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Professional, affordable, and a cost-effective attorney

About Henry N Portner Henry N Portner is a leading consumer attorney of America who practices liability defense work, focusing on premises liability, medical malpractice, and all forms of business litigation. Henry N Portner’s ethics are so grounded that he always looks to resolve disputes when possible, but he is also willing to take disputes all the way when necessary. Character is like a tree, and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. That’s how you can sum up Henry’s practice.

Meet Henry N Portner, USPTO •

He is a reputed attorney and lives in Wellington Florida in the United States of America. At the age of 60 his wealth of experience is such that even his peers respect him. He practices in the following Courts

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The United States Supreme Court The United States Court of Appeals The United States District Court The United States Tax Court

Areas of practice Henry Neil Portner’s practice is very broad. Apart from handling a combination of transactional and litigation work, he handles commercial real estate of all descriptions, leases and negotiations, regular commercial closings, and a good variety of commercial litigation, often enforcing contracts. Henry also handles business transactional work which includes mergers and acquisitions, franchising, and secured lending. Henry also focuses on business litigation and insurance defense disputes. What makes his practice different is that he treats people the way he wants to be treated.

Known facts of Henry N Portner One of the things that make Henry N Portner is that you won’t find any reason to reprimand him. The fact that he has clients working with him for twenty plus years through multiple up and down cycles is witness to that. He tries to provide good service, and he tries to be an advisor as opposed to just a transactional person solving an immediate problem. As an advisor, Henry would listen to hear what your situation is, and what your legal needs are. Henry N Portner has a lot of patents registered with USPTO. With such credentials, and vast experience, he is easily one of the leading consumer attorneys in America.

Specialized areas of practice When clients come up to Henry N Portner, they’re generally having a bad day, that they might even reprimand him for no reason. That’s because clients need litigation support, and litigation services since they would be in some sort of a dispute. And they won’t be at peace until things are actually resolved. Henry N Portner is generally mindful of that, and always try to carry out his work without any misconduct. In Henry’s practice, he covers state and gift tax planning, estate administration, probate litigation, and guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated adults and children. •

It’s all about service As a commercial and construction litigator, Henry N Portner handles a variety of different cases. Henry’s goal in his service to his clients, however, is to try everything that he can do to keep his client out of litigation. What makes Henry more unique and different goes right back to the quote made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And that is, it’s about service – what are you doing for others? Henry incorporates his personal principles in life, and that is doing for others. Henry N Portner has plenty of patents listed with USPTO, proof of the fact that he is one of the leading and capable attorneys in US today.

Why you should choose Henry Neil Portner •

Consumer Attorneys of America go that extra mile to ensure that every client walks away happy and satisfied. Henry Neil Portner’s strong ethics are practiced over forty years, the very reason why they have a huge client base. Real estate is not easy. That perspective enables Henry Neil Portner to be able to recognize potential problems even before they come, without any misconduct. Henry Neil Portner is the right person. There are several patents listed with USPTO by Henry Neil Portner.

Vast experience in numerous areas •

Henry N Portner also practices commercial real estate law. With insights to help you on how you should handle any commercial real estate transaction, and of course, facts on why you should choose him as your attorney, you wouldn’t get a chance to reprimand Henry Neil Portner for any slip. Apart from these, Henry N Portner also practices bankruptcy law, qualified retirement plans, complex civil litigations which are heard in federal and multiple state courts, and executive compensation.

Professional, affordable, and a cost-effective attorney  

Consumer Attorneys of America go that extra mile to ensure that every client walks away happy and satisfied. Henry Neil Portner’s strong et...

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