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Ariana Hernandez 26052759 Chemical engineering

Acids: • They taste sour. • They are corrosive to the skin. • Some vegetable dyes are reddened. • Dissolve substances • Attack metals by releasing H2. They lose their properties by reacting with bases.

Bases: • It has a bitter taste. • Soft to the touch but corrosive with the skin. • Colors blue to certain vegetable colors. • Precipitate substances dissolved by acids.

BRÖNSTED-LOWRY. • HCl (g) + H2O (l)  H3O+(ac) + Cl– (ac) • NH3 (g) + H2O (l)  NH4+ + OH– ARRHENIUS. AH (en disolución acuosa)  A– + H+ LEWIS • HCl (g) + H2O (l)  H3O+(ac) + Cl– (ac) • NH3 (g) + H2O (l) Á NH4+(ac) + OH–(ac)

chemical precipitate

By the addition of reagents, the soluble contaminants are transformed into insoluble forms or of a lower solubility. The elimination of the solution will be all the more complete (quantitative) the more insoluble the compound formed.


ed Reaction

acid-base reaction and precipitation