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Is the Simple Water Fuel a scam or does it really work? Because of rising fuel prices, many people are seeking alternative ways to run their homes and automobiles. Besides high costs reasons, it is also becoming increasingly important to look for new ways to generate power in order to conserve our environment. So does this water fuel system really work and how does it work? 1. Benefits of Using the Simple Water Fuel System Because of the rapid rising of gas prices, many people have been forced to take public transport to go to work or school instead of using their own vehicles. They have been forced to cut down on the usage of their cars in order to save on their gas spending. This water fuel system has allowed me to run my cars partly on water, although you may be skeptical about how water can be used to power a car. 2. My Experience with the Simple Water Fuel Download I decided to get this guide and build the system to see if it works for myself. The instructions were quite easy to follow and the materials needed to construct it were easily available and very cheap. After finishing with the construction process, I installed in on my car in exactly the same way that the manual states. I was amazed at how much more mileage I was getting and that my car could actually power up with this water combustion kit. 3. How Does the Simple Water Fuel System Work? Basically, the car is run by a gas called Brown Gas and not water. Brown Gas is made up of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom, and it is extracted from water first. This extraction process is what the Simple Water Fuel system carries out prior to producing the Brown Gas. Today, I am very happy with this SWF system as I have found that it really works.

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