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Proposal for logo Refuel CafĂŠ, 31 Rutland St, Leicester, LE3 2BN

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his guide is produced to help you understand the ideas and design process behind the logo


01 Thoughts on the importance of branding

design and rules of use/potential applications for

02 Logo description

the Refuel CafĂŠ, Leicester.

03 Logo variations 04 Colour palette 05 Protection zone 06 Typography 07 Ligatures 08 Extending the brand 09 Clothing 10 Applications 11 Approximate costs

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So what’s in a logo anyway?


ood logos are important to help create or bolster a brand or service and help customers

recognise who they are, encouraging the customer to make an easy association between their good experience and the business. We are taught to make these associations from an early age i.e. a is for apple, B is for Boy, etc. excellent branding seeks to increase the product’s perceived value to the customer. Brands work as an implied promise of quality level. for businesses with a loyal customer base, a brand can create a sense of belonging. There are many heated brandloyal debates, for example apple vs. Pc or canon vs. Nikon. Businesses may find, through market research, that their customer base is part of a recognisable group which makes it possible to predict their values and expectations regarding branding; it may be advantageous to tailor the branding to meet this criteria.

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The Refuel coffee I gauge

nitial ideas revolved around the name ‘refuel’ and its association with the building’s history. The

name implies a place to stop, relax, recharge and fill-up. There are obvious connections between food and drink and petrol stations but it was thought that the smell of petrol coupled with the aroma and taste of the food, modern garage forecourts offer, is not an association we usually make. I concentrated on the visual stimulus and feedback we receive from gadgets, batteries, charges, displays and gauges that tell us we need to refuel/recharge. I thought this was a good link to the way our bodies impart the same information when we are hungry/thirsty. Initial designs led to the one presented on this page, which combines a stylised fuel gauge and the first person point of view that we have with our coffee. The logo is rendered as a scalable vector drawing made to look realistic although it may take a second look to figure out exactly what it is. The idea is to make the brain flip between a fuel gauge and a coffee cup.

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Logo variations


ogos appear on many different backgrounds and media. You’ll want your logo to look just

as good in print, on screen and on dark and light backgrounds; this design has a built-in flexibility to do just that.







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Colour palette


olours are chosen to match colour scheme of the LCB Depot building and existing branding.

The logo contains both colour and greyscale gradients and is a CMYK file, this would require a four colour process to print. The initial design can be converted to a two colour process to save money but does lose detail and impact.


PANTONE Warm Red C two colour logo

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We all need oxygen to breathe; the protection zone


e all need oxygen to breathe; the protection zone of the Refuel logo is the keystone

of your brand identity - an expression of your personality and your basic values. It represents quality and reliability. The Refuel logo must be protected through proper use. To communicate most effectively, a minimum amount of space is to be left clear of text, symbols, logos and other extraneous graphic elements. In no instance should a line of text or any other visual element overlay the logo. The protection zone specifications are proportionate to the logo and are derived from the height and width of x (x multiplied by 0.4). A minimum of one x on each side of the logo will contribute to the legibility of the Refuel logo.

Protection zone

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useo 700 has been chosen because it’s a lucid semi-serif family with simple, open

forms and highly original details. It makes for

Refuel Café

striking headlines, but is also very readable in medium-sized texts.

Museo 700

This OpenType font family comes in five weights and offers supports CE languages and

Museo 700 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 Éé

even esperanto. Besides ligatures, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions and proportional/tabular figures MUSEO also has a ‘case’ feature for case sensitive forms. MUSEO: 300, 500 and 700 weights are absolutely

Museo 500 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 Éé



Museo 300 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 Éé

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Alternative text only logo with custom ligature


here may be some occasions when only the text is used. The logo incorporates a number

of options. The first example is text using the Museo font. The second shows a custom ligature connecting the f and u which has been created.

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Extending the idea to communicate more effectively


sing a play on the cafĂŠ name, we can extend the brand message by describing the two main

products, food and drink, using the brand rules. This idea can also extend to encompass changes in menu, special offers and seasonal promotions.

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The branding of clothing


orrectly branded uniforms are important as they are often worn by employees at the front

line of service delivery, promoting the services provided by the business, as well as providing credibility and reassurance that comes with the name. Branding on all pieces of clothing, that are part of a uniform, is also essential for tax reasons as employees can claim a tax rebate if they launder the uniform at home.



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A list of potential applications


list of potential applications for the logo has been drawn up for your consideration. These

include possible branding of the following items: 01













Table cloths


Stationery (cafĂŠ business)


Window details






Customer ideas pad

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Approximate Costs


s requested a list of approximate printing costs is given here. Each item is listed with

prices based on quantities and materials stated. These costs are just approximate and are offered as a guide.Final prices can change up and down dependent on materials chosen and quantities ordered.


250, A4 130g full colour - £130

Business Cards

500, 85x55mm, 350g weight full colour - £75

Customer Ideas Pads

100, 50 pages bound with card cover - £90


Rate Card

double crease. Quantity 50, 200g paper with 350

and photography our rates are tailored to the

micron laminate pouch. - £125

budget and circumstances of the individual job.


Prices are quoted here as a typical by the hour job:

A4 digital printed full colour and laminated with

Fruit of the loom polo collar shirt, print front, back and sleeves - £18 per shirt.


500 92 x92 mm 350g weight - £75

Heppdesigns specialises in print, website design

design and artwork - £45 per hour photography - £450 per day £250 half day Most jobs are completed to a budget negotiated between the client and Heppdesigns.

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Contact Information


his guide was produced by James at Heppdesigns; if you have any questions he

would only be too happy to help. You can contact him using the following ways: email:

telephone: 07914 218 170 website:


2 Overfield Avenue Market Harborough Leicestershire LE16 7LS

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