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November/December 2017 Bonus products sent from 3M

Astringent Retraction Paste

Cement & Adhesive

Buy 1 Value Pack Get 1 Refill Pack (56944) OR Capsule Dispenser FREE!



Buy 1 RelyX Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement + 1 ScotchBond Universal Adhesive Get 1 RelyX Ultimate Refill (56890) FREE!

Bonus products sent from 3M

Impression & Tray/Wash

Buy any 4 Get 1 FREE!

Buy 2 Imprint 4 or Impregum Garant Refills Get x 1 Intraoral 2 Syringe Refill OR Directed Flow 3 Impression Tray Refills


Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative Filtek Supreme XTE Flowable Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative

3M Intraoral Syringes (20 syringe) will be based on product purchased - Imprint 4 (Green syringes), or Impregum (Purple syringes) If bonus is not nominated 3M Intraoral Syringes will be provided. 31 x Size M Upper and 1 x Size M Lower 2

Impression Material

Buy 2 Imprint 4 or Impregum Penta Get 1 Astringent Retraction Paste (56944) FREE!

Composite bonus will be based on product purchased of equal or lesser value. Bonus shades are A2B or A3B for Filtek Supreme XTE and A2 or A3 for other composites. If bonus is not nominated, shade A2 or A2B will be provided. Purchase based on 20 cap bottles, 2 x 10 cap bottles = 1 x 20 cap bottle. 1

To claim your bonus goods please send your distributor invoice dated November-December, 2017 to: 3M Oral Care Promotion, PO Box 256, Eastern Suburbs MC, NSW 2004 or email: The required purchase/s must be reflected on one order. Your invoice must show relevant product in nominated quantities. Please nominate which bonus you are claiming. All claims must be received by last mail on January 31st, 2018. Claims received after this date will not be honoured. Promotional offers outlined in this offering do not qualify for any other promotion. Contact your preferred authorised 3M Oral Care distributor for pricing. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |


Curing Lights

Bonus products sent from 3M

Protemp 4

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!


Buy 2 Protemp 4 Get 1 Imprint 4 Bite Refill (71529) FREE!


Buy 2 RelyX Unicem or Maxicap Refills Get 1 RelyX Unicem 2 Refill FREE! 5


Bonus shade options are A2 (56846) or Translucent (56848). If bonus is not nominated, Translucent (56848) will be provided.


Bonus based on product purchased, of equal or lesser value


Bonus products sent from Kerr

Hawe Xray Holders

Bib Eze

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

Kwik Bite Super Bite Endo Bite



Bonus products sent from Kerr

Buy 2 Harmonize Refills Get 1 (shade A2) FREE! Buy 30 Harmonize Refills Get 1 Demi Ultra or Demi Plus Curing Light FREE!


Buy 4 Get 1(shade A2) FREE! Premise Herculite XRV Ultra Herculite Ultra Flow Sonic Fill 2

Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |

SHOP NOW! Bonds Kits or Refills

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!* OptiBond Solo Plus Optibond XTR Optibond FL

Take 1 Advanced VPS -

Buy 4 Refills Get 1 FREE!* Putty -

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! Optidiscs

Buy 3 packs Get 1 FREE! Buy 6 packs Get 3 FREE!

Pinnacle Barriers

Buy 3 Cover-All Get 1 FREE!

Elements Free Obturation System

Buy 1 Get 1 Element Gutta Percha Cartridge, 1 Assorted .04 Gutta Percha, 1 Assorted .06 Gutta Percha, and 1 Assorted Paper Points FREE!

Apex ID

Buy 1 Apex ID Get 10 Packs of K-Files or K-Flex files FREE!

Ni Ti Files

Buy 4 Get 2 FREE! TFA TF K3XF K3 Quantec

KERR PROMOTIONS TERMS & CONDITIONS: *No mix and match. Promotional goods must be of equal or lesser value and may not be combined with any other offers. Purchase must be made on one invoice between 1/11/17 and 22/12/17, unless otherwise noted. Redeem by 15/1/18. To receive your promotional goods, email or fax a copy of your authorized Kerr dealer invoice noting promo code(s) and product(s) desired to: or FAX: 02 9870 7600. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. Offers valid in Australia only. Promotions are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Offer void if purchased product is returned.

SHOP NOW! Carton Offer - SAVE when you buy by the Carton A wide range of gloves to suit your surgery needs

Sensiclean II


Dentaglove Latex

Micro-Touch Affinity



Structur 2 SC

Futurabond U

Lavender Mask

Sterile Wrap

• Fluid resistance - protection with a breathable mask

Protecting every tray with confidence

Self-curing temporary crown and bridge material in cartridges

• Self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch: free choice for the Practitioner • One bond for all cases! Makes all other adhesives in the practice redundant! • Applied in one layer – only 35 seconds total working time

• Strength and resistance to tearing, linting and abrasion • Effective microbial barrier • Effective sterilant penetration

• Reassurance that you are being protected against microbes •

POWERGUARD Treatment applied within the mask fibres acts like a magnet when bacteria try to penetrate causing them to stick to the fibres, preventing further penetration to the wearer

SO SOFT fabric was voted the ‘softest & silkiest’ amongst leading masks tested. Wearer comfort will promote user compliance leading to infection prevention and increased personal protection

• 50 masks per box

SAVE 15% †

When purchased together in one transaction.

Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |



White 19.5 x 29cm 90 sheets

White 2 ply Box of 100

Facial Tissue 2 ply

Compact Towel



Carton of 48

Carton of 24




SAVE 17%

SAVE 20%


Optimum Towel Large

with FREE ns o 2 Cart

30.5 x 21cm Pack of 150 KC-4457

Carton of 16 KC-70240B


Disclosing Tablets and Solution

Zooby Disclosing Tablets Dual Detection

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

2TONE Disclosing Agent Solution 60ml Bottle YD-233102

Pack of 250 YD-295718

2TONE Disclosing Agent Tablets Pack of 250 YD-234225

Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |

SHOP NOW! Viraclean

Bactol Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Hospital Grade Disinfectant 5L



Riskontrol Art Collection Box of 250 non sterile tips 5 colours – 5 flavours Mandarin, Liquorice, Aniseed,


Blackcurrant & Mint






SAVE 10%

Articulating Paper

MediClean Low Lint All Purpose Towel 35 x 30cm MU-57112

35 x 60cm MU-57113


Buy 4 Get 1 FREE!


$17 $32.21

Articulating Paper Roll in dispenser

Pack of 100

22mm wide 10m Blue

$29.74 BA-BK15

Mint Drops Mouth Rinse Concentrate

Berry Drops Mouth Rinse Concentrate

Mint Drops Mouth Rinse Concentrate Alcohol FREE

For Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Rinsing 200ml








SAVE 15% on All Drops


Orders: 1300 65 88 22 |

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