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April 2020

Teledentistry An introduction to teledentistry and support products

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Teledentirsty/Remote prescribing

Teledentistry The unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis is significantly impacting the dental industry, changing the way that we work and forcing dentists to leverage creativity to stay productive. This includes the adoption of new technologies to allow continued ongoing communication with patients. Unfortunately for dentists, remaining productive won’t happen by simply shifting morning huddles to Zoom calls. Clinicians have to interact with patients, simple as that. They need to stay in touch, be proactive and start marketing their new services. While your practice is closed, you can continue to offer advice and appointments via video conferencing or phone calls for urgent or emergency appointments. This gives early adopters of teledentistry a real chance to get ahead of the curve and our enforced ‘shutdown time’ presents an opportunity to explore these new possibilities for your practice. Click here for more information and advice on how to implement teledentistry.

Check out 10 high level principles for good practice in remote consultations and prescribing from the GDC here.

Note from the BDA

Remote dental consultations with your patients are the new normal and we want to help you adapt to these new ways of working. That’s why we’re providing advice to members on how to conduct a remote consultation with patients and to avoid some of the common pitfalls. In this, we highlight technical issues to look out for, signpost clinical guidance to support your decision-making and also touch upon areas unique to remote consultations. We want to help you maximise the clinical time you spend with your patients. We hope this will give you a loose framework around which to structure your remote consultations whilst keeping you, your teams and your patients safe. Click here to find out more.

When you launch your teledentistry business – and you can do it fast! - consider setting up a series of education group meetings online to which you can invite your patients and announce your new service. In these meetings you can run through: •• How to keep teeth healthy without visiting the dentist.


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•• Oral care at home: rinses, toothbrush advice, interdental brushes, flossing and tongue scrapers. •• How to minimise oral sensitivity.

•• Share your health and infection control tips.

•• Provide ortho or aligner tips. And much ortho work can continue with trays being posted to patients. The Invisalign website also has a virtual treatment connection. •• How to request a virtual consultation if patients have inflammation, bleeding or pain.

•• Offer virtual consultations for any patients wanting to discuss treatments, for example aligner treatments or whitening.

Applications of teledentistry •• Limited evaluations and triage

•• Covid-19 urgent and nonurgent exams •• Hygiene only coverage

•• Satellite office coverage •• Specialist consultations •• Outreach application

•• Medical-dental integration

•• Patient monitoring devices To gain further understanding of how you can make teledentistry work for you and your practice, please view our recent webinar

Teledentirsty/Remote prescribing •• Remember you will need to offer a risk assessment for each patient and good advice can be found here and also in Dentinal Tubules’ ‘Risk assessment and protocol for going back to practice’. •• Check with your indemnifier that you are covered. Click here to see what the MPS/Dental Protection Society has to say on teledentistry. •• Patients with urgent dental care needs should be referred to the local Urgent Dental Care centre. It is essential to minimise the number of patients referred to designated urgent dental care centres to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to healthcare workers and patients, and to lessen the pressure on these services.

•• Appropriate records should be kept of all patient contacts, including care management and onward referrals. This will be essential for contract management calculations for 2020/21.

•• If you have an intraoral scanner or camera, start taking scans of ALL your patients each time you see them. This way you can build up a bank of images of their teeth which will be of great help when you are practising teledentistry. You can also add xrays, and extraoral photographs to their notes.

Triage advice

For further information, the FGDP website is invaluable and offers nation-by-nation clear information and updates on urgent care arrangements. It also covers: •• Telephone triage and assessment •• Remote prescribing and advice

•• Reducing the risk to dental professionals and patients •• Definitions of routine, urgent and emergency care •• Aerosol generating procedures •• Record keeping

For excellent triage advice from the British Endodontic Society click here For GDC information please click here For triage advice from the Australian Dental Association click here For General Medical Council information please click here

•• And remember to put a note on your website that you are now open for virtual consultations.

Teledentistry Support Products

You will also need a stock of products which you can send out to your patients to help relieve their symptoms and reduce their pain and inflammation. So we have compiled a list of all the teledentistry support products that might be useful for you to stock. And remember you can pop the items inside a sterilisation pouch to ensure no contamination occurs.

NHS payments for virtual consultations

There is no regulatory framework yet to claim for activity or apply patient charges for a triage via telephone; providers undertaking telephone triage are advised to keep a manual record of patients, with the view that this data collection will help support and inform development of contract management arrangements for 2020/21. Click here to view. Urgent treatments provided within UDC systems should adhere to the current regulatory framework for FP17 submission and applying patient charges.

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Practice Recovery: Essential pricing

Click here to start your practice recovery today

Together, we will emerge strong. 4

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NEW MEDPOD is a new teledentistry solution launched by Henry Schein to allow you to stay personally connected, 24/7, with your patients and to triage dental emergencies and perform post-procedure checks using video consultations. This simple video consultation tool can be used with any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s an on-demand, cloud-based, software that requires no downloads or installations.


Pay-per-use: set up fee of £50 + £4 per visit

Monthly unlimited subscription: £150 per user monthly Discounted rates available for 10+ users

Click here for more information and to book a demo. Key features include:

• AES 256 Bit Encryption, double the standard 128k encryption. • Custom URL and branded virtual waiting room facility. • Patient can register or enter as a guest. • DHCP can view all patients in the waiting room and reason for visit.

• 2 setups available to handle incoming patient calls.

• Patient can select a specific dentist or wait for the next available.

Click HERE to listen to a webinar presentation

• Patient can view DCHP availability • Chargeable to the patient via Worldpay (or using your own practice management system).

Avoid common pitfalls that can lead to diagnostic error

Anchoring prematurely settling on a diagnosis and failing to adjust with new information.

Availability settling on a diagnosis based on recent experience with another patient.

Substitution making an assumption in diagnosis rather than relying on patient data.

Optimism beginning a course of treatment with the assumption it will succeed even if the outcome is uncertain.

Framing decisions based on identical information that is framed differently in one case than another.

Variation failing to take into account that a diagnosis might vary in presentation from one patient to another.

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Support products Cements & Liners


Temporary Filling Material

Temporary filling material made with eugenol free, zinc oxide in a synthetic resin base.

Zinc oxide resin-based temporary filling material.

Henry Schein

Good packable consistency, material sets on contact with saliva. Impermeable to root canal medicaments. Neutral pH.

Fast setting.

Releases fluoride. 9001614

28g x 2

Sets on contact with saliva.

Fast setting with a packable consistency.

Impermeable to root canal medicaments.

Releases fluoride and contains no eugenol.

Cavit速 3M

Temporary filling material. High surface hardness.

Ideal for occlusion loaded restorations. Pink - Hard

White in colour. 9790866

Jar 28g x 2


Jar 28g




Temporary filling material.

Temporary filling material.

Temporary filling material.


Reduced final hardness. Increased adhesion.

For use following endodontic treatment. White.



DE Healthcare Products

Jar 28g

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Removable completely without burs. Ideal for inlay preparation. Grey - Soft. 43602

Jar 28g


Reduced final hardness. Increased adhesion.

For use following endodontic treatment. White.


Tubes 7g x 10

Support Products Cements & Liners

Cavit® Original

Coltosol® F

Self-cured radiopaque temporary restorative for sealing endodontically treated preparations.

Temporary filling material.


Cavit is suitable for temporary occlusionload restorations and temporary post attachments. 1112631

Pink 7g x 10


No light-curing needed.

Eugenol-free, so won’t affect final cementation. 43606

Jar 38g


Syringe 8g x 5


Economy Pack Jar 38g x 3

Clip Flow


Flowable, light-curing filling material for temporary restorations.

Light-curing temporary filling material for temporary sealing of cavities.


NDT syringe can be positioned easily and accurately allowing material to flow smoothly into the cavity, achieving good marginal adaptation. Light-curing achieves a sufficient elastic consistency enabling removal of the temporary material in one piece. Saliva-proof with tight marginal seals ensuring secure temporary restorations. 1154220

Syringe 1.8g x 2


It can be removed in one piece with a sharp instrument without damage to the preparation boundaries. 436040

Double Pack 4g x 2


Temporary filling material for standard cavities and following endodontic treatments.

Hardens on reaction with water and saliva. White.


Jar 30g

Travellers First Aid Kit for Teeth Dentanurse

Dental first aid kit which enables the user to temporarily refix dislodged crowns, bridges, fillings and to dress broken teeth. Based on zinc oxide and eugenol cement mixtures, treatment with the Dentanurse pack prevents thermal shock and restores appearance and function until professional help can be obtained.


Travellers First Aid Kit

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Oral Hygiene

Dry Socket Treatment

Interdental Cleaning Brush

Alveogyl Paste

Acclean Interdental Brushes Acclean Interdental Brushes

Eugenol-impregnated alveolar dressing for dry socket treatment.

Acclean interdental brushes for removal of plaque between teeth.


Fibrous consistency due to Penghawar fibres for easy filling of the socket and good adherence to the alveolus. Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues to help rapidly alleviate pain. Convenient and easy-to-use one-step self-eliminating treatment requiring no suturing or special attention other than observation of the healing process.

May also be used as post-extraction dressing in patients with history of dry sockets. 1120393

DE Healthcare Products

Extra thin coated wires with soft bristles in colour coded sizes. Brushes x 10


2.5mm Blue


8mm Green


3mm Red


Interdental brushes in association with Piksters™, for cleaning between teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach.

Bristles reach into and clean the indents on the surfaces between teeth, especially at the gum line of molars and premolars. Strong, stiff, plastic-coated wire means less buckling. Rubber- and latex-free. Reusable.

Size 00 (pink) - for extremely fine tooth gaps and inside gum pockets. Size 0 (grey) - for very fine tooth gaps and inside gum pockets.

Jar 10g

Size 1 (purple) - for small tooth gaps and general oral hygiene. Size 2 (white) - for small to medium tooth gaps.

Size 3 (yellow) - for medium tooth gaps and general oral hygiene.

Size 4 (red) - for medium to larger tooth gaps. Size 5 (blue) - for larger tooth gaps, bridges, implants, orthodontics, etc.

CURAPROX Interdental Brushes CURAPROX

Fine wire core.

Long, flexible brushes adapt to the anatomy of the interdental spaces. Designed for use on braces, implants and bridges.

Plastic coating protects sensitive titanium implants. Interchangeable with any of the Curaprox handles.


Strong wire core and dense bristles.

Suitable for orthodontic appliances, under bridges and users with limited dexterity.


Purple Size 1 - 0.45mm



XXXF 1.0mm White CPS10


XF 1.2mm Blue CPS12

1047549 1047553

XXF 1.1mm Green CPS11

Fine 1.4mm Orange CPS14


Contact us on 0800 023 2558

Pink Size 00 - 0.32mm


Regular Brushes x 5


Fine Violet CPS28



Implant Brushes x 4

Fine Orange CPS24

Interdental Brush x 35

Interchangeable with any of the Curaprox handles.

1047554  Fine 1.4mm Orange Cylindrical CPS14Z



CURAPROX Interdental Brushes

Size 6 (green) - for larger tooth gaps, orthodontics, perio, etc.


Medium 1.5mm Black CPS15

Coarse 2.5mm Violet CPS018

9883518 9883520 9883521

Grey Size 0 - 0.36mm

White Size 2 - 0.52mm

Yellow Size 3 - 0.52mm Red Size 4 - 0.52mm

Blue Size 5 - 0.56mmm Green Size 6 - 0.63mm

Support Products

Oral Hygiene

CURAPROX Interdental Brushes CURAPROX

Thin wire core.

Easy access to smaller interdental spaces.

Interchangeable with any of the CURAPROX handles.


XXXXXXF 0.6mm Turquoise CPS06


XXXXF 0.8mm Pink CPS08


TePe Oral Hygiene

ICON OPTIM Interdental Brushes Stoddard Dental

Interdental brushes designed to clean thoroughly in wider spaces between teeth, around bridges and braces. Plastic covered high tensile strength wire.

Prime Brushes x 5


TePe Interdental Brushes

XXXXXF 0.7mm Red CPS07 XXF 1.1mm Lime CPS011

Brush and handle are manufactured as a complete unit so there is no need to assemble. Refill Brushes x 80 Super Fine

1179500 X-Large

1134001 Large

White Grey





Medium Fine



1133997 XX-Fine

1133996 XXX-Fine

Blue Red







CURAPROX Brush Sticks

Plastic-coated wire to avoid damage to teeth and dental work.

Ergonomically designed handle for comfort. Travel cap included which can also be used to extend length of handle. Brushes x 25


Pink XXX-Fine 0.40mm


Red XX-Fine 0.50mm

1086550 1086554 1086555 1086553 1086556

Green Medium 0.80mm Purple Large 1.1mm Yellow Fine 0.70mm

Grey X-Large 1.3mm


Pink XXX-Fine 0.40mm


Red XX-Fine 0.50mm

621608 621610 621613 621611

Strong, fine nylon toothpick with a flocked tip.

Orange XXX-Fine 0.45mm

Brushes 10 x 8




Interdental brushes with a construction that ensures consistent quality, size and durability.

Orange XXX-Fine 0.45mm Blue X-Fine 0.60mm

Green Medium 0.80mm Purple Large 1.1mm Yellow Fine 0.70mm

Visit Henry Schein’s Youtube Channel for step-by-step recommissioning guides for:

Interdental Sticks x 10

Bamboo Piksters™ Erskine

Interdental brush that creates less plastic waste, is sustainably sourced, and is up to 97.4% biodegradable.

• Treatment Centres • Thermal Disinfectors • Utrasonic Baths

Sustainably grown bamboo handle.

100% recycled biodegradable packaging.

• Autoclaves and more

Naturally antimicrobial. Standard Brush 8 x 10

1191544 1191545

Size 00 Size 0 

1191546 1191548

Size 1

Click here >>

Size 3

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Oral Hygiene

TePe Interspace Brushes TePe Oral Hygiene

Angle toothbrush with a pointed tuft for improved access to hard-to-reach areas such as furcations and distal surfaces.

Interchangeable brush tips can be attached to either side of the handle for different angles. Handle plus 12 Tips

1124167 1124168



TePe EasyPick TePe Oral Hygiene

Designed to improve oral hygiene for when the use of an interdental brush is not convenient.

Strong and flexible, easily reaching between the back teeth. Convenient pocket case. 1175570 1161539

Orange X-Small/Small 36 Pack x 10 Blue Medium/Large 36 Pack x 10

Interdental Holders

Interdental Floss/Tape

Acclean Patient Tape Henry Schein

Shred-resistant tape.

Tape 100yd



Acclean Patient Floss Henry Schein

Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes Wisdom

Interdental cleaning brushes.

Acclean floss is a nylon, shred-resistant floss for easy, comfortable removal of plaque and debris between teeth. Acclean Floss Plus is coated in PTFE which makes it easier to slide between the teeth. Floss 12yd x 72






Made with soft rubber for gentle but effective interdental cleaning.

Each individual pack contains 20 brushes. 1111767 1136631

CURAPROX Interdental Brush Holders CURAPROX

Handles designed to fit all CURAPROX interdental brushes. Universal Holder System


Green 410


Gold 412

1047548 1047552

Pink 411

Blue 413

Double ended brush holder to eliminate the need for 2 separate brushes in your daily routine. Made from anodised aluminium with angled heads and twist-fit design. 1071398


Metal - Double Ended

Contact us on 0800 023 2558

Small Blue 12 Packs x 20

Large Mauve 12 Packs x 20

Dispenser Pack

1161556  Fine (Blue) 2 pack x 35, Medium (Green) 2 pack x 35 and Large (Mauve) 2 pack x 35

Wisdom interSpace Brush Wisdom

Interspace brush.

Single tuft design to reach and clean awkward areas of the mouth. Removes plaque from larger spaces between the teeth and gumline. 1175468 1111765

interSpace Brush Slim x 12 interSpace Brush x 12

Acclean Patient Floss Henry Schein

Acclean floss is a nylon, shred-resistant floss for easy, comfortable removal of plaque and debris between teeth. Acclean Floss Plus is coated in PTFE which makes it easier to slide between the teeth. Floss 12yd x 72


Waxed Mint






Waxed Mint

Floss Patient Plus 12yd x 36 Floss 200yd



Support Products

Oral Hygiene

Dental Floss

DE Healthcare Products

Mint flavour floss designed to swell while in use, adapting itself to the inter-dental spaces. Very soft and highly effective in removing plaque and food residues. 9792290

Floss 25m

Oral-B® SATIN floss™ Oral-B

TePe Dental Tape

Single strand floss that is shred and breakage resistant.

Waxed dental tape that glides easily between teeth without shredding.

Satin textured floss which makes flossing gentler on gums. Mint flavour. 635516

Colgate® Total® PRO GUM HEALTH Floss Colgate

Dental floss which provides effective interproximal plaque removal.

PTFE fibre slides between the teeth without shredding. 1090760

25m x 10

Mint 25m x 12

TePe Oral Hygiene Fresh mint flavour. 1176950

Waxed 40m x 10

Oral-B® SATIN tape™ Oral-B

Dental tape with satin texture which is gentler on gums. The PTFE coating ensures the floss run smoothly over your teeth. Single stranded tape that is shred and breakage resistant. 635517

Mint 25m x 12

Easy Flosser Wisdom

Flosser with long handle for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for people who find traditional flossing difficult.

Soft flossing ribbon for greater comfort.



Wax coated for easy control.

Premium floss that is clinically proven to help remove plaque and reduce gingivitis.



Mint flavour.

Waxed 50m

Disposable head. 1136630

Flosser Handle plus Refills x 6

Slides easily between teeth. Mint 40m x 12

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Oral Hygiene

Wisdom Fresh Effect Mint Burst Floss

Mouthwash and toothpaste


Mint floss that expands to a soft fluffy thread filling the gaps between the teeth for an exceptional clean.

TePe Bridge & Implant Floss TePe Oral Hygiene

Thick and flexible floss specially designed for easy and efficient cleaning of implants, bridges and orthodontic appliances. Stiffened ends for easy insertion. 1130211

Mint flavour for a fresh feeling. Contains fluoride.

Use morning and night before brushing to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, protect against gum disease and tooth decay and keep breath fresh. 1111764

Mint Burst 30m x 6

30 Pieces x 10

Colgate® SENSITIVE PRO-Relief™ Paste Colgate

Desensitising toothpaste for instant relief from the pain of sensitive teeth.

Pro-Argin® technology begins to plug open tubules the moment it touches the tooth, protecting against sensitivity. For instant relief, massage a small quantity directly onto the sensitive tooth for one minute. 1109910 1122874

Wisdom Clean Between Flossers

Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Floss Harps

Disposable flossers designed to make flossing quick and easy.

Floss harps designed to remove plaque and food particles between teeth.

Long lasting.

Soft flossing ribbon that is gentle on the gums.


Extra-strong floss for effective cleaning while resisting shredding, snapping or sagging during use. Minty fresh flavour. 1181439 


Thin tape slides effortlessly into even tight gaps between the teeth.


Y-Shape (Angled) Harps 30 x 5

Toothpaste 75ml x 12

Toothpaste Enamel Repair 75ml x 12

Colgate® Total® PRO GUM HEALTH Toothpaste Colgate

Toothpaste to reduce dental caries, improve gingival health and reduce the progression of periodontitis. Provides 12-hour antibacterial protection, plus anti-inflammatory action. 1124937

75ml x 12

Planning your


bou ceback Click here to view

Duraphat® 5000 Fluoride Toothpaste Colgate

Fluoride toothpaste with clinically proven efficiency. Contains 5,000ppm fluoride.

Suitable for patients aged 16 years or over. 1079519


Contact us on 0800 023 2558


Support Products

Oral Hygiene


Colgate® PEROXYL® Mouthwash Colgate

Antiseptic mouthwash with an oxygenating cleansing action. Helps remove debris from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Topical gingival treatment with ADS (antidiscolouration system).

The gel contains 0.5% chlorhexidine, used against bacterial plaque.

Protects gums and gingiva both before and after dental treatment. Gingival Gel


Tube 30ml

Chlorhexidine ECOLAB

Flavoured mouthwash to help prevent the formation of plaque.

Contains chlorhexidine gluconate 0.2% w/v. 145536 145538

Original 300ml

Peppermint 300ml

The rapid release of oxygen has an antibacterial effect on anaerobic bacteria.

Facilitates healing and alleviates discomfort caused by minor mouth and gum irritations, such as gum inflammation, soreness and mouth ulcers. 1130213

300ml x 4

Bioténe Oral Balance Gel Glaxo Smithkline

Gel specially formulated for individuals suffering with dry mouth conditions.

Supplements natural saliva, providing some of the missing salivary enzymes and proteins in patients with xerostomia and hyposalivation. Alcohol-free.

CURASEPT® Mouthwash Curasept

Patient Perio Pack Colgate

Colgate Patient Perio Pack from the Total ProGum Health range.

Enables patients with gingivitis or periodontitis to change their oral hygiene routine and manage gum problems proactively. 1130502 Paste 75ml, Toothbrush Soft, Interdental Starter Kit, Floss, Treatment Rinse 300ml, Perio Leaflet, and Colgate Branded Bag

Chlorhexidine mouthwash with no staining, no alcohol, and no aftertaste.

Choose from patient take-home bottle or pump bottle ideal for professional in surgery use.

Can be dispensed through pump or pulled up into a syringe to irrigate perio pocket. Patient Use


200ml (0.05% Chlorhexidine)


900ml (0.20% Chlorhexidine)


200ml (0.20% Chlorhexidine)

Surgery Use Patient Use

Free of sodium lauryl sulphate. 630850 Gel 50g


Toothpaste specifically formulated for patients at risk of acid erosion.

Low abrasivity to limit further enamel wear during toothbrushing. pH neutral (non-acidic).

Toothpaste 75ml x 12



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Oral Hygiene

SENSODYNE® REPAIR & PROTECT Toothpaste Glaxo Smithkline

Daily repair toothpaste containing NovaMin calcium phosphate technology to combat dentine hypersensitivity. NovaMin builds a reparative hydroxyapatite-like layer over exposed dentine and within the tubules.

From the first use, the protective layer can withstand daily oral challenges such as toothbrushing and acidic food and drinks.

Helps provide patients with continual protection from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity with twice daily brushing. 1116683

Tube 75ml x 12

Bioténe Oral Balance Moisturising Mouthwash Glaxo Smithkline

Moisturising mouthwash specially formulated for individuals suffering with dry mouth conditions.

Supplements natural saliva, providing some of the missing salivary enzymes and proteins in patients with xerostomia and hyposalivation to replenish dry mouths. Alcohol-free.

Free of sodium lauryl sulphate.

Helps maintain the oral environment.


Toothpaste specifically formulated for patients at risk of acid erosion.

Low abrasivity to limit further enamel wear during toothbrushing. pH neutral (non-acidic). Toothpaste 75ml x 12



Dry Mouth Gel

Freshens breath without burning. 1112399



Orthodontic Toothpaste

Glaxo Smithkline

GC Dry Mouth Gel

Clinically proven to relieve sensitivity pain in just 60 seconds.


Quickly creates a barrier over the sensitive areas of your teeth.

Neutral pH gel designed to help relieve dry mouths.

Provides fast relief and builds ongoing protection with every brush.

Provides long-lasting comfort and a soothing effect for dry mouth sufferers.

Whitens enamel and prevents staining. 1184955

Periproducts Ltd

Antibacterial action helps prevent gum problems, tooth decay and plaque. Instant fresh breath - 130 sprays. Fluoride-free.

100% free of alcohol and sugar.


Handy tube, available for immediate use whenever necessary.

Toothpaste 75ml x 12

UltraDEX® Oral Spray


Relieves up to 4 hours.

Oral Spray 9ml

Contact us on 0800 023 2558

CURASEPT® Toothpaste


Topical gingival treatment with ADS (antidiscolouration system).

The gel contains 0.5% chlorhexidine, used against bacterial plaque.

Protects gums and gingiva both before and after dental treatment. Toothpaste


Tube 75ml

Assorted Pack

1105315 Mint 35ml x 4, Raspberry 35ml x 2, Orange 35ml x 2 and Lemon 35ml x 2

COVID - 19

WE’RE HERE TO HELP Please click here to see our COVID-19 resource centre

Support Products

Preventative Fluoride Varnish

Profluorid Varnish Single Dose VOCO

Desensitising varnish with fluoride in a single dose format. Assorted Set

1114230  0.40ml Melon Single Dose x 12, 0.40ml Mint Single Dose x 12, 0.40ml Cherry Single Dose x 12, 0.40ml Caramel Single Dose x 12 Single Dose Refill 0.40ml x 200



Single Dose Refill 0.40ml x 50





1114232 1182531 1114233 


Bubblegum Mint

Bifluorid 10 VOCO

Quick-drying fluoride varnish for the treatment of hypersensitivity. Single dose application system.

Transparent, therefore no discolouration of teeth.

Forms a protective coat against thermal and mechanical influences.

1091245 1091246

Single Dose x 50

Single Dose x 200

HVE Dental Isolation Unit. Reduce aerosols by up to 90% and spatter in procedures through continuous suction

Click here

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Sterilisation pouches Send out your teledentistry support products in a sterilisation pouch to ensure they arrive with you patient clean and uncontaminated.

Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches Henry Schein

Self-seal pouches made from polyethylene and paper. Colour indicator panel changes when sterilisation has taken place. Sterilisation Pouches x 200

9882127 9002985 9002986

190 x 356mm 134 x 280mm 254 x 381mm

9002984 9002983

Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches DE Healthcare Products

83 x 158mm 89 x 254mm

Pouches x 200

Self-seal pouches made from polyethylene and paper. Colour indicator changes when sterilisation has taken place.


70 x 254mm


57 x 133mm

9792148 9792150 9792149

83 x 159mm 140 x 250mm 89 x 254mm


Cyber pouches are self-seal sterilisation pouches made from polyethylene and paper.

Dual Purpose Nylon Film Pouches Henry Schein

All-nylon film with indicator; self-sealing. For use in steam or dry heat. Nylon Film Pouches x 100


50 x 237mm

Colour indicator changes when sterilisation has taken place. Pouches x 200


254 x 381mm


83 x 159mm

9002724 9002722

134 x 280mm 89 x 254mm

DentiPouchÂŽ dentisan

Self-sealing sterilisation pouches for use in all vacuum autoclaves and for packaging of instruments after sterilisation in non-vacuum systems. Compliant to BS EN ISO 11607-1.

Pouches x 200

Visit hsdeducation.co.uk for all of our online learning options


132 x 290mm


300 x 450mm


85 x 180mm


140 x 280mm


320 x 380mm


90 x 130mm

1185000 1185002 1185003 1185004


Contact us on 0800 023 2558

135 x 180mm 200 x 330mm 250 x 380mm 260 x 405mm

1184998 1184991 1184992 1184993

132 x 250mm 60 x 120mm 70 x 260mm 75 x 230mm

1188706 1184996 1184997

89 x 254mm

90 x 230mm 90 x 270mm

Planning your business bou ceback

Visit henryschein.co.uk to plan your business bounceback strategy with our NEW checklist

This is a critical time for you, your practice, your team and your patients, so it’s vitally important that you identify the strategies to allow your business to bounceback and to start to recover lost profits. Our bounceback strategy will give you lots of ideas for how you can do this including: • • • • • • • • • • •

How to approach your strategy and manage your appointments How to run virtual consultations (teledentistry) Marketing ideas and how to communicate with patients A Youtube playlist for recommissioning your equipment Infection control and decontamination AGPs and how to reduce aerosol How you can incorporate safer measures into your practice and your workflow Official PPE recommendations Contactless arrivals and departures Links to great resources including webinars How to book your complimentary personal EXACT bounceback review

Email info@henryschein.co.uk to receive a bounceback PDF

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What happens next? In the words of Stan Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer: “At Henry Schein, we have no doubt that the demand for dental and office-based medical services will rebound once the coronavirus passes.

Henry Schein intends to be there for you on that day and all the days leading up to the full resumption of care, now and in the future. We ask you to rely on us, and we are committed to living up to that promise during this pandemic. Thank you again for relying on Henry Schein.� To see our latest full updates from Stan, please click here

Click here to view the full video

Information and links There is lots more information on the Henry Schein website www.henryschein.co.uk and a Coronavirus resource centre with links, checklists, and useful contacts, updated daily. There is also a list of all the relevant COVID-19 and CPD webinars provided by our partners and suppliers here.

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Henry Schein Dental, Medcare House, Centurion Close, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SB.

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Teledentistry Launch & Support Products  

Teledentistry Launch & Support Products