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October 2017 Bonus products sent from Kerr

Pinnacle Syringe Sleeves

Endo Sealers

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

PN-3760 PN-3767W01 PN-3760

Sealapex Tubli-Seal Pulp Sealer SimpliSeal


Bonus products sent from Kerr


Buy 3 Get 1(shade A2) FREE! The Adaptive Response Technology of Harmonize provides your restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched aesthetics. It’s science and beauty coming together at last.

Take 1 Advanced Refills

Bonds Kits or Refills

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!*

PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!*

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!*

OptiBond Solo Plus Optibond XTR Optibond FL


Mix & Match


Mix & Match


Mix & Match

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SHOP NOW! Speedy Clean Wipes

V Wipes

Hospital Grade Neutral Detergent Wipes

Disinfectant Hospital Grade Wipes

Buy 2 Get 1

Buy 2 Get 1



FREE Canister

FREE Canister

Pack of 100

Pack of 100



MediClean Low Lint All Purpose Towel 35 x 30cm MU-57112

35 x 60cm MU-57113

$17 $32.21

Canister Dispenser



Bio-Ink Flow Set


Sore-Spot ‘Green’ Indicator



Arti-Brux Set Pack of 100

Occlusal ‘Red’ Indicator

$123.20 BA-BK89

Miratray Adhesive Spray x 225ml • Super strong adhesive spray for adhering impression material to trays

SAVE 15%

• Can be used on any materials including alginates, hydrocolloids etc. • For both metal and plastic trays



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SHOP NOW! WYPALL X50 Reinforced Handy Wipers


Toilet Roll Deluxe 2 Ply 400 sheets

• Scrim reinforcing offers superior wet strength • Can be used wet or dry


Single Sheet Wipers White 32.5cm x 24cm KC-4202

Pack of 250

Carton of 48 2+ each



SCOTT Roll Towel Versatile

2+ each


when you Buy 2 cartons

Offers quality and value White

WYPALL x70 Regular Duty Cloth Wipers

Highly Absorbent, ideal replacement for rags or tea




Single Sheet Wipers White 35cm x 42cm KC-4170

Pack of 300

Carton of 8 2+ each


2+ each

Microbrush Plus Dispenser Refill

Tip size available in Superfine, Fine and Regular


TRU Disposable applicators Double-bending tip with a longer 12-centimeter handle. Available in Ultra-fine, Superfine, Fine and Regular

Regular 2.0mm Fine 1.5mm Superfine 1.0mm

Pack of 400

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Pack of 80


Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

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Ultrafine 0.5mm


Bonus products sent from Kerr

Maxcem Elite Chroma & NX3

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

Hand Files

K-Flex, H-Files, Reamers, K-Files

Buy 25 packs Get 10 packs FREE!* Buy 100 packs Get 100 packs FREE!* *No

Mix & Match

TF Adaptive Starter kit

Buy 1 Get 1 Apex ID FREE!

KERR PROMOTIONS TERMS & CONDITIONS: Promotional goods must be of equal or lesser value and may not be combined with any other offers. Purchase must be made on one invoice between 1/9/17 and 31/10/17, unless otherwise noted. Redeem by 15/11/17. To receive your promotional goods, email or fax a copy of your authorized Kerr dealer invoice noting promo code(s) and product(s) desired to: or FAX: 02 9870 7600. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. Offers valid in Australia only. Promotions are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Offer void if purchased product is returned.


Sof-Lex Discs or Spiral Refills

Buy any 4 Packs Get 1 Pack of Mandrels (3 pack – 1983RA) FREE!

Bonus products sent from 3M

Protemp 4

Buy 2 Protemp 4 Refills Get 1 Imprint 4 FREE!* * Bonus options are Regular (71541) and Super Quick (71542). If bonus is not nominated Super Quick (71542) will be provided.

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Bonus products sent from 3M

Imprint 4 Penta or Impregum Penta Refills

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!**

**Bonus will be based on product purchased of equal or lesser value.


Buy 4 Get 1 FREE!*** NEW Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative Filtek Supreme XTE Flowable Paradigm Nano-hybrid Restorative ***Composite bonus will be based on product purchased of equal or lesser value. Bonus shades are A2B or A3B for Filtek Supreme XTE and A2 or A3 for other composites. If bonus is not nominated, shade A2 or A2B will be provided. Purchase based on 20 cap bottles, 2 x 10 cap bottles = 1 x 20 cap bottle.

Adhesives & Liners

Buy 2 Get 1 Filtek Supreme XTE Flowable (shade A2, 4920A2) + 1 Filtek One Bulk Fill Sample (shade A2, 4867A2-S) FREE! Scotchbond Universal Adhesive (5ml) Scotchbond Universal Adhesive Unit Dose Packs (100 or 200 unit dose) Adper Single Bond 2 Vitrebond Plus (single or double pack)


RelyX Fiber Post 3D


Buy 1 RelyX Fiber Post 3D Trial Kit1 Get 1 Filtek One Bulk Fill Capsule2 (20 caps) + Scotchbond Universal Adhesive (1.5ml, 41259) FREE! 1

Resin Cements

Buy 3 RelyX Ultimate or Unicem Get 1 FREE3

FLAME_3M3644 05/17

RelyX Fiber Post 3D Trial Kit contains: 10 x posts sizes 1, 2 (5 posts of each size), 3 x drills sizes 1, 2, Universal(1 drill of each size), 1 x RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix Syringe A2 – 8.5 g, 10 x mixing tips, 10 x endo tips. 2Shade A2 (4867A2) or A3 (4867A3) only. If bonus not nominated A2 will be provided.


71/50 4463M3_EMALF

Bonus will be based on product purchased of equal or lesser value in shade A2 or Translucent for RelyX Unicem and Translucent only for RelyX Ultimate. If bonus is not nominated Translucent will be provided.

3M PROMOTIONS TERMS & CONDITIONS: To claim your Bonus Goods please send your distributor invoice dated September-October, 2017 to: 3M Oral Care Promotion, PO Box 256, Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004 or email: The required purchase/s must be reflected on one order. Your invoice must show relevant product in nominated quantities. Please nominate which bonus you are claiming. All claims must be received by last mail on November 30th, 2017. Claims received after this date will not be honoured. Promotional offers outlined in this offering do not qualify for any other promotion. Contact your preferred authorised 3M Oral Care distributor for pricing. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

SHOP NOW! A wide range of gloves to suit your surgery needs Sensiclean II

Micro-Touch Affinity

Dentaglove Latex

Denta-Glove Green Neoprene

Admira Fusion

Universal nanonhybrid ORMOCER restorative material

• • •

The worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material Lowest polymerisation shrinkage (1.25% by volume) Low level shrinkage stress in comparison to all conventional restorative composites

Denta-Glove Blue Nitrile

Package 1 Set + bond Syringe • Syringe 5 x3g (A2, A3, GA3.25, A3.5 Admira Fusion x-tra), shade guide + Futurabond U Single Dose 20pcs. Set + bond Caps • Syringe 75 x0.2g (15 each of A2, A3, GA3.25, A3.5 Admira Fusion x-tra), shade guide + Futurabond U Single Dose 20pcs.

SAVE 30%

Nitrile Gloves


Buy 10 SAVE 10% Latex-free exam glove with the protection of nitrile and the sensitivity of latex SMARTPULL Dispenser Box

Buy 12 SAVE 10% †

Buy a carton of Nitrile Gloves + Isowipes, SAVE a further 5%

When purchased together in one transaction.

Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |

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