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Crime Branch sleuths unravel more mysteries HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

Making startling revelations in the Nadia Torrado death case, the Crime Branch has said that the former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco was with deceased in her house on May 14 night, even as the investigating agency has sought custodial interrogations of the beleaguered former minister to find out what transpired between him and the deceased on that night before she consumed poison the next morning on May 15. In another revelation, the Crime Branch has said huge amounts of money amounting to Rs 30 to 40 lakhs was handed over to Nadia’s brother by known and unknown sources, including a person from Bicholim, who has no relation with the Torrado family. It has also come to light during investigations that the maid servant had burnt three bags of clothes and documents at the instructions of Nadia’s mother on the day of the funeral when Nadia’s mortal remains were still in the house The investigating agency has said that the injuries on Nadia’s body were all contusions, with medical experts saying the injuries must have been inflicted on her around 12 to 16 days back. The Crime Branch further said that deceased had called Pacheco on the mobile phone on May 14 and wanted to come to his side, adding that though the former minister has claimed that he had told the deceased not to come as he was busy, Nadia’s cell location was indeed somewhere along the coastal belt. Incidentally, the investigating agency has revealed that Nadia also visited her husband at Park Hyat where he is employed on May 14. “Why did the deceased

Crime branCh revelations Former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco was with deceased Nadia in her house on May 14 night, before she consumed poison the next morning on May 15. Huge amounts of money amounting to Rs 30-40 lakhs was handed over to Nadia’s brother by known and unknown sources, including a person from Bicholim, who has no relation with the Torrado family. The maid servant had burnt three bags of clothes and documents at the instructions of Nadia’s mother on the day of the funeral when Nadia’s mortal remains were still in the house. The injuries on Nadia’s body were all contusions, with medical experts saying the injuries must have been inflicted on her around 12-16 days back. Nadia had called Pacheco on the mobile phone on May 14 and wanted to come to his side, but the former Minister claimed that he had told the deceased not to come as he was busy. Nadia also visited her husband at Park Hyat where he is employed on May 14.

publiC proseCutor in Court Why did the deceased visit her husband and also want to meet Pacheco. This assumes significance because of various injuries on the deceased body. The Crime Branch has recorded detailed statement that Nadia’s mother was not in the house when Mickky visited on May 14 night. What is the mother trying to hide? Why is she hiding something? Nadia’s statement that she took rat poison by mistake cannot be taken as dying declaration as the same was recorded in the presence of two police constables, a former investigating officer from Goa and the family, adding that call locations reveal that Pacheco was in Thana on the day when the statement was recorded by a magistrate. visit her husband and also want to meet Pacehco. This assumes significance because of various injuries on the deceased’s body”, Public Prosecutor Sarojini Sardinha submitted before the Sessions Court. Incidentally, Mickky had told the Crime Branch that he had gone to Nadia’s house at 8 pm on May 14, where he found her

mother and brother, while Nadia was sleeping in her house. “As she did not get up, Mickky went to her bedroom”, Sardinha said, adding this is a question which throws up ample suspicions in the incident. Crime Branch, however, has contradicted Pacheco’s statement by saying that Nadia’s (Continued on page 10)

UNSC slaps sanctions on Iran PTI UNITED NATIONS, JUNE 9

Taking a tough stand, United Nations Security Council today slapped sanctions on Iran over its controversial atomic programme that target the powerful Revolutionary Guards and nuclear-related investments, overruling opposition from Brazil and Turkey. In the 15-member Council, 12 countries, including the United States and Britain, voted in favour of the resolution imposing financial and military restrictions with Lebanon abstaining, Brazil and Turkey voting against. The new resolution, which is fourth against Iran to be adopted by the UNSC in four years, creates new categories of sanctions like banning Iran’s investment in nuclear activity abroad, banning all ballistic missiles activities, blocking Iran’s use of banks abroad and asset freezes for members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The resolution also blacklists entities that includes 15 enterprises of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, three entities owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and 23 industrial companies. The international community accuses Iran of seeking to develop an atomic weapon.

After your resignation, this line on your palm is absolutely unclear... Can't pick out between 'Bail' and 'Jail'.

Court rejects Lyndon’s plea HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

In a setback to his plans to obtain bail in the Nadia Torrado death case, the Sessions Court has rejected the anticipatory bail application of Lyndon Monteiro, the officer on special duty (OSD) to the beleaguered former Tourism Minister, Mickk y Pacheco on Wednesday. The rejection of Lyndon’s bail plea came on a day when the Sessions Court heard the anticipatory bail application filed by the former tourism minister. The court will pronounce orders on Pacheco’s bail plea on Thursday afternoon. Additional Sessions Judge B P Deshpande said there is grave suspicion with regard to Lyndon’s involvement as far as the aspect of destroying evidence is concerned in order to save and protect the prime suspect. Judge Deshpande said he is not inclined to grant bail to Lyndon under Section 438 of the Criminal Penal Code (Cr PC) as the circumstances brought on record by the prosecution shows that though interrogation is warranted in the matter, the appli(Continued on page 10)

Police seek Mickky’s custody Order on petition today noon


Even as the Crime Branch sought custody of former Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco in the Nadia Torrado death case, Pacheco’s lawyer said the former minister is nowhere in the picture in respect of the missing mobiles, laptop and passport of the deceased. Additional Sessions Judge B P Deshpande on Wednesday heard arguments on the anticipatory bail application filed by the former tourism minister and has reserved his order on the bail plea to Thursday afternoon. Delhi-based legal counsel, Mohit Mathur sought to know from the prosecution whether the investigating agency is probing into the relationship of Pacheco with Nadia or the death of the woman. When Public Prosecutor Sarojini Sardinha said the Crime Branch needs to interrogate Pacheco on the huge sums of money paid to Nadia’s brother by even unknown persons and the source of funds, Mohit sought to know whether the in-

Margao police outside the Sessions Court building as a precautionary measure on Wednesday morning.

vestigating agency is probing into Nadia’s death or the disproportionate assets of the persons concerned. When the defense counsel sought to attribute the marks on Nadia’s body to the medical

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Probe to focus on injuries. Statements of Torrados maid raises suspicions. Police forcing us to lie, claims family.

Photo by Santosh Mirajkar.

treatment received by her in the hospital, Sardinha read a report received from the Chennai hospital, clearly stating that the injuries are all contusions, which might have occurred around 1216 days ago, caused by blunt and hard weapons. Pacheco’s lawyer sought to know whether is there anything wrong if the former minister has helped his friend, adding that that the injuries on Nadia’s body had not caused her death. The defense counsel further said the investigating agency is trying to pin the former minister, (Continued on page 10)

Bhopal gas tragedy case gets murkier Former DM asked to ensure Anderson bail PTI BHOPAL/HYDERABAD, JUNE 9

More embarrassing details tumbled out today in the Bhopal gas tragedy case of how former Union Carbide Chief Executive Officer Warren Anderson got bail immediately after his arrest but the then Central Bureau of Investigation chief rejected claims that the agency was asked not

to pursue his extradition. Meanwhile, with the verdict in the case coming under all round attack, the Central government today announced the reconstitution of a GoM (Group of Ministers) under Home Minister P Chidambaram to examine all issues relating to Bhopal gas leakage, including remedial measures and make appropriate recommendations on the relief and rehabilitation of the victims and their families.

Other members of GoM will be Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, Law Minister M Veerappa Moily, Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy, Transport Minister Kamal Nath, Chemicals Minister M K Alagiri, Tourism Minister Selja, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh and MoS in PMO Prithviraj Chavan. The group, which was earlier headed by former minister Arjun Singh, will have Madhya Pradesh minister in charge of rehabili-

tation as a permanent invitee. Madhya Pradesh sought to step into the picture saying it would appeal against the Bhopal court verdict seeking enhancement of the punishment to the convicts. On top of a former CBI official’s charge on Anderson’s extradition, the then District Magistrate of Bhopal came outwith his version of how he was asked to ensure bail for the Carbide official hours after his arrest.


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Probe to focus on injuries inflicted on body, says Crime Branch HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

The Crime branch has said investigations into the Nadia Torrado death case will now focus on the injuries inflicted on the deceased and the contradictions pertaining to the presence of former Tourism Minister, Mickky Pacheco at Nadia’s house on the night of May 14. “The focus of investigations now is to find out at what point of time, these injuries could have come on the body of the deceased. Whether the injuries came when Pacheco visited Nadia’s house late night on May 14 or whether the injuries came when the deceased was supposed to make herself available at the coastal

belt”, public prosecutor Sardinha said, adding she said there are contradictory statements made by the deceased family on the presence of family members when Pacheco visited the house to meet Nadia. “Though the family says they were in the house when Pacheco visited the house, our investigations have collected ample evidence to show that the mother was not there in the house and her presence was traced somewhere else”, she said. “It has been revealed that there was particular sort of time when it was just Pacheco and deceased who were in the house. So the focus is now to find out what could have happened between the duo”, Sardinha said.

Statements of Torrados’ maid raises suspicions HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

The statement made by the maid servant of the Torrado family to the Crime Branch has raised suspicions on the alleged destruction of evidence from the house after Nadia’s death. Crime Branch told the Sessions Court that the maid servant has stated that deceased Nadia had gone out of Goa three months ago and had returned home totally disturbed just days before the incident. Crime Branch claimed that Nadia’s mother Sonia had instructed the maid to burn three bags of clothes and documents on the funeral day when the body was still inside the house. “She was given three bags of clothes and papers to burn with instructions to ensure that burning takes place in its entirety. She was instructed not to put the burning into a pit, but in an open place to make sure that nothing remains at the bottom”, stated Public Prosecutor Sarojini Sardinha. She, however, said that Crime Branch sleuths have recovered burning remnants, including the boarding pass of Qatar Airways, where the name of the deceased figures as VIP. She said that the Crime Branch has also recovered from the site Nadia’s visiting cards besides the business contacts of the former Tourism Minister. “Why did these people burn the clothes and documents before the funeral could take place. What was asked to be burnt were clothes and papers, showing the relationship between Pacheco and the deceased”, Sardinha submitted in the court. Submitting that the maid had cleaned Nadia’s room, Sardinha said that while the bed was clean, the room was dusty. “Some footprints were found in the room. Who had walked into the room last’, she asked.

Saying that the nature of injuries all over the body right from the lips and legs and shoulders and back are all contusions, Sardinha said medical experts have clarified that the injuries are 12-16 days old and not surgical as stated by Pacheco’s lawyer. The crime branch is also investigating into the contradictory statements made by Nadia’s mother, with Sardinha saying the mother has even contradicted the statement made by the deceased herself. Saying that Pacheco is evading interrogations into the case, she said the former Minister is trying to make use of an anticipatory bail as a shield against all accusations against him and thus trying to stifle the process of investigations.

Police forcing us to lie, claims family HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

While Crime Branch has claimed to have progressed in its investigation and have named former Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco, who went underground from Saturday June 5, as prime suspect in the Nadia death case, her family in the writ petition filed before High Court on Tuesday charged that police insisted they should make certain statements against Pacheco. Alleging that they were pressurised and threatened in making untrue statements, Nadia’s mother Sonia and brother through a petition filed on Tuesday have demanded that investigation be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “Entire investigation is unfair, politically motivated and clearly violates the mandate of Article 21 of Constitution,” charged the petitioners. “The police are clearly acting in a pre-determined manner and in a preformulated way and in a particular set direction and are not carrying on inves-

tigation with open mind,” they submitted. Further alleging that police investigation is not conducted in accordance with the rule book, they said, under the pretext of carrying out investigations, police have been harassing them and putting them under great mental trauma by directly and indirectly threatening them and forcing them to make untrue statements. They have also taken objection to role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in this case, alleging that police are acting in a motivated manner and are totally influenced by NGOs so much that Auda Viegas of Bailancho Ekvott was assisted by the police to criminally trespass in the house of the petitioners and even take a photograph on the pretext of her being part of the investigating team. They also alleged that police have violated their fundamental right by taking possession of their passports even as no offence has been registered against them.

Saad says equip women’s police station with staff Demands CBI inquiry into death HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

In the wake of the Nadia death case, Bailancho Saad has demanded that the Women’s Police Station, here, be made functional with requisite staff and infrastructure and not just operate as a referral centre. If systems were in place, some of the unnatural deaths of women, including that of Nadia’s, could’ve been reduced, it stated. In a press note issued here, spokesperson of Saad Sabina Martins called for transferring of the Nadia death case to the Central Bureau of Investigation for an impartial inquiry. “In view of the prima facie evidence against the prime suspect, Mickky Pacheco, we are of the opinion any case involving a politician or police should be handed over to the CBI, a neutral agency, that’s not under politicians or police administration,” she observed. Martins stated that the investigation and action in the matter should not slacken on the resignation of the Pacheco

and the matter should reach its logical conclusion. Martins said the monthly meetings with the IGP, Goa State Commission for Women and organisations working for women need to be held urgently. She said the helpline for women (1091) should be linked to counselling services. At present the calls are transferred to the area police station, she informed. The purpose for an exclusive helpline for women was to make help available to women in distress, who did not feel comfortable going to their area police station, she added. Martins maintained there was a dearth of counselling services in the State. “The government had announced in the budget session that provisions were made for counsellors, but these services are not yet made available to the public,” she mentioned. She highlighted that the Central Social Welfare Board that funds family counselling centres has not released grants for several months and the

same be released immediately. “A l s o , t h e G S C W i s n o t equipped with an independent

Bailancho Ekvott president claims of receiving threat call HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas has said that she received a threatening call early Wednesday morning on her role in exposing the Nadia death case episode, but vowed to continue her battle till the culprits are booked by the Crime Branch. Briefing newsmen, Viegas said she has received a threatening call this morning and have also learnt from her friends that some people will stone her house for taking up Nadia’s case like they did sometime ago for Colva Panch Calvert Gonsalves. “If these people feel that the Minister is not involved in the incident, I don’t think they should resort to violence. They should not judge and instead wait for the results as the police are still investigating the

Mandrem locals claim wooden bridge hindering livelihood HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

A wooden bridge constructed across river by a foreigner has become a bone of contention for Mandrem villagers, who despite approaching the authorities have not managed to save their livelihood. Rahul Prazeres, a Mandrem resident, who had approached the High Court against the wooden structure built across the river, said that the authorities including Coastal Management Zone Authority (CMZA) have been petitioned but nothing has been done about the structure yet. Chris, a UK national, has constructed the bridge, which according to Prazeres is hindering the livelihood of the locals by blocking the river. “We had approached Coastal Zone Management Authority with a plea to demolish the illegal structure constructed by Chris across the river and also the wooden bridge,” he said. CZMA in its order dated

March 19, 2010, had directed to demolish the illegal structure. But when it came to the bridge, the authority expressed its reservation. “As far as the wooden bridge is concerned it was noted by the CZMA that such wooden bamboo footbridge have been put up by people in that area for accessing the beach over the rivulet and they connect the mainland to the beach hence this is a permissible activity,” reads CZMA order. Prazeres said that although the bridge is useful to connect both banks of the river, the fact remains that it is hindering the activity of locals in this river. He said that CZMA despite passing the order has failed to demolish the illegal structure on the other side of the bank. Prazares said that authorities have turned a blind eye to these illegalities. Prazares said that the foreigner has moved the High Court against CZMA order and it will come for hearing on June

counselling centre to meet the needs of women coming for redressal at its office,” she said.

10. Meanwhile, Mandrem Village Panchayat has said that no permission for the construction of this structure was issued to Chris. As per the information provided under Right to Information Act, the panchayat has said that they have not even issued NOC for water and electricity connection for this structure.

Rider dies in Fatorda mishap MARGAO (HR): In a tragic accident, a 68-year-old scooty rider Madhukar Joshi was killed in a road accident near the PWD Office, Fatorda on Wednesday morning. Police said the rider was proceeding on his two-wheeler when he fell on the road after the door of a Maruti 1000 vehicle parked on the road was suddenly opened. The rider sustained severe injuries and later succumbed, the police said.

case”, she said. The woman activist, however, said that she would not be cowed down by such threats as she stands by the truth, making it clear that stones cannot silence her voice. “These people are conspiring to smash my house like they did for Calvert and also finish the NGO. I will see how they do it. I am not alone in the fight for justice”, she said. Replying to a question, Viegas said she will not ask for police protection, saying she did not ask for protection when threats were issued to shoot her dead on the streets when she took up the Sara Pacheco case. Expressing satisfaction over the present investigations into the Nadia death case, she said the Crime Branch is going in the right directions, but said the agency still has to do a lot of investigations.

Lucky escape for driver, cleaner HERALD CORRESPONDENT OLD GOA, JUNE 9

A trailer driver and a cleaner from Mumbai had a lucky escape, after the vehicle rammed against a tree along the Kadamba highway at Old Goa on Tuesday night. According to Old Goa police, the accident occurred when trailer driver Nitin Sapre (25) and cleaner Gorak Patil (37) were proceeding in their trailer (MH-06-A-Q-335) from Maharashtra towards Ponda. On reaching along the Kadamba highway at Old Goa, the trailer driver rammed the vehicle against a tree. The impact of the accident was such that Patil was flung out of the vehicle, but lucky to have sustained minor injuries. Patil is recuperating at GMC Hospital in Bambolim. Nitin too sustained minor injuries. The fire Brigade officials had to cut open the steering to pull Nitin out of the vehicle. The front portion of the trailer was completely damaged. Old Goa police have registered the case under Motor Vehicles Act and is investigating the case.

Monsoon delayed by three days

Vasco police rescue kidnapped 10-month-old baby



Monsoon continue playing hide and seek in Goa. The Met department has now predicted that the south-west monsoon arrival has delayed by three more days. Indian Meteorological Observatory in-charge K V Singh today told Herald that the monsoon currents have remained subdued over Karwar and there has been no further advancement. “The monsoon currents have moved away from the west coast thus restricting the development of more currents. Goa will have to wait for three more days to receive rainfall,” Singh said. On June 6, monsoon had reached Karwar and the Met Department had said that the monsoon is speedily approaching Goa. Meanwhile, the Met Department expects pre-monsoon showers for the state tonight. “Fairly widespread rains and thundershowers may occur over Goa and Karwar in next few hours,” Singh said. Monsoon showers had lashed Kerala on May 31 but the cyclone Phet, that originated in the Arabian Sea last week, halted further development of monsoon current for few days. The maximum temperature continued to remain 32 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature increased to 25 degree Celsius. “The rise in minimum temperature is basically due to cloudy weather in the morning. Once we receive showers, the temperature will dip down,” he explained.

Vasco police rescued a 10month-old baby from his kidnappers after a two-day combing operations at BagalkotKarnataka. Three persons, Bharti Purtugri, her brother-in-law Prashuram and his wife Laxmi, have been arrested in connection with the kidnap of the 10month-old boy. Narrating the incident, Vasco police DySP Mahesh Gaonkar informed that the complainant, Kashawa Chalwadi of BagalkotKarnataka, but residing at Baina, had gone for shopping on Sunday afternoon. After shopping, Kashawa along with her two-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son Muttu went to a sugarcane juice shop, when the accused, Bharati Purtugri, approached her. “Speaking in Kannada, the accused Bharati appreciated the beauty of her son and slowly took Kashawa into confidence saying that she too is also from the village in Bagalkot,” informed DySP Gaonkar. “After taking the woman into confidence, the accused took the child saying that she would buy a biscuit for her child and went to another shop. The accused handed the 10-month-old baby to her brother-in-law, who disappeared along with the child,” said DySP Gaonkar. However, when the mother questioned Bharati about her child, the accused said she had handed the baby over to her bother-in-law, who had taken the child to a shop to buy a biscuit. After a patient wait for nearly

A relieved mother Kashawa Chalwadi along with her 10-month-old child Muttu and her husband. Photo by M Prabhav

10 minutes and when the accused failed to turn up, the panicstricken mother created a ruckus. People gathered at the spot and called the police control room. “The interesting aspect is that the mother caught hold of the accused and created a commotion. Police acted swiftly and took the accused into custody,” added DySP Goankar. He further said accused Parshuram left Goa along with the child at his native place on the same day. PSI Vikram Naik along with Police Constables Namdev Mandrekar, Nagesh Kelushkar and Sachin Raut left for Bagalkot and immediately detained Prashuram, while his wife Laxmi who was hiding in some other place along with the child was also detained and brought in Goa on Wednesday. DySP Gaonkar appreciated the team headed by PI Braz

Manezes and his team members PSI Vikram Naik, Police Constables Namdev Mandrekar, Nagesh Kelushkar and Sachin Raut. The relatives of the victim informed that the kidnapped boy is the only son in the family, after three daughters. After reunion with the baby, the relived mother, who was seen holding her child in her arms with simile on her face at Vasco police station, appreciated the efforts of police. DySP Gaonkar was not specific behind the motive of kidnapping, but said since investigation is in progress, it is learnt that the accused had ulterior motive behind the kidnap. Vasco police has arrested the trio under Sections 363 and 368 of IPC and the accused were remanded to 10 days police custody and further investigations are in progress.

Goa perfect for heritage tourism, says IHHA

Margao blast case: accused remanded

The association said a number of villages in Goa could be nominated as heritage villages and these could represent both the Hindu and Catholic aspects of Goan culture. Assagao, Saligao, Aldona, Siolim, Marcel, Savoi Verem, Mardol, Loutolim, Chandor, Rivona are some of the places which could possibly be converted into heritage villages, IHHA stated. It mentioned due to the ravages of time, changing financial circumstances and increased family sizes some of the heritage houses in the State were in a state of neglect. “With renovation the heritage houses would be ideal for conversion into small heritage hostelries and guest houses for home stays,” it stated further. Besides the villages, IHHA ob-



The Indian Heritage Hotels Association has observed Goa has a strong potential for heritage tourism and the same could be promoted in a big way by bringing in a separate policy for promotion of heritage hotels and tourism as in Madhya Pradesh and some other states. IHHA observed providing the requisite facilities as per the heritage policy will boost tourism and eventually lead to employment and revenue generation in Goa. The IHHA is holding its Executive Committee meeting at the Welcomheritage Panjim Inn on June 20, 2010, where Goa’s heritage will be broadly discussed. The meeting will be presided by the Maharaja of Jodhpur.

served there were a number of heritage zones in urban Goa which have a large number of heritage properties. “ Typical examples were Fontainhas in Panjim, Borda in Margao, Ribandar, etc. The properties located here fall under the conservation zone and no changes can be made to their facades. These heritage zones could be ideal for locations for guesthouses, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques,” it stated. IHHA was formed in 1990 to unite hotels in the country operating in buildings like forts, castles, palaces, traditional residences, ‘havelis’ or period buildings built prior to 1950 and having their own distinctive architecture, ambience and history.

Accused Prashant Ashtekar, who had surrendered to the Sessions Court on Tuesday in the Margao bomb blast case was on Wednesday remanded to judicial custody till June 22. The accused was produced before the Sessions Court wherein he was remanded to judicial custody. Special Public Prosecutor S B Faria said that National Investigating Agency will ask for the police custody of the accused as and when required for further investigations. Ashtekar had surrendered before the Sessions Court on Tuesday after he was named as an accused in the chargesheet in the bomb blast case.

Absconding employee with booty nabbed HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

The trailer which rammed into a tree along the Kadamba highway at Old Goa on Tuesday night. Photo by Rozario Estibeiro

MMC for Expression of Interest to monitor work at Sonsodo HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 9

The Margao Municipal Council has now decided to invite Expression of Interest for a consultant to monitor the garbage treatment work to be undertaken by Fomento at the Sonsodo dumping site. The need for an Expression of Interest to appoint a consultant was felt necessary in order to monitor all work carried out by Fomento at the dumping site. After a joint meeting with Fomento representatives on the Sonsodo issue, MMC Chairperson Savio Coutinho said the Civic body would appoint a consultant after inviting an Expression of Interest so that all work carried out by Fomento is monitored on a day to day basis. He further said that a consultant would be required

not only to monitor work at the dumping site, but also to certify bills of expenses incurred at the site. Meanwhile, Fomento has assured the Margao Municipal Council that company would maintain daily monitoring of the dumping site during the monsoons. Fomento delegation comprising of Shridhar Kamat and Sujay Gupta further conveyed to the Margao Municipal Chairperson and Chief Officer that the draft concession agreement is at the finalisation stage. The delegation further made it clear that the machinery required for the purpose of treatment of waste would arrive at the site between June 12-16. Both the sides also deliberated on the commencement of door-to-door collection of waste

from the households. The Fomento delegation told the Civic body to take the company into confidence before undertaking door-to-door garbage collection. This is the first time that a joint meeting of the Fomento with MMC officials was held in order to deliberate on issues between the two sides At today’s meeting, the Civic body sought to know the fate of the draft concession agreement, which was submitted to the company after being vetted by the Municipal advocate. The MMC Chairperson has said that Fomento should take a decision on the draft concession agreement at the earliest so that the agreement is placed before the Council for ratification.

A team of the Panjim police on Wednesday succeeded in nabbing one Shivkumar Sahu, who escaped with cash of Rs 14 lakh of his employer, which was to be delivered to the employer’s brother at Hubli. A Construction company owner Hira Bapna had complained that his ser vant Shivkumar Sahu had disappeared with Rs 14 lakh which he was supposed to deliver to his brother in Hubli. According to the employer, Sahu had left for Hubli to deliver the money to his brother on May 31 but went missing from the date. Panjim Police Inspector Sandesh Chodankar said that after receiving the complaint, the police immediately alerted all the police stations and a massive search was on for Sahu. A police team led by Head Constable Tukaram Patil and Prasad Tuenkar left for Sahu’s native place at Kolkata on specific information. The team succeeded in nabbing the culprit on Tuesday evening and was brought to Panjim today. The cash of Rs 14 lakh was also recovered. Police said Sahu had been working as an office boy with Bapna since the last three years.





Mining without mercy, say residents of three villages HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

A delegation of Utt Goenkara along with a few villagers affected by continuous mining dust pollution at Honda, Pissurlem and Harvalem met Director of Mines Arvind Loliyekar on Wednesday to apprise him about overloading of trucks and to know about guidelines, if any, for the umpteen number of ore carriers passing through these villages that have made life miserable. Sagar Parwar from Harvalem, who was part of the delegation, said a petition regarding the

dust pollution was filed before the Bicholim Sub-Divisional Magistrate, but till date not a single hearing had taken place. The serious issue is classified as a “miscellaneous” case, indicating it as any other matter, he mentioned. Parwar said some of the wells in the village had dried up and fields have been inundated with silt from the mining sites around the area. Then there is the probl e m o f o u t s i d e o re b e i n g brought here and mixed with the local ore, he highlighted. Even though the Director of Mines Loliyekar told the dele-

gation he would look into the issue, he said his department had no control over the overloading of tipper trucks and the same could be handled at the Transport Department level. He also advised the delegation to contact the Goa State Pollution Control Board to deal with the problem of dust pollution. Office bearer of Utt Goenkara Prajal Sakhardande maintained children as well as elders were suffering from asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis on account of pollution in Honda village in Sattari taluka. “Even the food that they eat is contaminated

Kashmir issue needs to be resolved, says Eduardo Congress party marks 125 years of foundation

Commissioner for NRIs Affairs and former Union Minister Eduardo Faleiro speaking at a function to mark 125 years of Congress Party foundation on Wednesday. Photo by Rozario Estibeiro HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

Kashmir issue needs to be resolved at the earliest for the unity and peace in South Asia, Commissioner for NRIs Affairs and former Union Minister Eduardo Faleiro said on Wednesday. Faleiro was speaking as keynote speaker at a function organised to mark the 125th year of foundation of the Congress party. In his address, Faleiro said that for peace and nuclear-free south Asia the Kashmir issue has to be resolved at the earliest as both India and Pakistan are nuclear states. “Both India and Pakistan are nuclear states and any war could result into bloodbath in both countries,” he said while speaking on the topic Nuclear Disarmament. Speaking further, he said, Action Plan for a Non-Violent World Order free of Nuclear Weapons was presented by Rajiv Gandhi to the General Assembly of the United Nations on June 9, 1988. “The Plan proposed that nuclear weapons should be eliminated globally by the year 2010, however, his dream could not be converted into reality although substantial progress has

been made in this regard,” he stated. Further, Faleiro said, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has reiterated in Parliament that universal nuclear disarmament remains a core objective of India's foreign policy. “ Re m o v a l o f n u c l e a r weapons and other weapons of mass destruction appear now to be a global concern. US President Barrack Obama has pledged to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons and for this reason he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize,” the former minister said adding "As US is the only nuclear power to have used the nuclear weapon and as such it has a moral responsibility to act.” Last April, he continued, the presidents of the United States and Russia signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which will reduce by one third the number of long range warheads deployed by the world's two largest nuclear powers. The Indo-US civilian nuclear agreement signed last year will contribute greatly to meet the energy requirements of our rapidly expanding economy, Faleiro stated. Goa Pradesh Congress Com-

CCCL bags Dabolim airport expansion project HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited (CCCL), engaged in providing integrated turnkey construction services, has bagged a Rs 200 crore Dabolim Airport expansion project from the Airports Authority of India. CCCL would be constructing the new terminal building at Civil Enclave, at the Dabolim airport. The scope of work includes civil, sanitary, plumbing, internal and external electrification, fire fighting system and CCTV. The time limit for the project would be of 24 months. The company had already completed airport projects in Tiruchirapalli, Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore and Dehradun. The development of Kamaraj Domestic Terminal Phase-II, expansion of existing Anna International Terminal and face-lifting of existing terminals in Chennai are under progress. Besides, the company is executing the airport project at Rajamundri (Andhra Pradesh). The awarding of the contract would come as a big relief for the State government which had come under severe criticism

from various quarters for not being serious on Dabolim expansion. The initial tender floated by the AAI was cancelled due to technical flaws.

mittee President Subash Shirodkar, ML A Pratap Gauns, Planning Board chairman Dr Wilfred D’Souza were also present on the occasion besides the Congress office bearers and members.

with mining dust. We assert it is the duty of the Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane to go and witness the health problems of these villagers and find a solution immediately,” he mentioned. Sakhardande brought to the director’s notice heritage sites in the vicinity of mining zones in some villages. Loliyekar made a mention of these sites in his notepad and assured the Utt Goenkara office bearer he would see what he can do. Utt Goenkara General Secretary Advino Fernandes said today they had come to see what the director had to say and what powers he had to stop the mining dust pollution. We will continue to support the villagers in their fight against dust pollution, he mentioned.

Barges to be checked for sewage facilities HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

After taking on cruise boats operating in the Mandovi River for releasing sewage in the river, Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) will now check on barges to verify if they have adequate sewage facilities. About 11 cruise boats operating in the Mandovi basin were slapped with show cause notices last month asking them why action should not be taken against them for discharging sewage into the river and civic authorities concerned were issued directions to take appropriate action against them, said Dr Simon N de Souza. Cruises operating in the Mandovi did not have facilities for sewage until GSPCB got into action asking them to stop discharging sewage into the river and install sewage facility. The board has been conducting hearings and the next hearing is fixed on June 18. Similarly, barges too do not have sewage facilities and a meeting with barge owners in co-ordination with the Captain

of Ports will be held shortly. It will have to be seen how sewage tank could be fitted on a barge or what else can be done and also it needs to assess quantum of sewage generated, said an official of the board. Also, it will be checked to see

if they emit any kind of hazardous waste oils into the river, said the chairman. Directions to CCP: The CCP was issued directions last month af ter several incidents of garbage being thrown in the public places came to the notice

of the board. It could be anybody – hotels or other people but it’s difficult to catch them, said Dr Simon N de Souza, chairman of the GSPCB. However he added CCP has been asked to initiate action against erring persons.

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Encroachments on footpaths continue unabated in Ponda HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, JUNE 9

Inauguration of Senior Citizen Park at SAG Head Office, Panjim was held recently. The park is sponsored by Maganlal Pariwar, Panjim. Also present are Jaising Maganlal, R B Jirage, Director of Sports and Executive Director SAG V M Prabhudesai and Juliana Gurjao Colaco, Dy Director of Sports.

World Environment Day held

QUEPEM(HC): The Morpirla Bachao Samiti in coordination with Goa Mining Affected Peoples Front and other NGOs celebrated World Environment Day at Morpirla recently. On the occasion, villagers of Morpirla staged a rally to make the people aware about the importance of preserving nature. The rally that started from the Morpirla main bus stop was flagged off by Morpirla Sarpanch Bakti Velip, the rally then culminated into a public meeting. In his speech, Goa Map Convenor Seby Rodrigues stated that mining is ‘enemy number one of Goa’, which requires to be stopped completely. “Mining destroys forest, mountains, underground water, rivers, air, etc, which in turn causes health problems,” claimed Rodrigues. He further said mining, which started in the State in 1948, has not benefited Goa, but it has benefited countries like Japan, China and few industrial houses in Goa. Addressing the gathering, Shanker Jog of Sancorda said all the mining companies in the State are violating all the rules and regulations. “Our officials are mute spectators. Mining is the main factor in Goa which is responsible for increasing the temperature in the recent years,” claimed Jog. In his speech, architecture Abijit Dessai stressed the need of protecting environment to a healthy and better life. Katu Velip compered the programme, Morpirla Bhachav Samiti Convenor Ulas Goankar welcomed the gathering, while Bhiva Velip proposed the vote of thanks.

Dr Damodar Bhonsule, Secretary of TB Association of Goa, receiving the ‘special award for all round activities of the association’ from Dr R K Srivastava, Director General of Health Services and Dr S P Agarwal, President of TB Association of India during its annual general meeting held recently in New Delhi.

Admissions open

CANACONA(HC): Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Canacona, a co-educational residential school, has invited applications for admission in XI class (plus 2) Science stream. Students passed out in class X with 7.0 Grade points (67 marks each) in Maths and Science with an aggregate 35 Grade points (67%) are eligible for admission. Interested students are requested to apply with all the testimonials on or before June 15. Applications can be obtained from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Canacona, on any working days. Selection list will be displayed on July 7 on the school’s notice board. For more details, contact JNC principal on 2633304/2633012, states the press note.

Music academy opened in port town HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JUNE 9

With an aim to promote art and music in the State, the Manda and Narayan Bandekar Charitable Trust has formed ‘Shadj Gandhaar Music Academy ’ (SGMA) in the port town. A d d re s s i n g t h e m e d i a , trustee Manda Narayan Bandekar, who is passionate about music, said he has formed SGMA under the banner ‘Manda and Narayan Bandekar Charitable Trust’ that was formed on September 6, 2005. “The newly formed music Academy SGMA would be inaugurated on July 1, 2010, and admissions will commence from June 15,” informed Manda Bandekar. She said the Academy would promote Indian Classical music and at the same time benefit the deserving students of classical vocal music by providing teaching facilities. “More importantly, the Academy will follow the syllabus of Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya. Besides, the Academy will provide necessary instruments to the students,” said Bandekar. “The Academy will offer subjects and courses related to Hind u s t a n i C l a s s i c a l Vo c a l ,

Harmonium and Tabla,” added Bandekar. The age limit for students will be from 10 years to 30 years and the needy students would be given concession. The Academy is located at Essen Arcade, 5th Floor, behind Government High School, Mangor Hill, Vasco. Others present during the conference were singer Ramesh Sukhtankar, Pravin Gaonkar and Kishor Kamat. For more details, contact on 0832-2512563 between 10 am and 5 pm on working days or email:

Basilica of Bom Jesus closed from June 12 to 16 HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa will remain closed from June 12 to 16 to carry out fumigation/conservation work by the Chemical Branch, Archaeological Survey of India, Aurangabad which is in exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 4 and 5 of the Ancient Monuments, Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958 and Rules 1959, says a press release issued here.

Ponda city shopkeepers continue to encroach on footpaths, despite frequent drives by Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) against such encroachments. It seems that the shopkeepers are least bothered of the warnings or fines, as the traders have not stopped using the footpaths. It may be recalled that few months ago, PMC in an anti-encroachment drive had confiscated goods and had warned traders to keep the footpath free from obstruction. According to locals, the footpaths are kept free only for a few days, after PMC undertakes anti-encroachment drive, but later the situation is back to normal. Budhwarpeth Vendors Association President Shankar Naik has blamed PMC for not taking any action against traders, who are encroaching footpaths. He said because of encroachment, the sopo collector also faces problems. “I don’t know what is happening as the anti-encroachment drive which began few months ago has completely stopped. Traders are illegally keeping their business stuff on the footpath, thereby creating obstruction to the pedestrians,” said

Yog Science camp held at Chinchinim

A man walks past an encroached footpath. Photo by Amresh Parab

Naik. “Footpaths are meant for pedestrians and needs to be kept free. The PMC has totally failed in its responsibility. Such illegal practices of the traders are also creating problem to our sopo collectors. PMC should do something about it,” added Naik. He further said garbage collection in the market should be streamlined, as many a times garbage remains uncollected for several days. “PMC has also failed to monitor garbage collection in Bhudwarpeth, as for several days garbage remains uncollected.

This has also created a problem for vendors and customers visiting the market,” said Naik. “I know PMC is also facing problem to dispose off garbage, but PMC should come out with a solution or else everyone is going to suffer,” informed Naik. However, Municipal Inspector Arun Naik claimed that vendors are not co-operating and on various occasions, they had requested the traders to keep footpath free. “Stern action is needed to stop footpath encroachments. Petty fines will not solve such a problem,” he added.

Panel formed to revise State film festivals HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

The Government of Goa has constituted a Committee to suggest amendments to the Goa Film Festival Regulations 1997 to make the Goa state Film Festival responsive to the needs of regional film sector in the State. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat is the Chairman of the Committee and Vishnu Surya Wagh, Press and Media Advisor, Government of Goa is the Convenor of the Committee. Narend r a K u m a r, S e c r e t a r y (Information and Publicity), Manoj Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, Entertainment Society of Goa, Rajendra Talak, President, Goan Organization of Film Makers, Milind Mhadgut, President, Film Makers, Arnaldo Costa, Film Producer, Rohidas Shirodkar, Film Producer, Devidas Amonkar (State Youth Awardee/Director), Joint Secretary (Finance) are the Members. Director of Information and Publicity Menino Peres is the Member Secretary of the Committee. The Committee shall give its report within one month from its constitution and regulations notified for the organization of 5th Goa State Film Festival before August 2010, says a press release.

Pale MLA dismayed over failure to desilt bundhs


Friends Circle of Chinchinim in association with Goa Patanjali Yog Samiti (West-South Mandal) recently organized a 10-day free Yog Science camp at Mount Mary Church Hall, Chinchinim. The camp focused on learning Pranayama, Asanas, Mudras, Yogic exercises and knowledge of home remedies for some common illness and medicinal values of herbs, plants and trees of their own backyard and surrounding vicinity. A special session was also conducted for children. The camp evoked good response from the villagers, especially women, who participated in large numbers. Dr Suraj Kanekar and Namdev Chopdecar conducted the camp, Yog teachers Rosy Dourado and Rhudhh Chopdecar assisted at the camp, while Ramdas Naik, Sanjan Kanolkar and his wife, Lotliker and Mahale helped in organizing the Yoga camp. Earlier, Mount Mary Church, Chinchinim, Parish Priest Fr Armando and Chinchinim Sarpanch inaugurated the Yoga camp.

Pale MLA Pratap Gawas takes review of the situation at Supachi Pud, Bicholim. Photo by Vishant Vaze HERALD CORRESPONDENT MAYEM, JUNE 9

Pale MLA Pratap Gawas has expressed resentment over State government’s failure to undertake desiltation work of Supachi Pud and Devnyar Sale bundh, due to which the areas are likely to be flooded during the monsoon. It may be recalled that at the recently convened meeting of

Flood and Emergency Cell of Bicholim, MLA Gawas had requested the authorities and Mineral Foundation of Goa to undertake desilting of the two areas before the onset of monsoon. It may be also recalled that Supachi Pud and Devnyar Sale bundh have been declared as ‘flood-prone zones’, as the water entered the houses due to which

villagers were rescued with the help of helicopter services, as stated by former Navelim sarpanch Chandrakant Kamat. Meanwhile, villagers led by SMC Councilor Yeshwant Madkar, Laxmanrao Desai, ZP member Laxmikant Parab and former sarpanch Chandrakant Kamat have stated that they would submit memorandum to the government in this regard.

Meet convened to deliberate on market complex at Vasco

Goa’s Cowpea selected for promotion

the agency. “Valid suggestions from various government bodies in port town of Vasco are required to ensure that port town gets suitable market,” said D’Souza. “The proposed market complex will be a solution to present chaos and congestions in the port town since prominent markets like vegetable, chicken, fruit and fish are presently located at different places,” he said. “The new market would accommodate vegetable, fruit and meat on one roof, while fish market would be built separately at the existing fish market,” informed the revenue minister. D’Souza also sought suggestion from Zuari officials since their phosphoric acid tanks are located at the existing chicken market. Milton Barreto, former MMC

When it comes to Cowpea (Alsando) there’s no match to the locally grown alsando in quality and taste. The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Old Goa claims that Goan alsando is the best in the country. It has evaluating around 78 types of locally grown cowpea and selected Goa Nadora for promotion. “Cowpea or Alsonda of Goa is unique and taste better than other types grown elsewhere, “said ICAR scientist. The State Seed Committee has selected Nadora type for promotion. The ICAR scientist said the survey was conducted to determine size and yield capacity of the type. Variability was tested and performance of different types of local Alsando was evaluated before short listing Nadora type.


Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza on Tuesday convened a joint meeting of government officers from various departments to incorporate their suggestions and objections on the newly proposed vegetable-cum-meat market complex in Vasco. Incidentally, the meeting which convened in the Deputy Collector’s office on Tuesday is second such meeting within four days, where suggestions were sought on the proposed market complex, which would be built near existing vegetable and chicken market by denotifying existing roads to create more space. D’Souza informed that the proposed market complex would funded by Goa State Urban Development Agency and plans have been worked out by

chairperson and personal secretary to the urban development minister, agreed to the suggestion of Vasco Traffic PI Dharmesh Angle to create provision for more vehicles parking, as the present market plan had provision for about 50 vehicles. “Considering present chaos in the port town, parking provision for 50 cars will not be sufficient,” said PI Angle. Others present during the meeting were MMC Chairperson Shekhar Khadapkar, Chief Officer Gopal Parsekar, Deputy Collector Levinson Martins, Deputy Transport Director Digamber Savoiverekar, Municipal Engineer John Abreau, former MMC chairperson Kritesh Gaonkar, Zuari Industrial Limited officials, officials from PWD and Mormugao Planning Development Authority.


MP urges parents to monitor wards performance HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Member of Parliament for South Goa, Francisco Sardinha has urged parents to keep constant watch on the educational performance of their wards. This is necessary not only to promote and achieve cent percent literacy in Goa but also to encourage children to excel in studies and have a bright future. Speaking as chief guest after inaugurating wash rooms constructed for St Francis Xaviers High School under MPL AD scheme at a cost of Rs 10 lakh at Macasana on Wednesday. Sardinha assured to work for the development of Macazana

MP Francisco Sardinha unveiling the plaque to mark the inauguration of wash rooms at St Francis Xaviers High School under MPLAD scheme at a cost of Rs 10 lakh at Macasana on Wednesday.

and also to make available additional facilities at St Francis

Xavier institute as regards construction of new class rooms to

accommodate more students. Speaking further Sardinha informed the gathering that the football ground at Macazana constructed at a cost of Rs 75 lakh is in the final stages and will be inaugurated once it is equipped with all the facilities. There is need to identify works which needs to be taken up on priority and people should co-operate with the government in the process of development, he added. Rev Fr Nausario Godinho, Manager of School expressed his gratitude to Sardinha. Seema Dias, Z P member, Clafacio Dias, ex ZP member and Mariano D'Costa Sarpanch of Macasana were present on the occasion.

HSS principals indulging in unfair practices: HISTAG HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

HISTAG has strongly criticized some principals of Higher Secondary Schools are indulging in ‘unfair practices’ for deliberately refusing admissions in spite of the fact that many students and parents are still struggling to get admissions in XIth Std. According to a press release issued by HISTAG President Girish Chodankar says, this is purposely done in order to manipulate the admissions so that some of the teachers can be declared surplus. Some principals have already used this strategy over a period of 3-4 years and declared teachers as surplus. Chodankar said, HISTAG has received complaint from several teachers and parents against seven principals indulging such immoral practice at the cost of

the student’s future. Chodankar has complained to the Directorate of Education, Dr Celsa Pinto and the Dy Director to take the matter seriously. He said one side parents, students and Department of Education are struggling to give admissions to maximum students due to a higher pass percentage of 83% besides the government has granted ATKT to the students of SSC failing in two subjects. On the other side some principals are refusing to admit the students or are forcing students to take admissions in other streams and in some cases forcing students not to opt for particular subjects. Chodankar has also requested the Principals’ Forum and school managements to take up the matter with principals so that such gimmicks are not played in educational institutions.

Pre-monsoon works undertaken at Parra HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, JUNE 9

Parra Panchayat has commenced its various pre-monsoon works in the panchayat jurisdiction. In a press release, Parra Sarpanch Benedict D’Souza has stated that the desilting of the rivulet and Baga creek from Almeida Vaddo, Parra, up to the sub-station at Parra-Arpora to avoid flooding of paddy fields in the area has been carried out. The desilting and repairs to the pond at Bokeachi Aradi, Parra, have also been carried out. “The desilting works of the ponds at Almeida Vaddo, Bhatti and Britto Vaddo are in progress and will be completed soon. The work on desilting of pond at Aradi has been enlisted for premonsoon work,” stated the sarpanch. “The ponds have been used during monsoon, especially dur-

ing Ganesh Chaturthi festival for immersion of Lord Ganesh idols,” added the press release. The pre-monsoon works on the nullahs, storm drains and gutters would also be carried as approval has been received from Block Development Office, Mapusa. D’Souza sad the work needs to be taken up on priority basis to avoid clogging of gutters with leaves, other wastes including plastics. However, the work of cleaning in the panchayat jurisdiction has been carried out annually on regular basis. “Accordingly, all the garbage scattered in the village have been removed time and again to keep the village clean,” states the press release. The sarpanch has sought cooperation of the villagers to keep Parra clean by avoiding dumping of garbage alongside the roads of Parra.

Scheme for welfare of prisoners HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Government of Goa is implementing various Schemes for the Welfare of Prisoners and their children through Directorate of Social Welfare. Education: If a bread winner of the family is imprisoned for a term of an year or more and if there is no any other source of income for the family and if there are school-going children in the family and if their education; is likely to suffer on account of an imprisonment of the bread winner, then a maximum Rs 500 per annum per school-going dependent child will be given to cover the expenses for purchase of books, note books, stationery, stitching of uniforms, etc based on the certificate recommending the case, attested by the Headmaster or Principal of the institutions. Illness/accidents/maternity cases: If the bread winner is imprisoned and if there is no other source of income for the family, then a maximum Rs 500 will be released to cover the expenses against medicines, based on the certificate of the medical officer in charge in the maternity cases, serious illness and accident of the dependents of the imprisoned. Small industries/trades/vocation/business: The benefits which are open to all the people in general, under Welfare Scheme of various Departments such as RDA or Industries, are also open to all released Prisoners.

However, under this Scheme, it is envisaged to give a special assistance to release Prisoners by way of providing a loan through Banks to a maximum Rs 15,000 for construction of room/shed if the prisoner does not have any room/shed available with him for starting his small industry/trade/vacation or business and up to maximum Rs 5000 for purchasing tools, 25% of the total amount will be subsidy arranged by the Social Welfare Department and 75% will be arranged through Commercial Banks. There will be no income limit for this scheme.


Porvorim police on Tuesday afternoon arrested a woman on charges of stealing a centering plate from a construction site at Shantinagar-Porvorim. According to Porvorim police, after a resident of Shantinagar saw Anita Lamani stealing a centering plate from the construction site, he apprehended her and informed the police. Police rushed to the spot and arrested Lamani under Section 379 of Indian Penal Code. The accused will be produced before Judicial Magistrate First Class on Wednesday for remand. Police Sub Inspector S Naik is investigating the case.

POWER SHUTDOWN JUNE 10 MAPUSA: Between 9 am to 5 pm. Areas affected are Bodgini, Navtara hotel, Parra, Agnimorod, Parra tower, Jakni waddo, Arradi, Verla, Canca, Brittowado, Saliswado, Lingabhat, Lobowado, Fondacwaddo, Freitaswado and surrounding areas. PANJIM: Between 9 am to 6 pm. Areas affected are Ribandar, Patto, Hoble garage, Radhey Ice Plant, Ribandar Church, Chorao ferry and surrounding areas. PONDA Between 8 am to 2:30 pm. Areas affected are Karanjale, Rebelo International (P) Ltd., Gaune Konar, Kharwada, Mogru, Tolule, Rammandir and Tariwada. JUNE 11 PONDA: Between 8 am to 2:30 pm. Areas affected are Mahalaxminagar, Paun, Talauli, Londya Wadi, Wade, Caswada, Agapur, Chicalim, Undir, Dempo and surrounding areas


OherALdO = =


GOA, thurSdAy, 10 june, 2010

Govt has neglected us, decry coconut growers HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

With a series of problems affecting the coconut growers in the State and with no help coming from the government, the farmers feel that they have been neglected lot. This was the general mood at the conference of Coconut Growers organized by All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) at T B Cunha Hall on Tuesday wherein coconut growers complained that they have been left out. Christopher Fonseca, General Secretary, AITUC of Goa Unit said, while problems of coconut growers have multiplied they have been left unattended by the government. In the last few years coconut plantations have been hit by mites as a result of which the size of coconuts have shrink, he said demanding that government should offer special package for value addition. He also pointed out that department has not done anything for providing training to coconut pluckers nor worked out a scheme for providing them insurance cover. Coconut growers have been facing problems today due to shortage of coconut harvesters. Former Cortalim MLA

‘Diverse use of coconut will fetch higher price’ HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

About 20000 hectares in the State is covered under coconut plantation but diverse use of coconut is not being made. Comrade C K Chandrappan participating in the conference insisted that coconut has to be put to diverse use and farmers here should demand that the Coconut Development Board (CDB) office be set up in the State. With such huge tracks of land being under coconut plantation in the State, first thing coconut growers should do is list its problems and get them redressed through CDB and hence it is essential that it opens its office in the State. He said, 27 products can be manufactured from coconut. If it’s done it will enhance its value to Rs 30 per nut as against Rs 3, an average earned by a coconut farmers today. Matanhy Saldana speaking on the occasion said, the government should ensure that propaganda against coconut oil that it has high level of cholesterol should be stopped and awareness on this myth should be created. The government has also to find curative solution to end mite problem, Saldanha said. Participating in the conference Dilip Hegde, a coconut farmer complained that mite has been a major problem. “If you complain to an agriculture officer, he will orally guide you but will not bother to person-

ally visit the farm and see the problem for himself,” complained Hegde further adding while mining activities have been widely affected coconut plantations. A 85-year-old Vishnu Shastri Kelekar who has seen how mining affected agriculture and coconut cultivation in Surla, said major source of water have been destroyed by mining in his area. Others who spoke include comrade Shashangan, C K Chandrappan, Fr Inacio Saldanha and other farmers’ representatives.

Bhembre calls for setting up of Film Development Corporation

Veling local dies in mishap

facilities. “Goans may have watched many films during the IFFI festival. But, what about the future? We badly require the much needed infrastructure. Is there a film studio in Goa to produce films? When will this happen in the State?” he asked. Saying that the time has come to set up a Film Development Corporation to produce films in Goa and provide incentives to the artists, Bhembre said “If this does not happen immediately, IFFI would not benefit Goans”. He said successive government have erred for not setting up the Film Development Corporation in the state. “This government should carry out a



Noted Konkani writer, Adv Uday Bhembre said that the IFFI festival will not benefit Goans if the government does not immediately set up a Film Development Corporation to produce films in the State. He was speaking at a function organised by Asmitai Pratishthan to felicitate Laxmikant Shegaonkar with the Dr Mahale Asmitai Puraskar for bringing honour to Konkani language and culture through his Konkani film ‘Paltadcho Munis’, which won an international award. Bhembre said there is hidden talent in the state, but the same is not exploited properly for want of infrastructure and

Forest dept lays trap in GVM’s premises to catch leopard “It is the people who are responsible for this. Wild animals such as wild boars and other animals are hunted, which is the only source of food for the wild cats,” said Animal Rescue Squad member Suriel Tilve. “Wild cats come to settlement zones in search of food. This should be stopped or else wild cats will often come to settlement areas. Wild cats have been cited in few other places in Ponda taluka,” said Tilve.

Chorao-Madel Farmers Club goes professional in marketing produce HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

Since its humble beginning in 2008, Chorao-Madel Farmers Club is set to make it big by way of reviving agriculture on Chorao Island and creating a brand for its products. While Chorao is known for its idyllic beauty, farmers have begun marketing rice in a thorough professional manner. This must be a first attempt on the part of any village to go professional in cultivation and marketing of local rice. Korgut -- a soil tolerant variety grown in Khazan land is grown on a large scale here. Korgut known to be superior in taste in comparison to other varieties, enjoy better matter market price.

There’s little or no use of chemical fertilizers in Khazan cultivation of paddy and thus farmers are able to fetch premium rate. Chorao’s Korgut rice is sold for Rs 75 per kg while other variety is available for Rs 65 per kg. “Farmers earn Rs 35 per kg on Korgut and Rs 30 on other varieties,” says Premanand Mahambre, President of ChoraoMadel Farmers Club, a pioneer to professionally market one of the neglected varieties of paddy. They could endeavor the task thanks to help from Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) and Japan Toyota. “They helped us in marketing and advertising,” says Mahambre.

In 2008-09, they had set the target to produce 1000 kg rice, but now they want to double it. There is no doubt Chorao farmers will achieve the set target as they plan to mechanize all agriculture operations by taking benefit Rashtriya Krishi Yojna. They want to purchase transplanter and a thrasher. Marketing of Packaged mangoes: This season, Chorao Farmer’s club sold 343 dozen Mancurad mangoes from the island, which were supplied to Panjim, Porvorim and other sub-urban areas. Moreover, they managed to maintain the rate of Rs 290 per dozen throughout the season even as prices of mango fell throughout the State in May.

Mapusa municipal council completes pre-monsoon works

MMC Chairperson Roopa Bhakta addresses the media in the presence of Chief Officer D M Redkar and Municipal Engineer V Naik. Photo by Anil Shankhwalker HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, JUNE 9

Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) has completed premonsoon works and has also given a facelift to the Cha Cha Nehru Park near Mapusa police station. Addressing the media on Wednesday, MMC Chairperson Roopa Bhakta in the presence of Chief Officer Dashrath M Redker and Municipal Engineer Vishnu Naik said MMC has desilted all the drains and nullahs in the municipal market and municipal wards spending about Rs 3 lakh. “We have also cut tree branches along the roads so that during rains there should not be disruption of power

supply to the people,” said Bhakta. She further informed that MMC has painted the Cha Cha Nehru Park and repaired playing equipments like sea-saw, swings, etc. “The MMC has appointed a security guard to man the park, which will remain open for children from 4 pm to 8 pm,” she said. With regard to Sulabh toilets in the markets, Chief Officer D M Redkar said they have decided to empty the soak pits of the both the toilets in the market immediately so that the filth should not overflow during monsoon. “MMC wants to upgrade these toilets and hand it over

Falari termed dedicated Marathi activist MAYEM (HC): Marathi Rajyabhasha Prashthan Samiti (MRPS) President Ramesh Naik termed late Appa alias Suresh Falari as a dedicated activist of Marathi language, who fought for the cause of Marathi throughout his life despite his illness. He was addressing the gathering during the condolence meeting organized by Marathi Sanskar Kendra (MSK) Bicholim in association with MRPS at GPS Bicholim to remember the work of social worker and staunch

Marathi activists Appa alias Suresh Falari, who passed away recently due to brief illness. On the occasion, MSK Vice President Datta Rawal, Dattaram Shetye, Sadanand Narvekar and Anand Sawant were present. Anand Sawant, Pundalik Pal, Vinayak Shirodkar, Prof Raghunath Gawas, Tanaji Pal, Vikas Gaonkar, Durgadas Garde, Dattaram Shetye and Datta Rawal also recalled the work of late Falari.

to NGO so that they are maintained properly. We have also inspected the nullah at Kadamba bus stand and have observed that shopkeepers in Kadamba bus Stand are dumping garbage in the nullah due to which water logging takes place during monsoon,” said the chief officer. “Therefore, MMC has decided to cover the entire nullah with concrete slab. We have approached a company, which has agreed to sponsor about 200 concrete slabs. MMC is also planning to procure some more concrete slabs,” said Redkar. Municipal Engineer Vishnu Naik said they have the already sent the project file of the fish market to Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA). The total cost of the project is about Rs 5 crore. “GSUDA has received approval from the government and will tender the work soon. There is no provision to cover the old fish market with tarpaulin, whose roof has been demolished. During the monsoon, the fisherwomen will have to sit in the shed erected by the side of the market spending Rs 8 lakh,” said Naik. “The MMC gets the house rent from shopkeepers to the tune of Rs 86.89 lakh annually and not Rs 5 lakh as reported by some politicians,” said Naik.

A cage set up in the premises of GMV institute at Ponda. Photo by Amresh Parab HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, JUNE 9

The forest department has set up cage in the premises of GVM educational institute, after a leopard was reported to be moving in the area. Pug marks of the leopard were first noticed by GMV’s Higher Secondary School laboratory assistant Anand Dhaimodkar. Later, it was confirmed that the pug marks were of a leopard after preliminary investigation was conducted by forest department officials from Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary officials set up a cage and a dog will be used as bait. “While we were shifting some laboratory equipments, we noticed pug marks, which were quite different from other domestic animals. When I had a close look, it was clear that it is of some wild animal,” said

Dhaimodkar. “Soon, I contacted Darajit Naik from the forest department, who later sent a team of specialist in pug marks investigation. A pug mark sample was obtained using plaster of Paris and later confirmed it to be of a leopard,” added Dhaimodkar. It may be recalled that this is the fourth such incident of leopard’s citing in Ponda taluka. Earlier, villagers from Ramnathi had claimed citing of a leopard. The claim was aptly supported by pug marks evidence in the fields. BaithekholBorim and Bethora-Ponda are also two other places, where leopard was cited. Animal lovers said wild cats in search of food moves from forest to settlement zones and their prime targets are dogs. “This is due to the fact that people hunt wild boars and other animals leaving wild cats to starve,” said animal lovers.

Marathi film fest set to enthrall cine lovers HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 9

The Goa Marathi Film Festival back this year to enthrall Marathi cine lovers with mesmerizing films. The festival commences on June 12 with the inaugural ceremony at the hands of. Sachin Pilgaonkar at 10 am at Maquinez Palace, Theatre I, and extends up to the June13. 'Samantar' a film by Amol Palekar along with new releases like 'Kon Ahe Re Tikade', Vihir', 'Rita1 & 'Pangira1 are some of the prominent films that make a part of the 3rd Goa marathi film festival. In all nine full length films and three short films will be screened during the two-day festival organized by Vinsan Graphics. The audience will get an opportunity to watch films like last years national award winning film 'Nirop'. A premiere show of the film 'Janya' starring Omkar Barve and Reshma Shinde will be held during the festival. This

film will be open to all. Goan film 'Hello, Gandhe Sir!1 is also been included in the festival. The Main sponsor of this year's festival is Vaman Hari Pethe Jewelers and Department of Art and Culture Goa is the co-sponsor. This festival is organized in association with Kala Academy Goa, Entertainment society of Goa, Goa Tourism Development Corporation & Big FM and Zee 24 Taas will be the channel partners. The directors and actors of the respective films will be present during the screenings and later will interact with the audience and discuss about the various aspects of the films. This year the National Award winner for the best actor Upendra Limaye and Goan Director of Award Winning film "Paltadcho Munis" Laxmikant Shetgaonkar will be felicitated at the hands of Chief Minister Digamber Kamat and Speaker of Goa assembly Pratapsinh Rane respectively.

Admissions to 11 trades open at Curchorem ITI CURCHOREM (HC): Admissions to 11 trades are open at Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Cacora-Curchorem. For VII pass students, the trades available are welder, plumber, wireman and cutting and sewing, while for X pass students, the trades available are fitter, refrigeration and air conditioning, electrician and hair and skin care. Std 12 pass students can opt for Computer operation and Programme As-

detailed study without wasting any more time”, he added. Referring to the Entertainment Society of Goa set up by the government, Bhembre said one should bear in mind that cinema is not only entertainment, but it also involves art. “If the government is looking at cinema as entertainment, film culture will not develop in Goa”, he cautioned, adding “if IFFI is regarded as pure entertainment, art will never develop in the state”. Saying that artists are moving out of the State for want of infrastructure and facilities in the state, Bhembre asked, “Is this the vision of the government that Goans should leave Goa and excel in other states and countries”.

sistant and desktop publishing. The new advanced courses in COE (Automobile) include servicing and overhauling of automobiles, auto electrical, overhauling of fuel injection system and steering mechanism. The duration of all the courses is six months and the eligibility for COE is that the candidates should complete BBBT (COE) in automobile sector or NTC/NAC in mechanic

motor vehicle or other relevant trade or Diploma in Automobile. The COE course is designed specially for automobile industry. The laboratory for Hair and Skin Care is of international standard, especially designed for women. A-Z about advertisement world, offset/screen printing is also being taught during the Desktop Publishing Operator (DTPO) course.

A 41-year-old motorcycle rider from Gauthan-Veling died, after he was knocked down by a tempo at Marcaim IDC on Tuesday at about 7 pm. According to reports, Damodar Shantaram Navelker died on the spot when a TATA tempo (MH-09L-6513) hit his motorcycle (GA-01-W-1538). The tempo driver fled from the accident site. Ponda PSI Sachin Lokre is investigating the vase.

(D. Pharm)


OherALdO = =


GOA, thursdAy, 10 june, 2010

Headley’s grilling by NIA continues PTI CHICAGO, JUNE 9

Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Headley, a key accused in 26/11 attacks, continues to be grilled by a four-member team of Indian investigators, who will return home with the details of the questioning next week. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team, led by Loknath Bahera, has been questioning Pakistani-American Headley face-to-face, eliciting information about his role in the Mumbai attacks, the wider conspiracy and all those involved in the carnage, sources told PTI. The interrogation of Headley, who is accused of having conducted recce for the Mumbai attacks, is expected to shed more light on the LeT's plans regarding terror attacks in India. The questioning of 49-yearold Headley, currently being held in the federal lock-up Metropolitan Correctional Centre here, revolved around the places he had visited in run up to the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008 and the people he had been in touch with. "The interrogation is going on. Its details can't be revealed

as this is not cricket where ballby-ball account can be provided," a source familiar with the developments said. The team is coordinating with its American counterparts with regard to the investigation. It will return home next week and compile a report on the basis of which further steps will be taken, the sources said. The NIA team, which also includes Special Public Prosecutor Daya Krishan and two Superintendents, has been here since June one. Headley's interrogation by Indian sleuths was facilitated by his plea bargain with the US government under which he expressed readiness to be subjected to questioning by foreign investigators. Prior to the NIA team, India's Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam had visited the US in April to work out legal formalities required for Headley's questioning. US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Robert Blake has said the Indian government was "satisfied" with the cooperation it has offered in the case but the country's media appeared frustrated by the "delay" in the process.

Oppn slams Meghalaya govt over fresh Assam ‘encroachment’ PTI SHILLONG, JUNE 9

Meghalaya government today came in line of Opposition NCP's fire following reports of fresh encroachment by Assam, less than a week after the two states agreed to constitute a chief secretary level panel to address the long-pending border dispute. Citing reports that Assam was planning to set up a police outpost at the disputed Khatkasla area in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, Opposition leader Conrad Sangma said, "Assam has broken the assurance given at the meeting between the two chief ministers last Saturday that status quo would be maintained". "It is an insult to the Meghalaya Chief Minister as well as the state of Meghalaya. It appears that the CM-level meeting had no significance. The government should come clear on the minutes of the meeting to instill confidence among the people," Conrad observed in the Assembly, demanding a statement from the chief minister. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said he would make a

statement in the floor tomorrow. Reports said Assam was preparing to set up a border observation post at Khatkasla, and constructing a road to connect it with Psiar, another disputed tract. Jaintia Hills police said they visited the area yesterday to find Assam government personnel engaging JCB machines for earth-cutting. "The intention of the Assam officials are not yet known," they said. Earlier, on Saturday, the chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya, during a meeting in Guwahati, had decided to constitute a chief secretary level committee to resolve the vexed boundary dispute. The modalities would be prepared by the committee within 45 days, after which the CMs would meet again to carry forward the process. Both the states had agreed to maintain status quo in the disputed areas, and not allow any fresh settlement in these places. Any development work would be carried out by either government after intimation to the other, it was agreed upon in the meeting.

Discovering little health scientists from rural India PTI MUMBAI, JUNE 9

Discovering gifted children from rural India is the most challenging task as they cannot be spotted through conventional examination-based programmes, says Dr M G Deo, Vice President & Secretary, Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine (MAMB). "Rural India would account for 70 per cent of our talent that has remained untapped for want of opportunities. These gifted children have a different mindset and cannot be spotted through conventional examination-based programs such as National Talent Search, which predominantly test scholastic abilities," Deo, who is conducting a programme 'Discovering Little Scientists', told PTI. The programme is held for the second year targeting students of 15-18 years predominantly in rural Maharashtra. The objective of the two month programme (April to June) is to provide students with research aptitude opportunities to work on modest research projects. "This year 21 students were selected out of 80 from Pune and the adjoining rural sector," Deo who was a former director of Cancer Research Institute of Tata Memorial Hospital said. MAMB's objective is to provide students with research ap-

titude opportunities (especially observation) to work on modest research projects. A total of 21 'Little Scientists', who had just appeared for the SSC examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary were selected. The project, which started on April 19, has four students from Pune, nine from small talukas and eight from villages. This year, seven different projects have been chosen which includes screening of rural communities for Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), prevalence of Anaemia in rural community, prevalence of anaemia in school children in rural Maharashtra (Konkan), prevalence of CKD and Anaemia in slum population in Khadki (Pune), prevalence of CKD in type II diabetics and their households, animal tissue culture - testing of an anticancer property of a herbal preparation (Ghaneri plant). Before starting the project 'Little Scientists' were given one-week orientation course during which they were imparted training in recording information in the clinical proforma designed for the project, measure height, weight and Blood Pressure under field conditions, handling of common laboratory instruments and routine urine examination, estimation of hemoglobin and to conduct some special tests.


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Coping With Competition

Vol No CX No: 149 Goa, Thursday 10 June, 2010

The perils of limited liability


Has learning in schools been reduced only to what students can achieve in exams, asks fReddY diAS

he reports of several students in Goa with. Children must know a whole lot more committing suicide due to their inabiltoday than they were ever expected to know ity to cope with academic pressure is before. distressing, to say the least. Young people, To maintain the upwardly mobile lead, he long-delayed and farcical verdict in the Bhopal gas most of them in their teens, are increasingly they must perform well in exams, learn to tragedy case should make us all think twice about the resor ting to end their lives instead of facing play at least one musical instrument, use pending Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages Bill, which their failures in a positive manner. Student the computer, play in games and take part seeks to limit the maximum compensation that a company suicide on account of poor academic perin the school annual day functions. Little setting up a nuclear power plant in India has to pay in case of formance is not confined to Goa alone; it is time is provided for reflection, honing of a disaster. Curiously, even Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily, a national, or perhaps a universal pheno skills, creative expression, interpersonal infeels that “there is a need to take note of the lessons learnt menon. Across India, thousands of students teractions or the development of a sound [from the Bhopal case], while looking at [questions of] investi- commit suicide annually. moral base, gation, liability, compensation and punishment”. Mr Moily was Such stories are commonly reported in Bombarded with volley of terms such as responding to a question from a journalist about whether the the media during the month of May every dyslexia, learning disabilities, slow learners government would heed the message of Bhopal while finalising year. It is a well-known fact that the annual and behaviourally disabled, young children the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill. academic results, particularly the Std X and face the ignominies of adult judgement earHowever, the legion of cheerleaders that want to improve Std XII Board results, push several children lier and in harsher tones. ties with the USA at all costs think otherwise. They say that across the country to consider serious steps In place of learning to master basic skills nuclear civil liability legislation is essential for India’s growth. such as suicide. The difference is that, the such as reading, writing and arithmetic, chilAmong them, regrettably, is India’s Prime Minister Manmohan insidious effects of our competitive world dren in schools develop complexes sooner Singh. The PM said as recently as two weeks ago that India are now being experienced amongst a whole than would be expected, Amongst those needs to have an effective nuclear liability compensatory arrange- new generation of lear ners, including prewho manage to become a part of the teachment if it is to become a major nuclear energy power. school and primar y school age children. ers’ favourites, a sense of competition and The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2010, fixes the While some get reported, a large number power over the others assumes greater sigmaximum amount of liability to be paid by the operator of the of such ‘results related’ violent reactions nificance. For such children too, mastery nuclear plant in case of a nuclear accident at Rs500 crore. That’s never reach the print or electronic media. over basic skills takes a back seat. just a bit more, but still dangerously close to the amount the Until recently, parents and educationists used While it is true that the general standards central government ‘negotiated’ with Union Carbide for the vic- to fear anxiety reactions before and during exof quality are decli ning in government/ govtims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Unfortunately, a potential nuclear aminations. Today, many parents face the declaernment aided schools, the quality of our disaster would affect more than 100 times the number of victims ration of exam results with much greater fear ound of ilence private schools is not necessarily exemplary. that the gas in Bhopal did. Radiation tends to travel much faster and tension. In addition, the age of the child and farther than poison gas. Similarly, the need to remain in the forefront Though better than the government/ govor the kind of examination does not seem to only to what students can achieve in comThe problem is, the Indian government has already signed matter anymore. petitive examinations? Is skills-building in of the rat race has pushed thousands of children ernment aided schools, the mastery levels away our autonomy in this matter. The passage of the bill is a The illness has spread like an epidemic the early years only in the context of what to the brink, forcing them to sacrifice their achieved by children in private schools is key requirement for the implementation of the landmark 2008 in our society, affecting children and young interview boards want to hear from four- natural inclinations to learn and their inherent lower than expected. India-US nuclear deal! A cursory survey revealed that the peradults who aspire for recognition, better years-olds? Should pressures in a competi- creativity. The pressure to succeed and achieve In principle, any cap on civil liability for a nuclear disaster ranks and employment opportunities. tive world permeate the lives of children are not only found among adults, but seem to in- centage of private school children who could would fly in the face of the principle laid down by the Supreme Consider, for instance, along with the such that any experience of failure could clude the children of the growing middle class as claim mastery was only around 30 per cent. Court that the ‘polluter pays’. However, it is difficult to divine mush rooming of coaching centres that pre- lead to des pair and suicide? In the absence of a mastery of skills but the well. the mind of the Supreme Court. Let us not lose sight of the fact pare young adults for career-oriented exAnswers to questions such as these are deeply For instance, traditionally, the most sig- concomitant presence of pressures to sucthat it was a Supreme Court bench led by the then Chief Justice aminations, there also exist ‘coaching embedded in our social biases, fears and atti- nificant rites of passa ge for young people ceed, the question emerges; is the competA M Ahmedi that diluted the charges in the Bhopal Gas Disaster centres’ for two-,three-, and four-year- tudes. The fear of failure in adult society, for included transition from school to college itive environment in school education case from 304 IPC − Culpable Homicide not amounting to olds that prepare the very young minds instance, has percolated down to include the and to employment. Today, the rites of pas- providing any tangible benefits to our learnMurder − to Section 304 (a), causing death by negligence. One to regurgitate respon ses that will ensure young child who must compete with cousins sage begin much earlier and include school ers? little alphabet changed everything… In a stroke, the Supreme them admission in public schools of their and neighbours to gain admission in schools admissions, annual examinations and comBut one thing is, however, very clear that Court’s verdict sentenced the gas affected people of Bhopal to choice. that match the family’s status, and not neces- petitive co-curricular activities, bringing rat race has plagued today ’s world and be denied justice, by reducing the charges to a mockery; perwith them a host of new pressures to cope school children are paying the price! Has learning in schools been reduced sarily education requirements. petrators of mass murder faced charges normally placed on negligent drivers. Those were the days Thankfully, Mr Moily now feels that laws relating to industrial disasters need to be “strengthened”, and that the law should By Marc de Souza “not open to interpretation”. But what does Mr Moily specifically propose to do about the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, here is something about the wet days, the spicy smell things. what is good and sweet. Creator’s love is ever new. It’s ever 2010? of watered mud, and the softness of the air that can Where could the land be fairer than the country-side? beginning and ever fresh. There are miracles in store for us if we Thankfully, both the Left parties and the Opposition BJP are only be a handiwork of a God who is in love with the The village silence teems with themes of infinite delights: understand the courtship of the rainy season and if we are willing in agreement that the present Bill simply will not do. Maybe earth and its creatures. water splashing, swirling, running over slippery stones and to to be engaged to divinity. proponents of the Bill should consider that in the last 25 years, Between the raindrops and from deep within the moist saturated earth into bronze puddles, milky water falls merrily Men and beast look to the skies and send out prayers of not a single nuclear power station has been set up in the US, wind, is born a call that says, “Come!” It is as clear as the going down in bubbling brooks, a lilt of hidden streams thanksgiving. All creation sings. Everything around is praise. Britain or other advanced countries. Should India be rushing in bird’s new song and as gentle as the tiny blade of grass and rivulets. This is the time when prayers are answered; we speak in where angels fear to tread? that timidly peeps. The cool invigorating air is a blessing. The clouds lift and prose with the poetry of growing things. This is when green The monsoon air has a taste of its own that is somewhere a sweet breeze dances among the trees. The rain scented is still a promise. between mint and midnight. Its heady finger plays in the earth is heavy with the narcotic smell of early buds, We being anew in monsoon and like the earth’s freshly hair like a thousand tiny fingers and makes the skin feel fresh leaves and blossoming shrubs. Suddenly, there is a scrubbed face, our hearts try again to understand the comhank God for Shantaram Naik. Goa’s Rajya Sabha MP, like it belongs to a newborn babe. surfeit of greenery and nature takes over the task of nur- plexi ties of dying and rising. It’s time for the seed to grow, though known as the ‘Hero of Zero Hour’, keeps track of With the fury of a wind-tossed storm, it rouses the trees turing and growth and goes about into eternal recycling it must cast of the husk for its protection and expose its issues affecting Goa in Parliament. Shantaram has, in a from their sleep until the branches rattle and crack like programme. pain to the earth. There would never be a monsoon if there letter faxed to Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal, demanded that bones too long still. Yet, the same breeze can play between Take our friends, the earth worms. I think some will not had not been a hot summer. the quota of seats allotted for the students from Goa for B-Tech the petals of some flowers and hardly stir the blades, like understand my enthusiasm of them. They appear to be in Monsoon is the sacrament of matrimony between the creEngineering should be retained, at least for three more years, the crocus. loads at this time of the year. Living in darkness, they rarely ator and all that is created and it is no accident that only till NIT Goa infrastructure takes shape. Most wonderful are the sounds of monsoon. Such a love come out in the light of day except, owing to excessive The NIT can transform Goa. Unfortunately, 50 per cent of song! The sun sleeps late, takes occasional nips from behind water, when they try to find higher grounds. They toil for the lang uage of love can adequately describe it. Creation is being courted with all the attention of a senseats are reserved for Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli the clouds. The birds accompany the new dawn with sym- the soil something good and wholesome about caring for and Lakshadweep. Shantaram wants that Goa be given 50 per phonies that echo from east to west and give humanity a these limbless creatures, who couldn’t do it for themselves. sitive and determined suitor. The tiniest bud, the faraway cent of the seats, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haweli linked reason to hope. They build tunnels, criss crossing, making the earth fertile bird’s call, rain time moon, all share a magnetism, a fascination, and a charm that often leave us helpless in their with NIT-Gujarat, and Lakshadweep with NIT-Kerala. How many When we least expect it, a bouquet of blooms arrives at our by their excavation. other politicians have even bothered to find out? Monsoon, like all other seasons, tell us not to cling even to presence. doorsteps or in our garden where the earth is filled with living



Monsoon Magic




Why are teachers fighting? Anand Dessai, Panjim Some 11 years back, when Luizinho Faleiro became the CM of Goa, he brought down the retirement age of Goa government employees to 58 years. Then, Francisco Sardinha raised it back to 60 years. Again, Manohar Parrikar brought it down to 58 years. The High Court judgment says that it is the prerogative of the ruling government to decide about the retirement age of the employees. With all this dillying and dallying of the CMs, everybody was cool and calm. Why is that only now, when Digambar Kamat raised it back to 60 years, that there is so much of agitation; is it because he is too soft-spoken? These teachers of all the private schools in Goa were brought under grant-in-aid and given all the benefits of government em-

100 Years Ago


10 June 1910 l






The residents of Nova Goa are alarmed over the suspect cases of pestilences after finding dead rats at various residences in the City. Complaints are pouring against the youth who do not know how to respect their elders. The opening of a new road to link “Novas” to “Velhas Conquistas” which is deemed to benefit the public at large, is to be launched. The laying of the foundation stone for the edifice of “Acknowledgement of Umbrages” being financed by Santa Casa de Misericordia, at the avenue D. Luis de Atayde, on the hillock of Conceicao, took place. The works of construction of the wooden bridge over River Zuari to link Borim to Ambora (Raia) have begun.

ployees. Yet, they are agitating. What should employees of private companies do? It is not just that the government should bring private company employees also under grant-in-aid? Are they not the citizens of the same country?

Look within, Mauvin Soter D’Souza, Socorro I have read the remarks of Cortalim MLA Mauvin Godinho, accusing activists of duplicity (Herald, 7 June) in opposing development projects. If the Cortalim MLA knows the truth, why has he not named the concerned activists? He also taunts activists for not shouting when the Consua hill was haphazardly being cut, and claims he highlighted the issue. Did he intervene while the hill was being cut, or after the hill was cut? Lastly, he claims to have the support of the people for his development projects. Well, even underworld dons often enjoy wide public support. Do numbers decide whether an action is ethical and legal? Mahatma Gandhi said: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Awful Team Blue Willie Severes, Majorda The dismal performance by the Indian cricket team in the T-20 World Cup in the West Indies and the Tri-Series in Harare is because some of the team’s players were worn out, thanks to the curse called IPL. The Indian Premier League is a commercial event, in which glitz and glamour are more important than results. The Indian team failed to register a single victory in the Super Eight stage of the WC. They were embarrased by minnows Zimbabwe in the tri-series. Too much cricket, fun and frolic have destroyed the Indian team. Will the BCCI stop the IPL? It is doing nothing except making rich cricketers even richer. If Indian players are only interested in money, how can we never build a good national team?

Goa not a fool’s paradise Praxy Fernandes, Sanquelim In his typical riposte to my letter ‘Goa: Banana Republic’ (Herald, 4 June), one Soter

Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Day

Political immaturity

Tulsidas Malkarnekar, Margao

During celebrations for completion of three years of the government, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, a minister (unnamed), Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik and former Union Law Minister Ramakant Khalap said their aim was to bring in a purely Congress government (with no coalition partners) in the next election. The CM moved out of the Congress when a ticket was denied, and later came back to enjoy the fruits of office. Nobody knows what will happen if history repeats itself. The minister is expert at changing parties and is holding the ‘key’, so that everybody comes to him. The MP is known to be the ‘Hero of Zero Hour’. Consequently, the intentions of these persons do not matter much, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The former Law Minister was supposed to be politically mature after moving from one party to the other. Hopefully, he is stabilised in the present one. His intentions are purely narrow minded, with the single aim of getting himself elected. Such a statement was not expected from him. It would have been more appropriate and welcome if they had talked about ways and means, and the Master Plan for the development of Goa. All the achievements on paper were read out, but there is no mention of future projects or schemes to alleviate the hardships faced by the ‘aam admi’. I hope that petty and narrow politics will be done away with, and they will come out with a broad perspective for the overall growth of the state; maintaining its identity. Or can we really expect this from a party of and for defectors? D’Souza in his letter ‘Time to act’ (Herald, 5 June) clearly shows his ignorance in understanding my views. It should be an educated guess; what made 82year-old freedom fighter S J Chughani, president of the Mumbai Freedom Fighters Sabha, write: “We were better under British rule!” Do I need to elaborate? Surely everyone is disgusted with the state of affairs. If a reality check statement makes someone feel that we are still mentally and emotionally enslaved with a colonial mindset, then I think the person is living in a fools paradise and wants others to join him. My last statement reads: “I will readily join you in the battle…” It does not show any cowardice or disappearance. I have a right to ask the freedom fighters who liberated us to be active and help us get rid of the present political dispensation, which is ruining Goa’s future generations. I am not associated with any political establishment and certainly not an ideologue of the political party that actually started the ruin of Goa.

Ministers and drug dealers Walter de Mello, Mumbai Failure by the government to institute a CBI investigation into the cop-politico-drug dealer nexus proves the involvement of Goan ministers with drug dealers. The dimwitted Goa Police investigation has resulted in blacklisted officer Ashish Shirodkar getting bail. When the law is dissected to protect the criminal class, it is extremely dangerous for the people of Goa and their children. The centre urgently needs to bring in some reforms into this morally dead state. Squealing like pigs is not for Goans. They need to roar like lions.

Creepy story Anjuli Kaul, Pernem Apropos the article on monsoon animals in ‘Goa’s Heartbeat’ (8 June), I am shocked at the tone adopted by the writer. It is neither humorous nor authentic to read about “creepy reptiles” described as pests. To be dismissive about animals, even if they trouble humans, is no longer in fashion. Flies

do not come into our houses “gleefully”. And if there is garbage and faeces on Mapusa’s streets for them them to sit on, surely we should be pointing fingers elsewhere, instead of at the flies. If our buildings have dark and dirty staircases, surely an encounter with a “slimy frog” should not be our only concern. Sure, we might try Pest Control Services to rid our homes of cockroaches, but first find out why there are cockroaches in our homes, and if spraying poisonous chemicals is the only solution. To be exasperated at the only sensible person in the story – a local who is not scared of snakes and just waits for it to go away from her bathroom before re-entering to bathe – is clearly patronising and disgusting. It is the only correct response to a snake. Fortunately, the writer has some decency to mention grandma’s solutions and the paediatrician’s advise on keeping flies and mosquitoes away. Overuse of the word “creepy” is in poor taste. It has taken environmentalists, sensitive educators, parents and animal lovers a long time to enthuse children, even adults, about the creatures that coexist with humans. It is possible that I have lost my sense of humour over the years, but the lack of compassion that we encounter among humans about animals needs to be addressed.

Goa’s Litter-ati Errol D’Souza, Porvorim Augustus Alphonso of Vasco is right on target. It is absolutely disgraceful to see well educated people ignorant about keeping their surroundings clean and free from litter. Or do they like to see trash all over the place? Recently, there was an exhibition in Panjim. Garbage was strewn all over the place. Even though there were waste bins, some people just threw their paper plates on the ground. I am baffled about why so many Indians and Goans just don’t care about keeping their country and state clean and free from litter. The media can play a crucial part in educating the Indian public to keep their motherland free from litter. There should be litter-free campaigns, just like road safety campaigns.

Paths of Wisdom The best friend in life

by Bhagawan Shree Satya Saibaba Friendship can be illustrated by a s t o r y. A p e r s o n h a d t h r e e friends. He had taken to several bad ways and consequently had to face a court case. He went to a friend and sought his help. The friend bluntly told him that he would not like to be asso ciated with the crime committed by him. He refused to give evidence to rescue him. The second friend, when approached, told him that he would only go up to the court but would not be a witness in a witness box. Thereafter he app ro a c h e d t h e t h i rd f r i e n d f o r help. He immediately res p o n d e d a n d s a i d , “ Ye s , y o u r troubles are mine, my troubles are yours and I shall help you in whatever manner you wish me to help”. It is quite clear t h a t a m o n g s t t h e s e t h re e t h e third is the best kind of friend. In life too we have three such friends. At the time of death, one has to leave behind all that one owns. Wealth and status do n o t a c c o m p a n y y o u . Yo u r friends and relations may come to the burial ground to bur y or c re m a t e t h e b o d y, a n d t h e re af ter all will return home. Only the good and bad acts that you have performed in your life will accompany you. Your next birth will be car ved out according to your deeds in this life. In order to remain good, you must cultivate a respect for truth, w h i c h i s p e r m a n e n t , w h e re a s ever ything else including your body is subject to change, decay and death. (Source : Chinna Katha – Sto ries and Parables)

Printed and published by Vinayak Pai Bir for and on behalf of Herald Publications Pvt Ltd. Printed at Herald Publications Pvt Ltd, Plot No: L-135, Phase II, Verna Industrial Estate, Verna, Salcete, Goa. Published at PO Box 160, Rua Sao Tome, Panjim, Goa - 403001. Editor-in-chief: Mr R F Fernandes. Editor: Ashwin Tombat (Responsible under PRB Act). Regd Office: St Tome Road, Panjim, Goa. Tel: 2224202, 2228083, Fax: 2222475 (all Editorial); 2230535, Fax: 2225622 (Advertising); Margao: 2737689. Mumbai Office: 16-A, Bell Building, 2nd Floor, 19 Sir PM Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001 (Tel: 22840702/22844908). RNI No: 43667/83. HOW TO CONTACT US: — For press notes, general queries. — Junior Herald & Careers. — Sunday Mirror. — For Reporters. — For Business news. — For Letters to the Editor. — For Sports news. — For Advertisements. — For Herald 2day. — For Tiatr Reviews and Reports. Disclaimer: Except for the editorial above, articles and letters in Herald represent the views of the concerned authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Herald editor, publisher, and/or owners.

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opinionated The Portuguese language and its future in Goa By Herman de Sousa


he future of the Portuguese language in Goa,Damao and Dio, 49 years after the annexation of the former Portuguese Estado da India, is today a matter of concern. What was once the official language 500 years back – much before English was introduced in the subcontinent –can now face a further decline , if steps are not taken to popularize it. Goa, a bastion of talented writers of the language of Luis de Camoes, who set foot here, needs to preserve the language, and there is no better period to do so, than this year 2010, which is the 100th year of the foundation of the Republic in Portugal and 500th year of the foundation of the Estado da India. It must be emphasized here that were it not for the establishment of the Consulate General of Portugal in Goa and the setting up of the Instituto Camoes and Fundacao Oriente, there would have been a gradual disappearance , of the language. Families which spoke Portuguese are switching over to English due to marriage with English speaking families. Among Hindu families too, those who were masters of the language and worked in the top cadres of the civil service and also as escrivaes, are reluctant to teach their children the language, as English is more popular. This is seen even ;in Daman and Dio, where the language spoken in Christian households was only Portuguese. Even the Mass was also only in Portuguese in the Churches there. All is not lost and the efforts of the Portuguese Government to popularize the language here, has begun to bear fruit. It needs further strengthening. One suggestion is the starting of a weekly newspaper supplement by Herald which could consist of one sheet issue, to be included in the English daily once a week. The masthead of this supplement should be of the old Portuguese “O HERALDO’and should carry news of the Portuguese speaking ;nations of Africa, Brazil, Macao and Timor Leste.. This will revive the broken link between Goa and the erstwhile African and Far Eastern colonies of Portugal and Brazil.This supplement can be circulated to the PALOP and Brazilian embassies , and they could be requested to arrange for news handouts from their Information Departments. News could also be collected from RTP AFRICA, internet and also from stringers. The supplement could also carry various items like anecdotes, “Teach yourself Portuguese” lessons snippets from old Portuguese papers.. Herald being the first daily in the Portuguese colonies, deserves the honour of starting this, and it would also close the gap of 27 years since the cessation of the Portuguese edition. Today Portuguese speaking Africa is developing fast and the Chinese are in the forefront in their development. In this respect, Macao is playing an important role in training entrepreneurs and staff in Portuguese. The learning of the Portuguese language would open up tremendous opportunities in Africa, Central and South America, because of its closeness to the Spanish and Italian languages. The pragmatism of the leaders of Timor Leste in keeping Portuguese as the official language, despite 25 years of occupation, is a matter of great appreciation. Their proximity to Australia, an English speaking nation has not come in the way to discard the Portuguese language. Despite being member of the Commonwealth and surrounded by English speaking nations, Mocambique too has maintained the language It is hoped that Herald will take into consideration these suggestions, and start planning now so that the supplement could hit the stands soon. The subscribers would not mind a small increase in the price of the weekend newspaper, to offset the cost of the supplement. Goa had around three Portuguese dailies, besides the eveninger Diario de Noite. It is unfortunate that all have closed down, and Goa remains the only erstwhile colony of Portugal that does not have a Portuguese publication. Efforts by Dr. Jorge Fernandes to publish Lusofonia also came to an end after sometime, due to lack of financial and advertising support. Within a few years the generation of readers of Portuguese newspapers like O Heraldo, Heraldo, A Vida, Diario de Noite will be gone. It would a tribute to the memory of Senhor A.C Fernandes, who was more familiar with Portuguese than English, if this edition comes up, and also to bring back memories to these few remaining readers. It will also help the students of Portuguese of the schools and Colleges in Goa Damao and Dio as well as of the classes of institutions like Indo Portuguese friendship Society to keep in touch with the language

Chidu to press Pak on Saeed probe, seek voice samples PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 9

India is expected to press Pakistan to pursue probe against Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed in the 26/11 case and seek voice samples of handlers of the attackers during the visit of Home Minister P Chidambaram to Islamabad later this month. Chidambaram, who will be travelling to Islamabad on June 26 primarily for SAARC Interior Minister's Conference, is expected to have bilateral meetings with Pakistani leaders during which he is also likely to raise the issue of cross border infiltration. Ahead of the visit, Pakistan High Commissioner Shahid Malik met Chidambaram here today to discuss issues related to the trip. Sources said Chidambaram is expected to meet his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik and seek to know the status of investigation and trial being conducted in Pakistan in the Mumbai attacks case. The sources said Chidambaram would seek to know the follow up on the 10 dossiers India gave to Pakistan, detailing the evidence against Saeed and others in 26/11. Pakistan's Supreme Court had on May 25 set Saeed free, arguing that there was not enough evidence to keep him detained. This had disappointed India, which maintained that it had given ample material regarding involvement of Saeed in the Mumbai attacks and several

MP govt to challenge Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict in HC PTI BHOPAL, JUNE 9

Describing the verdict in the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy case as "disappointing", Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today said the state government will challenge it in the High Court and seek enhancement of the sentence awarded to the convicts. "We are going to challenge the verdict in the High Court for which we have constituted an expert committee to study the legal aspects before going in for an appeal," Chouhan told reporters here. The five-member committee comprised State Advocate General R D Jain, former state advocate generals Vivek Tankha and Anand Mohan Mathur, State Law Department Principal Secretary A K Mishra and legal luminary Shantilal Lodha, he said. "The committee, after study-

Govt reconstitutes GoM on Bhopal gas case PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 9

Two days after the court verdict in the Bhopal gas case, Government today re-constituted a Group of Ministers which will be headed by Home Minister P Chidambaram to look into relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the worst industrial disaster. The 10-member panel would also have Union Ministers Ghulam Nabi Azad, M Veerappa Moily, S Jaipal Reddy, Kamal Nath, Kumari Selja, M K Alagiri, Prithviraj Chavan, Jairam Ramesh and a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government as members, officials said. The GoM will examine all issues relating to Bhopal gas leakage including remedial measures and make appropriate recommendations relating to the relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the tragedy and their families, they said. Nearly 26 years after the disaster left over 15,000 dead, former Union Carbide India Chairman Keshub Mahindra and six others were on Monday sentenced to two years imprisonment. ing the case will submit its initial report within 10 days and the final one within a month so that

the trial court's verdict can be challenged in the stipulated 90 days," Chouhan said.

He said his government would seek enhancement of the sentence of two years prison term awarded to then UCIL chairman Keshub Mahindra and six others in the gas tragedy case. Pointing fingers on prosecution agency CBI, the chief minister asked why it didn't file a review petition in the apex court when it amended the charges to incorporate lenient sections of IPC including 304-A (causing death by negligence) from 304II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder). Chouhan alleged the CBI had not been serious in the extradition of Warren Anderson, the then chairman of Union Carbide Corporation, USA, who appears to have gone scot-free in the case as he is still an absconder and has not subjected himself to trial. "Only paper work has been done in this regard," he said.

Maoist threat to Duranto PTI KOLKATA, JUNE 9

A major fire broke-out in the production unit of a paint company at Karattur on the outskirts of Chennai on Tuesday night.

‘Sikkim has great sericulture potential’ PTI GANGTOK, JUNE 9

With its natural resources and rich bio-diversity, Sikkim has vast potential in sericulture, State Forest and Tourism Minister Bhim Dhungel said today. Dhungel was inaugurating the two-day review meeting on implementation of catalytic development programme and cluster promotion with eastern states, organized by Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles here. Pointing out that sericulture can be a viable source of employment for rural youth, Dhungel appealed to the union ministry to help Sikkim become a self-sufficient state in the field of sericulture. Dhungel hoped there will be no dearth of funds and finance to support this field with both the state and central governments working in tandem.

Train services in Maoist-hit West Midnapore district were suspended this evening after the GRP alerted the authorities that the ultras were targeting the Mumbai-Howrah Duranto Express, South Eastern Railway sources said. "The Jhargram GRP informed us around 7:35 pm that Maoists were planning an attack on the Mumbai-Howrah Duranto Express. We have accordingly stopped all trains at the nearest stations," the sources said. As a result, train services on the Kharagpur-Tatanagar section were suspended. They said the Duranto Express was stopped at the Ghatsila station and the Howrah-Tatanagar Steel Express at Kalaikunda. "We may have to take Duranto back to Tatanagar and the Steel Express to Kharagpur," the sources said, adding that the Up and Down Tatanagar-Kharagpur passenger trains have also been stopped.

India, Lanka sign seven pacts, discuss resettlement of Tamils PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 9

India and Sri Lanka today inked seven pacts, ranging from security to development, and discussed steps being taken to rehabilitate displaced Tamils, a process which New Delhi wants to be expedited. During wide-ranging talks here, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about his government's efforts to resettle nearly three lakh Tamils displaced due to the war with LTTE. Singh is understood to have emphasised on speeding up the process of resettlement and devolution of political powers to ethnic Tamils. The two leaders also discussed a host of bilateral and international issues, including an expansion of economic ties, energy security and increased

cooperation in areas of development and counter-terrorism. After the meeting, seven pacts were signed to boost bilateral cooperation across a range of areas, including security, power, railways and cultural exchange. Two MoUs were inked on the transfer of sentenced persons and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters that aim at enhancing security cooperation between the two countries. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) on interconnecting electricity grids of the two countries could mean supply of 1,000 MW of power that will go a long way in improving the situation in Sri Lanka which continues to suffer due to war-ravaged electricity infrastructure. A pact on laying TalaimannarMadhu rail link was also signed.

Increased development cooperation was reflected across other pacts that included an MoU on special projects and setting up of a women's trade facilitation and community learning centre by SEWA, an Ahmedabad-based NGO. Rajapaksa arrived in India on a four-day visit on Tuesday evening, his first trip after his sweeping electoral victories in January this year. An estimated 70,000 displaced Tamils still continue to live in relief camps even after a year of Sri Lankan army crushing the insurgency led by LTTE. Although it had promised to resettle all 300,000 war displaced within six months of defeating the LTTE, the deadline for closure of relief camps housing the refugees has been extended to August by the Rajapaksa government.

New device by Indian Brothers to treat stroke SCIENCE CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI, JUNE 9

other cases. During his visit, Chidambaram is expected to press Pakistan to pursue the probe against Saeed by following up on the leads provided in the Indian dossiers. He is also expected to seek voice samples of "handlers" of the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008, they said. These include the seven LeT operatives who are currently undergoing trial in Pakistan. India has been demanding voice samples of the handlers whose conversations were intercepted while the attack unfolded as this will help in the investigations into the Mumbai terror attack. The meeting of SAARC Foreign Ministers will be preceded by the meeting of Home Secretaries of the eight-nation grouping. The meeting will discuss regional cooperation for dealing with the menace of terrorism, narcotics smuggling and organised crime.

Synergy of two Indian brothers, one neurologist and another engineer, settled in the United States has produced a new device that can efficiently remove blood clots in brain to save one from the stroke that kills unless he or she gets immediate medical help. Time is critical in case of the stroke as more than a million brain cells die each minute, starved of nourishment due to critical damage in a cerebral blood vessel. The new device overcomes this limitation in current emergency stroke treatments, potentially extending the time for a victim up to eight hours to get the help. The device is a sort of lengthy catheter, which its creators Vallabh Janardhan, an interventional neurologist, and Vikram Janardhan, an engineer, have nicknamed Sheltertm, a short form of "Stroke Help using an Endo-Lumical Transcatheter Embolus Retrieval. The Janardhan brothers had provided glimpses of their creation in Chennai in August 2008. They hope to run clinical trials of the device in the U.S. in 2012 or 2013 and seek regulatory approval shortly thereafter. Only

recently it came out with flying colours in a rigorous test in the United States. They developed the device with support from Insera Therapeutics of California. The device contains two primary components: An outer sheath for containing captured clots and an inner filament that houses the collapsible, five-millimetre-diameter, nickel-titanium mesh that grabs and filters the clots. To prevent accidental puncturing of blood vessels, the inner component also contains a soft, spring-like tip and a polymer safety coating. "At the end of the day, ischemic strokes are simply a clog in a pipe," said Vikram Janardhan. "But such strokes are the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States. We ought to be able to leverage innovative technology to successfully treat this medical emergency." The technology recently completed rigorous testing in a unique, water-filled test bed that was modelled in silicone from human-cadaver brain vessels. Complete with aneurysms, atherosclerosis and "plaque", the new test-bed is more accurate than certain animal tests, and has helped speed the device's

development. Potentially, the test-bed could present a new approach to late-stage evaluation of certain medical technologies. Sheltertm is the first platform to both filter and remove clots, the first to entrap the clot from both its near and far ends, and the first capable of accessing small vessels in the brain. Critically, the technology can be custom-fit for the specific length and diameter of a patient's clot, a personalised approach that may improve treatment success. In emergency use, a interventional neurologist would deploy Sheltertm using an approach similar to other catheter-based treatments, guiding a catheter from a blood vessel in the leg to the site of the clot. The catheter would travel through the blockage--unlike blood flow, the metal device has no trouble penetrating clots--to its far side, where the net deploys. The interventional neurologist then carefully pulls the debris into a cylindrical trap that caps the outer length of the catheter. The Janardhan brothers improved and evaluated their system using months of simulated extractions on their unique testing apparatus. To create the apparatus, Insera contracted a company to

create a transparent silicone replica from the brain vasculature of a plasticized human cadaver. Then, Insera added modifications (known in the trade as "severe disease burden") to accurately represent the arteries of a real stroke victim, an environment that is much more difficult to navigate than the arteries of a standard model or a laboratory animal.

CBI probing '93 blasts accused links with terror suspects PTI MUMBAI, JUNE 9

CBI is probing alleged links of deported 1993 serial bomb blasts accused Tahir Merchant with two terror suspects, Abdul Latif and Riyaz Ali, facing charges of plotting attack on ONGC Headquarters and two prominent markets in the city. The investigating agency started probing this angle after the arrest of Tahir Merchant, a close aide of prime accused in the 1993 blasts case Tiger Memon, yesterday following his deportation from Abu Dhabi. According to the CBI, Latif and Riyaz, who were arrested by the ATS in March this year, have given "vital information" regarding Merchant. "We are seeking help from Anti-Terrorist Squad during Merchant's interrogation. Riyaz and Latif are believed to have been in regular touch with several persons in Pakistan, including one who was referred to as 'Uncle'. We will jointly try to ascertain the identity of these per-

sons," a CBI official said. According to ATS, 'Uncle' is suspected to be Bashir Khan, also a close aide of Memon and an absconding accused in the 1993 blasts case. Latif and Riyaz have been accused of plotting terror strikes at the ONGC headquarters and Thakkar mall in suburban Mumbai and the Mangaldas market in south Mumbai. appointments




Turkey’s rift with Israel worries US REUTERS LONDON, JUNE 9

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates voiced concern today about Turkey's breakdown in relations with Israel and signs that Ankara -- pushed, he said, by some in Europe -- may be drifting ''eastward''. ''The deterioration in the relationship between Turkey and Israel over the past year or so is a matter of concern,'' Gates told reporters in London. ''I think the two had a pretty constructive relationship and one that contributed to stability in the region, and I hope that, over time, that kind of constructive relationship can be reestablished,'' he added. Relations between Israel and Turkey broke down after a deadly Israeli raid on an aid flotilla bound for the Hamasruled Gaza Strip, but Gates attributed the broader shift by Turkey to European reluctance to accept the country. ''I personally think that if there is anything to the notion that Turkey is, if you will, moving eastward, it is, in my view, in no small part because it was pushed, and pushed by some in Europe refusing to give Turkey the kind of organic link t o t h e We s t t h a t Tu r ke y sought.''

Aquino proclaimed Philippines Prez AP MANILA, JUNE 9

The Philippine Congress proclaimed Benigno Aquino III the countr y's new president Wednesday amid high hopes he will fulfill his campaign promise to eliminate corruption and poverty and restore trust in government. A joint session by the Senate and House of Representatives voted to formalize the landslide victory of the son of the country's revered democracy icons — Benigno Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino — after the Philippines' first national automated elections last month. Aquino will take his oath as the country's 15th president on June 30, succeeding Gloria Macapagal Arroyo whose nineyear rule has been wracked by four coup attempts by mutinous troops, and opposition impeachment bids over allegations of election fraud, corruption scandals and human rights abuses. Aquino promised justice and "closure on so many issues." "As president, we will be in a position to effect the necessary changes," he told reporters.

North Korea denies sinking South ship REUTERS UNITED NATIONS, JUNE 9

North Korea has sent a letter to the U.N. Security Council rejecting accusations from South Korea that it was behind the sinking of one of its neighbor's navy ships, saying it was the victim of a US-led conspiracy. The letter, addressed to the U.N. Security Council president from the North's permanent representative to the body, followed the filing of a complaint by the South last week demanding action by the international community to deter further aggression. A team of international investigators led by South Korea's military said in May that a North Korean submarine torpedoed the corvette Cheonan on March 26, snapping the vessel in half in a blast and killing 46 sailors. North Korea, through its official media, has already rejected the charge, saying it was a ploy by the South's President Lee Myung-bak aimed at political gains for his conservative government. "With time it is becoming clearer through military and scientific analysis that the 'investigation findings' by the U.S. and the South, which had been from their announcement subject to doubts and criticism, is nothing more than a conspiracy aimed at achieving U.S. political and military goals," said the letter, signed by the North's permanent representative to the U.N. Sin Son-ho and carried by the official

KCNA news agency. "If the Security Council goes ahead with discussions on the 'investigation findings' ... no one will be able to guarantee there won't be grave consequences to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula." North Korea has driven tensions to new heights in recent weeks by threatening war if Seoul imposes sanctions. The mounting antagonism between the two Koreas has unnerved investors, worried about armed conflict breaking out in the region. Many analysts say neither side is ready to go to war, but see the possibility of more skirmishes in a disputed sea border off the west coast or along their heavily armed border. Despite the tense confrontation, the South said on Wednesday it had approved the shipments of baby formula for North Korean infants as a rare exception to the ban on trade, travel and movement of goods across their border. The United States, the South's biggest ally, said Seoul may not seek a full Security Council resolution because of rising tensions after the sinking of the Cheonan. Seoul said it would hold discussions with its allies to ensure action was taken. Western diplomats say China, North Korea only real ally, will not tolerate new sanctions, while Seoul appears determined to have the council at least agree on some form of rebuke.

Militants attack NATO convoy in Pak AP SANGJANI, JUNE 9

Militants attacked dozens of trucks ferrying vehicles for Western troops in Afghanistan early Wednesday near the Pakistani capital, a bold assault that killed seven people and illustrated the vulnerability of a crucial US supply line. Militants and ordinary criminals have often attacked NATO and US supply convoys over the past two years, but Wednesday's strike was the first so close to the well-protected capital, something likely to cause particular unease. Much of the fuel and supplies for Western troops in Afghanistan travels through Pakistan after arriving in the port city of Karachi. An Associated Press photographer saw around 60 containers damaged at a truck depot on the main road leading to the border with Afghanistan, about six miles (10 kilometers) from Islamabad. Many carried military vehicles such as Humvees. On Wednesday, charred shells of the trucks were jumbled together at the depot, and firefighters were dousing small blazes. The pungent smell of smoke gripped the air as officials surveyed the damage. A group of around 15 suspected militants first opened fire with automatic weapons and grenades before torching

the trucks, police officer Kalim Imam said. Police official Shah Nawaz said Wednesday afternoon that seven people died. The victims' identities were not known, but they were believed to be Pakistanis employed as drivers or assistants. Seven people were also wounded. US Embassy spokesman Rick Snelsire declined to comment, but said American officials were investigating reports that NATO supplies were involved. The convoy attacks have added impetus to American efforts to open new supply lines into Afghanistan, but commanders say they have not affected operations there. Guns, bombs and ammunition are not believed to be transported in the trucks, thousands of which make the journey each week. The attack near Islamabad followed clashes between the Pakistani military and insurgents in the northwest tribal belt bordering Afghanistan that killed 54 people, including eight soldiers, officials said. One clash occurred in Orakzai tribal region when dozens of militants attacked a security convoy, sparking a battle that killed six soldiers and 40 militants, government administrator Samiullah Khan said. The army had declared Orakzai cleared of insurgents earlier this month.

Aquino smiles as he waits for his first press conference.

"With the backing of the people, I don't think anything is impossible." The official congressional count ended Tuesday showing Aquino defeating his eight rivals by more than 15 million votes — about 5.7 million ahead of his closest opponent, ousted leader Joseph Estrada. Estrada's running mate, Jejomar Binay, the mayor of Manila's financial district Makati, will become vice president after defeating Aquino's candidate, Manuel Roxas II, in the separate race for the No. 2 position.

Supporters of Aquino and Binay in the House gallery erupted into loud cheers and applause after the announcements. Ricardo Saludo, spokesman for Arroyo, who is visiting China, congratulated Aquino and Binay and called on Filipinos "to rally behind our new leaders as they assume the awesome responsibilities of their offices." "Their election demonstrates that our democracy is vibrant, and our new electoral system is working for our people," Saludo said in a statement.

Support for Japan’s PM at 61.5%: poll REUTERS TOKYO, JUNE 9

Support for Japan's ruling Democratic Party has jumped after the launch of new Prime Minister Naoto Kan's government, improving its chances in an election likely next month, a survey showed on Wednesday. But the Democrats may still fall short of a majority in the upper house vote expected in July, meaning they would need help from current or new coalition partners, complicating decision-making on policies including fiscal reform. A survey by the Kyodo news

agency put support for Kan's government at 61.5 percent, more than 40 points higher than the rating at the end of May for his predecessor Yukio Hatoyama, who quit last week. The Kyodo poll also showed that 43.8 percent planned to vote for the Democrats in the upper house poll, up 11.2 points from the last survey at the end of May. That compared with 21.6 percent who plan to cast their ballots for the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, ousted last year after more than a halfcentury of almost unbroken rule.

FROM PAGE 1 More mysteries

mother was not in the house and evidence suggests that she was at the Ravindra Bhavan, while Nadia’s brother had gone out when Mickky entered the house. “The Crime Branch has recorded detailed statement that Nadia’s mother was not in the house when Mickky visited on May 14 night. What is the mother trying to hide. Why is she hiding something?”, Sardinha submitted in the court, adding that only the former tourism minister can give an answer to the question as to what transpired between him and Nadia on May 14 night in the light of injuries on her body. Raising doubts over the dying declaration made by Nadia at the Jupiter Hospital, Thana, the public prosecutor drew attention of the court that Nadia’s statement that she took rat poison by mistake cannot be taken as dying declaration as the same was recorded in the presence of two police constables, a former investigating officer from Goa and the family, adding that call locations revealed that Pacheco was in Thana on the day when the statement was recorded by a magistrate. “The statement says that she was taken to the hospital by her mother and one Liona. Why does the deceased not even make a mention of Pacheco”, she asked and said that only custodial interrogation of the former minister will clear all suspicions and will help bring to task many more people.

Court rejects Lyndon’s plea cant failed to appear at the police station though he was summoned by the Crime Branch. “Relevant information is not provided by Lyndon through he was called and he was duty bound to help the prosecution”, the judge said. The judge observed that the young lady lost her life and the circumstances under which she was shifted from one hospital to another and that too out of Goa creates some doubt about the involvement of Lyndon also since he was present throughout along with family members of the deceased and even helped them financially to pay the bill of the hospitals as well as transport facilities. “The CID is also suspecting some involvement of the family members of the deceased”, the judge added. He said it is true the CID has not included the name of Lyndon as an accused in the matter, but the reply clearly shows that he is one of the suspected persons involved in destroying material evidence in order to protect the prime suspect. “The post mortem shows there were multiple injuries on the body of the deceased, which were ante mortem and presence of such injuries creates grave suspicions about assault or hurt being caused prior to consuming poison”, the judge observed. The judge further said the prosecution has collected sufficient material to show that Lyndon was having access to the house of the deceased and thus it was possible for him to destroy evidence against the prime suspect by taking help of some family members of the deceased, who are admittedly close friends of Lyndon.

Mickky’s custody saying that nothing incriminating has been found in the residential premises of late Nadia. “The Crime Branch wants to aggravate the degree of the offense. For homicide, there should be an act of violence”, the defense counsel added. The defense also sought to demolish the prosecution theory by saying that the offense of attempt to commit suicide, abetment to commit suicide and culpable homicide not amounting to murder cannot go together. “The prosecution has not stated their reply what is the role and act of any individuals that brings Pacheco to level of culpability”, he added. Sardinha, on the other hand, said that custodial interrogation is required to ascertain Pacheco’s relationship with the deceased, to find out the exchange of huge money to the Nadia family, to verify the various call locations at various points of time and to recover the two mobile phones Nadia was using her laptop and the rat poison (Ratol) tube.




Indian origin Nikki ahead of rivals for gubernatorial ticket


Running to become South Carolina's first female Governor, Indian-American Nikki Haley overcame unsubstantiated accusations of extramarital affairs and racial slurs to just fall short of the Republican gubernatorial nomination, but won a spot for a run-off on June 22. Surviving a turbulent primary campaign, Haley garnered nearly 49 per cent of the votes - way ahead of her nearest rival by more than 25 per cent- but couldn't avoid a run-off falling short just by one per cent on the mandatory 50 per cent of the votes. Haley, a three time State law maker who has the backing of the Tea Party and endorsement from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will face Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett in the run-off. The winner will be up against Democratic Senator Vincent Sheheen in November. 38-year-old Haley a mother of two children faced a smear campaign in her hunt to be the first woman of Indian descent to don a Governor's post in an American state. She was pasted with unsubstantiated charges that she had affairs with two men. She steadfastly denied the infidelity claims levlled by a political blogger and a lobbyist who worked for a rival campaign. Haley was also target of racial slurs because her parents are Sikhs who emigrated from India. On top of these allegations, Haley had also to face being called a "raghead"- a derogatory term

used for people of West Asian and Indian descent- by one opponent's backers. But by her popular backing, she silenced these critics. In the run up for the Republican nomination, Haley knocked South Carolina's Attorney General as well as Lieutenant Governor out of the race for which they had prepared for years. It was Lt Governor Andre Bauer's supporter who had used the slur words. Waiting for the outcome of the polls, Haley said, "We had no identity and no money, but boy, did we push back." Her outstanding performance triggered off jubilation in her camp and the Indian American community across the US, who have stood by her through the thick and thin of the campaign din. If she wins the run off on June 22 and the battle against the Democrat opponent in November, Haley has a chance of being second Governor of Indian-American descent after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Born Nimrata Randhawa on January 20, 1972 of immigrant parents from Punjab, Haley is considered to be another rising star of the Republican Party along with Bobby Jindal. She has a major in accounting. It's been a long haul for Haley called "Nikki Who?" to "Charismatic" Republican leader. "The past few days on the campaign trail, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley liked to joke that she went from "Nikki Who?" to a near-permanent spot on the front pages of the Palmetto State's newspapers," The Washington Post said after the results were declared. "If the 38-year-old state representative becomes the Republican nominee in a June 22 runoff, she would also instantly become one of the national party's most promising rising stars. "She's smart and serious about policy, a charismatic campaigner who dresses stylishly and can deliver barbed attacks with a smile," the daily said. "Although Haley was raised a Sikh, she married a Methodist and is raising her two children, Rena and Nalin, as Methodists. She became the first descendant of the Sikh religion elected to any state legislature in the United States," The Post said.

No change in Kashmir policy: US PTI WASHINGTON, JUNE 9

Activists of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), one of them disguised as their rat mascot, hold placards during a protest in front of the Indian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Wednesday. PETA protested against a proposal by an Indian drug company to build an animal testing laboratory in Malaysia.

Israel eases Gaza embargo, allows snack food in REUTERS JERUSALEM, JUNE 9

Israel is easing its Gaza embargo to allow snack food and beverages into the Palestinian enclave, Palestinian officials said Wednesday, following an international outcry over Israel's raid on an aid flotilla. An Israeli government official said the decision, announced hours before US President Barack Obama was to host Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington, was unrelated to Israel's May 31 takeover of the convoy that challenged its Gaza blockade. The talks between Obama and Abbas are expected to focus on ways to ease the embargo,

which has drawn mounting international criticism since Israeli commandos, who met violent resistance on a Turkish-flagged ship, killed nine pro-Palestinian activists. The Palestinian officials, based in the West Bank, said that as of next week, Israel will allow a wider variety of food, such as potato crisps, biscuits, canned fruit and packaged humors, as well as soft drinks and juice, into the Gaza Strip. "They will send the first course. We are waiting for the main course," Palestinian Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh said in Ramallah. "We are waiting for this unjust siege to end." Israel says its blockade of

Gaza is necessary to choke off weapons supplies to Hamas Islamists who run the enclave and are opposed to Abbas's peace efforts with the Jewish state. The United Nations says the Israeli blockade has caused a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, an allegation Israel denies. Raed Fattouh, head of a West Bank-based Palestinian government committee that coordinates entry of goods into the Gaza Strip from Israel, said it was unclear whether Hamas would let the Israeli-made drinks and snack food in. A Palestinian merchant, who spoke to Reuters in the Gaza Strip on condition of anonymity, said Hamas officials ordered

Tehran has enough material for 2 nuclear bombs: IAEA AGENCIES WASHINGTON, JUNE 9

Iran has amassed enough fissile material to build two nuclear bombs, according to the United Nations atomic watchdog. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA’s) last report before a Security Council vote on proposed new sanctions for Iran also detailed how its inspectors have been denied access to facilities. It renders obsolete Iran’s efforts to revive a fuel-swap deal which was aimed at delaying the moment it reaches nuclear capability. The report said Iran has continued to evade questions over evidence of weapons work while improving its uranium enrichment capabilities. Iran’s stockpile of low-en-

riched uranium stands at two tonnes, enough to arm two nuclear warheads if enriched further. The country, which has been ordered five times by the Security Council to halt enrichment until weapons questions are addressed, defied the international community to begin enriching uranium to 20 per cent, bringing it closer to weapons-grade fuel. It claims that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only and says that it needs the 20 per cent fuel to make medical isotopes. It began the higher enrichment process after the collapse of an IAEA deal to ship most of its nuclear fuel stocks abroad in return for 20 per cent fuel rods. Western countries and Russia

backed that deal in the hope that it would delay the moment when Iran amassed enough fuel to be able to build a bomb. Iran rejected the deal then, but recently revived it with the backing of Turkey and Brazil, offering to ship the material to Turkey in the hope of forestalling any attempt to impose sanctions. The new report suggests, however, that the amount agreed, 1,200kg (2,650lb), would still leave Iran with enough material for one bomb. Washington has won the tentative backing of Russia and China for sanctions mostly targeting the Revolutionary Guard, the guardians of the nuclear programme, but has failed to win agreement on more stringent economic restrictions.

A picture made available on Wednesday shows people watching the river swelling up after heavy rains overnight in scenic Fenghuang county in south China's Hunan province. Six people have been killed in disasters caused by rains since Monday in Hunan.

Euro-fighter to create 20,000 jobs in India PTI BERLIN, JUNE 9

Four-nation European consortium EADS is offering to create 20,000 high-skilled jobs in India if it bags the lucrative Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) contract. The contract would entail technology transfer and manufacture of the fighter planes by the buyer country. "We will create with the Eurofighter 20,000 high-skilled jobs in India. We have already hired eight engineers and will

Suicide bombing foiled in Iraq REUTERS MOSUL, JUNE 9

A 16-year-old al Qaeda recruit was arrested today just minutes before he planned to blow himself up and assassinate a Shi'ite cleric in northern Iraq, security forces said. A senior military official in Tal Afar, 60 km west of the restive city of Mosul, said al Qaeda recruited the teenager to kill cleric Hashim Antar using a suicide vest. ''We got there minutes before he could use the vest,'' Brigadier Abdul Rahman Handhal told Reuters, adding ''We received valuable information in advance that al Qaeda was planning to target a Shi'ite figure in the town, helping us to prevent a horrible crime,'' he said.

hire another 100 within the next 10-14 months and are looking particularly for electronic engineers," Stefan Zoller, head of EADS Defence and Security said. He maintained that this figure would go upto 250 engineers for Eurofighter in two years. Zoller argued that India's human resource had a rich talent in the field of software and had "proven high-quality" software professionals which could be tapped by the EADS, a consortium formed by UK, Germany, Spain and Italy.

If the consortium wins this contract then several other companies would also be involved in the ambitious project, generating more employment. EADS, which makes Eurofighter Typhoon MMRCA, is one of the bidders for the 126 such fighter planes that India has floated tenders for. The European consortium is already working with India in building the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) being built in Bangalore. "40 Indian engineers are

working in the LCA project partly here and in India," Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of (Military Air Systems) EADS, Defence and Security said. Though EADS is more than eager to include technology transfer as one of the key components of the deal, there is a concern about not getting 50 per cent stake in any venture established by the consortium in India. Recalling an earlier attempt to strike a deal with Larsen and Toubro in India, Zoller said a for-

eign company getting only 26 per cent stake became an issue. "Whatever we generate there, we get only 26 per cent. We want 50 per cent participation," he said. EADS officials maintain that they look at India as a partner and not just an "interesting market". "We want to become a strong security and defence company in India," Zoller said, adding that his aim was to create "centres of competence" there which would be meet global standards.

Climate chief: No choice, but to take action AP BONN, JUNE 9

The new UN climate chief says nations have no choice but to join forces to stop global warming, even after her predecessor said he doubts sufficient climate goals will be set by 2020. Christiana Figueres was appointed last month to replace Yvo de Boer as head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. On Monday, de Boer said the U.N.'s negotiation process was unlikely to deliver "adequate mitigation targets in the next decade." Still, Figueres told reporters at a U.N. climate conference Wednesday "there is no other option" but to meet the challenge of cutting greenhouse gas emissions enough to prevent drastic climate change. She says the Copenhagen cli-

A cloud of smoke curls from the chimney.

mate summit had some positive results even if it was "full of errors from which we can learn." Meanwhile, many developing nations insisted at UN climate

Asserting that there is "no change" in its Kashmir policy, the US today hoped that India and Pakistan would make progress on resolving the "important issue". "We recognise that this is a very, very important issue between India and Pakistan," the State Department spokesman, P J Crowley, told reporters at his daily news briefing while responding to a question on the visit of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Kashmir and his offer of talks. "As the dialogue between India and Pakistan, we hope that India and Pakistan can make progress in understanding this issue," Crowley said. Earlier in the day, appearing at a State Department Blog Forum, Assistant Secretary, Robert Blake, said there is no change in America's policy on Kashmir.

talks today that a full UN treaty should be agreed in 2010 even though others are resigned to a far longer haul to tackle global warming. ''This is about our survival'',

said Collin Beck of the Solomon Islands who is vice-chair of the Alliance of Small Island States which fear a creeping rise in world sea levels caused by global warming.

Pak pumps Rs 11,000 cr more into military PTI ISLAMABAD, JUNE 9

Pakistan's is planning to buy more fighter jets, surveillance planes and submarines and the nation's military has been allocated billions of rupees over and above the defence budget for making such high-end weapon purchases. A part of the special funding for the defence will also go to provide more sophisticated weapons to the military for undertaking counter insurgency operations against Taliban militants. Islamabad last week hiked defence spending for 2010-11 to Rs 442.2 billion (USD 5.18 billion) up from Rs 342.9 billion allocated in the last fiscal. Besides the defence budget of Rs 442.2 billion for 2010-11, the government has allocated Rs 110 billion out of budget estimates for the Armed Forces Development Plan, ongoing antimilitancy operations and a key defence initiative. The aim of this initiative is to enable the military to acquire fighter jets and surveillance aircraft, submarines and other weapons and technology to effectively counter external threats and terrorism. Pakistan recently received upgraded F-16 fighter jets, P-3C Orion maritime reconnaissance and helicopter gunships from the US.

businessmen in the enclave not to import most of the items from Israel. A variety of goods come into the Gaza Strip from neighboring Egypt via smuggling tunnels. There was no immediate comment from Hamas. Asked about the new list of Israeli-approved products, the Israeli government official said: "Over the last six months, Israel has increased the volume of goods going into Gaza and their variety. That policy is continuing." Last week the United States backed a U.N. Security Council statement on the flotilla raid that demanded a "prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards." Israel has said it would investigate on its own, but has been consulting with Washington on a format for an inquiry that could include foreign observers. Commenting on the blockade, an Israeli security source said Israel aimed to remove all restrictions on imported food items for Gaza within a few

weeks and noted that jam and several other products were approved recently. "This has nothing to do with the flotilla," the source said. Israel's ban on cement imports into the territory, critics say, has limited efforts to rebuild homes and infrastructure destroyed or damaged in a threeweek war it launched in December 2008 with the stated aim of curbing cross-border rocket fire. Israeli authorities said that last week, Israel transferred 12,413 tonnes of humanitarian aid through Gaza border crossings. The shipments included 994,000 liters of fuel for Gaza's power station.




GOA, Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Tigers take title PTI HARARE, JUNE 9

Tillakaratne Dilshan led from the front with an unbeaten century as Sri Lanka lifted the ODI cricket tri-series title, halting Zimbabwe's fairytale run in a lop-sided final here today. Dilshan struck an unbeaten 108 off 102 balls and featured in an 160-run opening stand with Upul Tharanga (72) to script a facile nine-wicket victory that also avenged Sri Lanka's eightwicket defeat against the hosts on Monday. Put into bat, Zimbabwe had earlier managed a below-par 199, courtesy Tatenda Taibu's defiant 71, before they collapsed in 49 overs at the Harare Sports Club. The Lankans completed the modest chase with minimum fuss, cruising to 203 for one to complete a comprehensive win with 15.2 overs to spare. Dilshan made his intention clear when he sent the first ball he faced, from Chris Mpofu, for a four and the otherwise disciplined Zimbabwean attack failed to stem the regular flow of boundaries from Dilshan's blade. Earlier, Taibu's spirited 71-run knock guided Zimbabwe to 199

before the hosts folded up. Taibu top-scored with a 93ball knock in an otherwise ordinary performance by the African minnows, who came into the match after stunning wins over India and Sri Lanka in the round-robin stage. The Zimbabweans started slowly and the pace of their scoring didn't pick up through the innings. The giant-killers, who beat India twice in the tournament, received an early blow when inform opener Hamilton Masakadza departed in the fifth over after playing out 23 deliveries for a mere four runs. Dilhara Fernando then dealt a body blow by removing Zimbabwe's batting mainstay Brendan Taylor (19) in the 10th over, leaving the home team at a precarious 29 for two. Taibu was eventually dismissed by Dilhara (3/36), who was the pick of the Lankan bowlers. Charles Coventry provided some late fireworks with his 12ball 18 but the Zimbabwean innings had been so sluggish that the slight acceleration did not add up to much.

Saina, Chetan in pre-quarters PTI CHENNAI, JUNE 9

Top seeds Saina Nehwal and Chetan Anand cruised to the pre-quarterfinals even as three other top Indian shuttlers bite the dust at the India Open Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament here today. World number six Saina spanked Sri Lankan Jayasinghe Thilini 21-7 21-10, while Chetan, ranked 19th, thrashed Kamat Mohit 21-8 21-8 here today. Chetan will next face Saurabh Verma, while Saina will take on Dhanya Nair tomorrow.

However, it was end of roads for Anup Sridhar, Aditi Mutatkar and Trupti Murgunde. While fifth seed Sridhar was sent packing by Indonesian Yunus Alamsyah 21-12 21-8 in men's singles second round, third seed Mutatkar went down fighting to another Indonesian Weni Fanetri Linda 21-14 18-21 21-11 in the first round of the women's singles. Seventh seed Trupti also failed to cross the first hurdle after succumbing to a 15-21 1521 defeat to Juan Gu of Singapore in another match.

I am fully fit and training hard: Sree PTI KOCHI, JUNE 9

Out of the Indian test team for a while, medium pacer Santhakumaran Sreesanth today said he was fully fit and training hard at the National Cricket Academy (NCA)to make a comeback. "I am working very hard and I want to play for the country. I am really hoping to make a comeback into team India," Sreesanth told PTI here. The tempermental Sreesanth, who plays for the King's Eleven Punjab in the Indian Premier League, said young cricketers get much needed exposure by playing in IPL. "IPL has given more opportunities for youngsters." On not being appointed as cap-

tain of the Kerala Ranji Trophy team, he said he was "disappointed". He said he had been working hard for improving Kerala cricket and helping the youngsters. "In the last season, I had led the state in one match," he said. "Though I have not taken a final decision, I might opt for playing for another state in the coming season," Sreesanth, apparently hurt at not being appointed as captain, said. Sreesanth said immediately after Raiphy Vincent Gomes was chosen as the Kerala captain, he had sent a congratulatory message. "Even if I play for some other state, it is because I want to play more cricket so that I could do well and get into team India", he

Cole, Ballack to leave Chelsea

MANCHESTER (AGENCIES) -- Midfielders Joe Cole and Michael Ballack will leave Chelsea when their contracts expire at the end of the month, the Premier League champions said on Wednesday. Cole, 28, who is with England at the World Cup, has been at the London club since 2003. Germany captain Ballack, ruled out of this month's tournament in South Africa due to an ankle injury, arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2006. The Premier League and FA Cup winners thanked both players for their contributions and said in a statement on their website ( the pair would become free agents on July 1.

BAI takes on Sports Ministry; rejects funds, govt observer AGENCIES JUNE 9

The stand-off between the Badminton Association of India and the Sports Ministry has now become a full-blown war with a defiant BAI pulling out all stops to prevent the appointment of a government observer at its June 13 elections in Chennai. At loggerheads with the Ministry over its upcoming elections, BAI has become the first National Sports Federation after the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) to claim financial self-sufficiency and refuse government aid. After the controversy over Ministry's tenure-limitation guidelines started, the Indian Olympic Association -- the parent body of the NSFs -- had refused government funding. "We are self sufficient. We do not need any funds from the government in future. We have lined up a lot of sponsors," said BAI president, V K Verma, who has been in office for the past 12 years and is currently in London. But despite its refusal to accept government funds in future, it is unclear whether BAI would be able to keep the Ministry at bay come June 13.

"Even if BAI were to be become financially independent, it does not mean that it could treat government as an outsider as sports is a public good and sports development is a public service and therefore, no sports federation can claim that it can act as a private body without public accountability," Joint Secretary (Sports) Injeti Srinivas stated in a letter to Verma. BAI's opposition notwithstanding, the Ministry has appointed Director (Sports) Deepika Kachhal as the observer for the AGM threatening the body with de-recognition in case of non-compliance with government regulations. "Please note that Government recognition to any NSFs is subject to compliance with the Government guidelines for such recognition. It would, therefore, be necessary for you to comply with the government guidelines, which require that a recognised NSF must inform government well in advance about its general body and other meetings where decisions on important matters are taken, including the elections of office bearers," Srinivas had said in his letter.

Benitez seals Inter deal

MILAN (AGENCIES) -- Rafa Benitez has agreed to coach Inter Milan after he was offered a three-year contract, worth up to 4.5 million pounds a season. "We've got an agreement, we finalised the last details that in any case weren't important," Inter Milan president said.

Yuvraj will be back soon, predicts Sehwag PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 9

India vice captain Virender Sehwag today threw his weight behind out-of-form Yuvraj Singh, calling him a "jewel" and predicting that the left-hander would soon be back in the In-

dian side after sorting out his fitness issues. "He has been a jewel for India and I'm a great fan of him," Sehwag said. "Times like this comes because of (lack of) form but I'm sure he would sort out his fit-

ness and batting skills and will make a comeback soon," said the opener. "All he needs is to spend time on his own and think about his game," advised Sehwag. Yuvraj did not find a place in India's Asia Cup squad because

of lack of form and poor fitness. Yuvraj had a forgettable outing in Indian Premier League III and he looked out of sorts in the Twenty20 World Cup as well. Sehwag too had some injury issues of late but the star bats-

man said he is fully ready for this month's Asia Cup in Sri Lanka. "My shoulder has healed. I worked on my shoulders in the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore and I'm fully fit now," Sehwag told 'CNN-IBN' channel.

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June 17, 2010 (Thursday) Time: 2.30 P.M.


M/s Ventron Polymers Limited

5, Onlooker Building, Sir P. M. Road, Fort Mumbai 400 001

M/s Ventron Polymers Limited

June 17, 2010 (Thursday) Time: 3.00 P.M.


M/s Vishwas Steels Limited

104, Sumer Kendra Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli Mumbai 400 018

M/s Vishwas Steels Limited

June 17, 2010 (Thursday) Time:3.30 P.M.


The Managing Director M/s Seagul Leafin Ltd

11/12, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 003

M/s Seagul Leafin Ltd

June 22, 2010 (Tuesday) Time: 10.30 A.M.

Shri R. K Kapur (Director) M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.

11/12, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 003

M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.

June 22, 2010 (Tuesday) Time: 11.00 A.M.

Shri S N Iyer (Director) M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.

11/12, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 003

M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.

The Managing Director M/s. Eastwood Investment Pvt. Ltd.

111, Marwah Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 072

M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.

The Managing Director M/s. Amol Finance Imvest Pvt. Ltd

603, Golden Green, 2 1. C. Colony Extension, Holy Cross Road Borivali (W) Mumbai 400 103

M/s. Seagull Leafin Ltd.





June 22, 2010 (Tuesday) Time: 11.30 A.M.

June 22, 2010 (Tuesday) Time: 12.00 Noon June 22, 2010 (Tuesday) Time: 2.30 P.M.

Securitiesand Exchange board of India C4-A, “G� Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051 Tel: 91-22-26449000 davp 15204/11/0018/1011










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Pg14 GOA’S HEARTBEAT Right to learn their Religion Towards a Brighter Future athan tallieo marunk religions are branches of the “ Eka “ All zainant - Anonymous same tree - Albert Einstein

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Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Whether we say ‘Amen’, ‘Amin’ or ‘Om’, there are only two kinds of people in this world: good or bad. Herald e brings to light th of essence ad ‘M rassas’ in Goa

BY CHRISTINA VIEGAS HERALD FEATURES n interesting incident that really stirred the journo and more importantly, the human being in me to pen this story was a recent conversation with a Muslim acquaintance. I heard that her little boy, along with a few other children, assemble at a place to study the Quran. I marveled at the beauty of it, but instead, she got cautious and voiced her pain about how such things can never be discussed in the open. Reason: majority of people think that if her community gets together for any kind of prayers or learning, it is to teach ‘jehadhi’. And this coming from a lady living in Goa, got me truly surprised. Because Goa is truly a harmonious state where all religions co-exist in perfect harmony! But the my acquaintance lamented, “Yes, we live peacefully in Goa. But most people don’t understand us.” In today’s troubled times, we, the normal people only want peace amongst each other, especially between communities with their own ethnic practices. Yet, when we look around, there are ample evidences to how people with vested interests are always out to divide and rule. Goa is relatively refreshing where good relations between neighbours, is still not a major issue and most of us live in harmony. Nonetheless, according to my acquaintance, strange ideas crop up in peoples minds, so I thought it best to clear up the air. The ‘madrassa, I discover has copious misconceptions. According to a member of the Islamic community, “A ‘madrassa’, to put it simply, means a school or a place of learning where children of all ages come to learn to read the Quran, to learn to perform their ‘namaz’ and imbibe the other essentials of their religion.” He elaborates, “Most mosques, wherever they may be, have a ‘madrassa’ attached which caters to the children in the locality. Sometimes, if the number of children is too many, the ‘madrassa’ may even be housed separately.”


Another member elucidates, “In Goa the local mosques all have a ‘madrassa’ which teach both boys and girls how to read the Quran. The lessons are not as easy as you think because the Quran is in Arabic and children have to be taught the language from scratch.” He continues, “It is not essential for all learners to attend a ‘madrassa’ in a mosque. Our clerics also pay home visits for people whose children want to learn from residence. This is what your acquaintance must have told you about.” An elderly, intelligent Muslim gentleman with his ‘Pathani’ suit and long flowing beard, whom I always go to when writing on the Muslim community, lovingly enlightens me, “Madrassas’ have classes of short duration, of about one-two hours as children are busy with lessons in their regular schools.” Quiz him if there are fixed number of hours that the kids have to spend in a ‘madrassa’ and he expounds, “It depends on their age. At the elementary level, they spend about one hour studying and as they grow older, it goes up to four hours.” He adds, “Madrassas’ also teach students other essentials of the religion like moral values. For example, kindness to others, getting along well with neighbours, respect to elders etc.” He reasons, “In today’s day and age, where families have become nuclear and parents themselves have lost moral values, it is imperative that children have a place to study these values.” An elderly lady donning the intriguing burqa still exuding remnants of beauty gently states, “There is fear among the public that a ‘madrassa’ is the place for bringing up ‘jehadis’. All this is needless because Muslims here are as peace loving as their any other Goan is.” She continues, “A ‘madrassa’ serves a purpose because many are too poor to afford private tutors for learning the Quran.” Quiz her on whether the female gender is also entitled to this education and she affirms, “Absolutely! Both, young girls and boys, learn to read the Quran although the classes are segregated as children grow older.” It is important to understand that these largehearted people are as peace-loving as any other living in the state. And they have a right to getting together to learn their religion and moral values; just like the Christians get together with their regular prayer groups or the Hindus assemble in homes for ‘pujas’. A beautiful scene from the Hindi flick, ‘My Name is Khan’ is that of Shahrukh’s mother teaching him that there are only two kinds of people in this world: good or bad; it doesn’t matter which religion you belong to. Yes, whether we say ‘Amen’, ‘Amin’ or ‘Om’, we only need to be good human beings.

­H­O­R­O­S­C­O­P­E It's an autopilot day: Things take care of themselves, and you can take it easy. Patience (21 Mar – 19 Apr) pays off today, though it may feel like it's costing you everything to deploy it. If you sit still and just listen while friends or coworkers rant, you can learn enough to get moving quickly.

You tend to over-think. Instead of intellectualizing your life, just live it. See if you can sit down (23 Sep – 22 Oct) with that one troublesome colleague or upset family member and talk seriously. It's one of those days when you can breach important subjects without scaring anyone.

It's out of character for you to race ahead like this -- don't leave anyone behind. There's no prob(20 Apr – 20 May) lem you can't solve today -- your practical energy is pushing you to make your world easier to live in. Try to get your friends to follow your lead, but if they don't, it's their loss.

Take your time and reread the small print -- a tiny detail could trigger problems. Though you (23 Oct – 21 Nov) may feel somewhat out of control right now, the situation is well in hand and you have far more say in the final outcome than anyone realizes. You need to assert yourself, but that's not so hard.

You must wait a little longer for answers. Distract yourself by meeting new people. Test your(21 May – 21 Jun) self today -- it's the perfect time to bring out hidden qualities that you may have only suspected. That's not to say you're sure to pass all exams, but you should do surprisingly well.

Mundane details hold more opportunity than you realize -- focus on small issues. Your brain (22 Nov – 21 Dec) power is all charged up and ready to go today -- as long as you're working the left side extra hard. Your reasoning needs a workout, so at least throw some Sudoku puzzles its way.

Your inner voice will tell you something you don't like. You must listen and obey. Get started on a (22 Jun – 22 Jul) new project today -- you probably already know what you want to do, and you can't put it off any longer. Your good energy is just right for sparking creative wildfires.

You've held your tongue long enough. When you get the chance, speak your mind. You need to (22 Dec – 19 Jan) let your romantic side out a little more today -- especially if you're single! Let others see that you care and you never know where -- or with whom -- you're likely to end up!

A recent gathering with friends has you wondering -- what are your hopes? When things (23 Jul – 22 Aug) start to go your way today, you may be tempted to drop everything and keep moving toward the good times. Make sure you tie up all your loose ends before you run off!

Pay attention to stories from the past -- they hold big clues about your future. You are more than (20 Jan – 18 Feb) a little bored today, but it's not really your fault -- the world just can't entertain you enough sometimes! You may as well get some homework done, in one way or another.

Issues at work require cold reasoning -- keep emotions out of it for a solution. Your communi(23 Aug – 22 Sep) cation style is dominant today, and you may find it much easier to persuade others that your ideas deserve more attention. There's no need to pester -- hinting is all you need.

Use your creativity in the kitchen -- invite someone special over for a good dinner. You don't mind a (19 Feb – 20 Mar) bit of illusion or razzledazzle as long as it's all for a good cause -- and today brings an excellent one your way! You may even contribute to a shared illusion if you think it's important enough.

In this world where everyone is trying to build a brighter future for themselves and their families, there are a few who strive to build and secure the future of others, specifically the underprivileged children

BY JANICE RODRIGUES HERALD FEATURES childhood lost, a life derailed, this is often the plight of almost a quarter of the population of the children in India. The streets of major cities are always flooded with children, either begging or selling their wares as hawkers. Many of them orphaned and homeless, very rarely do we the common man realise that there is such a huge segment of the population that thrives on the waste scraps that are thrown away. Amidst this darkness are certain rays of hope that enlighten the lives of the underprivileged. The Children Walking Tall and the Hamara Project are two of the many organisations that strive towards bettering the lives of street children. Hamara Project, a part of the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust, has been trying to save the lives of street children since the past 9 years. “I used to go to the market and notice some of these children stealing some wares from the vans parked to help them survive, and that is when I decided to set up a place where I could gather these children and give them a good life,” says Mangala Wagle, of Hamara School which is located in St Inez. “It is not enough to only give them food or clothes; a proper education is the only thing that can change their lives,” says Wagle who has about 80 children coming to the school in the current year. A small flat divided into classrooms where the children do their homework and other activities which help in developing a skill. When night falls, the ones with a home go back, while the others stay behind. “Out of the 80 children who come here, 50 of them reside here,” adds Wagle. These children, most of them orphaned, have been through a tough childhood of labour and sometimes even abuse. “Our first issue when we set up the home was the nutrition of the children; many of them were severely under-nourished, we have children from the age of 5 to 18 so every child has his


Photos by Herald Features

own requirements,” explains Wagle who tries to work a better life with a ten member team. “We have three teachers, four nurses and three cooks,” says Wagle. With a group of psychologists and doctors visiting, the children are given the best of the health services. “Apart from imparting educational knowledge, we have regular sessions of dance, music, craft and other such activities,” she Wagle. The Mango House, an initiative by the UK based charity organisation, Children Walking Tall is another example of a charitable organisation for the underprivileged. The Mango House in Caraswada, Mapusa is an ancestral Portuguese house converted into a play house, where the children from the slums around Caraswada come in to spend the day and go back home as the day comes to a close, “The Mango House is more like a day care centre where children come in after they finish their school and are fed, cleaned and taken care of,” says Robert, the brain behind the Children Walking Tall in Goa. With around 90 children coming into the home, the place bustles with activities ranging from school homework to extra curricular activities. “Apart from the regular staff of cooks and the drivers, we have volunteers coming in from the UK who are carpenters and plumbers, so we have training sessions, where these volunteers demonstrate their skills to the kids. We also go around giving out items like toothpaste and soap to the slums around, apart from getting them into school and giving them uniforms and books,” explains Robert. Despite homes like these around the state, we see a lot of children on the city streets, hardly supervised. “The parents are to be made more responsible, without their help we can do nothing,” says Robert. “The parents have to be made aware that the children need to be cared for. They have a lot of potential which should not be wasted,” says Wagle. Many of them come from difficult lives and need to be treated with care and affection. The setting up such homes gives the street children a hope of a brighter future.

I want to be known for meaningful cinema: Emraan H

e does enjoy his ‘Serial Kisser’ image but actor Emraan Hashmi says he is not that crazy about it and would rather be known for giving meaningful cinema to Bollywood. “I love it. It’s unconventional. It’s first of its kind and it does not bother me at all,” declared Hashmi while shooting for ‘The Crook: It’s good to be bad’. “Its something people tag you with, which I do enjoy but I’m not very ecstatic about it,” he added. Hashmi feels his main purpose in being Bollywood is to give meaningful and entertaining cinema. “These tags do not last very long and I am here to give a meaningful and entertaining cinema for which I want to be around and known,” Hashmi said. After some successful performances in thrillers like ‘Gangster’, ‘Raaz’, ‘Awarapan’, and ‘Jannat’, Hashmi said he can call himself a successful star. “I guess it’s very important to be a successful actor who can give box office hits which I have been able to do,” he said. “It’s important to give back to those who have invested in you apart from being a good actor,” he added. Commenting on his new controversial film on racism that is being shot in Australia, Hashmi said his character in the movie was like a wild child who was from a middle class family with a dream to migrate to a developed country. “My character in the movie is of a crook who at times uses unfair means in his life which are not appropriate but it does not mean that makes him a bad person,” he said. “Sometimes, we do apply unfair means in life that we don’t expect ourselves to do. But if we realise our mistakes and change ourselves, I think that’s a sign of growth,” he added. “’Crook’ is a film that deals with that and deals with a guy who wants to get out of India like millions of middle class youths who believe that opportunity for them is anywhere in the world except in their own country,’ Hashmi explained. Among other projects lined up for the star is ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’, an Ekta Kapoor production, where he will be playing a gangster.

Emily Blunt reveals Childhood stuttering Nightmare ‘T

he Devil Wears Prada’ star Emily Blunt has revealed that she stuttered so badly during her childhood years that it was a constant living nightmare for her. Blunt, 27, who started developing the speech impediment at the age of 10, said that she feared she could never overcome it. “I remember that when it first started to kick in I thought it was a habit, but when it really starts to ingrain itself upon you it becomes an anguished situation to live your life in, especially when you’re a kid, when you’re only trying to appear very cool. I was definitely not cool,” the actress was quoted saying. “I thought ‘Why am I like this? Why have I got this stupid voice problem? Everyone else can talk, what’s my problem?’ “My friends started to accept my stutter as just who I was but I didn’t like being accepted in that way. “It felt like a mental mountain that I found impossible to overcome,” she stated. According to sources, Blunt’s mother took her to see specialists but they failed to help. The stutter disappeared only after a teacher suggested she speak in a Northern accent for a school play. “I wouldn’t say that I ceased to stutter after that, that it was some huge revelation. But for the first time in five years I was able to speak fluently,” she revealed. The actress was speaking before a benefit event in aid of the American Institute for Stuttering.









GOA’S HEARTBEAT Thursday, 10 June, 2010

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? ‘Karmayogi’, the documentary film on the life and works of nuclear scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar made by the Goa Directorate of Art and Culture will be screened on June 10 at 3pm at the Maquinez Palace, Auditorium II, Panjim. Dnyanesh Moghe, director of the film will be available after the screening for questions and queries regarding the film. Call 2428111/13/15. The ASM Footbal Fiesta 2010will open on June 10 at 11pm at Clube Gasper Dias, Miramar, Panjim. It will screen the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and subsequently live matches daily from June 11 to July 11, 2010. Call 2462220 or 2462221. A 3-day retreat, organised by Don Bosco Alumuni of Panjim – Konkan Provincial Federation will be held on from June 10 to 12 from 9am to 5pm at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Don Bosco, Panjim. Call 2422854, 2221986 or 2224131. The unveiling of portraits of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia and Dr Juliao Menezes will take place on June 10 at 11am by the CM, Digambar Kamat at the main hall of the family mansion of Menezes, Assolna. ‘Waves and Us’, the art camp will held its finale on June 9 at the Kerkar Art Complex, Calangute. The complete works of the artists will be on display till June 19. Call 2276017. ‘Painting Exhibition with Deprived Kids’, organised by the Heritage Jazz will take place on June 11 at 7pm at the Gonsalves Mansion, Campal, Panjim. Call 2228010. The 2-day Marathi Film Festival begins on June 11 at the Maquinez Palace, Panjim. It will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat and Marathi actor, Sachin Pilgaonkar at the Maquinez Palace. 12 Marathi films will be screened. Call 2428111/13/15. The significance of Goa Revolution

Day will be discussed at the Friday Balcao session on June 11 from 4pm to 6pm at Goa Desc Resource Centre, Mapusa. E-mail An Arangetram of the Kalangan Centre for Performing Arts, Margao will be held on June 12 at 5:30pm at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Call 2653083. A free legal aid clinic will be held by the Goa State Legal Services Authority, Panjim once a month. It will take place on June 19 at 10:30am at the Mediation Centre, Altinho, Panjim. Call 2421169. A vehicle rally will take place on June 18, Goa’s Revolution Day. It will be flagged off from the house of Dr Juliano Menezes in Assolna at 2:30pm. The event is held in the memory of Ram Manohar Lohia and Dr Juliano Menezes. ‘Traning the Trainers’, a 4-day residential workshop, organised by the All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi will take place from June 30 to July 3 at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. Call 2452805-10. ‘Works on Paper II’, an art exhibition featuring 5 artists, N Sachin, P Conrad, P Charudatta, S Vasudev and S Querozito is being held from June 10 to July 11 from 10am to 6pm at the Tamarind Art Gallery, Calangute. It will be open on all days, except Mondays. Call 9822481481 or 6514796. ‘India’s Strategic Perspective in the 21st Century: Maritime, Geo-Strategic and mega-Death Issues’, a seminar, organised by the UGC Centre for Nehru Studies, Goa University will take place on June 11 at 4pm at the National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula. Call 2450281, 2450235, 2450228 or 2456700. The inauguration of the Seminary Year 2010-2011 by the Pilar Theological College will be held on June 11 at the College, Pilar. Call 2218521, 2219459 or 2219458.


Meaning 1 : a male admirer or lover 2 : a country lad 3 : a country gallant Example Sentence Annie and her swain loved their moonlit trysts on the balcony.




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HERALD FEATURES he Kala Academy Goa’s Repertory Company – Rangmel will stage three short plays on June 14 and 15 at 6:30pm at the Black Box of the Kala Academy, Panjim. On June 14 a short play ‘Cigarettes’ written by Manaswini Lata Ravindra and directed by Shivdas Ustekar, an artist of the Repertory Company will be staged. On June 15, ‘Dedh Inch Upar’, a one man show, written by Nirmal Varma will be presented by Jayesh Bagkar followed by the short play ‘Andhonka Haathi’ by Sharad Joshi. It is directed by Professor Afsar Hussain, chief of the Repertory Company. The acting and technical aspects are handled by the repertory artist. The theatre enthusiasts and general public are hereby invited to witness the performances in large numbers on both the days. The shows on both the days are open to all.


ing office hours and the last day to register is June 30, 2010. Kala Academy has undertaken the scheme of Literary Awards to encourage the creative and original writing of Goan literateurs in Marathi and Konkani (Devnagari and Roman script). The award will constitute of a cash prize of Rs25,000 and the Kala Academy will select one outstanding book in both the categories. Translated, edited and compiled literature as well as children’s literature shall not be eligible for the Award. Only original and creative writing will be considered under the said scheme. Those award winners who have already received literary awards twice in the same language section shall not be eligible to submit their entries in the same section. The applicant has to furnish four copies of the book, detailed biodata and two passport size photos along with his entry in the prescribed format. Kala Academy has appealed to the Goan authors to take note of the scheme and accordingly submit the entries on or before June 30, 2010. Three out of the four copies of the book received will be sent back to the applicant once the awards are declared.

The Making of ‘Waves and Us’ HERALD FEATURES he art camp ‘Waves and Us’ held its finale last Wednesday at the Kerkar Art Complex, Calangute. Here are a few moments of the artists in action. Their complete works will be on display till June 19, 2010.


DAILY GROOK ROMAN SHOWMEN by Francis Rodrigues in ancient times rome burnt while ol nero was a'fiddlin', yet abroad the city learnt julius caesar was a'roamin'! Instructions for Sudoku SUDOKU SOL 574 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes


Shetgaonkar felicitated by Asmitai Prathisthan HERALD FEATURES dding another feather to his cap, Laxmikant Shetgaonkar was felicitated by the Asmitai Prathisthan at the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao. Shetgaonkar was awarded the Kashinath Mahale Asmitai Award 2010 for the bringing glory to Konkani language and culture through his award winning and internationally acclaimed Konkani film ‘Paltadacho Munis’. Shetgaonkar is the ninth recipient of this award since Asmitai Pratisthan conceptualised it to felicitate people who have had exemplary contributions to the development of the Konkani language and culture. The award was given to Shetgaonkar at the hands of Chief Guest Avdhoot Timblo, Chairman of the Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Ltd. Timblo stated that, after seeing the film, he was impressed by the effort and the way Shetgaonkar had brought out the essence of human relationship and wished that he could see some more works from the director, including his documentary on paedophilia and child abuse. The event was presided over by Uday Bhembre, who said, “The government should not treat cinema as mere entertainment but take it seriously. Just holding film festivals are not enough; the government should set up a Goa film development corporation on the lines of the National Film Development Corporation and make available the infrastructure for local artistes to enable them to create films at a national level.”


22:00 Indian Idol : Extra 22:30 Crime Patrol 10:30 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11:00 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 11:30 Behenein 12:00 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 12:30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13:00 Tere Mere Sapne 13:30 Hamari Devrani 14:00 Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat 14:30 Behenein 15:00 Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai 15:30 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 16:00 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16:30 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 17:00 Sasural Genda Phool 17:30 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18:00 Zara Nachke Dikha (Season 2) : Highlights 18:30 Star Parivaar Awards Rishton Ka Tyohaar 19:00 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19:30 Sasural Genda Phool 20:00 Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai 20:30 Behenein 21:00 Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai 21:30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22:00 Sabki Laadli Bebo 22:30 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

10:00 Godh Bharaai 10:30 Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah 11:00 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 11:30 Boogie Woogie Kids 12:30 Indian Idol : Extra 13:00 Godh Bharaai 13:30 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 14:00 Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah 14:30 C.I.D 18:00 Indian Idol 19:30 Godh Bharaai 20:00 Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah 20:30 Baat Hamari Pakki Hai 21:00 Boogie Woogie Kids


Troika of Plays to be staged


“The reason there is so little crime in Germany is that it's against the law.” – Alex Levin

Function Verb




HERALD FEATURES he Kala Academy has always facilitated the development of art and literature and to further this aim, the Academy has initiated the Literar y Awards. They will be awarded for the languages of Marathi and Konkani, in both the Devnagari and Roman script, for published works in the calendar year 2009. The entry forms are available free of cost, at the Programme and Development Section of Kala Academy dur-

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Pronunciation SWEYN


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Kala Academy Literary Award entries open




10:30 12/24 Karol Bagh 11:00 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 11:30 Pavitra Rishta 12:00 Do Saheliyaan 12:30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 13:00 Jhansi Ki Rani 13:30 Pavitra Rishta 14:00 Choti Bahu 14:30 Do Saheliyaan 15:00 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 15:30 12/24 Karol Bagh 16:00 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 16:30 Choti Bahu 17:00 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 17:30 Jhansi Ki Rani 18:00 Pavitra Rishta 18:30 Ghar Ghar Mein 19:00 Do Saheliyaan 19:30 Choti Bahu 20:00 Jhansi Ki Rani 20:30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 21:00 Pavitra Rishta 21:30 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi 22:00 12/24 Karol Bagh 22:30 Do Saheliyaan

12:00 Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 12:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 13:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 13:30 14:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 14:30 Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 15:00 Lapataganj 15:30 Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai 16:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta … 16:30 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 17:00 Mrs. and Mr. Sharma

09:30 The Magnificent Butcher 11:10 The Myth 14:10 Valkyrie 16:30 The Sandlot 18:30 What's the Worst That Could Happen? 20:30 Premiere of : The Karate Kid 21:00 Disaster Movie 22:50 Shanghai Noon

10:30 One Missed Call 12:00 Sex and the City 14:45 Kangaroo Jack 16:45 Deadly Encounter 19:15 One Missed Call 20:45 Sex and the City 2 21:00 Sex and the City 23:45 Rock Monster

08:00 Rakshak 11:40 Hero Hindustani 15:45 Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj 20:00 Style

09:30 Tathastu 12:30 Love Story 16:00 Resham Ki Dori 20:00 Jo Bole So Nihaal

10:20 Filler 10:35 Love in the Time of Money 12:20 An American Werewolf in Paris

14:30 Single White Female 16:30 Affliction 18:50 The Wendell Baker Story 21:00 The Official Film of the 2006 FIFA World Cup 23:25 Money Train

08:00 Khuda Gawah 12:00 Jai Vikraanta 16:00 Badal 20:00 Sandwich 23:45 Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

10:00 Dill Mill Gayye

10:30 Mile Jab Hum Tum 11:00 Star One Horror Nights 12:00 Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh 12:30 Dill Mill Gayye 13:00 Mile Jab Hum Tum 13:30 Geet 14:00 Rang Badalti Odhni 14:30 Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh 15:00 Takkar 18:00 Laughter Ke Phatke 18:30 Star One Horror Nights 19:00 Geet 19:30 Rang Badalti Odhni 20:00 Dill Mill Gayye 20:30 Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh 21:00 Mile Jab Hum Tum 21:30 Geet 22:00 Rang Badalti Odhni

10:00 30 Rock 10:30 The Simpsons 11:00 America's Got Talent 12:00 The Bold and The Beautiful 12:30 Castle 13:30 90210 14:30 Scrubs 15:00 The Bold and The Beautiful 15:30 Desperate Housewives 16:30 Friends 17:00 Castle 18:00 90210 19:00 30 Rock 19:30 The Simpsons 20:00 America's Got Talent 21:00 Friends 21:30 Scrubs 22:00 Castle

08:00 Pratibandh 12:00 Kalyug Aur Ramayan 16:00 Shakti: The Power

E N T E R TA I N M E N T Allahabadwale 17:30 Gutar Gu 18:00 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 18:30 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 19:00 Lapataganj 19:30 Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 20:00 20:30 Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta… 21:00 Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 21:30 Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale 22:00 Lapataganj


22:30 Dill Mill Gayye

11:00 Fear Factor 12:00 Video Zonkers 13:00 Criss Angel Mindfreak 13:30 Whacked Out Sports 14:00 Wipeout 15:00 Whacked Out Sports 15:30 Video Zonkers 17:00 The Amazing Race : That is Studly 18:00 Leverage : The Tap-out Job 19:00 Wipeout : 20 Greatest Hits 20:00 Scare Tactics 21:00 Sports Crash 22:00 Top Chef : Reunion

11:00 Wimbledon Official Film 12:00 Decade of Wimbledon : The Nineties 13:00 Best of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships H/ls : 2007 Men's Singles Final: Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal 14:00 Engine Block 2010 14:30 Sea Master Sailing Series 15:00 Roland Garros 2010 : Women's Singles & Men's Doubles Finals 16:00 Roland Garros 2010 : Women's Singles & Men's Doubles Finals 17:00 Roland Garros 2010 : Mens Singles Final 18:00 TNA Sikander 19:00 Formula Drift : Singapore 20:00 Sports Mania 20:30 Ace 2010 21:00 Score Tonight 21:30 Wimbledon Official Film

11:30 FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 South Africa: Spain vs. USA 13:30 The Contenders : North Korea & Denmark 14:00 FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 South Africa :Brazil vs. South Africa 16:00 FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 South Africa : Final: USA vs. Brazil 18:00 World Cup : Hungary: Mens 19:00 Premier League World 19:30 Sportscenter Express

07:00 07:30 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 12:30 13:00 14:00 14:30

Kids Club Flavors English News Konkani News Marathi News Straight Talk Konkani Songs Flavors English News Interview with Rahul Roy Fantasia By Children of El Shaddai 15:00 Sobit Amchem Goem 15:30 Concert of Classical Music 16:00 HCN Smash Hits 16:30 Flavors 17:00 Kids Club 17:30 Konkani Songs 18:00 Konkani News 19:00 Marathi News 20:00 English News 21:00 Khell Tiatr 22:00 English News 23:00 Snakes 00:00 Talking talkies 00:30 Flavors 01:00 Art of living 01:30 Bhakti Sangit 02:00 Kids Club 02:30 Flavors 03:00 Straight Talk Note: Subject to Change

Across 1- Stupefy with drink; 6- Sibilate; 10- Drinking vessels; 14Budget alternative; 15- Commedia dell'___; 16- Assist, often in a criminal act; 17Resides; 18- Flaw, so to speak; 19- Prying; 20- Tiny; 22- Get ready for dinner?; 24Lobbying org.; 26- Edible tuber; 27- Blind spot; 31- Delivery room docs; 32- Fortune-telling cards; 33Composure; 36- Chemical ending; 39- Golfer Aoki; 40Immerse; 41- It may be happy; 42- Cartoon dog; 43Oscar de la ___; 44- More recent; 45- Valued mineral; 46Creatures; 48- Sea nymph; 51- Gear tooth; 52- Kidneyshaped; 54- Ethiopian baboon; 59- Wall St. debuts; 60- Exactly; 62- Small branch; 63- Sphere; 64- New Rochelle college; 65- Golf clubs; 66- Kill; 67- Extended family unit; 68- It's a good thing; Down 1- Latvian, e.g.; 2- "Night" author Wiesel; 3- Rescue; 4- Augury; 5Drunkard; 6- Hesitation; 7- Some nest eggs; 8- Leash; 9- Free; 10Sails collectively; 11- German submarine; 12- Basil-based sauce; 13- Eye sore; 21- Sweet potato; 23- Let ___; 25- Fatted fowl; 27- Agitate; 28- Beer buy; 29- Algerian port; 30- Also; 34Escape; 35- Sir ___ Newton was an English mathematician; 36-

Caucus state; 37- Shootout; SOLUTION - 574 38- Goes astray; 40- Symptomatic; 41- Bottom line?; 43- Ridge of rock; 44- Republic in W Africa; 45Gruesome; 47- Beverage made with beaten eggs; 48Sherpa's home; 49- ___ Gay; 50- Salivate; 52- Barbecue fare; 53- "Give that ____ cigar!"; 55- Metallica drummer Ulrich; 56- Old Testament book; 57- Sand hill; 58- Kind of prof.; 61Convert into leather;

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GOA, Thursday, 10 June, 2010


St Savio too good for CRCC bandodkar trophy HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JUNE 9

St. Savio Sports Club, Calangute drubbed CRC, Chichinim 4-0 to book a slot in the quarter-finals of 37th Bandodkar Memorial Football Trophy tournament organized BY Baina Sports Club at MPT ground, here on Wednesday. St. Savio led 2-0 in the first half. The Chinchinim lads played like novices during the first half and as such were down by two

goals. St. Savio’s Pedro Gonsalves scored a brace in 10th and 20th minutes supported by Agostinho Rodrigues and Sarwanand Korgaonkar. The teams were involved in midfield play in the first 15 minutes of the second half and it was Rowsong Fernandes’ inclusion in the 18th that helped CRCC to move faster. They almost reduced the margin in the 40th when Nixon Rebello’s fine cross towards the St. Savio goal was missed to be connected by

Narsisco Gomes and the ball was cleared to safety in the nick of time by Siddesh Simepuruskar. In the 45th minute CRCC suffered a jolt when defender Sandeep Fernandes in trying to clear the ball saw it deflecting into his own goal. Five minutes later, substitute Menino Fernandes completed the tally accepting a crisp pass from Pedro Gonsalves who was later awarded the man-of-the match prize at the hands of Jack Fernandes, jt. secretary, Baina Sports Club.

Towards the fag end CRCC had two chances to reduce the margin but veteran Jitendra Bhise blasted over from close and Nickson Rebello’s stinging try was beautifully saved by Jose Siddi. Earlier, with ten minutes to go, Antonio Dias of CRCC was given the marching order for second booking for dangerous play by referee Rohidas Bomkar. He also cautioned Francisco Fernandes of St. Savio and Piedade Rebello of CRCC for dangerous tackles.

Nerul in semis


United club of Nerul defeated Saligao United by a solitary goal to advance to the semifinals of late Pramodini Datt a r a m Pa l y e ka r s o c c e r tournament organised by Football club of Siolim at St Anthonys church ground on Wednesday. The teams came out with all guns blazing, but it was Nerul who scored the winning goal ten minutes from time courtesy Hasan Naik who punted home. Nerul will play Arambol SC in the semi-finals on June 11. Meanwhile, last Saturday’s semi-final match between Holiday Sports Club, Arpora and Goa Velha Sports Club which was abandoned has been awarded to Holiday, Arpora. The finals are scheduled for Saturday and Arpora will face either Nerul or Arambol.

Curtorim Gym up


Curtorim Gymkhana entered the semi-finals of Mardol Trophy football tournament with a 3-2 win over Ambelim Sports Club at Mardol ground. John Fernandes, Roy Albuquerque, Diogo Dias scored for Curtorim Gymkhana. Romeo Fernandes, Samson Fernandes netted for Ambelim. Nerul Sports Club beat Sinquerim Mayem 4-1 in another match. Mandar Narvekar put Mayem into the lead but Nerul came back strongly after the break and scored through Dnyanheshwar Madgaocar (2), Janifer Clemente (2) to move into quarter-finals. Nerul will meet Sao Miguel de Taleigao on June 10.

Cricketer Darshan Mishal, head coach Chandrakant Chede and coach Vinod Damaskar alongwith Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, ex-India cricket captain Ajit Wadekar and Goa Olympic Association president, Subash Shirodkar after the felicitation function organised by Cricketer Subham Naik Memorial Trust at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on Wednesday. Photo: Third Eye

Da Cruz spikers triumph HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Da Cruz, Mala emerged champions in 34th all-Goa volleyball tournament organised by Odxel Sports Club, Taleigao. In the finals, Da Cruz defeated Odxel SC 17-25, 29-27, 26-24, 25-21.

Da Cruz Mala were awarded Rs. 8,000 while Odxel Sc had to be content with Rs. 6,000. Mayur Desai and Yeshwant stole the show for Da Cruz, Mala while Vinod and Anil excelled for Odxel. Following individual prizes were awarded: Best setter - Milin

GOA DIARY Futsal in Panjim, Vasco

PANJIM (HSD) – The Brasil Futebol Academia will commence its futsal coaching programme in Vasco on June 15. Those desirous may enrol their names at the venue at St. Theresa's Convent hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays or at the BFA office, Agasaim, telephone 2217008 during office hours, 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Brasil Futebol Academia also will start its futsal coaching programme in Panjim on July 5. Those interested may enrol their names at the BFA office, Agasaim or at the venue at Campal ground. Panjim. Coaching will be imparted on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

7-a-side football

PANJIM (HSD) - The Young Boys of Calangute will organize an all-Goa 7-a-side football tournament at Calangute Association ground, Calangute on June 12 from 10 a.m. The winners will be awarded Rs.10,000 and a trophy while the runners-up will receive Rs.7,000 alongwith a trophy. Those interested may contact Deggie Cardozo on 9890472911.

Football trials at Mandrem

PANJIM (HSD) – The Dunes Sports Club, Mandrem will conduct football selection trials for U-14 and U-16 boys on June 13 at 9 a.m. at Mandrem panchayat ground, Mandrem. Boys born on or after 1/1/1997 for U-14 and 1/1/1995 for U-16 are eligible and have been asked to report to Lakter Britto with birth certificates. Details may be obtained from Lakter on 9764361561.

Bodkar of Da Cruz. Player of the final - Vinod Shirodkar of Odxel. Player of the tournament Mayur Desai of Da Cruz. Prizes were distributed by Janu Rosario, ZP member, Guru Pilankar, director of civil supplies and RDA and Shweta Divkar, Taleigao panch.


Sao Jose de Areal Sports Club edged past Navelim Villagers Union 1-0 to sail into the quarter-finals of 18th Super Soccer tournament organised by United Boys of Dando at St John Baptist ground, Dando, Benaulim on Wednesday. There was no score at half time. The all-important goal came midway through the second half when Charlton was fouled by Navelim Villagers Union and the referee without any hesitation awarded the free kick which was taken by Mario Rebello which gave no chance to veteran goalkeeper Chandrakant Naik. Stung by the setback, Navelim Villagers Union tried their level best but Sao Jose de Areal rearguard was strong and never allowed their rivals to look at their goal.

Agnelo Fernandes, MLA presenting a cheque of Rs 35,000 donated by Savio D’Sousa, treasurer of Nerul Comunidade to UC Nerul president, Michael Gonsalves at a function at Nerul Club premises.

Goa Badminton calendar HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Mardol soccer: Nerul SC v. Clube Sao Miguel de Taleigao, Mardol ground, 4.45 p.m. 37th Bandodkar memorial football: Goa Velha SC v. N a g o a S C , B a rd e z , M P T ground, Vasco, 4.45 p.m.

The Goa Badminton Association at its Executive Committee meeting finalized its badminton calendar for 2010-11. Following events will be organized during the badminton season (includes BAI events as applicable to Goa): Rich Builders ranking (16-19 June, Panjim), BPS Club Margao ranking (1518 July, Margao), Ponda Shuttlers ranking (22-25 July, Ponda), Dhond memorial ranking (1822 August, Panjim), Wilred ranking (25-29 August, Margao), Ponda Badminton Club ranking

(2-5 September, Ponda), SAG State Championship (22-26 September, Panjim), preparatory camp for West Zone and subjunior Nationals (19-28 Octob e r, Pa n j i m ) , We s t Z o n e Championship (28-30 October, Panjim), Sub-Junior Nationals (3-9 November, Hyderabad), PBC Pro-Badminton League (11-14 November, Panjim), preparatory camp for juniors (19-27 November, Panjim), junior Nationals (1-8 December, Andhra Pradesh), Shuttler’s Club ranking (9-12 December, Mapusa), Panjim Badminton Club ranking (16-19 December,

Panjim), preparatory camp for seniors (18-28 December, Panjim), Senior Nationals (2-10 Janu a r y, H a r y a n a ) , Ve t e r a n Nationals (9-13 March, Imphal, Manipur). Entry forms for major ranking tournaments may be obtained from Roy Athaide, Vinayak Kamat and Rajeev Bhargava (NIS coaches) at indoor stadiums, Panjim, Mapusa, Margao and Ponda or Narahar Thakur, secretar y, Oasis Petrol Pump, Panjim. Entries may be submitted latest by 5 p.m., three days prior to each event.


= = 0HERALD0

Akhilesh Rai, Rohan Ahuja, Riya Sawant, Gauri Hadkonkar alongwith Goa State Chess Association and Lions Club of Ponda officials after the All-Goa U-13 State Selection trials chess organized by Lions Club of Ponda under the auspices of Goa State Chess Association at Wagle High School, Mangeshi.


GOA, Thursday, 10 June, 2010

Top players to watch out for at finals Puskas and his compatriot Diego Maradona. A brilliant finisher and a genius with the ball at his feet anywhere close to the danger zone, the only question is whether his team mates will provide him with the quality of service he relishes. Messi's remarkable four-goal performance in Barca's Champions League victory over Arsenal in April will long be remembered and he now has the perfect stage to show anyone who has not noticed yet that he is a very special talent and can deliver for country as well as club. samuel eto'o (Cameroon) Three-times African Footballer of the Year and a three time Champions League winner, Eto'o has been stung by criticism from former Cameroon forward

Roger Milla that he had not truly delivered for his country. Two African Cup of Nations titles and important goals in qualification for these finals suggest Eto'o, has some justification in considering the comments unfair. The finals present a great chance for him to cement his reputation as one of the finest forwards produced by the continent. Wayne Rooney (england) Capable of scoring from any angle and playing any role in the attack, the Manchester United forward is still only 24 years old and this tournament is by no means his last chance at glory on the international stage. Rooney, who can operate effectively as a lone striker or alongside a bigger target man, has it all -- an ability to run at defenders, lead the line, play as

a second striker and track back into deeper roles. But the main reason defenders fear him so much is his clinical finishing. He may suffer from not having a threatening strike partner in the England set-up but if anyone is capable of shouldering all the responsibility for scoring and creating goals it is Rooney. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) Ronaldo's billboard presence has certainly helped the Real Madrid winger's marketability but it his deft touch, pace and imagination that makes the 25year-old such a handful. In many ways a throwback to the days of wingers who hugged the touchline and made fools of fullbacks with clever trickery, Ronaldo will aim to enjoy the World Cup more than four years ago when he was criticised for his role in the controversial dis-

missal of his then Manchester United team mate Rooney. The question is whether he plays in a good enough team to truly shine to the best of his ability. Kaka (Brazil) Every World Cup needs a brilliant Brazilian and with the premature decline of Ronaldinho and Adriano, it falls on the elegant midfielder Kaka to deliver that special something the team in gold are expected to provide every four years. Injury disrupted Kaka's season at Real Madrid last term but, after the disappointment of losing in the quarter-finals four years ago, a fit Kaka in a more balanced Brazil line-up will have the perfect chance to show his class. He is light-footed on the ball, a superb passer and has a striker's instinct for goal.

Torres scores as Spain thrash Poland

Capello accused of being 'as bad' as Rooney


The World Cup provides a showcase for the game's biggest names but also offers a chance for lesser known players to become globally known. The following lists the ‘big five' of the tournament who bring lofty reputations to South Africa. tHe BIG FIVe Lionel Messi (Argentina) Already being talked of as potentially one of the all-time greats, Messi had a taste of the World Cup four years ago as an 18-year-old and then was the inspiration behind Argentina's Olympic gold medal in Beijing. But it has been his stunning displays in big games for Barcelona that has led people to mention in him on the same terms as Johan Cruyff, Ferenc


Striker Fernando Torres returned from injury as a substitute and scored for Spain in a 6-0 rout of Poland, their final World Cup warm-up match on Tuesday. The forward came on for David Villa after 66 minutes, making his first appearance since having knee surgery in April, and netted the side's fifth goal 10 minutes later. Torres was the only member of Vicente del Bosque's 23-man squad who had yet to feature after warm-up wins over Saudi Arabia and South Korea in Austria. The European champions had failed to impress in either of those games but were back to

their best on home turf with Villa, David Silva, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas, and Pedro adding the other goals. “I haven't played for almost two months and was very keen to return, but I wasn't as ready as I thought and had to ease off a little (last week)," Torres told Spanish state television. “The coach and the doctors held me back a while, but in the end they gave me a run out, and I managed to score." The only concern for Del Bosque was midfielder Andres Iniesta who asked to be substituted just before the break with a thigh muscle strain. With a starting XI that looked much like their strongest lineup Spain raced into the lead,

Iniesta crossing for Villa to put away with the defender's help, as they slid in at the back post after 12 minutes. Villa's 38th goal for Spain, which leaves him just six short of record holder Raul, rocked the Poles and they quickly conceded a fabulous second. Iniesta was stationary and surrounded by defenders when he spotted Barcelona team mate Xavi's run into the area, and lifted the ball over the defence. Xavi squared first time for Silva who slotted away unmarked. Poland held World Cup-bound Serbia to a 0-0 draw last week and forced Iker Casillas into a one-handed save, but there was little else for the Spanish captain to do.

Alonso's long-range shot deflected in after 51 minutes, and substitute Fabregas scored with almost his first touch in the 58th after running onto an Alonso through ball. Torres was given a rousing reception when he ran on and crowned his comeback with a goal, a first-time shot from Pedro's low cross after a trademark Spanish passing move. Torres raced into the area in the 81st minute and when the ball broke free after the Polish keeper saved, Pedro lobbed a sixth. Spain's opening Group H fixture is against Switzerland in Durban on June 16, before they face Honduras and then Chile.


England manager Fabio Capello has had his own behaviour highlighted by officials after striker Wayne Rooney lost his temper and was booked for dissent in the Three Lions' practice match against local side Platinum Stars this week. Rooney swore at referee Jeff Selogilwe, but female fourth official Amelia Masiu claims that Capello was also less than polite to her during the game. "He was pretty bad. He was coming out of the technical area and I was just doing my job. You have to follow the rules of the game, no matter who that person is - even the England manager. “He was saying 'you have to let me coach my team, but I was just doing my work, telling him to get back in the technical area."


Spain's midfielder Cesc Fabregas (centre) celebrates with teammates Spain's forward Fernando Torres, Spain's defender Gerard Pique and Spain's defender Carles Puyol after scoring against Poland on Tuesday.

Reigning champions Italy arrived in South Africa on Wednesday to defend their crown af ter tournament favourites Spain showed off their firepower as they scored six times in their final warmup game. Coach Marcello Lippi's Italian squad, which includes nine of the players in the squad which triumphed four years ago in Germany, were guarded by dozens of police after their plane touched down at Johannesburg airport. They headed off to the Leriba Golf Lodge, just outside Pretoria, to prepare for their opening Group F match against Paraguay in Cape Town on Monday.

Football mania grips crazy Goans HeRALD sPORts RePORteR PANJIM, JUNE 9

With just a little more than a day to go before the world's most popular sporting spectacle kicks off in Johannesburg, South Africa, preparations for the month-long soccer fest have hit a feverish pitch in football crazy Goa. A makeover is under way in drawing rooms of many homes with television sets being upgraded for better viewing. Those who have 14-inch and 21-inch colour TVs are going in for larger screens. For some, the World Cup comes as a good excuse to switch to LCD and plasma screens. The soccer mania has spilled on to the clubs and restaurants all set to recreate the event through big screens with flags of top-billed teams Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Spain, England and Germany being prominently displayed. Soccer crazy fans have been making a beeline for flags, team jerseys and sporting paraphernalia. “World Cup jerseys and

football sales have increased in people involved in Goan football and I think they will win because the last one week. The demand to get their views. they play an effortlless style of is more for jerseys of Brazil, PorGoa U-21 coach Alex Alavares football which is so entertaining tugal, Argentina, Germany and said, " I support Brasil but I feel to watch. When I was nine I folEngland. Jerseys of star players that Argentina are the favourites lowed the Mexico '86 World Cup like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Li- as their players play well to- and I was just astounded at the onel Messi and Wayne Rooney gether as a unit and their strike way Maradona dribbled through are selling like hot cakes. force is world class. My fondest the defence." As the event progresses, memory of the World Cup is Former India international there’s bound to be a new star w h e n M a r a d o n a d r i b b l e d Roberto Fernandes said, "Spain player who will emerge. And the through the England defence to can win the Trophy because of sports shops seem ready to score." their passing brand of football quickly manufacture and sell Blaise Fernandes said, "I be- and everything evolves around such jerseys as well. lieve Lionel Messi will create Xavi in the midfield. I used to In villages, the locals are also something special for Argentina like watching Argentina when I doing their bit to add to the to lift the crown. My greatest was younger and Maradona in frenzy, with flags indicating their memory is of Zidane scoring Mexico 86's was simply unstopallegiance to the World Cup and two goals in the France'98 World pable. It is something I will never TV sets in halls to beam live Cup because I did not think that forget." matches and paint nearby walls anybody would beat Brasil." Former international Juliana with match fixtures. Even the Vasco Club manager, Gavin Colaco stated, "My favourite team corporate world has joined in Araujo stated, "Brasil is my team is Brasil and once they are out I to celebrate the event. a m re a l l y Some starred hotels, upset but I too, have hopped on to think they will HeRALD sPORts DesK the World Cup bandwin this time. PANJIM, JUNE 9 wagon with cuisine and To choose a Moita Sporting will screen the FIFA World Cup 2010 drinks served at pubs and favourite momatches live on a giant screen at St Lawrence Church hall, clubs where the matches ment is so difAgasaim from 5.30 p.m. There will be several games and will be telecast live. ficult because sports quiz during the break time with several prizes. It Our Mapusa Sports Rejust the menwill start from June 11. porter caught with a few tion of the

Screening at Agasaim

World Cup has brought back many memories, but I really enjoyed watching Thierry Henry for France in 1998 his acceleration on the ball was mesmerising." Arjunee award winner Brahamanand Shanwalkar said, "I think Argentina will win because of their inner strength and motivation, they were nearly not qualifying for the finals but Maradona was the driving force which pulled them together. They also have a crafty striking duo in Messi and Millito. If they combine well together they will create trouble for the strongest defence. In 1970 Brasil defeated Italy 4-1 to lift their third title. Their fourth goal was superb with captain Carlos Alberto finishing off a great move which included passes from Rivelino, Tostao, Jarzinho and of course Pele." Judging from some of the footballing experts in Goa it is Brasil who will be strongly supported in the state, but Argentina look like the favourites if Maradona and his little wizard Lionel Messi can get it right.

Police officers secure the area of the Nutbush Loma Lodge in Magaliesburg on Wednesday, where a group of journalists following the Portuguese national team are lodged.

Portuguese journalist held up at gunpoint, 2 others robbed AP MAGALIESBURG, JUNE 9

A Portuguese photographer was held up at gunpoint early Wednesday and two other journalists were also robbed at the same World Cup hotel. Antonio Simoes said he woke around 4 a.m. and found two men entering his room at the Nutbush Boma Lodge outside of Magaliesburg, 120 kilometers (75 miles) northwest of Johannesburg. "One of the guys pointed a hand gun at my head, and then they took all my gear -- cameras, lenses, laptop," said Simoes, who works for the Portuguese daily O Jogo. "Then they told me to lie on the bed and they covered me with a blanket, pressed the gun against my head and told me to sleep. The whole thing took one or two minutes, but it felt like hours," Simoes told The Associated Press. Simoes said the three cameras and gear the thieves stole was worth about $35,000. They also took $3,500 in cash as well as his passport and a pair of jeans.

The photographer said he stayed in bed for a while after being robbed, too scared to move and worrying about what was happening in the other rooms. Spanish journalist Miguel Serrano, who works for the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, and Rui Gustavo Morais were also robbed, but they slept through it. The three were sharing a three-bedroom lodge. Lt. Colonel Leon Engelbrecht of the South African Police Service confirmed that police were looking for two suspects, but would not say whether any arrests had been made. Serrano said police had told him one suspect had already been arrested. "Two of the journalists slept through the robbery, but one was awake," Engelbrecht said. "This is obviously high-profile, so we have to make sure we are on top of this. We are still waiting for detailed information from the scene." The remote four-star lodge is nine miles (15 kilometers) from the Portugal team's base camp.

Police had cordoned off the hotel and conducted fingerprint tests in the rooms. Serrano said about 20 journalists covering the Portugal team are staying at the Nutbush, and that they had previously raised concerns about hotel safety. "We had already complained to the Portuguese federation that the security left a lot to be desired," Serrano said, "but we never thought that something like this would happen." Serrano said he slept while his room was cleared out by the thieves, who took a laptop computer, a cell phone and more than $3,000 in cash -- in both Euros and South African rand. "They took everything except my dirty clothes and my World Cup accreditation," he said. Hotel officials said they would not comment on the incident. Several photographers covering the World Cup have also reported equipment being stolen from their baggage upon arrival at O.R. Tambo airport, the main gateway to Johannesburg.

to be seen. Robbers marred the party mood, however, and sent a reminder of South African crime levels rivaling anywhere outside a war-zone by raiding journalists from Portugal a\nd Spain in a lodge at scenic Magaliesburg town, north of Johannesburg. In other unwanted developments, a shocking and evergrowing injury list -- some are already calling it the "curse" of

World Cup 2010 -- has kept out leading names David Beckham, Nani, Michael Essien and Michael Ballack. Even a referee, Chile's Pablo Pozo Quinteros, fell victim and had to pull out of handling Sunday's Group C match between Algeria and Slovenia. For hosts South Africa, simply progressing to the second round would be a triumph. They begin that quest on Friday with a Group A opener against Mexico at the revamped Soccer City stadium shaped like a calabash or African pot. “I feel it here, I'm swimming in the World Cup!" said Tseko Motuang, a vendor in Bloemfontein, which like most towns across South Africa was festooned with flags, yellow replica shirts of the "Bafana Bafana" national team, and vuvuzela horns.

Crime rears head


Crime struck the World Cup on Wednesday when gunmen held up journalists after Spain proved their favorites' status with a 60 friendly win. Two days before kick-off for the first World Cup on African soil, locals are pumping up the atmosphere with "vuvuzela" trumpets and multi-colored South African flags everywhere


Football fever via Airtel HeRALD sPORts DesK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Come June 11 and football lovers will be in for a treat when the World Cup 2010 gets underway in South Africa. Bharti Airtel, Asia’s leading telecom service provider, has launched pulsating offerings for its customers to stay connected and be a part of Football FeverFOFE while on the move. Office, meetings, kitchen or hanging in a bus, one will be able to follow their favourite football match on Airtel mobile everywhere. Services like football match alerts, football quiz, live scores, latest news, gossip, FIFA anthem, music and video ring tones, follow your favourite player, static and animated wallpapers, animated themes, games etc will be available

through FOFE on SMS. Stating on Airtel’s FOFE, Ramesh Menon, CEO Mobility, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa said, “Football is a religion for all Goans and we at Airtel are giving each Goan an opportunity to be updated on all the latest happenings during the World Cup with Airtel Football Fever. Not restricted to only score alerts, we offer our customers all the details ranging from penalties, injuries, to half time scores and much more. Also, keeping each football fan glued to this service, we are providing interesting trivia on the top 20 players, their journey coupled with an exciting contest with weekly and daily winners. We hope with this unique initiative our customer feels a part of World Cup 2010!”

Sony’s deal for FIFA World Cup HeRALD sPORts DesK PANJIM, JUNE 9

Goans, traditionally tagged as football followers, having so many football clubs and teams, organising tournaments 365 days around the clock in each housing community have exciting promotional offer coming their way to catch the FIFA fever from Sony. Hoping to make a real contribution to football around the world through deep and longlasting partnership programme with FIFA, Sony India today announced its promotional initiative for the natives of Goa to fully immerse in the football frenzy in the season of FIFA

World Cup. On the purchase of every Bravia LCD TV above 26 inches, the consumer in Goa will also be a recipient of official FIFA football replica. Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, said, “Coinciding with the rapidly growi n g c o n s u m e r i n t e re s t i n football, Sony will further capture the excitement for millions of football fans in Goa by distributing free FIFA football replica with Bravia LCD TV. In alignment to our regional marketing strategy, this promotional offer is a recognition of the vibrant spirit of the people of Goa.”

Betting odds Reuters JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 9

Betting odds for the 2010 World Cup finals from English bookmaker William Hill.

Spain Brazil Argentina England Netherlands Germany Italy France Portugal Ivory Coast Serbia Mexico U.S. Chile Cameroon Paraguay Uruguay Ghana Nigeria South Africa Denmark Australia Greece Switzerland South Korea Slovakia Japan Slovenia Algeria Honduras North Korea New Zealand

4/1 9/2 13/2 8/1 10/1 14/1 16/1 20/1 25/1 50/1 66/1 80/1 80/1 80/1 100/1 100/1 100/1 125/1 150/1 150/1 150/1 150/1 200/1 250/1 250/1 300/1 400/1 400/1 500/1 1000/1 2000/1 2000/1

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South Africa whips up WC frenzy

Locals dance, cheer and blow vuvuzela horns - large coloured plastic trumpets - in Johannesburg, on Wednesday ahead of the 2010 World Cup. AFP JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 9

South Africa whipped itself into a World Cup frenzy Wednesday as the national side paraded through Johannesburg and holders Italy flew in to defend their crown, two days before the kickoff. Tens of thousands lined the streets of the Sandton business district to hail Bafana Bafana (The Boys), draping themselves in flags and honking ear-splitting

vuvuzela trumpets as the team waved at them from an opentop bus. There were similar scenes throughout Johannesburg, as office workers left their buildings and lined the streets to blow vuvuzelas and wave South African flags, as passing cars tooted their horns. Some wore clown wigs in national colours, and others had makarapas -- hard hats carved and painted into the shape of

footballers and flags. Schoolchildren were left at midday for a special month-long World Cup holiday, bringing many youngsters onto the sidewalk with their parents for the festivities. The noise from the plastic vuvuzela horns, set to become one of the main talking points of the tournament, drowned out all conversation -- including attempts by television journalists to deliver two-way reports to their studio. Thousands also poured into the streets of Cape Town to answer a call on the radio to blow their vuvuzelas at lunch time. "It was a national call to have a vuvuzela moment," said Zanele Ntuli among the crowds outside parliament “Never in my life did I think this would come to Africa, let alone South Africa." The sense of anticipation has been heightened by an unexpected upturn in the form of Bafana Bafana, who go into Friday's opening match against Mexico on the back of a 12match unbeaten run. South Africans were ecstatic 14 years ago after the team won the African Nations Cup on home soil but the national football association said Wednesday's turn-out beat all records. “This is the biggest show of public support for our team in the history of the professional game," said chief executive

Leslie Sedibe. As the government urged fans to be on their best behaviour for the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors, South Africans also delighted in the prospect that their icon, Nelson Mandela, would be among the crowds at Friday's opener. The front-page of The Sowetan proclaimed the event would now be the "Mandela Show" while a headline in The Star read "Deafening Noise Can't Curb Kick-off Fever", as it described final rehearsals for a World Cup concert on Thursday. Ever since it became the first African nation to win the right to stage the tournament six years ago, South Africa has had to fend off claims that its high crime rate, lack of infrastructure and rudimentary public transport system rendered it an unsuitable choice. Fears over crime were highlighted when armed robbers broke into a rural lodge where reporters covering Portugal are staying, holding one journalist at gunpoint before making off with cash, camera equipment and passports. A spokesman for the local organising committee said everything was in place but added that opening-day traffic jams remain a concern. “We urge the 90,000 spectators who will be coming here to exercise restraint when it comes to using their own cars, because there are buses and there are trains which will drop them right at the door," said Rich Mkhondo. Nearly all of the teams are now in situ. Dozens of police and a smattering of hardcore fans were at Johannesburg airport to greet the Azzuri, whose pre-tournament results have done little to encourage hope that they can retain their title. One of the biggest worries for organisers was whether Mandela, the country's first black leader and hero of the struggle against the whites-only apartheid regime, would be able to make it to the opening ceremony. Mandela's family had indicated that at 91 and increasingly frail such an appearance would be too much for him. But they announced on Tuesday that he would in fact attend, albeit probably not for the whole match.

Maradona lines up Argentina squad AGENCIES PRETORIA, JUNE 9

All eyes are on Diego Maradona and his Argentina squad at this World Cup. Diego is synonymous with the tournament having endured shame in 1982 and 1994 whilst dragging his side to the final in both 1986 and 1990. “ We are expecting fireworks on the touchlines of South Africa and the inexperienced coach has already introduced a training technique that is unlikely to be copied by the likes of Fabio Capello, Marcelo Lippi or Vicente del Bosque.” In Argentina's latest training session, the Napoli legend

pulled half of his squad into one of the goals and ordered the other players to shoot footballs at himself and a host of other players including Javier Mascherano, Martin Palermo and Jonas Gutierrez. The bizzare team-building exercise can be seen here.

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Swiss media reportted that National team captain and leading striker Alexander Frei has injured his right ankle in training hours before the squad headed to South Africa for the World Cup. Frei was tackled by defender Steve von Bergen in training and had to be treated before limping off at Zurich's Letzigrund stadium.

Messi backed as star AFP LONDON, JUNE 9

English Premier League managers have backed Lionel Messi to be the star of Africa's first World Cup. A survey of the English top flight bosses found that four out of five of them (83 percent) expect the Argentina star to be the player of the tournament. Over half (53 percent) expect Brazil to win the Trophy for the sixth time with only 24 percent backing European champions Spain.

Fernando Torres is seen as the EPL player most likely to star in South Africa with 47 per cent of the managers backing the Liverpool and Spain striker to be the top scorer, ahead of Wayne Rooney (41 percent) and Carlos Tevez (12 percent). The survey was completed by 17 of the 20 Premier League managers and was carried out by Barclays, the sponsors of the EPL and the League Managers' Association.



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