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Earle Brown: Chamber Music (2003) Matchless Recordings (UK) Corroboree: for 3 or 2 Pianos, Folio and 4 Systems, Tracking Pierrot Tear (2003) String Quartet SCENE Piano Music of the Darmstadt School Vol 2 (2004) MD&G Corroboree: for 3 or 2 Pianos Piano (2006) ein_klang_records Folio and 4 Systems Selected Works (2006) New World Records Times Five, Nine Rare Bits, Octet I, Music for Violin, Cello and Piano, Folio and Four Systems, Music for Cello and Piano Tracer (2007) Mode Records Tracer, Folio, Octet 1, Music for Violin, Cello & Piano, String Quartet, New Piece


Earle brown catalogue 102215  
Earle brown catalogue 102215