I Saturday March 12, 2011

Tsunami shock How

deals with



AFTERSHOCKS IN JAPAN More earthquakes measuring over 7.0 on the Richter scale could occur in and around Japan within a month, authorities said Friday. The National Meteorological Administration made the forecast after a massive earthquake hit the northeast of Japan Friday, Kyodo news agency said. At least 18 people were killed and over 100 injured in the massive 8.9-magnitude quake that struck about 373 km from the capital Tokyo and sparked a tsunami. — IANS


NATORI : Houses are in flame while the Natori river is flooded over the surrounding area by tsunami tidal waves in Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, March 11, 2011, after strong earthquakes hit the area. AP/PTI


apan gave the word tsunami - meaning harbour wave - to the world; the destructive sea surges have been recorded throughout the country’s history. Tsunamis are triggered by earthquakes, hundreds of which strike Japan each year. An offshore quake in 1707 is said to have caused a tsunami that hit the island of Shikoku, leaving several thousand people dead. Further back, in the 15th century, a giant wave is said to have swept away a hill-top hall housing the Daibutsu, a huge bronze Buddha, in Kamakura, a town south of Tokyo. Japan is perched on top of several converging tectonic plates. Geological instabilities cause around 1,000 tremors each year. Many of the small ones go undetected by the public, and residents

are used to taking medium-sized quakes in their stride. Some earthquakes, however, are etched in the national consciousness. In 1923 a huge earthquake struck Tokyo. Known as the Great Kanto Earthquake, the 7.9 magnitude tremor and subsequent fires that blazed through wooden houses killed around 100,000 people. Seventy-two years later, another powerful 7.3 magnitude quake hit the port city of Kobe in western Japan. Highways were toppled and thousands of buildings damaged. Some 6,400 people were killed and more than 400,000 injured; fires blazed across the city. It is widely thought that Tokyo is expecting another powerful quake - and that this quake is now overdue. So Japan puts considerable effort into preparing its response

systems, its infrastructure and its citizens for potential disasters. The government has invested heavily in monitoring systems. Founded in 1952, the Tsunami Warning Service is operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). It monitors activity from six regional centres, assessing information sent by seismic stations both on and off-shore known collectively as the Earthquake and Tsunami Observation System. File image of Japanese children taking shelter under their desks during an earthquake drill Earthquake preparedness is drilled into Japanese children during their school years. Using this system, JMA aims to send out a tsunami warning within three minutes of an earthquake striking. When a quake hits, data concern-

ing the magnitude and location are immediately flashed up on television by national broadcaster NHK. The message then adds whether a tsunami warning has been issued and if so, for which areas. In most towns and cities, loudspeaker systems can broadcast emergency information to residents. In some rural areas, residents also have radios distributed by the local government over which instructions to evacuate can be broadcast. Children practise ducking under the desk in earthquake drills throughout their school years. All adults are told where their closest evacuation centre - a park or sports field, for example - is located. Infrastructural checks are also in place. High-rise buildings in major cities are designed so that they sway rather than shake during


IWANUMA : Earthquake-triggered tsunami waves sweep along Iwanuma in northern Japan on Friday March 11, 2022. The magnitude 8.9 earthquake slammed Japan’s eastern coast Friday, unleashing a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland. AP/PTI offices and other safe places,” said an emergency advisory carried by national public broadcaster NHK. “Night is falling,” the NHK newscaster said as chilly darkness fell across the nation. “If long-

NEW ZEALAND ON TSUNAMI ALERT New Zealand civil defence officials issued a tsunami warning for the country on Friday and warned people to stay clear of beaches following a massive earthquake in Japan. “A tsunami marine warning is in effect for New Zealand,” New Zealand Civil Defence said in a bulletin. “Historical events and precalculated tsunami models indicate that the largest effects (less than one metre wave height at the coastline) is expected along the coasts of the central and northern North Island,” it said. — AFP


Ground zero

illions of people in greater Tokyo were stranded far away from home on Friday evening after Japan’s biggest earthquake on record shut down the capital’s massive subway system. Sirens wailed through Tokyo, television helicopters buzzed overhead and people rushed to the city’s ubiquitous 24-hour convenience stores, quickly emptying shelves of bento boxes, sandwiches and instant noodle cups. Countless workers, who had earlier fled violently swaying office blocks, found themselves stuck far from their families -- and unable to speak to them because the overloaded mobile phone system could not carry most calls. “I have no idea how I’ll get home,” said an 18-year-old woman waiting outside Ginza subway station. She described how ceramics shattered around her in a department store when the huge quake hit midafternoon. The government used loudspeaker alerts and television broadcasts to urge people to stay near their workplaces rather than risk long walks home, as highways leading out of the city centre were choked and hotels quickly booked out. “Please do not try to force your way home when there is no means of transportation, but stay in your

earthquakes, making them safer. In the wake of the Kobe earthquake, new regulations for quakeproofing buildings came into force, and some local governments offer citizens a structural health check on their homes. Some coastal areas have quake-resistant tsunami shelters, while others have built floodgates to withstand inflows of water from tsunamis. And if an earthquake above a certain magnitude strikes, the bullet train will stop and nuclear and other plants will automatically go into temporary shutdown. All in all, Japan is widely acknowledged to be one of the most earthquake-prepared nations. But for all these safeguards, the risks posed are severe, as the latest massive earthquake has shown. Agencies

The tsunami warning issued late on Thursday for Hawaii prompted civil defense officials to order all Hawaiian coastal areas evacuated by 2 a.m. local time, about an hour before the first wave was expected to hit the islands at 1:00 p.m. GMT. The evacuation zone included the famous Waikiki Beach, the main hotel and tourist hub in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.— AFP

distance commuters try to cross prefecture borders on foot at night, they may fall victim to secondary accidents.” The greater Tokyo region -- a sprawl that takes in Yokohama

and vast suburban areas across the Kanto plain -- is the world’s largest urban area, with more than 30 million people, many of whom commute for hours every day. The spaghetti-like railway grid

of the Tokyo Metro System and Japan Railway lines criss-crossing the megacity remained shut down for hours after the 8.9-magnitude monster quake violently shook buildings across the city. Despite the scale of the disaster, Tokyo was spared the worst by the quake, which hit offshore and spawned a tsunami that devastated coastal areas. Volcano-dotted Japan is located on the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, and Tokyo is situated in one of its most dangerous areas. Seismologists say that the “Big One” -- a huge quake below or near Tokyo, forecast to kill thousands -- is, statistically speaking, long overdue. The city sits on the intersection of three continental plates -- the Eurasian, Pacific and Philippine Sea plates -- which are slowly grinding against each other, building up enormous seismic pressure. The government’s Earthquake Research Committee warns of a 70 percent chance that a magnitudeeight quake will strike within 30 years in the Kanto plain. The last “Big One” to hit Tokyo was the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake that claimed over 140,000 lives, many of them in fires that ripped through wooden buildings. In 1855 the Ansei Edo quake also devastated the city. AFP

A fire broke out in the turbine building of Onagawa nuclear plant in Miyagi Prefecture on Friday, Kyodo News reported, after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan and triggered a huge tsunami. It was not immediately clear if there was a risk of a radioactive leak as a result of the fire at the plant operated by Tohoku Electric Power. Miyagi prefecture was one of the areas worst hit by the tsunami. Kyodo also reported that an emergency core-cooling unit had been activated at Fukushima nuclear plant, without giving further details. Earlier Friday Prime Minister Naoto Kan had said no radiation leaks have been detected from Japan’s nuclear power stations after the massive quake struck the country. Four Japanese nuclear power plants closest to the epicentre of the quake have been safely shut down, the UN atomic watchdog said Friday. The quake struck just under 400 kilometres (250 miles) northeast of Tokyo, the US Geological Survey said. It was followed by more than a dozen aftershocks, one as strong as 7.1. — AFP


Goa I Saturday March 12, 2011

There has been a complete non application of mind. Fines constitute 90 per cent of Goa’s exports of low grade ore, so a 15 per cent increase in duty will kill the industry — Senior official


We depend a lot on charter tourism and have already signed contracts which do not allow us to change the prices. So the 10 per cent hit directly erodes our margin — Charles Bonifacio Herald Pcs

The hike of export duty for iron ore fines and lumps to 20 per cent will cause immediate and long term damage to Goa’s most profitable industry – mining. Team Herald looks at the lack of logic and the politics behind this decision

S T A E S E T L E B G L G O N I W N I M T try organisations and mining companies. “There has been a complete non application of mind. Fines constitute 90 per cent of Goa’s exports of low grade ore, so a 15 per cent increase in duty will kill the industry”, says a senior mining official. Industry experts state that the ‘non application of mine’ is evident when export duties have been abolished for pellets. The export market for pellets is negligible and there is limited demand in the domestic market. Moreover China, one of the biggest importers of ore has an overcapacity of pelletmaking. They prefer to buy India’s fines that they can blend with Brazilian and Australian ores. The logic seems particularly flawed in the Goa situation, since pellet making

required heavy power which Goa does not have. In addition to the power deficit, the only pellet making unit in the state – Mandovi pellets – has shut down. Glenn Kalavampara, Secretary, Goa Mineral Ore Exporters’ Association told Herald that the GMOEA has formally sent a representation to the center for a reconsideration of the duty hike. The GMOEA has also asked the two Congress MPs from Goa, Fransisco Sardinha and Shantaram Naik to help. Informally efforts are on to get the MPs to lobby in parliament and in the AICC for reconsideration. The tragedy for the industry is, that unlike the powerful steel magnets, the mining industry does not have a godfather in Delhi. The move to increase export

duty is clearly seen as the handiwork of the steel giants especially one of them to rein in export of iron for the domestic steel industry. But here too, this effort makes no sense since the majority of ore produced in Goa is unfit for the domestic industry which needs high grade ore of over 65 per cent. Politically this move has been a disaster. The mining industry alleges that a Congress Chief Minister did not have an advance heads up on such a move which will affect a Congress state. Moreover, a BJP ruled state – Gujarat – stands to rake in a huge windfall because of huge concessions given for the development of ports. Faced with criticism and pressure, Goa’s Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has only now decided to write to

Budget tsunami!

the Finance Minister asking him to roll back the duty hike to previous levels of 5 per cent or better still not have it all. He is likely to mention that Goa exports iron ore out

of choice and not necessity, since domestic steel units do not buy Goa’s ore. Till the hike is reversed


Promising to be 30 - 40 per cent cheaper than hospitals in India’s metros, Nusi Wockhardt’s special AADHAR scheme promises even more with its specialised ambulances. Lionel Messias speaks to Arvind Bhagania, the Centre Head of the hospital

PUTTING THE INDUSTRY TO SLEEP: will this tax hike mean empty beaches and emptier coffers?

Goa’s tourism industry has been hit with a ten percent service tax in this year’s budget. Simply put, this means no happy holidays. Your hotel room will be costlier, so will your flight ticket to Goa. You might well end up taking your passports out and heading to the far-east. Kirth George captures the gloom


ontrary to what the outside world knows, the actual busy season for the tourism industry starts when the season closes. Charter deals are negotiated, bulk room bookings are done, commissions and prices are fixed. Often long term deals across three years keep the bottom-line steady. With the close of the official “tourist” season round the corner the industry was just about getting its plans in order for a better season next year when the budget Tsunami struck. A ten percent hike in service tax for the industry

made the tourism menu go cold. This cold cut means simply this. Hotels will hike room rates and airlines prices. Naturally, this will hit other peripheral services too. Worse still hotels that have lock in rates will get the old rates from charter companies but pay higher service tax. So they will naturally recover from domestic tourists on short term holidays. “The industry is in doldrums. We depend a lot on charter tourism and have already signed contracts which do not allow us to change the prices. So the

10 per cent hit directly erodes our margin,” said Charles Bonifacio, CEO of the Alfran Group of Hotels and past president of the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG). The tourism industry in Goa which accounts for about 60 per cent of employment in the state was already suffering from what the industry called high taxes. Almost 65 per cent of the revenue generated by this industry was going towards Central and State taxes. “Air travel too will be affected which in turn affects us. Jet fuel prices

the mining industry will continue seeing red. Certainly not good news for a Chief Minister, once considered the blue eyed boy of the industry.


Rosario Estibeiro

hey have it all. They are the front end of a process that involves environmental clearances, logistics, agitations, criticisms and taxes – all faced by the much attacked mining industry. Yet, while the steel industry rakes in the profits and wields a clout as strong as the metal they produce, Goa’s mining industry is battling the latest blow given to it by the Finance Minister in this years’ budget. An export duty hike from 5 per cent to 20 per cent for fines and another, albeit smaller, increase from 15 per cent to 20 per cent on lumpy ore. The hike, for an industry already reeling under a steep rise in royalty (Rs 750 crores in 2010-11) has led to a strong reaction from indus-

were already rising and the increase in service tax will send airfares further up,” he added. According to industry experts, the fares both for domestic and international air travel will go up between 5-10 per cent. Bonafacio adds, “Apart from the instant 10 per cent hit, when we do revise rates with our counterparts in other countries, Goa and other destinations will become less attractive compared to the South East Asian countries,’ Result: Bye Bye Goa. Hello Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore!

n Why are your emergency services above par? Our team of ten full time superspecialist doctors are on call 24x7. In other words we don’t depend on visiting doctors in super-specialty areas. This core team has a back up of 40 part timers, all of whom again live in Goa, and also visiting doctors. We also have 20 residential medical officers. n Can you elaborate on your services? Our two ambulances, which we offer free to senior citizens under AADHAR, are virtual ICUs on wheels available at your doorstep 24x7. These are air conditioned with an advanced life support system manned by a doctor and nurse. The ambulances are equipped with a ventilator, defibrillator, multi channel monitoring system with ECG, pulse oxymeter, [NIBP] and syringe pump and are in constant contact with the base hospital en route. n Has there been a serious emergency in recent times? A worker in a steel unit in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate had an accident and his genitalia had to be amputated. We could begin surgery within two hours of us getting the call, preparing him and stabilizing him etc. In fact the delicate surgery itself took six hours. He’s ready to be discharged shortly. n Do you see yourselves as serving local interests?

We certainly do because Goa never had a super specialty hospital when the Goa government came out with its medical insurance scheme. Then, the drainage out of Goa was total. This is decreasing now and we are now also getting patients from Karwar, Sawantwadi and a few from Mumbai and Bangalore as well. We intend to start an aesthetic surgery unit in May 2011 and dental care will become a part of this. Take for example Dr George Koshy. He was a pioneer in neurosurgery in north western Maharashtra and has performed 7,000 operations. He is a part of the core team here. We could also transform the erstwhile NUSI hospital, with which we have a 30-year management agreement, from a basically secondary care centre -primarily dealing with urology and a bit of orthopaedics – to a super-specialty hospital or a one-stop destination for all medical care. n How does your business agreement work? Both sides have invested a total of Rs 70 crore so far, mainly in new buildings and equipment and we have

a revenue sharing agreement which is top line sharing rather than bottom line sharing. n Do you see yourself of being of any special help to locals? We do because our studies have shown that Goans suffer from urological problems (stones in the kidney) because they live close to the sea. The study also revealed cardiac disease as the second problem facing Goans. We even did an angioplasty on a 24-year-old patient. Then, there is arthritis because Goans continue to work in the fields (especially the habit of squatting while working) even after the problem is well established. There is also an asthma problem and the culprit here is the fine particles of sand unlike in other Indian cities. Wockhardt can help and we have set up OPD clinics in Margao and Caranzalem. We also have a free service for air travelers at Dabolim airport.

MEDICINE MAN: Arvind Bhagania



Goa, Saturday 12, March 2011

The State government is forcibly trying to bring this project in the village. This particular project will destroy our fields. Many poor families are dependent on agriculture and Alemao has seen this.

Groups clash over mining project at Panchawadi FROM PAGE 1 HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, MARCH 11 Tension flared up at PanchawadiPonda on Friday, when two groups clashed with each other in connection with a proposed mining project in

the village. Even though Ponda police were present at the site, members of both groups manhandled each another and later lodged countercomplaints with the Ponda police.

Panchawadi Bachao Sammitti (PBS) President Tristao D’Costa has filed complaints against 66 people, while Maria Araujo Costa filed a complaint against 53 persons. The situation returned to normal only after 12.30 pm when the protesting PBS group was asked to file a police complaint. PBS members had blocked the road in protest against PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, who they claimed, did not listen to their grievances. Earlier, the incident occurred soon after Alemao left the place, after PBS members resorted to road blockade. Alemao along with the State government officials were in Panchawadi to inspect the proposed miningrelated project. “The State government is forcibly trying to bring this project in the village. This particular project will destroy our fields. Many poor families are dependent on agriculture and Alemao has seen this,” claimed Shiroda MLA Mahadev Naik. PBS members claimed that supporters of the proposed mining project allegedly assaulted them. A complaint has been lodged against those involved in the assault. PBS members claimed that since the last one-and-half years, they have been peacefully agitating against the mining project. “For the last one-and-half year, we are fighting against this project peacefully. We

have met every government officials and submitted memorandums how this project will affect our village. But still the government is least bothered. At every step, government is misguiding us,” stated PBS President Tristao D’Costa. Villagers, including the Panchwadi parish priest, have blamed Alemao for inciting people, which resulted in the clashes. “I feel PWD Minister Churchill Alemao is to be blamed for whatever has happened today. Alemao should have heard the grievances of those opposing the project,” said Panchawadi Parish Priest Fr Laurenco Rodrigues. “Alemao thinks we are making this a political issue, but it is not so. People are going to suffer due to this project. We along with MLA had discussed the issue with Panchawadi villagers,” stated Fr Rodrigues. “I think Alemao needs some education on how to respond to people’s problem. Today, he came and created nuisance. He thinks he is a ‘maharaja’ of the State and can do whatever he wants to,” alleged Fr Rodrigues. Shiroda MLA Mahadev Naik has threatened to intensify the agitation if the tenders issued for road work are not scrapped. “I demand that whatever tenders issued related to this project should be scrapped immediately or else our agitation will be intensified,” warned Naik.

Japan swallowed

in Sendai after a fire broke out nearby. Tokyo tower, a landmark structure in the capital, suffered minor damage in the quake, the agency said. Japan declared a state of atomic power emergency after the earthquake, while saying that no radiation leaks had been detected at or near any nuclear power plants so far. Residents in the vicinity of the nuclear plants have been asked to leave. The International Atomic Energy Agency was scrambling for details from contacts with Japan’s industry ministry as it said in a statement that at least four nuclear power plants “closest to the quake have been safely shut down”. According to the ministry, a total of 11 nuclear reactors shut down automatically at the Onagawa plant, Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 plants and Tokai No. 2 plant after the biggest-magnitude quake in the country’s modern history. A fire broke out in one of the nuclear facilities but authorities claimed they had detected no abnormalities such as radiation leakage. Australia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia also issued tsunami alerts reviving the memories of the 2004 tsunami and the disaster that it wrought in Asia. For Japan, used to frequent earthquakes of powerful proportions, this one seemed to be devastating that the tidal waves swept fishing boats, cars and buildings that were seen bobbing in the water. Several other boats and ships were lying on their sides. Stunning TV footage showed the tsunami carrying the debris and fires across Sendai, home to more than 10 lakh people. The disaster also left the entire region in the dark without power while nuclear power stations shut automatically. In Tokyo, the subway system stopped following the quake, sirens wailed and people rushed out of the buildings. But cold conditions outside forced people to go back into homes for warmth. The quake sparked fires in several areas including Tokyo and there had also been powerful aftershocks. Tsunami waves that hit Japan’s Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures caused “tremendous damage”, officials said. Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the quake caused “major damage in broad areas” but nuclear power plants were not affected. “Our government will make all-out efforts to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake,” he told a hurriedly-called press conference. Kan asked the public to stay calm and asserted that there were no reports of radiation leak from the areas housing nuclear plants. US Ambassador to Japan John Roos said that US forces stationed in the country were ready to work with authorities here to help them cope with the massive earthquake. The tsunami warning was also extended to the Pacific coast of Russia and Hawaii. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said the waves could extend as far as Chile. Tokyo stocks fell sharply, with the Nikkei hitting a five-week closing low following the quake.

No tsunami threat to India ascertain if these giant waves are a threat.” Meanwhile, the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) adds, “There is no threat to fishermen or seafarers in Goa or elsewhere, especially the ones who are in high seas as the waves keep on rising and falling. They won’t even come to know about it”, clarifies Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Head ASG & In-charge National Tsunami Warning System. For Dr. Kumar and his team it is a 24x7 exercise networking and communicating with other members of international tsunami warning systems to ensure that waves travelling out of the Indian coastline or into seas off India’s coast is monitored well.

You are responsible development reached Panjim? Has Panjim’s money been used to develop the constituency of the Taleigao MLA? For a change, ask yourself questions when you set out to vote. At the same time, Herald asks people of Panjim to look the track record of the Panjim MLA. Has he really kept Panjim First. If the CCP has been under the control of the Taleigao MLA, shouldn’t the Panjim MLA be accountable. If Panjim failed to get the much needed JNNURM funds for the city’s development what was the MLA doing. If corruption reigned supreme, did the Panjim MLA launch a single agitation against those responsible? On the day when campaign ended, the Panjim MLA’s called his opponent a “goonda” and a “land grabber”. But when he knew that the same man was doling out cash and television sets in the homes of the poor, his party did not take it up with the election commission. Can Panjim also forgive a leader who continues to carry a tag of being communal? Can it forgive a leader who tried to pull down ancient street signs, a part of our heritage? Can Panjim follow a leader, whose actions in the past has divided our society Therefore, it is time to look elsewhere. It is time to look beyond panels. It’s time to support brave hearts who are going solo. People with no tags except one- of being a true lover of Panjim. Panjim needs the majestic display of a cavalier revolution. And each one of you, the young and the old have to be a revolutionary. What you can change is not just the politics of Panjim but the mindset that money and power go hand in hand. At long last, it’s time to transfer power to your selves. You don’t need luck. You need belief.



Discriminated teachers had no other option than to stage a dharna since the Chief Minister has failed to attend to their legitimate grievances. -- Anthony Rebello

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

The civil society has to look at the consultations in a spirit that is reflective of the UNCRPD. – K Ramkrishna

Sangath holds consultation meet on law on disability HERALD NEWS DESK

Community awareness program for school teachers organised

School teachers from Zuarinagar participating in the awareness programme. HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, MARCH 11: Zuari Industries Ltd (ZIL) recently organised a community awareness program at Jai Kisaan Auditorium for 45 school teachers of schools located in and around Zuarinagar. The program was inaugurated by Dy Collector, Levinson Martins, in the presence of General Manager-Manufacturing, N M Kantak, Chairman-National Safety Week-2011, P A Kamat and Headmaster of Govt High School, Zuarinagar, Juse Gomes. Levinson Martins said that such programmes will definitely help the community at large and thus help the responders in mitigating the

Teachers panel to protest at CM’s residence HERALD REPORTER MARGAO MARCH 11: The Discriminated Teachers’ Forum has resolved to stage a dharna at the Margao residence of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on March 21during the budget session of the state Legislative Assembly from 9 am to 5 pm. Forum President Neves Anthony Rebello said the discriminated teachers had no other option than to stage a dharna since the Chief Minister has failed to attend to their legitimate grievances inspite of several morchas, chain hunger strike, court arrests on two occasions with peaceful morchas and candle light processions. ‘Even the joint meeting of this Forum with the Chief Secretary and the Finance Secretary that the Chief Minister had promised us to study the entire issue has not yet materialized even after six months. This only proves that the government is not keen in finding a solution to the problem of the discriminated teachers, who had been forced to retire prematurely a the age of 58, thus putting us into huge financial losses as a consequence of which this forum has lost its faith in the Kamat Ministry”, he added.

emergencies effectively. He further said that the Govt had adopted Disaster Management Act -2005 and is conducting mock drills in consultation with NDMA with the ultimate aim of bringing awareness among the stake holders and community. The programme covered the topics like preventive measures taken by ZIL to avoid any untoward incident, Do’s and don’ts for Ammonia and medical emergencies, and first aid for Ammonia. The resource persons were Chief Manager-Fire & Safety, S K Naik, and Sr ManagerMedical ZIL, Dr A G Vaidya. The programme was compered by G S Lotlikar while Inderjitsingh Matharu proposed the vote of thanks.

Kamat to be feted HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MARCH 11: The Goa unit of the Dalit Seva Sanghatana in association with art and culture will felicitate Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for his meritorious work towards the development of the state. The Sanghatana will also felicitate PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao for the development of sports in the state. Briefing newsmen, Chairman of the Organising Committee Arun Raikar said both the Chief Minister and the PWD Minister will be felicitated at the hands of Governor Dr S S Sidhu at Ravindra bhavan at 10.30 am on Sunday.

tive of the UNCRPD, and this is the first document of its kind where consultations have taken place with civil society across the length and breadth of the country. The consultations are being organised across the country by the Working Committee on the new legislation under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The draft of the new legislation can be downloaded from: www.socialjustice. Sangath, a Porvorim based multifaceted NGO,

working in the area of public health is in the process of collating the recommendations; suggestion may be mailed to by

March 15. The recommendations will be sent to the working committee through the office of the Disability Commissioner, Goa.

This Week on Lok Sabha TV March 12 to 18, 2011



Priyambara goes around Delhi in search of its various Street Flavours

Agenda Monday to Friday, 10 am

Saturday, March 12, 8 pm

Sansadnama Monday to Friday, 1.30 pm Lok Manch Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 7 pm Public Forum Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 7 pm Healthy India Saturday, March 12, 6 pm

Topic: Kidney Disease

Secretary General, National Association for Blind K Ramkrishna speaks at State Consultation for the Draft New Law on Disability. Also present are Director of Social Welfare, N B Narvekar and Chairperson of Sangath, Vishram Gupte.

Insight Weekend Saturday, March 12, 1.30 pm

OTHER PROGRAMMES House Highlights Monday to Friday, 9 pm


In Transit

Sunday, March13, 6 pm

Sohaila Kapur catches up with Aparna Sen, Director and Actress

Weekend Classic Film

Saturday, March 12, 9 pm Sunday, March 13, 2 pm

AGNEEPATH Director: Mukul S. Anand 1990 / 158 minutes / Colour /Hindi Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavi & others National Award for the Best Actor, 1991 Uninterrupted Viewing Film Courtesy NFDC

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davp 31102/11/0050/1011

Commissioner for NRI affairs, Eduardo Faleiro briefings the press and media persons at a conference held at ESG, Panjim on Friday. Also present are Director NRI Affairs, U D Kamat and Chairman of Overseas Employment Agency of Goa, Vice Admiral (Retd.) John C De Silva.

PANJIM, MARCH 11: Sangath hosted a 2-day State consultation for the draft new law on disability, recently at Nalanda Hall, EDC House, Panjim. Representatives from various NGOs working in the disability sector in the state, doctors and parents participated in fruitful and constructive discussions on the new legislation named as Rights of Persons with Disability, which is slated to replace the existing Persons with Disability Act 1995. While the group was pleased with the overall document and gave many technical modifications to various sections of the document, con-

cerns were raised about specific issues such as abolition of plenary guardianships, legal capacity, etc. In keeping with the spirit of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the new legislation moves away from medical model of disability towards a human rights model. The Consultation was opened by the Director, Directorate of Social Welfare N B Narvekar, and was facilitated by K Ramkrishna, Honorary Secretary General, National Association for Blind and a member of the Working Committee on the new legislation. He said that the civil society has to look at the consultations in a spirit that is reflec-



Police, who were lined up opposite the protesters, fired percussion bombs followed by gunfire, causing the crowd to scatter. Mainly Sunni Saudi Arabia has struggled to stay ahead of the unrest that has led to ouster of the Egyptian and Tunisian leaders.

Google alerts users to tsunami risk AFP TOKYO, MARCH 11: Internet search giant Google is warning users on its search page about the

tsunami danger across the Pacific following the earthquake off the coastofJapan. Google has in the past set up a crisis response service following quakes in

New Zealand and Chile but so far has apparently begun its response with an alert underneath the search bar of its main page.

Goa, Saturday 12, March 2011

Noting that that it was "very rare" for a Pakistan Army officer to get two extensions, the report said such a move in Pasha's case would not come as a surprise in view of his close association with Kayani.

Major tsunamis around the world AFP TOKYO, MARCH 11: A 10metre-high tsunami ploughed into the Japanese coast Friday, dashing ships into the shore, washing away houses and leaving devastation in its wake. The destructive wave, triggered by a massive 8.9-magnitude undersea quake just 130 kilometres (80 miles) off the coast, inundatedlargeareas of farmland in northern Japan and set off Pacific-wide warnings. Here is a chronology of some of the major quakes and tsunamis around the world since the Asian tsunami of December 2004 whichleftmorethan220,000dead in what was one of the world’s worst natural disasters: -- December 26, 2004: SOUTHEAST ASIA - A 9.3magnitude undersea quake off the coast of Sumatra island triggers a tsunami that kills 220,000 people in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia. -- July 17, 2006: INDONESIA - A 7.7-magnitude undersea quake strikes off

Notice is hereby given that my client is negotiating with Mr. Agnelo D’Costa and his wife Mrs. Philomena D’Costa from Amblimoll, Guirdolim, Salcete, Goa, for purchase of the plot described in the SCHEDULE hereunder and hereinafter referred to as “said plot”. Any Person/s, Bank/s, Financial Institution/s, Government departments, authorities, legal entities etc., who may have any right, interest or claim of whatsoever nature either by inheritance, succession, lien, lease, contract, easement or in any manner whatsoever is / are hereby notified to make the same known to the undersigned in writing, supported by documentary evidence, within a period of 10 days from the publication of this notice; failing which my client will proceed further in said transaction at any time after the expiry of the said period of 10 days as bonafide purchaser and no claims shall be entertained thereafter. SCHEDULE All that Plot A of the property known as AMBLICHEM MOLLA, situated at Guirdolim, within the area of Village Panchayat of Guirdolim, Taluka, and Sub-District of Salcete, District of South Goa, State of Goa, described in the Land Registration Office of Salcete under No. 21317of new series, not enrolled in the Land Revenue Office of Salcete and said Plot A is independently surveyed under No.91/2-A of Guirdolim village under name “Amli Moll”, having an area of 1334 sq. mts. and bounded on the east by property of Luis Manuel Fizardo, on the west by property of Luis Manuel D’Costa, on the North also by property of Luis Manuel D’Costa and on the South by PWD Road.

Indonesia’s Java island, unleashing a tsunami, killing at least 654. -April 2, 2007: SOLOMON ISLANDS - An 8.0-magnitude quake in the Western Solomon Islands triggers a tsunami that kills 52 people and displaces thousands. -- September 29, 2009: SAMOA - A tsunami sparked by an 8.0-magnitude earthquake flattens villages and resorts in Samoa and the neighbouring Pacific islands of American Samoa and northern Tonga, killing more than 190 people. -- February 27, 2010: CHILE - An 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Chile, killing at least 521 people and leaving 56 missing. Most of the dead are in the coastal area of Maule, 400 kilometres (250 miles) south-west of the capital Santiago. -- October 25-26: INDONESIA - At least 112 people are killed and over 500 missing after a tsunami unleashed by a powerful 7.7 magnitude quake strikes off the island of Sumatra. -- March 11: JAPAN - An 8.9 undersea quake triggered a powerful tsunami that smashed into northern Japan. Reports put the size of the wave at as much as 10 metres (33 feet) in the port city of Sendai.

Anwar faces bid to force DNA evidence AFP

KUALA LUMPUR, MARCH 11: Malaysian prosecutors Friday attempted to force opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to provide a DNA sample in his sodomy trial, as they tried to prove he had sexual contact with his accuser. Anwar, who says he is the victim of a political conspiracy and has refused to give a sample, won a key victory earlier this week when DNA evidence obtained from his detention cell without his consent was ruled inadmissible. On Friday, government prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden asked the High Court to review that decision, and also to compel him to hand over a sample. "We are seeking the court to order Anwar to provide his DNA... we are all concerned with justice and finding out the truth," he said.



The India U-14 girls started off their AFC U-14 Football Festival registering victories over Palestine and Bhutan. India drew goalless with Sri Lanka, thrashed Palestine 9-0 with Nevilla scoring a hat-trick. India routed Bhutan 8-0. Dalima found the target on four occasions. Valine notched up a hat-trick and Karishma added one.

Photo: Jovito Lopes

Betalbatim face Curtorim in semis HERALD SPORTS DESK

NatioNal supercross and motocross champion Allan Sequeira alongwith ACOLOP president, Alex Vong Iao Lek of Macau, GOA president Subash Shirodkar, GOA secretary Gurudatta Bhakta, SAG’s Executive Director V M Prabhudesai and SAG’s assistant secretary Naveen Acharya at Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, Margao in connection with Lusofonia Games to be held in Goa in November 2013.

Dempo on a high: Gawli l Match against Lebanon’s Al Ansar on Tuesday

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Panjim, March 11 : Dempo Sports Club International defender Mahesh Gawli claims that the defending ILeague champions' emphatic victory over old foes Mohun Bagan will create a

huge impact as they defend their title. Dempo were tottering after 11 matches and even lost to minnows Air India but since then, Armando Colaco's side is yet to drop points. The resounding win over the Kolkata giants took the Goan outfit within six points of League leaders Salgoacar Sports Club and Mahesh is thrilled with the big win. “Going into the match, we were in such a situation that we had to win the tie at any cost, anything less than that could be a debacle. It was a massive match for us and each one of us knew about it. Mohun Bagan were not an easy opponent having international star players and foreigners of quality but we made a perfect start, con-

verted most of the chances, kept ball possesion, defended well and in the end it was an exciting win,” explained Mahesh, who was not expecting such a booming victory. Dempo will fly on Saturday afternoon to Lebanon for the AFC Cup tie against Al Ansar on Tuesday and the Cuncolim-born stopper disclosed that his team will repeat their past performance in Lebanon. “We have always done well there. This competition is very crucial for us and on this occasion I feel that we will do again what we have done in the past. The team’s morale and conduct is exceptional, it's a pleasant phase and we have won seven matches on the run including the AFC tie

Sesa Jrs hold St Savio HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa,March 11: Sesa Football Academy Juniors equalised after being a goal down to salvage a point as they drew 1-1 with St Savio Sports Club, Calangute in GFA’s Second Division League at Duler Stadium here on Friday. The match was goalless at the interval. St Savio’s Neves Noronha notched up his second goal in two games, after guiding the ball past the Sesa custodian in the 71st minute.

Sesa midfielder Reagan Pereira also scored his second goal in consecutive matches by heading in a well guided cross. On the half hour mark, Sesa lost striker Mauvin Borges through injury. His replacement Olwin Cardozo made an immediate impact, but his attempt was foiled on the goalline by St Savio defender Anil Naik. Five minutes before the breather, Sesa’s Reagan Pereira saw his 35 yard free kick clip the top of the cross bar.

Changing over, the game got more aggressive and five players went into the referee’s book. In the 71st, Neves popped up, to control a cross from the right and wonderfully shot to put St Savio ahead. Sesa’s Reagan Pereira was instructed to move into the forward line and he did well to steer his header away from St Savio’s custodian and into the back of the net after receiving an equally brilliant cross from Frehauf Fernandes.

Cavelossim, Margao win HERALD CORRESPONDENT Margao, March 11 : Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim defeated Mormugao Port Trust 3-2 to inch closer to the title in GFA’s First Division League at Cuncolim ground, on Friday. Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim led 2-1 at half time. The match was well contested with both teams

GFA 2nd Division: Saligao SC v. Laxmi Prasad SC, Duler Stadium, Mapusa, 4 p.m. Nagoa panchayat Cup soccer semis: Davorlim SC v. Verna SC, Nagoa panchayat ground, 4.30 p.m. 22nd St Rock super soccer semis: Curtorim Gymkhana v. Betalbatim SC, St Rock ground, Majorda, 4 p.m.

showing urgency and attacking from the start. Knowing that a win will help them get closer to the title, Cavelossim shot into the lead in the 20th minute. Following a flag kick taken by Desmond Fernandes, defender Daison Cardozo’s smart header was well connected by Steven Barretto who punt the ball into the net. After a brief lull, Cavelossim intensified their forays in the rival territory and striker Levino Fernandes on the left unleashed a snap shot beating the MPT keeper off a pass from Djohn Fernandes who inflated their tally in the 38th minute. Stunned by the double blow, MPT regrouped quickly when striker Rexon Quadros punished the Cavelossim keeper at the stroke of the lemon break. Crossing over, MPT attacked the rival citadel with vigor and their efforts bore fruits when midfielder Wilfred Gomes picked up the

ball from his teammates and beat the Cavelossim keeper with a nice placement. Levino’s shot deflected off MPT defender Shaikh Niazi’s leg and eluded the MPT keeper in the 82nd . At Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, Margao Sports Club were lucky to beat Calangute Association 2-1. There was no score at half time. Calangute have to blame themselves for the defeat with captain Shadabe Shaikh being the culprit as he muffed four sitters in the first half. Calangute dominated the entire proceedings. After a barren first half, Calangute shot into the lead through Shadabe Shaikh in the 52nd minute but their joy was short lived when striker Benzi equalised, thanks to Calangute goalkeeper Agnelo Fernandes’ lapses and once again in the 68th minute committed a similar mistake to help Benzi strike the match winner.

against Al Tilal. It will be vital to maintain this momentum. There will be a break for us in the League but the AFC commitments continue, so we have to preserve this stage and remain focused on the coming tie,” asserted the former Jarnail Singh award winner for the best Indian defender. The Indian champions are currently second with three points in the group after the opening round win against Al Tilal of Yemen. Al Nasaf of Uzbekistan are on the top with a better goal average.

Panjim, March 11: Betalbatim Sports Club will lock horns with Curtorim Gymkhana in the first semifinals of 22nd St Rock super soccer in memory of Nazario Dias at St Rock ground, Majorda on March 12. Betalbatim beat UC of Benaulim 1-0 while Curtorim

defeated Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda 4-3 via the tiebreaker on their way to the semi-finals. In the second semi-finals slated for March 14, Verna Sports Club will come face-toface with Margao Sports Club. Earlier, Verna gained a walkover against Davorlim Sporting Club while Margao beat St Rock Youth Club, Majorda 1-0.

Tie-breaker at Goa Velha Panjim, March 11: The all-Goa 2-a-aside floodlit tiebreaker soccer in memory of Raymond Marques will be held on March 12 at Mor-

gado, Goa Velha near Lobo Service Centre from 8 p.m. Rs 6000 (winners) and Rs 4000 (runners-up) will be awarded.

2-a-side soccer at Xeldem Curchorem, March 11: Young Boys of Santa Cruz Sports Club, Kakumoddi, Xeldem will organise their 1st All-Goa 2-a-side soccer tiebreaker tournament on the ground near Kakumoddi Garden on March 13 at 9 a.m. The winners will take home Rs 10,000 while the runners-up will have to be content with Rs 8,000. Details may be obtained

from Standley on 9921321593 or Ashward on 9765183564.

Goa I Saturday 12, Marchy 2011

The prize money for I-League must be increased substantially, as the team's budget runs into crores. The ILeague is yet to have a title sponsor. -- Churchill Alemao, patron, Churchill Bros


State basketball team PANJIM – The following boys have been selected to represent Goa at the 28th Youth National basketball championship in Nagpur from May 26 to June 2. Abhinav Wadikar (Regina Mundi High School, Chicalim), Zistan Braganza (St Britto’s High School, Mapusa), Ashley do Rego (Dhempe Higher Secondary, Mira Mar), Jesus Fernandes, Venkatesh Reddy, Anthony Colaco, Christopher Fernandes (all Fr Agnel Ashram, Verna), Sidney Palha (Don Bosco High School, Panjim), Juvenile Diniz and Mackenzie D’Costa (both Loyola High School, Margao). Stand-by: Ashok Galannavar, Roswyn Fernandes and Neil Fernandes. Participants may report to C F Vaz, president, GBA on March 19 at Fatima Convent High School, Margao at 9.30 a.m.

Cricket tourney at Ribandar PANJIM -- Young Boys of Chimbel will organise their 1st All-Goa tennis ball cricket tournament at Patto, Ribandar on March 13. The winners will walk away with Rs 5,000 while the runners-up will receive Rs 3,000. The third place team will be awarded Rs 1,000 alongwith other individual prizes. Teams may report before 11 a.m. Details may be obtained from Robert Fernandes on 9049018610.

8-a-side soccer at Merces MERCES – Friends Circle, Merces will organise their All-Goa 8-a-side soccer tournament at A Lua ground, Merces on March 17. The winners will take home Rs 8,000 while the runners-up will have to be content with Rs 6,000. The last date to submit entries is March 15. Details may be obtained on 9767807243 or 9921717160.

Soccer tie-breaker at Orlim PANJIM – St Michael Boys, Orlim will organise their 12th All-Goa 2-a-side soccer tie-breaker tournament at Orlim on March 19. The winners and runners-up will take home Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. Details may be obtained on 9637722844.

Captain Daniel Vettori will miss New Zealand's World Cup Group A tie against minnows Canada at the Wankhede Stadium on March 13 because of a knee injury and is hoping to be fit for the last league game against Sri Lanka at the same venue here on March 18.

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

We have got to focus on each game. We are focusing only on Ireland, not the quarter-finals -- West Indies Captain Darren Sammy

Babu’s intervention ends ordeal for 27 students on merit marks l l DoE, DSYA, SAG support Sports Minister



t needed the personal intervention of Sports Minister, Babu Azgaonkar with the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to allot 27 students of a higher secondary school in Margao, 15 grace marks each under the Sports Policy for having participated in State tug-of-war championship organised by Goa State Tug-of-War Association. Babu convened a meeting in his chamber at the Secretariat, Porvorim on Friday which was attended by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board, Director and Deputy Director of Education, SAG’s Executive Director and Assistant Secretary, Assistant Director and two other officials of Sports Department to sort out the

problem since the Principal of the Margao-based higher secondary school was not in favour of allotting the merit marks, solely on the ground that the students did not represent the school but had participated through clubs. Initially, the students were told that their case would not be considered, but later on there was a proposal to allot them just five marks, which are earmarked for Taluka participation. In order to obtain the merit marks under the Sports Policy, the schools need to provide such information of students appearing for SSC/HSSC examination to the Board in the proforma so as to reach the Board by 6th May. The issue has been hanging fire for nearly one-andhalf months, with the Board members also not in favour of allotting 15 marks. At the most, they felt that could be given just five marks which are earmarked for Taluka participation. The case of the 27: They participated directly in State tug-of-war championship organised by the respective association. Entries were open to educational institutions and clubs. Since the school

did not participate, the 27 participated through sports clubs. And, having participated in the State level event, they claimed they were eligible for 15 marks. The school felt that the 27 did not represent the institution. They did not even send their entries through the school. The Board took the stand that they could at the most be given just entry level Taluka marks (5). And, hence the dilemma. The Sports Minister felt that the Sports Policy was not being interpreted correctly as notified on 9-4-2010. “It is not correct to argue as to how one can go directly for State level participation without going through Taluka, State and zonal championships. Many an event is held only at State level, and so the benefit should go to the sportspersons,” remarked Babu. “The correct interpretation as far as events organised by State level associations is left to the Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) as per the official notification, and the SAG opined that the tug-of-war participants in this case are eligible for 15 marks,” the Sports Minister remarked

Farrel differs

Games in Jharkhand had participated directly at Nationals without going through Taluka, District. State and Zonal and that she was eligible for 30 marks for participation and another 25 for securing medals as per the official notification. Obviously, Talasha “The correct interpretacould not be astion as far as events orsigned just 5 ganised by State level marks. It would associations is left to the have been grave and unSports Authority of Goa injustice sporting too, ex(SAG) as per the official plained V M notification, and the SAG Prabhudesai. Then there is opined that the tug-ofthe case of Goa war participants in this throwball playcase are eligible for 15 ers who represented India at a marks. There can be no indeviation on this score.” recognised ternational Acharya (SAG) in the pres- event, based on their perence of the Chairman and formance at Nationals Secretary of the Board. ditrectly, being the champs. “There was unanimity on They are entitled for 52 the issue of granting 15 marks. They got a direct marks. The Education De- entry, and so one cannot give partment will also intervene them just 5 marks, the top in the matter and issue nec- SAG official contended. Farrel Furtado, vice-chairessary orders,” said Babu. The SAG, to buttress their man of the Board, however, stand, pointed out that inter- vehemently opposed the alnational swimmer Talasha lotment of 15 marks to the 27 Prabhu who won two gold, students. “It is injustice to two silver and a bronze at the other players who have the recently held National to slog to make it to the State and added: “There can be no deviation on this score.” The views were concurred by Education Department’s Dr Celsa Pinto (director) and Anil Pawar (deputy director), R N Tari, Haldankar and Talpankar (DSYA), V M Prabhudesai and Naveen

level since players like in football, volleyball, hockey and some other games have to go through Taluka and District participation. In handball, tug-of-war sometimes you have just two or four (very few) teams and they make it directly to the State level and play just for a day or two, which is unfair as the others have to slog it out,” Farrel, who is also connected with a hockey body, pointed out. Volleyball (association), for example, mostly holds selection trials without hosting the championship and sends players directly for Nationals. “The Board members, the Principals Forum, the Headmasters association, the teachers forum is against the allotment of 15 marks in this case, more so because the students did not seek the schools recommendation to participate in the event through some sports clubs. They represented the clubs and not the school. If the Govt directs that 15 marks be given, I have no objection, but the Board is an autonomous body,” Farrel commented and pointed out that she was all for sportspersons, but that one had to support what is right and just.


12 March, 2011 Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness in India Normal Vision

Glaucoma Vision

Warning Signs are: Unusual headache or eyeache Frequent change of reading glasses Colored rings/halos around lights Sudden loss of Vision with redness of eyes Restriction in field of vision

In the event of any such symptoms get your eye pressure, optic nerves and visual field examined. Beware! You could be affected if you have any of the following: A relative with glaucoma Diabetes Hypertension Using steroids for Allergies, Asthma, Skin diseases etc.

For further information, contact: Nearest Primary Health Centre, Govt. Hospital, Medical College and NPCB’s NGO Hospital National Programme for Control of Blindness, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Directorate General of Health Services, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110108

davp 17138/13/0037/1011




Title contender Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal stormed into the quarter-finals of the All England Badminton Championships women's single competition with a straight-set victory over her Chinese Taipei opponent Tzu Ying Tai 21-17 21-17 in a second round match that lasted 30 minutes.

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

Our comprehensive victory over Pakistan in earlier Group A clash was sweet revenge for the ODI series defeat suffered at home. -- Kiwis opener Martin Guptill

Dhoni banks on openers to fire Turns deaf ear to Chawla’s critics

aGeNcIes Nagpur, March 11: India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni said he was looking to openers Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar to fire at the top of the order as the host nation eyes the quarterfinals. "If our openers can bat as long as possible, it will be good for us because from

what we have seen, if Sachin and Sehwag get going it is difficult to stop them," Dhoni said on the eve of his Group B match against South Africa. "I am just hoping that in coming games we have slightly bigger partnerships so that the middle and the lower middle order can use the explosive power well.” "We rely on momentum and if we get a good start, our lower order can really cash in on the platform that is provided to us." The explosive Sehwag and Tendulkar are capable of dominating any attack but their highest stand in the World Cup so far has been 69. When asked whether India would be wary of

"The first four games were South African paceman Dale Steyn in Saturday's really good as far as getting clash in Nagpur, the Indian into the groove and getting skipper said: "Not only into the next leg of the tourSteyn. All of them are tal- nament is concerned. We ented and can get batsmen have seen signs of improveout and you have to be at ment and we should be improving a lot," said Dhoni. your best." "In the last four games we Steyn destroyed India with a 10-wicket match haul in the had a tie, two good run We chases. opening Test in TODAY’S MATCH have batted Nagpur last and first year, helping India v. chased and his team notch South Africa played on good an innings vic2.30 p.m. batting and tory. slower tracks, Dhoni said the intensity would pick up so we have a fair bit of expoas the tournament pro- sure about what we may get gressed and he wanted to in coming days." Dhoni said India had not gain momentum in the rundecided whether to go with up to the last-eight fixtures. "Slowly the intensity will an extra fast bowler against go up and you have to go on South Africa. "It (playing an extra paceimproving," he said. The Indian skipper said man) will be a thought. From his team was well-prepared what we have seen, this is for the upcoming matches one of the better tracks in the against South Africa and the country," he said. "I mean there is a little West Indies after three wins and a tie against England in more bounce and what we have seen is not extraorditheir four matches so far.

Smith, Pollard set up Windies win

PTI Mohali, March 11: Devon Smith scored his maiden ODI century while Kieron Pollard smashed a whirlwind 94 as West Indies thumped Ireland by 44 runs in a World Cup Group B match to brighten their chances of a quarter-final berth here today. Opener Smith anchored the innings with a 133-ball 107 run knock during which he struck 11 boundaries and a six, but it was Pollard's power hitting which stole the limelight and guided West Indies to 275 all out after being sent into bat. West Indies then shot out Ireland for 231 in 49 overs with lanky left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn taking 4/53 and paceman and captain Darren Sammy chipping in with 3 for

31 at the PCA Stadium. Ed Joyce (84) and Gary Wilson (61) kept Ireland in the reckoning with a 94-ball 91-run fourth-wicket partnership. But Joyce's dismissal in the 37th over changed the equation of the match as Ireland lost their last seven wickets for just 54 runs. With this win, West Indies have gathered six points from four matches. They will face England and India in their remaining group encounters. Ireland, who had upset England earlier, though gave the West Indies a run for their money today but their quarter-final hopes are almost over as they have just two points from four games. scoreboard West Indies: D. Smith b K. O'Brien 107, S. Chanderpaul c Porterfield b K. O'Brien 35, D. Bravo b K. O'Brien 0, R. Sarwan c Mooney b Dockrell 10, K. Pollard c Rankin b Mooney 94, D. Sammy c Dockrell b K. O'Brien 4, D. Thomas c N. O' Brien b Rankin 2, A. Russell b Mooney 3, N. Miller not out 5, S. Benn run out 2, K. Roach c Stirling b Botha 1. Extras: 12. Total: 275 all out. Fall of wickets: 1-89, 2-89, 3-130, 4-218, 5-222, 6-228, 7267, 8-267, 9-272, 10-275. Bowling: Rankin 10-1-35-1, Cusack 7-1-22-0, Mooney 9-0-58-2, Botha 10-0-56-1, K. O'Brien 9-0-71-4, Stirling 2-0-9-0, Dockrell 3-0-15-1. Ireland: W. Porterfield c sub (Rampaul) b Sammy 11, P. Stirling c Sammy b Benn 5, E. Joyce b Russell 84, N. O'Brien b Benn 25, G. Wilson lbw b Sammy 61, K. O'Brien c Pollard b Sammy 5, A. Cusack st Thomas b Benn 2, J. Mooney b Roach 6, A. Botha run out 0, G. Dockrell b Benn 19, B. Rankin not out 5. Extras: 8. Total: 231 all out. Fall of wickets: 1-6, 2-42, 3-86, 4177, 5-187, 6-199, 7-199, 8-201, 9-215, 10-231. Bowling: Roach 80-34-1, Benn 10-0-53-4, Sammy 10-3-31-3, Russell 10-2-37-1, Pollard 5-0-32-0, Miller 6-0-40-0. Man-of-the-Match: K Pollard.

FA CuP FIxTuRES SATURDAY Birmingham v. Bolton, Man Utd v. Arsenal SUNDAY Stoke v. West Ham, Manchester City v. Reading

nary speed or seam movement for the seamers, but only a little extra bounce. "We will have a look and see whether it (the wicket) is dry or not and then decide on the team combination." Under fire for persisting with a struggling Piyush Chawla in the ongoing World Cup, Dhoni said he was not bothered by what critics say as long as he thought he was taking "honest" decisions. Former players from India and abroad have criticised Dhoni's team combination with some of them bluntly telling him to drop leg-spinner Chawla and bring in off-

spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, but the Indian skipper remained unfazed. "Frankly, I am not bothered by what others say. When I select a team, I try to look at it as how honest I am" Dhoni said. Dhoni continued to back an off-colour Chawla who according to him needed to play more than Ashwin. "Piyush needed a game more than Ashwin because of the kind of applause he has received from you people," he said with a tinge of sarcasm at the pre-match press conference. "Piyush needed to get his confidence back. It has been a tough mental battle for him. As far as Ashwin is

concerned, he works a lot on his bowling and the variations. He is quite matured and is mentally tough," he said. He, was, however, forthright in his admission about playing it safe rather than going for experiment with the team combination. Dhoni said he was also not concerned by Harbhajan Singh not getting wickets, saying the off-spinner has been containing runs. "Harbhajan knows his job. He has been playing international cricket for a decade. It's not always easy if you expect 3-4 wickets every time from a bowler. He has been restricting the opposition batsmen, which is giving the

bowler from the other end a chance to attack.” “Often in India, a performance is considered good if you take five wickets or score a hundred. But I am happy if I have two bowlers giving away 70 runs in 20 overs even if they don't take a wicket," he said.



Ireland slammed a controversial umpiring decision saying it cost them the match. Batsman Gary Wilson was adjudged leg before wicket by umpire Asoka de Silva. TV replays seemed to show the batsman had offered a shot but de Silva's decision was apparently based on the view that Wilson had not done so.

Goa I Saturday 12, March 2011

Although clash against ‘favourites’ India is not a make-or-break type, they are thinking of nothing less than a victory. -- SA captain Graeme Smith

England choke in Bangladesh

Bangladesh batsman Imrul Kayes plays a shot at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium in Chittagong on Friday. before Shafiul Islam (24 not PTI Chittagong, March 11: Bangladesh relied on their tail-enders to return from the dead and pull off a sensational two-wicket upset victory over England in a World Cup group B match to keep their quarter-final hopes alive here today. Chasing a modest 226, the hosts were precariously were placed at 169 for eight

out) combined with Mahmudullah (21 not out) to steer their side to a dramatic victory with six balls to spare at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. stadium. It was England's second upset defeat in the tournament as their experienced bowlers buckled under pressure in the thrilling final moments to make the task easier for the hosts.

scoreboard England: A. Strauss c Siddique b Naeem 18, M. Prior st Rahim b Razzak 15, J. Trott c Siddique b Shakib 67, I. Bell c Naeem b Mahmudullah 5, E. Morgan c Kayes b Naeem 63, R. Bopara c Naeem b Razzak 16, G. Swann c and b Shakib 12, P. Collingwood run out 14, T. Bresnan c Shafiul b Rubel 2, Ajmal Shahzad b Shafiul 1, J. Anderson not out 2. Extras: 10. Total: 225 all out. Fall of wickets: 1-32, 2-39, 3-53, 4-162, 5-182, 6-195, 7-209, 8-215, 9-217, 10-225. Bowling: Shafiul 8-0-431, Rubel 8.4-0-40-1, Naeem 8-0-29-2, Razzak 10-2-32-2, Mahmudullah 5-0-30-1, Shakib 10-0-49-2. Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal b Bresnan 38, Imrul Kayes run out 60, Junaid Siddique run out 12, Raqibul Hasan b Shahzad 0, Shakib Al Hasan b Swann 32, Mushfiqur Rahim c Prior b Shahzad 6, Mohammad Mahmudullah not out 21, Naeem Islam b Shahzad 0, Abdur Razzak c Bresnan b Swann 1, Shafiul Islam not out 24. Extras: 33. Total: 227 for 8. Fall of wickets: 1-52, 2-70, 3-73, 4-155, 5-162, 6-166, 7166, 8-169. Bowling: Anderson 9-0-54-0 (w7), Shahzad 10-0-43-3 (w9), Bresnan 10-1-35-1 (w1), Swann 10-1-42-2 (w2), Bopara 3-0-190 (w4), Collingwood 7-0-24-0. Man-of-the-Match: I Kayes.

England had suffered a humiliating three-wicket defeat at the hands of Ireland in an earlier league match. Bangladesh had bowled out England for a modest 225 after electing to bowl as their bowlers, specially the spinners, did a fantastic job. Bangladesh were staring at defeat as they were 169 for eight in the 40th over but Shafiul and Mahmudullah batted with grit under intense pressure with a matchwinning 58-run unbeaten partnership for the ninth wicket. With this win Bangladesh have moved to fifth place in the points table with four points and England are standing at third with five points. England now must win their last encounter against the West Indies while Bangladesh have two more match to play against The Netherlands and South Africa. Bangladesh almost messed up the run-chase by slumping to 169 to eight from a comfortable 155 for three, raising hopes of England, but Shafiul and Mahmudullah ensured that the hard work done by their bowlers does not go waste. Ajmal Shahjad (3/43) and Graeme Swann (2/42) did

well for England but could not save their side from defeat. The 33 extra runs, including 23 wides, also cost England dearly. Bangladesh's chase could not have started better as the openers raised a-run-a-ball 52 stand with Tamim Iqbal playing a quick-fire 38-run knock. Iqbal was cleaned up by

Bresnan in the ninth over and his side suffered two more jolts in form of Junaid Siddique (12) and Raqibul Hasan (0) within 30 balls. Imrul Kayes (60) though was rock solid on the other end and was well supported by his skipper Shakib Al Hasan (32) as they raised 82 runs for the fourth wicket. The runs came in singles

and twos and there was a time in their partnership when not even a single

boundary was scored in nine overs. Yet, importantly for the hosts, the scoreboard

was ticking and the asking run-rate was never out of reach.



Saturday, 12 Mar 2011








Information Technology

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CCP Elections – A Vicious Cycle?

13, 2011, h c r a M Come ill witness w m ji n a and P und of the o r r e h t o y yet an of the Cit n io t a r o . Corp lections e m i j n a e of P have com s r o t a r o g Corp , leavin f e n o g and jim full o n a P a d s behin l problem a r u t c u r t s , infra infuriated . l l a r e v o and citizens d e i f s i t a uns obes Herald pr

BY CHANDAN D’SA HERALD FEATURES arbage, broken footpaths, open drainages, traffic congestion, parking problems, roads with potholes, floods, use of public places as toilets, missing/displaced traffic signs, non-functional traffic signals, non-functional street lights, irregular water supply, irregular electricity, dogs and cattle on the streets, defecation of cattle on the streets, absence of much required structures, beggars, street vendors… These are just some of the issues the people of Panjim have to deal with on a daily basis. The St Inez creek, which opens up into the Mandovi River, is 3.7 kilometres in length, with a surface area of 65,750 square metres and an average width of 12.6 metres. It begins at the paddy fields at Altinho hill at Taleigao, Caranzalem, and the Nagahali hills of Dona Paula. According to a Portuguese plaque on one of the culverts, the creek dates back to 1829. It has 12 culverts that originate from the Old Goa Medical College complex leading to the Campal head, the Fire Brigade, the sewerage treatment plant at Tonca, the Tambdi Mati Cumrabhat, and the El Passo hotel. This creek has been unattended for a very long time and has been a public defecation and mosquito breeding zone. “If cleaned and maintained, the creek will facilitate drainage during monsoon and could also be used as a tourist attraction,” confirmed an expert. The Corporation has yet to have the creek cleaned up. Ward Number 1, which is supposed to be a part of Panjim, looks very much like a remote village. “The Corporation sweepers hardly come here. We do not have proper water or electric supply; there are no street lights, the roads and foot-paths are very bad, the garbage does not get collected for weeks, a lot of snakes seek shelter in the bushes which have not got cleared for a very long time. This poses a danger to our children and fowl. We have left hopes that a change will ever take place,” quoted a group of locals from that ward. Few locals from Ward Number 3 say, “The corporator in our ward has not performed her duties and is now contesting in Ward No 4 to avoid aggravation from the locals. We pay tax and all we get is frustrated with the current state of affairs.” A 36-year-old businessman from Ward No 9 complains of beggars on the road, garbage being collected after eight days and lack of street lights. “People come and dump garbage near the milk booth, which does not get collected for days on end,” he says. Another selfemployed youth aged 23 from the same ward, says, “I will elect any candidate who is not corrupt, believes in transparency and is open to showing any documents to people when asked for. We are fed up of the city being like this for years now.” A young landlord of the ward who was also disgusted with the unclean ward, said, “I am fed up with these old faces coming and doing nothing much for the betterment of the ward. The creek stinks and by evening we have hordes of mosquitoes buzzing around us to get our blood, and probably infect us with malaria, etc. I will vote for any young and energetic candidate who is a part of the community and will be in a position to understand



our woes.” A self-employed youth from Ward No 6 feels that somehow this corruption has to end and people have to demand a clean Panjim. The polling station of Ward No 26 is located at Altinho and this poses a commuting problem for the elderly people. “These kinds of acts are done so that elderly people are dependent on a vehicle to cart them to the polling station and most of the times the old people feel obliged to vote for the ‘good samaritan’ who reached out to them and offered a lift,” says a candidate from another ward. The Election Commissioner was apparently very busy to answer this question. Some people, especially the teenaged adults, do not even have any idea of what is happening and depend on their elders to tell them whom they have to vote for. This time political bigwigs have made their way into the CCP elections with promises that they have chosen the right candidates for the people, and that corruption and all the issues faced by the people will be solved. Various conferences and meetings were held to promote these candidates. Appeals were issued. The members of these groups have also gone door to door speaking to people and promising them a better Panjim. During one such conference, the panel was questioned about the corporator of ward no 26, who has made it to the list even though, as per the citizens of that ward, he has not done any kind of work in the ward and instead, used to scuttle away when the people tried to talk to him about their grievances. Dr Oscar Rebello answered that the initiative would galvanise the candidate and make sure that he performed his duties. The question of whether the candidate would listen to this initiative or would still scuttle away remains unanswered. Some candidates are already aware of the problems and the others state that they would research after they get elected. Same old promises yet another time. Will things ever change for our beloved capital city? “The people have to wake up and have to understand that they have a mind of their own and they should not get influenced by any parties distributing gifts or other goodies, with fake promises, nor should they let candidates offer them lifts to the polling stations. They have the right to choose the right candidate and this time they should choose one. They should also understand that the corporators are for our service and have been elected to serve us, their duty is to find out problems and solutions of the city and our duty is to make sure that the tasks are completed transparently and without corruption. We all have to speak in one voice and demand for our rights and for transparency, using the Right to Information Act, 2005, whenever required,” agree a group of senior people.

Nimbacho rukh anrutan ximplear godd zaina -Anonymous




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Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything - George Bernard Shaw

China Richest Man says Work is Key to easing Poverty


hina’s richest man rejected criticism that the rich have done little to help the country’s millions of poor and said hard work was the key to lifting themselves out of poverty. China has struggled to spread its wealth evenly among its 1.3 billion-strong population and the widening wealth gap is at the top of the agenda of the country’s annual parliamentary session. “The most important thing we can do is teach them (poor people) how to help themselves and help them get rich through hard work,” Zong Qinghou, the founder of China’s largest soft drinks maker Wahaha, told a news conference. Zong, who leapt 11 places to top the Hurun Rich List in 2010 with a fortune of $12 billion, is one of nearly 3,000 delegates to the National People’s Congress (NPC) meeting in Beijing. “In the 30 years since reform and opening up, people’s living standards have increased greatly but our goal is to make them even better,” the beverage tycoon said. Over the next five years, “We will attach even more importance to (income) distribution and further reduce the wealth gap.” Wahaha gave its workers a pay rise every year and had built factories in poor regions to “create job opportunities and help local economic development,” Zong said. “Companies should first create wealth for society and let the workers get rich first. If they have strong conditions and more economic power, they can do more charity work.” Zong praised government efforts to improve the country’s social safety net and boost wages which has allowed people “to dare to spend money”. “Now we are proposing to expand the distribution so incomes can be further increased,” he said. China’s Premier Wen Jiabao said that the country aimed to “basically eradicate poverty” within less than a decade. Wen said that a 10-year poverty reduction plan running until 2020 would substantially raise China’s poverty threshold, currently set at about $0.50 a day. Zong rejected criticism that China’s rich had done little to help the millions who still live in poverty despite rapid economic growth over the past three decades. “Chinese companies are more philanthropic than foreign companies,” he said. “Every time there is a major natural disaster they contribute money.” (Courtesy: AFP)

Mumbai’s Monuments can boost Fort Tourism


tanding tall and bearing the scars of innumerable battles, the remnants of forts in Mumbai are a testament to the valour of Maratha warriors in the centuries gone by. But most are in a dilapidated condition or have been renovated in a way that has robbed them of their original grandeur. While this city is known as India’s business and entertainment capital, Mumbai is not known outside for its forts. Historians and conservationists believe that if tended with proper care, these monuments can give a boost to “fort tourism”. Sharda Dwivedi, veteran historian, researcher and author of several books on the history and culture of Mumbai, is saddened by the lack of care for the forts. The city is home to at least 10 forts that, if developed, can be a major tourist attraction, she said. “Bombay (Mumbai) has the second largest number of art deco buildings after Miami in the US. However, unlike Miami where an entire precinct was restored, making it an international tourist attraction, here we do little to preserve our heritage,” Dwivedi said. “Moreover, some forts, instead of being restored to original glory have just been tampered with using concrete and cement. The state archaeological department has not even bothered to appoint a conservation architect to restore heritage forts,” she said. Castella de Aguada, also known as the Bandra Fort, located at the land’s end in suburban Bandra, was built by the Portuguese in 1640 as a watchtower overlooking the Mahim Bay to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west. Under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the fort is currently under renovation.

Not very far from the Bandra Fort is the imposing Mahim Fort. The fort is today literally buried under a pile of garbage. “One has to literally wade through an awful lot of trash to reach the fort,” said Abha Narain Lambah, a conservation ar-

chitect. The Riwa Fort, right in the middle of Dharavi also requires conservation. In north Mumbai, the Madh Fort, also called the Versova Fort, is located in a secluded spot in Madh Island. It was built by the Portuguese as a watchtower in the 17th century. Although its external facade is intact, inside it is in a bad shape. Surrounded by local fishermen communities, the fort has been a popular shooting spot for Bollywood movies. “Not a single fort today is in a stable condition. Forts like Riwa and Mahim are surrounded by encroachments,” said Anita Rane-Kothare, head of the department of ancient Indian culture of St Xavier’s College. “This is the situation a year after the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 2010 (Amendment and Validation) came into force January 2010,” she added. ASI’s Superintending Archaeologist (Mumbai circle) M.S. Chauhan said while restoration is under way at most forts, removal of encroachment and other logistics will involve several other government agencies. “But I do agree that once properly restored and cleaned up, the forts can definitely attract many more tourists and encourage ‘fort tourism’,” he said. (Courtesy: IANS)











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Saturday, 12 Mar 2011

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? A 5-day workshop in shell craft jewellery, organised Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts will be held from April 4 to 8 from 3pm to 6 pm at Sunaparanta, Altinho-Panjim. Registration closes on March 24. Call 2421311. ‘E-posium’, organised by the Goa Chamber of Commerce will be held on March 12 at the Goa Marriott Resort, Campal-Panjim. It will have a workshop on ‘Writing Business Plans’ and two panel discussions on ‘Financing and Negotiating a Deal for an Entrepreneurial Business’ and ‘Marketing an Entrepreneurial Business’. It is being held to expand the Young Entrepreneurs Forum – YEF initiative by the GCCI. Call 2424252 or 2422635. The 2nd Popular Tiatr Festival 2010 cum Competition, organised by Tiatr Academy of Goa is underway till March 24 at the Kala Academy, Panjim. Call 2420452. ‘Right to Information’, will be the topic of the workshop organised by Benaulim Community Centre and Asha Family Responsibilities and Rights Association on March 13 from 4pm to 6pm at Benaulim Community Centre, Benaulim. Call 2256445, 9822166876 or 9822104033. E-mail A half-day budget seminar to try and unlock the mysteries of the budget proposals will be held on March 12 from 9.30am to 1.30pm at Surendrababu Timblo Hall, Panjim, Goa. It will be conducted by Bharat Raichandani. Call 2424252. ‘Heritage Walk through Panjim’ organised by Goa Heritage Action Group will be held March 13 from 5:30pm to 7pm. It will start from the Panjim Head Post Office. E-mail Take pictures of migratory wetland birds with Goan Shutterbugs on March 13 from 8am to 10am at Maina-Curtorim Lake. The event is






email us at:

HOROSCOPE free. Call 9822151419. ‘K. You are the World’, a documentary by Pierre Anglade will be screened on March 12 at 7pm at Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panjim. Call 2421311. A workshop with Bondo in an endeavour to boost the resurgence of acoustic instruments among young talent, organised by the Department of Art and Culture and the Entertainment Society of Goa will be held on April 24 at the INOX Courtyard, Panjim. Call 9822383929. A music therapy workshop, organised by Centre for Child Development and Family Guidance will be held on March 13 from 9.30am to 1.30pm at Alto-Porvorim. Call 6513749. A beach, hill and history trek to Shahapur (Chapora), organised by Wildtrek Adventures will be held on March 13. Departure at 8am from Mapusa and 8.30am from Panjim. Call 9822123458, 9822155809 or 8796418565. An integrated Theology course for Catholics, conducted by Pilar Theological College will be held on March 13 every two Sundays a month at Sangam Spirituality Centre, Vasco. Registration closes on March 11. Call 2541188 or 9890172696. 36th State Art Exhibition (Student Category), organised by the Kala Academy is underway till March 14 from 10am to 7pm at the Kala Academy Art Gallery, Kala Academy, Panjim. Call 2420452. A Duets, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets and Choral Songs Singing Competition, organised by Tiatr Academy of Goa will be held on March 23 from 3pm onwards at the Kala Academy, Panjim. Registration is open. A 4 day workshop on crystal healing, conducted by Kamal Sethna an international theta teacher and practitioner will be held in M a r c h 2 0 11 . C a l l 10 at the Kala Academy, Panjim.

If you have been waiting for a time when things can slow 21 Mar - 19 Apr d o w n a b i t , today is it. You've got some great ideas for what to do with your day, and it could be that you find a few hot activities that can change your life. It's a good time for you to step up and make a real difference.

Taurus Your social energy is unpredictable today. Connecting with 20 Apr - 20 May others may be difficult. Some things need to change before you're totally comfortable with this new arrangement -- especially if it requires a signature. It's totally fine to make demands at this stage, so go for it.

Have some Gemini hope right now -- there are many good reasons to think 21 May - 20 Jun positively. That big brain is sharper than ever right now, so put it to good use! You may dream up an answer to an old problem or maybe find some new problem to tackle with gusto. It's easy and fun!

Give your attention to the things that really matter -- like the people you love. You 22 Jun - 23 Jul feel totally piled on right now, but the good news is that many of these demands are likely to fade away by tomorrow. Just deal with whatever seems most pressing to you and see how it goes.

You are blessed with an unbeatable combination of energy and insight today. Use 24 Jul - 23 Aug it. A wild inspiration comes your way today as you face something bigger than usual. It's one of those days that seems to demand something bigger and better than you've produced before, but right now anything is possible.

The conviction you have today will serve you well and give 23 Aug - 22 Sep you a position of power. Your mind is extremely fluid today, and you can bust out with creative ideas at a rapid pace. It may be a good time to match wits with that work tyrant, or to indulge in a first date full of snappy patter.

Start the day as socially as possible ... being alone will make 23 Sept - 22 Oct you too sensitive. Your dual nature manifests itself early today, and you should find that your energy is best spent on issues that require nuance or careful planning. Anything that seems simple is sure to baffle you!

Scorpio No matter what needs to be done today, you can take all the 23 Oct - 22 Nov time you need. A great opportunity presents itself today, and you may find it all too tempting to give in -- but take your time. It's one of those days when you really need to make sure that you've got all the facts.

Sagittarius A friend's odd

Capricorn I t ' s i n y o u r best interest to initiate discussions 22 Dec - 20 Jan w h e n e v e r (and wherever) you can. Your thinking is sharper and clearer than usual, which is saying something! If a problem has been bugging you lately, now is a great time to make sure that you're getting all the facts.

Aquarius T h e b i g g e s t brick wall is no real obstacle today; give it a 21 Jan - 19 Feb poke and it'll crumble. You should expect a serious meeting of the minds today. Your amazing mental energy can create sparks (romantic or otherwise) with folks you might not ordinarily expect to connect with.

If you want to make a difference in your c o m m u n i t y, 20 Feb - 20 Mar today you get the chance. Someone wants you to tell them what you're thinking -but what if you don't know? Leave them a poem or a halftold tale and let them know that serious answers have to wait for some other time.



behavior has a reasonable explanation -- don't 23 Nov - 20 Dec make any assumptions. Your level of boredom can get dangerously high at times -- but not today! You should find that your energy is perfectly suited for whatever the world decides to throw at you, so go for it!






DID YOU KNOW? How much do you know about your kidneys?

flounce Pronunciation FLOUNSS Function Verb Meaning 1: to move with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions 2: to go with sudden determination Example Sentence Bernard flounced around the house in a huff, slamming the doors as he stomped from room to room.


You have two kidneys, each one the size of a fist, located just above the small of your back. Kidneys are an essential part of the urinary system and also serve homeostatic functions such as the regulation of electrolytes, maintenance of acid-base balance and regulation of blood pressure. They serve the body as a natural filter of the blood, and remove wastes which are diverted to the urinary bladder. The kidneys also are responsible for the reabsorption of water, glucose and amino acids. Generally, humans can live normally with just one kidney, as one has more functioning renal tissue than is needed to survive. Only when the amount of functioning kidney tissue is greatly diminished will chronic kidney disease develop, leading to renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis or kidney transplantation.


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“Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need more. The money or the friend!” – Anonymous DAILY GROOK PETROL PATROL by Francis Rodrigues if garden plants produce gasoline, must potted ones give vase’oline?




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Why was Karl Marx buried at Highgate Cemetery in London?

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Vaada Raha... I Promise Viewers Choice Bulandi Phir Hera Pheri

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Instructions for Sudoku 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes


HERALD CROSSWORD - 805 Across 1- Blueprint detail; 5- Apply powder to oneself; 9- Milan's La ___; 14- Taylor of "Mystic Pizza"; 15Baseball family name; 16- Large cat; 17- Banned apple spray; 18Ray of light; 19- Bellowing; 20Writing instrument; 22- Melody; 24- Actress Thurman; 25- Crescent-shaped; 29- Brightly colored lizard; 32- Work up lather; 34Fashion; 35- Big cheese; 36Desert bloomers; 37- Type of gun; 38- Jute or ramie; 39- Join the cast of; 40- Prehistoric sepulchral tomb; 41- Zeno's home; 42Long for; 43- Routine; 44- ___ Fein; 45- Gap; 46- Covered on the inside; 47- Lounges; 49- With it; 50- Little bits; 52- Recorded; Mondrian; 55- Greek letters; 56- Broke bread; 56- Neighborhoods; 59- Emperor of Rome 5457- Chafe; 58- Aliens, for short; 60- Genetic ma68; 61- Monogram ltr.; 62- All, musically; 63terial; Bamboo stem; 64- Draft classification; 65- "Barnaby Jones" star; 66- Salver; 67- Devices for fishSOLUTION - 804 ing; Down 1- Hit with an open hand; 2- Heap; 3- Brio; 4Describe fully; 5- Small hand drum; 6- Bass, e.g.; 7- Rich soil; 8- Growing by additions; 9Stigma; 10- Boundary; 11- "…and seven years _____"; 12- Meadow; 13- Sheet music abbr.; 21___ little teapot...; 23- Lying on the back; 26Emulsion; 27- ___ Fideles; 28- Leased; 29- Superior of a convent; 30- Keeper, in football; 31Acquiescence; 32- Beyond criticism; 33- The number system with base 8; 36- Official seal; 46Author Deighton; 48- Histological stain; 49Bunk; 51- Scorch; 53- Actress Heche; 54- Artist












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Saturday, 12 Mar 2011

Prayers, Flags and a Cause for Freedom




SORRY... WE’VE ERRED In yesterday’s article ‘Casino Royale sets Anchor with Sunday Brunch’, a photo caption mentioned Tomme with his mother but it was Tomme with his wife. The error is deeply regretted!

Photo by Rosario Estibeiro

Anjali Chitale and Subodh Kerkar

BY JANICE RODRIGUES HERALD FEATURES alking down the beach at Vagator, a maze of red flags fluttering in the wind is bound to catch your eye. A Subodh Kerkar installation, titled ‘Unfolding of a Dream’, these prayer flags enchant the onlooker, as they trail down the Vagator hillock and end in a circular formation. The inauguration of the installation was done at the hands of Minister of Tourism Nilkanth Halarnkar, in the absence of the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat.


The event, which stands for the cause of the liberation of Tibet, saw the coming together of several of the Tibetan refugees in Goa as well as monks from Mundgod Karnataka to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of Tibet’s struggle for freedom. In fact, March 10 is observed as Tibetan Revolution Day. The 600 flags in different shades of red and orange, overlooking the Arabian Sea, stood majestically on the shore where the waves came lapping up. The event started with the ‘Mashal’ march and special prayers of Vedic chants and mantras and the blowing of the traditional 15-foot long trumpets. Subodh Kerkar shared his view about sharing in this passionate cause. “I had seen these flags in the mountains of the Himalayas but never close to the shore. This gave me the idea of setting up this installation on the seaside, so here we are asking the seas to bless the cause of the Tibetan freedom struggle.” A monk from the Mungod monastery, Geshe Samte, thanked the people of India for giving shelter to the refugees from Tibet for the last 60 years. Halarnkar said that Goa being a tourist oriented state, the Vedic saying ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘guest is God’, holds true for him as the minister of tourism and also for the people of Goa. He also promised support and care to the displaced people of Tibet and prayed for the country’s freedom. The monks also performed a Cham dance for the gathered crowds. The evening was concluded with the Shantideva’s Bodhicharyavatara sung by Dr Anita Dhudane. After the crowds had dispersed, some of the onlookers were seen meditating in the vicinity of the flags, inspired by the fluttering flags and the sound of the waves.

Dr Anita read the dedication from the Nalanda Monastry

Winner takes it all: Divino Almeida won the title of Goan Vocalist 2011 at the All Goa Open Singing Contest at the Curtorim Carnival Festival

Harshada Kerkar

2nd Popular Tiatr Festival 2010 cum Competition - Day I Vichitr Natem R E V I E W

BY RON FIDELIS he 2nd Popular Tiatr Festival showcasing commercial tiatrs began on March 10, 2011 amidst drama and the lively bustle of the audience. The ambience was beautiful – especially when veteran tiatrist Platilda Dias expressed her gratitude for asking her to inaugurate the festival. The evening began with the dignitaries lighting the traditional lamp. Before the entertainment began, the stage was first had by President of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG), Tomazinho Cardozo with Director of Administration, Candida Fernandes and John Claro and Satish Gawas who were the judges for the prose part of the participating tiatrs and Fr Bernard Cotta and Young Chico who were the decision makers in the music aspect of the tiatrs. Speaking exclusively to Herald, Cardozo said, “This year, TAG has taken a much stricter view of vulgarity in tiatrs.” In order to make sure that all tiatrists are on the same page and this element is eradicated once and for all for the betterment of tiatrs, all participating troupes were made to sign an undertaking against such practices. The opening tiatr for the festival was Vichitr Natem. What happens when children are given all the material attention in the world by their parents? While some might argue that this is done as part of parenting, playwright cum director Oldrin Sequeira’s tiatr Vichitr Natem (strange relationships) comes up with an angle that we so often misinterpret. Materialistic upbringing that does not entail teaching our children to love and be sensitive has them only getting pampered and not understanding the meaning of giving “The first scene basically introduces the characters. The next shows the love between them and how they treat their relationships with each other. However these are the happier times,” reveals Oldrin.


Photo by Rozario Estibeiro

Apparently after due research with psychiatrists as dutifully and responsibly done by Oldrin, the second half of this play revolves around a character with this type of mental illness that gets triggered off whenever he gets stressed out. What usually ends up stressing this man of the house are memories of his newly inaugurated factory burning down to ashes along with few of his trusted workers. And here is where the tide turns. With Diniz in charge of the band, the violin soloing on the keyboard upped the ante for the emotional scenes from this play with the drummer keeping it tight. And the moral lesson this tiatr only superimposes the sensitivity angle wherein one thing is made clear – the person who is mentally incapable cannot be held responsible for his actions. As such, the wife, played just right by Carmin, chooses her insane husband over her sane children. Since they are intolerant, she even asks the son and daughter to leave the house and their uncle take care of them instead. She on the other hand immerses herself in taking care of this man armed with the weapon of love. And the best part is that although this period in her life is shown to be extremely traumatic, she actually succeeds. “It’s like saying that even the earth knows how to keep a relationship with humans, but we humans, despite our minds and brains cannot seem to keep our relationships intact,” fills in Elvis Mascarenhas who wrote the lyrics for this tiatr. The comic relief got provided by the sideshow and more specifically the trios and quartets as usual.


The Fighter

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams Director: David O Russell Rating: et ready to be impressed by director David O Russell and producer Mark Wahlberg’s cinematic experience The Fighter. Not only does this film boost an amazing true story but it also contains some of the best supporting roles of the year by all, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo and Amy Adams. It’s stunning. From acclaimed director David O Russell comes The Fighter, the powerful true story of professional boxers Dickie (Bale) and Micky (Wahlberg). Although they are half brothers, their careers take very different courses. Older brother Dickie does not suffer from a shortage of talent or confidence, but his lack of judgment and humility lead him down a path of self-destruction. After blowing his shot against one of the greatest fighters of his generation, Dickie descends down a dangerous road of drug addiction that robs him of his career, alienates his brother, and eventually lands him in jail. It’s quite surprising that Christian Bale didn’t win the Oscar because after a few years of playing the straight, serious, dull guy in huge action films and huge dramas, he finally reminds us why he’s the guy studios go to when they want a real actor. He absolutely, 100 per cent nails this role. For the bodily transformation to the way he speaks to his character’s development, this is a homerun for Bale. Mark Wahlberg, who’s also the producer of the film, also does an amazing job as the star of the film, but where he really shines is in bringing this production together and making it the best possible film it could be. First of all, by surrounding himself with amazing character actors and letting himself play the straightman was the perfect move. From the people you’ve never heard of before, to all of Mickey and Dickey’s sisters with some of the best hair-dos on screen ever, to Melissa Leo transforming herself yet again, to Amy Adams playing a role that we’ve never seen her in and blowing down the doors on a whole new cinematic future for herself, everyone deserves a nod for their phenomenal work in this film. With an extremely well written script and some absorbing, moving action, The Fighter is a great film for


everyone to go and see. It was well made, well acted, it invests the audience in the story and it is completely worth the time and money at the cinema. Don’t miss it!

Yeh Faasley

Cast: Anupam Kher, Tina Desai, Seema Biswas Director: Yogesh Mittal Rating: 1 wful films most often fall into two categories – the first category is made up of films that are so terrible that you have a good time making fun of it (remember Jaani Dushman?), and the other category has films that make you cringe in your seat and run for the nearest exit. Yeh Faasley belongs to the second category. Arunima (Desai), the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town, has returned home after completing her studies. She is happy that she will now be living with her father Devinder Dua (Kher) for good. Arunima lost her mother in a car accident when she was barely two and though she misses her mother, she is content knowing her parents had a happy love story. To her surprise, Arunima finds a will written by her mother. Why would a woman, who died in a car accident, and that too at an early age of 28, leave a will? Arunima further chances upon a few things from the past and it is a revelation to her that her mother’s personality was very different to what her father had recounted. At her best, Tina Desai struggles to leave an impact but fails because of her limited acting abilities and a not-so-impressive presence. Having said that it would be unfair to lay all the blame on her. Wonder what was going on in Kher’s head to agree to act in it. Mittal is unsuccessful in creating strong characters who are in turn let down by an amateurish script with a mix of B-movie dialogue. Overall, try keeping a good amount of faasla from Yeh Faasley.


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Saturday, 12 Mar 2011

Is Abhay Deol engaged to Model Preeti Desai?




Euthanasia in some cases must be allowed: Hrithik


et the box of tissues ready, girls. The buzz has it that Abhay Deol has secretly gotten engaged to his beauty queen girlfriend. Abhay has been dating model Preeti Desai, former Miss Great Britain, for quite some time. Reports suggest Abhay and Preeti exchanged rings at a hush-hush function, with only their parents and close friends present at the do. But the couple is not in the mood to make the engagement public. A source reveals that doing so will dent Preeti’s appeal at a time when she is all set to make her Bollywood debut. Preeti, who created history by becoming the first woman of colour to win the Miss Great Britain title in 2006, is all set to make her Hindi film industry debut in Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming production, Shor In The City. She was recently in the news for shooting a steamy love scene for the film with her AmericanIndian co-star, Sendhil Ramamurthy of Heroes fame. Abhay met Preeti at the success party of his 2009 hit, Dev. D, and hit it off. Preeti, who was born in Middleborough in the UK, subsequently shifted base to Mumbai with Bollywood dreams. She has reportedly been living together with Abhay in his Juhu flat for more than a year now.


elcoming the Supreme Court verdict in favour of conditional passive euthanasia for terminally-ill patients, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who played a paraplegic in director Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Guzaarish, says he can realise the pain of a patient who loses all mobility. Hrithik says it is a good beginning and with time it would become easier for the society to accept it. “Any act that ends consistent suffering in any form must be condoned. Euthanasia must be allowed in cases that merit it. But a system needs to be set in place to process the information and make a decision,” he said. “This is a good beginning, in time, as we evolve as a society, it will become easier to see reason in the concept of euthanasia as a boon for those who are suffering to a degree, which you and I cannot even imagine,” said Hrithik. The Supreme Court gave a sanction to passive euthanasia if the high court concerned approves it. The process involves withdrawal of life sustaining drugs and/or life support systems for patients who are brain dead or in a persistent vegetative state (PVS), after their relatives and doctors convey their approval to the high court.

Drugs made George Michael lose 15 Pounds

Britney doesn’t rule out Surgery for Perfect Figure


op singer Britney Spears admits she hates cutting back on calorie filled foods and may eventually consider surgery to make her look better. “When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider it (surgery),” she said. The singer, who is sporting an incredible figure these days, has a sweet tooth and had put on 14 kg in just one month in 2009. But then the 29-year-old singer subsequently put herself on a 1,600 calorie-a-day diet to lose weight. ”She does not think about the calories in the food, just that she likes it. She loves greasy food and creamy sweets and hates fruit and vegetables,” said a source. But the singer doesn’t want to take the diet route again as she considers it a gateway to hell, and would rather prefer to go under the knife to get back in shape. Well, at least she’s honest about it.


inger George Michael lost 15 pounds since he got addicted to drugs. Michael, who now sports a lean physique, insists he no longer suffers cravings. “I’m having therapy about my ongoing drug abuse. Hopefully the period where I was a bit lost is over for good. I hope it’s self evident just in the fact I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I hope it’s self-evident I’m not eating as much anymore, which should tell you a lot. None of my trousers fit anymore, for the right reasons this time. I’ve dropped about 14 or 15 pounds without really trying,” said the singer. “I’ve always been the porky boy in my head. I didn’t know on the last tour I was carrying all that extra weight! Now if anything, I’m a little bit skinny. I have two pairs of black jeans and they’re the only ones that fit me. In my head I obviously think I’m going to put the weight back on so I haven’t bought any new jeans.”

Coffee Drinking linked to lower Stroke Risk in Women


onsuming more than a cup of coffee a day is linked to a 22 per cent to 25 per cent lower risk of stroke, says a new study. Low or no coffee consumption is associated with an increased risk of stroke, according to the study of 34,670 women, aged 49 to 83 years, followed for an average 10.4 years. It’s too soon to change coffee-drinking habits, but the study should ease the concerns of some women, researchers noted. Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. “Therefore, even small health effects of substances in coffee may have large public health consequences,” said Susanna Larsson, lead author of the study and a researcher in the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology, National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

New Tool can locate Buried Artefacts


Banana Peel an Excellent Water Purifier


he humble banana has uses beyond the realm of beauty remedies. Its peels can be used as an excellent water purifier, decontaminating drinking water of toxic metals. Researchers say minced banana peel performs better than an array of other purification materials. Gustavo Castro and colleagues from Instituto de Biociencias de Botucatu in Brazil noted that mining processes, runoff from farms, and industrial wastes can put heavy metals, like lead and copper, into waterways. Heavy metals can have adverse health and environmental effects. The current methods of removing them from water are expensive, and some substances used in the process are toxic themselves, according to a Instituto de Biociencias statement. A previous work has shown that some plant wastes like coconut fibres and peanut shells can remove these potential toxins from water. The researchers found that minced banana peel could quickly remove lead and copper from river water as well as, or better than, many other materials. They also found that the purification apparatus made of banana peels can be used up to 11 times without losing its metal-binding properties. Banana peels are very attractive water purifiers because of their low cost and as they don’t have to be chemically modified to work, the researchers said.

ome of the most valuable historic sites and artefacts often lie buried under highways or beneath cities. Now researchers have devised a new tool to ‘see’ what lies beneath the ground’s surface. Who decides which sites should be ‘dug’ – at considerable financial cost – and which should remain unexplored until a later date? A new tool from Prof Lev Eppelbaum, professor in geophysics and planetary sciences at the Tel Aviv University, may see what lies beneath and provide the answer. His tool can help people ‘see’ meaningful objects, artefacts or civilisations – and lay them out in a four-dimensional chart. Prof Eppelbaum’s new tool combines advanced analyses from many geophysical methods and provides the most conclusive evidence ever produced about what’s below the ground’s surface, according to a Tel Aviv statement. His tool is already being applied at many archaeological sites in Israel – and it’s ready to be used in the US and at other sites around the world. Prof Eppelbaum’s new tool gathers data from sources including radio transmitters and detailed magnetic field observations, and applies an original algorithmic approach to make sense of what lies below the earth’s surface at depths of several dozen yards. Providing rapid results within days or even hours, the algorithm can read extensive data before any digging or exploration begins, says Prof Eppelbaum.

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