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Alpha Omega Dental Society (London) and Charitable Trust 2020/2021

Facing new challenges: engaging with the future

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Chairman’s welcome: “ Alpha Omega’s offering for 2020/2021 season will be the most exciting and innovative yet; and relevant and informative to all”

LDS RCS Eng I am delighted to be welcoming you as the incoming chairman of the London branch of the Alpha Omega International Dental Society.

The last few months have been eventful and not a little challenging for all of us, whether practice owners, practicing specialists or newly qualified/and undergraduate students in this wonderful profession. Alpha Omega’s offering for 2020/2021 season will be the most exciting and innovative yet; and relevant and informative to all.

Alpha Omega is a welcoming community for all dentists, oral health professionals and students and especially those newly qualified and about to embark on their professional journeys. We are now working with Health Education England to offer excellent educational material for the foundation dentists and an opportunity for them to meet with, connect with and learn from dentists at all levels in their careers. We offer a superior level of educational training with the best and the brightest in the dental world, as well as mentoring and of course the opportunity to engage socially with our professional colleagues.

Dentistry can be a very lonely and often stressful profession and I believe it is important to be reminded that you are not alone; in Alpha Omega, we are a community, a unique society, a forum where problems big and small can be shared and understood. The events of the past year were, to use that overworked word, unprecedented. New ways of disseminating information, communicating and arranging lectures have


been employed and Alpha Omega rose to the challenge and embraced these changes ensuring our members, globally, received fascinating lectures and learning opportunities throughout lockdown. Over the summer, we have made significant changes to our website and I together with the council are delighted that the website is now more interactive and regularly updated. Please check it out! There are two amazing webinars booked for October and November this year and from January we will host our monthly lectures back at the BDA and also online for those unable to attend in person. Read on to discover more about these upcoming events and be sure to find out about the great benefits of becoming a member. Members are able to attend all the lectures, giving CPD points and access to specialist private events and more! Join now and enjoy the mentoring, friendship, charity and an exceptional standard of further education! Find out more here: Thank you to both the Council and Scientific Committees, especially past Chairman Dr Richard Horwitz and the Chair of the Scientific Committee Professor Eddie Scher for all their help in putting together the programme for this year. I hope to continue building on the successes of last year.

Welcoming new members At Alpha Omega we welcome new members of any background and from all areas of dentistry; whether at the start, middle or the latter parts of your career. Through our ethos you will find like minded dentists to discuss issues with or bounce ideas off of. Enjoy great speakers who have a wealth of experience. Get your CPD in a way that you’ll get so much more from than a podcast and webinars. If you’d like to discuss membership give me a call, send me an email or just sign up on the website.

I also thank all our fantastic sponsors especially Henry Schein, for their generous charitable donations and support for all our events. If you don’t already use their Alpha Omega rewards and discounts take a look at them, (another membership perk!)

Most importantly I have to thank all our members for their continued support and encouragement. Please continue to bring guests, colleagues, peers and students to the events, introduce them to the phenomenon that is Alpha Omega and help our London Group grow. For more detailed information about all of our events and how to join, visit our website: Follow us: Twitter: @alpha_omega_london Instagram: @AOLondon Facebook: AlphaOmegaDentalUK

Join Alpha Omega, build your dental career, enjoy great events, learn from the most influential dental professionals today, and most importantly have a good time. We look forward to welcoming you.

Executive Council 2020/2021 “These are the people, who behind the scenes, make Alpha Omega London Group tick” Chairman Elect

Richard Pins


Jayne Cooper

Secretary Treasurer

Past International Chairman Immediate Past Chairman

Scientific Committee Chair Trade Liaison

Membership Secretary Website

Student Liaison

Social Media and Website Past Chair advisor Past Chair advisor Past Chair advisor Past Chair advisor Member at large

Dr Diana Spencer LDS RCS Eng

Member at large


In partnership with

Veronica Morris Aron Marcus

Mervyn Druian

Richard Horwitz Eddie Scher

Adele Kendler Richard Pins

Jennifer Marks Ella Levene

Charlotte Leigh Jonathan Lack Aron Marcus

Stephen Handelsman Adrian Mullish

Nina Tetra (International Board of Director AO) Alon Preiskel


Lecture Programme 2020/2021 Facing new challenges: engaging with the future Evening Lectures - VenUe: BDA in 2021

64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS plus online streaming (All lectures are free for fully paid up members of Alpha Omega)




Tuesday 13 October 2020 (webinar only)

Tom Clayton

The ageing population: demographics and the future of dentistry in the UK

Tuesday 17 November 2020 (webinar only)

Professor Paul Ashley

Managing caries in children: it doesn’t need to be difficult!

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Simon Gambold

Leadership in Practice

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Professor Simon Wright Steve Hawkins

Developing an open reporting culture in Dentistry; Creating and maintaining a just culture

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Professor Iain Hutchinson

Oral Cancer, diagnosis and treatment

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Dr David Bloom

Treatment options for the failing dentition

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Professor Ervin Weiss Dr Michael Dekel-Steinkeller

Deep into the 21st Century. Will technology change your practice?

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Professor Eddie Scher Dr Ashok Sethi Dr Shiraz Kahn

Thinking it Through: The Wonderful Art of Treatment Planning

Registration from 6.30pm. Lecture from 7.30 pm. Evening lectures free for members only. Non members/ guest fee ÂŁ60.00.


For further information please contact: Diana Spencer, Chairman Alpha Omega London Group Email:

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He ty pu . De B.Sc


Tom Clayton

Tom Clayton BSc is Health Education England’s Deputy Head of Workforce Planning for the Medical and Dental workforces. He is responsible for developing workforce supply and demand models to inform both short- and long-term policy interventions. These models combine long-term population and demographic trends with workforce and hospital activity data to enable a flexible and productive workforce fit for the future. Prior to this, he worked across a number of analytical and national policy roles, including on the Prime Minister’s Implementation Taskforce for Health and Social Care Integration, and the 100,000 Genomes Programme

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DEMOGRAPHICS AND THE FUTURE OF DENTISTRY IN THE UK Course Date Tuesday 13 October 2020 (webinar only)

Course overview

This lecture describes the changing shape of the UK’s population and demographics in the next three decades, what these trends mean for demand for dental services in primary and secondary care, and how this demand compares to the available supply of dentists and DCPs.

Educational aims and objectives This lecture is intended to provide students with an overview of supply and demand in the context of dental services, and how these are likely to change over time as informed by trends in population, demographics and the utilisation of these services.

Learning outcomes At the end of the lecture, participants will be able to

• Describe trends in UK demography by region for the period 2018-2043

• Explain the relationships between age and deprivation and the consumption of various forms of dental activity • Identify those regions that are likely to face the greatest gaps between supply and demand.

GDC development outcome: B&C

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Prof Ashley qualified with BDS in Manchester in 1991 and completed his PhD in Caries Diagnosis in 1997 at the same university. He has been working at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute since 1998 where he now runs the Professional Doctorate in Paediatric Dentistry and is deputy programme director for the MSc in Paediatric Dentistry.

s o r Pa u l A s h

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fe s o r P


BD S Ph EA D FDS PaedDent FH


Learning outcomes • U nderstand techniques to reduce pain and anxiety in children

Course Date Tuesday 17 November 2021 (webinar only)

Course overview

• Understand the most appropriate preventive and restorative approaches to use with young children for caries management

Managing children can be challenging and treatment in the chair. It can sometimes feel like it is impossible, with the current situation with Covid-19 magnifying the problem. In this lecture I will describe some tips and tricks to make management of caries (and anxious children) simpler with an emphasis on non-AGPs.

GDC development outcome: C

Educational aims and objectives 1. Give an overview of techniques to manage pain and anxiety in children 2. Describe simple procedures to manage caries in children

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n G a m bo l d Sim o

Co ts o dL Stud tifie ies, Dip MRS, Cer


Profile: Professor Simon

Simon has spent four decades in marketing, sales and management, with the past twenty five years in the Dental Industry, holding leadership roles in the UK and Europe, building and leading teams from three to three thousand team members. Over the past year Simon has been a leadership and team engagement coach for Dentists, working on a one to one basis and through workshops and study days to help Dentists develop their leadership skills.

Prof Wright has been a principal par Resource Ltd, and the ICE Hospital a course of Dental Implantology at Sa Human Factors and is the co-autho

Simon is an honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists, of the Alpha Omega London Fraternity, a recipient of the BDA Distinction for Services to Dentistry Award, a past Trustee of the BDHF and is a past president of the BDIA.

His current research interest areas Patient Related Outcome Measur ways that we can measure the ben the effectiveness of dental treatm treatment of Peri-Implant disease.

Human Factors: Prof Wright has a Congress About Human Factors a of Salford and is the Chairman of T

Profile: Captain Steve Haw

Experienced aviation professional career flying fast jets in the RAF, tr the position of training captain on the 787. In parallel, he has had a ca and 2019 he held the role of Chief training, as well as running the sim

LEADERSHIP IN PRACTICE Course Date Tuesday 26 January 2021 Course overview

The lecture is designed to provide an overview of the leadership for Dentists programme, along with an introduction to the toolkit for practices, a purpose-built process that Dentists can use on a daily basis to generate and enhance a following and achieve a productive environment and a happier place to work.

Teams that are engaged will input more, get more out, create a better patient experience more often, improve productivity and create a great place to work. By learning and practicing these skills any Dentist can empower the team they work with to achieve more than they believe possible.

Educational aims and objectives The lecture explains how leadership behavior can impact team performance and enhance the patient experience. It introduces an Engagement Toolkit for Dental Practices and shows how leadership skills can be learned and mastered through practice, allowing the clinician to balance leading a team with their clinical work.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

• Understand how to build effective communication with your team, patients and others.

• Understanding the relevance and the importance of Human Factors within Dentistry.

• Increased awareness of the importance of leadership skills in building effective teams. • Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which engender and strengthen patient confidence in your whole team.

GDC development outcome: b 8

• Understanding the current regulation and protocols about reporting errors.

• How to improve patient safety by implementing simple ‘human factor’ tools.

GDC development outcome: d


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Course Date Tuesday 9 February 2021

Steve Haw n i ta

787 Tra

l with extensive training and managerial experience at senior levels in UK aviation. Steve began his ransitioning to a career in commercial aviation in 1994. Joining British Airways in 1996, he has held the Boeing 737, 757/767, 747 and 787 during his career to date and currently flies and trains on areer in senior management with BA, managing pilot training on many of BA’s fleets. Between 2012 f Training Pilot, responsible for the policy, management and delivery of all BA’s pilot and cabin crew mulator training facility and overseeing training in many other areas of the company.

t PG lan CTL p m CP PGDip I



a keen interest in surgical performance and has been invited to the participate in the first ‘European and Medicine’ in Paris. He has developed Human Factors as a major research theme at the University The National Advisory Board in Human Factors.




s are: res (PROM): he is the chief clinical investigator of multi-centre research project investigating the nefit of dental implant treatment. He has developed an online patient tool, to audit and report upon ment. He has co-written the algorithms that have been adopted as the standard protocols for the .

o r Si m o n w s s fe

r ig

rtner of Glencairn Dental group of practices since 2002. He is a Founding Director of both Dental Implant and Postgraduate Training Centre. He is the Clinical Lead for the portfolio of Dental Postgraduate Masters alford and Edge Hill University. He lectures nationally and internationally on Dental Implantology and or of the FGDP National Standards in Implant Dentistry - to be published later this year.



ai n

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sh A ir

P tor rec ways and Di

Course overview

Captain Hawkins will look at how aviation has developed structures and techniques to foster a “Just Culture” which promotes an open reporting philosophy. He will explain how lessons are learnt from incidents and how those lessons are shared across aviation as an industry as well as how feedback loops are created and are used to support, educate, train and improve the skills of those in operational roles on the flight deck. To share the experiences learnt by aviation in developing open reporting as a fundamental cornerstone of how business is done across the industry. Then to look at the positive benefits of creating feedback loops to improve standards, learn from incidents and to use this information to shape operational procedures and training to support the concept of continuous improvements in safety and operational standards.

Professor Wright will discuss how the dental practitioner and the dental team is often considered to be infallible. We deal with the most intimate aspects of human life, and given such responsibility we are not allowed to make an error, and if we do the patient holds us accountable.

If however, as a profession, we shift our thinking about error, to a more positive, constructive approach that is centred on analysing why errors happen, we can then accept our vulnerability and design systems and protocols to prevent errors from occurring. Professor Wright will talk about the prevalence and significance of errors in dentistry, and with the aid of real life litigation cases offers advice of how we can minimise errors within our practice teams.

Educational aims and objectives •

To understand what a “Just Culture” looks like and what is needed to achieve it.

How to share information across a profession and how to make this work for people on the front line

• •

How to facilitate open reporting

Creating and using feedback loops to learn the lessons of others and to shape policy, practices and training.

In partnership with




e ss f o r

o r Iain H ut c h

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Surgical tertiary referral service: complex H&N cancer; with neurosurgeons for skullbase; endocrinologists for thyroid disease; general surgeons for oesophageal cancer.

Worked to improve public knowledge about disease enabling earlier detection Training surgeons & dentists in clinical research.


or ch ari tab le w ork


ng sf .an rd a dE aw din blic .) FF u P DRCSI, FDS RCS

Innovations: Patient helpline Saving Faces art project public conferences on tissue engineering; face transplantation and stem cell research; binge drinking and tobacco prevention projects in schools; first mouth cancer awareness week; Saving Faces diagnostic advice service. Landmark research and papers on: head and neck cancer; Facial trauma premalignancy & 3rd molar treatment; first ever immediate full dental rehabilitation simultaneous with tumour resection and bony reconstruction; psychological treatment; molecular biology.



Course overview

Showcasing how clinical and translational research has improved outcomes for oral cancer. Iain will present historical and personal research on prevention; early detection with an electronic diagnostic help service for dentists; surface scanning microscopy and molecular biology to detect premalignant transformation to cancer; clinical studies with patients on how to treat premalignancy and early and advanced mouth cancer to get best cure rates; surgical and dental innovation to improve quality of life; then finishing with psychological research to recognise and intervene with patients and families who are suffering from the effects of the diagnosis and its treatment.

Educational aims and objectives

• To remind primary care practitioners of the symptoms and signs of mouth cancer and those premalignant lesions that show signs of transformation to cancer. • To show that cure rates and quality of life for mouth cancer patients have dramatically improved. • To show that surgery is the mainstay of treatment and is best done by specialist OMF surgeons. • To highlight the causes of delay in treatment and to show how dentists can reduce this. • To show how dentists can participate in educating patients, prevention campaigns, full dental rehabilitation of patients and clinical research. • To explain non-working side interferences and their clinical implications. • To explain the three types of protrusive mandibular movements and their clinical implication.


Learning outcomes 1. How to recognise dangerous premalignancy and the symptoms and signs of mouth cancer.

2. To know about advances in electronic support for dentists in recognising mouth cancer and who to refer to.

3. To know how dentists can participate in clinical research on epidemiology, prevention and early detection. 4. To know what is expected of dentists in providing full dental rehabilitation and psychological support.

5. To know how patients who have had radiotherapy should be managed dentally and what are some of the complications of this treatment.

GDC development outcome: C

id bl o o m

Visiting Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist. Module leader (management of aesthetics and digital smile design) for The City of London Dental School MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr David Bloom is a graduate of 1989 from the Newcastle-uponTyne Dental School, UK. David believes in preventative dentistry first and foremost. Ensuring a healthy smile is paramount and the foundation of his work. If treatment is required and elective work is undertaken, David believes it is his role to complete a thorough comprehensive diagnosis to allow him to present all options to the person. This allows the individual to make the choices that they feel are right for them. David listens to the needs and desires and applies his extensive knowledge and skill to provide exceptional results.

David focuses on comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry that creates amazing, healthy, and long-lasting results. He prides himself on his attention to detail, and insistence on using only the very best materials. He is an accredited member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and is a Past President of BACD. He regularly lectures nationally and internationally.


D r d av


BDS N’cle


Learning outcomes 1. How to perform a comprehensive examination and the tools required

2. Importance of working as part of a team including the role of treatment co-ordinator. 3. Techniques to fully maximise the life span of the natural dentition. 4. Implant options available to help patients function once they have lost some or all of their natural teeth .

5. Involve your patient in the decision-making process to allow them some shared ownership of compromised options due to the failing nature of their situation.

Course Date Tuesday 13 April 2021 Course overview

Generally, our patients are keeping their teeth for longer. Whilst this is good it can present us as general dental practitioners with difficult treatment planning decisions.

Dr Bloom will aim to summarise the diagnostic process and outline the many options that are available so we can discuss these with our patients. He will show examples with case presentations

Educational aims and objectives 1. Importance of a thorough assessment to allow an overview of the current dentition and its prognosis

2. How hygienist support is essential to improve the prognosis of failing dentition 3. An overview of all treatment options to allow an honest discussion with our patient about their preferred treatment 4. The importance of correct tooth preparation and materials

5. The implant options and materials for implant supported bridges

GDC development outcome: c

In partnership with



fe s o r P

s o r E r vin W ei



Dr. Ervin Weiss DMD graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (DMD) cum laude. After serving in the Israeli army for 5 years, he joined Tel Aviv University School of Dental Medicine. For three years he was a visiting fellow at NIDCR, NIH, Bethesda, USA.


Un ive rst y

He received his certificate of specialist in Prosthodontics in 1992 and became Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry in Tel Aviv University.


rm viv er lA He e T ad ine of S chool of ental Medic D

Prof. Weiss served as Chairman of the Israeli Society of Oral Rehabilitation and Chairman of the Israeli division of the IADR. In 2000 he moved to the Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine as Head of Department of Prosthodontics and nominated Professor in Oral Rehabilitation. In 2014, and for 5 years, he served as the Head of School of Dental Medicine in Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Weiss has published over 180 articles and patents in the fields of microbiology, material sciences and dentistry.


WILL TECHNOLOGY CHA Course Date Tuesday 25 May 2021 Course overview

Conventional dental care cannot prevent recurrence of caries or prevents progression of periodontal diseases. Secondary caries and periodontal breakdown are nearly half of our dental work. Thus, routine treatment modalities, contradict our commitment to our patients; to provide best treatment for maintaining oral health for life. What will best serve our patients’ health and quality of life? Which of the emerging technologies, and concepts, will become disruptive? Which will change our own practice for good? And finally, what is best for us and our practice in the post Covid-19 era? Examples from our private practice of complex cases with various treatment options, modalities and workflows, will be used to assess the role of new concepts for the benefit of our patients. Assessment will include health and biological benefits, morbidity and patient convenience. The following will be presented and discussed: (i)


4 handed dental treatment concept, 2 operators working simultaneously on the patient, intraoral scanner, and digital communication and workflows,

(iii) deep sedation administered by anesthesiologist,

(iv) uncompromised one-day-treatment workflow, and (v)


Increasing longevity of treatment outcome by coping with the etiology of infectious oral diseases.


l Dekel-Stein

k el

le r

Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Tel Aviv University (DMD). After graduating she joined Tel Aviv University School of Dental Medicine as an instructor at the department of prosthodontics.

ha Mic

She received her certificate of specialist in Prosthodontics in 2013 at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine. Immediately after, she moved back to Tel-Aviv university were she is the coordinator of cariology and operative dentistry at the department of prosthodontics. Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller serves as Treasurer of the Israeli Society of Oral Rehabilitation.



Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller run a private practice together in Tel Aviv.

DM ics D Sp ont d o ecialist in Prosth


ANGE YOUR PRACTICE? Learning outcomes Educational aims and objectives

• Increasing efficiency and quality of treatments using the 4 hands dental treatment concept. • Uncompromised one-day-treatment workflow under deep sedation administered by anesthesiologist

• Using Digital communication and workflows.

• How to increase longevity of treatment outcome by coping with the etiology of infectious oral diseases.

GDC development outcome: C

In partnership with


He is a Visiting Clinical Professor at the Prosthodontics and Implant Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, and Visiting Professor at University College Cork Dental School. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Dental Implantology, School of Health Care Professions, University of Salford, UK. and lecturer at the Eastman dental Institute.

Dr Scher is a Fellow and Diplomate of the ICOI, and was a Director on its Board. He is also a founder member and past President of the Association of Dental Implantology, UK, and served most recently as its scientific chairman 2011 - 2013. He was made an Honorary life member of the A.D.I. in 2013

er ist ss in O oc r iat al Sur s. ge ion ntic of D ry and Prosthodo ental Implantology.

Dr ScherDGDP(UK) BDS Lond LDS Royal College of Surgeons Of England 1973 graduated from University College Hospital, London, UK in 1973. He is registered on the GDC Specialist List in Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics.

s s o r E d d ie S c h

l, L ita ss sp Gra Ho of O d ge u a t e iversity Colle ciety , U n n So Diplom ate, America


fe Pro


o tL eo ndo lis , A a i int n, U n ec eg K Sp irma rat 1973.R C D a h ion egistered on G . Fou st C nder member and pa

He is the Director of the Osseointegrated Year Course (now in its 30th year), and is the Editor in Chief of Implant Dentistry Today. He is Scientific Chairman of Alpha Omega UK. He has published extensively in refereed journals. Dr Scher was Scientific Chairman at the ADI International Symposia in 1989 and 1991, and was Host Chairman of the ICOI World Congress XI, 1992. He has also been Scientific Chairman of ICOI World Congress August 2003 and 2004; Scientific Chairman of ADI International Congress in May 2003; Scientific Chairman of Nobel Biocare Conference in September 2006; and Scientific Chairman of ADI International Congress in May 2007 and 2013.

He has been on the Advisory Board at Tel Aviv Dental School since 2012; and he was appointed a Governor of Tel Aviv University in 2016. Social Care Integration, and the 100,000 Genomes Programme


THE WONDERFUL ART OF Course Date Tuesday 22 June 2021 Course overview

Educational aims and objectives

To discuss a number of treatment plans with the audience and panel and show them what information is needed from the examination and discussion with the patient to achieve the most appropriate Treatment My favourite thing in dentistry is getting to the second consultation Planning result. and making a plan “WITH” the patient. It is a puzzle that needs • What special tests are necessary? solving and honesty and experience is essential when being • What are the patients options? trusted by your patient to give your opinion. • What are their NHS options? • What does the panel think? • Discuss my treatment solution. This will be an interactive lecture with a chance to have expert opinion’s from a panel and where audience participation is welcome.



Specialist in Oral Surgery Specialist in Prosthodontics

He is currently collaborating with international institutes to further promote this unique approach to professional development and raising standards across this emerging field. He is the author, with Thomas Kaus, of a fundamental textbook “Practical Implant Dentistry” recently published by Quintessence, which has been translated into 10 languages.

Profile: Dr Shiraz Khan

, FF GDP(UK) lle

(U K)


S Dr



A founding member and past president of the Association of Dental Implantology (UK), he has been designing courses and teaching postgraduates for 20 years at programmes run by the Royal College of Surgeons, the University of Lille and in the private sector. He is a Board Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners. He has conceived and is the founding Director of the Diploma in Implant Dentistry, of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, which for the first time enables practicing practitioners to combine their education and training with a busy successful practice.

BDS Ncle ,

Dr. Sethi has pioneered, in the UK and internationally, the art and science of surgical and restorative implant dentistry for 31 years in his private Harley Street practice. His practice is totally dedicated to implant dentistry and routinely receives referrals from his eminent colleagues. His systematic application of sound biological principles, research data and clinical experience have resulted in outstanding success rates in terms of predictability as well as aesthetic and functional outcome.

sh o k S eth A r i


Profile: Dr Ashok Sethi

hir a z Kha n


M B( S, BD

ed D )S G c(H ), P g ons n ), MJDFRCS(E

ip ,

He enjoys progressing his career in additional post-graduate qualifications and building a portfolio of achievements hoping to be an aspirational individual. He invests time in his career development and experience, regularly sharing with like-minded professionals.

PG Ce rt

Dr Shiraz Khan graduated from the University of Birmingham Dental School in 2013. Having successfully completed foundation training and winning several prizes, he is currently placed in practice in Clapham, London. He has heightened his profile at this albeit early stage, being invited to lecture to dentists nationally and internationally.

F TREATMENT PLANNING Learning outcomes • The patients different options for their treatment.

• The factors involved in achieving the patients ideal outcome.

• How the medical history may change our proposal for treatment. • How 3D imaging is so important in decision making. • How financial factors are important.

• To have the Panel and our audience’s opinion.

• How to protect yourself medico-legally and stay safe.

GDC development outcome: C

In partnership with


REPORT OF THE ALPHA OMEGA LONDON CHARITABLE TRUST 2019 - 2020 The Trustees met regularly prior to Corona-19 initiating unprecedented global challenges. The Trustees take this opportunity to offer very best wishes to those who may have lost family, friends or colleagues during this awful time. In response to Covid-19, a working group was established within Alpha Omega London to draft guidance to support a safe return to practice for our members. Following positive response to this guidance, we were invited to join the College of General Dentistry Taskforce and Dr Jonathan Lack represented Alpha Omega London. The Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust have since been recognised as a Founding Contributor of the College of General Dentistry providing £500 in support of its establishment together with its academic and professional mission. The Trustees are delighted to have supported the Dean of the Tel Aviv Dental School, Professor Ervin Weiss, during his term of office and wish him well in his academic retirement. The Trust recently contributed £20,000 toward a cone beam scanner for patients at the School and those referred from further afield. We offer heartiest congratulations to the new Dean, Professor Shlomo Matalon, and look forward to collaborating on new initiatives in the future. After many years of excellent collaboration with the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, the Trust is also delighted to be working with the Dean, Professor Aaron Palmon. We have assisted with the purchase of

essential sterilisation cassettes and the establishment of a ‘Digital Laboratory’ to support dental education and patient care. The Trust has already sent $15,000 and a further $10,000 will follow. Also at Hadassah, the Ino Sciaky Prize for Oral Medicine was awarded to Dr Svetlana Feldman together with a $500 bursary.

Responding to an urgent need following extensive discussions with Professor Eli Machtei, Head of the Graduate Dental School at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa, the Trust agreed to support essential paediatric dental care for refugee children in Israel with a grant of £5,000 and we await the report on the impact of this support. In association with Mrs Susan Zamet, the Trust continues to offer the ‘Dr John Zamet Memorial Prize in Periodontal Research’ in recognition of John’s significant contribution to clinical periodontology. Dr Niamh Coffey has been confirmed as the 2019 prize recipient for her study into ‘Periodontal Health in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis’ but presentation of the certificate and £2,000 award will be delayed until next year due to Covid-19.

The Alpha Omega London Charitable Trust has also supported the following projects over the past year:

Aleh Rehabilitation Centres Supporting safety with PPE in response to Covid-19



Beit Issie Shapiro Clinic

Endodontic equipment, surgical tools, anaesthetic supplies


Dental Volunteers of Israel

Supporting safety with PPE in response to Covid-19


Dental Volunteers of Israel

Replacement of air conditioning and heating units



Oral hygiene care for residential special care patients



Oral health products and oral health education programme


The Trust continues to offer awards to both undergraduate students and postgraduate specialist trainees, the latter being in association with the KCL Dental Institute with the agreement recently being renewed for a further two years. Due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of conferences, no awards have been granted this year.

Royalties from the BDJ book “Tooth Surface Loss” by Andrew Eder and Richard Ibbetson have once again been generously divided between the BDA Benevolent Fund and the Alpha Omega Charitable Trust. A new edition is under preparation with a launch planned for 2021.

Following a successful start to the Alpha Omega London Chapter programme under the Chairmanship of Dr Richard Horwitz and with the support of our colleagues in the dental trade and with Henry Schein kindly donating £13,250, the Trust has still received £20,450 in support of its charitable activities despite global challenges due to Covid-19. Finally, I wish to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of our Trustees and the many friends and colleagues who give so freely of their time on behalf of the Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust. Special thanks go to Dr Richard Horwitz as Chair of the Chapter and Dr Aron Marcus for taking on the role of Treasurer.

Trust Council 2020/2021 Professor Andrew Eder (Chairman, Alpha Omega London Charitable Trust)

Dr Mervyn Druian (Trustee & Past AO President) Dr Stephen Handelsman (Trustee & Secretary) Dr Richard Horwitz (Past AO London Chairman) Dr Aron Marcus (Trustee & Treasurer) Dr Eddie Scher (Trustee)

In partnership with

Dr John Wolffe (Trustee & Past AO Int’l President)


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“Henry Schein would like to congratulate Dr Diana Spencer and wish her well for the coming year as chairperson. Henry Schein Dental is committed to focusing on taking care of your practice so that you can provide the best patient healthcare.” UK tal Sal en D es D irector, Henry Schein

HENRY SCHEIN DENTAL AND ALPHA OMEGA – A PROUD PARTNERSHIP We provide Alpha Omega members with much more than just a competitive and efficient service on high-quality dental materials, equipment, servicing, finance and surgery design. We have also expanded our business solutions to offer you great deals with the leading suppliers to help you reduce costs, increase your profitability and grow your practice. We can assist in taking you to the next step with practice sales, purchases and valuations. Our dedicated team of specialists are on hand to help you with everything else – from infection control, implant systems, orthodontics, materials, consumables, Software of Excellence practice software and a whole lot more! You’ll be surprised at just how much we offer. The trend of digitisation continues, as demonstrated by the huge success of our recent Dental Innovation Symposium. Our teams are always happy to guide you through the digital workflow; from intra-oral scanning including the 3-Shape TRIOS and CEREC primescan, digital imaging, 3D printing for more complex surgical techniques to chairside milling solutions which allow you to create your own restorations. We will also be there every step of the way to help train and guide you through the process. Our DigiLab equipment, products and education programme allow you to connect and integrate digitally with your laboratory, for a faster and more accurate service. Just email us on to find out more and book a hands-on experience of our digital products. We supply a fantastic range of treatment centres from Anthos, Sirona, Belmont to the A-Dec range of chairs, stools and lighting. So we can offer you even more choice of quality products, as well as the confidence that we can not only supply your optimum solution, but also deliver, install and service your chair with the minimum of fuss. Whatever your needs, and whatever your specialty, contact your Henry Schein account manager, who can discuss and demonstrate all the options: and remember every member gets an annual rebate on any equipment purchased over the year. Finally, to enjoy the full benefits of partnering with Henry Schein Dental, make sure you are signed up to our loyalty programme Rewards, which gives you points for every purchase and offers even greater value for money. Alpha Omega members receive 20,000 Rewards points when you join Henry Schein rewards today, it only takes 2 minutes. Just visit Best regards,

Vikki Goodall

UK Sales Director, Henry Schein Dental


Membership Form and Direct debit Alpha Omega would like to encourage and welcome all new members of the dental profession to Alpha Omega. Each year, we have several lectures for which CPD points can be claimed. To attend lectures as a non-member incurs a cost of £60.00. Membership would include all these lectures. In addition, there is access to various events and courses via the international body. For further information please contact our Treasurer, Dr A Marcus: 19 Oakleigh Road, North London, N20 9HE. Tel: 020 8445 6353. Email:

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