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Algmi Algmi is a parametric light that consists of different materials and uses of technology to create a light that can be beautiful yet different for each user.

Parametricism uses algorithms and use of computers to manipulate equations for design purposes

Ballerinas This range of hanging lights uses OLED technology, a lightweight and thin Light, to allow each light to take the persona of a Ballerina.

Living in a world where we need to be conscious about a products material, whether it will have an impact on the environment or not, it is something we need to consider. Cork is sustainable but rarely used therefore it is a requirement as a designer to explore and find a new use for this material.

Each product in the Korc range explores the possibilities of cork as a material. In this case, when the cork is veneered with two layers of oak it becomes strong enough to support weight.

Other examples of cork furniture use the material as a table top. Korc philosophy aims to break normality and push the material’s abilities and therefore uses cork as the table structure.


The H home range is designed with home and professional users in mind. With an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably and a cleaner flowing form, ending in a raised head, makes this range perfect for all homes.

Measurements in mm


The handle is made using a two shot injection moulding process, this allows for the handle grip to have a different colour but also achieve the complexity of the shape.

Agujero A small coffee table inspired by current trends and materials seen when visiting Dutch Design Week 2016. Agujero is designed to give an impression of delicateness whilst incorporating a theme of offbalance and honesty.

Royal Society of Arts - Rework Group Competition

This group project was completely spontaneous. We noticed a range of old and usable furniture in an refuge skip. We believed that we should show what possibilities could be made from what is considered as disposable ‘rubbish’. Over 4 weeks we designed two pieces of furniture, with every single piece being recycled right down to the nuts and bolts.

Modification Modification is a set of furniture that works together to improve the users emotional well-being through the use of colour and privacy. Modi is a Smart Chair that uses Biometrics and WiFi to scan the users emotion. The piping on the chair then changes to sooth the users mood. Fication is a simple desk that fits into Modi whilst acting as an extra privacy screen or standing desk.





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Talbots Group Freelance CAD Designer

Beginning of joint CAD Business

Aequum Ltd Work Experience August - September 2016 CAD Draughtsman & Visualiser

Henry Watson Portfolio - University of Wolverhampton  

Product Designer from The University of Wolverhampton.

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