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„„ 2007 Issue

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Outstanding GCSE success

Brooke Weston celebrated 100% success for an amazing fourth year

Brooke Weston Partnership

This year the Brooke Weston Partnership was formed

Parents in Partnership

Provide a support network of volunteers

The future’s bright, the future’s changing…


Governors’ Report

Contents „„ the year in view

3 Wider curriculum 4 Selling ourselves „„ Results and achievements

4 SATS Results 4 College Award for Excellence 5 Outstanding GCSE success 7 Team achievements 7 Sporting Heroes „„ Personal development

8 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 9 Staff aim high 9 Sixth Form Destinations „„ Enriched education

10 Masterclasses 10 Curriculum Developments 11 Parents in Partnership „„ Education in Corby

12 Brooke Weston Partnership 13 Governing Bodies 13 Eyes on the target 14 School is cool „„ the Governing body

Another great year! „„ the year in view

Professor Trevor Kerry Chairman of the Governing Body, Brooke Weston College

This year the Governors’ Report to Parents is in a new format. We hope you like this user-friendly design.


t has become possible to present the Report like this because the Government no longer controls the content of it, which makes it easier to present our news in our own way. The Report covers the academic year 2006/7, but we are now able to include more up-to-date items and some information about the future. 2006/7 was another great year for Brooke Weston. The Governors would like to thank all the staff, students, and of course all those at home and College who support them, for their part in this success.

Ofsted outcomes In November 2006 Brooke Weston was visited by a team of Ofsted inspectors. The inspection looked at five areas of school life: overall effectiveness, achievements and standards, personal development and well-being, quality of provision, and leadership and management. All five areas were rated Outstanding, and the College has since received a letter from Ofsted to say that it is on the Outstanding Providers list: a superb achievement.

„„ Brooke Weston was judged outstanding during the Ofsted visit and placed on the Outstanding Providers list.

Ofsted also recognised the role of Governors in contributing to this outcome, so I must acknowledge the fine work and dedication of my fellow-Governors as well as their support to me as Chairman.

Governors’ Report

Examination highs Examination results have continued to give cause for satisfaction. The detail of these results appears on a later page, but a brief summary gives the flavour. Our Key Stage 3 students take their SATs exams a year early under the new Brooke Weston curriculum arrangements. The results showed the smallest of dips in English and Mathematics, but Science performed as well as last year. This level of achievement is good in its own right, and frees up a whole College year in which Brooke Weston youngsters can undertake exciting additional studies at a time when, research shows, young people at KS3 nationally are becoming bored and disaffected with this curriculum phase. Results at GCSE in July 2007 were outstanding: 100% of students were graded A*– C in five or more subjects. In Design Technology 51% of all grades were at A*/A. A few areas did not live up to the trend but the reasons for this are being addressed. In Year 12, 37% of students were graded at A or B in their AS levels exams, 4% up on the previous year. In Year 13, at A2 level, the number of A and B grades was slightly down (from 48% to 44%) but the ‘average points score’ increased from 295 to 302. An excellent 80% of A Level students achieved places at their first choice university; and four students attained places at either Oxford or Cambridge universities. All students who chose this route were successful in finding places in Higher Education. Plans for the future for the Post 16 group include a broadening of the range of vocational options for students so that similar high standards can be achieved by those whose strengths are less academic.

Academy status achieved Brooke Weston began life as a City Technology College. The CTC movement produced some fine schools. But current political thinking is to change the secondary school system to establish Academies – schools which have good levels of financial support but which operate under slightly different rules. They are typically in areas of deprivation and are intended to make a significant difference to their local communities. Brooke Weston was invited to transfer to Academy status and, not least for financial reasons, opted to follow that route. The final stage of transition will take place from September 2008. Increased capital grant will allow for

significant modernisation of the plant at Brooke Weston – more of that next year.

Wider curriculum

No-one could claim that the Brooke Weston curriculum is dull. Learning opportunities beyond the classroom have seen students visiting the National Space Centre and presenting a report about the visit to Governors (a daunting task!). Other visits in the UK included trips to Snowdonia and Tate Modern. There was the launch (if you’ll excuse the pun) of the Glider Club and a presentation at the Showcase Science event at Oundle School. Beyond these shores there was work experience in Europe for Year 12 students. Five hundred students took part in residential experiences and visited places as far apart as New York, Venice and the Costa Brava. These activities strengthen bonds between students as well as between students and staff; they contribute enormously to students’ maturity and thus their ability to compete, for example in interviews.

Staff changes There were some significant movements during the period of this Report, notably Gerry Witt’s decision to stand down as Head of Sixth Form. His work in this role has been much appreciated, but he stays with the College which thus keeps his wisdom and expertise. Most important of all the changes was the decision that Peter Simpson should move from the headship of Brooke Weston to have oversight of the new Brooke Weston Partnership. His new appointment as Executive Principal is an innovative one, so once more Brooke Weston leads the national agenda for educational change. Following this move the Governors sought to appoint a new Principal for the Brooke Weston College, and Trish Stringer was successful in obtaining this post. She will carry forward her commitment to the high standards of her predecessor but also seek to lead the College in the new Partnership context. Brooke Weston’s Vice-Principal, Dr Andrew Campbell, who has already devoted several years to establishing the Corby Business Academy, was appointed Principal Designate to that new institution. Exciting, and changing times indeed!



Governors’ Report

Selling ourselves

Brooke Weston’s own trading company @tain continued to thrive. As a result it was able to plough profits back into the College. Business Manager Chris Stewart has kept the money flowing and, as a result, £100,000 will support the refurbishment of the Design Technology Department. The College has remained a focus for innovation, providing both leading speakers at national events and a place for visitors to come to view excellence at work.

International news China formed one of the bases for international activity over the last year or so. Martin Wang was appointed to teach Mandarin and Peter Simpson and Robert Nicholls represented the College on a trip to China which began a formal partnership with the Haichang Middle School in Xiamen which is affiliated to the University of Beijing. As a result, a group of Brooke Weston students had the opportunity to visit China. Others have been in touch with schools in France, Germany, Malawi and Senegal via the Global Gateway web-site run by the British Council. Students and staff have been active in charitable work for overseas projects, too. £10,000 has been raised for Project Sri Lanka and for Oxfam’s work in Tanzania and Africa. Strong links continue with the June and Brian Cox Foundation Primary School in the Gambia.

Peak Performance „„ Results and achievements

SATS Results


he results for Year 8 students are given below and illustrated in the chart, together with historic Year 9 results for comparison. It is important to remember that these are results from only two years of study whereas nationally three years is the norm. The table and chart below are based upon the average point score in each subject. SATS Results table


English (Y9)


English (Y8)


Maths (Y9)


Maths (Y8)


Science (Y9)


Science (Y8)










In October, Brooke Weston was recognised as one of a group of a dozen or so outstanding schools College Award for Excellence

In October, Brooke Weston was recognised as one of a group of a dozen or so outstanding schools that won a national competition in which they demonstrated how they are transforming learning and raising achievement in innovative ways. The award was presented by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), a body that promotes good practice in secondary schools and encourages the best-performing schools to share information with each other and the wider community, including businesses. The College award was for its curriculum, which allows students to study at a level that

Governors’ Report

Results at GCSE in July 2007 were outstanding: 100% of students were graded A*– C in five or more subjects.

closely matches their abilities. This ‘individualisation’ is a key theme at Brooke Weston as it provides a basis for every student to achieve their maximum potential. Brooke Weston Governors were invited to join the ‘Futures Vision Tour’, a bus tour over two weeks that visited all of the winning schools, and our chairman was able to take part in the Southern Tour visiting seven schools and reporting his impressions to the Governors’ Meeting in November. Brooke Weston was one of the schools featured in the Northern Tour and played host to about 50 delegates including school heads, finance officers, Governors and business representatives who enjoyed an afternoon being shown around the College by the students and seeing first-hand how the concept of individual learning is put into practice in the classroom.

„„ GCSE results were outstanding 100%, 5 A* – C. challenge in their careers. Some of their chosen career paths included engineering, architecture, law, retail, vet school, fashion and photography. The chart reproduced overleaf tracks our performance against the headline figure of percentage of students achieving five or more higher grade GCSE results. Also shown is the percentage of students achieving five or more grades A* to C including Mathematics. The national average in 2006 was 44%, Northamptonshire 42%, Brooke Weston 86%.

„„ Excellent exam results

Outstanding GCSE success

Brooke Weston celebrated 100% success for an amazing fourth year with all Year 11 students achieving FIVE or more good GCSE level passes (grades A-C). Anglia News reporter, Karl Heidel, was there on results publication day to witness Year 11 students’ first reactions as they received their results. As teachers lined the corridors to be among the first to congratulate the students on their results, it was in an atmosphere of celebration and happy relief. The trends of achievement and success were echoed in the A Level results, where 98% had achieved exam passes. There had been a string of brilliant performances from Sixth Formers who were looking towards their next

„„ Sixth formers, Alex Matthew and Matthew Albrecht.



Governors’ Report

„„ GCSE Results 5 A* – C

Including English and Maths without GNVQ with GNVQ

„„ A Level Results College vs national

College National

„„ League Tables

Brooke Weston is top of the league table for county state schools at GCSE level, and its performance is double the average pass rate for Northamptonshire. Government tables, which focused on performance at GCSE, A Level and value added measurements put Brooke Weston consistently at the top end of the table for state schools, with only one other state-funded school achieving Brooke Weston’s GCSE pass rate of 86%. Twice the amount of Brooke Weston students gained five or more good GCSEs including English and Maths, compared with the county pass rate of 42.3%, although all students passed five or more GCSEs, making 2007 the fourth year running that Brooke Weston achieved a 100% pass rate.

Governors’ Report

The Sporting Year A

t the time of writing, the Year 9 Boys football team is in the fifth round of the National Championships, PH&F Department is proposing to continue the Adrenaline Alley option with the Year 10 core PE groups after Christmas.

Team achievements Year 7: Rugby – County Cup Semi–Finalists. Football – North Northants Runners Up. Cricket – Presently in the County Cup Semi Final. Athletics – Third place in NNAC.

Year 8: Football – County Cup Finalists Netball – Won District League. Athletics – Third place in NNAC.

Year 9: Cricket – County Cup Quarter finals. Girls Football – won District League. Boys Football – Quarter finals of County Cup.

Year 10: Boys Basketball – winners of District Tournament. Football – reached fourth round of National Cup and quarter finals of the County Cup.

Year 11: Football – North Northants Champions for the fifth time.

Sporting Heroes Year 7: Darren Devine and Ben Hanger attended open trials to represent Northants Schools Rugby. Ben Hanger was selected for Northants County Schools Rugby and accepted on to the East Midlands ‘Schools Rugby’ programme. Darren Devine, Josh Brown, Hannah Singh and Niamh Bailey represented North Northants in the County Athletics Championships and were part of the winning team. Hannah Ellwood was selected for the County hockey squad. Niamh Bailey broke the high jump record at the District Championships. Sam Underwood, Hannah Singh and Steffan Bailie represented North Northants in the County Cross - Country championships.

„„ Year 11 decathalete, Jack McShane

Year 8: Fraser Glover and Jordan Cross are training with Derby County F.C. Holly Coulson has been selected for Rushden and Diamonds F.C. Dermot Bailey wins the Disabled Sports Person of the Year in both Corby and Kettering and is close to national success in wheelchair tennis. Holly Coulson, Fraser Glover and Jordan Cross represented North Northants in the County Cross - Country Championships.

Year 9: Lucas Rowe is British Schools National Judo Champion and has represented England in a number of tournaments in Europe.

Year 10: James Gough was selected for Northants Schools Rugby team for both U 15 and U 16s. He was then selected after trials for East Midlands. He has been invited to attend the East Midlands ‘Schools for Rugby’ programme for the coming rugby season. Nicole Tinto is now playing football for Coventry Ladies. Olly Brown represents the Midlands at basketball and North Northants at football.

Year 11: Jack McShane was second in the National Athletics Multi events and represented Northamptonshire in the English Schools Athletics Championships in Birmingham. Perry Burns swims at national level and is county champion in a number of events. The Governors congratulate all of these performers and wish them well in the coming year.



Governors’ Report

In 2007, Brooke Weston trained three graduates as teachers and helped eight NQTs through their induction year to become established members of staff

Broadening Horizons „„ Personal development

Staff at Brooke Weston run a varied and adventurous range of residential experiences for students, and the Governors are delighted to applaud their efforts.

visits to the Campanile, St Mark’s Square and Basilica, and many other famous landmarks. Another destination was Greece, where many historic buildings were visited and there were trips to Athens, Delphi and Aegina. There were three alternative trips to France, which included sightseeing in Paris, and some time allocated to Disneyland. One group went to a French chateau, where students experienced an active tour that included time on power boats, windsurfing, sailing, sand yachting and canoeing. They were also lucky enough to fit in some sight-seeing, with trips to Bayeux, Arromanches and the Normandy Landing beaches. A trip to the French Alps allowed students to experience hydrosurfing, hot-dogging and many other water-based sports and activities, along with a visit to Briancon and a hypermarket. There were two major visits to China and America. Many famous landmarks were visited. A London trip also covered many sites of national importance.

„„ College residential to New York, 2007.



he aim of the residential programme is to provide students with a range of cultural and historical experiences that will enhance their own knowledge and understanding of the world around them. In 2007, students had the choice of eight trips, with destinations covering Europe and the United States of America. In Spain, there were trips around many tourist sites, along with visits to the Port Adventura theme park, Europe’s largest outdoor swimming pool and an aquarium. The other destination was near Costa Brava. The trip included a range of physical sporting activities, such as snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing, swimming and canoeing (although not necessarily together), along with volleyball and adventure sports. A trip to Lido Di Jesolo in Italy, allowed students to experience a trip on a waterbus around Venice, with

„„ Silver expedition, Derbyshire Peak 2007.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is all about providing young people with an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development. The College supported 1 student to achieve their Gold awards, 9 students to achieve their Silver awards during 2006/7 and 16 gained their Bronze awards during the same period. The students had to demonstrate the ability to pursue a range of skills and interests over an extended period of time. In addition they had to plan and execute a series of camping, hiking and expeditions.

Governors’ Report

Staff aim High

Brooke Weston needs to recruit and retain the highest calibre staff. To help do this, the College has an active staff development plan in place that covers all stages of a career in education. University graduates are trained to become teachers in the GTP programme and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) spend their first year teaching in the induction programme. More experienced teachers are encouraged to continue their development at Brooke Weston through further training and seminars, by studying for a Master’s degree, or by gaining leadership qualifications.

with further education with four of them studying at Oxbridge. Robert Wallis and Tom Preston went to Oxford while Alex Matthew and Robert’s twin brother, Adrian, are at Cambridge. Other students have a definite career in mind; Paige Hunter is at veterinary school in Bristol and Sarah Brown is one of four students taking a gap year before she studies architecture at Newcastle. Reka Hollos is studying English and French Law working for two years in London and a further two in Paris. Matthew Albrecht and Sava Grkinic are studying engineering while others have opted for more creative courses. Emma-Jayne Lee is studying fashion photography at Nottingham Trent while Rhianna Fisher and Erin Knowles embarked on one-year fashion courses. Rhianna is completing a foundation course at the London School of Fashion while Erin is at the Fashion Retail Academy, a high profile training Academy, sponsored by high street retailers. Paul Willis is studying film-making at the London School of Communications while Daniel Appleyard and James McInerney did a week’s work experience at Abbey Road studios after getting distinctions in their BTEC Music Technology course.

„„ Graduates of the College’s MA programme. In 2007, Brooke Weston trained three graduates as teachers and helped eight NQTs through their induction year to become established members of staff. Three members of staff completed a Leading from The Middle (LfTM) programme and two achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). In 2008, there will be two GTPs, a further five NQTs will complete their induction, three staff will undertake LfTM programmes, two will complete their NPQH, two will take a course in Leadership Pathways and one will pursue a degree in Land Management. The Governors believe that a strong development programme adds to the strength of Brooke Weston and would like to congratulate those staff who have achieved qualifications in the past year, and wish every success to those pursuing courses of study in the coming year

Sixth Form Destinations

The Year 13 students who left Brooke Weston in July 2007 are now pursuing a variety of studies and careers. Of the 111 students in the year group, 93 are continuing

„„ Paige Hunter is studying to be a vet in Bristol. Other students have opted for on-the-job training, going into employment while studying on day release schemes. Jordan Connachie and Richard Faller both joined local firms as trainee quantity surveyors, working in the office, and studying for one day a week at Nottingham Trent where, after five years, they should be awarded a degree in quantity surveying and construction commercial management. Ten students have opted to go straight from Brooke Weston into the world of work.



Governors’ Report

A record number of over 430 pupils from Corby and Kettering have taken the Saturday morning classes.

Making a Difference „„ Enriched education



he Brooke Weston Masterclasses continue to prosper into their eighth year. A record number of over 430 pupils (both primary and secondary) from Corby and Kettering have taken the Saturday morning classes. The practical, accessible format of the Masterclasses is one that works, and budding students may be offered in even more subjects in the future. While attendance of Masterclasses has no bearing whatsoever on whether students will get a place at the College, there is no doubt that the ethos and teaching methods of Brooke Weston carry over into the Saturday Masterclasses.

have found their experience of working with the pupils very beneficial. While it gives them some money in their pocket, it also supports their university applications or their future careers. The Sixth Formers’ familiarity and experience with computers proves to be very beneficial when classes of as many as 35 students need support in ICT. Students have enjoyed a varied experience including having explored the chemistry of fireworks, designed web sites, investigated volcanoes both in terms of their physical geography and geology, learned about tessellations, morphed one face into another, organised Oscar ceremonies, made face masks, designed their own T-shirts, experimented with the Mathematics behind gambling, enjoyed African culture including tribal masks, and got up close to a lot of snakes! Staff member-in-charge, Mr Tiktin, said: ‘These are great opportunities for bright youngsters to be challenged and we hope excited by learning just for fun, with no government targets involved at all’.

Curriculum Developments

„„ Design Technology Masterclass The range of Masterclasses has been expanded to include Spanish. This year, classes have been taken for the first time in Art, Drama, Humanities, and Media Studies alongside the established ICT, Mathematics and Science classes. One of the other challenges offered by the Masterclass programme is to develop lessons for use within the College. For instance, the morphing of faces has been developed into part of our ICT curriculum and the use of computers to monitor science experiments is now widely used. The classes are taught by a dedicated group of Brooke Weston teachers who enjoy the opportunity to explore new material and approaches to their lessons. They are ably supported by a group of Sixth Formers, who become classroom assistants. The Sixth Formers who help out

This year sees a significant change in courses offered at Brooke Weston. Some less academic, or applied, subjects are being offered alongside traditional GCSEs and A Levels. These include courses in textiles, engineering, product design and construction. Now that Brooke Weston students complete their Key Stage 3 studies in Year 8 there is an opportunity in Year 9 to offer students the chance to learn more about the subjects offered before embarking on an individual programme of study. One-week taster courses are offered in several subjects,

„„ This year has seen some curriculum changes.

Governors’ Report

which act as initial assessments of the suitability of the course for each student. A concept of ‘Curriculum Pathways’ has been developed to allow different routes to qualification. For example, a student may start one or more GCSEs in Year 9 and complete them in either two or three years while taking other subjects starting in Year 10. We expect that a typical student will combine GCSEs with one or two applied subjects. Stuart Williams, Curriculum Vice Principal, says ‘We find that a mix works well’. More support for making choices for Post-16 courses is also offered. Students will be assessed individually for acceptance on A Level courses, typically requiring a B grade to continue a subject studied at GCSE. There will also be an opportunity for an individual short meeting with parents on the options available, which include an expansion of the current applied courses. Mr Williams says ‘We aim for everyone to have the opportunity to stay on and do courses appropriate to them’. Extra-curricular study opportunities include several Open University courses, ‘Engineering In Action’ at the University of Northampton and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. A total of 40 Brooke Weston students completed a first year Enterprise course at the University of Northampton last year, giving them a taste of University study. Besides providing an interesting course of study or activities, these opportunities should aid Brooke Weston students in their applications into higher education.

activities and events mentioned above, the BW Factor gave a platform for students to exhibit their talents and delight the audience with a high level of professionalism. Events such as this rely heavily upon our bank of volunteers to collaborate and deliver a well orchestrated event, and raise money for worthy causes such as the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Due to the success of the BW Factor PiP will hold another extravaganza, raising money for teenagers living with cancer. Another valuable facility offered by PiP, and again relying upon volunteers, are the mock interviews held for the Year 12 students. PiP worked with Head of Sixth Form, Mr Wilkinson, to deliver this service to students in preparation for university. The students collectively commented that the interviews were an: ‘invaluable insight and a great preparation for a real life situation’. An area of satisfaction is the delivery of the new intake weekend. Realising the weekend can be quite a tremulous wait for parents, all can take advantage of the delicacies on offer, provided by PiP and volunteers, allaying any anxieties felt in a relaxed and friendly environment. PiP have had a productive year and together endeavour to continue to provide a support network to the College through our branch of volunteers through to 2008.

Parents in Partnership Donna Davis Chair Parents in Partnership As always Parents in Partnership’s (PiP) report is a testament to the breadth and depth of our activities provided throughout the year, which are supported by our volunteers: „„ Refreshment Evenings „„ Christmas and Summer Showcase „„ Prize Giving „„ Student in the Community Award 2006/2007 was a busy year for PiP forming a notable new initiative, ‘The ‘BW Factor’. In addition to the

„„ Parents in Partnership at the new intake day.


Governors’ Report


We believe the future for Brooke Weston is bright, but it will also be different.

Future Visions „„ Education in Corby

Peter Simpson Executive Principal Brooke Weston Partnership Pantone 281 C Pantone 360 C

Among the aims of the Brooke Weston Foundation is the intention to support educational innovation for all local students. The College, through Peter Simpson and Dr Andrew Campbell in particular, has been four years in the establishment of a new Academy for Corby: the Corby Business Academy. Here Peter Simpson describes the thinking that underpins this development and talks about the new Academy, which comes on stream in September 2008. From a Brooke Weston perspective, none of this would have been possible without the support of the Weston Foundation and the de Capell Brooke family.

Simpson – the educational equivalent of a CEO – who, working with both schools, will ensure that opportunities for shared services, collaboration and mutual assistance are identified and promoted to the benefit of all. The next few years will present considerable challenges to both schools. Brooke Weston has a £4m building programme to manage and an extensive range of policy issues to address as part of the conversion to an Academy. The impact of new admission arrangements is uncertain and the process is more complicated than hitherto especially in the arrangements for appeals. As the town expands there will be an expectation for Brooke Weston to accept students during the year. Achieving the present levels of success with students who might have been at the College for only a few months or who do not have English as their first language will be a major challenge.

Brooke Weston Partnership

The academic year 2006 to 2007 set the scene for the end of an era at Brooke Weston College and saw the birth of the Brooke Weston Partnership. The original ‘Corby City Technology College Trust’ was a charity established: ‘…to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom …by establishing, maintaining, carrying on and developing one or more secondary schools…’ As the first school, Brooke Weston College has lived up to expectations and its success has enabled the charity to take on the challenge of opening a second school, Corby Business Academy (CBA). In 2007 the signing of the documentation committing Brooke Weston to convert to an Academy from September 2008 marked the end of the first stage of the College’s own development and the work that began in 2002 in developing a linked school came to fruition when contractors began to build the new Corby Business Academy on the Priors Hall site. Trustees and Governors have agreed that these two sister schools will go forward together as the Brooke Weston Partnership. The Partnership will be led by ‘Executive Principal’ Peter

„„ How the new building will look. For the Principal of Corby Business Academy the next year will be exceptionally busy. Appointing new staff and transferring existing employees of CCC to the new school, developing a wide range of policies and operational procedures and overseeing the completion and equipping of the new building will demand a great deal of hard work. However the real challenges will begin once the Academy is open. Establishing an ethos of high expectations and achievement will take clear vision, persistence and resilience; success may not come quickly but the new school will have a supportive partner in Brooke Weston. Both schools have already benefited from the partnership; Brooke Weston’s conversion to an Academy has been much easier because of the experience of

Governors’ Report

developing the new Corby Business Academy and CBA has benefited from Brooke Weston’s graphic design, IT and financial expertise. The greatest benefit, however has come from the combined strength of the senior teams being available to each school giving an unrivalled pool of expertise.

„„ Cover of the Corby Business Academy prospectus showing students in uniform.

Corby Business Academy The Brooke Weston Partnership gave a great deal of time and thought during 2006/7 to planning the new Corby Business Academy. Dr Andrew Campbell was appointed Principal Designate and is now well-established in the role. He has managed the admissions process, been involved with staff appointments, and taken forward curriculum policies and other expectations related to the new environment. We look forward to seeing this project grow and prosper, with admissions from 2008.

The future This review has, inevitably, only scratched the surface of the many good things that the College and its students have been involved in during the period of the Report. For Governors, as well as the College generally, things are changing. The structure of governing bodies2008 for PROSPECTUS Academies is different from that of the old-style CTCs. At some point between January and July 2008 a new Governing Body must be formed and then start working for Brooke Weston College. As set out, on the next column, this will involve some elections and some new appointments. These changes represent the immediate challenge for Governors. We believe the future for Brooke Weston is bright, but it will also be different.

Governing Bodies

In the proposed Brooke Weston Partnership, Brooke Weston College and the Corby Business Academy will each have a separate Governing Body. The make-up of the Governing Body for Brooke Weston College must follow the guidelines laid down for Academies in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. This sounds rather daunting, and indeed it does represent a change from the current situation. But in practice the composition of the Governing Body is clear. The new Governing Body will be composed as set out below. This will involve the school staff in an election for their representative, and parents will have to vote for their representative too. All parents of students at Brooke Weston have the chance to vote, and proper notice about nominations and election procedures will be provided by the College at the appropriate time.

Governors of Brooke Weston College „„ Two Governors appointed by Hugh Welby Guinness de Capell Brooke and Alexander de Capell Brooke acting jointly as Principal Sponsor „„ Two Governors appointed by the Brooke Weston Foundation acting as Principal Sponsor „„ One Governor appointed by the Local Authority „„ One Staff Governor (elected) „„ One Parent Governor (elected) „„ Co-opted Governors (up to three, co-opted by the Governors listed above) As soon as the new Governing Body members are all in place they will act for Brooke Weston College. News of appointments and changes will be published by the College.

Eyes on the target

The College has set these targets for 2008 „„ Maintain 100% of students achieving five or more grades A* – C at GCSE. „„ Increase the percentage of higher grades, A* and A, achieved by students at GCSE to over 30% in 2008 and maintain this figure thereafter.



Governors’ Report

Students do not always enjoy school. But at Brooke Weston the statistics tell a different story.

„„ Increase the percentage of five or more A* – C grades including Maths and English (but excluding GNVQ) to 90%. „„ Achieve individual subject pass rates per subject of 90% or better. „„ Achieve an A Level A/B pass rate of 50%. „„ Achieve an AS Level A/B pass rate of 40%. „„ Retain at least 95% of students choosing courses at AS and A2. „„ Achieve an average points score at A Level of 300 points (equivalent to a B, B, B grade profile)

School is Cool

Students do not always enjoy school. But at Brooke Weston the statistics tell a different story. The Governors are delighted at the figures relating to unauthorised absence. Number of students of compulsory school age on roll:


Percentage of sessions missed through unauthorised absence:


Percentage of sessions missed through authorised absence:


The Governors „„ the Governing body

Trevor Kerry has been a long-serving Governor, was Vice-Chair for three years, and became Chairman in 2007. His association with Brooke Weston began in 1993 when, as staff tutor for the Open University, he helped train some staff. Trevor is Emeritus Professor at Lincoln University, has a long track record of training teachers and principals in the East Midlands region, and has published widely. He recently visited seven Academies in the south east with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

George Weston is Chief Executive of Associated British Foods plc, the international food and retail group. He is a graduate of New College, Oxford and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. In his former roles as Managing Director of Westmill Foods, Allied Bakeries and George Weston Foods Ltd (Australia) he has been a member of the ABF Board since 1999. He took up his current appointment in April 2005. Mr Weston is married with four children.

Hugh de Capell Brooke

„„ Attendance at Brooke Weston is excellent.

is a founding sponsor of Brooke Weston College. Hugh took a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and then trained as a teacher in Leeds. He went on to teach science at a comprehensive school in Crawley. In 1970 Hugh became a farmer in Great Oakley, training for this new profession at Moulton Agricultural College. It was Hugh’s vision and energy that in 1989 began the process that would lead to ‘Brooke City Technology College’ as it was then known, opening for its first intake of students in 1991. Throughout its life Hugh has been a consistent supporter of the College taking an active interest in its progress and development. For very many years he served as Chairman of the Trustees and he is currently both a trustee and Governor.

Governors’ Report

Donna Davis has been actively involved in Brooke Weston since 1996 through her ongoing relationship with Parents in Partnership before being appointed chair of the committee in 2003. Donna’s high level of involvement with the College took its natural progression when she was elected parent Governor in 2006, proving to be an exciting era of change with the conversion to an Academy. Donna has successfully run two businesses alongside being a mother of six.

David Frost has been a Governor for over three years. His involvement with Brooke Weston began in 2001 when he began mentoring several Sixth Form students. He is currently employed as the Human Resources Director for Christian Salvesen (Transport UK) and was previously Head of Human Resources for Carlsberg UK. David is both a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and he has a particular interest in leadership development and change management. He is married with two children and lives in Northamptonshire.

Neil Matthew was elected a parent Governor in 2005. His children have benefited from the Brooke Weston ethos; Alex has just started her university career and Adrian is in Year 9. His wife is a qualified maths teacher. Neil has a maths degree and 25 years experience in Information Technology. He is a consultant in IT strategy for a multi-national pharmaceutical distribution and retail group. Neil follows the curriculum and Academy developments closely and has contributed to several reports to parents.

Peter Jackson has been a Governor since 2003 and is the non-teaching staff representative. In the school he is responsible for the running of the Audio Visual Resources department as well as offering expert advice and help to all our students and

staff, especially those in media and performing arts. Before joining Brooke Weston in 1993 Peter worked in theatre, television, radio and local education.

Paul Newton worked in manufacturing for 25 years as a qualified engineer and accountant. He now works in the finance section of Northamptonshire Police. Paul is married with one child who attends Brooke Weston. Over the years he has been involved in school fund raising and the Scouting movement.

Philip Harris-Bridge RS Components were one of the founding contributors to the establishment of Brooke Weston and have maintained a close interest in and association with the College. Phil Harris-Bridge is Customer Services Director at RS, has been a Governor for four years and has seen two daughters through the College and into university. Phil has been a school Governor at both junior and senior schools in Kettering and Corby for the past 15 years and brings significant experience to the Brooke Weston Governors.

Catherine O’Rourke has been a Governor since November 1996. Her eldest daughter was one of the first pupils when the school opened in 1992. She first served as an elected parent Governor and has subsequently been co-opted. Catherine was chairperson of Parents in Partnership for a number of years. Her three daughters were all educated at Brooke Weston and are now pursuing professional careers after their respective degrees. Catherine works as a support teacher for Hospital and Outreach Education in Northamptonshire.

Wayne Davis, Ian Watts and Gerry Witt have also served as Governors during the 2006/7 academic year.


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Brooke Weston Governors' Report 2008  

Governors' Report from March 2008.

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