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Envita's AAIT - a Powerful Immunotherapy for Cancer

AAIT is an acronym for autologous adoptive immune therapy and defines a therapy derived from a patient’s own blood, which is re-infused during cancer treatment. There are abundant strategies for immunotherapy and just as many treatments that can be referenced as “autologous adoptive immunotherapy.” Clearly, not all options are deemed comparable. Envita’s immunotherapy, AAIT, involves 4 major cell types which include: • • • •

Natural killer cells Natural killer T cells Cytokine-induced killer cells Cytotoxic T lymphocytes

The inclusion of Natural killer cells (NKs) and Natural killer T cells (NKTs) are the predominant focus of Envita’s AAIT immunotherapy serums. Natural Killer Cells Important in Cancer Prognosis of Cancer When NK cell numbers and functionality are low, cancer patients are predisposed to more aggressive tumor growth. And, as disease progresses, such declines are likely to continue. In both animal and human clinical trials, we have seen that by restoring NK and NKT function leads to enhanced cellular immune tumor-response and higher patient survival rates. Keys to Envita's AAIT Uniqueness

1) Envita's protocol for AAIT is primed to optimize the expansion of natural killer cells – the single most potent cancer fighting component of the cellular immune system. Most immune therapies do, in fact, include natural killer cells, yet those that do, simply expand them in minimal amounts with little activation. 2) Envita's AAIT protocol requires only four to five weeks to grow your cells, so you can, with a degree of certainty, experience benefits within short duration - while other immunotherapy approaches call to administer just 100-200 million cells per treatment, Envita delivers roughly 100 times as many during the sojourn of treatment. 3) Stockpiles of published studies convey the effects of adoptive immune therapy in cancer patients, wherein Envita has identified and improved upon the very best. Company protocol demands the highest level of procedure for the expansion and application of cells for each immunotherapy treatment. 4) Unlike other publications regarding immune therapies, Envita's AAIT immunotherapy endorses the only one that can be used as a “stand-alone.” Moreover, it may also be administered in conjunction with other therapies to enhance the cells’ effects in patients – an enviable benefit. Envita's AAIT immunotherapy is not focused solely on expanding cells in the laboratory: rather, our aim also includes keeping them active, until which time, they are reintroduced into the patient’s body. 5) Envita’s AAIT immunotherapy unleashes far greater tumor destruction, or cytotoxicity than that of other well-regarded cancer cell vaccines / immunotherapy treatments found randomly throughout the world. In essence, this indicates that Envita’s activated natural killer cells in AAIT deliver considerably higher tumor obliteration. 6) In summation, the most direct manner with which to contrast Envita’s proprietary immunotherapy against the others includes its: a. Quality - based on cytoxicity (how much tumor the immune system can marginalize). Envita’s AAIT immunotherapy consistently delivers “significantly greater tumor kill”. b. Quantity (how many cells you get back) – Envita’s AAIT immunotherapy battles with 100 times the cell dosage than those others. c. Sterility (quality control measures) – Envita AAIT immunotherapy is completely free of contaminants. Any questions concerning Envita's AAIT immunotherapy may be addressed during consultation with Envita's superb team of physicians and patient educators. This immunotherapy is offered at Envita’s international cancer center in Mexico.

Envita's AAIT - a Powerful Immunotherapy for Cancer - Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment is absolutely necessary, and many are l...