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Saturday, 11 Sept, 2010

Ganpati Bappa Moriya




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Holy Creations driven by Passion and Devotion

f i is a time o h rt tu a h C a h Ganes eeper erald takes a d ions H . n o ti ra b le e c it stivity and trad look into the fe Hindu friends ur followed by o BY JANICE RDRIGUES HERALD FEATURES he states lining the Konkan coast are in celebration of, undoubtedly, the greatest feast of the Hindu community in these areas. Chavath or Ganesh Chaturthi as it is more commonly known is celebrated with great fervour in all Hindu homes. With the merriment and enjoyment of the festival, like any other, goes in a lot of meticulous preparations and traditional observances that have been followed through the ages, carrying the age old charm of our ancestral life. The various traditions followed by our Hindu friends speak something about the life they led in the past and this feast of the elephant god is one good instance. Traditionally the observances start from the day before the day of the festival, with the Tay or the Gauri Puja, “The parents of Lord Ganesha are first worshipped, and here it is not the idols that are worshipped but the pictures of Lord Shankar and Goddess Gauri that are worshipped,” says historian Prajal Sakhardande. The Ganesha idol which is although brought into many houses house is wrapped in paper and is not opened till the day of Chaturthi. “In Goa, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated only in the ancestral houses and not in individual flats,” says Prajal. One tradition unique to Goa is that of sending the Voje to the married daughter’s house. “The voje consist of sweets like mysore pak, besan ladu, neurios, shankarpadi, dudh peda, pithyacho ladu, chonache halwa. This tradition continues for life and the voje is distributed among the in-laws of the house,” says Prajal. The day of Chaturthi calls for an early start, with the puja and the preparation of food, the household needs to wake up with the rising sun. Everyone is expected to have a bath before any of the rituals start, and while the men are getting ready with the rituals, the womenfolk are concentrating on their creativity in the form of the rangoli. “The Ganesha idol is unwrapped and placed in the makkar and the Matoli is tied up, and all the males of the family, dressed in the traditional clothes, that is the Dhoti, have to be present at the puja which follows,” explains Prajal. The Bhramins have to wear their holy thread around their torsos. At this puja, 21 blades of grass called ‘Dudhva’ and some red hibiscus flowers that are said to be the favourite of Lord Ganesha are presented at the makkar. “Then the arti is done with the puja thali, which contains the mud lamp or diya and flowers,” says


Dr Gauri K a n e k a r. While the arti is on, the whole family joins in the singing the various hymns dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Another integral part of any festival is the food, and each festival has its special culinary itinerary. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the food is served, traditionally on the banana leaf or the patravios and is placed on the ground, where the whole family is expected to dine. “But before anybody can eat, the food is served to God and only after that, the people will be served,” says Prajal. And before the meal is started, each person sprinkles a little water around their plate to avoid the dust from rising into their food. The food throughout these days is strictly vegetarian and is made from vegetables that are only grown locally or indigenous to the region. The food served includes a variety of dishes, “Khatkhatey, which is a dish made of 32 local vegetables and without onion or garlic,” says Prajal. The other dishes include moogachi ghat, varan, sar, and about three varieties of dry vegetables, the meal is ended with a drink of the solkaddi. The meal is followed by the sweets which are also place in front of the idol of Ganesha, like the purnachi neorios and modaks; patioios are also made for this festival. And in the evening, it is time to prepare to welcome the family members, “in the evening, of Chavath, relatives will visit one another’s house, while on the second day, the friends and neighbours visit,’ says Prajal. As night falls, the fireworks are lit and the entire family celebrates the joyous feast of Lord Ganesha.

Besides the lovely traditions associated with the festival of Ganesh, it is a time to explore your creative side. Using clay, his imagination and everything brought down from tradition Suriakant Rane brings his clay creations this festival

The Trance and Dance Experience BY CLARON MAZARELLO music. Apart from ‘popular public perceptions’, ith popular trance artist John 00 the truth remains that one can do a drug and Flemming playing to a packed Riviera dance to any type of music. “Think about it. de Goa alongside Goan DJs who did No artist would like their music to be called ‘drug music’,” is a justice to the other genres of electronic B e s i d e s b e i n g a t t a c k e d f o r i t s view from a music dance music, trance derivativeness by other music artists, producer - Simon truly seems to have the musical genre of trance is also Phosford from the successful internacome of age and are entering the com- wrongly associated with drug abuse. tional music act Shwhose In spite of this, it has maintained a p o n g l e mercial stream. The biggest break fan following and has grown creatively influences are also rooted in trance this year for trance music. “Ultimately it happened in the blockbuster 3D hit movie ‘Avatar’. Its soundtrack album has a trance is about ‘accepting’ other tastes in music,” track. In Goa, the legacy of trance music has he adds. Besides Karate and aerobics instructors also withstood the test of time in spite of all the unreasonable derogation. Ironically, the sce- increasingly using this type of music in their nario is akin to a point in time when ‘Hotel high energy work-out sessions, trance music California’ by the Eagles was taboo or even is also vastly used in the ad and promo world when rock music was looked down upon as as well as background score. ‘Dance is an ‘the devils music’. And today these are possibly active form of meditation and the use of trance one of the most popular songs and genres on music is a way to redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the twenty-first century,’ quotes inthis planet respectively. Now let’s get real. A question in one of the ternationally acclaimed trance DJ, DJ Goa Gil dailies that asked if the influx of drugs into who traces the origin of Goa Trance to Goa the state would stop, if there was a clamp way back in the early seventies. Well, talking about dance, a recent European down on trance parties, had three out of four answers in the negative. The fourth reply here study found that men who move their necks from an SP focused on the phenomena of a and trunks more to the beat are most likely people gathering at party venues to do drugs. to attract women. Well then, go find some And these happened to be playing trance electronic dance music and break that leg!


­H­O­R­O­S­C­O­P­E Your skills help you, but they can also help someone else. Share your knowledge now.Your en(21 Mar – 19 Apr) ergy is turned inward today, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Make sure that you block out some time for meditation, worry, or whatever it is that you need to do on your own.

Efforts you put into things now will pay off tenfold. Roll up your sleeves and go! Work issues are pop(23 Sep – 22 Oct) ping up all around you today -- even if you're not on the clock! That just means you can score bonus points by saving the day with your hard work and brilliant thinking.

Live with all your senses today -- slowly and methodically take in new experiences. You're feeling (20 Apr – 20 May) much more sensitive today, which could be a boon or a major hassle, depending on what's going on. You may even need to excuse yourself from the action if it gets too rough.

Fresh ideas will come from a surprising place today -- keep your ears and eyes open. You can (23 Oct – 21 Nov) feel an old wound healing up as if it had never happened - in fact, you may feel somewhat stronger than before! Your energy today could not be better suited to your needs.

Something in your life is growing and expanding too quickly. Pull things back a bit. You're feeling (21 May – 21 Jun) a bit more like an evil genius today, though you're probably still a ways off from full-on evil. You can still make big plans with the best of them, and you should know all the details cold..

Whatever conflicts arise today will better prepare you for challenges down the road. Your imagina(22 Nov – 21 Dec) tion is quite active today, and you may find that you're dreaming up new ideas with a passion. Your friends and colleagues can only look on in amazement as you brainstorm all day long!

Having trouble getting started today? Point things in the right direction and wait. Feel free (22 Jun – 22 Jul) to say no all day long. If you're not totally sure that a person or project is a good match, then you need to trust that instinct and walk away. You do need to say yes eventually, though!

You have a keen eye. Today use it to help someone avoid making a big mistake. Today is (22 Dec – 19 Jan) all about hopes and desires -- but that doesn't mean you feel frustrated! If anything, your practical nature ensures that you can make some good headway by the end of the day.

Today the decisions you make will have a longterm effect. Don't act too hastily. Try to take a (23 Jul – 22 Aug) second look at the situation -- you need to get a deeper sense of what is really going on. Yourinsightful energy can help you get a good sense of the underlying issues.

Today offers you a big chance for change, as long as you're willing to risk things. If you don't (20 Jan – 18 Feb) feel like a part of society, you just don't feel right today. You may want to ring up a friend or go all-out and volunteer with an important community organization, but you need to do something.

If a family member is unwilling to change, you will have to accept it and move on. Your emotional (23 Aug – 22 Sep) energy is pushing you in an odd new direction today, but you don't mind at all -- in fact, you might love it! Even if it seems weird, hang on for a while and see where it decides to take you.

You might not have everything you want r i g h t n o w, b u t y o u have enough. Enjoy (19 Feb – 20 Mar) it. You are in a really good position to make new agreements with partners and customers -- so go ahead and sign! Your good energy is subtle, but should ensure that you get treated fairly, to say the least.


BY BROTHER CARSON DOURADO t is Ganesh Chathurti and all our Hindu sisters and brothers are in a festive mood. Why not? It is undeniably a great occasion where families come together. Besides other thing the necessity is the idol of Lord Ganesh. No doubt money can buy it, but it cannot posses the talent behind its creation. Suriakant Rane possesses the rare talent of making these very idols. Hailing from the paradise of the village of Bhirondem in Valpoi, Sattari, he learnt the art from Sada Mauxekar. He also learnt from Vellinkar School in Valpoi. He has been making these idols for the past thirteen years. The work begins two months ahead of the festival. The idols are made of mud which is brought from Bicholim, strained, and then given the shape of Ganesh. For some he uses mould but the others are completely home made. For this season he has made around hundred statues in various shapes, sizes and positions as according to the need of the devotee. The devotees flock from all round the neighbouring villages. Most of the idols are ordered well in advance while others are bought on the spot. He is helped by his three sons who are also learning the art from him. Commenting on his work he says, “It is the devotion to the Lord that helps me practice this art. He has blessed me with this talent and I give glory to Him through this art.” This also helps him monetarily. His idols fetch him good deals. A medium sized statue has the price tag of Rs 600. Besides working in clay, Rane loves acting and has participated in many ‘nataks’.

Priyanka and Deepika share‘Dreams’


ishal Bhardwaj is almost done with the shooting of ‘Saat Khoon Maaf ’ and has already started to weave new ideas for his next film. The buzz was strong that he has signed Saif Ali Khan with Deepika Padukone for his next and is not keen on repeating Priyanka Chopra with whom he has done two films on the bounce. But Vishal has signed Priyanka once again for the film and hasn’t said good bye to Deepika as well. The film titled’ Dreams’ needs two actresses. However, the cast has another change too - its main lead Saif has walked out from the film apparently because he didn’t like the script. Strange! Here’s a new twist to the tale. Bollywood was rife with rumours of Saif walking out of Bhardwaj’s flick because the actor was unhappy with the script. However, the real reason why Saif quit maverick Bhardwaj’s flick was one of their recent meetings. Buzz has it that Saif told Vishal that he would work in ‘Dreams’ only if Bhardwaj would direct a film for his production house Illuminati Films. Saif also added that he would choose the script for the film to be directed by Bhardwaj. Commenting on this new development, Bhardwaj said, “How would I commit to a film whose script I have not even seen! I wouldn’t mind doing the film, provided I approve of the script first.” However, an adamant Saif did not budge from his stance and as a result; he walked out of Bhardwaj’s film. Now for ‘Dreams’, Priyanka and Deepika are on. According to a source, “There are two heroines in the film. The male lead will now be either a fresh face or a well established star.” Saif proved his acting mettle with his Langda Tyagi character in Vishal’s ‘Omkara’. Saying no to such a director doesn’t seem a wise decision.

For all those who are wondering as to what went wrong between Saif Ali Khan and Vishal Bhardwaj, here’s the real reason why the chote nawab chose to walk out of Bhardwaj’s upcoming project ‘Dreams’.

11 Sept, Herald Publication  

news, entertainment, sports,

11 Sept, Herald Publication  

news, entertainment, sports,